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Episode 45: Demon Hunters

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Demon hunters! They're real and out for action! Join us as we read passages from The Field Guide to Demons, explore the world of people who think they're in a constant battle with the forces of darkness, and discuss a trio of sexy sisters who perform exorcisms.

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I thought I'd never wrath. I've only got a bet he's ok, Nike China. We are predictable. Yes, we are going to bed and we got the predictable Henry you other browsers. Ie, oh, who is queers clear, is that I could feel say because I'm unpredictably to know what the fuck monsieur whack lasers, ok, cock ass. Well, I got one fuck fuck, your mother. You put your Mama down like your Mama's, your mama's SL you're, just a little bit of Poohpooh little Tiktok Poohpooh, here's your Mama's S, whole them. I will allow lit up unpredict people with the right. There is no more and unpredictable nether demon vanity.
Himself about six. Six, six sign of the bees Satan's helper, come down to Satan town, make you a fucking demon, the add this episodes old demons and are there are four and disallowed working mothers. It there's a rise in demonic activity. I've heard that, because of the the change of the guard, Church of Satan is becoming powerful again up top sites. At how late Adrian six six six sign happy, I was so glad we're winning, absolute, what exactly they should make up. I think it's just the gaze that are winning, but thank for thanks for them. They threw them. They cause they're they're there When couldn't Ruby, all likes naked wrapped around each other. There there seamen, drench nightmare love, is making Satan strong and thank him for. What's connubial cut
I didn't predictable unpredictable dailies combining words like could doodling in new by oh it state, predictable and unpredictable, and you never know what's gonna happen. What's going on with tottered attitude, old dog, unbelievable could doodle dung is one that I am so Marcus here is got on these been reading this field guided demons for some time now, having fun the train with it all, having a great time on the high level meeting in appropriate things on the turnover reading David. I spoke on the train the other day and is people. You know I got the mustache now extra funding. To be what Stephen Eggs new book. It's I'm still go on the big Ideas taken me some time to get through his without Would one would call it just like the way he writes that will get into? This was what it is like. The way he writes is always like he'll say some like looked long thing about like this Sumerian, like idea
describing the gods is like men from rocket ships and then really like two pages of just going like care. The people say I'm crazy in the middle of his book, defending himself to people that are not criticising him, but in the middle of the book that your right, because they're all in his own head and he has a rebel low typing away the computer brilliantly facility and raise the don't care. What you say is that nobody is with you put your mother just made beef stroganoff, so you better get downstairs or she's gotta be mad mom. I hate stroganoff, the reptiles made it up interested well, it's Tuesday. We make Stroganoff Ha Tuesdays so now today, so we're talking that our continent, the favourite dark nights of Satan himself, our Lord and Master, these are his health, rosetta mental managers and these are people that we love and respect and they make our sky Also. You had hitherto that I've. Yes right, you want Saturday's off, occasionally bo
to start with some a pre christian demon, oh yeah, this goes a long way back in the days of the persian empire. All remain Also he's he's an Al Qaeda, predictable Autobahn spirit of destruction, head of the evil empire and all the demons was a primordial spirit who arose as the independent counterforce of her Mazda, who, in the religion of ancient for Amazon, also just sounds like a fuckin car yeah does an ancient persia was the eternal God, the wise Lord, in spirit of good. The realm of our mind is the desert desolate wasteland of the desert. Although he is sometimes in Hell Heres a list. Sorry play involving our am. Oh, please do so. This is an ancient demon who was the he was probably
What you would really originally colleague the up the blueprint for what we call Satan yeah. He was not one of a host of angels or anything like that. No, this is profound or any of that bullshit. This is ass. Sumerian workers like they saw we're doing a desert. They call tomorrow on deck, so you see the most powerful demon. Creators are right now to quote evil empire when eminent means used in charge of all the demons network with a coke brothers controversy, which part gases unpredictable, but is unpredictable in one's ale. Ahriman ruler of the desert had a son names so hack and wanted to train him to be as evil as possible. Yet you don't wanna, don't mess with the XO hack ashes, that's just not going to say exactly where little Nick, I'm fuckin on fire. The other. They go up exactly that. I suggested to, though hack, that he kill his own father and when the boy did Autobahn, who of course
