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Episode 358: The Electric Chair

2019-03-30 | 🔗

We continue our series on executions with an in-depth look at the origins and history of America's electric chair, from its beginning as a pawn in the great Battle of the Currents near the turn of the century to the absolutely awful ways that some executions have gone awry. 

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started. You know, I'm not really sure what happens in the electric chair numb unsure whether sure those people go through, but its anything like the pure injury that I experience when I drink spring he'll Jack Coffee, energy than runs from the tipps of my toes up to the top of my dying hair, Henry Ivy ready to seize the day, and if this is the murder of a family feels or a man who has gone on some sort of like car jacking shot about. Police and now he's in a supermax prison awaiting his time with the shackles of me, a glass of spring you Jack,
I dont want to ask your bubble their body, but that is decaffeinated coffee who guy be fucking. That's a separate live call about nineteen, twenty three. What some everyone welcomes? The last podcast about laughed, I M Ling kiss all I'm staring at the beautiful face of mark is bark. Oh, and in sunny Gorgeous LOS Angeles, we have the man whose hair is hanging on by a thread Henriette ass. It is the threat that it is hanging on by. I know it will. I could see them all hanging under like a punch, illegal refugees by the border, and I hope that they will be going to Heaven soon. No worrying airs you'll be going to a better place. If that is not just one big gust of wind and it's all gonna be God all last night we had a great experience Henry, you won't believe what happened. Marcus parks joined me at a public bar well, and we watched the Texas Tech. What is it
red writers, are red. Raiders play basketball, they're doing great there in the during the elite. Eight- and I don't wanna- be to brave on this episode, but Texas Tech? They say, get your up to Now- and I was thinking- puts guns down- put your guns die, because that or peace, but about finally treat your guns and other people would mean trained with your gun. You guys were a couple of straight out their land, and I were man, it was wonderful, Marcus had to beer, yes and a bucket of water. We were get. Why actually would like to take this opportunity to say Marcus kiss on I've been talking? We think that you have a problem. I think that your water habit as guy got not have Control Lilla Control, you know and of international law. So you might wonder why, Henry mentioned the Electric chair, the Electric chair well, and that is because you're sizzle go in today. It's going to be very, very exciting. It's all about the Elect
Rick Chair you. So the idea for the electric chair was first conceived in eighteen, eighty, one by a dentist and former steamboat engineered named Alfred P Southwick after he watched and old Drunk named George Psmith electrocute himself to death by accidentally touching alive generator in Buffalo New York Nigeria seen things bad cab, Dugan Bull, blue eyes, embargoes. Aside with my mother, where's the size of my mother. When I see that drug rang electrocuted other lad ass, a God, say that again, another is nothing like having a dentist with the history of a steamboat captain. I ever that doesn't like. So what are your credentials? Well, I used to have a steamboat and I wouldn't have hammered on that as it anyway. Lemme see those smaller. Although America was and still is, pretty naughty for execution,
the older methods such as hanging, beheading or the firing squad, were making Americans in the late nineteenth century feel a little Ikey for some reason: yeah getting poor. Suffice, The absurdity remain weak with crack man called to set a New York, specifically a particularly gruesome public execution had just gone awry when a man's head had been torn from his body during a hanging due to the rope being too long. So people were looking for a different, cleaner method. I think that one person said we need a different, cleaner method and a bunch of everybody else was just go and, like you, I guy I guess I guess we do so when Southwick we saw that just touch in one of these new electric generators could instantly kill a man he thought TAT he had. No must. No fuss solution to everyone's problem cell yeah,
Billy Maze of murder, guys like you, the early it breaks up, we're gonna like you're gonna, get fifty seconds, so many other people would go home and be like honey. I saw a person died today. I'm really really struggling this guy. When almost like baby, we got a new just written a book. I see the gap so taken it upon himself to figure out Southwick first invented vice for youth and rising stray dogs at the Buffalo S, PC yea, which, as far as using as Ngos. Electrocution was probably better than their old method of joy
owning dogs and literally hanging everything else. They got to drowning the dogs and hang it I'm innocent order number there hammer for that, which is to take it a budget dogs at a big car just rolled on or off the side of a revised into all this with a machine gun fire there were that one set fire to the vote. Now these eyes could all the dog nominal than bad orderlies colonel a building on the ground. Where does this leave the dogs alone, my God, when they had a euthanize a horse? They hang it It doesn't even makes sense, honestly what an impact site are in a weird way and I've seen hang in horses before I was just in a place in Toronto, where that's where they sure coterie comes from a hang it up till it dry eyes. Then you start slice Annette meat. We you eat horse, meeting Toronto, yeah Jesus. I had horse salami
with just a regular salami. I think that the horse was name salon, After a year of successful experiments with animal Southwick began publishing articles and scientific journals about using this method for the capital punishment of humans, and since Southwick was a dentist, he was most comfortable working with chairs, so the electric chair was born so his whole. So essentially, this is a pod castors invention. He just said like what awaited ok. How do we do this, or do we do it in a shower known on? Someone else will do that later. We do this in Hamburg, in old umbrella umbrella, a guy has an umbrella, that's more than umbrella. In what way, what am I I'm sitting in a church, yeah,
said, the electric tube sounds mortified mentally deal. One last bad before they murder you for a crime, even comment. So after tinkering with the design, a bet Southwick paid a visit to his brand New York, Senator Jimmy Macmillan. After seeing a diamond duration, the senator thought the idea had legs, so we ran up the flagpole to the governor. I love how this is the Hudsucker proxy murder and where it doesn't have. A super excited me like this is oh yeah body that is the best driver, knew what guitar music is also wanted to weigh up. Yes, I do wonder what was the displayed? Did they just put like a honey baked am that wasn't even share we're like live now. Look at its its bully cooked, not they hooked a dog,
to know when they brought a door? He brought a fucking dalmatian foreigners office, and this is thanks: you're ready to cease oddments gonna flip your wagon he's like, but wait a second. I went to the whig flippers yesterday and I add my words of eleven already made a second time as we please ignore. Don't know you could check this out and then they fucking killed a dog. In his office? Olaf Jesus like AL Ninety, five, a really good Lord. I dont it's a strange time when he's like now, I'm guaranteed reelection, so an exploratory committee was formed to gauge just how useful inhumane this new fangled method of electricity might be as opposed to the old ways, but in the meantime question remains. What type of electricity would be you see Then America was still in the middle of what was called the battle of the currents, because
Trinity was still new, two men, George Western house using Nikola Tesla Ideas and Thomas Edison had both come up with different ways of delivering electricity fuck it cool. I wish I was alive for this part of history. I just going to see all these crazy demonstrations all these weird science spares who had been great. They would have gradually put you in the chair immediately. Let's, Nepal is reviewed its air guys out, but you know you ve been using at hand for the demonstrations. Let me hold in my hand me at all on the aid seaside you had George Westinghouse, representing Teslas idea of alternating current on the direct current side. You had Thomas Edison, who would once and for all, prove what a cruel bastard. He really was steering this battle.
