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Episode 388: The Vampire Hunters of Highgate Cemetery

2019-10-26 | 🔗

Today we explore the story of two legendary vampire hunters named Sean Manchester and David Farrant who, back in the early seventies, engaged in a serious rivalry concerning a certain vampyre that stalked the rows of London's Highgate Cemetery. Was it a spectre with psychic draining abilities or a flesh and blood creature of the night preying on the young girls of Highgate? Tune in to find out! 


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tune in october 28th for a special episode about the new movie doctor sleep we interview director mike plan to get out of the episode and get details behind the next chapter in the shining don't forget to see doctor in theaters november eighth there's no place to escape to this is the last time pass on the left hand cannibalism started hello my name is i am i saw for now it's a lot of people and i say you should do that my yellow skin how long a the teeth law targeted nails then i am a vampire but in fact i am not a vampire i'm suffering from a disease is slowly turning me into a
smelly lizard and honestly i don't even appreciate at least i'm immune to all the weird side display diseases you gave gave the okay but at the same time my flesh he's already melting yeah please stop calling us vampires alright welcome to the last podcast on the left over what i have been looking at marcus work so and poor lizards henry zebrowski what happened buddy it's not that it's not because of the folklore of garlic could i could it is the acids in the to those melodramatic that irritates the pores in my skin are suddenly loosened home i i'm not a vampire
oh well you're going to find love buddy don't even worry about it no i will not like that's really just be honest with you but i really am having a lot of time with the new call of duty that's very nice modern warfare i cannot wait to play that game maybe we can play online outer worlds is fantastic that's what i've heard from you specifically mister marcus barks ok well we have a great story today why henry zebrowski doing discuss vampires well because that's what we're talking about today very good specifically we are talking the highgate empire today will be covering the tail of the infamous vampyr of london's highgate cemetery i don't want to hear the word vampire today really we've talked about this dog mean i went back and forth this is not a story of vampires this is a story of amperes what's the difference
degree in parapsychology from on on the you know like online universities okay vamp here it is but really the vamp here is incidental to the real story here where the meet of all this story really lies is in the two competing empire hunters who took it upon themselves to kill the beast but this is not the story of two dooling van helsing's in victorian england this story takes place in the early 1970s seventies all good stories early nineteen seventies and instead of the dashing figures of your are two van pier hunters were a wiccan high priest named david ferrante and a fake bishop from the old catholic church named sean may chester and yeah the old catholic church it is sort of real sort of but he is allowed to just put on a costume and say i'm a bishop okay sean
chester is a real a real life version of the priests from dead alive this is a man that is really does believe all right two guys' for the law very cool now what does an actual bishop have to dude how many pedophile rings do they have to participate in before they can fairly be crowned bishop i think you have to be able to play ave maria on the assholes of ten little boys without stopping like you have to it has to be recording level that is a very bizarre episode of america's got talent america's got bishops david peron actually hated the term vampire hunter and he looked at the highgate case is more of an investigation into an occult phenomenon but sean manchester looked at this scenario as a physical battle between himself and a dangerous bloodthirsty monster that's a much more fun way
look at it just be like a fat nerd running around the woods for aunt is a skinny nerd running around the woods he looks like element bolivia's david farren is looks like marty from young frankenstein he is he is gone he has to bring for every interview that he did unfortunately he did pass away but he for every interview that that he did get to bring extra microphones did you see the two interviews that he had reached like forgive the extra microphones i am a softspoken individual this is not just for my i mean it he was laughing about it but literally had to have two pointed towards it's like a bunch of penises in a boo cocky oh my goodness i love david farren he's such a great character alright but what both men had in common was at both of them fell for the satanic panic of the 70s and 80s hook line and sinker i'll be different in different ways believed in believed in dangerous satanist because it made the
the whole world he ran around in more fun if there were bodies around but in keeping with his good versus evil persona manchester followed more the mike warnke michelle remember style of satanist who sacrificed babies and flush children down let's and mike warnke for those that don't know is a former successful stand up comedian turned completely insane preacher and then i believe wife beater oh yeah he was a horrible it problematic character but he did have a funny joke about airplanes he did he did he is a terrible human being yeah i one day we'll get to him with these guys needed satan is to be real on either side because it one side with sean manchester it created the villains that he's been going for all his life he's a or what he says is all his life and he's been hunting after diabolical satan and then you got dave fair it did it it's more of a he's concerned
about the use of the research in the nature of the magic of the sickness that's what he's more mad that all of this research is being perverse yes and if you want an example of a warranty joke it's if nothing sticks how does teflon stick to the pan it's gone bad their motivation for believing both farrant and manchester believe that satanist or has manchester called them which sick name he identify a d obelisk now because it's more of like i have an interest in being diabolical i go with my binoculars down to the park and in order to go push old ladies off of bikes like take
trash cans and empty in the middle of sidewalks diabolical deed well both these guys believe that d obolus we're wreaking havoc on both london and in at large in the 70s and beyond in one way or another manchester even condemned the british government's decision to repeal the witchcraft act of nineteen fifty one because manchester believed it gave as he said covens of the most do is kind caught blanche to recruit youngsters without hindrance were to say yeah so these people cardi obolus they believe in the devil their satanic to their core but they wouldn't be bad because of a law because they were like haha yes i would eat children but uh who that one pesky rule but it was a hindrance and that's the thing is that he decried it because the witchcraft act provided a hindrance to these people but when it was repealed in nineteen fifty one that hindrance was taken away
parents had no such misgivings about the repeal because farrant was in fact a wiccan high priest and his belief in what sickness could do is far more metaphysical than man his murderous diablo less and because of these sorts of differences high priest versus bush we can versus christian metaphysical versus physical farrant in manchester eventually clashed and grew to absolutely despise each other it's a decades long few other fun love it can't stand each other and i think we're so as we analyze their relationship i think it's mostly becaus david farrant he was trying to pull in elizabeth warren he's trying to say yes these are these are foul entities but we have plans we will we will create an orderly research we will we we have a team go van will properly investigate the we will get the evidence on
all of our various machines and use candles and short manchesters like we shall kill it immediately excited that we would find a vampire drinking it and then two of them were trying to david ferrer thought that he could be super like i'll be measured and everyone's going to come to me as the rational head of this story people are going to be so excited to hear some somebody who knows what he's talking about now one of these flash she guides and then sean manchester shows up and says no i grew sideburns to steal attention for me that's cool man it sounds like you have sam raimi directed a movie about spy versus spy from mad magazine and thankfully though both men wrote books about their experiences with the highgate vampire manchesters which was self published in nineteen eighty five after numerous publishers past it i do too potentially libelous content is titled the highgate vampire the
phone or world of the undead on earth at london's famous highgate cemetery and environ's yeah dude parents on the other hand was pushed in nineteen ninety one under the slightly less hyperbolic but no verbose title of beyond the highgate vampire true case of supernatural occurrences and vampirism that centered around london's highgate cemetery well could sean man chester made his story all about his hunting and murdering of an actual vampyr david farrant once it's more about what can we learn about ley lines from this story and what's a more compelling story kissel i mean honestly i gotta go with the guy who just screams let's kill it because i just feel like that some more fun trip to be on yeah yeah well both of these books just happen to be in
meals library over in england so we were lucky enough to get to read both now parents reads like a fairly typical occult volume at least until it gets the parts were fair has to explain away his alleged criminal activity it sean manchester's book reads like the pompous diary of a full on hammer horror christopher lee stalker of the band peer more in line with other accounts written by men who truly believe that they grapple with minions of satan like malachi martin who wrote about his adventures in exorcism in hostage to devil here is a little clip of sean man chester's from his book that i just loved his description of himself now as it has been my destiny to explore those aspects of the occult which by their very nature defy all attempts had logical explanation in scientific examination and having had the unique though sometimes harrowing experience of discovering
