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Episode 52: Project MK-Ultra

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Inspired by the Jimmy Saville BBC scandal, the boys explore the seedy world of the MK-Ultra program, including LSD experiments on mental patients, raping children for the purpose of creating super-spies, and the blackmailing of foreign dignitaries.

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There's no place to escape the two. All right we get. Alright, let's Markesan band with this is always Ryman with the time and Henry Zebrowski wrapping Henry and the other problems which pumping pumping ripping the rap rap RAP Rap Rap, RAP, rap, rap, rap rhymes driving in time, because those are just the same word over all. I thought that was what rap hip hop hip, hip, hop let's do a frog. Two sets of music. Does that's right. I'll, just I'll Albion, you say who's here with
who's here, white, ten reserve, brown, ski no one is awful and reserve routes, I've told them an official black and I'm an official. Do I got cards in my wallet? Did you send out for yes very much so I have been made. I have a made for you. Free, except for shipping and handling you had there, may do it under your hispanic. Male who rates you was made you an honorary Anne. I am. I am helping her laying her it's hard out there for a minute. All right to do is clean the street, all right speaking, the maids and many people of that nature. Today, we're talking a whole bunch about children, mandate.
The children attack the children is the name of the episode we came up with. I happen to talk about it as usual, just so vulnerable that number one you could say anything to a child. If you got a policeman's hat on number one, that too, you could say anything to child if you just physically ill are in control of the child. Yes yeah, you know, put it in a big set: will sell some because the potatoes is bring. Would you say it gets comparison to the size of a child at potatoes, which is like a sack of potatoes? That's one sack both got in my truck but I don't have a sack of potatoes. My truck, I have a dead while the moving truck will speak at a pet wells. Are people who may I may not have killed a dead children. The person that that got us interested in attack the child is a billing Jimmy Seville.
He was a water good name. A great name is English DJ and he certainly has a face for radio. He doesn't seem to be also hosted. A BBC television show called Jim will fix it. No that's true. Jim will fix it and he was. He was but mostly known as as a dj It wasn't called Ribbity RAP Rap, RAP, rap, rap RAP, given to fix it. You might have been actually don't know. The British are weird you rap RAP Rap Rap Rap Fuq no, I have nothing. I have nothing left for that. That is all I had was fine, I'm going to have to
for the rest of them? No, no! No! Take that ripping the wrapping yeah just a Taito bag yeah. We got a potato bag and put it in your truck. Okay. I understand that metaphor. Did you miss ability to joke? Is that that child right? They were just dead children, our whole area, the joke was good and everybody. Okay. That out is that out of the potato sack back in a potato sack the jumped out. It was opt out of there. Ok, oh now you got me being the worst like those rickety. Fragen, forgetting frog, frog, frog, frog log, it's a frog raw God fight it fight it fight it we're doing this at one thousand o'clock at night, little bit different were usually a morning podcast about Jimmy Saville, His reasoning recently came out that he made your pet,
both you, like one thousand four hundred and thirteen year old girl, or would you say, Conoces or of the innocent people they can't absorb it, isn't of the innocent? As many pedophiles are, I mean really a supreme pedophile leader and scandal grows larger details of the scandal. Well, that scandal is everybody sort of knew about it, it entire career. He died in his 80s. His tombstone is now been next after going to revoke his knighthood, because you could be a radio dj, they get knighted for it. Yeah in the following things, really weird to be important. In England, they do tv presenters as they call them, are very, very important people. Why are you here W Jim? Is the bill from the television show, Jim'Ll fix it it's that it's not only not only that, but all the families that are that graves.
