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Episode 50: 50th Episode Halloween Spooky Story Extravaganza!

2015-02-16 | 🔗

On this special Halloween edition of Last Podcast: 4 of our friends come by to tell us the spookiest stories they've got the creep the hell outta ya when you're alone at night!

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There's no place to escape. To this is the last time throughput evident if you want. I want to have fun just to be able to I'm not following. No, those are the wrong ones. No one's literally right near me sure, what's right in front of your face right there. There are six inches away from you. Alright welcome! Not a fucking detective O'Clock cast comedian huh. Alright, that's market price hike, bed, Kissel witnesses, always Detective Henry Zebrowski Party worked and interactive thing to find. I can find it to find something specially. If it's directly in front of my face,
find the living chit out of it. You couldn't find that out. No, no because I wasn't getting paid to find it alright. Give me a check to find something up, find it evens inside you and I'm talking to you. Ladies, I don't think I have a feeling they might not be paying you for that. Let me find what's inside you, ladies, I think it's time very nice. Detective head resort broski will speak it of a disk testing things in creepy scenarios. Today we're going to be doing a little segment called Narios Audio Canario scenarios were doing a little program called diesel latest celebrity hauntings and by the way, guys happy 50th episode. Was this up up up up up up up up up to farts for your 50th episode, yeah Grand Father just got two bullets in the back of his head. Why? That's not true! It's no.
Okay solving crimes and by now yeah so we're we're going to be interviewing a bunch of our good d list, celebrity friends and we're going to hear some of their tails and we're going to allow them to uninterrupted, uninterrupted. Uninterrupted Henry Zebrowski read about interrupt. I will keep doing this so you know I'm going to bed, I'm going to ruin this podcast good good. I like it. So do we want to talk about is obviously based off the show one by overlook celebrity ghost stories or whatever when yeah it's all like washed up. Soap stars from the 90s, but we got some real legitimate people come in to talk to you guys today, absolutely because people I know are crap, giving more knowledge about the stars of cave comedy, radio yeah, the some of the people that you get to see more of their in our world. That's roast world! That's right! I have no hunting stories. This is why I
people it's 'cause, it's like I don't. I never seen a ghost ghost won't order me. Apparently I'm not sensitive nope I'm just like what do you mean, but detectives have very. Send it to the surroundings around them. How? No? No, I just bashed my way through mysteries, kick open doors and push women down a fine things. Interesting, that's what I do. I was the closest thing. I have a two. Is that there's a we, for them staring at right now and we used to play with one and when I was in high school and we had a gal named Deb Deb and I should make the cat go crazy and and she nearly killed. My friend Josh Cons. He was putting chips all over the Ouija board. I think he dabs his balls on at one point. He goes to have we're going to have a Wigi board story here as well. Soon fantastic, I really believe in the Ouija Board and I was driving home one night and a whole bunch of different things started happening with this car cars coming towards him turn off their headlights and deer running all around
anyway, he was very, very terrified, but overall and my friend crazy christian PETE. He saw a ghost in Stevens Point Wisconsin and he was so convinced that it was a ghost that he came in evangelical Christian doesn't mean anything. That's not! It's not a reason. We're talking about a little bit at the end of ad words Now mine was I when I was about seven or eight years old. I saw green goblin, not the mark. Villain, Spiderman villain, but he was so important for my window called J Jonah Jameson. This is a story. Yes, now I was. I was staying at my cousins house in Lubbock TX. It was late at night I woke up and I looked out side of suburban neighborhood, and I saw on the street in this little cul de sac, a large green pig demon it was more of a. It was a blob, but it had like a pig's head, but it also kind of Ogrish. So it's like a pig job. Do you
how are Goblin pig. If you random, testing man Fuckin' pig and they had a baby and the baby escape the basement, hear me kill me, kill me jump, it was going, it was glowing as well sure yeah yeah. I have a little horn yeah Sure yes, yeah. I believe that I was not asleep. I was not asleep, it was not a dream. I never said that you were a sleeper that it was. I tried waking up my cousin. He wouldn't wake up. If you were under the goblin spell I'm I'm with the one thing. The creepy thing that I did discover was, I was a part of group of friends, and I I make internal noises when I talk this, don't know it just started happening. Yeah today
really it's over the past several weeks. It's a sausage cheese biscuit that said. Ok, this is one thing, so we meet around one thousand one hundred o'clock in the morning to record at Hedrick comes downstairs jolly as an apple, and I'm going to mention it with apple. Had a personality, they'd be very, very happy and I think everybody what's what's happening to Henry says all- got a big sausage and cheddar muffin right here and then he took a bite of my sound like you, religion and man. I've never seen Hume being be more of like the living interpretation of the statement. Pig in shit because you were just a pig in the dookie is shittu- were loving your life again. It's the sausage. Muffin should have been hot right, so he was a little bit unhappy because it was just kind of like a slimy ball of sausage fat on mix into cupcake mix yeah. So that was sometimes
we leave, hits it out of the park and sometimes they don't great coffee shop for a cover. But you need to make my friends you could do in elementary school into middle school. You see. Do this thing called monster club that we all, because that that was like super more with little children he's dressed all in black and, like I had the whole like I was at the mysteries. And ancient mysteries at the book series room, no mysteries, magic and mystery mad of myth, magic and I had that whole set yeah I mean we used to stand in a madman with a magical. You said read those and like talk about stuff and the the only thing that that I had to scary things that happen, and one was I and I think I've talked about this on the podcast before where there is during when I was growing up in queens in Wood Haven, there was a giant who was a very white neighborhood for a long time, because it was owned by the mob, and that was like a thing. So it's like in their braces an black people,
there, and then they left, because, basically, when God He died the whole the whole like temperature of the room change you know, and he at the time there was an influx of Haitian, like population moved into the neighborhood and they brought with their religion. So, like a part of that was like there were we talking, I think I took a little know you did talk. I've never but we wouldn't we discovered me and a friend of mine, 'cause, there's all these being or the other recipe made, but like animal cruelty and stuff like that, because they sacrifice animals and their church practices and we walked out in the middle of forest park. Queens Anne found a big log circle stained with blood. Everything was stained with blood. That was a crime scene that was like a voodoo practicing area and another with it, as we made our own Ouija Board out of a sheet of the paper, because we're really into magic and stuff like that we were kept, we would like do spells and stuff. I have nothing ever worked, and I mean there's no, it's just supposed to been so difficult for you growing up to for
get off all the Pussey, that's it. You know we get every girl wanted to. You know we had girls in the group, though ok the girl, I was desperately in love with, and then I gave her a Myron note right, on Valentine's day, and she met me in a place that I wore obare and this like jacket. There's like smoking jacket. I had gotten and I was like thirteen because if we had her in that would be her ghost story. I want to wear a beret alot haha. I went through a period where I was wearing braces well now. We will talk about it again. No, that's fine, but I'll. Just forget about that, but I went through a period where were top hats all the time. It's ok! It's ok! You know we all did dumb gay thing yeah. It was junior high yeah. I was looking for an identity. I was trying to be dramatic. Yeah me too. I just I just like top hats,
yeah I had a big purple break. I had a big green top hat. I had a character I played called the flying grape. It was the night. My friends, that's true. That is true. Ways to play. This character have a purple hoodie put on my head going on the fly and great, but they would laugh and laugh- I was popular. I'm sure is very. It was a part of time where I was guy was guy was innocent and pure or I'm? you're, nothing but innocent impure? Now, so I don't know we did this Ouija board. We we created this circle and we put out the Ouija Board and we were asking it questions and then the Ouija board set on fire. That's what I remember is the Ouija Board on fire. We threw it out, but someone probably just set it on fire? It's possible, I mean that's the thing I'm so confused is going back to the Ouija board. We were planning to my for an air insane's house and we're like change the dvd player and we had all the remote controls on the table and then the dvd track- like skipping randomly,
