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Episode 62: Thought Form Energy Ghosts

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Henry skypes in from Los Angeles to give us updates on the Black Dahlia murder and to teach us about Tulpae, the imaginary ghost friends you can create in your spare time for fun and profit.

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There's no place to escape to the I don't know all right. We're ready to go all right, that's mark, as I've been with this is always yeah. We started about a good who are you all my name is Hollywood. Boulevard enters a browse. The Kevin use rates of the street to the dirty dirty is city of Hollywood. California, yeah Ellie update more as we have millions of dollars. Are you working.
Rescue Skype it in so this will be our first experiment with it. I think it should work out perfectly. I Henry I hear you have some Ellie evil to tell us all. I so yeah! So I'm out here this is an evil town. This is on in place everywhere. You go there. This, like you, know, like a man walking down the street, he's got his snoopy hat on and he's got like. You know headphones, not connecting anything and he's just going like you got the star quality and I'm like Bro. I just I'm trying to get a taco. You know this. This whole fucking town so recently, there's been a break in what was one of the most miss unsolved crimes in all of true crime, history, the black dahlia murders. Now I want to go through many people pull this up for the black doll. Anybody who is not aware of the brutal crime of the black dahlia murder since a young woman name, Elizabeth Short was uhm,
basically there's a lot of conjecture about whether or not she was like a prostitute or she was like just a normal woman was a back in the nineteen forties. There was a really hard decision. Making process did tell whether or not a woman was a prop, the two door, just modern How do you know? How is it a difficult process? It should take money before sex, or did she not take money before sex? exactly what she wearing pants? We hear some of their in a finely fitted skirt. Well, here's some of the gory details, this is how her body was found. Its body was severed at the waist and completely drained of blood. Her face was slashed at the corners of her mouth and she had multiple cuts on her thighs and breasts, where entire portions of flesh had been removed. She was washed and her body was posed with her hands over her head and her legs spread and here's a fun fact. When you have your mouth slash from the corner of your mouth on, it's called a glass GAO smile, yes,
that's something terrifying? Also, just imagining a polish person smiling very sad. Scottish I'm sorry another barbarian races in fuqing City Europe I like that they just only tore apart they're like well now cleaner up, goddamnit now or she could be smiling. She looks so sad. It looks like we just like cut off half of her body smile She also did this crime was, could possibly linked to several of the things, including another guy called the Abel and what's his name like the Cleveland Marauder, another did the Cleveland torso murders, which was another type of murders in which women were just sawed in half which it takes a lot of energy. It is, it was also known, as the mad butcher of Kingsbury run wow.
You mean in my Shakespeare play about my life. I feel like all the cuts of meat here at this butcher. Shop are really human like This is good to know what, though I love it. I love it. I'm going back in just like calm down Martha you're, getting very intense about the meat. Don't look at me like that? No one knew what was going on, basically, because it was obviously that she was murdered another place 'cause when I found her. She was totally drained of blood horribly mutilated. Now, recently the one of the man who owned the lot that she was found. His name was George Hill Hotel, a LOS Angeles doctor, his son it's becoming very famous true crime, author. His name is a Steve Hodel and basically he's going back to he's pretty much convinced that his father's murder and he went back with forensic forensics dogs, 'cause. Apparently
back in 1940s, especially in la this, was an incredibly crooked town right, much like I mean every now in America, in the 1940s and this guy hotel was already a principle suspect in the investigation and the detective had even planted a bug in his house. So, let's for incriminating admissions, but with four authorities brought charge doctor Hodel abandoned his family and relocated to Asia. Aaand. Did you hear his like what they were in the way record it. It's like one of the most 1940s confessions. I've ever heard. He says like supposing I did, kill the black power control, but now they can't talk to my secretary. She's dead, cracking walnuts but dear. So basically there is a they've been found in a basically
