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Episode 57: Jesus

2015-02-16 | 🔗

In honor of the holiday season (which is now thankfully behind us), the boys explore the myth of Jesus and the three theories as to where the idea of the man came from. Lizards.

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There's no place to escape. Tourism is the last time on the cannibalism started started out with those golden. Oh, my God said ass wheat, sweet, sticky, Ikey, herb nerve. They must have yet you're lookin, some wonderful, lovely, Bonnac, stuff or an oh, my god. I am, and we'd Evan Right picked up a parade really go. I seriously Evan we'd have her and I love it. You look great, I'm going.
It is really doing a lot for your our that's work s bed and then we got a stone guy in the clouds. Do my lady May Amy names rigging Iraqi give go day. I got this fuckin primo INDIGO me and he immediately make your nipples feel a little foot. Memory foam beds, slogan smoke, as far as I can go back to what was so good with the weight of may ever we'd. So good of you to change your name, I'm just going to say that I have more action Christmas have not just for his kind words just could put before, leaving it to the sky. Use your big old fashioned Christmas go fuck yourself, rains pigs, domain I heard all who had a very bad Christmas, just blows to begin with a rigorous and, of course, today will be discussing the birth, the origins of a story of Jesus Christ, we're talking you. What you meant to see is the opening of the file on me. Jesus myth that Jesus Meth he ever Jesus
as the arabic wizard, we'll know him and loving amount to be is not real and never once was real, and I will show you some of the proof on today's episode. Will the Jesus mounted the season, but we actually we'd know. I just met a very important weed: and good, a man who knows we have, as you know we had so. I'm I cannot say specific on secret. I would just say that this man is an expert on. We got me this stuff that is most weeds grown in closet by eighty seven, you know boxes, we have we normally smoke as right. Maybe six I want like no love. I contacts it's about a drunk friends prison it on again. Oh God knows not yet how many times have taken the weed out of your bag. While you have in your not around- and I take it out- and I forgot swish around my mouth- I get it
I put it back in and out do all time now I've I've experienced deserve, as only did is grown by the sun. It is. It is small batch organic talking out just the the glint of the Chris. Those in this the sun Rays, it's the whole food version of we win fuckin right before Dorani MO jumped out of the point. What are you Why is this was? What was his deal? He was an indian Chief Orient Employ in man. I'm not sure view, while I'm in Geronimo Geronimo isn't real. Ultimately what we was really. He was absolutely realities. People worry I'm also native American. That's the verbal. We talk in right, no, no known, because only in this way does give you truth and beauty and light, and so it was grown small bachelor this right. It's like a fuckin farmers market. We have run its like the thick
you can buy in union square. Oh yeah, that disgusting shit, a man I had some not longer three months ago, I bought a glass of it. They via the glass put you stupid. How much is this milk? It's, like I hate to say you know when you mix like it's like hot chocolate, but cold milk, it's it's gotta crossed on it. Yeah got ahead to it. Boy, you're really not dwell on this. To me, oh, no, no, no mother said it and sick. I was just like a what's a pure milk flew out. It's like this is milk that literally sectors milk. It came from the council we supported and to adjust the lazy farmer, no yeah. Exactly do you get to fix it. He's like this is how milk was supposed to be drink, devil, not miss. This is how the calves drink it and I was like Maybe this is how the calves directive did you alert him to the fact that your human being? No? No? No. You can tell, by my gate that I was asked how interesting and another door- and I gotta socket downloads thick and then
It was very thick its. I call it milk times to give milk was more milk, in normal is extra milk and I sucked it down. I got very sick to the stomach right, because mill in us was a dream he was right yet have hosted drank it, yet even then, like they shouldn't drink as much of it that Today, you just slam the breakdown one John. We I choked it down good and what was on the way out, and I was work and I was walking around- did you smile item. I was relieved other satisfied about Gaza, horrible milks not bubble out of my mouth, that sweet ass by the add, not bad at all. Well, I'm very happy! You have this good weed and I recommend that everybody goes out there and tries to find the organic her because it sounds far superior to this garbage an open and yet in your life speaking two things.