Maybe somebody hit it on shuffle. This very, very possible, but at the time it was so unbelievably terrifying all through the window constantly like. Isn't this Pantera? Isn't this working at looking at New Sepultura Album Joan Burton Ouija Board the only time I ever tried doing a Ouija board when I was a kid I was at my friend Julie's house, and it's like there's three of us. I mean Julian Ginger and we were all trying to play the Ouija board. In the middle of it like we were asking it questions and it started moving and ginger. Screamed at the top of her lungs, an ran out of the room and wouldn't come back inside nice and that's how you got Julie alone. Yeah now push it down. So just skirt up two ways. That was it that way, but I was fifteen years of unrequited love. Alright,
The stories that we have in for Mardi celebrities are going to be much better than the three that we've shared with you. So let's just kick it over to some of them. Now hi, my name is Ashley Brooke Roberts. He might know me from a bar show in Brooklyn called everyday dirt that I ran at a place that was closed down because of cocaine. I'm here today to tell you a couple of stories. The first one is a paranormal experience that I had with my best friend in the woods a couple years ago it was the winter solstice and we were planning a sort of
itchy celebration to ring. In the new year we put together a bunch of candles and rocks um, some like herbs, pot and sage and things to burn in our ceremony. We had planned it for like a week to just really set stage for a good year ahead of us, we went, we got some oil lamps. We went into the woods around midnight. This is in North Carolina. It's on her family's old farm, so about two hundred acres of woodland, and it was So all the leaves are, you know off the trees we walked from Maybe a mile mile and a half, we found a good spot in an old river bed and we set up shop. We walk
out our circle? We put stones around it, we sort of clans to the circle by burning sage. We set a couple of words and then we got down to really have we put out like a little shrine of like our favorite objects like a turtle, shell and a fox goal, and some feathers, and we sat down to to have our ceremony, which involved getting high. We smoke some pot just to like break down that fourth wall. Fifth wall, six wall break down a lot of walls were trying to break down some walls and it worked because it and very clear to to me when we were in the woods. It was just like the two of us and we were talking and we were chatting and then once we sat down and got high. There was this feeling I've never experienced before, which is
prior to that? It felt like we were alone in the woods and then when we got high, it's felt like we,
you're at a humongous party that we hadn't realized and we could just been walking to this party and no one was paying attention to us because we couldn't see them and then all of a sudden we could see them and it seems like everything turned and looked at us like. Oh, you see us now and it felt very much like we weren't alone and then Sarah started saying some words to start like. No, this is our intention. This is the purpose and she ended by saying we now invite the spirit of the woods into our circle and as soon as she did that we heard a howling in a far off, and I said Sarah. What was that and she said that was a coyote and as soon as she said, that was a coyote. We heard it about five feet away from my pal again and we heard the leaves around us move and we both jumped set up and grabbed all of our stuff and started running, and we heard
the newest Kodi howling, as we ran back the mile and a half to her house. The timing of that whole thing was like she's, like terrifying um, goosebump inducing just because it was literally so often the distance in the first owl and the second. How was right next to us, and then there were no coyotes heard on her land again for a long long time. And then the other thing that I have is there is a barn on my family's land that has a lot of his
Sorry, it's been there for about two hundred years and it's always been a little creepy, but it got super weird and a lot of stories about this barn came out after my great great uncle hung himself in the barn after the civil war and soon after that, like the ten years after that two different times a goat was spotted in the barn in the middle of the barn sort of underwear. He had hung himself an we don't have goats, we've never had goats. None of the farms around us have goats and goats. Are symbols
state and so like really freaked out my family. The first time it was spotted was by a kid who ran back and was like there's a goat in the barn which is weird and then all the adults ran there and there was no goat. The kid had was playing hide and seek and ran around the side and ran like face to face to the goat that was just standing in the middle of the barn and then and adults Aldot ten years later, in the same spot, also, there's like an old dead oak tree next to that barn, that had been there for for as long as anyone could remember, and when my nine month pregnant mother was getting out of a car with a bunch of people and walking to the the old House, which is like next to the barn on top of a hill, a giant swarm of bees came out of the oak tree and chased my pregnant mother.
No one else in the group just my nine month, pregnant mother into the house. It wasn't even like she, is near the tree or walking by the tree. It was like, came out and ran after her and there's been like a lot of ports of moaning coming from the barn. I've never screaming, but um people have heard. Someone moaning like I thought it was. Someone was in the barn or something like that, and when I was in high school. I really wanted to spend the night in the barn and record sounds, and everyone in my family was like absolutely not there's no way that we're going to let you spend the night in there. So that's that! very good, very funny, very funny story. It was is great. So you are out in the woods uh. I don't know How is the weed dude
Do you think it was mainly the we do. You think there was a lot of the weed involved, but the thing is: is that we do this? It was a regular thing, like that's happened, many many times We go out in the woods he gets down. You don't ever been that creepy Alister Crowley says that we blocks magical impulses, really lets his like he rob wrong roads with yeah he's wrong about a lot of stuff, but don't That to his face, my cart cut my nose. And we just got injured while doing a podcast. If you want to know how out of shape enters a broski, is it gone? So that's very exciting. So how long were you in the woods doing your seance before the coyotes? Nearly eight you, I would say good. Three thousand and forty minutes, So this was like the fourth or fifth time you and your friend had gone out to the woods, to summon the devil. Oh yeah. Well, no, I would say way more than that, like we've been doing it pretty regularly since high school, and was this one of the?
times you ever actually sort of experience, something that you felt was paranormal. Actually real, we've experienced other things that were always positive. This is the first thing that was not positive and it was a couple of things. One is that she, you know she did say. Look, we invite the spirit of the woods into this circle, which is now been done before, because we are very lucky TED, Nugent and just world sailing goddammit. Do you have a circle to protect you, so you never invite stuff into it. Okay, Jim eyes of into it, and there is you know you see you think when you say that or use felt, like the presence of that you were like in some parts.
You are invited to which also reminds me of Mister Norrell, and what's the new sooner on Jonathan strange, yes, yeah, we have the party the old go to in the fairy land. I didn't see anything, but it did feel like all of a sudden. It was like boom we're not alone at all. You know you're just like with someone you're talking to him, you very much wrapped up in that connection, and then this felt like oh there's, like eighty million things around us and they all But we're just not paying attention to that yeah now. Does it Coyote have anything else to do with, like anything with your family or like, like as their stories of coyotes, like any other time like this, is it a symbol to you, it's not a symbol to me, but she there is a graveyard on her family land and it turned out. We were sort of near the graveyard cool, so we hadn't done we were walking in the dark? You know we didn't really know where we were going to stone, wondering 'cause. I also imagine you in your life like bread.
Is in your hair, like water. I just like I'd just like remember the last. I mean when we did the witch ceremony and nothing happens like you know, it's always. I hope you found some very How do you do you remember that time we found a pumpkin. I do yeah. It was kinda like that. I mean that sounds very innocent sweet though it is exactly it's very nice and good. Basically, what it is yeah we talk about like what we want and, like you know how we feel about the year and stuff. So it's always been good, but I don't know if coyotes have anything to do with her I should I should should look up is like coyotes in like ghost or something like that. You know. Usually the coyotes usually is in native american lore is usually some sort of God. Can you get those like a guide to to like it could be? It could be a guide to the Spirit world. It can be a trickster God work. It can be helpful in completely different. You answered in native american voice.
