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Episode 55: The Great Beast 666

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The boys explore the life of the Wickedest Man in the World and World Champion Power Bottom Aleister Crowley.

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on the cannibalism started. Wherever we go whatever we do, gonna go to gather nor yes, wherever we go whatever we do work I'll, throw ed german simple because Nobody else was the hang out tomorrow. I guess I'm a man who is this young. Fellow to my left, the brains of wickedness it's very tense. From today we had quite an internal beef. Some text message: can fusion. This morning I played no part in it
one could blame it entirely on Henry, and I will nonetheless it is the day, the twelfth day of December, twelve in its two thousand and two, which is what has had posted mean. I don't know we make wishes day? I've lived? All I did you haven't. I would think G. Try me lay three times today. Is that what you wish for? I cursed at the world that nutrients going to explode tomorrow or large rabbit, depending on how you Kirsten tat. Today we have a very real twelve Twelve twelve, as we all know, is double six six sick, double sage sage sage, which refers to the great, be six. Sixteen sixty six, Existing extreme started off real good ground, the great be six six six he's the main interest of today's episode: as Mr Crowley. I like this guy, because this guy knows how to fuck like men
I don't know we act like you, I don't. I don't really do anything to naughty. Rocking gently back and forth their mass media while it so what holds my hand out of that? It's my favorite, it's my favorite part of being your friend is well holding your hand us or Henry whoever wants to take this just straight off the bat who is Alister Ground now again. This is ITALY very difficult, even begin to cover this man in in one pot. Guess who I would organise? I guess what causes Eleazer Crowley part one. Yes, the divination hard at one roller coaster tunes through do down, but ours Crowley is the leading a culture of all time. He is the creator of a religion called polemic array, and he is a incredibly well known, poultice magician, but
play enthusiast, loved, anal, channeled, ancient arabic demons and would write a famous book of the book of law, which are all a cold thought of the likely ladder twentieth century is based on was one of the most famous members. Are they a famous occult is group, although hermetic order of the golden dawn, which is again there's a bunch of scientists but fucking each other, and then I went on to create its own organization ivory. What is called the a triangle whenever that is like it, something weird he was obsessed with triangles, in fact, some people I was looking on. That's outboard. You have had a great deal but looking, where's his Wikipedia pages quite stunning, it's great and I was looking discussion board, someone that shows the correct way to read. The book of law most of its nonsense, it's hard to reach, as he says, he's he did it through automatic writing and they will get into it at some point. But the whole thing is like you. I believe that he was talking to
horses, horses, ominously secretary, his the Flanders irreverence name, is that what was it not Montgomery? here and now that neither this method Smithers De Horace, gave him this book and it's a lot of just yet nonsense. Poetry I get in his head does look like he folds it very similar to a similarly to an american flag. Right before the british soldiers grand device and also wrangle. Can you look up the poem white stains the Cairo that he wrote. A book called white stains, which is apparently one of the pinnacles of gay erotica. Oh, he was quite a rippled one sort of the fifty shades of gray, but for the mail wage yea rodeos at its very similar to Twilight nice? Well, let's get in and that's it will that's entire work of poetry called white stains Afghan one, I'm in a fine one, my personal favorite
What do they won't come? Drops? Love them come on, Everyone- Peters they will. Life, gives you dicks, maybe I'm Delmar about the item coming, they don't have the far poem those that that those upon their there in that in that collection, the forum in which he equally when Celia farts Arabas words called Gimme just once like he was fun will you want and show your hearts? We all know that he was fun a poet, an artist and Arthur really a jack of all an agreement with them but ploy lover but check it out. I love is born when Celia comes Tis earthquake, our that bad vibrates, like cattle dry, It is a grand display of power when Celia comes when Celia farts, my hasty NOS six, seven months
so the fragrant from her part in this chamber the violets and rose really Lucille JA afar describes this nose, like Roscoe the bedbug dog, that silly on the surveys rascal where to go and grass rate local commercial commercial appear in New York City, I'm all right. So what are some of the tenants and the philosophy of the limo? I have one more before we get to that. I think we need to establish who Crowley as and where he came oaken, so he was born in eighteen. Seventy five to a rich family, yes and they ran. I was it's a liquor company. It wasn't some nodded, it wasn't a liquor company because they restrict. Rather
Progress has yet writing or had family. Whether it has a lot of that was done, there might have been gradually might have been some like that were they got yen, so his peace father at a large inheritance I didn't like- became super ultra conservative Christian. Yes, he grew up and Crowley was down with it when his father was it into it. Look when his father, the live. Crowley was right there with my family round with I've, because I was the same way. We all grew up like sooner religious realise after time it's like. But yes, it's a you know its entire piles of wreaking bullshit, but the best part about it is that it such an awesome story, if yes fund to imagine that you are in a building and you're talking to a supernatural building illegal through being up in the sky, and then you ve got like a man. There is I've loved you and me of his body the meat
