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Episode 51: Gucci and Dogs and HAARP

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The boys explore the phenomenon of super-storms, from the (true) claim that Obama used HAARP to create Hurricane Sandy in an attempt to sway the election (WHICH WORKED) to macabre details of the great Galveston hurricane of 1900 in which 8000 souls perished.

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There's no place to escape to when New York Baby do York? Nothing bad happens here, you'll, never your keys stupid, whether God try to kill New York's and then leave GOSH sort of really argue he won. This will rich what did really well, where I'm from was not touched by the storm and we're doing really well just being drug Keaton Williamsburg Apparently God doesn't hate gays, that's very nice. So now we are recorded yeah and that is markets in the iamb and and then we got that guy over there that I'm looking at right now with a mustache and a cute face New York, Henry Zebrowski, browse legal New York can reserve bad. I'm back
that I thought I thought I'd start spreading. The news Obama created hurricane is a big. This is this is what happened, ladies and gentlemen, are not sold yet on the subject. I am not it all comes down because you you have no vision narrow of mine. You don't know exactly how to search proper things on Yahoo dammit, it's the ever since you converted into this David. I bullshit till you did not cause this hurricane. However, so David like is wrong about that. It was on the who's, not taking the reptilian. The big thing is, I'm going unless he's a rip telling in shadow puppet like but he had a whole other thing. There's a lot of people even like his two running theories about Barack Obama. He thinks it may be that he's a full on reptilian right, but he could also possibly just be a shadow puppet of the Rep telling each and I'm gonna go which had a public. But that's fine, we're not here to talk about what? Just because you don't look.
His head formation. Now this is what I read this online. We talk about. The right he's got a very elongated shape head like a gray yeah. Just that. Maybe a graces thing that some people said on the internet comparing his. Blackhead and the aliens sure, but at the same time, if you look really closely for a very long time at a picture of Barack Obama, you can slowly but surely imagine the alien that lies underneath, is skin. That's right! The hots telling him what to do. I can definitely see it scaling. Today's episode it's just sort of, we have an intro hurricane sandy, huh That's a news item! You do the intro we're gonna, be discussing weather patterns and it and and whether activity that have gone on throughout history, superstore superstorm that have it had that have had impact on political situations on just,
I'm on other life situation? This is not necessarily paranormal, but it's another say important. Understand that the more we research it's an ever widening net of things, real quick connect back to what could be called the great work of the ages, which is the Freemasons Grand agenda for the human race interest, and it could start from there red lead all the way to hear new year. Two thousand twelve hurricane Sandy right, her in sandy devastating superstorm, Frank And- and it has been called a combination of many different fronts. This is that I shake my lighter at it most of the Frankenstein was afraid of fire. If you look at the lower frankens If you, which is also real, that's right, that's right, and indeed I think it's frank and storm, because Obama and the Obama administration is Frankenstein an they created the storm. They created the monster. Yes, and it all goes back to this little thing. We have called harp.
H, h, r p h a a r p yeah. What what is the high frequency active, auroral research program? No, I think we brought this up once before ill. We try to do a podcast on it was just too complicated. I've made that might have been it yeah. So I really got into this. Like recently. 'cause I sort of looking up like paranormal storms. Currently, I was like will do a whole episode about pirate coast. It's raining that goals that resource patches yeah, just not real, that doesn't have wooden leg that just fell from the sky. High rates were just canker, sore, ridden thieves. I think I'm gonna sleep will play in the end of Super Mario Brothers, three or two, whichever one is. What I do too ok, I started researching about harp now. Harp is a. It is a research facility in Alaska. Now what I love about this? It's so it's so deep and it's just because it's very secret, because
cancel group. They give you yearly tours and they show you everything they have open weekend. It's tricks like we do have open weekend, because I remember yeah, 'cause Jesse Ventura showed up at the office is a heart, wasn't quite clear and they're like no not today there visiting days next week, which they do have Anybody could just walk in there, but with this I do that at the deli. As soon as he gets closed,
Let me in let me in their work, clothes and I'm like what are you doing with the meat what you doing with the meeting there deli but the so this this research facility basically monitors the actions that happen in the honest fear, which is like the electronic halo that exists around the earth which is technically doesn't have any effect on the weather. It's too high for that. But no, but you could see, but that's where they drop the Kemp Kim bombs, the chemical bombs. No, they do other things too, where it's like. So what this is, what heart is a series of antennas that work, the opposite of radio antennas right? They said high frequency energy race into the honest fear and edge right. Ok, they choose specific like like imagine. The earth is in a fucking soup. Dumpling made out of electrons second episode in a row that we have a super jump in reference which I think doubles up any podcast in the history of problems, not just a reference, but an analogy
