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Episode 395: Bob Berdella Part I - Gary Jewman

2019-12-20 | 🔗

It's heavy hitter time once again as we cover one of the cruelest of all the torture killers: Bob Berdella, aka the Kansas City Butcher. Join us as we cover Bob's time as an art student, his first few murders, and the house of horrors from which all of his crimes were committed. 

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Everybody its Jake and hold in from the wizard in the browser part, and we are coming to you live in the MID west in January. With page, seven gonna be happening on the ninth of January in Chicago at Lincoln Hall. Then you have the tin of Jane wherein Pontiac Michigan happening at the grow foot and last, but very, not these. The Milwaukee show is happening on January. Eleven, that's going down at the back room at collective. Oh, please, us too great podcast one on forget, I believe, and we are gonna, be hanging out after the show. I want to see a pretty faces. I wanna hang. I want to have a blast and also you can get tickets at last by gas network dot com Slash peace, seven live! That's last podcast network dot com poured slash, peace, seven live we'll be there?
there's no way to escape to this is the last time on eleven cannibalism started ah Christmassy I wasn't Bayard works forty one five Charlotte sweet. I wonder what the good Little Bobby wants this year for Christine O Bob. Your leg, the assent I don't go to Sleep Barbier appears to be. I was imaginative, you give Panopeus if you're on my multi lustrous o my Lord Bobby you're, not wearing any close hit some here with a pipe ok time for my Christmas gift weight
you don't have a bottle, say where's. My guess is left over what I m bed stared at the beautiful face of markets. I then hella markets and of We have had reciprocity over there in sunny LOS Angeles Yemen it's very cold. It was fifty seven agrees, is more ah ha with algae even deal with that, but we thought that this was. I mean what a good topic for the holidays, chair right, boys, I feel like we finally really nail, because what have we done in the past? We did. You know Christmas murders. We did a revelation on Jesus many years ago, which is highly inappropriate. I dont know if you should even go back and listen to that episode. I thought that was a fairly good episode revelation. So no he's talking about the Jesus episode that we did a few years ago. I don't even remember that it was like seven years. It's ok,
there's a lot of hot takes an ok, but this episode, I think, is particularly perfect for Chris, because it really shows everybody else how we feel about the whole we'll Henry honestly, you have been getting into the Christmas Spirit. I a little bit. It's really bizarre, mark is. Have you noticed that I have not Henry onsite stories was raving about Santa Claus He said he wanted all the children for ever and ever to believe in Santa Claus and he was upset when a challenge to the notion that Santa Claus was real or not- and I said it's not real is now a real say, nickel is perhaps was real right, but I really you ve changed. I do love the psychic entity of Santa Claus. You ve chain really as ok, everyone. Today's subject this guy, I mean he's,
no you looks like he looks like you know. The Chris Barley Sketch, where he has a heart, attack and violates up the stake. Deborah sure looks like someone who routes for debars word. Doktor said I have a bakers does in his name is Bob Bardell Bob Cardella a k, a the Kansas City butcher was an art sky, we'll drop out serial killer, who captured, tortured and murdered, at least six young, men in Kansas City Missouri between nineteen, eighty, four and nineteen, eighty seven. What is it with art schools opt outs. Why are they also dangerous without Hitler? We got per della, is it just the failure to paint that makes them go crazy? We ve talked about how actors and artists are incredibly dangerous people. People need to be more afraid of them appear to be anything that they want. A babe you put a different had autumn, whatever native soon
we'll suddenly see from Julio London quality from scientific evidence and see if he Friga, you know, did you dont know what an actress gonna that's drew much like John Wayne Gacy Barber dollar chose his victims from the fringe, of society. Some were men dabbling in sex work to feed drug addictions, while others were just in and out of trouble with the law, but all where young, then white and fair haired, and just like Gacy Barber Della, had a reputation amongst the young male hustlers of Kansas City. As a man who enjoyed injecting men with drugs and torturing them before letting them go. If you listen, do any true crime document or a red any article about barber Della, they always call up hustlers and its a new war itself actual eyes, hustlers, let's embrace the idea of hustling. This is back when it was still very shameful that the ostler interesting indeed so, they're not like the cast from Entourage-
there has been in Hollywood drawn it may even the business cancel their clothes to the costs of entourage than the costs of entourage would like them to consider. One thing about Bobby yellow, which I love. I've taken us a long time we get to him he's been where people have been asked us about Barber Della since the beginning of the shell and I remember when we first would like. I think, as you first start getting into Sierra I think what I was somewhere like twelve thirteen years old and you can, see his name as you go through various via the little yellow mass market aid, z of zero killers, and you go through Dahmer, you go through Gacy go through Son of SAM, these very iconic figures, but then you mediately, bump up against a second layer of zero killers. That, you start to realise that, in my mind, didn't fully realise. Until I not until on the internet and especially with the
then of things like something Rhonda com and fortune, the very beginning of it- and I saw a barber della again and again and again and in realised that there is a whole second tier, it's what I was I was younger. That is this. Oh, this is kind of like the Indy stir serial killer layer that I'm first delving into and Barbara Jealous kind of a big fucking doorway internet world. But these are the guys then are too weird to be really in the mainstream sphere of knowledge. You know it's guys, like Bob Berdella, Peewee, gascons, hadn't Clark. Joseph calendar, like these stories are just too fucking, strange and most the time just to gross to really cover yet heard pillar, the ones that make people
you'll like too weird to really enjoy all right. Well, let's cover it, then that's great. What a wonderful little le preamble, further disgusting tale to look for the most part bordello is somewhat unique in serial killer lore for the fact that all of his murder victims were, at the very least, acquaintances, if not out and out, associates on my Gacy, who knew only a few of his victims prior to their murders. Also, unlike see barber Della was no closeted blue collar killer, who would quickly murderous victims and hide the bodies. Instead, barber Della was an out and proud local character who ran a curiosity shop out of a local flea market. Barbara Della took his time, torturing each and every victim from anywhere from a single night too.
Six weeks old. Damn you just have to have a stick to it attitude and you got to be fun about it. He's got to be a good host. Bob Berdella is that will also, as you read about him, you kind of expect him to be closer to a big, crazy animal like Carl Panzram or somebody, that's kind of like a character like you died. For me, it was expecting the being the most evil version of the red learn ever driving on see his interviews or like hear him talk, but is actually just so quiet he's just so what was the word? We realized fussy, ease, Finally, these positive and isn't that area crime of all nobody's hold, but he was super out. He used to hand people pictures of of men lifting bar bells- and it's like- take a look at this- lack a sausage readier as any kind of fun boy originally with overhear slop into my jelly, like oh Bob, you're, being funny you're european again today,
I'm real and it took on my tail see what kind of tiger I turned to, my goodness. Who can only imagine what would happen, but we know all these details about Bob Adela, because Bardell it took copious notes for every single one of these six murder victims, as well as Polaroid pictures of each stage of torture in addition to post mortem photos. Now, of course, since bordello ran curiosity shop, they had all or of skulls, creepy art, Nicole objects. The media tried rolling the barber Della murders into the say, ten panic of the late eighties early Ninetys and no media Figure made more hey out of Barber Della than her. Oh Rivera, who featured Bob as a part of his nineteen. Eighty eight expos a devil wars.
