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Episode 386: The Most Haunted House In England Part I - The BGEC Boys

2019-10-11 | 🔗

On the first of a two part series, we kick off Halloween with a good old-fashioned ghost story concerning the most haunted house in all of England: Borley Rectory! Join us as we discuss all the hits, from the Phantom Nun to Old Amos, including the family that kicked off the whole shebang, the Bulls. 

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There's no the lost top can you feel in the air if that Hillary Clinton, coming back for a presidential run no hot tango. Take Henry support? No, it's not you know, full Oh, that Senegal,
hey. What's up everyone, this is the last podcast on the left. I am Ben staring at the beautiful grill of Mochis, hello, hello, my beautiful grill and, of course we have ghost crap Henry surprise me: ok, so this might go scrap boys, oh yeah, right! That's my ghost voice, which I could possibly use yeah like today's episode, which is super spooky 'cause, we're heading to the Halloween season. Ok, or do I use my scale, invoice for the rest of the day. Ok, let's see you wanna hear it yes, yeah That's all I forgot when I don't do the learning. This is what it goes moments where, if we were a,
a visual medium people would have really enjoyed to see the shattering of Henry's teeth, clacking up and down you know? What's the scariest thing of all, besides ghosts, residual, hauntings or intelligent, or otherwise it says you're balding? You can really feel drips of sweat. Go to the last stocks of hair on the top of your skull like it's like it's the movie ants, and you can feel like Woody Allen just running between all of the things that look like giant trees to him. Yes, indeed, alright, everyone, so why we talking about ghosts and I'll. Tell you why, because today's topic, this is The most haunted houses in the history of haunted. Oh absolutely, and we were talking about it's a funny name, so get ready for it. Borley Rectory part one. It is just that funny to you, but I will say we heard last podcast on the left. We have matured,
We boys so yeah. I mean in our way yeah why don't we head toward we've gotten older? Some of us have gotten married. Some of us will get divorced yeah, but what I think is important is that we know now that we are going to carefully and educational in in in mature early, decide when we will do rector damn near Killed. Are Interesting yeah. That's very, we have matured. Did the two of you work on your record, damn near killed or jokes, like I asked you too Henry and I have a brother mind melt when it comes to thirteen year old senses of humor, so it'll it'll find itself. It'll flip will often called the most haunted house in all of England. Borley rectory was a large hideous red brick Thomas all about sixty miles NE of London that was home to dozens, if not hundreds of ghost sightings dating back to the mid 19th century. You say hideous. I say if you rub your bucket woman
if you're one of those scone orphans that was all full of England, was just chock of in the 19th century, who would loved being anywhere inside of the board. Perhaps it also seems like a kind of place where it's like. What's on the cafeteria menu? a cafeteria person. Again. I love that. Thank you, the most beautiful, I never received in my life, and I should know because I'm blind, I am happy you think, I'm attractive, because today today I put oh. I thought it was saffron now to address you skeptics right up top. We will grant that a certain amount of the fund I'm going to observed and recorded over the years at Borley Rectory has proved to be bogus. Admittedly, some of the more famous poltergeist incidents, were either fake or exaggerated by certain investigators, while did very poor,
while other incidents where the product of the potentially disturbed mind of one Denison in particular, see what it really comes down to brass tacks: the investigation of Borley rectory fell into the most common of all paranormal investigative traps. Virginity. It always gets in the way of the intrepid, paranormal investigator. Ok, what happened here is that investigators juiced the story to paint a fuller picture because they needed to be right. Paranormal investigators want more than anything, is to break the definitive case that proves once and for all that the paranormal is real. It's pure baby, yeah it's going. All you gonna get. The tonight show James Court show you can sit near Rita hamburgers with TJ. Oh no, I don't even know the name of the new singers with these guys want this story that will earn their place in the history books as the purse
You change the way. Everyone thinks about everything, of course, but in doing this they forget that it's supposed to be a team effort that everyone is supposed to contribute their part to a cumulative body of work and that their attempts to juice. The story only gives the skeptics good then to discount the entire event. You know really, I'm gonna have to do some push back. Ok, because there's been a lot. Not a bad thing said about Flim Flam man, I'm going mostly flim flam men in the past, because people want to unload, defended proof, my own numbers. I want graphs, people want cage with go we want. They wanted see the thing but they're searching for fucking farts in the wind. My friend flim flam men make
these stories real. They are an essential part of the paranormal world and I will submit that it isn't nerds duty. They want these factoids nailed down their jobs or to properly designate and assign and direct the powers of the Flim Flam man. You can keep your phone for a man on a leash. You do all right, but also, let's not for get the great flimflam women, the Fox sisters, that's true, you're, fantastic and Rosie O'Donnell, who told her she was nice for fifteen years and now see I was the greatest trick. The devil ever pulled steadily Duke, and she had this Koosh balls. I remember covered in her fucking pussy juice. I don't know that. I don't think that happened, but I would stick to the audience is not right. This is important, so we're gonna, there's one specific flim flam man in this whole story that I'm basically referring to his hairy price, who to me. One of the bravest Jk Simmons, look alike said his ever existed, he's got a big old pipes, he's got big old hat and he lied
it's hard to meet Borley rectory, something famous We gotta wait. Gotta wake up. It just came to me. Well, that's the thing about Borley rectory in particular, even without the Doobie this incidents. There are still well over one hundred ghostly encounters witnessed at Orly Rectory over the last one hundred and fifty odd years. He didn't need to juice it. He didn't need to make shut up. You gotta have because the problem with the Flim Flam Man, hand, the nerds is that nerds are not able to control flim Flam men, you gotta, have a guy in the Middle yeah, absolutely need a pool more deep, the paranormal world, a true leader, the more deep the desert mouse one who makes his own water he's talking about doing again. Oh this who the hell is Paul Moody did the first male bene Gesserit. That is the only way that you could possibly can,
find, the power of the nerd, which is knowing how pro protractors work and the power of One plan Ma'Am, which is understanding. You got a little wink couple sparkle gonna, put love on that hand, 'cause your knuckles, my friend, are kind of ugly, oh, my goodness, technically Ben you with that guy, I'm the nerd Henrys, the Flim Flam Man in your the Modi. I've always said. I'm odibe. I've always said that. I'm at I love dune. I love what are stupid That's nice to know well, genuine paranormal activity did take place at Borley rectory and ever since the rectory burnt I'm in the 30s. The activity was so strong that it just moved across the road to the nearby church, you don't know where I could properly describe borley rectory as we go through the family that originally lived there. It's haunted mansion, yeah, so much she was happening inside of his rectory that it was just you. It is
They were watching goes like they're watching tv in back when the name have tv, so that's probably tv guide invented but some scientists watching a bunch of ghosts, and he said what, if I put that little box sometimes put a woman in bikini in there like a fucking, pull it at it. Ok, he just called and stupid. That means you won the argument when the person like yours, you always understand, you always Other people decry maternity, nothing about this for years, but really it's the residual, hauntings and Borley rectory that make the most compelling tales, because most of the poltergeist material did in fact come when the occupants were less than reliable, but before we get
into this story completely. It might be important once again to remind everyone of the difference between residual hauntings, an intelligent hauntings, because Borley rectory is one of those rare cases where both are present residual hauntings or what you might call echoes of the past, mindless representations of people or events that have left some sort of impression on the physical world. A good example of this would be the Green lady, the story goes that in the late 1700s, a man named Simon Lutrelle, who happened to be the sheriff of Dublin, had an affair with a fishamble street. Madam named darche, Kelly and she's. Like your God, I feel my God with him twice, because we got is, is deep, is a way Simon. The trucks like say your hair Hermes. He was very, very good. You know, hey, you have resembled Mister
never misses a chance to do what it is great character, voice Kelly's. Soon became swollen with child, but when the sheriff refused to acknowledge the child or give financial support, Darche Kelly threatened to expose the affair, so in the style of the time the sheriff, used, our key of being a witch. No before long, dark e Kelly found herself partially hanged and burned at the stake, while, according to the legend, the baby was murdered as a part of an elaborate satanic ritual at the ledger. Dairy Hellfire club man. That's a cool last story that one day will do an entire episode on the Hellfire club. Unfortunately, is another one of those myth, busting episodes where you just find out about you bunch of.