People need in their life. They need the birth of Jesus to exist, as today's episode, of course, is being reminded it. It is the seas that right you know, people say it like what what's the meaning of the season of Christmas, something one is the Jesus. It's Jesus and Jesus love is giving, but first thing number one is what kind of love do we get from? Let's say: Spider Man Protection budget what you're saying Spider man. What was that it was the reason I gazed again. Inspiration spider mired in same maybe a better person. United Lake Jesus, crisis, fake and Christmas is fake we'll Christmas is very real. I wanna be celebrated Christmas. It obviously just sort calling it Ipod Day. That would be a better name, our more hot day, Steve jobs. Do you get your apple products and go home? I quit and fuck and eat out of the trough. You lazy, fuckin American, as we find three war
I'm fuckin. We can't diamond volumes areas anymore, I'm you say what are you talking about? Life was chaos all around us and we sit around Shokhin down for an agnostic which payload matter laced with the booze ad hoc, an open, r, r, r, R R foot canoe worship alters to create a capitalism which is their fuckin Christmas trees You have spoken for a month, s time, you revealing your inner. I've been thinking about this for five days Zia this stared at the Christmas tree for clock anymore, and I do not want to get snow captive in some bizarre mountain with you, as our mountain cabin it'll. Be very fine. Have a lot of violent me right now. Yes, yes, a Christmas! you're very while we celebrate Christmas, we buried with us First of all, there are my leg of Holly Henry that's ridiculously route to say that a boiled in their sight, their own pudding.
If you have time to remember any moral scourge speech, it's a good speech. It is a good Scrooge speech markets. Can we just talk about the immaculate conception very quickly here? This is the biblical version of it. Yes Today we shall be rating reading from the book of Luke Chapter, one verses, one, twenty six, thirty eight yeah! Now let us get some appropriate music in the sixth angel gave was sent from God to a town of Galilee, called NASA Gabriel to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph I've. Never done anything like this before the House David and virgins name Larry. So you are, I don't know you boys, male roared, Anglo yogurt. It's never ruining reference come on over
coming to her. He said: Hale favoured one. The Lord is with you may persist when she was. Greatly around with my fear, what we said and pondered what sort of greeting this might be three lingeringly visually vigour, bring with them said the her do not be afraid, for you have found favour with Ok, I'm gonna hard right now. What is this a penthouse letter b home? You will conceive and your womb embarrassed and you shall be he's gonna score. Marie Angel will be called soda. Both ha ha you, That's me, no! You Jesus man, smokes overdoing yesterday at the Lord God will give him. The throne of David is Bob
He will rule over the house Jacob forever of his king They know, scorned by scoria my air gable publicly, that Mary sing do it's important that but very few of the huge your gear. Can this be since I have no relations with the main? No, you just do a dress up like that people from Scooby do and the angel Sid, the her reply, the whole spiritual come upon come upon your fuckin swallow your back at the power of the most style will overshadow no shaved. My pussy years for me already did therefore the chair to be board will be called holy. A guy hell, yeah, hold Elisabeth, your relative
also concede like Queen Elizabeth. Lizard birth, according David Ike a son in her old age at this. The six both for her who is called the area for nothing. It will be impossible for hell yeah. I have so in Jersey, Mary says, behold. Hand made of the Lord may. It be done me, I'm in a some to your work. The angel to get there Having here, you bitch, here's your forged out and then it cuts to the bank rose thing words. As occurs sit on the curb them driving away with all the money, man's works ever goddamned organizations. Are you convinced these virgin you an answer and Mr Marcus,
That must be amazing, get fucked by an angel, the closest thing to fucking Idiot Bake. It's not fake. The american conception. Very possibly fake tourism and other theories out there about. Let's start with just straight up, if anyone seen a great documentary called site, guys guys That's all that long ago, absolutely it goes into the intricacies of we know with the rules. He's basis of why we let nine eleven happen in order to get us into warble? Remember those well, you know all Where did sets out there. We will have to do a nine eleven podcast guests at some point at the same time has been covered. Affair entire trampled. We didn't. I will think we did it. I think we'd led nine. Eleven happened right. I don't think so. I don't think so.