drink the blood. The Bible is full of brutal battles, I mean everybody dies for the most part sweating like we had. He is where you cut his hairy. The slave. I mean it's. I loved reading revelations revelations phenomena its rules, you fucking car too, revelations and thought: can every metal, music, plane tickets out the whole suit com? What I'm all over Europe would fire dragons commented plague and rape and girls? That's the dragons rape for each other and it now crowded, aired, ease rate, brimstone, rail users or virgin himself freeze dura days chain. Balls on each other's phases. Fuckin dry, if color ass, they call it a crawling eggless. I want to see that movie. I love I love that Mobutu and readily Cooper distracting US man alive, although I do not think that should have gone to that other fellow from the film DR, oh yeah,
over his family. You know he was a part of that, because his family believed, in the literal truth in the Bible. So when we hear of the when he read revelations, he was this is it this is truth, ivy, so sweet, and then we with Israel. Now when he was a kid, his father died and his mother was apparently a horrid bitch called in the beast. Yet call them the bees, which is where which a nickname for a kid to have? I would love to have their name, and I was just call the eighty eight keys. You know because it, but I am a banner by ices, airplane rags and then add And he said he was a quarter saying I wanted to sin, but didn't have the slightest idea how to go about our failure to do so. Robin your Dick other bedroom and your lady deadly only their innovative fifteen. He fucked the made in his mother's bad rate. First said one of the best he must have been such a sexy little boy
I think it is that all those pictures of Emily Dark and brooding like searing, intense eyes, I must be off for me- to get you to get fuckin get over, actually was looking kid. You want his ride, a DS, K, type yeah, invoking the main yeah and then he went and then he went to Cambridge to study and then he was expelled from Cambridge for catching gonorrhea from a prostitute. Oh, come on Sundays, she had the gonorrhea every year we have given it around back of the day. You know condoms we're just like old pieces. The sheet Madame just right there, just yet it raises a wall like would not help vehicles that, like you, had this since over your ball, people get kicked out of university for having gonorrhea. Now your hat, you have to have gone away to get into the dog S Bedside Cambridge. This is well this illegal of MRS De Medici. This thing is, is: is mother abused him then he gets kicked at Cambridge for Southern. He can't control. I agree it is no wonder, retorted our groovy sex, I absolutely or years how we did that
twenty one his mother died, so he got a gigantic trust one and he could just do whatever the fuck you want. And that this is when he got embargo. Also, the onus is when you got involved with the hermetic order of the gold dont. What I love about these guys again. This is a group of I think, what what're we say but use call them before we started, I would say, foggy scientists say anyone alchemy and even also Crawley or we'll get to that end, but again, who met an order of the golden dawn, which is a a linchpin of modern or cold studies. I started me like late eighteen, easier able to such a great time period for weird shit words like, especially because people were so ashamed of their bodies in general, you really have to go to the umpteenth degree in order to go sure you get really fucked inside old creepy mansion science was still sort of equated with Satanism alot away what there was also the
give that you know they were very much in such areas? I'd like the four humors and you're like bile in phlegm, and all the seven until we were like essential energies, and I don't connect back to the idea of the Kabbalah on the tree of life and if you want to get even deeper into it, it's like it started from the Rosicrucians, which is a group of means, the rose of the cross or like red, cross or stuff like that, which if you want to take David, I explored forward is a part of the original reptilian bloodlines who use ancient, ritualistic magic and in symbolic gi and and movements and in sex rituals in order to manipulate the world. Judging by what you just said, I think I will take David. I didn't have now on every time you say the named David. I gotta have a sound effect. Did you hear that
later the sound of that like the spreading lizard from drastic partner. But tat goes as far as that and when you have these- and this was a group of dude that couldn't have- but sex publicly said they would turn it into sex rituals, and they would do this highly organized like a very similar to the free, masons and new and practice and learn text and use a ritual is magic in order to effect world events. Can you go into detail about what somebody said rituals work. I couldn't really find any because you really have to get a good, because you there you have, it is harder to describe. You couldn't go into