Families have graves around. Jimmy Seville are petitioning to get him moved out of the graveyard, because I don't want to see the puck compatible when they go to visit. Grandma rough was, the thing was I I they should notice when the tomb so much the size of a giant with the kid crawl on its right right right should have been that big, like red flag there, the big scandal is, of course, BBC and BBC Radio, one that he worked for run by the government and it's up there with the pens situation or the Catholic church yeah. It's like a massive thing. Yeah everybody knew about, and he was going to crack jokes about a one girl was getting molested as they were doing a radio show. She went to the do service like Jimmy Seville, is a really getting on so built with me, yeah and, and the producer just said. What are you a lesbian? I mean that's how honor this might wanna wait was what she'll as now she is now she is without a doubt. She will make a little within a ten yard radius of my question. Is it so how young were these with these kids will one fourteen eight hundred,
they were young and the main conflict courses that everybody knew about it? No higher ups did anything and, and so we got thinking how children are used when it comes for political gain or social game? It's very interesting because really it cuts back to a? U S program called project impaled her, which we're going to start getting really do been two very soon, which is they become now the really sort crippling obsession of us are. I spent the last nine hours watching videos about children being raped while on LSD in order to make them into Super Sasson? So I'm in a weird state, a frame of mind going on on the way with a gun. I just had a eight at quesadilla that was seven hours old, wasn't seven hours or not for our for our, I eat three quarters of this guy. I went out and you say I was trying to be nice. Tie it back tied back to M K old. This is the same kind of torture techniques we use in order to break a person
lucky down freedom old quesadillas that with him with a fire hose while he's asleep. Well, I think that's what they do in the civil rights movement for different reasons, but basically what it comes down to is a person who power tends to produce children like a street. Fair thing, though just for fun. I hit with the hose and you in queens? I mean I have no idea what you guys are up to on the summer. That's true! Ok, It's also rumored that now it's coming out, the Jimmy Saville might have also been a child killer,
yeah, and what is this rumor about this rumor is so strange because it's like only one to do was was take care of them and make love to the children. Why would he want to hurt them? I don't understand it well, what happened is there? It was a man, a serial killer in England in the Northern England area in Yorkshire, sharks are shark. She shot your charges are often more logically. That thing is you just listed to town? Actually, no, that's whales in awhile, yeah Chechen charger try to hire yeah yeah, but this man killed twelve
proven to killed, to have killed twelve women, possibly thirteen in Yorkshire in the seventies. This is the Yorkshire Ripper. The Yorkshire Ripper is the man that was in this mental hospital, because in England you know they don't have the death penalty or anything. They just sent him to a mental hospital yeah when he might make a key code. These all day, yeah long thought gone. I yeah, and then you can x gate from those places as they have in New Jersey from all of their mental institutions and only yeah, because all the security officers break for tea and they stomp on american flag for half an hour. Then they go back to work. That's right, too, distracted thinking about how we got hamburgers only got stupid dry crown prince. I mean I've heard that I've heard they're very upset about the hamburger might have gone over the ocean, I'm not sure quite possibly, and so this man was in a mental hospital in the eighties and Jimmy Seville.
I don't know where was given a job to oversee like an administrative overhaul at this middle hospital in like eighty four, why Why would you want from a great no one knows because he has that he had no actual training doing any of this Type of stuff has no administrative experience, no mental health, I mean we didn't realize it was completely insane 'cause he's around a bunch of lunatics Jimmy Saville walks in there like a normal guy yeah. This is good. Will give him the job. He had no. He had his own keys to the hospital you go anywhere in the hospital and out of everyone in this entire hospital? Jimmy Seville made good friends with the Yorkshire Ripper Mister Peter Sutcliffe? Well, maybe he was funny
I'm sure he was. If you were a child, you want keys to you, know Wonka's chocolate factory, all right, I own a lunatic. You want keys to the loony Bin, Peter Sutcliffe, also from what I remember what he believed that he was. He was told by God. He killed prostitutes. He was there yeah, it wasn't just prostitutes, but he was told you believe that God was telling him to do this in orange. You like purify the world and they called Yorkshire ripper, because from what it was a very it was ghastly murders, but I do know that his calling card was hitting them on the head with a lead, pipe yeah, good man, good way to do is I give that to you before he hit you in the head with a lead pipe you you can do it and that he had he given the pipe was like a marathon. Now you run and he also was in television as because my my girlfriend ankita is from Yorkshire and her mom and her a lot of her family were in Yorkshire during this time and
as sitting there thrown t at the harbor James, like all George Washington, was a fagge yeah. He knows in stuff like that about America, America, with your man and what they're up to over there and what Nikita says in an email he worked at. The same tv factory. My nana worked out here, used baby sit for one of my mom's school friends up by Heaton Jimmy Saville Jimmy Saville no, not Jimmy, be Yorkshire, Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, Peter yeah yeah. What was yeah It was funny feel, like you want him to be really funny. I want all serial killers to be kind. I know you want to kind of charming than women were just losing their sh, it, the entire time bodies just popping up everywhere, oh yeah, so you saw it, but yet meanwhile, they're sitting there playing nintendo going, like God told me, win today. It's like that's weird Peter everywhere. I just wonder what a tv factory is. What is the tv plug it in
