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Episode 53: The Toybox Killer

2015-02-16 | 🔗

David Parker Ray, one of America's least known yet most brutal serial killers, has his sexually sadistic crimes explored by the boys.

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This is the lost, is on the left. Cannibalism started, okay, grease saying your May! Stop your music that I don't think. That's because the it's not a song! Well, I my master, think you'll How old is Amy? Thank you Jesse needs. Hey, yeah, alright, that's mark is not bad, and then we got that guy over there.
He will never never never Taylor, Swift, everybody, hey guys. Can I tell you why Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't love me anymore? I am what did you do to him? I think I just think that her vagina make fart noises. I think it's true that it's gotta be something horrible, absolutely, because no one can continue to date, her! No! No! This is the number one pop star of the decade, she's an idiot, and you know can date her. She is not a very smart person when it comes to like social situations. I feel bad for her. That's right, you're! Also. I don't like to ten years of Broski that is Henry Zebrowski. What's going on so
re alerted of markets and I with another shot, email, that's right, hot off the disgusting presses, we can email and Henry was searching around and fortune for serial killers. He discovered, I wasn't sure what the cause a problem. Let's start with that list of the very beginning of the Okay zero collision, the news right now, obviously there's the crazy eight killer happening here in New York City, which I'm sure has been covered on New York City Crime report. Yeah, so we wanted to, we won't get very to a warring serial killer. Six or three me boring, I write and I've seen. Read the headlines on the post day in and day out right. He picking up the paper hoping for some sort of salacious detail, just a crumb of right. We can use nothing,
just going around blast in middle aged middle Eastern. It's just really strange and now we've got it because all of the the suspects also horribly name, you got the John DOE Duffel bag, Jon, J, o, don't bubble coat and then Jane DOE Green jacket. So clever writing they're supposed to be punny. I thought over there the daily news I do yeah. Your name's comments, like Mr Belvedere, is like the rowdy Roddy run run like big bags. Yeah, you never know. Maybe there's bacon's bag. Think of a story make up a story as you do at a computer, but anyway so Henry uncovered real serial killer and I'm not going to lie to you. It's the most disgusting serial killer of ever heard about his nickname. The toy box killer and full name is David Parker right now. You may have heard of this before if you're one of the more depraved members of our listenership yeah, but it's
thing is that I had barely heard of this guy. An I thought I was like literally is like I did not know it could reach the bottom of my serial killer knowledge, but I thought that I was the the guy will look too for serial killer information, yeah and then this guy just comes shoot now. The stratosphere. This guy is from the minor leagues shooting his way up managers majors immediately So I can Dahmer caliber TOP five. Killers. I didn't know about it. I'm telling you makes me feels like someone was hiding it from me. Well, it would feel paranoid. Nobody was hiding. Income was hiding it from well. People were hiding that, though it comes down to market. This all take place. Everything that we're gonna talk about today took place in truth or consequences new mexico- that's the thing is always going to stick with the old Mexico. Well, the televisions are so much better. You know the old Mexico. You got your tacos, you got your
out, you got your beheading. You got your now talks and stuff, a minimal. You talk about new Old Mexico, I'm talking about old Old Mexico, where it was just my ends and tacos and justice, but got them up up up, but I don't. I don't think your motion together some history here, I'm just saying I think your motion together a couple hundreds of years. I have a specific perspective perspective about Mexico. That's where I see of Mexico, because I went to Mexico once Cosm EL. My cruise ship landed there and then I had lovely case over the Rex, the breach, UV white Floridians view of Matt's house and all is beautiful. I'm sure it represents back the code that we've got this new Mexico. That's right. It's filled with twenty box killers, even right part of not x echo. So, let's, okay, so let's just a clear about why they call him the toy box killer more.
Because I know you have a lot of information, I have a ton of emperor. Why don't we get into the let's set the mood with what we will never never know know that's going to be something to get a new bit, no more pop stars, I'm making a degree right now, no more popular popular problems as soon as you say this. As soon as you put one rule on someone like me, who is as free as I am someone who was like an eagle on Fuckin' weed, a weed smoking weed Eagle, can you just get back to racism? Ah, I guess Could you always dabble in the dark, but I started with racism,
yeah yeah exactly. He already did racism. So now it's just got to go to phase two. Now get some new now what for me, I would want something new, I'm not just up on not just an endless supply of bullshit. Here yeah, you are. I want to hear about the toy box, so, what's going on here, well set the mood all this happened in truth or consequences. New Mexico, which is in central night, your truth, yeah right well consequences smoky name right. It is yeah. You want to know what you want to know where the name comes from. Yes, originally named hot springs, the city changed its name to truth or consequences. The title of a popular NBC radio program that stupid one thousand nine hundred and fifty Ralph Edwards the host of the radio quiz show truth or consequences announced that you air the program from the first time that renamed itself after the show
