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Episode 379: Mormonism Part II - I'm in the Bible Now

2019-08-24 | 🔗

On the second part of Mormonism, we cover the writing of the Book of Mormon itself, including all of the myriad sources Joseph Smith used to cobble together the American religion as well as all the ways Joseph had to sidestep and bullshit to get the thing published.

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No place to escape to this is the last time on the level or some antiporn started voice boys get around. I had a vision last night, no Kissell do not have you laugh A do not be late, because I know this because your fear, your failure to change no im in division He came to me. While I was asleep last night, he came in through the balcony door like he actually walked through the window. He opened up the sliding glass door and walked in yeah and he was beautiful year two flashlights attached, I believe some sort of football gear on his shoulder shoulder pats and he told me that there was a place where I go where I could find a hidden series of plates in a box. Yes, I
and I know I know that all of these sums ridiculous. It sounds like a fairytale I was laughing, but now I'm not laughing at me. Listen I've written this injury and I went on the plate? And I looked at them? They told me an incredible story of a little brown haired girl that was homeless, that she found redemption in the arms of Jim Belushi in Bali, and it was an incredible story and her name was Query Saints day. A but theres a last chapter, which I have to show you guys. I still shoot it with the beauty of what ive seen its called golden shower, Teddy was the last chapter, and some of these plates were quite graphic.
So you. Basically, you fell asleep well watching curly. So after you jerked off to people and does it as good as I What's a champion of the last bought gets avail left. I am Benjamin Grant guess all, along with Marcus, Jordan Parks I remember in my middle name, you have a great name, the mjp, and then we have Henry. Mr Brown, right over there, in LOS Angeles, you wouldn't believe out the Teddy bears dancing in Pentaho. The Teddy bears had little human piece really and how the smiles on their teddy bear spaces as they found exultation in the drinking and the gurgling of the red. The other, the captain bears which what they call themselves and these leather overalls very excited that I cant believe how many of them-
fully adfly what a visionary I would love if you started a call Henry, because your your followers would be some the stink, his boys around the angel Sammie, my This is okay, you have a homeless man living at im, starting to gather evidence, and it seems that that is the that netcast everyone. We are on to part two of our long series, on Mormonism. So let's get you Mormonism part two. So when we last left Joseph Smith, the angel Moroni. Had finally allowed Joseph to bring the fabled golden plates home to begin the translation of the Book of Mormon, or at least that's what the Mormons believe
that's where they have to believe. Yes and, of course, the angel Maroni who he was, but he had to finish all the spaghetti. Honest way be ordered good, really want a blade said John, and I want you to prepare yourself, because that's not the last joke on men from queen. If this episode is going to provide so just be ready from what Joseph Smith told his followers at the time This has a lot about Mormonism. The retrieval of the book was a process that spanned four years and the entire thing was absolutely fraught with ritual. See Joseph Smith was told that he had to purify himself of greed before taking the golden plates and that he would have to return once a year for for years straight before he could finally take the plates home- that's like showing up at Popeye's for that chicken sandwich one day a year,
for years and just to have understand outside of the restaurant and look in the windows and master. But I will say this is a good lesson for him, though right because he was a grave robber, he was great. Amy was so this is actually pretty this. Is this pretty good, but still that's the things Joseph was not super pure because he still try to take the plates each time you went, I shall have them, oh show me they Maroni has to be like get at the area. You know you have it He was stopped each time. What did he say? He didn't. He say that he was shocked when he tried to grab the plate so that he felt a sort of like, L, some sort of energy that kept him from taking them. Yes, them, and literally both of electricity, went through his body when he and morons with the buzz
it is like when you what the dog collar on a dog and then it shocks and when they leave the yard- and we try to do that with my dog growing up, which I don't recommend is very mean, but all the dog does such a run. Ten feet get the pain, and then they never come home. Again I tell you what I really worked on my system, though you could iljimae such a pit bull, but that electric shock only came on the first two times on the third time that Joseph Smith tried taking the plates. He was stopped by an actual creature, see on that night. According to one source, the angel was maybe gonna, let Jose Smith, take the plates, so Joseph was instructed to where black close to the retrieval and to arrive riding a black course with a switching tail. No, this is a part of this story that is,
is that he did have to dress and well get into this far deeper in the next two episodes and to deeply ceremonial gear. You use to cover himself in black and leave seems to be that in reality this was an obstruction from Joseph Smith's father, but when Smith arrived at the stone as to retrieve the plates on the third time, and I'm simplifying this, because it is highly confusing. He found that there was, along with the book, something like a toad, side hook and that toad soon assumed the appearance of a man like thing Joey songwriters day did Mary. This guy, but tell me all know, fell raised that it's not it was Jojo's world and you're just living in it.
It. Is a joke of Smith came up with a clear shea, it's my world in your yes, I certainly didn't bottle. Anything. Critical attitude is also interesting. A toad Turk transform at transforming is a teacher point in the film psycho Mania that True. Yes, indeed, at the deep cut for our horror fans, Owen Smith, reached into the box to retrieve the book the toad man punched him in the side of the hedge back. They could take me home through the media deployed to normal. Oh, my god, I could just see with his located. Isn't I had happened again and again kept trying to exert writing man. Why are you sniping honestly? I made a man at the way, always poor. This is where I just gotta Mormonism. I can't be following a lot.
Or who got beat up by a toe. There's you gotta beat up the tone of sorry. We you got what rules inhuman had made up a toad and finally, the toad mantle Joseph you haven't followed the rules so you gotta wait another year. It I'll tell me all their old age is about, as I do. I guess I will come back to you now, because I've got fuck else. Did it hides could become a more powerful right hand, path magician, not over the course of this series im going to be saying the words I think a lot, because Mormon theology is some of the most confusing shit, ive ever and were probably going to get some shit wrong. I mean were not Mormon scholars here, even Mormons who study this shit, their entire lives. Dont know, story that well all right go to surprise, you all out there the a lot of sources for this topic, really a lot of the material written on it and just to go through it apparently
some people, devote their entire lives to understanding this topic and so were just like getting into it, but I do believe sometimes in the confusion, all of it. What is supposed to be that it really is just about Marcus. Do you have the fucking stones could say you believe in one thing or not, were you going to be a foot flaps that are part of this confusion has to do with the fact that, while Joseph Smith was a fantastic Restore teller and a fantastic public speaker, you wasnt all that great when it came to the written word so hes like a Sasha Grey type, very interesting. She told it. I never read her short stories. You dont think she told oral stories. That was the whole thing. She said she estrogen about pornography which she had a story arc in her art and in addition, you had remember that again,
is by its very nature, is an improvised religion and Joseph told different stories to different people at different times in his life. Concerning the origins of the Book of Mormon and, furthermore, many religions like say Catholicism are complicated by Design, because if you got a belief system that simple and easy to understand what the fuck do, you need a priest in a church for, but the interesting thing about the Book of Mormon is that originally it was supposed to be just that a book see the Smith. Family was once again in financial trouble and Joseph was trying to figure out a way to contribute. We spend we fortunes get do this is like fuckin Flaubert. We had to get, he had saved, can't they were common and they were going to take the cape big. We will get a biased families farm, so we his back, was the layout, a bunch of little Miss fits and he put together a baseball team and he taught them how to write the book them and the misfits and all the kids from the fact an hell got together and they beat Jesus Wowyou are into creating a new religion. You just come by