You mean marketing expert work. That capital was that in a big part of the battle of the current that isn't talked about very much anymore is the fight over whose method would power the electric chair or really, whose method wouldn't power the electric chair. So they did. This is hot potato for murder. He added it neither of them on a sofa, CDC, didn't work very well when it came to power in cities and such the big copper wires that it needed to readjust way too expensive. But aid see power had already resulted in a few highly publicize accidental deaths. So Westinghouse was keen. Eyed keep himself disassociated from execution. Ok, I guess. If yeah, it's like on the movie, thirteen ghost or things where you try to explain your house's powered by vicious poltergeist like its incredibly useful about, sometimes it does kill your daughter
do you like the idea of hitting a goes to turn your tv on just Hitler? Every time you stick out your fingers ass. All Ngos he's like off. Ok, turnips, a volume but justice public orphans died of that hit. Hitler but in Edison's estimation, if he could convince the public that see was just too dangerous to use than Edison would win the current battle and therefore the inferior technology would wit, which happens all the time. Marketing puts the info technology over the top constantly. That's the american dream Mark up. So in order to cheat the game, some hired a man named Harold Pitney Brown to launch a pr campaign. Cordon quote, proving that AC power was deadly technology, thereby influencing which current would be chosen to power. The chair to kick off the whole care pain, Brown brought the press out to Edison's lab in West Orange New Jersey. These reporters
urged, as small animal after small animal, was lured out to a metal plates wired up to a one thousand volt ac generator where the animal was Zack to death. There just some guy? Another? Go good tips community to genetic number, potpourri coming potpourri readers kitten, just like super argued Serpent Edison's like I got rid of did it's blue blood. Are our leaders of this nation, were just the weirdest goth kid around it's unbelievable good metal. Kids. This stop, like me, and this dude name, be that I first met when I moved to back the tap of when I'm move from New York to tamper when we were third years. Old DE was the first get. I met with you, the kid greenhorn, it's like you uncle do so expensive
minutes say this field, and we just blew shit up yet well was fond of shit yeah and we never once blue each other in old you're saying I look in your eyes. You dates and those experiments were just for. Science, ok go, but you didn't kill any animal cement. That's all we were not. I wasn't like that. I'd like to blow up animals or anything I gotta know mark as it did, but that which is both the employees back midday boys being boys. Will there is a lot of land in Texas? I dont know why that's an excuse, but I'm innocent must not a lot of land in Texas. Would that demonstration, where they jolted animal after animal after animal? That was actually where the word electrocution was coined, but instead of reporting on the horrific and ultimately pointless parade of animal cruelty, the newspaperman took the bait and reported instead on the dangers of a sea.
Our he. It was right around this time that the exploratory committee tasked with examining electrocution as an efficient method of execution, as opposed to other new ideas, published a ninety five page report, dubbing electrocution as the clear winner of all decided as a committee. Electrocution is the most badly How could I have a feeling that we have all seen? I love watching their knees, jump up and down, and I love seeing their eyeballs explode and I hope the same thing happened to the humans that were used in the chair. I don't want to interrupt the meeting here. It is really cool technology, but if we had thought about not murdering our citizens, have we thought maybe we could just do a different kind of penal justice. Maybe we
found the first person for them, so on May eighth, eighteen, eighty eight Senator Harry Cockle Shell pushed the bill through the legislature, deeming that all capital offences committed after January, first eighteen, eighty nine, would thereafter be punished by electrocuted the guilty until death. You know Harry Cockle, Shell. You know he was super into pleasing. A warm! No in no way was he liked needs not a wedge. If you give it to yourself, people really are demonic. Evil entities, nap people that Bill Nature of this country. No, no. That would still the question of a sea verses Deasey when it came to power in the chair still hadn't been solved and Harold Pitney Brown, the p,
guy that Edison had hired. He was just getting started. He hosted another exhibition, but this time he shocked but ugh with DC power. First to show that it didn't quite kill it kill it girl it did. I have to do this at all. Not, but it didn't even kill leaves like look at just tortured the poor thing, but look what happens when eyes fill it with an AC shock and then went, and the animal immediately diabetes like what I don't wanna be a negative nancy here. But if we thought about not murdering the dog, you that eighty percent of their annual cargoes l makes you I get as many people in this chair you as the only possible then Brown took the show on the rose. Human cities threw out New York state buying stray cats and dogs from children at a quarter. A pop
to use his experiments in each town. So this is basically like it robs zombie directed the music man right. Is that what we are talking about here? I've? But I will say so, may the horse that I ate at least every bit of his sinews were used to please everyone. I wasn't just kill on a bunch of dogs and cats, and then I guess just leave venom just what do you do with all of these dogs and cats a good day for the one? Do you got into the business? They all laughed at him when he said dog recycling wasn't gonna, be like, and look at all these dogs that need to be recycled in and he takes him to his dog recycling centre, which is just as backyard pile of demagogues and his luck and each one of them said now teach my wife to leave. This is getting sad with all the. Why experiment other dog? That's all I'm wondering but anyway, because dogs were plentiful and you could go to any town in New York state in their be plenty of stray dogs, and there were definitely plenty
ST urchins that were willing to go out and hunt down dogs and cats for a quarter each I mean that's like five in today's money, hooker body and now we're even saying these kids can't work were saying. Obviously they can't, while, after just electrocuted dogs, hats got a little dull browns to bring in a whole menagerie of animals on the road. He started Lecture Keaton calves. He saw electrocuted horses. He even once brought out a rang a Tang healed it in a public demonstration. All at the back of Thomas Edison,
it was a most adviser. Edison was a huge bastard. This is all sides used to be done, but I would like to see if they improve Goober wanted to do the self driving cars it would be. Pretty incredible thing is replaced the drivers that have to do it with rang a tank I gave you have chosen here anyway: don't have scientists, they take chances anymore. And Lord Almighty. Although honestly orangutan goober was the greatest thing, I've ever heard my entire life, and I would get that goober every single time. I still fought if in a ragged things like well come in and like hearing it, and it does like the sign language or like release me, please get rid of any type Fortunately, I dunno sign language law. This back ass, his broad Dubai devil may cry. Five in over the top action filled gave radium premature, no available on Xbox one everything to just. And die some demons while looking holidays visitor gave her you. It features three demon, hundreds each with unique placed isles, but don't just take our word for it bleeding,
We called it. An elegant symphony of obliteration. Dual shocker is called at one hell of a good time and game rant. Calls devil. May cried the perfect action game so come on in some demon. I ass with devil my cry. Five and remember games play based on Xbox. One mother is a strong myth that Edison electrocuted an elephant during this time, but that isn't strictly true the execution of topsy the Ellen happened in nineteen o three over a decade after the battle of currents was over. And it was an Edison who electrocuted the elephant, because the electrocution of the elephant did in fact happen the people who electrocuted the elephant, where the good fault of lunar park over and Coney Island who executed
hop, see after she killed a drunk who burnt her trunk with a letter. In addition to other people, would not, I don't wanna, nay, say the scientists in everyone's trying to find ways to murder people and say it's a civilised, but we have an elephant: just murder, three people, death by elephant but what I learned elephants are extremely brilliant. The gray answer is right: there stopped the electric chair. Why killed this thing? It's? Obviously the instrument needs to be used to murder people. If that would have been, if the state wants to sanction it honestly, what I found a way to do it like you, what kind of Alexander, the great style will you the elephant boom boom boom boom? guys running around a big pan, gotta guy we dislike, try to get, but the problem is that elephants are naturally very nice. Yes, on The only way you could do it did. He got beat elephant a bunch to make an eight people, nobody put
specific costume what you gotta take the dude, the Eddie Grids, like you beat the elephant, would like an orange bag over your head right, freedom, be this you don't know it so. The elevated supermarket guys with fuck and orange bags in there the orange bag on the dude. That's one around thing, whether what that, no matter what he did and you should be doing something like it- should be like white collar crime data- slightly but of course, as we learn from the green mile inmates like mice, are nowadays afraid of my so assumes take the mice at your pocket. So now imagine going back on. My idea of the original plan was to hang topsy the elephant in charge admission, but there s pc, stepped in and requested something more humane, so they strapped copper, sandals. Oh, please, feed hook bad up to the local power plant, FED and care provider, carrots laced with cyanide and pull this one great December, morn definition of overkill up. But the reason why,
Edison is so closely tied to this incident is because Edison sent out a film crew from the Edison film Company to capture the whole thing for a cordon quote, documentary that was unimaginable. Thirdly, titled electrocuted an elephant That is less seriously that so funny like right on the nose executing an elephant. I would go see cat in the movie theater fucking. Second, I mean I see it on the Liveleak all the time, so I guess they don't need to pay a ticket. I think it's on Youtube. If anyone should, I see, I really, I understand what happens in right below the name of the movie on the title card was the name of the man who owned the company that shot the film Thomas and when you add that to the dozens of animals, he really did electrocute. You can see where the it comes from, but the thing was even without the elephant. Edison embrowns campaign against AC power worked at least when it came to the chair in eighteen. Eighty nine,
a government committee unanimously chose Westinghouse as a sea power as the electricity of choice for execution congratulate. It is strange. This is a huge government contract s. You got a lot of cash here. It's not that big of a government contrarily yeah, because its We generators for like three prisons and Westinghouse has his eyes on the prize. He's wanting to power a sea all over the world and haven't of the electric chair associated with Ac- that's not the bet. It's not the best association. I understand it's like it's like getting a huge part in a movie turns out. It's called the Gavin Mckinnis, Laurie or honestly like getting casting and we called human centipede we're gonna get it. I have said this before the show I am calling for the actors of humans that would be to have a research and slaves. They were great in the movie. They did everything they were asked to do. What
sitting House refused to cooperate when the order was placed by the aid for the generators. Westinghouse fuck now not gonna sound to you, and you can't make me so Thomas Edison stepped in an order. The generators under a different name and had them sent to a university in Brazil and then Edison had all the generators shipped right back up to the New York State prison so who is generators? Coming from our somebody named coral hunger? I die no again, I'm supposed to take all of these lessons as Edison, what a cheap horrible bastard, but it takes these kinds decisions to become the most famous inventor in the world. I was watching thing about. The fair knows woman. Oh, I did what you are saying that whole time has been like technically she's leavin, the american dream. She us didn't, get the Ball cross law now, while he was, there was a signs that could never exist. We asked the major problem.