had not really been killed, installed himself in disguise as a ship in the palace there he prepared that have made. The chef is yelling about it. That's right, tat looks like or among whom look back, but he is not a Jeff there's no way I could bear. He prepared the flesh of animals to further corrupt the boy his and so enjoyed the dishes that he wished to reward. The ships are wrong. Disguised as a cook ass only that he be allowed to kiss the young men shoulder. Who is your driving around as being a little unfair, his wish was granted after which he immediately vanished. Snakes began to sprout from the spots he kissed and so had travelled them off. They grew back our among then enter
disguised as opposition to help the lad eat here with us. Today we must rise to the chef late. Those poor boy gave a ministerial than dressed up as a doctor in Orlando, regular Peter forget sellers have higher arc about this point. Three different characters at one for can move a mustache offer one, but a beard on for another Eddie Murphy Phenomenal. He told so hawk that he had to feed the snakes with human brains daily. How, though, AG day, I had a fuckin dime everything the doctors girl on my shoulders and that doctor comes over who looks Miss dearest, likely chef it so where I almost sexual or encounter with freedom, rights or the need to be very human brain one sided another magics than I should have thought that their magic snakes. When you get a new age, your mouth, though
that is, he was too old and so became the pride of his art demon father. He ruled for a thousand terrible years until he was finally destroyed. Here is a dish bowing and disarming technique when dealing with demonic forces of this order is then we got him kicked out this this technique. Here just wait. When dealing with demonic forces of this order and with the actual, its of evil so clearly defined. The traveller is asked to choose interesting what I don't know we view with travellers ass to choose that goes area without disruption. Choose the fall. Someone ass! If you were a god, you say yes, yes, I'm sorry Dominica Gospel, but this is, but that's yeah, very retard, so high. I rid of you, tell me, leave
You tell him to leave this whole time. I got snakes grow out of my shoulder. The very air you wouldn't get old Tybee Korea is essential. I voted absorbing, but right now I get a move on to tell leave, ok and by the way have jewish new year. We not beyond electronics right now. I don't know I you know it's not man that so sad, because I'm wearing my bacon choose a lot to do in that with a bunch of meat milk this morning, all mixed up, but even throughout the fuckin plates all happy Jus New Year Jus year. Ok double the morning thing: it just means race has yet, although we already raised predicted what unpredictable. What's that
put it out of a very odd and executive boots. I mean you talked about the food, so you know there's a correlation. There is an old quarters, a fee muddle random number generator, the other S on a man with a brain with synopsis of connected no one, big fuckin pilot jelly and my ad Lib Serbia, great snakes dinner. What going on London, predictive Judaism. Alright, ok give us Judaism is as Moebius is the undisputed king of the demons and hebrew lore here three heads that face different direction: Edison was it wasn't the other guy? We're king of the demons, as but that was iranian like with Persian, yet it has an item you criticise their outside. This is this is Judy AIDS of you, like. We didn't use, imbibing, gloves on these donkeys and see which one will win them, and this is really intense stuff here. Will this man one is the head of a bull, the second ahead of a ram and the third the head of an ogre, though she has Verlag Oda and they had a pagoda. What's up
look at me like I'm still alive? He has the legs and feet of a cock and he rides of fire breathing volume. All of these animals are associated with lust for wages. Even is truly unfair, interesting lustres his specialty. His other power areas are wrath and revenge. He reeks it can households and produces enmity between man and wife goal is favorite place. Is the bedroom nay, simply because a lot of similar things that porn does your relationship in a resolute international law. Is it to David? The covenant Lord tail Yoni. I wish they had known that this was the demon. What is almost mombi us as motives as modus? I'm sorry David accompany he's the one who did and he may be a dick that internet porn is that with the old the company is addicted to. How do you know if you were dictum to poor? You can't stop looking to become three times a day.
