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Episode 370: Bonnie and Clyde Part II - Give Me The Money Now

2019-06-22 | 🔗

On the second part of our series, we cover the so-called good times of Bonnie and Clyde, from the many blunders of their early years in the Barrow Gang and the murders that occurred as a result of their actions to the shootout that made them famous.

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There's, no way to escape. To dismiss the last time on eleven cannibalism started Ready yeah. Oh man is so nice, it's so nice It's very nice were in the same rules here LOS Angeles. Can you feel the radiation? Can you feel they ve been discarded cries of orphans left on the street, their dreams broke and will never be a model because they have love, and the opposite of what it sounds like you, because things nobody wants to grab now
family. We have notorious love handles whirl of handle people notorious their Hugh. Where do you live like fucking, the Barrow Gang story of her love grammar here is our end of the last podcast on the left. Everyone, I am been love handles. Guess all we got Marcus part, rather you're, not a la person, not at all surprised. Theatres aroused E Europe. Vandals person. Also, I would say it's more like the strap. These have in the subway love, strap a kind of love saddle. My back you just if you were to ride my back. You could grip the front of my battling to stay on me bring me absolutely never ending story. Indeed, as parks boys, we don't go out to the side. We go out front. We get a big near
on outside. I always wanted that thou. Let's, why you got? No, you don't mind if I do not know who inspired me to lose, whether the big Lebowski the do. I always tell you, is the perfect time to that. But you know he doesn't have love and that's a jealous hard work and man's that, where they just get hard in the middle and their gas there back doesn't have that that there that's the wings come out, which is unfortunate if you ve never worked a hard day in your life, such as myself, honour at will now it's time for a total non sequitur segue way into our topic. I will say it again: I look at a market As I say again, massacres are not cool it's good to be in the same room with you as when you're saying that, because I feel the sincerity I I I have changed I do not think any of the story is bad. Asked me everything you want to abandon all structured line for good wanted. Just nor dip, Tommy gone from an
the armory utter Ivanov. You can even do that anymore. Can you get a Tommy gun? I think we have much power more powerful guns. Now I want to tell me you can get the timing, but I'm sure you can get a time ago. This is America, my friend you can get it damagon yeah. Absolutely be kick it an abortion. Let's talk about. That's that's together, take everyone. We do body and Clyde Part too. So when we last left, Bonnie Incline Clyde with fresh out of east imprison, farm and adjust form his first real gang with fellow prisoner Ralph faults. Raymond Hamilton, who is a guy, the Barrow sort, a new but didn't really like, quite as every group of friends have that like who's, that got things like Chris, I thought, as they will say, right I dont know is that it is better to do you just need to have a friend that you'd just hate, so you can get them I doubt not someone everyday. I don't know, there's always a good. You need to have a an access about letting itself
steam release. Fret you get you can all that, no matter what about but he got the group as a whole strong and then hopefully, that friend is just constantly so black out drunk. Ironically, it makes him the greatest therapist of all time, because I can't tell I can't remember what you said now, although this is the story of Bonding Clyde. This is also the story of a gang, because there were only short periods, were Body and Clyde travelled alone, and none of their major crimes were committed when it was just the two of them. That's us that that I find really interesting. I didn't. I didn't truly understand that until I started getting into this. This look, this era, history of being, let all the always had. Crews and crews changed all the time.
Yeah right now, the barrel game go through many innovations over the following two years, but out of all the criminal gangs operating in America during the great depression, the Barrow gang was small time, while the Barrow gang was lucky to get fifty bucks. In a take most of the time, organizations like the Barker Carpets Gang ran operations that could net over one hundred thirty. In dollars and profits like when they kidnapped the founder of Hams Brewery in Minnesota. No way that I wasn't quiet, I thought is like struggled with a snap at the man. The only time kidnapping was a huge hassle for the barkers was when they kidnapped a banker. Son named Edward Bremmer. The banker in question tried to haggle. The price down.
Because he didn't like his son, that my childishly that is so like if you're the kidnapped kid just be like really. My lead at camp, a hundred bucks, you want, you want em like seven dollars, do Holden Macneil. He would get seventy five dollars. My people who stole hold him. Nearly the people who kidnapped hold Mcnally would pay us to take a MAC. Then there was the Bailey Underhill Gang a k, a trap, state terror who lets them. Yet as a great name. They spent six months robbing banks in Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma, an average about eleven thousand
dollars per score in nineteen. Thirty is money which is about two hundred and sixteen thousand dollars in today's money eyes. You also had the Holden Keating gang, the hot Gatt gang, and now there is a gap to villages. Roll up at all, like a stumbling drawn in old game, called a halt, the Gatt and, as a giant aunt said, Caroline over six feet, almost three hundred pounds: go into. The more I saw you can always find by like ask aided by the the discarded slippers, broken branches in a tree honestly, instead of ice t survive in the game was just them hot hunting, their larger, as would be the single greatest film of all time. You had the crimes Terrell Gang, the Brady gang and a particularly rough group, a psychopath known as the Fleet goal gang run by brothers, Ralph and Jake Sligo. I feel like having a silly
Aim will make you more dangerous, I agree or hot check up on our simply alone. They flee Golda of legal size, but other reasons why these men were forgotten, as opposed to guys like John DOE injure pretty boy Floyd and baby face Nelson part of it had to do with the fact that none of these guys had a hook danger was good lookin baby face Nelson had a great nickname was attached to Dillinger and pretty boy had a great nickname and a great story which will cover in the future. Oh yeah was he actually pretty? You know, I don't know he was fine, it's really about who should I just have a question of who is assigning a glimpse of what those things like I want to be known yesterday and alas, drew my left eye was California bed I made myself California Ben. Did they give themselves? These nicknames organ, newspapers do it. I know baby,
Nelson, was given his nickname, because baby face Nelson would lift the fuck out. If you called him baby, just like haste psychopath, they always gets recycle passages but I think part of it is more about an attitude and what the kind of the general consensus of society and the collective unconscious decides. What your name is because I said that he's pretty it's like macho man, Randy Savage, right I mean. Undoubtedly he is manly module bees macho, but in real life I'm certain he cried No, he was gonna call a colossal pain in the ass. It gets the overall theory there, but perhaps a big reason why the guy's mentioned before or forgotten is because they were just so many fucking gang roaming America during the great depression and the Barrow gang would have been one of those forgotten gangs, if not for the addicts of Bonnie, yet I know now rustles losers furiously knowing Clyde first formed his gang.
The only thing he had on his mind was organizing a prison bossed at east and farm, but in order to do that, they needed men and they couldn't recruit more men until they guns, something about how serious this was because, because Clyde was a Kapital lard at that prison so hard and committed disparate murder. There only thing he could think of running being throughout their entire crime legacy, which is being like cod. Get back to fuck up east imprison, yeah, absolutely not to say that these guys, weren't armed from the very beginning back then fuckin, everybody in Texas was armed at all times. According to grant, you can buy small Khalil
pistols and shot guns on street corners for a few dollars down. Much like an actual on nitrates are a real danger that this is what I wanted to tell me to disregarding the nitrogen gonna think that knowledge it needs to be the sausage kept a queen of American, but please it's hot dog ambassador. Yes, I'm zones in all hot dog ambassador, alright, so you're talking about a time where everyone was armed in Texas, which I mean that's great, I mean then, of course, after Columbine, when we outlawed all the guns. Remember that we are going to solve the ass old store to get up now or the problem with those guns that you borrowed street corner, though, was that they were cheap and a cheap gun could jam and that goddamn I could get you killed if you're, using it in the commission of a crime. So in order to get the high calibre guns needed, organise a prison break the Barrow gang needed money in the barrel gangs. First attempt was a total and
please failure there, not great ought not. Practice makes Miranda. On March twenty fifth nineteen, thirty two, the Barrow Gang- tried to rob the Sims oil refinery, just a block away from Clyde's fathers service station. They are literally like the house of a thousand corpses. Dude movement enters captain. Spalding lies at the very beginning and he's like what was this. The frigate The deuce navies, like Earl, was that you see you after they tied up all four employees. The Barrow gang found that the safe was completely empty so how As always, we gotta made balls. We gotta arriving at a law that balls about above models with an analog correctly to crack this. This formal staring at me, I will, I guess, always learn how to subject their literally
Adam Sandler and Erhead Clyde figured that the next best bet would be to rob a bank up in Minnesota, far away from West Dallas. Yeah or way from your father, look at idea, but the closer to Minnesota. They got the culture it was, and at the last minute, Clyde Town to driver that he was surmise that turning to escape a bank robbery on icy roads was a really dumb idea, because Clyde was, if anything, a fantastic DR ok use, second best driver to Paul Walker, and you know what that shows. Is that if you fly too close to the sun, sometimes you fuckin kill a bunch of people on the stand, look. You can absolutely our by the way Polwarth great actor day was once a he's too. He was, I don't know. There's a handsome man you spine. Adversity, blue, is fine and also with a good guy, so the Barrow gang turned back south and so for a bank in Lawrence Kansas, soft checking in
a hotel and in the joint for a couple of days, the Barrow Gang Rush, the build was shot guns. Is the bank president was opening for business after the president emptied out the vault barrows faults? the staff inside enjoined Raymond Hamilton and the getaway car, although this number is probably exaggerated, faults later claimed that they got. Thirty, three thousand dollars from this robbery worth about six hundred thousand dollars in today's man. That's a big one. I know this runs contrary to what I said earlier about the barrow gaining being mostly unsuccessful, because even it hath that take, even if all fault was exaggerating, hundred thousand dollars produce not a bad payday at all, not at all, but how they spent the money almost totally negates the amount this for reasons that will become clear later see rough fault knew a crooked pawnbroker and POW Eleanor specialise in high calibre weaponry and bulletproof vets.
