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Episode 364: Israel Keyes Part II - Mama Bones' Vodon Hamburger Bar

2019-05-10 | 🔗

On the conclusion to our series on Israel Keyes, we cover the disappearance and murder of his last victim, the hunt to find Keyes after he reached out to law enforcement BTK-style, and his unfortunate and pathetic attempt at slam poetry. 

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on the cannibalism started. What are you doing? Kizil you opening up a condom right now. What level of opening up a Starbucks Rapid, Chino get ready for the show body at this is like the equivalent of drinking a quart of condensed milk. We argued Hugh, benevolently, doctor or waste already. Today's episode with shaming me for drinking might wrapper cheat out just drinkin. Africa have really have an app. Eventually, I will say. Can I meant something? We sell us last episode obeying, were obviously we really stirred the pot did when it came to Lincoln PAR right, he said. Oh, I see a lot of people like you know, obviously responded to be vetoed, like the big up to Chester.
Very good where every is on their side of the veil. I will say I will vindicate him in one way there is a ban that is worse than Lincoln Park you, of course the ban is called Crates Tell her crazy towns, not new metal. If we're gonna say in the new metal, realm is stained worse Lincoln Park. Do just like I don't like you Mark Lincoln Mortgages, fine, it might be, but I do think that crazy tat, I think, is technically new map. Coming as I do something about it. What did the poor boy shells Giles poker? Shout spook, Australia, those representing those really gotta, believe anybody had sex of all right. Well, I guess restart today's episode. Talking about nineties music, ass, black ass, the left, every what I have been guess, I'll, hang it
New York City with Mark as part of the beautiful arcs orgzild. I am, of course, in LOS Angeles. We have had reserve rouse gay and I think our weather is probably not ever whether conversation, but it's probably similar, do tell mom. Are you on the show? No man, that's incredible. I can't believe you decided, I guess on the shower you about the tell me about all the time is that you thought that you wish that I could be on Broadway than I wish. I could be doing theatre instead of performing. I guess Broadway would be really cool if I could get on Broadway. That would be nice at the fucking scam and fraud was a scam. I tell you what I spend everyday in LOS Angeles. Looking for a pedophile to attack, I ask people dead on the degree of God. Pedophile people leave in any kind of those because we have legal Montessori School near our apartment is rightly like all the kids. There are also smart, its
looks like you're just hanging out outside of a school asking our head of files, almost as if you're looking for company be formulated there's fire. You are losing your data might hour. I will speak of people who have third there by a we're outdo part two of this fella again, your laugh Henry, your impression impression. This man has gotten a lot of attention and I absolutely love at Israel Keys part too. I don't really get my people are making fun of my laugh mathematically, normal to laugh at your own videos up up up up. As said in our last episode, keys was careful up to this point too only choose victims in the lower forty eight. At this point, the story he just me bill and the rain courier down in Vermont about eight months before, but as his arrogance took, a steady climb, upward keys were
to know what it was like to commit, murder and anchorage to juice. The adrenaline that much more, I I have a theory are ever theory about why he moved up north I again he started killing in Alaska. I think your correct. I think he was using the adrenaline, but I think that there were also a part of him. It's the same. Why we added the third side stories a month, not always prepare ourselves to serial killers, but there's a lot, a leg, work and creating the show the way that they mapped out all of his various random killings. He believed they have his flight receipts from the Anchorage airport. They know that he went to Fort Rain Indiana. He was in Arizona, he was in war, he was accused travelling and then, when he would land and then drive for hundreds of miles, drop off a kill kit and then try to like scout fork of victim, and he wouldn't one every once in a while o or he would, if you want to say here that he's a plus tens
real killer victim, wise right, which we don't know for certain that he might have done this a lot or you was very, very, very selective but his victim. But that took time. I think that it took too much work for him, hostile and back and forth like he was. He got tired, Assent Lee and then just kept one close to home soundly travelling more than the grateful that I mean that it does, he was really working. You know is the total peace, a crap, but he was put in the way. Work in that's for damn sure. Yet you sure was in a very well could have been you now. You just got a little bit lazier, but either way on February. First, twenty twelve Israel keys went out for his next victim keys, chose this night in particular because he had tickets. To take a cruise to Mexico out of Louisiana the very next day that Louisiana crews to Mexico to be of a lie on the wall here. In those conversations just not in both those bass use tackle, possibly a council that look come on down to the boudoir
But why do you ve got to seem Mama on ways you puts this bus download ember got mob mob, mockery Mako by. I would love to see a bunch of people with cage and accents where, in some brows, just hammered of a model that thinking when that, if keys was gone, he figured it make the police that much harder detract in. He was absolutely correct a since this is a different sort of crime from previous murders keys, scouted locations instead of people for keys, the person wasn't as important as finding the right location is. All he cared about was killing easily and not getting caught, so he is literally like re Crock Mcdonald's, whereas like we're not in the Berger business, weren't real estate business, he was looking for locations more than he was people. Can he said himself, then he he did take some importance on the victims, because
scattered out the houses. He was kind like BT k because he can't have anything like remotely fuck with his view of how perfect a predator, he is right. Eventually keys settled on a small coffee hut, called common grounds, espresso located in the middle of a parking lot at six hundred and thirty EAST two door road near the old Seward Highway in Anchorage- and I wasn't anything particularly special about this spot Anything that made it stand out was it it was open later than the other coffee stands, thereby making it the easier target. So keys our location for a few days and decided the amount of low traffic at the end of the night made it perfect in preparation, keys about saw a police scanner, so he could check for police presence in its immediate vicinity. You know please: gainers are really really fun to have. If you got
your bodies around and everyone is super stone. Like me now I'm addicted to the citizen app have you live? We all that is left in a lot of space, like police gate or to point out as a matter of fact, in queens yesterday, there was a man arrested for Throwed. Feces out of his window would not have known that without my citizen, alerting they got. Could I had to text hold, it would be like your bro you living. We may just be careful. Turkey's lie brow. I will say it's hard when you're like trying to relax at home. Yes, it's like you know. I know I dont kind of fright, Natalie with various loosely horrible news, but definitely like sitting at home. It's at eleven o clock at night. You know we're watching are shut down, show which is normally, which has become naked and afraid citizen apple, just like playing plank I'll, see my phone gonna. Look at me, like men with me, daddy attacks person, seven eleven, just like chosen like point nine miles away from me and, unlike other
Neither can I be always the beloved ended. The net are because that's like what are you looking at? Why did you grimace? I will say eight to ten bud lights in, I do feel like getting involved. Probably fifty percent of the alert target on citizens up will listen to the police. Scanner, that was a hobby of old Ladys in my home town, sit all night long and listen to the police scanner waiting here, a name that they recognise. So they could wake up the next morning, sort the old gossip metal about who got arrested, Perdita Beata ripe for good. For that rather talk about doing their legwork will keys had also prepared a special place at home in which to commit the murderer once he'd kidnapped his as yet on. Shows in fact see. Israel's house had come with a shed convene leaps based on the side of his house so right before he left to choose a victim
