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Episode 61: The B.T.K. Killer Part Two: Detective Popcorn

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The B.T.K. series comes to close as we cover his last few kills, how he got caught, and just how much of a terrible person in every respect that this guy is.

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There's no place to escape. Tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started behind over when I give an April is giving it. I'm just give me a joke. You you're there, Joe Jogger, that's mortgage. I've been with us, is always IDA possible outcome of your leave. Is there but your money? You know I just I mean I can always be differences of those. I gotta be me no money with recent aroused made me. I'm not only man do I am a performer. What is this character? That's preacher. There is little figuring overcome report man, he does Jesse custodians living, I'm doing decent living creatures. Knots out, are you really going your home is moving Irene been
so many Hyaena Zob like it. What does your tongue tastes? Like? I don't know man, it's like its blood, we're! That's what I mean is that exists a thing, no matter how much you wash blood off of pvc plastic, adjust the taste always stays. There will be little do that to its for proof of crimes. That on purpose, was being a blood and terrible people and mean personalities. This is part two of buying torture killed. Yeah like a lecture, the bungalow we gotta. Listen. This come back, but this time he's travelling back your time and he's got a Napoleon George. Why seeing tat I had with Hitler's sister out a year in a fuckin telephone, both tat, dim and Bt K and his best friend TED, and it's you go and well for the global oil equal? This is going to be. I can't wait so we are. We are up to the point of his first hiatus. We have gone through the to a total of seven kills Borg. Eleven seven kills thus far. Many speed, tired. I needed.
When filling a short film and I'm tired and I still haven't, killed any women. You haven't you jack your child, not our line of this fact and we can at least not outside. Why does it I've got a life form I ve They did for myself. Dennis raider fantasy camps accept my hit kid. It's got a bunch of dumplings in it and it got a hammock and that I got its two poles. Its golden instrument. You sitting didn't grounds two balls and of economic stability, gets it anywhere and make it a vacant that says if you're on the train, making a vacation, someone get this guy Subpoena collapse. Is live a life on the back up frames already. So Mr Rater is on his hiatus taken over the vacation in the years before his delegation. So what does he up to now? We had just left off with Nancy Fox. That was victim number seven, and this was the first good one yeah First, I'm he actually gonna write quizzes this time they got rid of our side. We get her out was surely via an that was victim. Never
six. No that would live. There was a problem with the kids, because the kids got out. That's right, you're, ok, very, very true answer vocs. I was like that. That's really interests! I did look, do a little reading on that like talking about how, like the fierce pure one year, he was He was like you said. I have a sexual problem when I really need to do here is alleged need to tell you up anew to fuck you and she, down knows you was down on my honestly. Am I going to do this? You put it out of her railing and actual reality. She was just like when she sat smuggled cigarettes, mobile, let's get a fuckin over with than she went out and she got naked and then I'll fuckin kill you couldn't just had sex. John G grew just had an affair, really good- and this is also the one way- went and called the cops yet right afterwards. In time because this was. I think I was an irish problem. There is truly proud of what he did. You like really true
proud? Like I went in, I had a goal. I had a certain that I needed to do. I went in African. Did it was our first time I was at a chicken when it's like you know you just so happy, because I mean the same thing I mean I tied the legs together and New GM it full of fuckin, lemon rights and rosemary. Is you may get a drink out of her Papa Papa Pompones SALT, pepper that's a very doing really fucked, I believe your kill, and that was also him. He stabbed her a whole bunch. Because this is strangling wasn't working for him, so you get what you want then he stepped out. I have a sexual problems. We check that off made her aware, Bind checked off the bind checked off the torture then check the girl, I close actual, liberating exactly in what way did he torture them? I think that too, sure was mostly like the let go. You are situated wagon and you also have have to remember. This is a name. You to himself exact. Yes true, I just thought he was gone like
I'm a little tea cup about goes. It may lose my react like going showing her episodes of luggage, like Turkey Programme whatever, whatever the terrible I wrote a I love. I love that wrong women I mean I'm gonna stay awake and your watch rode out with me. You know, I don't know what it is about you, but I'm just saying I should go out and get a job, and then he tortures me with this road. I wasn't I shall be. Doesn't give me all the be argued that I wrote it and so in nineteen. Seventy seven he takes a hiatus in this is also around the time, the the police finally put together a task force that is made specifically to that's the Bt K killer. They have two names: they go by either alternately the ghostbusters or the Doug Squires ever name for this is that this is a test
forces taskforce assigned to catch me to call themselves the hot dogs really you're? Not taking this seriously dog squad sounds like a gay bore? No, it's a gay Porto or literally a group of fraternity members who have weird hot dogs on saturdays and they go to a different hot dogs at every Saturday. Were the hot dogs wand is my serves base year than the other mustard heat, and given it a thumbs down on a dog squire out, he's got a mere about this. I sounds I guy. It won't smells like add, has been a member of the hot dog squad for some time that it mostly just as polish, whether I am sure they should go to its door step on a regular basis. You not a man, I thought he was a fuckin hotdog farm, the way you're pit smell right, fat, pig,