does this city because the people in New Mexico, the thought that was God talking to them, yeah like that in that moment that rock making noise welcome to parks and Recreation Indiana come on down here. Amy Poehler's are you could look at our dairy because, God welcome to monks, New York? We have to go after monk murders where that the Toy Box killer David Parker Ray where these actually happened were in Elephant Butte, New Mexico elephant, but elephant telephone, but our it's elephant, Butte well. If it is really sad about this by the way does not like us to be, if using the term, but if you're, dumb enough to name your town malt shop, when you spell with the two peas in the? U calls so called malt shop in a golden ball, shoot yes well in Elephant Butte to what it is. Is it is I'm not going to
elephant, but that's fine, I'm not you! So it's elephant, Butte is just it's a men. It's a man made reservoir ended. Just like any other man made reservoir any other body of water in a desert. Drifter start popping up all around it's setting up pop tents, setting up trailers an setting up tiny little houses, just like our man, David Parker, Ray set up this whole- Oh, I saw a picture of the place. Is this horrible flat roof place in the middle of the desert? And next to this flat, Roofed hall? horrible horrible domicile is a trailer now question is: is this like off the grid area like? Were you this? Is there how one owns these lands? You can just set up shop? It's
more like a a national park. Type of situation, because, again part again with these national parks, because David Parker Ray was a mechanic for data part, often at parks to the parts department another's armament serial killer by him in eighteen. Okay, so this man had access to I mean he knew all sorts of you know the lawnmowers, and in makes that will actually come into play later. Yeah, I know yeah, but he also had access to miles and miles of of and in land, and all around this area were abandoned. Caves, abandoned mines, abandoned, factory, I mean. So that's that's one. That's one angle on the horror situation of isolation, you with terrain that you don't know anything about the perfect set up for the serial killer, looking for no little funny, nosy neighbors, that's right because Dahmer had a problem with those all his neighbors were like what this smell. Why
He was screaming in Filipino why you walk around right mobile to self, about making Fox Sambi's. I know Dahmer needed to get his life together. Move out to the suburbs, get a nice house. I can't believe you try to pull that off an apartment. I was re watching. The documentary were Dahmer was sitting down with his father like kind of talking about why he is who he is. I remember it like. He was city of revolution, did exactly what our customers be excuse, like with last night to is like a cat after a hold and brought it up, because Holden is a is a mini Dahmer in training right. He was a good accurate. I rewatch it in him. Talking about like, like yeah. I didn't really like wanna kill him, but you know, and then I tried to put us in our brains to see if okay them some isn't over, but that didn't work. I just wanted to show my just want to watch. I just want to watch the Packers game and drink a couple of big. I don't know it's really want him to die. I just thought that we, like friends or will you know, but you know you just Gorbachev said you know that I'm just from Wisconsin, so I just roll them up into a bratwurst bratwurst little brain where they used to call it and laugh a little bit to myself
Thank you, David Parker Ray. Who is a really by the end of this episode. I think a you can make a decision for yourself, but he might trump Dahmer. Here's a little bit of background information on Devanagari speaking of fathers. I can't even I can't believe you said something like that. I know Dahmer's art Dahmer is our champion of all serial killers. As we've talked about before, and I'm telling you the Pr got a good good second running going right now. Well, David Parker Ray was a severely neglected child. He was shuttled between family members all throughout his childhood, his father, who was a truck driver bit of a drifter himself. Would show up about once a month with a huge bag full of
SM, Porn, Omak cool and we're not like we're not talking about classy kink comet. Here we're talking like over the road truck driver porn. Oh yeah, all you have to say people understand exactly what that is kink dot com is new tricks, just made SM porn, fine, yeah yeah. I just now just now control. Ok! So let's go into some details. So we have a shity house next to a very nice trailer that he spent over one hundred thousand dollars to make yes, we built were building towards this. We're not going to spell out the tail. We don't want. It won't spoil this precious gift this, and so this man he was obsessed with pornography. All of his life, specifically different than us. Much different, I Houser into, is very, I guess it's different right. Yeah tell me it's diff.
I mean I had the black cheerleader or g that I watched last night is much better than the SM porn that this guy was watching so right out they were just trying to win the cheer competition. So that's fine. That's fine right now you have to win the cheer competition if it blow in a couple of dudes makes you do watch it step. Mom help her her young stepdaughter make love to her boyfriend. Properly is a thing. That's all about building community. I only watch porn knows where, at the end, the woman learns to read, which I I think it's really interesting. It always has his educating a lot. It's very boring. Well, it gets crazy. You know saying it's just two people just sitting naked learning to read: yeah. Yeah and they don't even have a computer. I just stare at my window at the school anyway, this bad David Parker Ray. I mean, keep in mind. First of all that all of this he's got three names: favorite yeah, first of all, David Parker, Ray
and remember that when he was caught he was fifty nine years old. You know there was a longtime, all one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine two, that's not very recent yeah and he was married four times before he found the love of his life. He's a lover Cindy Hendy. Her name is Cindy Hindi, sending him short for anything. No, no, no sensible Cindy Barber Hindi since uh. Let's just call you Cindy, yes, Cindy Hindi is a doctor. Seuss story, Hindi. How are you girl. Yes, Cindy herself had a horrible childhood. She was molested at eleven and when she
