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Episode 58: Cobra, The Light Aliens, and You

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Henry explores his newest theory about the constant battle between the Reptilians who want to subjugate us and Codename: Cobra, the hero who represents the light aliens who only want the best for humankind and pyramids and crystals and the Queen of England plus yetis.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time Look up on me and weep with envy. Three nine months it is turned his head six year was unreal. Shakespeare was just Sir Francis Bacon. You know them. I his team of sixteen year old boy, slaves. Thank you, David Icke alright, let's markets on Ben and then with this- is that when you see my reflects, Hanina could never hear the end of her baby. Damn.
Stevie dukes, the reduced serum and all I have an empty milk. That's a bit of a problem! I can see how you got the last name decks. You really ehlers things out here, all alone would bowl or through big hit me in the throat wow working circuit I saw a small poor. No that was similar to that last time. Well, I'm sorry about that.
I'm sorry that continued it's fine? I like that, I'm Henry Zebrowski hello, so Henry we get a lot of research, you've been doing and what so? What are we talking about today? The begins already. I don't know why I get snotty when I come in this office. I think that there is, I think we have a mold issue, Marcus. No, no! No! It's a it is all your nasal cavity have a mold issue. Aim I mean it it's some sort of weird in here, but I'm pretty sure it's bone marrow, yeah, That's probably true. That's what I'm allergic to is all the bone marrow particles flying. I mean there's a lot of disgusting things flying three or you can. I have a lot of congestion going on yeah. That's true! It's me breed the north. It is weird- and I just want to say this to listeners out when he's off air. He sounds nothing like what he's on air in this is MIKE was so nineteen sounds yet your persona sounds like an opera singer. Who is just like a thrice divorced. I smoked about a pack of cigarettes a day during the six pack of modello.
He will allow me to be really really busy metropolitan opera get lairy outta here, yeah he's bad Rubio or Juliet free voice now he's back Benin, Marcus. Sleep I slept, and so I'm plugging full nrg yeah. I am not in the mood for it. So if you did everybody else, if you get food, always time for Stevie Dicks, alright, so I've been living sitting to a lot of coast to coast recently because of the wonderful gift that I gave myself and it keeps on giving and giving and giving a subscription to coast to coast of your absolutely I'd love it. I love the show I want. I'm I've been call in and they don't take my call. Why don't they take your clean because of most going like I pick up and go or I d a pulls, the pulls the hang up on the ground yeah and they they have the screen me yeah. I get screened out. I'm just going to am I live. Am I live? Am I on the air?
I always want to be on the air, and so recently I decided I put the David Icke Book down. We've been talking about this. I've been breaking it. A lot about you can read it for about nine months and you've gotten to page one hundred and eighty along is the book about four hundred page. Ok, good, I'm giving it a break given in David, like you beat me with your wall of facts. Okay, it is very difficult to the next page. Has all the answers on. I know this. No, I'm skipping ahead to the princess Diana chapter next week, once I'm done reading some just fictions rings of normal fiction, okay, good, because this is a fiction. I can't deal with the hard truths. Aha, so you want covered a recent hard truth, though now that's very. Oh my god am I at the bottom of something big men. I wouldn't say this is a hard truth. I say this is a bit of a comforting actually with this. Is this finally, some hope for humankind? Yes, ok up until this point, we have been the puppets of the reptilian agenda. That's right up until this point. What we are is the genetic
hodgepodge of reptilian dna in the brown people that now that's the scientific term know know know, know genetic hodgepodge. What do you call it when, like? Let's say you just have like a pile of eggs on a plate and use Jackov, wow, you mishmash yeah. I know that. That's what that's what we were right and now we we became into the the warrior apes are supposed to be. We help pick up the gold and then you know we help them for a certain period of time. It's come to my attention. The reptilians we help for certain the reptilians. Of course it's come to my attention, ladies and if there was a resistance movement against the agenda and the wars going on right. Now, really the wars going on right now this is explained the and the and the progression of light is winning. It is an inevitable victory for the light and retries, Where there's no way there is no fucking way. The reptilians are going to ever be able to conquer the pure positivity,