We are also have because well suited the. We also did the Gulf a tongue could hear her. Laugh. I added a spanish Amerika. More exactly. Cyclists brings both of those things up, but they talk about Dejesus story. As is all a lot of things that are a written and ancient literature or allegorical Jesus never lived. Jesus was not a man. Jesus was a shade of an ancient story. That's begun since, since recorded history, it started with Nimrod and semi reigns in. There is always in birth of their son. To moves in this is the site guys version of it. Well, that's a mixture of Zaire guys to an David. I do not know ever mention. Someone told me the other day that I can't mention lizards anymore, It was me He said I can't. I can't do this anymore Theo. You can mention lizards. I think it's the most fast
mention lizards. I think it's the most fascinating of all conversation. Let me lizard people. It's always talk about. Eighty lie it. I think I think we're on a good twenty five episode streak. Literally half of our. Least one world. It's a pretty important idea. It is, but getting back here so it would like I socks about, is again like a lot of things. It started off as a story of explaining the sun in the sky. I think there's a lot to the fact that young, you know a lot to the fact that young, you know maybe magic isn't real any in humans are just kind of elevated monkeys. There was a time when was it when we were coming up, is that we are with you know, we're monkeys were sent rout, desperately trying to rape each other, more look up in the sky. You see the sun, that's God or their poor missus, and when the sun comes out on warm, you know it makes You go to. Sleep, makes all that you're, always like the corns ground. You gotta, that's good at sunrise.
I'm in a truly is the only thing that gives us like it's the only thing, that's real technically that could be called the gods and reasonable thing to worship. I think the sun gas is right there and its shining as big as beautiful. You know, and you stare at our hurts. You really look at birth, your skin, except one, talk about we're, probably all black them better. So we weren't burn. We are of the have the luxury we have the luxury of being white now because of our invention of umbrellas, is there a long time ago here? But, as you have usually result, color color cover our bodies. Is the Rhine umbrellas? Yet so really the thing that stand in the way you raise in evolution is gloves umbrellas and whose shoes and won't parasol aerosols, heavies cake, make up. Oh ok, bravado Ville, another thing that sort of because of white people interesting, neither great
Humans, early humans are fascinated with this guy you known. Also there are fascinated: will I get on the fact that there is an order to the sky? The same things happening time consolations come around. It helps you judge the seasons. You know you. We realise that the earth works on cycles, and so the sore do spread those cycles to all of nature. Yet little warmer, for those cycles to all of nature. Yet little warmer back in the days and the only thing we have to do is just sit and stare at the sky. Absolutely all right line the first realities. Eventually, you sitting there and staring at the sky in the end the in these these you know the constellations come about time and you start making up stories about them because what it comes down to it, it's again, eight, a bunch of the candle up, so we had searched furled. That was nice of you better after your absolute locally half year, because then she needs a strengthening raped again right was that we smoke some of the bush that we found and how is that smoke some other Porsche we found, and how is that both Frankenstein,
here he stood here. Some of the best you know, save some brandy. Do you know how they call one Caveman Henry, you said: they're gonna, just like a drawn pictures of girl screen and, unlike our very early picture of the MIKE Myers Mass, was used round. Minos, prehistoric, Staten Island with policies are from shore Gonna welcomes regard jolliffe, that's Rogan. Good old, great puddles. The greatest over the vines is more limited operating. I think he's got a robot on their faces me we're good. You know you're better now and you start making stories about the sky. And basically, if you look at it- and so this same stories happen again and again, you know queen is a virgin is approached by a deity given a child that is now the saviour of mankind. It happens counselling. It was this story of Horace. It was a story of to move that we talk about again,
it's only through its the story of every brother who knocked up his sisters. Wife, you better come up with a good goddamn story. Out of us constantly right, so in the night sky we were talking about here is the winter solstice the position of the sun. The sky goes farther and farther south as the year goes and there's a point every year the basically talked about as into around the end of December December, twenty fifth, where you can watch the sun, stop moving south right for three or four days again. The resurrection under a consolation called the the crux this cross and the sky rain, and then it begins to run again, which is the winter sources today's grow longer. You know the night grow shorter goes back again right, Philip did it forget its keys or something and that the ideas that you take that didn't you know, Jesus as the sun, God, son godson son,