Exposing Satan's underground. Well, we have shown expose sage state citizens, underground he's, never gonna know he's got a booby, but one that israeli pond, but he also understand if you send inspector down to the underground, you better be careful a kind of violations you find that underground, because that that's where you gonna kick up a lot of red tape. Inside of you want to buy its house in order refurbish to your own, wants and needs. Now that is more of an inside reference. The Henry is trying to buy a house. Didn't you gotta, didn't hear you or if you want to expose Satan's underground, you gotta understand you. May there might be some devilish relations I might go to the most dreaded, the city, the Department of Term it
get a pyramid order now living situation, the scariest place in the world, but when it comes to roll dough and bordello, who do you think that the butter mustache you give him the money as a mustache that I can see the cookie crumbles in the most No, I think it's do greasy in any sort of goes down the base. I think it doesn't. I don't like an old to crumble and I believe that is crucial to a good mustache. How much crumble can you hold? I think tat, depends on a style of mustache. Hurrah there were various mustache is obviously a businessman. Mustache is one for it is for our peoples for other people, Bardell Asthma,
shouted a sort of self it collects come so that he can get at it. Labour will herald a reverse moustaches a rip off. It's a Yosemite SAM mustache. That's all it is must stash is quite a regional, if I might say so, myself so Bardell in the mustache war. I'm gonna put Bardell over her Aldo any Fuckin day I mean he murdered. Six men are all Israel, a territory you just offer, but when Bardell I was asked point blank. If his crime had a say ten ec angle or if there is any truth to the rumour that here formed an exorcism on a child, bordello Riley said quote: now I've never exercised anybody. I don't even like aerobics, come on guys literally don't even like a robot while in a robot usual. He is something funny guy, I'm a funny guy, you're kind at all. For me, you want, if I cut off her feet,
You know what it is to the thing about Bob is that he's not Bob was a curiosity collector salesmen, so they want to say sadness, but it's more like if the founder of the guy that runs the Hyena gallery and Burbank, who sells all of this shit, you have something in a bomb, is bizarre bizarre if he started killing people, it's kind of almost Looking ahead on ahead, it's kind of all right. I agree. I agree see from what Bob Cardella himself proclaimed from prison. He was not a monster but was rather quote a neighbor who has done some monstrous things. After all Saleh, he killed every day to him. Zero killing, was an occasional dalliance. Ok, you're lucky it's only avi Philippic. If there was a page round I could join in order to kill us many boys as possible, we can all see what the per hectare and see what I could set up with the tears. I actually need some help with and you like an assistant me down the blonde boy or somebody
keep run. Furthermore, in his estimation. It wasn't even his fault that he'd killed and tortured all those men. It was actually the fault of the Kansas City, p d, Why does it police had done a better job? Babo anybody, kill. So many people. If you watch his interview with him, they did one interview because he died very quickly after we got into prison- will cover all that in the second episode, but he definitely says he's like they. Just donors, how dangerous Kansas City is theirs, guys, like me everywhere, just should have no more due diligence. They should have been out there because it's, like you, know, they're out there trapping people like me, who writes always blame in the cops, but could they have done a better job? Yes, ok, absolutely I mean he's he definitely its deadly his fault, but will
they did it again that they cannot easily it safely. His say, please fault, the cops could have done it better job without a doubt, and it is possible but unlikely that Bob killed more than six between ninety eighty, four nineteen, he ate Bob's killing years forty seven men went missing from can the cities main gay sex work, spot tenth Magee and none of those dude have ever been accounted for? What is in barbecue to start, as both of you consumed way. Much of it. It's the best barbecue in the world. Its cue me, I tell you what whatever the secret is? It's hot? If I dont know, if I'm endurance, you know here, hear no evil tasting people. What am I doing here right? I'd, I'd committed, no crime, Let's just say what I said is true and you're in Kansas City, and you see them but you and you know it's a human what're, you doing, I would never capital Kay
No, you ain't really, but barber dollar was just a nerdy, pathetic sexual sadist, with a legal belly I'd, call em like an art school John Wayne, Gacy, ok, more or less just a local joke both before and after his capture. A logo no gold, your old man, jokes, don't kill six people well we'll get into how I guess funny. Kansas city got after Barbara Della, was captured on episode to they got real funny. Link funny variants. A Kansas City comedy boom is committing crimes, and this is true will get a doll. But before we get to deepen the story of Bob
dollar. Let's acknowledge our sources for today. The first is rights of burial by Tom, Jackman and Troy. Call this book highly recommended legitimate, true crime. Writing the other, however, is a fantastic little documentary called bizarre, are starring crime. Author, James L, Roy and distributed by trauma yeah, really, honestly this what a good excuse to watch a documentary again agreed- and I both talked about how the last time I remembered watching bizarre bizarre. I do remember watching cause a how high was failing is definitely one of those. This movie is possibly the most tasteless Brashy, Dong, hang and true crime documentary ever made hangs a lotta dong way a trauma dog with a lot of dawn. I dont believe it. It is with out a doubt recommended if you want to see how trash is truly done.
I was the best trash. I mean it's a it. Is it true crime documentary by way of John Waters, great good, bad taste and groundwater cease to It's a nice features, James L banned the devil. Doll I've got some good news. I think they wrote an entire album about Bardell there's something about Bardell of it is captured in many songs, and there is also another film called Bird Bela that was filmed in two thousand and nine. We I saw scenes from and don't watch it not, unfortunately, the deal on innovation in there, but mostly It's just a man a pace it on mustache, go on your honor Other here and I go at any, gives another head and then it's slow motion of him, Poland, pants over bots,
slowly like in the smaller. The back put in a needle said. Would you call again I meet again makes you warn you fuckin rock it out, but it's you know that it is for certain audiences, That is a strange birthday cake. So without further ado, let's get into the life of Bob Ella, please, Barbara Adela was born in Cairo, good falls Ohio on January thirty. First, nineteen, forty nine, is the eldest of two boys born to Robert Bordello Senior and met. A bird Ella. I was really hoping you we're. Gonna mispronounced Cuyahoga falls because I know that that's called Cuyahoga, no, its not go home. He would ever ask I hope of almost four middlewestern. No, then you pronounced a right, so I still had to make it up, as you did not answer right, so that it can guarantee what you actually centre right. No Bob
a bit of an anomaly when it comes to serial killers in more ways than one. Unlike John Wayne Gacy, his closest analogue Barbara Adela, did not come from an overly abusive home, while his father did occasionally fly into violent rages. Bob's childhood was not marked by sustained campaign of abuse, nor was he said to be an abnormal child when it came to animal when it came to animal mutilation or violent behaviour, at least as far as we know, do you think it's not normal for a father? Do it sometimes asian only fly into semi vile enrages, it seems that's what fathers do I mean it depends. Sometimes it shouldn't be done. Indefinite shouldn't be a part of a household grown up. Will it shouldn't be Violent rage doesn't necessarily mean you actually get violent demand. Rage is just like you
My father was going through a period of time when he was sitting up outside television show my every once in a while. My mom would let my dad have a Superbowl party because she never liked it because he drove his friends because they are all just big drunk awful monster. Cops, and so whenever the one time are you to everybody retorted is it also applaud? Universities are body, and you would have said- and he was gone, this campaign of not cursing in front of the kids does my mom had yielded him about it, and so here's the thing on suitable MA. You got, you got the God. With this little television. That new trying to set about as I've watched you take this we'll television and just throw it into the yard. How do you have greatly noises they took years of his life? Everyone is mad and my mom stayed in a hotel. Was she had a nice night? Those
tvs horrible, mostly young Bob, just sounded like a nerdy little pain in the ass, a teacher said he was an intelligent if frustrating student and from a young age by had to worth stick proscription glasses to correct his severe near sightedness, as such Bob was a loner and neighbours who grew up around the Bardell as in Ohio speculated that is best friend. Was probably his mother on their his father the other hand didn't really care for Bob. Why not? Because Bob wasn't in sports? ah like his younger brother, Danny now Danny that's aboard it's in the sports, but fathers and their sport to Watercolor my father. I was thinking about just the idea of just the idea of capturing Pelikan, not physically, because they their beaks or just so snappy and so big. But the idea of capturing it with a photograph for capturing with some sort of temper paint that would be dead, we're
I just at the bar Reddy's, been gone for days up up up up up. You ain't, my son, my son. I know a guy. Never my father was a big sportsmen begin, Oki kind of expected something out of a more You know, I'm a masculine child. You didn't understand that a child could be very intense and have a lot of intense emotions and low phantom of the opera, and it's so difficult. Sometimes you got to. Try to grow and become fully straight in his way yeah, I don't know you might yea. It was to be interesting for your father as soon as he found out his son couldn't breastfeed, because He was too weak, No, no! You don't understand that I was saving to do it for pleasure. Get off. Of my wife or my instead of sports Bob like staying inside you like reading books, he like painting he loved to expand.