Kind of fun, guys sucking dick in a hotel. Little double would call it like like, like like cheek boys or like like cock throat sore, maybe hellfire. Mix. That sounds good. That sounds good, because my whole thing was just going to be saying like bunch of guys eating com, but I guess we can make it up bunch of guys eating. Tom said: it's a to get boys well ever since the execution, a glowing green, dark e Kelly. Can be seen just through the ancient city gate walking down a long wide steps outside of Saint out Owens Church trying to find the old underground tunnel that would lead her back to fishamble ST cool Marcus. Do you, member when we were there yeah? That's it weird. Now, a bunch of kids like painted a bunch of dragons on the steps. So it's not quite as spooky
but it's cool. It's got to be sad that she has to go back cheap. Even as a ghost she was going back to being a fish sample street malam yeah. She didn't have to go just go to like beautician school. Well, maybe she enjoyed being a fishamble street map, that's possible and just imagine being one of her favorite Johns and all of a sudden you're. Like what is that feeling where my cock- free p. She promised the freebie. I got the number ten in my punch card will residual hauntings aren't just visual residuals can play with all of the sense. From touch to sound to smell. One might hear the laughter of a child with no children are present smell, the perfume of a woman, long dead or feel the brush of a body when no one is near, if only if only it was
simple for calling for me, because I am the Gill Good, the hell I dad yeah. I did get that I do the master of the walk in master class. That is movies. The movie Joker has a really you've read. You've really changed as a performer I know we size twenty. When and they have makeup on? Isn't it frightening see in theory, residual hauntings are bits of some sort of unknown, focused energy without consciousness that somehow reappear from time to time, for no scientific reason that we can yet discern. There's some people that say it could be your brain's reaction to electromagnetism 'cause. They say a lot of times in normal hot spots. There are fluctuations an electromagnetic activity, whatever the hell. That means they also say it's possibly
brain dealing with low frequency sounds your brain. Can accidentally infer low frequency, sounds as visual and auditory hallucinations that's possible, or it's some kind of Wiggity version of Bell's theorem, if you want to go ahead and read yourself. I don't know if you've done your morning, ritual of eating inedible and reading a couple of Robert Anton Wilson essays. But if you want to just stop the podcast and do that, then maybe you can understand that whatever once was, there was will always be there and anything that which is anything physically will forever have an impression of that physical touch, staying over a very cool on on the other side of the ghost spectrum. You've got intelligent, hauntings aka, a poltergeist. These hauntings are perceived to have at least a tiny bit of cognitive ability behind. Although some thank including me that if the phenomena called intelligent hauntings does indeed exist, the source is probably some hitherto undiscovered power of the.
Human mind. It's period, witchery, possibly it comes from the period. It doesn't always come from the periods. It comes from the new shouting at a poor worker. At a toll. Stop you get that men are Shell right now, little girl, I'm sick of being scared, and should I do if I was investigating poltergeists really screwed up the egg will be a chicken little girl. You got to hang out because breakfast, I mean I'm sick plates get broken because I'm already got back from my KIA time. All no I mean there's plenty of poltergeist activity where women were not present or at the very least where the person who to be the source of the poltergeist activity was mail. Okay. So it's not to significantly magic Just a woman shouting after they see the ghost. This is disgusting, but or just a woman shouting said, I'm dry
so you you are sexist and resume browsing 'cause. I am driving so gross. I apologize most, that's why I do feel like it's inappropriate for a paranormal, investigator 'cause. They do have to ask. I just recently re watched, ghostbusters and forgot about the scene where Bill Murray with the library in the first thing is he answers. Are you meant but no matter what they are both residual? An intelligent hauntings make frequent appearances in the history of borely rectory, although the most compelling the most fun of which is, without a doubt, the phantom none. Oh, nobody knows the true origins of the phantom none of Borley rectory, but we do know that, while this structure is not necessarily old by european standards, even the origins of the actual building site are shroud.