old place. I think it is an actual place where they build. It may be that I had the munchies two tires sounds like a place in a factory the worst job. Ever though, because now you know you don't need money, you work, car shop. You can go home and watch to view work and make tv's for a living go home and watch Tv God. No, let's see the tv then must love the theater you just like the window. Yeah look. I don't want. No, it's really happen. It's like a tv, but it's for life to go real boring reality show over yeah a reality. Reality show, but basically what happened here I think you missed. A bill was probably let drawn to the yorkshireman because you're both absolutely ego, maniac yeah and it's rumored- they may have known each other before hand. Well yeah, I honestly serial killers, a serial killer, profiler that suspect that the two of them may have known each other beforehand, their brows yeah yeah, they watch the kids together. A lot to talk about and really there's He was looking talk about Mister Bill for a long time, yeah, because Peterson closer with such a great babysitter. It was
It was a very different time as well Jimmy Saville's big thing. While he was doing his television show before he would throw it to a clip that was like really fantastic, an imaginary similar to our version of Mister Rogers. He would ashes cigar. That's why wood ashes cigar up in the air they would throw who also ran in children. Show that was Jim will fix it. That's great Jim will fix. It is the name of this, which is you have a boo boo we'll fix it and then he's you know suck on the boo boo for five minutes. I see sucking on my skinny for so long he's like and getting young that every minute that right, you might have been a vampire, sounds like VLAD. The impaler, looks like one of the empire. Baylor actually, and also a former nurse, said that PETA fall patients gravitated toward Seville, like they were just sort of following along like a weird pedophile. Pied piper in true is good. With He was really good with kids, it's like George Clooney's, like really good with ladies yeah, and a lot of the stuff said he should be behind bars. We used to
about it in those days, but speaking of children behind bars. This takes us to Mk Ult which is better you better disturbance, CIA, undercover operations that we have heard about in quite awhile, and we've heard about a lot of 'em in recent weeks, picking here singing with both of these stories, but you both say the children are the victim one side. It's just a side or probably that one that children were the aggressors. If you, if they were? trained by the CIA we're going to get your virtual Henry for breakfast? I'm just saying no, I don't really believe this, but I do say that like, but this is where it comes into. What if these were genset, into frame. Important members of society like not unlike Kevin clash with a certain set of allegations came out about him, which are not true. He just that the the child a recanted and this, nor that Henry's references is Kevin clash. She is the voice of Alamo he's the star of Bean Elmo he's a great
he's an obvious he's gay and I think that that sort of led to a boy who was at sixteen at the time that he was you know he was raped by him have a sexual relationship with, but the boy was eighteen yeah. So that's where that story. Absolutely there is a bit of a creek, but he's not a criminal he's, not a criminal, but then he really was a woman. No one would be talking about it. So I think there's a bit of a double standard. There were what I learned. I mean. I think it's a little bit discuss down, because I don't want to have I'm thirty one that don't want to be with an eighteen year old girl yeah. I just think that yeah Elmo just can't anymore, I'm sorry Kevin clash. You can't anymore, that's not the whole, your elbow your own! Now you don't does that. You don't you don't see it in your whatever it is? You do you do inside your gated mansion and let no one else it because your Elmo now U r l, I mean that, and this is the but then again when you play in the church, the he could have been. The victim of a a highly trained child seductor, by the CIA through the project Mk Ultra
It's a whole different kind of honey trap, you friends with any okay, it's tough when you're, when you're in the child business much like pee wee Herman got caught jacking off in the theater. If even was jacking off and ruin his career, Fred Willard got caught, jacking off more more jobs than ever. Okay, because again he was really funny while he was doing it funny covers a lot of gaps and personality. I mean just look at look at us yeah, let's just start off okay, so, let's get in this M K Ultra just from the let's go with Super Bass, all right. It's the year. Nineteen fifty three that's, and so that kind of what is that song? That day, that I fifty three okay, I imagine your kitchen is green for some reason, because that was big at the time moral Orange on Auto back one thousand nine hundred and fifty three. Ok ultra was a program installed by the CIA, actually started when the CIA was known as the os back in the 50s,
and it was. It was a program that was it, it was trying to develop techniques in order to interrogation like either like to interrogate or to defy Interrogation and also to maybe create a new ways, a super soldier like there's some people who say that it's a super soldier actually has distinct goals. Let me actually this with the uses is a combination of psychotropic drugs which they invented, or do they create, as it also integrate documentary. We discovered that people thought that magic mushrooms were a myth absolutely finally discovered those under the cow dung, bad dot bad day forever, whatever intern had to go, find the musher absolutely yeah, because it the way you just yet but I'll get to eat the mushrooms. And then it's like you have ones, work, updating him touch of greed and a little damp hair yeah. I'm grateful that is really good at the time yeah, I'm sweating too. I weren't under roos and three shirts because
forty degrees outside in his ninety five degrees in the student? Ninety five, it's not ninety five in here it's not generally, it's a balmy, seventy four! So alright, the agency poured millions of dollars into studies, examining methods of influencing and controlling the mind of enhancing their ability to extract information from resistant subjects during interrogation and with their finding with a by product of a lot of that, was figuring out how to make a blank slate of the mind in order to LISA reprogram onto it. Use you as an assassin or spying spy in which basically fracture personality into a bunch of different shards, so that you can do An action like you can go and kill somebody or you can go and be captured purposefully by the Korean. They don't keep into their their interrogation system and come back and remember none of it. So you don't have any psychological trauma and they can just conjure