Jesus Christ, Edward right now I'm not waited sets. No! Yes, you are right, nor the sky was serious. Ok, serious was the brightest, aren't Skynet, you that's how you could tell, but that's where they judge where they were at all to a Catholic and are you go and Syria serious Black Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Hollywood Hollywood equals money, money equals jus, scientist movement, wages, unpredictable solved a whole bunch of different things and then next to serious during such was the end of the year Orion's belt, three stars: three kinks right again, your Reese, showing up all time all of an all biblical literature guy the trend. What happened to point to where the sun rises on me the end of December little about December. Twenty cent, ok right! So basically, what is sir the end of December lily looked about December. Twenty that ok rights obey. Finally, what is services and national logical marker where's every year, it's like this is
you know where the sun will be and when its, when basically bring- will start to summon the human started to make their first calendars and exactly and that both part of that is that what they would be realised with the cheese, a story? Is it like what the Mayans tried to do? badly. We judge the long calendar which William low at my and come on guys. Let's get a watch, you know we were on earth the only time you know in the history of our six, whatever billion your earth or whatever Reuben. On this time. We got to see the Mayans, be wrong group unable there's a very small group until he was worried. I even went wrong about Charles That's not a fund! The watch yeah. I wish we could go back to the mind. You know why did we will need basketball there, but the Mayans, where regionally they Plato tomorrow's outward by thought. We gotta cross sudden the mindset lacrosse they did. Deaths, bore basketball coup, cooler, basketball gather. What were you December? Twenty fifth saunas rises, so winnings what they're saying? Also that Jesus
Are we really got December? Twenty fifth sun rises so winnings what they're saying also that Jesus serve as it's like his you know. His quoted quote birth, which is fake, started like they set it as the beginning of the age of Pisces, which they said is like why you know there's so much like fishing, three, which is the consolation that that in the sky above that, like that, when that time, here again and basically like- has been moving further and further out of all of our horizon ass, we go in the you're twenty one, fifty and that same place with a three stores, meat and serious, meets and shows that sons coming up. That's went in twenty one. Fifty it's gonna be the consolation. Aquarius will appear in the sky. I've got some people believe we will turn psychic. We will start taken her clothes off, make love to entirely age area and that it has the premise for that song in the six, but all it serve as a long calendar of errors. You know that
right now, when the age of a queer were h Pisces before that we were in the age of areas before that we're in the age of tourists and then we're moving towards the age of a query at that age. A cock the old rooster Rachel be fun. Oh yeah age, a rooster, decks yeah in that gap, major hamburger parties- I wanna, go to one. I know you that's what I'm doing for my fuckin. Twenty ninth knife worker bar bar yeah my house. Oh you This put on tolerance burgers. Oh you make your own burger party, that's great, get Tamar and make your own murder you. I just feel if that was the exact. You know thing that was on Tamar and make your own murder you. I just feel, like those exact, you know thing that was on the tables in the hospital room, that you're bored either of use anything like dad, you know, began into a burger bar. Oh man, Jesus is so fake, and this is again we ve been we. We ve turned this idea. Fake, and this is again we ve been we. We ve turned this idea, you you, you could put anything on it. You gotta make
Spiderman. You could have made him. You know the fuckin arm be its sole slinger. I mean you know. I think, if you think a little bit, if it's good, He didn't Zile. So what's David Ike's take This all David has visited a he says the same thing. You know they. Basically Jesus story was an allegory for a bunch of different different same historical quorum, quote figures, but all that was was a another story for thee, be weird or Kane: Ancient given that the Illuminati now worships, which is involving Nimrod in some marinus and those were the original blue line of the retaliatory was layer, Huey Monkey version of the Illuminati. What do you mean like that started this whole method as a method and go on now has been around for so long. I mean what is the way that is all began. It was created by the Illuminati to control the people right, yes, and so when it because you
allegorical, not the ideas that have been getting back any longer days right sword of no, not that one David Ike. Strings a lot of stuff together sure that makes no sense. Ass, it was like he's been talking about, like that. You know there were monkey people, but they were. There was also a very sophisticated race of white people from Mars. Ailing here. So we are the ale, we're the ailing, ok S and did they would do we help the monkeys not become monkeys anywhere? We evolve them. Yes, I'm running because being headed, dig for gold and ordered a fuel, our spaceships, it all goes back to the movie blood diamonds. Pretty much every yeah tragic its. Maybe I experienced troubling rightly noted almost troubling promises that you just like it just kind of ties. The Jesus thing into it that this doesn't make any sense, because every single you know it's like I just read through.