a force that we are generating. Using specific points on the earth's energy group surrounds us like a loving pair of mother's hands. Right now, the comfort and control certain key points. We will get the proper sixty percent energy overflow that we need to do to turn over the ripped. Billions reincarnation machine, which is what allows them to re put themselves into the have any Morton Jew families in the in the media. Well, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah million machine, this machine that you speak of. What is that look like? Well? No, the the really hard a green carnation machine here, it's it's technically called the incarnation grain clash and what it is is that they because Kryptonians in life, what were going to start again from the beginning, with little little taste of what we're talking about here, the reptilians, the reason why they can't show up like in their full for sure it's be cause of our dimension right. So,
here. That's why they don't just show up? Yes, yes, because we can't we can't appear physically in our dimension. So how do we know that they're reptilian mark, as here is part of it's in the air they show up under this mess, as as microscopic particles in the air and in the was sort of a golf cart to yes- yes, yes, if you smell it, if you smell that sulfur smell every time, you're near me, right and let's just say I had like nine
it's a cabbage for dinner with cut up hot dogs. Like I like to do yeah, I called podcast fuel right. I do a little explosive short and you feel I just had thing yeah. I love the you eat like a Delorean back to the future, that's really great, but it did the appears, microscopic particles and that we can help them the attach themselves for life force which isn't even more deadly than than anything else and turn us turn us into things. The these beings called Archon switch over the physical representation, so real. And people like did you Rothschild family, we're looking at the digital representation of what of the reptilians would like taking over so this would be like. Let me ask about the fourth dimension windows. How is this different from Scientology know? Know, know, know, know, know, know, know Christology into that sounds a lot like Scientology millions. This is, This is beyond in our contact sounds very similar, different, very different,
Tachyon is Scientology right yeah. What is it? What is tachyon since, like call Keon's are the ancient evil. God was destroyed on earth and then he was exploded and then, when he was exploded, it went up into the earth, is particles and now the only things that are preventing humans from becoming true beings is the tachyon's in our body. So therefore Scientology through giving Tom cruise money, you can be free of tachyon. You say it's not, unlike that it has much less money behind it. So let me go back to the actual impetus for basically I said I listen to put to coast, am for four days straight up, Mark got. The last call I I was sitting by myself. I was packing my house, we moved, I moved into my house, and I was unpacking and working on working on seven, I was also while I was on set. I would sit and listen do it on my headphones and people be like hey, are you into and I'll just like, bigfoot
search, liturgy, creature and they're, like thank you. Henry you've got to be on set in five minutes. Thank you, an ai, which is it's it's difficult, 'cause 'cause, I am. It's Una frame of mind, maybe more succeptable than normal yeah. But at the same time some would say it turns you, food No! No! No! No! No! No! I'm talking about opening my eyes to what is going on in America. Today, a man came on named cobra mostly in american situation. Most definitely I mean it's always happening all over the world. I mean London is still the the beating heart of the Illuminati yesterday they, That's what they are. They are the only that's really live. Okay with that, because it's like yeah cause to Prince Charles and the other be other. If I can take off their scale yeah, they like they both is weird- is in the reptilian family, the, but the men and women have with the US, is that the the from the man reptile just do
games, its way into the penis of the female. So it's a thinner peanuts, but no, no, no, no same size. Penises, one fuckin' forces its way inside the other funkiness, and then it shoots his sucking black hot. Billing, sperm and that went to their egg sacs, and then they shat out all that build a fertilized egg. Through there. Black. Well, I also was nominated allergic to that. Let us know yes, yes, yes, yes, yeah what it called slime eggs. Yes, my bench yeah brazilian queens. It was a very impressive, also a man named cobra came on who could not reveal his true identity because His mother was right next to no no, no, no, he because uh when they talk about in with the light resistance that people really fighting these reptilians is that they it's not about the messenger, and they never want that message that your message that trying to send forth to