not a bunch of forensic evidence. That's pointing the fact that it was probably his father will be brought in a bunch of dogs in there 'cause. Apparently they never did any sort of forensic investigation once, however, because he was so well connected at a multi millionaire in the 40s- and you know, basically, they be totally slandered. Elizabeth shorts name saying she was a prostitute Essentia Lee what kind of believing she she deserve. Whatever she got. So there was not an extensive investigation, They are some of the forensics that they found out other that they used. They find anything, but just saying that there were traces of shorts remains in his basement. Well, they're bringing his bin- and this is. He died in nineteen, ninety nine and he spent and the sun has been trying to get this going since then, and I which is also just kind of baffling to Maine the fact that, like it took like I, don't know why it's taking this long, apparently now they're saying that it's pretty much definite that he used to so they're bringing a corpse sniffing dogs into the house. That's there like they're looking for any kind of traces whatsoever. Apparently his corpse sniffing dogs can pick something up. You know six
years later. You know how scary that would be if you like, you're an elderly lady but you're still alive, and the dog just goes up to you and start sniffing around and barking all right, hander crotch. This pushy died four years ago. Police were like this yeah and the other a little. The news there's also there there's some believe that there are some missing confession: tapes of man that Charles Manson and he may be responsible for, like twenty more murders who are who started the numbers. They are up in the numbers who who's, saying that there's people saying that? Where is this thing? I just saw this I think we're just. I just had it out and I feel like if he had any more murders under his belt. She would have spoken about them. At this point I mean he's desperate for attention. He loves the camera. That's at least couple of other interviews to get him out of solitary confinement. If you can assist holding yeah, I I'm pretty certain that that is bullshit, yes,
skip lawyer is dead lawyer, says family man, family member, told him of other murders in tape Ok, so does it so everybody involved with whoever had the proof is dead now, so it doesn't really matter right right right. It's all nonsense! well, let's continue on with some more total nonsense. Henry you sent a great email out and it was a very good total out that, although let me close, my I know the constant helicopters that hover above LAR Fuckin'. Is it a drone? Look out there blowing people up now, they're blown american citizens, and we get out of there. I think that there is a helicopter on my roof did it land I don't know it's there, ATF agents breaking through your cloud up here. If we crack something too big, only God and flicking Ostomy man there reptilians. So I've been sitting alone in my room quite a bit so I've been going out. I've been gone. I've seen people I'm trying to I'm trying to I'm trying to have a good You have not been going a font of dumb,
yeah and also some of the best, a magic ghost murder stuff on the face of the planet. Because everybody who is here is an absolutely total wacko right, uhm, in terms of especially if you live out in the desert. What I've discovered I'm in reading a lot about on this fantastic website called ghost aerie dot com I think everyone needs to check out it does it does. Currently, paranormal NEWS and read like everyday. I just have to ask my age old question: were you wearing pants all right? He does what they wearing pants was. I wearing socks is the question: where are you now as nude is the Irish. That's good was Well, I don't think the Irish are nude on purpose. They just shoot new Fuckin' irish, dumb, irish wear suits the bed
they go naked to work are wear suits to bed, oh yeah, because if not, they clawed each other. Like a bunch of monkeys, dumb Irish right? So, let's come back to this, and so I've been reading a lot about. You know new theories on the idea of what would go star. I read this. Fascinating article that it started here? I basically about an ex that was done in, I believe Philadelphia hold on I'm just pulling up again right now, 'cause. I forgot to look at this up or basically, a group of scientists and researchers got together and they purposely created a ghost. Now. Ok, is this before or after the circle jerking deeper into this idea. You know like Argos, true personalities are the independent of where they are from are the independence of the people that their haunting- and this is pointing towards this? This idea that that ghosts are just manifestations of things going on inside of our brains, okay,
So this was started by. What's this guys name, Doctor Wilson, Band Essen Gee, I believe see what is his name? It's some leads you So this is the title one. This is doctor, Joel witten, Joel, witten? Yes, uh? This is of the Toronto society. I could psychical research huh. Google research, yes, okay, is what I year now what you do here too, so that every single person I meet thinks that I'm totally insane, but what they don't understand is that I have my finger on the pulse of. What's really going on. I think that they were right, the first time they called you insane. So basically so the let's go with this first story, based So these researchers got together and they, if it possible to create a ghost so so that type of familiar ghost experience is that you could say or good that can sing like constitute familiar huh.