Course. Everyone knows that the mayor of Dupe, o Illinois was a steam pressure pot. It was the purser washer with this measure that bad they put all had on everybody believed in it, because you never told a lie, but he also weirdly never told the truth, because he never spoke great mayor great mayor, so Fulton Barrow spit their entire take on weapons for the prison break, while Hamilton Doktor Michigan personally Clyde. Wasn't that upset because he and Raymond never like each other. All that much professionally, though Clyde we're going to find out without Raymond Hamilton at his side barrels, really shity bank robbery, but you got to put up with the pimpin man you got to have you got to have one of those guys inside of an asshole again this guy, that everybody hates his the steam release valve of the entire friendship and the gang, so everybody can pitch about him safely
those who deal with any, becomes kind of essential you gotta put up with him, but nevertheless the boys bought forty five caliber pistols, palmy guns and bulletproof vest in depot and started The crude dude like forget, gospel ice. Eventually, they brought forward dude from Denton into the gang Johnny Russell Jack, Hammett TED Rogers, and is also found that one those experimental, plain pilots I love those guys we're forget that they were had to be very nonchalant. We're suicidal were all these due to done a little time and were too lay down with humiliating the administration in Eastern by organizing a chaotic prison break in the plan was indeed chaotic. Ok, a figure that shoot their way and give
guards weapons of the inmates in and get the hell out of their and every escapee would just be left to its own devices. As far as how he's gonna get how solid plant and make it more tea audit there we're gonna drop a bunch of causes that round one up lake, as you have a little fun with it. Nice. It's crazy guy looks at me: ok what, if, instead, what if we did a thing where we released? your pies on spring and we said towards eight. I was taken a hundred four key lime. Pine members that one was less me have them about two weeks ago. Look at Naples! Ok, the only part of the plan that was specific in any way was Clyde's insistence that they get opera scaly out of their scale. Being the man who taken the heat when Clyde murdered his rapists with a lead piping, despite the vagueness of the plan, the new gang, our Gung ho and
rechristen themselves the Lake Dallas gang in honour of the nearby like ok, but it we're about to discover a fatal flaw in the plan. Man there's no brain I had no brain regions is not really a problem, because I have not for sure how I learned it turns out the boys get fucked in duper A lot of boys got fuck that that's all another when they went out to Lake Dallas to test the new weapons in armour the gang found. The bullet went right through the best and most of the guns wouldn't even fire, and that, where the
it spent all of their my man, man. You know what it's never good, when you're bulletproof best is efficient at you really want to make sure you want full coverage, their full coverage, it's very interesting to see because you are dealing with the criminal world right, so you don't know whether or not you. How do you find a trustworthy gun run you five people that you can believe that are actually going to help you it instead double cross of double cross at every everybody's, where a wire everybody's got cold words for everything else, so it was back to square one. First, Clyde figured they need more guys, so clear, Bonnie and faults headed up Amarillo to try to recruit a few contacts that full tat important. Note that false, like everyone who ever join the Barrow gang
didn't mind having Bonnie come along honestly, it's really strange should not have the like all she's. The Yoko of the group. Metalogy words like your super super afraid that, in the middle of a bit of a bank robbery, she's a sardonic horrible artistic siren. Well, you know I mean it's art its that's. What that is, and that might actually be a good thing like sometimes ass, well, coaches! Do that crazy thing! We're there like one of our players is gonna get down on all fours embark like a dog just interact another team. This actually, as happened a few times boy and its work to eyes, yes or she could, and that will almost everyone who was a part of the Barrow Gang one form or another loved Bonnie, because in their opinion she was articulate thoughtful witty most times good for morale and later on in to participate. While I do wish we had a woman involved in this room, I wish, through it is nice to have woman and again because you gotta have somebody everybody
those are the biggest rob. You can put some nipples on my love handling, so they had their own Patty Hearst in some ways and know not Patty hearse, because Bonnie was not tricked into coming over there. Wasn't any sort of kidnappings where she like learn to love. She turned my body was fuckin in with any. She knew exactly what she was doing and she knew what you want. You all that he was the beginning of a learning curve, but he also is already starting to do career criminal behaviour. Where Clyde kept saying and like you know, you can get out of this year. The com. Well, my bomb area will have to come and she's just come up. You know, I'm good Father it's like a bank in order for a while. You, you just have to be like during the gang. All you have to just do accept her than reality. I do of Europe really quite adorable into station of these mass murderers, but the tree
two m was a bust and the gang only found trouble north of doubts on the way back. They ran out of gas and they would have been stuck there if not for a male man named Bill Owens, when Owen stopped offer help the gang pull. Their guns took him hostage and they all drove often Owens car. They let Owens out a little down the road, but Owens had a couple of requests. One heeded initiate it if they left. Him is mailbags people when they meet their mail. I mean honestly, I've met a lot of postal workers in sorting doing this podcast and I really do believe on the honour of the postal service. I love, but sometimes they will just dump a bunch of Christmas gifts and dumpster, which it did happen in New York. Several you're gonna ruin nothing better than every local news story around Christmas. When the just show a bunch of Amazon delivery drivers punching boxes, it man,
eight, o clock data and also those Amazon boxes, their smile. Imagine you're just do that thirteen hours a day. Meanwhile, your kids are out there whereby, but Owens had one more request. He would also appreciate it if the Barrow Gang, which that is car on fire of older workers. The government will be forced to buy him a new better. You forget work where to find an old city truck. They took the truck and, as I tell you, work is one thing I wish you could do for me was we're verse. The effects of Vietnam puts its current government drop of fire.
Give me a new one: with new pockets was everyone? Comedian fraud picked up a man who was kidnapped, he became a felony glide, but this is falling. Is I'll get a very did it no one's gonna? Do you got a new car where these two fuckin jackass three? This is back when America was free, we could you sick it or car. The side of the road and not a lot of people are asking a lot of their big knows even and this is still good times like this- is still like. They haven't, really hurt anybody for just gonna run and around you know second cars on fire like reckless, but I haven't choir neighbour just yet. You know what they say: free stuff ah song but free stuff, despite up your bedroom, is even better stuff to putting your home our friends over it Adam and Eve, have an incredible deal for you, slicked, almost any
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free gifts. That's a sexy item for him, a special gift for her and a third item. You'll both enjoy and six free, spicy movies, plus free shipping- that's Elliot De L E empty left offer code left at check out at Adam and Eve Dotcom. But still, although the trip, North was a fun story. The game wasn't any closer to breaking anyone out of Eastham still, though the game moved forward and it wouldn't do to just show up at Easton without telling anybody Sabani posed as Aubrey Scalies cousin went down for a visit and confirmed the plan with scaly, so scaly on board the Bear finally figured out that it would probably be better to just steal the guns rather than the money to buy a good example to drive you gotta do get the guns in an amateur money just be mud. I try to go out there and if we don't get the goes wrong, that's right! We're going to live up to!
nothing at all. I got that we're still innocent little daughter soon, because another female has befallen modest tickets to take them. There are no. I would love to see the dog just really grateful arrest, light bulbs, went off in recent years, but not other target was a hardware store and Kaufmann know. This isn't is dumb As it sounds back, then you could walk into a hardware store in Texas. By a hammer and Tommy gone for a few hundred bucks, and there was narrow question asked much less a background check which now that think about it, really is an all that different from what Walmart does
yeah. I think it automatics at what will. I believe one of our good friends went to Walmart, like one o clock in the morning absolutely hammered, and they let him by a shock, got only Jack, as it only hurt those that are close to you. That's the Barrow gang not surprisingly, had planned. The hardware store heist badly because than on the night they tried breakin in the night, Watchman and Kaufmann Spy, The gang set off the alarm and opened fire There is also just a lot of people pack and eat and just shoot network and cars is due which yet they are just steel and their steel money from baby. I understand that they're stealing from a hardware store and it's it's bad because it hurts local business, but still at the same time, you don't need to be lit up
everyone's outdated deasey sniper. What is going on in this weird wild West world, although that was the middle of the night, the alarm woke up the whole town, the whole town woke up armed and ready to go their own way where little like I have us would honestly. This is gonna, be a scary time. I wonder I imagined near it still towns and America that are like this, where little legitimately the bank alarm goes off. People just emerged from their homes with their guns, but that's just turn up mistakes, interest for steel and gum or some. Unfortunately, I think most people would go to the bank with we'll barrels hoping to get some of the money. So while the gang was trying to find a route out of town dodging gun, fire the whole time, while the police set up a roadblock to choke the highway. So once the gang saw, the row blocked it,
hold a? U turn and headed out of town and country rule, and that was they just dressed up one of the sheriff deputies. It's a really pretty lady. I would go with the road. One is actually only had. The road block was just the fattest sheriff lying on the side of the mood, and this is the only way of L stop Jerry. I actually think that we could use these. Also we can use, would partition yeah gotta would part do this is your first real Cartwright snap so therefore could be rip out, and they said the first thing that was really skated. First, like me, blowing thing? That happened. Is that Clyde, just like knows how Do the draft like this initiative, we will talk about before, where you fuckin swoop, just pop. Do you We are in the we ate like spray and mud everywhere. It's yet. Its carry romantic guess, and at this point they haven't, hurt anyone yet Neeoka mean normally Clyde Barrow would have been dropped,
having a brand new stolen Ford, vitiate known as a model. Eighteen, this car, the forty eight first released. Nineteen thirty two was the first to be fit with a flat head, vitiate engine which easily made it the fastest and most powerful car. On the road. So our most law officers were piddling around in cars that could barely go thirty five miles per hour, Clyde we go and said- the really sweet and guy watch em footage of of eight go into which is like you know. You got every year, I went, and I saw these Morgan there. They are wild, look at their more number, somewhat similar Georgiana seatbelts that was brought we as a dangerous support? Do it one thing whatever may have the engine of Bob out a coup, but during this robbery and Kaufmann, Clyde wasn't drive and obviate, he was in a bag
Heavy Buick ah, but he can go through a brick wall and that that he can. But the problem was that he was having to go out of town drive and on a dirt road and they're, just been a huge. Install so the Buick just sunk right down in the mud, the left, with no other choice, Clyde Bony in fault, took off on foot at about one. I am the gang came upon farmhouse and woke up the farmer demanding of car, but the farmer didn't have a car a hug. I normally all scientists, saudi calls all got all these with a bit of a country car. It's called meal, which has one he gave them gave up like them. So the Barrow gang took off on Bareback bosnian Clyde on one you'll and faults on the other, because I could not meet this is their first car chase ever guides? Don't get in on this because the it is gonna happen again and again and again, these guys live at breakneck speed for the night
talking two years will not on the mule the monotonous, definitely, but if their first car chase but lose the bureau in the mud gotta get up there, all trudging in full suits suit his dress, use bodies fully dressed up in your pocket. I use their covered, but they get a mules another. Just mules. Drivers is trying to get away from the cops capacity will. It sounds like they're going to a shed to me with the baby Jesus something strange journey, or they are about dawn. They came upon the town of camp and hotwire at a car that owned by a doctor named Scars Dale, but we drove it about a mile before ran out again. What we can't you gotta check the gas inject a gauge, but now with the townsfolk of camp on their ass. They had no choice but to hide in the brush and the gang state hidden all day, till about five, with the townsfolk search and all around us. Literally thirty people on foot
just run it after. We only got him out there just like pretending to be a mannequin in store. We try to be a bush. Finally, they ass, their nerve and made a break for it to a store across the road from where they were heighten, Clyde figured he could hotwire car before anyone know and again could be on their way, because Clyde could hotwire car in less than five seconds, be in the door and Off Bonnie Just said, make sure this one has gas in its, but the townsfolk were too fast for Clyde pull out is going and started, shooting above their heads, hoping to scare him off when instead, IRAN townsfolk fired back and hit faults in or now Clyde had a decision to make. All three of them had fled to a muddy. Creek, bad and Clyde knew TAT. He could make it, but only on his own tiny Bonnie couldn't keep up and
Alt, was wound. This is important. Remember. Could this will happen to us a story? It does come down to it and we are pinned down by gunfire each one of us is going to have to make decision, not scrambling for it, and only one of us is the fastest. Person internally within Turkey. Yet it's something you ve called yourself, but boy, I'm saying one of alive. Couldn't all three of us. Just survive because you're too slow your wounded, you're wearing Carolina, full flapper travel. What happened? How do we get there? Marcus is weighed down by the guns and he's been five times and come back with a change of Hitchcock has got one Well that in it, but his cock, so talk from years of weathering gave all just get the lay on type like little divine bought. It might well. I have to go for Help cook Maria, be so Clyde made a decision. He left both of this kind
Indians behind and decided to fight. Another day he jumped out of the creek bed and ran head first at the posse apply got lucky to members of the party were reloading, They were so surprised to see. Clyde went straight Adam. The Clyde stated right on by the posse figure to prisoners was good enough, so they let fly, go and arrested bony Parker in raw faults. It is it but honestly, the last view of Clyde. If he's doing is criminal, math look at and body It also involves the look in your body of his eyes. Looked that's where we're going to or not at all, but all over the Bob and stop and cheese is to use their to damage being like I promise I'll be back I argued greek bad. It's gotta be very harrowing at that time, but he was correct because in the end whose good example,
