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Episode 360: The Devils of Loudun Part I - Dr Silly

2019-04-12 | 🔗

Join us as we explore the sexy local French drama that led to one of the more fascinating cases of supposed mass demonic possession ever recorded with part one of the Devils of Loudun. 

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started man. I miss actors like Oliver Windows. You ve seen them in a movie castle. I don't know who Oliver Red is mark. As you know, Oliver Red the only way to describe them, as is a hang over with pair you're gonna get back and you, as you have literally just got thing or whatever is like shanties like he's in burial, a core rights, weird old school booze, and then show up the in Serbian. Was Laurent waiter arson. I then they just put him in place. They point towards a camera at any cost.
Absolutely well with any luck, Elk all gagged and we'll be back in vogue and you'll be working here ass. It is just like a broken capillaries. Do the work? Absolutely it's! It's good for the character its now It's not that you're an alcoholic, because I want to see their family. It's acted in this last bargainers loved. I am gets all with mark as part of an hello mark here, imbue New York City and that, of course, we have actor Henry Zobraska in LOS Angeles Miller. Absolutely have you before my have my pack of Winston. I have an entire case of sea grooms in maybe it would cite the lines please please now just tell me which one of these devices is you're you're in the bathroom, and that is a mere there. This is where I met resume. That's what actors really could be little
errors, unbelievable, ok, today's subject matter- and I know this is gonna come as a big surprise. I have no idea what we're talking about, like we re told me like Monday, will really talk about worse than of so we will learn this together audience we are going to discuss, we are going to discuss. Is he gonna get it right? Let me see what does that mean you how it around the devil's of Lou down friend, lewd odd? This is maybe one of the hall stories will ever tell you really. Oh dear, is so much Percy Jews, more story, you're going to need to get a car, that's great! Nothing like more than dirt. Guy and
polish boy tell us talking about virginal juicy, draw sorted out, miss out with coined by Aldous Huxley. The devil's of Lou. Do is the name given to about seventeenth century mass hysteria that masqueraded as the demonic possession of seventeen nuns and the small french town of new. Don't what really drives us We, though Ass Henry said, is sex. Yeah, see it right. They'll kill see a right, though dogma really come on. What really drives? The story, though, is sex. I obviously it lets us crept out by that mercies. Playground saw second entirely, and I thought that was kind of a great song can hair, but it's with it just seventeenth century non. I don't know what that smell is eggs, or this is what Huxley wrote about it over everything like a rat,
smelly fog hung an oppressive sexuality thick enough to be cut with a knife and ubiquitous in it, SK capable it is the worst analogy I have ever heard of the odor of intimacy. What is nobody smells like? You know what it is. You know what the right now, if I just don't know to be I've, never. Once like talk too to talk to Britain Billy, we get a real, rich, sweaty fog here today about environmental leave on us. Not a cheese, that's because you are not a french romanticism! I, while this story could certain they get bogged down in all sorts of historical details involving the restoration and Huguenot soon the upkeep of various bridge carries out its Eads very interesting
into the reformation a very interesting time. It's all extremely interesting Sudan, but really this story at its core, like most witch hunts, is about local drama that got completely out of hand. It's what we have Facebook for now right, because I'm using our Facebook, how many times has Facebook escalate to murder we're seeing it again and again and again. This is the same shit but think about how to see the story is as that, this should happen in the world what year, sixteen hundred sixty nerve- and we are talking about it now- Oh all right! Well, I don't think people will be talking about the Facebook few in four hundred years that everyone in the MID West is having right now with their neighbour, is going to add to your neighbor. Ok, we'll Ed's, but Talk Ed's been obsessed with one old school for Facebook, friends his that has had a still born child, whom I end as it has been. Posting pictures, still born child again and again, and then made this still born child her profile picture cup.
Terrorism or people have lost their way right. But, unlike many said the tenth century which HANS the witch victim so to speak, was not a woman but was rather allowed mouth sarcastic over sixty per used by the name of Urbane Grand yeah who got into the pants of one too many penitence and talk shit about all the wrong people. You say over sex, but it seems like he was chronically under sex because he was constantly having sex yeah yeah, also like no other sex means. You don't want to have sex, let's Lahti over sexes like get this pussy offer me Jim innocent in Alabama under sexes, like bringing more shipments of, whereas my truck loader vagina, where all my previous interested
so he was. He was engrossed motors well you're, always in railways, constant, seventeenth century french roast. So what would he mocked people's asked? Scots buckles? Would you make the value of the seventeenth century, sixteenth century frenchmen we'll go into it, but there d it's really or even explain just how he showed up into the small town and was thus like fuck, you fuck cool. We did it to everybody about. He really got got light the gym bird of prey, but before we get into the story itself, let's knowledge our source, the devil's of Lou down by Aldous Huxley Huxley, obviously had a fantastic time researching and writing this. This book and honestly be considered, like a nineteen fifties, antecedents of what we do. That's a very high praise for us, but that's nice to think about it's mostly just its he's. Guph financial he's goofing on funny things that happened back
back when so you think Aldous Huxley would like that comparison, the hated you hated. What we knew he would hate everything we are right now he would yes, yes, yes, ok, there's Huxley would push May faced out into a corporate people having shared out of pounds of british Nicaragua. Still it is a beautifully written history of both the event and the era and is of the highest recommendation to he went into the show whose down for some thick ridden I'd also put out there, the movie, the devil's by KEN rustle. Of course, my favorite movie of can rustles it's very difficult to get a hold of the devil's is one of the most delicious sleaze. Satanic movies to ever have been produced besides devils rain. It so are you enjoy their souls in an hour or of a red smoking moustaches, the curliness thing I've ever seen: royal mustard.
