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Episode 40: The Alien Agenda

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The boys explore the many facets of Satan and Satanism, including the origins of the myth, how extremely misinformed people are about the concept of Satanism, and Satanic clubs throughout the centuries.

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There's no place to escape on did you say Bagel no. I do now get outta here, nerd, I'm your best fan. That's nice! We're good to go! Alright! Welcome to last podcast, I meant kissing with Marcus Park, says and witnesses. Always Henry
just yeah- let's just be me for a day yeah. Why not? Why not throw it out there? Just being me being Henry? What's in the box, I love every part of this box, so damn ugly one back in the box, romper url bad too. No, he doesn't smell that he smells good. He doesn't like me. I have this natural body spray called from lush called. What is it called? I want to say it's called like beach beach and beach in like like when you the beach and take off your clothes people like put water on him? I think he's beach. No, no beach in is like Chillin, oh ok, but it's yeah. It's beach in with Nelly. First yeah, I see alright stranded on a ledge. Some right, yeah
yeah and I like- and I want to go be with any time will do tomorrow. All right, yeah, hey yeah, we're gonna talk about aliens today, yeah she's, this cry! No more! So so we've done, we've broached the UFO topic before and now we've talked with an up the key again, I'm not alleged abductee may or may not have been that she have yeah. Have you guys read the book? I know some through the book the other day when all is that when I was on the old toilet there and I wasn't sure what was more full of my or bizarre, but I liked it though it was that you are very good reviewer yeah. Absolutely I got all of your metaphors revolve around shift yeah. Well, I review everything will take you to ship all the ship movie. Reviewer would be amazing. I like to call useful poopoo doo doo. So today we are. Talking about is to very serious subject. It is the secret alien now! This is the just about the nature of aliens. All of this presupposes no matter what the
things are real and Rr in there a secret part of life that our government is been keeping from us for either like to save us and protect us or just to deceive us in order to help create their new world It would completely destroy everything that they've worked so hard to create if all of a sudden aliens exist were no more unless it was, it was powerful forms on earth unless it was always a part of the plan to two inch slowly. Integrate aliens syrup, Tisha's Lee by insinuating that Haley success and then ridiculing those that stood for that. You know I mean Are you the again all legal as we, as we said many times as a gelling dialectic that the government could be playing both sides, and is allowing us to slowly deal to understand to alien life forms by the by ridiculing it for so long right by me. Have you will see yes, that's pretty much are basics
Who is a member of Scientology? Again? It was just like well, he did id four and now he is trying not to be gay anymore with the use of alien magic. So, let's see what happens not working, not working. I guess, but that's fine. We want to talk about Phil Schneider up, don't I think, a little its kind of just start with a a general thing that that okay, so many different people who come out to talk about the alien agenda. You can say that their motives and who they are are dubious at most I want to make money via public speaking, gig, possibly and then there's a lot of people, definitely David Icke just also, I think David, like just lost his mind like like pretty core, but David? I would choose what again. All of this stuff is cool. Operated by many different sources, and there are a lot of people that believe again that there's like apparently
part of the alien agenda is, that it's only been revealed psychically to about fifteen people and they have been charged with slowly releasing this information overtime and then there's also people that believe that were parts of government like programs who believe that they have seen aliens and have contact the no secret information. Now again, these are all people who come out to say this stuff at their own personal peril. You know, I mean they're, they're ridiculed, they lose their job, a lot of them die, but they also murdered and they also get some get and so we're not murdered or like a die of mysterious circumstances and then colon cancer. Colin can yeah, then what big alien believers yeah and that's just like the c, a a's all over, but cancer, absolutely yeah! That's the probe, that's what we did to Russia. We made the wall fall. We went in the game, the Fuqing, Berlin Walzem colon cancer, and then it fell asleep while driving that's right,
