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Episode 39: Hail Satan!

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The boys explore the many facets of Satan and Satanism, including the origins of the myth, how extremely misinformed people are about the concept of Satanism, and Satanic clubs throughout the centuries.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time. He he but native american jewish you're doing you're wasting a piece of the buffalo, all right, yeah allies, but again the left with mark. As far as I've been castle, which is always I'm humbled me before a dark. Lord. My name is satanic priest, Henry Zebrowski wows. Denver is a Henry you could see. My voice is rational and calm yeah, because that is the true trade of a satanic priest, nothing
about it whatsoever. Welcome right, it were. You were gonna. You were out in Atlanta. You were filled. This Well before I television project and you were planted level the entire time you, the horns, two weeks, I've been in Atlanta totally spray painted red which again, according to touch my face like playing mystery v as demand for a television show, and I was introduced to a book called the satanic which, by Anton Lavey by the guy, you did all the creature make up. Who is brilliant artist named Stream Morton and what is Jane? done. He thinks that you were going to be the remake of Halloween Halloween two. He made this incredible movie called Dear God. No, if you're into a seven minute long, stabbing scene, pregnant,
yeah yeah? I mean it's a step in this program. That is a lot of static. I guess he really was pregnant. You got a staff twice as much anyway only ring you left it all on the dance floor, yeah, that's the only thing I wish about the whole Manson thing is: if it was in the age of video cameras, we would know what Sharon Tate's death look like I mean absolutely. You have a home in a one on the internet. You members all yeah with the best score with the yeah. They are gay up porn, star yeah, that's the you know the good, the bad it's like, because we have all these pictures. We get to see people to gusting brunches I've never seen seventeen foot on Instagram on people eat a thumb for one come on, come on C workforce mix it up. I hate it. Brienne muffin. Oh, my god, it's a fuzzy sunset beautiful! Isn't that wonderful? You show me share and take it in stab screaming for lunch. I want to see a bunch of thugs taking pictures of their glocks on Instagram. Do that sounds beautiful?
already dead. I wish I could you know what you're hanging out with this incredible guy. What did these guys are great and we, we kind of like couldn't make fast bond and then I really started reading really deeper into Satanism and I think it's the way to go. You are sold at SAM's of right now. Well, because there's a lot of things yeah, I think, there's a there's. A lot of human beings take, symbols very seriously right we're in there and there's a there's a lot of writing, especially psychologically when you, when you put on a costume that go? What I was doing was it's like we really It's sort of this extended mask work where I am fully in the massage of an incredibly evil, looking demon, you know and there's only so long. You can spend dresses the symbol without like
you fill it out on the same, you have become you, be you get into it, it's sort of like the old adage fake it till you make it you know. So if you want to work on Wall Street, where business your is and until you go out there and the next thing you know, you're just gonna become a republic, I'm also a part of thing and satanic which, with the anthem of they was talking about, is if you have the devil's name, then you should play the doubles game in the idea is that you arrive everything in this book right. It's sort of a loose rap become a doctor, but the hold it just the idea of eventually of like. If you look like something is like you become something, and then in order to get people, do what you want in your life is that you start acting. Even more into your own stereotype. So people think that they have you packed and then realize. That there is a form of you called the demonic form, which is the total opposite right, which is
he makes his wheel of character, which is like it's like a clock and like on each as you get to each different hour. You'd, like it, promotes a different sort of characteristic and the idea is that, wherever you are in the clock in appearance, there is an inner form, a view that is on direct opposite on the clock, and the idea is to attract people. Is that you act stereotypical to what you look like. I'm going to shows from keeping my fingers crossed for a thin number. And, like you, just get to a pin number seven that maybe your muscular eight. That would be great, but I that's called the satanic, which everyone should read that it's about insects pretty much so bad things about, so it was created by this Anton Lavey character. Well, let's start from Let's just talk about perfect place. To start talk about Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan, every writers, every writers meeting for black Sabbath, so so, let's just start with
very beginning. You you are saying started off as it is. It is a demon called blue server that was thrown out of Heaven right for and then you can angels right. It was fuckking one of Jesus's favorite angel. I don't want no like that. Ok now we just thought that I think his idea was that I believe the original argument was about like the apple and now the idea of giving a human being like knowledge of their own free will, and basically he was kicked out for that because God, apparently you know, he don't be an upward mobile, Bradley Mobile Assistant manager in Heaven, because you're going to get on this place and never going to own it you're, not my father, and then he gets kicked out in it. Since then, has been a grand to see- is shaming of the name of Lucifer and the devil, and this idea that that what he actually, good for was true knowledge, and now what his name means is the Lightbringer and it's right from the very start of the ancient stupid.
