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Episode 397: Heaven's Gate Part I - A Cabo or a Wabo

2020-01-17 | 🔗

On this, our very first redux of a subject, we begin the story of one of the most famous and misunderstood suicide cults of the nineties: Heaven's Gate. Join us on this first episode as we cover the early lives of founders Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, as well as how the theology of the Hale-Bopp hitchhikers developed over the years.

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Or a guys so This is the big moment for us. Oh yeah, this story. So before this, before even begin, this whole son- I just want to reach out to anybody that is in a MAC, can even use the word colt, ok right, because you're you're not in a cold you're in a group of reversed psychology, uranium class quotation marks will be the difference between a class in a cold. Is you can leave the class when the bell rings? Men are like see a next Tuesday, professor, before we know that the people and talk You do not know that. I will just keep that between us, the aim so yeah yeah, I'm fine class. You of the wafers, meet new people. You love Heaven, you love being in the EAST room. You love! I love it as an addition. Space. Jesus sounds Vulcan, ran now
I get it, but as soon as it gets to the point- and I mean this where he says that you got it- cut off your balls in he saying this to you. You look in his eyes and your love your bowl cut. A teacher and he's been nothing but good to you. This entire time he's telling you got to lose the nut in order to meet space. Jesus, I'm going to tell you right now. You can meet space Jesus with edibles. Finally, they just leave just just take this as a sign I am space, Jesus is Uncle, Henry UP is actually a boy and Israel up. This is a sign for euro. We absolutely will very good advice. Henry welcome the last bod gather the left, everyone I abed Kizil, looking to Mark is bar guy, and we are fortunate this week to have Henry's eyebrows key in studio. So were altogether forming a triangle of power. We bless torrent, we blast, so
why is Henry talking about balls why's? He talking about potentially losing balls wisely talking about space Jesus all things come into play in this next series. We will be covering Heavens dates and we are on two part- one we are taking off towards the next level. Among human we covered Heavens gate. Nearly a millennia got bigger. Look in the word you looking for a decade when Zero, but would wouldn't we're one was it would like. Episode, was enormously episode. Three noise, like thirty four thirty, five somewhere on their citizens, first attempt to redo, is serious because we know for a fact that we did not do it credence now and now that we really are up to our fuckin classical in this story. It's really bum,
yeah. Well, you're really does. But this is a great time to be doing Heavens gate because of course they have the Green Bay Packers Logo, the Green Bay Packers when the intimacy championship game. Maybe this is an omen that they are gonna, win the game and go to Heaven. I knew I could reach these. Kids are new wonder model. Lessons would reach the dumbest kid and could well out of all the calls that may headlines in the late twentieth century? Perhaps them most misunderstood, is the one came to popular, we be known, as Heavens gate. The story goes that nineteen. Ninety seven March nineteen and twentieth. Thirty, nine members of the Heavens Gate called committed Mass ritual suicide dressed in identical uniforms and covered in purple Strauss doing so under the direct orders of their castrated leader. Marshall appetite. Do you guys
dimension castrated every time you let your my might not literally the first factor. We can't talk about my beautiful blue eyes from my wonderful tasted, Nike decades or directly kind of fresh another. Those are pretty cool shares their body, but you don't you don't get to decorate. I have happy, but I dont think ok just Jack. I know they're misunderstood, but underne big, it's not their fault that their amiss. Understood almost because they really try to explain themselves afterwards with a damp of information that came out after they had committed suicide. Yet they were ok with messaging and well, in fact, Viking. Speaking being misunderstood, you
already put a misunderstanding out there by saying that Marshall Apple White demanded that they castrate themselves when in fact he did not demand that they castrate themselves in only six of them actually castrated themselves. There's a lot of misinformation whereby ovens gave my hands around my hips administers around anymore. I'm doing I'm shaven the carrot, your wrist steep into your love handles, but I will send a negative. He demanded pretty hinted. He no key hinted he's a you can't do that you, I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna do this? You can, if you want to, but Marshall Apple White, ever demanded anything of anyone suggestions, but it was said the point of this mass suicide, was to hit you ride on a spacecraft flying in tandem with the hail Bob comment that was passing by earth. But in order to do so, they had to leave behind and their human vehicle
so you're Subaru in Europe, a rat force. When I look at myself, I call myself more like a hand. I grant. You know. This is definitely a Subaru outback crowd. If you know what I mean, of course, a little granola now will soon after the bodies were found, it was discovered that this cult had laid out their entire believe structure on the website. Heavens gate dot com, and thus they were dubbed the first internet copped or that's the way the story has been portrayed while that summation is close. The story of Heavens gate is far more complicated than what it was boiled down to be and seeing and sound bites and snark you like night monologues hold on a second, you tellin me a castrated cold that wants to hail Bob. In order to go to heaven on the orders of Mr White, the ed wood,
the white inside you, almost white apple absorbed, a single like nipple, whatever his name is, is complicated and its true jade Leno is not going to understand a lot of the complexities of the inner workings of this group and we're going to find, especially if you even attempt to watch any of what they call their exit materials. I mean in about three hours deed into the Beyond human class right now, I gotta say number one. If you have a hard time fallen asleep, is great what I'm over, that I'm a little beacons and about studying. Another call because, as we know, Marcus Henriette slowly slipping down, the cult train called the the call
slide and every cult seems to reaffirm your love for what you now call our aid. You literally said yesterday, you're like Ill Rona. Hubbard was like a lot better than wizened suck your rank them now, and it's really scary. You already were new teaching me up, because my mother, who was never have been a more of an almost and adherence to the teaching styling of our age and the fact that the Lisbon Treaty is tapes, and that is true. If you listen to the audio of hemp heat or some jokes in there, he super funny right. He's kind of these exact ends up in there. Some presentation, right at a good, uniform on Apple, wide, throw some jokes in there to all right. He may not be a snappy. Any may not be as published as your l, our age, but apple White has. His points is what he looks and acts like of Jeff sessions worked at Michael's. Not really knows. What's at every I'll, quoting group sense of humour was far as the members when they mostly been put
Fraid, as brainwashed victims, just mindless drones, with bad machan haricots, who watch too much STAR Trek and fell under the spell of a charismatic leader. Why are matching haircuts, never cool haircuts? What is it always have to look like the kid who is he gonna pay for it in bulk, did you get thirty nine may Herr poems. I want a nice per like fuckin layering takes out I guess, but according to one of our sources, this brainwashing label only accomplishes two things. It helps the people left behind me. Since the tragedy, because their loved ones are now victims instead of adherence and it absolves, the embarrassment surviving members feel about being a part of a call in the first place, I think of all the cultural covered more Odin Jones, town or omission Rico, even the cause they had a fairly substantial Evan Jellicoe section. They were trying to pull people in all times right now
people who are ever jellicoe or not gonna be susceptible to call. Like idea ridiculous, you even think that the idea, the the but Heaven skate ORF formerly known as age. I am right this. This group, the class this group was, these- were very selective. Marshall Apple White was more so lightly with very personal. The users boutique colt. He really saw them will see how a body nettles helped him. I think help shape and guide him out. Bonnie nettles was the way the launch use the brains by an wholeheartedly away hold out. So Marshall APP awaits the charisma review, the guy. You will show Dunes guy yeah we'll get into non sexual sexually. They really wanted people that wanted an, and so he made it incredibly difficult to stay here, which I think yes brainwash
was in there. There is some gas lighting. There is obviously manipulation, but on some level you are gonna, be there. If you don't want you there, he would specifically prune you if you weren't doing their group. If you doing the work heed for can kick you and he also specifically was lookin for, for whoever was the skinny is big. Is. The idea is that was really love sit in a circle on a pillar with a lot of people. Do I don't mean used? Were news there is, there is some do this by in their other diverse needs to come back right, we'll ample, why actually would by plane tickets in bus tickets homes people who want to leave if they were ago he'd say but yeah, ok, here's a bus! Take it go. Where do you need to go? That's what your family lives! All right said. He you later that but Michael Bloomberg tried to do with the homeless when he was mayor of New York. So I understand what was going forward will for the most Heavens, gate was made up of people who are disillusioned by the failure of nineteen. Sixty
idealism and the majority of the people who took their lot. In nineteen. Ninety seven had been members apple, whites cult since the seventies, either very high retention rate town. So what yes sombre? No eight will be that there's a little over these people, peace in love had failed in the world had proved to be cruel and uncaring many were people had been steamrollered by modern culture, which was all the more painful because they believed so hard that that culture was gonna change. These people join Heavens Gate because they were disappointed not because, they were overly gullible? What they got, though, was freedom in a cage psychologists call bounded choice. What that means is that a person in in the movement only has the illusion of choice, but since their lives were so inextricably linked to the life of the leader, when he D say the go most of them fall,
because in their minds, if there was no apple, why there was no salvation we have a question here, He committed suicide in eighteen. Ninety seven in the nineties, it was my heyday, I, the nineties, you you had school Isabel Yogurt could just squeeze it right into your mouth. Goes is still active solar after yet I found a surge in Northampton Massachusetts. Last weekend I was so happily. Oh I've yeah, thank God. I went to a hot topic and seriously merely Manson shirt still live there. Yes, it is awesome, but do you think because it was such a high tech called or at least a safe. I called that if they live the two thousand twenty they actually would have been in the world they wanted. Now. Ok, no matter what I actually think they would actually hate this world in more than the world of the nineties. But even though I got all the magic, we got all the sigh five I'll come in real, it's all about the interactions with people and all about how people treat them and how
interact with others- I mean who knows they were so insulated. It didn't really matter the whole world began to stop existing almost on purpose. The idea was to x out anything that was an outer influence inside of the group. Who was this idea that the future is in and not out and all of salvation is on the inside, but this is of those, I think, is a very specific example of like we talk about it. A little bit with Jonestown too, is that when the, Whole leader decides to commit suicide, is an active living inside of the cold leaders had where they of all there in their own going to dies. The rest of the snake goes with it until Marshall Applewhite was obviously was obviously nearing enemies. Time and fucking generated a new exit plan, found the booty. Suppose you a foe, trailing behind hell, but I think this matter It's a good thing. You did meet these people at just the right time when you are for ten years. All again, this is not my crew. I forgot to link Plugin Scientology, has star fleet and all my you got the big boat
Actually, this is more micro, ok, great damp greater. If I were to jump out of the two between Scientology Heavens Gate, ongoing, haven't, get Maxine, I'm hanging out the Bundy clan and organ tragically sovereign citizens like this land is rightly or as far as, the leader went. Marshall apples was only half of the equation up until now, teen. Eighty five marshal was joined by a woman named Bonnie Nettles, who ran thing in tandem with apple. Why in pretty much created the cult, entire belief system and speaking today, belief system. Let's hear a clip from a white himself describing the thrust of the cults believes. This is from his most famous video last chance to evacuate earth before it is recycled recorded it, silk you gotta go. There's a lot of IRAN is the title of this is recorded just