came tumbling tumbling down there. Now almost a beautiful metaphor for the fall of the Soviet Republic that I've ever heard, hey Lou, I'm a poet I believe a little me the modern Walt Whitman of ask I've heard that they're not wrong, yeah, brilliant. So a lot of the stuff we're going to talk about today. Again, it's just it comes up over and over again, and there are a lot of there's a lot of stuff. So, let's I guess, let's start with the government, you just want to start with the government. Now again, this is saying that aliens are being some other planets that are either that you know there are either interdimensional dear dear dear or or they are our corporal they're hiding within our there's so many of you know. There's you know the ones that Color theory. The idea of like the inner earth there's a whole. A Mahler show my
that's the proper pronunciation for them, but, like this so there's some people believe that aliens are living inside the earth. Right now, there's some people there, aliens living inside of Venus. There are some people the the aliens exist all around us, but because our inter dimensional beings, we can't even see right. Of course, the alien from Venus is a value that's, will get to the value they will get more to Shambala as well tomorrow, it's, let's do one of the most famous governments of all time the No did you say most famous governments. I think so. Yeah we're the most liberating famous people party political Party, the government. I answer you know so he gets. We can get a straight into Shamballa. Then the this belief is called esoteric, hitlerism, its spearhead, this guy named Miguel Serrano chilean-
no it's my God S, Americans love Nazis. I don't understand, but they got other beaches in the guavas it all the time. Why do you hate and some other beaching it, but they're not seeing it do why they're? So happy they need to have a lot of data breach in Ambi Nazi and all at once, yeah and I don't think that you can be named Miguel and be a nazi olive, no 'cause, you're too busy playing a trumpet dancing around a hat. So esoteric. Hitler's believe that the aryan race is descended from an alien species of the highest order. Finding Prince the story of the nephalem in the Bible which, by the way the nephalem are they're, not they're called sons of God same people talk about the! What's it a napkin with that in Iraq and the puck are know. This is the Sumerian like Alien, yeah yeah, yeah, they're very similar and they're. All giants:
yes yeah. There are giants. They were very similar. They inhabited Canaan according to numbers, one thousand three hundred and thirty three, and so that they say that the nephalem are alien species. That's that's what they say could all been like Croatians on a very acidic sprinkled throughout the NBA yeah. Absolutely so they that these Nephilim we're an ancient alien civilization came to earth to enlightened man. They bred with ancient links in the aryan race is the only race alive that maintains any of the purity of their blood. Of these lofty ancestors could hear Serrano taught the ale Toronto That the alien gods were hiding with Adolf Hitler in an icy underground fortress from which they will one day a merged with fleets of spacecraft to usher in the fourth Reich. It just sounds like it's just sounds like you're, really there
for a hail Mary pass merry path. I just also imagine the alien sitting in it and it only in the middle filler sitting in the icy underground chamber. All with like coronas on the ice is beach and who's got some light. You know it is a broad family sends the lines you know if it was up to me v would never stop. The fourth Reich, I'm having a great time- I just see I'm reaching it. I love using it that that you know, if you have. This is part I looked at as an offshoot branch of just the thing- that's obviously not true in the other three, but when you start from there right, so, let's start with ended the war. Let's go to not open, starts where the modern belief of the ailing agenda comes from is like a starts in it starts in nineteen thirty, three yeah the right got.
One hundred people who talk about this paper, hitchers newsy, knows you're alien side poison. I don't change your teeth. Tingling, I feel sick. I smell toast all alone, so apparently, now, let's go way back way way back before modern humankind right. There was a group of aliens that supposedly several groups of aliens that landed on the planet. Earth right. You have the people like the pulley eight, right now, the pulley, eighties or human, looking alien race, the one thing you're older than his covers of the ruling pending, there's another: they they bend it whole lot, pilates a lot. So it starts in eight four: they got, they got uh. What's the term they were transmuted.