set of the malign supernatural thoughts to have vanished centuries ago if it existed at all the task alba falls me to commit tend to paper and attempt to description of those incredible events which to quote my predecessor in these matters to the fair a fool love to cook the pseudo scientist a materialist these deeper and obscura things must have course a grand ground tail oh my goodness for some reason i just picture him and really shiny blue shorts with a big johnson to shirt flip flops little sunscreen on his nose in a backwards cap i don't know why will manchester truly believes that he belongs in this pantheon of gods earthly foot soldiers as is evidenced by his dedication of his highgate vampire book two montague summers who is the first person to do the english translation of the witch hunting manual the malleus maleficarum aka the
of which is cool montague summers also wrote two books on the vampyr the vampire his kith and kin and the vampire in europe and in full disclosure summer was also a pederast and proud member of the uranian poet movement who believed in the greco roman practice of man boy love marcus and hey listen i think you really simplifying uranium poetry even though there were no okay because he has it may be that you were trying to restore the whole the relationship between an older man and his young boys servant but also think really concentrated on conservative verse forms
so i think i think what's really important here is it important that a group of very famous authors all got together at some point in the 1860s right about vampirates and having sex with a bunch of little children who or what about the conservative verse forms goodness but no matter their taste in heroes both parents in manchester's books are great reads if you can find and it's through these sources that will be telling the tale of the high gate vampire today which means that everything you're about to hear has to be taken with a massive grain of salt yeah like go like a burrito sized gray a single grain like a rock salt ok now sadly david farrant passed away just this last april may he rest in peace but sean manchester to this day claims to go everywhere with a personal vampire slaying kit complete with steak
anna hammer just in case i'm sure you cannot board the airplane with this briefcase full of dildos and vodka but no no it's my vampire slain kit this out saying it is what allows me to see through the rules and said vampire such as you quack sir you're hitting me with a dill doe ha ha ha no something a little bit fampyra manchester also claims himself to be a direct descendant of the poet lord byron which is rex yet which is a dubious fact that get shoehorned into every nook cranny of its highgate gave book and writing about the day his involvement in the highgate vampire story broke in the press manchester wrote quote need it the morning of twenty seven february one thousand nine hundred and seventy i woke them
famous in a manner not entirely dissimilar to that of my ancestor who every rose instantaneously with the publication of an epic poem in march one thousand eight hundred and twelve i don't know if you've heard of him name is lord byron he invented but sex yeah that is true it's true i mean did he take a dna test was the doors and ancestry dot com back then i think he said that it was rumored that byron had a daughter named lucy and man chest had an ancestor also named lucy something or other definitive proof manchester absolutely revels and all the press darn over the years it wouldn't be totally unfair to say that a good chunk of his highgate vampyr book is just his own press clippings coupled with a fair amount of bragging about his numerous television appearances it is it's almost you say bragging it is weird a category it's just uh
gore series of him explaining that i've been on tv it's like me talking to a casting director like being like i've been on tv i've got i've done stuff like you have this started yelling it which is then put you in a weird defensive position because the or you scream i've been on tv you realize you are screaming i've been on tv which is the saddest thing on the face of the plan and then the director is like that's fine henry zebrowski again were doing beefcake casting so just drop trou sit on the couch let's see you playing with yourself alright i'm playing the horn the magician hi hello friendly grocer i bet i can make your cock disappear unfortunately we're going to go the other way sorry well think about one tv presenter calling sean manchester britain's number one vampire hunter manchester boast that quote
he was by no means the first offer this description and he would certainly not be the last hi i mean he's the best he's the best at what he does and manchester takes great care differentiate between the creature feature version of the van pier let's highgate and its environs and the human blood fetishist posers prancing around dracula capes vampa rides that's what he calls them he calls them vampa roids that used to be a video game immediately i would play heads or it sounds like you just went and you have a really really horrible new version of oh my god hemorrhoids hemorrhoids such a hard on for these vampa roids he so mad at anybody that he could even want to identify with being a vampire he hated goths 'cause he
go in there all of these vampire societies and he would like he would get into public fights with them it's just people who like to dress up like vampires so we talked a little bit when we get our vampire we did our psychic vampire episode earlier this year but the actual vampyr according to manchester is a gaunt lean creature with pale skin red lips horrible stinking breath and razor sharp teeth it's prince charles now talk to learn i wish i could back and according to mention to these creatures are all over the god damn place yeah where else does he source this claim but from the december second nineteen eighty edition of the weekly world news yeah buddy the weekly world news though
you know there's some hidden truth in there yes maybe like maybe batboy isn't now rudy giuliani but there is i guarantee you i want to believe in a world where like the cia goes to page like thirteen and they're like look in the lower left hand corner you're going to see the story and that my friend is your new mish that's incredible awesome men in black ideas are just men in black now for a younger listeners the weekly world news was a fantastic supermarket tabloid that we all grew up with that was most famous for the discovery of the so called batboy among hundreds of other stories about cryptids ale and elvis i mean it's good great old school photo shop in it yeah i love it now weekly world news like that's where i first saw ted bundy's execution photo like weekly world news would i would argue the show might not exist without it we've made this claim but for that were the weekly world news for children now as we've done this
they grew out of mad magazine and cracked i wouldn't write to weekly world news i loved it and my grandmother my grandmother thought it was all real yeah and that's the thing it did kind of prime a whole generation of boomers to be unable to tell fact from fiction when it came to the news i mean you know it did it did kind of do that it was in the shape of a newspaper and it was by the newspapers but after checking out the current website for weekly world news and seeing a story about a chimp that picks stocks well i gotta say they still got it man they still but the sorry that manchester plucked from the weekly world news as fact was empire killing sweep the united states this story claimed that six thousand yes a year in the united states can be attributed to the van pier i will say if you do spend enough time in the uk they are definitely gone to enough especially at this time period they are very thin they got the big adams apples that still a thing yeah we still got the
hello there still enough of those around that you could go from here and then throw garlic at them 'cause they also don't like voice over there but we don't think it tastes good henry and i but marcus loves it i love it i mean it may not be full of spice but it's certainly full of flavor of my friends well to give this story in the weekly world news a sheen of respectability the weekly world news quoted doctor steven kaplan of the vampire research center of queens specifically elmhurst he said quote there's no doubt that's summer days these creatures need macho man blonde as a pioneer day that's a lot that came by it it requires a prescription and you gotta go in them pharmacies them spooky becaus you go where you can get the blood because you were also going to be cobwebs in his job you could get a cape of god superman crazy yo they've got these glasses you can
how to make your eyeballs bug out now he's fun little tubs of bank your friend trying to get can you put your fingers in it makes that pussy fart noises teach more vampire school i'm pretty sure that pharmacy is just halloween adventure oh yeah it's where i got my prescriptions filled you should've got went they said i i was going bald i went there roll prescription for myself manchester then goes on to describe different murder that of my mites in this case a your old man murdered an eighty three year old woman and as an excuse the man said quote i did it to protect my girlfriend you ladies of empire wow that's a little bit accusation to just throw around a willy nilly so since so many god vampires were just walking around sean manchester who was a member of the british occult society relaunched
empire research society which operated under the umbrella of the british occult society okay now it's been reported that david farrant was a member of the british occult society but he was actually a member of the british psychic and a cult society which was a completely organization but lately it is a different organization and it was four david baron he's the lifetime president according to his facebook page is it lately different austin molarity i've i sent you a picture of them i so one of the last group meetings that they had i think it was in july of twenty sixteen and it looks like they all all alan moore a brad you where they all look at allen more like he's a alpha male who gets all the chicks they are altogether one hundred ten pounds wow of graveyard her
i did see only i can really describe it they're all nice they're all needed noses and where alton brown do they are scientists of the occult ok and it's with david ferrete that again the story of the highgate fan pier the legit story so when rumors of some sort of supernatural beings stocking the rose of highgate cemetery in north of london began in the late 60s david ference life was at what you might call a bit of a downturn according to one of sean manchester's many takedowns a farrant because i actually don't know if this is true or not this is just switch on manchester said ok david had gotten into the occult and a fellow occultist had run away with david's first wife right after a tobacco shop david had inherited from his rather have been forced to close down i do think there's there's some truth in there only 'cause we know what happens if you apologists lives