six months before the suicide of secularism do to try to just put it as brief if I can put it in his clearly, as I can put it, the this planet is about to be recycled refurbished. Started over as far not that doesn't mean it's going to be destroyed, doesn't mean it's the end of the world, but it does mean that it's going to be recycled refurbished now you can say well who are you to say that and I'll, tell you who I am as to buy them, You believe who I am or not is up to you. And whether or not you believe that it's gonna be recycled? Her refurbished is up to you now the purpose of this tape. Is to warn you that that is about to happen,
and that is going to happen very soon. If I would title this tape, it would be a last chance to evacuate. Planet before it is recycled. Sunday appeal does sound a little bit like worn, Jeff's meets Jonestown meets. You know the man, the main man there now and also saying specific thing, Marshall say that this is the end of the hour hours and hours and hours of footage- and I know episode to of beyond human- is him getting question from his adherents right, he says the first episodes in breaking down. Ask him any questions. Second episode: bringing the list of questions he answers. None of them right look explained the whole time of how he doesn't want to compare himself to the alien that was Jesus Christ. But here's
the ways that I'm really very close to the alien that used to be Jesus, Christ, it's pretty cool now, I'm sure a lot of our listeners have watched. At least clips of the Heavens gave videos and I'm sure I'll Lahti, it about a hard time grasp and just how this unblinking potato headed mother fucker was able to convince thirty eight people to kill themselves. Is it even big enough of it had to be a potato headed like a red potato legatee? Stick. What do you call it? A kidney, usually kidney being, but the interesting about those videos is that they need converted nor convinced a single person they didn't work because apple whites touch was personal, while his eyes look. Absolutely insane. On video former followers reported that same eyes seemed to radiate love when they talk to a face to face? This is why it be people you can
find your person other it's important to know that, because look at us we're three very specific men die mean in it and it takes a specific woman. Our cases to love us an answer to them. Our Rance and the wee Wee Wee scream along the way. I scream alone in my house and right to to no one of the weak scream. My car to Natalie is almost than away Q. Cheese even said the words cute about and that just because she's delusion unbroken down over time and my sheer Kurt my charisma, managed to pull my web right. It's interesting, I await a sort of like Moby if you listen to his music- and you really want a like it, you can, but then for the most part, If you look at it through it, nor brain. It's not good, I think old. Lewd here is actually the secret real member of her. Getting my penis is always know. Just talk on the international rope there. It is
football coach attitude as he was back, even though I still see articles calling Heavens Gate, the first internet called I'm looking at you vice their website. A track. You look at me now. I dont know what impression of bird just ass. Well, Heavens, gate website attracted exactly one member What yeah I mean there internet outreach programme, mostly what they attracted was you'll, never back Nineteen, eighty seven, the early days in the internet when most trolls were like good natured and just gonna havin fun. That's mostly what Heavens gate attracted. I just member a picture of Julian Andersen's head on the body of like some nude woman than a member injure. Lena jewels, jollies head on the body asylum, there was a lot of a man, I forgot,
that picture in the old days no fetiches have come for mass movement, but not at all out an entire industry, new nerds, taking over the courier development of all these massive studios point there fantasies on the air, but Apple Y, all is on the labels. The people gave the group openly call his followers, a religious you so called quote, because that's what the world dubbed us he said. Yes, we are religious, UFO called that's who we are, because that is what you have called us. We are. The cult of cult is what he said, even specifically, that's very smart, and they liked it because that added to the charm it's an old satanist trick the ant? they understood implicitly the biggest like we were, started research on a series of Satanism. What I really want to do one day, what I'm gonna do it this year so that we will do it, but the that That idea of taking the mantle of the villain,
give everybody and identity you give all these. I didn't get these differences. Did not do for them do for six multiple do fits is to define how do I find you get all these people? Didn't you give em a label and you'd tell him. We don't worry, we're gonna make you look like a space baby you want, you can have sermons vegetable brought their noses gonna fall into that attractive form. That's why he keeps talking about the alien body is the most attractive form, but it's just a noiseless babe. Pussy, dick less than give away to myself to snow reevaluated puts it ignored the entire thing. Oranges. Words really are in dire series and now move much has been done with her, but my memory of this call was it wasn't like they were so near nefarious or evil they when it was more like the way the media covered him. It was more like who are these
like it was more like wacky like cipher. It was it was. It was the media collectively yelling nerds at the end of it was just all of them, calling them nerds like fuck these nerds. Who cares about these nerds up common billfish? I know, do this to me as it has a different oiling the nerd, because I understand why, because I think the nerd cook is wide, they got embroiled in all of this bullshit any took the label an ecologist. They got defensive, then nor do I know you're in it now you're acting like you're part of a cool gang, but it's like you're. All eighty seven pounds right yeah, maybe do face, is just a confident. Nerd was far as the message when Apple White said that the earth was a cruel place, and if you can't figure out how to live in modern society, then you have no choice but to leave it. But leaving did mean committing suicide, even though your body would have to die. What you would actually be doing is ascending
the evolutionary level above human or for short Taylor. I mean, if you want to leave society, just go to South Dakota. No, but then you just gotta pay taxes, yeah, not many minor neighbours or potatoes. Odd seeber. These guys Heaven was an actual physical place that you could travel too, but the we will get. There was to leave behind your human vehicle, but this on a story, a brainwashing nor Is it a story of a descent into madness, partly This is a story of true believers who wanted so bad to prove themselves right. They killed themselves to make a point the markets- and I had a discussion to bet it's it's a bunch of people that they really want to feel special, yes and martial. Appoint really wanted to feel special empathy.
Part of the mantra as we didn't get more and second up, so we get more into the actual. Like belief, systems. I've been trying to get to deepen the weeds, unix episode, but this kept saying, you know, is worse special you're, not special, though, because that's how special you are you're so not special because we'll be not specially lose your penis and lose all. Do the things in her face? Was your ears lose your nose in your lips, but you're still special because you're not special enough, do not have a penis anymore whispered he'd have special in speaking of no penis. This reminds me of the hit movie cats, their cats, and there was one specific at who was special enough to die, and that's why not? he is just about, a suicide pact within a cult honestly save that point for next episode, because it
kind of true the transmit. The transmutation of missing the transmutation of Jennifer Hudson at the end of cats is very similar to the assent to tailor they killed her. What these people were inextricably linked to the mind Marshall Apple, I, as we said, and as it is with a lot of suicide cults. This is also a story of people, yes ending themselves into the grid. While all these people were dealing with massive amounts of pain, They were not mentally ill, Norway, dying from depression. They were never forced to stay in the call, nor were they forced to drink the poison. Like the people of Jones. In fact, like we said heavens, gate was purposefully difficult to be. A part of this is not the story of a homicide. This is the story of a people who wanted so bad to be free from the modern world that they found an excuse to make it happen, when it comes to Heavens gate. Maybe the question: isn't: how did one man convinced there
people to commit suicide, but rather what was it about this world that made these people so goddamn eager leave it. My question has had any one of them ever thought of doing the do my god. That's a great idea more days. What was due to do a thing back? What are you doing do the dew started. Do is absolutely have been back then, and they did have the opportunity to do the do, because these people are gigantic deep space, nine fan. So when the commercials came on, they get and told to do the do they had just done the do, even once they could escape boarded on a fountain of green lava. So I think so hopes and you'd meat. I wanna see Jason priestly with such a hunk. I love Loop, Harry Son is now a professional wrestler and eighty WS jungle boy and once you know that you can't not see it in his faith vary. But my question is a blind, a lotta, Sherlock Holmes, crime and punishment on peace for highly recommended. How work they mentally ill. How were you able to being a cult?
that, you know, is driving you to death. You know what's isolating you you're, not talking to your family more, there is a risk of losing your ding dong. How are they not mentally? You knew to really good question. I feel this is a thing. That's debated the What good? Is it on what your definition of mentally ill join? The call losing your dinged again, you, mother, Fucker, Six people shows chemical castration, saint exerting, I'm only six people who renewing the odds any ongoing I'd say only. This is a lot more than zero. We, I guess, we're fascinated with his Gaza, because we wouldn't we lover ball. They literally play with me when I'm sitting alone- that's a guy, don't I dig it appears for another bus ike, because its mental illness. Again this is one of those like email. Us try to explain this kind of Gaza because a lot of these people that state forever it's more that they were the people there
at the end had been around that point for close to thirty years, and we are we're locked into this lifestyle you're locked into a group of friends. We're going to see you soon as we cover these episodes of these are not spring chickens. By the time they got to be in. There was not a lot of young people. Actually made the transmission not interested. I mean, if you were to ask me what the difference these people made a choice. People were mentally ill. Do not make the Irish mental illness locate these people at every point made the choice. I'm gonna be here, I'm gonna do this it's a great point gotcha before we get into the full story, the cold and the leaders who can hated. It lets acknowledge our sources for today. The first is Heavens gate. America's UFO religion by Benjamin Zeller, this is the more academic at the to the other, which, a bit more sensationalist? Stick is cost. Suicide by Rodney, Perkins and Force Jackson- that is a hell of a ban on out of the two I'd say, go with Zeller,
Mc suicide cool- it sounds really cool, but it has written. It was one of those. It was written like right after the suicide happened right after the news event was cobbled together. Some of the information is erroneous. Some of it is is solid, but actually I'm kindness. Eyes that there's never been like a on act. Damn it serious book on the subject is not like a road to Jonestown, with Heavens gate because stiff. Themes where we are finding out that it is very difficult to patch. Together the early lives of Michel, Marshall, Apple, white and bonnie metals. The narrative is a little convoluted at times, so without further Ado it's getting the stories of martial apple White, Bonnie, nettles and the rest of came to be known, as happens Gate Torah, as we set Marshall up alive was only one of the two founders of what came to be known, as happens gate, although Heavens Gate is a bit of a misnomer. Heavens, gate was The name of the website that calls itself net
I really had an official name. They had that other people bestowed upon them like entering when you said earlier that they were known, they were called HIV em. They were not called baiting com, themselves. Hiv am H, I am was what they were called in a New York Times, article about them, because H, I am was one of their beliefs. That was one of their tact, William and Human, the visual metamorphosis outlet for years? They call themselves the group and by the n, they too to call themselves just the class Would they wanted it? Because again it was so personal yeah was never really about. The fraught were facing would be dead. Couple you'll see you'll do couple call the actions, but for the most part, that was the whole thing is a Marshall Apple White especially wanted to feel like super casual like take off.