So many movies in this analogy its amazingbut flubber. If you go back and watch of course, its surrounding about a basket is about basketball game and the only way that white people can jump is through the MAC Sitwell Joseph had the idea first worried that we give a new history to the Americas, because that was a hot topic at the time. Look. What was America light before Columbus came one. If there is a whole group of indigenous people, there could ask them what was this land like a mini, boring, they're, a liar and only he was complain about all the shit we do. But the problem is that, while Joseph Smith could read, he could not write a that is all something that is a bit of a misnomer about Joseph Smith, because many people call Joseph Smith Illiterate, but the thing was that they were using illiterate in the sense the times back, then illiterate could mean that you could read, but you couldn't write, yeah
You couldn't write, it was called a writer or someone who is extremely stupid, very low intelligence who constantly drop snickers wrappers on the ground. There illiterate in Idiot literate in idiot literally its not a goal. We only been doing this for four hundred episodes. Okay, its not all going to be crashed. My car im laughing so hard. So just take your read, just go sixty five and have a safe trip home. Alright, the fingertip Smith knew from his treasure hunting days that I really wanted to sell something you needed a hook, so Joseph Smith gave his story Divine Providence, ie E visitations from God Jesus and an angel named Moroni. I see the book of Mormon at its core is really the synthesis of a bunch of different stories that were floating around America at the time. You can also say the same thing about Shakespeare, Shakespeare, all five of him, the
the are from the past and repackage them in fun. Ways interested thats, because one of Joseph Smith's greatest strength was the ability to take all, different stories, and cast them in a new light which honestly, isn't necessarily bad or even uncommon practice in modern fiction. For just a couple of examples like say, the invisible is one of our favorites here. The invisible is a gigantic pastiche of dozens of different stores. It rips pretty heavily from Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus Trilogy and as far as tv goes, the framework for battle star go. Ctia is mostly ripped from the Book of Mormon. How Bowser collected was created by a Mormon, the twelve tat you, like the twelve olenin ease. You know the planet cobalt. You know in Mormonism its call up yet the creator Ballast Arkell ACT Go was hard core Mormon. That is a bridge
in form of religious indoctrination is that we get. We get the good stuff out of it. You have what to name Tricia Helfer NO during Helocs, not woman thought she was not included the looter but a fair number of Joseph Smith's rips came from the more mystical parts of the Bible, Urim and Thummim. The magical seer stones were mentioned in exodus as a on Aaron's breastplate, although we have no idea what their actual magic function was covering up those duties, oh yeah Aaron was way they had the US. They, the original definition of the name errand means picnic
and the sky was just so scared and so Shane, and how big his nipples had grown, that he needed these stones to get his power by is, and it wasnt just those small details that Joseph Smith borrowed. He took one hundred names from the Bible for the Book of Mormon and direct swipes from the old new testament make up almost ten percent of the text, but for the actual narrative of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith mostly took from the stories that were at the time, threatening to become official parts of american History see, as we mentioned in the first episode up. State New York was home to a large amount of indian burial mounds, and it was thought at the time by a surprising amount of people, both educated and not that these mounds were the remnants of an extinct. Race its because its much easier to deal with a race that no longer exists and not have to come to terms with the actual crimes.
Your civilization that showed up and rolled over the previous civilization, so A good way to do this is is kind of forget that they were even the so you are so like thats done. Why are we living in the past, like its that thought process, there's a book called the fifth head of Cerberus by the guy wrote the sword of the Citadel Series Wolf. He basically its all about that about how they showed up on a foreign planet and then scared of the old species and then said So theyve been gone for centuries and then move people there, the amount of nerd knowledge that you have. She really it's. Your very smart Hendry but that is an interesting there's, a sociological phenomenon as well oftentimes people of a different class literal,
just do not see certain other people think they ve done. Like studies be like how many homeless people did you pass on a straight and like that and see any, but in reality it passed like four and then someone else would see the for its very interesting Day, hello to everyone thats. What I do hello like shit mentally and what was more, is that they not only erased the history of the people already there. They also constructed a story that made the whole thing: those people fault brilliant. It was thought at the time that at least some of the remains in those burial. Mounds belonged to an advanced extinct, white race who had been wiped out by the darker skins, natives and a great war and all those people were buried in these large mounds post battle. Why also specifically the place where they were in New York right
see New York, where they said they had found these giant mounts, and so they had originally postulated that it was this battle ground cemetery, that they thought that these mountains were evidenced. These giant battles that happen, and so these were the losers, skeletons that were looking at, which are these good advanced people that had tools and furniture and homes, and all this shit. So they said it was an outside work because they weren't reading actual history and did not know that they were put there on purpose, and this wasn't just folk belief. This wasn't some farmers were telling each other like on days off academics. Bending this shit is probably and William Henry Harrison just before. He became president for thirty days, of course, before he died, he admiringly about this possible prehistoric, America. He thought yeah. That makes sense. Yeah I mean, and if you can't trust someone who is too stupid not to be able to live for a lathered, nt Wecan, you trust
We know that these mounds were merely aggregated burial sites made up of ancestors of the Cahokia tribe, but back then a person could attach pretty much any story. They wanted to these bodies and Joseph Smith had a lot of practice. Telling stories about these mountains, see at first Joseph made up stories about these hypothetical american forebears to entertain his family and going off the theme that the book of Mormons is essentially a fantasy novel, Joseph Smith A master at world building. His own mother said that when her son told these stories, he knew how the people dressed how they travelled. What animals they domesticated, what their buildings look like, how their cities were laid out how they made war and, most importantly, what their religious worship was like all my sudden Joseph is this,
Martell Historiae. I've ever met. He explained to me. They wore hollowed out melons. Folklore, nay, knew that the pros were dirty when the birds had eaten all the melon run off. Of them and they became new and they used to drink only p, a bunch of Teddy bears come out of the forest big masculine teddy bear with the voice of human penis, making love to each other in defiance of morality. In defiance of God's lawn. You know what I I appreciate freedom, I wish they wouldn't put it my Atwell sometime between eighteen to.
In eighteen, twenty seven, we don't exactly know when Joseph Smith decided to put this history to paper, but before we get to that, it's important to talk a little about Joseph Smith's family history, because Henry discovered some new shit. Since we recorded the last episode ooooo cool. I didnt you would be ten. I could just see you like travel hog in their research and other big old joy out. What Henry discovered is that it is very likely that the Smith family, even outside of Joseph Psmith himself, were practicing right hand, path, magicians and the evidence for this lies in the magical artifacts that the summit-
family allegedly owned. Ok, we're we're gonna see over the next two episodes is a joke of Psmith I'd. Some point was massively educated about eight. The ancient rituals like Al Chemical, magic and hermetic studies right so at some point he needs of image slowly, but surely layered it into Mormonism. The book of Mormon were going to find out is the most pedestrian part of the entire religion. Yet a book of Mormon does not hold any of these secret rituals that will slowly be built in and cover more an episode three. But in order for him to even know this at some point is family must have been heavily involved, seems to be that they were involved in magical thought, but it was a practical version right hand, magic. What we call folk magic that not have been handed down from generation to generation. Yeah, I mean lets go through the magical artifacts of the Smith family actually owned. Okay, they had three parchments covered in magical symbols.
Directly from three well known, magical tax. The major by Francis Barrett, published in eighteen, oh won the new complete. Illustration of celestial sciences by Ebonys are sibly published in seventeen eighty four and the discovery of witchcraft by Reginald Scott published in fifteen eighty four, oh thats, very nice. There is also a book called the three philosophies of the cult by I want to say a Agrippa or Agrippa. I dont know how to pronounce it, and that is another a companion and were going to see too, as Joseph almost stole the idea of just curate a series of thought on these books, where you take these, but all of these books are cobbled together of ancient people, telling the next person in the next person. This is how it's done in ancient texts and then these people are not making the shit up completely their packaging, it creating connections, but they are.