gotta, be on the outside. To come back and forth can get you sure sure I will say is a big man, a tall man, heavy man, a small person running at me is horrified, I'm not trust small Peter better, because you know that you never think they'll get anywhere, but no no, we knew there. Yet you owe me I will give we get right upon. You'll know I'm in your pockets, pockets being like. Looking with Dick is oh yeah lookin dick strangely aroused when the local doktor was brought in to treat Ralph arm faults discovered, doubt his name was scarves, nay, dishes brilliant, and it was the doktor that they'd stolen car from that morning has a result. Scars Dale, suddenly forgot his hippocratic oath and refer
is to treat the wound. I would have been living, it's a bitch. Moving back, are you still at his car? Was the half a mile down the road expired, so, in other words, the eastern Break had to be put on hold because now Clyde had to rescue faults. She's, it was decided that the best do. Bonnie, though, was it just let her wait it out because they had a plan the planet Bonnie was ever caught was to have put on her best. Door wide innocent little girl face until the cops that she'd been kidnapped by the poor. It Ro Gang Oak and she didn't know nothin bout, no rob! I don't know nothin bout, no robberies officer, and I don't know how this dress got all may and I dont know even how I got here, and I don't remember my name. My name is long watcher rocks around. So it was down the Clyde to rescue faults. Clyde did manage to get a few
guns and a burglary done. Selina taxes with the remaining members have his gang, but in the process client acts it had accidentally broken into the drugstore, next, to the hardware store hers and for some reason the mayor was hanging out the drugs or that no member of your demand of your within fifty feet of the mayor's mansion, the Basel goes into hangs out of the pizza store, agree exercise that our managers, Jim He is a rap. Alright was the guide taken, a bunch alludes somebody. What was the mayor doing no idea, Clyde was forced to take him and a few other employees hostage and tie him up and empty box car. While he went back to get the gun my dear so the mayor's been tied up. Mayors been tied up in a small town credit spree, he has got the same he's got the same. Fatality is the brewer from hams. Birdie raises a number of other, while his must
ass far ass. It is, I think, a cartoon walls, but we can another member of the gang went not try little target practice with the new arsenal. Someone called the cops on the gunshots and the gang was forced to abandon all the new got bored. What why are they so bad? Is it? What was more Jack Hammett Emphasise also showed up late to target practice, since this will have its gets all about his own up on time. This is what happens when you show up like the cops we're there waiting in both Jack and Buzz got arrested. Will you be fair if we ever goad should offer bunch of guns will be early, show up early to say buddy. I'm always do I have to quote Buckingham, don't worry I'll take it of the assets we actually know please get off. Meanwhile body was doing just fine in jail members about her
own and of Clyde's family made regular visits and kill me even brought Bonnie new shoes and underwear that have been bought by Clive gap. That was how she Sworder knew that Clyde was planning something, but she also didn't really know she's like sitting there being like a hope, because because you is within that there were holding are waiting for trial, they obviously but the jailers they loved bonnet seems like everyone la body, but now we're gonna underwear. We talk in granting, but we're talking lately Grannie panty, or do you want I'll phone underwear was wearing what we're people? Where back that nineteen, thirty two depression era underwear come with withstand this, would open a man. I say there, everybody else's depressed and everybody around you depressed. Why make your panties, but what bodies time in jail is defined by is the collection of poetry that she wrote called
poetry from life's other sites. I've seen live, journals and Tumblr pay, those old name lily. Admittedly, it's Byron, but on the other hand, not Dennis Rater, either really needs the idle writings of a twenty one year old girl. You know poems about apps lovers, arms about women growing old before their time, especially fantasies about crime, but the poem that became somewhat well known is one called the store Free of suicide sow, oh, how there story over the course of a hundred and fifty lines Bonnie who, for some reason
quotation marks around round random, nouns and verbs reasons. No one can really figure out. She tells the story of a gun, mall jilted by her criminal boyfriend, and here is a small, exert. A took. The quota quote rap like a quorum quote sportsmen, not even one call on quote: squawk did Jack Quota quote, dropped himself on the core, quote. Products will make it a cordon quote sensational, break we're too short link, this Sab store of five years have gone over my head without even as much lead at first. I thought he was dead a short while ago. I quote him could discover from a girl in the corner, quote: joint Name Court of Coke King that Jack and here quoth mall had cortical got in a weird bracket, for some reason, Mary, and he was planning on coal and hope, go straight now? Feel
return to me. Some time, though, we had an apparent give forget all this quote. End quote: hell. He has caused me and love. As long as I live, but there's no chance of is ever common for he and his cortical mall have no fears, but I will die in this quote him called prison, or else quoting quote flatten. This fifty years just it's a very real present. They, the zairean like fingerprints like bread. You know you are in your area for us we will. I dont know I think it's to denote slang, but prison, not sly, now abuse opt. I don't believe this lie around. It is named Kate, that's not flying! That's just someone's, nay, gold could be slang for it. Blake,
like up a bank slip, Lighters Lange for something like an aim of a gun. A lot of this is lying, like sensational, break squawk sportsmen RAP Joint Mall, but disk for it is not flying no interest in ok, not that bad. The, like you said it better than be together. It better be oligarchy is quoted court discovered. If you just happened upon your wife and not a man, you ve hired to make love to your like watching like like Claude. I can't believe this. I just stay here. I guess we're here's the thing about bodies, jailhouse poetry, even though she knew all the criminal lingo, it's not like, bombings goal in life was to actually be a criminal. She just wanted to be. Somebody and crime just happen to be the door she walked through to get that allow pony was right All this Clyde Barrow was about to take the first big step in what would make the Barrow Gang famous.
For the first time, a man was about to die as a direct result of the Barrow gangs actions. Although a lot of the gang was in jail, Clyde still had to eat, so he never stopped being a cop Clyde New another criminal named butcher, whose parents? a jewelry and general store. So in April nineteen thirty two side and the remaining members of the gang TED, Rogers and Johnny Russell figure. John butchers store gonna be easy pickets in fact, Clyde scouted the place himself. We didn't know, though, that John Butchers, wife recognized him didn't, say anything because it was obvious. The Clyde was case in the joint ya, got any money. What do you see? This is not the first time he's been discovered, casing spot right now, not just why what I honestly do, what? What would you do, obviously there is a part of this debate.
Celebrity in creating an aim. Clyde Barrow wanted the recognition he wanted people to get all the war? He was in bank robber, but this is at a time period with the two of them believe that being famous and mattering cordon quote to be like Bonnie to society was more important than anything else are trying to elevate themselves, so Clyde Barrow, he good fuckin, dressed up to the nines to go case. This store and in full because also better addressed it. Everybody else you already stand out now, he's wearing the hip Sue Ann FUCK, a nice fat in the middle of the poorest fuckin place in a whirl red eyed. So he wanted. I laws on it gets interesting that mean that idea. The idea that you can buy freedom with celebrity is is it still exist in this country. Today. It's completely true where they literally thinking like if we get super famous Aventis shit, we're just can escape because people are gonna like us, so much
We will get charged now it wasn't that the idea of celebrity as we know it today, didn't really exist back. Then they knew the whole time like we're going to die. I got measures that, just as they did have any illusions whatsoever about skating, get off on light sentence however, this again and again it throughout the series is that they wanted they, they were like we're. Gonna die too other we're going to die. Doing this, that's how criminals and we are also twenty one. Now I so you have a different concept of like organ, do they said, the death were now as a thirty five role. I I won't cunning does life I will not go gently into night out, like don't look at the charter shut off the machines we like, but when it came time to rob the store Clyde was the getaway driver supplied, wasn't. Exe even in the store when all this happened. When TAT and Johnny stuck up the place, though robbery
going about as smooth as it could entail. Butcher opened up the safe right next to the jewelry, was a gun and as soon as butcher went for it, riders open fire and kill them yeah, so the to grab the loot took off out the door amidst the screams, butchers, wife and hopped in the car Clyde took off when they account for the loot later They found that John Butcher had died for about fifteen hundred bucks hundred bucks. Oh my in a story of a body and Clyde people would dive. Less amount of money. In my concluding the entire gang I'm so it this is the beginning of its actually more like fucked up tragedy, because this is the this story is one of the first many contested away like we don't really know what happened minute by minute. They know that the other was a gun in a safe and butcher and Rogers were there too, they don't know shot. First, they don't know what happened, but I was just fuckin dead. There's a lot of people that began with theres many
he's like the highway men, which I recently try to watch recently to which try to show Clyde end. They try to show by in Clyde, psychopaths we're just more just being like it. Just when you strapped on the life all of the baggage comes with. It comes with the two you you want to live a life of me Birmingham? It's gonna fuckin show up free, open and honest the highwayman Great Super group, and if you are going to cry esprit Silver stallion Mount afraid of the horizontal personnel anagrams break so weird they just freak out where they just like or did this person was calculated, That is like. Oh, my god, we better reactionary, the murders were never calculating, the murders were always reactionary, and that was the end of the Lake Dallas gang was, though TED Rogers didn't get the rap for it.
It's quite a case, the store earlier. They knew the Clyde was involved, but police didn't have any clue who TED Rogers was, but TED Rogers looked eagerly like Raymond Hamilton, who, if you'll remember at fucked after Michigan months before after the Barrow gangs, only real successful robbery. Up to that point. As far as the third guy went, the cops just went down the list on Clyde's known, associates and proclaimed Frank clause. The second story, man from the first episode, the Clyde really hadn't, hung out with since he met by everybody that was connected decline. Barrow keys like a fuckin virus, yeah, where everybody got touched ASEAN, and is it just sprats because these people were doing casual crime and they thought that in the end, if you are just robbery, little grocery stores does sound innocent and you're getting a little pockets here then but like one, we cover cereal murder, its it has the same sort of escalation, work. Obviously you're, not
to be satisfied with the amount of money you getting in any amount of risk, you're putting result under and ordered to just get thirty dollars at ago row as the crimes get more severe. So does the fucking inertia of that chaos that causes more and more bullshit. And it's not I mean when we said earlier, like you know, they haven't, hurt anybody yet, like they hadn't physically hurt anybody I mean they're still, I mean, haven't a gun, that you have your store, robbed is not any foreign and then, of course, Clyde would say. Look all thanks. Big ankles, rose, you, let me know if you are really. It's really Sadie go to emulate our vote. That guy With- if the hours wisely and remember that I remember that joke that he gave those ridiculous amid so a warrant was put up for the arrest of Clyde, Barrow, Frank clause Raymond Hamilton for the murder of John Butcher, even though Frank had been in Dallas
Raymond had been in Michigan and Clyde had been in the car, and this mark the beginning of Clyde Barrows reputation as a killer. So, usually, bounty hunters only got rewards of twenty five to fifty bucks for murder, son for murder suspects, but Clyde had just been pearls by the governor a few months before, and this murder made the governor look really fuckin bad. So for the murder of John Butcher, the gun, There are placed abound of two hundred and fifty dollars on Clyde's head ten times. The normal amount may be, the bow he Hunter sounds like its cotton. I wanted to be one for a while, and then I realized that, unlike not a cop a dog, the bounty hunter. He is so small. You could actually using you, I know I need right now. That's what I'll do you should end when you're a bounty hunter most of it, is repossess in car snap. That's cool to write about fire with the ironic thing about this. Is that now the Clyde was a suspected murderer. The cops actually came.
From the Barrow House, less Y see before too much skin off cops ass, two ways both his an Clyde's time by bringing Clyde and on suspicion of that because it may look like the cop was do an actual work instead of just fuckin with someone's life, but now that cloud was capable, Poland, a trigger out, was suddenly too much. For the police to handle, they need more manpower, they need more effort, and so they just said yet, because you can, you can just go in could knock on the door and go like pushed around and check s pocket anymore, because you think he's going to sharpen he's, gonna fuckin poppy where are you from north? Where you guys know, I love Wendy, and if you have a dog you know you want. What's best for are you know when I go to the store, I always go to the nice pet food honestly, I ended up making her like like. If I make a mistake, I buy her a little steak and I could for but when you it's, where we open up the dog food, you finally like little dried out brow nuggets their grants right
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I was able to read those points today. He made it already fragile because she was plucky. She was like I'm already petty care and attention love lorry, petty and opening up our own yeah. Doing it. I ones I like I want there's no cried in baseball and the army, polish or others, though cried the army. Remember that we're, even though life with Clyde had been wroth, and even though plied had run often left her and a muddy. Ditch Bonnie ran right Canoes arms ass, soon ass. She could go short mean I want to show you don't belong here by man. You can't get a sick of a man. You could possibly fit entirely inside. Meanwhile, Raymond Hamilton was returning to West Alice from Michigan to find out that he was wanted for murder
so. What's that known up our monochromatic really lead to pretend you didn't see me walk backwards, it will say that happened, but Raymond figured fuck. It wants a criminal, always a criminal and threw back in with bosnian clot dead. Up. Ok, so the three of them headed up to which TA falls and rendered an apartment as a base of operations which are false, North Dallas little bit Emily. It's not a big town, but the size Abilene happened. I loved, but it's big enough. I love. I love your humble brag about Texas Geography. Even ask that question. And it's like Marcus is just immediately going into father mode. I'd like your areas which stop off. I am. I am honestly when we did the meeting greets and in all throughout this attitude to everyone's has built up a mark, as you have been a knife
No, that's not what you know like ten miles. The EU will have been about forty five mile cell phone number, Loca one I gotta know opportune, rightly Mama's, offering that any action, only seventy five miles north Outwardly. Guy Diana in funding enough Mumps, the town having measle operator isn't gonna go crazy if you go everyone who know how far Margolis from Electra than I'll. Let you know that's just a few months ago was not Anita. Everyone knows that just a few miles south AM, I am to see rambling rendered unless a bottle eyes and say I don't know like.