Several people looked and keep going because he's twisting it. People are twisting it everybody's nude and a lot of what a lot of face paint and a lot of fun sideways with weird fucking hallucinatory music videos, yeah, it's probably solely his runny knows from other cocaine. That's if you know a lot of Daphne and place now would have given him by a doctor. Oh, I see tat. You can drink and still act Henry. They all the devil's that movie. You know they made a book about it. Ok, man, when a world and thinks so urbane Grand yea came to the french town Lou down in sixteen twenty seven after he was appointed parish priest of Saint Pierre De Marsh Church. Now, although Grand Yea was a priest, he had let's say some libertine ideas about what a priest was in, was not allowed to do
and called out aloud. Didn't interested part of that had to do with the fact that Grand Yea was a good looking guy, at least by the standards of the time Huxley described grandes appeal. Europe is looking like quote a slightly less intelligent mephistophelean in clerical. Fancy dress so easily accede hundred french tat. What I am hearing out, he arrived stylish full of balkan vinegar spring. I locked the color of your bosom madame like very both because of the way you should have. Does he rolled the new? You was trained by the Jesuits who, at the time the Jesuits were suppose we basically re educating the population into been making them Better Christians are the idea within we're, going to keep them studious and working at the really serious by religion, but we are also, unlike many other different, the teaching styles, but I'm we're gonna take education very seriously, but so, instead of creating all of these good Christians, what they did was cradle whole field of free thinkers like
bunch of like by just teach and giving them the tools to think for themselves and Grand Yea got the instruction manual of how to stick a bush every three, but also the line of whose priest walls and all I say this guy's, very talented giants. Stay. They just gonna, let loose a whole bunch of dandy fops out into the priest world. Oh my goodness, Irina unleashed a dandy. Far up, I would do a Jesuits school. I know the Jesuits yeah. Look how discipline you became Isabel India. Now, in accordance with the standards of the time the people who are actually in power didn't really
here about urbane grandes sexual habits when it came to bang and peasant girls and lonely widows and grandes aid did bang. Quite a few peasant girls and lonely window unusual, see me in Heaven nearest, not a single cloud, lift unpierced he's like robs nighter from a gigolo? Is that what's happening, lovely, namely there's just like I'm upset that you made that reference yes in a way is wow or part of the reason why, according to Huxley as far as the libertine sexual ideas at the time, a part of the reason why those existed was most aspects of palace life were essentially on display, no matter how private, because it currently architects in the seventeenth century, hadn't quite figured out the hallway just yet hold on a second year. Did everything was open concept? It was like Joe Joe went through their win, win chip with
Sledge hammer and took out every single way of hiding any isn't a whole. The easiest thing to do when the house. It's all way, I feel like. That would be the first thing, and then you build a house around if you told me that they had a hard time with a you know. What call that area when you first walked away the full yeah, then I would believe you, but I dont understand how they could figure at all. Where now it was just room next to room next room. Next, a room she and as a consequence, to get from one side of the past to the other one had to walk from room to room to room were literally anything could be happening from people squatting over chamber pots. Two people haven't sex to people given birth to people die here, just walk and through other people's lives. Constantly- and this is the aristocracy. This is the high class. Yet our motion, like literally you, could see your uncle shit part of the bargain, a woman at the same time and she's gonna that sound like heard noiselessly just Bob it up
down at him as you just lock oral, because it's a part of the high society that solely legit that's. What you're supposed to be seen really is the living example of social media. It is apparent that it is going to someone's different facebook, page gonna, walk through a room and then you can to see that kill born in real life. Really you you wanna, be the front row sure so the view on sex at the time amongst those pull the strings society was fairly liberal. There were prudes in lieu down when it came to Grand yea, but those who are in the minority- and they really do much other than just grumble about it and do a quick little thing to the reformation. The idea was at the time of up until then we'll drink actually think I was when the christian church was
surely more honest when they were selling indulgences, because at least then we can be opened up front and say the word of God is Perker Buzz is purchased, able yeah you can you can go you give some money, you get your fuckin indulgence boom boom boom grad here, but the reformation. There are trying to say all this shit we're grand yea. He should have right in this fucking transition period between when priests literally were motley crew maker do whatever the fuck it is that they want to do because they were a part of us like what would be viewed at that time. In my mind, like the Silicon Valley of Society, where it's like the most educated and the richest people also have the key foolish jobs, and so he is a guy that is, he was in here and then ass. He shows up time for changing. No, of course, Henry
I have a question. Is Silicon Valley now? Is that just a valley full of huge faked? It's about a sure that everyone in Silicon Valley isn't just working on breast enhancement. I shouldn't we worked in computers, work out like social media stuff, I don't know, but as the years went by Grand Yea started moving asked the homes of widows and into the chambers, a nobleman daughters. Grandiose was not only good lookin, but he could talk a good game as well and, moreover, Grand Yea was also one hell of a priest. He was a great show me and he was able to draw crowds in lieu, don't like none before back on the only entertainment, the one had were public executions and the Sunday sermon used a rock the Fuckin House was funny. He was cool, he was very me, ok, but he was not a kind man. You know you ve forgotten rough. Do these kind of a sort of like you can? Maybe
Ain't a man like a Dennis Miller. He was a you know. He had a lot of problems, but he was also at one point very entertaining mocha, so he was going on. The conservative talk show see who is using talking to the bill, O Reilly of France at the time. He also sounds a little bit like a burning MAC. I love him with all my heart, but when he wanted to turn on the roads in Greek eighty, eight that rose to write a year since grandma was so damn good at sermons. The local monks who had previous we been raking in all the conquered cash lost their audience. All overnight this. In addition to grandiose, again, he was such hot shit made the monks his sworn enemies and Grand Yea hated, the monks does much as they hated him. In fact, Grand gay hated all of us
enemies in seemed a relish every bit of hatred. They threw his way and he talked as much shit is he could every night and the houses of his friends? Monks me or like go fuck yourself. Would you not fuck you we'd be off, is due It could lead during this time period. Just be praised. Bug side happening to launch the praised. Bunk fight without was first order when he came to town who is he shouted for things like? Oh, you have all been serving at the hands of the monks Bay lame. Through my droughts, where we get to have. I could draw the tidies of having to women
This congregation, you ought to see all the shapes just pulls out his pants it. You just put your nipples those, but she has mostly he did all this shit because he thought it was funny and because, because he loved a good fight, in other words, this man probably should I have been a priest, that's where we disagree on sensible, really fun per year. I think he was born to do this. I think it's exactly what he should have been doing. He was actually great added for a period of time when you can be too good at it. And then get in trouble? Absolutely bow? Jackson. Just ran too fast and broke his own way. That's the only reference we need the that's you need, but I do wonder maybe priest or executions. You said there was only two forms of entertainment and want to be executed so that there was no
and accommodate there wasn't a vaudeville seen. Maybe he would just be a performer today, maybe maybe he would he definitely as the mentality of the stand like he was ready in. He was taken everybody down with him and there were some about, but he really just really thought because of his training is like a fucking, smarter than buddy you're young. No one's gonna get me. I can't get got even though they there was, alas, priest of blue doll, but another one of them, for I believe someone connected to Le Dawn was already burnt out there. He was really he was really gamble, sounds like years as, unlike the worst wanna go and he loved his life in lieu down. As Huxley put, it quote, it was a thoroughly agreeable exist since satisfying alike to head in heart to the gonads and the adrenaline today, social persona and his private self.