the sullied by any sort of personal characteristics of the messenger right? 'cause? It's not about that! It's not about personality. It's about the big picture. And he is saying that right now in the streets of the world right they're going out there, and then we are fighting one by one, a war against the archons in order to which is actually gigantic game of risk? Yes, The idea is that the reptilians using burst position in this cobra is the human like represent he's the PR guy he also speak his voice so on coast to coast, they put him It's going like yes, yes A new man. Ya got your do not not you don't get the ads, get positive energy. We use the positive energy to contract against the archives and like It's a really gonna tell you like old times. John was just like hey man. We can understand you know going on she could you couldn't really understand him down which airport, but then the tried
eve, masking thing on the whatever it is. The voice changer kept breaking sort of the middle going like yes again. We always that made asian Agnese Ellen, and then it was just like turn into and then we it down to the curfews ball. I did you like silence and then a red if he takes his leave as a drug. I can. I can you know, that's the magazine broke that be speaking and writing, but basically using forty. Five women using forty five year old, women's money and energy in time, oh yeah they take. They have these packages. When I put that there was a part of the thing I put on my facebook profile, this thing about chromatic trips through each which is this idea of the the way that it would be kind of touched a little bit since last time. Now, there's a now a school of thought. Believing that you don't, It was it's not in there David Icke Universe, it's that there is. There was a back in the day ancient Egyptian,
had like use of sound energy and that the with the with the pyramids were place was using like in order to capture free energy from the energy grid that surrounds the earth, which is like the ionosphere us as initially but saying that the ionosphere is like a grid, and then you put important things on the cross. Overstock on the matrices of the grid, and then what you can do is you can harness that energy and you can use that like the Egyptian instead to create sound Technology that lifted the pyramid blocks and put them in a that were ABA came from that's man. That would be such a classic awesome, funking weed video. Idea. Just like that, just like seeing H objections use their sound technology to float rocks that began. The basically did what cobra
and his followers do, is they put together the power strips yeah little brothers? I love you put together these travel packages to go to Egypt, they do. Is they live their ways inside the egyptian pyramids and that, with what they say is. Is that the core belief of this resistance movement, that they have been using channelers using people who basically said that an alien shows up in your brain and talks to you basically saying why sounds like Lawrence Taylor. I know raising their, but he basically he said that They were revealed. The true plan from these are group of plea, Etienne's and Andromeda ends, which is like a good anti where the reptilians are from in new borough. These are people that don't what they they they believe that earth is a crux on their own. Bigger energy grew
on the even like the Universal Energy grid. Is that even though we're this far away where this bum fuck redneck planet, because we're in the middle of nowhere that they say well. This is a very important part on the universal matrices that like an so Adelaide, so there fighting for it to end against retellings because repealing the eventually are just are just parasites just go from place to place suck up all the bad juju, suck up everything, then what do they do with the energy? They are evil. I see now a lot of sense. So, ladies and the right, I literally look for that answer for, like a while, I was like what else is like in the end. I was like. Well, what's the full gin and grain yeah, there was no. Nor is no- and you know you just global domination, just they're just in charge, yeah which you already. Are you
Thank you. So this all started either. So basically he said that like and so what he does. Is he charges these like forty, five real women to go with him? I named the occupy the pyramids, because the idea is that it's like a game of risk where you want to occupy territory. They were telling started way way way back in the day, using the guise of like the catholic Church, selective, like always talks about and using like building giant monuments on important points of the year. Energy grid allow cause you to like gain access to the energy grid and then, like kind of take over the Fugen thoughts of the planet, like you can like her device Curtis. We cannot use the great pyramid of Giza Cathays their daddies. There are no no and she brought scones and all the positive vibes created by these delicious scones driving me insane craigmillar. What if we just ate one of the sky,
no, no, no! No! We was really mad and evil. You know I can just go out and get a scout now we must remain a hungry frisco. That's not all our lives allow us to reach the end of almost every city of LAS. What is the insidious plot shut up. He just torn apart by bunch of razor wire and that's the last time, anyone collections by insidious plot. So they go to Egypt to occupy. These areas in order to win them for the light side. You go. You pray in them and I know what you do is that you create the sort of spirit circles that allow you welcome in the alien starships from Pleiadians an Andromeda Nse, because they need a physical like anchor