truth makes it so you're too hot to handle too cold to hold right you have to be you have to be alone so david farren technique hey i got a favor done to him by being cooked out by one of his fellow a cold researchers was prob a guy with one of those big old like black fedora hats put like a gold dust are you you're going to get spanked by one of those guys because you're hanging on trying to be legit you're just covering crystal sitting for some reason do you and your lady have to be in the same amount of crystals and own the same amount of crystals in order to stay together how did the tobacco your clothes i mean in europe half of the people's blood supply is just naked to understand is the most tobacco is the most addictive sub in the world in it which is nicotine i notice it close i don't think david farren was the best businessman no no no no he's like he looks like emo philips if he was very
thank you phillips great stand up comedian the put options weevils get the tobacco yeah weevils yeah we've all the bugs yeah but still dave i hadn't let the experience sour him on the occult guy running away with his wife and when an accountant going under the pseudonym of thornton contacted the british psychic in a cult society saying he'd seen it all black apparition lurking in the cemetery farrant was intrigued equivalent i'm ghostbusters him getting a call on him going we've got one this is it of course he turned to the occult all his life is now was goes you're alone you're just with the ghost of your former relationship in your european studio which is the size of a coffin which is also scary of course you turn to the absolutely that's what sam
arnold said he saw the quarterback for the new york jets he said that the new york the new england patriots had him seeing ghosts out there wow so isn't that interesting i think he's going to brain injury is going to kill us fuckin' family awaiting the jets are playing he might thornton claimed that he was walking through cemetery one night when a seven foot tall spectre hovering above the ground and surrounded by an evil aura hypnotised him and for several minutes thornton was unable to move he said that he felt completely drained of energy in once the being had taken its fill the entity disappeared and thornton slowly returned to normal now this account was intriguing to ferret for two reasons one the witness was an accountant and therefore not prone to flights of fancy
i would also be open up in a very advisable for you to maybe take a look at some of my accounts i yes i made them peel hunter but i am not really a tax deal hunter into the specter seem to actually seek out a victim to call physical harm which is an exceedingly rare if not unheard of thing for a phantom to do if you sit back and if you're if you're cheap doubt right now in your home it's kind of fun to just imagine like i i was getting creeped out just the idea of like projecting it in your own fucking eyelids of like walking past highgate like one of these weird old the gates and then you just see this formula shadow with two glowing eyes like approaching and then you're like like bound by its psychic energy where i know that's gotta be kinda fun hope down there and he can do whatever he wants to you i don't know
body it doesn't sound very fun because then he got all tired so this is a psychic vampire attack quite possibly lies started kind of sorry then a couple of weeks later an old lady reported seeing the same entity while she was approaching the cemetery gates with her little dog she said the tall man glare heard her from the entrance with those dark dark eyes then vanished within seconds you will get any late those were the sightings the brought the story to farrant attention the ones that brought high eight into sean manchester's life where as they will be again and again decidedly more cinematic yeah so you got to have like a drama music to this you have that because that's a sean right manchester went everywhere with the christopher lee dracula thieves going on
his background his brain at all times yeah i got to yeah i mean the soundtrack of your ship of the soundtrack of your life you just be john carpenter yeah because he is incredible it do you think the old lady was walking to the cemetery to just kind of like see where like pick up gravestone or yeah you are you going to do that if you get very loud could beat baby care are you listening with anyone there but a lot of people do that yeah oh yeah of course yeah i'm going to pick out a plot no no i'm going to i'm going to force hills forest hills scooter rizzuto get buried on the island huh yeah thanks to native for supporting last podcast native makes aluminum paraben and talk free deodorant that you can feel good about native believes that less is more so their products have fewer simpler ingredients take a look on the back
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dollar value you eyes on your home twenty four slash seven and video if someone tries to get in get your free hd secure the camera now it simply dot com slash left that simply save com slash left the first time that something weird was happening at highgate in manchester's world came when two hundred and sixteen year old girls claimed to seagraves in highgate open up follow my body's rising from their coffin that'll be fuckin' so cool and there's nothing more reliable than two hundred and sixteen year old girls absolutely after witnessing this one of those girls said she was plagued with nightmares featuring a pale deathly face then a few weeks later a different couple were walking home from the pub when they had
open up on the northern gate of the cemetery once there the woman started screaming wo in winter fiance turned he saw a figure standing a short distance away staring at them with the look of what manchester called quote basilisk horror yeah cool then the creature slunk away into the night he got any bills now right here at the beginning you'll notice a clear difference between what these two men perceive the ban peer to be david believed it was a more supernatural ghost like figure call sean was convinced it was a creature out of a folktale more like a cryptid than a spirit let's also it's what they wanted it to be yes because sean manchester was really looking forward to stabbing something in our would you hold lee get laying i am i am with you it was a vamp peer out there there's a hunt going and sign me up i'll be a spotter like you know i'll help ability
for years they i'd be good at using like outside i bet he's sleeping he's in this to be really stupid youtube that's it yeah i would never wake him up but then did david parent was trying to be legit so his whole idea is that it's a noxious entity that just kind of vacuums off you and off psychic and living energy off of things you know but again david ferrer it's going to have to go look reflecting plotline to figure out what the hell this thing is so that he can tell everybody i think i would like it to be a spirit yeah we go spirit as opposed to solid cryptid well the interpretation of the nature of the supposed to be east influenced how each man approached his investigation and david said that the cemetery was an absolute mess when he first showed up for his preliminary according to david
one fault had been completely opened and it was possible to see the remains of a skeleton or someone had removed it from the coffin and another open vault held the remnants of a coffin that have been set on fire it's just it's it's i honestly think it's it's a crime it's really really sad to disagree to graveyard like that i mean even though they're all dead and no one has any clue what the fox happening to him but i think still still think it's sad but this is out of a fucking movie this is starting to really heat up they're seeing vampire and then you walk into this fuckin' cemetery and all these graves are just talking skeletons or just lying out he asked us to ship that's awesome right just a bunch of mountain dew cans whistler packages david also notice that the cemetery was littered with dead fox is lying in the middle of the pathway the cemetery itself and the boxes had seemingly died sudden violent deaths and yes i do but i guess the fox was very he was shifted the touch but i still tempted a little bit
cpr on it to the tune staying alive but i know to keep it rhythm and then i put my lips around here which is very rank little fox lips oh it's so cute to kiss the dead little fox and it seemed to be not natural how he died but it's definitely natural how i medium in my living room to sleep next to you when i sleep on the couch and so fair it decided to spend the in the cemetery to see if a bull investigation was warranted the spot he chose was where the accountant thornton had seen the entity and the date farrant cho this was december 21st the winter solstice a time when the barriers between the spiritual realm and the earthly plane are especially thin cool so at eleven
that night farrant scaled the walls of the cemetery and started searching i just think it's just think of him climbing the walls of the cemetery just i mean it must be very difficult yeah i've never done it pull up before how do i get my knees up the gate just falls forward yeah and before long fair and said he was face to face with the alleged seven foot tall specter well unfair it said the creature was largely without form but he could clearly make out to our eyes which indicated what farrant called quote i know life presents it was at this moment that fair realized he was under psychic attack but just as parent realize this the entity vanished and that was the end of ference experience with the vampire on this particular occasion
oh my god in the only way to defend yourself against a psychic attack you gotta you gotta get one of those beer helmets that helmets that have the two beer cans on the side and then you gotta be slammin that because then it closes your third eye it does do that that's what's important to know if you got six or seven bells working in your gut you are immune to psychic with david it was like he's a very sensitive man you so sensitive he went and he would just talk about being vulnerable to vampyr pier where a soon as you go looking for a vamp here immediately attacks you damn chester's investigation on the other hand featured a whole set of secondary characters build a world a lot of girls lot of teenage girls yeah for his initial investigation he brought back one of the school girls who had first seen the vamp here this girl's name was the and upon meeting her sean said that her features had grown cadaverous
and was extremely pale in her voice could barely be heard now that means you just turning into lana del rey no kids come on come on but over the course of a lunch manchester was able to discover a few details about the creature that was draining her of her life's energy see by this point it's been a couple years since that first sighting and the nightmares had recently returned after this girl had moved out of her parents house and with the return of the nightmares name a terrifying bouts of sleep paralysis and i tell you what this there's a there's no one who can properly save you except for me revel in manchester so the first thing we're going to do is present leave draw you a bath then to put you in this slight cheerleaders costume to the type of optimism that it would require for you to