the information anytime. They want you doing like if Gnosis it's like what every director does before he directs Scarlett Johannson yeah. You raise your brain and just drone out with all of this also, but of course this is done, the duration of the brain is done. So if they are interrogated, they have no information to get that. All they know is what they've been fat and I manchurian candidate, exactly exactly which is the they always say like that's ridiculous. We never could have done that, but the stuff that they did do is absolutely Parker, so the stuff that they did. Do I mean is this stuff that they did do, and this is on record. This is on rise, much record as they have. The problem is when they shut down the program in one thousand, nine hundred and seventy three, they burnt because of course 'cause it was highly illegal. It's got it's like yeah, it's disgusting, but there is another project project blackbird, there's a lot of stuff yourself for this project, artichoke, which was another one and then, but now that started with a program called operation paper clip which
and in the 1940s it started from back then, when it was still just like. Oh, I think the man was doing when he thought of operation paper clip What's the name, the operation- and he just like looking all around itself, is on a paper clip no all right, but the operation clip involved going into Nazi Germany after Nazi Germany was defeated during the war and taking all their primo scientist and bringing them back to America expunge in their past and then it was called operation paper clip because that was what they call. The action of paper clipping a new bio to their name, and so there bios work. So is it basically, they had all of like Dr Mengele assistant and and they came and they said what we found is doing. Those experiments in Nazi see Germany that you can break someone's personality down by sensor gration trauma both just normal,
physical and sexual, on sleep deprivation an isolation, and then taking him sleep, drugging them, and then you know using amphetamines. Barbiturates over they were talking and they would have. The early experiments is that they have one ivy and one arm feeding and amphetamines and driving arm, feeding, barbiturates and what they do is they pump him full of are barbiturates and till they were about to pass out. And then they pump him up with Infed amines and they pop up and they'd start bug, bug and then getting like talking like this, because sometimes I wake up with a candy necklace, dude dude, dude, dude dude dude dude dude, but they were talking but the main yeah, then was truth serum when we want to make wait, a makes it like it's someone say whatever is coming down, which is the main idea now and on a lesser level, obviously were still using these things. Your viewer call in Guantanamo Bay. They have the lights,
on all the time. Pantera and Metallica was blared in their sensory. You know just completely make people go absolutely insane an isolation imprisons it drives people absolutely batshit insane so yeah what day is good work? The way they operate a agent to make a lunatic? Yes, but what they were talking about. It's like that was the main thing is like you using LSD as well. It's like how do you, what was the the actual term for the original version of it product artichoke, was you hypnosis and using hypnosis and prescription drugs. What was it to make people do something against their moral or personal. Well like it was like this thing within that was on the books. That was what was about was like try to make some do something that is purposely against the world, which is hypnosis, is supposed to be impossible to do and where this connects back to Are we talking about the BBC area? Is it a part of the as the research continued, because it originally as a start They made lsd and they they took the cycle
being out of the the mushrooms we discovered like it's like fun and maybe like produces really interesting societal results, so they would do it. You know for rats and monkeys for awhile and then what they started doing in the office is that they wanted to get pure contaminated test results, so you just don't people they just used to just put it in people's coffee and, like which are acting like do all this stuff and they did it to a whole town. They did they dumped a bunch of those d into a towns, water supply and watched the town. All. Apparently how was your day well, I had an article that, over like the apples were piggies yeah a like for pick used a think their apples. I don't know you're covered in blood your what what would put your face again to tell me what are my knees your knees are. Your legs elbows up just a touch, I have green, that's only good time. That's, but that's so Again they found that LSD was too unpredictable.
It's where it started, but then it moved towards like, Who are we really like? Who are you like the ultimate test subjects for this an, first thing that they did was there was point they were only using adults there, only it also volunteers. This is where Timothy Leary did acid. For the first time this work can. He did ask for the first time Allen. Ginsberg, all those people signed up for these free Why the fuk with you meatball and and hoagies over here, that be like absolutely absolutely, and this is like the pure, pure lsd, not like made you fucking trick nuts. I don't get it now. I don't have that doesn't exist anymore 'cause. It was debilitating because it was like You sit there like yeah he's gay like banging your head against table that goes around it really wonderful time right. It's also. Those are the guys that just don't come back. Oh, at this point because, but they also turned it all into a counter culture and it's uh
with a CIA was like smacking themselves for because they inadvertently made the 60s counterculture while doing nefarious fuqing tests, which is amazing, that's sweet, irony of that they made the hippie, so they hate so much because so I can rule Bro thanks ca. Exactly so they were using a non test. Subjects get them. But they realized? What did what you could do is it's the goal. Is there How do you get to the bottom of of of somebody and what these not to sign to show them as Jimmy Seville, America, he would have been really good. With the c I a back in the day, he would have been a top star, dude, there's a guy George White, who ran the original version of that project, Mk Ultra, and he was talking about how he was a sick mother, fucker. How about these people came out, and they said all this stuff about. You know like we regret the test that happened during the.