ITALY. I didn't bite definitions of like alcoholism. Like assumes you wake up. If you want to drink you're, an alcoholic as soon as I wake up. It's always really for up previously, ass, we have usually that's his enemy. Apparently you're. Also like it's like a symptom of alcoholism. Stricken like forbears a night then like the symbol of a bad figure laid eyes motors melody of well here's a disarming technique for motorists. Further, I'm going to read a small passage from the town mood to discover demons spread
Ash is around your bed at night and in the morning you may see if any footprints, like those of a cock, are their interesting. Here's the technique somebody's been Robin their Basel over four as Modi. Oh, no, no fucking, chicken man, you got package except for me, I'm down on the floor. I swear to you seem like oh, it's of trails of bull swear by an action so well If the motives is found in the bedroom, the heart and liver of especial fish can be placed on an incense burner and roasted for the terrible aroma, the type of feed it is known only to angels. So the next best thing is any pungent smelling herb such as garlic or strong, smelling game famine, God or burn, tar, which is always an effective, repellent caused for the bedroom yeah are
fish hearts and that really will immediately kill any sexual feelings going on inside of your bedroom. Yeah. Oh yes, definitely had burned in fish Evans scientists issues today, I'm having I'm trying to clear up. My sciences are vulgar predictable. We have. We have one more. This one comes from Armenia. It is called the owl, the owl, like a l. Yes, a girl Bundy yeah the hours, a species of terrifying, half human half animal creature with brass fingernails longs make like hair a fiery signal. I iron teeth husks of a wild boar, also known as the mic Neely. The owl carries iron scissors
whenever it where's. Whenever it where's appointed hat covered with small bells look out, I've got to go scrap book, you messed with a deeper when he scrapbooks becomes completely invisible, owls living damp places like a stable or sandy. What areas in the row bedroom hello come on over Ladys, I'm lonely the out there. Awful demons are done in the nursery owl. Began as disease carrying demons and evolved into a gruesome specialty? They attack pregnant women, strangling them and their unborn children and pulling out their livers. They all attack and steal newborns up to seven months of age and are said to cause mess miscarriages? Well, here's a bit of lower, please! In the beginning, God gave Adam an owl for a companion, but the owl a fire was not compatible with Adam NATO's dust. Then what
they can get away with. I'm sorry, there's some things you have, then God created easy makes. It seems to me: God has been fairly unpredictable, This infuriated the envious owl, who has been out destroy women ever since, in christian Legend, also known as the stand up comedian Christian Legend, please do scissor bit border scissor betters can be huge, but my experts, opera Onawandah, don't like me, Saint Peter, in a grotesque being with iron teeth and tusks sitting on the roadside at a sandy. What place and TIM to identify himself the creature. Replied com. Wow of that there are no,
to describe as activity grown up eating Chevy Chace a single. I sprang Tina. I strangle the mother and child birth and pull out her liver. I steal the unborn infant and carry it to our demon. King here is keep the our way please yeah would lay one must put many iron utensils pots, knives and other objects all around ones body when pregnant a woman. Must sleep with a piece of iron under her pillow a sword, or knife will do appear. They have one of those line and the iron knife in your house, oh yeah, everyone has won in some lore sticking a pen in the bows of an hour will make it a slave there. Also special prayers that can be uttered during childbirth, to discourage and out from attacking the liver or a newborn. Interesting
first to any, do we have any of those special president? No ok! I have some information, so this is this thing does not have any answer. Ok, good good get. So these are to feel that a taste of the variants of demons are there like, like saints nearer the thousand upon thousands of different types of demons that exist in all. Our attached is specific things. Yes, specific till I. You you can either some of them to get your way in a certain area of life, or you can dispel them if you feel like Wilma, dicking aren't anymore. It's easy motorists that Russia, so not because she's back now, you know where you been eating poorly. Yes, yes, but we want. It's happened to some a real life. Modern demon hunter yeah Lyle exist right now. What I like about being a demon hunter is that you could just straight up just like call yourself. A demon on anyone can be won, and I are one then why
just our one. Are you a demon Hunter Marcus, no I'm, a demon gatherer confederate unitary additives, very peaceful What do we do? We want to read the posting that we found that kind of instead this entire episode. Yes, out here. While I found on red it futile is ago sent over the Henry. This is something was posted just on a wall bodies I ever at all this yeah. This is that this is from August. Eleventh, two thousand nine to the fair amount park demon I knew you would return to the forbidden drive back to your last kill that was your downfall before. I could just feel you since you, but now I can smell you soon. I will see you sometime in the near future, we'll see you in my dreams. It will