internal scenario where i am a high school principal know listen this is a lie long it is a long process to smoke around i don't know i don't understand how that's going to stop the vamp but i don't i don't know well this girl had all the symptoms of sleep paralysis she couldn't move she couldn't speak she just open our eyes at night and just be stuck but the vision she saw was that of a gaunt gray fish with glaring eyes and sharp teeth and soon after she saw it she said she'd feel something icy cold touch your hand followed by a falling sensation and everything would go black appanah second meeting at
us department she elaborated further saying she'd had incidents in which she felt the urge to rise from her bed in the middle of the night and walk out the door to where else but hi gate yeah and then when manchester was preparing to leave on that visit elizabeth boyfriend took him aside and mentioned that elizabeth had a couple of marks on the side of her neck they did there for quite some time if you like we do i don't know what's going on she's got like nipples on the net i don't know what the hell is going on your problem no for some isn't doing this trip manchester paid the markings no mind he's like i'll take i'll check him out next time it's fine he was already on his way out the door alright i mean it seems pretty that's pretty big proof that i'm absolutely roll what you gotta jump i gotta jump to another meeting i've got to go i'm speaking to a unicorn later
you have to go i have dinner i have an appointment to get my sideburns i have to get them sharpened ok with weeks later at the boyfriend called again after elizabeth condition had gotten worse the boyfriend said that she refused to eat and she could barely walk and the only answer is the doctors had were vitamins and iron pills and so manchester agreed to see her again and decided that this time maybe those neck marks might be worth a gander he said when he looked at her neck he sought do inflamed mounds of skin and appan each mound was a tiny hole gambia sounds like it and a few days later the boyfriend reported even more strange behavior despite being seemingly near death elizabeth ran out of the house and made her way to highgate cemetery where she sat staring the iron rails of the entrance as if in a trance then she returned home but later that and about one in the morning the boyfriend hurts
scenes from elizabeth's room and when he walked inside he found her gasping for breath and after he calmed her down he saw that there were specks of blood on her pillow and after hearing this sean men esther knew for a fact that what they had on their hands was without a doubt that and the only way we could possibly fix this is that i need you to sit on this couch now tell me how old are you and where are you from i don't know how that's gonna help me in your eighteen you're from munca dunkle wisconsin i'm new to add new to london now you he is searching for job opportunities there was a uh i don't know his first hand but there was a casting couch where the woman was from wisconsin and she had a very thick accent and i was like i just laugh laughter laughter like it's not gonna work but so cute though but to break the news of the vamp here to the boyfriend manchester brought along a copy of a book
from one thousand seven hundred and thirty three called dissertacao de vampyrus servi insidious by a man named heinrich obvious this is real though this is real vampire hunters you have to show up with the old books this show that you're legit yeah in manchester sat there and made the boyfriend do the reading ok well that's good he's like i'm going to continue until you do the reading and i'll burst on the way of ampere jigger to do the reading i had like a really hard time with where the red grows lawton in order to date you're very skinny girl well after that manchester quiz the boyfriend on how much christian iconography had been present in the house where elizabeth grew up the boyfriend admitted that there have been quite a
and manchester said there's your answer she was protected by all process and such so it was just nightmares but once she moved away from her christian home into a set killer apartment unadorned annoyed by the protection of jesus christ the vampyr was free to attack the young girl once more young under with henry's characterization of this dude i be like bro i no there was going to be tests and quizzes is that we're going to like sucks hunt vampires like not what is this we were reading books wherever dude what is this like drinking my drunken drivers class until that mother fucker i don't need to take a test to drive dude can get by now we'll go zoom zoom boom boom brow so without telling
elizabeth about the van at all manchester and the boyfriend took to vampire proofing elizabeth's room they sealed it with garlic and a crucifix hung ahead i'm full of salt in a piece of linen along with the cross around her neck wrote down the first fourteen verses of the book of john and put the paper under her pillow finally sprinkle holy water around the room while reciting the apostles creed and so period of several nights afterward the boyfriend sat with elizabeth as she appeared visibly distressed every time the vampyr attempted an attack honestly this is really a good old school way of seeking attention like this is you don't see this as much anymore i mean you see it's all over youtube no but i mean more people claiming like cuz you know sometimes our relationships break it up and like you trying try to find kind of weird some central conflict to blame it upon pond
in a series of them peer attacks is a really exciting way for the relationship to crumble yeah but eventually the vamp here gave up and elizabeth returned to her happy healthy state okay it all worked meanwhile david farrant was ten king measures of his own he'd taken his sighting of the seven foot tall phantom to the next meeting of the british psychic and a cult society the b pos and he told them what he'd experienced and high gate and then these mother fuckers have to sit and take a vote whether or not they're going to go properly properly investigate the here sightings they have to sit and talk about the pros and the cons put together supply list sean interesting he's already fighting vampires he's already doing it
oh good lord it is literally every ufo meeting in every libertarian meeting all these are all the same people it's crazy well after hearing parents testimony it was decided that a continuous nightly vigil would place at the cemetery by two society members at a time at the two places where the apparition had been seen this was to be a strictly observation ull endeavour as they did not yet have enough information to attempt direct psychic contact with the being that they believed was malevolent indisposition and serve out there about talking it out yeah okay so manchester again kill it these guys are like let's reason with the van pier can you ran out was to believe it yeah i don't know they seem to think they are very again jimmy carter this world here in this world of sort of like nice liberalism where they believe anything could be sorted out with the spaghetti a couple little crumpets and talking with the vampyr in his home because they're going
is working right there going to talk about is megan bulshit yes exactly but you know i mean who knows we'll see what what is proven to be more effective i think maybe just killing it it's gotta maybe do that go to gather more information about the entity they sent a quote non alarmist letter to the local paper is that the m p but let's say there a band at the highgate cemetery how would you kill it i mean anytime someone's like not to alarm you but there's bees in your ass it is always horrible it's like oh man i thought i was just sitting on the train too long no no no that's what is old man omaha yeah that's right well arm you not to all your going out my dick now you can be alarmed with the paper was the hampstead and highgate express' known play as the ham and high
yeah this letter was just written to see anyone else had seen something weird out of highgate cemetery not wanting to alarm anyone not saying there's a vampire here i sold my first standing up sixty nine the other day i sir know that we're talking about a vampire sightings all just want to tell somebody goes on on try to describe my wife she i turned and she's not there anymore with this the highgate vampire got its first bit of press but disturbingly when farrant and his team explored the cemetery further they found evidence of what they believed to be satanic black masses oh my and parents said he could tell that these satanists were professionals not just misguided emma too
oops you know the idea of the highest the depths because only they would know to round draw a picture of saturn on the ground indeed not to me again all of the mountain dew mello yello bottles of sprite a lot of i mean i would assume there's a lot of soda being drunk that's a lot of it yes the depths those require a certain amount of caramel coloring in order to properly speak to other entities absolutely or the evidence for all this was that one tomb in particular i've been converted into a small satanic temple and judging from the call signs and pentagrams inscribed on the floor the temple was in regular usage see when examine the magical science closer he found that they could only be applicable in rights dedicated to the most maligned day to rule amongst the
king well well in that such rights could only be performed by the highest magical adepts dips and leave empty i'm in in such name is the entity the believe that was specifically trying to reach with a thing called phallic which also what was the nun in the movie the and it's an ancient demon then you could just get from because this is also anything high at at the high eight apps the only people that would know how to some of these demons but i believe that the lesser key of solomon was like kind of available in bookstores i believe it's just available we look up the coolest looking demon and so this one's got like a little baby it's got like a baby head and it's got dragon it's got like a thing it's like the whole back of it's a bunch of serpents and they are it becomes an entity that you could basically summon that is like a vampyr ok well parent then reason that whatever it was it was it