I was reading one of the manuals and alarm that something like very advanced there's a there. There are several layers is like theoretical, there's magical and then there's the thing called the Secret Chiefs, a right and a theoretical, the magical were was it would using using philosophical tax of the old like I'd like alchemy idea, there was ever forget the actual term, for it was the idea that nine alchemy Alchemy is essentially just the idea of turning things into gold, mostly led most landline lad with a bit yeah, but we're in a child in science. It's a factory. Have you thought about just pay ya, but we just money, my wife or God damn money, but this was the idea that any any matter had in essence that can be changed and manipulated and kind of what alchemy was a part of and these what about? Every girlfriend
your boyfriend. Yes, oh yes, you get a you. Have your boyfriend peace, let you want them to be. Gold right comes out to his YO policy, a magic, that's right, you're, nausea outcome, none, but a big piece plumb bone. That's not a gap in the old navy. Undress knew better, but at the end of the day, we're just decay change you man, form over the method. You wanna be what you can't change of their main. Anyone be that's right, and there were also a couple of poets that were apart. Like HIV Aids, whether what I like about that that's a whole another fuckin podcast war between Crowley in Yeats. I was talking with That means their own role of any scathing palms about each absolutely, but they they Yeats, I'm a myth is girls. She was talking about this. The gates were this thing called a vision which is kind of like talking about how they wish gates was the light side of Crowley's idea that you know everything was kind of run by evil magic and like about staring to the abbess said like using your secret hidden desires that tap into that
order like manipulate the world? He was like factories come from. The forest is combined with all the money almost of nature in a bag and make rainbow showed. How do you find it holds? right about days. I in fact, when I probably left there a quarter of the golden dawn. He was quoted as saying that it was mill in water magic. Oh Yeah I mean it was, but they sat around. They wore funny hats and they, like wrote, shut down. They tell us up and there's like I have a great set of things that what's the my fucking, my brain o, because the first order did you buy em, like the numbers only Cabal a tree, and they like it goes one through nine, which is the levels and you get in the hermetic hermetic order in the end, the cabal trees, something that's rooted in the jewish religion. Yes, it is a part of majority one say, but then it also connection to the shock racism and the new connections to the tree of life as happened. Then it goes back into
the reptilian that you want a real go up. While I was there, I like how they looked at the world to recreate that that was the idea, the self and in an common commune with nature, unlike their websites report that its inter dimensional living. I can argue with you, you're making it all the same hydrocarbon I mean you can argue with total nonsense. That's wrong! Button! so. Let's go back to the NEO fights which is like level zero. You have a list of five ritual is stick its these five rituals that you have to learn to scale back. No monitoring of what were they were the first three that you were mentioning. Did we get to that? The one that, whereas what alchemy wasn't you are talking about, the three orders that he was on the first, whether we were just talking about our man. I don't remember that, wasn't assume completing but we'll let you let me go on ass, you like me.
Remember Gordon I mean it, I'm not doing it. I do it. It gives rise out of luck and stage when I go on the stable, but every time I try to bring you back with some about Crowley. Let's talk about Crowley again, it's met your deep. Whilst I acknowledge that, let's move onto Crowley after the attic order, we ain't you a whole episode just about their met, a quarter of the gold. Yes, we could but- and we will like my perpetrators. My guard, because I just smell it so are archie. Cochrane market was really vitamins is shrimp had tied his morning I have no problems. Sticking with the dramatic order because want to dabble in no way means you, like the one thing that you want to say, we go back now. There's no way out of this. No When you start, I want to start a back up. I want to get a modern hermetic order, the golden gone. We can open our own chapter. I started looking into it
and I what I want to do it. How do you open your own checkers, I'm going to start putting up information on the facebook page if people out there want to join me. This is our chance. We will feeling the world using ancient Reptilian, sex ritual- and this is true- I mean this- is mostly gonna- be evolving. You buy yourself at home or with a willing, consensual partner. That's right! But again this was a you know. I just what will start this, but I'm just saying if your interested contacted me, I'm an ominous are putting information up there, how we're gonna do it ourselves, our anchor amenities, people rituals, that's got its very granted will speak in a rituals after he left the romantic order, the golden dawn. He started what it's called the RO melon ritual, which comes from the book of Admiral Melon. It's when you put melons in your sure big boobies policy. Go daddy gaze. I like em.
I really do think that it is they that was, I write. Messing with a book of Albert Melon tells the story of an egyptian major named Abdo Melon, who taught You'd have to be very sad if, even if she was extremely flat channels, that sort of name who taught us Some of magic to Abraham, of worms, Jus presumed who have lived from thirteen sixty two to fourteen fifty eight, the system of magic from this book book route, regain popularity in the nineteenth and twentieth century and, of course, came in to Crowley's hands. Now the ritual that is involved in this book, that is, a demon summoning ritual. It takes six months, to do this ritual love stuff and what you do is you serve a bunch of cardboard circles right? Then you have a big metal circle in your hand.