by her laptop father. What happens you have a rhyme in name yeah right I mean he was just a good track to molestation. So Cindy was silly bill. You gotta hard core value. Ram growing up was not couldn't be left alone by adults, my name only kind of Ryan, so I got sideways. Molested Arkansas Park is just a couple of dicks laps, so Cindy him that when the site went ballistic, get a man. I have all these past few very fast, because you just click, you can click on the shoulder. I think I was. I was just side where no one's going to believe my tail it's she when she went to her mother uh, saying like Mommy Mommy, but step molested me. The mother chose the stepfather kicked her out that now yeah that'll happen and then she was a failed coke dealer,
she was also a violent sociopath and she met David Parker Ray while on a work release program for domestic violence at elephant mute. Oh elephant, Butte, yeah. My question is: what did she look like she one of 'em she was blonde long blonde hair had kind of a month- ok all The women involved in this they or trashy in a way that only existed in the late 90s. Hey armor is specially in New Mexico there, while he Tonya Harding affect yeah absolutely like they were back when, like trashy, women could still be skinny without the help of math right. Yes, they were just gonna, have to just use a constant aerobics, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, and so that's kind of the women that you want your mind. Most of the women were blow on a couple of more dark haired, but said and yourself was blah,
and someone skinny Jetta yeah, but she had like a full face party animal. Definitely I I got. I got both kind of pants and read your pants and sweat pants, and it is interesting that you mention party animal, because these people David Parker Ray he chose certain people to surround himself with, specifically he chose drunks and drug addicts because less likely to remember what happened before, of course, next day, and I'm sure he liked his. He did his fair share of both. He saw stuff, oh yeah, he was ahead. Such a good party for so long in his in his terms, will will get it will get into what a party is a little bit later. I'm saying there so long he was, they were just hamming it up. So now, let's expand the accomplice list to two more people, Jesse Ray who was David's daughter from a previous marriage and her boyfriend Roy Yancey. Did they all fuck? I don't know if they I would not be surprised. I can neither deny nor confirm that
thank you thank you, Bill Clinton and put it out yet, but you know what I would say: no, because David Parker Ray reading some of the transcripts and seen I think he had limit. Yeah. I think I don't know how you got that out of these transcripts are really doing. I think what it is we're very far, but I think he would have drawn the line. At the same time he was just trying to help his daughter into into his career yeah. He definitely raped his daughter. He raped his daughter. We have done well, maybe maybe not maybe neither confirmed or denied yeah he's no longer around. That's right! That's right! Ok, not! I almost feel bad talking bad behind his back, so his daughter Jesse Ray and his wife Cindy Hendy. There much yeah so much trash, Jesse Right Sandy, handy Roy Yancey
you get in here on the double Roy, Antsy and Roy only way. I know how to move and Roy was a bit of a social path himself, one year in truth or consequences. They had to cancel Halloween because Roy A gang of his friends, went on a rampage around town, strangling cats and flipping over gravestones. I don't like the canceled Halloween to main, like you, had a hell of a Halloween that year, so bar, that all that that a lot of the victims were brought from a place called the who waters saloon full of drifters cool, just filled to the brim with drifters. I've never been to a drifter bar there scary yeah, you just you're, not a drifter, you don't want to go to one. You mean you don't think me showing up with my Evan Galleon shirt on and my Batman had out would do well at a drifter bar. I know it's I think great you'd end up chained up in somebody's talking, sweet torture chamber in their toy box.
Come laugh, though, you would make a black on black, but it's like the same way. The people laughed when you had your mustache like you would actually say anything and they were just yeah yeah. We had a cat in a moment. So, let's get to the victim. Yes, five thirteen Bass RD the domicile of the toy box killer. Now
so we'll just get into the suite me that this is yeah. This thing, what makes now this is the this is the and I don't fear the reaper of David Parker Ray. This is again, you know until it sleeps yeah. I don't know why I even thought of that phone, because it's cream and tune it through your all on settling video, which was only on settling, because you saw a large all recall, painted in gold and there's no reason for it. There we have ours. That was a bad, a bad era for metallic, although that did it. Video did get removed from your own that many of did get me into her arms Bosch. So there's that that's what that yeah did. That was really good good imagery in that so David Parker, Ray in order to fully extend fantasies into reality spent a large sum of money over one hundred thousand dollars built in building a secret torture, dungeon The trailer next to his home. This thing was a rock solid
your house that he had no matter of torture out for no one to escape from and no one dead about the size of a double wide, no, about half the size of the eight. What is the single? It is pretty insane in right. It was equipped with a a series of a torture devices like or just give us some of those devices there were. Is one that he made. It was a diy breath. Breast shocker. Do it yourself, breast shot. Yeah yeah they did. He kept it on Etsy yeah. No, he made himself because remember he was a mechanic, so a lot of torture devices that he had in this room were tree for the government by the way. Yes, yes, another great job government, he he would. You have them all homemade. He had a a leg, stretcher He had my favorite part. I saw a uh the whole thing was extremely well organized and there was one of little metal signs hanging up next to all of the tools, and it said I'm rather busy.