of course, to end Larsson. Leverage watch on the burn the other night and yeah daddy. Is that you really really really, I guess, not, walk in anywhere? No, the opposite he's a madman. Isn T takes mass for transportation and he walks everywhere. You should not be on the streets of lost angel. It is a dangerous place, nor should it be on the streets in the Bt. K is around law, especially if you're sassy, female fuckin, sachet and back and forth, asking for it have House, going home from work, we rode away dreams with his liberal women. That's what happens is that if we know one of started, when we start linen women play tennis First Badminton days, seeds were planet. I think we can all blame this on. Badminton torture kill us, it also around this time, but
Dennis raider himself gets a degree in criminal science and the University of Wichita Oda? And this not science, a hot dog squad came somewhat close to him at one point, because all of you, I know, I'm just to keep referring to them that the hot dogs level, where they go over them again lieutenant chart. The commander of the hot dog squad was a keen on capturing defeating K. Killer for our Finnish is hot dog. He said always seeds, out of his fucking teeth Well, there's always father hot dog. All this evidence is all mixed up with ketchup. There's a red audience like fuckin God gone well, if not even a god- and this was the condiment apparatus machine hit about here- it's catch up of a hit about here. It's man is in raising managed in a hunter in. This is the only time that the hot dog squad ever came close to demonstrate it, because the letters that he used to send the newspapers in the tv stations and all that they were written on
dog, but you would identify them by smell, text. I will read this, what an relish they were all photocopies and at the time, this is a somewhat. This has sent me learn. I'd think rose from criminal sizing in the days xerox, as would make print slightly larger every time you xerox them, so they can be traced back to anyone typewriter any model I brighter about they could do. Is they could take the ink and trace what ink was in the tone, her and then went to the Xerox Corporation, zero cooperation told them which printers in town have that kind of donor. One of them was end, but they were all public ones, one of whom was at the college were demonstrator guys agree and that's not another one and the other was a public library where a key like put his first note. Well, public Not only are we have whittled down to one in twenty five thousand people now had a university at this
I'm only one always wherein hats covered in the fancy tied bows loves to bind. Who said, I was reading a dyke during that time he was also boyscout, leaner and ill blackout leader. He was especially good teaching, not time, so he was propping up his social status with the boy scout things. He was also mentioned how her already was teaching them like how to tie not now I just like like rigid hard on my tying up a little boys and this site do to they don't struggle. They must give me that Mr Aigner Movie thought that this was fora tying bundles of sticks together. No, I said faggots pebble in Hungary, long laundry. This is something that we have been touched on. Yet business your time. He was a security guy. He was working for
Don T security, installing security systems, and How- and this is how he got good ad out scoping out houses in the proper way to break and again don't let people in your fucking house ever even with an amyloid will. I think that it is part of a personal regarding how do you have a delivery man semitic, better, a weed service monitor the only is the only people. I trust. I deliberately. We recall the only people better what they will never fuck with the true, because it's always chill dude with like a bad name like like corks lever and these are over and he just wants to give me the finest hour rang a tangle mangi. Then he's got. You know. I got bring a month The guys are really why he had some purposely vainly fuckin thick green, An egg fuckin covered in his salty Chris, told Henry is fully around right, so he's eighty is working with the boy scouts he's going to university has all of the accoutrements of somebody who is it
successful member of a witch talk again having to say those just all those are the fucking assign soldiers. He'll tell anybody used, live a life like that is always fake raw. Thank specially a fuckin priest when his goddamn time in a church argue high, was president of the church Board exactly if you are part of the administration of of Looking wizards palace, also known as a fucking, dumb church, you are most assuredly a murderer. At least you have feverish night hardness over little the boys and girls scampering through there and you punish them and you hate their freedom. I would hate the way they danced lighting and talk. But the first thing you, your mansions, pushing down now you might converted Christianity if there was a church called the dumb church. Apparently, that's gotta blood, reverse pants,
Thursday guy. Oh, no, not at all my she's got everything bad with him. You work for the government has a voice called leader for a church imagined they hate hate, filled sermons that he thoroughly joint so from nineteen, seventy, seven and nineteen, eighty five he didn't kill, but it wasn't. You would call I it is more of a slump. Oh yeah, because he tried in nice, Seventy nine remember the upon that arose red last higher Anna. Why didn't you Anna? Why didn't you appear yeah yeah, that was about legged Davy Jones Song, yeah thousand nineteen? Seventy nine percent, two years. After Nancy Fall- and there will be so- he sucks yeah, and then there were a couple of women that each stalked in the early eighties that never work You couldn't here because I in the early eighties people were looking very good so nineteen eighty fires to into an early eighties nineteen Eighty five, he comes back Strong. Ok worry.