keys, set up two heaters to stave off the February alaskan Cold then spread a nine by twelve tarp on the floor to take care of it, blood that might come as a result of his next murder a day Don't worry what I'm doing here, I'm just kind of making like a super small slip and slide myself going. You know, I love growing yard parties, words just me meetings in the shape of. Finally, he said about a couple of links, a rope and screwed a few eyebolts into the wall. With everything ready keys left, the House hold his two thousand and four Chevy Silverado into the home depot parking lot next to an eye hop across the street from common rounds. You know that he is also the cut cut, he's also the kind of guy that goes into home depot. Who has all of this shit and their despair, like you know, will probably customary with the rope and the tarps and all in the shovels and eyebolts guys like home, be put like eyes, as is in
usual load that you got era MR case and he's like yeah. I'm gonna use two fucking kill somebody to night and they all got like yeah scary airy that you said that that is imperfect. Small Town trifecta, though I hop Home Depot coffee shop you. Why would we move in at about eight p m? keys heard chatter over the scanner that certain big gone down across town, which bore the police in that direction. Keys, got out of his truck and began walking towards the stand where eighteen year old, Samantha Koning was close up thing was, though, keys had quite decided just what he was gonna do. He was walking up to the window, the kiosk he knew he was definitely going to rob the place, but he didn't even know how many people were working there that night, unfortunately, it was only Samantha Count,
would only been working there. A month when Israel keys came calling with its twenty two in the pocket of his jacket, keys, walked up and ordered an americano. I wanted extra hot, please because that's the only way I can drink it is a big burns. My fucking throughout people are like that, though I know they are super hot americano. I dont understand and no clue what it's a sociopaths drink that, while rapid she knows as we figured out, why would they just have this eighteen year old girl closing after one month? That's a mistake! Now I don't know: have you ever lived in a give lived in a college town? Of course our town is run by nineteen year old. Well, that's waiter, like that of the oldest manager, is like the twenty three year old. Just didn't graduating just end up like staying and tell ass. Yet why would I mean? Why would I stay in college? I get benefits. You're darkness group, at a very great Betty's I get like relaunch, is a government should all fully
word out. It is plugin, got Trish she's my girlfriend for fucking ever did yeah shit about nothin about it all the more true murder I gotta bees, Mogadishu Samantha, turned her back to make the order and when she turned back around to hand the Americano two keys. He had his gun drawn and pointed towards her keys, then told her to turn the lights and after that was done, he climbed in the window. Telling to get on her knees, Israel bent down and was binding her hands behind her back when she told him tat her father was gonna, be there any moment to pick her up those presented, a problem for keys in the past keys had always been careful to never use a car registered in his own name when committing his more heinous crimes. But since things again smooth, thus far keys, rested and pushed Samantha the door after gagging her with a handful a napkin see. This is the forget where the monkey wrench
action is. This is why I believe, like a view of you on a believe that Israel key, was telling the truth about couldn't claiming to have murdered at least seven people this. What actually makes me believe it as that he actually, The measure of confidence going into this- and they like he's, done this shit before so what is this phase that it's not berserker, because he's doing control bodies more. I guess comfortable with the with killing definitely conference with killing, and this is a phase in which he wants to do something. Adrenaline we're going to see exactly how he's to do that because he wants to do something more than just murder Elk and he's also tired of nobody knowing who the fuck he sees tired, I'm not getting any recognition. All this is another way that he is complete.
In line with Dennis Writer, Josie Right, a song like crazy town. That does it have to be good. You can get recognition. You could write a whole album of songs, about murdering women and get it out of your system? I dont think its parts can be popular, just imagine it and wrote it technically, you're just truck politic just dinner, but up so he took her out. Silverado pushed her in the passenger seat and told her that use gonna holder for ransom and all he had to do to survive B. To corroborate, oh yeah, all that big alaskan oil money was definitely in oil. Magnets child: that's what she's closing a coffee shop where's the money, There was only was fake here, solar never said there was never going to happen the exact same thing that the courier said said before that, like we don't have any money, you're, not gonna, get any money for ransom. Why are you doing right right away, but that's why you could see?
the escalation with the couriers, where he he kindness, ended up in an almost joke, How is your sort away in his mind where he set up these kind of scenarios? Workers work when, when the with the with the one guy escaped other person was running away these this gives him the Jew said he wanted feeling things were just becoming boring for him and for those the door under the courtiers, where the older couple that he killed that initially the thing was ransom was a part of the plan, but the plan did not invite Samantha Koning staying alive. So after securing Conan Keys took her to the house, he shared with his girlfriend in their turn Jen Neighborhood in West Anchorage once there he blindfolded Samantha into the shed right next to his house. Amazingly Israel wrist this. While his girlfriend was awake inside aid and hanging out in the living room how the dough?
What are you doing on just one of those who work good? Lord of this, Yes, he's really taken some chances here, yeah she could have easily looked out the window and seen what he was doing, but he managed to slip by. I unnoticed she's, once Samantha was in the shed, he noosed a rope tied to the wall around her neck and tied her hands in front of her, so he could smoke if she so chose O K. I guess for life. Now I don't know I mean honestly. I feel like this is an anchorage thing because will see is rookies obsessed with smoking in jail to. I just take it just such a part of like if you're twelve, if you'd, just given cigarettes and NGO Forum Anchorage, gets its a hobby there that's bizarre. Ok, then he told us that he had quote airlines to do around town to get the ransom thing going telling you
the EU is going to be listening to a scanner on he was gone and if he heard the cops or common he be sure to get there first, no matter what the consequence then right before leaving keys, turned off the AIDS and flipped on the radio. Turning it all the way up, so no one would hear if she decided to scream come come a lady. I shouldn't I didn't even leave right now. Look in love, crazy down. You don't sound like someone who would love crazy doubt. No, no, no! Not at all. He feels like the guy that well talk for thirty minutes as to how much crazy town socks, if you even mention that you even kind of like crazy, ok I'll, tell you what man. I also hate the fact that it should just really be spelled and eat w metal because you didn't take on them and those yonder. Can I love the flavour of Hiphop. Look like a wicked weak, Wick
a lot better than a man with a mohawk in a lip ring. Wrapping at me so dreaming have sex with them, but I think that I wanna hit Europe character in the head with a ham. It's ok, it's so back right now, when the main era, the Israel needed to run was getting a whole Samantha Debit card. His idea was to have actually you Samantha spoke to get a hold of a friend or family member in direct them to deposit money in her bank account and then use your debit card to withdraw the money. So Israel way in fact, Samantha wallet from her boyfriend's truck across town came back by the time we got back. His girlfriend was asleep, so we went inside import himself, a glass of wine, oh so class, so classy wine in hand keys, put on his headlamp, went outside and entered the pitch dark shed work. Samantha Koning was sitting exactly where he left her
First, he untied the rope in the wall and later down on the tarp. Then he tied her up further and raft of thirty six inch cable tie around her neck. Finally, he cut off her clothes with a knife, stabbed her in the back and raped her while yanking the table tie ass, hard ass. He could, until finally chopped death. He then used a nylon robe and hung her dead body from a nearby shelf before finishing his glass of wine. After it had his fill, he went inside took it our then just went about his daily chores. This is the main. It's all game and ship right. You look at this is very similar. Bt K, specially also in M o in the way that he did it the way they he liked playing all these balances also, we got a little bit of Bordeaux some there, because he got his kill shed literally right next to his house, where he likes the idea, the balance of the two. I think that he's not even a wine drinkers. That's it! I'm an essay, I think,