The slammer that goal is is that you have fun the limits, as in all the different, where harboured circles, you haven't thing you slam down on their gold, sir, on the circles right, the wonderful Bovary yours now and then the rest of them. If you hear his Satan and you get a hard, so it's easy is say TAT again upon Parker. You said Pox rightly said ever melons ever melon, always Abernathy Oak, and so he bought a house. In lock nets. In order just to do this wretched just did that to be gravely. I have to go to lock. He does that. Apparently I was writing by the choose a he became obsessed with Scotland and start addressing in full highland gear. That was like his aren't that you love it well It's a demon conjuring certain aren't people about the Irish or a dirt people
Bugger Scott, look at these fuckin monkey fairly, not fairly human. I did learn the last episode and I'm sorry I was the feds. Are things I've ever heard? My so it is a demon conjuring spell bud. The ultimate goal of it is to conjure up your guardian angel. Ok, you can conjure up your guardian angel and control. It is this where he got the book of law from us. Worthy, a book ass. He s the oars Secretary Neuro. That comes up a little bit later. I think I might have a secretary. I will name were ass, yet about everything? I've ever heard, somebody who does my typing in so he after about three months. Just got tired Imagine tat authority that can do that. You have to wake up at three in the morning and do some ritual shit and then do that for
but eight hours and the liquor and I ll give you more. Are this we're attitudes that did you see part? What are some of the rituals that you had to do you? I didn't get that far open to it, but if you give it said, if you give up the ritual before it is done, you will become possessed by one of the demons that you have conjured and that training and ass you go through it. Had it also happens, Lee Low and that's why she's going through so many problems ass, yet sorely low, and it said that this is the point in which Crowley's too, wickedness began, go after the ritual of Abu Jamal, and that was it because he gave up on the ritual because he gave up on the ritual. Isn't what happened this morning when a mess up with a text message arable day, and so he left the ritual because he met a woman named rose Kelly Pollyanna. He may his first wife first of three and she had a fuck it
nap in pussy round him and he wouldn't nobody, no wretched tunnel, proposing that's what's watch. What do you think I like to board slap and another went way? Where is it I gotta go my balls. Chef Good program talk like that: it's so he might whose homes already always rationales? Colleagues, I was gonna look. Yale or you don't worry good other you're, some magic denied. Usually go. Let's forget loving people who have you ever try to forget charcoal? I never have. What do I owe you got me it's about bread. You know an early nineteenth century at an early twentieth century taco was quite the novelty quite foreign, and I noticed very dizzy. I know, of course, your eyes almost popped out your heads right watch. I am sick, so he mate he met, rose Kelly one day.
One night married her the very next day and they fucked off to Egypt, which Egypt is where a lot of his stuff from the book of law really comes from where the aliens came in put us for the first, like a put first plans, Ed humankind. We all know that Henry saying that again, if we want to add that I now been because of my experiences in this life right things that I have learned and cannot on sea, I now can see like all of this historical perspective, but where the aliens in it, then I think he may have contact at an alien. What do you think Here's what you think you said to the aliens when he contacted them. I mean he was just like: what's up bro, you guys want to get high. I want to do something but play and they're like we're, not sure of this, but play God and they learn to love it. You, oh yeah, because they ve been doing but play all this made it known that it was called but play right around it. Something else, yeah she's gonna get as railroad may as it s magic sure, but it just fuckin get
rocks Luther it out with the Roma. Are laws are aware and other rockets holds good, smooth influence over the edge of a monkey I ain't no again until the Monkey Howells a weird way and as Are they gonna ruin up a bunch of lie grass together and spoken it and then the monkey has evolved. Well, that's very nice. Very nice gives a monkey Fuckin Clint, but quite orgasm, a but clear, orgasm anyway, markets at the so they went to Egypt and they spent their honeymoon in the pyramid of CHAPS romantic. They spent the night in the kings chamber which you have to walk through a? U have to walk up. You know shit tunnel stabs through all of this darkness. This is lacking a where you could walk up to the fuckin sphinx it just like chisel appease up back a God bridges, you see my and they use something. They called it. The pro ok, which is a grim war which, if you dont know to grim or is it? Is it a demonic book, usually a man?