Christian mythology you have you have an immediate sort of banishment of of of actual non. That's where the statue of liberty, the call the statue of Liberty Lucifer, because she's she's, the library yeah, that's true interesting. It is yeah The people I know people are always very, very upset about it, but yeah. That was the whole point of this yeah. That was the whole point of Lucifer was to bring the light. Oh yeah good person. Well, I think at the beginning, we need to make a distinct distinction between Satan and the devil. Yes, because I think Satan the devil. A are two very different things. 'cause. I got this book, one It's my favorite art book. By far it's called the illustrated history of the devil and it starts- are uh three hundred ad, whenever the first actual or visualizations of the devil? Like the christian idea, the devil start first start appearing. And the devil started off as a trickster character, an idiot alot of
and so you have also been on the the spider guy or like a little yeah you're like well, I mean what you're dumber even dumber than Loki. More is more like folklore demons where they are in the early ideas. They have any. Please, like weird tricks on people, know like he had a. He had been an easy, was very easy to to to banish and then my for Every part about the early representations of the devil is that he would look a lot like the Greek God PAN or who wasn't he got he was more of a a demon, type character and
also the concept of the satyrs in which they have their hair from the waist down. You know all this stuff number one word in Greece right where everyone is covered in a thick coat of hair, and it's just not all the time, and I thought he was just describing Monique up and Indica nights is all just came from, like probably one fat Greek do too banged everything right he's like because they're, like God, there's paint over there banging that melon again it's just like whatever his behold. I will talk about Greece from Grey's. I cover it over. Let him out on a flag it cheeseburger ravioli. Do you have stuck in your throat right now, but the best part about the early images of Satan is that He always had a face on his ass, That was the end. He was that he just had a face on his and he was usually green in that
I'm here in a spin chura. You know what's really interesting about that, too. Is that if you look at the earliest form of what another image that the christian church used to to form the our modern idea of the devil is Baffa Matt now, which is an bafflement, is it's not really? at the specific God, it's going to Malaga may shun of a bunch of different pagan gods. There were like that that all feature. The idea was that it was about balance back on that featured the two halves. It was a goat, headed creature. That wouldn't symbolize fertility you know we had one arm facing up one arm facing down idea was that that that the it, what your amended it like it symbolized like night and day it symbolized man and woman and the idea of Troy. True gration of like man and nature which Christians immediately likes set
there were like, and so anything that remotely resembled like duplicity, like, I would say, not duplicitous ness, but it's more like the idea that that there is there's a separation between spirit and flesh. They, like that's what wanted to get across as much as possible, and I think that, like reminded people of the unification of that they wanted to three hundred and eleven Amber Fication of Spirit and flesh and Satanist want to separate if no not yet complete opposite yeah 'cause another thing that since the early Christians are trying to do because we all know that a lot, including Christmas, a lot of christian holidays, are just repurposed, pagan, holidays yeah. And that was one of the things that early Christians were trying to do, is bring paganism just to have people. Away from paganism, while still in all the fun part is yeah. It's like it's like talking to develop in person at a network like for for any television station to write like talking about you know, it's like. Let's a complete with all the state step would keep all the fun and
We are really looking for a bit of a touch of the fund, but can we get out tanners in there full house, but with a lot more blood. Well, initially with the image of the devil. You know it continue be the trickster God for awhile. Until the catholic church realized that they could start using is this creature, a symbol of I guess of evil and cardinality and carnality, and something to scare people and Our modern vision of hell comes from artists like just Klay Ill Artists, like what Ofshe wash my favorite artist in the world around us Bosch Leg, just the right spot Sharon was not Bad, do you want to name my son Haram as my favorite names of ever heard? I know it's great wow. If you've never seen her, you ever see
Metallica video until it sleeps okay yeah. That was that that was based on her honest Bosch, painting called in the garden of earthly delights. Okay, I, which is my favorite painting, it's a triptych. It's a gigantic! It's the size of the sudden. The it's the size of a building and like say here in New York, it's more than an afternoon yeah yeah. He hasn't been just traveling with this and it's garage them energy, I'm in for dinner, and it's the every. So it's just so many different forms of torture. What that he was using the guard at that's what it's in the garden, it's it's so many different forms of torture and so many different types of evil and demons, and all that he only did look like giant. We could. Birds yeah. It's really really really think of one specific form of torture that he that he painted well, which all of the one with the guy with his head in it k, there's one the guy ease and is a cajun.
