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Episode 391: Relaxed Fit - The Finders

2019-11-15 | 🔗

This week, we're doing a Relaxed Fit episode. We're talking about The Finders — a secretive group allegedly connected to the U.S. government — and MUCH MORE.

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Whether you're a fan of the show daybreak or you love learning how to survive in a teen filled post apocalyptic world. We know some of our listeners. Do you need to subscribe to this new Netflix podcast. It's called the only Podcast left and it's netflix. First fictional podcast, daybreak the only podcast left is set in the world of daybreak. It's written. By showrunner or RON yet and star? Tessa Netting, Kyle, Sherman, Kimia, PET Bora and Jerrod Goldstein meet your house. The AV club, their group of kids, who survived the apocalypse using their skills to read cameras and spy on warring tribes all over Glendale another making a show about it, while juggling their own personal drama and trying to stay alive is mutant. Pugs, ghoulies atomised various new tribe all try to kill their vibe meet members of the larp lower donut holes, stem punks and more and their tribe spotlight segment. By the way this this is full of spoilers, so make sure you watch the whole show on Netflix before pressing play on this podcast. You might just find out what happens after the end of day break season. One so go check it out the only has left, is available now on Spotify
There's no place to escape to the left. Cannibalism started You can really tell the difference between Williamsburg and Green point by the amount of like all mothers and bus like The three bands vying for the bench- vodka bent vodka as soon as you get your green point, you're like odd that, because it's like, The whole shrink some down below for your people. I know yeah yeah and they're more to affect people the other one there during the super cheap polish beer that sold it all the bodegas yeah. You can always tell where are the old pop lives, because you see all the bottles empty check out front? so how you know that he's safe,
so he's out there drinking on the stoop? No, I would saw one of those old men passed out on the sidewalk. Where else do you want to be? That's fine? No! I actually, We encouraged one time: puffin took a nasty poop and it got caught in his butt hairs and I had to get a water bottle, shake him down and comb out coma to poop. In those three guys sitting there getting hammered called me, a good dog dad and they so what it means to be a good father all right. This is this. Is the last podcast on the left over lax, episode, we are so happy to have you all with us. Thank you so much. Today I know we got a couple of fun stories that we're going to be getting too yeah we're doing this kind some upside story style also because you know like because we work we work, we work we work. We go on the wheel to for the benefit of Crom. We Can we push the wheel so our podcasting muscles get so big and so virulent, but but at the same time, do they weaken over time
I see that video of the hamster that was laying on the wheel as his friend ran, and it's just like jumped over and every time they up stranded all figured out one laying down. I think he was dead. Oh, you watch a lot of animal videos that I would only describe that should be used to calm down dementia patients. It works it works. Instagram is not about food animals or wrestle in, and I don't even like the politics get in very good wow. That is very good. It's just in your brain nat now goes through a thing we're all here like it's always the same, like who, like the sad music coming from her phone and she's crying because she likes watching the videos of the animals found covered in.
Might I like that in basements and should get a job or skinny that are then raised into dogs and she picked because the ending's always meant what your client is? Always nice, one of those the name of it? It's a good at the dodo. Yeah total videos is at the door to Daily Dodo that the Dodo something done are you having a stroke? No, no. I think he might actually be correct for the first time in the entire history of this, but I think it's a dodo. Think they're called the Dodo videos. For some reason I don't know what happened with my instagram, but they think I love Asmr every single mother. I have no idea, I think it's 'cause. I always click on it, but Never like it, but this last I did watch a woman. She unrolled one of those big jelly rappers that surrounded by nerds like the jelly rope, surrounded by like a crunchy, nerd yeah, and so she she opens it up. Takes it out and then the She crunched on it. It wasn't. I didn't feel anything. But I got it for the first time I got Asmr for the If I had it, I would be like that's uh
run. Asmr video you were drunk. It was not. It was just down the bathroom I was in the bathroom. Do we do believe in Asmr Marcus? I am. That is my beliefs, but I don't believe it's real. I totally do yeah. Do you get it? I get it slight chill sometimes. But no, I do believe it's a thing. Yeah people get tingles down to their toes up to their foreheads. Quite well. Where are you dying on this hill? You know what it is. I feel like it's a strange identity. It's an idea. It's a weird idea. It's a weird thing to identify with to be like. I am an a s m r person, you know what it's also. It is a bitterness because we really don't want to feel the well. I will First of all, yes, I'd love to feel more feelings, because I'm pretty blocked off sure, but also it's just easy money that is made by people with no discernible skills that just unwrap things,
so you need. You could have two hooks, you really hand there are many subtleties to the Am Ontario is not yet you gotta think about the reveal once in the box. So I think this might be kind of like you not being able to see ghosts and you not being able to see aliens. It's just this those things that you're just too you're plugged up your plugged up buddy. Your third eye is a lot like your brown. I always looks awful noise maker crinkle noise to see. If I could experience it, nothing absolutely hate it. I actually just get mad to you in like getting truly No, it's the feeling. I'm supposed to feel like am I supposed to be mad at God. Talking me wet and then talk. Did you ever hear the John Goodman Mcdonald's Asmr? Yes,
I kind of want to play for the audience the modernization of the internet to take in our means for for not taking our memes for free, we'll, we have seen the memes are the reason why we're sliding into a gigantic ornate conspiracy state in that terrible, what sound quality! They cannot bring. This terrible idea put up on that. We've been in radio. My work started to put his butt up to the radio to the microphone, and then he would talk to his butt hole point about Howard Stern. He got fifty million dollars contract with SIRI three the no one is listening to a legitimately think they had better. They must have had better microphones. Maybe maybe you don't talk about a murder, yeah, alright, greater, in Florida are investigating whether they have stumbled on a silent witness to a possible murder and are trying to get the truth from quote. Unquote her ok, Sylvia Galva Crespo, thirty, two,
killed by a spear to the chest at home and Hallandale Beach, Florida North. Miami. In July, which your husband Adam Crespo, forty three, his trade as a mysterious accident. Okay So do you slip on a banana peel right? the fact is you? How do you get hit by a spear in your home? Well, I think you're, maybe playing like spin the peace I don't pin the spear in my wife. I have no idea how it is it's a game you can play. I guess maybe it falls off the shelf and hit you in the chest. Remember that when that sign fell off my shelf and hit me in the head and almost killed me. That's true! That's because we're not carpenters like so what kind of square was it? Is there a picture of the sphere? There's not there's not a picture of the sphere. Unfortunately, does Amazon even need to sell spears? You know, should you have to? go to a specialty store. Look. The person in the eyes
It also has a book full of spells. I just feel like you shouldn't, be able to buy a spear from the comfort of your own home. You should have to go somewhere, actually purchase it, because it's it's it's not a typical weapon for home defense? I also believe that you should build your own. I agree. Wow by so many spears off of Amazon. How much the cheapest is the reaper