In old stories in making them new, which is what Joseph Smith just inherently understood, that's how somebody works You got me remix, so he is basically the first instant Grammer who has an account that just steals everybody else's work and then gets Heine. Followers their monetize is add aggregated had regained, so that so that is really what's interesting about that. That is, if that's, how he kind of grew up as a family. That is the basis of Mormonism. I suppose it's not foreign for humans to build on another person's literature in those but that's a really fascinating little seed for Mormon. It is also the beginning of Scientology and if you probably look back and you actually had video cameras or some kind of evidence back in the day, I can fucking guarantee. It is also the backbone of Christianity and then also the idea of just the Kabala being in its allmetal center in the middle of duties and very interesting highly compelling
F. Furthermore, Joseph Smith's brother Hiram inherited a true blue magical tool from Joseph Smith, senior Hiram, Smith was in possession of a ceremonial dagger which was used in the pursuit of what else, but treasure this artifice, now known as the Mars dagger had the sea of Mars inscribed on one side of the blade and on the other, was the Zodiac sign for Scorpio and the hebrew letters for I don't while it may seem like all, this is a little hodgepodge. The hebrew letters in particular when it comes to treasure hunting seem to be tied to magical writings of the aforementioned Henry Agrippa, which date to around the sixteenth century. These people knew what the fuck they were doing. He added. They were laid old with magic and well, and then we'll see ladle later on when Joseph Smith is even dad. We're gonna I would even had on his own fucking body at the time of his death at the end of Mormonism, all this shit
Nokian Fucking MAGIC, but he took all the dick and he added it immediately after a cough. Well, that's a different kind of approach. There is an element. Just thinking that dog shit can become goal is not necessarily dogs on this debate about the world. You because Adrian Allegorical, if the train Al Gore, no I'm just saying Genovese Reserve. If it is our guard leave it, it makes walking through a cow, far much more exciting, because it's not just piles of dung its potential, go you just what you little than just like. I heard it was oh nothing we found out since the last episode is that crazy, old treasure hunter that we dismissed as an old coot. In the last episode, the guy named Walters, he was actually a physician named Dr Lumen Walter and Dr Lumen. Walter had traveled extensively in Europe studying, alchemy and hermetic lore and young Joseph
Myth spent a lot of time in Walter's, Toodles interested just cut to him Roland around and picture just being like it's like would go, live electric out, I'm just gonna. Let you I will say, do not count him out for being an old cool. Done, because even doctors can become old cool you gotta get to I cant wait. That is what im shooting for it, because right now im just light. Get there, but you're going to get there now were not seeing the these beliefs were real. Are that even or that they even produce real results. But the point Make ill get into it, but the point we're trying to make is that Joseph Smith, at the very least since he was a teenager was immersed in magical ritual which actually makes nineteenth century America a much more in place when you realize that just like fucking farmers were practicing ritual magic. That does make it much more
and then what I would imagine which, as farmers, to waken up a three thirty in the morning having to touch every part of the tea to their cause, I'm totally what that back on dont really go on now she give it a good supper and then just stare at a cord and enact o bugs don't come in every single farmer practice ritual magic, but some of them were in that's coolly, shit, but by in eighteen. Twenty seven Joseph Smith was still a long way from actually putting any of his ritualistic knowledge to use for anything other than treasure hunting, because he just didn't have the belief in himself or the scope to conceive of these ideas. He did know what it was work. He didn't know what he what works. He was working. He didn't know that this shit was in the background, right now, Joe Smith is young, dumb and full of cum, and all he wants to do is
as many wives and his saddle as possible, and he wants to write it. Yes, he is discovered we also made. We have fundamental disagreements on what the purpose of polygamy is, but anyway, I know now. Well now I have more deep, deeper Nostick understanding, which will more people with next week that check. But it is, you know, but this time he's a good looking dude who trying to save the family farm. I think we all know the purpose of polygamy is to get a reality, show that is the Portishead. It was suicide by nagging at anchor. My guys with this are we ve of job here, while at that time Joseph Smith was just trying to sell a book, so we wouldn't have to be a fuckin farmer, but still, Joseph Smith. Couldn't do this on his own because, as we said, Joseph Smith couldn't write but before he could get to actually recording the story itself. The story surrounding the book of Mormon the hook still had to be filled out. First
he had to convince his family and considering how into the occult they already were. It wasnt that hard to convince him that he eventually found a magical tome of his own, he couldn't showed any anyone less they die a horrible death to this would at cleared some up for me learning more about his family. History is learning about how like why they all jumped in when he said. I found this book. It's an absolutely incredible. Your minds can be blown. Have to make it up that didn't see any or music, but if I show you any of this source materials which wish air quotation, your heads will explode nor like yeah, I know books like this. I know had exploding books. Well, I find but its because now theyre in the story like now, they are no longer on the outside of the store. They are no longer just doing these rituals like now this Smith family, who have been poor, who have always thought that they are better than everyone else. Now, the Smith family. They were the story, cool enemy wasn't like he wasn't he.
Was telling the truth somewhat right I mean he was working on the book. It wasn't like. Leave. Finding Jack Nicholson. Writing in the in the main entrance of the cell in the shining at least know we are working on it right. Yeah, ok, at a higher output and Jack Torrent is good, but the bolster the claim Joseph was able to show his family, the other magical artifacts that he'd he showed them the scene stones and he showed them the breastplate that he supposedly found with the golden plates and those things did exist because the breastplates like breastplates, were relatively common in upstate burial mountains. So we probably just robed that one from a grave show like look, this is what the angel showed me. These are the seeing stones, the book I can't show it to ya, but I promise its there and they figure to three bad, not at all, some of them, some of the family and a closer look at the seer stones and others, because some of said, the seer stones were of the solid shiny rocks and so
said that they were, I think, its hematite, it's a clear court like rock, but we know but it just seems interesting than ever. They ve got a different story. What the fuck they look like yeah, so once Psmith convince his family, he moved on to his wife, who was a much harder cell, see Emma was starting the suspect that maybe he'd married a con man and her father never stop telling her that she had definitely married a con man. What that meant was that the divinity of the book grandpa play a role not only in keeping the entire Smith family afloat, but also in assuring Emma that she had made a huge mistake in marrying. And some treasure hunter from New York, which is how cults get kind of born right or now people feel that they are invested personally in believing the central ideas. These are the kind of beginnings of it, because this is. To all you, ladies and men, out there. If you got it, to do or woman. You had a significant other telling you that they got time to
put something together they have time to have a job because are too busy working on a big secret project. You have to either make sure to book by going through the computer and make sure they're, not stockpiling, guns or just a bunch of different but plugs and they're just trying to, make the world's biggest game. It gets sponsorship. Yes, you can monetize that yeah well, since Emma Place, no stock in the cult Joseph Smith had to dazzle her with his talent as a storyteller. Okay, so Emma was tasked with being the first driver for the Book of Mormon and, as she sat ready and waiting with a pen and paper, Joseph Smith was across the room staring into his seeing stones and inspiration finally struck Smith began the tale that would become the book of Mormon. Onthanks to fresh for supporting last podcast, whether you are in a
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Really I didn't realize that was the stereotype of the American Jus see was the private nief I who had left your rousillon six hundred years before the birth of Christ and with Nief I was his father Lehigh and others. All people have may only names that they all right this guy. This is like this is miles up. This is banned. This is planned this each man, and this is written. Starter out of ideas, but we cant stop having babies, Inifile and a few others all left Jerusalem, because the city was due for destruction like Jose Smith. Nia had two older brothers who are named layman: and Emule and by Joseph Smith. If I, three younger brothers, SAM Jacob and Joseph. But in the book Joseph Cast, the two older brothers as evil and because they were evil, go
what pushed them and all of their descendants with red skin isn't that great the so God with super racism. Sata punishment was making them look native American WA at is unbelievable, so there's a lot of bigotry and near yes and I ve no going under that notes. Gonna get a lot worse. L, I know at her irony. I know what happened in eighteen. Seventy three with a liberal Mormons, like people, were actually be the first time I know, and thus the lemonade aka, the native Americans were born and since Nephi had stayed in the good graces of God, he retained his white skin because its a well known fact that everyone from Jerusalem and six one BC was white. Oh yeah, that's, where born were there's best, there's no place where I see white people feel more at especially me in the desert.