Things, you know, some researchers with teenagers gathered around a Wigi board receives a mysterious messages from a person spirit who claims to have died forty years ago, and then you know a paranormal society conducts a seance where they contact contact, ghosts that communicates through table thanks right which again- and it would seem to be a lot of fakery and fan and and she didn't show, charism move your resume, I'm I'm making up words. Okay, it's fine it! but yeah, so that was all that was all a bunch of bullshit. So this group of researchers are some. Researchers are out there right in the and they basically they're saying like so like. Let's purposely create a ghost and see what happens so. The first test was take the wanted to create a fictional historical character that they can contact. You created a person named Philip Ales, third right yeah! So what they started doing ghost was they would put together a boy, I love this guy and so I'll. Read you the Bio, this character that created.
Philip was an aristocratic Englishman living in the middle 1600s. At the time of Oliver Cromwell, he had been a supporter the king and was catholic. He was married to a beautiful but cold and frigid wife. Thea, which is a great name for a woman who doesn't fuck, yeah, it's over neighboring nobleman, that's the whole by no! No, no, no, today went out riding on the boundaries of his of states, which is what are aristocrats. Do also Gypsy encampment in so there a beautiful dark, eyed girl, Raven AIR, Gypsy girl named Margo and fell instantly in love with her, because he smelled like a dog. Are you making that partly to live in eight house near the stables of didn't matter into dating tech. In for sometime, he kept his love nest secret, but eventually Dorothea up the woman we.
The frozen vagina realizing he was keeping someone else. There found Margo the dog woman and accused her of witchcraft and stealing her husband, Phillip just scared of losing his reputation and his possessions to protest the trial of Margot, and then they dog woman, was convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake. So the woman with the frozen vagina, killed the dog woman out of jealousy for this Philip character. Yes, absolutely in NBA basically run it out, and then they they say that Philip was struck with such more city committed suicide in this house, and so there was no no, and so you can't get insult from the battlements in a fit of agony and remorse an interest again only aristocrats can really feel I'm, which is screaming through yards and yards of wall, but I think it is so they decided to think they would set up beasts, seance to begin formal settings and they would set and they would fill out the bio
they would sit and they would talk to fill and talk to fill and to say, like you don't say things about Phillips Life, repeating old stuff stuff. Basically, they were going. It worked. He felt there was a poll, two big wraps on the table And basically, they would see all these crazy sort of poltergeist behavior would show up in the room, but the, but the thing was is that they ask a questions and we'll start speaking through Ouija Board this this entity, which did not exist before and they it would, it would have to, all things in the room, but its limits, Asians, were it couldn't imagine anything outside of the bio that they created for it also if they gave him a role the front of a giant and a dog faced girl each year. Did they could throw him a nice pretty gallery down again absolutely yeah? You could have put a Jenny Mccarthy in there. My Hollywood has changed you. My friend move Jenny, Mccarthy Way, I'm just saying just your stats. For me, real quick off the
have you seen any porn stars, because I was there for a week number the ports to resell pumping gas oh so hot, oh no! No, I haven't get out of your house. Put some pants on
the Hellacopters. The following goals: all right lunatic, is that so, if I, if I am reading between the lines here correctly, yeah the only place you've been going since you came to LA is the taco stand. They know me tell the bear. You know what I like yeah, I'm sure you go to the talk to stand every day at nine. Am with your head shot in tow. You give your head shot during JT's shop, your briefcase yeah. I work walking down the four oh five freeway yeah and I just flashing of people you're like the Mccarthy of comedians. That's great! No! I got me an Edward I'm here with Ed a lot, and now we go in take up space at restaurants. Here, I'm sure yeah I saw you guys took a nice trip to what was at Knotts Berry Farm, your farm. We did Matthew Guys grill I real, yeah, you guys look perfect in