Eleven. Oh, oh three hundred and forty four inch survival spear. Can you toss it up on the on the monitor here, forty seven dollars and forty five cents? This is at four just for survival yeah for survival. Yeah! Oh yeah! I always take this for survival. It's always good to have, because you never know what you need to throw a spear at the clouds while you're dying of thirst. Absolutely you get the cold steel European Boar Spear. Well, it's only got four. I want to look at the reviews for spears. Yes, please will now, of course I found this out today. Amazon is cooking the books when it comes to reviews. No, you have to be very careful. Amazon is doing questionable practices. Yes, they are. No, I think, the major corporation that's going to own all of us until they leave this dying planet to go, live in their fucking space structures, hate to break it to you Henry. They already do own us yeah one star review no handle said says: where's the freaking handle
ahead today, but it's worthless without the handle, see. That would be an a reveal would like to see on the internet. I don't know who is my spear worst free can handle your crossing the streams of those old. The wood is that the opening videos vs a what what's that term opening box videos, unboxing Unboxing videos and as Ammar right is to Mars about the crinkle I didn't is they'll. Just that's explain to me several times that the S M r's real. But again I don't think it genteel deal great comedian, a good friend of ours. I believe that they There is a crossover with the opening unboxing videos and ASM are really important. Yeah, unfortunately, yes well gives or any pro things. What are they using to kill with these spears and how are full? Then we have to go back to the story.
Of how this woman sitting there with the Spirit per like this, is a MEL Brooks movie. I don't understand any of it. I would imagine that spears, if you're, going to take him out hunting, that's going to be a bore thing, you're going to be hunting, wild boar, throwing spears at him having run at you and then you dodge off the last second, you sucking him with a spear and that's how you do it going to kill your son. These people are hammered in the woods. That's boring person deserves to be spirit in the woods, so my goodness yeah you can buy a three pack of these spheres for two hundred and eighty seven dollars and eighty seven cents. Ok, that's not your Amazon low prices
Can we order some to the studio we can order all kinds of different spears. I mean that is we're just trying to unplug Iraqis go studio when you want to add spears. Do this better to have fun colder than all those dumb like bills? Hang around all these things, people say and all we owe them money ole all you need to be doing. This work will live, so you just want to send a picture of all three of us holding a spear when they're, like you, always a hundred thousand dollars. Really. How do we get the spears have a different tale. Well back to the story, police believe the Amazon echo Smart Speaker devices in the home, known as Alexa because of the common wake with you, and you don't have to tell us what Alexa was guardian. Yes, but anyway, she's a look. What you might think that looking because sending condescending guardian, you know, you might think, that's a person's name. Isn't that funny it is, but it's also a box. You can purchase
ask a question mark. In my day a box didn't tell you what the weather was you'd put the box outside and see if it had rained on it or police. Believe that the Amas An echo may have heard an recorded something relevant during the fatal altercation when the couple argued after a night out this, your. This is the thing everyone wants. Pretend like Alexa, isn't always listening, but even the cops so as soon as they can use Alexa for their own purposes. They will. This is what they call a smart witness, aka, a snitch machine, and it is unbelievable. This invasion of privacy. You gotta get your Alexa, you gonna throw a bunch of propane on it. I did on fire because it's listed in my friend. Well, we have a. We have a no a lack side, no Google home policy in our home. We don't have them in our house because I don't believe in them. Don't I don't like him either we tried it for a little bit, didn't like
all of a sudden, it's like Alexa player, favorite song. Just like oh Marcus! That's how you imagined it to be. So that tonight can you try to make love yeah I try to make love now that you're a married man now that now that you're a married man- yes, yes, yes well, actually, no, because I have to leave, my wife yeah immediately after getting married, I have to leave my wife to entertain the people. This is about being a husband that you're just not allowed to be home. Yeah just can't be home at all yeah. I have to leave my wife. These bills aren't going to pay them selves, but guess what men she gets to go sit and not get sick of you anymore. It's really nice. It is fun. Not just read the other night break from our personalities. You brought up a fun thing,
about my wife and my husband, the other night, where you said that, like my wife, like, I can't believe you said that in front of my wife, my wife is a fun umbrage when you were like outside of a place where your wife is inside, you got, I got to get in there. My wife is in this, but my husband is always referred to after you've died yeah. I don't really say my house, no less being like my husband. Yes, he was found in the e river. Yes, indeed, my husband has been missing for three weeks I mean. Why are you holding a spear, because I we had this funny thing about how you know there's just some things that just ask my husband to take care of like getting order. You know for a little get together, we're going to do and then when he goes out and comes back with a bunch of men magazines. In no orderves, I decided to make him in Oh come on
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from Northway Well Crespo told police that he and his wife had gotten into an argument after night. And he was trying to drag her off of his bed when he grabbed onto a sphere with a twelve inch blade and as he continued to pull, he heard the spear snap and when he turned around the blade. The spear was in calvus chest. It just makes total sense fear did it. Yeah, and then he pulled it out, which you never do you never. But you never pull it out, but then I want to make sure because then I saw the blood came out all furiously and shooting and shooting. So I made sure to put that spear right back right. I was like all I wanna make sure she's okay, so I pulled the spear out, but then sports courts where it's great work and put that spear right back in a you. Just
scribe stabbing your wife with the spear. Does that make any? Do you ever do in that? No, I was doing wounded maintenance on my wife great, why he said he pulled it out because he hoped the injury was quote. Not too bad which is bad enough for her to learn the lesson that whatever they were fighting about, ok markets to the one with the multiple weapons in your own, I mean not. Weapons weapons? No, no! I don't! I just have knives. I have knives for utilities, carry a knife through GSA. No, I cannot. Can you carry a knife publicly in New York City uh? No, no! Can you carry a knife if you just like? If you go to a political event in life and if you pull, if you walked into a restaurant- and you said I think, thank God, I brought my night night now. What do you think? The reaction would be there, it would be an a negative reaction, so maybe it's a weapon, it's a tool
This is why I like this because you're ready for court, so what's the use, the husbands in jail, he's in jail and right now, they're truck, that's the funny, thing is that the cops went and they grab all of their Amazon devices, because they believed that the devices had tiny little hard drives on them knowing that all of anything that's recorded is on a server somewhere else, ok, ok, Well, I wonder, what's ask these questions? Where are the servers? Where are Amazon servers? Where are the things that hold onto all of this information? California,