Beaten down our slowly my pale light skin I dont need protection. I had a palm fraud which I carry from place to place like this. So the yes, of course, I'm from Africa that so that meant that the white men beneath its, where the good guys of Americans. The layman AIDS, where the bad guy ok see the layman eyes were described, as quote wild and ferocious, and a blood thirsty people full of idolatry and filthy, miss feeding upon beast of prey drilling in with a short skirt good to depart their lawns. You can the theyre. Just trying to live have a meet, and I have some good barbecue and beef jerky. We by contrast the Nestor affair and delight some people dont. For their love of culture. They were farmers and architects. They were good civilized folk who only wanted to bask in the glory of
Laverne of them by their ankles and shake There are sheet that needs to dry. I love that. I hate those kinds of people in these two tribes word with each other for thousand years and after each battle the dead were piled in great mounds, and it was the dead NE the lamanites, who dotted the landscape of western New York. Okay. First of all, they went to ward for hundreds of years that war would have been over in a second as soon as the whites missed their tea lunch. And bones better stop by salt people that love architecture are right yeah, oh, must be said that Emma was absolutely flabbergasted Joseph seemingly just stream a conscious. This whole fucking story like as far as from her perspective he just there staring at a table- and he just spouting this shit, put hes ry
when Williams in his way. Throughout this whole thing, without the horrible ending, I guess he didn't want to see what common real arbours lighter when light when which overs Joseph Smith was in shit into flow he's just been, I got mounds her mounds over there. Every look. That's bound everyday she's, just like me from a crazy fuckin ride, well, thats, because Emma honestly did not think her husband was capable of creating such a story on his own, but Emma was just the first of many people Underestimate Joseph Smith's raw intelligence, see a big part of Mormon belief is that Joseph Smith was just a simple farm boy, who a smart. Well, that was the idea right, but that was in doctrine. It was, as So he knew that's how you knew revelations were real.
Two simple: he was: could you technically you met and Joseph Smet the way they portrayed him? He, but I don't know what happened and about Malta naked mind coca me in the non negotiable, so money fancy do he's What was also very they did. It is money parties glorious unlike, but then you meet the real justice methods. I know he's got like blue to thing and what is that doing is like that. At all thing, I think I think I got from an angel is gonna, absolutely brilliant way to do. It, though, come in through the back door, because then people like always just want to me or maybe even make him feel like they're, more intelligent than you and the next thing you know their vote for you as president of the United States of America, but as for Brody points, out, and no man knows my history. This actually does a great disservice to Joseph Smith, because if you look,
some of the other things being published at the same time as the Book of Mormon, you see that Joseph Smith was actually very well read, see at one thousand, eight hundred and twenty three about five years before the Book of Mormon was published. A pastor named Ethan Smith wrote a book called view of the Hebrews or the ten tribes of Israel in America, and although the book was badly source and its conclusions were fantastically wrong Smith was drawing upon what sources were available at the time to explain where the native Americans actually came from, and it was Ethan Smith who first floated the idea that the natives had come from Israel with civilization in tow but over time. Had evolved into a way of living that US whites had deemed inferior, but there is that they left from both from Israel. Yes, it very difficult, its very difficult way to get to America or the idea
with? Egypt were in asian people that came over the Bering straight I just its difficult. Its That some of these stories were there like they grew out of cabbage patch I dont think that that is good either, but whatever gets them here. I dont know guys interesting, so they just refused the idea that they were indigenous that they actually own the land. Yes, this is all just them doing. Mental atleast six nastic do not feel like total horrible pieces of shit. Exactly and just Smith even used this book to support his own hypothesis years later, but cleverly Joseph Smith used a reprint of the material that was published after the Book of Mormon, which made it look like the Book of Mormon had actually inspired this book rather than the other way around Mr Nice and it wasnt just the overall hypothesis that Joseph Smith swiped, the opening was the same. The prophets were the same. Both quoted a lot from the book of
I say I am both said that the job of White Americans was to bring the Indian into the christian flock, but this was just the base for Joseph Smet. This was the jump off point. What gave the book a moment? The actual oath was the biblical connections, so there's a line in the Bible from Jesus that says other sheep I have which are not of this fold them. Also, I must bring and they shall hear my voice. That's also what we do here at last podcast network trying to get people to Setsus, Ribe or, very short, absolutely so. Jesus hes, just yelling at a bunch of sheetmetal, were going want to get you or her sheep and it was get over here, that's what it would examine reduces over like scorpion cruel, and it was Joseph Smith contention that those other sheep were the layman nights
in the Knights of America and from what Joseph Smith claimed. Jesus did come to America around the time that he was executed on Golgotha, whose story goes that Jesus came to America. The knee fits and the lamanites have been locked in a vicious battle, but after Jesus came both tribes except the gospel and made at least until Satan undid the whole thing a few generations later got to, but all this story it wasn't just a Smith who was doing the transcribing the benefit was done by a man named Martin Harris whose family sometimes employed Joseph Smith's family for day labor see Martin Harris. Although he was a perfectly. In very nice. Young man by all accounts was extremely gullible and swallow Joseph Smith's story. The golden plates and, moreover, I from the very beginning of July, the duty that may be
get a look at some of its plating. Yours, if you won't, do I had to explore new media word. Sunglasses also lose we're dead. My brain from me from legal blaze, a shopping mall. The reason why Martin Harris fell for this so easily is because Martin had has had what you might call a wandering conviction before hitching a Smith Harris had been a restorationist, a universalist and a Quaker, but Smith's story held a special allure. I mean Martin Harris as a guy that was searching for something new. What were those reserve in its restoration restoration, is, I don't know I don't I don't know. I've never heard the Anglo amid the quakers are still around board. Was that what this is also a time in America where there
are so many different ways of looking at Christianity because, like we said in the first episode like this is the first time where in were in a country, you could do whatever you wanted with religion. And America was full of dreamers. We just a gold rush from monetary gain. We way spiritual rush. What were trying to find the truth, yeah the great spiritual reparation and the restoration is their job with I mean I think that it comes down to what Mormonism was also said to do, which was restore the true christian church like that at all. This is about it. Whoever is the glass guy you said now were: we made Samuel, Jackson, shaft that should be enough right, yeah its the whole, like a primitive church theory like, were we got to bring the church back to its most Pacas, the book of more was also extremely Anti Catholic, like violently Anti Catholic in a time when people were burning down on areas in America, but for Martin Harris
Joseph Psmith story held a special allure because, with Joseph Smith, Martin Harris was getting getting in on the ground floor of something brand new and that just made it that much more exciting yeah man see Martin. What was most impressive about the Book of Mormon was that it seemed to solve the problem of just where the fuck the native Americans came from, because apparently that was a big question in the minds of a lot of white people at the time they were obsessed with this question like: where do they call you? They should be because they keep running to places where the Carton, the West, the final frontier well go see all the visa, the unadulterated don't free for speculation, free for habitation go when theres like put a family I like You got it Here, though, we will speak.