The person who can fit the most marbles in their mouth will name our town mechanical it. It is. I don't even get me started on. Pamper knows I never noticed the Texas Geography is like an unofficial hobby of everyone that lives in taxes it jack. Ascribing your state in Wichita falls the Barrow Gay began, a small series of robberies that usually didn't net more than a few hundred dollars a time really if the barrel, was willing, lived dirt style that would have been just fine turk dirt dial sounds very uncomfortable. Man, they're sounds more like a lifestyle, actually their ugly dance. You I live dirt. Sty. Ok, maybe my mind is going to a darker, more sexual pleasure, let's just at showers every other day wherein pants until they fall apart. Everybody likes where, Actually I understand body inclines. I understand this. I interesting idea like dress up because they came from shit.
Like look like night. They always insisted on wearing the finest clothes and they always insisted that every member of the gang look just as good as them, but at cost money right, yeah after one particularly good, take from a robbery and packing company I'd Raymond and new gang member ROS Dire figured. They were due for a little boys, not out celebration, got to man body. Let em up looking chain. Man sign for Claude, go up them dates: Jews, ok, so they dropped off. Bonnie in West Dallas pardoned brand new stolen Ford. We ate and drove north toward string town, Oklahoma population. Nine, a whole nine, that's three times bigger in town. I grew up in string towns, not bad, so it's big it's big straight down a string town. Wasn't there intended destination but as they drove through they couldn't help, but hear music coming from a town centre will say: is that day at tea?
towards the gates for Roma, more problems than do tat. Those does turned out people stricter we're having a whole down at the city, pavilion really ass, the gang decided they go take part. Predictably, the Barrow gang looked. Little out of place and string town Oklahoma, and this was dust bowl country and suddenly, reducing their early twenties, weren't fancy suits and driving a brand new car were rolling, demand and wild cat whiskey in advance or to the local girls. You can just see the record. Stop like an animal house when they walk into the african American BAR the blackboard ever just like stares. At all, yet it was like when we walked into we're, not least grandmother lives Michigan. It's this tiny, tiny town and we walked into this locals bar. Just like Natalie and leather pants and like a tight like paint,
granting on honoured, like you know, and she spoke and look in hot. I walk aid with my like tiny little, my tiny pay, it's my life, my phone West Coast, revenues, term, cortical, West Coast shirt and at various people just staring at us being like. So we were you for millions of people for see it's good. Tell him where you're from enlightened now, as I mentioned at the top of the series, the people that died as a result of the Barrow gangs, actions were not harden. Cops are banking bigwigs. They were just regular folk, confer away to get by there was no better example of that than under sheriff Eugene. More see, guys like you, Jeanne, had no training and were not provided with any weapons. What so ever? How did they become a share of pages. Nominal body is movement. They just need a bodies, and these guys were paid like by the arrest,
toga Yang this time also this in the middle prohibition. Bright, win, win this happening, so they are not necessarily supposed to be drinking, but they turn a blind eye away from these things unless you'd say pointed way. Pull you over. I like the way big, even cops, do now working of they're gonna, be suspect, you or if they need to run your license plate or something no say like there's something wrong with your tail light and polio derive yes, Eugene Huge, just walk and with a rickety old, sexual or disease guys had to provide their own guns and that's all Eugene HAT, and the only reason why the cops even there at the dance that night was to stop fights and the only reason why those cops approach, the Barrow gang was because the local boys were about to beat this it out of him for being ass. Algeria there's showed up at all is fair, just close deals with their girlfriends. We have a card that does not belong to
any of your car and their drink. It everybody target both, but even though the cops didn't know about the butcher charges, those charges were still a pretty fresh men, three in the minds of both Clyde Barrow and Raymond Hamilton. That incident that only occurred three months before that and they also just one the dance off our field, solar thinkers, Clyde. It's been like all you ready for this shit. It's about to get. Braun had any data first ever be boy into which actually crew liner was the first ever be boy to ever exist and was the first man to do the hip spent an hour or boxes and a real. What's that? Well, with that. Wouldn't you like we're like upon Louisbourg Mine blow and have made those countryboys really upset, absolutely wasn't Jesse spanner from say by the bell at the MAC suited the spraying, but for that purpose around reigned. Her, like maybe, was Kelly capacity. It sounds like a colleague who is always think of their stripper movie,
Yes, so when Sheriff Charlie Maxwell put his foot on the Visa Running board to tell the boys that they were under arrest for Drinkin Barrow gang Didn T any chances and now have to correct the record. A blue showgirl see I talk about alleged yogurt, I did. I know those refugees was a demi more and I also think of quite often yes, I am now look at invaded authorities now Albert Reynolds and yes, that was a career resurgence for him is buggy nights came next, are used, Then he said no to everything. Good afterwards denies that look kid loony ways. When the sheriff tried arrest and the boys they open fire, the sheriff was not to the ground instantly and dropped his gun, but a bystander picked up. The gun, a media
Lee and took up the job of opening fire on the game, and you also like losing the ball in football. That's what he's just the sheriff s like they're, just like I ever have Andras off no you're the dog. Now man, the Clyde tried taken off but got flustered and overturn the car after driving over a cover because he was also probably drunk as well. Has kite thousand thing about Clyde those that Clyde usually didn't drink because he always wanted to be on his guard ray. I was probably because of this incident right here I think that this was a defining moment for Clyde Barrow. We realise that there is no more fun and games. You actually kinkel back being a normal money on old anymore after being wander from now, so the three barreled out of the car and started firing towards their pursuers, an inn. Faintly shooting under Sheriff Eugene. More sheriff Maxwell was saved only by a bootlegger who poured whisky into the
This is a miracle, be have been shot six times This is why I want to anybody that they try to tell about our drawing in court and quote to be Bonnie. Problems Sometimes the only solution is a medicine for my good. No, they didn't. He didn't put the whisky in his mouth. He poured the ski on the wounds to stare rode away heckled right into the bloodstream and, as we know very well, it is at this point the Clyde Barrow was what you might call irrevocably in Eritrea. Ably fuck see before he might have been able to play down the butcher murder because he just been the driver. But now multiple witnesses had Clyde Barrel point in a gun at a police officer, pull the trigger killing them and then you're killing a second cop in the process. Ok, Clyde was now. Permanently on the run if he didn't want
the light it creates like again to talk about you are killing. Would you kind of created atmosphere, validation for yourself? so there was gonna, have to make sure that he stated yet. It seems like you wanted so in a way? I am one of the things about binding. Clyde, though, is that they didn't have a death wish. They didn't actually want to die, Clyde just knew that he'd, rather die than go to prison in Vonny would rather die than be without clear all true love, Linda Sour, stream, co dependency. You can say you don't know how you can be happy too late anyway, Bonnie seemed kind alike it after the gang returned a west Less were Bonnie have been staying with her mother. It was party who took the lead on planning out where the gang should run too Next, oh yeah, it's always a match made in Heaven when you're significant others like. Let me smelled God as soon as you get home. I am sure that you fired it to kill someone gotta be into what makes you you.
I am divert of it. Is that it really? I married Natalie because of our mutual love for aliens I didn't want, then is what Somalis, because you have the love they at the love to think it normally makes other people repair. Old for me, ass, absolutely, ok. What embodies- the murder of Eugene. More was not Clyde's Fault wide Howdah embodies mind if the cops hadn't been hassling Clyde than he wouldn't have been quoted, quote forced to shoot them here at the end, Jeff Winds, words Bonnie was enabler and it was Bonnie who suggested that the guy and go to New Mexico after the murder and string town to wait out some of the heat. This is objectively smart move. Because the Barrow gang hadn't done any crimes in New Mexico. They weren't learn a new Mexico and the Texas Cops in the New Mexico cops obviously didn't get along together. They didn't talk to each other at all and honestly in New Mexico they're. Just
like par for the course of you know I would assume, there's a criminal element in nineteen thirty New Mexico than the stronger than them Doha, so Clyde. Ro Bonnie in Raymond Hamilton, four hundred and seventy miles in one day to Carlsbad New Mexico just wherein socks as he drove that's how we always throat cut off two of his toes and eastern. Remember so, unlike the scene in the big Lebowski, when you pared down you just see or missing, divert jeers busied, ok or they arrived at the home of bodies and a woman named Milly stamps. It turns out, though this is actually a bad move. A body didn't know her aunt too well in May. Stamps was immediately suspicious of Bonnie and her flashy new court, unquote husband, who was quite vague,
on where he got the money to pay for a new Ford, vitiate and a bunch of fancy s clothes. There must be an exciting, though, when they pull that they get a cool ass. Your car, there often superveillance event, but the problem is that when you just kind of like no that's it sort of like when you meet a bunch of people that are like definitely on math What airport there alone so Milly stamps called the cops on her own need. No that's appropriate now, but when the cop showed up at the house, Bonding Clive got the drop on the law. Man who had been set sent to check out the report but perhaps learn a lesson from string. Town Clyde didn't kill him. Ok, see by this point. Clyde had two murders attached to him and there were many many more to come, but Bonding Clyde never looked for a fight, nor were they the trigger happy psychopath murderers, like the portrayed in that God Awful Netflix movie the highway by
Maybe it's fine as a grizzled cop story, but really it is a law man circle jerk we just about as many, if not more inaccuracies than the nineteen sixty seven Bonnie Incline Movie is just from the other perspective, but natural born killers. That was based on them. Carry wasn't no you're, not you're wrong. I mean they also brought in. Like said the troll stark, whether in Caroline for you get a few other customers, but yeah mean button. Natural killers took a lot from buying The funny thing is that wordy wholesome, played the Clyde character in that movie and yet played a cop in the high women that is the funniest. Interesting, because I do think that the nineteen sixty seven body, Clyde, the big body and Clyde Movie for Me- nails a lot of more of the tongue your life. A really and the highwayman really just plants them as straight up, murderous psychopath focus and its yeah. It's don't it's fun
movie, but it is not even close historical, accurate and we'll get near the ways that it's not historically accurate. When it comes to Frank hammer in episode, three arrived so impossible, Bonnie Incline took hostages, and this is exactly what they did with Eddie County deputy Joe Johns Bonding Clyde's own guns were in the trunk of their car when the cop pull up, but luckily for them merely stamps kept shot gun in the closet. Of course, so deputy jobs was held at gunpoint and got forced the barrows car. They all had a back to Texas, presumably because they didn't know where else to go, because money incline always went back to Texas. Eventually, he is something about its either the loyalty to the state or just straight up. They just knew it so much is humdrum driving from town to town to town, but think about that mean you destroy four hundred seventy miles, and then you didn't. I four hundred seventy miles back in four in nineteen. Thirty to forward the eight show
seventy five miles per hour, because it's the only way Clyde Travel losing their top speed or they worked out a mule The thing was, though, headless corpse was found. Ninety miles outside of El Paso, just a few hours after it was discovered that Jones was kidnapped and it was assumed Clyde it just blown. The poor fuckers off and dumped him out on. The road turns up Leon. Related court orbs always have what was happening in America. At this time it was Vulcan awful Isoude crime was is, she does, I mean get crime was absolutely everywhere, but I mean, and still at this is not too far removed from the old Wes likening about it. This way- and this is nineteen thirty to the old West was is far removed from them as say the real of never mind is from Us Rock.