Passage other David, I book by the way, spent two hours trying to read it on the plane, on the way back from Florida to New York. I got to twelve pages well paid and other bad enrages is very difficult to read. That's gonna have their period of time. I thought I was going to die. I just red haired over the whole time on my plane, for about a great time yeah. I can't be entertained anymore. So what not like David Eggs theory. Will it just lumps it into the edges lumps and other historical figure into his idea. He wrote this. What this another thing he was attacking Joan of ARC was also fake. Joan of arc is also fake and that she was an excuse and order. Put a French the front reptilian bloodline into the English. Royalty in time. Something about this. It is I'm all these like weird manipulations of like them, this single, the black nobility, which is like a certain like all these dukes and people coming out of Belgium and all this shit we're reptilian bloodline how they work
the way in all these different, like royal families, that they have to argue for fifty foot lizards. This show up right. They want to be part of the world. I just just pop up and we like hey guys, we fucking own? You now we're here. Where are you right, yeah we're huge, listen, I'm never see the fifth element needed to be massive being the amazing alien. We will follow. You yeah, you know I'll work free. What is our choices? Will we kill? You? Were you listen to us and we still my kill you will. This is fantastic within one thing he the one thing he just pick up as its idea that you know you know. Jesus of Nazareth. Enhued Nazareth is a thing
brought about by all the time what NASA noise or banned as well. The Nazareth we're in the middle of the goods are created pumped up by the under rated as they really up and they rock art, but basically saying that as a rings. We're not it's not a place. Another Nazareth with every place. It was a society and then, as a real, were one of the secret knowledge societies like the secret, whatever the secret knowledge, schools that helped hold the secret of the republican agenda, and this went all during Jesus is birth tests and that there were people we'll talk about like part of the main reptilian bloodlines worthy the Will that founded Rome Romulus like in his grandfather, right, yeah, reptilian bloodline they made Rome were they would do? Is
during the time may like Romulus Salami, yet powerful neighbour, and that they would leave like what once the whole bibles stuffs are happening, the great grants and of Romulus would went to Africa pretended to be Peter the apostle and told all these stories about Jesus all these different gospel sores, all of which were horseshit, earn. We have to keep the because they D, catholic Religion and christian religion was the umbrella religion that they decided to hold all of the esoteric knowledge and for the future generations, as it started with the egyptian religions and then move moved into Christianity. As the new like we're gonna go we're gonna fool people with our shadow religion. She hears what I'm starting to realise about the lizard people, the reptilian. They seem like they're, a serial killer that wants to get caught, yes, like they keep Senate, includes here and there, because once David, I it's like now
It was a secret society in which, if it's a secret society, then why do I always wanted they named Jesus of Nazareth, cause it's big because I'm gonna get up here, they weren't secret, said it would use. Look at all this up he's like its David Ike. Sits alone in the house, no family here, no one love a man like that. Has a woman come over all over now and again, and fluff omen and service of existing shoved at the corner I am sure Mr Ivan take its tail input. Neuron put him on a pay. How up trying to become a reptile. I do believe we could have been put here by aliens. Maybe it's been around No idea story is getting complicated. It is so what's so, we got David Ike's. We as I gazed what's, the third version o a very interesting theory actually talking about. If you look at the gospels God, therefore, Gospels Matthew Mark Lucan, John Rain and the order by which they come bitterly you unwanted. Do we want to go back real, quick to read a little bit more
above the biblical version currency to level out the playing field. A little bogdanov obviously have David eggs and mistress asking. Why it's really hard to make sense? It doesn't make any what I want to say a logo, ITALY, as we ve done many times on this broadcast. This is only dip in your toe, enjoy a concept that is just fucking books and books and puts deep. I sat and must draw this problem as long as I'm reading a reading reading still just filled with rage. Purse more Christmas. So it's like it's just we came, I indebted I became. I got on the train today, fury common lemme guess being like for Christmas, but Jesus, I'm gonna fuck, it now lower costs and it comes out here. You can't you can't come at a comedy podcast without mentality, but you did
I did so pray and funny about yeah me. I came in here horribly angry. We were so man, let not about very different things, but still horribly angry just sold, so I may not be making myself totally clear because they want to. I just want to take. I just wish I could take Jesus off the cross and in what we do with him what a big spaghetti Spanky was just hung them across the spectrum. For can I want to get a big fawn gay duties, Stick, how he would look like you. I get time still exists report that you would be the best, the best secret a lover to Jesus? Oh, my God knows what he was you to do. Well. There are a lot of theories that hold some water about Jesus. It's homosexuality. He wasn't necessarily surrounded by Ladys Euro. It didn't matter because you know how can a ghost began with Spiderman? I don't I don't. We, though, now got abandoning our Jane. My hair
They ever anguish say they were barrow ringlets geared to the Bible snoring. It's all cartoons, nonsense! Alright, let's move music here and to pass in those days, but their went out to decay from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be tax, and this taxing was first made thing when Uncle Bob down right now think about a very little cliff whimsical really was governor of Syria and all wit to be TAT everyone into his own city and Joe also went up from Galilee out to this of Nazareth into Judea. Joseph played by Bruce this guy's unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem because he was of the house and lineage have taken him means house of bread right wing. Again just means where you wanna consolation in the sky, find its the tunnel And so it was that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered and she brought forth her first born son,
wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a major, because there was no room for them in the Inn, and there were in the same country- shouting use you gotta use that it clearly and now harm they show that European right that's what they should have done so it's a binding in the field. Keeping watch over their flock by night and LO, the angel of the Lord came upon them surveyed or to reflect that girl. Glory of the Lord showed round about them and they were similar afraid the angel said unto them fair. Not before behold. I bring you good tidings of Greece, Joy, why are you going out to all people for onto you is born stay in the city of David Savior, which is Christ. The Lord, and this in this shall be a sign onto you. Ye shall find the bay wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a major and suddenly there was
the angel, a multitude of I haven't the old brain. God and saying glory, then bade good. Well God, man, you're out of a group, came to us as the angels were gone away from them into Heaven. The shepherd said one to another. That does now go even unto better. And see this thing, which has come to pass, which the Lord have made known onto its lay low and make haste and Fund Mary and Joseph and the pay lying in the meantime. I seem to have shut myself. Why we giving birth tore up and things and when they had seen it they made no one abroad. The saying which was told them concerning this child and all they had heard it under that those things which were told them by the shepherds, but Mary kept all those things. Pollack, women, too hot and the ship
returned glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen as it was told, unto them so the deal with backward timing with bombs, but about who I mean the terminator main title is one of my favorite scorn? Oh, I love him. Is it Danny elephant? No, that's John, William Geniality Danny often does a great one too. We have these garlic slide whistles and at Nana items, family quote through it. So the birth of visas takes place in Bethlehem. What what's all obeying Bethlehem, again, Bethlehem means house of bread, which is the name for the the big dipper consolation was also the need for a long time house of bread. So again that just corresponds to things that were in the sky around December twenty fifth, during ancient taught you did the big deeper differs, everyone,
colleagues, the big, deep friar in the sky, with the things that I got, five hundred precedent, HAM Wilson, the PAN Wilson, what platforms, IRAN and other yam plan as it always do it won't get around just like. Well, you better get a Vulcan topple Mayo, because my mom duration, PAM, is just think me. Real name. Luther Luther have Well logic the name Hamley you're. Never have we haven't. Madam president, with a good, nickname and along the nonsense, given Hell Harry Hell Adriana Nuke, the Japs Harry, but whether we have your net that it knows this browser you family about you, She was reading or thing last night talking about how like they fought so aggressor Let me guess who, although many layer and girls are things that we had a newcomer, not their humble, rise. We went too far. Well,
we are having today. I would argue that we enter the warped about five years before was gonna be over. So we saved lives, we save lives in a military, lively asteroid farms who gives I mentioned earlier of people that, out of all that, I know what I'm just sign up saying of the place and time different pleasant. I wonder if I was present at the time that it be like. Do we drop these nuclear bombs, Japan, Ivy League, well, look in would be righteous to look at Rach me, my presidential bo video David all ages, the man. I would, of course, like to see
No, it's a different fantasy than what a good precedent would have. So we can present Henry pizzas of asking just motive or because you promised, for I gave myself my favorite round food Andrei Peter Peter Peter pay that pizza eyebrows, gay you're really ever re route further. I gotta favorite long food do in our time not being Henry Bangles aroused in. Henry Everything bagel with logs and cream cheese, and maybe some cheese, the eyebrows ski. Is it out near I gotta dizzy? I won't oh, I must have gotten up too fast the sea ice? Like me, we made the wrong choice, but are we gonna throw
option unheard option is if it is actually the one in interest me, the most have led the these bees. Are they talking about when the gospels came out, although all in stagger times after quota quoth, the age of Jesus, again, not real right that these people that, according to the apostolic like belief, system of the catholic church as it this was self was from eye witnesses. People were there. We saw Jesus who knew Jesus, but then you kind of found out that, basically what it was it was written by guys. You said that they knew the guy's. Theirs is limited a guy you're. The gospel mark was a guy like I knew Margare we'll work. Wasn't that written two hundred year again hundred eighty, but that was the one that was the simplest written there's a lot of there's a lot of different like their theres many arguments about like which was the first car. And good elements to some words like Matthew, Mark and Luke. Having given credible
the more elements that a lot of people talking now like they may have all been based off of one of the other gospels, or there was another thing talking at a cue document that they call click where which is like French recorded at Calais, grimly and acute it. Then this means that, like they just don't know what that thing was because of the Lucan. John ones have similar elements and another you don't so they think there may have been an earlier document that they just stole from is. Another thing you learn is that they just stall shit and rode original stop yeah Shakespeare. Again, that's why I don't understand given like has a lot say about Shakespeare. All I'd imagine he does, for he has a lot to say about everything. Just so ridiculous would signal these hissing and where, in his right, mind wooden poor man named William Shakespeare ever coupled with some of the brilliant plus and of as many plays I submit, he did not nose like, but the everyone does.