But this is what this is appropriate. Imagine imagine earth is the succulent ball of pork meat inside of a suit, and I can write down with this and that the juice in the soup. This soup, as it were, did you see the juice that surrounds the meat in there, which is the earth, is the actual atmosphere, but the thin line of delicious pasta, dough that surrounds outside? Of that? That's the ionosphere right. Drive, talcum powder of, but not unless they want to Henry saying juice, and there are people that are very if you are attracted to that, just send an email, because when it comes down to it, we will be together for the rest of our lives right right. Whatever sex, you are sure, that's right center, the double which uses around, which is just the regular atmosphere and the ionosphere is what keeps us safe from the all the energies coming in from space. It's okay! If this guy,
circle of electrons to the radiation. Yes, what they thought would be do normally when using a ham, radio and various other things that you bounce a signal off the ionosphere and it goes to another location, and this is how they spread with right wing propaganda. This is not the sport right wing. Probably This is how we get cheers reruns. It all goes up for me I and you're in bed. Well, that's how a am radio works, verses, Fm Fm is a direct type of signal. Worries am at night. You and sometimes I get radio signals from hundreds of thousands of miles away, which is really coast to coast, a gigantic auto that real quick. How does how did am in the blues in this F m? A m wartime quality, sound, okay, so yeah but which I guess you don't need if you're on fucking rush, Lim BAR Oregon Coast, No because there are you good, sound, quality and coast to coast on on it's a step up from ham, radio. They don't pay attention to the levels because just I can just imagine the basketball size. Like my guard that Alex found, my God says
needs. Well, I didn't have. I don't have any money for lunch. I guess I'll just take this big turkey leg for my microphone off on George Nori, just like talking with the microphone in his mouth, but with a heart does, is it shoots a very high powered frequency into the ionosphere and agitated? Because the idea is is there the research center is supposed to be there to help improve communications during solar flares? Okay, until they do, is they they artificially create solar flares, something on a sphere well and and basically trying to figure out like how can we make communication clearer, but what they're also finding is is like, if there's many different things that could be linked into it. They have a something about like two hundred different patents all listed under this, the covert operation. That is hard but super because
but they're trying to do, is there trying to improve submarine communication because submarine communication uses this special frequency because they can't use electricity 'cause they're underground, so they use sonar radar sonar, but they bounce it off Diana Sphere and they're, trying to figure out a clear way to do that, but they're also discovering the bread of the dumpling. Yes, it's good. I wish I That was my science teacher by the way he's speaking my language. If you could relate everything signs related to a food yeah, it's always for fat, kids, yeah, exactly where the fat kids, you can throw a ball, but you can get lady by being a millionaire who invented new Deldo plastic, which pizza in helium tuesdays. I think I'll be there by the man that figured out silicone was better than rubber After nearly I'm more of a dill doe scientists- and you guys aren't Jesus fucking Christ either way were brought to you now by Adam and Eve dot com are really yeah, we got sponsorship. Did you wait
close until now on purpose yeah. Damn we getting paid for this fuck you shut it down. This is the best part. Is that that's? Why I mean I have a bug bug? up inside me right now. That helps me do for my podcasts. That helps me be funny. This is one of my favorite enemy, but I heard you like on the verge of prostate orgasm, but I would you go if you go to adamandeve dot com and you input the code cc are at checkout. We get a little cut of your deldo money yeah, great great news, wow, alright! Well, let's go buy some dill DOE Senjem up inside of yourself, don't die, though we get blamed, to this is really complicated. It's really hard to explain, but we've discovered is that when you shoot that frequency up into the atmosphere is that you can bend it or if they're, what they're afraid of us? If you do too much that you'll break it
because the earth turns into sing we still talking about, but but they're basically saying that like if you bend it in specific situations, where there's already like a lot of like this is where weather a lot of Energia. Part of it's like already up going on is that you can move air drifts into each other like strategically and create an artificial hurricane and that's part of Where did this idea came from and and on Infowars they're very upset with Brock. Well, because I pretty certain that this very coincidental appearance of hurricanes, any week before election will push it his way, because it's going to be harder for older people to leave there houses the go vote. Well, your chat Romney's like bread and butter because he's a piece a of the past withdrawn from the wanted to cut FEMA funded for females, yet that that really got highlighted what an eighty and he's an absolute plus Bronco Bamma definitely use this for his benefit and, as we were talking
one yesterday this is going to come out after the election anyway. So we'll see what the we'll see if we're actually going to be, it will be. This is going to go on for weeks and weeks yeah, but with Libya I was like it wasn't, with the ambassador being killed, not a conspiracy. Obama didn't benefit hurricane sandy. Are you that he did not benefit to? It fits right in there with the conspiracy theory and this weather pattern just came out two weeks ago, Oh, I know two weeks ago, everything is going great weekend in Nyc. City marathon was still on so you're all ready to go all of a sudden, knock them out of the clear blue sky out of the clear blue sky, literally comes Hurricane Sandy, which isn't? Is it a coincidence or jack bomb? Yes, I know that's not answer, that's the right answer, but let's go see what Hong Kong there is just but then learn a lot of stuff into that too. Also harp is there's a lot of people who believe so. The human brain creates waves that go from four megahertz two hundred megahertz, like in our
