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Episode 36: Sandwiches in the Matrix

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Glitches in the matrix, masturbation sigils, and the writings of Philip K. Dick!

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There's no place to escape. To this is the last time What I we started. No, no, my my data. Do you like any all right? Well, welcome to the last podcast on the left. You guys the peak of being annoying today. It's uncollectable good, good, good, good, good, good good. Good morning. Good morning I worked with fat retarded kids at the YMCA for entire summer, and not once have I reached this level of insanity. I just feel like a hungover men when they have to get up in the morning. Just you just ran,
up your fake enthusiasm. Oh yeah, oh yeah love it alright! Well, your markers parks, I'm Ben Castle, and you are so I'm pretty dumb like that. Now no never mind. Now, I'm talking bodies guitars down baby shower with G alright, I'm Henrys broski yeah. I know you're, not you're, not no! No, I know I'm looking at you high man, I'm just the master of one thousand voice. That's what's hard! Is that right? Well, today, Henry promised us all this amazing research and he was going to shoot it shoot it over an email and then he came down there's this morning, and so it was all garbage bullshit, so we have nothing to talk about which is great alright, so that is so. We're going to talk about today is the the concept of glitches in the matrix right. I don't read.
It is obsessed with this at this point in time and there's a lot of people. It's mostly just eighteen year olds being like. Oh, I put my sandwich on the table and then I went into the living room. I came back in the kitchen and the bread and the meat rollback in their packages. Look, I never made his hand, which is like Bro. Yes, it's very weird, but I just think man, you just didn't, make fuqing sandwich at stone. You had a happy thought your head about how nice it would be to have a sandwich. So it's like. I honestly I had a pretty genuine experience like in this recently. That's well the same, much involved! No! No! No! I make my same my eyes open. All right, I feel, could make sure I have a sandwich good, because I think I have a sandwich and then I don't man the I would want to world- is over absolutely do you stay in your room, but
well. I was cleaning my house, I'm doing this massive spring cleaning before basically I'm leaving for a long time to shoot a bunch of shit. So I'm just going to my house, my house is disgusting, so I was going through like I have like piles of books like all over my house and was going through my piles of books, and I found this ring from my childhood. My communion ring like cloud our ring, and I called my mom catholic thing, a catholic thing yeah. I called my mom and are both it's hot pewter? No, it's off a computer. It's talking in class c clouder ring Beuter Peter. I had a lot of Peter Figurines when I was a child. My mom kept me till I'm going to actually get 'em all back and put him in my house. What's a pewter figurine, look like look wizards and yeah yeah yeah cool, so I also have the I had like five different stone: gargoyles 'cause. I was really obsessed with gargoyles I'm going to bring those back and look like a gargoyle. That's my god rolled out yeah. I just burped
so it's been weird like not having any alone time with all those friends knocking down the door to try to play with your pewter drag really was it's hard to be the most popular, so you're cleaning your house or going, but I found this ring I called my mom and I was like hey my because I don't remember ever and I call my mom And I was like hey do you have do you have MIKE louder ring for my community? She was like. Oh that's. A funny question I mean look and she went in. She went into the file cabinet and went to go. Look she's like no. I don't! I don't have it. Thomas, what what's what's wrong? What and I was like mom I found out whenever I just said this is just my amalgamation of what my mother said: she's Amy Winehouse! Yes, yes, and I'm sorry for your loss. Yes, yes, but she's like what's the problem with it. What's your problem and I was like what's your boggle? What's your Google Boggle, my I found my clouder ring in my books
and I don't remember ever you giving it to me she's like oh, oh, oh, that is a sign from God. I don't know, I think, he's just reminding you that he's there he's reminding you that he paradigm. Like me, you want some but on that and then I also found a pair of character glasses that I had lost for months and months and months. I couldn't find a minute when I went to LA when I came back. Are you there was no, and then I found them a little you're you're experiencing what people experience when they clean yeah. The thing is we just like it just felt like you know it is one of those moments where it was like kind of like because it was such a specific. I from my childhood that I know never remember that I was like started like recent research. Into like more of the site. This idea, you know only if there's a slight countless stories on the internet sort of about, like