I also read a section of his favorite? How I'm sure this is this, is my dear This to me an example of a good example of what grandma was like this. Is he held this to be true for himself? Is one of the things that would get him right in the gonads or the harder they had to get think, I think, always the gonads with Randy A when we are in the Temple needling. We shall act the part of about in the matter of those who to praise scar, humbly bow them's in the most secret corner of the church, but when we are in bad intertwined, we shall act the part of one day, the manner of those lovers who free frolicsome practice, a hundred fondling arts
written by Brad Pitt Interdependent itself. It was night Lou Perlman for lay my goodness grandiose kept making enemies in high places from the local apothecary to the local surgeon all the way up to the kings. First, MR and Cardinal a man named Rashid, all arguably one of the most powerful people in the whole country, and it was all just from talk and shit. So this was he just you look today. I want to anger just everyone, the can, kill me why? Why not just shoot a little bit lower? I felt like he was broken flung music, like I dare you today to defy the church. Beach could truly do believe, I'm so fuckin covered it. You can get me interesting cover Julian Assange type, perhaps interesting hot button issued it on the show we discuss armada. No tor
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or domain. But he did have friends in high places as well or more accurately, one threatened the public prosecutor of Lou Doan Louie train cocked, who is grandes best friend best friends, man, that's what you want to eat together. I could you love the one, the person that I can cold to go to a movie, but I hate having to catch up with any friends or whatever. I just simply going to see the newest MEL Gibson dragged across concrete LULU. Alright, we does have one friend in one relatively high place, but that all chain, when Louis transplants daughter came of age. Oh yeah, that age was thirteen. I was going to say we're not talking like a legal standard of eighteen. Here it sounds like about fifteen sixteen oak somewhere around. There see widows and peasants one thing, but when it came to fill a patron, can't grand Yea had a true challenge,
and so Grand yea began the slow seduction of his best friends, daughter. Ok, I have a question here when comes to waiting for women to come of age this time period. Is it like Walt? I met a Walter Athos character from Dennis the menace William for that flower to bloom do just stare. Do they just stare at twelve year old me like any date and any day I programme today. So I guess. I actually think that that's very close. They talk about citing the daughter like he was like. I knew she would be a grand days from the time she was by you. She brought into him maturity. I knew then I could place step into pieces. Not at all. Has she bled yet
ready for love where you say, of course, after many court, unquote private Lessons Randy AY was successful in seduction, but unfortunately, for Rowan involved Grand yea, wasn't too careful when it came to birth control methods of the time, so Philip Bay was soon pregnant. He said according to his line to that was all also put into the devil's. By CAN Russell be like I knew at that time we had a most perfect coupling, I feel like they do. Had sex and he put a bunch of cheese, and some of them are just keep it all in this was back in back in the day. I mean I'm certain that there still women and men that can be entranced by this, but his his knowledge of verse used to make her get going right, even as a six year old girls hidden.
A clue what was going on and in slowly, but surely he would kind of give her knowing look over a book She would be like what am I to how am I to infer actual czar the queue day and then she would finally go in she confessed and confession could also he was her confessor. Again. I've seen this scenario and several documentary films documentary films everyone's eighty year. By law, hypothetical porno, pornographic fail, mutual staying put. That's why I saw Fred Willard NET Theatre with me, leave her alone By the way you have read Willard he was. He was caught doing what you're supposed to be doing in a porno movies gap. He didn't go to see the new Jason Bourne Porno movies by its technical, is applauding
We're not going are you sure you could add on? Ladies and applause after Philip Pay became pregnant, Grand Yea washed, his hands of the whole thing ended. The private lessens the to them and been enjoying for months and went right back to being just a priest to listen to her confessions, stonewalling or any time she wanted to talk about their relationship said now. Is the time to bear your christian burden on your own yeah and with that Louis trained com, the public prosecutor from urbane grandes best friend to his absolute worst enemy? Oh and go down when whose whole forget it ruined is all business. He had a fine, a husband for her. No one wanted to take her because she was the good about to give birth to a bastard. There was connected to the church it was. I was at a to do Young, a big big big to do to do- and this was kind of the last straw for urbane grandiose, getting away with everything
that last straw that was just holding onto their friendship. Don't have sex with my daughter and get pregnant that, like all regimes like fives drops of yours, draws, will suddenly of whole cabal had been formed to take down the parson and they all met at the Papa carry shop among grandes enemies. In those meetings where the public prosecutor, the public prosecutors, nephew, the tenant crime in a powerful priest name, Cannon mean young, but town, surgeon, the town, apothecary and the are secured his father in law, a man named may mean day silly. While we throw rejected it is quite like about the beginning, a fringe
comedy I love. The idea would get a big fat going too far on main idea, Doktor silly, also apothecaries. At the time when, like a wizard shop, you think they would have big like do with the way they talk. Like dried alligators hanging from the ceiling, because they would do all these weird old tie me home remedies that were essentially which magic, so he stared down the barrel of every one that has power in this town and every one with power now officially hates yes. So there's no way out of this, not really oak endless industries or smoke bombs that it out as another. That is screwed I mean he's, got a couple of friends. Left he's got some people in other towns. You know well see he's got a little a wiggle indigo. Ok, how he's got a lotta we're going up? My problem was from this apothecary shop that these men would eventually raise their glass
his smile and laugh when Urbane Grand Yea was burned at the stake: before their very eyes a couple of years later now. Would we be there? Would we there is in our glasses, watching this apple now not raising our glasses, but we'd be they're watching mocha now odo and they did it. They will get into next episode, but they did him Falcon dirty really occur in it all began with what else, but an illicit affair pretty soon after these guys form their little club. They started hearing room. The grand Yea had a new conquest. A thirty year old woman named Madeline Day Brew At this time, grandiose had fallen head over heels in love and it actually married metal, the blue in a secret ceremony. So in this the cabal saw an opportunity to take grandiose down for immortality.