It in mystery, see this rectory was built on top of another rectory that had burned down, which was itself built on top of another structure, which was also built on top of what is possibly the original struck. But there could be another structure underneath that which one is the Dunkin donuts. This isn't New Jersey this is old Jersey, but I was actually thinking about that you know when I was thinking about one structure being built on top of another built on top of another. Like his you know, America is so young. Like one day there will be a haunting that comes from. I don't know. A murder in a old circuit That was there two hundred three hundred years ago. Absolutely oh yeah did go so my rage of me working in borders, Sears and while still exist whatever now exist. Inside of those stores, absolutely going on, wanna stop mag
I wanna be an employee, still monks from they just see a fat man in a polo like kind of meandering through. I guess of the spectral form some residual haunting. It's not an intelligent Huntington. It's a polish hunting well I mean it is in common practices. Especially in the druid culture they commonly, would burn down your like. He would take your grandparents house and level level like like in all the family would live on one spot, then they would build the next house on top of that house and then they would level it when everybody that was part of that family died, bury them all on top of each other and then redirect another house on top of that, So there are very useful and what we learn from Edinburgh is that it was the entire city that was fucking five miles underground was like five floors underneath the city. So that's why the UK It seems to be filled with so many more ghosts because they're doing trilevel, cemetaries, ok, one thing built on top of another
built on top of another. It's a small country, there's not a lot of room there absolutely, but the thing is that so many buildings have exist, in this spot over the last few hundred years that it's difficult to definitively say exactly what's been there and it's absolutely impossible to know what all has transpired in this location. Now one thing we I want to do here right now. This let our fellow a Perkins know exactly what a rectory in a rectory is where a rector lives. Now what the hell is a rector. A this, a scenario where, let's say you a woman with a car or you accidentally, knock a woman down an elevator, shaft or off the top of the building, but she lives and then why You tell the cops if they show up and well unfortunately,
I rector I damn your killer, here is a priest or a foreign minister in this case yeah in the case of orally, it was the home of a local reverend. Oh, so the the name of the man was Borle, no well the name of the area, the name of the town was barley. Ok, it's going to be bullies. Rector, no no rectory, know poorly record, like you would say, like I don't know, New York Church, you know yeah, of course, tell me three times long before Arrector came calling legend has it that the may have been home to a monastery and the legend of that monastery. Inspire multiple tales of woe. Betrayal and, of course mirror mirror yeah. Most of the stories involve
sing. This legendary monastery involved the familiar trope of a nun from a nearby konvent falling in love with the monastery monk and none in the monk, a loping, with tragic consequences. In one version they escaped with the aid of another monk, but once they got away the two lovers spot in the woods and the monk strangled the nun to death, which earned both the monk and his buddy about headaches. I I'm just being a fucking wing man here, bro, I'm just trying to get my buddies, sucking dicks like and I'm getting murdered here. Do that supposed to be killing this, not. I thought you guys had a love for the aging. After all, they went through. They found out that in like each other, they just hit. He strangled her at the after a quarrel that doesn't ever say the quarrel is, but they just said that they quarreled in the woods and he strangled to death. Oh my goodness think about how the hell with some saying that would be. You know I mean you're just finally ran away. You got the middle, your head shave with that weird kind of like friar tuck haircut. You
never even seen your girlfriends body yet and you're so excited that. Maybe we're going to make this happen right. You guys are trudging through the forest, and then she has the audacity to say that she doesn't. Like rush. We just we're just getting to know each other. Sorry you don't like Tom Sawyer- is that what you're telling me I'm just not big into Prog. I think it's like Nerd Rock, that's like old, it's corn, Can you see our at the top of my head, my goodness, another more tragic version of the tale? All three of them were caught by the monks at the monastery, while the two men were quickly by headed for abandoning their oaths, the nun was buried alive oh, my like literally, what do they say be like? Are you guys trying to have straight
metro, sexual sex? I don't think so. We only have sex with children here, as you know, but the most terrifying story of the mall says that the lovers were caught in the monk was hanged, while the nun herself was bricked up in the monastery walls and died screen, NG for mercy. As the months silently listened to them, okay, which, Obviously I think the answer is to be hanged or beheaded as opposed to buried live or or bricked. Oh yeah, right, yeah! Now here's the fun question: ask your significant other as Caroline this earlier today. Would you rather I strangled you to death or would you rather watch me, get beheaded and then you get buried alive, Oh, that is tough yeah. She chose strangler to death in a really yeah
an offshoot of what you guys are already doing very interesting now, as far as we know that It's never been a monastery on the site of borley rectory. Nor has there ever been a monastery in the area, nor has there ever been a nunnery nearby. The only definitive link between the nuns and barley was that, while gnome- There areas are nunneries existed there. The land was once owned by the barking monastery. The barking monastery, the barking monastery. Ok, soon to be the plot of air bud, What's that what's that here, but there's a pedophile ring inside the monastery Doby Kredible, the air Bud monk is he tells on. He sees the air bud monk. The little dog monk he's been invited me or the monastery because he was left at the steps of the church whenever Jesus Christ, your showed him. He go and they're like, hopefully not yelling at it. Hopefully,
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that. A young nun named Marie Liar, drawn away from her convent in France by a man with the last name of wall. Degrave Wall De Grafa told the young nun that if only she came to live with him and Borle, he would make her his wife. But by the time the nun arrived in Borle, anticipating the forsaken, of her vows Waldegrave, had found a much more profitable marriage to pursue another none was heartbroken, but she also had nowhere else to go. 'cause she'd already resigned from her post, so she refused to leave Borle and tried forcing waldegrave into keeping his promise. Instead, Waldegrave strangled the lovesick young nun and, through the body in the well across the road from Borley church, and it was on that very same spot that Borley rectory was built years afterward as a result of the betrayal, the nun wanders. The grounds to
day seeking the christian burial which she was so cruelly denied. What the hell is that England, all the nuns going on here I mean nuns. Nuns were expendable at the time, which is unfortunate. I mean they still are, but specially at the time no, I mean you can't be strangled all the numbers still people there still is. No, I'm people. Have you guys back at the two of you have a thing against Christian. I don't I don't. Aren't people? No. I didn't say that no, I didn't the closest. What he wants to be a priest. Also, I went to scab looks cool. I you could even get. You hands around the throats they were built to survive. Attack, I only believes that the do nuns get kind of Take it out of the herd there slowly until it breeds bigger, stronger nuts and my sister Susan literally Edward Sister Bundy, and she was born. She was big, Bundy, no fun
She was no funding, but this is a lot a lot of these stories so, as will go a lot of these, movies were Essentia Lee not put together by investigators, they've been kind of room words that have been around borley rectory forever legends like the phantom, none itself, there's a lot of people even talking about whether or not it even really is a nun. They see a shrouded woman. They don't know if it's a nun a lot of Times Harry Price, the investigator that would end up making Borley rectory super famous. He was obsessed with creating a very specific origin story for the hauntings happening at the rector but it might just be. This is just shit- that's been there literally forever, but there's yet one more, all that has nothing to do with the none at all which might speak towards the shrouded figure theory. It has also been said that shortly after the rectory was built, a young girl was seen cleaning to
the window of what came to be known as the blue room, the young girl screamed and screamed until finally, she fell to her death and it's possible that it is her spirit which roams the grounds. However, one thing about that the blue room doesn't have have a wind. A self ridicule show me a window. Sill is brown. The room is called the blue room with, but no matter what happened by the time. The Reverend Henry Bowl had the rectory in question built in eighteen sixty two, the first sighting of a ghostly. None had already been reported on the grounds twenty years previous in eighteen, forty three and it would be the ball family who would propagate the story of the phantom non for decades to come. No one of the things pointed out by skeptics and brushed under the rug by believers about the Reverend Henry Bowl is that he died of tertiary self
about thirty years after building directory. What is tertiary tertiary means the very end of it like it's just you die like you just die of syphilis, tertiary meaning outside you can see it. Look like a beef tip. You become which is crazy, sour meat yeah. Pretty much yeah yeah it's a horrible horrible day that's not a good way to go yeah, but some of the skeptics say like he was just hallucinate ing the whole time and uh huh loosen those hallucinations carried over into his family, but an also they are. You know the believers like they do not mention it really at all. They don't like to talk about how Henry Bull died. They just say he died. Well, that's Dr! That's a doctor patient privilege. Now they should should we be to yeah I think we are already yeah we're portraying the legacy of Henry Bowl when we really should just be safe.