Sneakers could have you know: let's do this consumer habits and vegetable soup, you hungry good, but without taboos. That second part could have units, because right now we're just gonna fall off. You wanted to follow. Ok, unsteady, given the group a goofy name, they say that as a nation for their leaders go and buy. Everything from guinea in pig took, fallen and peep to tee in dough apple, white and nettles origin, They call themselves. The two also it just do italian racial sellers have area so that they can move away from that, were they wanna call themselves flappy and whitey, but I couldn't decide who is who put the also of the there's lots of symbols in their names. Though, if you read there's a book that I will attempt to read the title of right now, there's book written by a survivor of the survivor. He they were trying to set up the suicide and then heave literal. He got so pent up and
needed to masturbate so bad. I swear to God. He left a coal in order to jerk off his name in ITALY or save the life. It's heaved a thing like that I bet he wrote him, but afterwards he wrote a book, try and explain it and I'm just gonna. This is the entire title of book written by a duty- Sawyer, Yes- and it is called this little book- provides the back I'd evidence showing how all Jesus prophecy revelations fulfilled by those who were known as tee and Dodi Father and Jesus Heavens gate. You about two witnesses who were turn in cars, with their saints from nineteen. Seventy two to nineteen. Ninety seven prophecy
book of revelations turn. My christian does the second coming from the physical evolutionary level above human, the kingdom of God in Heaven whose membership physical bodies grown on a vine that human bodies are designed to resemble to work with in planetside, spacecraft like PLUTO and Ceres that serve as laboratories for the earth, soul, growing garden, experiments that incorporate the negative influence of the luciferian space aliens, aka the fallen angels, so prospective new members directed by Incarnate older members be over the human evolutionary kingdom to graduate into the next level kingdom into little Heavens by Sawyer? just understood every single thing he said. Can you imagine copyright in that book? Just legal ease the illegal war that in every single document in its entirety, will Marshall
apple. Why, whether or not to back it up her for middle name. His heart is: what do we do? It is: that's, was friends call the money was younger, call them half I'm, so it is short for her orphaned or with U S. Work was we tax boy born in spur taxes in one thousand eight hundred and thirty one spur that's my area, Texas, that is just another drunk person, looking at one thing and name of the town after it healed. What's the name of the boot down down further internal, actually spurs just twenty miles where my parents grew up, I've been a spur times: Dixie Dark, grey, corn dogs. Very good, but from I can tell the Apple whites cleared out pretty quickly. They didn't hang around spur and a Marshall Apple White grudge,
from high School Corpus Christie. Marshall Apple. Why senior was upon Miller, Presbyterian Minister and martial apple. What junior followed in His- steps ever so briefly when he attended the you in theological Seminary Virginia. Although half only lasted about five months, No man, you don't need a teacher. If you got all the lessons in your fucking brain, do yet a really great message for everyone quit school. They, even though apple. Why was undoubtedly a committed christian? He was also a UFO nut going all the way back to the Roswell crash when twenty year old apple, I called the Houston police Department for more information about the incident. But that's what I'm saying now with the rise of ancient alien theory how it crosses with theologian routes and stuff. Maybe he would just beyond the travel general or they history. Gentle talk every item
look society now is so much more open shit in these negotiations. He might actually have been just been on. Ancient alien, which has been hanging out with just cause, is got wrote disease. I don't. I was then if he forgot a permanent revelation and he actually did become the level beyond human and just got full into body model. Now would be all that economic development kind of out and out now, of course, when ample I called the Houston police Department. Then you really have any information on the Roswell crash to give, but the cops did Place Marshall a white on a list of suspicious characters. Why? Because of his interest in the? U S a phenomenon, wait you're! Just on the euro, the top ten list of weirdos of Houston, my guess at the time a lot of people didn't call the police station and asked them about you, a phone We know there is a lot of UFO enthusiast all over our country, somewhere in badges, some in prison. Some cleaned up, the overall marsh apple. Why was you're all american boy, daring, high school in college known
friends asked hoof apple white was a member of the nation, honor society? He was highly involved in Bible studies. He was even Member of an archipelago group was this. This is called. The closeted man Mcdonald, try it up oil, Ireland, MAGIC Pontica by not surprising The apple white was known to be an energetic extrovert with a magnetic personnel really as a man called leaders are made their born gimme. A thing was, though, as we ve already He referred to a couple times: Marshall Apple, I was gay or at the very least, by sector. He used the term bisexuals. I believe he is bisexual. That's how he is because you eat. He got it up enough to make a family now let me he had a go at marriage. He married a woman named an pierce, had two kids with her and for what ten years family just moved around the country while Apple. Why worked very
teaching jobs as a music instructor, but it all came to a head in Alabama and nineteen sixty four their apple. Why suspended from his job. As a coral director for having an affair with a male student damage, realize I forgot tat. We were in the deep south nineteen sixties young sailor, these Dore Astor things like crazy he's, also thirty, meaning a university level Brian singer. So it's like both that to where he is kind of his face. Vulcans have generals, We know that these are college students, these in a high school student you're a horrid, befallen that he's separated from his wife and moved to Houston. Now, when it came to being openly gay or bisexual and Texas back in the sixties, the place to go where you could at the very least be accepted was the Houston neighbourhood of Montrose and that's exactly where Apple White, when their apple, what live with what was back then called
a cordon quote: male companion, I'd like you to meet my butler knows. We are putting to you. Ah me, that's round me out of my heart does go out to him because, yes, it's not easy to you just have to amend not being able to be open about who you are as a person and sexuality is so important, so this must have really messed with him. Now pretty soon apple. I got a job at the University of Houston but was again fired for allegedly having an fair with a student, almost all the pressure that we just got a rumour, but he was. He was five. Third under suspicion circle of seeds. That's what I'm saying nowadays, if you're not having sex with men and females and in college you're out and out, I think you would love. If you was seventeen in two thousand and twenty Goin Optus Eric used to think about how sexy it is. You got the call. The thing out there you gonna, try young man with the saxophone you're trying to teach you gonna play the sun open you throw open throat come around him doing the thing where you can
like some people, I've seen you teach in the play golf by doing the sexy way by wrap in your arms run, taken his hands here. That's always how beautifully Gulf knows, moody and I'll. Remember her forever. You grab his hands and move it up and down the saxophone. You put it in his mouth and Suffolk like me, will you make your begging for a case? He was teaching singing, not saxophone. Why have you not saxophone provisional up? Goes you suddenly, with pottery what's wrong and held up by Patrick Swayze LAB? Oh, I was fired from his next teaching job as well, except this time apple. What was dismissed as the conductor of the junior boys choir at Saint Marks, episcopal because of his interest in the occult which back then just meant ufos mysticism? Isn't all of these religions occult interested like. Doesn't it seem like all like the catholic Church, a Piss capellan church there so into the occult will? What have we learned from our Mormonism series and that I e there is often the it's the then its again, a cold just means hidden knowledge right. So all of
This stuff is about how there is if there is a whole constructed back brown eyes, teen structure to all of these religions? It seemed all kind of come back to where NASA, but I miss the nineteenth, in world of the because they have like books for that like crystals are for lovers and nineteen. Eighty seven do, though, year a rainbow is President Army. He wasn't sacrificing cats right, you or anything like that. He was interested in ufos. Any did yoga. Sometimes in that was the occult. He's, not killing Caspian slave pussy. I think it's upon so by nineteen many to marshal Apple White had checked himself into the hospital, although were not exactly sure. Why is it like it's called redneck disease which serve a hundred five m. You can't get away his sister claim that he was therefore a heart condition, but a friend of apple whites in Houston, speculate
that he was there for a drug overdose. Although the statement sort of sounds like the guy, which is being the tiniest bit, caddy and they also said he might have had a nervous down had now that we have that was easily debunked yeah yeah narrative it nineteen. Eighty seven was that Marshall. Oh I had spent time in a mental hospital in the nineteen seventies. He didn't this just a regular hospital Marshall Apple White was not quote, him quote crazy, as much as everyone wants him to be crazy. As a fox, he art is marked by the. U again, no business sense. Now you
charged for these classes haven't shooter caters watching you build new technology that allows you be look falsify you put in the Cannes in their aunt you're sitting in the fuckin, see organ old things going back and forth and get somebody to chrome suit swab on the deck he was a true believers with the real deal. Our age was just a con man. You see. This is the difference between you and I were you do I do believe Marsh lap. Why does a story of a true true, true, bully prudently, but actually, I think it's like being ion. Crack and being a drug dealer runs applied any later, be clear of mine and have another pursued involving it's not about these believes all among in classes, but making therefore, can cash body or did not buncher gonna, get away to see you as a janitor, the lowest wrong scientologist, with your two years old ever thinks fallen apart. You finally bite the bullet, I'm trying to reverse eighty eight. It's gonna make me gay woods of everyone. You do and then gives will your with Kitty Erics, let you know about kind, to fund the Albion Wrestling Podcast and, dare I say it,
kind of fun, bringing you all the news you need to know about wrestling to keep you up to date. Yeah. We cover all sorts news from across the wrestling industry. Keep your updated, a hot gas, all the fun stuff everything you need to know so check out kind of on
p. A network, it's kind of a brother read from the story, must meet all here without any context whatsoever. Here's a piece of an episode call those are easy life router road in the passenger seat of Silvia Corolla, like sick dog, he slid on the sea. Every stoplight twice gets so scared. He kicked the dash scuffing the glove compartment with his dirty white or the beatings. You wouldn't tell her where they were going. She wondered if he actually knew blurted in each direction. The moment it was needed and banned routers wheeled like he was ready to throw up Sylvie scattered to stop on the shoulder of the busy freeway. Once router opened the door ripped off. His signal ran into trap, learn yet she looks. Router was already in France waiting for her at the door, Bethlehem Retirement, but it was in this hospital Marshall Apple. Why met his other half bonnie metals? A surprisingly
We really dont know much about bodies, early life in comparison appetites, and we really dont know that much about Marshall Apple, whites, early life. We know nothing about money, nettles childhood other that she was born in. Used in nineteen twenty seven as Barney a truce dale? What we do now, said she was a nurse by profession and was the process of divorcing a man named Joseph Nettles when she met Apple Y, see Bonnie marshals. Meat what sort of one of those moments? Kismet apple white, certainly in the ufos but is now was intermediate. At best he read a few books nettles. On the other hand, her knowledge of the esoteric was so deep that it pulled up a white to than next level. This is one of those stories of cruel fate, because again it led to the ass, a forty people, thirty nine three a you know, and it does include Apple White yeah.