His vast coin and stamp collection. Ok Bob also spend a fair amount of time writing. The various pen pals around the world, which is what first peaked his interest in foreign artifacts, alright, also kind of like a very vague very very urgent, maybe the original version worth saving like talking to people on the internet. Using your pen pals, you can anybody that you want? Did you guys have that we had afford pen pals programme in Elementary School and Amber just lion to this kid in Somalia? because it just whatever I do. I think I might have said Gamma Ray Mcdonald S, heir to the Mcdonald or or milkshake rich, show that, but I believe I guarantee you that teachers, never sent our letters near because, while I remember writing the latter gap- and I whenever we never got anything back now. I think it was just in the trash there. They were MRS hasty problem,
play through those fucking letters away now that I think about it, why do you even write my parental feelings down for this random person? Who I thought to be a friend you were writing to the child soldiers of the Congo? Did I get letters? Do you like the thought of it, but you see now right. He begins dissing himself. He could lie about what everyone said really what's and then the collections began immediately. That will come into play later when even though Bob was said to be a devout catholic. As a child said he was over all a good boy. Ok, first of all that this is the first sight of Your path, the child, like- I am a devout like your Hagen results with me, that's insane so, for this is all me. Oh dangerous. Europe will bordello claims that everything changed when he saw the nineteen sixty five film adaptation of the serial killers favorite book, the collector wow I dont like when they do this, though, when they blame art of movies
because it is just reflects poorly on everything I mean longtime listeners of the show. Remember the collector from our Leonard, like Charles ANG Series and Barbara Adela, shares more than a few traits with the long deceased, LINEAR Blake very much so, but to give you the clip notes on the collector, though the moon we and the book are about a lonely young man named Fred Clegg who capture a woman he works with named Miranda and keeps or in the basement until she get sick and dies every sir killers dream the idea did. They will love you I'll make them love you gotta make them love me by putting them in a prison. But my question is that how does the author of the collector feel about this shit? Do they have no like? about because I dont think eighty sounder ever talked about his connection. What worked really did a little bit of think. That's why he became a recluse right when he said the why his book
you're in the rye, relying Catherine guy yeah like, why was that I on in operation killers. I think the jailer Salinger did what a lot of normal people would do. When he's like. I wrote this great book. You all took it wrong, You you're not mature enough as a society for my art, I'm going to stare at fireplace for the next thirty years, ITALY was like that he became very cruel Yankees. Your relate it definitely southward him on the human experience, a bunch of people taking his work and flipping it, but I've this the collector guy. I wonder if he had women in his basement, He seems like now he's just a rider. He just wrote a bunch of different novels, like the french lieutenants woman, the Major S, the Ebony Tower, now he Sir Wrench Lieutenants woman,
We most awkward book title ever. I think that's technically that adaptation of the impulsive Captain Mangal Erie's Madeleine we handle captain meant CAP Man believes Mandalay could have done. My writing runs captain. Doktor handles guitar. I think it's captain Coralline Mandolin, yes area. Why do I care about managing to rallies Mandl? I don't know I'm looking at a picture of you. Fowls right now, the author of the collector, and yet he looks like the guy from the video, like I'm, trying to enjoy a fucking chinese meal. You arrested me thorn succulent. Take our heads off of me. Premiums will bring Della claims when he saw the adaptation of the collector one thousand nine hundred and sixty five something switched on deep inside and he was there after forever changed, which is just a big pile of a serial killer.
Shut up. You allow blah blah blah blah that wasn't the reason why you did it. The reason why you did it was because you loved a hog, in a way that was criminal. Do what actually had an effect on board was the death of his father? On Christmas day, nineteen sixty five Robert Bardell Senior had a heart attack died. Two days later at the tender young age of thirty? Nine, all your when aircraft, watching your father learn Santa hats struggle and, as you die and you're, just a young Bob, Dylan Eden, hot dogs has gone through some wrong. Daddy earthquake nieces, like strawberry No, I don't know your problem at times I gotta tell you you're going to miss entire daddy more Christmas gift, for him adds little tv that mom bought pretty soon after Mary,
Dela remarried within just a few months. Bob went from dealing with the death of his father to dealing with the new dad step down. That is absolutely hate it, but the event from Bob's teenage years that probably hadn't even more pronounced effect on Bob was when he was raped by a coworker while he was working as a line cook at a local arrest the very similar Carl Panzer me idea that that's what he said was the first thing that taught him that violence and subjugation of others was the way to equalizer state. In a world. Mopeds ram did seem to have it a bit rougher, you might drop the yes, yes, Nabob tinted again Over this event, when he later spoke with psychiatrist, maintaining that it was courting quote societies fault that he became serial killer, but there is no doubt that this had a horrific, clean, negative effect on Bob Psyche right. But what was it about? The mid sixties and Don't like the way my mom talks about being molested by priests, its. It was like a thing. It was like a coupon gotten a male,
She describes how often it was and how much it happened. I know that things have changed quite a bit and that's what that is very good, that the optics of change the way all these people next year yeah, but I may push me down inside the fry machine made love to me, but it's like you have a blatant you're like wow. That's like a massive thing and it's kind of a thing that you did to six grown men in your half. Your thing has anything to do with your crimes is now not tv, tv it at a guy. Just little reminder, time is running out and simply saves huge holiday offer its their biggest sale of the year. If you're looking to fully protect her home with award winning twenty four seven home security. Now is the time to do it, burglary, spy, during the holiday season times, Amandas broke out from an insane asylum. He killed a mall sand on he's wearing a Santa Claus, humanist watching your children through the blinds with families traveling in leaving empty homes and expensive gifts behind simply
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with hollow fresh by going to hello, fresh dot com, slash last pod, nine and using code last pod, nine one more time, that's nine free meals with hello, fresh by going to hello, fresh dot com, slash allay ass, T p de nigh and use code. Last pod, nine, Two years later, Bob graduated from Cuyahoga False high school, moved to Kansas City and enrolled at the Kansas City, ART Institute, where he quickly became annoyed with the drug addled hippy lifestyle. That pervaded college campuses in the late sixty so he's not even a cool nerd, not even someone who doesn't play sports because are too busy kittens I behind the dumpster. Now he had to be anti social personality, no matter what it was, even when it was cool to be anti social, but even though bobbed and new drugs he found he was a pretty savvy drug dealer. So he started
selling, we'd pills and amphetamines to his fellow students, David started, grown out. His hair wearing gaudy clothes was said, the Bob love being the centre of attention and according to rights, a burial, he would quote dance outlandishly, but not now, This airily well and honestly, that must have been credible, defined those who size and that in that time period because its incredibly hard to find seventies vintage if its belly etc. Now, even though this sounds like Bob was coming out of a shell, the problem was that no one liked Bob, because Bob was a sarcastic, pretentious, overbearing art school Duquette in one of his many dubious performance, pieces. He had an audience of students and teachers, stand on chairs and put bags over their heads and with their faces, covered he'd walk up to each one, and scream absurdities you batch shit, ass, sure, ass box type, Thornton S,
acid shit, fuck fuck fuck, might be my favorite art exhibit of all time. I like that this is you sat turning to class you, the least popular kid in class, who has been to probably scream and about how you know the divinity sucks yet mean. If I go kind of guys worry AIDS, every single thing, that's classic any. They hate also. So it's like so today we're going to do big boy, art exercise. I hope, because a ready for it over your minds are open and a foreign governments can like ok, Bob set up in yours we're all gonna act, as ghost in the trees, semi put them back over his head and you have to sit there cause it's fucking ass. We would use using this as a pub these doing this on purpose, to scream absurdities in people's faces he is manipulating the same What agreement between a performance, artists and its audience of I will allow you to square blood on me, but I must go
on some way. This means something my guy I half do you have this somehow convince me that this means they always it up something. You have hepatitis c now I doubt, but I could just see the teacher to speed like you, gotta see by What do you mean? I broke ground a day. You did nothing Bob I said, shit fuck shit like five times the big deal we're coming out in the fifties. Conservative timing gotta get it out, but after that Bob got cruel. His next project was a small maize, and anyone who entered the maize was handed a baby chicken waiting for them at the end of the maize was a short film on a loop of a different baby chicken, who will be shown pecking at food before someone offscreen below it away with a shot got and sometimes, but not always the people watching would in voluntarily squeeze the baby chicken. They were holding hurting it if not accidentally, killing, that's not on Bob.