don't know to grim or is it? Is it a demonic book, usually a magic spell, but I can't even get my girlfriend to watch a horror movie with me. I cannot imagine getting my girlfriend. You go into a pyramid, sleep, there get a grip, for the lower right. I'm going you did you remember to pack the grim wrong god dammit you, Joe flogging, get me Monsieur meeting We cannot grow together, we're bringing our evil spell once more. Our next iron shut up. Our aid, but we gotta, do this. First, I need to talk. I, like you, know you wanna Dvr. Next iron shut up our aid, but we gotta do this. First, I need to talk to thought about my creative magic. That's right! So after they finish, the ritual rose went completely blank faced and she kept repeating over and over again. They are waiting for your way,
for there waiting for you. They are waiting for and then he asked I do like shot eyebrows outside of Hawkins slight as already hard enough to slay banana there's, no bed, that's everywhere, and when she asked hoo hoo, Sean Dogs, God, and so he is very sceptical of this entire thing. He ended up. It's like us, Parag, don't know any article of this entire thing. He and other it's like a frog, don't know anything I mean I don't remember. Gibson we talk about bride, sees Mcbride, Sangamo, whores, identical back the fucking boats. They got a family, though it's very adorable, and so he decides to tester. He takes her to the heat. I love this story. He takes her to the British Museum she walks in and she immediately start running through all the exhibits just running past. Everything- and I love is that she walked past all these other pictures of Horace, yeah and she's, just like
stupid woman and many of us have been wild about my balls last night and then these dogs at exhibit number six. Citizen certain sacred, and that is when the demon truly took control. Yet, as you thought, you was a picture of horse and he thought is a grand sign that I think I've lost my feet. High velocipede area that we're fine will, we lost the they sought as a grand signed, because sixty six was a number the bees. The beast was his nickname. He had done something like he had known a lot about different. Like you know, biblical philosophies with a tiny was heavily buddhist under a lot of the EU was interesting, interested in magical practices, but he largely believed in Buddhism. He would he was really into Hinduism and from there he began summoning faulty got egyptian goddess of knowledge and, like TAT,
Inga often thought is it narrowed thoughts as an item on what to do about do and then eventually, Horace appeared to him his brain, and then he wrote down the idea than this who sang because he was the book of law. Is this incredibly seen book about? Like you know there? That's where the whole philosophy of the do up? Don't do what thou wilt Yahoo all of the law or whether on the word do what the don't do. What thou wilt Yahoo of the law of other only more double penetration is that will double penetration works and to do without look here. That's true! Do without well does just like get your fault gone. There were constantly its do. What ever you want in any in that's an anthem of they took that and move that into modern American Satanism, which is the idea of like we're all alone, wolves and use respect each other's kingdom words. You have your kingdom and you must like respect mine eyes. I respect yours. You walk on my land. I can destroy
you, like type stuff sure, but tell a huge lodger TED Nugent logic, which is an area that we think about it. So it's like a man of the book of law as his cat scratch fever. There is ever ambiguous in common people, showed your yeah really big stuff, but yeah then He was really upset about it because apparently they did what he had to do was he talked a horse and it's like I'm deliver you this in and for audio wishbone. Several years loves idlers bout. You have to sit in this this room and for one hour a day, I'm in a read to you this book, you're gonna write it down again, so he rode all down. He was sick and by what he wrote and then afterwards, you supposed to whole himself up. Who was a give up everything and translated into every single language in the world. That's a lie. That's a lot of work to do as we ve now learn about it. Mr Crowley is that he gets tired or what
We are not enough fucking involved right. That is not enough, like doing drew out only given up on some orgies, because it was too don't answer the only just. I can't we talk at all night. Sometimes I gotta do some cocaine. That's right! You know innocence like he went and Cocaine Wally we'll get? It will get in the more cocaine like all day out of the oxy Toto under the prescription drugs the time yet it was. It was you that was avail. Everyone was doing go to everyone One of my favorite lives from Crowley. Someone asked him why he wrote the book of law and he said to pick out the eyes of Christ. Across the globe. Buddy you're spit, no over me said Alice, or will you please stop yelling, though it this that's better. He really start again. A lot of followers. And people that were fanatically fanatically
or do I have to say the naughty shit, we're just start doing it, but just tell people that we talk to angels measure like it. So I really think that of I write my own books. I I met one of the reptilian and the Reptilian told me that I need to be on a big time. A boost Ok, there's a throw a man or woman reptilian in me. I think its key that you have success before and then you could at the alien or demon bees afterwards, because if you end up failing, no one's gonna buy that book because they know the meaning of this have been put reptile a fuckin live alone. That's why we're gonna buy that book, because they know the meaning and others have been put reptile a fuckin live alongside the watchword, which itself are really thought now: they're boring. What here did you sit there good? Andrea Stone and just look at him, though, and I mean really hear what he ran anaerobic on everything. Will this be funny and conduct of hanging out with probably clean up a little rough I played with six hours playing jungle ass. I am, but I did with clock or laboratory,
