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Episode 46: Cannibalism

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The boys discuss famous cannibals throughout history, particularly everyone's favorite, Mr. Albert Fish.

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There's no place to escape. To this is the last time what can a ratio for character is that I don't know who Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong was under a black kid. We be friends, I put it down on the bed, and you know you with my big phone finger if you ever did that the Louis Armstrong, the funding about radio. When you do minstrel, you don't have to put on blackface, you would have had people can just imagine not minstrel. That's an impression of a famous performer. That this is ok!
Oh that's Markesan Ben there with this is always Louis Armstrong yeah, as he's gay The blue number, the womanizer Never have I do, but that's right, that's just that's a thing. I do. I play characters right. That's right, I mean most of this is Henry Zebrowski. By the way know, you thought that it was actually Louis Armstrong, interesting for a second 'cause you're, stupid yeah. You're, not stupid, you're, not stupid. We love you you're, not stupid! This specially you who's listening right now, you're, not you're, not stupid and Louis Armstrong was not a rape epidemic. In now that you posted these. Damn the panties. Don't stop me. You know what Luis we're going to take it from the top. Just take it from the top. What song we playing.
Louise lost his mind, but no, I exaggerate certain factors about the famous people. When I'm doing when I go through my process of generating characters. Is your process exactly I mean I don't deserve to be four involved. I mean I ate for hamburgers today. I only did that not an exaggeration, it's not at you and it was not a tall tale. I went to a barbecue and I eat or get with a oh, no Bama barbecue, and so it was all organic, wonderful beef and how much money did you raise for Obama me personally, yeah I put four dollars in about four hamburgers. Four. I think that's why we're going to recession, heh heh, but that's, ok, alright! Well speaking of eating food and big fat people today we're going to talk about what fat people love to do eat, but not hamburgers
talking people were talking: cannibalism, cannibalism, today in the last podcast on the left, taboo subject taboo taboo, but this is nobody likes. You should do it. I wish I greeting thing in Anthropology are saying that it's the one thing in the pale of human behavior. That is like the most aberrant. Of KIA of Auburn If I had bad bad, okay needs people hate it yeah, I don't like be like in it. No, he touched me my boo boo place, but I think Averett that have already behavior. Oh, oh wow. What does that mean? I'm they'll be replaced. Does not you please touch touch, but it It's true, but the thing is: is that yeah he's like it's the most important aberrant behavior that one can do but everybody's done, it Every single society, since the beginning of human thought has eaten other people. I mean for stuff, that's weird
You know like it's reading this whole, like you know again, people eat people. In times of victory, you beat your victor or you eat. Part of the person in order to wonderful, yes, and then there are certain tribes of the african nations that were extremely fond of young women's breasts and genitalia said they tasted good, so they cut them off of these women. All yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I cooked him up and it's too many years ago. Fatty stew, he still really the least healthy part of a human body to eat would be the fatty breast. But these people are like there are. They were all like Usain bolt back in the day they were all running and jumping and fighting and hunting and jump in, and I thought you were going to Heaven it hun! No! No they weren't having to know know know they were taken action. Ok, No, they don't sit around thinking about it. They stab you to death in the country, press, often your any
although I can't imagine the sustenance you get from a female, I mean there's not a lot there, a couple of lips: You know, maybe a clitoris man. That's why you why you do it's quantity I feel, when you get a bunch of 'em, if you went to like the fanciest tribal restaurant. That's the sort of yeah that pairs with pass yeah the pump is cuisine they would serve the labia, I'm not full, of affecting labia had eight elephant teeth for this. You need to tell me I gotta go eat for human hands. Before I come into the distance. Barbara were not coming here anymore. It's a rip off the blue fairy, the move, Faye and highly it's well. I love the idea to face some problem in your mouth crack, like modern record, so people throughout history, just been enjoying consuming, people's body yeah, and now it's just the most reviled thing that you can do. Was it always consider
provided I mean. Obviously it was appointed victory and then, but what about civilizations that were starving? I mean they have to get other people for good reasons. Obviously, and there were places they were like there was one tradition that if there were a mighty water warrior had died, you ate his body out of pity and consideration for him. So there was a lot of people who eat. If there chief died, they would eat him or if, like a big thing, is like if your children's die of like if children die of natural causes like way way early like they would eat the children and spect that sounds very good. You mention children meet, falls right off the bat L. I apparently right. I I got really into researching what the human meat tasted like, because a lot of guys won't no, no, no most of our reports of what human meat taste comes from like Dahmer and like these people, but, like all you gotta, take this with a grain of salt cellar was from Wisconsin. He put ketchup on everything, so yeah just feels like ruin the courage you couldn't put butter all over the button before eating it and the men's palette
just ruined by years. At that chocolate fact. Absolutely you can't get any of the finer hints but a sociologist who wrote this book called jungle loss where it's like he traveled with his african tribe and watch it. I cannibalism ritual and then proceeded to order, a a very recently dead cadaver. This is in Paris, okay and roasted on a spit and ate it, and he said that you could compare to really really good deal with you. I've always heard pork. Pork is just like the the reason why he compares it to feels 'cause. It's the way it's cooked. When human meat is cooked, it turns a gray color like Lamb or veal does, and then it has that sort of a little bit of a gaming or meal your taste, but smells like fucking delicious, cooked rump roast steak. It sounds like it
great with curry yeah that would human curry sounds really powerful. So this guy was in France. He got a cadaver who is unlikely year, nineteen, eighty nine, really what you're cooking there hey come on over for the barbeque I'm over it sucking human dick. You know what that's great you know like buddy, I'm going to watch the saints game in my place. He knows. Are you guys? Just I mean just in that little exchange. You reference like three cannibal stories that I have pulled up Do it yeah yeah we're trying this all together, yeah, no, no! No, no like if people at home and listen to this podcast think that this is all just random. We sit we plan. We, we have to gather a story for you so that you can be properly entertained. That's right,
So do we want to get into more of this wonderful sociologist? Wherever did did did? Did you need a break? That's the way, apparently, and also that baby me on a human baby is so tender. It would be key. You could compare it to the same texture as fish that have you eight a bass. These succulent. Is it well Florida, but yeah absolutely, but then so that we want to reach you in his arms yeah? that's what I would do. I would talk its brain out of its call. You can do I'm doing that with a strong. It's like a soft boiled egg. We just saw the top, and then it will look like crap makes up. The brains could have put some wrong. Look in just right, right, yeah.