Henri Paul, like to fuck. I mean it's really. He died of a funct like malady. Could be. I mean it's, it's amazing. He was able to find all those ghosts, even even with suffering from syphilis. Well, I think that both sides are wrong. Long in pointing it out or in sweeping it under the rug. I mean I really don't think has anything to do with anything hallucinations might have been a part of him. Reese later years, the hauntings experienced by the ball family occurred before the simplest really kicked down and they continued after Henry's disgusting death. Soon she is far as the phantom known goes, she's most often seen walking outside in the garden. In fact, she was seen so often, the path with the sightings tend to happen is still called the nuns walk. No, we don't know exactly when the sightings of the non began for the ball family, but we do know that they came so are
often that the reverend bricked up the dining room window in one thousand, eight hundred and seventy five specifically because the nun was seen so frequently. If we look at the snow really mad, because I feel like he been seen in the non after a while, it just looks like a nun. Walking seems like roar. Michael, fine, young and then she'd look smile and wink he's like oh flirting, wonderful, I and then search realize it's a ghost. Eventually, the nun gets sexier insects here and it starts becoming like remember the fantasy that chest Chevy Chase has of course yeah in National Lampoon's Christmas vacation scores which Certificate fat juicy seen. It is nuns out there just calling don't know, know, know, know, know, know
and he just starts screaming. Oh it broke up this window, flirt with me in front of my beautiful wife shape like a spiral. Yeah I mean really that's ridiculous dinner is her flirting. You can't be flirting to breakfast no way too early for that now. This seems to imply that Henry Bowl was losing his mind from selfless. I think the explanation here is far more domestic. I think Henry Bulb bricked up the window to keep the sightings of the nun from distracting ' kids at dinner. Time makes sense. This is this is really true yeah. I don't I I can't really. I can't stress this enough. The ghost sightings that happen immediately at Borley Rectory were off the fucking chain. They were happening all the time. They talked about this shit as if they were roommates. The the different phantoms specifically the phantom none, and so while they would go and watch it became such a part of the family that it literally be like air is in an again
because they were walking through like it was this shadow that just live with them, but I think it's important to see that they weren't threatened by it. No, I didn't feel scared. It was just this kind of fact about there. Firehouse nuns just hanging out with the reason why I say that they weren't afraid of it and why this and why you know this problem was more domestic than anything, because Henry Bowl also built a summer house that had a place in it specifically for watching the phantom none early in the morning as an almost meta We have commune with the Spirit world. Oh and it wasn't just the bowl.
Family who saw the none during this time either a friend of Henry Bolls named P Shaw. Jeffrey also said he saw the nun several times, but concerning peesha, his most important contribution to the story is actually of the intelligent haunting variety, and this is one of the very, very few intelligent hauntings that happened during this time period. P Shaw said that during one of his visits, his French to English dictionary disappeared and despite searching high and low, nobody could find it a few nights later P Shaw said he was awoken in the middle of the night by a sudden, loud thump, on the floor. He let a candle and looked down and there on the floor was the missing dictionary and the dictionary
had seemingly appeared from thin air, because the room or Jeffrey was sleeping was in fact locked an indeed he looked up and he saw Gerard Depar do Gerard a Pardue said yes, one day I will be a famous actor, not just in France, but in America to what is it with that to you in Gerard he's funny he's wondering with steam. Behind the motor voter he what all about him, we got big nose, yeah memory, peed on that flight yeah. Of course, I remember you need you to mention. Gerard Depar do like once a month he's a hammered, weird, looking Frenchman. But he was a sex symbol, but he was like he's got. He's got big swollen bad lips, tiny Frenchy's that weird thin Frenchman her. You must have smelled like a God dam, cheese, goat. He was eating Bush and fingering be for decades. I don't know, we can't explain it, but women love Gerard Depar. Do I guess we'll concern?
the reason. The reason why the ghost may have taken the french dictionary could it be that the murdered french none of yesteryear attempting to learn English in order to communicate. It's like the movie green card, which are are jeopardy, would do it. Maybe maybe she was will see in episode two Damn it I even having a gremlin problem, so my house- really 'cause. Now I've been dealing with time timing, it 'cause, you know, we've said again: I'm goes for pellet. I never seen anything paranormal, I'm not close to anything paranormal, but I now have several people between Amber, I mean as reliable as they are Amber Nelson Jackie Zebrowski Several, I'm coming home and have immediately said that the house is haunted that our apartment is haunted and I've had other neighbors, tell us that our entire apartment complexes haunted. Do you think it's the John Wayne Gacy?