I dont want to say anything about the spring he'll Jack fuddle, fuller. Like evil specially equal to that particular Levi evil. I don't know what it is about. The story I find inspired, I don't know either, but the first person said to be held in the chair was an illiterate vegetable seller from Buffeloni, William Killer, who had killed his wife with an ax near honestly, do have to say that he was illiterate. I knew that blocker at an ax also could pocket what an idiot and sprang out he wasn't a vegetable sales pursed up, but just after camera was sentenced to death. This green growth, suddenly had one of the most expensive lawyers in the state. A man named W Bork Cochrane. Now
that's it? That's a plug! You getting law made by my real name: Barkie Cockerill. If your lawyer, his name Bork, just jump, plead guilty he's just gonna. Give you more time for reasons unbeknownst to Camelot. Cochrane was soon filing appeals on his behalf, citing the eighth amendment, which bars the gun from handing down cruel and unusual punishment. The bill for services rendered, of course, was paid by George Westinghouse, who is determined to fight this until the very end they lost the first appeal, but I'm second appeal who should show up the stand, but Thomas Edison no stone
on that man villain is just there then I thought I gave up. We just got like you light bulbs and abroad or got you fucker gunnery, and so this is really like a personal view. It was a pearl. You have been data yeah in Edison gave testimony in saying that only was electrocution, certainly predictable, uncontrollable enough for using executions but Westinghouse as a sea power. With all its claws, mind you that's. The perfect way to do guys have zero, is on point, look at unity and and approved. I point again: I have brought this rare peacock, the Adirondacks, and you see it's plumage. Oh, it's beautiful gaze, your eyes upon it now. Did it this is not forgetting all burst into flame. Go just like that. Look at that nice he's still,
The battle occurrence you're using it right now, everyone using is using using it right now. Amazing yeah you're. No, I'm not but I'm willing to bed the Edison took just a little but of joy and ensuring that, at the very least, Westinghouse walked away with a black eye. Because Ac Power power, the electric chair for ever it does like the Eightth member, with short alike, laughed at because how isn't this I'm personally against executions, I my anti death penalty personal- was that we ultimately have. We but we all are I'm anti death penalty, I'm anti death penalty idea. I don't think that we all should be. I don't like the private prison system. I know at what point. Do you want a bunch of dogs? You know just get fuckin shocked to death like that's, not cruel. Nor is that unusual, as a matter of fact, that's kind, and we ought to make the movement which just like now, not really we really needed was there. Is it like in italics in the constitution or something Glinda? They believed that the electric chair was both
humane and scientific. They thought it was progressive, new fangled, oh, I guess I thought it was progress like visit. This has brought. This is how much humanity is progressing with even we could even kill, our prisoners. Humanely and without pain, and everyone doesn't have to feel all eighty about all the blood and such just got done chop in people's fuckin heads off. We were hang and I'm in town squares. All of this should so to them. The electric chair was Tesla. This was like this was the coolest newest thing. It was the Iphone disguised entered, and this was not. That long ago was nineteen ten you set NOS eighteen, ninety, eighteen, eighty, nine eighteen, eighty, nine and so the chair was built. The first electric chair was made of oak and the condemned was secured to the seat using leather straps. One electrode was attacked
to a shaven spot on the prisoners head, while the other was attached to the spine. The electrodes were metal discs fitted with rubber that held in play a sponge soap in sailing solution, thereby conducting the electricity directly into the body with minimal resistance. You know this is the one of the irony is about. All of this is, of course, the Amish make the best furniture legitimately are the hardest working people on earth, but then the electricity. I think it would have our time with yet they were near. The first execution of this sort was performed by Edwin Davis in Auburn Present here in New York state the day before William Camera was to be executed, Davis tested them we now on a horse, and it worked great salami senior. I dont think I just feel Beverly the animals are, an actor was determined that a thousand votes should be more than sufficient kill a man, Davis split the switch and since seven hundred votes
stu killers body for seventeen seconds, then a second which was pulled and a second charge of one thousand. Thirty bolts build, the poor bastard he's just snapper back and forth, because this was before it was perfected. Still don't think it's perfected, but even though he was dead, the chair also thoroughly cooked killer filling the room with the smell of charred flesh and burnt hair. As smoke rose from his head, it was said that the procedure things received quote mixed review. No go areas like there was a serious conflict can be like. No. That was a very good execution, although I thought it was a little bit cliche during the middle or those in attendance were impressed by the speed, but were less than thrilled about the burning flesh Oda, as many of them tried to leave the room, but were made to wait until it was all over and done with. I actually like that
there are indeed sittin it now. I think so yeah so improvements were made instead of just to contacts on the head and spying. They figured it be better to move the Spine electro to the ankle and double em up down their bringing the electoral count to three. They also rethought the voltage see, just as it is with hanging, there's a sweet spot when it comes to electrocution. If you'll remember, with hanging to short of a drop in the person takes forever to die too long and the head pops right off the body, it was pretty much the same with the chair at the voltage is too low. It's just a long torture session, getting that's boring but set too high, and that,
air will literally cook the person in the seat and fry their brain in their skull. She'll get has its corrects such a big on. How long can we talk and talk and fifteen twenty five minute? What what's along as far as how long they do, it was decided that they would give two thousand volts twice at sixty seconds each with a ten second interval between ok so hold on. Who now why they break? Is there to have a half time played like college basketball. Words like will do a minute ten seconds. There s another minute? I think the idea is that it's supposed to Zapper wants you're supposed to check if they're dead. I believe it's kind of the idea is that you're supposed to see have we completely wiped out, and then second go around spoke to seal the deal. It's not until They do the second go round that they checked her to see that he's dead. Why do they? They always do twice to make God damn sure vow
rise. Edison now, with a full suit made out of light bulbs, am I going to buy one? It's me. Nobody asked me crazy, we're not surprisingly, the showmanship in the seeming efficiency of the electric chair made it a hit here in Amerika, pretty soon the electric there was being touted as the progressive choice for executions all across the country by nineteen ten for more states. Oh, old New Jersey, Virginia in North Carolina at all adopted electric chairs of their own with each state. Put in their own little flair and the design? Sir? I don't wanna see anything here, but I've actually invented electric stool, and I was wondering if you might be interested in that your North Carolina alone. How do you feel about being governor out
That's all! I want to see, because that's what I've been saying for a long time we get enough electrodes up their asshole. I am certain that we could really it'll get. It is down to even fifteen. Take some of these seats had headdress some had full harnesses some even had little. Rates on the sea to let bodily fluids flow freely to a bucket waiting below. Do you think it cook the shape I mean everyone who was electrocuted shack every single time, very hot yeah, oh yeah, the convulsions, all everyone always always lost control, and if we want clothes on chair, rightly king Gos letting go of NATO go go. No, why you down beside markets? Does that's bad grace, of course, but close we're civilized would mean murder our people tat, no one. Yet no one executes hasn't no one's executed, anyone naked and centuries all right and if you wanna hear no more, at least if you want to hear more hard, hitting questions like the one Henry just ask: do they cook this?