Yeah it's really it's really not that long. It really wasn't that long ago for them, raise a lotta hangover from now. But these about Johns is that he was still in the car with Bonnie Clyde in Raymond. He was helpfully giving roads chance. He was a child. I owe you don't want to go through Odessa. You wanna go further like this. When we go through Odessa than Europe, there's gonna be some cops. I didn't get yourself at the southern love of backseat driving. London does have a mom sovereign right now to be very careful. Shall I have you are you're gonna Le Mesa? You want to go in this direction, but if you want to go south and you're gonna hit you're gonna go right through middling veto yourself be kidnapped, just to be a man will eventually they let Johns out and San Antonio, but by the time Johns got to a phone the barrow It already sown the new vitiate in Victoria. And were well on their way to Houston, but still word it got now that they were headed that
way. So law man set up a roadblock in Wharton soon, as Clyde saw, though he pulled one of his trade mark on a dying you worries and sped off in the other direction faster than the cops could catch in the next day. All three of them had their names blast and out from the front page for the first time, Bonnie Parker had her name in print even know was attached to two murders are robbery and kidnapping, and still she found that she fucking loved yes, yet she got. It was hot cheat thought this was a part of this. Is that that the same thing with Clyde Barrow? That's where we talk about before why she wasn't upset when she found out, he was connected to a murder as it she loved every bit of it. He was a shoe on board. Rather we have silver stallion plain during the road trips and now I think we're listen! You David Bowe. We, Spain, was really big. There you're, not emails. There live in their yet another they're, not even close.
To be an area rather just names in the newspaper. Ok, after that, the Barrow gang up the Annie after drive and back to the Dallas area, Clyde Bro, can do the state Guard armoury in Fort Worth he broke into a fuckin armoury ass, the most dangerous thing to break it to no? No, not at all. It's ok. I mean for the first time these guys got their hands on a few brief, owning automatic rifles which would become a Barrow gang trademark. These armor rings a curious thing back then most towns of mean of reasonable size in Texas had armies filled with high calibre rifles. They were only for use by citizen militias, just in case, like Mexico decided to take back taxes or something so Texas dead. The version of the Israel kill the Israel keys hit
just for themselves on an automatic right, just skewed sheds, full of extremely powerful automatic rifles. Ok, the police had no Access whatsoever to these guns and can only get a hold of him after going through miles of red tape, but Bonnie inside could get a whole arsenal with little more effort than what they put new drug store, burglary, wow, and to give you an idea of the difference in fire power when it came to what bosnian Clyde had verses, what the cops were carrying take a listen to a couple of shots fired by a thirty eight special hangin, which is what most of the cops had it's hot shot to her, the less I most angels. We were now listen to a on automatic rifle, otherwise was a ba are, which is what the Barrow gang had
I don't know what's going on, I would prefer it was at this point That is why the wine instead, surely does not. I know for a fact, was coming from your computer, but I was just now knows that this point, the things got a little too hot for Raymond Hamilton. And he consider himself a gentleman bank robber, and he knew that when buying Clyde got a hold of the Ba hours, there was only bloodshed and their future. We do, because now they can, they can't fucking bus more fuck. It got This thing there's a because nobody else fuck, it had em just shot it right up to the fact that stakes go up here, What a lot of work and Ba are absolutely hence the domestic arms race
that is our civilian and cops Arsenal of guns. Enough really, I was thinking this is kind of a beginning at that, because all the cops didn't have Jack shit, but the criminals hat like the cops had slow cars and tiny guns yeah the criminals have The fast cars on the road and the guns that the army, in it using in world war, two Wilhelm and even that bank robbery and in our lab with introduced, had told like human furnaces gap, the cops it and go to the store by the shit. They got much stronger gods, and that was what the early Ninetys net there's a middle ground
if I were, you know, my small town of Stevens, one was gotta, doesn't need a bucket tagging tank on my little brother just told me they bought at another time. Nothing has happened. Just opened. There was one Werner in a paper mill guy granted out his partners for stealing electrical. Why, after Hamilton, left Bosnian Clyde actually began a bit of a golden age because without a gang they couldn't really pull off any big jobs, they still rob small towards in small, they still rob small stores and gas stations, and they still had to haul ass across state lines to escape the car but this time in their lives was more of a cross country. Vacation funded by petty crime is one of the very few good
points in this story. Would they are really living this outlawed dream where they see me on, they are living Hannah Mouth stealing when they need to relax when they can't partying fuckin have acts live on the road, so I couldn't kind of it. The kind of foreign sounds a little romantic. There live in hand to mouth, of course, but about them, Sir month observance of night Louise and plunged up- and there were really love here and they made it as far away as the great Lakes in Chicago, but it was in Illinois that Clyde fucked up and left a pill bottle with his name on it. In a car had been stolen from Oklahoma. No, you can't that cross and state lines with this Clyde could officially be charged with the federal crime of car theft, surprisingly, bank robbery and murder or state crimes, meaning bunny incline
across the state border during a chase and the cock case- an m be left on the side of the road stump up and down on his hat. This was such a crazy time where you could lead literally just like jump across the border, but I can't get me but now Bonnie Inclined, for on the radar. The justice department, particularly the division of an investigation that was it time, headed by none other than J Edgar Hoover, We did a real thing about cops. This article J, EDGAR Hoover- I wish it had, moreover, crimes, so we could actually cover him, but the ambition that he had. I thought it was really interesting. Little bit would Jeff when kind of hints at about like how the idea of federal com I hadn't happened yet alone. Exalt J Edgar Hoover like thought this up in his hand, like we're going to make this happen and Bunny Clyde actually became one of the bigger cases than allowed for the creation.
The FBI, interesting, ok, but only in Clyde at this time, worst small fries when compared to pretty boy Floyd John Donor and the Barker Gang. So the switchover didn't really matter yet, but it did signify the crossing of another criminal line for Clyde bearer. But during this time Bonnie and Clyde never stayed more than a night or two in the same location, usually stayed motels or motor chords for about a dollar a day when they couldn't find a motor court. Bonnie and Clyde sometimes knocked on a farmer's door,
to take just stay. The night usually slip in the house couple bucks for the troubles- and it was also at this time- were bombed, Clyde discovered how funny this to pull off and Upper Decker was really. He was kind of escalating and nobody asked questions you know partly because you know stand at a strangers. House was just kind of like american custom during the great depression. Absolutely I mean Araby and be. Do you really question the people whose daydream being be probably not, though I know you you could read, reviews of people you knew should use is let people reign of a senior us, but time a little more innocent, but now in Europe its little bit similar Natalia you go from town town and they give you super they give. You gets you Jim to find the right known Maria do go to there you go. There was also probably cause people just we're looking to take whatever they could get a mean again cannot stress enough how important the great depression was to this Laurie, I mean people like you know, someone shows up and says I'll, give you five dollars
let us stay the night. Five dollars is hue and then of course you can be like. Can I watch it? Ok, now man, but I want a robin or out I just what you couldn't you can watch see me to my short man. Match than other people that and Clyde stay just because they like stick in it to the man right. You know, there's these a couple of these outlaws out their Robin banks say fuck you to society and some people that was really attracted we're screwed, everybody wants to say fuck, you too, the fucking banks glaring with foreign part yeah Lula. Thank you to Hell, o fresh for supporting last biogas. Hello fresh makes conquering the catch and easy with deliciously simple, Sabena spend less time planning and grocery shopping, so we can get that time back to do more of what you love planning their vengeance against your co workers get fresh primo.
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heels. Bree. That's eighty dollars off your first month, a pillow fresh, go to hell afresh, dot com, slash last pot eighty and enter last pod aid, whether wasn't anywhere to stay bony incline just pulled over and some thick brush and slept in their car overnight, romantic, but no matter what they always dressed in clean clothes. During this time, they sometimes even drop their wardrobe off at a dry cleaners and weight in the countryside for a few days and tell their clothes were ready, I totally get this. I told you get why they did this. It is about brand understood that about ourselves and what it is that they wanted from life were they just like Adam and Eve just naked, with two fig leaf. To couple when I didn't have any close, allow these had a shitty clause and then they had on our good going out close ok course. They come back to West Dallas
often as they could on Halloween nineteen. Thirty, two Clyde, as had become the custom through a coke bauble out the window of his car into his parents, front yard inside the boy model was a note telling his mother, where and when they should all meet for a joint barrow, Parker Family get together. Ok, it did this dozens of times over there to your crime spree, and only once did they ever come close to getting caught. Even when there were thousands of cops looking specifically for them, they would still come back to US dollars to visit their fans. While they just love the connection and also they would come and at a time and go an unfair times, they would come and bring em cash in money lean times. There was really only one specifically in time. The two families would give shit to Bonnie include overnight, but this was not one of the times they almost got caught. However, I did find out that the cops had pinned a murder in Sherman taxes on him and bonding, as well as a hold up at a piglet
wigley and tax so no piggly wiggly mobilized episode. That is your that's your contigit for our guy. Well, this is the beginning of the end of my life. I remember my like a buddy, I'm glad, you're gonna know they didn't rob. Patently wiggly got not yet altogether back and make a great deal when promoting on really cried aloud: murders, fine, but the fuckin Rob Piggly, wigley and all of a sudden near the Devil Oki. Well, I didn't realize the free speech jail was open. Yet I welcome the cell next to me. If you mean Sir Answer hand, wonderful and there's no reaction, abiding fight and been anywhere near Sherman or Abilene, but those, but this was just the beginning of the law. And journalists, pinning whatever crime they couldn't solve on Bonnie incline and despite Bosnian Clyde's weak protest to the contrary. They loved this. Yet most every time they abandon a car cops would find the floorboards littered with
newspaper clippings that mentioned Bonnie inclines night about it. If you want to be an actor and finally, a new papers is huge rebounding modes. It did that because in the end is like you know, it's like this is such a thing as bad publicity at the time may not like you know, maybe at some point, maybe we won't die now about. Maybe we can live and infamy like as a legend here and then go to Mexico or go to Canada I lived there and just again to clarify if you want to see your name in print and in alien, you wanna get on the show you find, does an alien and then we will cover. You also can very easily righty self published book for Amazon. Impure loathing was the Texas press needed this with newspapers, restart and figure out during the great depression was just here:
much they ve been leaning on advertising dollars for all the years. Previously. I was kind of like why they almost cut put a president a position because of how many dollars at lead towards that we're in the middle of right now. So when businesses started closing left and right, add revenue dropped and newspapers had to make up the door. Prince in circulation, and since everybody had just about had enough, the stories about We will send does balls and depression airily stories about, dare that's just over the boat, we will have more of a beetle Lebaron loads. More of a beetle than a locust beetle makes it, but it makes a noise like a locust but it's all just bridge books about about its box. Sorry, I don't know a lot about buzz the Bogan Bowser like little there looking a little. What do you just sounds like their wearing overall spends its abundant buck shit up. That's all I know
Marcus bath. Since everybody was tired of hearing about all that shit, Bonnie and Clyde became the number one story in Texas. Awesome and newspapers found that the more colorful they made Bonnie incline more papers, they'd cell, so crimes were embellished. Narrative licences taken more than a few times when it came to how the murders went down and legend was born. Predictably, all this press was probably some responsible for the formation of Clyde's new gang, see now Clyde had a reputation to consider now and it wouldn't do just keep knocking off stores and gas station. It's weird all that We did factor in malware, Clyde Barrow realise it is a well Gordon the papers now, a legendary crow, So I must get a gang together and I got a live up to these expectations because it's not like you should some kind of fort, no wit,
Therefore, we are is far too with a love, that's our voice almost and that we have agreed in talking voice horrible singing boys know where he is going to work on your diaphragm. Thank you. You I've Zeb and work, and you know personally well right now, but they you for the so Clyde recruited, Hollis, Hail and frank hardy into the third iteration of the Barrow Gang and set about on the business of robbing banks, but it turned out. Bonnie incline couldn't live up to the hype. Ah, their first job was a bank in Missouri, but when they pulled out their guns, and told the tellers to give everything they had money. Inclood were informed by the teller that there was nothing to steal, because the bank had failed a few days pre every kind of autumn as he was like, I not giving all you got any just looked around no money spent like God
the logic of milk. Moving on beginning been tried: the farmers and minors bank. And or a no go Missouri or no go, I guess it's or another, might be Orinoco will lead us or Argo. That's like our resort, in the beautiful of middle of beautiful. So this time the failure rested solely with the gang since the first bank. It failed Clyde, sit finding a head. Do a little recognizance on the farmers and minors back this written these nets bit is very interesting. I don't know any other shit o back, then it was socially unacceptable for a woman to even enter a bank without a man, even if she had business. So what and just wander around a bank aimlessly attracted even more attention high.