painting or all of the other creepy kooky spooky things that you have in your house. Like the bigfoot thing, it is interesting, because it's true right I have want to chair, like I had a chair that I bought from a antique, store that they said they couldn't sell because people kept bringing it back. It was seeing that was this chair that they have that they said that we had bad juju and I bought it because it's cheap and then I the real life full of cheese goblin for Mandy from the actual original pole that sits in that chair all day. Okay, but all right, my remote controls keep go missing. My bill would miss, and that was all my paint it went missing right now, people say heavy smoke, a lot of weed nobody, so not just the weed. I was actually going to talk about the cups of whiskey you drink at night, and you call it you call it you're at home drink so that you can say I had one drink but you're filling up. Thirty two ounce, old Mcdonald, Plastic CUP
yeah. It was senator fingers in my home, yes, but in my home, so it's not out called technically. That is actually yeah, that is totally the opposite: yeah drinking public right ring at home alone and so, but I but Natalie's not like that. Now is not an alcoholic or a stoner, so she noticing things been going missing all the time I'm so I have a gram of my house, Jackie says that there is a ghost living in our old, upstairs balcony, which I've never seen. People say they feel like they're being watched, my apartment, I don't think it's the cameras they put in there because they can't see those cameras and the rest of is the only like you, but then Eddie then did blame it that I put a demon in a haunted chair. But what I did was is that I put a joint out and bunch of coins in front of the cheddar goblin, and I found the remote control
there. You go all right, but I built this God encounters with the paranoia all seem to be a bit of a family tradition when it came to the bolts in nineteen, seventy A diary was discovered in a junk shop in nearby Sudbury, written by Caroline Bowl, known as Dodi to the family. This diary, written window d, was twenty one covers a ten month period between one thousand eight hundred and eighty four and one thousand eight hundred and eighty five and details. The social engagements in events that made up the lives of the bowl sisters, but one entry in particular written is almost a casual afterthought suggests that at least one of the ball sisters was practiced in the paranormal. It read quote October: a It. Ranged are tried, chair moving in the evening. I'm need a chair, walk all over the room and answer questions, some of which were quite Roy, are arrested
given friend of Marion? It said twenty five, which was quite right. It is great phone and I seem to have a great deal of electricity in Maine, as I can make it work. Quite fast, father came home by the six hundred and ten train from bury Mam did you have sex with this chair? It made me horny officer and my my question, for you is: do I make you only really man you're going to be going around it doesn't matter really going to quit. Movies doesn't come up with over three hundred years that erector Ma'Am turned into a longshoreman. Well, some of the other girls in the bowl family personally reported strange goings on as well. Ethel bowl said that she would wake up in the middle of the night to see an old man wearing dark old fashioned, clothes and a tall hat, silently standing next to her bed and just weather
to unfurl his penis from his zipper Why don't you just come with me? We told you you have to leave one body part behind, because you don't want to lose the places you want anything now, I'm sorry, you don't have it. You can't get it do you do have it. You can't get your penus back. This is a damn cock, rectory and the bull families. Employees experience paranormal activity as well, although they did not share the cavalier attitude that the bulls seemed to have towards their ghost
companions in one thousand, eight hundred and eighty six, a nursemaid, reported that she had been in the bull household for about two weeks when she was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by the sounds of heavy slippered footsteps. The footsteps got louder and louder, but once the steps seemed to be right outside her door, they stopped no one entered, but no one walked away either. The nurse made left two weeks later because the place was so in her words more years so yeah the final days of a playboy model at at the Playboy Mansion, just they just here, Hugh Hefner cleared sliding is that you fit the data going going. The whole house is covered in carpet. I can't hear anything I was listening to more foot stuff. I was listening to more footage of paranormal. Like ghost hunters,
in Borley, rectory or the area for the now they just go. Camp yeah that may have church across the street, so they'll go and that it it's real, noisy again there old. These are obviously old structures, so they do tend to make noises. But the stuff there. Here, it's kind of crazy. It is the kind of stuff you read about. For years and years and years, it's the thumps- and moans and like phantom door. Closing this big it borley rectory, are you here like like it's a fucking Halloween sound effects, album cool, that's happening, but you're not hearing it. Presently, it just shows up on recordings. So now they got a lot. Folks, out there at the rectory hanging out really doing investigations. Do you think that means? Do you think that makes it more haunted or less haunted. You know: do you think that, because there's so many folks out we're really focusing all their energy on? You know wanted to see a ghost. Do you think that trick
did you think this goes through like come on guys? You know, in been doing this. All we've been doing this for three hundred years, give us a break once the observation affect you know. Some people say that, but simply by observing something you change the nature of it. So I completely believe that, and I don't think ghosts are here for us I don't think of whatever goes, are, I think, especially residual hauntings. This is some is one of those science questions that will one day be answered that we don't know what well, this is, I think there is some form of natural explanation of it is, but for some reason the scope of our attention seems to destroy it. They can't get definitive proof of it, because every single time they do, they come back with nothing or stuff. That's very something like low stakes, but with the all say, when I fully believe. Is it the paranormals, a personal experience yeah an between new your? It is something about the mix of your consciousness with either the collective unconscious mix. With
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rumors that seem to support this. It's not that Henry Bowl also impregnated a maid named Katie Borum, who worked in the rectory kitchen and the girl died soon after I was a real governator, you reference call Schwarzenegger way too much. That's the thing. That's. What I was thinking earlier is that it's only going to be a matter. There's Gerard Depar. Do an Arnold Schwarzenegger having sex with the maid that I don't know but it is such a wonderful story for that made yeah. I think it's just such an incredible dream that came true for her and I wish that something equivalent could have happened to me back in the day when I was young and impressionable uh. I think you mentioned it twice in the Mormonism series alone. Weird, yeah. I don't know why I don't know, I don't know it's. Ok, it's ok! Well, one story goes that Katie in the labor in the rectory kitchen on Easter Sunday, one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight and she died there along with the child. Oh my goodness,
That's that is sad for Easter Sunday, yeah for the for one of the cooks to dive after your husband is impregnated her yeah. Absolutely man will get the ham that only the affair revealed, but goes all of the tapestries. There goes the lamb there. We're almost in hand
season again, where I can finally buy a whole ham at the at the grocery store. You know we don't live in North Korea, right you again by a Fulham like any day yeah, but it's at my local grocery store this sum about going to the local grocery store and getting a whole ham and carrying it home, and all that we want to walk like you're the violator from spawn. This is his Bob Cratchit moments where he takes a big silver coin and he goes with. He can get a little local cripple boy to sit on his shoulder. He sing a song about Christmas. Damn it comes. He takes it home, no bag with three handed ham down the street, who, like I'll, take the ham, but could you take the plastic off of it before I carry it with my bare hands down the street? What we do actually know that Katie Borum was trade in Sudbury in one thousand, eight hundred and eighty eight, but others think without evidence that Henry Bowl to keep the whole affair a secret, committed murder murder either giving into the darkness.