our heads right now those are what our thoughts are. They operated level. That's why it hurts. When you think so much Adam and Eve, can we have a moment of silence for how bad that was? No, it wasn't that bad with the megahertz, ok, but I didn't think it was that bad, so I'll give you the moment, but they do believe that a part of what horrors capable of the create these, like ultra low frequency waves and apart of things they put there's a great great website, called alumina, watch dot com which we got to put up on the on the Facebook page, which is really
Although the breakdown this, like one thing where there's all these studies, that show that these guys, who work in electrical cables that run from these, like ultra low frequency, like basically working electric cables coming off these electric cables, this ultra low frequency sort of energy waves that make these people super depressed and they said, there's a spiking suicide rate in these people who work on super high powered electrical lines right and that what they believe a part of what harp can do, which are they talk openly, including weather manipulation, which is a very like they've, talked about since one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven, knowing that they can. Manipulate the weather divided actively. Does it Dubai made jungles within the desert using harp like antennas in order to steal, moisture from one area
But if you want, but that's interesting, so they could get once Dubai comes into it. There's a lot of stuff in there. No, it's interesting that so they can control the weather enough to change actual like life on earth. Just more when they noticed it more. Like defensive reasons, 'cause, I know they're both in studying, studying. If you know see hurricanes, you know, beginning, you could literally drop a bomb into it or a whole bunch of everything to try to disperse the weather pattern, which seems to be it seems irrational thing that we got that we should be able to do it on a nukes. We didn't have enough there hurricane you, don't just nuke everything, Texas market, but the big, no taxes we gotta do something with them. They actively, they actively did it in Vietnam. During Vietnam, it was a big thing. That's why they talk about like why we do not consider Vietnam like a LOS and why we never considered a war 'cause. They were like hey. We can have a whole bunch of exercises,
run? Well, I just I just burped an hit this thing all at once inside of myself. I have not a reputable source of information. First of all, I just want to put that up. I think you have to burp a couple of times when you're talking about Harper's without a doubt. Otherwise you are not. We created rainstorms over Vietnam right as a part of a winter weather, manipulation like weapons program and but they're saying now is gave them like great crops for the summer. No, we we we used it. We created a thunderstorm that Troy this whole supply area that we do destroyed a bunch of farms? We parent generated a yeah. We generated a flood that created like a total chaos in their farming
I will do that as an experiment right, but they would also saying Harper's capable of is that using special low frequencies that match human like our human rights? Is it they said that heart can make something like that was super low frequencies is like an off shoot of like that. Super high powered beams shoot up. Okay, creates like low frequency all over the place. What you're discovering is that they can be, can like target it and suppress a peep. All into like being depressed into being an active in being unable to fight and they're starting to say that they're going to use it on America, the use it on us and ordered a minute. Our brains, and so is it. So this is like all you
Chronicle there's no actual tangible thing right, because I know there was that one bomb that we were using in the military that we're going to use in the Middle EAST that made everybody really homosexual. It made him like really really gay bomb, the gay bomb yeah, it's great. It's a lot of fun. Yeah, that's wonderful! I mean hit so whoever came up. I mean I know it. Maybe it's already here. I just never would just take it day by putting a pillow I sitting around for an hour and pops open, and then I go to Metro and I have a great time I got my roller skate wheels or just worn down metropolitan bar great Gay bar here in Williams Burg. Deals anymore, just squares, squares, Dunk, Dunk, Dunk, doesn't matter or need anymore 'cause, I'm always sitting followers and get that Gail. I'm in the that Henry is currently sitting on an enemy dot, com input, the code C C. There we go it's really interesting stuff. So they're going to be able to make everybody very sad, but I guess you could use it for more of a positive thing. If you want it like, if you're in Alaska, I would assume
people are relatively depressed there, the cold season, it's dark for thirty days and thirty nights yeah. It would be nice if you're a population that could be a little bit more in through so they could use it for positive reasons is not right, we can only can only depress us, it can never make. You know, because that's what they're saying is that these ultra low frequencies, like get hooked up in your brain and basically slow you down, and but I mean there must be a way to reverse it. Then I'm going to guess why would I guess sweet, cocaine, well, yeah rock and roll music we've been trying to do it to me in Mexico for years, and they generally stressed so she'll make anybody happy. That's all that Christ effects that the level I don't know if Katy Perry would be very good in the old bedroom. But we can talk that's more of a page, seven at four pm, and then we don't write another people, Sarah Torrent yeah. We try not to that which is going to the we stay in one area. So is there any evidence that they have used this sort of technology yet to suppress people? Or is this Absolutely no impact golf, of course, no evidence what evidence the government were talking.