I think they're inside of Jeff Basil's Johnny Mnemonic. We should be cool, Congrats, Kiana Reeves and the new girl. Oh my god. What is you have another one he's got a new girl he's. It was his first girlfriend in ten years it's an an artist and she's very nice. Forty six, a new level of our forty six year old listeners as well. Beautiful, of course, will soon were soon to be forty six and only just eleven short. Here's the link and we'll be right there yep up, but did this if I wonder where they keep the things I actually 'cause I've. Never, I believe, there's server. They keep it like their server farms out in California, where all these things are stored, maybe there I don't think they put him in China. I believe they keep them. The United States is going to be an x server farms. I would hope that they do so. It's in there somewhere they'll be able to find it in this election is going to take the stand and it's going to convict this poor poor. Well, no he's most likely a wife murder, but it's going to convict this man, so it looks like here so we're actually you're incorrect
data centers are in Europe. Us, the company operates in thirty eight facilities in Northern Virginia eight and sand. Cisco and another eight in its hometown of Seattle am seven in North North at Northeastern Oregon in Europe. That's where the data center buildings, We are in Dublin. There are four and germ and three in Luxembourg know that's great in no way is everyone watching over those hammered. That's perfectly specially. With all the fuckign do Bley in triple beers. They have like a sneak up on you, which is the weirdest drunk in the world, like the high alcohol beer. You know I don't like this monitor. That's going on, because I was talking with my uber driver. The other day I was like this is not the right place So this is not the right way to go, for some reason. Uber never out, doesn't understand green point or Williamsburg Brooklyn. I don't know why, like New York, but so he took my way and they ended the ride. Because he said that the app said you're not going in the right direction, so it ended the right yeah. So had to restart, and I will
I'm sorry bro! I was just trying to take us to the right direction. No things are, it was really bizarre were watching this fucking hole. Get closed were watching this net get a little bit tight. As we go? They just put up new cameras in front of the, I believe, the Fulton Street stock. Yes, in these additional recognition cameras- and I know a partially that it's supposed to they're supposed to the idea- was it stick? Stop people from jumping that earn style. Is the prime happened in New York City yeah? Try to get a free ride from horrible subway system and you can see they're really pushing. This is well there's been a huge. Ad campaign on the subways trying to get
and you said the idea that fair jumpers are for some reason, like the worst handles on the subway. I just don't understand the worst criminals on the subway are the I mean first of all, the people running the stupid subways and also the guys Robin their dicks on everybody yeah. Well, it's approach her from her pose the got the picture of the guy then, and you know, of course I've already had my redness scanned. I thought I guess the items are maybe going to. You know be able to find some people, not just subway fare jumpers, but you know up eight constant threats on the subway. Well, there is very, very scary, yeah the same thing that we saw in Europe and Australia, where they just wait. A little bit more open. I'm gonna say.
Open about it, a little bit more, almost fascist like about it, what they want you to see the camera, so you know you're being watched. Definitely in London, London, it's a huge thing. Did the the British are very, very big on surveillance? Well, it alters activity. It alters the way, a human being acts when they're being watched. China is doing the same thing: Charlie, zero, alien from the inside out they're figuring out. How do you know, which is what they've always done, which is what they did really well, which is the one thing about the far left dictatorship. That is very interesting as they don't just want to control your body. They want to control the very deep inside of your brain This is far left dictatorship, which is different than just a far left society. This is a good thing where they did. They want you to believe in the cause, so much people change
your inner voice. G Zhang, paying is making a lot of people stars on those billboards that he's putting up for people who don't love him another. We talk about that unable to stop at quite regularly yeah. What's going on there, it's happening here soon. Well, London is the number one most spied upon city in the United in the world. Yeah London's number one. Okay, aging's number two number three Chicago: why does it lunch in have cell service. Then, if they have all of this facial recognition. All of these cameras, you can't get a damn cell phone to work in that place. I don't understand it, it's all what we've learned between Fuqing, a borley rectory, an what we learn. For us at all of these cities are built on gigantic graveyards been billed honesty be ruined. So the former versions of the fuqing city. So they it's easy to put cameras on top of it. It's more difficult to put the wires underneath
it's built on bones, yeah in the actor near neighbor scheme. Last. That's also, you for cocaine You can give a confident, woman, coke and no one's doing cocaine anymore good. It kills people that'll work. Okay, that's fine! No it! But that's! The problem is the federal stronger than people find out is reading all about the bias of like. If a drug dealer has a it would be like. If I know, there's a guy back to drug you'll. Have that made like one person d, their sales will go up because people are going to try to get the stronger drug in order to get over sort of like board drug habit, which is why fentanyl been so prevalent is because strong, especially in heroin, but it can very easily very easily. Don't do it it's like when we actually on the West Coast, y'all you're on the West Coast, don't cocaine or heroin. Besides, just I mean I know it's relaxing, it was fun, but no, the federal is
we have a you, have a use that they're in a well. I don't think it is fun. I think it's probably responsible for most of the duties days in San Francisco. Now San Francisco's duty stains that's a whole different. That's curling! Yeah! That's that's! When the new to her. When you know they need to heroin because they pulled the plug in my god. Are they full it do? Is there any? Is there any other more up? Is there anything more to that story? That story is pretty much it. I mean that there there's not really much else to that story, other then we'll see we'll try to follow up and see if it actually goes through and see. If they put do you do they take the Alexa. What and then do the swear it in, but look what happens? Do you just put a little thing and Alexa is like yes and then do you just ask it questions it's a person who one of four things I was thinking about? Is that, in order for that Alexa to record anything Alexa had to have come up during the fight, they would have add to name checked, Alexa, to record, to have
or with their sore. It's just recording they're, saying that it's not, which is how it knows that you're saying Alexa yeah how the hell would it know anything Alexa if it's not listening every single time that it's on you just back to your way into an amazing point. It is what it that's the that's the problem here, so it's all just phantom words that are all just sitting forever being recorded on these gigantic servers that we're paying for the more and more we buy things from Amazon. I am not I'm not going to say no idea being pro Amazon, instant fuqing insane, but I also I do use Amazon Becaus. I need things delivered to my home and I ended up doing these things and I fuckign order stuff, because I eat things in a massive turn around and sometimes you are in the middle some other city or you're in the middle of another country, and you need something to show up- that's very specific, wherever the fuck at at what I am sounds really good for which
this you're just explaining Amazon to the audience, and while you use it now, I'm just saying that, like it's, so it's hard sort of trying to pull out of it. I'd like to pull out of it. It's like pulling out of apple where all of a sudden realized ever fuckin' bullsh is controlled by apple. All of our bullsh. It's on dollar. Group texts are on punkin Apple Ios, and then, if one of us gets an Android phone like Marcus tried to do, he tried to break the spell, and then we can get a sex yeah yeah. I tried to tried to break the apple stranglehold, went out and got myself Samsung and all that and then a group text didn't work anymore in the business almost fell apart, I just three days in no food for society default by. Oh, my god. In in this podcast case, we missed one lunch. Hope things very, very upset. I want to talk a little bit about I'm just going to put this out there. This is this is not really, good way to start this conversation like we're going to start talking about the fight