Of getting in on the ground floor, I got to run my package of herbal life. Is here and I think im going to do it you guys like Herbalife, because im told I get both you guys to sign up im making so much money. You know whats on my bucket list is by myself to death. Seeing et me sound great and great, but as impressive as Martin Harris thought, the story was, he still wanted to see the plates for himself and Smith refused, naturally, but he did give her a copy of what he said was some of the engraved characters from the plates. So Harris could take these engraved characters to a learned man to translate. So it is good. Is the place right your going to want to keep this iou, because this is really really very exist. He just wrote a bunch of symbols down, but we
find out. I mean he did a little bit of work. A little risk on these characters like you'd. Think that you know, if he's going to be right in this shit, you know if it if it's going to be coming from God, if it's going to be coming from, hang angels, it's going to be in Hebrew this is it speak even though speaking Hebrew in America was rare. At the time there were still people who could speak Hebrew in America, especially so close to New York City. What nobody knew anything about just yet, though in America was Egyptian Hieroglyphics see before the rows that a stone was finally deciphered in eighteen. Twenty two people the written language of the ancient Egyptians was forever lost and Joseph Smith assumed that it was going to be for or lost that no one was ever going to be able to floater nomination thats like the golden state killer. I dont never come up with the technology to catch me. I think not going to be just fine or ever, and this even after the
stone was deciphered cuz the stone that Rosetta stone was deciphered around the time that Mormonism was created, but those findings were published until one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven years, romanism was already established. So just Smith figured he'd be safe if he just copied a bunch of glass, along with the other, along with a lot other impressive, looking symbols and call it reformed egyptian its a great way of just say, total arch ecause, the we love idea of being reform de Gypsie. It's like you, take your horse hat off, though, like you do always go to the Temple of Solomon. Its, like you, celebrate some of the various Ramses celebrations with some that you don't well. There were some people that thought that the ancient Egyptians and the people of the americas- had made contact with each other, because you know you had all the pyramids down in South America, like those were being discovered at this time. So was in a ridiculous notion. It was one of those that base just Smith, was very good at taking all
these new scientific diver that were wrong at the time, but he was very good at taking them to give his own a little bit of cloud, ok, but what Martin Harris did with this sheet that had all of these reformed egyptian characters on it? Martin Harris took it down to Columbia, University and at Columbia. A professor told Martin Harris that he pretty much broad EM, a bunch of bullshit, but admittedly it was intriguing bullshit yeah can I wanna meet the fucking. Asshole set. You thislike, who said this to the professor asked if he could see the original plights. Of course, Martin had to admit that even he had not seen the plates, because to do so, for Like Minehead, because viewed Dr. What are these plates rhyme told even Singlepass, wont keep your create from exploding,
oh yeah, really, and when Martin Harris told the professor that he couldn't see the book the professor said quotes. I cannot read a sealed book, so Martin went back to Palmyra Crestfallen, but what Joseph Smith did next truly shows how intelligent he actually was according to Harris, when he told Joseph Smith, in about the sealed book. Smith immediately went over to his Bible, opened it to the book of Isaiah and showed Harris this verse. He had us wanna shit, your pants, and the vision of all the pacom on to you as to the words of a book that is sealed which men deliver one that is learned, saying read this: I pray thee and he saith. I cannot for it is sealed boom
the fucking three just Japonica. So instead of destroying his faith as it should have, this episode actually bound Harris closer because Martin Harris had unwittingly fulfilled a prophecy now may have very good. I ever think it wise course. If the golden corral of all religions, they got everything in eight Siena Harris is a part of the story now he's in it. He is in the fucking Bible. Why? Oh and with that Harris Pledge to finance the publication and distribution of the book of more God. We gotta start a goddam religion, man, but that free ass money, but while Martin Harris was getting carried away with his new buddy Martin Harris's wife was none to keen on literally betting, the farm on knee fits and lamanites
and angels with goofy name. Oh, she don't like that idea. I wonder why it is straight up TIM Allen and Patricia this is her this mature, I could see the look on her face, but I you did what are fucking money and you, then this is in the Bobby especially concerned when Martin told her that he was leaving the farm to be closer to Joseph Smith, because Martin, said volunteer to take over scribe duties from Emma, because Emma was now pregnant. So when Martin win his wife. Lucy went with him because she wanted to see this shit for herself and for two weeks, Lucy Smith searched high and low for these fucking golden plates. Not given a shit about the warning Joseph given that seeing the plates resulted
You fuckin, head exploding, show me the plates. I honestly can see us just that line of walking into our me like. I do and my you're, my husband's new boss, show me the play god I'll deal with my head. Exhilarating grow. When you add- and I read a thing last week, it says I can grow new ad. If I have I step on up ass a deal with my left foot three times, I don't know brow the fucking politely helmet. Otto- maybe keep it all contain after that fortnight was over and done with Lucy Harris violence into Hell with it to do it every I'm going back home, hey technically, he would that's how you win of lightning relationship, always push we're watching it happened. Wouldn't I dont want to say forget the big boys forgiven tax information, if you just keep saying like no, no, no, no, no, eventually people stop ass yeah and, and so Martin Harris stayed in Palmira
taken to need the writing of the Book of Mormon and, as it went along Joseph switched up his style of dictation with Harris Smith divided the room with a blanket and Martin Harris was not permitted to look at Joseph Wild it while Joseph was dictating Ruth seeing stone and, of course, life by switching it up. He did the gym carry from Eastern Europe where he bent over spread his, but she got up his ass. Everybody got so. This is how the dictation go. Get him very bizarre, though after two months they had the first one hundred sixteen pages of the book a more including what Emma had already transcribed, although there was not a single comma capital letter or in the entire manuscript, because neither Emma nor and had punctuation in their skill set, which is why so many sentences in the book of Mormon begin with the word, and I don't know what
The competition to make you fall asleep, while driving then listening to either LRS technique. Eighty eight on cd player, which I was doing for a while or to the audible version of the Book of Mormon Hoof, because when the the typesetters were given the manuscript, it was just a wall of text no punctuation no no line breaks, no nothing, so they just kind of had to add in punctuation where the that can change a lot no and there absolutely. I do think its one of those where you want to read it after you, take three bumps a real good coke and then youre like im, making just as fast there right im doing just Mara Harris thought that these one hundred and sixteen pages constituted proof that Joseph had been towing the truth all along, because Martin Harris had bought the whole fallacy that Joseph
Smith was just too simple to come up with a story on its own, so Martin Harris beg Smith to permit the passage of the pages back to his wife, who would now surely be convinced of Smith's divine inspiration definitely shes, not Jeffrey. She has it been there Stenton, just like ready to take the shit out of it. Af im blowing that guy what you do one over the Fuckit. Is you doing all you enjoying each other dont? Never the fuckit. I eat lunch. Neroli dont give a shit whats this. It was a book it's not even an entire body, literally a secular actively, just one long sent this is all our money is paid. War took a lot of convincing, Smith. Finally, relented, any let Martin Harris take the pages, but then a week went by and another week and another, and there was no word from Martin hair and, while Smith was waiting, my
in no labor and they had a fucking tragedy. The baby died in childbirth and Emma almost died as well. And finally Emma told Joseph just go- see Martin Harris and find out what the fuck happened to the God a book where the best bark, where the book met with the fucked that I mean I'm actually surprised you would give a random and not a random man, but why would you give the book away? I would never have done that. I think this is an early mistake. Yeah, it's an early mistake, but it also its hubris because I think Joseph Smith was started. I think he was starting a believer like we lose see these pages when she sees how fucking awesome this story is. She's is gonna. Turn all right around and were going to nip this whole problem in the butt and were all going to be bodies. We all go, go out and fucking dinner dates together. Maybe if you had that one with comma, she would have more. That's not my fault,
Words are rushed. The air, true inspiration and I trust lettuces Gunnar. Oh, what, when Joseph Smith showed up at Martin Harris S House, he discovered the terrible truth, Superman able. The pages did not impress Lucy Harris the way that Martin had hoped they would, in fact, Lucy decided that it no that was a lot to see the plates, then there was one way to prove that the translations were real so to test Joseph Lucy hid the menu script and told her husband. That Joseph were really translating these plates were for word and he had not but whatsoever in just doing it and honestly Marinegrade Mortiis dating Sharon, Osbourne
this year and on more national unity in George of Environment has just voted on lockdown only smart person in this whole area. Besides chosen this man and she's, just like students just do it, assistant. If he can do it again, then you can convince me shes, like I cant see, the playsets is how he can convince me, or I can do this, then yeah sure everything will be fucking great well be friends. Now this put Josesito and a bit of a pick no way, maybe like I give you may like, so you don't want a pop up. Oh you hit me manuscript to so. I could just do to get wrong. That makes pet, so, if you as even a little then he'd lose every themed, lose Martin Harriss money he'd lose his wife's faith and most likely he would
his fathers farm, because the Father is fathers Farm was nearing foreclosure like the stakes could not have been higher I tell you what go Ibo even you and I know you can go out there and hit a home a whole team. Good kids can get the for it, your big, Thankyou out to do it for us still all right. Let's add the movie Basque based good ball. Every way with the film heavyweights end baseball great. What was more in this myth, like was still huh. Near the land of the dead since the silver and the realization that her husband was a complete and total fraud might well have actually killed her, but I will