and he thought it was a fucking evil. Villain prop yeah he's a type of an empty such an empty piece of shit. Right, like I, don't think he ever enjoyed anything ever knowing tat. He was a person. It was all about his appearances, so when he came in with a glass of wine, go that's what apparently he did it. He put down a bowl of water for her and he said you can have water, and then he sat and drank his glass of wine as she like, cried in front of him, which was him doing a longing movie version of a shithead actually feeling anything on his own. What he's a shit. You woke up his daughter, fed his dogs and double checked that he had
everything for the mexican crews. He was embarking upon later that day. I got my fucking Slipknot tapes, my sombrero, I got my brown face, paint rock chasm elevating, oh my god, so this whole time he's planning this grew. She still just in his shed tears, she's hanging up dead, dad, but she's yeah, she's hanging there. You might want to go into his fuckin shed. No one wanted going to shed? Also you just thought it was gonna, be alive sides caught out of the guy from crazy town with come all over the torso what about
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hold down the New Orleans, be a Houston and got on a cruise ship touring. The Gulf of Mexico for two weeks there, because I am how do you? What do you do? One that crucial? Like I'm serious, you have this woman she's dead in your frickin, you now shared and then you're. Just two weeks been like yeah. These operate good MAR Buddy, you like. How do you d, Comport Mise? How do you can bark compartmentalize compartment livelihoods? How did the hell did you do that? I dig it didn't purpose. I don T did it from again. I think he did. It is an empty choice, because you, such a serial killer, fan boy for so long that him doing us be like that hold this mother fucker in the world by armed, look I'll fucking bad ass. I am I'm going on a fucking crews. I got my fucking hamburger bar bugging lipped. I got my book and I went down to the crews club and
no. I did the worm, everybody everybody loves the guy who does the fucking were failing because they're all watching me, while all right gaze is gonna Greece, if they probably make us stop and Galveston problem, make stopped. Samarcand island probably want to can Coon just goin for two weeks ago, in often on this cruise ship and acting like an asshole any mining all by himself, he was when alone, ok yeah. Meanwhile, the search for Samantha Koning back in Anchorage had begun the moment the kiosk was found empty. The first thing they checked with surveillance footage, but since keys had made her turn out, the lights all they could make out was the tallest white guy. If that's one thing to about that we talk about this last episode covering such a modern serial killer, which we never really done before. You have all of this footage guys afforded you're forgetting kidnap, which is really harrowing on Fuckin youtube. Yeah, you can't it's just a figure. What you put it happened so fast
scary were the best suspect that they could come up with, and when I say they I mean the busy bodies in the local anchorage community was a lanky aspiring wrapper named Christopher Bird, who it by the Alias White Thyssen, mainly why that alone will bear he and Samantha butted heads a few months earlier, and the public had just gone off in on blaming bird Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, I dont get it sought Danny Eyes copy. My thing is: what do you make the cubes out of pocket coffee do? Did you did you? You knew it totally. Arrangements, are they can escape Gautier in white ties and yet at a scapegoat and the public outcry was so strong bird got kicked out a barber school
because the couldn't stand, the heat, any loss to six thousand dollar two issues, the oars and well that's a hell of a lot of money for barber school at a big attic bill, leave them alone and wondered. Why ties that he's just trying to wrap and cut hair but birds? Mother had assured everyone that white teeth had been grounded at home. On the night of the abduction yeah got focused, saw the alibi do said. I couldn't leave my room twenty seven year, my mama yeah respects you know. I'm gonna stay Merou premise, which naturally Joe Joe Joe Joe. Do you, by the police, easily clear them as a suspect, oh, but in the public and on the internet, bird wouldn't have his name cleared for weeks to come. Ok, I just want everybody to listen to reason on my real name is Christopher. I have to do with these heinous crimes and I can't believe at the reputation of Anchorage could capacity
maybe so sullied I well. I just want to say a big ups, too lazy, J G, Georgia Jude. You and I, and my friends or keys, had more to do down south even before he returned anchorages, and we don't know exactly what he did on that crews. But after returning keys, decided to rob a couple of banks before heading back to Alaska need to be fair. We know exactly what he did on that crude lay out put a watch us onto a motion on your body a desperately attempt to avoid getting that shit. They saw her where someone deprecates on their hand and then rubs on your face. I dont know what happens like hers. I I really sunburned first day and I had to spend the rest of the time in my room in Aledo, Texas, key set fire to a house and a barn just outside the city limits to draw a local law enforcement out of town to the bank.
Easy pensions for robbery, but for some reason, keys, just sat on a hill near the site of the arson and watched emergency vehicles through a pair binoculars as they struggled with the two blazes, but It is next stop a nasal taxes. Keys would go through with this plan. There he put on a hard hat, glasses, gloves and a respirator to hide his identity. Then he tape human hair that he got from. God knows where to the inside of the heart, had to give him the appearance of long Herr Swimming was he going is like the nine eleven heroic. What what was this doesn't look good. He was going if you watch the surveillance video its that's also on Youtube. He does look like why have the disguises remains role to when they draw my last people in Belgrade and my good, so the disguise and place keys rob the National Bank of taxes. Then, after putting nearly
red thousand miles on the blue key a soul, he granted keys, return his car to the Houston airport and took a red eye back to Anchorage upon his turn before he did anything else. Keys check to see if colleagues body was where he left it after finding that it was keys, went inside and played with his daughter, because, It was his weakened to take care of her gown. It's. I tell you what there's no days off to being a dad up, my god, but after she would to school. On Monday keys, returned the shed and put the next phase of his plan into action. Only thing was the body had completely frozen in the twenty degree, whether in the two we The keys was gone so in order to get the body out keys had to do mantled the entire cabinet. After getting
the body in cleaning up the blood that had leaked out in the previous two weeks, keys, constructed a table in the shed and place the body on top. Then, after, following out the body keys, added necrophilia to a long list of crime who I didn't know we were gonna, go there just when this guy could become more of a douche bag. Wow. Do you think this may be an inappropriate question, but you, I'm on a Christmas story when I set up his tongue to the pole. Get stuck. Do you think the same thing happens with a body? No, no! I don't So what have you already very hard hitting like that, make sure to give five bookstore patriotic monitoring? I do a great interview, serious. We actually just interview John Doug Reminder, which I asked him yeah you as anybody to ass gap. Will it's always nice when we're just like? Oh this
our view, ended with another person hanging up good animals. Anybody yet no one! I am, but I did what one of the documentaries but he's rockies. They said the thing about him was that almost as a point of shit going everybody how hard of a worker he was again always going towards my thesis. He has never made a genuine choice in his life. Is that he never stop work and he wouldn't even take lunch bricks. He called people who took lunch bricks. Crises on its construction site. You go and he'd work and he'd work the entire time and work harder than everybody out. So there's something about him that has this mentality of bee. Unlike yachting all fucking cabinet apart, we do. I give a fucking shit like he'll go in and he'll make up its own custom tabled just put under I think it's all these weird game and ships within his own Rhine show how tough and how crazy he is. Oh he's a definition of a try, hard
and which is pretty common in the new model community. If I remember correctly arise as I was, I was one of them. You are very much a try. I'm happy you ve changed after Yede did necrophilia, I did necrophilia. I dont know. How are you feeling I dont know manner we as gas after that Jesus you went to target embody Polaroid camera in since they are have a camera, thou keys, went back home, talked his daughter in the bed and went back out to pick up the film at the target Mozilla member was Ella. I do remember with Scylla that Sarah Palin Land, as you know, I'm gonna, go against popular opinion and I'm going to say honestly be carefully russian from here