No, the crash landed I'll use that ok right aliens can take. The driveway is like asian women who weird you exactly it's yellow you stop is warning Only for you to start right and the obligatory is sending the result just a little bit just a character. I was playing sets a plane crash, landed here in your in Egypt and they lived underneath G so where the pyramids were born, they believe that what they did is again. They manipulated humankind there. They made it with humans and they created the pyramids in order to help a rescue. Buying them all right, so we kind of fun to Fuquan of these alien ship. So very lucky, God, let's just say: oh yeah, one time affect a girl with a real bad eczema. It was,
I remember the time round, table and credits eczema. You remember various eczema so that one group of alien supposedly supposedly landed the like this blame it on now, there's a big talk. A good looks like the big thing. Is there like several different like conflicting id? is is to why the value of like why aliens come to earth. One is that there is like can't drive, they can drive, you know silly, not, and then they they come to earth either because of the spark of consciousness to start here with human beings right and that all of the Civilizations wanted to get in on manipulating us in order to either create like allies in a few or raise us as food right the plea 80s one and two I tell you these monkey men they're going to be big someday. They gotta be big. We want to get in on the ground floor. I say we make a whole basketball team in these monkey men that wasn't me. I wasn't being racist, no, no don't match
we were so excited running high. It's fine, fine, is a melting, so this was it was when there was one idea right to the police came in order to manipulate us in their image, and then there are people like the proponents, which are the dreaded, as David Icke says like these are the reptilian creatures that apparently also came to earth helped create humankind as a slave race. And basically were there was a conflict with Ginger Conan's and the gray? is another seers witches are more traditional, alien right because the ridge opponents are said to be reptilian, inform they leave the the grow for any for eight feet to twenty two feet now and they they made us to be their their handmaidens and in the great came down and said: leave it leave it leave these humans alone, where you're going to be forced to live inside the earth in
in the hidden or theory, the tomato tomato and they were they were sort of. I don't know what the term is exile, they're into saying like when we conquer the human race. We will give you a chunk of them for food for food ha, it's great. Now this is just basic alien agenda. This is just where it all starts now. That's when Everything starts a lot just for like some food, I there but anyway, we're really taste is going to get a microwave. I mean that I mean pigs are very similar. You know how yeah you'd think they could just get a pig, but you know Cadbury mini eggs. You don't like the like that Eminem eggs, that's the sole! Those are my favorite things, but what I'm saying is, but they only come out of yeast. You know you gotta get up charbagh. That's. Why do we get a good six hundred and seventy eight bags of am- and I keep him in my freezer, yeah yeah. I have that forever and that's what they're doing to us if I may interject my favorite reputed Reptilians Chris
Kristofferson the Boxcar Willie, not bad eh. There is a belief that do a reptilians do: walk the earth in disguise. Put George W Bush Queen Elizabeth, the second, both reputed reptilians, but they also say, apparently you can tell because they are They had just spilled water all over. My laptop he's a looks good though he didn't scream, because only as good as it was yeah. That was really I'm pressure. You took that, like a man, yeah yeah, I would be screaming like a little girl right now. I'm strong smart use make sure they're all right, I'm they say you can tell a Reptilian is in human costume by the slight ridges on his cheek bone and his reptilian eyes
Bloomberg. All mayor Bloomberg is he just said. No, it's not too. There was like, I know Joe, is a reptile yeah Bloomberg and my old boss, both had very reptilian feature and around a bomb, was also believed to have. That was David likes big thing. I would not be surprised if any and all those people were reptile. My trip say I hope they are yeah. They were I'm usually again, I'm sorry that, like we kind of get started, gets up. All of this is very, very complicated. Stream and that's why we're we're kind of getting a little off track here and there, because it's a it's a yeah, it's it's! It's I'm not smart enough to wrap my head around this, because I mean, if you look at there are people who come out and talked about this right. You know there's like like a lot of them. Comes from a guy named Alex Collier right? Who was a judge? This who believe that he was cited. Psychically contacted by the elder bronze right, which is one of the two alien races that are friendly to
and and that the other nine right there. I have been known, alien races and that the other nine know all or anti human which just more like want to manipulate human kind. Where the other two We want to help release us from alien manipulation. Where do the greys fallen on them? raise are bad. Right, the the greys so should I was hoping that was good. Oh, I know how do I even get to hear in nineteen fifty four early Eisenhower signed a treaty with the grace right, okay, that the live under area. Fifty one, that's fifty well one of the one of the literally countless things it is jammed right under the all of that is area, fifty one that was an awesome video game glove. Video game that was with the pedal reload would yeah yeah it was. It was Aerosmith part of that one. No