Hidden under a screw in a couple of times sounds very, very tasty. So I like this one I do love does not do what was the? What was the point of the sociologies research? What conclusion did he come out with, or he just wanted to figure out what it tasted like? Just for the experience? Oh no, he was a sick fox. Is that what it was he he was into the experience and he was associated but he was also like if he wasn't doing that he probably would have been a serial killer right which I'm sure is I mean, how did you get the human body? you must have known as seriously dude. He knew would do right yeah. I think it should show man three hundred o'clock and get you to know. There's no, on. I need the whole body huge. Barbecue. Here everyone is coming over. Well, there are there you, want a fundraiser, Bingo, Bama fundraiser, this big fat, he always likes four human burgers. Then he only tips four dollars. There was a case of a guy in Russia who killed and served, kill people and serve the meat to his friend.
Yeah, and they had no idea. It's it's a funny. Little a piece of life he's doing something very nice. I meet with him in terrible killing, murdering cooking person He serves it. He killed seven women he lived in Posix Don hi again his name sure what the hell is his name here put in it doesn't show his name is kind of a shady list, but he boasted as having build a anywhere between five hundred and fifty two hundred women full private on find a private himself on trying to rid the world of prostitutes. Oh yeah also had his teeth, replaced with metal things, because he, off. Then he was there. He was kind of love. The teeth thing yes, now he's just like he's like a steam punk guy, he was eventually caught when, in some of his drunk friends, found a human head in intestines inside his fridge. Interesting anything. Maybe it was the giant metal fangs that might have been it yeah yeah. That's really gets hard to do job and like
hey. Do you know SIRI Nice young girls out loud? Well, I don't know if you're right for PETE's grocers, but maybe not in my house- Where is your dinner? Get you a job in that really understand you with the giant metal, fuqing dentures. You have in your mouth yeah This is the only individual are yeah. No definitely constantly. Truly because he's constantly getting his appetite he's, always celebrated there's people everywhere. He goes. I authorize right. J John. There are instead. They get around by the way I was thinking. I pass some 'cause. I went down to Pennsylvania with Edward from you know, stinky Eddie from the round table what s1 car that must have been wholly how much human heat can be generated in a car. If you put you and Ed together in a seat, very, very bizarre. The car itself like had the car game
Gulf air condition it was trying to air condition it. So what do you? What does that even mean? So it doesn't matter when it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, but I was passing some 'cause. I realized we should season them when they were alive season them alive, cinema life season them alive and then so people mastered season, seasoning people now and when you log you can season, you don't eat up. The pooper put it up the pooper and let the bodies season from the inside. Well, it's alive cannot fucking. Imagine that that is I also thought: well it's possible. I mean you can shoot shut up a cows. Ask that doesn't mean it's going to taste better. This is my other onions underneath it didn't eat, onions and garlic yeah would hate it. When do it like when it starts to smell that way,
I know the feed Kobe be they are they all of them? Yes, okay, here yeah in this drink beer yeah and they won't if you're Cannibal Company does but there's also all that we have Paco rise to do. That's all in all, fill in all of our systems and, like all I know, is awful yeah. We discussed it yeah, yeah yeah. I don't need on Marcus, be very delicious. I think you'd, the closest thing to a woman's breast, No, no! No! This is still all fat No, no, but it's gross, but you don't show us know then run underwater sure. Why are you sure I just did it? It's actually beautiful forgot. I was doing it while I was doing. I know anyway. So what's going on with this russian, so well I mean that's kind of the russian guy. But let's move on over to Germany, we got two guys in Germany that I, like oh yeah, the first one Joaquim Crow. Recorded retarded fellow, oh, this guy. You should see the look of the on this guys face too. He looks like a retarded version of Frado from Godfather. He looks nice,
says the over. I should have been the godfather yeah. Well, the man was mentally retarded and was a beloved member of a small community in North EAST Germany, absolutely 'cause. They used to dress him up as Bip Bop the plugin monkey boy, everyone, everyone, like whatever in summary, a parade that they have like in Williams Burg, every three weeks you guys and the children even known him as uncle walking and unfortunately started killing him start killing and eating young girls. Ok when they're just all over the place. It's just it's just like you know it's like accidentally, stepping on ants too many of 'em. It happens, and one day a neighbor was told not to use, is upstairs toilet. The very nonchalant manner the man said quote because it's blocked up with guts, he stood for the uncle Joaquin is just a joke. The joy
and a big part of this community. I love that. I love him. I love his energy he's everything at this whole neighborhood is about, but don't the bathroom, though it is chock jam full of guts. Yeah little girls got, I guess they're, not good for plumbing. Why would he? How do you get rid of a body? I suppose You soak it in Lyman, a bathtub right, that's what they or you chop it up into muscle, Peachpit pieces and you feed. Ali dogs That's what I would do it yeah! Well. This man killed fourteen young kids, hey man, and he insisted that young children had the best meat out of any other kind of human. Well, that's what they say, because it's before before this during adolescence, is when college inserts like seeping into the meat. So it gets tough, babies and children are supposed to be the perfect things to eat, really yeah and, I suppose the easiest to catch as well.