Thank you for giving me on the number one off there. The guy had to go jerk off remember. Otherwise we would already resorting to other people put. It decides than she saw happened to have this about fucking. She just We have the right tools and met this other sparkly, I'd of good guy. You, kick his heel up over his ear. You need a fun swede, beautiful voice, just nothing he's just a boy looking for us, a harbour, the slightest boat into and she's the Beagle boat all and he slide met boat deeper than hold she's got all this shit for Madame Battisti to load on the boat. Well, it's really interesting work We were happy to have Henry sort of doktor our wedding, but he told the story of how we met the Buddhist analogies. There were quite a bit
if toward her and vague gaping cavern of workers as monkeys, role, follow widened slick and over near all, has not been them, eggs will fight me. John you're, guess not offer them from his breast, which is key to the ideas. Please can we just a you guys, fuckin, to be that's? My question good heart nobody's over metal was a member of the Houston branch of the Theosophical society of America, which was founded in eighteen seventy five by who else, but the secret puppet master of the twentieth century, Madame Alina blow school who influenced everyone from David Bowie to Adolf Hitler. Don't I'm so right. You did that equation. The equating the knowing open take David byways. You know, I must say better than
where are we going up? In other words, they are saying that she include everyone from the very good to the very bad right. You Harry Iconic did Madame Madame Lebowski was the J J K, L of the vehicle Kale Eric Clapton, inspiration, managed clung you get into that shit now clapped inspiration, others inspiration was it he's out new passed away? You alright, Kizil is already starting. Do the Hawaiian goodbye Emma Jane your mama he's due to think you were not certainly do that line divine hello. I think you're ready for J J Caille check it out. You'd, probably like Tunisia Calcutta bent Madame just go through my Jimmy buffet phase. Now, cook, with that, spare time ahead will be ass if he was a pasties, have a number of different the Gens Buddhism Hinduism Christianity, and it was all mixed in with a healthy dash of western occult traditions like those practised by the infamous magician
Alistair cruelly what the US taught was at the human saw, went through multiple incarnations and that those in the ISAF Go society could learn from a series of spiritual masters, secret chiefs, if you well, who came from distant physical or spiritual plains of existence, but mostly they were from Venus, oh big, head summer, homes on Venus up, but I got a time shared, but they could appear. They could appear to be both physical and nonphysical. Who, with this concept, was wildly influential on the later teachings of martial apple white embody nettles, who would take the idea of the ascended masters and transpose them to both christian theology, and themselves funds. I note about these topical society. They later, became mark profits, Lighthouse Summit, which eventually evolved into the decidedly more apocalyptic church, universal triumphant or
put other areas of Alan Parsons Project called and really cool for domain names religious started with Christianity, Jim Jones right. That was a Christian based called its like this has roots in Christianity just how many most waltz began with organised Marzano religion, most courts. Have some sort of grounding in West or eastern religious ombudsman major relays, and was resumption ratio the only because they weren't religious at all? There was no has to religion, they did they had some. You have used. It all need frameworks, yeah to exist upon because the whole point is like, like we saw, Mormonism like we saw Jones on the end. Is it starts from one point, then have a kind of job to somewhere up, and this is where things are a little bit different railroad, I think, may be the rule
The Re Allianz, not the rye, Allianz her lady Alice right now. It is a fact that verified think the Re Allianz are more of an alien focused group are not a lot about him, but I don't think they have a whole lot of grounding and something else, but for the for the most part, most cult do have that because they have to have something for people to hold onto right have to have that. That one thing that's familiar, so the colleagues can take on the big ride. I see a network What you see, if you even attempt to read the book by Sawyer, I'm not gonna, say the title again- that it is nine hundred and twelve pages we first one hundred pages are highly interesting. Look from the inside of mean sight of hens, Evans Gate for twenty years, but the back half the back, half the aid hundred page are biblical proves that tea in said were real, so your see that what they did was deaf
fully maneuver between, we take the Bible literally to Jesus was a phantom alien identity that worked its way into a human being. Again next episode I'll. Do that now that what it got me into it if they would have said that an in church school, where the hell? I was, what do you call that Sunday, school Sunday, school or besides just learning about ascended masters, discarnate spirits, telepathic abilities, ufos and channeling spirits, Bonnie Nettles also learned enough to write the astrology column, inner local newspaper cool. Furthermore, nettles also hosted regular seances at her home with her friends, Nay channeled everyone from the Theosophical Venetians too, that old, say
on Standby, Marilyn Monroe, and that was just Becky, shown everybody her underwear. Obviously this is pretty great. I would be a house has been in this situation. For this woman. I drew up a little smoky sausages, rabbit in a wonderful Crusty s, o honestly kiss it would make a great husband to the fore male cult later I've just hang out man, because I was go down as observer. Talk politics, all this nonsense in the human world and they come up there. You try to die, don't know scream it kiss Oregon members reach home, there's other better. What we need to do for you. We need to make you a witch husband he's such a good, which has been because you can't just sit in a launch here with some glasses on drinking, be Elles, and then she says anything. Crazy people go Benjamin, do you believe in the prophecies of falander? And he can
Do about exactly how every act of most existing bitter, we'll bodies husband did not react in this way. No, in fact, she was so and studying the occult that those studies completely took over alive and since he didn't approve of it, You saw lifestyle. He began divorce proceedings in nineteenth many too oh Mamsie, I'd spun to have I dont. Corky people who come out of nowhere with their crazy stories, it's more etc. At any rate, it is but not when it's so diametrically too anything you have lived with before I I kind of get it because I change into different person. My previous relationship and Natalie met a man way more devoted Ufos, unluckily she's into it. Now, when I click wars to to people in relation to both have to be into ufos yeah sure for it to laugh or least willing to hear about it at nausea was wild Bonnie, was right in the middle of her divorce that she met Marshall Apple. I used to hit it off
from the moment they met a polite said I felt like a moment. My entire life all pretty soon, Nels was doing apple, whites astrological chart and they quickly surmised tat. They had known each other in a previous life. Always what's. The difference was that in this incarnation they had both been tasked with an important mission, although they did not yet know what that mission was, but hey. Let's make our first mission to get coffee a sat alone, magma maps out the bird boy. That's why she never spoke down, and we are now on the founding. Almost on a bit of a tremor could talk. This symbiotic relationship was exactly what both are needed. Nettles had always been more listed in the spiritual over the physical and Allah app
whites relationships with both men and women had all been empty failures apple, why he was actually read. It just give up on relationships completely, but he still wanted a partner, and that was all the Bonnie. Nettles filled perfectly now. Admittedly, it's like MIKE Hence as what is more of a hole in a basket. Admittedly, people did say the Apple white came off, as quarter quote crazy during this time period. Why? But Is Benjamin Zeller points out in his book? On Heavens, gate, Bonnie Nettles was in complete control of facilities and it was her knowledge of mystical, an awful logic. All subjects that made up the law.
I share of their more esoteric beliefs, the lack adieu stuff. She was the real engine, yet he actually thought. I think that it was almost any Stella gotta groove back Rhine a moment, eat pray, love where she was like, instead of calves, how only men, monthly allowance country she was not evil. You're, making your sound like an evil. I will they gets up. You know what I think will use. We're, though, is that it's all about evil by really think she, the manipulative one she the real B b, the actual problem here, because she saw all of this- is just the way to get out a Houston, her shining on life. She didn't want to be a mom. She wanna be a housewife. She she felt tat. She was but blessed. She wanted more from her exist
in the center and taken pottery classes, are going back to college or some shit or just leaving town. She saw more flop. Why, as her first fucking victim public right in because the first thing he said was your sign, and then she was like she knew immediately me like. I can tell you Every day I got my leg I gotta give. It is also your version of jockeys around seven zero, your channels of very interesting things, soap within months. Fateful meeting in the hospital nettles. An apple white jointly opened the Christian ART Centre inside the first Unitarian church of Houston marking the first attempt to gain followers rob was now buddy was respond in all the bland same all same old new age bullshit. They were sellen all the astrology yoga meditation Metaphysics, no one gavi shit and, as a result, the sinner closed You are only a few months from there
nettles and apple White left the city and travel to an unspecified location just outside a Houston in Texas Countryside, which they called the new place, spelled K n o D. You know play in crystal shop if the name isn't upon Hasdrubal, always as the be like the path to follow. Two nor subtle example should have rocks of Asia. Yes, yes, I very exciting. When you get your cold bookstore, I can't wait to know the name. Gordy have my name, my books or Henry Circlet Daddy's pony no, no! It's from raising calls from ghostbusters too, but you just gotta put journeymen there plenty at all is not lost. I can abyss heard I didn't realize it was so simple know anything happened. I already called out about it. I'm going to do that. It's just could be called in Riga Cult, get involved,
creative things, you ve ever done can recycle you're the one who's flood method in the place at and nettles both pot and studied new age beliefs, and eventually they met in a contest from the Philippines who offered them spiritual guidance. The oldest confirmed that they were indeed correct in their assumption that they had a special mission and he thus gave them new names, spoken called leaders hanging out, given each other nicknames like everybody's plain pool at the wall burns how high they were gone and short because you sure Danny it's hilarious. This is the time of the Cot leader in America like there, All these tiny little caught leaders and we're gonna meet a few of them or throughout the course of this episode, but this guy, he renamed Bonnie Shock D, W, which means powerful
Not so apple, I doubt was dubbed Sri, proud, which run we translates to declare heard that we wait a second. I still have my dear now that son de means auspicious mantra? All that's sad news came, that's like being told your great listen, that's not nodes, successful mantra. Ok, then you know me, I am I gonna get. And to it. But I could see how it's a fine name. Its deadly, not powerful, got a snow, but it's ok only noses the coldness was not from the Philippines. He was from Fuckin Philadelphia will bolstered by the confidence stowed upon them by the Filipino Occultism Bonnie net and martial apple white gave themselves a joint pseudonym. The first of many they'd have over the next ten years they beg and to refer to themselves as the two so
after their time. At the no place, the two hopped in a car and started a journey, through the western United States, but it all came to a halt when their car broke down. In Portland, this That is how everyone stays him or everyone who lived there the car broke down. I guess we're here. No problems are the very people, love Portland in nineteen. Seventy two, I would say that's how alot of people ended up in Poland a well known before, leaving it got too expensive again, but this breakdown in Portland ended up being fortuitous setback, appoint nettle spent the next few months. I'm on the banks of the Rogue river, and it was during this time that they received a joint revelation that told them exactly what their special purpose was ass. They believed that they were the two wit, says from the book of revelation described as there too olive trees or to let stands, who were able to devour their enemies with fire that flows forth from their mouth.
As a dangerous s, lamp deadline- or that was like, because its old it weird esoteric imagery from the book, a rebel. Patients where it is its two witnesses could be people. It could be these two trees that set people on fire and I'm not really sure, because we now know from our Amazon the Book of revelation that all this was pulled it satire anyway. So it's all gobbledygook yeah, it's fuckin, crazy and abroad, unfortunately by this revelation, though, is in the revelations, the beast that is so, death from out of the bottomless pit was destined to overcome and kill apple white, and idols ever three and a half days, afterward the people of earth would celebrate their deaths. It's like one That's Rawlins be Brok listener. People are very Brok listeners the beasts of the W W E was universal champion. Now he's just W B we champion law,
well, he was arrested. I was occupied zone and lost in your friends in your business partners. Don't know what you're talking about like when you talk about. Did you? Ok? Ok, I understand why, after the earth celebrated their death for three and a half days. God will resurrect Bonnie and partial and take them up to Heaven in a cloud following this realization, metals and apple white, but came millennia less, who believe that they will be killed in the final days, at least that's what they believed for the time being, and this here is apple white implements comes it. He Bonnie NET had grown up in the church, but remember apple. Why was the son of a bitch material minister, and he briefly, ended seminary. Interestingly, though, the inclusion of revelation in their belief system, was a rebellion all on its own on Apple whites part, because his father's faith ignored rebel nation Presbyterianism declares apocalyptic talk to be heresy, but revelation
all of this shit is super sexy. It is it's cool, Spock, yeah, it's very metal! It gives this whole template for the end of the world, which is what you feel I as a coat leader when you're then, will we be how many times we ve done this we'll talk about these cope with these court leaders. You need a time you need an end point place to shoot towards, but obviously they will manipulate this, but it has to stop some disturbing somewhere evangelical loves revelations, Pastor Matt after I, he forced the congregation which is extremely poor to build his mansion for him, I had four month and revelations, and it was one of the only church services full month church or is that of Lebanon Ben really kind of enjoyed, get glitches, Vulcan Dough, it's crazy, but they think It's real! Then you ready to hear where that comes from.