Each other off. There were stories, and it happened five years more innocent mark, like kind of that, the the Dick Gospel like the one that has other shitty rules in it, no mark as the basic one Gov workers, the one that just a mark as the basic law, and that just basically said Jesus came out. He perform these miracles and then it's kind of anti jus gases like the individual. Simply saying this is you know, and the Jews murdered him and the Jews forsake. Ireland was resemblance like minus the aunt I jus thing. What the best friend of David Blaine is gonna, be saying and fifty up up up up up up. It was a real ass. All I'll tell you what fucking guy for better bidding is lots. Hacking contributed yea major flowed everywhere so with which your favorite ITALY would leave this saga this idea of the day? You know the gospels kind of stole from each other, and also there are obviously in a sort of competition. They were never supposed to be. One book
it was supposed to be one gospel- was chosen to be the b, the Bible, ok and all the rest of them could go fuck themselves, but with what the smart people did later on was taken put them together and then you could see them many contradictions and stories and basic Would you find out? Is there there's one line of thought that the that the Jesus story is an allegory for how the jewish people would be the jewish people believed that they were being constantly punished by God, because they did not know how to properly worship him, because the Jew, have been persecuted by cultures. For ever since the beginning of being Julia, they have been ruled by other people never themselves, and so the idea is that, like even when the opportunity come, opportunity came to meet the Saviour said when Jesus. What was on earth- the true son of God, The Jews met him. They betrayed him and then they murdered him, and even then, when presented with the true Savior there
do we say no Amanda, they very stressed out. Is that how you feel at this yeah? You we're not supposed to fail at this robot that, with these costs will serve as a showing up like look at all the things that Jesus did, that we ignored and then betrayed. And I was also the thing with the Marian Jesus they were supposed to be like they are said, to be a new Adam and Eve, and that Adam and Eve failed gods. Ass. An Jesus, Adam and Eve is another version of the Nimrod submarine as Tammuz SAM and Jesus Ameri were the ones that pass. The test is original, documents made Kane Virgin son of Eve, will now there was another thing to is that that was wasn't. The original source Nirvana talk about like they're, not the Bible which comes from Noah's perspective, and then there is also the story of Lilith like the first beds. Zed Rask roles talk about old, like all the weird again about that Jesus method. Will you did see. Scrolls were nevertheless come from, which is angels even say. A novel em like Gabriel raped.