The easiest abroad. Not necessarily I mean things so hard to do I mean once you get him and really hit him in the head with a hammer a couple times: you're gonna, stop like you're gonna drop a kid pretty hard, absolutely like yeah. I could tell you it would still be. You could hit us in the with a hammer like four or five times, you would still be alive? No most people can survive quite close to the head yeah. But I read about it another guy that another cannibal that he it took. Twenty four blows kill a guy God Holy Christ. Where was he hitting him in the head in the head? Yeah, yeah got got a lot of shoulder shot, not very strong yeah. Twenty five hits to the head. It's it's definitely able to you can survive that yeah these two weeks ago. It's just like. Maybe ten hits to the head? If you can't kill him in ten hits, you don't get to kill him the human I mean. Are you kidding me how many fucking blows this guy get yeah? It's like t ball exactly strikes and you're out retarded people
well another german man. I am this one are blisters. Probably remember probably heard of this. Guy's name is Armand Muse, yeah, and what year was this? This was all this happened. Let's see here in two thousand two yeah, two thousand and one two thousand one, two thousand and two, the guy with the baby guts in his toilet, that's two thousand as well. No, that was in like the 60s. Oh yeah, that was that was along the golden age of german cannibalism yeah. This is an arm in new some more part of the NEO Cannibalists thing. It's that swing music. In Germany right now, those cannibals these days dancing around what their big popping that it did did did did interesting, Louisville City, lady and then all I know that, like better than Peter Good now eating it, it is up. Is that your favorite part of a person all you got to eat that it's a la zebra Pappu. To do that I
you push, the off legs well are mad stuff is that it gives you that wonderful singing voice that a decade did Bucky Boo, Boo, Armin Mewes. I think Lewis crazy all the human tip. I think Lewis has lost its he consuming human breasts. Again, oh skews me now I gotta suck on of pennies. Now alright put a nipple on him. Like my knees lick my name If anyone has a lick, my knees fetish out there please write us. I want to I got a time that could use some loving, well are going through God, Armin Mewes was a guy use, a guy that people might have heard of use. The man who posted on the internet saying that he was looking for somebody to eat a kill and eat We got a response. He looking for a willing, volunteer, Muse posted an advertisement at a website that Cannibal CAFE
and that they didn't even then even a clever disguise, oh well, the disclaimer mentions the distinction between reality and fantasy yeah. Like those suicide websites, yeah well NEWS post, that he was quote. Looking for a Well box news, dot com anyway. Looking for a well built, one thousand, eight hundred and thirty year old to be slaughtered and then consumed a guy excuse us, a man responded to it and many other people respond to it and then backed out there like whoa didn't know, you were serious, there bud right right, but one guy as is known for a videotape the two made when they met on March Ninth, two thousand and one in MUS Home NEWS, amputated the other man whose name is Brandis amputated his penis and the two men attempted to eat the penis together before Brandis was killed. Brandes had insisted that news attempt to bite his penis off this
did not work and it ultimately muse used a knife to remove brandishes Penus Brandes apparently tried to eat some of his own penis raw, but could not because it was too tough and as he put it, chewy. I imagine why you gotta get hard before you cut it off, get a firm. I want to speak, it's the worst part to eat. Now, it's all cartilage will use. Then tried to fry the penises in a pan with salt, pepper wine and garlic. He didn't fright it, but someone brandishes fat, but by then it was too burned to be consumed. He then chopped it up in the. And fed it to the dogs, just a bad cook. He wasted a sirloin steak whenever the nicest and Kobe Beef Steak prepare Well know what to do. Have vegetable absolutely be a chef about it? If we're going to do this, do it right
you got one, go you don't want Dragon MIKE odds. Are you're getting one dick in your life you're getting one dick, that's it to cook and eat, be prepared, get a sous chef in there, yeah get some fucking nice chopped, onions Maybe a war is look. Is it? What is it? It's like opportunity meet some light reading this yeah yeah, something like that rations preparation, get it get it right to that due to our medium rare, I would I like to go to a place that is a like a bunch of dicks in water and then we'll call it Bob for APP Bobbitt for being, as Bob it for beer. Bob Williams, according to journalists and saw the video Brandis may already have been two we can from blood loss to actually eat any of his penis really means that he just kind of had the penis like flopping out of on mountain car, like I don't think I like to eat it is that the only thing that he cut off is the Dick only thing, they'd be cut off. No, no, no news,