you know me, I'm honest is real key up. I mean honestly. It is interested it's you know rubber, when Sarah Palin me that video of her in front of all those turkey has there were can be headed yeah, it's a! U! Alaska is more comfortable with bloodshed. You'll hunting community, our work. I mean I remembered in hunting season was gone and just the amount of deer guts that would just be someone's grudge down and you just have to look at it and be there. That is every time I go back home, there's always a deer hanging from the shared that bleed not new. Bucket year New York, I was raised with taxes, bump norms and and I saw your pizzas the street and stick ball and all the Brooklyn bombers families who have lived in laws, Garcia, easy. You have a good Zeppelin or the next day keys, contain. Running errands Walmart, where he bought make up similar,
but what he found in Samantha purse, along with fishing wine and a few sewing needles. Finally, he grabbed a stack of early recent newspapers from a recycling dumpster behind grocery store and that completed his shopping list for good old fashioned ransom, note, see keys new that he wouldn't get any money unless he could call him quote, prove that cloning was still alive, but that was what the make up in fishing I'm before. Oh, my god, you ever seen home alone to you. Gotta do is get a light, sit up and get the wires again. Her arms move like she's, they intend to withdraw and I you know nothing better than slap and some Israel I had to break. Do that was home alone want, is normal in one year you're actually wrong about that. The eye Israel, fucking Aviate, its use,
probably the wider use bit. We ve ever covered easily first spent three hours applying make up to the face, and body may hear it appears she was alive since the face was natural, expressionless, keys, use, tape and super blue to give it a little emotion and the fishing my needles were used to control the expression and rise Fuckin Tom Slovenia. Here I have you seen the photo castle. I haven't seen it guy got caught, him quote photo. My will say, because, ok, but first before we get to that, it took a bit, took em not like five or six attempts at keys finally got the result. You wanted into Polaroid picture the body next to the February thirty. The addition of the Anchorage Daily NEWS, but there are a couple, a different versions out there of what the picture looked like in one version that I actually saw keys at you,
the fishing line too. So the eyes open, then prop the body fully clothed up against the wall, as he somehow held the newspaper next to her and took the photo at the same time with a Polaroid. This isn't a smartphone here, too tough self into tat yeah, but the original source of that picture, at least the only original source that I could find, was one of those weird body building forums that have like a whole bunch of different subjects. We talk about just whatever else, I don't know how you could have taken the picture and held the newspaper at the angle that he did. I I don't know but puts weird about those body building forms. As that. That's where I found it. Turner Diary, that's where I found that's where I found the Pee Wee Gaskins unreleased, but like that's, where I'd like there's something about bodybuilding forums that has all of all of his underground pdf in it for some reason, but in the book devil in the darkness, author, J D, Honneur described keys sewing her eyes to look as if they were shut tightly and that keys took the picture of her
naked lying on a mattress next to a flattened out edition of the Anchorage Daily NEWS. Zylka, that's how I had originally read. It is well and I've read other sources. I think that this is a fake picture rising. It might be because the way I saw it we way I heard was that she was like lying on her side with the newspaper next to her and that he had painted over the eyelids to make it look like her eyes were open that he had done it like was that's why, when they got a measures they were all like. This does not look right, but yeah does not. This is not a real ransoms. That's a macabre, macabre stuff here and I couldn't confirm which version of this
It is true, but I don't want the body builders have just not going to argue with them their jacked up their full the Lloyd's and no break us into higher, and I love body builders, because we have a lot of money bills, billiard listeners, but they don't move quick. So you just gotta be squirrel. Europe uses often lube and they create the greatest. Considering keys is M, o four wanna make people feel is horrible, as possible in since Hunter is published journalist and not an anonymous poster on a body building forum. The second is probably closer to the truth Roca. Only after taking the photo keys, typed up a ranch, note on a typewriter bought from the Salvation Army, not confined the exact text, but the gene It was a pretty standard, smear full of false information and demand. The thirty thousand dollars be deposited in the Samantha Bank account, and you know four back. It was written by Israel keys because he just got off the crews and he said Ola.
So much about the culture of the mexican people. I love it then sealed the note and the photo and two's epilogue bags and drove his girlfriends car took Connor's bogged down park at I don't know it's ok, Connor's Bog dog park not Connor's bogged down part as we are the ones that are like its hosted, a chewing tobacco companies other ones. I think of my dick aired, also like a ball dog just sounds like somebody who lives in Louisiana, Connor's bog, dog park, keys, tack, the ransom and the Polaroid under a missing dog flyer near the parks entrance with that in place, keys turned on Samantha. Phone and sent this text to her boyfriend Counter park sign under pick of Albert ain't. She parity
You just feels this great, so much broken raids want to punch this month, fucker so hard in the famous I've watched hours of his fucking do HU. I hate to see you I won't eat of so much. I want you watch him to just one. It's just spoken hit him with the chair honestly, the car. I watch the into interrogation, video on Youtube and the cops were very polite. Yeah like far too polite labour day. My I get information from them, but the worst part, though, is that when the boyfriend got the text whose eating lunch with Samantha Father- oh my god, so the two of em, so the park found the baggy and called the police careful do not touch the package less. Their fingerprints contaminate the scene, but keys was at the very least careful when in came not leaving any clues. The cops. Given no new leads based on the note, the text or the picture and began making preparations to give keys at least part of the money,
Meanwhile, even though it was winner in Alaska, the body had begun to decompose keys, thought about hiding it in a snowbank in his back yard for a little while, but he decided a permanent solution would be better. So he set about this bring the body using a wire tourniquet, each limb to minimize the bleeding keys cut off the limbs by one with a utility knife and stuffed em in the two rolling tote bags. Then he triple bag. The toads garbage bags impediment corner of the shed until he was ready to move in a few days later after getting everything he needed for the trip he took the first package, to Madame Mescal Lake North of Anchorage high loves ruin of Madagascar. They got the best leeches. Every time I get out of there are fifteen to twenty leeches on me. It it's pretty cool I'd. Tell I tell my wife STAR beer. Naps what a leeches, because that is lunch
for power, leaks, how much crema Liege meat. That is, who that what you are. I don't really understand how his girlfriend s notice all this shit. I guess it would be more like manly knows when I pick up my thought like like now knows when thing is happening in the house. These girlfriend travelled for work lot. Oh ok, yeah, because that was that I was thinking that you MIKE what the hell is going on here and it seemed as wind. She were either. He had also made sure too stablekeeper relationship wary was you do here? I do my things. Sometimes we do things together, but when I'm doing my think, leave me the fuck alone, no matter what again, this is the same thing with Gacy, just why you do in honey just a couple of what do you do when honeys that metal solve a lot of stuff here? Thank you to square space for supporting last spot guest role here and rare earths grass varies from web
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Other dude out there on the lake with them just he's also dumping by he and my partner What are you doing? year. Seeing you lose your near my vision, so the first parts to go where the head legs and arms each other He bundles were wrapped in baling wire and attached a heavy fishing waits but we're being dropped into the ice whole. Then the mother Fucker spent about four or five hours. Fishing out of the same all, and even I caught a few fish many times you catch the damn had caught they get like. What you want is that this man is he's like next level crazier and then later that night, he cocked his daughter and girlfriend the fish that is caught while disposing of his murder.