Hourly rectory or adding to the misery and pain already present, but at any rate when Henry Bolsa Syphilitic Finally, up and died, his son Harry took over as rector for barley and many of hairy sisters continued living there with both him and their mother yep. So in this case it's correct I killed her, I actually did kill her and the joke is evolving The joke is changing if I do like how this came like a really depressing haunted. Mansion version of king of Queens and the thing is the activity seemed we get stronger after Henry Bowl died on July. Twenty eight one thousand. Nine hundred the bull sisters were returning to the rectory from a small local party. Just see,
picking out their grundles just order that was his sister bowl? That sister bullet was pretty good time. Wasn't as they approach the house, Ethel Freda, Anne Mabel all saw the figure of a nun dressed in black with their head, bowed gliding along the nuns walk thinking that maybe they all hallucinating, one of the girls ran into the house and grabbed duty to make sure she saw it to a duty. It was just a nun out on a walk, maybe the numbers collecting for charity, but when Dodi approached the figure, the nun completely vanished Guenter was your plan ray not to the Reverend Harry Bull? All this was absolutely fascinating. Having shared father's keen interest in the paranormal hairy bowl. Never had
the slightest problem, with any of the ghosts at Borley rectory and was actually a member of one of Britain's psychical societies. You super into it. See Harry sounds like the cool pastor you know the guy. Only wear it's yeah! You know Jesus was the original hippie yeah man. Do you greens and stuff like that, he also did my piercings. Did they hold up their hands? Oh, I see because he was crucified. Is that why he did my parents 'cause, you know what he, because it really hurt when he was like he was screaming screaming and they flipping starve to death on a fuckin' crucifix. But not it's really cool that you wear Jean 'cause like about school, pastor, Harry Bull, only wars clerical, dress on Sundays and was described by all him by all of his friends, as quote perfectly normal dermal- that normal guide normal gang. The only odd thing about Harry Bull was that he could Hela Spectre as easily as one could hail a friend
hold on a second the description of him as a normal guy except or he can hail a ghost. So you know what I'm going to say: abnormal just normal night, the most normal got just because she wears Levi jeans how much more exciting. Would I be as a friend if I would have been, like Oh hey guys. We gotta record you're right. You gotta record, see you soon. Samuel Clements, the real name of Mark TWAIN and Mark TWAIN just appears that could be, which is freaking high five, each other normal godly, normal friend Henry. I don't totally normal yeah. Well, everybody in town liked hairy ball. He was like a local character. He because he always just talked about the ghosts on the record grounds in just a matter of fact, tone like yeah. We got ghosts. What about it? It's cool and you can see him if you want. I wish you would stop talking about it. Harry was also a cat man, 'cause barley, rye,
I never had any less than twenty cats during his tenure. They'd follow him around everywhere. Again questioning the perfect normal, because I feel like only the recently divorced man true Kat Mana are your cats have become just like a you just imagine. Your twenty cats are just one twentieth of the woman that you used to love, yeah just cut to him trying to check into a motel six ended stay with a bag. That's just actively click start. Sir, do you have cats in that bag? Sir, because no? No, this is my work. Computer at your work sounds like cats, but there were so many cats that Borley rectory had a cat cemetery there. You could see headboards for each and every cat names like JAM sandy or rolo relive the q. The I cat one through five
CAT Katzberg, God, Borley Rectory Junior, auto chronicles the cat, rumpled licky that cat he was killed. Adolf Hitler don't know, that's not a cat grave, is the real gray Adolf Hitler most to his dog? Adolf Hitler, but the bulls could have also been heaping all these dead cats. On top of a centuries old plague. Pit oh come on. Yeah you moved right and come on? I J rewatch that recently that is so stupid. What you need is, the bodies you got to move the body. No, it was all over the entire place is that seed. The entire thing is that see their bones in the Mason.
Little mix bones in with the masonry for years the bones of the deceased, but if you want I think that this is like. Oh, this is old time. You thinking after nine hundred and eleven would never forget. After obviously, after eleven, when they were excavating, they would stop construction every time they found a fragment of a bone, and I know it was to identify it by guarantee you. There was also a fired like if there's one Don't stuck down here! This whole place is haunted, so it doesn't even matter if there's one round world trade center was gonna. Look real nice for ghost to live in, ok, see during the great plague of one thousand six hundred and sixty four to one thousand six hundred and sixty five. It was a tradition amongst the locals to throw the dead bodies in a big pit on the rectory sounds and before you say that this was the cause of the haunting. No, this is fair common in England plague victims were thrown about pretty Willy nilly, which is one of the reasons why it's still fairly easy to find human remains in the UK, dirt
which is why Marcus feel so at home there and why he loves the food so much. It is extremely bizarre. It is notoriously known, although you know it's gotten better, it's so much better, but they know it is not. So it's not as if you'd better for itself, but it's not seasoned. I used to use that Salute Lee Season, we're going to get it does along. So this is for a relaxed fit episode, because markets can literally taste a granule of salt in any food. That's in there. A single pepper yeah. He can taste well. I will say that I did find some good blood sausage here in the neighborhood. So I'm feeling pretty good about that. So happy now, there's some people who say that, with the experiences with the paranormal who once again hallucinations but unlike his father Harry both did not have syphilis rather hairy all was a narcoleptic you'll, never be as good as your father. No narcolepsy does not also
have some hallucinatory properties as well. What narcolepsy you just kind of fall asleep or you, but you're, not super tired, all the time narcolepsy It's a pretty wide and varied disease or I wouldn't call it disease. I guess it disorder. People have different tens of narcolepsy, so young people seem to be like very tired. They just don't remember anything that they're doing others do just like does off immediately and some people with narcolepsy there. They are just tired all the time. Narcolepsy is not like a one and done I actually I actually. This is true. I just watched a great documentary about narcolepsy. It was called
Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo at one point, he goes in a date with a woman who who's naked who's, nickel, arctic, nickel, ARP index Canickel Arctic in any way to keep her from putting her face into the soupy ties her hair to a pole. So I've heard that, like that documentary documentaries, incredible in it, was stiffed at the Oscars, just to see the emotional arc of a male gigolo yeah. I don't like him when he went through. I still funny yeah, I know well, hairy ball was known to doze off,
the middle of meals and was found sleeping in his garden more than a few times. It's a funny, though, but during Harry's time at the rectory more than a few people outside of his family saw the nun. One local name. Thompson said that he used to go to the rectory to play Dominos with every ball, but on one series of Knights Thompson kept getting rebuffed again and again by the sight of a non coming in and out of the house is tons of figured the rector was just busy. Each night got none business, so he went home each night and try again the next. Finally, on the fourth night Tom managed to get to the reverend before the nun and Harry asked where Thompson had been all these nights, when Thompson said that he saw that a nun was out and about on the grounds, Harry responded matter of factly, Oh you saw the ghost, don't worry she It's always around uh. What? What
hey! I'm choose any one of these cops google parable of the evening, I would say Tuesday, Ap News, all these, the the molds for giving my pet. I have Mr2 pieces of information that is horrifying down KP doubt I haven't time for you, it's done business would be about, but there was one apparition that rattled even Harry Bull. It was the only time that Harry Bolt said that he was a little bit afraid of one of these things. One day Harry thought spotted a poacher on the rectory grounds, but he was only able to see the man's legs through the trees. But when Harry pushed through the Bush is what he thought was a poacher was actually a headless apparition who scampered away disappeared when Harry got too close. See you soon for for for for
yeah, wonder how it's let's just make gurgly sounds really. I just don't think it would scamper away when it is that kind of scary yeah, like the idea of it doing like fucking Jack, in dance. From you in the bushes is scamper away, making that noise that the judge do Maiden, who framed Roger rabbit after he got flattened out that no way good noises yeah. Well, the employees of the ball family continued being tormented by the ghost during Harry's tenure as well. The bowl family, Gardner Edward Cooper and his wife lived on the grounds in the rectory kottage between one thousand nine hundred and sixteen and one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine and they had their fair share of ghostly expn
variances. They said that night after night, they heard the sound of a dog padding around in the hallway outside of their room and the sound continued every night until it finally culminated with a fantastic crash in the kitchen. But whenever Cooper went to see what happened, he saw that everything in the kitchen- in apple pie, order, weird app would have been actually scarier if it was hairy bowl nude, at least not yet and I'm sorry, I was playing a game with my cat. I was that had been set and we were having a mental tens of debt to the little was the most of it like a ghost Martha do course the Cooper solve the none, but their most impressive siding was that of the phantom coach, the coach, a coach, no look. No, not not not. I don't know how to whistle challenge flag. No, it's not like Jimmy Johnson hanging around in there. That's it right.