in this dimension, and this is all real, and this is all stuff that COBRA said with his other guy for things like Robert Gucci or something so big No he doesn't have a code name no Holbrook and Robert Pucci literally his did not have a code name and he was just like the whole time. John Wells's to their own like well. Why don't you have a code and why is it so port for him to be secret? is going like it's the message, that's important, not the messenger, John yeah, but well. You know you don't have one, so we could just go and torture John Pucci Boiler look up the financial records of the man who owns
two thousand and twelve dot blogspotblogspot dot com. You can never give by the website that you still got it logged trust. Own personal block. Read something read the latest thing, so we could show everyone exactly how far we're getting in the war against the alien forces. The latest update two thousand and twelve portal dot, blogspot dot com and put it on the last podcast Facebook page I'm going to put more, I found it goes, the guys, and I actually think that we, this may be a last podcast breaking story. I think that we're the only ones who are going to tie all this together and it's true- we have this resistance, move it 'cause. They don't really bring up David Ike when they talk about any of this stuff, and so this is the other side. This is the this is those like them fighting against reptilians. This is your theory. Yes, but no, but they know they bring up reptilians. They do they call them archons and they called him draconian. But the idea is that this is like it's it's the same story line. I don't know if
Maybe they read the biggest secret while in a particularly like upset frame. Mind near me. That could also happen. I got a feeling: COBRA spends a lot of time being upset. I think that COBRA it's more things at the top of their store right, because mother, like over cooked the bacon. I was like talking about how like what are Buddy Nick Shiver. Ella wanted all of us to call him viper, and I was just like yeah fuck her. I think we called him fagot, I think that's. It became his new nickname, but the cobra like just showing up it's like yeah got a brass right right, yeah sure it's your then go over your right, yeah yeah, we're gonna call you choose your drink and I don't know why. Well, here's the the newest liver, here's! The news update from the etheric liberation from cobra. There is the more progress being made the a theoric arc on grid in layer.
Between one hundred and ten feet in eight point, six miles above and below the surface of the planet is slowly and in some cases not so slowly disintegrating due to actions of the light forces and there are more and more like beings present in those if layers in the meantime, if the innermost surface, a favorite layer up to a hundred and ten feet above. Below the surface profile is still pretty dense with few occasional cracks in the matrix. Would you seem so, but you just said, pretty dense with a few occasional cracks in them right. It seems like it's filled with cracks in the matrix and, what's the matrix, that's why to keep going main problem remaining. Is the etheric elf harp technology? That's is a big problem, it keeps the matrix into one layer in place. I want to know more about the etheric elf, so part of where this really believes this echoes David Ickes as well, which is talking about how the reptilians are in charge of the incarnation grid, so they allow themselves to
in two places of power where they need to be, and he this is the light aliens also do that on their way, but they do it like we're like Robert Gucci. For the his name. Is the reason why he was reincarnated to where he was because he was a really good friend of Doctor Fred Bell: Who will talk about soon? Who is a first Iration contact d, uh from one of the Pleiadians, but the The idea is that the the the have reincarnate their way into like in two parts of political power and they've, used that in order to okay all of the harp technology, research right and that that that harp technology is what I'll help strength. The reptilian hold on the power points. On the world's energy grid.
Number one. I just want to say you what went back need to have a crazy off, and I want to see that debate and I think the Glenn Beck might actually turn to your site, but so what are the palladium's than doing? How do you fight these reptilian? I mean, obviously you hospital vibes and I'm sure it's just some sort of hippie positive vibes. Yes, that's it well. There are several tools that are used in order to help accentuate these PA. So what if you actually want to look at it I'll give you simply at and technologies? Let's look here. No, these are. These are things that have been channel through for through Doctor Fred Bell who died mysteriously into eleven of a heart attack. Right. So now you can manage this like we just all agree. I heart attack is no no, no! No or the most. Hi. Yes, you actually how this entire thing work, it's the least but or the most over here. So I never thought about it.