If he can pull this off. If he can't pull this off, I might be converting Usso, Jus Smith did what else, but sidestep and bullshit. He said, as it turned out good news, guys, God had already planned for just such an eventuality, and God directed Smith to a second The plates called the plates of Nephi the covered party, much the same period of time as the original golden plates, cause thats. What God always does God always creates a second ci be lively, always as far as why Smith couldn't just try from the originals, because it's not like Lucy Harris stole a golden plates. It was because Satan Thrue Harris had sullied the mess he does he jump on the plane and therefore the original golden plates should never be translated or read, and
her again because now they had the taint of Satan. Tell me Satan home, and I'm the one who fuck this up. One im losing the problem. I did this, how did it get foot mado a woman, alright Joseph Smith, side step it indeed, but the funny thing about Lucy Harris rose was that, though, this small act of chicanery, she may have inadvertently redirected the course of history see the first draft Book of Mormon, it was more of a narrative story. It was just something to sell, but when I gave it a second go. He had to give it a different flare, because he supposedly translating from different plates. So instead of was telling a story. Joseph Smith made it a religious history, the butterfly of
at inadvertently, created Mormon as if she had just left well enough alone, the book of Mormon may have just been a curious, if not completely forgotten peace of frontier letter, but as a bus. She helped create a religion that now has a membership of six ten million people we amazing, but dont go to. Heaven is not hereditary a thing, a lot of there's a lot of love. There is a lot of layers theyre like engulfed guys, and I want to sell you on herbal life. Pee you mentioned wanting to show yourself to deathit, is Prague and do that markets. Do you want to vomit yourself to that? Of course, this brought. It can do that wow from that day forward, like Martin Harris did not come through entire thing unscathed. He pretty much became Joseph Smith's whipping boy, because immediately Martin Harris had fucked up pretty bad
yeah. Eventually, Harris was replaced in the translator role by a young school teacher named all over cowdery, and we just react in it. You just lets just get another guy im. Sorry, Martin you're out all the the throw away when it comes to the vision he understood. His strength like this is not any different than b a show runner become a show runner of of a television show that will become Mormonism, so they're not serving the narrative by way of their contract out their dont. Like he is now move on to new, new energy, its like when Roseanne got a whole new, older daughter, and it's like we just post to roll around with it like? Oh, we dont notice its a different person. What about the fresh prince's new mom? I mean come on. Oh my god! No! Never happened to her
a suicide by cop and with Oliver Joseph switched up the process yet again, so the way the heat jumped into a form of scrying that was him with a hat on his knees and the stones at the bottom of the hat and he'd sit with his face in that in his lap right and we sit there? The like the prophet is coming not worry, Oliver's coming or Oh allall of the prophecy, is cook, and now my second Joseph is here: is there a hole cut in the bottom of the there proxy is so close to that right and Joseph Psmith sucked his own cock was coming up with more minutes. That's how we received all the proper words he had arrived,
remove, suing Marilyn Manson, or I don't think what justice says. A he'd berries face now hole and in the darkness the words would appear before him illuminated in perfect English would love to see his face in that hat. That would just be like I, better fucking come up with something ok, what's ok, what's going to shoot out this, isn't he actually did have writers block every once in a while and here, but he would say that he was not spiritually pure and I get show, get it man like sometimes you got go, get your mind up. Should he go out to river nearby and throw rocks into the river until his mind research. I do same thing I play base when my writers block yes. Now we drove rocks had carefully not outside. He runs around the block as fast as we can try to deliver. Postman's mail order has brought us it's very so by the time the book a moment was finally
eighteen, twenty nine. The manuscript had reached two hundred. Seventy five thousand word Mormons and that the Book of Mormon was finished in seventy five days, which meant that Smith dictated about thirty seven hundred words per day and put it in a perspective or book ever runs about ninety thousand words it's about four hundred pages and that still copy editing process. We started writing it almost three years ago. All right, but to be fair! It really is the person transcribing it languages with is the one that's coming up with this little eyes were I began. This is how we are, but the writer was the one doing the hard work is. If we he's just all you know, that's the coming up with you think talk it. Ok, I'd like to see a first rate of markets is because you are saying that the person who worked hard us and our book was Microsoft word yet, but I think what you think, you're notifying the harder it is not a person is the person with a quill. Haven't you follow every single insane,
so that this ban is talking of you're saying that for me the hardest part about writing. The bulk of this book was that my hands got sore every once in a while work. It's if you had to write this book with a quill I would say that I mean I will admit. Yes, I did have to sometimes take tylenol when I was having to write like twenty thirty pages in a week, but im just saying the person who transcribed this and actually wrote everything that must have been extremely difficult. He just got a story tell in his own mind that you do when this argument, not when this, I don't wanna go, you said the last cent. Didn't I really don't know your side with me. I don't think the audience is going to side with you that just riding down is harder than coming up with the hurry you an entire religion, how you got to keep up pace. You got. You got carpal tunnel, you got to roll with it. If this guy is on you gotta go man, you are its very difficult, but still before we get so you were writing factual stuff about history. Making stuff up is not that hard. It
all the same. We always make things writing fiction is somewhat difficult on what I think you you just prove. My point. Writing I visit is more difficult for the writing. Yes oil this year. We have before you get too impressed with Joseph word. Output know that the phrase and it came to pass appeared somewhere in the neighborhood of two thousand, in time. Thats great thats, like when youre kid and you have to write. Like fifty words you. I really really really all really like meliorate the land. As I said, twenty seven thousand words in the book of Mormon were lifted directly from the Bible. And also he had a running start not already written one version, a hundred sixteen pages of it. So he actually had some rough draft work or
one. So then he can probably spit stuff out a little bit faster in the beginning and then get to uncharted land and then figure out where the hell is Emma was inadvertently also his editor somewhere, well. This by this point was cry Cowdery that was doing this shit now he had no editor in any way whatsoever. It was just straight up stream of conscious, hes full on rush Limbaugh re and, and he did. Admittedly, he fucked up a timer two, his more egregious errors were the misplacement of John the Baptist and his claim that Jesus born in Jerusalem, not Bethlehem, yeah, but that's a pretty big detail to fuck see and he fucked up having the natives, bring horses, cows and sheep in four hundred BC, when it was common knowledge, even at that time, that those animals didn't exist in America before the arrival of Europeans and he had them eaten wheat and barley, which didnt exist before the Europeans, instead of potatoes
and corn, and they were drinking bud light, how the hell did he even know about that and they recorded their favorite programs on a vcr. This is incredible, but Smith had an ingeniously self depreciating failsafe against these criticisms built in the book of Mormon. He had Moroni proclaim this and if our plates had been sufficiently low we should have written an EPA Er has been altered by us also and if we could- Iare. You would have had no imperfection in our record. Now there be fault, it would be the mistake, a man, Is that tell you what you get the best pork roll New Oregon? Take a big a hit, the New Jersey Turnpike you get off a whole okayyou ill. Remember you take the door exit and sometimes you know so that they are heated gotta yell at that fuck
and really drive it home. Joseph repeated that last sentence again later on in the book. If there be fault it be the mistake of men and the sit at the second time. He added that if anyone calls them on shit, that person will be edging ously close to half? That's a hell of a fucking thing like just the ham or someone home with ya. If theres any mistake, its the guides- fault, dont, blame God, don't blame the the gut, don't blame the words of God blame the hands of men, oh and so, whose hands are so wonderful. Now, then, on with the quill, a pen is mightier than the sword. My friend, it's not you're, just saying you're saying so. Some of you might be wondering, what's the easiest way to ease back into a routine start up before September, especially if youre headed
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im, a special guy, I can't go back to some regular job. I need to be a leader. I'm too smart im going to say is another page of the playbook where it has been like his bodies, too beautiful smile. You swift, his voice is too sweet. There's no way he can just have some office job Elle rate hes got a fly. Loach has the body of everyone with an office job. The this is listening to this you're, all absolutely beautiful, and but that is also what you have to do is an entertainer. You can't have a backup plan when your backs against the wall. You have to move forward, otherwise to be totally screwed. I had a backup plan. What was your backup plan? I had a few actually We have made with credit card fraud way. I mean it yet more to areas system like mortal like going more dreary school history. Professor, you you're talking to you Toohe could live like a goal of Hendon, once Mormonism started to take off so
Smith, still knew in the back of his mind that if he failed there was always a farm waiting and most likely Joseph Smith wasn't going to own that farm. Joseph medal was just going to be working that farm and Joseph Smith would do fucking anything to keep from going back to the fields, which is a motivation. That I understand completely its it's like the end of red dead redemption towards the end you have to our farming all over again at its very hard, you have to pay that other shit. You haven't nails enough, there's really eminently yet there's about three hours of the gable. You just have to do fake manual labor, and I always that's why I think red debt is highly overrated game.