It is a silhouette than progress into a heinous portrait. The evil look on your face. Will haunt me you will senseless too, for I have walked your path in search of you now I will haunt you down, you will try to Fine and stop me, but to no avail. My orbs will lineup. To me, I will ones, will fly circles around you. I will be to touch you and yet be out of your reach. Use the elements for evil, but I will use them to stop you. They will in my favour the elements will not let me down. They never have just as nobody knows who you are, nor will anyone know me only you will know who I am when we covered one another, you may have a gun, the knife, but I have the rock day we meet for battle, I will throw the rocket you with which you will have no the pits take Lee about lopping, take heed to words: demon for I, just not Tik Tok
nice appeal uses a rudder. Eighty nine year old man who live outside many dresses up as a fog of jet, I never did not have to put the guy you go to the blues. Dover Jackie works, I walked up to reveal like went I will have a spicy pawnbroker, latte yeah, you do get the feeling that the front page of his okcupid, not bad rider, though not I mean he's, got a lot of emotion and endeavours lotta driving I growing up in the island of your reading. It allowed its angle, guess what worries about our wonderful piece of my thing is this. I really really truly believe that have demons existed. If there was such a thing as invoking a millennial old entity. That is tween dimensions that it with evil intent. You
then you'd think view as a basement dwelling thirty nine year old man, all they are not going to defeat, is certainly not with a rock that's what I do understand the old method of choice, because a lot of age or a crucifix everytime you read about this, there was a girl, like you know, would you do with I get all of them? They they pointed towards exorcisms ran, and its leaders, will rock in the vague and exercise no boat, you have it. If it's all symbolic, unless you get the name of that, you get the demon submit, it gives you its name, then you have power of the demon you can. Then the demon out from the person and then state stage. One is moving. The demon, Alfred person and stage too was then banning. Even from being in the room and theirs just like Google Matthew divorce. Yes, yes, yes, opening the these priests just believe that this can happen. If you can control these demons, I just really believed that it was actually a demon. It's just that
can't you that your praise, but people human least, that they adding that they can somehow control it. Even if demons one to run rampant all over the country and all over the world, I feel it they would yeah. I don't think it's gonna be at the behest of a fifty year old man who was just whose wearing a silly costume, whose desperately try not to rape of boy right and rape away, or you know, I mean a win win a fifty year old re walking down the street, he's yelling agrees to pull up their pants. Pallaby pray age is discussed at the fuckin ways. That's right is there, and if the fuckin legs and Earl and their asses with kids don't allow, they know that their panzer or down, no, because kids you what they want, because it's not the it's not the eighteenth century anymore. You know me to draw up an especial uniform to go, sure beer fake shit, absolute,
All right, then here's another you if you do want to have a polar bear, pants campaign of their we're doing Newark sense increase over there haven't do some grabbing hands on those sweet, but we also have been greatly garters foot and- and I also bullet nearest, there are cases of extreme these, like extreme exorcism case the wheat we covered a while ago, Nazism asked upset with. Very interesting. I'm on a lot of times like those people they end up dead. That's the whole thing is a good thing. It is through starvation. Things like something like what happened with these people. Don't they don't recover without him its feet of flu? I recall that set Starvin, exorcism and then choking exercise but there is also, but then you have you know we're we're gonna go we're gonna go now go through Some of these reelect demon Hunter someone. They really think it is what their their endless crusade against evil. Maybe realities morbid higher. Yet please leave his hired by anybody. Yes, that's a thinker sight again. No there
sanctioned ok there, but it's a big thing is you can now go and and test like Flickr, clap or like a fucking driver's license exam you go to them. Organ associates of exorcism, really You can go and you take these twelve tests and then, if you pass it ass, you gonna licence, and then you can charge for exorcisms right. Here's a sample question involvement. See using the Weeds board d, all of the above or E. None of the above any day. Deal like thing is that again at the end and these people would they would be the above thirty day, do you haven't got a big thing. Is that again, at the end? And these people would it with a new idea of the new idea. Exorcism, is at its everything's, that, if your depressed or if your, if you're gay especially if you're gay added value, in your view, are inhabited by a demon, and now it's very routine or watching this web booked will talk about this. They did. People pay like six hundred bucks,