So, and so these were channel two him. He is a famous he's, an engineer. He says he's a doctor, but I mean I don't really see really where the total proof is that he was a doctor. He also said what was the part of the bio like said I forgot what alien he was speaking to to he. He he was working on DDS Two that would be dds form three three two. Yes, he was the one of the first to bring the awareness of it, and I looked it up, and you know what, surprisingly enough, there's not that much information out there. What about well yeah, because the cover up yeah, The little information that we have with a little information that we have out there is that DDS form three hundred and thirty two was used by the military report to the higher command of any unidentified aircraft activity. Ok, once this pro How was processed in a strategic AIR Command Center in SAC
I told you to write it. So paperwork, it's paperwork! That's all! It is just like generated the paperwork for Elliot reporting, yeah. We have to print boy. He was the office bit yeah, that's great doctor back and he was there on the fucking spreadsheet, like making it looking whatever Pagemaker like yeah, but he took his job very spoiled. The official complaint of an international government cover up to the general public of extraterrestrial life. Be over Americans guys. He filed a complaint here gets interesting, though, and doctor bills, let last years. He was still working with the government when the a rose to tell people about form DS, sure three hundred two just prior to nine hundred and eleven Doctor Bell was working with famed Doctor Steven Greer indie compartmentalizing, the various agencies
They are working in concert with extraterrestrial of on such projects as advanced propulsion systems, an star wars weaponry. This project was known as the disclosure project and was being presented to the United States Senate on the very day of not find a left, Jab yeah in that car turns up it's not more than nine hundred and eleven like two thousand and nine, and the biggest thing was that it was the biggest roblox he dropped a cup of coffee in his lap on the freeway. That was really made it very difficult for him and I kept reading. I can't believe I reek of coffee is a good point your friend you have written all your notes on a cocktail. Napkin that is soaked with whiskey, allows drinking whiskey, and I was at a bar all right. So this is a guy he's been uh with by aliens he Robert Pucci, who is cobras fuckin' a body man was hit.
Research assistant and that Robert felt that he was reincarnated to this place in life in order to help the resistance movement. So Doctor Fred Bell is in there with some of the alien technologies that we need in order to properly fight the reptilian, a brood yourself now here's a little bit of personal information about Doctor Bell. It is spared, Nine? He very much enjoyed playing with toys, trains and vintage car they were all a bit event, a big passion for him. As were his beloved,
exotic birds at one point in his life he owned eight well, he sounds like a real authority on this issue, all right. So what are some political technology again? It's a message, as I'm working on the messages. Messengers all seem to be very lonely, sad, most likely facts of the messenger. It's going to take away from the purity of fact of the message right right right. I agree this is from tackyhonest dot org. These are advanced pleiadian technologies. These are advanced I think he's just using the word tachyon. I don't think that's right, yeah! No, no! It's just a different! Yet the same same difference you can sign, tells you still talks about Jesus right, they're all aliens, all the time all of as we are slowly approaching the long prophecized golden age, the Pleiade I have asked our core group team at Phoenix Group to start distributing their healing technologies. Secure
entity. For this reason, we have gathered the best plea, Etienne Technologies currently available on the planet and offer them through this website. We are in operation with. You can't seem to find it on Amazon yeah, I guess, was really difficult. We are in cooperation with Pierre, a dying doctor, Fred Bells Company for advanced plea at and technologies. He himself was a plea, eighty in contact, eat and is receive the design for the nuclear receptor directly from SAM just say, a wise. Indian woman and at one point he had a birds We are also in contact with a european inventor of tachyon technology that he is received directly from the Pleiadians. We are actively searching for large scale, distributors of our technologies. If interested, you can contact us directly at group email address for more information in the future.