All cotton tell if your pen, attention to Vietnam oozes pen on changing the implied hadn't had a bank account in there why probably had never stepped foot in a bank if they weren't robbing it so, while Bonnie Body Dodd around the lobby, tellers took note. Some help. Enormous health and about is a dime rose, is a pen on chain. Clearly I have three. So by the time the gang showed up, the teller was ready with a pistol and even though the gang had Ba our rifles, those rifles were no match for the tellers led, lined bullet proof. Counter it is also just like the half life of the lead to huge, always at all or wherever that. Furthermore, as soon as the gang walked in the teller pulled the alarm and pretty soon everyone or no go who owned a gun was out on the streets,
running fire, you gotta be a black like we get to the dead wood, The gang only cut out with about a hundred bucks, which that wasn't even enough for the townsfolk to chase after wow The two new members of the gang hail and hearty were disappointing to say the least, absolutely till they went on to make that soup chain controversial soup. Why do I not very good? They thought that they'd hitch there were against criminal masterminds. We're gonna be pulling off Barker Gang sized ice of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but what none of these idiots knew was that those huge highs required entire criminal networks, colluding bank officers paid off police and weeks if not months, of advance planning didn't just show up and say
Give me the money very interesting is that they had the same idea of criminals from what they read in the newspaper. So that's then, as far as they knew they re actually have the connections dating grow up and ganglion. They didn't understand that you literally had put money in the pockets of police in order It was an investment and give us a part of your business expenditures where you have to give some of the police yet to give them their very vague you to pay the guy for this powers. You gonna pay the criminal doctor this is it takes pocket money irrelevant it reminds me of another short man who said give me the money show we that money. We now give me the money down, give me the money. I love that money that moving called give me the money now that I'm in here Helen Hardy, were with the infamous bonding and Clyde who didn't just as me: headlines. Is the big boys were getting just as much heed but had only been able to get
about a hundred bucks between them after to high risk high. He robberies there get another reward, dung and all the rest no reward exactly as the just born gang, we're all hide, not MC countryside after Orinoco Hearty inhale, told body implied skinny. Down and get some more bullets when we arrive at a bullet, so I was thinking about making scream of barley, credible you from the greens and their big chunks of visible meat, and then we can put in airports all over the world, nothing better than ever that Tommy full of bad soup before you fly men feel it jiggle around in their linear bellies. The kitchen I dont, like Avenue, soup overboard on a plane, while I make it soup with beer at a hamburger learning. Glide never saw
Ellen Hardy ever again I just took off and they left binding Clyde with twenty five dollars, You might be asking yourself is why the Barrow gang always strayed so far away from Texas when they went out to rob banks, and while I dont know for sure, if this right, here's the reason it was probably at least on their minds, see back in the early nineties. Hundreds bank robbery was mostly a job that was reserved for hoboes, and yet, which I found out. A yegg was also slang for a safe cracker as well as slang. A hoboes sex boy, as it was defined in our Carl pants There is the fear that the hoboes cracking the save the era of the reason why this was a hobo job was because the escape was made all the more simpler when you had a knowledge of train, because, while horse this could be run down, jump on a train, got you far away from the bank
fact sitting. You were all stuck on track. You and you know where I trains go jump off whenever you want, but if you dont know that the Hobo hopped on the train You don't know where to send the word near NATO, where all those are thou in same time. A year ago that you get a roused about you, gotta go bull loose, lippy eggs you ride over these Albert, oh yeah, so lily, whereas cars got to me more common and faster and is paved roads and road signs became more prevalent. Bank robbery hit an all time high in the wide open spaces of taxes. During the twenties between nineteen, twenty and nineteen twenty seven, there were one hundred forty successful bank, hold up some burglaries in Texas and out of those one hundred and forty, only thirty ended with the capture of the perpetrators new issues of named our bank come and get it back what's funny because its Gideon with it.
I'm glad you're. So the Texas Bankers Association started put now bounties. It started with a five hundred dollar reward, specifically for dead Robert slow and killed in the process of robbing banks, because the Bankers Association refuse to pay for a living bank robber, even if that bank robber was convicted. I wish that we could also form our own This force, Yardley banks just made their own police can we use, have podcast believe we can do that. Ring arrest. People give us one star reviews and I can't find them and wake them up from their homes, with em big caravans, with which a weird like when's, undecided, circus people do and risk of weird. Like flip, do it all, while I'm sing a song when my big umbrella thought that out alone absolutely then in nineteen twenty seven, the tea Ba increased the bounty to fight
five thousand dollars for a corpse, her dead bank robber. Remember. It was specifically dead. Robert, I mean it's kind of crazy to other to sentence. You might see a corpse. What I see is money money well that naturally lead to crooked cops working with criminals, who would trick dome criminals into robbing banks, so the cops could shoot them dead on the scene and the cops which split the money with the criminals who set the whole thing if business is business and there were plenty of lawmen men that were against this. Eighty Bounty policy, especially Frank came. Who will talk about the next episode? We actually got all this information from the life. In times of Frank Hammer which Carolina Red is apparently an awesome fuckin, but very cool, but despite lawmen being totally against this policy, guess when it was rescinded. Two thousand twenty five
barely started. This happens right now. Well, I mean, even though they later modified it to say dead or alive. It stayed in effect until nineteen six. For, while a buyer, I don't know for sure. If this is why Bosnian Clyde stay away from taxes, it might be a good reason. Why they say. That's my little dry them in seem to have a natural understanding that if we drive as far away as possible from our home base, the less likely it is that they can pin us on the crimes and rights and also Texas. Maybe then I sort Dick All detective capital tax is a big state. You actually moved smaller states. So it's easy.
Cross. State law- that's actually probably a much better yeah. That's a very good! I already got your God criminal master. Would it be mad? Criminal, masterminded by taxes were four years, so it also, they were getting more nationwide notoriety net. I would suppose young, but Clyde's former partner, Ramen Hamilton, still rest tat his bank robbery, although it wasn't a bank robbery that eventually brought him down, Hamilton have been Robin banks and taxes with two dude named Lee. Stuart and Jean owe their dialogue more Stewart about less stuarts. Ninety eight bit by when areas it ain't bad though there there did you ever and is it better there. Just professional broadcasters will, unlike by in Clyde, less Stuart G
Oh dear and Raymond Hamilton were actually good thank running, but ramen had a big mouth and while Raymond was back home and basically Michigan added Ice skating brink one night he started Braggin knew a girl that he was one of the most notorious criminals and all a Texas yeah Hey. I don't wanna brag, but butter wanted for a more bearable. Yeah doesn't seem like it's real, going to make a woman fall in love with a gun like a felony GAD, a girl like, instead of being super and pressed, she went straight- the cops and that happy in Raymond was Chase down there at the skating rink, while he was still where it is I see no way I bear in designing a heart of muddy. Eventually he was extradited and sent to Texas to answer for the murder of John Butcher. Well, remember: Klein Ramen didn't like each other at all, but Clyde also knew that Raymond Hamilton
hadn't been anywhere near that murder. Raymond Hamilton only looked like the guy who actually pulled the trigger. So Clyde, even though we hated him felt obliged to save Raymond amateurs a part of his whole weird honour system, now, I'd Barrow had this idea of being a quota quote honest criminal, which is being like what, while other d, I don't believe he should be serving time for murder because he had nothing to do with in this bars. Clyde Barrow's conserve I'm going to bust them out because we're part of him that does believe in being the folk hero, paying him to be someone some level this. This image of him he will try to grow and fill were Barney for me. She already was now. I guess, you'll you'll, see as it goes to her addition to the crime. Gang was actually really important, but before that break could even be,
attempted the Barrow gang again needed members and capital. Yes, so when Bonnie and Clyde returned a West dollars for a visit, they were happy to hear that a Barrow family friend Debbie Jones wanted to join the gang, a double he was the Son of Turkey Jones who is coming barrows best friend, whose name these people, but I believe in all, but neat we basically they go to a bakery. They pick the weirdest shaped cookies and then they need After those cook, WMD worshipped, Clyde and every time Clive came home. Wmd was waiting with a fresh pile of licence plates ordered for Clyde to take out on the road for which jobs on stolen car would be the best part about having a butcher foster cats. You come home at all these new licence plates all these, like with the you know, but toilet wine right. I do
those misunderstanding of what a good foster parents, parent WMD was only sixteen years old. Oh, why these are all children in an earlier body inclood. They were only twenty two, but also at twenty two. You could have a of day, literally, an entire farm. Five heads We have a dog back. Some of these people grew up a little bit faster, but even so, Clyde was sceptical of the aid. Yeah when Wd brought it up. On Christmas Eve, one thousand nine hundred and thirty two, but after thinking about a second Clyde figured Wd might be an asset, so he brought him into the fold All that was needed now was initiation to see if DVD could handle it. Spain monsieur Mercier up. I gotta get all commitment. I gotta carers, for my spreading regime. So on Christmas morning, Clyde took WMD out to Temple taxes and told them they were going to rob a grocery store together, but when the two of us walk through the door, armed with handguns WMD seized
to start shaking his head. No, like. I want to do this on what to do this, so Clyde call them a coward and women when they gotta the body in the car and told her what happened money just laughed at him. I mean honestly, not just the most charming respond like going about EU policy is about what we do in this world, doubly deep, very quickly figured out that he was not cut out for a life of actual crime. It was a lot of fun to steal, license plates Erna came when it came to point a gun in some poor old lady space who is working to counter the grocery store diabetes like now I don't. I do not have any me to do the right thing. It was important for Clyde Barrow to show him in and unfortunately, spring with. This is the actual life. Have you want. You this shit. You oughta hop in good wound Rollin seventy miles per hour. You have two fuckin catch up right now and yet exactly end. But the thing is, though, is that, like Clyde had other plans
in mind. Those plans would change Debbie these life forever for the better, the boy. How do you do you went on to make the very popular exercise machine? The bow of flak interesting replied said that deputy wasn't going home without at least stealing somethin, so Clyde told them to steal a model, a car that was parked in front of the Barrow stolen Ford, vitiate, most likely kind, this just to be a dick, you have any gotta vacant, you gotta roasters their use in rows about mom ways, model tease, we're notoriously hard to steal because they didn't start with just a simple turn of a key with models and Maltese. You had to use this big, noisy crank and the whole thing was a complicated, multi step process,
get that you gotta, get that the major goals in the old days public. Do they gotta do that that the nipple shaft up you gotta, hit it three times you to say a prayer to do certain things at its like that. Seen in EAST of Eden, words like a ten, and had seen in that movie whether showed him how to start a novelty. Yet a movie is really good jobs and I'll. Tell you what mile a minute laugh, a minor matter, flatly fascinating absolute of course, once W D got to work and on steel in the car, with Clyde standing right next to him, call him a fucking idiot the whole time, the owner of a car, a man named Doyle, Johnson, SOM doing it and walk. Ford, Stubby the incline out. I get away. My car of gorgeous Johnson got Clyde in the stranglehold and, although nobody knows for sure who pulled the trigger, oh, it was probably Clyde and a second later Dole Johnson had a bullet and his spine is dead, for the day was done so with that Dublin II can go many more for at least
Now in use, then at least that's what Clyde told them, of course, because now you're connected declining just did a murder and he needs gang members, know any reasonable that arm are you have to be family in there's a party that has do be if you have to have no choice but to join the gang, because if you leave the stakes are too. I that's that buys day and loyalty. Yes, I mean it's the old Jeffrey steam rule our issues. Yet one other thing about it, though, is that quite the recent Clyde in Raymond Hamilton always budded head is because climate agreement Milton were equals, like they were right and on the same level, WMD would do whatever the FUCK Clyde told him today scared, shitless man, Ashley. You need illnesses that man, yet Clyde always wanted to be in charge was always in. This little matter worse, almost like small people
I have a complex area. Is the safety of New York wouldn't biggest that nobody had recognized Clyde and w D? No one knew what the fuck me In fact, it was seven months before anyone was charged with that murder and they ended up. Charges
someone else altogether them for mother fucker. That was just have to some town guy. That is the sad as part of all of this shit is a complete. It is people know we're just arrested for no reason. Wake of shit that followed Bonnie and Clyde is wide and deep, but that's the end as those who I just a man is, in my view of Jordan Impulse in shit. Look at my eluded me as usual. I hear the road a mile of beer hearing that video we used to play the lives of a guy in a separate thanking lubbers. As time goes, you see that again, the it's just get bigger and bigger the problems get bigger and rigour as they go here is really nothing for them to do at some point there lean and in their body the way credibility is now four member the gang, whether we like it or not, of and yet another character and them
low drama that was Bonnie incline. Life was about to be introduced, see Clyde Patent forgotten about Raymond Hamilton and is best idea to bust him out of jail. Was to smuggle a radio full of hacksaw blade, and you know it's like they. They get rid of radio it. It doesn't work there like all. We might want to check this radio for hacksaw enraged without dialogue, outlived know. If it's a radio for doll, I chose the Roddy era of you well no, don't even say anything out. What are you? My favorites all know? What's onwards, that you're listen into their room. All you can hear the trumpets lesson at this. Time, though, a robber named O Dell, Champ less, was on the loose in Dallas and the person tasked with Catherine Odell wish sheriffs smooch
men also was one only done fragile. Rock smooth real name was Richard, but for some reason he got the Nick with smooth, because he was six foot by our best smoke as smooth as light as smooth as you move, you look like a big jangling makes a shit so bad. It literally blunders out of an entire apartment, almost just it using bitching about you know what guys we're not bitten were worried till it to adopt I want to. I know I have a daughter, you do. Yes, my brother mobility
we have put an appointment, answering you MAC for Australia or months. I missed the first one, but only because this one can see he's gotta check your oil, Zambia, Latvia will smooth had been elected on a law and order campaign and law, and order was what he was gonna have, even though his previous job had been the owner of a crooked bicycle shop of which had no problem. Buying stolen bikes isn't funny other work out, but smote had fixated on Odell Channels and Odell Champ list was known to be a regular visitor to Raymond Hamilton. Sister Lillian had been given the job smuggling, the hacks all radio in jail. Ok, you can always trust a lonely and to help you with crime on. I really do believe that a lily and is a very clever. Shrewd one. I met a Lillian at the fullest brothers concert by the way, shouted to the Valise brothers, their big was an earlier. I actually went to buy a t shirt after the concert. There were phenomenal, and I said I, you guys on the road all the time, I'm done with less bike as the left it he freaked out anyway.