here's a little bit, which was the lattice Tyne group with possible ties to the CIA that we brought up. Probably, when do we do Satanism in the government it is in the government, God that was back when I was in the closet, so that would have been fine God. Six years, seven years ago, seven years and years ago, when Mark as as in the closet and again, thank you all so much for listening, because we are still D. I Y we used to record in a closet in the base, mexican restaurant. It was this. Closet that they cook staff and wait staff? Would change close in, so oftentimes get to stop recording if someone would come in and change your clothes and the entire thing it was about the size, No exaggeration, it was about the size of a british phone booth yeah. It was a lot of it. It was a closet and it smelled men like yeah yeah I had to. I had to make the some looking for the little room using fabric that I found somewhere and comforters that I bought from a what is it I bought from a disk,
count store over on Graham Avenue and I stapled the there's a wall with a staple gun and then put the cloth over it to make it look not quite so awful. It was just this weird green room and now we have soundproofing stapled to the wall. Studio. Now here at this is yeah. It's stapled, it's nailed to the wall, but I want to talk just briefly because recently the FBI revealed that they have had a file on the finders now within when we were doing the Satanism in the government episode. Basically, the concept though it was, is that the finders was a group of organized human traffickers that focused on child sex slaves. They would focus Their jobs would be to go and get kids for the CIA to use in possible blackmail. Use against foreign identities or or political enemies within the United States of America. So they, basically you would you would like knockout
dude. While he was at a party you put booty like something in his drink. He would drink and then he would wake up next to a child in his bed and there be a bunch of pictures and now we got you in our pocket or they would make child pornography and then distribute they would use it. Essentially, they would like market with tags so that if it showed up on your computer and they went to investigate you would be like who would know that there were child porn on your computer and all of a sudden, pink, pink. There's child porn, your computer, which had to be made it would be. I guess, oh see, yeah it's like a cuckoo egg. Yes, it is like a a mission to try to frame people that they have political beef with and the finders with the ones getting the kids yeah. How are people that beef with or people they just need to control, yeah right now or just for the sake of making art with children, which is fun way? To put it yeah, I'd like to grow
Yes in your face. I hate that yeah. Well, the only thing I know the kids were not these were just for pictures, though this wasn't an actual. This was just a frame job. It was everything okay with all of it, but this is that's a conspiracy side of it for the FBI recently revealed is that they did in fact research the finders see if there were a ci, a connections to this group, because the finders was a real group started by Marion Patty in the nineteen sixties. We just sort of this free thinking group, where adults would go with their families and give up their society to live around the Virginia and Washington DC area where they would go and live in this sort of communistic world socialist world where they would get Everything would pull everyone's resources by big old house
We had several of these houses. This was the 70s right, yeah, sixty seven. It was so popular in the 70s, it's very it's people wanting to get out of the rat race and live what they believed to be a more pure human lifestyle where those kids would be raised communally and so on. The families would be one big old family and it all kind of fell apart in nineteen. Eighty seven, when two dudes, two arrested in Tallahassee FL, with having a bunch of dirty as kids in a playground and concerned. Parents call the police, they said well, they're, not technically our kids in the kids, like my mom and daddy, leaving wack in easy, and he found out that these were just meinders for these children not really sure why they were in Tallahassee. But these kids were all like MAO, interest in full of sores and all this bullshit, because the the cleaners came out and said. Well, we've been doing this is by the way. That's all true, that's report. I'm looking at a Washington post article from nineteen, seventy seven were like they were one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, where all of this is reported all it is true, and so
Finders were saying at some point know we alleviate parents that need to get rid of their kids like. Basically, we are helping people that have problems raise their kids because they were trying to do is add, chilled to the finders in order to decrease the amount of generations that the finders can continue but after like we could have him. Yes, oh my goodness, You can use all of your kids of us be great. I guess we didn't you go the because the maybe seven arrests and all this bullshit all of the women and children. The finders essentially left leaving just a bunch of dudes. But what we're trying to find out now is there isn't a massive conspiracy theory angle, where no one really knows about the true history of Merion Patty, the guy that did the finders or what he did. We know that he is an eccentric thinker that plays games. This whole thing is about games, right, societal games and what he says is like I'm, the eternal student people who come and live with me. I
my daughter said the entire world to come, live with me and I watched them to learn about them and see how they live and how we can live on the perfect human life and they bought a bunch of properties where they could do these exercises. But after one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven Marion Pettie, decidedly more authoritarian in the group, started getting more and more strict with their lifestyle, which was telling him what to wear with a guy. Obviously, it became full colts, but Marion Pettie says I'm not a colt leader, I'm more of a cultural, leader good Lord. I am a learner if you'd even call me a leaner, call me later, but it So now FBI is now in the FBI is just recently this is revealed this. He just revealed that they did actually put in man hours to invest. Okay, whether the CIA had ties to the fighters, because the CIA did hire several members of the fighters to do some giant data entry projects will be there
more connections sues about whether or not you want to look at it hardcore conspiracy, theory style. Well, the question with me: that I have with that is like did they did the CIA hire those people specifically because they were part of the finders or did they just hire M for work, and it just so happened that they were a part of the fighters. That's a big ole question because then they said the c a a came forward and said: well, we terminated or contract as soon as we found out, they were part of this group for one thing that they always were, or does the finders actually house C. I, a members that are there in cut need because the idea is to travel the world. You know the really. Think about this conspiracies because it forces the conspiracy theorists to choose between the CIA and the FBI it's like which would like. Will you know that the F b I I investigated these guys like, oh so you trust the FBI,
it's like when I am with like when info wars, sources, a b, C News and says now you know this is how you know it's true healthcare there is like, but on the other, and you can't trust the mainstream media. No, you can't only delay mystery meat yeah! That's right! I I wonder so. I would say to you: this is just bring this up because I start reading these documents is very interesting, highly redacted, so you have no real clue what the hell they're talking about. I read a couple of break downs of it in a really interesting our interview with Merion, petty there's one. There is a Washington State NEWS, article called the finders keeper which was very, very interesting how to make a pun out of it. That's because that's what he called himself or the Gamemaster there's also how no game controller on and if you look up another, it's a there is a website called I'll, just throw the your l out there W W De,