Yet you subscribe to our patriotic radio interview, serious and we'll we love interview, never went to. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you and each state had its own for their chair as well. In Alabama they, the yellow mama maybe that's because for some reason they had decided to paint the electric chair, bright, yellow. Why not make It is horrible as possible. Here in New York we had the classic. We are old, sparky and in Louisiana. They had grew some dirty we're out of here. You are weird, you name it after me not to blame miles. Massey, gruesome, gurdy, I've told you a thousand times are not allowed in the supermarket. The people say you, you spoil the meat and you all Gm Iq Commerce. I gave my poor Ellie. Gruesome dirty is accurate. Yes, like I give them
had it for beyond the nose with that very actually you're. While we're doing those really do this script. I remembered these quote from earnest goes. Jail. He gets it when he finds out. If you get the chair is like death row, you mean like the chair. The hot seat did make deep six its overpowered right here. Bob odds are bringing you your mail, you boot data for the stamp. Let her know tomorrow that Cairo, the row honestly earnest holds up when he goes. It still hilarity exist, stolen areas and that if Europe, if your little down today look up the pen seen from earnest, goes jail on you too good. The movie as a whole is not worth seven through the pen scene when he goes like all electoral. That's the superpowers from the from the chair. That early is awesome. I wish that actor and break the earnest characterised, didn't despise. It is entirely, but no matter what the name
all electric chair is pretty much work the same way as it was demonstrate in the green mile bond on ahead? Really is the key to the whole operation with the sponge? Does? Is let the current easily flow through the body if it's too dry there's too much resistance and when he got too much resistance? You got a man on fire, my god, I remember reading about those a couple of guys at birth since the flames when the electric chair was still going on in the nineties, got well we'll get all those stories, nay, and if the sponges to whet the same lean short circuits, the electrical current to first, the electric chair used leather straps to secure the prisoner, which usually resulted in unnecessary burns, and it partly caused the terrible smell this
was noticed by a prison inmates named Charles Justice, as justice was cleaning up the execution chamber one day suddenly got light bulbs like us, leather straps, you shouldn't be doing it. That way. That's just gonna burn people, so just as suggested that maybe they should use metal straps instead and lo and behold, it worked so as ward authorities reduced justices sentence and allowed his parole from a high state penitentiary. It's all about think it is that melon you get out. You can fix your early. He was a real goodwill hunting. Ok, I can't imagine the other inmates were like super thrilled to see em, but well, eleven years later, Charles Justice ended up right back in the same prison on charges of theft and murder, and on November ninth, one thousand nine hundred and eleven justice was executed in the exact same chair. He himself had improved. Oh, my little to run, they do think miss that lyric in that song. More set interesting, I wonder,
He thought that he made the right decision. That is ours that as far as the leather strapped goes, I wonder would like, but the wisdom writer it did, make his trip. I gotta go now. You say I have another idea rather idea: it's called. Let him go up, everybody gets let go other than your absolute best friends. Who could you ass to bring you red one at four p m sushi at nine p m and a breakfast burrito at eight, a m. Who would do this because I know my butt friends, you hear them every organ, weak, almost podcasting left and they wouldn't do it. You know: does it post mates, post mates? Is your personal food delay Ray Grocery delivery, whatever you can think of delivery service all year round? No bullets, though, but I supposed mates, has saved my bonds several times when my bonds need alcohol at midnight, no more trip,
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be shocking, count your lunch or are we just going to know grab the old women was like before sex ponds that they always like? They always colouring my whole dick it balls program, I'm just gonna go in the relationship that we could have had never will happen, a guess what I never one. On one, the first birthplace, once all the electrodes were attached, the switch was flipped. Then, after a short interval, it was flipped again then, after waiting for the body to cool down a bet, a doctor would check the heart? Dna to heart was still bam slip it again. Oh goodness, Intel he is dead or she they didn't get. Like Earl have near the W w e referee. To do the three come up. I left the arm of one two three and a big obviously, but is the third time he's dead? I think it good that we are at an ally Does it works, not another get stuck inside the body they? It was in the electricity in their bodies. There,
worried about. It was just that the body was very, very hot to the tonnage and we saw the highway effort to cool down. So this is a gym gaff again bit up and turned into do. We know what the temperature, the body is when it and when the execution takes place, not the top my head out now. But the thing is we're not a hundred percent sure on exactly how the electric chair kills a person. Guess the heart does stop, but how will technic? It's probably due to its fixation as a result of the paralysis of the respiratory system? Oh my god, it doesn't even stop the fucking heart. It literally just chokes you to death. Well, physiologically the electricity is so powerful, but the brain begins to literally bubble from the current, which prize the respiratory sinner of the medusa, which is the part of the brain that controls Bree.
The thing that makes it so much work is so many hours are least that's what they think is the most likely way. It happens, because some of our story today will show that there might be a few different avenues to death when it comes to the chair. But what the electric chair doesn't do Most of the time is not the person unconscious most likely. The person being electrocuted is aware, the entire time able to both feel and smell himself being burned alive until the lack of oxygen. Switch is off the count. Maybe they should have written the the eighth men. It would like the clap back emerging this amendment and it hurts I fail to omit I've got this. The skin turns bright red as it. Swells and stretches, and if the body he gets too high, the prisoner can burst into flames, particularly if you sweat, Noah and he's not sweating a lot, he should have been a professional gulf, a kind of calm to do that and then there's the hood.