Yeah, I'm just share. That's all I know is yes. This belief that the end was near was wildly fashion. Double in America in early seventies a couple years before the two had their revelation and evangelical named how Linsey released and eventual best seller named the late great planet. Earth which predicted the end of the world and this might be surprised that some EU, but the idea of a fast approaching biblical apocalypse, is a fairly new thing in America. This is only in the last forty fifty years that we have really been talking about this, and it was how Linsey, who introduce the idea that revelations could be applied to contemporary culture, and he espoused that idea to the fifteen million people who read his book. Yet we We are not doing well million ready. This crazy may look. Have you watch this
Please, I'm not. I sat and watched as much as I could fold. My brain, the late great planet, earth all doubts on Youtube and it's good for two things: the first twenty minutes or falcon killer, they talk about leave the end times its Orson Welles reading revelation right, typography awesome. I love it's. It's a lot of fun It goes off the rails immediately because a number two you realises that the late great the but really great plenary all also is the shit is gonna happen in a fear mongering thing talking about how, with the birth of this, state of Israel in the idea of the reclaiming the Jerusalem is the holy place. She entity all this kind of shit, I'm really that non. None of that happening, not a word on animals, but you know I mean like the end times. Have it happened yet, but the all that shit that we, but that
Angelica, believe about, like you, know it's important for Israel to be a part of the entire river. This comes from how Lindsey this comes dangerous. One fuckin dude You had how Lindsey nineteen seventy release in this book. You had the tv series and nineteen seventy six. You got the exorcist one thousand nine hundred and seventy three sandwich right in the middle. When you take all those three things together, you'll start to get an idea of how the apocalyptic Christian Devil gain the foothold in America that he still has to this day. The aging brain right, because the world doesn't when you die, it's all gone. I feel like the boomer generation is almost willingness towards the apocalypse and we sort of seem to be sort of forgetting the fact that, like we're, gonna need those oceans and, like all those trees and stop gap, and I wonder if that plays into it like this sort of narrative words like it almost wanting the end of the world to prove themselves right, of course, absolutely all these seven year olds can be dead soon and after that date
they don't care anymore cause. They assume the whole world will be over by the end of this year, because they won't exist anymore. They d world to them will not exist and they all I believe that the Golan life is to hoard as much gold as possible like a storybook Dragon Cosmo. We ve got. This apocalyptic belief was quite the departure from what Bonnie, nettles and martial apple white were preaching prior to Rogue river before that we're still a new age. My pretty much talking exclusively about humanity reaching its full potential, but still they didn't fully abandon those ideas. Instead, they come bind them with the book. Of revelation using what's now called progressive Millennia lesson in this. The way. Old will end, but without all the plagues and earthquakes Wars and example, would be the concept of twenty twelve, the that they're supposed to be a shift
then in doesn't mean new chapter to society and what you're, hoping as that with that chair they're closing in a new one, opening that it's gonna creating a sir. Urge of psychic awareness and togetherness and all the shit I mean he might forty million people may have to die during that time periods can be rough for some people, everybody else is gonna, be able to talk to fish caught up the banned or the animal mean they're, both as difficult to get across your target. You try and a start scenario, yes, Bonnie and more so would be martyred. But, instead of going to Heaven and a cloud you were foe,
would descend and take the two along with their followers to a heavenly utopia that actually existed far away and another corner of the universe is called poke over toned down in a similar way, come away, come away with me thinking, but that mounting about Russia recently rewarding ups to kneel pert mere Gub Senor per hour. I be it does so like a great fan of Emmy Ass, bad things. We're gonna happen to those left behind, but who could say what those things work and, more importantly, who care. Who gives a shit. We did body interest in all the two new was that God was. Extra, terrestrial being, and Heaven was a physical place. One could travel to without dying and at last part, as we all know, would eventually change. But in the beginning the two taught that the body
of their adherents, would, through a biological and chemical process, be transformed into perfected extra terrestrial beings and they would live eternally and the next evolutionary level above human or Taylor for short, and how will tell they do that is what we will come to know is eaten beats money, not being one, though that was you that many will die in that they trot is that these are also back. I am without everyone loves, being cut out, beats we'd next episode will try to even more sum up their full onyx. And of belief system, which is not that extensive. They just can't fucking. Shut up about it, so the being very long and complex indeed, even though it's really not if it sounds like a leaf system, they just say the same thing over and over and over again in different ways. Will they want to do in this form? The idea was they would do. Would they would call the demonstration which you they would be crucified
they would be totally reads about. They would be crucified and then arose from the dead afterwards by the God creator of Alien being than who, not even God, because there is the oh knowing personality, less curator guy with all of the weird gods and read them, our God is just one of only I this morning there are going to do, and I so modest, but you know that's what it's all about a few things just kind of reinvented, that's taco bells whole menu. If you ever get fifty dollars worth of Taco Bell by the intimate that Schloop taste just like the mexican beats, the mexican beats distaste just just have the case, India, or what are they
Those things the contract supreme, the old sake, talk burrito no contracts of ring had I would ask all, but it was the same ingredients over and over against reinvented no Benny accidently had on a good point here. I did it, I never get any yes. I use food is an analogy. Hadn't you later today that metals and apple, like they always kept their theology firmly rooted in Bible verse. They sold all this as an interpretation of scripture which, when you really think about it, is the very protestant idea not necessarily of Angela but Protestant, does Baptist, interpret the Bible differently from Methodist who interpreted differently from Lutherans who in turn, differently from the church of Christ and so on and so forth. The church of Christ believes in cinnamon sticks as a good dessert sagacity and no music. No Music music adds where Turkey crisis drill weird. What did they do isn't that music. They just sing again
It could, I believe, all its cake pleasures are bad. Any sort of pleasure any earth leisure were at the very least in the church yeah they're, not not big music. My grandparents weren't, really big music people, your parents, Mr your grandparents were undisturbed. Emmy, it's not a call. You I'd. Only very AIDS, very famous earnest in real as a good music is so in in most religion, then used in most will they sell thing, but only the evangelical sure like check out my new guitar, like they were always like rocket with drugs and stuff? And things have you, sir tapping your toes? Sometimes, if you're just the right amount of jiggle was booby, serpent, That's it that's! The first is that the first thing they make you make your mere Bobby Dingle dont. Do it will all apple white and metals really dead when it comes to a protestant point of view, made the Bible siphoned novel there. This change it up. They didn't change it up, and you said this is our interpretation in this.
Dear that aliens in God, where one of the same with something they leaned and two from the very beginning, they'd, but conference rooms, they hold talks, and they do it all. Under the title, UFO and the kingdom did everything in it those together. This is how you hope and urge road you gotta get them in the seeds, because you know a nerd do homework I'll, be there and they will do the work they did. That is created. I've come on question did my question. So they pull over on the side of the road right to live in an encampment. What made them? What do you think it's a they sit and talk about like giving the sin conversation like diarrhea, we need a whole, maybe we'll let you have already more sailor like every time you lulli not you're, reading a binding notices to you. I don't think I'm not asking you asking the question of like. I do think that this is a cynical understanding of legs were or you're, just so desperate to feel like
They are an important part of society that they neared lookin for people like good at some point, because other just look famous couples and more slop boys. Are we sunny and chair now? Are we Romeo and Juliet, but it's like how do you find where you land, as occult their true believers down at the edge one of the conversations we had room when you know we were going through histories, but you have a very long time with true belief and others like with like true belief and like knowing what like the true belief when it like Protestantism like where that comes from, because these people were, they were not cynical. I dont think that Bonnie Nettles was trying to manipulate anybody like these people were like true believers is in a very real sense that on some pathway took a month's laid. The revelation was after months of conversation, but combined at some point. You do too I don't have a try. Dont have trouble understanding the true believers. I understand that people can look, can see them
and didn't you just have to have no base person already rise into. You have to be kind of a job. If you have to be a blank slate too able to infuse somebody else's philosophy into being like? And you that's all you believe in you are you're, just like in a cone of bully who are they are at rate with which I am sure I do understand it, but I'm some level doo doo we have to consciously two's. This is story: yeah, they derive chooses our story, but it's not a cynical choice. It is an evolution. Lay. It is at one. Conversation builds on another conversation built on another conversation. Until There are having these conversations four months. There just sit next to a fuckin river in ramp side and doing nothing but talking, and eventually the just decide like this is it this is what feels right and I think that's what it is. They just talk until they say this is feels right now. Let's go tell people. You know what we're really would have helped her one of those a thousand
he's puzzle saw my dick. I again out side. That's a nightmare: the wind who gay men than did add sort of like a weird physical level, putting together a puzzle, you gonna final pieces when it goes away at my mom debt and glue ever piece together so that you can pick it up rather than the coffee table for months and months, and then we have to say that was really good. Will definitely a big the carriage but against its might not be cynical, but the business aspect of it. You think about like a Gigolo Steen Right, like he hardware and who do not desire Nicole, he has said all right, yeah yeah, but they have the best.