pop with no money, they travel across the country to these access who say that can help them and it just because there like fat re much and then they because their entering this sort of ritual. They sort act like a demon naval. These video of like an old lady, going right, yeah like I'm, not imagine that the demon so here people who, like certain pursuits, all at once like ballerinas. If your view we're gonna thing, I like flamenco, dancing right, you can fill out even join bulletins for that in here once like ballerinas. If your view we're gonna thing, I like flamenco dancing where you can not even join bulletins for that in here with us, the bulletin board, call who I am a demon, Hunter, ok cool. Now this is from it Hunter three, two one: seven! I protect her from demons. I leave you to Hunter like one number one was taken down, Yes, the homeward numbers work. This is the three thousand two hundred than seventeenth wing and hundred, but that is not even hunter. The demon Hunter website,
So now I'm reading this word for word. So when I this is because, like saw it has like seven owes read so basically my whole life. I had a crush on this girl secretly. She like me to. Finally, we started dating and of course I believed her gown. She taught me how to steal with her. You taught me how to heal with her or a cushion really good at it. She told me that I had Still with her. You taught me how to heal. Her or a cushion really good at it. She told me that I had a Spirit God named Chris and that I can hear him. He taught me. Some in order to my hands and issued it like a weapon. Doll face started, acting strange and violent. Soon I found out she was possessed and the only thing I could think of and slash demon out with my or clause since then. Chris continue training me to become a demon hunter for Christ and through and when my training is complete, God gifted me wings to use a Stevens. They are huge wings on my back made of soul and store massive massive amounts of energy. Sixteen o feathers since then,
have gone to Helen back on all sorts of crazy, awful misadventures, but I've I ve been alone over time, I've come to realize I was destined for this. I'd never go out of my way to kill demons, I just kill them are to protect the ones I love or myself. I protector from demons group boyfriend. As well there all the linen there's a lot of people say. The whole thing is that they all believe that I mean, like you, have to be crucial question in order to fight the demons right. Does not the demons are good jump in your body. Sure sure I am that anybody can have this. Ideally anybody can be imminent. Sure sure young iron, that anybody can have. This idea lay any but he can be a demon rise regression. This guy says the thing: that's These people think that their aliens but their demons, I because I am hunting them down for like seven years. Some people say I might be crazy, but I've been to doctors and they all say the same thing. I'm I that I'm fine
Actually I love these guys and found there's other getting me Ross, DIS, Dar right. Here's website builder shattered the Daphne has not been right. Rostov bar everything, but Rushdie's doors at he. Commonality was a website observatory to shatter the darkness dot NET oak, which means he could not get a darker could not afford one so this is our guy, not a dot EU, we d ever so here. This is a guy whose main tenant of its belief that that you know Satan, some and demons are on the rise, which is why there is a larger call for exercise some like so many more exorcisms going on. I demand of yes there's a good exorcist economy and that the highest, the first high times of occult influenced the world was in Pre Nazi Germany. Oh no
exceeds revolution for freedom, and we are sure that we are not here but a great many years. Russian debt or obstacles that events in human, whose residues there's bio, coming out of the six years into the seventies, rests with Iraq, unruly incorrect, enrolling party or soon drugs, alcohol and searching. The six years into the seventies. Russ was a rock and roll and rock and roll on party or sermon drugs, alcohol and searching every door demeaning. He could. He was a dab, learn, dark, occultism and a practitioner of golden Buddha, meditation I thought he experienced anything spiritual, an alternative define what I was looking for. None of the finite spirits or counterfeit or spirituality, led me to God. So now you that originally he was pretending. Like it was written by someone else, but then he started letting us up right now, it's only when a man so filled with the Spirit of God unleashed on me, the love power and message of Jesus Christ that I found my answer when I accepted living Christ in my life and September, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, the blind often the presence, power and love of God came in Jesus,
all my life and changed you forever. It's on a really, not a set of rules. It's an awesome relationship with God, knowing the guy It is not logical yeah. I just level this. So where's my hero the whole website. I really wish them knew him when he was the rock and roll demon I make us, then he was actually funny, but the idea that the rest of his stuff right he has these long horrible Cats, like we were crying, I was trying to list them in the arm for, and they just don't make any sense, but please check them out from the darkness ought now and in try to decipher them. So I googled his name let's popped up and all these things pop up overnight, In the work of the devil. They usually have no experience approve or nothing, but this guy's different. He claims that he cast out negative spirits demons this is a minimal topped up. Yes, and I was reading I'm at first and it says Rusty's Dar do: They is he for real, approve used to superstitious priests, attacking anything that don't send as being the work of the devil. They usually have no experience.