We have covered up man. Do you think we should cover up? These are nine to five office workers. Every day we spent the whole day getting good benefits, covering up the crazy shit that we do in the Middle EAST I mean it written. It really makes a lot of sense. No, I I, it really does yeah I mean, do you do us a idol? It rains all the time. They are everyone's very depressed there, but we got sick and that was it exactly that government they were so excited, because that would people that know that George Bush Senior was very. Inc speed. He was also he set like how do we depress the people so that I could get some good old fashioned music that matches my fucking mood is too many. People feel in the noise feeling among people going to Paradise City, I mean the 80s, how many people eating cherry pie. I want a song called rape me. That's right! That's right! It makes a lot of sense in the 80s. Everyone was voting, crazy, doing cocaine having a great time trying to vote multiple times early Andy's suppress the vote. No one who's depressed wants to go vote for somebody they already hate yeah. It's a very good
She did really work for him, so maybe that's why it hasn't been done yet again. Yes, but here is that there's a lot to it, but I mean the big thing is that it's just very covert and there's a lot of conspiracy theories? You can shove in there because no one knows what the fuck it does right, like I just said above words that mean nothing to me. I yeah. I mean I don't know how you remembered all that, because I will I will I've watched a bunch of stuff on I've been reading about it for months, but then I just like how just fits into the overall sort of like it could be a part of a grand plan because there's also a lot of people again on Infowars talked a lot about. This is really interesting that you know the World Bank. You saying the IMF came out and said that we're not going to give certain countries loans, who don't figure out how to lower their population by certain year and that that there's also a gigantic Nwo like agenda point where it's like. You have to lessen the population of the earth 'cause. Then it's easier to control and Florida. That is that another
you can do is you can get people used to a certain level of horrible living by suppressing their thoughts right using low? frequency, energy waves. I mean it's a great point. You can't really argue with I mean I mean you can yeah. Of course you know goal and I was gonna, but I That's why I want to come down to. It is the only argument you have to do is no not true you're, right you're, right, probably not true, but you could argue, a smaller population is going to be easier to control and suppress people are going to be much much easier to control. So if they have this technology and if you're in power, there is no reason for you not to use it if you really well, you know when the power, if that's what they love to be used as well. Being president russian President makes your day so hard fixing girls. You know you want to be pressed, actually cancer that
yeah. So if you were president, you have really hard balls right now, get it checked out rock about my hope, your balls or soft they're, fine, I'm sure they're they're right, love him, though, at the same time, I really just don't trust idol. I, like him, yeah it's fun, I mean I I still he's a he's, a disease individual whose whose own ego makes him a monster So that's also us exactly so I'm fine with it. I, like you yeah yeah. We were talking about David Iqs, you claimed to be the son of Jesus and they had to be honest. He goes like these two thousand watt power. It's like! Well, you claim to be the Christ child. I just think He had a lot of. I think he really got into a bunch of being a bunch of Halloween candy and he was all jacked up by the sugar and then he was like wow. I'm sorry
the man for David I go to bed, I will save your butt. Is sleeping cap, it's got reptiles all over it exactly in a race car back down one of those carousels over just a little reptiles. We love you David, that's holding he's just Lawson Iguana when he was a child and he's been doing ever since then he's been crazy about it. It's very sad. Do you know, because the Youtube clip that I saw when it comes down to Hurricane Sandy? They said that they were doing these things called chemical dumps which are shifting, and then the lady also mentioned infrasonic under asian, which I just love that into Sunday, and that is hard at your in that so they're talking about very and that's where that would be horrible manipulated the atmosphere in order to allow Goss to like ship to get basically the more. Moved in or ether nn ne or answer when they move their retaining and they move that hurt that cold front end that made it so gigantic which shut down
our financial system- and you know that those crooked mutherfuckers down there are burning boxes of files in the dark every night, because that's what they do. I don't have listen, Bro, Henry does not just working with made up you put down my drumstick she's. You I think around like you're the biking wizard of OZ,
but who's to, say: oh no, no attention to the man behind the curtain. It's just the fat man in a reptilian shirt or wherever reptilian sure looking at Juilliard, but no I mean, of course we can change subject to something slightly more historical, but the real issue here is climate change and that's what we did we could drop the oceans are rising. We should probably do something yeah well, I've. I've got something to review that we must do that. We have to this is getting very serious. Really bad rich work was almost destroyed. New York is so much more important than most of the rest of the world. It is the only important place let morning don't let New York get destroyed. Washington was close and that would've been fucking cool yeah, and then we would actually seen the shadow government