Strong with marine hedge aged fifty three so how long wherein he'll get me in Beverly Hills, cop to just come out, I'm sure did he was very excited to be out in about three. How long was I hate to from seventy seven, eighty, five or even eight your hate as one a slump? I all air. So Fifty three old marine hedge! She lived down there. Freed from him, was also a member of their church. He went good that bad wrap. Your board has murder. He abducted or from her home, took her out to a field dog. Rave planet or like she was corn. Planters nutmeg strangled her with pantyhose and as you, looking at her in the grave. He gets an idea picture body up, takes her to the church
then what is very politely I MAC or some other could only have a musical develop. It wasn't easy. Are he takes her to the church and he has keys, of course, and he props her up in separate, let in the sexually suggested bondage position, Sally Eggs, a bunch of pictures over and then takes are and then just throws off. On the side of the road, but not before taking a lot of years of himself in the grave that he dug all tied. But the woman mask on this is the equivalent of boasting about a robbery that you just did on Facebook. Why would you only Instagram was around? I know that you would have done it absolutely how many likes using money like someone they ever this right. Yeah! No luck!
No, why excitement? Nobody gets no legs only the least was popular nerds the world. You know, that's not me, be to carry the basic, a killer on the garage phantom yeah. What this is our dog, but I've got a message to ride up with pantyhose we're not at around her neck, but this was the only one that he ever actually strangled with his own hand. Ok, We asked the Hughes to always use pantyhose and do bigger, let not unlike leave them watching television it. My may write to assume this is the first objection situation. Yes, this is of. This is the first one in which he had duration. Yes, this is this is the first one in which he of ducks the first and only one which he of ducks a woman and takes her to a separate, o, separate location and so sad. She probably thought she was going on a date. Now, he's a you. Wanna go out we're gonna move they'll get some malted. Why are you know I'll TED's lower intense, but I'm lonely there too, ok
abduct another one that will get to hear in a second. However, in nineteen aid. Have can we see the pictures of do the pictures? There's no way to There's that there's no pictures of the woman I mean I'm sure they exist, because he kept everything. Ok I'll get to that. Mr there's gotta be zero pictures you that their pictures of him in re in a grey, ass, big ass, those are fuckin horrifying- will put those up whether we came up with a source page up on the facebook page getting again for that, if you're not totally sick by the end of this year and then about, a year later he goes for Vickie. This last go over this abduction. He threw on the side of the roadway we do after this last go over this abduction. He threw on the side of the roadway worthy cop still completely called again. It must have been stunned, completely calls her there and he was not linked to the previous crime whatsoever not until later. Ninety later within another item, YO getting clue, how did they had? Never this hostage gang high talk, bayonets gotta, stop you in this kind of
why? What guys you were willing to hospitals, we Gracie, you said I have this, feel it gets the the girl all the snow so used to sing songs on the movie theater intermission Niagara out of them just police officers. Now, after the BT take killer, women get murdered everywhere because a jury boss, I'm just a butcher, Of course, that's supposed to found a pretty good girl going over we're so delicious burger alone. So did colonels is driving sit. There was a moment. We greedy things, look it up. Colonel nowhere I have been accused of being sold to lose If you do would be,
will you do that wherever we have at the moment, if you die would be, I gotta go for as long as it gives we ever nice killed, culminated in eighty seven, two years after nineteen, eighty six now but a year and a half later in September, nineteen. Eighty six Vicki regularly here this one? This also, you want a freely came out with his sober solo out. Your grew writer, I believe so again and connections to be made people notice this back then, but now, with hindsight now we see Vicky wiggly. This one is a pretty the policy strangle, this woman to death on his lunch break in front of her two year old son. Real no shit on we're. Once where things are, you know somebody was working at their security company. No one Dennis comes back from logistical. Like man, oh man, I am still so pretty package. I am eating greed and your lunch does in
you know me really getting that cover the bottomless pit of these kinds of issues, you always eat lunch and you'll entering I mention this new died, it's called murdered during lunch and I do not know. I know I'm sorry, we again bring it ain't, gonna, woman, regulated Zenith known, but either way, I'm feeling great. Then finally, his last victim Dolores Davis, on my birthday January nineteenth and gradually, eighteen, ninety one. How old were you then I was eight. Did you help me? yeah. Is we ve got you a gift from taking you to Kansas? What's to you, in charge of the torture. You know this sorcerer's apprentice.