Oh my god, again, where did you get the fish and the next day disposal torso in the same way in car, even more fish, and so following the disposal, the body keys, felt it was safe enough to finally check Samantha account to see if the money had been deposited, but he found that only five thousand have been defined, It is not the thirty thousand that he demand or just the idea the thing just the idea to think that these this money is not crazy, being monitored. Ride like this is like this is all going swimmingly. This money go in there like there's no possible way the police are involved in this. I dont this is where the wheels of certain come off for yeah seems like he's within the TED Bundy phase of just like why, even whether following me to Florence, will because it's a big deal body or furthermore, for as much of a court and cold criminal genius is your keys were supposed to be here. As fuck forgot, you can't withdraw more than five hundred dollars.
For most atm, so unless he was planning on going to sixty different atm over the following two months. His plan was a good worker while regardless the first day he managed to make it to two atm while concealing his face and withdrew a thousand dollars. Naturally, the cops staked out every eight You seem likely for withdraw, but is city the size of anchorage that meant that they could only stake out about fifty of keys knew that, even though the key couldn't watch all the eighty aims and Anchorage probably wasn't a good idea to keep withdrawn money up. North yeah, so keys travelled back down lower forty eight for another road trip in early March, keys, blue down the LAS Vegas and rented a white. Two thousand and twelve Ford focus from Avis and drove to Dallas, probably to retrieve a gun from a kill cat left after the Azle Bank robbery We read a thing that I didn't know that he had two extra cover, these guns with Greece, so that they wouldn't jam.
They sit near for a long time. That's gotta, be really forget. Scary. To have a super slippery gun sounds like a cadet really lead to a lot of accidents. It's not Axel Greece. Oh, I don't know. What's up all made with Elsie out, when does he work, Is he work? This old, not expert he owns is on business. He junior war is an independent contractor, eat doesn't have it doesn't seem it's not yet it might not be his own. Business we didn't know business. Does he do that mingled. Yet, yes, he had started at owned and operated at the hall. The whole tobacco he's just allocation for months at a time when we could take time off whatever the fuck you want to look at them after getting is Kilkenny he doubled. To Arizona and withdrew four hundred dollars from an atm in a small town Wilcox an hour and a half later will cost?
but even that money enough money is not even apparently Harmon name. I'd try to teach her name, Missus Wilcox, when it's a truly one hour and a half way. He was in lords Burg, New Mexico, but again hit the daily I met only managed to get out another eighty bucks, but here he fucked up for the first time. Although the camera at the ATM one great, the FBI, using enhancement, were able to see that the car belonging to the man using Samantha Debit card was a twenty twelve Ford focus. Ok, woe but keys had a feeling that this car might have been spotted by now. So after his new Mexico with ah, he drove thirteen hours across New Mexico in Texas, too humble where he ducked into an Avis traders, rental car. Ok all of these hours of work, you do this
hours and hours of work it has to eventually where, on your brain crazy, we figured that if he kept switch in cars while withdraw money, the cops would never catch up to him. But when he went to trade in his white, twenty twelve Ford focus, he was annoyed to receive a white twenty twelve Ford focus, no sir! It, but, as always power you is, is a twenty twelve or no take you up with unwanted either. In other words, isn't working. Here's a here's, a red sharply, Wanna go color it in yourself, but I love hard work now work harder than you you'd
Luke work harder than anybody. You never lead to new. Just call me a Jew cuts. I dont have been no that's an offensive and don't tell me what cars words Orkut, I'm always right away. I was buying rang boy. He could very well tell them. Car company that when he was on the run from the law, needs to hide his identity. So you needed a different kind of car. I think he in terms of hair, there's this cars making weird noise. I need a new one, so when they gave me twenty, we just had to go fuck our right. You just had. Take that is hilarity. Was it you will get a flip, a cubic. My my I'm was raped by afford that's worker mobility,
Let us be honest. This is really that it. That is quite humour, as with the fort focused it is where the further board, just before he traded in the car he'd withdrawn. Another four hundred eighty bucks from an atm which put Texas cops on high alert, and that is the last fucking thing you want in this world. There, never really on lower salaries attacks. This gap is like a now we're going more extreme. It's like your your days are numbered texts. Cops are terrifying yeah. I was driving the middle of an abandoned country highway in Texas. No No, nobody there! Nobody on the road I was driving, yes, what they do, and nineteen sixty five. Yes, you're, no one on the right track in good time, going on going one Bush straight up. One book in the middle of this whole highway cop was spoken inside of it Abortion is e k about think then pulling over like you all right,
Did you go to jail? He had also like work Y yeah. That's what I've been overdue hey there you're ready to go to jail is a big thing in well, I would be like. Would you believe it? I am. The sub, at all my Gabriel S off my back rules on my back that not be ready to be bought. Fact at any time you may go now you don't want to mess with the Texas God that their terrifying, The keys had another reason for being down and taxes besides just withdrawn money. It also happened the weekend of his sisters, wedding. All so he's doing all this normal people start always Seattle on crews is going to weddings, taken care of his daughter and Yemen and like got life, is what happens when you're busy making other plants ass. So after get in the car keys drove naked duchess, just now
these to the town of wells, were his extended family had fallen into another cult, oh yeah, oh my god. They were now followers of the of wells. Formerly you must be or again, ministries or of the Wye B B. I am and, of course, that the church of David Wells in the former Yankees pitcher little overweight, but you know good leader. Is this a Yankees sports joke you keener? it is now David Wills is a pitcher. They throw the ball movies. If that means that he's been allowed. You say, yes, he's why you baseball player at the base? Will where's couldn't Venezuela, Roger Clemens fat? No Roy
your comments with strong, no definite, also pitcher of bad pictures are just lumps their bill was playing the joke again. World was petrified. Compare him, they were be pocket. He's, like you can see. Curbing sign was blind. He got hit by a baseball, oh yeah, that's this week in baseball from the ninety. Will Turkey of wealth, is still run by three former street preachers around our age and they use Bible verse to justify cutting off family member, although not all members practice that particular command just most of em and the controversies the church of Wells as Wikipedia page is actually quite long in twenty twelve we'll bury the dead body of an infant from House to house in wells praying for resurrection before they finally
called down one one and in twenty fourteen one of the head pastors and another member ruined the Wells home coming parade by walking along the route while Tell in Chile, and they were going to go to Hell, they were soundly beaten as a result gun now that little justice there now they're, only slightly redeeming act was when six members were arrested and twenty fifteen for bursting into Lakewood Church in Houston, heckled, Joe Lasting, but even then, and still just six assholes yelling at a slightly different kind of assets. That also I'm sure, let them giving their ass escape because Golos insecurity very well paid and very jacked up down, and it was the of this group that was presiding over Israel sisters wedding. I actually this. I was one of those creatures who took a wedding as an opportunity for a sermon. Thank you. The last time I was at a wedding. The pastor decide