after the whole peanuts incident, he read a short circuit, but it's like the phantom tollbooth. He read a star trek book for three hours. While the guy was bleeding out in the bathtub amused so get in large quantities of alcohol in pain killers. Thank you for any faster twenty sleeping pills in a bottle of schnapps them. Well, it's Germany yeah exactly it's fuckin' often can I have some schnapps cancel snap like missing my dick here manifesto schnapps, looking at me other shot at Delicious peach schnapps. I look at Dyer Man, alright, and he kissed him, we killed him in a room that he had built in his house, for this purpose called the slaughtered room on the kill him after us. Abby Bradley times in the head with a hammer, he stabbed him in the throat good. He then among the body on a meat hook and tore chunks of flesh from it. He even tried to grind the bones to use,
flower. The whole scene was he's an idiot. He is kind of an idiot. Well, he just doesn't want to cook just think about This is the only thing you want to do. You should go in both can't be flower. You should be so good at cooking other ship that by the time it comes down to cooking a human. You are so good. You should be the guy that buys all the sausages 'cause, they look like a dick and you should know how to grill the perfect sausage, like I can do with this. I can do it with a dick yeah and then it's just bugging twelve Showtime goddamnit, this guy really fuckedup I suspect it up. Well, the big debate over this. An entire murder is: is this a murder at all, since the man gave explicit consent, written and videotaped go ahead? yeah yeah it's murdered. Well, I mean it's technically murder, but it is also like murder of somebody wanted to be murdered, talk that he still needs to be in the in some place where they know where he is all the time a bunch of guys with dicks yeah yeah. That will make him.
It will be like hey? You know what happens when you don't cut off a dick, and even I Can user to rape? You you know when you get this out is then when he said that he. He believes that there over a hundred cannibals in Germany who wrote they should go for treatment, so it doesn't escalate like it did with me. There is a that's a there's. A documentary called the interview with, cannibal that vice put out. That is a very similar to that yeah, I name is say psycho out who was a japanese man who, with Duke, was born in a he? He believes that where he came from, is that the heat that some race of can Aliens dropped him off on the earth and his mother found him and took pity on him. This is like idea, because Moses Story- yeah. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, space juice! You will feed that baby, penises hungry human eating space juice and he wow,
I was always fascinated with eating human flesh and since he was a child and could understand it, and he became obsessed with foreign women, he loves tall, bigger white women. A lot of you like Gianna Michaels, the was a psych, that you would be his like number one he be like yeah. I don't know. I guess I don't know she's a big man's meal in the 70s. He went to the Sorbonne all France, Paris. We are going to study a comparative literature, the whole time, realizing that he's setting himself up to go eat a woman and his his obsession with cannibalism is gone to buy. That's what he said. It was It was no longer fascination, it was an obligation. He had to do it right, and so he befriended the super hot young ducks girl who was like really really big. Following on on on the sofa on big tall and did this thing where they were. He convinced her like he basically set it up. He could miss her that he needed someone to common record,
in poetry in his apartment. Soon over there and she's, like all yeah, I do what to do. Are you like what you like? It is my dutch actually it was very, don't know. Dutch people sounds, I don't know I've never understood, though yeah, but then you would cheesy way to get a woman by the oh yeah, I mean urban poetry in my apartment he said the one of their professors requested that they do it yeah and he went and got a gun while she's sitting at the table, and she did when she was like kind of like talking to him and he's like smile. Talking or listen to yeah. He blew the shutter brains out on the neck yeah Apparently she's really talk to him for a little while, like like totally in shock or what she was doing and she died, and then he could cut. He basically then did the standard rate. Paper printer and then raped her yes, yeah yeah. Yeah many of cooked and ate her body over four days and in basically try to hide it by like
He was like I knew knew exactly where to go. There was this park that has a lake in it and I'm just gonna go drop by about a shovel was of the body into two suitcases and these two stopping what blood filled suitcases. He got into a taxi cab me when he and realize that it was still going to be sunny at eight hundred o'clock at night. 'cause he's an idiot or just totally insane. Probably an idiot tried to like put the things in the lake. He just sit there and he said he became fascinated with the old man walking a little girl and he was watching smiling and stuff, and finally, someone like you look over and he just like had opened up his bags and body parts are all over the thing and then he just looked at the Persians like my uh for too big for my stuff and basically long story short is he's immediately captured. He gets then extradited to Japan because that's just what happens when they were foreign, dissident,