I know, hasn't he gotten fat. I was watching the burn. The other night I'm like I know tv adds ten pounds, but it looks to add, like an entire whale to him, I mean astronomical Henry made out, he's enjoying himself, So he is but either way, let's get back to this Phillip ghost character. So basically it was ringing. And the climax of the it was a seance conducted before live audience of fifty people. The session was Sophie on as part of a television documentary expectations besides table rap. Other noises around the room and making lights blink off and on the group actually attained levitation of the table. It was only one slash two inch above the floor, which is seems more David Blaine Kind of thing. But it's incredible feet was witnessed by a group and the film crew. Unfortunately, the dim lighting, When did the levitation from being captured on the film? Oh interesting and here is
Basically, so the the Toronto organization of Cyclical research basically pointed toe This idea that we create goes and the psychical research center was headed up by Doctor AR when DR our arg, he's punking mother named it when she bugging bumped her vagina on the end of it? and the child was born So with that, as I was reading, it sounds like this is really interesting, but it reminded me of this concept that I keep seeing a public reading about like different ghost theories and One of this is an ancient, because it's a it's a buddhist an object known as a tulpa, what's the all about a tulpa is a it's an autonomous consciousness, which also
exists in his self imposed hallucinatory body, which is usually much of your choice. Now basically, just says idea: it's the same exact thing: we're using concentration and using meditation you, you conjure a being like you basically put all you put a personality into a space and eventually it materializes two you and then becomes a totally separate entity to you and can help you memorize who's gonna help you like. Basically, you know it remembers every single thing. You've ever done with it whole thing, you've ever read with it it it can be your confidant, it can be your enemy all this dumb ship, ok, and so what are some of the steps to creating a tulpa. You, know Are you shooting sure it's there's so again. What I love about the internet is that if you leave you
Can you receive a whole bunch of dumb advice right but is actually recent, so a guy named Irish created this website called told dot info uhm. Yes, in the heading on it is for science, science, yeah I'm into this last year. Ok, new information! it has come to light new in nation has come to light dude. This is the first time you've ever trusted. The Irish, though, what's going on Henry this is my problem, is that yes, if only he would just his. If his name had been China, I would have been fine with it right. They got all the information exactly, but I mean the same. I can smell this guy, so I'm fine with him calling himself Irish. Ok, you know this guy Fuckin' nerd too, like an annoying nerd. You know what I believe it. I don't believe it the guy. Who is that all the website prince charming is extremely
extremely long, faq? Alright? So basically it's a and making the argument that ghosts are not real, goes, are created by man's imagination. How does this make you feel in regard the ghost conversation. I don't particularly want this to be true, because I like the of, goes to be a real group, folks that live in another world, but it fits back and more of the idea of how much our consciousness or involved in what goes on reality? We're in terms of like everything can be explained and go back into like well, then goes can told, will be signed scientifically explained because it's I'll, just refractions back up like how we deal with the goop. That is reality. Uh so I been a lot of time all high in this room yeah. No, I firmly believe that's true, So how does this make? You feel have you this is my favorite example of his Irish is ultimate nerdiness, because
put it on here, instead of saying Topbuzz, they say to pay Tulpay man. If you are going to read this, I was going to yeah, you wanna, read it so he's got a gigantic fa. Q. An there's. A lot of information require a lot of questions that you say it's a Cuban. How were equally elections but then, keep saying in a form for question. Just refer to the fact, and then you realize oh it's because all it is is fucking questions because it all maybe total fucking alone person, bulshit yeah and so the Fa Q on general information, the third fuckin'. Question is Are you putting a latin plural on a tibetan word? yeah, it seems like. There are four main reasons for the latin plural and then at one, because top's top I and whatnot sounded awkward two because tibetan words don't really correct
suffixes for plurals, they more or less change the word. In some cases you not get milk out of his and yeah. You still want people to know what you're talking about, so they don't think the words are different things three, because on the week, a page about told a sort of implies that thought forms are tangible by adding the latin plural suffix research separating ourselves, and I believe for you, because I return I decided a couple months ago. It sounded cool list that whole sentence needs to be finished with the words, geez mom, she's mom get outta here. No, this is so so. Basically what he says, In order to do this, he has like a little set up his guide of how he created his tall, which I only imagine looks like a fourteen year old asian girl.