Proof or nothing, but this guy's different. He claims that he can. South negative spirits demons on its routine basis, parentheses, exclamation point Yours is short summary of some of his stuff. How we gotta start. He says that, after the Spirit of Jesus Christ came to him Yet this ability to see these demons the first time he saw Slash felt one in his room before that here, have this ability, then it's time regressed, he discovered more. I think the guy who turned demanded Jesus is also fucking him on a daily basis and what I ve realized about, but by reading this reading this post, whenever again is it he's? Writing it? Yes, he's writing it. He is right in his own posts talking about himself. Yes, who has the power Our new age related could spurted Jesus Christ there's a big thing. A lot of these people talk about to is that, like it's, not false, Jesus Rife, like demons wanna do was a demons, will come to you in the form of a new of new age ideas or like we G bore,
sir jams gems. They all talk about, like these jams fill with deviance like unworthy. What they do is that, like they take you for it All. Demons want to do is take you as far away from Jesus his boss right, and so you create a new Jesus back into that sweet, sweet heroin. This is the psychic to connect with dead relatives, actually connect with tricky demons. Really jetty is a big problem. I guess I think he was like rapes by us. Garlic. Something only recently happened sexually. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, most passion is born from sexual abuse, I mean that's why I'm a comedian I'll find Giovanni supercilious, notably Vernon's, have spirituous christened, like I'm really is a chubby man
he's really weird looking very interesting, so I guess that all demon hunting thing it's becoming super popular and again, there's more to buy and there's also connecting back to that. Other thing: we're talking about with ghosts. Aliens are molested words around. You also have more more people talking about, like is: are these alien encounters in they gave in Canada inside its now? It's all do it. It's all just You know I just know desperately trying did not remember being less yeah. I just love this guy has all of this paper work on himself asking himself. No, because those things are identical in every one in every website that they pop on Bob up on like about him. Absolutely identical and then you'll see everyone. So, although break into first person just what you did, is by rain. We happy and we aim Is it good network or he is one of the best? I know that some of the best once Larsen sister yeah, the female demon donors, insists now we brought it up on round table once, but I think that is more appropriate now. Happily, I want to know about these girls here on a hot gather, Ivy League Elsie Show do they share a body
now, though we're talking about. I don't fucking. Also they already joined twin demon, hunters enemy, watching the second. You can do anything with it could join twin opening. Morgan Arby's, that generating that horrible picture of them. Sucking deck yeah, no yeah, they have got it. We can see it after the target to save them. My computer to ours have a porno out where their second dick, it's just a picture of them. Like second dig kids, some dude on a rock liner. The one on the right is such a guy. You know, you know when you have to have that you're pretty good at given. Ensure predictable. We have accordingly. I had no idea that have a pay I gotta see it. Ok can. When will this this report that we're about to listen to a little bit of its from? ABC News and its these three girls, the Larsson sisters, who were all
they say the third demon hunters in their train by their father. The fathers gonna talk on this little that yeah reverend Bob Larsson Abbot, we're gonna start a little bit into an hour a year ago. What do you say to people who just don't believe this stuff, AL patient com and watch? What retail, who told you to Saint indisputable for if I asked you walk away with no doubt whatsoever, there is a war going on Wednesday stating hates ass. We know where the enemy We know what he's attacking and we can fight back. Did you see? The figure is very much larger. Daisies performed over fifty thousand actual wow and claims demons are much more common than many people think I'm ourselves controversial,
but maybe half the population have about yes, so it's possible that I could have a demon, as I may not know. Yes, before every effort ISM Larsen and the girls do a briefing here at the office, they use in Phoenix Arizona. Remember your exorcise soon gotta get loose demons and then it begin when the name, this woman's name is Gina. It's her first exorcism the girls armed with crosses bibles in holy water, some in the demon within her. Then the demon apparently takes over genus body, and I, like you, I actually know whether somebody is domestically possessed using me. Looking there I will do ass. You can see that even send back at you. You, as the girls, explain that there are many different types of beaming. It is wholly murder, anger, others, a very violent demons
what happens at the climax of gene as actors? Is it takes or men to hold her back? This can be dangerous work. The christian life is risky sitting on the devil, up up up risky riskier with a big old batman. Half of what an idea she was pretty cordon beg she's not going around like a fucking, elegant author, together, like fighting an elegant in many ways like normal and likeable enough, but away all of the people that are either middle aged white women or day teenager, so they also don't catch you her leg. Later, on and being like, you like, I've been to nine exercise, I got one woman that, like this, your woman with short blonde hair, it seems like I have been to lots of them, and I know for a fact that I have a demon inside of it. Talks to me it talks to me. Plus years will get tyrant all are there not just gets around? These? Are people desperate for attention right so desperate?