seeing someone a room: you meet him in a room, they say like they wave hello, you go your day. You see them later in the day, the wave, hello and he's just like, I said hello to you before and they're like what is the first time seeing you today and it was like- and it's like stuff like that, but I mean mostly, I think it has to do with like personal just forgetful, I just recently read this book called the secret history of consciousness, and I have all these like new sort of the newfangled sort of with cold, like reality, magic books coming in with this idea of how to boost your psychic powers, which is kind of work, does the mailbox like some of that? I love that stuff yeah well rooms together will do seminars. I feel like the mailman. Just like, delivers the books and then runs away and says, join the books, fat boy, fat boy. I got your books and earn a fat boy. I hate my mailman. Thank you. I hate that fucking bad. I've never told you guys about the masturbation schedule now with the sigil assiduous like,
digital symbol, because I was really into grant more old still really in the grand more. This is all from ragged are rated Regner help you out with this? No, what will he very much into the black arts hi sandy cat eyes, Lana yeah, and so what a master schedule is like I've kind of gotten like this like whole, like real time, magic and all that it's like it doesn't work, but it works feel good. It makes you feel good, that's it like. It just makes you feel good. So what is it like? A cock ring. Here's what you okay. You write one sentence of like something that you want and it's not really it's not like. I want a car or something like that. Like some, you want your lives and you want to yeah. I want to own bridal power over women. That's not it didn't
the porn business that you can do that. But let me look it up using magic yeah that be something I want to control deer. As my army yeah yeah, that would work nicely like Assam brain. You can't tell anybody about what is so, of course, 'cause. If you did did laugh at you, yeah yeah. So what you do Did you write down a sentence? It's just one sentence, and then you make a symbol out of all the letters in the sentence. Like one unending symbol and then stare at it, while you masturbate what That is not good. It's right that no, it was great if I'm masturbating anyway might as well just make it like bump up the level of commitment here, and you know what I got it's a kind of.
Alright, well connected weather and weather. It just came up on a by myself or whether it helped me kind of push over a hump or something like that. This was always. If you were stroking your dick looking at port and you would have come, you would just have come 'cause you're telling the truth that makes you come yeah, but it's not about coming it's about getting something else that you want it's about like do. You want to come and he got to come yeah. But, yes, that was just a part of it. He was coming in order to make the magic work. Yeah, yeah yeah Byron, Dorgan. I can tell you you no it's not it might undo all of the matter. Is that why you ruin that why you're white? I had no idea hispanic market sparks Marcos, Parques, it's nice, yeah, so yeah! So, but as I was Richard, I basically started.
I try to research, this glitches in the matrix thing, as I was saying, and it's mostly a garbage, because you know it's just eighteen year old, just like saying random stories and then that sandwich stories pretty real, that it's pretty crazy, it's pretty it's pretty crazy, but then I started getting into this idea of reality versus perception. You know like how, perceive that, like your reality, is based entirely upon your perception and you know, but because the way the human brain works, your perception is is flawed to begin with, so that mean like, because your your brain is made a bunch of jelly. In floating goop in your fucking bone,
You know I mean like you're, just not going to get the pure on saturated information all the time, because it sometimes in gulps and you just might not get it. You know you're gonna have a bad day that day so now that Klay, how that situation ended with Marcus, thank God, damn symbol for small, not symbol, symbol, sigil, whatever it is usually to word it's a different word. It is that important, I suppose, but I was like looking at like so I just got deeper, deeper sort of like the idea of perception menu. Okay,