yes, yes, yes, but there's all there is as wide a crawling out of their hiding, but a big section of heart is funded by black ops, and that is true, and that is both black operations in the black budget. It's all this stuff that Congress is even allowed to read about it top secret, and that is there is a part of it, and harp is a big thing. The is the the Defense Department runs like a quarter apart, like Harper's got like all the sign, just like doing legitimate sort of like environmental science, so that other people have a have misgivings about, because they're afraid of what will to the to the ionosphere they're, afraid that, like big spikes in energy, energies, they'll literally poke a hole in the ionosphere and then fuck for us, but then the government also is partially researching how you can pinpoint making holes in the ozone using harp like material, which is likely enemy, Huntley's greenhouse gases and Jeff as well to try to use it to alleviate some of those, and also
no no, no, they try to use it to let in harmful sunrays on two countries that we hate like a magnifying, a larger and applying laughing answer, they get cancer. But it's a long game it is along. They would probably just die of cancer anyway or random shelling or suicide bombers, a bunch of it. That's like you lose a bunch of that will never understand when there's a bunch of stuff. That's like really interesting that they're making another thing is also how to create nuclear type blasts using not radioactive material using enerji from sun and that's another thing like harnessing like making me the whole immediately in the atmosphere and then creating a joke. Cancel explosion using pure sun rates, and then you say it, and basically it just also comes down to the fact that harp is just a wonderful acronym
for a villainous super d all at once take over the world. I guess, if I was in charge of part, I purposely I would like shave my head. I'd rather a gold, well a good, zip up suit, with like rubber turtle neck on it, like with the lizard on my shoulder just being like everything is fine yeah, but the picture of the picture of yourself that will come to her. Where do the most wonderful things, large photo of yourself to run into the basement. There's nothing for you in the basement, see my shiny globules. Here we've got the phone these lava lamps in here it's not a fucking Puma jumpsuit, I'm going to buy it. I love this place. The gift shop is amazing. That was the only place where allowed to go to, but it was. I got snow globe. I guess now got stuck up in the real snow in there look, it's got a maxed. Or, and it got it got a gucci
or where they sell little dogs. It's gucci and dogs, gucci and dogs are my favorite. Two things: yes welcome, Barb. I hope enjoy your shopping day. Cutie and dogs is probably the greatest story of all time that needs to open up immediately. That is a recession. Proof store honey. I want to go to gucci and dog. Just got you a buck on Gucci, and I just got you a bucking dog shut up. Let's see I can't wait to get dog food bucket bags I'll have long funk and I stuck shed. It's got poop all over it, but I want a new dog Do you have actual stories about real storms like as soon as I calm down from gucci and dogs? Gucci, though, we've got dogs, butt and gucci, but talking about super storms. Here I've got I've got this book dole. Then I the deadliest.
Form in history, Galveston, Texas, one thousand nine hundred now this is Marcus is bringing his power of storytelling into last podcast that's right to envision the smell of the briny ocean Imagine who winds blowing through your air and enjoy the story of the superstar and in Henry of Galveston, it is Galveston put some fart noises in every now and again there So all of this is from a book called Isaac Storm. It was uh by Erik Larson the same guy who had a Jew thing. Huh, it's not Do you think I'm rewinding with you and the zionist agenda leave him alone? She girlfriends. At the same thing 'cause I zic storms like Isaac's storm, oh wow, it is yeah. It sounds like a nordic n jewish last name yeah, it does well. His last name is Klein. Oh, it is a jewish thing
How does that make you feel Henry pretty satisfied? Good, good, good, good, good! this book, was written by the same guy, who wrote devil in the White City, which food one fantastic. It is the reason why it's called Isaac storm? It's the central characters, a man named Isaac Klein, who was the Chief Weather, bureau officer and Galveston Texas. At the time was he Jewish just have to know that? No, no, he wasn't jewish, so I just get off of it. Yeah good! Wasn't: jewish, ok, alright! So we're going to start in January of one thousand nine hundred in which this storm took place. In September, in January, of one thousand nine hundred a self styled weather profit. Professor Andrew Jackson did of Chattanooga Tennessee issued a long range forecast. Keep your ball ball room
issued a long range forecast. He loves his story. It's a long history, along with welcome to hard. Now I'm looking for goat cheese and dogs, you gotta gotta Gucci in dogs and Barbara Bush mythical button earlier. I can't turn it off, he issued all you should, along with in messages. Ok. Well, you could be a great father, your kids, going to fall asleep until four hundred in the morning. He should have a long range forecast for the year in his leg. Ladies birthday, hello. That is a long wooden board as his birthday almanac, which is in the middle all right this forecast, they were over, he predicted the
September would be hot and dry throughout the northern states. On the ninth you wrote, a great cyclone will form over the Gulf of Mexico and move up the. The coast causing very heavy rains from Florida to Maine, from tenth to 12th, happy birthday Vivian. Now this is also in the time when they thought cigarettes were good for your teeth right at the top. Hats would keep you from being picked up by hawks in tobacco. Was the cure after he got raped? Yes, yes, and this is, they were starting to figure out meteorology that I'm specifically Hurricane Sciences. The Cubans were at the forefront of it yeah Have the sandwiches in the cigars? New York accents. Oh no, that's a Texas accent: lamely became family trees. I don't know. However, they were quite wrong and they said the coast of Texas is according to the general law,