The coyotes in mostly a trickster God in many native american cultures. That does sound, really anything sounds real, something some say that the greek Coyote pitched thought I pushed out the world created all of us, you know, I think I go deep. Is yes, world that explains the smell. Is the glue that bonds, a coyote is my Spirit, animal. Yeah. He was Marcus yeah. I just generally trying to sleep with the young version of you. College is a strange sign for me. I traveled around a lot That's good! Well, I'm happy to survive the New York IOT Demon attack and they ghost story. We're just reminds me of a holding and it goes mask wandering through the bar going yeah. Well, I did enjoy the barn ghost story. Indeed, so your uncle was in the civil war. Was he union or confederate
what do you think I'm just going to answer here? You never know we want to travel to north and my uncle. It was my great great great uncle so we know he's not here. That's why I didn't know that for hold slaves like your family did, but no, I think, that's really interesting that he had a goat that appears right underneath where young himself, that was really creepy to me, alphabet, yeah, very possible, and if he was a confederate soldier, it is possible that he was in Hell. So I mean that's kind again. It just sounds like that. Whole load that holier everything that was touched by the civil war is always like drenched with yeah because it was a bad one, yeah it's what Afghanistan's going to be like. Really,
yeah I went to the desert have again. If I began to stand, are from God the ghost is exploding, they're, so hot all the time and no one's around what there's no sadder existence. It's just been a lonely ghost in the desert event of of a of Afghanistan, paying an open MIKE comedian in Cleveland. That would be the other way open MIKE uniquely, but thank you so much for scaring us with your tail. Yeah. No problem really enjoy it all right, that's actually Britt Robertson Ribbon, you can make my chair smells Henry's chair, but it's so bloated with me or you gonna skip the channel w. Do you still have those chairs? Are you like those? Are you a seat sniper? No, no yeah 'cause, it seeks never know, know, know my god. I'd like to get to know people
like a dog hello? My name is Ed Larson. You might know me from the round table gentleman and I had a small spot on this nintendo. The three d s show. I was bout. Those are it's called three d. It's it could be also known as a no three ds three d: it's three idiots. Seven people downloaded onto their attend a three ds seven, I think a hundred and seven all so anyway. I had a couple weird little ghost stories
wrote. Alamo is prefaces it you know, like I don't know, I don't know if it's real, but the ship was weird and it happened to Maine. So the first one is I was walking. I was. I was walking out of my bedroom with my buddy Corey. He was sleeping over, we were like twelve or eleven and we walked out of my bedroom and I look down this long. Hallway there's a man sitting in my father's chair and it was a weird blue outline of a dude, and we were just like hey dad, no answer and then of course, a mister Jerry. What's going on snow answer, and then, as we walked closer, the figure disappeared. And then we just went to the other room and went to sleep, Well, you would have scared. You know we're going to do you know so that that story
then, that same house alot of brand new house. It was a new development, where all the first people to live in the development, but a lot of people who lived in that development always complained about ghosts than abnormal things happening tend in their homes? I used to always you know, I might you the door. Shutting it's a brand new house! No windows are open. You know so there's no reason for doors to be shutting and closets opening and stuff like that. No, who is misplaced things for weeks on end and then all of a sudden they'd be sitting on top of. Television or right on top of my desk. I could be a moron, but you know this is all stuff. Then They really freaked me out. One time I was talking my body on the phone and all the sudden, the front doors and started shaking violently, and then I went As you know, you hear you follow me right now. Is No, no, no,
front door is nothing there, also you're right, ok, and then I was like I shut the doors and immediately just started shaking violently again and then and then I looked out the door and there's no one there. Something fucking weird is something on and I'll call you back, hang up the phone and then I look outside and then there's the sliding glass doors they car shaking and there's no one on the other side, but they just start shaking violently and freaking me. The fuck out so that's everything that really happened in that house, but the the other real scary stuff. I want to grow up at St Joan of ARC Catholic Church. There is a graveyard behind our school and so basically anytime you looked at the classroom window? You were looking into a graveyard. Sit there like staring at funerals and stuff during our spelling class. It's very confusing for all of us. One day after
boy scouts. One night we were driving home on the same kind sing, a blue shadowy figure was standing in the middle of the road, and me and my mom, my dad we were driving. Me and my mom were just like: stop stop there, someone in the road there's some of the road stopped. The car stopped the car, an my father, drew drove through the person and meanwhile mom started screaming out of our minds. My dad didn't see anything and we're. Screaming out of our minds. Like you just hit somebody with a car, we stopped the car, we get outlook and like there's, no there's no one there and it's nuts and then we get back into the car and then all the sudden, the locks on the car to start going up and down like fucking crazy, and then we just went home fast. I don't tell anyone this fucking story fast forward, Sixteen years old, I'm driving with TIM Dean or Buddy TIM Dean, an We're driving right past that same cemetery. The news
So maybe watch out, there's someone in the road and it was like. I was like what I didn't see: nothing and then then he was then I drove by. It is a good. It was like a fucking. Shadowy blue, like dude in the road I'd, never told him the Fucking story and then the same exact blocks same graveyard, and so that was fucking. A freaked me. The fuck out that's insane. That is absolutely says. The great sorry, I think, there's certain people that I think there are certain people who are attracted to ghost. Like our friend Natalie are beautiful friend Natalie, who she is always experience goes activity and here's a person who is always sees it. So this happened in different houses or three. What is one of them's this? All that happened in one house? Ok and then the other thing happened outside of the same graveyard that's so amazing: do have you experienced any hauntings other than in that house,
there's one other there's one other thing. My and my whole family is very obsessed because some feel connected your mom's, like that yeah mom, my my mom too, in a in my aunt's old play some bachelor Ave in Linden NJ, where, like two blocks from Elizabeth Bachelor Ave, there is a pointer to find a single man throw married this bulshit next to iron, so the upstairs of this house was haunted. Nothing really happened on the bottom on the bottom level, but the upstairs stairs of this place was haunted They always complained about a nice, spend my summers there I remember the haunting was the there was bedrooms in an attic upstairs and like a Basically, we all played Atari and in the middle bedroom, was the most concentrated of the hauntings and,
There is always a dude in the closet and then in the attic area were two little kids and sometimes you would hear like kid or whatever, and I swear You know also I'm five. You know, so I could be way off. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, you know, but you know, but like you know, I mean I saw a goblin when I was seven exactly yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, exactly exactly MAC in so Mark is looking in the mirror yeah so there's just like I wake up and there's just like a dude at the end of my in the middle haunted bedroom right, and so we're freaking out. We don't know. What's going on you know I I run out of the room screaming you know I so in my cousin Christy's room and just hug her until like I go to sleep, but he had no, no, no she's, she's big
I mean it really sleep so quickly, nothing better than getting scared and hugging. A big girl graveyard story actually reminded me of sorry. I haven't thought about years of mine where I went through and there was a graveyard that we used to drive past to my grandparents house. As a child again was like seven. I also think there's just something about how kids perceive the world and you're just open to different energies. So just like what you are your brains, warming exactly, but I was like every time we drove past the cemetery used to get so scared, Becaus in the cemetery, these balls, The wall light would rise like up and down like a like. Firefly like fireflies,
firefly or they fire pleasant. Any just sold this entire post stroke like we busted Ashleys, by saying it spot and coyotes in the forests. But let me let me finish: this is actually the scariest one in my opinion, even though I'm not directly connected to it. That's as far as my connection goes to it, but I things is the one at your aunt's house, yeah my aunt's house in New Jersey. Things are getting stronger and stronger and stronger, and my mother was up there for a while just now staying with them for a week, because my grandmother was sick and she claims there. You know no one. Disputes it that she was pushed down the stairs he fell down the stairs, but She claimed that she was on top of the stairs an she was staying in that same bedroom and it's your aunt Patty. That's my aunt Patty and my mother was the one pushed down the stairs.
Oh, oh yeah. Well, your mom! With a d, I like your mom moms of what is a fun woman, but I don't think she'd lie about being out, and this is also before she lost her mind, yeah. She was still like. She was pretty sound in mind. Still at this point in her life and she She came out of the middle bedroom and she was standing at the top of the stairs and then what she just falls. That's kind of ridiculous. She felt like she was pushed and she ended up at the bottom of the stairs. She broke. Her nose, broken oh yeah absolutely fell down. That's luckily, she fell down a flight of stairs. Look at the only thing that happened, but you haven't, you haven't experienced anything since then we have no. I haven't felt anything in a decade at least, but I think the thing about this story that gets even crazier is after that happened. My aunt knows: Gung ho she's like we're going to figure out what the fox going on you know. 'cause it's been happening for years and the kids are screaming at night. You know, he's the this get people getting scared all over this house, something something is going on yeah, so they they bring in a clear for in person and the
bring it to the house and she immediately just starts going off. You know just going crazy she's like she's like it's coming from here. It's coming from the middle room. There is a a man and then they went to public records and checked all of it, and it was like pretty right. There was a man, and who work for the mafia who hid who who was hiding money in the fucking mob came. Killed him in his two kids. Well actually yeah others are real, backstories saw and you saw kids and you saw the man yeah. We would hear the kids. I never saw the kids, so I would hear kids coming out of the attic I would hear kids, and sometimes I think I'd be my cousin, but then all the sudden, I look at my cousin be like somewhere else. Yeah right, you know, but then so there was all that going on that and then they brought up. They looked up my records. I can happen there,
then, the LAN, the lady mention that the Mafia guy was a hide money or whatever you know so, yeah first, my aunt tore the house support. Try to find all that sweet goes money in here. I know for a fact, but he would you just, come down for a got. Damn second goes towards, but nothing alright, I'm out this is my hair. Back about every, but I just want the skeleton. Then the the the freakiest part of the whole thing is, you know fast forward, we're out to work. This is I'm one thousand seven hundred and eighteen or at olive garden. It's me my aunt, my cousin and Noah and no well was, and I got to the ends of the e all you can eat. I was, I was so bad I should, but but a
We were sitting there and once again this is happened again. We were in in the house and we're talking about the house and then My cousin, we weren't even talk about the ghost, were just talking about the house and your cousin know well, she's, like six at the time she lived there until she was three she's like I missed the kids I used to play with oh, that's so fucking creepy dude yeah, we're like what would you say just kids, I'm I miss the kids that I used to play with the house. So kids are the worst. Your argument ended up moving out of the house. They were already moved out when she said this to us. This was this big. Dick move out was the ghost infestation of major reason for moving or no no, they got money and got out of the ghetto handyman ish an one more thing about. House the reason that the room went unchecked for so many years is because as the person who lived in the room of we. Don't we
would scream constantly, but it was my retarded uncle yeah. We live in the room and he would scream all the time and hoes yeah. It wasn't retarded. I know, but like that's what like ended up being figured out but like they didn't check on anything for the longest time, 'cause, there's like oh it's just he screams himself to sleep in actually that it went so long that no one but yeah, then we know we never could. You know, rely on anything he said. But what was what were some of? random rants that he would go on. I don't know I wasn't around yeah. I lived in Florida. But yeah I that's that was the one thing I forgot about: the houses we always already retarded. No one believes with God gave goats in her modest trade command comes in tonight and he pushed me around and it's like he's.