and in Japan, didn't know what to do with him because of this weird law transfer. So he didn't get any jail time. He was never convicted of a crime, even though, like he totally admitted that he like, I killed her to eat her. That's why I said and that, but his judgment was from the japanese court said he was judged to be sane but evil right kind of the coolest judgment of all right, but then he basically from there for money. He said a mango company approached him and asked him to draw cartoon about his crime She did yeah, it's a it's a it's very it's! It's kind of like traditional, it's influenced by like traditional or Chairman Jeff, We are pictures yeah and you would be able to make money off of this. Yes, yeah
I'll be living, and then he did. All these raiders like ever did was killed this woman. He would make these he would love to eat orchestrated these videos that he did where he hired a japanese porn actress to come, and all she's told is that you're going to be with this guy for the weekend and you're going to he's like you have to fuck him three times a day, and so they sit in a funk, and it's like him with this porn star and they fucked three times, and it's all filmed and then, if you watch him tell her what he did with his crime was well. They were flashing her afterwards, so they thought it would show her pictures of the stuff. I'm just watched them like cry like he's like she started crying like really. You know 'cause there shaking his you just had sex with a guy in the pictures are rude. Are they online? Yes, ok! Now it's at the picture that I saw was of a torso. It was just her torso, you pull it up Marcus. Yeah a I'll show you tonight yeah. Thank you
battery, but it was just of a torso. Both her arms and legs were cut off, but it's were cut off and her face was a little chewy 'cause. He when he first started out when he first started eating or the first thing he did, was he tried to gnaw on harass, like you tried to bite into harass, but he's like it made my jaw hurt and then right, I mean that's what I would do and then he got a fruit knife which I'm not really sure But that is, I don't know japanese Iverson Fruit Knife and he couldn't he couldn't cut into the as with the fruit. Now, ok, so he went out and got a meat knife, a curved metal work better and came out and he cut the AAS open. And it's ladies like when I first saw it. It was yellow, like corn, and I only found out later that that was fat, but I dug in
fever. I think that read me saying he kept saying red meat over and over any other thing, he had a thing for thighs, oh yeah, eyes, and then he asked his whole purpose like filled with pictures of women from magazines and stuff and he's like who taught her thighs look so tasty and then he was like. So in order to defeat my cannibalistic intentions, I would masturbate furiously, but now I am impotent and can no longer masturbate and I'm afraid, Cannibalism will come back, so it was a sexual thing or let me ask most Cannibal is that most cannibalism is also in moderating yeah yeah. Why a lot of the the serial killers, the cannibalistic serial killers, are also raiders, but talk about. Let's just talk about the big big bad bone, daddy, Batman, fish, the Brooklyn boogeyman, the monster of Waterloo, the also causing all these weird names for him, I'm of Waterloo. He wasn't.
And we talked about. I think in our serial killer march, madness, yeah, there's also known as the bumblebee of Bruges. What so I'm getting by that guy. It's not fancy, but Albert FISH was a sadist, the king of perversion, yeah vented uh several different sexual fetishes. Including shoving right, like rose, stems up his dick hole. Did not ends up in his crotch, and another thing I was reading about is that he was to soak a rag and kerosene shove it up his ass and then set fire to it. Seizing interesting right now about you was just I mean if you want talk about a man with no boundary figured he figured he figured he up yeah. I was no limits at all because
Apparently he was put into this. A very like his father was eighty. When he was born. It was just this old man. He just thing that at a young young girl put is short, clammy a number I made him right. The media We put him in the this, the most brutal of like of Charles Dick things fuckin' orphanage yeah yeah, where you know everyone, the kids were brutally spanked. Then he found out after awhile like when they spank me. I began to get card and then like you, and they used to also piss and on them. Yes, John, really any toilet. Okay, he could barely contain his excitement. He loved it all some right right since he was a boy and then it happened when you get weak sperm. Extremely strong adaptive, sperm and people are going to piston shittin Spanky anyway, you might as well get hard over it. Such a disgusting fucking animal, but so he put the boy in Cleveland. He did
he didn't know, was his first arrest. He's also was married three times. Yes, this guy had three wives. He got mad. Like a woman voluntarily had sex with AL, and they had to have been some pretty heinous hogs yeah, whatever the opposite of a trophy wife, is that about one is replacement. What I do not flaunt her! I come home to her and I am sad but he he was a lesson for use arrested for child molestation for awhile right. I think I put in jail bumped out kind of like John Wayne, Gacy he was not there. Cuddling John Wayne Gacy was arrested before the for sodomy user server side that was like, and then he moved to a new town. And one very high side note on John Wayne Gacy. It was just found out that a person who is thought to have been killed by Gacy actually died. Mount Everest.