Document now go, save they wanted and thinking about minority again get nowhere. Our age baby, no they're, not tat. They are not thinking about the monetary oak value of this at all. None of their they're, not evil monsters like jealous, I see, but these beats costs money here is a cheap hair, got cost money. These beads no grow underground. Actually, they will in fact what they would do. Who is they would let them once they did start getting followers. They would let their coffers run out. And then, when everything when they had no money, they would tell their followers like ok, go out and work an odd job like a janitor job or some something with no track something with no that you're not really gonna get into go out, work and our job for little bit make a lie. But a money and then come back
It's just work is just Gettin data day yeah. It's you do the job the old Indo year. We think of you, don't have to go work at Sea J Max. What now what you got? A better job being an extra two rest real is only time. Does it take a little bit of brain power and if my brain is completely white after a whole day being Jesus Christ, Alien, I'm gonna go out and sweep fuckin floor for no shop. You better tell me, I'm gonna go. Do we turn freeing hours? I have to keep my play. The color hair, and so with message more or less worked out. Nettles and apple white returned to Houston and May of nineteen seventy four and got there first follower right off the woman named share and wall. She reminds me of the super fan dude from tenacious day, though even
Bonnie. Nettles was the creative force behind most of this body. Have nose ass now she didn't have their noses. You gotta know young, in MILAN Vonny is now I'm being long, and I want my phone down. He gave a group to me it seems, but you you mention their first follower. We remember our first listener, Aunt Izzie Member, of course, our memory for British Columbia. I believe you're still lives listening Disease for Mexico, Mexico loud completely opposite the heart of the continent where the ether here, what is what is land when base of what one location? Oh? No, I just like your final defence eternities trial, but disasters I mean that's apple. I bet
we need Europe wide comes an app awaits the visionary here. He was an archipelago yet with not that way them boom boom boom boom bombardment of war. Sorrowing that micro gonna sell it work apple. Why was the one who could deliver the message in a vaguely coherent fashion, the message that apple. What delivered was so strong that Sharon involved that first flower, she knew the two from the christian arts an hour she knew them from the no place. But after she This new message sixty after hearing it abandoned her family completely and left with the due to spread the gospel across Amerika. She
It seems like she wanted an excuse to abandon her family. She might have gone along with the carnival somewhere Vienna Mama's hard, but I saw a lot of these types of my mom. I was a member of an Ellen on group and we need to go to an interfaith church off of a story of boulevard that you know, but it was filled with a lot of kind of law, souls were really looking for adherence. I saw a lotta heavens gate haricots in that environment, simple, yes, on Boise the two and share and tried converting an anthropology professor by just walk in new as office tone, gotta drop everything and Lee with us immediately, you mean I'm gonna drop all my books, because you know what we get it I thought I haven't come and body like YA I'm gonna sold come on. Let's go but you're
you smell now. What's your name? You don't talk anymore those guy. He said they were sincere, but they had weird eyes see. You said, that's what turned him off you like. I didn't like their eyes I said no and they all failed to convert a local psychic in Boise also said now: inquiry every single person they talk to on that trap, gave him a polite now I think you have to build. It and they will come yield of dream style it takes him times makes him swings right there. You know what you don't hit, the home runs, you don't swing for around them up absolute the correct, surely also don't strike out, then lose the game for your team may before balls. Four balls basis notes for basis. Gotta do is right, then Sharon's
guilt about leaving her family started, settling in and for she had a long sit down with her husband and her daughters. She was convinced to come back home after only four months, being on the road talking to strangers about heavenly ufos plenty of time to abandon your family. Just give you back there. Do you really want mom back this shit, I just she literally so you met to boobs, you may laugh or she'd known the boobs before she got a couple of classes with the boon. I always even understand. If you just met the bull that had the bam revving an electorate are you of our down the highway? Ninety five we're gonna go get your right now I am. Down the urgency wanting believe what you have already had: a cooling periodical but the boobs at a new thing to say that a new message- nice, neither parliament nor the two losing their only follower was bad enough, but things even worse, when Sharon's husband, who is
truly holding a bit of a grudge charged apple, white and nettles with credit card fraud because they used his gas card when they were on the road, but eventually Sharon did convince her husband dropped the charges. Could she said I let them use the gas card. Technically, it's our gas guard so drop. The chair. It any abandon your family. This rounds for divorce and thing was the initial arrest brought up something some apple white record turn now app. White had rented a car within expired credit card which may he'd, essentially stolen the car, no the Euro stand, they wrote a letter. This is true. They wrote a letter to the rental company explaining that it will all be paid for and we have your guard or does it really did they read? I owe you is mine is good at what happened or December to address it without knowledge, and I want to keep her for that crime. Marshall Apple White served six months in the county jail, but this insight
points towards an interesting shift in the twos perceptions about themselves, and we see this shift in most caught leaders. Although I didn't know there was a name for it as a real fun name for anti no mechanism at the file name Marty, you like no mean as our markets and I were excited to find the term who very excited it is very cool. Will in stealing the car or at least defrauding the company appetite knolls believe themselves to be above the law because of their self proclaimed exalted profit status in this belief that ass, a man no longer apply to those who are on a mission from God, is known and you know me in his arms, like the blues brothers and everyone from Jim Jones to David caress, utilise that belief threw out there means of terror, because one time actually read the speech, restaurant, a tea and dough and tea? She picked up the people and we haven't got to tee and oh yeah, you're right about all say outward Bonnie of use their earth names on their heads of government, name ass. She took the potential for
wrong is normally from the small boy. What did she turned to stay? A marginal dignan, now, both stuck here, I'm afraid it's clean, bidding into cross? First, it There are two lonely, Peter Scheffler back attorney sought and he was a suck, my God that's, the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and he went on to go into cause. He lived in this little shack. Alec is almost like a hot. He went back to his little hut and he bore dig. It did such a sum, the regular hot. Now, no, no, no, it became a pizza, but again Marshall Apple white turned this seeming set back into an opportunity to further solidify his and nettles theology, while he was sitting in the county jail, but he realised that he and nettles they weren't humans. They were
Aliens were in happening, human body, so I could jack and I go then so bad I know now and they were the only aliens who had visited earth from what they called the next level tee and l Even though Jesus Christ was the Son of God, he was also an alien because God was actually an alien as well very simple and very similar Mormonism and with this nettles apples its little side, the basic structure of the call that would take them all the way to the end and pretty soon after the solidification they started gather and father. They see gathering followers for real down. This was so around the time they decided on a name change. They briefly wit by God. The in, because
consider themselves to be a part of that guy's make Ex area leader reviewed? This is a very big gaining about my away. Feeling really kind of conscience about my vehicle is yet appeared. Loop Danny pay. Guinea and pig, knowing no but it's getting back there given that gap, because as part of a cosmic spirit, of course, eventually, though, they hold on BO and peep book They were the shepherds of humanity. Disguise but that is something you can build, nor a dork dork Isabel. I think dork is better than dubious. Do business worthy, follow or believe it? I agree on the hierarchy of nerdy above do arise, but as far as followers went the turning point for nettles and apple. I came in April of nineteen seventy five when they are in
added to speak at a metaphysical, meet up hosted by a wanna, be called leader named Clarence. Club now Clarence Plug straight up and like a chequered suit, covered about what he owes money like fifty people either. Secondly, Adam Sandler from uncut gems he's on a lot of these got a lotta begone for guys in the fire and go out plates go in, and he s thick Hedy D, but to get his coat The next level is really going to find wiping his brow. Like he's a king of carbon back, the club was tried for pretty much the same thing. The apple white nettles, we're goin for except key combine revelations with chalk risen, tantric energy, but club backed up here for too much too soon. Here his followers for a whole ship, a cash because he said that his teachings what's so important that they needed to be put in the print. But since then publisher was willing to print the fuckin troth, we're going to have to say
published this damn thing our sun was so long as it gets Hillis entering the ranks of the wall here and how much it I'll be home. It'll be article fifteen grand do you have in reality. I know we're gonna publishes bogus me big deal everyone's gonna change. Everybody dont worry of anybody, but for thing I have to do is take that fifteen grand I gotta triplet cagey is gonna, make it tonight, I'm gonna go when I met him. Put it a triple bubbled trouble single resembled. Both the on the care that killed. What do you think a triple double is honestly basketball. I haven't had it at the Wendy, since I should probably was club was run in a pretty Shui called everything was in disarray. There will be an torn apart by petty relationship problems, and this relationship problems were only be made worse because the court was full of vicious gossips. I've got a nip in the bud, in that in the bud and that's why a good colt honestly- you need a little bit of corporal punishment. I know you're going up
back on me. Everybody I was just let him have any corporal punishment is what I'm doing again ehler agent or said. Sometimes you have to put a guy in a trash Canada which cold water on his boss. Well, that's not very nice to do it's not nice to do, but how the hell are. You gonna, walk through walls and talk gesine, but they don't actually ever get to walk through Warrior little earlier that all that's just lies David Miscarriage just screaming screaming screaming like little people do he's got his wife's locked in a room somewhere. Life is full of funny. Little mysteries lessens the teaching lessons to the group leader, two understood leather, words when metals and apple White showed up every. Was ready to say goodbye to clog like the whole class. I don't think you understand what I'm gonna please go. Maybe I can stay around and could be sort of a happy. The treasure, let me get all the money you grab like make sure we get enough, beats review of what those people who were at play meeting said bow and peep rate
aid charisma and gave often aura of understand- in peace, which was exactly what they were looking for, and instead the eyes being creepy Summum. So the apple Whites eyes quote, gave off this love thing foolish. I don't know I mean I can t see it again. I mean it was a connection thing, those big wide eyes that he had like for some people they connected with that. Well, if, from what I saw him beyond human, if their approach really change. I honestly don't think it did. He cries alot. Actual app awaits a cry of these very emotion he's like John Vainer. Yes, it's all been. I think that it sort of conveys this idea of I'm genuine work is more like. I think you stating how much trouble you're in all time just about to seriously be like so much just get me out of this thing, but it now too late, because you ve already cut your balls off, Are you just look at club built? I cried and no one cared
tat is not required for through, for example, could among ugly. Quite honestly that is one thing to remember: it's ok to cry and relationships, but you do. I guess, there's a death save it. So that savour ugly gripe judge you dont want economic weeping is fine. Weeping in response to tragedy is by no means, but look a little bit of a week or you know the tears come down, but, like the forlorn like heaving ugly cries, I get us reserve for death and the end of the relationship yet or big fight to really get out of it. But during their time about revelation and go up, and at the? U F, o to experience the next evolutionary level above human bo, peep, smartly quoted Matthew, twenty five thirteen! in saying that no one knows the time of Christ return, meaning that was no expiration date on the call at least not yet damn the devil is change, that no smart men be that's how you start. You re too vague structure
and then you slowly fill it in any and then they feel ownership because they are hoping you fill in as will see with the as it goes on there take. In cues from the people and creating this kind of like loop to make sure everybody's gettin. What they. Why out, o the call to Rome or BO peep said the earth was one of the how was heavenly gardens and our garden was at this very moment, being prepared for its first impossibly its last harvest, there's some gross ass pumpkins and the only way to escape, they said was to ascend to the ex level where they would become immortal draw Judas, none millions with no generals who are nonetheless still very attractive. You're saying that and martial appointed idle and a very good thing is that that would they said that they were going to like you're gonna, who's. Your nose, you get a loser. Genitals, you're gonna lose everything here. What you're going to be very attractive? No you're not meant you're the whole. It looks like you Louis detract
If you get a boner from looking at Casper or like the South Park version of Michael Jackson, you imagine just spread and whatever material Casper isn't just just stick in your dick boy kind of randomly and trying to see what was sexy about it. You know prospers. A child as the firmly go yeah he's a boy go split, thousands more ease, the boy he's, the ghost of a boy. Do you stop asian once you're dead because he's been around since the thirty physically? He still the ghost of a boy? I guess, but are you didn't have much on your Ngos is still child molestation, if you're having sex with the ghost of a child. If you were attracted to the body of a child- and I would say that you are a child molesters but Casper is just an entity- is a full goes he's not he's not does not have the body which yet look like a bunch of come with eyes, restart the voice in the face of a child. We can debate this all night. Long debate is only natural that what what
about what nettles retelling peoples that you're gonna but you're all gonna become a bunch a sexy grace but of course, no call works without an antagonist and in the a bone peep their enemy war, the Euro area and the loose affair. The kingdom descended from the angels who over rebelled against the kingdom of Heaven and they over this earth. Through your standard secret societies like the Illuminati in the Freemasons and so on and so forth, but this is my question: comes to all that. Obviously, Satan was kicked out from Heaven. It must have some components of that suck, because if it really was perfect. Why would anyone leave it to hold the classic story of Lucifer's what they do here, where the called the Lucy's been there cute little like they're, not even that much of a nefarious villa there really not because it is still. I guess you can almost you can live with them. You can work with Lucy Muslim do like gather, dared around. They call him Lucy's, that's what you're fine, he loves little pet name, so we call them Lucy's so the this world. What would be known as Lucifer