to really let us know about what he thinks about transgender individuals in this overall reminders to this wonderful ceremony to celebrate love cool. I hate when pastors at right. Anyway, as the house is not about, you asked our yeah, and so the pastor started talking about the evils of atheists. Grey Israel took this as a personal attack and honestly he might have. We been right to think that in this chaos, because he was the black sheep of the family young at this point because he had left the church he added I like he went- go live without Adsl. He was super new metal by being atheists, so he was like all about, like you are sure to said God, with Ghostbusters like cross out on top of it like use that type of guy Nereid, ok, but regardless, even if it directed at you. It's your sisters, wedding stay fucking, quite right. You just gotta eat yeah, but what Israel did instead was stand up and yell this year, Gospel
has no grounding in truth, then he walked up to the turn. Smugly smiled and said quote: not every a new shares. Ear believes helium right. Well, you know. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself he's just such a positions is fossil moroccan, awful many just left and that his last weekend as a free man, as a few days later, the Texas Highway patrol caught up Israel key all right up. Bobo had been put out on the Ford folk. What's a buffalo above all points bulletin. When I can remember, I killed her bearing the apple bolo. I can remember what the follows: Stan for example, I'd get Kentucky Fried Chicken there? It is getting old, full bolo odyssey, something I think, cheats ball out beyond the look out. Ok bow football
weren't for all old boys like when I bought football automotive, take it in massive keys, had part to sport focus in full view outside the quality in of Lufkin Hypo caught sight of it ran the plates and found it was me granted to a one Israel keys of Anchorage. They wanted to do this one by the book, so they sat and waited until keys packed up. Luckily, he did so almost immediate great. He left his room started, driving down the road and the second. He went one mile over the fuckin speed limit. They pull them over when they search the car. They found a gun money from a bank robbery. The mask the keys had worn when withdraw money from the atm and boast amicably. The debit card in cell phone of Samantha Conan. Why,
serial killers always drive around with everything that would make them look like a serial killer. I believe that in your hotel room, I actually it's it's a debt, eight IDA, hard decision to make right it's like is it to keep all my shit on me where I know it is at all times where I can see, and I have it or do I leave it someplace, indeed just a lap of what, if it gets discovered by somebody who knew what, if the gills country, so you believe you're holding it. But then, if you do get caught your right on it, but Israel Keys technically had a backup plan. He knew tat. He was going to pull a gun if you got pulled over his his good. What his goal was to immediately kill a cop he couldn't you get to the gun in time, men would be like the way he kind of it. He had put it in a wrong back when I was ready to like shoot somebody that if they got a new one, close aunt Jane, I mean you know if you are going to leave that a bag with a gun and a mask inequality in. They would, though, be like no yeah, that's another,
you're, not like you ll ever thought about what you do if you accidentally murdered somebody how you'd covered up. I haven't thought about that Deb I dont could cover only six point. Seven. I I think I would be found pretty quickly, but you never thought of it like how you'd we're the weapon would you do with it? I already know we'll use Humphrey. I know that you had think you would just put it in the sewage drain on the street, because that you have just through every ten hours or so and then once you get it in that we are so probably some like that. Yeah thought exercises definitely yeah that it's happened. I mean I I feel thing in this country. I will fall. You know brain spider, web on the walls that I've been painting so yeah, I'm thinking about it. You're up keys was royally box and was quickly shipped back to Alaska. Face punishment. I even though keys knew they hadn't dead derives. It didn't take much pushing to get him to confess everything, a key
like to say over and over and over again that he wasn't in this for the publicity and that he didn't want people to know who he was, but that's exactly what you fuckin one of course he's fucking wanted it, because no I didn't know your serial killer? Unless you tell people you're, fucking serial killer right? If you didn't want that than he would have shut his goddamn mouth and not said a word, run, everyone assent ransom demands, he never would have killed an anchorage but ass. It was. He talked giving the excuse that talk being would get him into the execution chamber that much sooner because you said the death penalty was all he was interested and he's like I'll tell you everything just make sure I get killed as quickly as possible, and he said he wanted publicity and he didn't want the details to reach the public because he said he didn't want. Is or to live with the shame of her father being serial killer, but maybe he should have thought of that before becoming a fucking cereal. Capsule Lula, I do feel horrible for his daughter. I don't think so. It's just gotta be so for can weird gouty, yet rust anyone would have
water. Is Israel case now. This is what he said. He said quote my concern. The problem is nowadays the more stuff. My name is attached to the more likely it that somebody's going to try to do some kind of stupid, freaking tv special or you know you know how it is nowadays like with all true crime bullshit that people are obsessed with, like some fat Eddie with a beard and make a funded at my lap. There's nothing wrong with my life. You feel you earlier. I do a bit Israel Chiesa slowly becoming a version of case. The Anthony Pye Hell are very similar there, and I think this is the ultimate justice or serial killer. Since you got to be made fun of by us, three fuckin idiot began to sell ads on it. They don't get to do all that shit fuck, you fuck, you fuck! You David
Berkowitz, Silvo, Israel, he's talked for hours on end laughing at his own terrible jokes, while demanding americano, peanut butter, Snickers Bars and cigars, and extreme information that is, We discussed it yet is knickers in cigar marathon of it's weird, like its liquid shit. It's an actual do and other hard or duty that you'd just sucker. You shit colored thing ass soon, ass he got down to the holding cell. He must have had a real explosion. Military sent them ass. The problem was Lascaux, doesn't have the death penalty what's up with, if keys one of that he'd have to make the case better all so he began admitting to murder after murder, specifically the murders Bill and Lorraine Courier. Sadly, though, by the time
keys, told investigators worried, killed, em and hid their bodies, the abandoned farm house, where he done it had been torn down and nobody had noticed the two bodies in the rubble she and ensure the crew had noticed a powerful stench coming from the basement right before they tore down, but they ultimately decided. It's probably just a dead cat or somethin, so they tore the whole place down and set the rubble to landfill. Without checking. Oh, my will. That is a hell of a way not defined about yeah, just be like that adds a cat yet again and even after an x Since of search, the bodies were too far gone to ever. He found, while the only reason why they can definitively attach the murderous keys is because information was found on his home computer, linking him to the area. But so As we all know, the wheels of justice work, slow in keys would have had a better chance of being found in