No. It is. If I see what you did that's about it, I think that's horrible fucking. Take. Why would you please shocking to death if you see a chicken it unbalanced, because they're scared, because there suddenly seeing and of chicken being killed on screen and extremely loud shock on blast and they don't know what the fuck to do with a baby chicken wearable take I honestly I dont be going squeeze the chicken to death. I a bit different because you're used to whole thing's gentle, because you got big hands and you have you been learned to how you have to help handed delicate, but light can all the time not just in the pressure of the gravity of the knuckles you're you're hyper aware of accidently, crushing something with your Hugh tat is just think about it that my ok, you have the same size as I do. I guess. If I had a duckling at my aunt for more than fifty minutes, I might accidentally kill it at any time. Just sit near my blood brush. The thing was the barber.
Was sitting there at the exit to the maize watching people waiting for them. Two accidentally squeeze the he love and loved every fuckin manner What did you do it? You do it? You don't want to do it idiom strange art, no, not a cent a person was impressed with what Bob was doing, but Bob maintained that the problem with everyone else and that no one got his art, because it was quote to challenging, Oh so remember what you sound like when you say that your art, the less. I remember that remember who else said in his last piece he brought a living duck to campus chopped off the head in a courtyard danced around the corpse chanting, nonsense words again, all the poultry Newcomb by Paul, oh man, and get you a duck. As soon as you want. While, honestly, I want
Ten minutes, I can't I'm recordings you're right now. Ok, so I will oppose me to talk to you. We don't even advertise for postman Even though Bob did eat the duck that night the administration was not necessary. Lee dazzled by Bob's daring exhibitions. When I was in school art school, very aware, went to an art, school kind of any big our programme. There was someone who could by the squirrel many wasn't allowed into the art exhibit because it was violation of death, but he's got a serial killer. You always a kindergarten teacher. I mean that's fine, it is AL violation. It is obviously of art. Students are weird: it's a fine line again it just it works or doesn't work. You really have to do a lot of work to make a performance, art peace, remove, leave legitimate. I do appreciate performance art, but I've seen some that it was just a guy got member that one time we did a comedy show with the performance artists who walked and stage
Again, I don't know what it stood for. He was completely nude. He was in roller skates. It was on July, fourth, which I do think that this is a part of it. They rolled up american flag out of his ass, an edge which he had three. Therefore, our your hours, the show was late. I remember we are all there. No one was in the audience and he was expelled. The blow my slinky pulled. It odd was all covered in shit. This is like and it was just murder. Fist dislike watchings gone God, man, we were Hearst whole sketches like we learn. A bunch of lines, you dated the hard way, my wedding, so in nineteen, sixty nine Bob dropped out of art school still convinced that he was a misunderstood genius was around this time. And the Bob Berdella also put down a one hundred dollars down payment on the house at four thousand three hundred and fifteen Charlotte Street, which would eventually be the location where Bob would kill six
men did you say, a hundred dollars nets. Nineteen sixty nine in Kansas Because that's where you could put a doubt name at our house for a hundred dollars, it's a problem with the profits of rubbing its real problem. But this is one of those examples of a house and a killer being kind of symbiotic. Would there be really are important. China, the like a game like John Wayne Gacy the jury Bhutto's were there's something about. Am I am not blaming the house, but there's something about this. The combination of the two where he found his layer and then once he decided to make this is, base of operations in like his playground. It became dislike this inner world, like literally, he would compartmentalize his mind. Physically, like you would create an area where would the attic of this house became a place that people do not go to and if you did go to it, sometimes you get out of it. So to support himself Barbara Adela Work full time in the restaurant business and eventual
he became a manager or chef at all sorts of classy restaurants. In Kansas City. This is the first artistic thing he's ever. Actually done absolutely and another chef another chef. Is it with the sheriff we ve gone, this entire abyss entire show without talking about shifts, and then suddenly we got to interrupt, but these changes do not make Bob any less of a dickhead He delighted in sing, rude or grow shit to anyone around under the guise of being shocking aspire, Surely, if someone new had showed up, but according to the people around them, the effect was not shock, but rather embarrassment for Bob. Just that Bob was around where we're just being around him. Just brought your call
of life down absolute Helga, but Bob was not necessarily concerned with other people. He was more interested in objects, while working as a chef bob again collecting, artifacts and antiques from around the world curios like shrunken heads, primitive art and various occult items and all throughout the seventies. That's pretty much. All Bob did, but the only significant thing to happen about in that decade, as far as we know, was the Bob came out of the closet and began living openly as a gay man in Kansas City, o honestly, probably not easy to do in the seventies. It's a difficult position to take, and I think I feel again it speaks more to his. I want people if I can't get a pause. The reaction out of you. I want to get a negative reaction out of you, so he did it for both reasons. Number one to speak, like I am. I am which technically it is good. It is good and he did that absolutely, but he also did it to be in your face Leah. He did it purpose
we do it, which I again, I think politically, very important, but nowadays I mean, but in this, but with Barbara Adela, it is not he would Thinking like that, I think that all this shit was just him just trying to be as wild as possible right right. Nineteen, anyone, barber Della quit the restaurant business and became a full time, antiques dealer that was the year, that he read it out a stall at the Westport flea market. And opened up Bob's. Bizarre bizarre. It does roll off it but this is The true legends about Bob bordello begin to grow course. He had all of this wicked, looking shit, half that was fake, but it went with this sort of
by bright, a b and, like I have an inside Tipp. All I do is clip creepy. All I do is collect creepy things and all I do our creepy things. It's fun. I just stay on Brandt right right here, Bob became the unpleasant know it all gatekeeper, Lord of the flea market and scourge, to collectors of them. A cop everywhere in Bob did have some cool shit for sale, but of particular interest to us are the hue. Skulls that he sold where'd you get those from now on and see goes that San that, as soon as Bob's crimes came to light, anyone who bought a skull from Bob's bizarre bizarre came forward to make sure they weren't in possession of a murder victim, but predictably, all the sculls Bob sold at his shop except one we're fake, and even the real one was far too ought to be a victim of the Kansas City Butcher ice. I guess
That's a good thing is markets? Have you done the same with your piles of human skulls and test them to make sure none of them are fake there, no, no, the opposite to see their murder victims mark. The outlook is, why do also do you have a pile of human school, but I dont know about. I don't have a pile of human skulls. I have a human bought jawbone, those given in England and that was tested to make sure that it was not a murder dumb, a plague victim I do have some coffee, banks that are made from human skulls, but those have not been tested in their Gloucester well anyway, like they're. Very there very process, yeah skull doesn't conflict, so its lights were big skulls, notwithstanding
bizarre only occasionally turned enough profit to cover Bob's mortgage to shore up costs. Bob started running out rooms in his home, although it sounded like an absolutely fucking awful place to live to see Bob was what you'd call a classic horrider. Besides all the junk he bought or stole to sell the bizarre his house was also filled with stacks and newspapers brown paper bag. Filled with magazines, garbage bags, follow clothes and just plain rotting, garbage and hoarding much like. Gaining a lot of weight in a very short period of time was what they also what went down with Barbara Adela in this period of time, which is that he would constantly lament about how this wise it needed pay for sex workers. Cuz. He didn't believe anybody cuz. He gained a lot of weight, but a lot of it with the supposed to be it's, it's kind of like a comfy,
thing in a way in a perverse way. Reading shields all around you wear give people don't want to comment on my home, where that does is that it shows you, I'm Tellin, you fuck you first, so that can't tell me fuck me afterwards: will you you can call it my arm and storage costs. You wanna be there, but it's like we ve been in these. We ve been in these stores, yet we bid in these houses, Marcus yeah. We love these places technically actually, I would say if there was any serial killer, who I might have become a victim of it might be Bob Really I do a store and he's like you know what this stuff is cool, but you should see what I have backed my house Marcus. You beat Robin all over Europe. You would be doing to think he'd be rubber. All of you, I love you arrive. Another robbed. He waited until you got to the house to rub all over Europe, but then you would have to do with huge lean antibiotic, but now magazines I wouldn't Lena and you'll, see later I dont think I would have had the toy o dog me.