Literally Thank you. That's good yeah. He did it. He finally stood up and really was like hey. Suddenly do something. Random is bash. It's like whenever you want just put some pants on the weirdest demon. In in that, painting is a pair ears with a it's coming out, the middle of it yeah and there's also another demon that looks it's got like a real big kind of looks like a bagpipe. It's got a very bulbous, this kind of like an onion, and then out of that, is this strange, tube and just kind of like a hoe. Or in the end, which you know it can suck people down. It's got all these weird arms coming off, so I thought Clive Barker created some good characters in Hell, raiser, but fuck that Bosch is the man is, that is pretty sweet. He is the best. He is the inspiration for
most of our, like Clive Barker, still lot of shed from Bosch, which is great though he did integrate autumn. He did really awesome. 80S gay SM take on Bush, it's pretty great, more leather, that's what he's missing needs more level, no uh! So the more you read into this stuff, though it's fun how people took all the memory and just made it into like fun little things for a long time, but this was taken very seriously by the Catholic Church was taken extremely seriously, would see like I mean that's good too off the subject to say this, but why is he like financed by the church. No, he wasn't right. Now is a user like that verse like hell out on with that is pretty sweet yeah and he always so. I'm not going to shake your hand, but I'm definitely gonna. Take these pain really what it, what it was. It wasn't that the catholic church started taking it's that other art is like he had a lot of copycats at the time. Ok, and so other artist started building upon times of the plagues as well and a lot of hell imagery that was kind of
your window right yeah, the plague was happen. Every leave. It was a punishment from God trying to erase humankind and they were right God wasn't powerful enough, yeah kill everybody were you, God do some skin as static over that so Bosch is the one who first started the slander campaign against Satan in Hell. No, that started before him, possibly just adding that he was going insane. Yeah Bosh Bosh was just fucking crazy. Look! Brilliant, let's go through some satanic club through time sounds good, real, quick, just real, quick 'cause! There's two diff kinds of satanic clubs that I bought into that. I want I love right. The funny car and then there's the guys and Sirius robes and doing it like really think they're doing some demonic, like the fun kind to this like stuff, like the Hellfire Club, Sir, to the seventeen hundred
one hundred which is another it was made of, who was Benjamin Frank, It was in one and all this stuff and what these were were there were fought clubs go, and they were these, they would dress in the full regalia and they would they would kneel to Baphomet, and then they would just suck each other's dicks. Smoke opium and that all they did, and so everyone started this whole mystique I don't see much pointing down that yeah I'll watch is fat white men sucking each others dicks been flirting with spaghetti in there. Then you would've been franklins cock smelled, like about geometry, coming up with that nut, so there's nothing but another matching: wool, Franklin teeth. Nobody, nobody talks about how big of a of funk
testing, Assehole Ben Franklin, oh absolutely yeah, but but man I bet he could eat a, but I'm sure he could. He was about expert at Eaton, but those guys were having a good time. Any other clubs are something that was that was his Hellfire club in America or France. This is all in England and France and Ireland, and that was the word all started. This is also 'cause the hell our club is also sort of making fun of what would be like the Masonic Lodges and Shriners lodges I would turn into what you could maybe consider the modern day Illuminati, if that's a real or not, but like there's a lot of what makes sonic and the Shriners do. Is they cover up a out of what they. You know. It's a Christian or their question organization the, and they do a lot of ritualistic stuff that supposed to like, be again. They were supposed to be very fun like the Shriners is supposed to be like that, like them getting in the crazy costumes, little cars like little cars filled again, but there's also there's also a sort of a
you know rumor that underneath what they do is is a sort of magical ritual that there they they may actually doing for the good of mankind for most promote peace, that's kind of where this idea the world government comes from any ideas of like well all we could stop a war, if we get the whole world into one giant like gold, hello government. You know I mean but just started sucking each other's dicks. Everything would fine likely, because the thing is in order to make a lot of these so called spells work because it do you know if you go, we filmed in the Shriners Club- and I was allowed to go into a lot of the rooms like when we were filming in Atlanta, because it was the grand temple of it LAN down in there like they said. It's like. We have this weird giant slide that you have to like its use, start the ceremony and you do you go to sliding slide and blindfolded, and the whole thing is like you know:
die or live at the end of this slide and that they apparently they do worship, graven images of the Baphomet like character enter in order to get these magical spells along like with the masturbation. So roll. You need a release of blood or sexual energy, and so a lot of times these old men sort of sucking each other's dicks into and all this stuff in order to make their cells come true right so that's that's another story. You know like half of the user, just like I want to suck so many dicks. Can I can't wait to suck Marv's dick. You want to release that energy and then also another group. That's like the Hellfire Club is bahamian Grove. If you want to talk about this, which is it which is in America, which takes place in a secluded woodland area in northern California, called Bohemian Grove and there's a lot of people who say that that's where in the 1950s it's like a two week. Long like party hang out time for the Super rich and politicians that hang out at Super secret Bonnaroo
exactly and what they do is at the beginning of every bahamian grove ceremony, there's a giant owl, let's giant owl statue, burn an effigy of a human inside of it. That's true, you would see footage of that online name of the guy, the other had snuck in the bohemian grown, my brain he's from coast to coast. Well, it's not art Bell, George Noory yeah yeah, I'm, and what does the owl symbolize? That's another sort of Yeah. It's like a fertility thing and like an old watching thing, except you're, dealing amalgamation of pagan deities, but that's a fun club. Okay, there's also a lot of people talking about in there. You know that's Manhattan project came from wasn't Oppenheimer and a couple other politicians were getting fuzz at the bahamian grove talking about how we need to make a new weapon But it is. It said that a lot of the biggest decisions that are made throughout
history in the last one. It was a five thousand and sixty years where Barack Obama was made president, where we decide that it's where call me maybe came from yeah baby was written at bahamian Grove in order to help him and it's nice yellow Yes, this is all these major decisions, surrounded by people in loincloth, yes, yeah, yes, yeah, just fat white men, yeah data would would somewhere yeah decisions, the same way they make decisions and plans the same way that we do fuckedup yeah it's wrong with smoking weed running for all best disco computer, look great ideas. Man is we need that Tomic Bomb Dude, and you know what you know what I fucking hate the twin towers yeah you don't have to. This will conclude this room is: is this maybe the you're talking, but I think it would bring the towers down. We could get a hold
Two wars for could go yeah. I don't blame her for nine eleven, but the beverages so in in now, there's the serious clubs which is we can start a jaegermeister started nine hundred and eleven. But you have you have the age of the golden dawn, which is a magical society that Aleister Crowley came out of all these good. No, these are These are people that take it very. Very seriously, these are, this is bad clubs. These are the bad clubs, people that kind of sit around, and these are the people really doing like sexual rituals and blood rituals, and probably like done a lot of sinister things and that's been around since the eighteen hundreds very much so linked to whatever magic is going on in masonic temples and then there's another group called the order. Angles, which was like revamped in ladies by NEO, Nazis and the idea of sort of that's kind of connected to sort of, say, tannic fascism, where there
just believe you know sort of satanic Hitler come the life that they want to make. You know snow, that's fantastic the yeah yeah, I just re just real. You know I mean there's really does meeting, because now it's that all you should take place in England, I think I'm not. I would rather go to see. One of those meetings are going to one of those drinking liberally. Medium well some of the Aleister Crowley meetings like those. Are there a lot of very sinister those very finely sinister like there were, of course There were murders, involved, yeah yeah and they were yeah. They would actively recruit and destroy people. If there's a story of Alister Crowley, taking this one guy out into the desert, feeding peyote e and then fucking him in the ass for two days straight and the guy comes back Aleister Crowley's fine. The guy is just broken man never recovered. Well, here's how philosophy and that were they like it was used in the Hellfire club and used in the golden dawn, which is his idea of do what thou wilt, which is the
a major tenant and now also modern day Satanism, which is the idea of super individualistic, do what's good for you and Aleister Crowley. Just you know but Gulf Cali also believe he fucking talk to a golden eagle that he wrote the laws of the forbidden down in a run like in Egypt, he was like he was. He grapes I don't really like he's one of the few people in history that actually does creep me out just a little bit he's sort of like the main villain that terrible eighties remake of drag. Starring Tom Hanks. What about the black quarter of Germany? Is that so I wanted to buy, or is it just a which is that which it has but I have no idea. I don't know that sounds like a witch that gives a Germany has a lot of they have a long history of which is yeah yeah Yes, we did just again the just. You want to go back in time and talk about it just any time. Anyone was ever groovy,