One of the pantheon of God's underneath the all knowing creator God and they believe with lessons that they have received from their various and masters. Would they ve learned and de LA as that they don't need. The big massive creator, God Bacon GO run their own kingdoms wherever they want to Lucifer leaves to take over the planet earth and what he does is complete. He does he puts lie. Throughout all of these modern societies, especially on the planet, earth stuff that, like budget line, a sore bones smelled like up and I think she's is came, and he sacrifice himself for our sins and open up the gates were heaven what it means that Jesus is already done. The hard work Ya'Ll set. Now you can go to Heaven now, without with what more slap light will break down as but act Finally, we have to do the work of Jesus the same and sacrifice the same when these Lucy's or trying to convince you that you could just fuckin crews YAP interested
yeah, I mean Jesus Jesus. Christ was a man that had been inhabited by an alien two thousand years ago and then maybe other people have been inhabited by aliens Syn, that doesn't really now, like Marshall Apple, why doesn't say keys the second coming of Christ? He says he the next coming of Christ. He does it not not say it here, but not. He does say that he is inhabited by the Christ Alien, but he is not the second coming because there have been other there possibly been other incarnations of Christ throughout history, but the two things that he'd that's not even necessarily gods, they don't see them as gods at all in the way that we see them is God's they're just aliens, they are kept oral beings with digging I'll, you could shoot an alien in the head
you could shoot Jesus had. He died due it new area. Morally, upsetting you guys ruin the new man in Black Africa that wanted to see that, but he called this process Christ Ing which to me, I think, is also the term for coming on the feed of twelve guy days. It legacy, could work with the law a ferry and it was possible to live with them and live in our world, but if you found it impossible to do so, I e, if you can, function in the modern world, then you were a candidate for the next missionary level. Above human we're talking, the nineteen seventy modern world right, Yellowclaw can fuckin hellhole America so we're doing like the modern world is like a microwave, that's a tv they still doesn't have color tupperware upper where non those play apple Applewhite would do the vast majority of the talking, while models would sit next to him and act, as is corn. Unquote, quote spiritual anchor directing only when she felt Apple white statements needed clarification and, according to one
early follower, the times in which nettles interjected seem to correspond directly with questions that popped into this guy's head. While Apple White was speaking like he would apples. We'll be talking, this guy would have a question and the nettles would come out and say well, there may be. Of you out there wondering about such and such. Why we haven't like ours is what the seabed. Why beat looks like we assholes bleeding absolutely when this man later known as to Daddy said that he felt as if he were in a tunnel. He was at one end, while apple white and nettles were at the other beckoning him to come forward. The added that he felt as if the only people in the room were him and the two, despite the fact that the talk was taking place in a crowded Torreon. We see this again and again with caught leaders in Ankara and political figures
which anyone whose courage Matic back that that is the magic of charisma, is talking to two hundred people and making everyone in their feel. Like they're, talking directly to you, it's coming Meeting Sammy a guard from as you get in there in the first thing he says, choosing tell me, you gobble are you will wild about Sammy Manner bedroom? I think I'm a cargo, really now not a whopper was so much more fun, but I know that, but I'm trying to be true to myself. Yet ya under the nervous I just making readers man can readers Josephine, insurers, tars or polish here is died? I am therefore Sammy love it so by the there to night run a Clarence clubs, metaphysical seminar, BO and peep at medical. Telling enough argument for two dozen but to leave their lives behind enjoying the two. I'm
people who were joining them where, as we said, mostly what you'd call hippy types totally disillusion by the complete and total failure of the sixties, at least a failure. From the point of view, a piece of love. These people were what Robert J lifting called protein ends meaning their belief systems were ever changing and fluid didn't really matter if the experiences they had were shallow are profound, it was all treated the same, but you know you might Levin Hindu, as in one week you might believe in Christianity, the next he might believe and Judaism the next month. After that see this, I can't deal with with a spouse, at least if they are a which you just gotta, stick with one yet, or at least you got let us take with one every five years. I use can be changed that fast, I'm all about the experimentation and the ideal. Changing your thought land that in ITALY the way you look at you, I think that it is really interesting, but I feel, like you still and I have a societal obligation to like raise your fan,
So where are you going to go to work you you couldn't do all the things that you need to do and stay with primmer or you don't fuck off and lead a monastic life than you are free to do so that, like one of those where I can understand, if you don't really have any ties, if you're just fuckin guy we're Peter Parlour and you just want to go and joined the day. Em and do their value want. Wouldn't go do that gap, but it is annoying when their super into it every week and then there like, Hindu with him is wrong. That was last week, but they were like telling you that it was the greatest thing else. I've had it at his annoyance, like when our friend got super into soccer and changed his entire personality. Evidence like what happened with white thing is, but he still in a soccer. He stuck with it I could go back to that in spite of what these people these your former scientologists yoga fish cycle, knots. Straw, psychics people Just gonna went from one thing to the next
ology because you always more literally about your body, like D B, is not like. Also your third, I it's like certain strains of yoga thereof. There are ones that are more exe they yoga the There are ones that are more exercise. Based of sight. I go to various with the ones the classes I've been to it's kind of a grab bag. Some are a little bit more spiritual than others in the region. We kind of entitled, because it's about breath and all that kind of bullshit the job for you just have some one film you doing yoga, will with a bunch of forty year old women, because I need to see a method, never honesty, it's always like kind of yunkers, but it me in there. Man who I just looked like a guy who's just become sober, just look at the one thing, all of these people shared was a staunch belief in the existence of extraterrestrial life, if you Believing ufos you weren't gonna, be apart a bone. Peeps cult
where's these people work necessarily cynics. They just wanted to believe in something that would both absolve them up responsibility and give them a take it off the planet. Earth be that's what they were selling in spades. Now why you did have a fair amount of single people joining some left behind entire families. After just after attending just one meeting with one couple, Imp take abandoning their kids to a friend, because one in both peeps main rules, no kids, the one thing they definitely were correct about Somebody is technically good. You got kids, you gotta legal yeah, you ve started it. You gotta finishing, got a finnish get, kill, em, no, no key alone round the goods we raise the unjust raise the evening. That's a way to look at it, but if you want the joint heavens could eat you drink
the gets issues as your like Susan Smith, mother of the year? I am not like her. I that's why I drowned my children inside of toilet paper. Discuss the interesting thing about it is that while people did joined the cult fantastically fast, they also left just as easily. For example, the cup blue left their children. I said no up we're going to get this shot for three months we'll see how it goes and if we like it see you later, if see you in three months time enough for months in one week later they were back home, I'm those kids, I'm living like them and then does brothers, unlike you left us for three months and what this man I want to. I wanted a tory whatever it was cool for cancer seventies. Now lot of those who joined were comfortably middle class, predictably, but There were some who were actually wealthy. One did John Ricky Gregg was a success. But real estate developer, who was almost alike
did to the Colorado House of Representatives as a Republican. Accordingly, Craigs Ex wife, whom he left along with six kids. He told her in nineteen, seventy five ufos in a car like three or four months, scanty new me away to another planet. See you later oh yeah yeah? I thought you were just running for the House representatives Yard decided I've that represent myself and alien Jesus. I'm just gonna. Go you take your that gets yeah. I guess I fucking have to deal with you for your well. If when this doesn't happen, he'll come back my ill. We'll be back. I got six kids, a fuckin HOPI comes back hopefully to a padlock door. John Gregg never came back it seems like he may have just not wanted to be a part of my no within joined. This group,
it's a you know, that's the thing I'll go. This is of all over. My disown particularly understand that the Stickeen S by look we're pretty soon. He was but not fires and renting halls for recruiting meanings and twenty two years later, John Craig was one of the thirty. Eight people to commit suicide with the rest of Heavens Gate in a mansion, who sail was negotiated by John Crack. Use your talent ass? He was committed to it. I dont think this guy just wanted to leave this family, because if he just wanted to leave his family, he would have gone to Heavens gave for two months and then he would have fuckin moved a pencil vein. I am that's that it was built. Ye could use the nine eleven opportunity in stages it at its. He is a true believers. Obviously, and he decided to give it is all any there's something about going. Choose to be in a little society in which you no longer have to choose Anything ever get european and make a decision. You hit a high powered job. High risk job is very difficult to be real estate agent. All this
now, you know have to be fucking anything. You got this little dome, haired boy telling you what to do freedom in a cage, but there were others who left the call in the seventies and came back much later forementioned, T Dodi said he left the call in nineteen seventy eight but returned in nineteen. Ninety four, after a chance meeting with one of his original, so called classmates lamed. You have to be that you did, or at any rate in twenty years, maybe they gotta dumber. It's not lay nice not lying, not dumb. It's this guy said While he was away from the group, he found the world to be rude, mean grass of rural he'd been beaten up, harassed, lied to cheated, Rob, threatened, Leto he'd have all of us, but he couldn't fuckin Hackett like he doubted not, but when you know when you're with bone peep everything's fine, you know
everything everything's good when you're with bone be built, the port, where I say that's, really great, and I hope I wish that they didn't all die ass. They ve never that Joseph all these calls him like. I just wish that I ethically human nature. I know that the world's bad place, and then I ran away. That's just this, just you in nature and then they end themselves. Yeah I mean that's the things it Bowen peep like broke down. To the point where their followers and end even themselves like we're almost infantilized it's where it takes everything to a very childlike, simple level, with trying to become space baby soon, truly, as they started again, more followers bo peep started refer themselves as tee and dough. I dont know why base baby sounds raises. Well I'll. Give aliens do not refer to me as base. Maybe we are space being bung Marshall out what let nettles would use T Indo until the end,
That was their names and tell the end, and I don't know what I'd try to hinder it You figured out why, like T Indo, it has to do with like their love of the sound, a music or some. I'm. U should guess tried again try to read, the nine hundred by Sawyer. You see he does it as an example of he did have an it, would he be to be. His version of an explanation what was told to him was that I guess that, ah Bonnie Lou Nettles had a whatever favourably the world was a sound of music, and so the song odd, to around good news about right. Now, but tee in dough or at the end of this right is so big. Toe Don t you know or the end of it. They it's about be shift of active from tee to deal with them. Berry end of the refrain that is about tee and dough debate being connected to each other
father to son, that the Father allow the sun do go up to an upper octave till the next up. This I'm I'm sound like a fuckin more on measures that try to read the book gap when I realize about it's called was that they actually been making national headlines since the Seventys and up or of nineteen? Seventy five, the New York Times printed an article about the group with the headline twice: de missing an organ after talking of higher life during this event in question, metals now known as tee. An appetite now known, as dough held a conference at the World port in and wild port organ tracker to crowd about two hundred and fifty I dont Bialik Fake news here, but it's a totally insane headline. Twenty missing an organ gap there in Oregon, yeah, we'll trend missing from organ you'll, see that by the end of it, between twenty and thirty, people walked away from their lives to join. The group know another
fascinating aspect of this call is that, while most com, steeped in the book. Revelation echo for the fuckin, hard sell d and no low pressure out down to the point of no pressure. Soups cash. Wouldn't you know I like they didn't understand colt infrastructure, yet love the ideas and in love the attention, because these are two people that have not had, but they believed they suffered from a deep lack of attention. Yes, and so this babe loved, haven't. Everybody show up a lot The idea of all these people coming and in wanting to follow them, and then I believe, This obviously, is all the more respect, comedy idea, but at some point your tea indo, looking at a group of twenty people and all suddenly like yes less were to go? We will follow you anywhere and you're, like our com, download two weeks. We have nothing to bring you to there's no home, there's no there's, there's no place to go
no church, there's no, not there's nothin, there's nothing. I didn't know what to do with the fall tat. It was very difficult, be a part of Heavens gate in those early days they were nomadic they didn't, have a compound, at least not yet. Instead they would meet at campgrounds Just all across Amerika, like our actual next meetings, gonna be infrared. Is Colorado around somewhere in late March, so they would you there, but it would be that vague Yoda that vague, they would say, like general date, a journal area, and if you just so happens, caught em you, if you took just happened to catch him, you'll be able to be a part of the next week. And that would be then said, will talk about the EU universe would allow you to meet us live. You were supposed to meet us yeah and, if MR meeting you might We'll find him again now really, they're just gone because Europe I mean this is nineteen fuckin, does nineteen seventy two right, but even
frustrating was the fact that many of the meetings that we're supposed to happen didn't happen. Sometimes People would start spread more it amongst the members, the tea in dough or planning a meeting somewhere like LOS Angeles Colorado, but whenever one showed up found out, the whole thing was just fuckin rumour and really nobody had a fucking idea, or See and don't worry, it's like waves. Don T do to do, and this is only a small part of what the call asked of its members when they couldn't watch tv. The country newspapers couldn't use drugs or alcohol. Own jewelry or clothing that represented there old self. They couldn't even have a fuckin beer, so dignity and had there was a litany of rule. Oh yeah body'd. We will find out as this camp regresses, come so minutely. Controlling they will control every aspect of their lives were due to the point where it says stuff, like four fifty cents take a shower five.