Medium or back him. He needs to eat more eggs. His room smells like death, yeah, more eggs because it also it would put some folks them. 'cause he he's not like retarded he's got the mentality of a twelve year old. We he can't get past that he can't learn. Anymore, yeah stopped learning, but then slowly went blind and deaf. So this is during the period when he's going blind in death, where he still can kind of here and kind of see, oh yeah so did Jesus the most unreliable witness in the face of the planet- yeah yeah, but here but yeah. I know he, but he is constantly being viciously- haunted right right. There's you know, it's also goes. Will vote will haunt him harder? It's like the girls are like playing on his bed, while he's laying around the man sitting girl appointing him going like you did it well, it makes sense. I will believe you. It makes sense that if, if he was, if it was a ghost hiding money or something like
that are hiding a certain something in that bedroom would be very jealous of anybody like if you were in a true so full like when it was a child in that room, maybe not so much or a woman in that room, maybe not so much, but when it's full grown man in that room. Oh yeah, those probably felt very, very threatened and Would you know it? Probably if I went after him the hardest is, God knows what happened to him, that Godamn retard spent all my money on legos, I'm going to be so Pist off. It was like talking. I was walking with my girlfriend down the street the other day, and I saw that It's like one of those things. There was a cute scarecrow like cute scarecrow like like going on thing- and I was like you know Nothing was real, be fucking terrifying This is imagining like the most terrifying thing that you can see we're just like. I was pretty scarecrow, imagining being in your retarded cousin, the uncles like Ruben. He like the man's like he's
Games played open like a giant bat like his ribs are talking out of it, so I think yeah yeah, it's pretty honored in there girl Uncle Eddie, you'll named after him. Right now is named after my grand Father who he was also named after. Oh, yes, then bye child will never be bored. So I want to worry about that's cool I'm. So it's weird that so have you spoken with your parents at all about the about the go see you saw next to the graveyard your father ran over. My mother does not remember it and I don't talk to it. Yeah yeah. I know the first story. Words like your father was in the chair and then he was gone. I was like Eddie. Are you sure this isn't just like an analogy for your relationship and you just rocks his Dangelis chair back and forth to pretend like he's in it? No that's sad!
but it is probably better than it was a ghost and not an actual person. Otherwise, your father would be in prison for killing. Somebody in a car, yeah, yeah yeah, absolutely right said. Well, that's a truly thirty four If I know those are all really scary once those are my go stores and you l r A's a bit, you are not convinced and of ghost right now or I don't believe in anything at all. Ghost spirits are the one thing that I will believe in because it's the one thing that pretty much every culture religion does believe in spirits. You know you go, there's something to it because of the the the income from some Indians like Moslems that everyone everybody believes it spirits so got to be something to that. You know it doesn't let people get pistols like you
He goes, but you don't believe in God knows like well, you know it makes more sense. In fact it does exist, means there's. No Heaven there's no hell. We all stay here, we're stuck awful. I I just think that, because your energy go somewhere, yeah jeez create like a a vent, something I'm like, because I guess the fact that, like our brains are filled with electricity, the guy goes somewhere when you die since your environment. I always believed that that energy is what actually makes someone's personality. Yes, because otherwise we'd all be the same right, I guess I will have different personalities of we all didn't have different energy coming out of I, I guess that's what like that's got a lot to do with it. It's eight two, it's how it's also made. You know it's like we're, mostly fueled by Greece yeah. And we are going to work at a cheese steak place later tonight. So here we go here we go well, that's great. Can you think of anything that was that you losses a child, that you were very very happy that goes to return to your dresser. I had this
one other story. I'll tell one more story this this could. I was going to see id for my buddy and you are the most haunted man yeah an I was. You know, fillers in the world's most haunted man an I had a. I had a book, On top of my my speaker and I was listening, I was listening to filter real loud. You know I just jam and I filter you know as well as the style at the time. The fools gold is like a no, no, not at all the before that. Hey man was shot yeah yeah that song's focused also yeah. I still awesome anyway, it's so The book fell off my speaker, but at least so pretty far, like in the middle of my room, you know, and so it it felt pretty far. It sounds like you know, that's weird, whatever put it on top of my I leave the room and I come back
the books on top of my bed which clearly on the other side of the room, and so hi TIM, not TIM, different term yeah and I was like alright tip time ago. I just grabbed him. I was like that's ridiculous, so you really did have a childhood of timbs yeah yeah yeah, just jovial ghost playing really fun practical joke. I just wonder what happened at the development. I wonder what the fuck it was well, it was a plantation only yeah wow, oh Jesus yeah. You had the most haunted, a poor people and development on a slave ground. Yeah yeah, that's awful They are still mad. It was a really upset, but they should be there, so it was strawberry plantation
ok, oh well, it's a little better holy strawberry, cupcake, really cute. This is adorable. It's not like I'd, be really mad about like being forced to do all this, but berries are just adorable love it up your tongue. If you eat him, though, so just look at him, I mean what would you rather work on strawberry plantation or like say, potato plantation, savory, yeah 'cause, then you could put out like oh come on the strawberry plant. This world report, but you know that it really were there. Slaves in Idaho I don't know, I don't know idea. No people in Idaho works because they chose to work well. Thank you. So much auntie those stores are fucking. Awesome thanks a lot for best. Thank you. So much thank you should show having Maine alright, I we are you. Yes: okay, hello, I'm John Marino from the
word winning very popular sketch, comedy group Murderfest. Other credits include failed actor and as I'm told excellent waiter in a restaurant so my scary story. Well, it's not even scary story. It's a real story. I lived in a house, I don't believe in ghosts. First of all, I'm going to go ahead and just say I think this is a remarkable series of coincidences brought on by the press of living in a house that was previously owned by the devil. Probably so, warning signs I'll give you set up for the house. The house was in Tallahassee Florida very old House had a moat around it, which was weird so you had to cross a small bridge to just get to the house.
And the trees was surrounded by trees. If you look at Tallahassee from above, looks like one capitol building sticking out of the forest so, the trees around that particular House were infested with bats. It was about two blocks away from a homeless, Shelter and Florida homeless. People are very aggressive, uh and the back door. To the house let to this like one foot by like four foot, the Crete slab to know where, literally like a foot drop off to the concrete sidewalk below, and that was also enclosed by How can it be so? You could see down and look at people, but people couldn't see up and see you a warning sign number one. When I tried to move in my parents help me move in dog the family dog that my parents brought would enter the house, you could drag the dog.
Into the house. It flat out, refuse two hundred thousand house itself was that old could never could never get it was. It was just intrinsically dirty. You swear, you could renovate the whole thing. Would it would still be dirty just it seems it was infested with german cockroaches with a little ones, little ones, no matter how many times you got control out there. You could not get rid of the tiny german cockroaches and and then there were nightmares that, I had frequently in the house that different parts of the house would be on fire you'd wake up and I had very lucid dreams. I'd open. The fridge would be on fire, the stove would be on fire, I would wake up in the middle of the night didn't. Have that didn't happen if Eve North, Florida houses don't have like heating and list their new.