can people in the cemetery was an evil entity that have been summoned as a direct result of a satanic ritual either brought from the depths of hell or awakened after a long slumber in a crypt somewhere in gate success they did it they did it successful demonology i love it then about two weeks in their investigation two of fairness watchers spotted the creature on two separate occasions once at the thorton spot and once at the top gate but both times it disappeared after only a couple of seconds meanwhile in manchester's world the van pier young girls around high gate we're being attacked night after right by the creature that he believed haunted the cemetery one teenager said she was awoken in the middle of the night by something cold clinging to her hand she said it took several minutes of wrestling with the creature before she was able to get free but she finally got loose and out of the room she discovered that her hand was dripping with blood and there were deep tears in her flesh where she tried forcing
google's hand free wow don't want to accuse anyone of doing anything and obviously i do believe this is a vampire situation but do we know what do david bowie was doing during this time period i didn't want in ausubel i want to get a log of his because he might have been there recording albums and he didn't really have total control of his faculties at the time and this could just be just deep research for a vampyr concept album that he might i want to put out it's possible also i mean it does sound like jimmy savile just going through peoples apartments just holding their hands at night be like remember with any luck they'll think i'm a vampire in a pond investigating this report but the icy hand and the rip flesh and all that manchester on the boat the teenage girl and her brother were fascinated with highgate cemetery and the girl in particular said she felt compulsively drawn to the graveyard
it's beautiful though i'm not going to blame that it's a beautiful cemetery absolutely then according to men esther even more dead fox's began appearing in the cemetery and the autopsies that manchester said were performed revealed that all of the animals have been drained of blood through fang marks on their throat who can i ask home is did remotely even just within any realm of reality that someone would i would just take a bunch of dead fox's they found outside and do a bunch of autopsies on them i like he's you're saying stuff kind of like how he just says he's a reverend yet very much so there's no records there's no it's saying that he's a reverend or bishop if anything he's never officially anything eventually he shawn yeah yeah yeah it's possible that it's a lenny from mice of men story where he just wanted to pet the fox is and then they keep on
i am in his hands except their throats are cut well we don't know then we would have done with the rabbit if he was not stopped and so as a service to the public on manchester himself went to the hammond and express with his absolute conviction that of ampere was roaming highgate which resulted in a full article about the phenomenon and what's the ham and high went with the story more and more people started coming out of the woodwork with stories about the high gate vampire meanwhile the sickness were getting perturbed at david farrant according to david satanist have been using the cemetery sent letters to the bp os signed in blood demanding that the investigation at highgate cemetery in or else you know there is nothing scarier than a perturbed satanist they're not going to give you up physically but they will cast a lot of spells they mix when i get mad
really just get i go oh no i'm gonna come in your territory but i do believe they let the letters were genuine they did receive letters from satanas but then they realized check it was like i can't believe these are signed in blood this is black magic it seems like it's icy little seeds this is jab well the proof was that the seek magical signs adorning these letters again letter sign in blood or so advanced that only people with great deal of magical knowledge would know how to use them but still bp os pooh poohed the satan their investigation over you investigation give us more umbrage to a satanist than a poo poo from eighth psychic researchers oh my goodness but honestly some of the ancient symbols of the used we david farren explained it's like the most driving most rated symbol of all it was still eight
followed by several parenthetical dashes with a capital d at the very end and squiggles for effect of it coming with the squiggles were the most damning aspect even though fair the one who really went hard on the satanist angle when it came to the highgate vampire manchester also believed that evil forces outside of the vampyr work in england during this time in his book manchester quote a daily mirror article from nineteen seventy two that serious he claimed that there were ten thousand which is in britain at the time who worshiped evil i mean anytime an article starts with the words seriously there are serious i've seriously seriously manchester also claimed to have exposed a group called
the ordo astrom serpentis in one of his other books from satan to christ and as a result the group was forced to change their name to the temple of olympus oh man you made have to change your name did you know that they're not a really evil organization if they feel like they need to change the name that they've been called out yeah that's true do they have like ti like they have like basketball teams and stuff like that with these groups like apologizing like god dam domino's domino's did apologize and they made things right another saving our roads well this group manchester claimed advertised in a cult shops in magazines and used softcore paganism slowly roll teenagers into hardcore devil worship and the whole thing was led by a convicted sex offender named doctor ray boggart aka duct
satan doctor psycho what is softcore paganism they just show boo bees but no no genitalia is that nvidia boobys no bush no booby snowbush yeah they always got they have aprons on her pants because it costs extra money for all the merkens for between the shots to keep their vaginas warm but with softcore ping paganism is kind of like what i used to get in high school so i got a book on wicca can you kind of look through and you'll learn a little bit about the goddess you learn a little bit of a wood baphomet really mean and that's really it it's having candles yeah right manchester even bought into all the phony baloney mike warnke style stories of babies being sacrificed during graveyard blood or geez and teenagers sacrificed by their own parents while their girlfriends hung from crosses looking from up above yes that's the thing with
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lucia lucia and sean manchester are a perfect combination of attention given attention attention one attention an they are they're just they're very good combo of six because manchester you need with a vampire story and i do believe and this is why he then one in the narative because of ampere you need like a hot brunette red headed woman and a hot blonde you need one of each stripe if for the for the vampyr that's interesting so it's like a psychic emotional feeder gainer relationship in some ways so much for staying now everything lucia had begun with sleepwalking which soon turned into a ravenous craving for raw meat when scea gave into only when she was alone hold on a second i think
is a vampire in my house that same craving every night right here just walking chomping down on raw ground beef every night the problem is i have to walk by my refrigerator when i go to the bathroom and then i have to do a little bit stop into the refrigerator and then i eat on the toilet slowly becoming l ron hubbard when he started working with the writers association where you're just to be weird like pan cooked hamburger meat and drinking in but tomato soup which is just hot water and catch up and because of manchester's appearance in the hammond high article lucia reached out to in manchester arrive the house he said that he found lucia staring vacantly out of her bedroom window and far off in the distance chester said that he could hear the fading echoes of the strauss composition metamorphosen there mirrors my
their shoes we are in nothing but a curtain shemale to be a victim of a van van for output had nipples what a wonderful afternoon so yes he he claimed that he actually heard heat the essentially said that he showed up in a soundtrack began maybe it was the world saddest high school dance i think she played it on a boom box or on a record player as he was showing up should be like now comes the hook so after he stared at her staring out of the window for about half an hour manchester examined lucia a little closer and found that there were two tiny pinpricks along her jugular vein
south manchester graber crucifix and said i'll be back later i'll be back later that's what you're going to tell me but when manchester turn two nights later he discovered that lucia has left the house wearing only a robe and it wasn't difficult to guess where she was heading lucia was going to highgate who i thought you were going to say subway for four hundred and ninety nine foot long subs so when manchester arrived at the cemetery he found lucy a gliding through the cemetery gates with their sister following behind so manchester followed as well finally they found lucius standing in front of a gigantic iron door that opened into the largest tomb in the catacombs lucy had been ripped the crucifix manta had given her from her neck and flung it to the ground that was a gift a moment later sean said he saw
ray veil obscuring his vision followed by a low booming vibration fig he was probably dealing with something diabolical sean reached into his pocket and threw a big silva cross in the general direction of the entity somehow yeah i think that somehow that snapped lucia from her trance and sean was able to lead her back home you just like fucking castlevania honestly it's crazy but with this encounter sean manchester had discovered what he'd been searching for all along the layer of the band perry who which is much scarier sounding than the studio apartment van so john men chester started making plans for what he called a major vampire hunt is going to be absolutely incredible
tremendous vampire hunter biggest anybody's ever seen the date was set for march 13th one thousand nine hundred and seventy and naturally manchester went to the press with the plan he said quote we would like to exercise the vamp by the traditional and approved manner drive a stake through its heart with one blow just stuff the doll in between friday and saturday chop off they had with the grave diggers shovel and then what remains this is what the clergy did centuries ago box we'd be breaking the law today so my hands are tied if they do try to kill david bowie i'm going to be pretty passed off and that was the rubber manchesters plan it was actually illegal to open up a grave even if there was vampyr inside yeah so manchester