Ten years ago, though, you gonna, let him at least now ass, the top or your butt just this year. Experiments in call you and me you and selling like I was letting every man said hello. My bottle now lies about guys with skill. Calls for you to see that's what I'm talkin about make out with a couple of guys in college and all of a sudden Euro Charlie Dick Horse, where there is generally Beccaria get out. There have rageous Bob also had a bunch of big chow dogs and the whole house was littered with huge piles. A dog shit cause easier, big dogs gotta take em outside Europe, but that was the condition. The cops found the place and when they boston him in nineteen? Eighty, eight back in the early eighties. It probably wasn't quite that that not as much do you not as much do just yet, but then you spend more.
This time in his attic and then He was kind of going back and forth for meals, but that's when he was full on amateur scientists, Mode Willie wasn't going back and forth to do. Tat. It was me hope, was no no orders back then Barbara Adela was, running out rooms to vulnerable young men who were in and out of trouble with the law and Bob was doing it under the guise of performing a community service. For the most part, his neighbors applauded for just like neighbours, used to applaud John Wayne, Gacy forgiving jobs to underprivileged kids. Even if those kids sometimes disappeared without Trace they are kids run away. All the time NOS one away into shall
graves timely skates. I see a nice sixty year, old, Katy runs away, puts a plastic bag over his head. Was much clout make up all his dick throws himself in a river. That's what these kids don't John you're dressed his pogo it's a ten year olds Birthday party does not say this in front of all their disdain tying up. What I like super does scam was to exchange rent for help around the house or the flea market, but usually there exchange also included sleeping with Barbara Della on the regular bardell. It trusted someone enough that guy will become a street liaison for Bob someone who would look for other vulnerable young men on the street and bring them back to Bob's house two quote: unquote. Party, he had his own Gawayne Maxwell eyes. Yeah did he did a lot of these predators work they find one person to find other victims. Also, I just want to put this
their she's still afraid I ever feel like arrested. Anyone see you go out there, Giggly Maxwell, whatever you want governor I've been outside the union out Zizi shows several location is but the it's right? It's so weird how like the sheet is bathed in to the scenario. I now fully believe the John Wayne Gacy had accomplices. You think I am. I I'm pretty certain that he had at least had one accomplice and help them because you'd it happens again and again and again, Dean quarrel? The same thing happened with him: they the high Europe a group of vengeful orphans. You: go bring in more hustlers into the house and it's it's Baker, it's so you see the same exact parallels. He got in good with the neighbourhood Barbara jealous started. A neighborhood watch yeah most neighbourhood large isn't just like I'm gonna watch you jerk off now
That's not your window and wandered about its neighbourhood awash with this, as a public service will once Bob got young men to his house, he withdraw them sex with them and send him on their way. One lodger named fella book who was lucky enough to get by with just living. There said that he saw up to ten young men come in and out of brutality house and in the short time, live there in nineteen. Eighty two: I see, though, that neighbours sounds like a snoopy christian. Now you would not only in the how he lived. He was a Cato Latinos now at lodger is. I don't really know that Turkey, I don't know what you're saying now, but now I have heard that term that often about the movie, the larger Jack the ripper, but we had an album called the lodger wow.
Elbows here. That's where you like. He just carved up a colonel. I was launched on the back of his road. Can you be imagined, be in fucking your roommate fail you know, you're sitting on the living room surrounded by dog shit in Bob comes in me like this is His name is trigger like a line up. Yes covenant. Meanwhile, you just be unlike her Bob. Could you not like Ebay groceries. Why put a man on a label on with a bell? Those are my protein pancakes, oh my god
another young man named Jeff Marcus, said his brother jam was once almost tied up by predominate in broad Dallas car. In other words, barber Della was escalating an experiment in to see what he could get away with. As we said, Bob Della win against type when it came to choosing victims in his first murder. Victim was someone he actually knew. His name was Jerry Howl and he was the son of one of bogs, fellow flea, marketeers, Bob knew this guy's father fur fuckin years, and you brought up a good point Marcus. When we were talking about how it's kind of the inverse of the normal surreal, or move like what happened with Israel. Keys were a lot of times. They start with total strangers, and they start
towards the people. They know because they're berserk remotes on the insides turn up the heat they're trying to get at whoever is easy for them and they're also trying to like turn up the danger. A little thing like. Let me see cuz it's. If you kill someone you know and get away with it, you get a little bit more of a joke than you do with killing a stranger yeah dog meet. You know why Jerry certainly fall in line with the rest of Bob's victims when it comes to a criminal record and Jerry by no means a bad guy. You're he'd, really only gotten in trouble for fighting and stealing lawnmowers, but since Jerry needed legal help from time to time Bob gained control and eventually the two started sleeping together. Now, as it goes, time and again with serial killers. Bob's first murderer was ostensibly an accident Bob claims that the whole thing started when Jerry didn't want, have sex one night, so Bob drugged him to get his way yeah like
Accident. That doesn't really seem like an accident me about ok now, while the drugging is not an accident, but the death, as will see quite possibly, could have been. Ok, according to Bob Jerry's, rejection had become a recurring issue and Bob is certainly get frustrated, so we feel Jerry with volume, animal tranquilizers liquor before tying him down and raping, but once Jerry was tied down, Portela found that he loved being in absolute control. In order to gain even more control. Bob started taking meticulous notes of every single thing he did to Jerry and, I believe Bob's note, that will they become more and more ornate as they go, they are a way of him member, in every single thing that happened during these encounters as a way to like a methadone for hours, he started jerking off. Just look at the notes, and I mean that's cause. These guys are told. Pussies right.
Bob Adela can't handle anybody. Tell him no, because its whole, like he just believes, is better than anybody else in the universe. So it's a well. How could you possibly reject them and then the idea of just being it being easy, once he's fucking out besides carefully noting what druggie injected into howl and how much each dose was for Della, also noted every time he saw the mice to Jerry, as well as the position that he did it in noting F, F for front fuck or b F, or but fuck oh, but I hope is weird weary. I lodged I've, they use beer her best friend, satire bf, if we're gonna, be for a long time is up all right get another good work here, the breathing that didn't can but the weirdest
was see- ok, hold on a second z, F C, if we add front fuck who yet but fuck her talk fuck now. Oh, that's! Actually very good! Guess carrot fuck! Now what was that care epoch? It's exactly what it sounds like you bob. He brought vegetables into this speculative Seinfeld. That's like what Darwin, when Cassandra trusty the sandwich in bed it is like a like that fucking episode of signed don't know just killing airwave, I mean key sodomized each and every one of his victims with vegetables, either carrots or cucumbers. For reasons known only to him and the only way we would know if it's a carrot or cucumber that he took pictures polaroids everything
we'll time he did it- this is a rare first. We ve been doing this schoeffer almost ten year yeah and that we have never heard of this before. This is a first while this is. So this is easy, strange guy get strange. Yeah yeah odd duck. I am just trying to absorb it, I just don't know what we're going to talk about Cucumber Fox Arafat, concerning the situation with Jerry that Bob found himself, and he said this. I think from the point that I tied I'm up on. I was viewing this situation as irreversible. What was I to do? The untie? I am let him get up either. Let him go willingly or have em escape, and at this point I guess I just figured that I had burned my bridges, and this is why
was going on and I stayed involved with the situation of Jerry Howl endured twenty eight hours of torture at the hands of barber dull up before he finally died, either from an overdose from all the medication or from exceeding, because the gag and his mouth blue the vomit coming up from his throughout all, but according to Bardell, none of this was torture. Why not? According to him, the real torture wooden start until victims? The rigour for, oh, but no matter what he called his actions in the lead up to Jerry's death for Della now had to get rid of a body. So he dragged the body down to the basement, hung it upside down from a beam and took a few polaroids before getting work. First key situated a large cooking pot under Howells Head and began draining blood from the body through incisions on the juggler vain. He then left the by
draining. While he went to work that Saturday Saturday's big flea market day getting his at oh yeah. These young schools are gonna, sell themselves over. There are mediately that evening he came back home, put on his cooks, apron and went down to the basement to finish the job to cut through the joints. He used butcher. Lives, but when it came time to cut through the spine, bordello used a chainsaw to remove the head. He's like America, that's so instead of american psycho that nice are the roommates we're or are they just there? we, like all Bob's in the basement, Jane Zadig Christmas tree and they're doing the powerful roommate horse blinder. Power over roommates horse blinders cannot ever be in surmounted. You'd, never count on a roommate to completely ignore what's happening upstairs, because you don't want to know. Is God knows what fills trying to do here?