that was their Aerosmith revolution. That was a different game. Same concept, though, did Aerosmith record crazy at area. Fifty one possible Phil Spector, just he invented the wall. Sound, sounds fifty one readily people also yeah, so to kind of to modern into the modern times contemporary alien agenda. There belief that, at the time gray like So deep, ladies, that were some of the weirdest episodes of all time. I don't even know if we should continue to record. It from now I mean I've researched this and I'm lost. I don't know what to tell you. I just don't know where to start: let's: let's, Let's bring sixteen minutes into the episode we still haven't figured out where to start. Regarding, though, so I thought we did. Let's get a framework already composite frame, beaching it Bg. Preach it. Ok, we've got that so we're good with beaching. It used
good. You have covered against natural scent, you've got rosemary. Inevitably, I've got a good natural musk myself at least smell fine. You spell fine yeah, I'm so hot yeah. I know I am very hot here. Here's another dance and take a breath alright, one thousand nine hundred and thirty. Let's just do all the other stuff is just fun stuff, I guess yeah. I just started for one thousand nine hundred and thirty three one thousand nine hundred and thirty three d Grazer race of aliens made themselves known to our nazi government right Nazi governments refused to work with the grace because they were secretly working with a group of Pleiadians
need number Egypt name the guy's intelligence. This is all this is all true right now. This is just stuff that is suffering right, so the grace went back into hiding until one thousand nine hundred and forty seven were in a group of grace crash, landed in Roswell NM and began communications with their government because they know that WS government here this is the US government in Roswell NM, a craft crash that would be recovered. The crash and three living entities that were all taken to a place- donors, groom Lake or would come to me known as area fifty one right, also known as S2S3S4 and there's also known as MAGIC Mountain and, like other ridiculous things right. So the aliens were put others, Google, chocolate, Bing Bong, which is yeah, Aerosmith's, main recording studio and so in nineteen. Fifty four fast forward, seven years later, one thousand nine hundred and fifty four Eisenhower is called into a secret meeting with two alien entities. These grace right. Ok, he signs a con
work with them, saying that we will give you x amount of human lives to use for experimentation and for food exchange for your technology. So now so out of the crash in Roswell thousand nineteen, forty seven and the treaty, one thousand nine hundred and fifty four? That is where wife came from yeah, that's where supposedly over the next five years, we're going to see a new space shuttle, namely tr23 right, which is a triangular UFO shaped like yeah yeah, I think say you couldn't with, but I can approach light speed right. There figuring out, like because virtual was going on with the Higgs boson the how to like, take matter out of things now they've seen that we've been having it for a long time, but we can make weightlessness happen right by giving
There's no inherent math put in a bouncy house, yeah! Well rounded up in our moon shoes get out shoes. Now I understand the Higgs Bozon there. We go yeah, yeah he's right here. So at the time right, one thousand nine hundred and forty seven happened olds like you have stuff like project grudge and project sign and Project Bluebook right. These are all the same projects that were retrofitted. The idea was that the government went into like huge secret investigate of the alien races in in alien contact and did it under various signs and it's only became a thing known as majestic twelve, which let's go what I thought you were gonna say Majestic Twatt, just let's watch this great band name. So what is project blue book project? Blue book is a organization that was part of the air force. That was in dating a UFO, sightings, okay and Herman is actually been very open with project blue book. Ok, so I did
because project blue book was made as a screen thing and they were told to explain things as mundane Lee as possible. There's a part of did they wanted nothing like they had a bunch of in Clusive data and they made him trash it, and then they were like only stuff that could be totally explained, and then this blue book was like where the idea of like swamp gas came from and also the reflective backs of chickens. Look at learning blamed. I never heard of that. What that what yeah explain that told people that, instead of seeing ufos, they were seeing light bouncing off of pelicans, yeah, yeah Balaka, against the mirror of the bird family. You know you could just pick up a pelican. You look at your face and see. If you got lipstick on you, let's say you been making out with the fucking door dress up like a lady. You could just pick up a Paypal credit check, use it anytime. You need to have no idea. That's right, but I'd say folk I'll, give you a nickel. If you can even catch a pelican 'cause, they officious.