they're a which modern Wallace's them into in Christianity. If your dance and having a good time you're a hot check, because they were thought to this would be determined. Redmond comes from that like it comes from, the idea is like you know, some priest is banging some hot chicken, then he's just like the devil. The power of the devil made me do it is the best way to forget. That's what Tiger Woods should have done. The exact total hearing, her event should done fly anymore. I am read that demon that I got this just got this, but the field guide to demons and most- list of the demons. Are used as folk tales to either one keep people from accidentally, drowning all from falling off a mountain. Three I having an ex cues for fucking, some other woman. That's not your wife! I, like that word or or somebody who is not your husband. It works both ways, so it's pretty great. It would catch all that good visual, so so with this history here, how does
unless they like put his stamp on Satanism Anton Lavey. Is it brought it all home? Is I finally figured out how to do this in a in a in a you know on way that you could, even you know, kids were doing it, but it's a little dark, a little sinister. It's so dark! It's fun! It's fun to live. Talk about Anton Lavey with American Church of Satan. He started in one thousand. Nine hundred and sixty seven Satan Hail Satan. Now he he was a carnival barker. He was an organ grinder. They say like that's what he did. He spent his like life being like a hypnotist doing all the stuff on your face. He was a photographer for all use a crime photographer. That was a big thing I What do you realize you don't get these mean? He said as a child the first thing he read was this: like you know the idea of like he was obsessed with war. And you realize that you watch it. So you know it's like people buy weapons in order to win wars, and it's like the meat doesn't inherit the earth. It's the strong guys
inherit the earth and they're laughing they're laughing and lying to us yeah, because they are telling us that we can hear in the earth and get a first. I wrote that it was very strong, very strong you're, going to get it done and over with working as a as a carnival, Barker and working in, like that line of he realized that no human kind is a two fold nature and that we like to separate them We separate our personality into. You know you that Nothing like on Saturday night, you'd see a man like he'd be playing it. For the like the burlesque night at the carnival- and you see a guy all over woman, sucking on her and and then Sunday morning first in the morning, you'd see him right there and he's playing the organ for the church service and the same exact and he's sitting there with his family and she's just act. I could totally fine you separated as personalities which make him not a complete human being see our right of that that I had. This idea is:
right. I mean that's a great ideal, because the whole idea is. Is that it's not he he did they don't the modern church of Satan does not believe in a God a deity Satan yeah I leave that Satan is a. Is that it's been natural energy, that explain certain things that science can't explain, but it's also just so we're where we are right. Next to the animals yeah, you know it's it's nature is it's school like get fair. Or more than anything. It's just a symbol. Yes symbol, and you can also like you have to know that, like you know that again, so you don't really believe in an actual power. You believe in the power of yourself and where you stand nature. Nature is powerful. The earth is powerful and then hum Other thing was: is that you have never pretty heavy contempt for
organized religions, idea of and to use their cymbala g against them, because Cymbala G like makes humans believe in it harder. You need the ritual read the sign you need to enter the space and there's a certain things that can only happen on in private. You have to do things in mass. You have to do things publicly it well. That's why the cafe purchase so popular, that's why the his city, jewish community, in orthodox jewish community, has such a strong hold over its numbers and why people are so fucking afraid to leave you dress in the garb yeah? If you We have the Devils name, you play the Devils Games, yeah, you dress the garbage drastic part and then, if you fill the part yeah How do you think I might onstage character in my band is covered in blood skull, face paint x on my forehead and a cowboy hat
it's not because it's not just cool it's, because I am the soil child and the devil belongs to Maine. That's right, very good internet, like I like it. By the way this is my brother, is at the gay pride parade. Hobby lobby group protesting in the must've been so hot. I don't know their their jackets in their hats to looking at men in speedos. They really going into protests these days. They love it there. They had that huge gathering at Citi field more than anybody else think they really hate the passage of time. Oh, my goodness, the future is not looking bright. For that's quite unfortunate. I want to read the ninth or do you have a question I do. I just wanted to say so what was that you go back to that? One thing where you were saying with the guy was touching all the boo bees and then he went and played the organ for church like what did Anton think about that guy. That's. Why he's just saying that this is not the whole person that guy can
he's he's not a full person. He separated himself into like his animal nature, which is all secret and for Bidden and right at, and then he puts on this public for this hypocritical face of being a religious man on some. Today, and so it's like, if you shows you half each time, which is always the it's, also the inconsistency of a christian God. It's also the idea that, like you, can live your whole if being a rapist and murderer. And then, if you go on death row of priest can come up to five minutes before you die I forgive you all your sins and you get to go to Heaven, which is like that's called the Zynga. There's another, that's that's an ancient there's a kurdish tribe called the city. That is a satanist like try that they worship a Baphomet type God, but they did this is that they also believe in a God God, but the God is so powerful and forgiving that they don't even pay attention to God. They only worship the devil. They want to, please the devil 'cause. They know that matter what they do in their life. In the last