Ups off oh yeah and yeah that time there was another one if they're worth taking their worth, keeping yeah yeah and he had some flare up there on the wall, who's very Tgi Friday. However, his favorite sunglasses on going like her baby, there's a kitten hanging on from like from her fucking cliff and hang in there kid, but his favorite toy out of all of 'em the gynecological chair Now this guy analog gynecological chair would sit in the middle of the room and above it was this giant mirror and in front of it was a video camera and he would videotape everything happening to the girls that wished would wake up strapped to this guy logical chair, and It was a position in a way so that they were looking at the mirror, so they could see everything that was happening to them right and that's what the room looks like that's what the room was over and it also has wood paneling on the walls. Would balance so yeah, so it was classy in the seventies yeah yeah, so these women are kidnapped their drugs, they wake up in a
in place. They may or not be guide, and then he would play a now. This is where this is where horror movies meet reality. This is a total true scenario: these women would wake up in the but stay away from being dropped, the ideas that they would snatch 'em and they would drag a man. Then they would wake up naked tide to these chairs. So just imagine that fear yeah. Usually they review them in blue water saluted like honey, you're drunk. You need to get a ride home yeah and then that you would take of that was in the toy box because he called this places Toy box and the they would wake up to a tape playing of a David Parker race. Speaking and when I read about this originally I was like holy fucking shit, That was the first thing I was like you mean it like. Like this is what happened so I did some digging its saw. Yes exhaust it is literally saw I did. I did some digging and I found the
actual transcript from the video, but I could not find any audio because they destroy the tapes they gay. The tapes to one of the victims, families- and this is the other- thing too? I don't know if we need to follow up with some more details of the fact that he was never even did a murder, because no one could find any remains. They were the only reason They got him on like these. Like you can talk about yeah, well yeah. Well, I've got a lot a of the sentencing information I want to yeah yeah, we'll get once made. Isn't it and say yeah you're tied to a chair, you've just been drug you're hung over your drowsy you're tied to a chair. You might be gagged. These are still all chains holding you down you wake up, and this is what you hear when I would expect you know what you should do is well, if you're right. Do this take off all your clothes run? Do it alright Well, that's getting creepy take off your clothes sit in a chair tires
two with some ranks all right? Hopefully, you've smoked a bowl. All right, I would imagine, put yourself there. It smells like metal, you are. You are strapped to a Maryland wood panels and you cast your first thing. I imagine it's a little cold in there. Oh definitely yeah you're entirely naked. You don't know where you are, and you hear this voice hello there Bich. Are you comfortable right now? I doubt it wrist and ankles chained,
gagged, probably blindfolded you're disoriented and scared too. I would imagine perfectly normal under the circumstances, for a little while at least you need to get your shit together and listen to this tape. It is very relevant to your situation. I'm going to tell you in detail why you have been kidnapped. What's going to happen to you and how long you'll be there. I don't know the details of your capture because this tape is being created July 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three is a general advisory tape for future female captives. Now you were obviously here against your will totally helpless, don't know where you're at don't know. What's going to happen to you, you're, very scared or very pissed off I'm sure that you've already tried to get your wrists and ankles loose and know know that you can now you're just waiting to see what's going to happen next you're probably think you're going to be raped and your fucking sure right about
Our primary interest is in what you got between your legs would be raped thoroughly. In repeatedly in every hole, you've got Becaus, basically, you've been snatching brought here for us to train and uses a God dam sex slave sound kind of far out. Well, I suppose it is so the uninitiated, but we do All the time it's going to take a lot of adjustment in your part and you're not going to like it a fuckin' bit, but I don't give a big rat sass about that. Some like you're, going to have any choice about the matter. You've been taken by force and you're going to be kept in use by force. What all this amounts to is that you're going to kept naked and chained up like an animal to be used in abuse anytime. We want to anyway that we want to you might as well, getting used to it, because you're going to be kept here and used until such time as we get tired of fucking around with you We will eventually in a month or two, maybe three, it's no big deal
a lady friend I've been involved, keeping sex slaves for years. We both use involved. Rape, dungeon games we found is extremely convenient to keep one or two female captives available constantly to satisfy our particular needs. We are very selective when we snap your girl for to use for these purposes goes without saying that you have a fine body and you're, probably young, maybe very young, because for our purposes we prefer to snatch girls in their early to mid teens sexually develop, but still small ball. It small body, scared, shitless, easy. Angel and easy to train and they usually have tight little and ils. They make perfect slaves anytime that we go on a hunting trip. We can't find a little teeny really start hitting the gay bars looking for well built big titted lesbian. I thoroughly enjoy raping and screwing around with lesbians there's not as much danger than carrying a sexually transmitted disease. I don't like using
also, even though they're a little older unless they've been playing with dildos a they still tight holes between their legs. Like the younger girls, all right! Well, that's a great little sample there. Nice divert she's, not homophobic, very good, to hear and they'll be more coming up later, absolutely all right. So that's what you wake up to and that's what you hear all right. So, let's get into what did his accomplice do let's talk about Cindy Hindi. What was her role exactly or do we want to start going into some some more of the sex party type things? Well, let's say that, let's actually what now that we've got, that mood said, let's go to one of the victims: Halle Garrett, Kelly, get It was a woman who was taken in this works in the year question. She was taken from the water saloon by Jesse Ray who was one of her friends really just house of a thousand corpses yeah. I want I'm Rob Zombie marketing her greatest organ yeah yeah, oh yeah, absolutely so Kelly Garrett gets into a fight with her husband. She