how to get permits yeah so manchester had to wait until the vampyr showed itself before he could make a move it was around this time that the press extended to television programs and a british show called today ran a story on the highgate vampire that featured interviews with both david farrant sean manchester now farrant interview was a little more subdued as he said that it was b p o s policy to not release any information on an investigation and tell it was complete but he did give his personal encounter during the interview because the b p o s would not give him permission to appear and be half of the b pos so he was a lot of talk about himself but again he said they'll do the audience does not need all of this on the pomp and circumstance and an in ground eyes but they just need fax and the people with a plan to fix these problems and i have a plan to fix
the vampire we will speak with it so the only and he thought that that was it ever was gonna be like finally a rational voice in the world of the paranormal and it is sean master john manchester shows a buck up john manchester showed up and said at highgate cemetery was home to a king vampire now that's good television let him go let him roll and roll man he produced a crucifix anna homemade steak on camera and said i'm in a butthead the vampire with a grave digger shovel and burn that mother father tonight it's like no no we have to have a conversation we must be much attempt to expect to complete you can get between reason this plan i plan but much difference dismayed that e
the program which aired on the eve of the date of the vampire hunt ended with the statement that david farrant would be the one turning to highgate to slay the vampyr they got the two guys mixed up david said that this is all just a misunderstanding the first of many misunderstandings when it comes to david ferrie ok he said that he had jokingly told the reporter that if the entity turned out to be a vampyr he would take any means necessary to ensure everyone could wink wink rest in peace that is a good joke sir i have been i have been a grip on television shows for fifteen years ago that was the funniest joke i've ever done yet i am not aware that i even spoke a joke i do not believe in aggrandisement who's just a fun crypt keeper joke you know but people either took the report seriously enough or thought it sounded like enough of a good time where huh
grids descended on highgate cemetery on the night of the hunt half bust in armed with homemade way it's not much fun with that be to be a part of a frankenstein's tracula style mob with pitchforks outside of cemetery like get the vampire vampire david farrant shows up like cut it on it like sean manchester did kind of like the end of the end of ghostbusters where you could have came in like yeah we got i'm not going to go get him but david fair got so mad because they were harsh in his mellow yeah i mean i love it man i love it when the entire you're already concerning the entire crowd in the movie waterboy shows up when it's just rob schneider and hope you have a boarded yet but the most interesting of these mature vampire hunters was a school teacher from essex whose real name was alan blood cool that's a great
yeah mister blood mister blood did you want to speak in mister bloods class because we can speak after class will blood even brought along his students on a field trip to help with the hunt i mean obviously the coolest teacher of all time it's incredible and blood later told hammond high quote he can interest black art since the boy who with by no means an expert on vampires would such a thing exists good could be you this is a really dangerous indeed cool teacher and so with hundreds of people milling about getting drunk and we even shovels and steaks manchester stood up and made his way vampyres layer with a hand picked group of assistance but once i got there the iron door that lucia had led them two weeks earlier proved a little sticky
i was just going to have to use for this coloring take some elbow grease come on goddamnit come open up the tool open sesame open if goddamnit who's got keys so manchester and his assistants were lowered by rope twenty feet down from the roof of the catacombs in to the tomb there was a little hole up top yeah these guys are just like tom cruise in mission impossible there's no way that this is above their pay grade inside they discover three empty coffins but no van here on soap manchester line each coffin with garlic and tossed across inside each one before dowson all of it with holy water fouling the van peers hashtag hash tag layer about i think that's also domino's fix their pizza little bit more garlic little bit of holy water then manchess here in his assistance ascended up the rope and told people what they saw and
around the time manchester was holding court having the time of his life cop showed up that's the real deal here you know they're going through mean like breaking up breaking up there's nothing to see here and like there's a vampire hunting there no you the most people scattered in escape climbing over the walls of the cemetery but manchester claims to have stood his ground and he was at the very least not arrested that night possibly due to the bishops costume that he constantly but he's the only person i know that like if you'll i really heard of this i think a true child molester who just dress is a priest all day yeah like right he is in character he is reverend sean manchester all the time but no one asked him for
papers or anything like that or what like still have papers i don't know what i don't know i i want to start asking price for paper so i love to see so when you see one on a plane it would be like nice column with your papers priest may god kill me god kill me do it now the manchester said the reason why he hung around was because he figured that the coffins were empty and that meant the vampyres out and about doing their ghastly van pier business that's why there are you might fall it's a hard hard life even in it harder because so even for a vampire and sure enough hours later after everything calmed down manchester said right before the sun rose he heard a low booming vibration again getting louder and louder until it suddenly stopped and nothing else happened when the sun rose manchester went back down into the catacombs and found that the coffins were still
do you know vampyres got past him interesting he must've been pretty athletic to go up and down with this rope he's in shape yeah good yeah satisfied that he had at least driven them away manchester dropped the case as did farrant at least temporarily but about four months later something actually very real occured at highgate cemetery on august seventh one thousand nine hundred and seventy two fifteen year old girls discovered a burned headless body lying in the middle of a cemetery pathway and this was not a murder victim the path ologist
sam the body surmise that the corpse was most likely a victorian who'd been buried or in tuned in highgate cemetery some one hundred years before but besides just the missing head it was found that the body also had a stake driven through its heart that along with the burning meant that somebody had emulated manchester's method of killing a vampire use in this poor old corpse is vampire fever shot through the city
so this was like a thing like people were now going and actively they were actively destroying the cemetery and then going through and pull an open coffins and shape and it became a hotspot like so david ferrete even though the whole time the beginning of his book he's so upset about the desecration of the graveyard but then he kicked off hundreds of people coming and destroying it further right it's kind of sad yeah but so this wasn't a victor in vampire out telling me so okay did they kill her like that little or do they kill the by don't know we did a lot of stuff that's all their it's it's loaded covers was our garlic in a bottle just because she was italian and that's very traditional now of course parent blamed the satanist manchester though figured that this was his cute
return to the tomb of the vampyr but when he lowered himself into the tomb once again he found that one of the three coffins was now sing it's just sitting in alice cooper's house so at a loss he returned to lucy a to see if he could use her to bring the vamp here out of hiding now john knew that it would take some doing to get lycia to return the high gate so he arrived at her home and use the old i must paint you ruse to get her relaxed dude i must be stickers dude think of this like this is the ultimate garth pick up that don't listen to this or girls ladies men anybody does this i understand they are it could be real could be the most romantic afternoon in your life but if a man is a fake everyone shows up is also a vampire hunter and he says you will simply so beautiful i must paint you in this grave know that if you go with him out too
tomb where he's basically saying i want you to take your clothes off sit on this tombstone wall i paint you which is a long process because now at least you could just take a picture and it's kind of hot and kind of fun but you'd have to sit on top of that gray for really long time and that's if he is trying to paint you and not trying to murder you manchester was not trying to paint lucia in the graveyard he was just using this as a kind of calming techniques yeah women love to be head on they really especially against their well it really calms them what he was doing preliminary sketches of her and was just sort of speaking with her very calmly and that is how he convinced her to return to highgate but upon their arrival back in highgate in broad daylight lucy's voice grew deeper as they got near the tomb and she started repeating the phrase you should never have come here over over and over again how did she
you know that i came in my pants then she smiled and started repeating i'm coming then she laughed and screamed where are you she then went for the iron lord of the tomb grab the rails and kept screaming where are you where are you over and over and over again is that what she sounded like where are you where where where you been she walked to the catacomb entrance where the headless body had been found in the cia collapse to the ground and here was where sean manchester believed he had found the backup layer of the vampyr this stuff red shed so sing a hurry while they still had the daylight manchess and his assistant knocked down the door to the second tomb using the old shoulder heave ho not first the tomb appeared normal
what is manchester was examining the coffins inside he saw that there was one coffin too many how did he know because there is a list outside that shows you how many coffins are inside whose coffins are inside let's take a look at on tax it's going to do yeah this extra coffin was much larger and in much better shape than the others and there was no name plate signifying who was inside and according to sean manchester who claims one hundred percent that all this happened and you if you don't believe him yeah because were you were saying you say do better doing it you're doing it i'm just listening when he opened the coffin he found an actual true to life no less for raw inside vamp here in sight hey i can close a