That's a thirty year old sports reference. You guys are doing great who's, the guy from the book from the from the Steelers or the mustache. Gorbachev yeah right, Randall Grammar, durable grammar to check, build uber check bill it's MIKE Mike Tomlin. Is there now? No, the one before that, the one so is the one that looks like bill. The butcher Mercer been told you this guys name now. I actually I'm getting stuff, but you know he's very. Very famous yeah name is Eduardo. Peppermint it'll come to Maine I'll shoot I'll. Shout it out and interrupt you guys, but it does not like a carriage, not a coach, not a football coach like a care. It's like a horse drawn carriage, oh forget about it.
On one moonlit night Cooper said he was looking out of his window while getting undressed for bed. When he sought to lights approaching the rectory as the lights drew nearer. Cooper realized that they were the lamps of an old fashioned coach to black horses, pulled the carriage and two men and top hats drove it, and the whole thing passed through a hedge through the our yard and across the road without making a single sound, you can just see their faces. It is the scene of the. It is the scene of the grave digger in the haunted mansion ride. I've him just him staring out the window to see this fuckin' phantom coach, just like rip around the outside of their house is going to full fuck. Is this fucking she Meanwhile, you got hairy bowl just like letting cats feed off his nipple. You still hear me like. I can't seem to bother them
well. I wish I could provide food just for my own, simple modest, but I guess it is another night of tuner for my poor daughter You have 'em something or Cooper hollered for his wife, but by the time she got to the window, the coach was gone, but one of the more underrated specters, in my opinion, at Borley rectory, is one. Both the coopers and hairy bowl saw see. One night mister and MRS Cooper woke up to see a black sheep in the form of a little man run around their bedroom. That's blood yeah. They didn't really comment on the mood of the specter. They just said little man running around like bed. What is it Deb, Robson and doorknobs bed, bed, rock and
My brain is done that bed bed rock bet, you know no yeah. No, I don't think we struggle. I want. I just want to hear what you say what words come out of knobs and door knobs. No, but it is a movie. You sound like a man, who's wandered into a Joann Fabrics right before closing right before closing who's been ticket jobs is because my bed knobs and My brain is split into four ways. Right now, 'cause I'm trying to remember the name of the Damn Steelers coach, because I know our audience knows it in there screaming inside of their key is right now. Do you want me to look it up? No, I don't want to look it up absolutely not come to Maine Bob Euchre no, it's not Bob Uecker, broomsticks and doorknobs, but either way he's sort of. He is correct. This should really really straight. You have like every we see in? Should news live inside this house, you,
tiny. Little goes version of Burgess Meredith showed up like in the shadows going like I don't want to. You can have a she's too fat. This is in a totally different house. This is in the carriage house. This is not in the rectory itself, because the actually the rectory grounds are quite large. You got the house to get the carriage house to get the summer house, there's all sorts of places, there's all sorts of places for ghost to hide in a here. Well, that's why I find interesting fact when this is a literally a new construction, because they had to keep each family as they went, they expanded the house and they would build new different, where is Jim Rooms hallways as the family increased? They said every single time, build a new house every single time. They build a new room, but ghost would show up in it. It's like it's a hotel kid, Now the little old man that they saw run around the room could be another gardner who had been employed by the bull family. Two hundred years previous named old AMOS Ham, see AMOS was a bit of a
Family character and stories about old AMOS had been handed down through the generations and the link between Harry and Cooper, turning old AMOS came when Harry Bowl saw the figure of little old man on the rectory lawn one day. According to Harry, the old man had one hand pointed towards the sky and the other pointed to the ground up, there's where the birds live down there is where my daughter lives? I don't no your daughter died. I did it How much is a space facts coach Cowher nice
and when Harry got close enough to look at this spectors face, he saw that the spectre had all the distinct facial features of the old AMOS from the stories and, of course the apparition vanished before Harry could communicate, and that's the interesting thing about these apparitions. They never even acknowledge the living. Much less spoke to them. They did not in any. Communicate with people. Did they see the people? No? Okay? No, okay, no communication, no real acknowledgement if they did exist. These apparitions were nothing more than impressions that disappeared. Should anyone get too close? If you view, if you view residual, hauntings sort of like a museum, with many exhibits that your house becomes like a place or you knew enter rooms, it seems to be like this. Is, I guess, a thief?