That's what it is once again prove these the killer on the go. He snuck away from a scouting trip to go, kill this woman man he's just trying to wear forget now, and this is only getting like stupid. This is any starts getting cute like the woman was very a tidy woman and so what he does. He goes in the bed in the kitchen and needs a ball of cereal, these Billina honey cereal me away in a party serial killer, cisely feeling is lay like a fuckin jobs over time people, it's ridiculous. I wouldn't leave the jokes to us Dennis. Why does it make me mad so much because he's not doing I'm gonna, just like the guys to do stand up showcases just to it's like television show or the guys. Like the guys who go to allay to do stand up, showcases just to get a television show or the guys in his day in New York and get funny you I mean that,
I now open MIKE's out there to old comedy rooms. Right he's all feel like Jeffrey Jeffrey Dahmer is the MIKE Lawrence Serial killers every single day, we'll dies a gamer callowness right, outta downtown zero Killers treaty gay. I got biogas looks a little bit of charter some wealthy family money. I mean this is bullshit BT, hey being pony after murdered a chick is the most offensive thing that he has done thus far in Islam, whereas the burnings like sweaty judges of the night when we know our job as a think. Not where is the bloodshot eyes looking in the bathroom miserably like? Why do I do this? I can, but I wish I could see my own skull, but then I can't kill again. Yes, I wish I was one of the victims of my own hands, so I could feel what it feels like to be choked to death by myself. It is ridiculous nets, and this will tell you everything you need to know about Bt K right here. The reason why you start he stopped and ninety ninety one, because that is the year that he became a fuckin dog catcher. He became
it was known as a compliance officer among around it was like some sort of apartment complex or such like that women have wronged me yet I know it yeah. He became very upset about this. I know I know yeah you became a dog cats and just Everyone had a story about this guy officer writer, who is just a horrible asshole big, complete power trip, like just I mean just an absence. Power, mad Dog Keller pie, you lose all measures is one woman who told the story. He was start because I think We start you feel it kind of urges again and she he would start- and I just can't get honour ass about her dog and Her boyfriend moved any like you, gotta get rid of that boyfriend when you get rather boyfriend and she's like while you, leave me alone. Just please leave me alone. Cuz. I gotta leave you alone to get rid of that boyfriend then one day, and then after just went on and on she came home or dog was gone. She called
she went over to animal control. He had kidnapped her dog and taken it to animal control and had put to sleep well, mother, blocking months, you will kill the dog I ordered you, show a little dog, but it's just like that would lead to a clear him being a dog catcher. That's cleared That's like it's like windows, seems words like it's like that russian version of heroin. What's it called crocodile, yet crocodile emergencies like all it's like Heroin, but it like makes it mind with it yeah, but it's like Heroin, but it's your flat. Yet a crocodile makes you human Skelton Inherent, makes Jimi Hendrix forthright out. In my view, our set fire being all dickhead and also during this time that this is the time when he built his tree house will three house about. He built a tree. In the back yard and Neighbors said that he would very often go back into the tree house and they would see him looking through what seem to be a scrap book. Piazza chest
like those that, until idea, what the boiling over again, I am about, the letter- Sunshine Lollipop San Remo- is everywhere have young. Now he was looking through all this mementoes, always little, photos because he will always take you, take drivers, licences, he would take jobs from all this varies a real Bart Simpson, I'm sitting on my fires. You know- and I have a whole claudia me to understand that I suppose so so entered nineteen. Ninety one hang on his thrill by pretty much killing a bunch of dogs he never murdered. Another person did not murder that not that he ever confer, two or that we don't know. What's he doing this time, what it can make us to anyone conventions it here, well intentioned horse. Oh dear, that's exactly what emerged that point go dashing of serial killers, the last two victims. He never brag about. Ok, so what was with the matter. I want to get into the media you're so well. He was do this from eighty five