You know when your time is right. Alludes I begging for distribution rights that, if it is that things are really well, you know it in the future when the time is right and it's safe to do so for everyone involved, we are also planning to offer free energy designs. This website thing that, like while they were talking in Costa because kept talking about their free energy, analogies and all this stuff- and they were like- and and John Wells come being like well how much this cost? So much discussion he's like well, you see one day it will all be free kept saying they would never say, but so, let's go through what it would've the item to clarify one thing: they were disk in these, these tools are you supposed to be used in the golden age? What is the gold in the golden age was supposed to be after the grand portal was opened in December, twenty first, twenty twelve, but there were problems in the energy grid. That's over said is that they aren't there. It was Hinkie dues in the energy right hand which did not allow the portal to be open and then I'll go okay. Into that after I'll get into the flak afterwards. After we talk about the second
Ok, what happens from pure odyn com, the science of the future, creating health an nrg for tomorrow, that's their tagline. First of all, they say Pyramid, hats, the amplifier, spiritual energy, super fucking cool. I want one now I mean you can get. Did you see? The I love the pyramid, fruit, bowl yeah that doesn't appear to be that you put over a plate of fruit called the vitamin. It's really really yours for a Eighty nine dollars, America there's somebody who is dying of cancer and will die from cancer because he believes that's making him healthy and the cheapest one you can get. Is the firedome Seventy five, but if you're really serious about your bullshit,
You can buy the criscilla dome with diamond dusting for the low low price of nine hundred and ninety five dollars, wow symbol, either with the low low part. I just imagine him sitting in a couch somewhere covered in Fuckin' Cheetos. I like just like the he gives it booted, like a good thing on his phone. He sees like order for the Crisilla Dome and he's like. Oh fuckery I gotta make one of these. Alright, let me tell you why this thing, let me tell you why this thing is worth nine hundred and ninety five dollars. Alright, here's what it promotes! One total crown enhancement, Which means it's? A nice hat, I'm gonna start saying that every single time I see somewhere that could happen, Well, you know I gotta say that that gives you like cooking, I mean seventy five percent not mad. Well. Thank you. Henry dramatically improves concentration, meditation, an creativity. It is inspired by the psychic enhancement work with of Edward Casey and his studies,
Virginia Beach sand. They talk a lot about Edward Casey. In all of this, it also promotes Bro space technology using proprietary deposits of copper, silver and gold, and much like, all the other hats I made it on the toilet can you also look up a book called serpent of light? I want to get that authors name. This is another one of these see. This is the guy who made, I don't know If any way of your facebook. Friends with me look on my facebook page there is that thing there called the hidden history of America and you should watch it. It is written by this guy done below drawn Volo MEL Chiswick it yeah, and this guy is a deck. He is a direct Conti of Thoth, which was the lady, intelligence that Egyptians worshipped on what was the name of that? One, fellow that you mentioned here at the we're dealing with the hats. Fred Bell: no, not Fred Bell the guy that you said that they mention a lowbrow. Edward Kaycee, however, okay, see Edward Casey. All about is he
a whole episode? Okay, advert and working in the future? He is the one of the most important, a cold voice. He was a profit like he was a guy who was a psychic and, like eight nineteen like now the early nineteen, hundreds yeah? I got, and he is very famous he he is a basically the beginning of all in like we're like Alice you're Ali was like the beginning of a like sex magical world. Where Anton Lavey came from he, swear like all new age. It came from like all the crystals and like all of this ship with their images and you can, you can buy crystals from purity dot com, those they have twenty eight different crystals that you can buy. You can buy the Atlantis on sale marked three thousand one hundred dollars to one thousand nine hundred watt? What is it? Is it from
Atlantis! If you say that it's from Atlantis it says, Atlantis is an Nrg Quarts Master Crystal source from RON Coleman's mind in Arkansas features a twin who's, winning golden title. Now it features a twin point and stands beautifully keep saying these names like you're, supposed to know that there's always like these people, just like you and RON Coleman's mine is being is brimming with you don't know who RON Goldman's read my pamphlet because getting five dollars, I type to RON Coleman into Wickman to Google and apparently big Coleman is an american professional bodybuilder who had that's, not the right guy? No, that's not the right guy who owns a mind of atlantic german land is jumps I'm so after they basically on because it because you're less is kind, and so all of this is like you. When you go deeper into the research, I have a ton of research they went through and it's all reiterating sing self. It's all very I cook could do
go bananas and basically kind of like also refer back to a lot of your name and you You can do the bananas, but there is, you know, there's a lot to you know. Kind of like talking about you know. The energy grid and kind of talking about like the earth's own kundalini line, if you're into yoga and all that bullshit, which I do not like a bra zier, which is the idea that it's the shockers of the body, ok good, starts with your fucking head, Yes, it does at this site. Every time you talk about truckers, you immediately go to your crowd because that's the most important shocker, because that is where all creative energy Don't you see? I touch my penis like this look at look down. Look down. You see. I touch my penis like this right now, I'm literally touching my piano, you are what you do. Is you activate this? You activate your hardware state your penis right? That's what David was talking about. It's like the reptilians use sex. You sex rituals for a bad, but the one thing, these light aliens is that they use sexual sexual rituals for good, which means they bang a lot.