And and what is it, what is swamp gas? So I guess it's just saying pocket. This one gets would light on fire due to like environmental things that make you see you with us, yeah all right so then password again to nineteen. Seventy four Alex Collier, a simple man may have been a trader of many different frauds right name was a something else was like literally. His born name is like Alex like Roger as Gutierrez said like something else in the chain results name to Alex Collier, okay came out and said that he was approached by a this. Is where The alien agenda really started coming together, where he was per a protest by a benevolent species named Bob from this, a star cluster, the Alder brand or whatever wilder on the older. No, no, no we're not doing this star wars. Bullship star wars is fake. This is really this is absolutely and basically he was told that they have to spread the message of peace and love and stop
involvement with the aliens were part of a fake treaty with the grace and all, but the greys do is the reason why they they they do the abduction sequences the way they do. They feed off of human fear and instead only we could learn to love each other in a bamboo Chel abolish all wore the vibes of goodness, would make the grave leave and make the Draconians Lee leave. So we should, listen to the beach boys. It's just the end of ghostbusters, two yeah good vibrations that it'll save the world higher and higher yeah. So that's all! That's technically the way to beat the aliens and that's So right now the alien love beats the alien, and so Let's talk about Phil Schneider. Let's talk about, Schneider, was a work that area fifty one. You worked at area fifty one there's some great Youtube clips that Henry sent over to me via email, which was pretty fantastic sitting with this topic for like one thousand, and So this is a thing guys. Is that, like what,
they unleash of Satanism that you all got. This was all on top of that as well. I've been a weird soon to be around by the way I've got a bit of a statement. I guess I went to a really classy July. Fourth, the mister. We really cause you to lie fourth party yesterday, and it only need some people got caught. I, like that yeah, the pun intended, because people get really weird it out You talk about aliens for about forty five minutes. I went in there trying to explain what what I'm trying to explain I want to. I want to end on a state in the story a bit of a say in this update, but yeah, let's content, okay, so feel should he was Philly work at area. Fifty one is a heavyset man he's. He spoke very because he's a fat dude just trying to discredit this man, I'm not trying to. I like that. Dude can't see or tell the truth. No bathrooms can't lie that dudes can't lie. That's the truth, it's so he across the country. Wait a minute!
you used to be a fat. Do I didn't lie, then I just line out um, and so he traveled across the country giving you know, does telling people. He found that area. Fifty one and apparently he encountered because great job originally is like what he helped. Dewey was build a giant underground like aces for area fifty one where they live, where the aliens would inhabits. What did know that right. That was the idea is that they just started boring holes in the ground, because the id they were they were making new. So every fifty one is like there is a the world's longest airstrip. There's like a bunch of like government buildings right, but then there's the mountains underneath it's technically called groom Lake, which is where all the super secret shit is it all these like caves and stuff. That's roller new planes or hitting something like that where Data worked in independence day. Yes, there we go.
So that is also where Phil worked, and he just basically tells the tale of how he entered into a room. At one point, he thought two of these large beast creatures around eight feet: tall hello. How are you what's going on? Second, well! Well, they pick up that work better. They know the only the only the only specially how was dice live from New York, so the Andrew Dice Clay, wonderful, album, so amazing little Miss Muffet sat on it These aliens are funny things like these pushing the envelope genius ship so. The aliens were apparently very upset with him that they saw him, so he pulled out his gun. He shot both of them dead, but before he could one of the aliens touched his tummy. He like made a rubbing motion on his tummy and then a blue beam came out and it cut off three of the five minutes. Dude seriously, this just fuckedup his fingers are all fuckedup, apparently boiled off his toe. And he said his foot is all fuckin', just a big dog or tissue all over his garfish lovers, bodies zap with some crazy electric ray,