ninety one. He was sending a bunch of different messages to the media. He was sending letters. Palm ski was sending these. It hey what he was connecting the dots from the seventy two, the eightys to the ninety vagabond here right Jack, and he was also sending them cereal boxes with prizes. Inside Are you in your eye? As I know, can curiosity. He would make dolls reenact the crimes. Ok and he would put jewelry and their direct. Yet a couple of drivers life was as from women that he killed going, but we would have a cake k, a key k, e the new station was TAT, the channel that he mostly communicate. I was the only one who can communicate with that and with one of the newspapers, and is there any. I has the reality of the reporters discuss getting these messages. Yes, there's one rapporteur that it was kind of the main guy, who was covering all of these stories right at the time, he's very relaxed about it, but you can t
this guy. I know governing the story, my career, I can tell you ever, do it all over again. I do it alone again, you Dennis Reda Caky, get yourself a custom. The news item, throwing out of course, is a guy cotton cake. It is like the Hindenburg J if he sets of Asia and another slice of the cake, hot dogs glow so so what was the reporters responds him in this army? I mean I letters was he giving with a monthly or yearly yearly. I mean it was more. A media was fairly sporadic It wasn't like. Let me see here I feel, like you know, Dennis was probably very upset, and this is why he had to write all these letters. No one was put together the doubts that is the same person, and I think he was dressed his fault when exact, because he failed everything was to different it with every killed,
since it ever kill is not ever kill as an individual. Our peace without the other thing is, as always, his family lifelike, completely fuckin normal Blake. I mean he was married Thirty years to the same woman were no idea. After he was caught We are calling for a media divorce. He had no idea any of it was going on their kids at no idea what was going on. They had the house demolished that they live. I'm sure that really we imagine being one of his children exactly I tried finding more information about. I found. No, I found a little bit about his wife, but nothing about his children yeah. I ain't your last name at that point yea. I also think that you know that they could be titans of the the like sort of like of industry, the really good because they say talk about how like executives, kind of have the same sort of a psychopathic, pending the policies that zero hours have. The idea, like being a sociopath, really helps you in businesses and politics yeah. So he
the family life. Everything was going normal now he had the letters written to the media, so where does he mess up? It's ninety? Ninety one now he's finished with it kills you notice, you know he satisfied with his little dog catching career, yeah. Sure he's still spent about two three hours in the bathroom, and it's, like you, know, english teacher. After spending years, trying to be a writer right exists, but we should not just go on. He should have gone and taught a class about zero killers. Cause he's not good enough to be one. So here's how we fucked up ok ninety one or two thousand for nothing like theirs. Like nothing from nobody hears anything from the Bt K Killer, but in two thousand for he's going through Mickey Rourke nineteen eighty. I doubt whether he was a professional boxer for life, physical haggling, and so he this lawyer is releasing book about the Bt K Collar and
that's, probably also when they also know that that amazing, Australian Bt K Documentary, which is also on online issue, that is? Well, then also came out, those being like heavy and has he? Yes, he's disappeared into the shadows, but when William, I also want to point out to our audience. Henry was an elderly man today for his book, video should also use curly peeling skin of his hurry, we're not gonna, be helping me discuss this. I was on the I try to watch myself yesterday before doing our show, and I scrub my face and I forgot to look in the mirror. I wish you could see the picture of it and richer than they can see candidate. You can actually see it. You can see that that is, but the I was on the train, I didn't realize they look at me than when the train. I had this Fuckin white triangle of liquid latex like right or under my eyes, and I was just like anybody when unregistered rip off my face and they because it pools-