goes to the blue water saloon to try to drink away or troubles Jesse, a roof he's our drinks. I like honey. Why don't I need to take you home? I mean that she would ruin or lose the fight with her husband. Well, give you find out here's. What happened is the judge she goes on with Jesse Ray and then she wax out. She only starts getting and from then on. She only has flashes of what happened, but doesn't really know. Three days later, she comes to like just out in the middle of the know of nowhere have no idea what happened to her. She goes back to her. Husband tells her husband, happen. He doesn't believe her kicks her out and never forgives her. In the moment than the woman like moves away from truth or consequences. She doesn't know what happens to her until years later, but we'll get to that but that's all very intimate will get will get it will get to how she found out found out later. The next one and
the way the only ones that we're going through right now are the ones that they were prosecuted for there were a lot of there were all, and there was no evidence, the no one. No one ever found any bodies to the ones they had a murder. There was a hat was evidence, but there was no like if there was no Bart old trick, the up we're going to get to the to the use, Mk Ultra techniques in order to wipe their brains right, like the I like these people's memories, yeah, which is just raping drugs, yeah and they would drop these bodies off hundreds and hundreds of miles away. They really took their time to scatter the body. So that's why I had nothing but exactly had nothing but time in space. No one was coming after them in any way, shape or form. They were working in total isolation and then we bought, so really was a discussion on the facebook page were talking about like and it's true. There are over fifty active serial killers in time. Something like this is probably happening right now. Yeah and you know
they're probably listening to this and that's what we talk about this thing. He prepared people stay vigilant, be strong, so we are victims, victim number, two victim number two and she Mon Tonya and you Tanya was a single mother who had moved from Albuquerque out to truth or consequences to try to get a fresh start after a bad marriage. She was friends with Cindy Hendy, Cindy Hendy brought her over to the House drug her. Esther over the head put her into the toy box. They tortured her there for five days. Is she remembers. Everything. Oh yeah yeah. She doesn't like she actually and she pleads with him to release his like. Listen, I've got a son. Let me go back to my Son and David Parker Ray said. You know if I'd known you so nice I wouldn't have kidnapped. You
She's like it's like the scariest things like the worst, it's almost like, damn it. You know why you gotta beat why you gotta stop. Yes, I'm smiling, but I don't know how I was going to rape you in torture and then you gone and warmed. My heart, you gotta, do that why you gotta make my heart grow three sizes that day see alright. This ain't got damn Grinch stole Christmas, I'm trying to rape. You bet yeah, but I think this out of here. You go God out yeah. Well, I think this is the first building prisons back to Whoville. On your way out. I think this is the first time that they had ever kidnapped and abducted somebody that they knew right. It was a. It was a friend of his wives, so they which is why obviously drifters tend to be the targets 'cause. If you don't know these people who don't know their backstories much much easier to torture and rape them exactly so, they took this woman and they drove her up. I twenty five a couple hours. They dropped her off. She gets picked up by a cop. Tells the cop story and the cops like oh shoot. We have to go for this is like no. No, I don't want to go to the police. I don't want
to the police. She had a huge, a rational fear of cops so she was probably I mean if she's friends with Cindy Hindi, I'm sure she had meth She has to be glad to have had some sort of like past with police officers, so the cop but once she says like no, I don't want to go to the cops that guys kinda like uh. Well, she doesn't want to go, so there's not really much. I can do and plus and she doesn't want to go. She kind of seems a little crazy anyway, so he just dropped her off next, like her house doesn't even drop her off at her house just close to her house. Forty eight hours later that Womans right, the fuck out of truth or consequences goes back to Alba, absolutely I think that would sour truth or consequences. So how was that? So? How was it a truth or consequences? Oh, this is great dip great Joan she was where she talked a lot about the dip. She didn't answer any questions why she was crying. No anyway does whatever and then or the third victim Marie Parker
this is the one that Roy Yancey comes in on she's another drifter. She was living in a pup tent by on Elephant Butte it's almost like gals, However, it like it's almost like you know she got like a little house. That's almost nice yeah! It's almost night time is the tent yeah yeah so Roy ANSI kidnapped her took her to raise house and they tortured. Her, for days Inn in Yancey killed her and held. David Parker Ray Dispose of the body and they say you never. They never found the body when they were all caught, the he told the police, where the was David Parker Ray had out, moved it afterwards. Yeah David Parker Ray a smart mother in an evil son of a yeah. Let's go back when I go back a little bit more to the tape let's go. This is on. This is now a section that describes even more fully what they're going to do and him describing how how that he gets away with his Chris and you can get the full trans.
Looked online, of course, its base, it's very repetitive, so it this is a good sample of yeah. Pretty much will get all of the gist of it is eleven pages long yeah it is a long. Would he like to hear himself talk, he loved it? It was the CIA for favorite rate again sit down in a chair, you're transported back to David Parker, race, Toy Box,. Your pussy and going to going to get a real workout, especially your asshole, because I'm into animals six also both of those holes, are going to be subject to a lot of use with some rather large dildos, among other things, and it goes without saying that there's going to be a lot of oral sex on numerous occasions, you're going to be forced to suck cock and eat pussy until your jaws ache and your tongue is sore. You may not like it, but your fucking sure going to do it. That's the easy part are fetishes and hang ups include stringent bondage. Dungeon games will Sadie's of nothing serious but uncomfortable and sometimes painful.
Just a few little hang ups we'd like to use when we're getting off on a bich of your young teenie. You are an ignorant about fetishes and deviations right again in a lightning crash course. In six knows you may like some of it. It happens. Occasionally we want to take the the trouble, even under these conditions, most pitches can be brought to orgasm. Now I've already been told you that you're not going to you're going to be here a month or two or maybe three. If you keep us turned on, if it's up to my lady will keep you in definitely but personally, I like variety, a fresh pussy now and then to play with we take four or five different girls each year, depending on our urges and sometimes accidental encounters. Basically, I guess we're like predators. Occasionally, some sweet little thing will be broke down on the side of the road walking by jogging any time and opportunity.