it's their life? They can just get forgiveness from God yeah. We I mean we have to do. We can do a whole other episode on different culture. Yeah? I love it concept like I mean how we can go through death calls. We can go through Cali, all kinds of yeah, so here is of a story. Teacher Mister Billy, which really christian school and Mister Bill was a disgusting family disgusting, fat wife like well, I'm not saying I want to get booked up and does so he would. Women are funny, maybe doing more controversial than saying the n word right now is for sake, but he would always you with teachers, anti masturbation and stuff in class, and we went to the porn shop on
seventeen and I saw him there hold my hand or I we met eyes everything media tly squirted out of there, so he was being a half person. Oh absolutely 'cause, there's nothing quite as makes you hard as like how forbidden and secreted right I spent two weeks in a hotel gets we Did I tell you about this coming one quick answer before I go into this I'm reading this titanic, which and first of all the whole hotel, my hotel room is just trash. It just covered in red paint and like I've. Also because I had it's very bad skin irritation. I cover myself moisturizer, so everything is also got moisturizer, stains agree stains all over it and I left satanic, which book out I've been hiding it because I've noticed that maids when maids and the make up like specifically take it. There I mean like sure they do idea I've another story, but I think that they think is going to come through the door at all time.
So I was waiting for two stories, then the first one it so it's like, I left, I say tannic, which book out, which got a big bathroom at symbol on the front of it and then, when I came back in there, it done housekeeping and she left a moisturizer like a body lotion thing on top of The book it's right, that is weird the demon in I don't know, and then the other one was. I was filming in an elevator and I had to shock it. In my whole thing. Is I'm supposed to go in to kill this guy and I go into this elevator with a shotgun and whole thing was supposed to stop it before it goes up and I'm in full in regalia, with a shotgun in my hands and then all of a sudden. It's like I didn't hit the button fast enough in the elevator starts going to the fourth floor. I'm sitting there with a shotgun in my hands going over and then the door opens and is this family and they lose their ship because I'm just like I'm sitting there full time shotgun and pull up ohmygod. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I wanted to do was like
it's. It's well cited: hey Laser, Hail, Satan, Hail, Satan right, so We go to Sears, even nine satanic say it's statements that income the bay, but I think we're already at like this- is an hour long, podcast, no, really like half an hour sweet too. Here's the ninety tanning statements that are fun. One Satan represents indulgence. Instead of absence, Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual, pipe dreams like that one say He represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self, defeating how like say, represents kindness of those who deserve it. Instead of love wasted on Ingram, I went fantastic. Satan represented to Aholic depends on who you say is in great. We also believe that moral relativism, so it really depends on each person. So Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek density says. If someone smite now cheek, smashes cheek something
he represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires, something that will come in concept of psychic vampire seems to come up a lot on this. My ex cause. It's like my mom, constantly talk about psychic vampires, that's what it is. Yeah Satan represents. Man is just another animal, sometimes better, more often than those walk on all fours who, because of his divine spiritual and intellectual development has become the, vicious animal of all. Eating represents all of the so called sins as they all lead to physical, mental or emotional gratification, Satan has been the best friend that churches ever had, and he says he is kept it in business. All these years but what else The sins thing to talk about a major tenant is also the idea of constantly celebrating the seven mortal sins of Christianity, which is, with pride, envy gluttony sloth wrath
Kevin, spacey lots and lots of NP, I got him be willing at six of the seven dog. Let me read it for that one entity, vanity yeah it is it- is that each one that you celebrate each one and in in your own way, unlike what it's like one favor one, it was talking about. Envy he's just like envy. Yes, you lookup on another man's things, and you want those things for yourself, but that's that's. The main sure thing for ambition. That's the major element you need in order to succeed in life and it's a little drive success. So, What about sloth sloth? What was it he said about slot? There was just saying something about like how the problem with sloth is like so what you want to stay in bed in extra hour problem with slaw, so that it no? normally leads to lustful thoughts? And God forbid, you have last full thoughts and that, like that's roll like that sloth