his synthesizer band Harry Doom, and it's all fond. It's like a full Hanukkah, themed size or ban, and he's working on he's got the rear for other gigs going to like he's just try, a kind of make it go and hear him gone. Oh, this is job. You wouldn't believe our difficulties remove a human hair, Debbie I'm sorry about the noise him coming in with a fucking chainsaw covered in blood. Just being like. Do you remember the guy I brought up here? He was kind of funny right. Either Trying to be like do you think he like me and fill, is just stare and at Mario CART, Playin, Mario Car, just trying to get through Saturday? Why, God, wind barber committed martyrs. No one was ever living with them. There was up because people were usually only last, like maybe a month or two before there are like fuck this. I can't deal with this guy. I can deal with this house I'm out of here in a lot of people coming to dinner. They were drift
as well. They were usually either on drugs or bad alcoholics, and so they would move on. Ok or Bob would kick him up just furred, not serbian, being lazy and not paying rent or he'd fucking kill him. Sometimes they were the Roma. Who who once Bob was done, he wrapped the body parts. A newspaper, stuffed amend trash bags, stuffed those and empty dog food bags and finally put all of it in the four big trash bags. He then left what you to be Jerry Howl on the sidewalk the Monday morning, garbage pick up did this is its garbage winter on the front kinds of a lot, they see a lot of things that we prefer to throw away, but yeah. Oh no did this is his them up. Margo. A fine now that he used to what we pay our good tax money for he used that garbage system to get rid of all of his victims. He just
toss them in the garbage in the garbage man just take it and be because if you do it, I guess I mean this is brutal. Even say this out loud. But if you do it fast enough, then they don't be. In to smell yet right, and they kind of just seems like it's big bags of meat which, as you know, you thrown up bags of meat. I'd like to me that millionaire, because I tried keep as many like keep meat for Despite my used me now, you ve learned poor man's vision of what wealth is Bobby by meeting Enamelled go broader. We could meet this week. I mean you grown away good as gloomy my god. He might as well just put the body in a in a cardboard box and rid the women.
The word free on. It is a very dangerous yeah, what's it like, but I'm surprised you so brave with the first murder to export on the curb. No, I think he's ignorant more than anything, and if you look at LUCA Mug, not I watch documentaries, ears and ethics. Last night. He same shit words, its was first murder and he left the he left the body and very, very conspicuous place and its most Nathan, God of just now practice no clue what they're doing, but, on the other hand, that wasn't we're gonna caught know did six times six working times so who's the guy. Me now. We did not always a great final stay, a stand in the way that it on me now the dummy now who's booze our family realise that Jerry had gone missing. They immediately suspected bopper dollar cause Jerry had been in and out about,
life. They been haven't fire, they ve been haven't tips and Barbara Dollar was a creepy fucking guy he's been trying to buy their friend yeah for a month, but even though Paul Howl pulled cops, Bob Cardella murdered. My son cops, did fuckin nothin like that. Don't have enough evidence. So if you find him, its view on some. Then let us know if not back he'll sharp eventually isn't that your job, suppose I find the evidence I over see when it is investigations, I always see within an eye. I have a gun, but I didn't go school or anything to find evidence. I dont know Forensics Miranda get small rural, quick as it got these. Did you see that fuckin in these Satanism thing with her Aldo with the father of this young man yeah, when he too, he does it know most brutal, way possible, grab a father, but he showed how does it feel the ears
I was shocked by the left in the garbage, and the father is just not good ray hurrah. These fuckin worst ended visit. I mean the whole thing. Is John you tube and seven parts. I think, like seven fifteen ten, fifty minutes hard, it's worth watch and I mean is the trash- is fuckin its trash here than the barber Della documentary. But, although did break that scandal. When it came to the when it came to the above facility out there proxy, laid out in step with the one good thing. I wondered thing. First, Barbara Adela said that he was sickened by what he done when it came very high all in the pictures in the note state hidden for months, but slowly Bob started taken amount to sneak a peak before he knew it. He was masturbating to both the pit teachers and the notes he made his own porn yeah? Why ass? I mean this
suddenly serial killers do Bt K made his own pornography. He called at his slick adds at work as you would take monetary ads and he would draw the robes and all that shit over obliges. It is that which is very strange, as its away to even make like pornography, involuntary where's. These women do not sign up to be bondage models, but Bt Gay made them bondage model. A douche bag up a new right. I ever paper barrier will, after an appropriate cooling off period, barber Della killed again on April twelfth. One thousand nine hundred and eighty five about nine months after the murder of Paul Howell for Della murdered a man named Robert Sheldon Sheldon was a heavy drinker and it been in and out of her Dallas House for months by the time Bob had decided to kill him. The motivation Bob said is that he was annoyed
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comes in the capital. Why? They sellen meets he's getting them through. A prescription is given. Doctors, we'll get them he's getting all these volumes through doctors and what she then was unconscious or della took off his pants tied his legs together at the ankles and carried him up to the third floor bedroom once their Bob raped him and injected dream cleaner into Sheldon left eye to permanently blind him, which made him easier to control after that for Della, took a hot me and burned the word hot into Sheldon back, but all he was doing Mary said was put in his mark on the victim, and the word itself was not significant. After that he gave Sheldon a so and water, enema and sodomized him with a carrot taken polaroids the whole time, fuck
then decided to take even more control using a cocking gone to fill up Sheldon ears. To render him completely deaf, then by went to sleep and left in their time the national alliance- still oh, very much still allow. Yet I designed in a way this I mean this- is that this is more of a pondering thing. Is it we're that it's almost vaguely childish at the experiments are very like it like a kid would with a toy were he. This body and then he's kind of douche. It did seem to be. He had like a plan, but key came up with. I want to do this. This in this region, things that I neither extensively extensively fantasizing about where Where he's building the story in his own mind almost like a it is an art project to him
He thinks like we're going to all this up, also weirdly like handling a dog where he he wants to. I don't know where it's at or just a plan begin and where is Hijos fucking riffing, I don't know if there was ever a plan, not really the only plan that he had was. He always had penicillin on hand, because all of his tortured should that he was doing to him a lot infections would set in they'd get fevers, so he would inject them with penicillin to keep them alive a little bit longer because for him they kill was not the point like that. You're across it was all about the process, the kill he couldn't give a shit about. This is disgusted, but did he eat the vegetables? Did he like eat? The carrot was that Porno why's, he didn't make that note. He did note it now out of the next morning, bordello
out a series of hypodermic needles and experimented with acupuncture to see which spots could produce the most pain. Then it was after the flea market for hard day's work, gotta move these skulls got a movie, give their so many Johnny Depp candles that need to be absolutely when he got home. He returned the needles still protruding from Sheldon skin, because you didn't take em out. You left him in there all fuckin day, any hook. The needles up to an electric transformer and shocked Sheldon, again and again and again and the whole time Sheldon hands, were bound with piano wire so tightly that it probably would cost permanent nerve damage which would render children's hands absolutely useless above says. The reason why he killed Sheldon with because it came home one day from the flea market.