the motion of the atmosphere exempt from West India Hurricanes and the two which have reached it followed an abnormal path, which can only be a to cause is known in meteorology as accidental gun and in two things the most and so, of course, the Cubans. The storm was running through Cuba on its way to Galveston Texas, which, by the way Galveston, is an island that is thirty mile miles off the coast of Texas near Houston, horrible place. You know a bunch of Cubans try to hang onto the trees that were flying through the air in order to get over to America, yeah yeah, that's how they did it and that's how they did it. I'm happy! That's our go to Cuban an at the time. Galveston TX was known as the New York of Texas wow serious. The Minnesota of Texas, it was, was very much a metropolitan area that were brothels everywhere. Lately shoes there were
restaurants with french chefs everywhere Gucci in dog started. It was then it was just a horse named Gucci in a couple of dogs. Well, it was a very rich area. It was very cosmopolitan, however, was it? However, did you read the book What so the Cubans? The storm is coming is a cyclone when it was on its way to Cuba and at the time, Cuba and the United States were in the United States, were a bit of a tiff over telegraph, wires and it is x as a great meat chop. Yeah it does yeah. I wanna go there, I'm hungry and it ends day, so, when the Cubans a wire and said: hey: there's a big fucking storm coming, went farted all over the idea, however, stick
sensible sandwiches of gods, sandwiches, so the storm starts to hit Galveston slowly but surely chilled and found the storm, nothing but delightful! Oh that's interesting! 'cause! I sometimes when I imagine a big storm. I imagine a big womans, but really slowly rolling over on to the on to the city. Is that weird? Okay? That's totally normal rate, whether men, I think so yeah, that's kind of that's kind of true yeah. I was just too big but cheeks it's coming on down and it's just slowly laying it on down and just stick in your no one's gonna switch round hole on it, catches nobly new catch, a snowflake on a lot of them, but when you just a little going to pull well. They had been Hurricane Irene in Hurricane Sandy, so they are feminine. That's meant they are interesting,
Oh the day goes on. The storm grows stronger winds up to fifty miles an hour. Flooding is coming from the seas. It is said a man told a tale in which he came home and when he arrived at home he was surprised there wasn't any dinner, I think that's just a wonderful story. That's a great text, historic markers! Are you Texas, tired right now, which I was talking to Marcus yesterday was very drunk the other day, and I said you weren't, drunk or just text. I hired a new thing: Texas, tired! I'm not Texas start no now the storm gets serious. This is at a time remember in the 1900s early, not late, 1800s early 1900s, when man was at its most arrogant, so yeah. Lord. Nothing can take us down we're in a building made of wood. When I have constructed a house. To me by God and he no way a wind will come wins or for birds. Only attack
afraid of a wind wow where you're, not cat, say, Spencer. Mister Lord shouted from across the room has just roared. Mister Lord I've just count there are thirteen men in this room, Spencer left other diners and the relief the left side main events are shattered? I'm not superstitious, Spencer and lowered died instantly when a powerful gust of wind tore off the building's roof and heavy printing press material from upstairs smash them all three others died with them. Five other men were badly hurt. One mandisa That's the waiter to find a doctor. The waiter drowned I love the idea of a waiter drowning. That's my big things that, in terms of social hierarchy, waiters to go. You think so. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, waiters, gotta, go and then homeless, people
we were as a bartender fall into that. I would consider levator as homeless the may here. Okay right, then doctors sure all police officers, nurses, Bodega men- oh god, it's seven hundred and thirty like to but several of the list dogs. Come on Danny comedians. Well, all right! All right! I would just completely flip that unsent and now it gets creepy by the I first nothing is funny. The comedian die in someone's gotta, tell the story, terribly, it is if they were important in it by the time I Zic got home. The water in his yard was wasted, and wherever an object protruded from the water, there were toads, tiny ones, dozens Every little bored, every little splinter had about twenty or fifty toad frogs on. Excuse me, after start that over
every little bored every little spider had about 25th to frogs on it. One witness remembered I never seen so many to frogs know today's my last one. Today it was exciting day for you, oh my god, that's a twenty toad Frog Day, not counted up to a number. I don't even know how to count to side just started over again. It was about to be something better than twenty, which may as well be a got: damn million God. If I know I did twenty three time, I counted it, and this is when things start to get serious of. Why things just got serious? They were gonna with the pretty press of the waitress or waiter drug this and things get really serious, because those are all okay, and you just search fun waters only taken Galveston love. This love this she was. It got damn good waiter, but I swear other sucking queer by that waiter is very smart, young
Now this story is a house with seventeen people in it, but families and what not water rose high on to the second floor, guy, have moving at speeds, possibly as great as a hundred and fifty miles an hour penetrated deep into the house. Palmer held tight to his son and braced his back again, Bathroom door, and then he was buried deep inside his son. Nothing to do with the story. His wife may hugged his neck with all their strength. Beams fractured glass broke, number ricocheted among the walls of the hallway outside the bath, the front half of House store loose the Boca student bedroom, holding each other close as the wind peeled the house away, the bedroom disintegrate the water rose, the palmers claw. I'm done to the lip of the bathtub Judson clapped his left and the shower rod and held leads circled in his right arm. Is this pen