sent than to go from arrest to execution in a year or like he wanted. Well, he had a total are either totally childish. View of the the criminal justice system works all tat. He could you show up and demand all this shit Nude immediately give a damn they, unfortunately, please nice with him for as long as possible, because he throughout immediately tidbits that he was trying to connect himself to about eight murders and build up their jobs here. Trying to get as many cold cases shot as quickly as possible. Right try to work with him and talk about all this, but at the same time, keep telling him being like dude. This is going to take. Long time. This arises like we're in the process of this away. We could maybe this is the view. Do if you give us all this information now and we can then of working out how we can hell you as soon as possible, but Israel keys. He started catching on some point if you watch the hours of interrogation, we're just rates have said being like I dont, really, he D sit and wait for you guys to do it. When I
in handle myself myself Illinois like he does, he says that will certainly knows that he can do get himself. Always we also making the process longer you with each new person that he claims to have murdered, isn't that another trial, yeah zones invention long gaining the entire process because he was a week piece of shit that couldn't handle jail. He couldn't handle it. He couldn't handle the norm, Is he hated being jeered at he hated being on the low wrong over totem pull? going there and it was immediately getting physically checked, he couldn't handle it right. That's a part of it This is where are you view him as such a he so weak, even compared to be decay, because I'm gonna put out there to be a circular? A part of it is the third wave of being your car shredded monster role, you're supposed to play. If you're going to be notorious serial killer, you're supposed to be a bogeyman, Carolina cage. They people can go visit,
you can go, be Bt K who sits and he's got his little color television and he has his like the forms you have to fill out. Nor no my die if you or you have the final word, that's where that's where you're supposed to resign. That's your ILO retirement! Absolutely Michael Myers! In robs zombies, Halloween. There was a great incarceration scene and Karl Panzer Ramp, yeah. That's what you're supposed to be. Of course, this we got out because Israel Keys was damn serial killer and the Samantha Koning story had been national news. Someone you guys remember one hour I mean even but where is your cookies was caught? I remember the cement conic story after that key stop talking for a while saying he fell, betray and he was quote honestly kind of ticked off
kind of a ticked off, or you know you know what strikes me about so many the cases we cover on the show, especially the one there were covering right now with Israel keys how many these criminal start with breaking and entering peeping in a windows or petty theft, and talking about the fun poor keys version of creeping into windows. I'm done with a real dangerous kind does the kind of crime that happens in your neighborhood in happens in your neighborhood. Your father is probably doing in there dozens of words for fear, but just one for an exceptional homes, security company to stop future front door, that simply safe, simply say for some security. That knows, it feels good to fear less unless you live and hollow wean town simply save as well. No wards from all the Tec experts that count the verge calls it the best home security. It's one readers choice from PC magazine and a wire cutter topic. So this is no good fuck, no hidden fees and no gach. It's not like the people to come in your home, their filled with gotcha, as they always keep price
is fair and honest. Thanks to simply safe fear is no place in a place like home, try simply safe with free shipping and free returns you'll get a security risk free trial to order now and you'll have your home protected within a week who, to simply say, dot com, slash left to get started today that simply safe dot com, slash l e, f tee be sure to go there. So they know we set you simply save dot com, slash, Ellie empty, so after became apparent, the keys wasn't gonna get what he wanted from the state immediately. He decided to take matters Prs into his own hands, rather than face the punishment for his crimes. On December. Second, twenty twelve Israel Keys news to bed she bed round around his neck tied the other into his left ankle and cut his own risk with a key turbine razor, ensuring that if the blood law didn't get em, the strangulation caused by loss of consciousness word even thought to use empty milk containers and cups to capture is much blood as he could. While he was still
conscious to make sure nobody would be alerted by a growing pool of blood coming from his cell door. Is your keys fuckin dive, he had had a couple. There was a cause. There's a couple of things about him. There were dead than it did happen. He did try to escape from court, the Barbarian Larry pathetically Arab automatically highlighted we manage to work its way out of his ankle chains. He ran out in the middle of a court hearing and they fuckin tackled as of rainwater. Ever since then he became a high risk, a high risk prisoner that at some point they had put they weren't, he was on total Suez. I watch rigorous, fully change every single day while their interrogating him and then eventually they had moved him to the lower security part of the jail which they believe happen because he said I'm willing to talk you. Finally,
that's all right. I'm gonna go and do we're gonna. Do this shit, I'm gonna go on until people. The whole story whole story bottom, to which the deep Bravo module, which was the long term per prisoners section four people wants you got outside of the suicide threat all would rise agonizingly ship, the bedsheets. Nor should I am supporting this. Was we watched him Lauren Jacobson, whose immediately fired yeah? He was because essentially he was on his union break you. He was reading a book as like. It's like a movie you. Could you see him be? Unlike I wonder? If Harry party, will ever be all the more the camera. If you saying it over your shoulder, if you just saw his legs, just fucking joke the right right interest and then, of course, Israel Keyes couldn't leave without telling the world what he thought of them one last time and did
in a long, winded new metal, influenced slam, poetry, suicide up up up, oh god, that's the worst kind of suicide. Note lamp oratory. What everyone plays enjoy the worst piece of poetry. Ever Britain really that, let's get this started with a little bit of a beef market, yeah yeah brown harangue. Where will you go? You clever little worm bleed your host drive back in Europe. The night is still young street like puts back the black and neat rose up the right. A graveyard appears limes stone body, Moldova, low turn away, click Bob
see this straight through that outside you will loaded truck when the lights off slams anti abroad, that your flesh smash as men. Let's blow you may have been really living here, lie its own scheme, crusts, like a bug, you still die now. You'll join. Those ring, yeah. Do you ashes? The wind will soon be level families and will shed a few tears. Pretend it's up to Heaven. You go with reality either you were just bones in me and with your brain also died, you're, so thin dying to wait for their death and the comfort of retirement homes. Take it up. You have, I say it's for the breath, its press for use. They know that no turn a blind eye. The screen soaked in your reality shows Damon. Forty, your mirroring my green in a placid castle. You call home, landed the free planes that long
aid scheme american banks me stars. You idolize pursue when you admit it's a dream within its American die, getting your big com, you can go to work fast on roads made out a dinosaur, so much for love a lot more than one budget. On that Consider your ass plain, stupid, ass games. In your phone paper. You walk says you got smarts that tests that you took told you so, but you would ya, like the better men, you are once your precious power grid blown, and I made myself this scheme american ass. Now that I have you any time, I will tell you a story swimming soft in your ear, so you know that it's true you're, my love at first sight and now you're scared to be near me, my words and a treat your thoughts now in an intimate prelude. I looked into her eyes ears.