And so in the winter time it would get extremely cold and I would wake up on fire. Just sweating bullets. One night I had a very wonderful dream. I woke up and I could see my room kind of in three hundred and sixty. I don't know if you've ever been, there I could see myself. I was inside myself. I could see myself and everything around me was just fire and brimstone red and, like imagine like hearing the whole and all the sudden lifted out of my bed thrown against the wall like to smack, I hit the ground. And I'm fucking terrified- and I just all I can do- is like crawl back into my bed. I get back, my bed and then black and then I wake up and it's morning and all I can think is
who I thought happened. Oh my god that just fucking happened uh so everything kind of spearheaded in this house yeah. There's. Some different things at but I one day when my roommate had a friend staying over kind of actions can be there forever but about four days Inn she just up and leaves an I go to my room. I go online chief, so quick to leave. I didn't even say goodbye and well. She was really freaked out, She said last night, while she was sleeping on the couch, she saw someone who looked like they had half of their body burned off in a fire walking in Bedrooms and that's when we started trading stories and it turns out, we both been having dreams where the sippin on fire. He had also been having night terrors we're heat, wake up, hearing screaming and
we did a little research on the house and it turns out where that house had been, century or so before there used to be a plantation. Tell was big plantation. Tell and there had been a slave quarters. Approximately warehouse had been. It burned down and Kim adults, it happens so you know a lot of series of coincidences, then I moved out and about six months later I had a friend who was still in Tallahassee or was passing through Tallahassee, who called me up and said: hey. I just went by that house that used to live in it burned down. Yeah should've stayed there longer. What would happen? He'll be dead, I'd probably be dead. Yeah yeah in the house would just attract the most creepy people
like one time I was just walking up to my house, and I hear from behind me. You gotta help me and I turn around and there's this woman who's just bleeding profusely from her wrists and holding a butcher knife walking towards and I'm like. Oh nope, nope nope. I turn around and start walking away and my roommate literally just starts running runs inside the house and head me and locks the door to leave me with the crazy woman with a butcher knife in the bleeding wrist. She's, like you got thing, help me mad at me. He tried to murder me. He threw me out the window now. This is not but knife slashed No! Now, there's no husband, you the husband's in your mind, so I tell her okay I'll help you, but you gotta drop the knife, while my room calling nine one one, and then she just like okay drops like it's all casual like upon and just starts telling her life story, while she's, like I'm like a lady, got, keep applying pressure trips I'd given her some clouds told the rest
another one of my favorites was What's in my house playing Tekken three! probably stone trying to ignore the german chocolate cockroaches. When I hear rapid knocking at my back door, which is the door that leads to nowhere, that's the death door with the concrete slab to know where is Ville. So that's startling and I just heard it through a deep or your neighbor Dave. Let me in let me in let him in and Daves my neighbor, who is also grad science teacher at Fsu at the time I'm like dude. What's up, are you at my back door and go man? It's crazy. I was walking here and some I just started walking next to me going here, we're on the shoulder and he just starts Going- hey man, I'm your friend right. Let me frame ankle, hurts you, step you friends, right as I would never never stab you, and so I broke away from in IRAN here
Oh you came to my house. Great, that's wonderful! I was just about to ask you about that stories. Like I'm a friend man, I could stab you friends that Henry does that all the time to me you know, what's up man, what are you doing for work? Friends? Friends, men kill you now, I'm gonna fucking flip out and kill you bro I'll cut. You will sleep. Well, that's great. It seems, like the house really attracted some interesting characters. Especially since John you live there you're one of the characters. Now My first question is:
Were you doing a lot of acid at the time? No surprisingly, not I wish I was before I could find acid or mushrooms in Tallahassee. I was actually really true. There was not a lot of acid in Tallahassee in acid was very rare. Yeah you get mushrooms, but you have to really get in that community of like people who went and literally picked the mushrooms out in Quincy Quincy Florida yeah, okay, a paid he's Tallahassee was more of a looking frogs, huffing gasoline kind of yes yeah. I know I know well and that house to was also very for yeah horrible will house, because the Yoni right
You know your your mom, your mom, your a young yeah. He was strange guy yeah, he just dipped one day like I just woke up and he was like a signed on like sorry, dude couldn't do it anymore, please. I want to go back yeah. It's just that the tenant to tell have the roommate thing. Yeah german, cockroaches and overall haunting infestation of a home tends to drive people out, but you had no heat, no ac, it was just it sounds awful flavour orders. So were you? Did you notice any physical bruises on you when you woke up the morning after you were accosted by this demon, ghost or ghost note no bruises, which is why I see again like you know, I have always been known to have weird nightmare send with you that horrible vivid nightmares, so I think it you know, I'm gonna go ahead according to the stress of the house and being like a freshman college. Also right, so
that that Nrg carries, though I really think that, like especially when their true dramas happened, especially in this outfit well, this health is very haunted by all the negative things that have happened there. If I were to give any hate, eight ghosts. I would say that any to go. The hat attack hey hi. How I would love you drive? How are you back? I would I would say you know you give me energy to make them possibly potent or dangerous or and it's not dangerous there, trying to say that they're, just desperate for attention, they're desperate for any sort of Nrg, well that'll dead, yeah
indeed, when you spoke with your roommate about some of his more nightmarish evenings, did he have any tales that stick out in your mind that was surprisingly similar? You know yeah exactly like, like parts of the kitchen being on fire that you just couldn't put out the house itself being on fire. Waking up sweating also waking up hearing screaming, like you know, the the exact same dream I wonder if people died in the fire of the house in modern times wonder all the family. I know that it ended up being in that place could not be read it like. I was the last. I think I was the last eighty eight that rented it I think up a frat that was nearby. Yeah they bought their expand over there yeah, but it when they enter hymns of girls being raped yeah. They did it using it as a squatting place like and that's the one thing is that there there was just a lot of junkies yeah, it's not like they when they finally cleared out there like jars of pets and yeah. That's!
For some reason, when you said it was full of german cockroaches, I just pictured little chocolate bars with the legs. I mean anything out, I'm sorry to speak English, german accent. So let's touch it with a selling point to me. I don't know why you're upset about that. Would you like something new, but would you like some Caramell gram, plus five chapel? that's really exciting so when you when you first moved into the house, did you feel like there was any enerji in there? Will you were signing the lease? Did you sign it in blood or was the realtor like ok sign the papers I gotta get out of here. I have another house to go, sell real, quick that isn't haunted. I don't even think I ever met the actual landlord. All I remember is there with these two dudes who are constantly kind of doing work on and around the house, but actually getting nothing accomplished right, It's too, like Tallahassee like like oh boy, like half, hippie half, and it kind guys like yeah, that look like Vietnam.