like bloodstream yeah. I look and I see this woman is to schooling. It's my gun. Terrified. Right. So ninety one to two thousand and four a book there's a store. In the Wichita Eagle about this, a lawyer. But to release this book about the Bt K Killer and all that for some reason, fuckin rater cannot stand it, and so he sends a letter. He like, can Harry Knoll sees honor. He sends a letter to the Wichita Eagle with return address using the name Bill Tom kill men. I fuck you, Bt K, ain't that so still What is wrong with him, but he writes for don't trust the bitch an apartment. Twenty three cancel: what can we get a flush noise in there
when he said the letter he enclosed photographs of the crime scene in a photocopy and dry a licence from video beggarly the, nineteen, eighty six murder, the man, the women that he strangled at his lunch for the actual driver's licence on how to copy of it. Yes, a photocopy, ok, I was out of these in a giveaways goods gap and so for the next. In total about visas in March two thousand for and in so, let's see here February, two thousand five. He just keep sending them shit. Just like. Oh just weird shit, that's what this is where they, those who need it like the cereal boxes, all that type of shit like Just him only has one he jumped the shark. Yet this is. It is absolutely jump a shark on this. So what is I mean? I think, the motivation and in the back of his mind, granted he wants notoriety. He wants fame. I think he also wants to be caught actually I bet you think of the idea like in the end. It's like he got exactly what he wanted. He got caught
We had one hears it you got here, never should have been caught. Here's how we got caught now. He never should have been Gaga. Here's how we get caught He asked in letters matters to police. He asked if his writings it put on a floppy disk if they could be traced. The police said Oh my god, and not a sausage again doesn't lie the hot dog boys. Always hot dogs squad always shoot straight. Absolutely trap me detective park. Luxury goods regions. I am your friend- is pull submarine, labour and of ram level crystal clear to me out and get no one up on this work so you're all right, I thought, got lost in the world
the sector, but I really want to see a lot of really show all detective Bob, Gordon myself, you buttery labour lazy, always sleep you they feel using in bed. I mean I've been how to spat talk. Our idea. And so you see a floppy desk with his right, because apparently I guess he was tired of type an hour. I brighter gave himself up yeah, and so do you sent them a floppy disc and the risk analysis immediately found that it was used by the Christ Lutheran church, and I would have been no one had never stopped laughing and there was a reference to the name Dennis an internet search determine that administrator was president of the church Council. They rested his as, of course, since he had spoon all over a little girl back in nineteen. Seventy four they had his dna and rightly so, this man was, I mean he was arrested and caught dead right, so he wanted. He wanted it
So we gave him exactly one because in the end, what do you want it? Is you want everyone to know his name? You want to know that hold. I was that right there. You wanted to know that everyone, the demonstrator did it and that he did it we're taking the visionary behind most of but the that's. If everyone you want out of the back, and so you know, It is. This is how they caught him like this is actually pretty. I mean they didn't actually lie too. On that what they did is they searched the methods on the desk. He had a race, the disk from previous huge use, which someone had used a Microsoft word doc. For the floppy desk. Ok, I know gaze is the ultimate detective and I can say the word Christ, Luther and church, and the document was marked last, not a fight last modified by Dennis you have got to you.