The motherhood is mostly for the benefit of the public, watching the spectacle not only is easier to watch when you dont have to see the prisoners face. It has been known for the eyeballs of the prisoner to pop out of their sockets upon the first jolt tell you what it takes my sunglasses to keep my balls and my sockets every single time. I take a sip of just delicious spring he'll jack off, and you know I have a feeling that stop sending it to you, because they're gonna lose a lot of customer, has a strange advertisements so the horse, so the person they would feel their eyes bulging out of their head, like like debt alive, most likely yeah. You read stories about Ral Julia because he had that problem. I forget what the Burma's does eyeballs were sticking out of the top of his head. Some weird thing were, is sockets or to shallow, and they said that is eyeballs would literally pop out and hang by moving. I just feel like excuse me, because you sweetheart I'm? U just back in unison,
I'm just going to say: that's like I gotta go to them asked room, and then I would just leave launch yeah. I would leave dinner besides a fight. Decade run in the Philippines. The United States is the only place in the world with the electric chair was ever used as a government approved method of execution, wow the British looked into it for a brief period. And then decided to outlaw capital punishment instead? So it was one of the first people to invent slaver there like her heart, liver, horrible, horrible history. If it's too brutal for the royalty of Britain, I think it might be to brutal, for us do said to date, for thousand three hundred and seventy four people have been executed using the chair in the United States, but looking at the stats provided by the death Pennell, the information centre electrocution does actually
have the lowest number of water considered botched execution. Throughout the years. Look out of the almost five thousand electrocutions performed only eighty four were considered to be botched. That's one point: nine two percent, as opposed, the current most popular method of execution lethal injection, which has a much higher botched rate of seven point, one two percent. How is that botched? Like my question, is what does that mean then willing? How does how is a lethal injection botch? It's like the thing doesn't work or over like the guide, isn't paralyzed or he is an unnecessary eyes them then all kills them we ve talked about. This we can stop at actually quite regularly happens is first of all these generic drugs because they want to go for the really nice fancy drugs and, second of all, they literally just like inmates helping out with the executions. It's just see. Yo is just corrections, officers that, like today, Randy you're you're doing.
Kill him, and then they have extreme PTSD it. There's. No doctors do in the damn thing now, Peter you have a nurse do and who knows how to do an injection, their horrible? Well, Actually there are never any doctors involved in legal injections or gas chambers because of the hippocratic oath. Need, sandbars, do no harm, so yeah they're not actually allowed to prefer to participate in a lecture in an exit. For the smartest person in the room is the priest and has never been the only method of execution, One hundred percent success rate is the firing squad, but it's all the least used. Only thirty four people have been officially killed in the knighted states using the firing squad, but the botched number on that one is a big fat zero. So I dont fully understand this. We have a gun culture that is very difficult to explain to other people when you leave this country yeah. How come we just didn't? Do the firing squad desires
women are doing or does it does create PTSD with our soldiers, but they do that with the fires gobble up, only one person's got the bullet in the one of em shoots of or like a couple of the bullet, but we are in these guys. I don't know no, how could that be more people, Stephen Flyin somewhat yet every day it is clear that it is sorted out, a sort of the same thing I mean I'm not really sure. Maybe it has something to do with the US. Asians has to the military and non military. Wherever I mean, I know the Russians during the soviet era. Their method of execution was just a pistol behind the year. That's Andre, Chick Della was executed, a lot of people got executed, just they just put up, oh right, behind the ear pop one shot and there in currently dead. I would take that no heart beat over having my eyes pop out of my skull with ice nobody's. It's not ok, because of execution, but even though the electric chair technically has the best record when things pop up, they fuck up speck, tackle early and those fuck ups make headlines
take, for example, the nineteen forty six case of Willie Francis she really Francis had the misfortune of having his ex fusion prepared by an official who decided to show to work drunk that day and is soon as the switch was pulled Frances screaming, but he could feel ever they stopped at mid execution and when they asked Francis what the experience was like he said he could feel the electrodes point burning him and that his mouth filled with the taste of cold peanut butter vit. Why cold peanut butter? He just said: that's what it s like to him is. It was called Peanut butter strange, get your brains, Brian, Fried kids, all probably the first pleasant thing that comes up who oranges middle print about it. But really innocent gets? Also, if you this guy doing the execution, just don't short too drunk just don't you two were drunk today now can be drunk the next day
the day before out. Imagine this is not the first time you shut up to an execution drunk the admirable. This is just an item that he fucked up. Yea, sometimes, is that you that decides to shop to work drunk, sometimes it's the drunk makes you show up to work. What are the ironies of true alcoholic Seward, like I'm very responsible, I always showed to work drunk drunk all the time. Then that's just me. That's me. Really, Francis? Wasn't the only one to survive. The electric chair at least briefly in nineteen o Three, a man named Frederick Van Warmer was in line for execution along with his two brothers Willis in Burton the three of them had killed their uncle over money on Christmas Eve and all three were due to be executed on the same day, Willis went first, Frederick went second in Britain was third and all three were killed in the span of fifteen slow, but during the post mortem a guard soft, Frederick Van
warmer move. His hand upon horrifying, turned out Frederick had an unusually large heart, so the two shocks hadn't been enough to make it stop, so they carded him back into the room strapped to men and made damn sure he was dead using a third jolt children today, because the sentence is, you must be a lecture cute. It in tell you are dead, so the science must be carried out, I'm just so happy. There are going with the rule of law. I businesses this. You use your wife to us too, to George, you go free, that's what I would say. If I was. If I was the warden of the eager to jolts, you must survive. You go free invent Emma was the only one to go to the chair unconscious. In nineteen thirty say,
a woman named Mary Creighton was executed for killing her lovers, wife with rat poison, and it wasn't her first murder either she'd also poisoned her mother in law, father in law and her younger brother. But there wasn't it evidence to prove any of those murders. What does the husband do? Yeah, yeah husband? Do the husband actually helped her murder of the mother in law, the Father in law and the younger brother, but Mary cried and had dawn to another lover decided to murder that wife now Creighton tried the crazy defence in the days leading up to it. Execution by bang in her head on the bars and screaming and such that it was all for not the execution went forward, but on the hour of her execution, she fainted when the guards came to ourselves and that was Mary Creighton last conscious moment on this earth as the guard unceremoniously picked. Her up dragged her to the chamber strapped around and elect.
Circular. While she was still passed out you d, Possum defence, does not work the on death row. I will say you know where the possible defence does work if they're trying to get you to leave Why don't you just go eventually? They don't do Alex you and also lunacy from an Herbert Reimer last night where he was having a ah, but somebody was sleeping car. If you just or refuse to respond, they can't touch you you now technically own that call for as long as your inner, so good technique, good technique. Indeed, in creating, certainly wasn't the only one attract and crazy to get out of it. Either Harry huh who's on death row for dressing up in a Santa Claus, suit and murdering two cops during a robbery in Cisco, Texas and one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine, not too far from where I grew up back when crimes were fun and I guess I've got you day, not dress and costumes anymore for bank robberies. I think they put me saw me. The last great costume was
the dude you wore the full steel. They look at a furnace gamma, that's gonna costume! That's like body armor! Now responding to the Austrian. Isn't anything just come in like those sexy over watch cause play, I would be do attractive. I dont think you have to rob a bank, people actually just give you money you that, while Harry HOMES is awaiting execution, he said sing in the same song in his cell. Over and over and over again, while tearing books and letters into tiny pieces concern over nineteen, twenty nine so is probably like I don't know. But my call on twelve June or July argues that thereby apricot only if it is my very fond of music. I love that, if I may I commend my new favour. Podcast hot pipes, the pipe organ podcast
sure it's great wealth is not real. Ned's awesome, I love it hides yeah hot vibes, unbearably guy quietly by talking about certain, all players throughout the years what cities have the best pipe organ which, when you're listen, resonating part of the paragraph were worthy some pipes wider than others. This one, the pipes were: oh, they dislike her eyes, still gotta Lotta Morgan. I have to ask you how many knives do you lip? Well knows I got up, I guess you lived the life of a serial killer, but I know you're too busy to kill you talk about what I do. I, what is wrong with her? But what is it about hot pipes,
EL serial killer to you in this house for its own sake, a restaurant that serves logs of shit type, the pipe organ pie casting my new fail keg you're allowed your lot and listen to whatever you want. Thank you. After Harry, arms is taken. First sanity hearing averted two sane caneback after twenty minutes. After the same verdict came back, he reportedly said in a Howdy tome quote. I go saying no more see, that's the saddest thing. We ve talked about software that and we ve talked about copious amounts of dog either ass, though that is, you can still sitting buddy. Don't don't even stress it go so just keep myself saw that nobody, you can say, and Henry HOMES was carried to the chair, kicking and screaming by four guards. Just a couple of weeks later was electrocuted
I've ceremony with no witnesses and no reporters, as per Helms request, see I like that approach, though kicking and screaming, make up work. You're not going to the peaceful person was. I have made my peace there. Ain't no making He's with a chair by our. I would can't hold I'm gonna get an eye. You're gonna have to do some prison cross at Rome basically take a lot of core strength. They keep me warm swing in my arms and kick up my legs, but I also do want is big of an audience as possible. Do you remember that guy, I hate to say the said her, but you kicking and screaming would be Q Heerd like like ok path. In a few minutes after the girl, I will have been on death row for lorries yeah. Our men made up the vast majority of lightning writers. Over the years. Mary Creighton was not even close to the only woman who went in case. The sentence actually resulted in a jailhouse romance dubbed the granite woman by the press routes.