need of like someone coming and paying attention to them and acting like it. It's like unanimity never been on. A train like out like a I happened. Yesterday was on the trainers and annual sum. Dude sitting are gone man, some Proof bull dams. As soon as I got tat, some people man like Stare- and I like that- I contacted you just like people, man, you gotta, get deem it out of that Guy Henry Ass. Nobody, energy supply, do not scared, I'm an old hunter gets. I am a demon onto and then he's like Us Kitty nitrous unpredictable, but no it's it's I've been getting a university at the point where how much she paid did you that should repay, like five hundred fifty bucks to get that no shit yeah, and then they just like that's what he said he's like. So how much fashion. They charge like more five hundred seven dollars, it's worth it and then it cuts to him going like you know. Some people do.
For that we need more than one exorcism treatment more than what one egg Ryan treatments not gonna get rid of go, so it's gonna have to come back to three or four times. Yet it's a great business plan. You tell you, you may think we're being crammed boiler your crack dealer right now it yet I mean I agree: they probably just go there, it's fun Council and If you are believed a demon inside of you, demons, get respect and probably the most respect. Get in their entire life is when people are treated them with a calm voice and in treating them as if they have some power. I also think that if there are the porter me does truly believe in the idea of the dark elemental side. Life. You know that their amendment euro, your own personal web, all can arrange reality. You know like when we talk about with the power of of Satan himself, our Lord Master organisation that using my email Satan and that if you use rich will behaviour and symbols that are important.
Human since the beginning of time right they become that either come from. Are alien, afore fathers, JOR are just a part of like you know, sort of collective unconscious than exists, the entire universe Bobby. I believe all that, but a fifty five year old. When is just not gonna, get possessed by a demon and a seventeen year old set of hot triplets, triplets or not gonna get you're not going to comment because it's a big things like shows the beginning them they, like nearly train in karate in their doing something else that I remind carpets is like and their recently in talks with their new reality, television, Chauvelin Slick or ass yeah. That's great! I'm gonna watch it that yet really great
whole storyline of the reality? Television shows also built into the thing they get the case. They have the date they have their pow at their headquarters. Are they go and then it just like all this a lot more difficult than we thought it was the newcomer with Papa and he told them of an old story of wooden bless him. He did an exorcism and then they go back and they get rid of it every time. I love it. What citizens guess I'm really good reality television programmes for those who want to see these goddamn demons get cast a fact and by the way I got that I got that video from A website called it in school on these four Jesus and here's an unfortunate title, oh yeah, and especially because the the graphic that they use is scared in such a way. It's a little boy, his knees with his face
Jesus is lack, of course, look all right. It looks like he's given blowing up already bids, bringing you wanna be close to the man himself than you earlier. They say in addition to the fastest way to a man's heart is by sucking scene. I have heard that I've actually her that this woman, it says she has a plea, it says: don't, let's Satan win with its financial attacks on me, put in a lot of time to run this blog, so any extra change will be really helpful for me. You can go to safely. The paper in my parents. Have you got what you say about human was real. I want a real diminish, show up and fucking murder these people. It would be grand you imagine this thing about it there that fifty five rural women It's an exact same ticket, horror, movie scenario Neil sharply gives them the reality. Crew dislike Wigan,
Reddit is demon- and these have been old lady- should sit there like breathing life com needs. Then there's like we, cast you up demon and she said head ribs back staggered back soon, split so fuckin giant. Like Show me like onyx rise like massive, like an indescribable evil, fuckin tornado comes out of it looks at their Manila and then your pocket and testing out of their tents right, like regarding other kids like like blood everywhere. Just like you see them like slowly burn from the inside. They can then we're going love that is cut to the priest and issues like I'm going