To find the aforementioned fella Boca VIC up on the roof, doing some work? He was supposed to have done months earlier or where to fight about this now on this now that I'm actually doing the work like if you had a sense of urgency about the work that we would not have been in this situation right now, where you're on the roof and I A man tied up on my bed in the attic won't work. What was Bob
metaphor, have you no matter or about? I have a lot of things at irons enough, the fire so get up. There have been used. The word g de L. I would like to say here to motivate you will Bob's logic was the book a big was probably gonna become an in and out of the house to use the bathroom while he was working on the roof sure, and it was only a matter of time before he accidentally either stumbled upon or heard Sheldon tied up in Bob's bed. So, with book pick up on the roof, bordello inside tide of plastic bag over Sheldon said and suffocated, I guess at the kills more important. It was just like. Ok now I gotta get rid of this one, write a book of it hung around for another hour and a half having no idea. What was going on inside
Is this scary yeah? I got you never know what I it's terrifying. This is it's scary: to have roommates year after book of EC left, Bardell dragged the body down the third for bathroom used a bone knife to amputate the arms and legs and left the rest. The body in the bathtub. The finish up the next day, once daylight came Bob use the chainsaw to remove Sheldon head which got stashed in the freezer. After a couple days, Bob removed it and buried it in his back yard. He wanted the skull, that's what you do with if you have speaking as a bone man, but if you have, I had the head of an animal and you want the skull the best thing to do to remove all the flash and all the I'd get everything decomposed. You just Are you an underground? You just leave it there? Do you think this is something our audience needed to know? I really believe that anyone listening needs to know how to get a skull.
It's totally head in doing skull. Degen believes the most constructive thing we wondered at Vienna, so I'm like upset that I know it. I know that that would get what you did to make sure it with super clean. I I I think it is appropriate that it's the most goth way possible, I saw the out that the most goth way possible if you get the Beatles or the is that you get the head, you put it in a box with these special answered, the spy, beetles that you can order online. You put him in the box and in the Beatles an answer will pick the head clean. While the flaw yeah, I'm looking for those dom or else human skulls and human me. What do you do? the Beatles than the one they ve gotten the taste for human flesh. You should get rid of beetles. Yet so lonely! You
Do whatever you want with the Beatles there's no laws against what you can do with the beetle they're gonna, rapid God, you're beautiful lie in the other room. Why you ve got you. Ve got a first stage built with beetles, absolutely jam, packed with human now ready for more nights. When did it come into me? Haven't acumen ahead that they did not have the flesh, remove, let I'm not I'm not humans, I can about farm animals and talk about you know dead bodies you find on the raft of wars. No. I understand. Why was I remember that would lead not it's never thing called escalation. I never heard of that nor years of study lynxes of studying serial killers. Well, since it wasn't trash day just yet go back to the Bardell, a story since it wasn't trash day for dollar stuffed the rest of the body parts and bags in store them in the basement, where it was a little cooler lest the smell of de composition overtake the home,
and then once Monday morning, camps Monday morning, trash day, the body was set out on the curb and the garbage man took away completely oblivious to what was inside. From the sounds of decomposition. Might make the house smell better, no, better, cover up all the knowledge it and who an interesting question do I would rather smelled dog shit or rotting fly. I didn't ask that question is no not at all. It is the answer. I have to say this weird scenario. It is definitely very controversial Harry Potter, Jellybean flavour, that I was honestly very concerned about now. As we ve mentioned a few times, Bob took polaroids at every stage of this process from the sex to the electrodes, to the vegetables, to the post, mortem Bob had records of everything and when the cops finally rated Bob's house, they found over three hundred polaroids under his mattress problem. The cops had, though,
is that Bardell US face wasn't in any of the picture. Oh, my god, but you know what you want all. Why are these? Are these cops working? How are they going? Ok? Well. Well, once Bob got captured, the cops were thorough. All they had these pictures. There arm and a leg, sometimes wig welly, which left wide open for the defence to say you know what maybe someone else tat. These look under your bed right now. Do you have a budget polaroids of a bunch of decomposing bodies serial killer? I don't and sometimes they are it's all make up. If you workin the ethics community, the lot of time to make up, but with Bompard Della, they were really trying to pin down, because I was when I read an article from nineteen eighty eight and the New York Times. I talked about the defence, this whole thing being like bodies peanut Sir belly could have it in those pictures lie it. Yes, he is shaped like a pair. We A silly moustache and funny glasses knows that
is very unique, sensual body I might show that mean that he is In fact. Well, actually, do you know what I'm looking at his belly right now? It's actually completely executives theory about so to cover all their bases. The Kansas City, police, stripped Bardell a naked and made him recreate the position, since in the photos, so they can be sent to the FBI. For matching analysis, ok, which side you want, which adds my good side. You guys got proper lights to get my worker what the area where my belly folds over my penis area. When you will it but open, you could see the weird dark, creases underneath and the between so rough day to be in the FBI, though You just got a box sent to your office, Heru you're on it. This way right during this process. The cops would study each photo. Then please, bardell as arm or leg in the same position and snap a comparison photo, but
I will go and they even seems like it. It seems like their working hard, not smart and say that they are doing the last podcast way of places where you're just working way too hard. They even took pictures from his chest. They look and looking down at his big fairy belly you should see. My phone is full of a letter that you could pick. Theirs is one copy like sometimes it's to be an officer of the boy. You know that Portela was love in this shit yeah at one time. They made him sit naked on a stool with his legs, spread. Apart to recreate the position, he'd take daring, anal sex, so yeah man more seriously like any EDGAR Hoover. Still with the FBI like this just seems like they Bayard using these voters for themselves. They had to match all the photos. They had to be thorough this
this right here. As I call my shower booters is you can see, you could see readier, I'm doing the full, yes Gloria Gainer, just all out there for everyone to see. Can you see how shadows effect, my balls stare at at Lord I'd. If we are going to do to you, yeah show more your ass all lords, American American, my goodness, lose american Eagle American eager American Express photo american american apparel a parallel with idle shop, very close and their extra law judge or small. I hate America, it's true. They are very small bids. You oughta it's out of in business, because the onerous better while now yet now, big surprise. Are you makes children's clothes for adult in another they had bordello grab a cops gloved finger to stimulate that angle of someone shoving an object into another person, a hill,
this Danny when he grabbed my finger, but afar, man I shut my eyes, it's great to be an officer of the law. In these photos they found work. Just Bardell is murder. Victims were guy identified in the photos. As homer roll off said, he met Bob at the flea market and sometimes do work in exchange for volumes. Once bordello asked roll off to climb a ladder to do a little work on the roof, but roll off refused because he was afraid he'd fall and die today. Spur Della said quote. While I know how to get rid of the parts of funny loves me, I'm alive a party laugh because everyone just laughed it off Barbara Adela murdered again just two months after he killed
We shall then comedy was different in the eighties jamming. Daisy was the same way. You know all wrong. This becomes name was Mark Wallace and he previously helped Bob with some yard work. A Wallace was going through a hard time He'd recently been dishonorably discharge from the Marines and he developed the hard drinkin problem and when a thunderstorm came during a bad drunk in June of nineteen, eighty five Wallace hit out in Bardell US tool shed. So when Bardell US dogs started going nuts Bob checked out the shed and found Wallace hiding inside did bordello know this guy yeah? Oh, he did so. The guy was a comical hide out, Bob's place. Dear nowadays, it wasn't just a random like no coincidence, and no because that would have been a message from God and behind the Bob got watch me to kill again. They just show up now. He knew this. Ok nectar bring him in
the house and talk in whom, for about an hour, bordello injected Wallace with a tranquilizer at Wallace's request Della then kept him drugged and eventually took him up to the upstairs bedroom, tie them up and began the whole process anew this time, Bob connected alligator clips to electrodes and at the clips Tube Wallace's genitals. So he just let what he let you like to watch and shake you likely outcome in pain watching scream like watching hey and also kept him awake reminds me a bit of the grim sleepers well yeah, because they read the he loved the torch. Mercifully, though, Wallace's ordeal was the shortest of all. Because bordello had pumped so many drugs into new system, so fast Wallace like Bardell, first victim victim asphyxiated on his own vomit promise.