W W w dot mail dash archive dot com, slash c t r L Act list serve. I l, I S, T s e r, v, DOT, AOL dot com m three hundred and forty four. You just cost eighteen car pile, but there's a very interesting interview with him and because to me it's like it's weird 'cause, the big thing that I'm out of the nineteen eighty seven investigation over them is that they found a series of warehouses, they found a bunch of documentation about number one how they can get more. Kids into the organization which is by kidnapping impregnate Women all over the world in getting their kids going in seating, be in a all over the world, getting the kids and a photo shoot that they all did of them in robes slaughtering a goat and showing it to the
it's in all the kids laughing naked covered in cold blood, but Marian Patty goes as far to say that was just playing a game name showing that we are we doing this. We were doing a funny play out as a cold, and we were literally slaughtering ago for food. So there could. Their argument is that they are post modern, but it was a. It was a postmodern cult, not a cult. It ironic, it's an ironic all together. It is, but this is the kind of stuff where it's like. That's the type of explanation. That's my problem is that my brain the hot house, the two words like. I believe there are the secret keeping mechanisms deep within the government, and this does like what happened with Epstein this point toward is it being well. These are how these the actual systems would work, but it's so in your face and so obvious they're called the finders that have been colt they're. All super flicking they have all of this bullshit already attached to them, so it's like so there
in plain sight: it's like Epstein being murdered on the front pages of the entire entire world in the entire world is gone conspiracy, theory many that's exactly what they do. I mean that's the whole premise behind Donald Trump in the steel dossier, with the tape with the prostitutes in in Russia in the hotel room believe there's at least they're like re fake takes the other like they got all this stuff and then, of course they have the leverage I mean, that's just classic KGB C, I a tactics, so that is for sure. True, the kids are true. Even if this this is not a CIA operation. You got two different things that are real and the conspiracy mind. What do they do? They just connect the dots baby. They just tie the pandora play try to make it a habit to drink more water than I'd like to introduce you to liquid ivy the fastest most efficient way to stay hydrated liquid ivy hydrates two to three times faster and more efficiently than water alone, because it's Lee, water wetter, water and the
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When it comes to all this stuff is very strange: I don't let it remain street. It's way too mainstream. It's very sad because we we did our Satanism in the government episode but yeah. I think that was like two thousand and twelve two thousand and thirteen some like a long long long before for all of the pizza gate shift or like the or anything like that. Stuff. That is actually true, but that's the thing is that we just say: Satanism the government as a shorthand, we don't actually mean Satanism, the government, because we don't believe in all the satanic panic shed and all that, because all of the pizzagate stuff in
all the tune on stuff. Just totally smacks of satanic panic, ship. What you're saying Henry? That is a lot. To reality for me, as far as how we, so what we found out colts over the years and what we found about cults, like the children of God, willing to look at the Mormonism Series yeah, and even that yeah like how we we look at called the children of God when we look at cults that have that are specifically for children, but where it specifically for three games, but you know all this like an awful fucking bullshit like Suffolk, like for there's like that, makes a lot more sense based on reality, but based on what we've seen and what we know to be true that make yeah a lot more sense than you could possibly connect that to some sort of secret keeping mechanism by Klay, but the key to get stuff is always to help you, but because it because the pizza get stuff, it sounds so much like and the queue and
stuff sounds so much like the satanic panic ship that we heard back in the 80s in the 70s pizza gate is literally for that to be real, it would have to be Wayne's world. And then wait opens up the door in the donut in the donut shop and a bunch of nims cert ninjas are training and stuff like I always wanted to do that. It is a horrible pizza restaurant. There is no room for child sex life. There is a middle ground here. That is, the dissonance in this middle ground, is what keeps people out of it Becaus. It hurts brain yeah. I feel that there are less direct, but just as true connections between things like the various splinter groups in with in the c I a varies. Research quote unquote: research groups with the CIA that could just take something like the finders and use there are inter mechanisms as a great way number one. It's a huge smokescreen and We are the CIA in and we trade in secret, and you don't know
whether I am or I'm not. I can't even tell you I'm a CIA agent on purpose so that you then doubt whether or not I'm actually being up, or, if I'm lying about being a c agent, even though I'm lying about lying about being a CIA agent, my gun and actually getting word with a operation boil the parochial it's it's ago. It is old on baby. We think it are. You just gonna boil me some so you could kind of let the fine do their own thing and then you kind of scoop up what they do you use them for awhile and then as soon as they have proven their worth or done or if you use them for the fact is that you want to use them for you, fucking chuck him under the bus and then they're done just look like a bunch of racket, wackadoo, slash pedophiles. Meanwhile, we have used their to me to model some other layer of information. Sure, because the finder's look at themselves as the new quakers. They think that the one day they will be viewed as an important utopian society like something like that
like the Quakers, but it turns out honestly, but it turns out they're bad at child care. Becaus they have their main crime is They did abuse a lot of children. Of course, if they don't know how to raise these kids communally in you, a bunch of lost adults who show up to go play these mind games with Some guy in a suit to go like are all crazy. It's these things where they showed up to these this fun weekend for mom and dad to become more groovy here. You go. Here's your uncles and aunts now and you are not being taken because everybody else is too fucking up their own assholes, trying to gain corner cordon lightmap Salute Lee. Well, that's what Sacha Baron Cohen was able to discover with this is America when he was playing the wealthy guy and he requested a kid and the guy was like. I can get you a kid: where are they coming from they're coming from somewhere they're, calling it's groups like that's honestly, don't need money and absolutely systemic child sex slavery is real real. I mean absolutely real. That's my problem too. Good. Now get the
did the new celebrity corner, saying that Epstein was definitely murdered even but then you look at the distance behind that, because the Epstein family paid for the guy move in, and so then it's like man So this is so intentionally confusing. Well, that guys, also somewhat suspect, is well pretty he's he's Fox knew he was you know he show on Showtime. Well, you know he was red eyes. Death course. I believe I believe that the Fox NEWS Comedy show that used to work. In the morning. We collect more yeah, he was on that and he was the medical examiner 'cause. A lot of people say, like he's a former New York City, medical examiner. He was the examiner from nineteen seventy eight, until one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, when uh Ed Koch, kicked him out for being unethical.