I love our air controversial. Nor does he not very got yes, I understand completely, but the other thing the Joseph Smith had to do to keep this narrative moving forward, always moving forward. He had to borrow from a lot of different sources in addition to the histories and the Bible. Joseph Smith ripped part story straight from the headlines of the day, not too far away from Palmyra an author named Morgan had gone missing, allegedly because he was writing an expose on the evils of the free masons and not too long after a body washed up. That was thought to be. But was really a man named Monroe and, although we don't know for sure Fun Brody speculated that it was an amalgamation of the names organ and Monroe that gave us the word. Mormon
otherwise the atom ology of the word Mormon is total fuckin mystery well. Well, we also the member of the Book of Mormon is a technically concept. Is that Mormon is the one writing the book he was just a guide was the son of one of the various members of the Euro for data? What I think it was the good rates heavily and he was representing right. So Mormon was a name that was used as a character and then we'll find out later on Joseph Smith: Hey deter Mormons, didn't like it, I thought it was belittling to his people, because that was just a character in the story which is the like. The idea. I forget what the actual term that he liked, but it was queued be a latter day saint, yes, latter day, saints, that's what they actually like to be called latter day. Saints Ames, not necessarily like Mormons, in fact, like Mormon one point in America like Mormon was adoration. It was an insult to call someone a moron, its such a human,
way to come up with. The name is very interesting, but it wasnt just the name that Smith may have taken from this free Mason story, and what's amazing here is that and spears theories about three masons overthrowing controlling the government were actually much more intense and eighteen thirty than they are today with it was we more practising Freemasons like actual powerful freemasons at the time and our entire government at the MID seventeen seventy six was largely informed by the Freemasons, remains this word that whole society was deeply embedded in the creation of our country. So you can see why they were actively concern because they were really around and there were freemasons in power now and get up in the idea that there is a big evil organization that can trolls our government. Like its been, on forever. It is still survive to the state. Just now the Masonic Lodge has become the deep state and the Freemasons have been replaced with the FBI. The point is that all this bullshit is
right. Yeah the evil shadow government has always been there. It's always been a part of our society, but it Interesting to see how again were conspiracy. Theorists where you are born is the seeds that real little things that were real, that and extrapolate into something huge and, as he rebranded certain religious tenants thats all we do here. We just rebrand things with different names, as Marcus mentioned exactly and just as Smith used these stories to great effect and produced a secret society into the Book of Mormon called the Gaddi Antony spoke, oh, that's fine. They make like they, they walk with the cocoa. That's an apron other horse tat. You would have to be ready in the aim of the guardians was to overthrow the democratically elected neophyte government and to see if these cuts as mad about the Gaines in the book Mormon some familiar. Thus they might murder and plunder and steal and commit whole.
And all manner of wickedness. Contrary to the laws of the country and also to the laws of the God and the The ents had rituals and oaths that were almost direct rips from masonry and it was said the Ariens murdered government officials and were eventually responsible for a war of extermination fought near a hill that was disgustingly called come. Oh yeah, but despite all this seeming intrigue. The book of Mormon is not objectively a good book. In fact, Mark TWAIN called it quote: chloroform in print ahead a little slightly even Mark TWAIN had a lot. We had a lot to say about the Mormons. He was quite done had good take a real good man. Well, he like Yongsan the time I know it was yeah, but I mean I
born its boring to look at lock and awful its so bad. We written the characters are awful like its such a bad book, but by the time Smith finished it. He was starting to realize that it didn't really matter how good the book was he was starting to realize that it was not the story in the Book of Mormon itself. That was grabbing followers. Rather, he found the narrative that resonated most with people was the story of Joseph Smith, not the time the only people who really believed in Joseph Smith, where his wife a few buddies and his family, but that was a start and Smith started to think that, maybe just maybe he had the makings of a church that is fucking, promote yourself to God, and he is God. We now learn how to do eat going to he's teach the people that follow him. How to do this and it's all about virgin.
Go over that ring, maybe, but in order to do that, he had to take it just one step further with the dudes that were already in his corner and one of Joseph Smith's many talents was the ability to induce visions. In his followers. I know this sounds kind of ridiculous, but it is possible to induce hallucinations without the use of hallucinogenic drugs, especially if the inductee is highly invested in experiencing a vision that day well. The way he put the way he put visions to his people was essentially, if you don't believe in this, you are no. You are not with me. You are not a part of this movie and so I don't know if it's necessarily you can and do salutations definitely especially by spiking their drinks, with the urge root Arlington's happened gets around at the time, like all that kind of. Is there natural, hallucinogens or you just say You better see this because, if not our friendships over
like hide relationships over so you'd, be surprised what people say that they see when you're like trapped in that, like essentially ultimate absolutely but Ben, I meanyou went to group in an evangelical church. You know how hard core people can get when they really want to believe they will believe anything I mean the whole getting. The speaking in tongues and then having a pastor touch you laying of husband over the land of hands. People will test their testimonies are straight up: spiritual, magic cold. I mean sense, but nonetheless they really do truly believe it and it does alter their lives yeah and although Joseph Smith and pretty much decided that a church was the way to go, his acolytes, weren't so sure so Joseph Smith started with Oliver Cowdery and the two of them had
it out into the woods in May of eighteen, twenty nine there, the two of them knelt and prayed, and eventually Oliver Cowdery, saw a vision of John. The Baptist and afterward became convinced that a church was best way to go, and, of course, John the Baptist in Division says you don't have to pay tax deplore charge. Yes, you will collect all of your money. Other men doesn't want, you might know, is tanks semi, thus ahead. John the Baptist are you? Is that right But here's the interesting thing about this vision see all of her country later wised up and left the LDS, in fact all the early followers of the LDS eventually left Joseph Smith, but Oliver of Cowdery
well maintained until the day he died that on that day, in the forest, with Joseph Smith, he saw John the Baptist, even though he said Joseph Smith is foolish. I don't believe him. I don't believe what he said he still maintains. I saw an angel that day I saw John the Baptist. There is a way of looking at life, a kind of cross side way, or you can hold these two thoughts in your head at once that on some level he did present the Baptist to himself in these moments in order to essentially live up to what Joseph Smith was putting him up to, in, like you want to be in on this thing, you got to be able to lie like old, Daddy Joey, you got to be able to in the year, like ice spent until you're sitting there and you think about like do. I want be, vice president of this of this religion. Do I want to be dude. Do I want to be a part of the thing
and you are sitting here be, like I do believe in God and I'm waiting for it. And then you just see John the Baptist in a pile of bear shit, I'm seeing it- and you can say that forever yeah. So pretty soon after that, Martin Hair and a new follower named David Whitner joined Smith and cattery in the forest, to see if they could repeat the visitation or at least see something similar in the four men prayed and prayed and prayed, but nothing happened finally, Martin played with doubt through work, just Joey. I just saw nervous C and God, if he's gonna, say I'm trees skinny. We all make fun of me for asking skinny. I am
and so the other men figured, they were seen visions because Martin was being all we're gonna give on router or via your do those go pray alone for a little while and come back, but soon after Martin came back in the visions began and an angel appeared with the message that goal plates and everything in them was in fact truth. But here's another interesting thing about these visions Even though the message was the same for all three men, all three of them had a completely different vision and although all three of them later left the church again, none of them ever went back on what they saw. That day it was induced, like Joseph it I mean that is it is hypnotism he is able to induce
He is able to induce hallucinations in his fathers you get a goper people super gullible. You take him out into the woods your stint scene im going to say there is something to eventually her medically of Joseph Smith that he didn't realize that he was tapping into, and I you have a group of people like. I firmly believe this and this concept of magical right where you can create this religious reality in these moments. In these moments of high energy and high concentration, you have evasions and they do seem concrete and they all real to you and royal to use and in fact the monreal is still you're in a weird? It's still real me down once even more interesting about this. Is that Martin Harris even in his hallucination, still saw the golden plates covered in cloth, even his subconscious, wouldn't let him break Joseph
released on easier? Okay, if I bring like a welder solely protect me to see and its Oboy I as curious as a Gulf cat, when Martin Harris was a Last by a lawyer later like come on. Like did you actually see places like even if they were rapping clothed? Like did you actually see them? Martin said quote, I did not see them as I do that. Hence as yet I saw them with the eye of faith So it's really not those who so you didnt see them. Take. The word saw and put it in quotation marks. What exactly is seeing any resonating csea.