Period of time, blah blah blah? He said when they asked her to it was fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. Who said that George White Guy was originally in charge of project. If you get a chance on Youtube, there's some great documentaries and the smaller one is unbelievably monster a monster. You were tripping on acid and you saw his face. You would swear that it was like a bizarre detached elephant that escape the zoo yeah, but the original, but they really original tests, were really interesting. To have two people sitting in a room. Both of them would be an asset. They would have like one gun acid, an one would wait and then they would describe the other persons actions and then, when they acid rain and the other one, the other one we get acid an they would do it back and forth. So then it spread from Bali here's to mental patients 'cause? Then it was this idea of like well, we won, a disorienting effect like we wanna make a drug that will make it is, or in fact, let's figure out how to like reproduce schizophrenic symptoms by using skits of and then in the end, we'll tell them it's like this therapy, but it's not so they would do the same thing. They would you
acid and and sleep deprivation and then for sleep and then electroshock therapy, and all these like for things. You know what Reagan really up in the eighties when he emptied out all the mental hospitals. We lost a lot of good guinea. Pigs will also a lot of fun cool, dudes yeah. It could have been. There is an El Al yeah and they just went and they just went and became homeless woman before they could have been trying to. Let's do yeah buy me, possibly going like I mean, go and literally, like deathly Insane told one of the recipients they're really work, they just put on a three piece: suit got a briefcase, the work, that's the thing I know is it didn't work for any of these people they ever still and then every detail. I read it's just it's just it's real, it's really real. It is a part of what they did was because this is the height of the cold war light. When all the surface. Bring idea was, you know, all the spy games going on. So you want to make indestructible size and then what you want to do is that you wanted to get leverage on people in order to get secrets from them, and so the main crux of the of the project turned into
using children, breaking them down mentally and physically, and then what you did that using sexual abuse using Ical abuse using again sleep deprivation of all of that and and LSD you break them down we don't know who they are anymore and then they they would do. Is I mean they would really like it? Are you a nine year old has no idea who they are yeah, but you're right it shows children do they? Would they would break them down mentally because of what the learn from the Nazis, and they were talking about. Is that that suffer? It's pictures of sexual abuse right? If you them until they were robot increases by forty four percent. The resistance disease increases by some ex number. There are they gathered their ability to learn language there. There are there for
Graphic memory increases because of the horrible memories that you create in your brain. Is that what you want to happen as a side effect that I'm talking about all of these victims that came out later on talking about it? Is that, like I blame the King, photographic memory that the CIA gave me. I remember every instance of what happened to me like after the back to you know I mean then again, it's like lots of people are very flawed as a great test. I'm sorry wasn't I wonder how How did they choose the guy? Who did the sexual abuse? They? I think they chose themselves, but they all right guys This is not a trick question. First of all, who wants I think at it. Jimmy interesting come on I get a shot. You know before it. Ability, Moines Iowa there Baltimore. Let me show Adam Liam Gallagher, but that's just uh.
Where was it it's this horrible, but yeah? That's right! So Cathy O'Brien is a very famous victim of Mk Ultra and she came out and talk about it, but this stuff she says that she said she saw that Bill Clinton was there and that way Jennings was there and all now. I don't believe that absolutely it also, but also said all this stuff about, like you know, like satanic rituals, imagery and but then that was happening to her. What was going on as they would show up, dresses, satanic priest and doing all this stuff, but then even another layer on top of that in which they're talking about the way they guided they with a guarded their own up identities was feeding those auto suggestions into her, like basically like using imagery of Bill Clinton using imagery of like these people that you met her memories about who's keeping her, except for the fact she remembers every inch of what their dick looks like which
was reading about like in like all this stuff, and it's like you go in there, and these are mender, because those men are also drugged, yeah people that are raping these kids are ugly thing is, is you use the double drug and they would use the whole thing against each other 'cause? So then, the memory what happen and then the idea is you take these brain wash children have no memory and you slip a fuckin' Mickey just some foreign democratic. Cherry that you want to do and they used to have these places? with the term was it was called, I think, Just called him safe houses. They had one in London, they had one in Greenwich village. They had one in San Francisco where they would lore people what they had it. In my its operation night box, something like that well. The thing is we're looking at these people show up and they would they would have kids in the bed and they would put draw for dignitaries in the bed with the kids and then the wire the whole thing for sound with cameras and then at the Then they would be like hey you. You should probably
the side with the US when you go to meet with the UN next week, because if not we're going to tell everyone that you're fucking pedophile, it's a great form of blackmail and the people there's another great testimony, that's being given an you, can see both of the women on Youtube there and there in front of the was it that's just a uh national committee, I believe, is a thing called r go. I think it's called the Grenada Council, which is a group of people that got together. There are victims of a government, malfeasance misfeasance and their testimonies absolutely heartbreaking. It's completely insane, but they do remember everything and it's really when you're hearing these adults? These are both women and they were kidnapped at nine one, was a runaway in the other one, I'm not sure exactly how they got her in the it really bad. This only idea that you could make a strong, intelligent, sneaky CIA agent.