Peter was a housewife from queens who was sent to the chair and nineteen twenty nine for can sensing her lover. A corset salesmen named Henry Jug Gray, help murder her husband for insurance money Qaeda. It's got a curse. It's you know sit in their everyday Judd is just his tie in Ruth and, like me, national tits up she's, just like any. If he just pay, maybe you can care has been the only man who had been restored. Wrestling with Ruth Zau yeah. We gotta get him out of the picture, so my traders empty exert brains I can pool at me. In other words, I am we're not gonna put out of what the stall now list ye say: That Snyder was just trying to get someone else to do her dirty work. According the gray, Ruth had already tried to kill her husband seven times by this point through very gas things and poisonings, but still her huh
survived every single one wonders like Mr Margaux legitimately, like everything is going crazy around him and he just days the course. Let me that don't make a good point with the horse. Blinders just don't recognize anything you'll be just by now. You just walk in there. Scenarios things are blowing up around here is not just about any happy is, as you can be ages, the whistling so to Magda, I'm sure he died. Judd and Ruth approached her husband, while you passed out drunken bed bashed skull home with a piece of lead, chloroformed, em and Gharib at the old drunk with a wire, ok, first of all, you're drunk shaming, which agenda like and second about it was. He would still be alive if what everywhere been passed out, omega. Ok, I'm sorry, it's called for rumours are used, Lord down was just all I'm saying is that someone works in a room where, in my room with the garret it's over
mere man, I'm sure you are aware. We have always said that worth you or your distracted by listening to hot pipes, fell asleep. Airbus, and you know that I'm there with a garage, Wurlitzer dirigible, has some of the most dependable pay some of this August, paddles that you could ever put it harpsichord, paying boot up. We want narrowly and is just being like by here one more thing about a fuck. It when this house some she loves listening to halt pipes as well. If she were a hot pipe household issue, orgy is just like. How did I get here? I am a dog and this is hell, Georgie loves it used to read out the dirtiest Georgie, no she's loved. Very much. If you love last podcast, I'm guessing you love to crime stories, mysteries cold cases and big fat man,
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You'll enjoy your Richard Nixon, had sex with Casey Anthony Bizarre Penthouse letter that you ve, created for all of us, but stupidly Ruth hadn't, gotten rid of any the item is she reported stole, went to the police and the policeman some fish from the get go here and they just found the items that she reported stalwart stashed around the honestly, if your Ruth flip a Buick that's cause of all time. You actually solved the mystery of the hidden lampshade. Will the whole thing really fella when the cops found a paper marked with the initials J G Judd Gray. But as it turned out, the paper was Actually I memento from one of her husbands, old lovers who just happened have the same initials, but the paper was enough to get Ruth Flustered and she was the one who brought up Judd Gray when the police had even heard of up to that point, and it was only a matter of time for police caught up to gray and gray rolled over on Ruth. You mean to tell me
these irish cops did know the corset maker in town, air, Tony, oh Molly was just like you just makes me feel strongly. That makes me feel confident when I wear one of his course. It's a whole thing with such a farce that one reporter who covered the case called it the dumbass murder, because in his words quote, it was so dumb. Yet reporter of the year, everybody was just too horn. Meat and distracted really think straight down. Give the guy a Pulitzer he sought and called it like this. It's true, but it was while Ruth was on death row that she caught the eye of a prison, cooked name. Domey, do again: do again was a small time gangster who is in charge of cooking meals for the death house, and he immediately fell in love with a blonde hair. Blue eyed granite woman de Gaulle me dummy, but when it comes, did love Mikey, oh Sir,
oh, don't mom, good dummy, you're, you're, doing great and onto dumb from a plane is to go down. I believe, a body by the way the Chilean Tuesday was superb. Will you might it not? A red ok, you don't go. Tell me the ingredients naked, I'm sorry hope. Does too dumb to keep my chef secrets. Are you who are dumb? began to smuggle love letters hidden in sandwiches are taped to the underside of Ruth Seiners, trays and Ruth began to respond, and eventually Dummy Dugan Paper closed and Ruth accepted by right in her answer on a napkin. Ah, This is what this is more of how to get a man yeah. Well, he was, he was providing her food loom sure, but it wasn't meant to be
Israel turns on death row, isn't where you can find your long term partner. On January, twelve, nineteen, twenty eight, both Ruth and Judd Gray, were executed and dummy Duke and spent the night. Wrecking. Is kitchen and drowning. His sorrows in prison, proof ha ha ha. Poor. Know me, that's! Ok. You have a child. S. Name is poorest forest undertaking yeah. It is what oh amendment embassies just as smart as you. Yes order target, any daddy dummy, daddy, don't worry your daddy daddy, don't we could be killed, killed three boy, you tell me, as far as the actual execution, Ruth Snyder when a New York Daily NEWS reporter snuck.
Tiny camera under the proceedings and took a haunting photo of Snyder, mid execution and the Daily NEWS printed it on the front page. The next day, So I took a look at this picture. Yeah, it's fucking haunting, Yad, go. Google Ruth I'd or execution. This picture is, she'll it and then you can also see the camera not exactly hidden I will any, but they had loose bad say loose panacea, but that the picture is truly horrified. I was strapped to his ankle But it's definitely. If you could see the most you can see the motion of her body drew back and forth its it's pretty metal. It is Ruth Nighter execution now as far as the people who actually pulled the switch There were some who gain a small amount of notoriety in New York. The man who pulled the switch was officially known,
as the New York State Electrician yeah was he named by the post will claim to fame to have the very first Edwin Davis killed two hundred and forty people. Twenty five years he man the switch, including the first woman, Martha Place, who had murdered her stepdaughter in Brooklyn by throwing acid in her face in eighteen. Ninety eight They give him like a twenty five year old, like many electric chair that had a plaque on the back of the names of the people killed after Davis hired his assistant John Hurlbird, took over and he managed a hundred and forty execution in thirteen years described by the press as core the man who walks alone Hobart only did the job for the paycheck and retired. After a nervous breakdown. I can't imagine a way of being the of the state. Your job is to go. You pull
lever, cadets, that's what they do right. They just outsource older, dirty work till one fuckin guy. It starts with just somebody signing a piece paper saying a death by electrocution until dead and data have did you fuck? They don't do anything just send it down to this guy you're after absorb all of this shit like a big emotional diaper in a lot of times, just regular corrections officers because of doctors aren't allowed begin. The hippocratic oath and communism be extremely dramatizing yeah. Well the man who were placed Hurlbird eclipsed them all George De Elliot pulled the switch on three hundred and eighty seven people and the same amount of time as its predecessor, thirteen years and win Elliot wasn't in the executioners chair. He ran an electrical contracting business Chile's know you're.