Anime he doesn't describe what his told a looks like I'm gonna make my told bought. Look like I I was thinking like you know, just a pair of floating boot. Now, that's a nice told by yeah how big, like a like a normal sized. Her boobs are like a telephonic across you'll godfried voice. While Why are you going Henry that sounds like terrifying tell book, yeah yeah, that's what I'm going for good, so the very beginning is is like. This is why you got into creating his own top board and found this whole to put ordeal a year ago or so and decided? I wanted a companion of sorts, so the idea of a toll but really hit so this is also the copy it that he has to put at the very top of this. It is so warm and the type of told her that I wanted and what I did use a tall before basically companionship. I found that in this age. It is best to get rid of ulterior motives and thoughts such as making a toll,
just for sex or making the tall just so I can beat the shit out of it. These bad and counterproductive in usually result in a toll, but I will try to hurt you. So again I mean all this. Is that he's just talking about making an imaginary friends yeah? That's all this is yeah, but it's the idea of you again, this idea of self of self hypnosis, where, if you created to the point where it can totally like 'cause, you know they say like people in solitaire. You talk to your brain for a period of time and then they can begin to talk to you back much like I have been doing here. That's what I was gonna ask you lonely. Are you right now on a scale of not talking to yourself to talking to yourself? la is the equivalent of just being in a in a in a hibernation chamber. Yeah, it's a horrible place. You could go outside. There is It is a sprawling, a wonderful place, full of chicks with huge bosoms
but I can't be Boogie Board and all day I can't be straightforward way to work so pretty easy into this. We're not talking point break over. Here, though, is asking me to go to the ocean it's cold in the ocean. I don't have swimsuits with me. All I have is my black t, shirts, with dead women. I yes noon. Maybe it's best to stay inside. Oh you got to see my new white zombie t shirt is pretty sweet baby. I love it. I absolutely love it man. It gets the appropriate reaction here. So what he does is he created? He comes up with this concept level wonderland when you land for your total to live in and basically you just fill it with thought. Phila with thought fill it with thought, and you save you say things such as you know, like you tell its history, you have it speak to you blah in your brain and then he says after a while, he started feeling a funny feeling. Back of his head towards the spine and then that's? Why You start showing up in front of you: okay, really
Through this entire thing in reading it you could replace the word tall but with for b, and it would make his same know ahead of you try them. I can't my further be work as an alarm clock kids love, it show me and it because that's what this is about. Furby get jealous furbies do get jealous if furby, and all the things going to go, but it's very it's very intense, so it's like is it true? Is it not true? I no like I don't know if you're 'cause there's also a big debate. It's like. Are you just inspiring for any on yourself yeah. I think it imaginary friend yeah. That's all it have. You got a stinging in the back of your head going into your spine. Have you tried this yet if you created a tulpa No, no! No! No, but I've been trying to do. Is I'm trying to set up a thing called a. Hey, I'm trying to think that what's the proper term for it, it's called a
post mirror. It's called a psychomanteum. Ok, what's a ghost mirror as you just put a mirror in your room, and then you need flickering light and you look at it and to you, look in the mirror to you see: girls, armed men. What I like most about this thing about, being on Skype, is that me and bank and give each other disapproving, looks about you without you saying it's different when I'm in the room, who this is hard not being in the room No, it's fun. It's interesting not to see you so that I can really like fully understand who you are the person because I feel, like I come across you're hearing me right yeah you're trying to realize you're, cute and squishy and lovable, and then now I just feel like you're, sad and lonely, and we I'm not I'm not I'm! I am filled with tacos, God has been so nice, I also got some new stuff.