I mean who Fokker knows 'cause there's some people say that ghosts are literally plasma, they already type of material that we have an even identified, but one thing that it could possibly be is a the idea that you go in and literally the spark of your living energy deal, actual electricity that goes through your body essentially harmony with particles that have been there forever. The idea of Bell's theorem is true one of these one of those many times, quoted by stoners at one hundred and fifteen in the morning, like the idea that all physics breaks down at the quantum level that unless there is, it. Basically, if we wanna insisted there such a thing as an objective reality outside of our consciousness, there's a lot of problems with physics. One of that. I would think that that one capsule late is it literally energy of your body would fire residual things that had been there before he
bodies that were in those rooms are in that area. There particles, torched, didn't Adams and the, but a all the bush, I'm obvious, probably just put your in this day go and are simple impressions on reality. Are there and then your energy creates harmony between those impressions and then they come to life. You like turn on, Henry your belt back. What's even more interesting is that it seems as if some of the people who saw the ghost during the bull residency later became, Borle ghost themselves. That's the dream come true. I don't think it is now. These guys don't seem to be doing that bad honestly, there's walking around having a good time. I don't think they're having a good time. They said, most of the time the nun looked like she was in great pain, she's, a nun in the middle out too yeah Kathy, Najimi she's always smiling
today is not a real, not it's unbelievably faith. No, I love I can't wait to haunt my apartment I want the one that you have an la or just whichever one you die in everywhere I go. I hope on it. Okay! Well, it said that the Reverend Harry Bull became a ghost himself when he died in twenty seven in the same blue room that his father had passed away in thirty five years previous, but will get to Harris ghost on episode, ooh, so many great teasers for part two. Do you think that he was just about to die? And it's like wait? Wait. I've got to go to the daddy death row and then just dragged himself to the blue room and make sure he died. Just wear daddy died. You know. There's no window sill in here now with Hairy gone,
no more bowls willing to take over the rectory by the time Harry died. Borley rectory was an established, haunted house, twelve clergyman passed over the job until it was finally taken by the Reverend. G e Smith, Amman. Well, I've been no g. Smith took the job specifically because he did not believe in the paranormal pretty soon after he and his wife arrived. They start experiencing all new sorts of phenomena. It all began with whispering night after night they heard murmurs and only wants to Ge Smith make out anything comprehensible. I think I heard stories. Chevy Jg Smith heard a very urgent voice, saying don't Carlos don't what in the world is Carlos eating too much ice?
stop stealing their material. Carlos write, your own jokes. After that the servant bells began to ring mysteriously in the Smiths heard the same slow, deliberate footsteps in the upper passages heard by so many people before two success, Maidservants quit after seeing the nun and another maidservant saw the phantom coach, not the Smiths had grown up with the Go like the bulls had, and they sincerely wanted either an explanation or an end to the madness zero. For some reason they thought the best people. Ask for help. Was the daily mail always Of course, why? Wouldn't you might as well have a better chance literally asking coach bill cower and it was Do the daily mail that Borley rectory was introduced to a paranormal researcher named Harry Price, and that's where will pick back up next week for all the poultry,
nice body, exhumations and dissociate. Housewives. You can handle on Borley rectory part two woo man. Thank you very much to Neil Friend, Neil French for suggesting borley rectory. This is the fellow You had the ghost tour with yeah yeah, I mean I'm a ghost or with, and he showed us all of the wonderful public execution spots in all Edinburgh. Isn't that great this really wonderful, no and I'm excited about this tale. We have a whole month of spooky coming at you. We have this spooky next week, more spooky, something a little more funny and spooky the next week and something truly disgusting for Halloween that's great. If we really play our cards right Ge Smith from Saturday Night LIVE will be on the next episode. Really gotta. Do it awesome, borley rectory? That was one part two coming up next week, that is very exciting very spooky. If you have any ghost stories or alien stories or whatever store,
trees that are creepy and spooky send 'em to side stories potlgmail dot com, Henry and at are dot com I'll reading two week we're doing two weeks of listener. Creepshow stories, so the goal is to Scary, that's what we're shooting for scary, not just Bigfoot Erotica, I mean still might get in there, yeah, but it's like you find it here. Yeah yeah It seems you come to me really it just shows up? Also, we are going to be on the road here in the very near future. We so excited to finally go to floor. My family might to Henry. So we got Tampa. We got and in a and the big show in Miami. So if you are in miami- or in the surrounding area, Fort Lauderdale just come on enjoy the beautiful weather
we'll get some we'll get some array plus and some cubanos and we'll have a great together here in Miami cannot wait October very excited by this cuban food. Oh I like, oh, my god it does. We do what does a lay have good cuban food? you know no, I did that's one of those who they don't eat outside of Florida yeah. I see a lot of good cuban food as do I am give me a pickle on sandwich, which love pickles on sandwich, a love speckles, but they just do it right. Your red, hair ham, croquettes yeah with liquefied ham, so. I do like little nuggets home. My well, I guess have to get that bit of a ham conoces, or I believe that liquefying, the ham ruins the taste she's insane insane, because then you get liquefied ham, it gets faster and her sister, you tell me, he's not gonna eat. I give you juggle liquefied amp you're, going to sit there with the funding for it yeah hamburger only does it taste, but you know you're taking some tips off of it. Next thing you know you're going to
up your fucking eyelashes in Guelph, no, not every guy that would ever go to prison and then, on the way out, he'd look at the person should be like what was the recipe for the meat I gotta say that would never be alone or what is it? Oh, it's mostly your comment, a little salt. Ok, thank you. Find hand makes that makes that liquefied local makes the ham taste squeaky. We he's not a step. So that's. Why is that? Even making sense he has like synesthesia, but it is for making bad food taste good. You can't you can't make something taste Squeezy, it doesn't doesn't work well This is a little long story with a given it. If you come to Miami you'll hear a little bit more about this and we need you to come to. Miami got Tampa campus, pretty much sold Orlando's. Pretty much sold out come on out to Fuckin' Miami, it could be fun and what better these to see us three, oh boy. How much do we the sunshine? Oh, my god. I love it. I love it. How much we just beach boys
but more beach guy bleach, my bones, I know it yeah! No, I mean Marcus, doesn't have to actually take synthetic vitamin d which you can naturally get from the sun weren't outdoor people. So yes, some join us join us in Miami. Most natural habitat, absolute and the date, so that our October 18th in Tampa October 19th Miami an October 20th in Orlando. Also we're going to be doing a live site or not. We Henry and better to be doing a lot of side stories in Washington DC on November eighth and then course. We have another tiny little tour in the northeast. That's Portland Maine on uh Twenty one N Hampton Massachusetts on November 22nd in Buffalo, NY on one thousand one hundred and twenty three and then finally were I have to run to Detroit and Columbus on December. Fifth, sixth and seventh- every single one of those shows you can buy tickets over on last podcast on the
dot com. Alright, we have one last secret weekend of shows that is about to be unveiled which place people and ask us to go for a while, very, very excited, because we are gonna die there. Alright everyone. Thank you all so much for listening. Thanks for supporting all their shows here on the last podcast network, I'll just do a little plug here for kind of fun. Should be dropped in the stream. So if you had a chance to listen to that, thank you so much Katie and I are loving interviewing all the wrestling up and comers and wrestling stars and we're going to keep on doing that so much for your support and never forget. Hail yourselves, cal state it again. Installations- tell me man How many man? Because I might hurt my back sleeping, you did again again yeah you gotta, stop doing that do you mean I got to stop sleeping? I just sleep in his bed. That's the problem that before yeah I don't know I hurt my back put on my shoes,
that's normal. This is like crazy maybe it's maybe it is the gremlins. This show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support. By supporting them for more show it's like the one. You just listen to go to the last podcast network. Dot
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