Thank you yeah. I mean in this I mean I'm not say this guy's like totally wrong, but he is a like he. He testifies and celebrity trials. Lambley paid him money. The family paid. The family and he's very his findings are controversial. He's the same findings. It's just a re interpreted, re interpretation. The exact same find, he's kind of known as the guys like. If you don't like the official answer, pay this guy some money he'll, give you the opposite one. So I'm not saying His findings are completely bullsh. It or anything like that, like I'm, not saying that, but I am also saying like that. This guy is not a and end all be all he's, not necessarily that big of an authority nothing? This is like the most about this Epstein thing is: there are still people that need to go now now: yeah D'Alene Maxwell she's just gone. We talked about this on top as well. Strangely enough, the day after she went away the US custom systems completely shut down. That was the day that she left the country
isn't she being prosecuted, she was going to be prosecuted. I am now that's forgotten about. I was dead sure that obscene had committed suicide. I was dead sure and then, when all push it with the cameras came in with all that kind of, like all of the guards being asleep again. I am not I'm not going to take away New York ability to be incompetent to run the city, I'm not going to take it away, but I will say that it is just it's in your face. Yeah so it, reeks of they law of the point, the news at you. They want you to be really confused and got. Small rat and with this finder story, it's the same thing. It's just such a big old, kick ball of a conspiracy theory that you
they're, not even trying to hide the, and so do you think, you're a genius as a as a as a person sit on the couch, like I just I just nail this whole conspiracy theory of putting together all the point like no dude you're, technically just taking the points that they're already giving you and mix it all up. The things that we're not seeing is all of the fuckin' redacted should inside that FBI file that came forward, but it's It is. It is possible. The CIA had people inside of the founders working undercover, the finders working undercover, that's what they're saying, but the fight the F b I quota didn't find anything or whatever, but the FBI of into my head. We have. I would not, when they love to catch the CIA, doing something so they would love it, but the CIA is in everything yeah well, we only see a they. They buried the hatchet a little bit after nine hundred and eleven. Were they let nine hundred and eleven happen after
there. You know that there that yeah, the lack of communication allow eleven to happen, because I was both of their faults. Yeah jointly. I wish yeah, I know, bury the hatchet all of the burial that had a little bit since then. I'm back, then there was a huge robbery. I was a pretty. I was pretty to a conversation with some friends of mine. They happen to be part of the democratic Socialists of America and they are sure that the CIA makes up like a quarter of their group, and I'm like I don't know, but it is possible. Who knows? Who knows, but I mean that's what they do the best at their very good actors. They all deserve an Oscar, but when it comes to Jeffrey and the reason I don't think he committed to the reason I think he committed suicide was if you're going to kill him, you can do it. Any other day now, but I think that that's part of the point that I think that is absolutely part of the point, because I think finger touches him and just like this in front of everybody, I don't think it's even that. I think what it is is that it's a further way to make people not even distrust the government, it's to lose faith in the government where they can so that hey we go out. We can kill
this guy! Everybody knows we kill this guy. Everybody knows like there's all they don't let they don't. Any of the stories about the guards being asleep, with the cameras being off or, and they let the let We think about saying that you know yeah. He was probably killed by some sort of like celebrity corner, and yet nothing happens. So that's where yes, everyone looks and they see nothing happens. Nothing happens. Nothing happens, nothing happens, there's no consequences for these people. So why don't we just let the whole thing go. We know what is a lan max will needs to stand trial. That's what I want you only seen happen with our executive branch is the same thing. The idea of this concept. That's part of it. I mean it's it's about like the it's, the it's all a part of making. People believe that the government cannot do anything and- The government can't do anything, the who's going to run everything the fuckin' businesses, the corporations, let the corporation
but yes, I, but I do believe. That's all a part. It's a big, it's about them chipping away at everyone's faith in democracy. Their faith- and I mean the United States Government- has anything at all. The governor has proven itself to be super good at doing things, but that's part of it they're making the government. Sorry, we dance wine I really believe in the consistency of hello, fresh in there and Herman everyone, because you know when it comes down to is a Hellofresh, no matter. What's going on in the government, no matter who killed Jeffrey Epstein they'd get that box you every week, yeah they mean they absolutely do well. I want to switch gears a little bit. I want to switch gears a little bit to the band crazy town member that butterfly oh, come. Let it come come baby indeed, so they like butterflies and this black that we're following Epstein into finders and all this with update
crazy, crazy, tough guy even heard about them in a long time. When was the last time you know about probably around one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight yeah. I don't even know if they're still dating that the butterfly who that guy's abs- that I remember what was that was that one girl she wearing like a Jlo dress. No, she could never be a Jlo. What do you mean the one there's like a hot chick in their pants mom? I don't think I think it's dude. It's all. It's definitely all dude you're. Just remembering the I think, the video that's all you're, remembering you with a guy with a bucket hat with the girl on his shoulder, that's Lynn, but still It's the reverse answer: yeah there was another band len, oh my god. I've heard that forever and then what was the other one? I see you make me come.