In French, maybe John Winky she's right. He was framed dealers name using the cloud to make kids laugh back to fish and by the way Albert FISH that system. Settling names. Gardening name sounds highly, so he he basically what he only killed. Two people. He killed two young children right, but what he did was like up until that point like there is a one story as to what we're we're all started from is that he started to not raping but sort of exploiting this severely mentally challenged boy who, like eighteen Midland when he was like? Yes, he was like doing stuff to him and he became so fast. Made with the idea of castration. That's all he wanted to do as that. He tide him up and started cutting his dick off, but apparently when he started yelling at worried him, So then he tried to sell. The wound gave him a ten dollars bill and Skip town worried him worried when he was cutting off of
boys, dick your target voice, worried now I would like what are you doing? Why you so maybe be hard. Why you made me, so? This is just showing me into a worried. Walrus final word more like he found a new town home I in ciety is kicking in about cutting off the boat boys, penises, ten dollars went in. That time was like this. All it was like. Fifteen dollars is not enough to replace your fucking dick, but like enough to get a nice smooth, but what Albert FISH is most known for is that he murdered Ngor, Almond, gate keeper friend of this family. One thing you should do is used to go to the classifieds and like people looking for, work? He would write them obscene, like letters or like draw pictures. Thaksin dot com, my direct yeah. I have a mortar, but that's what you should do, and so he was casing out this young kid name Edward, but who is looking to be hired in this is
I will say if your name is Edward, but you're gonna get your right over yeah sure, that's going to happen. I just what's going to happen. You just get the victim's name. It is at all one quick side note how much fun Would it be to just draw pictures of Dixon just send them to random people will start sending him to NBC and stuff like that yeah exactly no, I'm talking bout residences, just regular regular, because no one would know what's going on or just feel like writing thing, which is like I the money in your future and then draw like a big thick rope. Talk on the back of it would they say see how they react? in the end, they'll be like well money's coming right right, if you right away, if you want to continue this chain letter, draw another dick ten friends now being made as I we should try it. Get it back, yeah yeah! I do feel it turn us so so Albert he went to go
and to hire this young boy to be his like, whatever, like a system to work and right he's so young grace, but his younger sister there and he commenced the parents any film of other any convince the parents to to allow him to take her to a party of his well. They should seem like a creepy old man. Absolutely have my youngest daughter said his nieces birthday yeah, and this is all over the span of an afternoon. Yes, you really quick here, then I guess this story is that he took her old out just to clarify. She was like seven or eight: oh, ok, yeah. He took her into a house and took off his pants and then showed her his implements of hell call them which was like a hammer. A bone saw and a weird long curved knife used to keep in the bag
Balloon Sahib. He also believe people he used to rap himself in Houston, rap himself in rug, saying that John, the Baptist came to him and told him that you keep ghosts away from her brain and that's true. I mean, I also believe that God told him to kill children, I'm sure which is what he does definitely inspired, so Barker to create all the characters they created, which I think is they've got, does all things he works in mysterious ways. Sometimes he cuts off a boys dick. Sometimes he rapes and kills if I can eat the girl and then sometimes he sends angels to win a football game? Tivo he's gonna. Do you think that is
jobs, fingernails hope this guy cut off that boys dick eat. This chick and TIM Tebo wants to score with whatever I gotta do it so the most, but the most terrifying thing that Albert FISH did is, after he killed and ate this young girl, who's cannibal thing and that's what he was obsessed with. He wrote a letter to the mother of grace. Budd inspire in the song, of course, hiring the song, and this is the. I will now read you the copy that he sent me to her. Ladies and gentlemen, Albert FISH, as read by Henry Zebrowski, my dear MRS Bud in eighteen, ninety four friend of mine, shipped as a day and on the steamer Tacoma Captain John Davis. They sell from San Francisco for Hong Kong, China on arriving there. He and two others went ashore and got drunk when they returned about was gone. Oh it's already! Top weight
oh yeah, the end to what with it does start Thomas. Thank you. At the time there was famine in China. Meet of any kind was from one dollar to three dollars, a pound which was a Harry other type and yeah. I know what it was just so when it was just meet meet time, I've tried it did you live during meaning I'm mostly womans breasts. Fuckin' poon, Tang Dynasty Bam eat that plus a nice, so Great was the suffering among the very poor that all children under twelve or sold for food in order to keep others from starving boy or girl under fourteen was not safe. On the
you, can go in any shop and ask for steak chops. Do me part of the naked body of a boy or girl be brought out and just what you want to call from it? A boy your girls behind, which is the sweetest part of the body? Is this still a veal cutlet, yes brought the highest price. This is a hundred really. This is the word for word the letter he sent her John stayed there so long. He acquired a taste for human flesh on return to New York. He stole two boys, one. Seven one eleven took him to his home strip them the store comes from, I like, when is Eli Roth at seven hundred and eleven took them to his home strip them naked tide them in a closet, then burn everything they had on several times a day. He spank them tortured them to make their meat good and tender. First to kill the eleven year old boy because he had the fattest asses in the course of the most meat on it. Remember that
his body, was cooked and eaten except the head bones and guts. He was roasted in the oven all of his flush, toilets, broiled, fried and stewed. By the way all of his assets, in parentheses, boy was: next went the same way at that time, living at four hundred and nine EAST one hundred street near right. Side yeah, which is in the city, so we go there we got to go. There have he told me so often how good human flesh was. I made up my mind to taste it on Sunday June, the third one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight. I called on you at four hundred and six wet four hundred and six w 15th ST brought you pot cheese, strawberries. We had lunch, grace sat in my lap and kissed me. I made up my mind to eat her on the pretense of taking her to a party. You said yes, she could go. I took her to an end
house in Westchester. I'd already picked out when we got there, I told her remain outside she pick wildflowers. I went upstairs in a stripped all my clothes off. I know. If I did not, I would get her blood on them would all was ready. I went to the window and I called her that I hid in the closet until she was in the room when she saw me all naked. She began to cry and try to run down the there's that grabbed her. You know that feeling right, she would tell her mom. Oh yeah he's gotta get past it, and then you can date for awhile. First, I stripped her naked how she did kick bite and scratch a choke. Her to death then cut her in small pieces, so I could take my meat to my rooms cook and eat it. How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven. It took me nine days to eat her entire body. I did not fuck her, though
I could have if I had wished, she died. A virgin love albert fish nicely said no Exo Human Ville key kit. Gas summer yeah ps. Could I get my dish back? He is great! Well, you know that's a fun letter and daddy, it's formatted, your bread. No, I thought is really interested. I didn't realize that Albert FISH was so crass. He said the fish could barely read. Albert fish was a disgusting fucking monster right right. That makes sense. I get in my head, he wears a top hat. He comes over sort of like the guy from Phantasm, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and but really he's just a creepy borderline home yeah, it's my old kid Walker and murder Headfucker. He didn't buck. He flipped the other one. He looked a little boy at all yeah. I just think that he was gay for little boys and he just hated little girls.