That's I don't remember their names, they were the only contact I really had. My name is Turk, and this is dark and we do shoveling work just about there. Just like sticking his shoveling the dirt over it, making sure that moat is nice and still there no power line there. No No power line there, still a moat, a favor house found power line down. The ghost not their house, well miss seeing your White Board, I little Johnny I'll. Give us a kid. Give so give us if you just want to kiss him, you just want to kiss John got he's got delicate. Ladies slip, student Ryan, kiss all of your guests. No, he does try to get quite a few of them hey. You know. I know I know Thomas Dale, but I mean I never Thomas tales got up he's a rapist but yeah I am no. I just met the seats yeah
he says he is a bit of a seat sniffer. That's all working at all. Give it on quizzes truffles at wizard troubles that that's right. That's a real human perogy up! Quite a few troubles for you, but given this past experience you have with the haunted house, you still don't fully believe in ghosts. Is that you just don't want, I hope a ghost kills. I want to not believe in ghosts, because if I'm already a paranoid enough person as it is, if I believe in ghosts, I'd be constantly terrified and I would bring them into existence to haunt me until eventually started, killing others, but what? If it's half and half? I think yeah. I think they're, like oh. We talked about with adding an r for Natalie with, like there are people that are immediately sensitive to to receiving holdings, and they as a willful try used to see ghost as a kid too You have a story that you want to talk about. Why,
I always hate it. When kids see ghost yeah, that's the worst thing: Mama Mama Mama, there's a man in the top hat in the closet, shut up. Jeremy yet know my mother loves to tell the story of how, after my grand father died, that staring out the window and my mother was like what are you staring at honey and I go Grandpa? Why is grandpa and it will be on his deathbed, like all he like kept saying it was like? Maybe it was a weird like he was. Find things like I just wish I was outside in the trees I just wish. I was there then there was when I was like. I was like two so putting those two together I don't know, and then, when I was like six or seven, I had two characters with your parents. Just had just hung his body upstairs remodel it right. There was no funeral. He wanted to be a picture about the birds and the sky burial. That's a nice guy berry, I burial, so you ever seen sky burial, no look up online
Spasibo late at night, what's what's the newest or came with a little girl, turn center. If you can see, this is not very good yeah good. I've worked really sad. Holding pointed out that, in our top six hundred and sixty six of horror movies were like we've already at this point. We've already seen sit there and we loved it, but guess what sinister blue large largest donkey dick, but we do come around No, I haven't, I don't hate the movie. I did it just wasn't what I wanted. I thought the whole jewish priest thing was a weird angle to come from. You know, you're talking about the possession session in which all the horror film, that was all supposed to be bad, but I didn't see that one yeah, that wasn't very good yeah. We saw that boy sinister, but anyway you were saying oh yeah, then later on, I had to go so I would see constant and one of them called
Was the Herky Jerky mainland now with this? Is that is big? Do the lion's head and the other one? It was that's just straight from Thundercats. I know that and the other one like well like they're, going to call the tooth fairy, because you look like a princess and that she was one would be in the bathroom and would be in the closet. But I also used to sleepwalk as a kid so like, they probably would wake up. My brother was haunted child you weren't, like walking over Mama mom. Who is the tooth fairy two fairies tell me I kill you, I kill yeah, but I would like wake up in middle of night and I would just see the lion man in the bathroom just with his mouth open going car. Well, that's her! That's going to really suck with your potty training. I just bad. This is bad, but it turns out. It coincided with my brother would like snore once a night, and I would wake up just time to hear him snore and see the lion guy and just be terrified for the rest of the evening. With my sheet above my head, like trying to wake up my brother going like.
I remember one time I had almost died of pneumonia when I was a kid, was like six or seven, and I was sitting there remember the time I was sitting and I was like one hundred, Temperature, like like laying in bed at night and my mom, had finally left me alone in the room and I'm sitting there like sweating and staring at the wall, and I had this like night light and the night light was going and I saw imaginary children dancing in the shadows, that's kind of fun. It was kind of funny. They were beckoning me to come with him to the shadows. Is that only I didn't go shadow only. I did, though you wouldn't be here now I'd be dead yeah, so I guess it would be a different podcast. The tooth fairy would be in the closet and I would sleep with the light on two 'cause. I was terrified of the dark and you know in dreams. You can't adjust light level, so I would walk over to the closet and I would open close it and open it, and she just be standing in there. Just kind of like smiling and I'd close it and I,
The light on and off on and off in my brother would wake up in the night and, of course, just see a kid. Five year old, six year old kid just standing there turning a light, We were probably sleep walking, I was late Bach and that was his hunted story, but yeah that would rather, you know with his lawyers to really treat me. I- and this is the story of the world's creepiest younger brother. He seemed to go to Bed John, because just because you're, a idiot who recruited me out right now, Joe that's really really interesting stuff. John, the John I'm happy you got out of that house before burnt to the ground. I sure sort of am are you? Are you happy translated that would have completed the store? It's already taken, the part of my soul that I wanted to yeah. Definitely,
we can have crazy dreams. I had a dream where I had made sweet love to Emily Heller. Last night you got it, you got to look this up slowly. Yeah was that it was that a dream, or was that a no something you were thinking about? Listen, baby geniuses know we weren't, we weren't making love. I was on a date with her, though, I thought you said you made love to her. That was exaggeration. I just went out of their secret wish. Yes, so yes Emily! I am available I'll, be sure to tell her what I recorded her on Saturday. Please don't don't she will she's gonna. Listen this right, no, not listen to what Emily Heller Blanket to the podcast come on. It doesn't matter. Well, thank you, John thank you Johnny Marengo. That was a really scary story that was very fuckedup and horrible and you've. Let it scary life. Can I ask you one last thing of course have either of you ever had a dream where you were hermaphrodite without skin, sucking your own cock
So what I have not know now have you by any chance? thank you so much for having all right well. Thank you, buddy. That was amazing. Exactly. Hello, I'm just in Tyler. I you guys really know me as the star of a lot of failed hidden camera reality series pilots, which fear into old Vhs tapes. You know about him so I have a scary story for you when I was ten years old, younger brother who's, eight. And the younger sister who the time was like four and my other cousin, Michael to girl named Michael scary already she babysitting us and so it was also a lunar eclipse So we are sitting on the lawn. We, a group in the country were sitting in a longer washing lunar eclipse and she's like you guys ever heard the legend of Obadiah O'Reilly or like oh, no, no, that sounds cool and she like well there's a castle actually in the woods not too far from here in Oldcastle.
And but iraqi lives there and he was astronomy. He still had a telescope, alchemist hour and I on a lunar eclipse just like tonight, he was telescope and he saw the moon and it change color during the eclipse and then it opened. I can I can I in opening, and then I stared at Overdye O'Reilly, we were like whoa, that's at the very least and- and so it drove him insane and he was like a sort of a regular guy for a guy that lives in the castle. In the woods- and so he waited. He built a rocket ship all over the next couple of years. Until the next lunar eclipse build a great rocket ship spent, all his money grow. Weird beard his clothes turn rags. He gave up on everything this rocket ship built the rocket ship in the next lunar. Eclipse is happening, he got in the rocket ship and he set it off, just as the moon was changing, color and,
got up close the moon and the moon opened like, and I and then another I open next to it and then the nose and then a mouth. And he flew in and vanished, now. That's not a scary story person. That's like a weird story: We were fucking terrified. We were like one 'cause, it was an were young, but like the fact that the moon is right there we were like, if happening here is probably happening in super, so we're terrified and she's like she's get the shared over so huge success. So we went back when back in the camp in the house and we're hanging out now, the sudden off, like an hour, goes by and off down at the end of the driveway. We see this like white blur and we're like That's that's unsettling and then we're like Michael Michael there's, this blur out there and were like oh he's like! Oh yeah, that's probably just a dog. My great great excuse
who were hanging out and then we here little tip taps on the window like little like Tink, Tink Tink in like what he said. Is it raining now and then we had like little rocks? We see one of them, like his house, is made of rocks He has a lot of rock and what I really has a lot of rock access and so and then she so she starts to panic and she was like a wild teenager. She partied. A lot was like like painted as a young child which was like. Why are you you're? Not an artist yet you're like just a weird kid and so she, like she panics and she gives in our closet. We had a gun like a rifle, so she's like Justin ten year old Justin. Do you have the rifle if they come in, like take the shot and I'll say take, shot, so she gives, and she gets pulled out like a big fucking horror knife, an actual kitchen knife and gives it to my younger brother was eight is like John here and we were like we're. Ok and then my gosh, you can't
let's be honest. If she can't wield anything so she's, not important, then Michael took like a baseball bat. Silver like crowded in the corner, and this is as real as she got, especially at that age is like where we're either going to die or be be murdered or you can die or murder. So then, so then we see that the white blur gets closer and we can't it's like running faster, it's really dark out, so we can't really see and then all of a sudden, we see something run by the window, the closer window and the rocks are coming at the same time when it's over it's too much too much going on at once, all of a sudden the door opens, and in one this guy and Michael freaks out, I a gun at a man at the age of ten.
I'll tell you what I pulled that trigger wasn't loaded, but I pulled the trigger it would have killed a person based on the Fucking Moon story. My younger brother starts running at the dude with the knife up and that's when my cousin, my other cousin Jackie, starts laughing behind the guy was her and her boyfriend, who we didn't know Java John, doesn't know, he's like running at the guy with a knife ready to also kills an eight year old, and all of a sudden, Michael Zack knows that we have to physically stop him. Otherwise he would have shared this kids blood that They all thought it was funny and we were like that's when I officially like lost hope.