know what it was and the thing is I mean the stores are a little wild, but the creepy thing is as soon as he started, giving public speeches he was like this is very dangerous. My life isn't in my life, has been threatened. He got shot in the shoulder you got to rot previous and then his friend was murdered to like a friend was murdered, and one here later, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, he was found important, Oregon dead under mysterious circumstances. It would have been type two diabetes or colon cancer. Nobody this stuff, he said again was a like Alex CALL, instead of all this stuff- and I mean very dubious, very insane- or just about like it's like 70s, and then he did this. The big interview came out in the nineteen. Ninety four, that's like the famous like two one, slash two hour like document like it just him sitting in this hotel room just being like damage. It's true like he's like Louise losing his mind. They obviously like whatever he's dealing with and this one thing regardless of if they're telling the truth or, if they're not telling the truth to them, it's definitely the truth in the ruins their lives so
there's something there something to that, and so his stuff backed up Phil Snyder stuff, and these are two people that like had no real connection to each other for years and years apart both level one security level, one clearance, which is like extremely rare yeah. He especially 'cause, that's what they were talking. It's like it's like it's that kind of clearance at the president doesn't have there's like all this stuff, that's like when they all this stuff. They call black projects, you know like black budgets or undisclosed and all this stuff, and it's been used. It's used by the military issued by the ca for whatever various. In cedar for super super super secrecy, or just like I mean read, Manga Manga parties, exactly yeah, you know bring the prostitutes down yeah. I was at a black out yeah. It's like we were talking about with what was that party where everyone all the world leaves leaders got together and human growth, but yeah exactly that's in the black ops budget, and that's where you get all the red cups for that and you get
don't go in the alien room going to plug in creepy out yeah. This yeah, but all it is, is just nudie calendars and koozies pretty much yeah. I was speaking and Brad Pitt just whacking it. You guys have the room. Now you have a list and there's another guy. You came in from Sweden, Billy Meier, who he is. He has some of the most conclusive amazing UFO footage it you'll ever see. It's really footage entail it just videos of flying, saucers and stuff like that bad, were they like? There was heavily debated, yes, they were heavily debated and it's really an issue is always so you know just like everyone's. It's like you can't prove it and some of those like well, you can take that. You know you can't prove it. So it's like it's just very much up in the When did he make the videos in the late 80s early, 90s
She wasn't nearly as good as is it now no, and this is a guy that also got approached by alien intelligences, who said the same exact thing, and just this idea of you know: human beings have been manipulated since the beginning of our race in order to serve other people's ends. The only way too for human, because, basically, like the all the bronze in the plea eighties, who aren't like pro human well, she should talk about the venues Ian's, because Phil Schneider worked with of who's, apparently, who's been working with the US government since the 1940s forties and is a still alive and still the government is valiant Thor? His name is valiant Thor. He's purple he's a purple fellow you can't. You can't shake his cover. They cover his face. He covers face in its skin tight bodysuit, but he looks human. He has a life span of four hundred and ninety years and he's been here.
Fifty nine years now. So we look at the exact same time. He's really loves the copier built the copier he's been an intern for years decades. I don't know why he's not trying to move up in the ranks and we can get you a finance degree Valley and he's like no I'm from Maine No! No okay, you're wearing a with my station in life. He was our guy. I just want to stay in yeah. I have your ad man. I just want to go, get my beers and go bowling on Tuesdays. I do not want the pressures of a corporate lifestyle they nailed. The ever met rising to work on the voice a little bit, but I'm very shouting, b down me down. All you tell me all we are friends, I love being friends with you. Yes, shake hands with valued, because apparently, if you shake hands, this is another thing that Phil believe they'll. Give you a whole bunch of Jesus. What you hug him, you can't hug, you can't touch that's. Why
bill is so busy with work in virtual thoughts. That's why he believes AIDS, you know Boleh you did at the very and whole speech, and just brings up his dick and Jane Henry knows. A lesbian uniform must be anything about. Forty does take a chart for like oh wow. Well, you don't need to go there. You know you see everyone. Do you like being wrapping up there? Let's stop Bill Adams, the alien invasion ship. This JANET Reno and let him know that he's not able to water if it would have been like 21st century editing capabilities. People would have said. Like you know, did they ended up? There's two minutes missing out of it's like well. He just talked about him being a lesbian raved about retiring. Oh really like two three minutes, which two three minutes doesn't sound like a long time, but when I put it in she's a lesbian, Mustang or daughters, mothers lock up your daughters, thirty generals in town, thank God he wasn't alive to see the Paula pound.