You got to leave or were not to say meaning end as May museums, right, just mature sandwich and go up all they got is free sandwich. I cant afford lunch. My coupons got a winger, these in that these men saw is now the introduction to the Book of Mormon. This is the proof that still this wasn't enough for Joseph Smith. If he was going to start a real church, he'd need more witnesses. How he drew up a second statement and addendum called, and also The testimony of eight witnesses see that even more than three witnesses and they had a sign, a document where they all agreed? And yes, I see it's legal now. Well, it's legal. They signed a piece of paper. They can't lie, of course, not a besar. No one would ever do that, and these eight witnesses were three of Joseph's relatives and five members of the Whitmer family.
For this one Joseph had to take it to the next level. After making all of them pray for hours upon hours, Joseph brought them into a room, he showed them a box and told them the golden plates are inside. But when Joseph opened it everyone said ain't nothin in that box Joseph so Joseph chastise them for their lack of faith. Told AL is there fault that they didn't see anything and he made him pray for another two hours? Yes and then the next time they looked in the box. It was the head of Brad Pitt if Inno it was rat No when we open up the box, they think about this shit or Joseph, like. Are you ready big day on see sea in the price you wanna to Martin? that our assortment slap you
to be living. Shittim, going to show you all right now he opens up the sarcophagus and upon them nothing in. And it's just a room, does like where And then you get yell that Monroe backed you gotta Peterlin. Behold After those two hours of praying were up Joseph Smith opened up the box and have one said. Yeah ere they ll, locking, oh shit, got rages. I see the gold plate ads are big play. What Palm Brody says about these episodes and am inclined to agree with her is that these acts were not met
nearly cynical like say Jim Jones was cynical, see after the first two visions in the woods. Joseph Smith was starting to believe that he actually had the power to make these things happen and in a he was making them happen, even though they were hallucinations and not concrete angels and plates, and such these people actually believed they were seeing was real and Smith believed that he was responsible. He wakes up every day and he's like I make people see it, I do it, in my brain, like Jeremy Renner, putting together his new album of poet, Jeremy Renner believe all of the people around him. He paid sound technicians and studio musicians, love his music. You have that confidence that Howard men, nothing can stop
euro in more ways than one, and it was in this fog of new found magical power that the Book of Mormon was finally put into print using the money that Martin Harris May after he was made to sell his family's farm, and this could have been Joseph Smith, putting Martin Harris in his place as Martin Harris was getting a little vision happy and he wasn't shy, about telling people all about these weird ass visions that he was having I saw John Bates in a bucket wow cool. He said he'd seen Jesus in the shape of a deer. He the devil covered in Maui Fair. It was the little tiny devil one. It was brown. It came into antinomy brand, and then I gave it a cookie, and at last that I was like I guess its out. What happens when you give a gavel
interest in Itbetter Ratm Martin Harris was telling everyone that he had a vision, Mormonism was going to be so popular immediately that within eight years America Would- even need a president. No, they certainly didnt. The Mormon One, in other words, Martin Harris, was getting ahead of the game and making him give up. We think he owned in order to put the word of God out in the world was a go. To remind them just who was in charge here now, please just envision that you still have a house, because you don't We got to a Ui need mean in devil, devious see to have friend and I been a little bit score and he hangs it Idealist Smith was telling
Is you don't have visions that tell the future of Mormonism? I have visions but tell the future Mormonism sure you can have these visions. You can do it, everyone, you don't help people about these visions. You tell me these visions and I decide if these visions should be told. Sounds like two methodic arguing over the remote control. Its just alright, because thats the thing is that, like the vision, that Harris is having were stupid. The its stupid, oh, I saw I saw King Solomon in the poll supported to dine, What just Smith was to have a vision, and you can Martin Harris Tellin people that were not going to have a president in eight years, because that makes Mormons sound like a bunch of fucking idiots, as opposed to you know, theres a line there's a fine line that this man had to walk is that was
thing, someone said about the Book of Mormon, is that you know not. Many people saw the book. Maybe one percent of Americans actually saw read the Book of Mormon, but out of the people that saw and read it and listen to Joseph Smith, a lot of those people ended up becoming Mormons. A lot of those people ended up becoming converted, and so the book of Mormon Witin a print and was first put on sale at a bookstore in Palmira on March. Twenty six, eighteen, thirty and the first reviews were to say the least unkind. The verse review published in the Rochester Daily Advertiser featured the headline blaspheme, the book of women, Alias the golden paper mate. Some really freakin cool its Ncos, and this is what that review said. Look than has been place in our hands. A violent imposition was never practiced. It is an evident blasphemy, incredulity
in oleoresin and Morales they all throw in propriety. Joseph, with Junior, a fellow some Hocus focus acquired influence over a wealthy farmer of Wayne County at the latter mortgaged his farm for three thousand dollars, which he paid for printing and binding five. Copies of the blasphemies work, but as Brody wrote and is Joseph Smith knew at the time the success of Joseph Smith's church was not dependent on the quality of the book of Mormon. It depended on Joseph Smith himself and over the following fourteen years, Joseph Smith would go from a twenty three year old former treasure hunter to the leader of a religion with its own militia that was bringing in followers by the thousands that is until Joseph Smith was from a prison and murdered by a mob in eighteen. Forty four
Just how all of that happened is what will cover on Mormonism three all right there. It is Mormonism part two. I mean to be fair. The Mormon militia extremely tired no coffee at all one I mean the Nazis were and were hyped up on. Mescaline and math well well find out what happens because they add coffee for a little while until he got a revelation that turned out that he had to stop people, smoking and drinking coffee will get into why that is a little more domestic than you think it would be a. But this the next section of this story is its going to show the true potential of Joseph Smith, its going to show his magical powers and full fruition were going to see him go from on man to religious zeal very very quickly and a lot of blood is gonna, get spilt and were goin to see that energy Is that thing that's going to shuttle off Mormonism deep into twenty nineteen, where we almost had a fucking Mormon president. I mean we never
but he is coleading. A close is causing a robot in the election Beamon all right there. It is, I hope someone can clean up. We need to get a Marty over there in the aisles to clean up all that blood. I guess but well talk about that thanks. So much for listening. Everyone lets see, we are going to be in Europe and, I have to say full disclosure. Our european tour is, basically sold out, which is a total miracle, the l so much we cannot wait. However, we still have some tickets, I believe, available in Bristol. So if you want to get on out there in Bristol come on out, it'll be a blast and we also have two tickets in Birmingham Berman. The biewer we had yet ticketsspring hem everything else completely sold out Bam is the place where we got about a hun. No deck and flower gum check it out very excited to be in Europe. Oh, my god, we're gonna be omber entering a lotta beer. Yes, I can
way. We're have a have a couple of days off, get to Dublin to Dublin. I think a a day or two, and I'm just so excited to be there im going to eat meat drink Guinness We have a little Jane. What you have to have a Guinness would be Marcus I've again as wavering it out of the teat I'll. Have it man yeah, I'm gonna, see if I can try to find my way out into the irish countryside. You're gonna say he cares all right. Everyone will think so much for listening. Thank you for support in all the shows here on the last podcast network, check them all out, youre going to love them, and you know I guess thats about it for Ethel Yourselves Hell, Seok logos, dilations helmet, Male manikin would have some so my only secret under it seems really comfortable. What is that is looking into next week will see out by so you can. I think it would take like several pairs order, your secret underwear. Ok,
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