Dark warm entrusting as though you had not a worried nor care. The more guile ass the days and potential to fill up those poor with your fear, ranging door curls like a portrait. The sun shone through highlights of red. What color, I wonder, how straight will turn plastered back with the sweat of your dread? Your white lips work. I must have a secret unspoken nervous la was a purse like a pulse of blood from yet the rope there will be no more laughter here. I feel your body temperature my hand now on your shoulder your eyes. Looking for a way out of this small dark room. Forget the lady called luck. She does that by near me, for her powers, don't extend to those who are deceased precious. Would that I could keep you that you be the ambassador of your own fate, violet metal,
a fifth largest yourself, Israel already kill yourself, Israel, I got up so did my fucking head see my head till you know you're a doctor I go you're like was born. I would come off it and worship on the tour of Europe lags going. You shut it with with those in and try to shrink from me I'll. Have you tied down and begging to become my Stockholm? Sweden's ok, talk is over words, placid weak back it with action or law comes off is cheap. What cloaks, while I work now feel the electric shock open your trembling flower patterns cook LA shop. Oh, my god, man that was, though, worse, I am men I feel like it. So what does that movie with
it could some Adam sailor where the guys like thank you, we're all Dahmer were higher than what you had to say. I feel like I'm back at the fuckin open MIKE Frankenstein lotta spoken up, not say it's. Ninety. Ninety nine heads and oil just play to set you up in writing it out just Cormac yeah yeah. This is it this reduction Keller? Oh my god. I can send this to Chester you better jester. That's gonna, be a huge if for limp biscuit of only satisfying part about the death of Israel keys, knowing that his funeral service was overseen by the pastor, that keys had heckled at his sisters, whether that is why, in the past, or spent all time talking about what an awful person keys was and how he was currently burn in Hell, ok, but without just know that part of the reason my keys talked was so people would know what he did vague, that he was up
scary criminal mastermind. For the most part the media took the fuckin. They always do, though, are keys, did indeed cause a lot of suffering and law, a pain, we're not minimizing that he was not professor Fucking Moriarty, nor was he even among the scariest serial killers to ever exist use nothing more than a smug, whiny immature little dickhead, who couldn't figure out anything better with his time on this earth and kill people our while that Israel Keys, that was a really interest dean store. I don't think I've ever covered any story. Quite like Israel keys what a man he attempted to be a unique monster, but in the end, all these guys boil down to the same loser you re all right is always aim, always loser that couldn't get his shit together and not to mentally. To just love is like me:
you have everything you had lie family. You had a good job, you and all the things that were a normal person. It would be enough for run. You felt that it was a but its peace, because the thing that you are lacking, nobody could ever fill a new path. Nobly just should have been aborted. I mean it does seem like the only thing that was mildly strange about his childhood was growing up in a cold, but a lot of people have that kind of childhood and grow up just by who, and even really that much of a call yeah I gave is ingested weird small town, you know, and we re always some white supremacist live and down the block. Plenty of people come on guys find that a situation where help in some states- contrary worse but yet oh yeah, very rare, is definitely too to making someone a serial killer all right. Well, I was Israel case that was great. Let's see, or what do we have to do? We have to say we are not aware doing. What's all like we need people got Commerzbank overshot, it covers all provided for they were so excited with this package on out
having a good time, bring good tool comin of ink over absolutely- and of course, I know because we are, I dont want to use the g word, but I think it applies to US genius told our city show the sick and the game of through codes. Finale, don't we just really needed? No one not to look into its things on streaming now, there's just I'm gonna watch it in a hotel room show its any fine. Yes, why come to the show watch it afterwards? I promise no spoilers, none, because I don't. I never watched the show, so I can't even spoil I'm negative publishes its heads by an also don't forget that we are gonna. We added a second Portland yet to that tore. Wait. The first nine Portland on June first that sold out, but we have tickets left for the June second show in Portland imports
and was fantastic glass eye on their can't, wait to come back to Ireland. So defiling come onto that and then, after more than we got a big long stretch to hang out here in Amerika and then we'll go and Australia on the twenty third were in Perth on the twenty fourth weren't, Adelaide and June twenty and were in Sydney come on out to Sydney June twentieth were in Melbourne an end June. Twenty ninth, wherein Brisbane and June thirtieth, I'm gonna, be on a sidewalk Hamerton Brisbane. Your master come out at hang out will be a lot of fun. I believe is Brisbane Brisbane Men- and I wouldn't put this- did notice out here now, but the sudden, the universe, you're a strange billion or colts or crime expert and want to pay simply be interview. Undergrowth cynicism, emails that, whatever you want to talk about Australia, paranormal topics or stealing true crime, because written we
according side stories on a road while we're out there and were really really excited to meet some people that are local to Australia. They explain some shit, us absolutely cannot wait to get or to Australia. Yeah thanks to everyone gives to our patriotic. You seriously are the only reason we exist were still we're. Still. I uh why, over here and L p M and I for five bucks, listen to their Henry and I Henrys Henry my. Are you serious? It's a lot of fun and is just great little low bonus content. So, thank you so much four given to that and also Henriette, I have to say I did not realise on the stream available. Overwrought Adele, swim, dot, com, slash streams. I didn't realize that when we did the he high episode, your backdrop was a corn. I notice. Yes, I really like that. We don't ya. We don't see that what's going on in the green screened by new, our recording with its that's a very nice touch, yet, oh no! We
Can that for an entire week in Secret- and I can tell you- and I really thought and also a dull swim now- has a twenty four hour channel as for the the stream, so you can go watch us do the stream. Whenever you want. I just gotta, find the I gotta find the address for that. I will find you soon. You can watch us, get thinner and fatter matter and thinner yap if you're a dozen dot com, slashed stream, slash last dash stream dash on dash the dash left dash. Channel is this made, the teachers is actually, you can go and tell you for our stream of of last remember as it. If you want to. If you want that link a little bit easier, will tweeted out the last podcast. Whenever livestock has left a twitter was able to eat them out to get that also, we are we are submitting. Our book is:
It is happening. It's common. It is flop out of our fuckin uterus. I dont want our line. Word are you know like in floppy right oh, it's all ready go, but this next month of topics, I'm really fuckin excited because we're getting worse, yes, I really excited to get will get back to some weird we're getting back to some. My favorites, who I can't yeah really really get a desire of entertaining. Doing the show now we're gonna start getting we're we're we're gonna start it and we are to end the I've been deepening serial killers for about three to four straight now, without a day off. I'm looking forward to you now see. What's going on in the sky happening Henriette, I solicited responses for people who are in the Navy. Obviously there's a lot of disclosure going on with you a vote. We had lot of great responses and our email we didn't and they got some great DMZ Instagram as well. A bank is one of the name,
is on the front line. So thanks for sending those messages out to a small ridden couple on this week's I stores or next week, sites reasons puts pay all all right over one. Thank you so much for listening and do not forget. Hale yourselves, Hale cited. How gave me those delays odds had me gave it to the boys knees. Tidings we'll see, you can really be a successful new metal singer men, american law. It does not like a horrible rage against the machine lyric. He was a big regiments machine. Then I love that ban, but my the attracted subdued rags will now he's warm food. Yes, he is indeed best thing you ever did probably gap you show was made possible by listeners like you, thanks to our add sponsors, you can support our by supporting them for more, shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast networked outcome.
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