Brian I about yeah, he was on hundreds of zap business. I guess so. In fact, the way Elliot got into the business was that he started off is just a general electrician at Dan, immoral state prison and eventually, He began assisting Edwin Davis and general maintenance of the execution chamber systems and when John Hurlbird retired airline let's get Robert to do next. Guy up. But the reason why his body count was so high because Elliot was not only the switch man for New York, but he also perform all the eggs patients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont in Massachusetts Jesus. Does he just like dry? If a what are you, it has been a doctor death. He once did six executions in three states. In one day the tri State grim reaper Marilla hears about so this dude liked it stand. He was fine with that. Like he's,
he said he saw himself as just an arm of the state in he was actually after he retired came out against capital punishment. He's I dont see any point to this in any way whatsoever. I hope we get to appoint society aware we don't do this anymore, but he still took the hundred fifty bucks for every execute. Which then I don't like a whole lot of money, but in today's dollars that was two thousand dollars for executions, a hell of a lot of you to unify cold hard cash. Yet there was a part of that was his job, and so then back then people pretty grim about how to get there. Money is now people have gotten worse than that fraud? Well I mean I don't know how there's not to turn a people line and up to be executioners these days, but back then Every time there was an opening for execution, at least in the lady teen hundreds early, nineteen hundreds they would get just be data. Letters from people be unlike I'll. Do it
bring me on? I have no problem with it and now the estimate one point: two percent of people on death row innocent, but back then I think that numbers, public twenty or something it's Bugsy, a huge percentage of people. They were innocent that their guilt, oh yeah, yeah, electric chairs, heyday, quite a few innocent men and women who went to the chair in speak. It away You know it was George Elliot who pulled the switch on italian emigrants, Sacco invents bends Eddie, who is at one of the very few in the case of two immigrants, gettin railroaded back in the twenties, I lack weren't learned about it in school Are you telling me that this nation sort of maligned immigrants, but now when Italians were truly for now, as I know they said both of them to the chair while and they did not commit the crime. It was a big cause, celeb back in the day, but it did not matter and both were executed, but why, Italian who actually did commit the crime.
Was a man named Giuseppe Zangara he's Italian nailed. It Giuseppe was an italian immigrant who suffered from chronic stomach problems that he blamed on beef over worked as a child, so he blamed all of US problems on capitalists, name Emma Jamaica may gonna pick it s a bulgarian though the bottom of the pool, but have any time to draw every time a goddamn nick. I voted for the president to make a diary. I worry body when he came to America, nineteen, twenty two and move to Miami where his chronic pain, and hatred for capitalist loyal for a decade before he cited that the thing that would solve all these problems would be to kill the President tell everything they shape of I bought it. Come not that it tiny little by little.
Little balls, they say that it looks like you shoot the rabbit with it. They meet you gotta have Aragon, God. I needed some allay this. He later said- and this is a direct got caught. I want to make it a favorite debate. The saying that my stomach are. I get even want to capitalist by a killer president, my stomach heart a long time. It's an interesting political motivation to kill a President Khatami that killed hundreds. It makes sense. I think it makes sense, I'm gone, but he's gotta pay unless I'm is. If he was alive today over under thirty I'm goin over A bumper sticker Sidney is one of those guys and every political beliefs, as is summed up in a bumper sticker. At the back of his baby, I got a kind of like the Maghreb Rob Bomber got twenty. Forty sixty stickers, so maybe a couple adults heads has eluded the hood yeah yeah just so happen as Giuseppe hey.
It was boiling that President Elect Franklin. Roosevelt was common through Florida for a visit. Little did you know a storm was brewing, no, not outside in this man's coming, so Giuseppe bought a thirty two calibre revolver for eight dollars. Headed out to the event with the new president was about to give a speech with the thing was: Giuseppe was only five feet. Tall Papa you gotTa Hague, somebody up on me. I could come up thereby to get up at all. I would put them by my goals, known as I know it is a beautiful set aside in Europe. Durable little is that they can operate on the ground. I make it that of the higher bio waste end up on the top of the dogs and mean I shoot appraisingly care. It's got a scary that ensue so short, he couldn't see over the crowd, so he had to stand up on a chair to take a shot at the president. But since-
chair was a little wobbly. The five shots, the Giuseppe manage of Mr President, complete Dublin, Dumber Bugger horrible shot why he did manage to hit poor people because it was a very in he did manage to hit. The guy standing right next to F the yard, the mayor of Miami Anton Sir MAC who later died. While you always make my joy, It was because I thought it was putting something without delay and I had a mayor in the mare was killed, the still stood still for a party that is by Peter is helped by any that's. Why pointed out there like enough, I love shore, people of top people of middle sized people, go cover upon being sentenced to death for murder of the mayor. Giuseppe said quote: you gave, may the electric chair. I know afraid that Jane you want a police, you always crook man to put them in electric Jan I'm, ok
Ok! Now I know you don't carry, it is putting the weather steps. Dual city him get up. Collateral chairs is gonna honey. I didn't have a double up. On top of that story, I would use my tiny little. Both he and I were dog. I wouldn't chimney, sweep you across Europe. We got in your walrus just to collect the leper goddess. Legs kicking electrocution. There is actually on the day of his execution. They try to help them up in a chair by the spot. But he did go, I'm up all by himself like a big boy, move up to my most. That no photographers had showed up. He was so mad that no one really care at, even though he almost kill the President Yankee about that. He said, quote: lousy, capitalist, not picture!