Yeah me completely. Don't talk to each other did break up with her on a surprisingly long Wikipedia page, it's very long, and it just got longer because crazy town band members their bloodied. Why? Because their tour van crashed into a moose. Can you believe there are moves tried to kill crazy town, but this is my question. Is a news article for watt? Why is this? like if they were all murdered. I'd be like wow. That's incredible in one go! Well, we got All of the crazy dance you'll have to know the bandleader shifty shellshock. He said. Out of the emergency room and then his real name, is Seth Binzer, but will we're going to show a lot shift. Shifty shellshock wait a minute fake all the big names, because his name is Seth bins are but shifty said by the grace of
God? We're all ok, just cut and bruises, so thank God, crazy, count is still there. The moose, unfortunately was killed in and the band said on their facebook page that they feel horrible about about the moose is very interesting me and Henry are discussing very important matters of national security and suddenly here's Sorry about a moose seems to be in operation boiled the Perot Geese, the seem to be in full of interesting interesting. Some sort of smokescreen is happening just in the studio Ann. It's not just Kissels farts, don't fart on air. That's rule number one of radio, but that's a little update. Crazy town's been doing driving down the road hitting the moose, but that is sad that they don't have a tour bus. Have a tour van I mean, I would say we have a tour van. No, I don't
my crazy to crazy, town's, not crazy, town anymore they're, not capital, C capital. T crazy town, like this debate butterfly, was twenty years ago. She would when was the last lie day. What capacity they plan to capacity, the all Cal look up: crazy town, lie, I'm going to say I'm going to see what shifty shellshock looks like right now, imaginative, plan ok, they're, doing australian tour, they're doing bars, ok went good, yeah, shifty shellshocked looks like an older version of himself, but not not the same horrible. You know you! Kinda gotta live with someone that you created twenty years ago. When you got all those tasks, will definitely fuck your wife. If you meet him in a bar in Jacksonville, oh yeah, you know and she'll fuck him too, he's shifty shot. Shell shock from crazy town yeah. He definitely like goes like I've got the parade. Get that little bit that under the lip piercing, I don't know what it's called, but it's very nice Labrae they're doing about two hundred person bar
Two hundred person venues their 20th anniversary tour, hey! Alright, there you go, the band is back together and they hit a moose are going to be at stage w in Scranton PA. This Saturday going to be a fly on the wall. Those tour manager meetings is all about how much water flow the wall a little. It's another distraction from the fact that the CIA and the FBI are controlling us by allowing the government to falter so that the corporations can take over ok. Well, I got another story before we do here of the week, because I'm going to keep this thing focused what matters bizarre video shows woman's brain or breast milk around in a festival. You just you showed us his failure like no it doesn't. This make it kind of warning, and I did not see it doesn't, make you kinda horn. I don't mind a woman being a protein sprinkler. I think it's kind of nice. I think that, yes, you are a mother, be proud of it, but at the same time, if I don't know you
I have no money for me apparently border on. Most people can't believe what they're saying and one by a standard said: ok, but how does she produce so much? well. She was full of it. She drink a lot of water and then the continued to say this is a woman. There's a woman condemned her. She said I assume she just had a baby in that milk is being dispensed to the public instead of her child. Stop. So that's not right and then one dude said YO. Breast milk is like fucking gold and she's like squirting it out like it's water that was in the circle Zach brother, both from you from different points of the night, but then one woman defended her saying the breast milk is not a big deal. Gordon is like a super soaker in her sworn in it like it's. It's like a super soaker is so they just delay how much was coming up at the bridge. So it seems like over all they weren't thrilled. With this woman scored in a breast milk everywhere you can make
more milk yeah, but if you do have a baby, if she has a fresh baby home, but then, if she bottle it all up, I think sometimes got more. Can you name? Some women do have much more Milton. They need some women have less math and they need so this woman. For me, one who has less milk, so she's got extra milk. She could do and, if you want with extra milk, hey man, I would assume it. You start filling up there. It starts weighing you down, you're, not having nice time your festival, your breasts are out because crazy town performing butterfly it squeeze it out. I know I don't jerk offer three days and I'm on the road I start to leak. Is it similar to when you pop a zit? What do you mean like the like the feeling can answer that question. This is a part of this really shows the gaps in the show and that we have like no women involved in, like speaking on the microphones, because we have no, we don't know I could wake up like old school like phone, tales about breasts. If I may take a stab at this okay and again, you can email side stories, Lpo T l at at G mail, dot com. I
Imagine that expelling breast milk, when you are full, is kind of like a feeling for to combination between the relief of and the relief of taking a dump how you like to hope so because these mothers I'd like to, I think it I think it's relief, but I would say it's probably because I These things, of course, is probably a combination of taking a dump or taking a pee, but out of your breath. So it's like, you have to feel like you have to pee, but it's in your breast yeah. Well, no kidding! That's where that is man. I've women are magical magical creature, we gotta bunch of emails after we asked about whether or not a woman can just feed herself with her own breast milk. If she had been recently pregnant and then she was kind of left for dead somewhere, she need to survive, and apparently Kissel was correct. Canceling that she can't she stops making milk yeah because she's dehydrated me yep, yep, yep, yep, yep
Marcus. I know that you have with respect. We do a little thing called here of the week yeah. This is we do it on side stories, but, yes, it markets wanted to be a part of the fun yeah. So I got a hero who we new Hampshire woman is pushing back against cemetery officials after she says the Halloween decorations she placed at her son's grave had been repeatedly removed. Oh my goodness, Christina Wall of France town decorated the grave of her son, William Cole, wool, with a skeleton wearing a cowboy hat. Not it's really. It's really fun. It is emerging from the great things- are dead suck well well, there son died in twenty sixteen at the age of eighteen after riding a horse in a rodeo at Castellon, Vermont, honestly rodeos are so dangerous, very, are so dangerous, yeah I've seen a lot of bad injuries are ready and everything that I've seen some pretty bad ones. I'd love to see a rodeo,
I want to go and going down to the Texas Cowboy Reunion, but Henry, if you do go, you can't be like tell him until the man then you're gonna be escorted out. No, I would be me with my big, had a lot of my funny boots and going like this is indeed my first rodeo performer from New York. Well, this woman post. On Facebook, she said I'm getting tired of Kohl's Halloween decorations being removed. This is rude. Nothing wrong with having a little fun with death, put an emoji for a skull Sometimes you have to laugh because there's so much to cry. Oh, oh! I completely agree Only when you have so much damn money for these graves. She can't decorate it honest. Once a prize, you don't own the grave. Thank you don't pay for it. You don't own it for rental.