our guests, not anymore number have told that's all god dammit, you guessed it game August. Give me talk, talk talk Hong Kong. Smokers would be straight again. Let him have you. This is my day day, your new birthday. Would you celebrate today's your birthday every Monday day, yeah Eiji Tuesday? That would be nice. I would sell over that with you. Thank you yeah, because I'm happy with you, whoever you or whatever you love. Thank you you too, Henry, even if I made love to a sandwich or burrito. Of course is specially. If you made love to a sandwich or a burrito, I've already done that easier to fucka burrito in a sandwich answer. Damn sure. Evidently, could you just open up yeah so open up the flap yeah, it's great to make sure it's not hot? Oh no,
we just let it sit on the window, the outlet, cool, breeze cool down your foot, burrito right before you stick your warm a little pinky stinky in there. That's right, negative Becky stinky beef burritos offered for me anyway, so you're in the matrix you're talking sandwiches, but just stop right now, I'm in the matrix. Alright, so there's like a couple things like one was a new study. That said that the prior to what they they originally thought. They thought that that human beings are your brain to process information. Like your your your surroundings into one like steady flow, they thought that when you watch everything that she's a gate streams in your head in the is like- and so it's like you know, certain things is is- is stored in your short term memory. In of all the rest is like backed up your hard drive. Whether finding is that now is it, your brain actually works more like a starter. Startled works, like buffering, will be like to to to to do that pause like Wally,
catches up with the information it catches then put it up on, and so it's like they're saying is that like it's something that it's like severely effects the way we perceive the world because it's like your brains constantly in the in the in the like. In the mid, full of buffering so pauses. The glitch causes the same like essentially stuff like that, where it's like a problem like that could could arise. Becaus of the way our brains like just receive information right there, the same thing about the phenomenon of ball: lightning, ball Sorry, what ball! Yeah ball, lightning, ball, lightning, yeah, you've, never lightning ball! lightning balls nothing new with human testing. No, no, no, never heard of lightning balls, Johnson, no yeah, but he could literally. So is bald. Six feet from his body was pretty amazing. Like am pretty amazing, sharp
You can hit some with his knapsack from a good three feet. Well, I could put some dogs in a bathtub. All that's great! That's what the ball like a yellow lightning is right for nominal, where people like it did this or have. It explains a lot of like like UFO phenomenon. Right, like white people, see you opposable law, they could be construed for ball. Lightning in a part of it is that they are, there certain believe, the the brain also is affected by like static electricity and electromagnetic activity, of course, because our brains run on electricity, like that's, why we could think and talk and freaking jerk often make schedules to make us not gay anymore, and so the idea is that ball. Lightning comes
Cefic Lee, from the interference with electromagnetic activity with your brain, and it makes you see lightning in the shape of balls, big fat falls area. All big hairy balls are hairy order. Balls orbs. I think it's much better than I do like lightning balls, and I do too. I do things like that, but it's like this. So reality is built completely appan the subjective nature of two pounds of gelatinous who's in our head Sabreen yeah right. So it's like whistle everything that we know or believe every single piece of art, every single piece of music, every human atrocity. Jeffrey Dahmer used his mass in order to build zombies,
yeah, but he was also a great chocolate ear, the child's bones and the chocolate. Not everybody put bones in the chocolate. Only Dahmer Dahmer special thing so that naturally, and then, as I was researching, that is like an actually took me to the world of Ufos 'cause now so a lot of leave, so we had a a gentleman here awhile ago, named Jeremy Veiny yeah, who wrote this book. I don't know. I know why the aliens don't land and a part of what you originally discusses idea in line and I've been reading more more about this- is that this, the ale things are not so there there there there there Ical beings, but like what they are is a sort of like this idea that you're, an inter dimensional like type thing, is that right, they're very hard to perceive they like human beings literally cannot perceive them because of the
They exist. They exist on a different level of existence, and so it's like complain, Holderman, plane and then every once, while they poke through using what some people have postulated these sort of, like oscillations of our brains, that every single time there's a gap in sort of our understanding. That's like a place where an otherwordly event could happen. Words like and they talk about it like you know, like what was going on in the moth man prophecies right, it's like when they were talking about the moth man story like there was. You know, essentially this whole time, it is probably being poisoned by a TNT plan, but as the moth man was also happening like well people seeing them off man, there are also seeing these things that they called men in black, where these men dressed Klaten, like out of style like in black, suits that were like old old looking with long long, pointy nose, and it knows it and they would come in and ask questions about. The moth man then disappear. Like hipsters information. Is it you know, but there's just