He is a very interesting character. Granier use road, a essay to explain how, with in the teachings of the church, he could break the laws of celibacy like legally Lang without committing sing, rewrote this thing saying it is impossible for any blood red blooded man to commit to the idea of celibacy so envy, just the commitment of a thing that cannot be achieved with there's no way to adhere to this commitment did oily thing and then what was calm and at the time for when a priest actually did felt like fall in love with one of his various argue binds. He did. A secret ceremony worries us like do you urbane grandiose? Take this woman to be alive now, do do you, Madam Felipe, do take this man Toby Osborne I do where he just does all thing from them in the basement of return
and all of mere secret husband and wife made interesting. So he did the low point counterpoint appoint. You can have sex with anybody, your praise them, then he said. But what do I do? Driving through it? act himself there again when it came to widows and peasant girls nobody cared, but when Yea captured Madeline De Bruce heart. He pissed off the kings Advocate oh, your name, Pierre men, while who and meanwhile had been trying to court De Berulle for years uh, oh and women wow came on board. He brought his friend Jacques to BO, who is just there to support his buddy and, as it usually goes in situations like this, the friend took it too far and beat Randy a
his cane in the street violence, everybody here, it's like our body Travis, survives friend that we better Cleveland Tomato Jake. Guy, there was just called tomato Jake because he just had a very red in prank face, always those guys that you bring in whose us together lose more for freedom of thought. No, no, that's delicate we're gonna name we're trying to go now. A cane beat down is humiliating because you are being beaten by someone who requires a cane walk. While this is back in the time when Keynes were a fashion in a fashion, access only wasn't because he had bad legs or now you know now you just had the cane look, fancy any didn't really beat him beat him. He just hit him and had real fucking are that'll. Do so grand yea went to the king with a complaint that too
oh had blasphemed by striking a man of the cloth, while the apothecary road in the other direction to the Bishop of Port yea to obtain a counter letter outlined how big of a bastard grandiose was soon in the apothecary? Upon his arrival, the Grand Yea was already on that bishops shit list and the bishop was ecstatic. That someone had finally arrived with a reason to take grandiose down and he knew the bishop was ecstatic because he said ah. Pete ecstatic bishops and since the church was extremely powerful during this time, the bishop, one And immorality charges were brought against Grand yea and grandeur had reason to be nervous, because what he was doing could be a capital crime in France at the time, based on the job
judge. Six years earlier, a country parson had been burned alive, for quote spiritual in ass, an sacrilegious imputed cities, a lot in Iraq or, as a lawyer, not like what? What? What does that mean? I don't know what that guy's on fire, for it is a incest, spiritual incest is that nobody, spiritual incest having sex with them virgin Mary, is that Moses work. It's a fancy way sand at the priest had broken his bow chastity Ok, you're, you're parish is your flock. It's like when the farmer has sex with these sheep, because in that world a sheep is like his daughter. I don't. I don't know what that is true, but I see that I think is that my incest slash partiality map and I think that the calculation does work out, but even though a fellow reverend testified that he actually saw grandiose having sex
on the turkish stone floor with a parishioner array and cook boy, we went through the question is gonna be like where what we're your pants down watching this brief to have sex with another person who smoke six if you'll stem comes through the fly of your pants by goodness and who knows if the reverend actually saw grandiose do this, but even so grandiose got up with a slap on the wrist condemned to fast on bread and water every Friday for three months, I'm sure that priest who, rather than I was like yes Latham, harder line, we I know- because this is the time to there was a book written about called confessions by which was like written by a contemporary of grandiose, and this is the type of shit where it's like. He took it. Nice, young chambermaid and this whole thing was playing games with her, where he got hurt. Men straight into a cop, so we could do all of these like experiment.