And I think the grave yeah you don't own the plot, you just don't. I don't think so. I think he just kind of lease yeah. It's really your whole family lineages dies and then they're like guess. It's up for grabs like storage wars. And then we could also. I believe it is illegal to bury someone at your own home in your backyard, but I believe it home burials yeah. You can do the cremation and then you can do the flower thang oral you're, exactly you're not allowed to release like you're, not supposed to take ashes and put him in public places, because it's like a health scare yeah, but you know what no one's ever called anyone doing it. You know, I think, I'm confusing real life with the outer world yeah. I have yeah yeah that has been playing the game. A lot dude I've been playing. Modern warfare got caught. Duty, modern warfare, dramatize fighting a lot of people into our purpose from all walks of life and asking them questions about their life and I've been playing the game where I can learn from them. I am the student, they are educating me. It's a topsy, turvy university and I
I have to come in and I raise their children and by raise them. As I mean it's as funny game, where I just leave. 'em operation boiled the Peru the Perot. You just just give me the broke your, but I do think that you should be able to have fun with death. What this all poly freeze it! Well, it's not about that! It's not about being inappropriate in any way poly! Freeze chairman of France, town cemetery, Commission told the union leader. The commission has the right to move. Any decoration is under no obligation to contact families about the removal's. She told the newspaper, the sky button decoration was in the way of landscapers who mowed the cemetery every week. Oh my god! No around pick him up, put him back yeah. He come up or I'll, be there like I'll come I'll bring a weed wacker all handled the grave figure it out. Now and will disputed on Facebook that the cemetery is mowed every week and said that the decorations were removed. Thirty,
six hours after she put them back under Platt and put them back into place. I do love the reminds me of the woman who fought the the water company after they put all the natural gas Aaron Brock reminds me of that, but in a much different way, but you know she's, just like you wanna take my going to take him you're going to take the decorations. Oh guess I gotta go new decorations, and I just love that you went back there put those, Well, it ends in the land which she do it with. The cleavage that was the whole Erin Brockovich thing was that she always showed her cleavage yeah. That's what people focused on, unfortunately, That's what I learned from the film she said, I'm sorry, it gets under my skin, but the cemetery shouldn't just be about sadness. It should be about the joy of celebrating a life being with a loved one and letting their spirit shine. The loss of a child is horrible and they shouldn't have to be just a name on a stone. A cemetery, maybe their new, eternal home, but it doesn't have to be dull and boring. It can be full of life and convey
happiness that they shared in life with so many I love it. I absolutely love it and it's you know now. The thing is that if she was like alright, you gotta problem with me. Yes, I'm now just going to come in the dead of night, I'm going to dig up my son his bones right, I'm going to use them as the decorator. Do you like that? Do you like that? Well, that makes me think of, of course, Kevin Barnett, our good friend Perhaps you should get a bunch of African get gray is a bunch of good food that they love, and then we can go to a party african grays Needle food, and then we can watch him poop all over everyone, horrifying. I was thinking that we could get a bunch of strippers to go just kind of squad over his great. I think he'd love that actually love that he would absolutely. Right. Well, that is hero of the week. It's a mama who cares for her son and be careful if you're doing the rodeo, where the flat jacket you basically gotta, wear a bulletproof vest, but I don't have a helmet, oh yeah. They were they.
Usually where hell they are that dumb. Does it make that they don't know helmets are pretty standard now with the debt? That's the helmets in the vast, at least when they're doing ball right in our like saddle, Brown Pga or something like that. I don't even of the amateur radio was the light when I left last time. I went to a rodeo was twenty seven, teen, the yeah. That thing is two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen and yeah there most of the riders were wearing hats and herb hats they were. Helmets and they don't get made fun of all that they used to but then you know I for one: stop yeah yeah, but manliness kills a lot of people yeah. Well, the death of lame for lane, frost, really dead, change, a lot of stuff around. Was it a big rodeo clown guy, and I can tell you is indeed my first wrote it huge here, Luke Perry played him in the movie eight seconds. Oh, I thought that was how long you can last in the sack in Luke Perry also died. Wow,
Luke son is a great professional, wrestler yes, alright! Well, I think that's basically that's been that's been, I feel, relaxed, I'm forking very reliably. Saber rattling. We learned a lot about a lot of different things and Thank you shared our time. Together we shared our audiences time together, yeah, absolutely all right and we will be in your town soon. If you live in Toronto. Be there December. Fifth, if you live in Detroit, the inside of you. Six and December Seventh Columbus, oh and December 13th. We are I mean, are special and then this live show will be dead forever. So come see us in beautiful New Orleans, no This is main, cannot wait we're going to experience. Have you been there yet Marcus I've never been to New O'Henry you New Orleans with my favorite cities in the world
but you know you have been there. Yes, ok! Now it's it's the common like I went there for Mardi GRAS and I was like on Neville coming back. This is, I feel, the jazz. I can't wait for the jazz, so We will see you all in New Orleans. We also have some new glass podcast network live shows that we are promoting, that we have the wizard and bruiser and paid seven are doing a series of live shows all over our country. We have got December eleven, two thousand and nineteen. Dynasty typewriter in LOS Angelus January, ninth, two thousand and twenty in Chicago Il January, tenth, two thousand and twenty in Pontiac MI January, eleventh, two thousand twenty of Milwaukee Wisconsin have Jake Young Hold Mcneeley Jack is around ski and my beautiful bright Natalie, Jean they're, going to be out there yeah. Thank you all and it's gonna be fun. Estate will be for one Holden is nothing. If he's not a year,
yeah or no, you will love those shows. They did a wonderful job when they performed here at bellhouse, so please check out wizard and the bruiser in page seven and keep on supporting all things lpn and now forget you dine. This is. I'm going to put Perot geese in your grave yeah that be awesome. This show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support Our shows by supporting them for more shows the one you just listen to go to last podcast network com,
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