the perfect thing to lead into a sexual magic practice. I love it. I love it ice slothy day it's perfect tomorrow. Yesterday tomorrow is going to be one hell of a sloth e dance at my own filth for fifteen hours yesterday watching Vincent Price movies, smoking weed it was great, I'm not going to pull that. I'm not going to put on pants until, like nine hundred o'clock tomorrow, don't have too yeah, don't have it I'm going to smoke weed. I might even rub myself with something absolutely yeah. Maybe some chocolate turn on the air. Conditioner get all sweaty smashing it will. Let anybody tell you I got it. Barely dark bed Anton would allow so it's pretty disgusting, but there's a lot in here. You could tell you talk about this for a long time. You have no more the seven of the seven thanks again and the the nine satanic stands are. Stupidity is number one. Yes, pretentiousness is number two and number three. It's kind of tough one to pronounce sloppy as the sole ops is sap system. That's a lot of is the it's the idea that one person things
are the only true human being on earth yeah, because they're the only they are, the only brand that exists like something is. It was all about, like you know, respect that each person has one individual minds and that building that's the moral to visit yeah. It is and things that you can't tell anybody what to do with their life, because you don't know where they come from and what their set of rims on yeah and a modern. The modern version of sold slot schism is thinking a lot about. This is become more and more problem over the years that people think that they are the only human in a world of robots. I love it yeah and the number for self the seat. Number five is our heard. Conformity number six lack of perception: number seven forgetful of past orthodoxies. The number eight counterpart of pride and nine lack of aesthetics. I love that, but that is really enjoy all of it. Yeah. That is a fucking, fantastic
in some sense to avoid every time I read about this too, but that's what I'm saying is that every time you like, I was really good thing about like true Satanist in India is like. If you read this stuff, when you identify with it at Velika Beds and that's how you've already been living your whole life right, and it's like you been in the club all along buddy, it's great. We don't. We aren't we're in grow lone wolves, but we're in the club Now you have lone. Wolf has been describing a satanist for years. I just don't know what I didn't know it. This is why I didn't fucking get beyond the tea party. Is why don't get behind occupy fuckin' loved against the satanic rules? her conformity do not conform. God. Good for do not conform. Do not well just don't the be yourself uh we'd enjoy yourself, you guys talk about the sage, satanic ritual abuse, how are you guys? I could talk about the I mean the church of Satan. I am not going to Dane to say I am an expert on this. I am not. I am a new student
I'm learning about this every single day, I'm trying to like believe me, like listen If you have anymore, like things, Let me about old, magic and Satanism would love to hear yeah. I would love to hear a day. I came come any radio. Do you really know rack, nor is going to have like nine things, to say about what we've said wrong and that's all right and that's that's but yeah the educated. What we want to get To the the I'm the satanic Ritual abuse right now and then like this is how people perceive Satan is and to be like houses all. How did the things are framed like what's happened with the recent, like all of the creepy crimes that happen, this is this was in it started in the early 80s. It was the fear that Satanist were kidnapping chilled, or using children for ritual abuse in order to anything, unless they specifically says, do never use children or animals for sacrificed also didn't believe in human sacrifice: the ideas that you just you hack, someone. If you want to
sacrifice someone you put a hex on them, not like. Never physical blood, yeah and your hand cut your nipple and a lot of a lot these trials, like their words, some a few trials throughout the eighties and early nineties that were they were get these day cares were accused of satanic ritual abuse against the children that they were true, but supposedly trying to take care of here, some of the accusations and the one accusation I have no fucking clue why? But the one accusation that runs through every one of these cases, hot. Air balloon right now. This is when, during the 1980s like rash of people blaming like molested, this is when the whole lie. Hidden memory thing really took off right, where it's like kids were getting. Into hypnosis and told to like, remember like their molestation stuff, it's like what's the term,
now it says there are several repressed memories, and so this is the yeah when all this, like all the new satanist fervor, came out yet another way. Why would you even pretend to get that out of people if it's repressed, just let it be down there? Yeah? It's like the blue from the bottom of the ocean. Brain does a good job behind that ship for a reason will trying to be normal man just the door shut man. Well, one of the biggest of these and one of the first was called the Mcmartin preschool trial. Here's some of the accusations that name yeah mix preschool trial, here's some of the accusations that the kids made, but it's so said. Take this with a grain of salt, because it's also said a lot of this stuff was like star with one kid who had a amazing imagination and