Great sounds like a modern day, retelling of the heart of darkness, yeah. Well, where you look deep into the pit of the madness that lies within you and we weren't allowed to watch Gi Joe's kids so, like I don't know like about a lot of stuff, so this really you're truly was like. I was in country, I was like yeah. I had to run to the jungle, that's fun! I couldn't stop thinking about Obadiah O'Reilly, just basically living Henry Zebrowski's dream. Life is growing, a large beard covered in rags going towards the moon. Will Smith like will smell at the end of independence day now will Smith the other character who goes up there: Randy Quaid, Randy Boy, dog, deck, mutherfuckers, often confused actors with Randy Quaid, Randy Quaid, oh yes, it was it cousin, Randy from
Yes, my input on the other day. Rally, though, is like indoors in my brain is a very real like I think it like always like pops up. I'm still do you have any sort of like bad dreams about a you'll, occasionally especially like, if I'm in the woods like I often like sees paint. It could be grew up in the countries or back up there. A lot and I'll be like walking in the woods and I'll be like, and I can just like catch it out of the corner of your eye, like I, because it doesn't connect the two stories. The it was the same night that doesn't connect really at all, except for it put us in this place where we could murder as a child yeah. I mean yeah yeah, it's like a like the blood diamond armies, yeah exactly like they are things like that. But it said error jungle is within all children. Do you feel different after pulling the trigger on on a man I mean you? Could you would have killed? Well specially? I was like I'm doing the right thing. Texting everyone. I want one other night, I had got killed a bat in the house and so sort of felt like the same thing like this get rid of this past this month
shrine of hopeful, like a haunted, murderer yeah. Well, I said the gun down and I was like Mommy to see a soul dies in really. I know I know you do and that's what I was going to get into common yeah, so my dad used to do the same thing. We used to go up and visit like George old time, every every I was just up there this weekend. I don't remember it's been since I, since I was like a little kid and we should but my dad used to do this thing where he was like you know. Is also when he was a horrible drug but he's a he's, a real. You know. A brand new shows. You got these mental asylum audience. Sometimes these guys the break out. They will the stuff- and shut the lights off like while you drive music, the pop out.
Anytime you're thinking, we would just scream back on my love. It horrible like mind bending what a slapdash horse no yeah, you, kids, I'm bored driving. So you never think there's wolf! Watch the lights are off. What do you think about that? Now? I'm going to work off a little bit in the irony is like the real thing that you should have been scared of. Is the fact that your father was wasted because we're driving drunk yeah true tell us a lot like my childhood childhood now my dad used to do that. All the time would be wasted and then he just turned the lights off in the middle of nowhere and there's no lights anywhere. It's just pitch dark because it wasn't through only when you're laughing laugh. That's when it's funny 'cause, when you're, when you're sober, you know how difficult it is to drive without your lights on your tablet, one little bend in the road when you're drunk you, I'm not looking at the road anyway, so
Vaughan Matter if there's lights on or not, but it just. I can verify that I'm still trying to search for the fear that I felt as a child now I'll never like. I don't feel that, but I remember just being like scary stuff feel like if you're scared, that much at a young age, then as you grow older, like this, is nowhere near as terrifying. That's what it could've been yeah yeah, I'm a bug in the best of everything like, after you been scared that much in your kid, I'm just like yeah whatever. If I would ever really be disastrous examples, are pulls pants down and push it down the street. It's such a dorky story also is like he's into astronomy. He like builds and builds a rocket ship, and we were such dorky. Kids were like oh fuck yeah, that's right! They could happen to me
Absolutely no. It sounds like an african folktale like with like the moon opening it's I it's like known as I yeah Nancy was with asparagus spider, king dance. We all learned a lesson. We all learned, you never forsake a peanut butter being mad. You know, like some weird like I don't know what he says. I don't like this one. That's why Nancy was a riddle king. He was. He was a riddle. King read a book called the non CI to Nancy Book that I had stolen from the library and I like I was a little child version of a non so yeah. He was waiting on mysterious. He said mischievious spider gun, but for african folk I was also a huge african tribe that does believe in the reptilian. They believe that they came directly from the reptilian Alien Army. Well, we
can't even begin that they want to do is look at the last about with yeah. We did not have time to get into the reptilian agenda at this moment we've got. You already did one whole episode about the alien agenda, which is involved with the reptilians like where we came from the draconian race yeah. I've learned so much more yeah yeah. Yes, yes, I mean more, would answer focus on other areas. You seem to be like an expert in that one that is never learn about others. I can't really like do. I can't do my taxes yeah, but I definitely can tell you about several different reptilian alien races and how they started different. So that you can feel like a father at a PTA meeting with my son, like he does like his alien stories. Yes, yes, yeah Henry, he moved to the lizard people he's one of the lizard people, because that's why I keep saying I just want to be there Chester Have you suggested he pointed in shotgun anybody else in the sense in your life since then, I have not. I've avoided shooting guns until recently
And then your back into it yeah! Well, you know they hurt when you shoot a gun yeah, it's a person who shoots no, it's like when your father spanks union, like this, hurts me too, and it stings handle it just think. Well, like it kicks back very far. And you got you got to really get your shoulder into it, the it's all about the shoulder. If you try to shoot a shot gun, you don't have your shoulder in the right place. Yeah yourself up real good, you have! Your own accent is formed in your voice. Yes anytime, I start talking about God. You got to take that shoulder right off. My texas accent comes out. Is there any part of you that feels bad for not killing a person to ten? Because really that would be the last time in your life that you would be able to get away with murder. Your I mean I don't know what like, if that ever like the police came, and they were like what the funk happened here and I'd be like oh well, the moon,
no no no black great eye in the sky, I would be in a room just like this permanently yeah that had killed that man. That's possible because he was that he was going to date because rocket ship straight to the moon. Yeah, I'm gonna, give you explain the over Die Riley Store to the cops they'll understand like yes, I forgot we are inside a goose bumps now are all signed later went on to write, yeah, that's right! It's a great well in that yeah and that's like a sheet of light is like a shitty twist at the end, and it was her boyfriend the whole time and now he's dead. Now, he's lamp shade that cut him up and we took out his guts and now we live in this game right and then the last lines like and then the moon, winked we, Let everyone cuz the moon was right all along.
I thought that was a wonderful story. Justin. Thank you so much for sharing with us on this data. It's 'cause. It's always we have not met. We like this episodes coming out on Halloween. We have not met at once, so joy lighting, your votive candle and enjoy the the whole their minds of sand? And hopefully you said many of fire last night, yes and to burn the city to the ground, celebrate Halloween and a lot of different ways, some people burned in the city yeah whatever and good tell the lizard people out there and Nancy. Thank you guys always a pledge. Fuller creepy tales from last podcast on the
I dare you to sleep now: young viewer, ha ha ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha. Indeed, they're going to be very, very hard time sleeping. Are you wake up in a hot sweats? It's probably because there's a burnt child running across your living room right now go check. Go check out, get out of bed. Go check, go check it. Oh my god, it's the oven on, but you turn it of, but it's uh oh no you're, actually just making a pizza, That's. I forgot about that. What a wonderful four tales of absolute ghoulish horror I love it. We had a a full body, apparition which, which is very rare, yeah and also had we had physical contact being made by John Moreno. He was actually abused by a ghost. I haven't heard that very often you know with Ed Larson his mother got pushed down a flight of stairs too much ghost power there. No, no! No, but that is that's pretty common, but actually pick.
A man of I mean John Moran is a light fell in light as a feather he was fatter than he was fat yeah, oh yeah. We used to be fat and bloated, awful, really well, not really fat fat, but he drank a lot more, and so he was more probably drink. A lot more near here right now. Let's just drink soda bottle of gin every night in order put himself to sleep right, that's different! That's medison! Well, you have to you, have to stop the night screams and the only with anything at hidden layer model appeals the devil in your brain. That's right! That's what I do! That's the sun that you were true alcoholic by the way when you switch to beer. When you switch from beer to liquor, you don't want to be fat and you don't want the social stigma red nose in Santa Claus. Drunk were like Santa Claus. Drugs yeah yeah for fun. Yeah we're fine, we're currently drunk. I don't really need. I booze doesn't make me a better person. One tons make me a better person, your soup, planes that you are plowing through. Yes, we dumplings, I burnt my mouth.