i'm sorry steve shammi manchester said that it had skin like parchment and it was stinking with the blood of others due to the fresh clots that still stuck to the edge of its mouth flew to all appearances the band peer appeared to be a corpse at least three days dead but before you corset that it's a body in a fucking coffin in a tomb manchester said that when he pulled out a sharpened wooden stake and east over the van pierced heart and assistant a light in the vampyres face and the light revealed long sharp teeth and glase mocking eyes you gotta kill it but that's a british corpse yeah of course but just before manchester brought down the hammer to send the beast back to the hell from whence it came down i guess i'm glad you finally i get to kill one the other assistant grabbed his arm and stopped arm but and said jesus christ
on this is illegal oh i forgot that against the law i tell you this no no no this is against the law i will help you breaking laws this day so they had a chance to kill him they had a chance to kill it so they just closed the coffin covered that and garlic and holy water or not put some garlic i also i put some pizza rolls on it that's more sorry for the rats going to come in and kind of maybe that'll help guard with it and i also here's the club is remember the cloud they love that protected with that on it yeah instead of killing the vampire they opted instead for exorcism on the cia they went back outside place lucia in a circle of salt and yelled at whole bunch while flicking holy water as exorcists are want to do sure it's fun it's great and there on the exorcism the same deep booming sounds from inside the vault until manta
finally shattered enough after which the booming sound stopped and lucia was seemingly fine overtime being all right and then upon sean manchester's recommendation that van tomb really was bricked up after you know they knocked down the fucking door they bricked it up and today you can still go to highgate cemetery and see the bricked up to although i hear they don't really knowledge on the or nor do they appreciate you asking about it that command come on give me the juicy stuff i wanna know the juicy they don't like it don't like they don't like the highgate vampire thing my because i honestly people just destroyed that that to me terry back in the set higher level we always this seventy so everyone don't go out to the highgate cemetery and destroy it be very respectful anytime you enter a burial ground please stand outside of it and scream come me a vampire
here here here bambach take you twenty two thousand two hundred and twenty that was manchester's battle with the vampyr at highgate david ference battle with the entity did not go quite so smoothly seafair it was also trying to protect the innocence although his story was again far less dramatic farrant had heard a story of a young woman who said that she'd been thrown to the ground outside of highgate by a tall dark figure with a deadly white face and farrant figured he'd step in before tax got worse so he and a professional medium with the occult route and conducted a psychic seance at high gate to see if a psychic link could be established with the entity discover its origin and purpose because they believe it's a problem to be solved
then you could do it psychically that this is obviously some kind of weird nefarious entity that needs to be moved along an if they could establish exactly what it was then they could hold exorcism to banish it if indeed an exorcism was warranted and so they chose august 17th the night of a full moon for their exploratory seance they entered the cemetery with the chosen number of bp os members and settled on the thornton spot as the most likely point in which to make contact then they made a magical circle consecrated with water and salt and adorned it with protective symbols only they made a smaller circle ten feet away and surrounded it with ng candles and incense this spot would be where the entity would appear should their seance be successful this is old school right hand path magic like this is very intense like beer really
how to say we're going to conjure up this team is going to show up in this other little pork we're going to ask it to leave or we're going to sip it to the other side show manchester just came in and started busting head it just started kicking open tombs and they yes a circle ferret they just made a circle with salt and they're doing it the nerdy way they're just open hands and they got a bunch of they're trying to do it with their minds and then they dropped trou slowly and then one member said let the circle jerk then they played a game of salty crisp because unfortunately as aaron his team were only minutes into the ceremony cop showed up isn't there any real crime that these have to be investigating let these nerds nerd out in the cemetery the screen but it shouldn't break it open tubes and did flailing around either like ok now it's time to the incantation
alright you pieces of shit everybody up against the wall apparent was faced with a dilemma it was dangerous to leave a protective circle during a ceremony from a psychic point of view it later but let's say i want to deal with the fucking cops so iran tickets are very real you know citations are really yeah he gathered up what psychic paraphernalia he could and he in the other members all scattered to different exits in the cemetery lower right after all the roads and catcher everything we all scrambled everyone got away but farrant took a wrong turn and got cornered by the police he didn't stop a pretty ought to this stock i'm pretty automatic trying to disappear the david tossed all the paraphernalia before being caught but the cops
seen him drop all that shit so they use all of it as evidence that he was in an enclosed area for an unlawful purpose possibly a little corpse interference that was reported that david farrant was caught with a wooden stake but while he was caught with a pointy stick it was a pointy stick it was a party stick yes the instrument was actually used along with a piece of string to measure out the magical circle you could just you could hear the eye rolls other cops of him trying to be like you know this is not in fact this is not a steak that is not actually the proper way to get rid of that npr this is a measuring tool like yeah yeah oh yeah what about bush down down to the ground and beat you with a stick welfare it refused to snitch on anyone and refused to give any
details on the sounds by decree of the bp oh ok so he let the press and the cops run wild with speculation that fair it was in highgate that night to slay the van pier single handedly david was eventually acquitted on all charges this time under the defense that there was no difference between hunting for vampires and searching for creatures like the loch ness monster soon no armdale foul they literally had to have this conversation in a court which is awesome they added sit with these lawyers everybody staring at each other as they're like well people go look for the last month is that illegal there they're allowed to go and dumb shit monetary if they want to they are not ruining any of the tombs there's about salt everywhere but that's fine yeah i mean this is this is britain is the only spice we use but with manchester again was breaking ship so he said i mean that's the other thing about manchester is that it's always so he said
and did break up that tomb maybe he did breakdown the tomb maybe somebody else that but manchester's is all so he says at the very least has friends okay good for him but he does have people that say like yeah we were out there in farron is is pretty honest about how things went down with him he's unfortunately honest he's just one of those poor men that becaus he is a good man in a genuine man he just got rolled real hard by the paranormal community yeah but the press of the trial made it impossible to contain do any kind of real investigation so farrant dropped it at least for the moment meanwhile manchester and fair and we're starting to snip at each other in the press oh ferret told the ham and high that he was going to sacrifice a cat in order to banish the vampire which caused manchester to take the q
step then on the side of god saying that the true intent of parents can't sacrifice was to raise a demon to destroy the bishop sean manchester of course of course we live in actually this feud escalated to the point where the two men scheduled a magical dual on top of parliament hill in hampstead in nineteen seventy three apparent agreed to it just so long as their quote unquote seconds we're the only witnesses ok why why though is what everybody to see them slap fight outside and it was even rumored these two men were going to battle it out with swords in
station two using their magical talent okay i'm so mad i'm so mad approached both of these guys after the police told him not that shitt you you can't go having sword fights in the park home goodness what doesn't work like that it doesn't look like that you fucking nerd sees it doesn't work like dennis downer comes i don't like him one bit you guys couldn't use forks on it swords then something also in the realm of the actually concrete occured at the cemetery another body it was found on one of the paths but this time the person was an escaped mental patient who was found
still alive covered in blood and wounds from a parent stab wounds to the throat and chest and the dude died in the hospital ten days later damn now the corner that the wounds although gruesome or self inflicted and the man who had found the victim also said that the victim had told him that the wounds were self inflicted and pretty much everyone in agreement with these ones are self sure yeah but all of this is just witness testimony in fact marcus they need with the real story from sean manchester he believed that it was the work of the van here we see this a little feeling he would but on the fair inside the suicide kept the cops at highgate and since the swear around highgate a whole bunch david farrant was arrested again then people claiming to be the vampyr started talking to the news that's what happens 'cause you once you leave it open like who the vampyr is like know who it's gonna be you really asking
'cause i know everybody's got their funny things to say about it yeah you've at least this whole thing david farren again he just wanted to make a public display of paranormal research and give an air of legitimacy to it you really was trying it was like yes there's a lot of people call this a silly story but i am trying give a little bit of credence all this and he just got yeah well one group in particular called the hellfire film club claims that they were in fact the one seen in highgate the whole thing it's just been a goof there is make amateur vampire movie okay but as dubious is that possibility is after that ferentz legal trouble started coming hard and fast to first he was find for indecent behavior following his arrest during a nocturnal neck romantic right in the churchyard of saint mary the virgin