No one newspaper are due to take a big job who all capital he's they. They allow the bunch of crooks. Then, when the hood was pulled over his head, he yelled, as his last words quote: Layla Dahlia goodbye to all poor peoples. Everywhere boy had put step at all rule, and then they fled the switch to Bali. It's not about RO. As we move us dig. As last word has just said. We got that wrong. I got that part wrong, so he would probably take less voltage now look legit. I dont think I don't. I don't think so low that work, and now it doesn't matter now. I know it's not like the rope. You know they have to measure and wait to see how long the rope should be a pretty uniform, two thousand bolts each time. Ok, eventually the electric chair fell
fashion. A more cynical mind might say that they just figured out a way to monetize execution by doing lethal injection instead, but either way by the eightys. The chair was barely being used, but the fact it wasn't being used that much didn't stop Jean Louis Evans from requesting it for his method of execution in Alabama in nineteen. Eighty three only problem was the last time electric chair was used in Alabama. Was nineteen sixty five who, but still it was Evans right to request and it was still on the list, so Obama dusted off the yellow, Mamma and strapped in. Not surprisingly, though, the yellow Mama was not quite as efficient as it had been too Ninety years earlier, almost immediately sparks in flames shot from the electrodes tied to Evans left leg in a cloud of gray smoke
or from his hood filling the room with the smell of sizzling bacon, and after that burst jolt, he was still alive. Oh my god. Maybe he made a mistake. I thank you. Minimised a made a mistake as they did it again and more smoke poured from his head and still he didn't die. It is like Frick, it's like gum. Oh my god. What's that the not faulty towers, it's the multi python gap when the guy caught up with them? Sorry because of his legs in it. I still, I beg you to imagine being that room watching this body your horse, while smoke is pouring out of it and just being like he wanted to play its actual
aids because I think was corroded. You know like had been sitting in a room for twenty years and then I don't think they did any kind of test on it. I got they even like look at their like now at last, burial still be ponderous. Put a man there. It here by their wages, tested out some spam wouldn't buy. Then maybe you want to do it on dogs, nothing yeah! What do you until the third flip that Evans mercifully expired good, Lord, but the state that really fucked up enough finally end the electric chair era of american capital punishment was who else but Florida our finally over them, your heart is always over. The course of nine years, Florida fucked up three executions in spectacular fashion and ninety ninety, I guess trying to save a little money, shows used a synthetic sponge to conduct the electricity instead of unnatural sponge on
prisoner named Jesse to fairer how much money we wasted on the sponge is the honestly how much good at the difference of Ben dollar. We always they always cut the dumbest thing. That's basically responsible. We ever going to sponge. I dont know why they used isn't like they used. A supermarket spot is just don't know. Someone just went with a seal. Just went to doing wrong got it or Walgreens or whatever we, oh yeah. We need a sponge for this right, like the instructions just say, sponsors like you're, gonna, Walgreens and get a sponge. These patterns turns out ass, pretty important fuck in detail, because when they, on the electricity. Huge towers of orange and blue flame started to shoot from the top of the guys had my good seven years, the same thing happened with Prick Pedro Medina, possibly because the sponge was either dry or and soaked in water. Instead of sailing solution of others,
the middle and the helmet might have been corroded as well, but the final nail in the coffin of the Elect tears popularity came in July, nineteen on uniting when Alan TINY Davis was strapped to the chair and ass, he was being electrocuted. Blood poured from his those at the bottom of the hood due to a poorly fitted alike. Road am it's like a fucking ended the Indiana Jones. It said she d pocket ahead, Melton, crazy working, but even so now states still offered the electric chair as an option for execution and the last person in America to ride the lightning did so last December December. Fascinated December, two thousand and thirteen with the last time a guy was executed in Amerika for the electric chair. It is like
Well, I always liked mountain. Do you like? Maybe a little ride, the lightning one more time, while that is create? Reportedly, his last words were beats being on death row, know it well it's a living is what you are doing. I do what you have emerged in the magazine me, that's not good. I am completely against it. It needs to be outlawed. That's what I say it's Benjamin Castle, but those words. Zoning compared to the last words of Edmunds. Gorsky had been sent to the chair just a month before, in November of last year, Paul scale. You got one body, his crime was Loring two men to a hunting cabin under the guise of sullen and weed Instead a zone, we he just slipped both throats just so much worse than we had not waited all the night before the switch was pulled. The gorsky said only two words, let's rock
near and in due time, that's really cool for last words, but at the same time I don't think I would be like this is going to be tough, now banned. The likely we gotta be just sit there you go. That is exactly what you got out with. No, that was really interesting. Electric chair and I'd like to think listener been white for providing the book electrocutions in Texas nineteen, twenty four to nineteen sixty four, which featured the Santa Claus Robbery story. So is that book like three times the size of the Bible? It's pretty must equal executions of taxes for thirty years ban. It's pretty large assumes you and it's a lot thicker than you think, he'd be no it's probably just as there is. I thought it would be just like what would your back breaking only they didn't area to your office
you ve learned a lot. Today we ve learned that marketing is more important than scale down no Johan Weave law. To always use a natural sponge. Now why and never use upon before? exact their rate. Three take away from today's episode. That's why it is a Jew tat meant technically AC was the superior power for electric using a thing to death. I soon he was like I want to. Let you guys know about this benefit the champion for good friend of ours, great great research, every one, great research every one day, there's a benefit happening on April. First, for our good friend Jason signs on April. First, in New York City and in hand The browser is homeland of Beautiful LOS Angeles, and, if not my home, Lamb is kind of your home when you become now it is, I know, and then on the floor in Washington DC, there's gonna be a sharp eye. So this
the benefit for Jason Science. He was in a horrible accident, didn't have health insurance for many many weeks and months, and he was the icy use. You can just imagine how much that costs, but he has aft right now, he's great up after me. Soaring are trying to get him as much money as we can to save is bullshit. Yes, in there's gotta Not a funders comprises it's not gonna, be sad times. It's gotta be a really fun fun comedy show, and I wolden and I will be performing any in New York and then Orleans grocery may put the name yeah at all. Grocery in Henry Work. What's going on and allay lightly happening, one April, first, at the Regent theatre, at eight p m, we have some great coming. I honestly. This is why I want I really hit the head is that this is not like a bummer. Shall not this things. It's gonna be very, very fond. Yes, absolutely so come on out, for, though, shows in Washington DC. I think
we'll put it in the description of the episodes. Now. Maybe we perhaps so anyway, let's go support a friend and I we can't wait to see all this upcoming weak yeah right, the regent there was hosted by me, big boy had Larsson and Jack he's a rescue, we're gonna have a good time, absolutely and Jackie. She promised me she's gonna, where her best course it that'll be drive. You totally insane is. Is there anything else that we have to talk, but we have some towards coming up Berlin. Stockholm get those tickets there there are going, they are going to court case, although I dont know how many I don't even know where that came from. I don't really like how cakes and cakes and unaware that phrase comes from. I love, pancakes, hangover,
They really that popular where we have to be cliche worth there's all there's one of the most popular restaurants in America's did is devoted solely to banking, waffle, stem cells and banking international restaurant. Oh, I see that we get a whole bunch of towards aids. Common up in May, make seventeenth or come in Kansas City may eighteen is dimmer, may nineteenth is SALT Lake City. May thirty it that's Vancouver. May thirty first is Seattle June? First, that's Portland June, twenty! Third, that's our australian drone, dirty third Gona Perth! The twenty fourth is lay the twenty. Seventh is Sidney the Twentieth Melbourne on the twenty ninth we got brains by you, cannot wait and then, the later, on the summer in July, we gotTa Oakland on the eighteenth at San Diego, on the twentieth, in LOS Angeles, on the twenty first and then an
fall time. In September we got Dublin on the fourth Bristol, the six Edinburgh, the seventh Manchester, the tenth Birmingham, the eleventh London, the thirteenth and the fourteen, or we added a second shown there, and we got Stockholm on the sixteenth, that's in Sweden and Berlin now, which is in Germany. There is on the eighteen. May I honestly by those tickets, Berlin Rear, look at for like we caused. Sport has vetoed ormond grounding of our boys in Women We got out there. We want to see your fuckin faces. We can't fucking way, I'm so crazy site. Yet last week was so much got em fund in the people and do our new show her lover new show that this is what a crazy opportunity we're on man. This is such a crazy ride. Absolute for those EU, like you, don't know like what our life show is. It's not just us going up in just gap and for an hour bug. It's not just us sit behind a table and recall.
And doing like alive podcast like it's a full on show that we ve written in practice and perform that we love to tour around America. For all, you view wonderful people, absolutely it's fun experience and you get to hang out with other listeners and hopefully have a great night all right of you. I can't wait yet think you all so much for given to repatriation Henry Nailless. We interviewed Job Briggs today, not or not today this week on side stories, but that's a good example of what our interview seriousness, like I think you'll, and now it is a special get. So we had put him on side stories yet job. Of course he is spoken, hilarious, always a legend these, and I can tell you use your vision when I was a kid: what's, every Saturday a little did you know he went to Cable ACE award humming tabled on words. Do we have we ever wedding, I'm not nine! Now of all everyone, they go so much for illicit inhale, yourselves, Hale certain how again
the mobutu, the layers, wrongs, hale me and I'm about to take a ship sponsored by spring healed. Mr Seeber, He could do never mention or copy name again. Our stock went down forty percent, it best part about that copy. It makes my shit extra law. I've done the opposite beg you haven't. I. You show was made possible by listeners like you, thanks to our add sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows the one you just listen to go to last podcast network doc.
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