Yeah I'm from from way up town I got just like began farm fresh, perfect weed. Do you don't get here the good thing about our latest nice things so that there's famous examples of this in history: there's a woman named Alexandra David Neel, okay, who was like a woman's revolutionary traveled the world like, and basically also one of the first women to ever meet the Dalai Lama. Like all this stuff and she said that she created a tall pub that looked like a gigantic sort of prior to, like creation and the problem with that. It was this big look like me with the fucking wig on where it's like Was this big Jolly friar tuck care right and then they. The problem was that these entities game like they get sentients and they get to leave you and the end. A are not a part of your personality more you can control them, and this guy this. Essentially, this creation of hers became evil.
Became like skinny and hawk nose and stuff, and it took her twenty years to destroy it with mine bullets with find bullets work by those that you get those at Walmart, No! No! No! No! You like make mine bullets. That was the guy was talking about issues like if you make your tolpo and you don't like it well. First of all, you should start thinking about why even made told in the first place, but the second of all we gotta get rid of a negative tulpa. Then you know you really going to have to come at it with some pretty severe psychic assault, because it's be permanently etched into the universe is spoken fabric. It sounds like an rpg game. Is an rpg game? Another thing you're too, where you can create items for your tall pop, which is that is that is RPG talk, items for your talk definitely is so how do you create a mind bullet
I mean it just a minute. There are a lot of it to you, just ignore it and then a lot of it you literally to like go away, go away! Okay, when you're you know in a row, but you know in a a new route? Well, you're, well, you're, wearing alone in your room. You just hear like go away, the other room yeah, I'm certain that that's pretty and so it's just like exorcism, where you just yell a bunch. And that's a mind ball at the whole time, you're you're used to we used to be told. Well, your parents are eating dinner in the in the you did it in the dining room. Very quietly, just wondering if you're ever going to have a girlfriend. What do we create he's? Not boy, because the other thing too, is like a lot of these also be like. Can I make my toll like animated like a squirrel and it's like all the stuff and he's like
yes, yes, you can, but you should be aware that you know you're going to put a lot more energean, making it really fit into normal environment, but yeah. She would definitely make an animated film, but if you wish. And it's all definitely in the type of languages, if you wish If you wish to girls, you know I love them. Yeah, they're, great they're, great guys, and so I have you tried to go to the mirror yet and create that. Do you have a mirror in your room right now or you're, going to purchase one now no no. No I mean I, I have a little mirror, but it's a little circus blankets, a little circus mirroring. I have this room in here. It's I think it's a little belt because I look lot better in it than I should be I just wanted to just want to say you, we've discussed what you have been doing in Eleh, Knotts Berry Farm was meant and I believe for trips to the tacos
yes, so perhaps wearing pants right bone marrow last night, so it's different you had bone marrow is the worst thing you could possibly eat. Oh my god, it's like gods, mayonnaise, inside our bones. That's the that's the meanest thing, a human God could ever do tin man is inside the bones: 'cause! That's where it's most delicious. You got the abundance uh. What what animal do you get that out of? I think I that was at that a cow, but you can get it out of any animal with big thick bones. We do with chickens. I think you can. You can suck on chicken bones until they turn into liquid. That's like a desert thing. That's like a or like oh now? It's this is different. Here is if we choose the biggest ticket bone and we we've stab it in half and then you just scoop all this stuff,
out of it may put a bunch of Jimmy jury sauce on it, so was really spicy. We'll begin is speaking of food and LOS Angeles and ghosts and dead people Henry. Why don't you tell us the story? You're? Currently you you're living with a roommate who pickles I have to do this. I have to everything- and I recently we will cover this. Can you tell story today or you want to tell it later later, you want to will save the pickle story, but we're talking about we're the about that of course? And it could be argued that if this bullshit Israel, then that, like I'm, assuming that the roommate is probably in the kitchen right now interesting, you know the thing is in right: yeah, it is definitely more creeped out by you always remember that yeah? It's really weird. It just brings a mirror yeah. I know I was actually like yeah yesterday. I was thinking about everyone who lives with me must be terrified of me. Yes, ma'am, the male.