Li Li shattering their psyche and self esteem is visibly a wrong decision as soon as you see them as a don't. We actually don't even know the the the extent of their actual success, because who knows his ideas that everything that took the succeeded in doing we wouldn't never know, because it's so secret. We just know the ultimate fillers which, like the the only person that I could see. That would be an actual manchurian candidate was dumb Jimmy Carter, and I mentioned him before him and make him a peanut farmer, and he talks like a fucking retard. It is like that's the only one that I could see that maybe was affected by a child. I don't usually the biggest one was like a scientist in Frank Olson. They dosed him, they put lsd in his coffee and they watched him slip into a depression. After, not knowing what was going wrong with him and he killed himself down again. That's just stuff that just happened right there. Yeah do just took acid, I mean, if you Take pure acid, an you think you are
Having some good, strong coffee, you'll go absolutely insane. Well here's another one in operation, midnight climax, that's what I was talking about. Yeah, I'm at yeah see I set up several brothels in San Francisco to obtain a selection of men. Who would be too embarrassed to talk about the events. The men were with LSD, the brothels were equipped with one way mirrors and scenes were filmed for later viewing and study, and these were and that, and they would put in black bees they would put these drugs are totally brainwashed, kids into those scenarios and use them, and also the idea of making future spice heroin addicts were? This? Is one of my favorites heroin addicts were bribed into taking lsd with offers of more heroin just amazing just like just given LSD, listen to embed folds. Funny album they won't need heroin anymore, but these are the official goals of Mk Ultra just return. Quick number one substance
This will promote a logical thinking and impulsiveness. That point where the recipient would be discredited in public, and it was a big thing because then the First main target of Mk Ultra was supposed to be Fidel Castro, and that was The reason why there was a gigantic push in the early stages of Mk Ultra is that they want make a manchurian candidate to go, kill him right yeah because they needed it. And who could go in there and pose as one of his people and read slower been re, read that went to the whole point was to make their past. So when No one would believe them if they attempted to speak about for the same way. What what's an ad hominem attack? We're gonna, give you exact the person and, like you make them you make someone it's like what the government does. With people who say that you oppose a real. You do every little campaign in every place say that they're ridiculous and that it doesn't matter what they're saying doesn't matter, because you don't have to really insane. You don't have to read. You get anything that they've said about you, you just well no, but I mean Jesus is coming from two guys wearing in underwear on the outside
their clothing, it's hot in here, it's cold out there and two, substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception making people smile, learn better, which they also thought could be an outside factor of lsd. But then they just found out it just made you groovy, and groove is not actually mean efficient of mentation in perception, you could argue the innocent. I shouldn't at all I'm saying I'm half groovy material. Which will cause the victim to age, faster, slower and maturity, and this would be. I don't know about that. That just sounds you do okay? Well, if you must react, if you take a bunch of mushrooms, I think you're going to be slightly more I'd child, like that. If you don't yeah, that's true yeah, I I can definitely, I can actually see LSD and auditors inside turn. You give me much room to put me in the force. I turned to a five year old, as you should know, and then golf won't it that's right. Your rules, which
promote the intoxicating effect of alcohol, which is just man which is just show tunes good buds, put him in a club. That's all you need materials. Will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may, be used for malingering? What's malingering, I'm not sure it's ok I used to know what malingering meant well go back in Brain Dictionary and figure it out because we're looking like real idiots right now, yeah, but when they the materials were talking about drugs like these, yes or really anything. It's like materials, it's techniques, it's stuff that you can due to someone or something they can take. Ok Malinger verb, exaggerate or feign illness in order to escape duty or work very good perfect for spy work. Yes, and I just realized as well when it comes down to like child sexual abuse and the aging thing that there was for number. Three there, the last one.
People who were molested have very high pitch voices. They have very childlike manyar Isms. I mean I think about what happened to you Henry. Are you a victim of the Mk Ultra program? I tell nobody interesting Mickey mouse. Did it yeah we're pretty easy? Like bizarre gangster style, computer was lost in, I was never molested, yes good. Thank you, everybody, I'm very happy that you will never molested, thank you materials would that will cause temporary permanent brain damage and loss of memory. That was a big thing so for awhile the government this was happening in american soil until the year predicted, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three to the year nineteen sixty four and then it moved to Canada. It ran by a doctor named Dr Donald, you and Cameron, and doctor you and Cameron who went on to form APA
these were the worst ones out there. He had this thing called psychic driving, and this is where he believed that you could and was correct in many ways. So technically, a good scientist was that You can break a person's personality down using cycles of heavy electroshock therapy and then four sleep yeah, where it's like you would shopping for like two days and then and put him out, and he was a writer motion guys. Well, yes- and this is where they discovered the use of ELF race, which is also a by product of the. Of harp ready or not the raise that come out of that in order to suppress thought and it's. Talking about again, Cathy O'Brien's husband came out and talk about the machines that they have right now, these LF transmitters that you could put in your pocket and you turn it on. You would be able to fly. And re write a check. You will be able to write your name wow, which is very, yeah and this is, and that is that was where they did in this place. Called