So thoroughly. Yesterday will yeah for those who don't know the soup dumpling, it's a very controversial food. These are popular in Shanghai, Shanghai. Ah, you come on Dan who I should tampering. Oh you make sure you eat away good heart, burning man, very hot yeah, so so it's a dumpling and it's filled with soup, which I thought was a very controversial way to much like many of the horrible horrible terrible stories we've heard over this pod, absolute hot soup is filled with them. That's right! I'm good with the segues. I should be a host of a show. You, our dogs, family, were all host summer. She's feeling I feel, like I'm constantly a special guest Well, you are a special man, that's right! So that's how I view life that everyone go were like. I'm just like on this very special episode, Henry's here, making shenanigans, no yeah. I think that the fine because I always feel like I'm I'm hosting the world. So
it's very interested in marketing straight watch is you do name my credits everywhere we go. I do. I do yes, I am definitely a watcher type character, yes, making slightly Joe Watchers, like David Icke's, the no more like Marvel Comics, the watcher in which I have swore myself to never interfere. Yet I constantly do no wonderful for tears for tales, terroristic terroristic, I yes, yes and tell terrorist level terrorist If we're I mean I could save myself John telling that story just as scared as the people on like you know, ninety seven? on nine slash, eleven yeah. I don't like that scared. Where, like ok, I can either burned to death, or I can jump off the 97th floor. That type of fear. That's what I felt and I don't like that end up fucking burning to death yeah. There is no
facts about what you said. You know, because I definitely equate a ghost story that may or may not be true, two nine hundred and eleven you know, I mean I think, that's why he doesn't normally that's what you do when it's all I think about when the hours of four hundred and five hundred pm everyday every every action you have in life, you have to be like. So how does this equate to nine hundred and eleven this is like I got. I got two sandwiches. It's like the two towers and now they're be gone, be gone, but that's why I only eat one, because I think, because I hate remembering that fact
but anyway, it is help you lose weight. It's really great. You run the nine slash eleven nine hundred and eleven everybody want to eat. Two of something just eat one and then cry off the cows. That's a really controversial diet, but I think I have rock solid, crying apps. It's hard work yeah. It is wow man, I'm already tired. Why abused wives look better after the relationships over another non controversial statement market
We were talking about full of it today, like a soup dumpling. So you are saying that you felt like the home that you grew up in was haunted yeah, now the room, the room that I well the people that lived in our house before us. It was built in the 1950s. It was great. We had a bomb, shelter yeah because it was built during the cold war and they thought for some reason. The nuclear bombs were going to drop seven miles, east of Rochester Texas Population, Fuckin', three hundred the God Dam Kamasa taken out the desert and they won tar sands and the people that live there before us were named the Winchesters yeah, an old man Winchester I've found out later on which yeah that's what we always call his old man Winchester. I found out like years and years later, dammit kids, I'm thirty three, the room that I lived at that I grew up in until I was about like fourteen, I moved to a different room after my brothers went back to college, but the room that I was in during
formative years. That was the room. The old man Winchester died at school and I was a kid. I had nightmares all the time anymore. I don't have any because I smoke enough weed if I can get that out of there, but when I was a kid I had constant nightmares. I would sleep, walk all the time and when I was in the house and my friends would say the same thing constantly seeing shut out the corner of your eye like this all the time when I smoke too much weed yeah, but I was a kid yeah, which is pretty much the same thing, and my brothers would fuck with me they they would find like weird rocks. And tell me that, like they were like this is the bones of old man, Winchester yeah, yeah yeah, like they buried him here on this land? Where do they bury him? I'm not, No, I mean in the bed so yeah. I was like just always terrified. Now as a kid about just shit like that, I love it. I like
I mean it had some great kid. Hunting stories about Johns that I really enjoyed was that he was a freshman in college in Mature Schorel, freshman to return number with a thick layer of Joe who's dealt but the less. I feel like that. That makes it really know it's very. It's pretty amazing I and another slow. Quarter, uh. Of course it's it's actually broke Roberts with her at the south. Is I mean ideally haunted it is covered in slave ghosts? Yeah, that's! It should be, can swing. It goes without hitting a slave ghost yeah and we made it. We did it our great grandpa, Yeah, not mine, not mine, mine, for minor. Instead, I know you're just followed by Jew ghosts. You know, but there only Germany, Berlin, Poland and Germany. You don't brush on any of the ghosts your family had so far away until they figure out how to take a ghost boat over to America. I'm doing great, I gotta deal with all kinds of goats. I mean I got. I got slave ghosts. I got a lot of native American goes well, but native mexican ghost yeah Americans want to be good
Yes, I did say that they love being goes yeah. Then they can go like. Oh no. I get to convene with the ghosts spirits if you had. If you had three options, we got an old man goes to native american ghost or a slave goes. You have to be haunted by one native American goes you're going native American, probably learn something from native American going to really from all the native american ghost hauntings that I've heard of they mostly just stand there and they just go like hello. Well, hello, do you have any fry bread? That's amazing! It's in a week. Have you channeled the power of the of the fire demon, I said: how are you, how are your week and I'll look he's playing a form of tennis? We invented but we do that with the dogs. Headedness stick That makes any sense. No! But that's what seems like that was what soccer was yeah dog, so it you know it was Aztecs. Aztecs, older, older Indians
within a human head that they were here yeah after the sacrifices he is really a big guys. I've got a great idea. How about we kick We have we have to leave now. We have many heads around that are very plentiful, yet we were doing nothing but throwing them in the river. I love what say we take this head and we shall make a beauty game of it. They always love so brutal storm. Further. Let's weird these neon shirts covered them with different sports logos. Can they hear I am chief run in red? Bull you've got a sponsor right. I live in the original, give a basketball with it was a game to the death yeah. Yeah! You know you have. A basketball was only played by like white people. The look like us yeah. It was invented buy a college professor to just keep biting your subject: databases yeah. It would be James Naismith, an interesting Lee enough. The first basket was a peach back.
Hence why they called it basketball. Thank you. Sports illustrated for kids. Oh my god you're the only person to read it. Then I was reading slam the much cooler magazine I was reading cycle psychology textbooks that my sister had ha ha. That's what I used to do as a child. I used to scare my mom said I used to come up to my mom and, like she would say, to talk about this with her recently about come up to her and be like mom. How do I know if I have multiple personalities and she's like, stop with the textbooks, hide all the textbooks 'cause. I would sneak up into the attic where my sister lives and she had a big thing of we've got to stop him from learning. When I got to stop he's asking these questions, 'cause, that's also I learned about masturbating. Is that my Sister had a gigantic encyclopedia Britannica set, and I heard about masturbating and I went to the Encyclopedia Britannica and went to masturbating, and so it was like YO self stimulation was like stimulation of. And then I was thinking more at one point like sitting in my room just being like like hard period.
You know just like it says that you need to self stimulate it, and then I just started get on. The matter is like the discovery made, not everything control when it comes to Jack, and I was a very weird little child. I love did you have a monocle, were you born with a monocle and top hat and nice coat mommy? How do I know if I have multiple personalities you'll know Henry Thomas just leave me alone. Your father is an alcoholic, real life Stewie from family guy. That's great at anything else. I feel like we're at it. I this. This is the greatest arena. Do another one. We yeah. We have a bunch of people who have more stories and if you have store out like I that's another thing too yeah. If you have stories that you want us to read over the air because it's hard to get I'm all of you in this office here, because it's hard to carry about five more people in here.
I'm. So can we just send us your stories? You know them over the over the waves up the pod on the internet on the computer bytes we computer might as well or something if you want to make a youtube of you telling your own story, and if it's good enough, we could put it on the show as well. So we got together down there. Let's leave your penises in your pants yeah. We already talked about that one. Please please, please! Please stop don't know more Dick pics, I don't care if it's a jack o' lantern. I don't care, and you know it's not. I don't say let's say it's not a bad. It's just finding finding people honestly. Also worry. We love lost a lot of subscribers because of that, if you put it on the facebook page, it's going to be hard. I mean, if you I mean I'm not going to say! Well. You know personal email address and number that we're going with this. If you need to do that, then you know just keep it off the general page yeah
put it on your own personal page, don't get us in trouble, don't lose us subscribers, alright guys! Well, thanks for listening and yeah and share your haunted stories with us. Yes, please Magoo solutions. Dean. Yeah, that's worse than I'll meet yeah yeah, hail: Satan, Hail, dean, Hail Satan, that's nice good ring to it. Yeah goodbye goodbye this remote control
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