european foreign policy agenda he's horrible, I gotta tell you how we can get through fucking game. You just smashes answer: have you thought of monopoly enjoyed over I don't know we heaps bring out of the box. You any clue I think, but who is a fun games, nobody restart. When we try to play clear, we ate all the pieces. Work with Catherine is. How do you think I'm out of the ground? He? Let us remember that board, like a big triangle unhappy. Don't worry volume here anymore, you I don't mean to Ok well out of our life Crowley's, followed. One of the most devoted was possibly Victor Newberg, who Victor was actually in love with Crowley like come, not just sexually but emotionally in love, them use a poet. He was s off the soul and Crowley Terrain added her foot can ask blow you all. God is neurotic words as aim from big Lebowski Donny,
shut up shut up, Victor Emmanuel runs. We also goes so she's, so Crowley convinced noise burg to travel with their new. Our sounds like you have a friend growing up and everybody hates. I hate him he's still around because you have to have someone in a group that you ate yes, I know it sounds like the only guy at the time that had a pocket protector with like clicking pence or one of the world's far closer to Europe, its Norbert mining value with thoughts, so they travelled to urge Algeria together. Herod Desert, so romantic performance to perform and magic by knock, your majesty of like a book of Enoch, which is yes, he's dead sea scrolls, where this is where they believe that its revealed the true esoteric knowledge of the Bible of Iraq was supposedly found in clay jars out there in the nineteen fifties and its problem
the orchard? What's a secular, literally horse, yeah a knock your magic is a system ceremonial magic based on the evocation commanding a very spirits. It's based on the sixteenth century writings of Doktor John D, who we could do an entire fuckin episode on John D have you ever heard John now, Lord I'm gonna get into my Here we go home and research and you got a new hero to fine, but it was a d. Yeah great moral joke there. It as he was very basic, makes a great lawnmower, John John Dear John John noted, without, would leave us John John D or lack of data. Jo Leinen. Anyway, I mean I know. I know that's when I say the joke seeds alone lawnmower joke. I just thought that with the joke today and say the joke- I just u knowledge is really rare when you like really just get up into. By a lawnmower, a lawnmower j
I just never area Lego. It is segue way into your fifty minutes, a lawnmower. I have some twenty lawnmower bets. I do have some funny key go into them like your written normal covering had been men. Blamore is right. I mean it's just weird because your item and then there came nigh Aggress. Imagine if you could, just you know anything about. It is the way it does. Never punchline you just trail off here. Is that you so that's governing. Nonetheless, I did not do that jokes about continued, backed annoy burgeon John D. They went. I'm gonna there to progress and argue magic, so they go another to summon series twice. Cairum Gay rights revise guard. I worry I'm sorry, I didn't know, I love you buy it, so they walked for two days straight in the Sahara. Desert walk for to day straight completely disoriented, and that's when
I only thinks it's a good idea to bring out the hash in the Mescal hell, good idea, and so that we shall get hung out with this guy. I know he's like a rich, old kid. Who is the greatest thoughts now That's all you want to do things. That's when it starts to paternity, raping equal you're sure, well, measures, one of the side effects of friendship, while the demon that there wanting to summon is named Koran's on Koran's on essentially two cultures and the demon in charge of bad. Ice blueberry eyes, grew in IRAN that ok, so Koran's on is too. The writings of like John D, in a knock him magicians crowns on, is essentially Satan. All right, you may as well as you remember, the name of the other demon you're talking to that was like these sort of the prototype per Sappermint, not bafflement other. The is that it's like her.
Oh, it's like all the other bow Koran's on. So I created by our colleague John D. They said they let you know the image of mathematics been perverted. That is just a symbol of balance. Yes, exactly what's the original image, it's a balance, its hands, one arm up, one I'm down to civil balances, got the goat had just because of keys modeled after the Reptilian, with their horns head said they were the Florida lease sway, see the floor, release and all these symbols of british royalty in french royalty, because that is in extrapolation of the original. Try, horned heads of our reptilian overlords the absolute, so the point of Koran's, on its just words at this point, the point of Crohn's out like what he does that he is there to destroy the ego, which is a big thing
Crowley was all about which I'll get more and there I had also like about like em K. Ultra same exact thing makes it seem princes I'm not I'm not exactly principle and its yeah. It's it allows the personal move beyond the abyss and to become part like become one of the union. No, not you get more. Do I get a goop absolute gettin ago? I call again The good guys get your igloo goop swore, and so he starts. The first words of the ritual is essentially opening the gates of hell, you're asking the gates of held open yet and how to ask them. Do they have the worst? I don't have a word. You know that also Crowley also invented the term abracadabra than ever. That our endeavours in old old turn will he used it in ritual, but definitely today the fact that everything I've ever bridges in. So what are you
him amyloid heard before they drew a circle of protection. Of course, if you seen any fucking occult movie, Seen a circle of professional protectors are made to be broken and also actually put Roberts did thereby circle of protection against the coyote. Demons. If you re all decent goes, you must we. So he draws the circle of protection around Newberg, but not around himself. If you're gonna be all right, don't even a hurry up on a longer Donovan way, but I got this handled buddy us and not about I'm, I'm cool. I wanna be her you're gonna find, and so after the ritual, Actually, during the rituals Fuckin Crowley becomes absolutely it just gets. Horny is fought shores, just get so probably the maritime, and I would ask all figures in this fight and Robert himself.