Back to the to help us to to the top is that if, if all of this uh presupposing all if this bulshit has any kind of truth to it whatsoever. Then of course it has. Do with some sort of nrg that you're projecting out into the universe, that a lot of people say that ghosts are merely leftover energies from our brains. Enerji. Can I we created nor destroyed. So therefore, when some people die and particularly fuckedup ways that Nrg Is- first into the universe and concentrated forms which become ghosts that haunt people, sure I think it is. I think it's incredibly valid and I and I think that in the end it does sort of tie into all of this, and just this idea that that we affect our environment by just having consciousness. So it's not that, but with the energy situation than that, because guess what he's talking about with the top up, where it's created by yourself isn't That's the purposeful creation of a ghost that
shows that it actually can happen. If you can create an autonomous personality, we just branch. Is that you can manipulate reality with just your so he's not arguing another existence of ghosts which just happen naturally yeah. He thinks that they both exist. You can create them as well. This is all coming from me now. This is all you you're, the I need to discuss this. Yeah, so I mean so. A lot of people say that goes are negative energies that come from US top. As I mean that's a positive energie, because we're creating something that you're creating a buddy unless it looks like friar tuck and less it looks like? Well, that's still positive. Well, because then it loses weight and gets a beak. For knows that woman problem was just go ahead and make a little like japanese girl with long black hair and like no face just so you can get past the scary part yeah, just setting the bar low. Aren't you yeah
so this comes from healing, haunted houses com, so let's go over right now, negative, energetic, imprints but let's start with. Actually, let's start with thought form energy which ties into the all is this is In that I do what I make my thought for memory I just sit alone in the room ago: BBB Bbb, BBB, boo, you're adorable in situations, a person hold strong emotionally charged thoughts or even believes that hold them for a long period of time. They can create a separate, energetic form called a negative thought, forms energy, this energetic form which can attach to people and things to sustain and magnify be the originator, sewn energy. Besides strong upon their energy to Greece. This can affect the energy field of the person who created the thought form of the energy field of their environment in a negative way, so but this is saying is that people can negative can create. Involuntarily negative topaz. Ok,
definitely. The people can see it. Work who's always fucking up the schedule, you're doing it, yeah So that's hard so in, in two consciously creating positive thought form energies. People can also create negative thought. Energies, ok, involuntarily, and that is another explanation of what certain Gosar, which could also work into poltergeist. Like say, you noticed that poltergeist activity happens when there girls going through puberty or divorces and houses. A lot of strange, just fuckin', like horrible shit, going on that's when the Poulter guys sucking activity happens, so it could be argued that poltergeist could be negative, topless indefinitely, Definitely, and I'm actually very much into that. I think I. I actually think that that's very true, I spent eight. I think it's all accidental, it's an energy doesn't know What to do, and then you know it's kind of trapped in this room, yeah right right right right
So what are some? What are some negative energies there's also adversarial energies over those negative energies? You just went through uh, I just went through negative negative, energetic thought form energy, okay. This is just a negative. This is adversarial interns receiver outside of ourselves. Okay, these negative. These are the two where they see this stuff comes from. Is this sort of a more of the the idea that it's like, Inter dimensional yeah? It's a if this is the idea that all the all energy comes from one place? They don't call it God, but it is essentially God: allergies come from one place and that there is no evil or good gee, there's more! It's more of a positive and negative energy and energy can be manipulated throughout human cut. By human consciousness? Ok, all this yeah, that's how it's manipulated. So I, aerial energies they create adversity. Our lives by magnifying or energizing, or negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions and, as a result of our actions. Some