I think so I don't know interesting side. Oh no! He you love this little. You love grace it like. Was that my little pet I also get a pen it you're you're, not that's too bad. So do we have any information on what the motivations for eating some people eight eat too can June, the TH, the flash, and it's always SAM or morbid curiosity or sexual fantasy, get like to get rid of all right yeah. My father eats the hearts of birds that he kills in order to gain line, order to gain their power for good and just your get back woods, five Hey, hey, hey! You have India. We go by the land of the Indians by the laws of my people, my god we eat the hard shell right with Mark is going to find a way to weasel. In the only accent he could do a lot of him, but he's going.
Diesel in that native American One, I like it. Thank you. What else do we got to cover yeah Well, you know I mean we can do a quick run through on Jeffrey Dahmer. I mean we've done, I'm just saying he's worth mentioning, I will say Dahmer, probably as we have him winning are March Madness tournament from a couple of what multiple weapons of got. The best number is the best I I would use in terms of volume and and and and motivation the fact that they, it all started for trying to make your own right sex life right. Sure, like you know, it's it's the whole like give a man a fish or teach a man to fish right. Tell your you know, give your daughter Albert for shouldn't see we yeah yeah. What are you, what he's attempts, or whatever and apparently also because of the pins that were up in his dick he when he got electrocuted to death they had to do two times, because there is that the the this story is that it should orchard it. It's short circuited, the first,
I'm just really made him hard, really erect right. Now, yes, do come on anymore. Do you have a daughter? I have one more story of a family, a cannibal cult, mother, yeah, very rare in this yeah mother, tortured her son in a locked cellar, while relative skin him and forced him to eat his own flesh cool yeah. I wonder why it would be bad at school. He couldn't get, couldn't understand, arithmetic a member of a sinister religious cult and her sister Katerina led the sickening torture of her eight year old son with a call and his tune. It was, it's called the the grail. What is it called the GRAIL mission? I looked it up. You know, like I looked up a little bit of stuff about it here and there, but really it's It's not a sinister called it's just new age. Bullshit yeah give me clan. No one knows how to do colts anymore, yeah, not really this one was been around the 20s
and if it's a girl yeah I like to get the big gray ole path or some like that. I think the true Christ Cold, that's going on in Australia right now, with the now? It just says: he's Jesus the ground movement. That's what is have we done our colts episode yet, Yeah we could do another one do another one soon yeah yeah! That was like a third or fourth episode. Oh great will have to do once because we did the Jonestown stuff. Alright, wonderful. So this is great Greek, apava, good old episode, yeah Jones downstairs into it ever you guys, like good public speakers, you want to laugh a good giggle fest, listen to Jim Jones, talking as people to death, yeah literally talking as people to death in a dad, took him just think about this for a second and the time that it is taking you to listen to this episode right, Jim Jones
Oct, how nine hundred people into often themselves into killing themselves in forty five minutes. So you do it, don't do it? Will you save people from you and Henry? You don't kill our family and you do it. No don't show Henry show them how much power we have You know what I just thought I would say this is all going to say. This is how this is all going to come down and listen to this podcast for awhile, but then they kept on telling me to kill myself. So I just like went to a different. Whatever. So this kid was eating his own flesh, how many days or weeks or months that that after hours I mean I mean it was in this guy. It was over a period of months and how they got caught is the woman. They kept him in a basement. Big flag out of it and put it out in front of the house, and it was just a big human skin flag and everyone's like hey. What's going on with you skin flag and he's like. I dare you to call the police, Never the police,
yeah. I, like I see yeah What happened is that the woman had installed a baby, monitor a tv like a tv baby, monitor upstate, and the other is. This was pretty recent this is going to be martyrs. This is like two thought. This happened like two thousand and seven murders is the ship. If you have not seen martyrs, do it check it out hot but to some martyr's absolutely so she put a baby monitor in there with the kids. So as they soak in that she could hear. Crying. So no, it was videos tv monitor like she got. It was a baby monitor that had like a camera, so But in this kid was like ten yeah, I wouldn't be this. Kid was fairly old as far as you know, kids, who eat themselves go or did he like himself? Did he get any reviews and hurting sort of yelp refuses to how he tasted? I wonder,
well. They also the recipe up a little bit as time went on they stub cigarettes on their bare. There was two of them by the way it was brothers I stub cigarettes out on their bare skin with them, with belts tried to drown him also sexually abused and forced to cut themselves with knives, this woman had a baby monitor it sort of reason. Why do you know why I see it next to the all the story. 'cause. I read quite a few stories on this trying to figure out why trying to see 'cause everyone always part of the rich rail, like that. Keep saying like they're part of the GRAIL movement, blah blah blah, but I research stuff on the ground movement. There's nothing really, sinister about that. It's just new age bullshit. They don't know refused to say it's like when they were better women refused to say why they were doing this. Oh if you just doing it, 'cause it's cool it. Was there right, I yeah yeah, and it's one of the offshoots of the religion like when Pat Robertson tells you to invest in gold and you're like I never heard in the Bible, but no, no yeah, you gotta, eat your kid.