said that all this stuff happened and then they started suggesting at all the rest of the children and this novel eventually, eventually the yeah one kids that or they said they saw, which is fly traveled in a hot air balloon: they were taken through underground tunnels. One child said that he was molested by Chuck Norris at this daycare is basically just tells you what kind of shows whose parents were watching yeah. It said move Brentwood, broomsticks and door. Knobs whatever yeah Simpson Slide, which just witch wizard of OZ like some of the abuse abuse is alleged to have occurred in secret tunnels beneath the school several Vesti turned up evidence of old buildings on the site and other debris from before the school was built, but no evidence of any secret chambers were found. There were claims of orgies at car washes in airports and, if children being the 80s and have children being flushed down toilets to secret rooms where they would be abused. Then cleaned up and presented back to
Unsa stolen from Google in the Willy Wonka of Child molestation made his wonderful yeah most April factory had some interviewed children talked of a game called naked movie. Star said testing that they were forcefully photographed nude during the trial. Testimony from the children stated that the Naked Movie STAR Game was a rhyming taunt used to tease other children, here's the taunt, what you say: is what you are you're naked movie star. I would so it's that's all it was. It was so interesting yeah! That's all it was you see, is what you are. Your a kid movie starring in the to myself to get pumped up. This is another blow to state in this in here in the nineteen eighties yeah I also by the one and only her world Rivera who do that expose in nineteen eighty very sexy image to attach to like what then comes into like horrible.
Either real or not most stations. I think. Well, you know that's really about the all. These people got like acquitted right, yeah, pretty much like you, yeah. It also fell through because they made some of the most of it, like the main person who made. Statements that it was found to be like three years later, that he was mentally ill and that information was kept from defense yeah like the prosecution. They knew that he was mentally ill, but they kept it away from it yeah. But you know like the stories of Satanist. I know in my small town there were always stories of like Satanist like that's where Satan hang out like. Abandoned house has Satanist say my big thing: we did in market and there will be people like you go in these houses and they would be like Pentagram spray paint on the walls, just a bunch of fucking kids, like like, like all the freaks fucking, with the popular kids, So that's! That's all it was. It was the smart kids fucking with the dumb kids, yeah yeah we'd always is 'cause ideas like well, so there's that also the documentary called Paradise LAS with those pointing those kids were stupid. But, like They will be, one of them was legally stupid yeah. They all
The problem really stupid, which is pretty God, announce legally stupid. Yeah! That's the story. I don't know. If you don't know it's a story: three, it's a great documentary about 3A, Goth, kids, who wrote six hundred and sixty six in the notebooks and then got convicted of a brutal rape and murder of a little boy, and it basically you find out three documentaries later they've been exonerated and that years in prison and they're pretty much it's pretty much. Definitely the deed of one of their uncles uses normal as it can be was the political's. It was a pedophile that lived across the street from where they found the body of the boy, but their detectors are like no. We got him absolutely got these heavy metal music, listening kids, but that's the reason why people Tallica fan, if I ever have children, I will always say like you- can trust trust, the man in black with the pentagram. That's the menu actually wanted trust yeah ones. You don't want to trust his fuckin' uncle Fred. Uncle Fred is going to molest you jacuzzis and uncle now living in shorts and fucking white sneakers yeah. You see the neighbor, don't touch him he's. Obviously molest you. If you decide that looks like an assistant football coach, don't tell
again do not talk to him ever be apart of a children's organization or a children's group, because all it is is just it just makes. Perverts have power, you know again Just like it's like a priest, never Tuttle, even being a fucking same room as a priest, God will provide. Well, I could I tell the stories I tell want. Let's end on the story: yeah, I thought it was walking to the podcast today, full with power filled with vigor ready to do this podcast. I saw a man handing out a watchtower in the.
Train stations watch in Watchtower is the Jehovah's witness Armageddon, pamphlet, yeah and I went to grab it from him 'cause. I wanted to read it on the podcast and he would no when he like, pulled it away from me, and I was like come on since the demon in you. I walked by that. Guy too, he was, he looked a little unhinged, I'm going to pull his pants down. Do that rhyme today, is what you are you're a naked movie stars. That's great and you're all naked movie stars out there. So in all sincerity, I want to give a hail Satan to our listeners. I trust that the power of Satan lazy to good things today, he'll, say Elsayed serve yourself. You know be kind to those who deserve. It is right right guys. Alright, we love you for Marcus Parks, Ben Kissel, Henderson, Broski, yep yep. We will talk to you next, probably next week.
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