You know what that's like a lot of it, a lot of it. He does it because it makes him warn you fuckin robbers, Dakota, capital cities still be like, now have their growing already this cat got. Those arms have been implies we do work, ground zero men could make a cactus com. That's for damn sure I've heard that Enzo Crowley gets down on all fours and then forces Norbert could not really forces in, but so has Norbert fuck him debate, Eichbourg doing I may for imaginative and fire. In to me, and this is how emails to me Oh that's all that comment I would very spread Matthew so barge. If that was the
that's just getting brutally anyone. I know I say not many times. I made out with my eyes Cougar over that, as you know the songs, but to say this, but tell me more about it. Everybody never talk to me again. This could goods will. This is how evil and fucked up and terrible Alister Crowley is, He destroyed Newberg as a bottom. Ok here was a powder appeal, not the one fucking Newberg he does. We bear. He was he was making a clap lecture. Clear Newberg went mad with absolutely poking insane and after that is wildlife excited. I have arrived. Some furious power bonded ever come again plant by a lucky. You like you like you, like, I don't know, I mean he's Norbert shot in his own name,
body under Gatt AIM, is entire family ancestry in moving Crowley's ass, all one shot agriculture. This word cigarette. You were draining. The gay sounds you jibbering of the railways is like you know you could play with my balls a lot more. You're going to get a new Newberg had so and so at this point of course he is completely and and rose Kelly, his first wife and they go back after Nord Berea destroying someone with your own looks different because my body, but it is my fuckin boss, that's right the no. I ended a man's life with his step, pepper, ok and they had a daughter, but the daughter died at like two or three oak, Elliot IDA, typhoid a man ought to be expected. No love lost their oars
I am actually pretty much heavier like he probably barely saw the daughter and between all of the mescal linen our bottom hang you we're gonna, get act unilaterally matter not doing well around that girl get circle protector. A little bit come on beer, good debt, and so this is and he decides that he is going to create his own commune his own place, where he can do anything he wants to the most wickedness. Yet after you know the guardians and met because John Travolta Asmund born yet create uses proper power bobbing for their power of good vote, that was the only man that could have stopped Alister growled yeah. He could, but I dont think general. Does the only man whose furious but pumping could have broken Allison, Crowley's amazing, swirl technique yes, but how does this world like they go? What we have to do with your aunt Mary? We re. Really, you may get annoyed. I haven't you literally spin and circling. I got you likes, you stick you guys sixes. They write you.
In parallel. We prevent either, but I didn't you independent you raise up. Your legs are your but is just being suspended by holding folded. Up by his fucking more easily in later years. No, no! You use your own but muscles. Ok, to spin you routine, style, on top of the guys, Dick, like many other slowly, should serve as a vast vaster sure until he comes brain map The english color, the hobby, Bobby old Bastard work technique. I like it, I think that's her in common of tornado, so they buy Crawley. Marries. Another woman, her name is Leah, heard sick and she is completely and totally devoted to him. She was quoted as saying I will work for wickedness. I will kill my heart. I just need to meet these girls. World are going to get there but must be strengthened, go, and they they gotta well is incredible: power bombing is lost.
These women and girls, words and her vagina operates. Hide my ass actually ever got how a man making a woman come with his asshole puss back. I think you're gonna numerous, this gets up, so they they moved to the Abbey ITALY in ITALY, where it was a bunch of people. They did. I mean nothing. My hash opium cocaine. They had a dog names, Satan. They are the best. Never fucking best Vera children as a town called Billina no busily
it was with the knowledge that was the religion, although he was always reticent to call it a religion. It was more of a guideline here and we didn't like oh yeah. He didn't louder we're out of school and arbitrary sand dunes foggy my ass. I got really hard by end that there were children there to leg Crowley's child was there they were allowed to wander. Anywhere they will all around them, was dog bankers and there was disease everywhere. I know much disease and I it's a guided, not really gotta. Turbot was a video tour. This guy he's kind of an explore, crawleys Saurian and he the place still stands its foresail right. Now. My God, it's still stand off I'll, never get the cool shit in my life. I know it s still in much the same condition because they Crowley had with south asian of this place as ITALY, ITALY,
and something that eight I hate, didn't meant anything worth. I know that this figure historical place, but there is some poohpooh stains on like most of the floor. The whole place seems like possessed with removing, but I don't know, I'm not really sure, there's all these but shaped holes in the wall, where this is weird. He had a place called the nightmare room What happened in the nightmare room? He would have his disciples sit in stare at the paintings that he had done the wall, mostly pornographic panting, and let me tell you they are fuckin rad, a shit. You saw them yet they're fucking others oh for animals, there paintings of Satan and like children on the wall and here's that there is also some great graffiti check out this graffiti. Stab your domestic smuggling, staggered Monica smile to my brain soak being cut