We're in that gap is like this idea that that that's what the that's where aliens could exist, I mean like in certain law in the w very dark corners of our of our loose understanding of the world you know and that they or just people who learn that they can manifest their own destiny. They're, probably us are the aliens scared when they see us when they poke through. Do they stutter as well, and they're like Holy Lord Mark is jacking off, I think, is real game. I think that aliens are us. I think Are they a lot, though? Mailings are us and that's a good? That's a part of what Jeremy was talking about his book is a little dubious Now you said Sinirli arrived with a big piece of Shiti garbage dubious. I would say it's a it's. A thing is about that. It's it's very hard to pin down, because we don't have an alien in jail. Yet yeah, I wanted. You know I've like one yeah. I just want her friend
yeah, I do a comedy show with one that would be fun be classical yeah. But where do they take me next? We run around aliens here we're talking about a blip in the system they're coming through there watching us all masturbate at any. Given time. Yes, I mean, and then I started then I was like because the ideas that aliens you don't that, maybe you know they're their they're they're when, when they've learned how to really control hive mind, they learn how to control like what is essentially the aliens are coming over here on purpose yeah. I think the time travelers, here's a lot- I mean you know, play me anything. I don't know what they are. I don't know I don't know if this were all dressed up in those nice suits. It's like people used to dress up to get on airplanes in the 60s and 70s before it became a big fat swept
french love. Yes, can't wait until like this all makes sense when I'm seventy and I put on an alien costume, get ownership and come back in time. You know I mean there. I totally explained so now, I'm just it's just been meet all time. Yeah, I'm the aliens you look like you are all the aliens all of 'em refund, but then I started reading about news like the idea is like aliens could be like self actualized humans. I then I started reading about the secret, which is very fun. The book book, the secret secret. Isn't the secret just wish for what you want? Yes, yes, but my fave yeah in the in the whole thing, without any masturbation with known masturbation a base, it done yeah, they had to read a whole book. I was done in ten minutes. Yeah, that's true! God! Damn minutes passed up, that's a long time! get along time. The average person on a porn site is ten to twenty yeah he's in the early end, yeah was that special, what's called a signal, central
it just really depends on what I'm doing I mean like. If I'm, between subway cars, I got about a minute to really get it done. You can do it. Can you jack off on a subway car, real quick like that? I mean if you have, if you're gonna have flip out yeah yeah, you have to answer with the great my fish. There was a good it's about. Like perception, positive thinking I can change your life by law. You just manifest what you want right. You know in a lot of stuff for that, and I believe I do a lot of self is mostly involves. What I'm going to write Now I get very positive about about getting like what I want dumplings. When I wake up in the morning, I'm getting dumplings, yeah, uh and but my favorite part about it the whole thing was like how to lose weight out one of the one of the. And that's said was: is do not observe overweight people just seeing the image over overweight people will make. You think that you guys
bucking me up still skinny as a rail votes. 'cause, I don't see either. One of you are not looking at us. All I hear is voice. Is I have no idea what either one of you look like all I know is that you're both back, I mean that's true, yeah, it's just so if I couldn't see fat people, I could never look at my friends in the eye. That's terrifying, yeah 'cause. They just had to look at chest. I feel like it's also very good way to get arrested for harassment. Just staring at everybody was thin and attractive with public gotta. Get these fat people away from Maine yeah you're, getting fat cells on me. Oh yeah, So what you do is you put mayonnaise in his coffee all better. I can't look at him. I can't tell so we'll get there that guy out of the tiny coffee shop using copies coffee so good at the end of it all leads rips it all along makes a and the oil super.