Croft this giant like evil hospital in Montreal, called Raven Croft. You see hockey game there. A all you see that game. I've got experience or it's real good or better Sapporo. Hey, oh, hey! Go it! Won't you let the werewolf in oh yeah. Let them run you! You bring that where we, where you got my boots, either buddy hey. I got this You should have been reaping her for a couple days. I think, should be good assassini I mean Hospital, the Canadians can say and do anything and it's always adorable, but the but a a lot, but these people that were part of that experimentation program have no memories. A lot of the a lot of them are like brain damage. Just like it was number two. Can I make new memories or yeah? I think about the memories now, but they have like their their fought yeah because you just treated them like they were car battery yeah
if them like, they were in a person who, like your cell phone I'll, just jam, plug my cell phone and then throw it in the corner and let it die and let it sit there for five days left to sell and to be punished because the time it rings, it's bad news every time every alright, so back on with a list of materials, but about whatever. Oh, I need more. I need more. I need like a music stand yeah. Here. I've got it all pulled out. What would you want to get back to the and let's get their idea? I want to go back to the goals. Yes is, which will enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privation torture and coercion during interrogation and so called brain washing. So you who's brainwasher soldiers and told they can't be brainwashed anymore right would you do which I could use, because you want these Mcdonald's commercial. Take it all on me. They are. And I love Mcdonald's. Even love affair Gretel it. But these
will do that as well. A military friend of mine. He went there. He said the first night that he was there. They went to a large field and they just watched nonstop probe a propaganda movies, news nonstop for like what you, what you have a movie sell just about the wars they showed in your hand the pretty much I love the new rambler new ram was amazing act of valor, I might add, on the might have been on the phone. What is yet to I like that movie, hey and that's exactly what they did there with them. No, I don't think I don't think I'd, be a bad soldier, yes, You know I mean you'd, be a great desk man, actually no, I think, I'd be worse than a dense 'cause, a lot. Why you're beautiful in Westfield on the Although the field you me, they have- and you can drag me around and protect yourself for awhile calling John Ed, I'm just going to forget the expense reports. You're too short, like a pro for human shield now statue, that is a human shield. Well, that's true, but Henry would be great in instances of swill somewhere,
We have to sacrificed their life while jumping on a grenade. Like your basic Then you would just be like yeah granted around and be like grenade, and then you have to jump on it like, but then the war at the real one thing where I'm allergic to danger, and so when I see something like that, I normally just plug in I mean like I will run as soon as you. There are gas soon, as I heard a gunshot, I be gone. Well now he's gonna check back in the mess hall. Ultimately, is the mess hall. That's what I'm looking for, Where is the hot dogs and hamburgers around this place? Well, you should know where it is. That's where you work you know, all the beef you would. We be the greatest army chef of all right. If we still has many rounds out that that I ought not a shame mark, I don't believe that we've got right is what I'm markets you're on the front lines immediately, I'm going I'm going to die, yeah your sniper and, and I'm just out there busting down doors, hurting kids and just immediately in the Mess Hall Henry Sobrowski serving up, maybe the a gravy
You get a lot of grave, I mean we're on it and then you could see like over the war of the light go out of money and Ben's eyes. I can't wait for that. I just because I keep doing it just here in the podcast yeah number materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during their use. You know what this whole list all these goals you could really just. All these happened with a real good hammer. That's why they did that. They think that though they did it with raping you, they did it by raping you yeah, every single time they were like. What do we do? The start with the old seizures, make them dance around like draw ships, I guess we just raven right now. Mondays are Mondays, as of them yeah, I got a case of the Mondays and now I'm sore from him in strip and now my back on my
might have a case of the Herpes tomorrow, physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use grape, This is what you produce. Physical disablement, such as paralysis of the legs, anemia, that's rape, rape! Again, things which will produce a chemical that can cause blisters fire a fire in Rbcs absences which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced rate, which is the gay drug. That's the game. Stockholm syndrome as well right and is John with a bottle of gin right um. And John Moreno from the last episode of last podcast roundtable gentleman known so he told the spooky story, but the house that burned down in Florida through its two episodes of a sense ago, material which will cause mental confusion, so such a type that the individual, under its influence, will find it difficult
maintain a fabrication under questioning which is weed. Substances, which will be good if you got the weed down the test subject for me, some of that I'll do whatever I'll confess anything I mean I don't know it's weird nugget nugget I got some of that Og Kush. You got some of that. Endo cut I think he wanted it too much I'll just give to him he's a rad dude he's he's having fun, substances which will lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts will be eighty we'd sweet day. And these are things they might also have to an enemy, not just a a person there. Absolutely not just want to make you people get that they don't want to make people grew villagers, keep accidentally doing it when they're not raping people that are making people off at some point like ok, we've got to kill Fidel that want to make him in memory is worse, making lazier they're like let's smoke him out. That's literally just saying: go to his place and just fucking roll up a sweet.