They've been quite a bit, so it's like if you want to get layed, go to one of the like seriously. I bet these Egypt tours with these forty five year. Old women is fucking pussy Now what we have to go to now is the portal conference? Oh yes! Yes! Yes! What I love about this is so cool. Is identity, is fuqing secret as hell right, because you never know who's going to find him and again you don't want to mix up the messenger the message, but they also do paid conferences where they will. Show up and talk in London, Paris, Rome the beach chain, my Hilo in Zurich and so, but what he apparently would they say that they do is. Is that it's a locked room? He wears a mask
and then he says hello to you like over mass, and I was going to let it's more or less. I don't know your names covers, so I just go with whatever feels right. Whatever your character's gonna me, I'm gonna have Steve rejects. Well, let me say that the blood, the blog is twenty twelve portal dot, blogspot dot com. However, the conference site is portal, twenty twelve dot org and that cost of that to costs like seven bucks and more out there they're on go daddy without all right. So This is a three day conference now. This is what you pay for. You go meet cobra, and this is the original. How much this cost it does I could not find a price not begun again Ben when it comes down to the resistance to get. The reptilians, Is money really an object? Well
It was so it starts Friday evening, Friday, evening. Introduction with meditation cool cool, totally grew totally group. That's just what happens we joined spread around you're, going to be fine, it'll fun Saturday morning gets. Be real. Fast starts, Saturday morning, liberation of the plant that you get galactic wars and Atlantis. Yes, on the warranty and earth in our car, and I took Cortina earth in our cons last conference. Can I get a? Can I do a rest period? You can do forces of light and forces of darkness all gets great grand when they were you reading. That's right after resistance movement. That's right! Yeah and that course you get a break lunch Saturday how you awkwardly segue from like resistance, movement and saving the earth to like,
okay well, haven't ramps, you ribs time for barbecue Saturday afternoon the event now this is the other We keep talking about this, the events they keep saying that the event will, once the event happens, will be able to offer these technologies for free bowl box. The event was supposed to happen on December, twenty first, two thousand twelve, the, but what they said this is even though the event didn't happen. December 21st, two thousand and twelve allowed significant building blocks to be made towards the event. So there's a lot of good on that to get the plan. Removal of the dark forces the new file. Ansul system advanced technologies, disclosure in first contact. Terry light body activation event horizon and, of course, galactic Superwave and Ascension plan yeah. Ok, that's!
it's cool and then that's it for Saturday Saturday, night time it groovy, but at that that that that that yeah, it's all just like it's all, just them sitting like quietly having like one beer in the freaking weird motel, eight like bar, exactly Cobre, bought one beer for everybody. That's it however, want to join that beer. I got yeah yeah, never forget who your cobra is. Oh man he's so good to us. I love corona. Your beach Everybody getting mozzarella sticks anybody disorder, mozzarella sticks. I can pay for this. I didn't just see cobra like lifted up his mask to have a mozzarella stick and looking around to make sure nobody stops hot mess around with this so these palladians or is there more so there's still Sunday, man, oh still Sunday, yeah yeah yeah, you wake up.