Finance is a catastrophe involving again, but that's also the problem we were talking originally, but like the idea of the studies of human consciousness and all these people like in order in order for humans, will evolve. We need to, like you know, be one with each be one with the priority, also use that to help the you know. I mean like so every single time. These guys in these extreme thoughts are just making such amazing so for their single and stuff and then they just fly off the handle. One woman who believed in esoteric nazism. She believed that Hitler was defeated because he was too kind
I see you not. She said that he was too kind and too merciful would just hate to be her boyfriend. I know I cannot imagine. Oh my god, like never dinner, never fool! You just beat the fuck out of her during say. Hit me in the face. Hens hurts him again again. Let's types of women that tie up their titties like with open all that I hate that I don't mind it. I don't think that's going on that Indies either I don't like that like yeah. I just liked it ease. Just show me I've had a girl, makes their tiddies out to be like a 1920s pair of underwear just hanging out in the string outside of her Brooklyn apartment building. It's not, bizarre that you know they had this, this relationship with the Nazis because didn't we discuss
earlier the love is what's supposed to save us from these alien beings. I mean it's true, then the I mean the most hate people, people in history or not because their ideas it. What they want to do they say, is that the the the alien races that are against human kind of trying to keep us from involving, because the more we have all the more of a player will be in the galactic game? You know it's like. We both want to see all these. Why don't they just bust out now just eat us if it's all out food. Can I you know what I love our tv. That was, you know all about the love, the reruns on tv yeah. It was great, I never racist say like you know what all I love about them to bat them. Try needs their food, their women same thing with the aliens no accurate. No one ever says why don't they just take a right. You know everyone is always just kind of being like they're doing this and it's urgent or the the changes coming in all this stuff right, but it just well there's a lot.
People saying that what they're doing is it's an end game and that the like also the way that I get they did that that the people of the grace of the people like the get did they get the intelligence to people that originally were helping the build rockets and stuff like that after police the ins, Egypt, and that there's a lot of people believe that these people are called the the the hostile aliens are working alongside corrupt governments in order to create the Nwo and that that part of what the Nwo Steve NASH, yes, Razor, Ramon, big guy, the one hundred and twenty three kid is a part of it. But these are the same people that believe that wasn't part of the new world order in the Illuminati, and all that, like there's, suppose that end game is that they're supposed to destroy six sevenths of the human population in order to be more easilly rule, over us and that what the healing connection is that there's going to give that six slash seven of the human population to the aliens as a slave. And they all the bronze and
Even new scenes are doing everything to stop them, but the only people that can actually stop them as human beings, stepping forward and taking control of our own evolution, uh and not using any shortcuts from an alien race and steps like Groovy tunes, stop hating gay people and just fly to Mars on a dream and then applying carpet together on a hugs and rainbows and take it to fuckin' PLUTO. This is mom, say you know what I'm down for it. Sometimes if I'm listening electric guitar. Sometimes I can just imagine that the notes coming off the guitar and just hop on a bass, clef and you just silver surfer way. It's looking in drama demand. That sounds wonderful. What a beautiful existence that would be! Alright! That can't wait to smoke some weed. I know my God is waiting all day. It's like ok, like just
no like after last podcast I can smoke, get fuckin' get blazed in Butte Coleman. Do four more episodes trying to decipher it. So again, this is just so, I would just say Get up for yourself. Look at Alex call your own up. Look up the gives intelligence look up, send in your questions, yeah! Well, here's a bit of Satan. This news before we get out of here very good Louis I'm certainly is logical and very nice. It actually is. It makes a very good point: Luigi and Angela and Luigi and Angie Bellavista have had their vote. Satan, sign, stolen from their Colorado front porch and act they'd like to be considered a hate crime. Here's a quote had that been the star of, David or a verse, from the Koran that got damaged by somebody against those beliefs. That would certainly be considered a hate crime. That's really true.
They don't want that. So it's a double standard. It's a big double standards and then right that set up the front lawn also is home to an upside down cross fake spiders, the number six six six and some skulls neighbors say the bell of these days believes don't really bother them and suspected Syme was just stolen by some rascal. You can there's like you know. The thing about them is a very quiet and there were a lot of fun around Halloween. So we don't really bother me are actually the best around Halloween right. We gotta get my think. Bong water is smarter than me right now drenched you know, but so hot we got it So you know yeah, don't trust an alien, don't tell your own! This is big in purple and send it help in our government all right right, but don't shake its hand, go. She can handle all right. Let's look at this, but that's again, that's our saying. Thirty thousand kids go missing were Shasta Chester County every year, and a lot of it is people saying Extra Conant coming from the depths and ceiling or chilled
and so, if you see anyone with a ridged cheeks right, the correct dressed as clowns, fuckin' slice, their throat,
You know. Maybe you never know when you're going to get people's it could be rich. Is you know it's an odds, game bucking, just yeah shoot first ask questions later when it comes to Chaconas. Absolutely alright will talk to you soon, thanks Henry Goose, elation, distillation, Nagu Stellations. Yes, yes, yes, ok! Ok, yes, goodbye.
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