Make it what it is. It is a matter of perception, you know it's like once you start mixing up exiting boil all of a sudden. You got delicious delicious man, it's absolutely so much of it yeah. We feel like we learned a lot from the secret. Are you get? Are you more successful? It I mean because you are losing weight, your saying the moving weight. It is the secret helping. No, no! No! No. I mean I don't look in the mirror anymore. Just so I can no, I visualize somebody else yeah. That is how I get. Let's how I got my confidence yeah. You know if I was always look at in the world, we've always always looking to meet her. I get pretty sad. You know yeah in terms of like got tiny eyes, you know sure thinning hair. In a weird little knows there is we're I'm weird. Looking guy and bizarre yeah. Let me know not classically handsome your ears, your earlobes, don't really I mean they just connect directly head that some people have that, though, that's different, I heard that that's a sign of people who have honestly I that's a sign of people who have higher psychic ability, yeah hi, it's
I'm going to I'm, going, make myself a psychic this week. Absolutely I like it. And so in the very end. So it's like, where we at time wise a word about twenty one minutes. Okay, so I mean I just I love it: yeah, okay, as unlimited data, so Phil get x like my favorite author in the face the plan and what he deals with a lot of the time when it I'm soo, will it he ill? A lot of his books have to deal with sort of the the tenuous nature of reality and how right has a deal with the you know, like your perception and now like no one knows, what's real and stuff like that, what's the point of going through life filled deck yeah, the said: I would think we had a very mean him. I'd like honestly, that would enter be really touch mediums. We kind of had a very similar experience, but mine was less extreme because I'm normal now he'd never went back to normal sure, so he armed in nineteen, seventy four. So it's like he's been a writer of Sci FI and now, with the
from a thirty years. Yeah you know like. I think it is so you know what what is most famous books: androids dream of electric sheep, which has made a blade runner yeah. I know man the high high castle and then flow my tears, the policeman said and minority report. You wrote the three men or a scanner darkly. Grabber thing, yeah I'll bunch of shed and maybe the best Sci FI author of all time probably the best and he's like my favorite author yeah, I you know: I'm I'm obsessed with them! Hollywood is ruined most of his books. That's a very good! Everything gets laid on her yeah pretty much later on so good. I liked the movie a scanner darkly yeah. I don't think I saw it it's good. It's trippy smoke a bowl yeah, so in nineteen, seventy four, an experience where he he was visited by
what he said was an ultimate rational mind. A system called Vallis that came to him in the form of a so it all of his books, like normally there's some dark, haired woman that tells effort agonist, that his life isn't real and it all kind of goes back and forth. So what happen like Sean Young, like, potentially yes, very hot, hot hot Then young woman right he answers his door. There's a crip shun of the door beautiful hot long, dark, haired, woman, a beam of light came off the from the sun bounce off of her Christians, fish symbol right on her necklace and turn into a pink array of him for nation that at him in the head. That told him the basically showed him that time is not real and that his books existed an alternate universe that were all entirely real and that what he was doing with with certain huh whatever like that, certain books like man in the high castle and flow
here's a policeman said were directs translations from alternate universes that exist that that that was a part of it. So they were like success, like in our podcast, exists there. Yes, yeah good, sounds alright, we're podcasting Philip K, Dick world? Oh great, yeah, that's great! Everyone thought I wish. That was true. Oh man make it through which was true, but so he big Experience estimations it'll, make it happen. Some insurance, like I'm literally to do this letter yet another. You have a website on that yeah? If you look up masturbation, so you can find it only lasts for masturbation. Well, there's a whole ton essentials! There's a lot! I mean this is just one very small party. Just call Regner ask him I'll get out. Okay, I ask. Can I also ask him about a Superman things: pretty interesting: okay, yeah yeah, that's pretty sweet yeah writers as a research yep it's like, but the idea is so he began to
It's like a very strange phenomenon of like history, like basically seeing images from C from history, coinciding with his existence. He started seeing a double of himself in ancient roman times that you know if we're supposed to exist in the same exact time. So it's like he some a very severe break, in reality and it kept going and basically he said, rest of his life crusading that it was real and when Of course. No one specifically believed him. So at Heaven's gate, guy yeah, it's kind of similar, but after his death, when they found that he wrote this, one thousand five hundred page journal called the exegesis or exodus. Maybe, and so I bought it too. Just made a real novel it just novelized at because they never, they were never going to release it. And so it's not a lot to me. I mean he's
his family kind of found, the right guy Jonathan Lethem to sort of like edit it and look at it, and so what it is? It's it's one thousand five hundred page like nation of what his problem was and then he died of a brain aneurysm, no, the short after he major problem right there yeah that's a major problem yeah, but I'm I'm very sad. I mean to get into it. I just think that it's just you just have someone who's like so brilliant yeah and very to either in very rational. Let's, what do you kind of was his whole life? You know like he was like so an anti religion. Protests are, you was that he would be. He would like an anti war protester for like years and years and years Healy was a huge part, San Francisco, counterculture, like movement and like the oh man yeah. He was amazed genius. So how old was he when the sunbeam hit the hit the fish? Seventy four? He was boy learn in nineteen so it was forty six okay, so is a pretty good old man, yeah it'll!