Sunday night practical actions. Common Monday morning you gotta get this done. Yup tone set had taken his time like he had before bordello pulled in all nighter in dismembered the body in time for the Monday morning pick up and that's where will pick backup for part two. Of Bob Ardelia? Oh my honest this guy. We all know what kind of weird world you guys are limited right now, but these must pass to use killers. Are we ve been talking about you're right? This is like this. A six men, of the serial killer squad. Guy is yeas You know what, unlike like upon all minor, dismembering the body in temper Monday morning pick up. You too can grab last the Christmas gift. If you go in to blast Are you gonna, merge page like this are numerous rage. I think it's important. It's it's! It's a holiday season get tickets for the last book torn the left, we're going. Nineteen citizen thirty days, yeah, that's great greater
We have a huge. We are, we are so excited last book to or on the left, all all throughout all of it Oh yeah, all of em are super excited. We're going to be on the road tickets are on sale to day, go to last Bach, asked them left out. Conversely, all the dates were gone too. Let's hear this is gonna be from April seven too. About May third analysed all nineteen. Let me see if I can do it one breath. Ok are New York, city, Boston, Philadelphia, watch in DC, Richmond, Durham, Atlanta, cargo Nashville Saint Louis used in Austin, doubtless Lubbock Timber, Phoenix, LAS Vegas San Francisco and La Angela, you said yeah we're gonna Ladakh, I'm so excited to be in the in the land that built Marcus, we're gonna go dig in we're gonna. Go
that's been buried skulls. This is the home town shows that you guys. I really fought for us to come to Lubbock on this tour and again, because I wanted to put my money where our mouth was all those years ago. Talking about how no one ever comes to love it. I wanted to come to loved. To do is show so we could play for all the people that live in New Mexico in Oklahoma. All the small towns at around Lubbock taxes so come on. Support please support that child. It is going to mean the world to me if you guys come out too, that we are so hastily to be their absolutely and mark is, did physically fight both Henry and I get us to a lot of which is very excited. I appreciated come out this Saturday December twenty first because see Ed Larson, Ryan Classy night out in the pack theater think it's going to be a lot of fun. Nine p dot m it's free, but donations are accepted. We're going to have fun children. I like to give a special, they out a shout out. Two french quarter, phantoms gap
gave us a fuckin huge hook up and they I mean honestly, one of the best go source I've ever taken. I would say it was the best ghost or have ever been on. It was fantastic. I learned that view nor alleged go to friends, quarter phantoms, that fuckin best and thanks to everyone who came out to our lives performance are life. Taping of this year's special in, of course, beautiful New Orleans. You guys could not Ben sweeter and better- and we were just so thrilled to be the brain nor last couple of shows with all your in New Orleans, and we all, I think, all three of us fell in love, beautiful place, just a gorgeous bunch of people, gray, culture, great food, drink? Everyone is awesome, so much fun. Man honestly, and I can't wait to go back. The audiences could not have been better and kinder and warmer is last show before LP going gonna take a break for Christmas. Further holidays, and so just want to say guys again. Do your best to be good to humankind, don't feel like
bordello. Let him go ominously right now. If you have a captive in your attic just for Christmas Let em got what am I just. I just know they give a give one bassi. This is what I'm talking about he's in the Christmas Spirit, nappies, ridiculous, usually you'd be like keep longer drawn up and how we let them go. Isn't that nice entering see, I wrote, you really are a growing yeah really are, and so we will be off. The network will be dark. The twenty first through the thirty Now that all the shows that you love will be back in your life will be back with part to Barbara Della on January. Third, so Thank you very much for a fantastic year. This has been amazing. It's been ridiculous. We ve been able to tore the entire. Fucking world did what seven countries this year we did. Fifty one line shows over the course. Twenty nineteen visited our book. Twenty twenty is gonna, be fucking. Great this is, going to be one of those rare.
Years where New year's I'm actually going to I'm going to try to remember everything We did this year. I will try to unpack it. I was talking to broadcast. Remember like Australia, the UK me- this whole year- was just so insane and and of quaint. It's meant It's meant so much was cause we this year, we went through the honesty did that the highest highs and lows slows I've ever had built with Moscow. Be this Euro anywhere at twenty. Second, that's that was the kick off of the year. That was the day to day that we found out cabinet past. In that way, I just good you guys have been there for all of it. You guys have, supported us in its meant so much, and we can't wait to start twenty twenty hard core with Barbara Della part. Two and again Eddie ramping up. We have so many folk and finance topics. Covenant like I am, I think, I'm more excited for twenty twenty in terms of topics and I've been waiting a long time, but it's like we have stuff. That's like lined up that we ve been kind of weight.
On the item, really really excited they get their goods, absolutely alot of mind. Blowing subjects for your coming in January are coming in twenty twenty. Now we ve got actually, we ve got every episode and tell MID April, planned out already for twenty When you going to be doing some shit, that people have been asked to do for forever, we're gonna be, do read doing some things. We tried in the early days but didn't quite pull off we're going to be doing improper and also, if you guys are coming out to one of our lives, shows for the book tour in April. Remember that you can pre order a signed copy of the book, win, you by your ticket Helluva, if you'd love, you owe me work right now in the process of signing sixteen thousand ages we yeah, we love for you guys when you come out to the show we'd love for you to buy our book is well too no tat, Pre ordered the book that be fantastic. It be
sk, I mean the world prosperity for Yalta. Read this what we wanted to get it on the New York Times best seller list and we're not doing it the fake way, like all those other books that are sold like you name it when it comes to. When I worked over Fox NEWS, they would get piles and piles and piles of books, Marxism boxes and enabling we bought in bulk, and then they can be at the New York Times, but seller list. That's how they cheat. That's how they scanned the system, the added always worth doing it. The right way. The organic way to the best of our ability is so please get this book because, honestly, Henry and I can attest Marcus Park, see blue with the team blew his brains out workin honesty, yet, oh, I want you to support, is organised and also because it counts. When you get the book Dupree were this way US you have some people are pre, ordered back in the day when they first kind of came out. What I want to thank you for sport, but they do. It doesn't count now, a technically out, unfortunately, can Bergen hid it now being credible absolute we also want to thank and you'll see this in the book. Amazing artist, tat,
legally Tom, nearly sought auction killed ogre. Incredible our god. You guys we're gonna love. This book were so proud of it and it's gonna labour. Eleven awesome. Alright, will have a more global rules out if you're looking for Could I just say this as a faggot identified help for you, we're looking for a fund, watches Christmas and you're. Just like for something that may be either upset the family or some. Your family love check out Joe Bob Briggs christened special and shudder he just a silent night deadly night too, is so worth it. It is one of the best bad. Good movies, I've seen in a long time. It's been so long since I've seen it, and it is so worth that if we just like and laughter ass off we're watching unless the show Bob's Briggs. If you want to listen to the euro, you do with your body can give to our patriotic and then that interview was there, along with many many other interviews. Aren't everyone. Thank you so much for listening thanks first important as this heavy wonderful holiday, whatever you're celebrate and try to get along with people just can and if you're gonna fight, you know what you do get up there only
Does he agree. There are believe the room go, get some sleep somewhere or something it's not worth it. Ok, everyone Hale, yourselves, Hale, Satan, bogeyman, logos, delusions and meal, our soft pants sitting. You are, what does that mean soft pants? we're, sweat, pants athletes you- Show- was made possible by listeners. Like you think, store, add sponsors. You can support our shows by supporting them for more
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