Sunday morning, start on a positive note. Planetary liberation and you yeah your mission, the life you were meant to live joining the light forces deprogramming the masses. Planetary liberation, meditation healing the timelines. Now healing the timelines things I do not understand. I don't know what that means, or what is there even fucking remotely talking about no even begin healing what timelines the timeline see that's the thing is that the end game, I think the end game is. Is that eventually they're trying to build a time machine to go back in time and prevent the reptilians from ever coming? right there by healing the time and going to allow which earth is always been positive, I want in yeah maybe the base sign me up and then of course, Sunday afternoon it all winds down return of the goddess experiencing goddess energies and the goddess for
meditation. That's just how to achieve clitoral orgasm here's? The legal believe get everybody break out. Your rabbits come on girls and many dot com get some of your goddess energy, going that Adam and Eve got cut out of any dot com input, the code Ccar for discounts yeah and the legal The legalese the end non disclosure agreement must be signed by each participant. No photography recording topics presented may be subject Which just means it could go from that to like? How do we get cobra car started again helping cobra pay for his utility belt. Why does cobras car have so much rust on it all right? Well, that's cobra! In the news conference. I want to know about these Palladian's a little bit more, and I mean how do something: they're good vibe aliens. These are good vibe aliens, they're, trying to control our future. They know that we are an important species to the universe and they want to make sure that they can help control our our development.
But I'd like to end it with a little bit about how so they open up the lines. Finally, they got done with not being able to understand them anymore, and so they open up the lines and they had people call Ann like one of the things that could happen is like I kept happening, was people were calling and being like cobra! I gave you guys a lot of money and um. You said it was going to changes in twenty twelve, and I'm really looking for something and you keep making excuses. You keep saying that they use yeah, there's like energy capsules that are keeping opening a portal so but schedule point awards are going to spend a lot of money cobra and he was just like you just like you hear the people he ripped off like, next year, of course, 'cause he's ruining people's lives, Koba sitting around eating all the Wendy's. He could shove and his cobra mask
redefine his patterns yeah, but you know I mean these people for as much as they loved him. They have rebounded in the exact opposite way and now they hate him and they feel mistreated and abused taken by him. You know you're going to get taken by cobra. I just love the fact that there is there is a whole, be story and I'm going to go deeper and deeper and deeper into it. Yeah I'm going to join the resistance movement, because this is what they said. It's like one thing that they're looking for is looking for celebrity endorsement they've been operating under things like they know it's time to start moving out getting the word out and they have the new. I forget what the term is. I felt what it was. He was like some, like it, they're doing a conference in Hollywood and they're trying to get these celebrities to calm and it's like Petition Lee in order to Caprio, and we like, they were like saying all this stuff like we petition them to come and maybe like help us like bring shed some light on the movement blah blah. We have really gotten responses yet, but we think that if we keep pushing it- and we can see we're going to get someone like you know
a you know: uh uh we're going to get a regular with Pat Sajak yeah Jack know. That's why I'm saying if I get something- and I become a celebrity which celebrity star is on the rise, you have a show coming out here and you were just you just film the movie, so I feel like you could be the face. I think it's gonna be me. I think you're, literally the only one with like my old celebrity credit that would do it. So well, it's going to be an alligator sentiment email, but I only get some crazy, but yeah so much forty five year old, fucking, primo tail completely sexual prime, later on yeah they're, looking different You know they're acting their sassy they're all around you know I mean like they've, been there they seen and done it. You know now to meet another scene, dummy young lad like me, coming in their sauntering in their prize pig, What is the dickens? Are you already immediately after I'm ready to be
fearless leader of the resistance playing with a shocker over there in the corner. I love a good boy: noise all right well, we'll get into some more names and some people that we talked about here, Anna later Podcast, so yeah there's so fast, but I really think we're the only ones talking about this right now we're going to get in on it, if you want to join the resistance movement. Send me an email, send, send find the cobra talk with COBRA he's out there to be talked to read his blog comment on his blog hard let's go at his blog and tell him we're behind him. Cobra support, cobra
needs it. He will alright 'cause. He had to hawk his fucking laptops yeah there are doing well. He is really not doing too hot alright. Well, that's Marcus, I'm Ben, and then that is a common olds. Yeah seen that happen, Magoo Salacia, Wyoming, high Okeene, Hail Satan.
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