Use a new disk razor piper boy, lazy, breezes, shit, right use the hot dog one that you ve used for the past twenty four hour. Now he wanted. It needs so happy you so happy when he got caught. I hate that when they're happy it is generally happy We wouldn't be happy. There's no reason for you to be happy. You know I feel like it's only gave an extensive interview and then he has been all over the place. He smiles roller cameras? Always people clamouring you talk to him. He got exactly what we want is for some of the media charging through it always lawyers and other things that he talked about during these extensive I mean I know it goes into complete, dispassionate detail of all of his crimes. He loves talk about it, He actually have some puffs like it's a pain in the ass, but not you love there. What are you talking about marine hedge, the woman that he'd, you know fucked in the church, like I'm moving the trunk of my car,
so like that's what you're going to court brow, you know you don't anywhere else a beat it s so fuckin either. I get some plan. Buoyancy learn how to tell a story or just shut the fuck up. In writing. A piece of paper he's, like the only reason shows like Reba existed. Fuckin comedies, you imagine the things that he enjoyed to watch that really got him go and funny. Oh, we were again we were talking about this year. There is peace, favoured show, is probably Reba, I'm sure. Yes, oh yeah, I weren't Clarence you in the face of the planet. I I was gonna similarly to restock about you. Sorry. He was talking to a guy in advertising and ease ass. Someone he's like there is like talk about movies that you want to know. My favorite movies is the hunger games fuck, I don't like yeah exactly this. Zero killers do like tat, would really have you have. No genuine feelings are right. So, let's go let's go to total Bt K. How many guys we're wizard of OZ things is returned to raw total confirm? Kills ten
AIDS purported to be maybe a few more, maybe less Elena. He never confessed anymore. So I don't. He. Didn't you, my baby out of their value. Women have to confess more very army dogs. Do they have a number on that? I'm the only one confirm, that's enough for me and run away for life. Yeah and he says and use them as the life in prison because Wichita as this in the last episode, which tolerating said the death penalty, none for the last known, murder took place and ninety ninety one now he's just imprison right and letters. Written Paul about IRAN is also doing. He writes a lot of questions for the view about the aid He'd literally has Joy Bayer's ear every day about she tells a stray Vive la nay. Like he's funny, I, but again yes, this is a guy story that, in terms of her, if you know for covering several killers where this is a very
what story if you show like he was for a long period of time. The perfect serial killer can only he did it. He did it exactly and away. He was undetected. I worry Security CUP, a boy scout exactly any good, yet what's the Harvard University of what it takes to be a serial killer and job. The total prick baby. You know like of your fuckin bosses, like that probably a serial killer that I was willing when those church and loves Reba. What do you mean? There's a serial killers, a woman that wrote a book called my boss was the Bt K killer in she said at one time she tree trapped her in her office. She said he just kept moving towards me. I said Dennis open the door, Finally, he reached over opened the door with a complete change of personality. He walked to his desk and sat down and acted like nothing oh, no, no, that she's hindsight that you just putting it in there in India having every time is advancing you're too ugly for him to
how would you big, she's too big cities? A pretty big girl? Yeah? Oh yeah? No, no! No! No! That's it! You never had eyes for a visit sad if you're too ugly, poorer serial killer. No, no, it was a pretty enough to be molest breeze. Yannick help me help may not be molest. I'm sorry about what I do not imagine how you would be if you were molest. I bet would be like silent, IBM corners guys, like you workin at seven eleven, if you think, is kind of tarded, he's like one hundred years old, and he just like you only took you don't do my own father, Brandon used to put me down. Put me down put my hand on the Bible right fishes Mary is ninety nine cents worth my back out of the sky. Jerky right goes. You don't want a lot of journalists. Just let us take, it was your intelligence,
Yet our broader you are right. We can we get fifteen on palm for fifteen. You know what The push the government rang out with me. I'm gonna happen, but it is rather than you have any again. You know he wrote about the guy if you're a couple, there's a man hiding in your closet, waiting to kill both the view. If you're, a single woman, there's a man in your closet, trying to kill you every single man you're in a closet, waiting to kill a couple. You're too cause I'm going to kill us all and your children, let people in the House fuckin screen people don't talk if you'd Bosnia, Dick eddies, a serial killer, loves, revised serial killer, kill every works or a church he's Jeff, Oh yes, Sir one hundred percent sure you work for church quit it because you're gonna change and if you feel at all threatened make sure to call Marcus Henry and Ben debris.
New hot dog, Squaw, nice guy, you're gonna. Tell me when I get out of my pocket: Colonel love when those sweet sweet, popcorn mixed with the call car measures, balance of temperature texture solved, my legs lieutenant peppered dimples, I'm here to go on your hot dog and help you capture this shut up top of the lack of proper tat cause outside made its hargraves. How will you We are worried well in this light and really receive what kind of act reason why we have a lot of inaction in our how pleased we ve got some serial killer rhymes to solve we have found by the way I out rank you what I'm moods?
that is our revised, argues. Abandonment. Of course, every one do we want our you pointed at me? I mean you can see that when you're listening to what you are, you pointed to me when you said Ben, like you put yourself on me, like you wanna, be me: do you feel like you're touch read his teeth. That is right. He's got a new one, a new fuckin. It is. You want an unstable bound. It does me good solutions, everybody hillside. I owe me Oggie and I've decided hill yourself well. Take you said, takes up the title going Harry'Ll yourself pale yourself about how does it.
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