And it's not too risky will grabber now. I'm sure that your great little piece asks and you're going to be a lot of fun to play with, but I will get tired of you eventually now. If I killed every bit, should we kidnap their body strong all over the country? Besides, I don't like killing a girl unless it's absolutely necessary, so I've devised a safe alternative method of disposal. I have plenty of biches to practice on over the years, so I've pretty well got it down pat and I enjoy doing it. I get off on mine games after we get completely through with you you're going to be drugged up real heavy with a combination of sodium pentothal on phenobarbital they're. Both hypnotic drugs will make you extremely acceptable to hypnosis Autohypnosis, an hypnotic suggestion, you're going to be kept drugged couple days, while I play with your
By the time I get brain washing. You you're, not gonna. Remember a fucking thing about this little adventure. You won't remember this place us or what has happened to you. There won't be any dna evidence, evidence because you'll be bathed in both holes between your legs with thoroughly flushed out you'll, be dressed, sedated and turn loose on some. Road bruised sore all over, but nothing won't heal up in a week or two. The thought of being brainwashed may not be appealing to you, but we've been doing it a long time. Works, and it's the lesser of two evils. I'm sure you'd prefer that in lieu of being strangled or having your fucking throat cut, all right. Well, there's that one well almost reassuring to some degree hearing that you're not going to be murdered. Necessarily, I said like if you're a young actress, you could consider like you're playing a role that's right, a very serious, serious role, but to get a little bit into the inside of his head. Like the mindset of this guy, he was sexual sadist classic sexual, say: oh yeah,
you can only get at Jackie, Gleason Kind of sexual, but he could only get off. When another person is in physical or mental anguish and the more physical and mental anguish there. In the more he gets off, I was watching. I I watched a great show on this guy and there was an FBI profiler that describe what a sexual sadist is. She said like in the morning. You get up, you blow your nose, you throw your tissue, you throw a tissue in the trash, can leave the house and go to work. The rest of the day. Do you worry about that issue? Is that she like on your mind, what happened to it, how it's doing not at all okay out, that's how these people see their victims, just absolutely nothing
oh yeah yeah yeah. They don't give a shit yeah, absolutely not, and of course, I'm sure you guys picked up on the exact Mk Ultra was in full effect here with, especially with that part that he's working for the government. I wonder I wonder if what branch of the government he was a fucking landscaper for was it for the black ops because they have gardeners, they have very short graphic at Raven. Croft had had a fuckin' like candy man, you don't even like Had a janitor that was there every day they had a guy who brought the coffee who like delivered the the cops and the paper every day like two Mk Ultra, because they think it burned their worship, ton of copy paper, oh yeah, and how much toner, toner, we burn through you, gotta have a direct supply line in these people every day. Delivery! and to the damned. People are just as culpable if we could find these ups people. People were delivering to these companies. Will get to the heart of the matter, we should dress up as ups be I like it, can't MK ultra
But no, you bring up a good point. The world through a large capers. The world is larger than just David Parker Ray. I mean they used to throw sex parties and his home as well. So really I mean how much people overall? Do you think knew about what was going on here in the toy box, a groovy thirteen yeah hot thirteen sweet? Sixteen something like that. I mean other than just the four people that we've spoken about already had to know be they would throw large sex parties in it, he's going to read to read part of the tape, but those were like very very soon. Do you want me to jump right into it, and then we do that over the tape to the consequences. Can I re something like a fit like the most fearful part of the tape that I think of Oh yes! Yes! Yes! I know, I think, like this part of the tape like forget to the really disgusting stuff. This is when he gets into the really psychological stuff, which is the stuff that I like the most like that. What I like No not at all. This is what I said smile doing did he did no. This is why
to call the no hope passage. I realize the being abducted and being forced into sexual slavery is a hard pill. Follow. Some girls really have a lot of trouble with it and I'm sure that you will to a certain extent, but face it. You can't get away, you can't say no you're going to be naked all the time you won't be able to struggle to resist you're going to have to lay there and take it good or bad, no matter, what's being done to you scary thought yes, but there are no options, nothing that you can say or do will change the fact that it's going to happen Many girls beg and plead almost all cry lot specially during the first three or four days, and some of them screamed threatened but I have a poster on the wall in the playroom that says it all if they're worth taking their worth keeping and I'm going to you just so you know, since you were being kept here against your will, you will never trust anything. You say, do or promise you are a potential threat to us and you will always be treated as such on
occasions, biches of told me that they do anything. I wanted him to do if I just take the chains off I've been offered ransom, money and I've even had girl, tell me they locked it, but I like to use the chains. Money is not that important, masochists or rares hell. I wonder what scams going to be not anything that I haven't heard before. I bet, if you get a chance to talk at all, Sort of sounds like the beginning of the big Lebowski words a little bit. They have lost, and so this is this next part the sex it is by and large the most disgusting part of the whole tape again, so we can throw out a solid disclaimer saying that this is horrible yeah, horrible, yeah yeah. I think there are really I mean this is when it gets everything that came before pretty run of the mill. Well, it's pretty intense, but very intense, but it's not anything. We haven't heard before. Surely not technically yeah
I've never heard anybody do the day before I've. Never someone with such a presentation of it. This guys got a real flair for the spectacular it's. The thing is a theatrical event. That's going on now. It's like he's on Broadway. What is this? The producers? Weird so now. This is step this is him impressing his friends. Yes, also we have are a couple real, close friends that we party with once in awhile. They know about our hang ups and don't have any problems with fucking slave. You may be required to service them occasionally, but that's an easy one. You know for the most part, just fucking and sucking they don't get into the heavier stuff. However, when we have a party, sometimes I could put on little