Nineteen eat your soup. There I've twenty five, while the soup off of your jacket That applies to you, mostly Harold Army, but perhaps the just a man on the members was the social control they couldn't collar. Parents couldn't visit old friends, couldn't pick up hedge, Yours they couldn't socialize with any one and that included each other a course, weird that they couldn't see like they could interact somewhat, but they couldn't socialize. So this is it it's a little nefarious at this point. Oh dear, no, we're not action at their ease assailed! Oh, I don't even know really late and I dont consider any of it to really be net fair as soon as you tell someone, you can't call your parents of rational, but it can also buddy. It's like you can't call your parents. If you want to be a part of this year, We have to be part of this. You can leave anytime, you want, but it's like you want to be part of it than dead. That's what you gonna! Do it:
by personal choice, but only those people are personally choosing to not call their parents thing. I want to call their parents in the culture giving the permissions and I call their per yes. I don't know I debts if I do say it that way, but I do believe at some point if you are a charismatic leader in you, are not trying to have a destructive call, you would create rules within your own world, where you could have contact with your family. If you wanted you like this, they need, if you want to have a positive goal, which I think is technically just a club dry up at an early hour meeting group like one of those things where the day they do get very minute. It is, but it's not really until the coalescing after this time period, when they can finally get everybody together, cause it's when they get. Everybody together is when the really intense sky dwelling and all that shit starts which will cover next, Will it be listening right now and you are joining a club that says you can't talk to your friends or family, get out, get out
Unless you don't want to talk to your friends and family still just get out, because at some point, you're gonna be illegal trouble in Arizona, Bialy ones backing up what I think, what they saw. With Clarence Clogs Cult was what will happen if you Don't have some sort of Africa Social Control over your followers that article one around Willy nilly, do I wonder what he's fighting each other every everybody's find each other. There's gonna be back seven, there's gonna be gossip. You know, that's just how humans are when they are it together in a group yanked at least subsume Exley, also to give them freedom to perform swinging me as good as possible. Interesting, that's where you come in his HR of alpine, resolute, of course All these rules extended to the realm of sex. Nobody under any Sarka dance, was allowed to have anything even closely resembling sex, but it is
play out. What does that mean like even a banana? Exactly you couldn't spray yourself in the face of the whole, you couldn't democrat similar to a bunch of midnight when you add a pissed, your pants and then wash your pants Suffolk as you could not touch anything, don't even bother you, you were straight up not allowed to even be aroused yeah, I mean honestly. I guess the inverse is like a children of God thing. So this isn't the worst that we ve covered the gold. Oh, no, I'm not I'm you, but that's! The thing is that this didn't play out like it usually does and calls. This was not a case of members abstaining from sexual relations, while the people up top we're going Haug, on the more attractive members nobody was fuckin round but what wasn't important Bonnie wasn't fuckin, nobody was fuckin, nobody was even masturbated, they weren't allowed to know they were not allowed and then put the whole thing. I feel it gets one of those main like level
of this court. Is that because bonding an Marshall Apple White, both said that their their main problems have to do with human relationships. So all of this all of this was just a way to don't worry about dating anymore you're right. I note of its leg very, very simple: buying of all this bullshit but Barney, we, like you didn't trying to find a mine we'll get a job and law. Marshland lifelike news to say their seventeen years old, but to me into my hands, are full girl man. He didn't have sex with seventeen boys get a nice. If they do, they were college students. They were used ie to all that shit. So without not none were they not not not not worthy of a sexual nature. A sexual people know because what they did is that they actively tested their members. In the early days way in their not secondary law that you're announced love. Did you Hubert now
durable. Well enough. I saw two cared lobes next to each other. In the early days too, you know would pair of people whom they knew were attracted to each other. And they would talk Tom, like you can't even each other but hey guess what you two are now check part Now you to get a hang out all the time, but you can have sex with each other. Your job is to go out and spread the gospel around America. You gotta go out and test the churches we test the churches? This means you gonna Beggin food from pastors and seeing if they will give it to you or not, but I know the least sexy circumstances in the world, but how sexy, It's very sex you're supposed to not touched you can even touch. You came whisper. You can't even put in every every single bomb. Hips touch accidentally when your God was harvest en route. We write anything anywhere there. Dumpster diving routes are, you, were the routes are this one I've always had to farmers, go Willard
Our group does not make your new routes oak, fine, other religious, be touch hips electricity you fucking shit gum, sheer gamma ray. I think they probably shared gone one that is again and was going to say that the group is about hearings were known each other mean of course, Emmy. This ended up backfiring yeah. I did not, because the members eventually fucked it backfired, because these people who went out into the world they lost touch with group What can never come in? Just never came back just take it back very like ok, that's over now. We can't we just don't north, like one pair they actually like gave an inner you to a local newspaper to try to throw up a flag to say well, we were here. Look we don't know where the next people are and Asia sadder than being in the cold. We I can't give up
because I want to work out. What are you making? My call were very good, but again they did believe this idea that like if we were also to be together, the cry mine would put us all together and those guys like in that interview, they explain that usually the call communicated through post office boxes but said all those post office box is we're all short term Reynolds and Reynolds at all, run out and since pair had missed the last remaining Rita no we're the cult is so is somebody could tell us where the cultures we would be greatly break. It up infrastructure. Look at El Ray you putting together a series of people in charge of various things, delegating authority creating different owing to a lot of abuse, a lot of young people in line, but even the people who were able to follow the grew from place to place, every one was called We ran with doubt as to whether the
should stay or go back there. Like I don't know, this is the right thing. I don't know if I should be here, but it was partly due to the fact that ten dough Hardly ever around, like they showed up, gave a couple rules and so like our right you're, going to figure it out for the next three or four months. You guys talk him you're selves figured out for the rules. However, you want to follow the rules, and that's that to me is the really interesting thing about it. So in that time then did people follow the rule out or lay so people didn't didn't and they said the Cook was just lose Sudan because they also have their bid and have them breathing down their necks. Every minute, but again It was an honour system. It was not so we're. There were a lot of people like a lot of these people that were in this Lucy Goosey atmosphere like a lot of men up in the mansion do you. Ninety seven. Do you think that any other court could have retained such retain meant blog? I feel him Jones just stop shown up every day? I guess we're gonna want our children. Homer Marcus, correct mean, is true. This
the beginning of this. They don't have a lot of attention. Almost die several times I remember the Jim Jones, like his followers, did greatly drop We went down to Brazil and what was that an archie ended up taken are trying to take over the group for a little bit. But when he came back, that's when Jim Jones Chirac the whip, so they would have just gone, they would just got these. People need daddy's in Mommy's and that's what their son an upper right. They need to know penis, daddy, so can go in there and make sure he spent some enough so they become Jesus Christ Command Kizil, these not spanking. Anyone who so you're only issue with Evans Gate is not enough. Spanking. Things will just be a little more Kelly Anti. If some of these bombs got book when tune dough did actually show up. I mean their words. There was a sore regimented ordered things. Public talks permitted
only a short question and answer session and members would stand onstage with tee and dough and act as what they called buffers, because They had to absorb the negative energy from the ice skating, your fattest members, you heard about me and all with our arms each other's hands. They may like rigour. We are we're bad vibes. I believe that these stood behind a catastrophe. Crazy all right. The only interaction members would have with the public one on one during these talks would be taken, the name phone numbers of those who were interested in learning more and those who still learning more were told that if you want to know more, you gotta come to the next camp. Ground me which again was called a buffer meet up. So you would have people that would give their names and phone numbers when the next meet up with this
and upon they would call up those people and say hey. If you want to come here and learn more about this, come to the camp, they will come to that camp and then they would give him a little bit deeper of ash peel and then the people there were side if they wanted to go to the next level and the next level? Being you leave your entire fuckin life and you travel around with your check partner around America to spread the gospel of the alien Jesus you if you had been to meetings, that's it! That's all you without giving up all the way out, and you got you two to choose and, I m sure some one in their car right now with sand deeper because it just triggers a nip knew where they was like. Guys we're secretive, even when they finally got to the campground. If there is like a curious lucky Lou just wandering over and say like I'll worry off. Oh grub dude is weak in they tell em where a bible starting
group. That's all we are talking about is that there is also a great defence for Peeping Tom Atto Loki Low Pay, those people in Time ninety Looky Lou gang. He came near. You can kind of a single european team game, he commanded by Moon Gun, anywhere it's getting more disguise have no idea what you're saying I don't have a grey area, gray, radio that, since this whole thing such a massive unorganized clusterfuck tee in dough lost at least half of followers that they had their peak by around ninety. Seventy, six and the rest of ready to give up as well, and it was one thousand nine hundred and seventy six during a presentation in which hecklers were out in full force that Bonnie Nettles uncharacteristically stood up and announced that the doors to the next level we're closed harvest is over. Why only one hundred we're gonna be join me and dough on this
ship to have an arrest. You guys, like we're done that you and I'm Puget sound crank hanging in Germany. The radio way- and this is when the cold officially became boutique it was about to get serious for what came to be known, as Heavens Gate, and that's where we'll pick back up for Do you have its gay part, one very interesting a loose? loosely knit called very little loosely net courts. We ve ever covered out. They be loose limit. It you son, I say, have a booty cult, because you can always get your leader on the phone. You can always till he answers your emails. A meat you're leaving. You have to worry about him, go into the James Cordon of the colt. Firstly, iron right there, your first priority for that leader, something you're talking about the agent business in Hollywood. How you now aren't all calls on things like that of a little tin, but if you want to get in the entertainment industry at some point, they just stop
NL in your bag, and don't tell you it's a deafening silence of the grey village. You know that you're heat is worn. Often you can have a job anymore right. Everyone! Thank you. So much for listening to our Heavens gay poor one episode. The series is gonna, be absolutely fascinating. What else do we talk about? We have a lot of cool ass things happening here with less pot gas network Ya'Ll, we got Spotify going exclusive, your favorite. Or taint, the mountains died Tom Network on sclusively for free. Only app of you just have the app or, if you, if you do get premiums, but if I, u can download it listen. Do you want? remind you last buck S left inside stories, if you give to our patron, you can still get the ad free episodes wreak play wherever you want, but respond. If I've, given us a lot of funding resources, more women do and allow a bullshit absolutely an ironical shed. As always, the show is one hundred percent free. You just gotta get the spot. If I ask of you and have it already. We are super accepted for that partnership and you're gonna seen our faces on different sort of
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