With the menstrual blood, and then he did a lot of stuff with like how wide but whole could get minstrel blood. Who is he wanted to dispel the myths of what minstrel blood could do was all in the name of sign of our lot of things in the name of science turn out just to be, I d is of people who are batch crazy. I mean bad she'd, crazy and bad shit horny. She adorning, I don T know what did the minutes before I masturbate or some of the Times Ryan met my worst, but I will say: there's nothing wrong with menstrual blood hives that that before we have a great painter, worried artists on page of her words with remember. First, the sentence also bargain yea from returning to his parish. For a period of five years he was exiled, but luckily or perhaps unluckily, seeing how it all turn out the archbishop of Bordeaux
every day so be also liked to fuck and will therefore sympathetic to Grand Yea I feel like everyone in this is just a wine bottle screaming at each other. Aims like why line it's a lot of drawings from olive oil bottles going on it, so Grand yea returned to Lou down completely reinstated, even though he could have easily on elsewhere. The reason was that Grand Yea wanted to spite his enemies and, as Huxley wrote, grandiose love, the adrenaline rush of anger, almost more than he liked sexy, almost all mouth soccer and in addition to that, grandiose still had his love Madeline back in lieu down his secret wife, and since he was a priest, then forever Madeline couldn't just pick up a move to wherever grandiose might be, but there was still one final piece of the puzzle that had to
in the place for grandiose to wind up on the, and that is where the nuns of Lou don't come into play. Yet. They also invented scissors Much has changed for for culture, seventeen nuns, maybe home at loo, dont nunnery. Most of them were actually noble. Women who have been forced into the life because their fans, he Didn'T- have the dowry money to marry the extra daughters off to a suitable man. So these girls were just made to be brides of Christ instead, so they dont have to hang out with some stinky old of french farmer man. You got to hang out with a bunch of their lady friends and do whatever they want. There is nothing wrong with the nunnery experience sounding a lot of, but I think that it will see it actually it's a lot more fun. Then you know. Maybe it was supposed to be Winkler, including young, dutch nudge, but these get there I mean day we're cloistered still being held within this, combat that we're not supposed to leave the building just these
in all stew in their own me juices, wash same habits again and again, but so what's while sister Magdalene starts looking old, but better so low. Where Europe between her legs or you just get a rather poor who Arrayment now you're, anticipating a little bet, you would like to hear a between the legs, my goodness and life was actually horribly difficult for these women. The town of Lou, dome was half protestant and even the other. Half that were Catholic didn't really give a shit about the nuns either. So the nuns had to live in a notoriously haunted old house, with no furniture sleeping on the floor, every night, yeah research a little about the Huguenots, but then my eyes kind at glades. Really that important to the story of Huxley? Does a great job? Explain all the ins and outs on that, but yet not really that important so
There is more ends, but aha Were you born you? Does the majority Frenchman with microphones that this was only to the town discovered that the nuns were indeed noble. Women with powerful relatives, they started so their children to learn, good french uncourtly manners and life wasn't so terrible after the nuns got a few students, they got borders and essentially turn into a tiny little catholic school, but it was the mother superior of the nunnery prior is Jean their own J, who was gonna cause all the trouble for Urbane Grand yea. No, when you think mother superior. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind: wrinkled old woman problem, child
now, mother superior bigger, more exact, more like sturdy habit with the big stay in here. Like I got news. I've patent, like dancing I imagine Lulli Blues brothers, young people with rulers here, but sister gin was in her mid twenties. All accounts, a pretty woman. Her only problem was that she was a little under five feet tall and was hunchback from as Huxley rights some to book killer affectation of the book. Oh yes, my phone virus was pretty tubular That's probably realize what a burglar locked into our gave up can analyze no offense you'll see my feet. They are pretty gnarly. Hang our minus the small end, hunchback she's she's, very pretty she's, pretty ok stress is a worldwide epidemic.
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Why would I believe, resembles an hour in personality notes? You calm down a bit by the time she got to Lou DAWN, but through clever manipulation. She had work her way to the mother superior position by her mid twenties through ingratiating herself, with all the right people and sister gin, particularly known for her jeer, cynical laughter meant to put people she thought were beneath their into their place, and everyone was beneath sister gin. Everyone that was except urbane grandeur see these now and had a lot of time for gossip and one of their favourite subjects when it came to gas was all the naughty little things that Parson Urbane Grand Yea had been given up to. Oh, yes, I will lick the brought home. I only do it
on Wednesday. Today, ok now urbane had no contact whatsoever with these nuts. He never went by the nunnery. He never saw to these nuns. He never even set eyes on it. They just knew who he was and they knew the stories use a celebrity in jail. Yeah, ok, but as Huxley wrote quote in the imagination of his female parishioners, grandes amorous exploits took on heroic proportions. He became a mythical figure, part Jupiter part Sayer, be steely, lustful and yet or therefore, divinely attractive, so satanic, Souci Tana to all layered together. My favorite stuff in the world is suffered. Titillate me the most idea, like priested nuns having sex with each other inside of the church and give two fucking defying all of their dear pesky morality, that they
forced upon them. I wouldn't say it has. It has definitely influenced my selection of documentaries. This we again ring personal. Your warm second of all, everyone knows. Do you mean by doc you good Lord? The Italians do its best to ensure that they do all right. True question here, Rasputin's or this fellow here. Actually, I mean this phrase: a lotta parallels Rasputin, it reminded me arrest, beaten, win win. We were doing this whole thing, but by Rasputin nor Grand you mean. Who is the better lover, no humming who was perceived to be? Let's do people people magazine, spread? Who knows what number two sexiest man alive? Who is it between Rasputin and Grand Yea Rasputin's Ding Dong took him to the very top of the power sharing sure of Russia. That is the only thing that I would say that the blue
and towards Rasputin's side, where they didn't all the same kind of weird pent up morality that group yea how to work with were Rasputin's. I wouldn't put myself in Rente thinking about the exploits of Rasputin's yeah, but I definite Lee Jerk off to the devil's. That's all right! Well of all these nuns was no none more obsessed with grandiose, then than sister gin. Who was coming to find out that, despite her position as mother superior, she still had the sexual urges of a horny twenty five year old, I'm sure yeah. Then one day, cannon more saw the director and confessor of the nunnery died, and suddenly there was an opening for a new man. So as soon as moved far was buried, sister gin sent a letter to