what's wrong with that he started getting he started slipping yeah then farrant was arrested again after photos of him posing open coffins in mausoleums at highgate made their way to the police and david farrant was officially charged with damaging a burial memorial and charged with interfering with corpses seems like it's getting a little real for him now yeah and at the trial farrant said that no jury whatever ever convict him because of his mystical howard or definitely yeah i mean it certainly worked well for damien echols you know yeah i mean took twenty years but eventually it worked yeah he's gotta sit in it with for twenty years i guess so unfair it made it even worse by firing his lawyer and representing himself
that's smart now 'cause he's always this is your lawyer yeah you have a law degree but are you a wizard i don't think so i don't think so well yeah i am a wizard i'll make it up and i'm innocent did you i'm innocent admittedly david had been getting pretty weird with it at the trial the jury was shown folder upon folder of not just david with corpses but also naked girls with corpses yeah i david never snitched on the girls never snitch on their faces weren't shown but david never snitched on him oh that's very good but for his final crimes highgate cemetery david farrant lossed his second wife and was sentenced to five years in prison
his wife go how do you lose a wife left him because he'd been in the cemetery taking pictures with corpses yeah i did get it and it freaked her out a little bit so i interviewed got to carefully choose your spouse in this way yeah we really think about are we growing together are we on the same path do we both like corpses you have to both really enjoy corpses or want to pose with a lot of pictures of with them and the other just much like that you gotta really choose probably the negative girl she didn't like too much that's a whole other conversation but david parent only served three one slash two of those five years but he still did three one slash two prison prison damn ok i mean it's kind of like what are we in for vampire hunting what does that give you massive respect are you like everyone's wife i honestly think maybe a
listen to show it to add tell us email us aside stories lpo tale to tell us if you think that this is correct or not but i would say is that as a vampire hunter right you could use that as like a to your advantage in jail i i think it's would look at you as highly impressive 'cause we like vampires dog man i met some vampires before and i had to kill him it turned out it was my daughter and my wife well after fair is released in the late 70s he settled into a comfortable life as a local character living in highgate and there he eventually befriended fellow i get resident and monty python alumni graham chapman no kill death they were good friends that's great that's why i think david farren had a bit more of a sense of humor about all this yet than sean manchester should i watch a good deal of like watching video footage of dave and he is a really i he's does seem like a very genuine man he believed in a story he's not super comfortable in front of a camera
or in front of a microphone but he was it do that really ugly you know you could see and be in a cool guy yeah okay but john manchester had not gone quietly into the night he maintains that the high gate van pier story was by no means over and done with upon the ceiling of the van pierced too he claims that after highgate cemetery was cleansed of the van here the creature merely retreated to a deserted mansion near the cemetery on ave road and that was where manchester finally tracked down and killed the beast so the vampire was just like go go to the man this is an excerpt from the book detailing the final strike it's a mighty blow idr move the stake through the creatures hot then shielded in my ears who's that era they're or emitted from the bowels of hell this date away
suddenly as it had a rough six because it'll be kids too we witnessed the body shell cave in and quickly turned to the fever which soon became a sluggish flow within human flying disallowed in the bottom of the casket oh it's working and if you look at the book they have pictures they have quote a quote pictures of the body disk like dick like decay in front of them did you see this yeah did it do you see this market is very funny because it's it's like the oldest version of photo shop who is pretty fun it's really fun and following that manchester and his companions built a bonfire in the garden out back place the coffin containing vampyr on top covered the gas and set it on fire all right as the cup and burned manchester said i hear with concerning the to the bottomless pit filled with everlasting fire until judgment day
maybe i'll be better and then the everlasting fire now will be into into my up any totally concise and held that forever and ever amen the smaller but that it's not quite the end of it not yet even though manchester had killed the king vampire the creature had managed the intervening years to turn one of his victims into a empire herself lucia who led manchester to the van tomb in the first place had become yeah we got it even though it appeared to most people that she was just dead she did die and it was at graveside in the great northern london cemetery that manchester had his exorcism involving the highgate gate manchester said that while he was
performing the exorcism on lucy corpse her ghost appeared and turned into a tangible gigantic spider demon the size of a cat woah but since manchester was inside the magic circle the spider couldn't get to him thank god manchester said it just circled i'm just hissing and spitting that that satisfies us do an interview with sean manchester and they were like slick so you saw like a spider come out of the casket he's like yes yes it was the size of a cat i'll just roll with it like i was like no one laughed that would meet anymore i was like well you know what a lease to specific yeah in manchester made his move he's the shop and stay can with all my might to the center of that hideous black sheep using blue silk like to assist my this was a company by the most
entering screech i've ever heard it will haunt me for the rest of my day then with the approaching dawn manchester said he saw the gigantic spider slowly transform into the dead body of poor lucia who now so all the appearance of being a years long dead corpse now as far as manchester and farrant went they never ever stop hating each other but they also couldn't stay away from each other's specially when the internet made instantaneous antagonism a reality this is like big tupac super well in his life years farrant created a comic strip called the adventures of bishop bonkers not on this track which portrayed manchester
evil and delusional welfare and plays the hero who four wheels the bishops plans using his charm and guile it's actually pretty funny cool yeah yeah actually good first holistic is pretty funny on the bishop bonkers website farrant had a game of highgate vampire bingo but you could probably along when you listen to debates between ferritin manchester the bingo spots included words and phrases like band wagoneer acts to find cabal convicted felon met coal cellar cuckold okay all nine milk float liable enter lauper hammond high and teapot these are the only words that matters 2a a vampire hunt you ever call me milk float again but you come on your knees and in response to
this chick cannery sean manchester began a series of paintings that depicted david farrant as a hideous demon which are all available to see over on his blogspot blog it's very humorless i love it but as i said at the top of the episode david ferret sadly passed away this april at the age of seventy three he was survived by his third wife and two children he had merry his third wife i think in the 80s or something like that lived in great fuckin' life he was just like he was a british character and the occult every once in awhile tv show get ahold of them he'd speak very softly for a little while but you know just i lived a cool little life i love it that's the dream yeah and here is sean manchester's tribute to his old rival posted girls but sean manchester's official facebook page oh david robert donovan farrant whom for half a century i was acquainted died at nine hundred and twenty pm on april eighth two thousand and nineteen
after a sustained period of very poor health but a bit surely will fall but suffice to say i feel sadness at him shuffling off this mortal coil before we could meet one last time i had approached some of his friends in recent months to inquire after his well being those who claim to know told and he was in good health my intuition told me otherwise though he might not want my prayers he has them anyway may he rest in peace oh it seems like they made up at the end i think i think they had like i think it was a turned into a really fun rivalry well i think so maybe like one of those old married couples were like now that ference gone like manchester might die within like a year yeah kinda matters left to be kind of matters less without his other half the other half is kind of what made him be like this story is about the two of them because the this became there right fame to claim for forever later at
and what they did from then on they were highgate vampire experts because the phenomenon at the time was sucking huge it popped off in the okay it's like june and johnny cash yeah yeah yeah same amount of kitson yeah same amount of kissing alright there it is the highgate vampyr that is a hell of a story and again that was a needed to neil right yeah thank you neil thank you neil for giving that information to the boys all everyone hope you enjoy that episode i love good characters and my good this was that episode full of our man play characters and i gave vampire story absolutely unfortunately no vampires that's ok this is one of those cases where i like not even trying to worry about the actual paranormal aspects of it 'cause there people that saw stuff and yeah actually they had said the highgate cemetery was haunted for many years
but who knows and then swans lane which was the street like out side of highgate cemetery also apparently have had many it's of ghost sightings was also uk now the whole other things ought yeah it is and none of it was said that like no grave digger ever saw anything at highgate summit let alone yeah they were just at the people actually worked at highgate i like now there's nothing here yet cookie it's a spooky old cemetery but there's nothing here are the graves alone that's what i say always be respectful when you visit a burial ground absolutely all right well we have a bunch of shows coming up here in the very near future were excited to see everyone on the east coast i think that they're all sold out basically it might be but i actually oh no i don't know i think we still got it all and no yes so get those i think we slept toronto tickets toronto maybe detroit
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