Woman in a field and made a man, so maybe it's I wanna buy up the languages in every limb. Equals anarchy equals the. Or what are they called Damon's equally, Emma went ass yet damage a real world else was the young, the the indian version, which is again- the reptilian race and put us here to run that ended in the grail. Graham S CUP, no observes our blood these are people saves a peruvian Jesus bloodline. It's not it's way over. Here was a real to just ever outsider broiling, you saw me what right rocky any has not been drinking folks, not totally over here. Iraqis brine, I end it was Napoleon was chinese, really was weird. Why users, black Napoleon Chinese was born of art was was Joan of arc? Was a dude trust, the lady right now
Liberty is a rocket ship. Well, I got one warehouses. If I could talk of factory L Shore, I very much fuckin real shit out there. I got a subscription to coastal coast for Christmas. You, yeah good about yourself. I got us if you do not get it for two years. I bought it for myself up into buying December twenty. Fourth, in December, to celebrate Christmas, I got a subscription to Texas Monthly, Is that just like free smells? A barbecue package is just another baggage dirt. I better get yourself some horrible shoes come on. These texts is just a great man Seen about all the cool things happening in taxes, this wonderful jeopardize Wilson would like greater rights I call on how to address pod address. Every morning my girlfriend got a product with here's. Your wife's work for fuckin friends or shut up about it does right. Yet you it'll be ready, holds its body. Shots get put her till it put on some spanks, alright Henry, so
this whole thing has been completely insane supporting MRS Disorganized, not just in order to But I will say it was probably the most organised of our disorganized episodes. Good idea yeah? I would say: yes, it is definitely more organised than are alien agenda episode yeah. I still think, probably our most confusing one, the absolute! we discussed are putting up suddenly articles. I omit to put a supplementary material on the Facebook page good. I feel free to read them, don't believe in Jesus Christ, you're a fool. If you do you know. Well that makes you of our. Maybe a christian people risk I don't know who could possibly listen this podcast will. This has been very intro, It's been enlightening about the actual faith, it's very interesting. It would have nice. I tell you what men it would have been nice if Jesus was around. He seemed like a Ruby Guy really do you like a thing like you do in real life smoke that sweet with a guess what man human beings are fuckin animals who can barely keep from murdering each other
and we can't let a nice guy be around because we would chop is Dick off right. Constantly in like funny. I need it in a guy now we would eat it and the fog it like the turn of the millennium, like fuckin voters are not to be a lot easier. Christ, a nice guy, they would have dropped him up and eaten his deck, usually when we were doing over the native americans- and you didn't hear about them for a long time, because you ve been here about him to white people found him and woe was a day well. Why people found native Americans, because those poor battle arrived at a good time more right and why we will shortly be small talk at it. Yes suck in having a good time. We could do anything right, we'll giving a whole I mean. Is it what we mean talk about what we second good times and original ideas, except for vaudeville, We are not available and it is a pity that we did a lot of ill pizza. We did the blue Iranian gonna love. Aluminum
I bet you have. This kind of issue is whether we like it. I did have this argument with my girl from one days like not why people have done great shit she's, like name MIKE well, pizza pizza again VON available cars. Yeah yeah cars? We marry, aren't you a hobby, yet we did that. You know the printing press. Silicon Valley, mostly white people, you know gotta hats. With ways roller coaster that are just dead, drops sure those are good ones. We did. We probably get our hands on. Ok. Can you as a final cakes, jibs, exciting, vital concedes, You said it In short, you that you, bearing all and eat six months later, I'm actually give them to the Asian. We already written video choose. If you have to choose one of these, you get the do. We have any more,
Bottom help. That's all we gotta get out of the Bible has often get the psychological David. I can we get. The third theory here, which one do you think is the most accurate and are the most of them I want to say, Mr. I honestly think that every single, every single mythical story that exists comes from humans, original fascination with the sky and are visible God the sun, and then everything else is kind of comes from eaten mushrooms broken wait, play I make believe, and our brains not being hooked up correctly. For the first time in twenty thousand years, an exact weakens our consciousness was so we we were more hive. My I do believe that we, coming up, we were psychic. Neanderthals could speak with each other mentally B, Was it the same way animals do in terms of like using physical? like Jerry, horizontal, very subtle, Smell Lahti, language, yes, and that he will, if things are very different, consciousness was different so that there are even talk about the Greeks. The ocean was read, they saw colors differently. You know
this like what they use the way they do all those original statues redecorated were crazy. Colors, like they were never white. It was like humans had a very different concept of the world and it took a long time before us for for us to get to this very Boring shitty way that we look at it now is a hallucinate on a daily basis have all on our own. Yet now we got a fuckin gonna, fuckin good, called lie Dave over he's gotta hang out for twenty minutes. There tell me about its organ jam ban and he's got a new sound hook up for us like a television and I'm just like just dropper, mushrooms, out in your sly Dave, because I got shit to do. I gotta take these mushrooms and go see two thousand one another. Right, everybody, that's the show that markets have been. Thank you for clarifying. Although we ever needed to know about the Chris. Psmith Happy Windsor solstice. I hope that you enjoy your fetid ham, Please fetid hand smoke your holly ram, that's what I'm into called do. We then you should smoke in prison on IRAN,
some other raw materials like in steel drum all right. I guess Mcgann elation legislations ring installation, pile me I'll, be.
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