four yeah, I'm getting hard yeah. If the house is replaced with a woman's clothes, I'm like this is going to be high. Every time you peel off a layer of the house to reveal its bow. Hot nipples, the housing Lee sensitive in the storm season. The house trembled, obviously masturbating. While writing this and eased office elevated foundation, it's settled in deeper water. The water was up to Palmer's neck. The roof stood up and fell Appan the family they win. The water together, Palmer came up alone, dripping Adamandeve, dot, com, yeah, Adam and Eve, and that story made you warning you go get yourself. A french tickler from Adam and Eve and now a story from another thing on my six. Oh I'm sorry, what's that
my six toy set of old pumpkins. So this is my favorite time of year. Yet so I'm going to go ahead and Adam and Eve dot com and use that coupon, I'm going to get your vcr at check out. What's your favorite sex toy to make out of a good guide I think he just carve a hole in a pumpkin, easier, yeah, yeah yeah that was created by a very, very easy one and the best use of a pumpkin. I suppose, if you want to put it arts and crafts sure sure anyway, so this is so children are involved here and as the night goes on, we check in with the orphanage in sisters who ran the place, heard it all. Ninety three children into the chapel sister in Camilla's Tracy. Thirty one years old, the mother order. The other to tie links of clothes line to the youngest children, then I one in around their waists, chains of six to eight children, each rope together like miniature, climbing parties, a few
older children among them, will Murney Albert Campbell and Francis bona VIC remain free sister Camila's lead the children in his, they were fat. Is everyone hated compelling to want to be tied to them? That will the storm want those ones, they're chubby, as she led children and hymns, including the children's favorite queen of the waves. How does that? Go we love the way. It's always all the queen it's nice. I like that. So I seem to know that that, like theme, That was the original theme of that yeah. This is really jingle from it's interesting, so Kids are all tied up like a pleco piggies, getting led through a farm the water rose, the children felt the concussion of each breaker as it struck the front of the building the sisters, the sisters the children to the girls dormitory at the back of the building away from the beach they heard the crash
wood and brick behind them. As the boys dormitory fell into the Gulf, the storm advance through the building quickly, and systematically as if hunting the children, the chapel disappeared, Windows shattered, always Rosenfeld like drawbridges, the chilled sang, let's see in win burst into the dormitory and seconds the building failed. Ninety children and all ten sisters died. Only will Albert and Francis survived by catching hold of the same floating tree later rescuer found, and that tree was the thing tree later it's alive. So no, I think this younger tree we've been using is about is fucking alive use it until we kill it later. You have found one toddlers corpse on the beach. He tried, lifting the child, a length of clothesline Lee
from this and then tightened, he pulled the line. Another child emerged. The line continued into the sound he uncovered eight children and sister cancelled, that's called the devil's angel beats. I know I was just going to say you can also get a very similar but plug and Adam and Eve dot com, the Devils, analed beads, just eight kids tide to a fuckin' Sheena very in everything the same, but at the end we don't want to go too deep into the devils. Asola cause the real rupture, the old body there. Good for him, what a fine to find so the Storm over with the first telegram comes. Do do do do do do do do do do do do they did accurate first is from Galveston just received by train, which could get no closer to the Bayshore than six miles. Wet prairie strewn with debris and dead bodies about two hundred corpses. And train large steamships standard, miles in. Nothing could be of Galveston loss of property, undoubtedly most appalling
clear and right here with gentle southeast wind, In other words, I were getting a gucci and dog, so that's exciting. Oh, that's very nice and here's and here's is what an old soldier General Mckibben said. Iiji still afraid of clouds and I'm good. But I'm saying I see a cloud through my glove at it, I'm not that middle class. You ain't kicking me Make him happy Israel has games I am an soldier, General Mckiernan, said later I've seen many battlefields, but let me limited since I rode across the bay the other night and the man with the boat to sear, to keep clear of the embodies a dead women and little children? I have not slept one single moment so generally, given
seventeen years old, I watch a lot of KEN Burns'. Lately they stopped a man hurrying by who told them. Thousands of people have been killed some of the people and can so I gotta go. I have an audition for Broadway, show gay waiter that we thought route nine ever die, but whatever happened to that guy, he went on to be the biggest Bob Light STAR in the wild. The real Dench, so many dead. These were around but disposal cruise known as dead gangs, have begun burning bodies where they found cool. I want to gang yeah, throughout Saturday night survivor, turn gratefully toward particularly solicitous and All none. Only to find themselves staring into the stubbled face of a man in a nuns habit this is amazing,
Women dress like nuns now this storm really books, so she had up here in Texas. Again, it's just the waiter. Finally aren't tying beautiful is that you gain weight? I'm sorry! I'm sorry, but you know I How did you the day, This works, thirty minute shifts and then between were allowed all the whiskey they needed to keep going at the longest shifts. I've ever heard that thirty minute shifts the stench from dead to me an hour to walk here from from Brooklyn the stench from people and animals was so great that they couldn't work longer. One witness said worked in long sleeves and jackets and mohair pants, that's horrible, but did not let their discomfort show they left their noses exposed burning did not see much of an improvement over the parade of corpse filled wagons. The idea of burning the