Urbane Grand yea asking if he would like to take the old confessors place at her side, oh dear monsieur grandeur of the Curae. There happens to be here at the nunnery, an opening to get bill to its very brim and maybe want to see just how filled the opening and be most to its gaping point. Jerry Gate sounds a bit like a penthouse for own letter, but to a grandiose responded with nothing more than a polite refusal. He said that he was not worthy of such an honor. Besides, he already had his hands full with his duties as the parish priest Solidarity's cut to uphold it too
big levels. Do next is just got a body. I have to hold the quill with my knees and we're just that one letter grandiose turned from an object of lust and infatuation for sister gin to heated enemy, who must be destroyed at all costs. You say no to me yeah why Data Martha gas allow you should have said so. Instead of urban grandiose May, the post of nunnery confessor was old by cannon men, young and, if you remember, cannon men, young was already a part of the cabal hell bent on destroying urbane grandiose, because can a minnow also happen to be the cousin of the girl? Randy had impregnated and abandoned big mistake there. It is all these small town problems, catholic human rights because you'd know and Roger
to write. Everybody knows each other spoken business, twelve and everybody who dated somebody is somebody else's acts and so everybody's all on top of each other. But that's not to say that Mr Jan was invited to all the meetings to play a conscious part in the conspiracy. She only a tool and she would be used with devastating success, and so the stage was set for urbane downfall and it all began with dreams. Sister gin began dreaming of cannon more so the deceased confessor coming back from purgatory to recur. First assistance in his prayers, but slowly moved souls face turned into that of grand yeas in her dreams. Grandiose sister gin, sweet words of love, caressed, her live body and quote, pressed hurt, grant him what was no longer hers to dispose of that which, by her vows, she had consecrated to her
fine bride grew. Look at that big eyes. Now is messy sorts having a lot of dreams, but just think about this. It's just like she's Vanessa, red grave the novel, she's, absolutely hot, even in the book, the hunchback. It's like it really does in fact anything. But then you got Oliver reads: big transmit face is gone by life: physical, sound scary, of course. Every morning sister gin would wake up and tell her nuns all about these little nocturnal adventure she'd having and before long to others, nuns Clare Day severely and a peasant girl also named Clare, we're having those same dream. Ah there remember they say it's dreams, but that it, but it starts to turn into. I had a vision
I am seeing these things they actually now. I think this is becoming real and these just come from anywhere. I'm a devout woman with a lie, the body extra curve on top and I'm just getting sent these vision. So Grand Ba is like Freddy Krueger who is haunting these those dreams, but instead a fingernail they're, just the budget delta Zap, really YAP Y, all suddenly urbane and yea was no longer just a rascal to be gossiped about no longer just the local rake. He was turning into an actual incubus coming at night and spiritual, the squat on the chest of innocent nuns to steal their life. Energy through sexual means squat, another chest very bizarre, learn about this thing called the Pittsburgh Platter. Recent
we could talk about that off air, the old Pittsburgh Platter and still, even with that, all might not have caught on, if not for a Halloween prank always put the prank, always with the pride of french law, jokes and now you're gonna. Let me person that can throw a good prank is George Clooney on Brow pit, because in the end they all go, laugh and that there are italian like cabin homes that's true! That's rather Ashton. Culture was pretty good with the proper use of remember remember when he stole a pretty muted his car, don't cry in its YAP and launch elevated and bears Gmos, will you be a little child Acta? Will a couple of the younger nuns had decided to fake a haunting
with the purposes a scare and the kids in breaking up the horrible monotony of their lives and just big prank pretending to be the ghost of cannon more so than young nuns dawned, a white cheat in Rome, the D majorities groaning and rattling chains, plucking clothes off a beds and freezing their fingers. An icy water before touching the faces of sleeping children know. If only do that, so we would be in jail rightfully so tat. It was all just meant to blow off steam, but some of the older nuns took it seriously. First, there was this possible incubus hanging around and now they hadn't actual haunting, but there was one guy who saw this as an opportunity: cannon men, young naw man, young- knew that sister gin was only having these dreams because she wanted to have sex with grand. Yet he knew that he was a rational man. That figure that when I hear you,
and I knew that the haunting was just a bunch of nuns and white cheats, oh yeah, but if he put it all together and spun it in just the right way, then he suddenly had enough to hang urbane Grand yea. That's all you need her, and so many young got to work on convincing the nuns that the dreams were not only real but say ten and before long the nuns were officially. Possessed by all sorts of demons and devils at this is again we talk about possessions. We talk about the mass rape. This is maybe they say it. They say mass hysteria. They say that it runs through this group of nuns like a forest slight, were each one sorts imitating the symptoms of the next, but in the end, what's the difference between play acting possessed
if it gets you fucking, burnt at stake now right, some level if it comes kind, a real life because they start change and interesting, and then once the nuns were suitably whipped into a frenzy mean young, went to the apothecary cabal and told them tat. He had a foolproof way to finally take I'm grandiose. What's that We all know which you are all aware that they try to me with a cane mindset item now. This is the which move this good work yet which gambit wow. Try to get em illegally- and I begged him to leave Lou Doll, I finally let them go like one. Finally got rid of the exile, but we took him before it succinctly linen back in town nourish. Why don't you just spoken? Leave you know that you could go in fog and get a new secret. Wife do an old thing life and he was a slight. I want them to smell my shit and I want them to smile when it gets. You get
absolutely. He could go to a whole series of different french towns good idea, but if these guys really on to NAIL Grand yea? They had to make this a true spectacle and there's nothing better for a spectacle than an exercise. Some unknown me A visit to the order of calm, light monks to recruit one now. He chose the carmelites for a couple of reasons. One. These monks were much more zealous them. What you'd call secular priest like grandiose, the ones who actually have daily contact with the outside world and to these carmelites monks in particular, hated urbane grandiose because he was just sir good Luck and Barney, impersonal, sarcastic and all worn a sermon, so fucking great compared are well I'm I do like the carmelites monks have long since they were made out of canned sound like they might be specializing in workers original, so the carmelites
gave minion, not one but three exercise to play with fathers. Wolf this machine, Pierre Tomas. They sent Charles and I'm pulling in data sharing and within just a few days, shown up with a nunnery. Every none, except a couple of the oldest ones, were getting sexy, nightly visits from Urbane Grand all, I feel bad for the older ones. This isn't just like just dreams Acting this shit out rang these guys roll up to the nunnery, and you have these women just fuck it right I then she moaning and didn't supply. Also it's it's. It's like bats. Spectacle like you show up and they're just gonna go fuck me fuck me get documentary that we all enjoy is a four in that time period. That's like yeah right, while have you been listening to these show. You ve heard me talk about frame bridge.