Wonderful and was superseded, gave each other law. The fully also a big fan within the tube supplier is here, and it was in the car. You play. They really are super super doubted by immigrants. There's name was Lillian as well. The clever she used. You are We're not old enough to be able to revise its hives. First of all, I know is my alma, whose name I actually it's banked Eric spanked homes banked. I am opposed to miss Bankes amateurs, Lily Point not to know my grandmother was various which used to droop get the boys drunk offer gin until the day she died, and I shall unfortunately, for smooth Schmidt though Bonnie and Clyde were deliver
that radio to Lillian on the day that smote had planned an ambush to capture Odell at Lillian's. How C and before the rate was over Deputy Malcolm Davis was dead from a shotgun blast from Clyde's gun. Oh, it was Clyde's second murder in two weeks and the only thing he gained from this one was an implacable new enemy in Smooth Schmidt and smoothed out of quite a few choice. Words too about Bonnie as well, he called her a tough two gun girl who is as tough as the ban Kinda shootin gallery moot you're going crazy shit. That gives She would honestly Bonnie above this loved, absolutely loved it. Do you think two gun girl is that code for gang vein? I am
because that's what they said, that was a go wandering about Bonnie that she got really upset about was her portrayal of the newspapers at some point was because they called her a venereal disease ridden strength it now. I am I a part of it is this concept that the she would have to be to run with all of these criminal gangs and she would essentially sexually service in the entire gang. I was kind of aid presuppose idea of her role of body was due Oh that no she was a one man woman down now. Bonnie, wouldn't do all that her sister, according to a Frank hammers book According to the book about Frank Hammer, her sister did kind of have that role hell, yeah, yeah Clyde had to send her home because all the gang members were fighting over well. That makes a lot of sense. The problem is it that then you, you know that does make a lot of that's gets technically, it brings up morale up to boy, around two peaks
into Iraq. Morale begins to affect the entire company until that book must have been written by a Texan. Because it has a sudden, Texas men, gossip more than hinges on the view all like die love their gossip God, diktat taxes, but like Texas Cowboys, you will never find a more fashion. Conscious grew, oh yeah, saps the dunes high country. Roas built buckle was on all we are not an him. Tell him, unlike many who underestimated Bonnie, just because she was a woman. Schmid rightly pegged her as a fully functioning member, the gang Sea, while Bonnie only fired a gun a few times. She was still write their alongside Clyde during the smaller robberies and she was behind the wheel more than a few times, and it came to get away really, but after the Malcolm If a smarter, Bonnie, Clyde and WMD begin
living lifestyle. They come to be known for over the years, sticking up gas stations and grocery stores around Oklahoma Taxes, Arkansas and Mazurka. Ok, and really, despite having at least three murders directly attached to whom nobody was permanently on Bonnie includes trail at this point where we going put it, they use their screwdriver to switch plates on stolen cars, a hell of a lot more than they use their guns. Seen Bonnie even started where I hear all the time of the ever really underwrite anywhere anymore. Just log J Edgar Hoover NICE. That's what because, then they can really just a part of this point. There really filling out the shoot out at the safe house where with where they ended up, do but the final, I may have one of the murders that Clyde Barrow actually did himself than any words like they're, really feel on deck he'd murdered for five people. At this point,
and I think all right like add, I think, as a result of the Barrow gang. I think at this point that the seven or eight and Clyde had murdered or five of those himself, ok of even for like a little family unit, Bonding Clyde call each other. Annie and daddy, daddy, daddy upon he's, gotta wear her honey. That's our w dig at the Un adjective nickname of boy, you have so it's daddy money and boy, and by an body and Debbie D, call them citizen, but ok, which says his prey. That's pretty common. I'm in Texas You'Re- absolutely that's how you not that's all you know who- have sex with now had a brilliant idea about now
I know tat since I know, and actually are probably the least people to do a lot of sister fuckin, it's more than another places right as like this, when we admire the deep south, although I did know at least two guys, hey man. I was a guy got caught, bang in their sister had spent a long time with some types of sisters to what are you gonna. Do can also known, as are always welcome. Each other have lately I own at this time, but the only real trouble of mining Clyde got into when they kidnapped policemen named Purcell in Springfield Missouri, but all he had to say about it was that Bonnie had a filthy, fuckin mouse that so funny, and that is what everyone said about. Bonnie is edgy. Oh, she woman could come up storm which also no again she's she's bucking she's. Trying do at this point in time, she's bucking all stereotypes about women,
what their self, what is society, except above our gently she still attached to many murders. I know a way, then you can't turn body in like a feminist. I know it s, disease still attached to a lot of either she was word and our gb sure robberies. Dealing courage, inclined to keep murdering Michel tie. I answer we gagging. We can't faulty much in love with Bonnie Parker here. Well, love is never bad unless it ends and murder. Free speech, I do you, like the unifying clad, still came back to see their flat families plenty as well swing through taxes at least once a month. If not more cry would throw the cope, Babo and Q me would call em Parker and took Jones and given the code, God was, I'm fixin red beans, your fix a red bids,
that's what makes a red being what I say I fix it read beans, it means by Hemorrhoid parliament, then the whole family we get together in some isolated park outside of Dallas, and they all have a good time fit is sweet, though, that the family, it is still there is very strong yesterday, like they, they knew what was happening right, I had to know yet, though, Clyde would always talk to about the murders like we come eggs I get another guy got killed, but Clyde also never take responsibility for any of us. He went away to someone else. S fault he, oh, that's. How we always lived is then he peed this.
Was basically to save commies. My words like you wanted to make you nervous Shi Ite, which are either I honestly what he wanted to the it's interesting, how they go through all of their ship. They don't want to disappoint their barracks. Yeah. I'm fixin red beans also sounds like a like. A really nice vintage comedy record or ratify someone named thing. The people do with this good period, only lasted about three months before it all went to shit permanently. Now, in March, a nineteen thirty three buck, Barrow Clyde's older brother, got a full pardon from the new taxes governor Miriam Ma Ferguson, who is actually serving her second term after spending a couple years out of office. Ma Ferguson, second female governor in the United States. So kid Wyoming had the first and act
the woman? Why arming beat Ma Ferguson by only ten days, no kin? Ninety ninety five, ninety five years after the after the after women got the boat whilst Ma Ferguson, a massive figure in Texas history, correct, very corrupt yeah yeah I mean, but you know they were proud of offers them yes, Ma Ma Ferguson and her husband, Paul Irving, and we're both extremely extremely corrupt but we'll get in them more on episode, free got access, got theme, Texas Governors or you do not ask me great document drawn out, it was in Richardson, no just Richards Jan enriches. Oh my god. She was scary and Richard Eric was fantastic. She was the governor when I was a kid. Everyone looked up to an Richards everyone loved and Richards Intel car robes.
Did the lesbian Whisper campaign designed with Ankara career, she was one of those move like I'll. Take your balls perimeter, pickle, jar and Democrat as well yeah. What book was starting to feel bad? bought leading his little brother into a life of crime. Oh so many years ago, with all the chicken and Turkey theft says it was about that have brought Clyde along was bought, those like hey, maybe I'd start still. Are you so buck? Having already turned himself in and finished his time, he figured it was his job to convince Clyde to do the same applied. He wasn't gonna do that shit, because if he turned himself- and he was going to the chair- oh but Clyde- suggested that they all take a vacation together anyway, but
yeah, this is only shot. It may be convinced of his brother figure. Maybe if I spent a couple weeks with him, I can wear em down so Buck agreed a bucks. Wife Blanche wanted no part in this vacation, because Bonnie Clyde DVD were family, not wanted murder. You will not just wanted murderers, they armor yet right. This way case in seems to be it would be really upsetting and they go on vacation. But you know I'd find. None problem, not a butcher rebel, its being in another but trouble. I hope you all enjoyed our interview within accrued last week on sad stories always prevail. It was it was a pleasure and honour to speak with that man, but the thing was: is that book said he was gonna, go with or without Blanche. So she, along with their little dogs. Snowball agreed to go now at first. The vacation was a great time beer had just.
Become legal again. Oh, so the brothers bought a case every night have low Buffon, while Blanche Cook Clyde his favorite meal angle PS with plenty of cream, you love, really Vesper cream peace yeah, it's already shit when you visit easy on the digestion and binding Clyde even had a little photo shoot. It was during this speculation that body and Clyde posts for the pictures that would make them ruby. Famous. The first picture was Bonnie playfully point, no God Clyde's belly, while Clyde just laughed and wider avenant greens I'm having a great die, but other, though, was a Bonnie partner foot up on the cars bumper with too sick shooter strapped to rebelled.