a bigger cross ye. I always thinking they we're all going to fall in love and be in some sort of leg. Trans species now like if they suffer, lay humans deck. Like me, like a man, if you give you promised to worship the diva, no incestuous hype thing we're all everyone. Gets all, Well, that was the only person who got and probably make our relationship with the game was Brok. Obama now is present and we see that by the way, but I have found out the Brok Obama is possessed by homosexual. I've heard this. I'm a high interest in eastern and children gave him in John Travolta. Worryingly river Travolta, anything else here in your papers, in your documents largest one to do up up up at it. Oh, we don't have the will conformity summoning spell- and I have the summoning spelling Jonah somebody in spell now. Are we
close the ending? Yes, let's give us some ease bell and really rather close it out on trying to summon whatever favour demons. Yap inland waters are probably Asamoneus. We want The motives over your outmoded says motives. Asmodeus. Do you wanna you need beforehand. Let's see, hear him so wide eyed, the liver of a dead fish them. I say tat. I wish you well He said to me: you assholes, dare I say how I love you ve done for me incense, a black candle I got. There is also a fine got it and paper containing our demons sexual gotta. What does it look like oh no, you just can't after we didn't do this, why didn't nail it but
I got every ever that you just get those we will go on spooky hookey while view one of the really mean it will put some evil music on underneath S lay out again now got them all right. Here's the prayer Lord Sate, Lord Satan, by your grace, grant me I the power to conceive in my mind and to execute that which I desire to do the which I would attained by thy help Almighty. Think o mighty say one true God who livest and rain is forever. Whenever I entreat the to inspire as motor yes to manifest before me, then he may give me true with fatal answer so that I may accomplished my desired and provided that it is proper to his office. This I respectfully and humbly ask in your name Lord site, not search it. May you d me worthy
I did, and I came here alone knows a junior. Those apart of, I think, was a part of an official demon evoking ceremony. You can. You can read that nectar that hail and you can find that an angel fire dot com sleight of empires life serpent, is sixty six six, six eggs, Slash demon, olive tree- you know it's really gotten html is that I do trust it coming from an angel fire website. Eyes dropped like it's from back when the internet was truly pure, you absolutely, and there was no and misinformation back. Then I love it will, I think, that's great we got a deepening of the room, I feel very nervous I feel nothing. I don't feel the demon we didn't do it right now we needed a like. We also need, like a mirror, we long enough air, I what yak as like, we really do it, though, at some point I want in the demon I wanna meet, one would feel if we could have fainted, but then that would be
real, no, no, no known well. As Moebius is actually one of the main ones as Moebius told Solomon, so ask me not many things for thy kingdom also after a little time, is to be disrupted, and glorious, but for a season and short will be thy tyranny over us. Renewed interest lies havens are immortal, a season is but a few thousand years to them, the Christian God is losing power. Their Satan has informed me that our side has one. We warn everyone using spiritually abuse of methods of the old grim wars, as not only foolish, but will it but a blue reserved to result in personal disaster. The demons must always be approached with extreme honesty and respect the days of using enemy, God names, nine foot, circles, threats and other destructive and abuse of methods are over
don't say you weren't, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, interesting out. I would respect the demon. You have no choice, sizes hate, how the more serious we have to get into Satanism. The more we sound like idiots from like dungeons and dragons land. I just wish we need to make that's why we're gonna bring Satanism. The common man yeah now to modern times these day? I am that's wonderful, love it. They argue, having echoes out on very funny and its can be very fond. This can be good blued, never to have a good time now that you sing a song earlier. Was that a sample of the future Musa yeah well known, I ever more guitars Emory lots of tambourine
whose tampering scares angels loses out Charles Man's and gathered sixty merciful, kid I get out here and don't come back down to come back to get a job that angel there will be here. My house, like they're gonna, come on. I just made up a temporary Hale Satan I think there was any rights are over, and this is the moment than a movement was born. Some of these lighted videos, relations.
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