videos of men, women and I love a parade, especially children was jarring. It seemed like soccer. Cremation was Burnham, cremation was a routine motor aerial service was itself a brand new idea in America in Galveston, the fires were everywhere. Emma Beal was ten at the time of the storm, but watched the dead gang bodies at 37th and Avenue p right near her house as one he entered the fire and arm shot up as a pointing into the sky Emma screamed, but kept watching and paid for it with nightmares that left her. Thing in the dark, because you would you would you would you have a lot of bodies, as he put him in a big dumpster in any type balloons to and the you. Hopefully you get a good western wind so that they land in Mexico. It's like that movie very close to Mexico, like the movie up yeah, but filled with dead bodies. Imagine that house is just chock full of dead right. Women and children needs to be a male to be fine. A lot of a lot men in that story, no yeah,
I thought they climbed up on the bodies ability of the women and children. I would love if they did a movie version of up with H home. Loading would be the every place it lands in the world's most unlucky sky and that's where they all time. Black men were said to have begun looting bodies. We could bring racism into this. Well, just let me finish car right chewing off thing to gain access to diamond rings. I know they are then stuffing the fingers in their pockets. The nation's press These stories is truth, then pump them so even more lurid details on Thursday September 13th. The mobile Alabama Daily Register naturally its readers that fifty negroes had been shot to death in Galveston the ghouls. Paper reported were holding an orgi over the dead. I think they were. Word in the dead right yeah. I just yeah. You remember that was happening yeah,
That's very, very publicly did the Miami zombie I just know there's so many people use. It would take a lot to chew the finger off of the hands it didn't seem. It seems like they kept the finger and not like the ring yeah, it's kind of hard are yeah, but interesting yeah, I mean an excuse and in this storm eight thousand souls perished and half of the city of Galveston was destroyed. When I got it was safe until the nineteen nineties, when another one came and destroyed it again, you know our killed it for the second time, yeah Gilbert the keeps on coming I know when I write the story of this hurricane I'll plan. Remember all the faces that I saw. I knew that we stood strong and proud waves came in the winds came, sat in the dark and I played Bioshock watching the rain pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter on my window, sill I'll, never forget that night
two legs, a chicken and chicken. I may drink not check a couple bottles of whiskey, can sandy willows, Lana Memories as a sort of mediocre, today's days, my god, it is good to live in the future. God we don't live back, then you change. Well, you should read the rest of it. I mean that was so. That's just a few doors catches ion storm, just pick it up, and it's really it's a great book. It's about. Like Isaac, Isaac Klein and his brother Joseph who were competing meteorologists in the same town. Anne. How? Therefore cups tend to kill? Quite a few people, through my shoot up in the other day, went straight up down. That means going to storm coming hum
so just be careful too, like I think this is important like if you live in a coastline, move away from now you're going to die there. That is I don't know why you know so many people chose to stay in their homes. There's some people in the Jersey Shore that did get the fuck out of there. We may never be making storm because they don't want you to move. No one wants you to evacuate because all you do is inconvenience the rest of the city or they tell you that you have to evacuate. It means you will probably die. If you don't, then government made the storm. The government telling you to get out of there get out Chris Rock away. Now that's one of the coolest stories that came out of it down like one of these places it was devastated. I remember growing up in Rockaway Beach. It's where that was our beach. We should go to the whole. Boardwalk is gone the real sweet site when your family, but when swimming to see with the time that I did not put sunscreen on, he got second and third degree burns all over my back with John Candy and summer rentals. It was pretty horrible, but that whole area is gone and now it's being protected by lag roving teams of vigilantes that like, if you see that
Picture on the post of the guy with the bone arrow like these gig, while protecting themselves looting guns and knives and bows and arrows guys perched up on a power tower like a power tower like trying to fend off people using a bow and arrow it's happening. It is getting real out there. Nice eclipse is coming into being done by our government is done by the reptile, Barack Obama yeah. Everyone just needs to get a helmet by helmet. I disagree, I think, he's just a reptilian puppet, but that's fine. You know we don't agree on everything, and I know this is a much bigger can of worms. But you know the the world is ending in like a month and two weeks I'm going to try ecstasy, I think your world will end anyway, alright. Well, that's been great thanks! Marcus. Thank you great story. Thank you really good storytelling. Thank you. You have a sexy sultry voice I've been told that my voice sounds educated, but annoying? Because I want us, I want us scholarships for it in high school. I was an actor yeah
but I had a waiter. It was not acting. It was called oral interpretation. May I bet you all, my god, how many text, none, but I did get six grand, not bad yeah, six grand yeah say hello. The twenties this guide. So I judge my money, hello to tweak his republic from Adam and Eve dot com. I don't even c c r c c, R Code, C c r, that's group, Lou Lou, everyone needs loop, hey get a loop get and it some brawl things. I don't know I don't know why. I'm not an erotic, get some tea yeah get some sex teeth, yeah yeah. That sounds like you want to zip up leather masks and like a weird like thinking. Horse costume. You could put all of your balls alright. Well, we know what Henry's new, so that's, alright, we're having kids will. Thank you Henry Henry,
tin, foil hat and be careful of low emission energy waves were trying to depress. You never feel. Instead, it's not because your fucking girlfriend or boyfriend left you the government is talking with the government is fucking with you. Member that high domain high Ogeen Magoo Stellations.
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