and cope with enormous looking too so that we have all God we missed the fuck. Are we missed or time period? And then we should have been alive. We What an angry then, that's where we were supposed to be will be taken ass. An right, organizing giggling and then right below that it just said: FUCK Leah, his wife, what was it like? A negative thing are you haven't really was in command yeah, I don't want a fog or you know me because I like it would not only be a livelier. Do it yet, and here where he went a little bit too far. Oh, it's weird seems like you know, when you break a man with your fuckin sphincter muscles like what is too, work, because this is where he went too far away to his disco face like a bad news and even so
of an also like working into before we get to how we went too far, working working with copies, Khorasan ritual earlier Anyone who use the word. I he made them cut themselves, every time they set an example by community right, like oneness, with nature and exactly, and they This is why must go? Take a shit then and this is what got them kicked out of ITALY by Selina by allowing kick that ITALY, if you realize that future beholds Bongo Bunker room, That's right, bungle bunker rooms and you would think Mussolini would have liked him, but I think Mussolini looked in the eyes of our Mr Crowley saw similar evil and could not deal with such competition. Well, this is what the rumour that started to get him kicked out. There was an actual incident that got him completely kicked out This was the same perversities com. Do it s here? That's
It turns out women, I railed red wine all over ITALY, portable state. He took his wife, he got a goat he made go fuck his wife at a time of orgasm cut the goats throat com. You don't know that I thought it was good aid and on the time of the goats, orgasm or the wife's org only knows that we ve already line. We talked about. That's no reason why I came to the goat. Big thing is that already seen in modern times the guy volunteer to have his penis cut off, cooked and eat Russia. That is much worse. This having to go fuck some gap. Church I mean, I don't know I'm almost. This is what got em caught, though this is what this is the motorways shoe far not the go. The go does not what got em caught our got company. Another remedies which is just having people acted out. Theatrically somewhere there was a man named Ralph Lundy who came
when there is always rather came there with his wife and he died after drinking cat blood all while he was still didn't like? Yes, always wife left. The commune went straight to the press, and this is when this is when Crowley got the moniker, the wickedest man in the world one day, one day all be the wickedness man in the world you'll get it on and then after that Crowley abandoned Leah, she became a prostitute. Other after you, fuckin go, there's really know where most everyone else in the commune goods. All anybody want to talk about sure. Yeah. I've done one big commercial, everything I know it was they got married. It is illogical and you know if you fuck a go
Or do you must not always biased? That's interesting, you! I was in an old space, commercial. All! That's really interesting. I had my wife get fuck by a go. That's the godfather personnel job, but a great one. Do you think you can do tat made her prices go up as a prostitute or do you think they are? for example, that sort of that recognise ability, factor, sure yeah, you're, the goat, fucker right. She go fuck suckered for a thousand dollars an hour ago, Fucker So after there's this is when Crowley STAR to go completely downhill. He became all of these things, like I don't know when he wasn't going downhill nobody. Wasn't the wicked yearning, and now you just kind of sad use, one You are my orphan smile. You got you gotta. The heroin and then that always heroin area was so stupid guides. The word
and so, and then there was. There was a curious message, anti drug message. For the day kid don't be like Alister Crowley lay off this man, and then he tried to suicide. I'd or for libel. I know where to get some money because he was broke, who the writer described him as a black magician. And then the same fuckin woman, who rather them out in ITALY, brought evidence against him saying that, yes, he did columns of blackness black magician Crowley lost. It went bankrupt, but after the trial, a woman named Diedre Mc Clellan. She approached him so that she adore them. They married, they did a magical son ritual they had a child, is Name Alister Atomic Energy in its way and then
in his diaries. You can read that is when Crowley new love for the very first time that so knees and but the king did not really agree. He changed his name to Randal Guerre and died in a car accident in two thousand to that's fine, but, as Mr Crowley, irregular Fuckin sleepless in Seattle Moment live goes of elvers of neither banks with MEG Ryan right next to and at the end he did not repent as a sinner, but he did repentant saying like my life was a waste. Music. I you know, I have ended with nothing so wrong. I have been you know who I have you know everything that I've done has been stupid, how can I use best power bottom before Friday, mercury We have already made pretty mercury, pails incomes and right and right before he died. You know how they knew the he knew the Wazir, our bottom, the Empire state building here up up up up
he wrote in his diary, quote weak erection. Isn't that sad? That is God, What a miserable and riots world get into more Alister Crowley wings? You in a future really lead to considerable on, especially now. I want to start believing some magic rituals. Women envoy Sea area, we're gonna get together and are doing them together. We're gonna meet bafflement, its can be autumn will give bicep. Pizzas, pizzas might be a draw up Peace is the biggest mosaic lie like pizza right, that's, Marcus Parks. I bet hello, I'm game. I owe me that's and reciprocity. I am Atta Crowley's grandson. Want you are bottom to the store? I see your etas, oh yes,
Paul about her ball. He's just took in the entire room runs out of his but recording right now inside its grants, unless it smells better than the actual reuse court, as he says, because delays like those that leads to installations.
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