Cuban, but instead of tobacco filler with nice nog, and they were also triggered how to dose him with LSD right, but then again it's just like only last for a period of time and then he's just embarrassed, and he just wish hold his pants back up and says. If anyone mentions this you're going to go to the camps, I just wish. I could turn back to the one happy modest mouse album instead of sitting here trying to do this speech, it's just weird that they had all this music before, like that, must happen to cut down that some of the songs that makes me feel good, vibes man. It's a good, let's Adele I don't work there. Governance though and we were done to her Alaska haha substances which promote weakness or distortion of the eye or hearing fasic faculties, preferably without went out for preferably without permanent effects, which means you know just don't pop the rise out. Ok, they wanted to, though,
I'm sure they're like how do we make a blind with I just pop the rise of it, come on, let's pop his eyes out no, not many you're, not in Germany anymore. I just want ties it in the twins together to see if they like the same peanut butters out of your Heinrich, I'm sure they do, chunky back in the day, I knockout Hell a knockout pill again just roofies. Material, which can be surreptitiously administered by the above roots, in which in very small amounts, will make it impossible for a person to perform physical activity we'd, again choose the seven twenty like. This is just scratching the very surface of this. So it's like they're all this stuff kind of came out in one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. There was a giant hearing about these things coming out and it burns all the files, an very little information. It's just the sort of shaky cooperative effort. Evidence of like certain like
military officials did say that the project existed and the victims that are very really damaged, either way the either well or damage in the first place in a totally unwrap the irrevocable or they were tire, mentally Fuct by this program. That is, you know it plays in well with the goals of the program. Make somebody's history in somebody's past in someone's in reality, so unreliable, so one predictable and sound. So when saying that, nobody believed him and that's exactly what they've done yeah and that's why none of this information has come to really. Mainstream media. Now we just have to do with the old way with the educational system. That's all we have to do now. We just can discourage by not teaching them well and jam in there like a bunch of rats. That's exactly right! I think that I think is really learn best when they are when they are layered, on top of each other yeah right and the fight for the one book yeah when they're terrified of like being the smart one in class, because you know everyone loves the Smart one like they don't get, beat up or anything no yeah, they do
Do they do I I wouldn't know? Actually, yes, so quite quite a bit, yeah. I was a smart one until I will think anyone that I stopped being the smart one, no not this morning, all right. So we can wrap this thing up here and anyway, what was the overall okay, so this winter and Kilcher began in nineteen fifty and it ended in one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. So it's t, seven one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven hearings began in seven thousand three hundred and seventy three was precipitated by the Watergate hullabaloo. All of the intelligence agencies were getting a little nervous, getting little creepy cleaned out, they say Fuckin' should have been as they should've had 'cause. They were doing awful, awful awful shit. Yeah, I'm going to see a director was during those years Richard Helms Richard. He ordered all MK ultra files destroyed. Pursuant to this order, most CIA documents regarding the project were destroyed, making a full investigation impossible, but a cash of some. Twenty thousand documents survived the purge as they have been incorrectly stored in a financial record building. Well, I hope Mr Helms is getting violently
they didn't hell. He certainly is that I am going to and we're gonna put the documentaries up is a lot of. I mean, of course, if we that's the one thing again is this is just another section of the gigantic and the theory that we and we on earth every single time? No mention of reptilians, though, which makes me kind of mad yeah. Well comes down to it, I'm sure the reptilian to be like you may I'm getting cut out of this right. You did tell me where doing all this fun gossip shift and I'm not gonna, be there I'm a lizard. Let me record of the kids will fall break. His memory in your life can have a little bit. You need to just cool out. Alright, we got this right. Waylon Jennings is going to rape a kid for this afternoon, but wailing Jennings going to write this comment. Twelve foot reptile yeah, but then he's going to play for us after that, your friend. Well, can I at least get backstage passes fuchie
Green guy who's like I got the bruises and I got the car I'll. Tell you what reptile you and me we're heading back to Lubbock TX you're, going to meet my mom, who I don't know The big thing you could you say that any rapist? Could you say to a further victim in the future? Is that they're just trying to make a lot of sass? I don't say that No, I mean it's not going to work unless you're allowed to like kill the person who raped. You will have your dress up as a police officer number one or in a suit yeah yeah. I just why. Every time I see a falcon fat old white dude in a suit, I just want to beat this shut out of him. Yeah we do the worst thing that is up to no good yeah. Fun fun fun! That's all there up too, it's fun fun. Fun all right? Everybody! That's my thing. I've ever described a single good thing as fun: fun, fun that no good things fun doing that then I had like going to Coney,
so he had more fun. You had fun doing the thing. That is the least fun thing to do, which is watching. Other people have a great time on acid That is the worst thing. A human being can do alright, so won't revisit the subject as well. So talk to us on facebook- and this is just this- is part one I think we're just going to go through all the podcasts and juice do part two of everything I think so I mean it's huge and it all connects because every single time we get an inch inch farther. In I mean we didn't even deeper. We didn't even get to TED Kaczynski. Text, Timothy Mcveigh and Timothy Mcveigh and Sir Han Sir Han all these people graduate.
Of the Mk Ultra Class of sixty seven. Oh, what a trip it's been! That's awesome, alright! Well, that's episode. Two rap pretty Ribbony RAP Rap, RAP, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap and seafood in every other. One of those was a rap with the WS. Do you think if I put my mouth over the microphones and like poor ginger ale on it, it would electrocute me to death? Maybe it might it might? Alright, that's Hong Kong, Henry Sobrowski Ohio main hail Satan. Thank you, Marcus. How dean will satan only Satan can protect us from the government? That's where I'm a ghost elations everyone may gusta lay Tiens.
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