so that you won't like it all you'll, be taken into the living room and put on a floor in your hands and knees naked. Your wrists, ankles knees and hips will be strapped to a metal frame to hold your body. In that position the frame is designed for doggy fuckin'. Your asses up in the air sex organs exposed your tits hanging down and each side metal support bar knees, spread about twelve inches position, similar to that of a bich dog in heat right in the middle floor. So we could sit up on the couch and chairs watch, I'm going to rub canine breeders musk on your back back to your neck and your sex organs. Now I have three dogs all of 'em cuz. I don't need any fucking pups. One of them is a very large german shepherd that is always horny and he loves it. When I bring him into the house to fuck a woman
after I let him in the house to sniff around you little bit within a minute. He'll be mountain, there's about a five thousand and fifty chance which hole get his penis into, but it doesn't seem to bother him whether it's the Pussey or their asshole's penises, pretty thin goes in easy, but it's about ten inches long and when he gets completely so excited it gets a hell. Not right in the middle of it. Now I've had slaves telling me that it feels like they got a baseball inside of him. It doesn't take long he's going to hump your real fast for about three or four minutes and while he's doing that, he'll rap his front legs around your chest to hold him position and the process will probably scratch art it's up a little bit with his claws after he gets through really turns around tries to pull out all hill jerk a little, not much mostly just steady pressure enough timed. It did not will usually shrink up enough to come out of your pussy in about three minutes. It was in your asshole about five minutes. I don't use the dog all that often
I don't to private pussey either. This is no doubt that's going to be on you in a few times, while you're here, because I like watching it and anytime it's just you me and the dog. It will always be in your butt, the dog knot on his penises, big and extremely uncomfortable. When he's a pushing it back and forth way up in your anus, I really enjoy watching a girl, wiggle, jerk and squirm around while he's doing it. Consequently, I give him a little assistance, getting it in the right hole now, if you think
stuff is sick in deprived. You haven't seen anything yet. This is a different world. Alright, yeah, it's definitely not one. It's a little bit different. It's a different kind of party karaoke make sure that's great. I love fog machine. That's little smokies! I love little Smokie. That's amazing! Swedish meatballs! I can't believe it because it's really getting foot by a dog yeah, that's the party, the party over there. Oh, I see I was just here for that reason. Ok interested the baseball like I just can't imagine this. Living like it feels like a baseball minor sounds like a baseball fan, find me shut up. Right, so that's interesting! Well afterwards, you know that slave had a got point. But then every time it's like I've timed it like. I could imagine sitting there like yeah, This guy is organized cold. Cunning
perfect killer, and then what happened him, but I don't look at it. How do I open you truly, the saddest part of the story if we want to get to the the the third victim Cindy V Hill. He was a friend again. A friend of Cindy Hendy Cindy are yeah. Cindy was wanting to go off to visit her daughter in Oregon, who is giving birth? So, Ask train good such a good relative. That's amazing go support someone in the time. We need that, so she has David Parker Ray hey. Can I go to Oregon to visit my daughter, while she's giving birth to my first class hell? That is the most wonderful idea. I've ever seen in my regards, and he says well sure you can go just so long as you get me a sex slave, that's true, yeah, of course yeah, and so they get this woman then the and they bring her back to the toy box, and Henry. Why don't you take it from here? The escape I love
this is just again horror movie come to life so, happen once is. The daughter was in charge of watching her and goes to answer, telephone, of course, because she's, a teenager always on the phone, was dead, texting lab in with the boys, mid, but I she she left the keys to wrist shackles near where she can get to it and it's gross or opportunity got the keys again and what you would even said that he's like well, look at you as an enemy as an enemy to us as a threat to us which he was right about yeah and they she took the keys. She got the shackles snuck up on the for all the girls saw what was going on the attack each other. They had a giant fight. Imagine this again, just like you know, naked gurl, who has been ravaged for three days like they are fighting in the down in the toy box all over each other, and then she grabbed an ice pick that he
after the four the girl, the naked girl yeah, stabbed the daughter as many times she could and escaped, and they found her daughter through a LAN banner on the way home that they had yeah huge, see huge fight and that they they found her with the collar around her neck and and shackles on our hands like screaming on the highway. Well, here's where they've, a here's where they found it will. First, the girl was able to get to the phone or cellphone call nine one, one from the the dense, but they didn't really know like well, then that when I was hung up that it was yeah, it was daughter hung it up. Really quick. Yeah yeah, it was a hang up and so This woman made is a fake hang up, but is this? What is this fake? Hang out, those fuckin' kids, yeah yeah in this woman, made a run to one of the nearest houses, which was an old lady which was also included by serial killers wherever she and she was hot, damn it, but a dog collar and with a chain attached to it completely naked and just barges into this old. Ladies home, wearing nothing
and initially out here, I've tried to watch Wapner, Wapner, Love Wapner, but initially she runs. She nearly gets hit by one car swerves around her, and then Car she's like trying to flag him down for help, and she had no idea if this, if the daughter was chasing her or what so she was like, I'm gonna go back, I mean it's just tore and you know any more fun than that that Dave Parker Race at the tape which actually turned out to be true. It would not be. Prudent on our part, to have you running around in the woods screaming rape. It would be an embarrassment to say the least. That's right, so that is the beginning of the end. Application is your reputation in town, so the beginning of the end of David Parker Ray began as soon as that woman made the very strong decision to grab those bucking keys and bust. Out of that place, so then fighting every single time yeah, so the woman makes the escape and, of course, David Parker Ray and Cindy Hendy go out looking for the cops, stop him and they admit abducting the woman
The reason why is that they say that they kidnapped her for her own good in order to help kick a heroin addiction. Yes, that's a really fun like what a full ridiculous funny line. Twelve step program. You have done to six flags and then all will she we don't want to talk to. You know, and so he was a red. Both all of them were arrested, Cindy Hindi. She was she was arrested. You know David Parker Ray Roy Yancy, and they all pulled plea bargains at the old got. Fucking plea bargains in the fucking first place, which is ludicrous yeah. The store at the end of the story is the worst part will rat each other out, like they all try to sell each other out under, which is fine, because there are horrible people sending you got thirty six years plus probation, they went through David Parker Ray was really his trials are fairly interesting. He had three trials ahead of them. He had the first week.