Fellow in that'll happen. He was a full on like adults when any kind of a midlife crisis situation. I mean it's better than buying a corvette and a bunch of prostitutes divorcing your wife and you know a band in the kids. You know it was written all three. Anyone Lee frightened of what happened to him yeah- and he was pretty pretty concerned- is already like medical science. That discusses like what may have happened to him for, like their perspective, maybe like a mini stroke. So there there's a lot of. I mean look at the thing they said there was a gigantic brain aneurysm living in the center of his hat. So maybe that- and here's a fact about the religious experience that he had he was a cover. From the effects of sodium tend to fall administered for the extraction of a in in court wisdom tooth. We was also once you ripped on speed for the, but the thing is yeah. I mean I had a similar experience when I was on mushrooms in college yeah, where it's just like I we had drank a very.
It's a very strong batch of mushroom tea, who are like that. I laid down with my head between two speakers. While we listen to Abbey Road, you know like it was done, call it was fun college thanks, mom and dad but I experienced an entity that came to me in one of the heaviest trips of my life that explained to me that you came to me a form in which I could understand, which is in the form of Empty just like slapping you in the face, like wake up, wake up man, but he came to me in the form of the dude from a big asking he said to me that you know there was stuff that he's like. Do you want to see something crazy? Do you want to see? What's really going on? You have to calm down for me to do that, so I have to like sit and I had like control my breathing. Then he took me to this place that he said was like the land, like sort of like what he called have, which was really just like sort of where to
information, exists and we're all that we all like are essentially floating and a pile of goop, and that you know that information like what every human brain is is an operating system and that what the life This is like the program that runs on our operating said, like programs that run in that, like what you know, it's just one of those yeah fighter. They made straight fuckin' trip. It's not just talking crazy trip. Yeah right, I don't want to come back, but it's like, I felt really genuine, and then I felt like that thing. Even sort of informed big chunk of my life like gold afterwards, so it's like, I think that there's a lot to be said from the sorts of experiences about how like sometimes I think it's it's. It's really good. You get sort of bumped your own little world, your sister, whom we have to do what we do right. In comedy all times like we're a assholes twenty four seconds, our own as so, and so it's like it's really nice to have a have like little events and bump you out of it, make you think, like that's. Why I watch from the most Carl Sagan,
so yeah. It makes you feel good going to snap out of your own mind some time, yeah snap out of your own, I'm not with and like, and not with masturbation right, but not with Manson. Jim, maybe not I mean, did you have to have we'd get Jack off when it comes to mushrooms? What we do is Just- and I mean like how would you smile with that without we I don't know right what do to smile? How would cinema survive. I don't know! Well that's stuff- that's awesome, stuff yeah yeah, I mean it was kind of a garbled, but I think I think it's possible that subject: yeah there's no way we could have a coherent episode of cohesive episode on this bull shed. It's fun, though, about it. We all need to pop mushrooms at the beginning and then, as soon as they start to kick in talk for five minutes and then immediately shut up all of these fucking lights in the microphones, and then we just have a great old time naked. When we do that yeah, we can do that right now ways.
How many mushrooms and I gotta take a shed anyway? I always wish I had fucking what is class a drugs yeah felony nap, major felony go to prison. That's I think they me you're like, but what about groovy I don't know, that's in effect groovy a defense in New York state. You can drive a man yeah, you can go to do it. Look at these pics all right as the program. Thank you for listening. Everybody must be Marcus Parks and Ben Kissel Magoo Solation MEG Gusta Lation. I hope you have an out of body experience that makes you a better person. Oh yeah man, I'm really
not porn experience.
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