And so the thing so this. Woman had the baby monitor and the person living next door to them had also bought the baby monitor a technology called technological mishap, so she picked up the transmissions a neighbor, and so they come as you. If you thought you saw that going on to you and your baby right right right, you really do grow up fast and I think it's the start eating their own skin. This is weird, weird guess how much guess how much water do with him. Tossed salad is brown and yes, I'm much time this woman got how much time just set take away. Yes, all I'm going to eat three life sentences, nine years. Good good, good good. I'm sure she learned her lesson. Did that with the boy obviously died right,
No, they all so glad that he lived. I'm sure his life is great yeah and also, and not out of all that he's all he also lives in the Czech Republic. If you stand up comedian, you have problems. I think it's at the very least, it's good for the bandage and gauze business. You know if we can get more people in their own skin off that'll be perfect. Sales are through the roof. No one has skin anymore. They were also can in cages, handcuffed to tables and made to stand in their own urine for days. I do that it's just 'cause, I'm lazy, yeah, that's the thing with you, but there are you standing, my chairs over there the bathroom is over there, but I'm here, Stick man hanging out with Tom Cruise. I say: well what the prosecutor said. Their aim was to make the boys blindly serve their religious goals. Well,
so so they were in this, like new age called all that, and so the boys are like. I don't want to go to church and they're like I'm, going to make your own skin, but I never seen you gotta do that through video games in Youtube, we have them video, gamers and the Youtube, and you gotta fight a rebellious spirit. Yeah you gotta get that high pitched Freddy guy. The guy goes like mam, not look that guy I'll get you to be into your religion and I'm sure that that guy will literally do fuqing any single thing for a dime about Microsoft. You could get him to be the spokesperson, you're cool like that, absolutely exactly like a millisecond. No doubt, no doubt Z, thirty students taking the kids over dark Lord and move to Jesus Christ, the Freaking dragon warrior. I would eat my own skin if that dude was the spokesperson I mean I'd, be into it, for I definitely watched the videos in love, love it. What that is like it, but what's the guys name, I don't know
I want this one of those things. That's one of those bits of information, I'm just Get outlet enter entering my brother, really yeah. I don't need to know that. I don't need to know what the what the kids doing with the jet? thing and that the yet you're a backup, blacks in which user I know I know yeah right doing she's doing Friday hi. I am Brian. I, if you didn't know, is about the JFK assassination. No, yes, no! so it's not the snow I've got many ways really good. She is great. I love her. This is great. It is great. I mean it's, but it's a bizarre way to get somebody to join the religion. The I want them to join. Tie that yeah yeah yeah yeah. When I was growing up, you binge local. They convinced me to love Jesus through pop. It's you know through, like bizarre very terrible Christian, Sketch
this boy eat his own skin different approaches, different approaches, but I bet you. I wonder if this kid does hold true a little bit of those religious tenements of this ok, you know what I'm going to mention. No, no, you don't know now you guys want to hear the Friday JFK assassination thing. Oh, my god, alright is about the JFK assassination. The man in the car at JFK was in named Samuel, Kickin kickin in the front seat sitting in the Exceed the assassination occurred on a Friday and after JFK was shot, the secret service told Jackie to quote get down. Gotta get down on Friday. Cold war and the spread of calm, Some are referenced. Everybody's russian finally, that's not true! That's up there with the European you're american when you go into the bathroom and american when you come out. What are you in the mail european ago only instead of eating a breakfast of eggs and sausage that morning, opted for a bowl of bran flakes.
Trouble cereal following Monday JFK It was due to sign a law that provided bus transportation to all students, gotta catch, my bus. Why? I feel like this just disk, nine hundred and eleven conspiracy could make a rational point about a lot of stuff, which is really sad. Ok, Americas importances over yeah. It really is that we are no longer the number one superpower. No, we haven't been announced not all over we're all over. Ok, yeah we're good cool. So yeah we'll talk to you guys soon. Henrietta do you want to say here? I just wanted to say it's just so nice to be out to be making people laugh
what we do a Lewis. What do we do? Lewis, Pression here, real, quick yeah? That's about bringing some etant, it's yeah you're right, you're, right, you're, right yeah, but it's ok, okay, that's fine Oh my pants are too small. For my big old brown snake, woo all right. I don't know course dinner right. There brown stop that right up brown, snake, Megu stellations, who installation I owe me alright- will talk to you soon. Goodbye.
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