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The nunnery and he'd never spoken. Anyone outside of his letter. Discharging so is, like you can say, whatever the fuck they want. I don't care, I'm not gonna. Do I'm not going to jail, things happening to me. The item and like the one thing I'm innocent enough. Yet Regrettably, I d, I absolutely do not have sex with them. They are gross. Like I do I'm going. I only have sex with a hop women we'll technically there its thinking ahead, but while Grady was thumbing its knows that the whole idea his enemies were getting the work on the business of exorcism, nay, even brought in more exorcise besides the three, already had they brought in Pierre Wrong J. The parson of vineyards, in addition to his court unquote skill is an exorcist ran. J was also a close personal friend of the Bishop that hated Grand yeah which meant that there would be no scepticism from the higher ups and in addition to that, the possession was guaranteed to be official, in other words the possession and other
words the possessions were well on their way to becoming admissible. Ah, very good, sir, this is gonna, be doctrine. Patient Yerevan he needs to be burnt like a which ran share was soon joined by another priest, Father Bahrain, whom Huxley describe, as quote one of those negative Christians to whom the devil is in comparably more real and more interesting than God, a town? It's always been like Jerry Farwell, exactly into the doom and gloom guys are the devil and absolutely everything. If there was a disaster, the devil did it weird happened, the devil did it if you're feel good about anything the devil's doing? Why come on the only person since between you and the devil is the kindly power of this priest. Greece is the only one who can save you and he's the only one that you you have to listen. I am you have to follow him because the devil is always
even though, at the time technically grand yea, I mean he's eyes a fuckin asshole, but he's just of this streak of modern thinking. Then it's kind of trying to bust out of this time period its try you fucking find awaited grip and be in being like. We are not we're getting out of. Evil times more Wind Father Bahrain arrived, he was Scots did it would have been going on and it wasn't that we're doing exorcisms on these nuns day and night and that the nuns were rising sexually. He was disgusted. The exorcisms were being done in private to so upon his direction. The entire affair, almost every single exorcism, with open to the public for everyone to see, and it cannot be stressed how long this process was by the time the exorcisms went public the excess and had already been going on for months and you're doing one at a time,
so the inside, like each one doing the screaming rituals twelve hours a day, while these women are gone like yeah, baby holiday long nose. I find interesting is that wire and obsessed with the concept of sucking their own penis. We never hear about women trying to eat their own vaginas, I think that would take an immense amount of contortion of the body Athene seen it yeah. Well, I like that guys I've seen a lot of things, but I don't think that that would be a normal. I question I would like our. I don't really know the other known. The kind of the stump the panel question there and hard to say so. This guy reality shows tv producer. Yeah you want to make this thing. Go, live you wanta viral. Did you make it public opened it to everybody? Let everyone see what's happening here and also you could see the work the hand you work of the devil. He ain't front. If you and you're, watching the front lines of its like when we tell abides that three day Gulf WAR in the nineties known or really the,
Christy knows best yeah. You know that reality show that's like watching. The devil is horrible and make it public was perfect for grandes enemies, but really what people loved most about all the public access isms was that, in the middle of all the rising gnashing of teeth was paid. The easy to see the bare legs of a sexy young, none landmark of more openly say, is that you can call YAP. I think it was saucy. It was rumoured italian gravy softly times different times. That little peak sometimes came at the expense of the nuns t could sometimes these women would ride so hard grime their teeth so hard that their back mowers would shatter, who, but even so it was said in lieu doll that not since the coming of those travelling acrobats with the two dwarfs in performing bears have a town
three. It is such a good show. Is this when I watch that just a bad analogies drives get fighting, bear goodness and best of all it was totally free. Now, wasn't just any old demons. The fathers were dealing with here. Of course, not they had a whole host of demons to attend to from as motorists to Zambia along too net fully to allow me to varying too, is scar on to ease ass to conspicuants. Much heard Raymond urge we're just like to read. You gonna tell conspicuants that he's a nerd does not so much conspiracy. It's always is one of the good ones. I led a defining. Fulfil been meaning castle as soon as you remove my underwear from this work in the bathroom stole my new pooper, not good. These demons, Lou
enrolled different parts of each nuns body, sister Clare severely had said, demons possessing our one or forehead wonder right arm one under the second rib from the right one to the left of her stomach one in her neck, one unheard left temple and one in her rib makes all the sense in the world. Of course they were, but that was nothing compared to sister Blanchard. She had a devil under each armpit, one under the naval, one below the heart, one or her left, breast and implanted into or left buttock was what was called a coal of impurity. Well, let's now that's a nice demon condo, rather that that sounds like some prime real estate. Would you met you haven't? Is one demon in your teddy got one city and you got one and then maybe I like steel, the car that one today that is a rather like the one in the poor you like
tat I'll just Stucconia. Do they give a gross misunderstanding of what been a nun entail? I know I don't need to know. I tell the story in my mind. This has been a very immature showed what I want to say, how dare we add so much childishness subject: Devils of London honestly, the Huxley book has quite a few immature jokes and it is well just much more eloquent than we are. Naturally I am a moron and so each of these deep and had to be exercised from each nuns body, one by one, father, Bahrain, when, after modus first who had made his home in sister Jens, lower Belly Father Bahrain wrestled with the demon for two hours in public private abolished.