And a cigar hanging from her teeth, although bonding only have the cigar therefore show because at the time it became the it was very controversial because women rasp us openly smoke, and so it was useful the colonel. I keep it inside the body put the cigar her mouth, but then it would haunt her for the rest for day is cause. You got mad because people thought that she smoke and you didn't want people think she's my cigarettes, but not cigar. Now, oh alright, cigars make you sick gonna like cigars, and I, like you, really that's iniquity. Of course, I like nebulous between Hale, dead matter mocha, but in the destination that the barrows the Joplin Missouri they had made a fatal error. I wasn't. The law was specifically looking the Barrow Gang and Java Missouri cause they work. Instead, the law and Joplin was just on high alert at all times, because, even though beer was legal again, liquor was still very much illegal
under the Volstead ACT which enforced the prohibition of recreational alcohol use ie as a result, cops run. The look out for bootleggers in Joplin Missouri was a hotbed of civically that sort of illegal activity with that man was suspicious. Behaviour got more attention there than it might have in other places and the bear oh gang was inherently suspicious soon. I wasn't the robberies that Balkan Clyde committed to other in the job in area to fund this vacation got the attention of cops as bucks vow to go on. The street narrow only lasted about three weeks out of prison, nor was it the armory. The Barrow boys robbed, which result in several New Ba our rifles for the gangs arsenal what got the Barrow gang or the small things, the first
and it came when a ba are went off. While Clyde was cleaning it in the garage of the apartment, they were renting that it's gotta be frightened yeah yeah now would you should always unload the gun? Make sure the gun is unloaded before you clean it? That's rule number one man, opiate nerd with this spray of gunfire alerted the neighbours. The neighbors called the cops. When the cops came. Look see. They notice that the car park in the garage had been backed in which was a common tactic for criminals who might have need of a fast get I guess what you don't need to do it and you just in a parking garage, there's one thing that maybe makes me almost die of about a brain aneurysm whose, where people are trying to park and middle the public parking space and they back into space rob debate about. Do you and you have the floor? The flow
Are you sure this is gonna? Be an old old person grievance, while so police planned arrayed thinking they were about to take down a few run of the mill bootleggers? They had no idea they were about to face the Barrow gang newly armed with high powered rifles tragedy. Here is the buck and plants were about to go back to West Dallas that day Blanche seem to get back to her job at the beauty salon in book is Goin put. It was always more of a rascal than a rebel. It should use this kind of a good times guy and he did little petty crimes while but with a sort of the true. This thing about him was when he turned himself back it not right words like that:
really was him. He wanted to go straight neuron. This is, this is a part of white. Think is more of the car mecca nurture of their gang catching up to them, where they were just pulling out. They were just about to stop their vacation and go back on the yet bugged. After dip in his toe Joe a little bit and his brothers world. He was ready to get out now use like. I can't do this. I want to normal life, but it wasn't meant to be on the day that ever was packing up ray to go their separate ways: Joplin police approach, the house, the five men squad tasked with the raid were armed only with low caliber handguns and they arrived just as Clyde and you d were lowering the garage door and the cops used to cars to block a two Ford's parked inside the first cop to rush the gang was county Constable Wes, Harriman it was just another. Do trying to make ends meet by serving warrants, but, as he tried ducking under the closing garage door, Clyde picked up a shock on in.
Fired, severing an artery and heroines. Neck officer, Harry Mcguinness, open fire, next clippin, double d in the side, while Harriman bled to death on the ground, Clyde responded with another shock, blast which almost severed Mcguinness his right arm from his body use, use fast shit. Isn't that how they made Robocop literally one shot off his lip. Yes now offers de Graf was the next to try. As luck,
If we have you may all making would be if this turn into steam, punk robocop O the de Graf fired every bullet, his gun had a barrow and wmd. Then De Graf picked up Mcguinness, his revolver and fired some more. It was time for the gang to run, but their veto was still blocked by one car and Mcguinness, his body, so under fire Clyde pushed the car that was in the way and book dragged Mcguinness, his body to the other side, while the heavily bleeding WMD covered him with suppressing fire. Wasn't enough. Clyde was shot in the chest before he could get the car completely clear, but through an extraordinary piece of luck, the bullet hit a metal button on Clyde's shirt and the button absorb
most of the impact like later, like Bonnie, dug the bullet out with the hair. Pan hurt it also climb arrows gotta, be known from IRAN out two of having when he's called sort of a six sets about what you said about the cops and laws that he can guide understood, economy built in the back of his head when they were about to do at Nootka me many times with a kind of near run into the police were the spanish a squeak out. It's like a bit by a criminal and became Spiderman radioactive criminal. Finally, though, the whole gang loaded up into the Sudan in just ram the car blocking them out of the way and sped off without further resistance, although they did after leave, snowball behind all ran off when the gunfire started. Yes, nobles, who got it nor noble, was a little scared, but by the time the barrows left Joplin two cops, we're dead by their hands and as a result, buck in Blanche where Now, on the run, along with Bonnie Clyde and W De cut to snow
all showing up on one of the bodies just looking, look you're them was like. No bomb me all, that's not to say the Barrow gang. Away unscathed, although Clyde's wounds were superficial and buck, gotten bruised by some stray Buckshot Debbie got straight up shop and since it was too risky to go to a doctor, Clyde used a tree branch wrapped in fabric of our job. Now you scream of this hard after poking the ad hoc medical device in inside of WMD and out of any resistance, Clyde surmised, the bullet had gone all the way through good news and bad news
nobody in there. But now you are also Titus man. I got all treated me basically, but sell the only further medical treatment. Debbie D got big Obama friend, that's right, Aspen was different back and that was kind of like fuckin oxy, he sure and they had left behind one hell of a pile of evidence, parliament and job. This is how we know that, because of this, that this Boston MID is how we fuck it know every single thing about Bonnie Inclined besides the or be our rifles. The shock of the Tommy Gun and the pistol Blanche and book had left behind there. Marriage license and box brand new power, pardon, not good. No, really! Actually, now, although that was what put Blanche and back in the jackpot, there was one more thing
discovered at the house. That would ensure bosnian Clyde would reach new heights of celebrity a roll of film. Could they look cameras, many love taking pictures and documented their entire trip, and also they had their guitars. The trunks of bullshit that they were travelling with sea before those Bonnie include. Were mostly just names and print, because the only picture anyone had of either of them was Clyde's mug shot. But now the press had full rain to use pictures that would eventually become iconic The reason why the pictures were so good was because they were objectively sexy from looking at body together. It was obvious that they were not only in love was also obvious. They were fuck DNA fuck it they were laying great Holden each other fuckin full throat laugh like when you see do people at a restaurant or you know a good David's go where they will have their own love initiate and they ve looked good before
in their suits it look of working time and, if became, came, the lasting image of what you believe to be the ultimate romantic criminals of all time, and if I may put it crudely and bluntly when nineteen thirty men so the picture Bonnie in such an unladylike, pose with a cigar in her mouth, didn't hurt nets. Garlic like Ok, we got it looks like a big log shit, that's what happened with the dude and the wheelchair, and the original texts, Jason Massacre, fragmented cigar. I know what it was: that's what it was either he was always to and on a sausage yo. I think it's gone. Why are they are cigars? People don't smoke, went with the steps needed you just suck on all wet. Like tune on a cigar, the nicotine, it's like to nicotine gum, it's a big fat, wet that's a great architect of. Furthermore, the crime magazines,
are our forebears. They were just turn become Papa. This time he had magazines like true detective, yet true crime, which true cry magazine essentially named the genre of true crime. They now had the perfect, which to go along with all this awesome copy. The bosnian Clyde were provided. In short, the pictures made celebrities out of body and Clyde on par with the biggest movie stars. The day they been known before, or but now. Bosnian Clyde were a naughty sex. Fantasy come to life and it was. But I do I don't know the car sex was probably pretty stag. He allowed times are probably with a lot of fun, but WMD Dvd had allow look away the area of work where they because you, after the movie came out, you know, said that New Clyde was impotent and Debbie D. Actually, like years later didn't interview for Playboy magazine,
and they asked items like do was Clyde Impotent DVD uses like now They they they had CS every age while for foot before photos and suddenly Bonnie Parkers Face was being shown in movie theatres, but not as the matinee idle. She don't want her to be rather by When was now in the newsreels before the main picture, but Bonnie didn't care, she was in the theaters and in the magazines and in the newspapers, and everyone thought that Bonnie and Clyde rich and happy Balkan when they pleased and kill and who they liked. So now we can Q David Bowe, we say yes to this In reality, it was just gonna, be misery from then on for the Barrow gang misery will stretch until the end of their very short lives, and that's where will pick back up for the conclusion?
a body in class. I love this fucking store, It's crazy man for hazy. You know what it is is. I was but the last time a single reading through the book. It begins to feel like a fever dream of their cause. A part of its bearings eighty reduce area inciting doing where you sort of feel like what it would be like to be with them on the road and how hard it and I'll paranoid it would get. But if you take this to adapt our episode of this fucking up of the show right non stop activity for binding in cotton. They did not stop after that first chase when they were in the Maude animals. They literally the closest thing. Mad was that two month vacation, but you're, literally within their still run and all the time because it still Robin places over time. Yes, they origin. It is just this ruling sea of chaos will be kept,
for what you wish for, because you just might get at this, is I guess this is a strange master plan of theirs like at the end. We are in a fever, dream things definitely works, I mean because it at the same time it feels like it lasts forever and it feels like it lasted a day. At the same time, a time is completely out the window when it comes to talk about these guys. That's what you said Henry when you for a second reading is that all this feels like it happened in a day. It feels like they just and they never went to sleep now that it just kept role in London that that's why they kind of the short burst of energy. I think psychically it burns. Its way onto society. There Sutton there's something about the the fact it was so short lived, and so far and furious, is what allowed it to
until now now we're talking about them as if they are, but they were fucking cell so loosely just like motley crew. I remember that are behind us or get behind the music. I, like the Huey, loser the news one where they just basically said yeah. We the drugs. But then we got over. Now we all live in the same community together and barbecue every week right. Well, there it is body glide bar do that was all this story is so fuckin drippy had so much money that the movies missed the mark on everything he has this like there's so much goal stopped. I wanna see little real Bonnie Inclined movie absolute. I think that was a really show you, like Amazon Prime show for just a little Ben hounding. It lasted two long and had it look real bad, like a lot of things from Amazon doesn't asked you want now. I don't know I had a really good time with my new coffee maker. It's been lesson for body had you could have shocked in two different places of an Amazon for that coffee maker. I'm sure that
websites that you ve got to murder the coffee maker store right. Everyone. Thank you. So much for less need, so we are in this really right now, right now and yet so we can't wait to see everyone. I believe Sunday, we are in Perth Riah Sunday. I think it's Sunday gap, yes, go to Sunday get go, look at our website, less buckets and left. I come to see all of our australian dates were only there like this week and we're not coming back. Why We now know that poverty is, I'm gonna get did get limiting. Honestly, I don't know, maybe we'll come back. I don't know what I'm going to be a long time before we fuck had come back. So if you want to do you want to check this out come to Sidney, counterpart by these tickets really excited fuck, it see you guys honestly and I I'm nervous butterfly,
how about you go on it, but I'm really very excited the wettest really pissed off so we're not in Australia. You just out of me for lie and what they not we mention. We were in beautiful, sending LOS Angeles at the top of the shell repay it always line. We actually not have the ability to of yes absolutely. Why there's gonna be interesting? I hopefully I'm alive by the end of it. I think I will be, though I think I'll do it. You just need to get up and walk around here. Everyone on the flight out you'll make sure those clods don't fuckin, subtle and ask a woman. A massage you're lying representatives were legs around everywhere. Failure so hesitant, and we also get a couple of fund
it's to announce as well yeah. We got more dates in August to announce on August, sixteenth, we're going you ll antics city. I am looking forward to will we lit fear with evident? I was just there with puffin my lucky charm, black jack and roulette came home with forty two hundred bucks buddy. I think that you literally got a taste of the poison It is supposed to bring you back and killing where the first tales like who exotic, but is this and that's the aid see why they should you August seventeenth, we're gonna, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and on August teeth, we're, gonna, port, Chester, New York right. Absolutely, ok! Everyone wheels to you soon failures you mug, solutions you show was made possible by listeners. Like you think, store, add sponsors. You can support our
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