We couldn't have any remains yeah, no, but but they had video videotape and they had two of his victims were still alive. The videotape tape they found they found of it type of a woman who is bound and gagged, and a very unique tattoo on her leg, which kind of looked like driftwood We're showed it, but they didn't know she was so they showed it on the local tv news. A woman, watched it and said holy shit. That's my ex. My ex daughter in law's tattoo Garrett, the first one we talked about who, for years, have been plagued by nightmares and had no idea what was going on, so the cops go and they're, like hey, excuse me, can we have a look you have any tattoos, were you know we're investigating a crime, and so she using the tattoo and they go ah, and showed her a still of the
video card jail right. Yeah hold a I also stuff yeah and show to insure the still no like it all just came out soon, but everything came flooding back and to this day she is she's. Like I mean the I are interviewed, and she says that she go anywhere without anywhere without a gun can't go anywhere alone, constantly afraid it would've been a better course. It wasn't it's very hard life. Absolutely and what you need to do is go come move to the city, get a job as a as a publishing assistant in the wild. The wacky, like you, know upper echelons of New York City Party life and get a couple of gaggle of friends and start walk around partying drink cosmos word wearing. You know like fun, shoes and something that should be fine better, better, better ending to the movie the notebook that should've just gotten her memory back in like take it away. Next up was Angie Mantan YO, who died right before trial began, so there was no trial there and with the v
I heard a bit of a court recording from there. From the actual trial. She was on the stand testifying against him and the The prosecutor just walked up to her and slammed the collar and the chain that she was wearing as escaped just slammed it in front of her and she just flipped out and started screaming, like you bastard. You did this to me You did this to me. You ruin my life. They had to completely stop the entire trial. They had call the ambulance to try to calm her down because she was just fucking freaking out, of course, and at that point David Parker Ray was just like add: let's just stop this and he He pleaded classy movie classy. I really any any pleaded any pleaded any pleaded guilty saw. I saw a video of him view them as just like about his sexual perversions. Like you know, do you really do this? These thing? and he said, and he had
it's kind of far away wistful look in his eye. While he was saying it said I get, my excitement from making women happy yeah. I get my pleasure he's like a Steve Madden from their pleasure. That's right, yeah, he sounds like yeah, that's, so Ok, so he was sent into how many years in prison did he get before we yeah David Parker Ray was sentenced to two hundred and twenty four years in prison on September 30th, two thousand and one in March, of two one thousand and two use being transferred from jail to prison to serve at a sentence. He died in the holding cell without having some heart attack with that we, a massive heart attack without serving uh, Google Day in prison. For the american Justice Free man, he did die Freeman. He did not spend one day in prison, God I mean- and he was in, he was sixty one when he died a thirty
We use fifty nine. We got yeah, ok, Scott yeah, so I mean so this man He got, he won hey dad at her's work. That's right is the Frank Sinatra of serial killers. I agree, but then again so this is an important reminder. You know check who your
ends are writing about. You know anyone with a well, I mean name, they have a toy box, I have, or they know somebody that does always be vigilant. That's right, be a drifter, don't be a drifter, and if your girl got take some cry, the lessons do some major share some karate, let her know just do whatever you gonna do practice the Houdini thing we contract your muscles and the and the right shackles fall off of you. My theory is that social media has ruined drifter killing forever. I think so too. It's really put a damper on it, yeah, because everyone's always Instagram and everything you can't be a trip. I really would like a location pops up personal time to take a picture. I think the seventies eighties and nineties were like the golden age of drifter women. Serial castle you get circle is one all be like. How do I make this new? How to make things different? It's all been done before women are all over the plate like Hell, that that after that happened. You know when I was growing up back home, the woman, the the lot lizard that was killed by those three methods they didn't she, wasn't there was no was it. There was no
investigation into her murder because she was just drift. Yeah. Now I'm doing a lot lizards with truck drivers called prostitutes hang out at truck stops anyway, alright great so that's Marcus and then I'm Ben and then over there. I was Taylor Swift. How do you actually pray? Yeah? That's! The thing is: is that yeah that song? I was really. I really think that that song really could have done well being played in. If you had yeah that's the thing, I would have rather hear that song. If I had to wake up and hear one thing, I would rather hear David Parker Ray just like hours of Taylor, Swift, explaining why her and Jake Gyllenhaal broken. Alright will talk to you later, Mcgoo Stellations, Heil, Maine, I'll dean cared of your neighbors definitely will be aware of them.
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