cereal energies attached to and amplify the negative feelings of ghosts in earthbound spirits when people die before that time and stay behind they as ghosts or spirits can still feel anger. Frustration and sadness, particularly when they realize they are trapped there. So you're just talking about pissed off ghosts that feed upon your it's it's kind of like the, energy that you put out when you're pissed off or something right, those spirits absorb that energy and so for they become more up. They become more aggressive. Yes, but it's like this that make your friend Mindy is trying to explain to you why you're still single right right. You could put it out there there's also what the the at the research center was also talking about when they created the Philip entity. Is it the act, We don't know, that's the big question left. Mine is like. Are we actually there is room for? Do we make these things or do when we give them credence when we give them attention? Do we
wow. That would we allow spirited otherwise exist to take for right right right right, yeah, and they also argue that curses are negative, thought form Energi, oh yeah, absolutely yeah, every single time yeah. I just tell an old bitch on the street to go. Fuck herself, that's what I'm doing, I'm fucking! I wouldn't go set her. Yeah, yeah yeah. I mean it's very possible that old bitch will be an old witch though, and she concur see it's very dangerous and risky maneuver him around the other. I guess is why homeless people always scream out there throwing ghosted people, that's what they're doing mine bullets. My friend yes, but curses are two way streets and it happens at the expense of the one who creates the curse since they have to feed it energetically to keep it alive It's like when you use a special move in a lot of those old video games. Yeah yeah. That's the reason why I wear my safety hat. I go out and do curses in the neighborhood uh.
Never thought that a homeless man that you passed on the street wasn't not you I feel like we talking about. I just walk around. I have this in and out bag on my head either around. I tell various store owners, how augmented throw ghosts at them unless they give me coupons. Ok, how many coupons do you currently have to? on one from the taco stand. Absolutely the thing is going to come down to is that you can get a lot in this town just by yelling. Allow because they're not really used to people yelling at them. I'm yeah, that's true! I would just walk in a place like yeah and then the normally give you stuff just to have you leave right, which is a very early. It's a good! It's a good thing to do. This market has been over. I have a two fold strategy and go with high yell, and I berate them. I look at my coupons. I leave come back in a tuxedo right, uh huh, given everybody a five dollars bill, tell them,
I'm sorry for my rash actions by wanted to see if they're good people, but now I'm willing to spend my millions of dollars here at their establishment, this is that both of those things are a very interested well. Is there a born actor? You born actor, your brilliant actor, however, the auditions been going, that's fine! good. Anything else on television is bad yeah, yeah yeah, that is the ultimate demon. And every in these industry people just don't want to hear about all bus they don't want to know the truth. I mean they don't want to hear about the fact that I'm reading this great guide to modern shamanism yeah. What have you learned from that book? It's just more like it thought and insight an here. Exercises in order to increase your shamanistic powers like one of them. One of the exercise, was like pick a color notice that color every single time it appears
in anywhere. You go during the day It's increase your awareness so it's just like it is Robert out. Wherever you can rub it out, see I'm starting to think that this podcast is on for Henry. It is normalizes. No! No! No dear! It's making me a person yeah, I agree. I think that yeah all right. Well, I I guess we can wrap it up so go out. There is a little more if you don't help other stuff too, and then I'm gonna have more and more Ellie true crime, for you guys. Yes yeah. Everyone can't wait to hear about it so ago, creature, help, and you know Facebook us no know went it. Yes, please, if you, yes, if you've created on top and try to draw a picture of it, take a picture. An incentive ended on end. That sounds great. I'm alright! Well, that's Marcus! I am Ben and then over there in EL a we got my goose elations, yeah Hollywood Aldean.
Hi yourself for the log around noon where mom and they're wrong your home. No all my love to you, the usual now in the home online live well. I don't know and remember wow and uhhuh, going on. Remember.
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