I haven't really what then, but he only got laughs and playful blasphemies from as motorists in return after that brave heard, he'd had enough of this shit, so he took it to the next level. He ordered sister Jen to her room and once their Father Bray sent a messenger to fetch the Papa carry and the biggest syringe she could find. All here I can bring Jeffrey they syringe verdant, these three right away. Coming for you sixteenth century, big, large, syringe yeah, oh, that's, not gonna, feel good, and once the apothecary up syringe in hand but Ray was waiting with the Court of Holy Water pretty soon as Modi S,
knew what the assailants were up to as you did. You know I can't you do know: hey hey everybody ass, you did. You know that my sincere to Jim started thrashing food. It was all in vain, as the priest held down the non and the apothecary administered a holy water in What is even worse than I thought it was elevated landing at a lot about right low. Behold. Two minutes later, as Moebius had forthwith depart. If that were so, she took a massive. I don't even know what their diet would be, a nunnery, I'm assuming its not great, so she probably meet you might have actually felt good after this. I don't know. Only one group me want to sleep we want this old, I'm quitting cultural. Does this once a week they went and they d far her as they Panther she's, like all that shit,
but not being like excellent there all the time just think of Oliver Plath or some amount of pooped probably came out of her body really disgusted and as ad Moebius departed, the devil let loose with the name of the man who had set not only him but all of the devil's urbane grand yeah. Oh, my God, YAP her assholes re growing year on year, the regular oh you're. Funny like Lord S, good Lord. We every array, Howard noise, into a microphone. We request so much in our remarkable and with that mean
known and grandes other enemies felt that they had a strong enough case to take official action. So far the Rangel went to the office of the chief magistrate. Malta decided, say and asked him to see the evidence for himself spreading a big bucket and none shit. Yeah so data are say, came down the fine sister gin in the middle of another exorcism, because there are still six more devils to go It was only the one and only the wonder of my goodness and in the words of the minutes, by the magistrates clerk quote. She began to make very violent movements. With such a noises micrograms, several small pig, then buried has held under the bed clothes ground, her teeth and made various other contortions. Such ass might be made by a person out of her way,
over, which you say I you say she was gonna wait. We may have been a teddy, but I've got to go now. Obviously, that's MC follies, great contribution other than everything else you did was the big noises armies to make his bank I all out of body and as she was exercised menu which shoving his thumb and forefinger and in the mother superiors mouth cassettes to be minions, favorite technique when it came to exorcism she just fuckin shoved his fingers in their mouths bite me bite me. He sounds like the demon
may he is minuets is without a doubt one of the actual devils of the store. Ok in so sister gin began to court and quote testify to the magistrate she said that she had been possessed by two pacts. One consisted of three Hawthorne prickles, while the other was a bunch of roses she had found on the stairs. She said she'd stuck the roses in her belt and assume she did. She was attacked by a great trembling in her right arm and was seized by love for Grand yea, unable to think about anything else. Afterward ok maybe they're just horny, lonely, elderly or coming of age women gap that could also be part of that oak nailed. So after the exorcism minion took the magistrate aside and The presence of two other enemies of Urbane Grand yea happened to remark that this case Hudson,
striking similarities to the case of Louis Gal, freaky approved that came out of it. A free man about my goodness, see the case. The devil's of Lou dome was not the first time an entire nunnery had come under the spell of a wicked demon driven puppet master just twenty years earlier. This something had happened in more say that case had been born, of an illicit love affair between a nun and a priest, and when the nun was killed, but she claimed demonic possession rather than owning up to an interesting and before you know it ate more nuns work being demonic. Possession is well so daring and acts tourism performed by a flemish priest named father. Dumpty us
It is good that when we thought we were be into juvenile and forces us to laugh at a man with a funny name, me did it Thea doesn't it is this one? That's we gotta laugh at that. Louis understand what was said by the possessing dean, and through the none that Father got pretty was hi all the possessions, and this was taken as backed in a court of law and, as a result, golf pretty was burned at the stake using bushes instead of logs, because bushes burned, lower and hotter. Oh, so women no mention Gal Friday when it came to urban grandiose. Everyone knew exactly where he was gone with that and they said I love it.
I would like to God I wore the project runway, make it work moment. May I'm seeing here by mood because either way they would win. If grandma was acquitted, he was forever at least an accused source and his reputation will be ruined and if he was found guilty, he'd be literally burned alive. When were- and that's good television- and here is a bit of a smaller alert, he was burnt alive. He was born my god. What did you guys just near the head with a k, a couple, more ecological infer that and it hurts it really does work, but we'll get into exactly how that happen in all the other, awful things that happen, urbane, Grand yea along the way and the devil's of Luton part to some part dear Papa. Do no idea urbane guarantee eight, he thou art, we're gonna, find that some kind of killing the Incubus does not solve the problem?
Your possession? No in its way, that's we're till we're getting it actual what happens to radio and the aftermath next episode going down hard is what what got him in this matter. In the first place, but there it is all right, devils, a blue down part. One cannot wait for part to really fun stories. I like the old, the old timers stores are fought. Yeah, oh yeah, I'm about her I've mispronounced every single french name, but yet, but it's real funny about new, though your food, how you did it so good, there's, no french people and tax? No, I know that's why you did a great job because you don't have you dont, have a lot of french people growing, I'll say why I'll tell you what it's time we may not be the men that, should telling the story right up, but we are the men that are telling pardner. Remember. Our point of view is some very specific. Obviously
we don't know a lot about none earnest. What goes on side of them, so if you're not who listens first of all congrats. Second of all, I guess send us a message sent us a meme outside Israel be ordeal to see. If it is there as much as a ring a monopoly is I think there is ok? Well, that's that's your question. What more of those really interesting Russian subscribed or a page around, and you can listen to interview series that Henry I myself- do we ve talked to a bunch of people, so there's lots of views on their. Thank you all for given to our patriotic. We really appreciate without you. None of this exists, so we are all in this together. Let's see, we have
Some live shows coming up. Obviously we are gonna, be travelling all around this gorgeous world of ours. Earl we are on the seventeenth of may we got Kansas City on the eighteenth. May we got differ on the nineteenth of May. We got SALT Lake City on the thirty. At the May, we got Van Coover O on the thirty first, we got Seattle and on the first, and the second were common to Portland cannot wait of Portland loves, Pianola, Vancouver love. All those boys I had come on up Vancouver. Is that the name of new morning radio? When I say we got, we got pump the Vancouver. Shall we took our tickets available come and see that show our various aboard the UK tickets govern really fast. The australian tickets gone really fast, but I will say we need people to come to Berlin as each we just want to perform for you so of urine these workers blurred or are in Hamson Steichen right, take a trolley to Berlin or take a clydesdale.
I dont know travel around Germany put go up on the back of a beer Stein CART in get here. A Berlin follow a Panzer, after Berlin, Poland go over to Berlin. If Europe in Belgium, under we got some listeners in Belgium, go on down the Berlin or maybe it's over is it eats, go to berwin get. There will be no word. I only got Google maps, I wanna dance on the wall. Walls gone now them yet as you know, that's actually a horrible memory to bring up when we go there. Not just like our lot is allotted Tipp tell him got Inter Alia, we're gonna be little tiny terms. The tulips of Germany, I'm alright. Everyone will thank you. So much for listening. I think. That's all! That's all we got to say That's all we got to say this time baby. That's all we got to stay hale yourselves, everyone, Hale, Satan, tailgating things ever
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