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Episode 69: Satanic Ritual Abuse Part II: Old Grandma Played the Piano

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Our two part series on SRA concludes as the boys explore the McMartin Preschool case, Russ Dizdar's one-man war against the forces of Satan, and how MK-Ultra and the Nazis tie into it all.

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Gave. Germany radio is brought you by Adam and Eve dot com and put the code seas. Your check out for discounts now waiting to escape to this is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started, I'm gonna find my inner black flame, in her bag. Blame gone, my inner by fame. Yes, I'm gonna find my inner black flame, Bobo orgasm or anybody else last legs around various romanian or black flame. Allow gained frame from that in your black flame gain, strength matter and thereby act flying ah will grow by Van Der Luyden. Lame was ready, is another thing to the verses nodes,
repeating its say: unregulated and my aunt or black flame yesterday, anchor you're alive and shine as I follow in the footsteps of my God. And then, of course, was saints. Favorite country western banned, the fat boy, accuracy blues. That was very nice guy, it's great when, as I say, tonic hymns and prayers, I mean they didn't seem that creative, considering Satan, also created Jimi, Hendrix and a bunch of other grant metal bands and every single influential sound that we ve heard since the ninety six days. I would fallen off a little bit with their poetry, but I will that whoever put together this website currency, who is the name of the person,
copyright, two thousand seven Marie Raven Soul, Marie Raven Souls Railway saw her maiden name her birth namer. Was that just something she thought of in the manner in which she thought of something in the mere absolutely ok suits it owes updated? Yes, oh this is the beginning. This website is under construction. New changes are taking place in so pages will be included when new content is add to them you can contact or a raven soul. Fifteen at Hotmail, dot com, say ten blessings Marie Ravens, and you can also find her ok, Cupid, a raven, so sure she's, a gorgeous women. This is part two of our special unsafe hack. Sexual abuse. So. Obviously, in the last episode we got Marcus's guide Hurdy, our very accurately Emily, but he liked the longer we do our research on this. By, as you were right, you not skimp on the listener.
We want you to know as much as we do so that you can also ruin your personal relations, whether knowledge of the echo- and we want to say we just got the numbers back from the episodes. Everything is climbing great, with a huge multitude of listeners a sage. Wonderful, so thank you get so much for listening and continue to spread. The word of Satan and of the last part cast on the left, because we are here for you because again that what happened with the with the S, all re abuse cases, Emily say s rake as it makes me feel like rust, isn't are native of of the Lord, but I want to that that Satanism got a bad rap rhino. Its Albion cools wellbeing, fraud as well as in Iraq, rural music. It's about you, know, Weren, t, pants and walking around and kissing Didn't girl, hang out. Satanist also tend to have of an inch of rubber on the bottom of their feet. They love a nice soul. I love a good high he'll know every let's give right into your version
of satanic really orbit is gonna. We're gonna, fully wrap up. Marcus's version of the quotas. Could truth, it he says, is how it actually went down to again to just remember what he says. This is the government's version of the story, of course, of course, and where we left off on last time was multiple personality disorder. Which is something that was popularize in the United States through the publication of a book called Sibyl nineteen. Seventy search great book actually or even better movie lot at TED Senate the tv movie as well as you know, is not its largest put him in there is that it is at sea. In civil, Lord S, it s ass. It would say about a woman who develop sixteen distinct personalities after being raped and tortured by her mentally ill mother, and that is what a lot of people say. Multiple personality disorder comes from. Usually it's childhood sexual abuse people will create different personalities in order to deal with each separate abuse incident and.
The thing is: is that before civil came out there were in nineteen seventy there were fewer than two hundred worldwide cases of multiple personality. Only a handful of the: U S by nineteen. Eighty four there were a thousand multiple personality. Disorders cases being reported in the. I'd say a lot about how much more interesting you are, and you tell someone you have fifteen personalities, Mary mediated by means of a weird shit that you all in what personality is this one? This is when the brag about the fifteen Like her I personality. I do think if I could write the Indian for girls
This is what I want to tell you. I mean I don't I'm shortlist look in the mirror we find out. She had no, for he had no framework, as you will all of her friends. Sex in the city could have end in a similar way as well and here's another or else relays at Lena done them, and I have the same body. I showed in recent brow. Ski I've seen rows of you naked and I agree the glorious present Lena Dunham the other day, and you are shell, shocked by the fact that your breast should have a say card for acting in that same locals, exact same nipples yeah, you do what you do and the same perfect for Jane here. The here's, the satanic connection to multiple port personality disorder, a large percentage of patients come from fundamentalist christian families, mostly panic and Picassos tended to integrate,
Devil possession with multiple person, how any sort of psychological disorder anything anything they involve, especially in older women, being hysterical specially anything involving females and and and psychological problems. They always put the devil like in their because, God forbid, you know or perfect, Pyraeum daughter would wanna be a lesbian or like wanna like Pierce, or knows he or she must have the devil inside of her. She does and alone she does. So how do you do? It's also stressed is a science. I remember you know a lot of people who think like possessions and things when the person just bipolar has a real medical condition that, like what's the devil I got kicked out of of Sunday, school and third great for not been able to speak in tongues, breathe. I've won. Personality and the other one is not anti semitic and together they stress these that we see this as well with what you can see a lot in this podcast. What actually happened with the empty Ultra programme, the training programme which who speaks about in previous episode, which is real, the fracturing of our personality in order to create perfect
spy people is that it is this same exact thing is using trauma. You can crack open a person's personality and hide things in there, and there is a lot of people who believe I mean the truth of the matter, which is that Satanist were the worst sort of at this time like again maligned by our government, but they were using the cruel treatment that our governments use towards actual people in America nor to create super spies against innocent people under Higgins Name preceding. I can't believe someone would do that re yesterday, right indeed, Henry Good, a good answer. Yes, I'll, explain where you lost your keys. Oh that's! It, my third, personality and what Anita and I think we have. We have definitely a covered in a asked episode previously? An episode of woman who was bouncing back and forth between exorcism and actual therapy
It was that will there was a woman who remember, she went to one of those conferences that held in a hotel room and use you know. I really believe that this you know he's brain Satan out of me now how many times you benches, like I've, been thirteen times and how my style unanimously. I hung like a cost five hundred dollars each time, oh yeah, to total scam, then so the member in saint. Not ever was the scam artist in this situation exactly, and there was the same episode that we did, the that the three hot sixteen year old girls, yet the ass, the demon episode. Also feature in Russia is Dar whose make an appearance in this episode of dollars all over this pod cast in other, more famous in or shoddy version of what happened with the multi personality, like the like that holes phenomena, woods Jenny Hill, who wrote her book twenty two faces, which is about her being strapped to across a child and being raped and basically sort of believing that she had twenty two different personalities and that's us usable
new experience. The burning my doom, the burning in the rack that out of all carry sort of burning Ghek as well. Although I dont know what they were doing me down, thereabout or you are sure her like a on arms and made that you were raped. My satanic priest, funded by our government, would You say it hurt like a darn when you know orwellian all ages, ye put out, he put a good born inside, It's like a heck of a darn it hard. Indeed, when he could mania pulls off yeah got by nippers. What did I feel my neighbours? Are we don't like a door in Jamaica yeah again? I can't do it all goes to Jamaica and always a good, not believe this attitude, but could not really
let's just go, and then a road that were not allowed to go to all right. So Henry, let's get your ideas here, so we have the we ve got the government angle. What do you think say ten, a ritual abuses all about? Well, let's get there, in a way we back machine. We are now on the way back regime. We wee wee wee wee wee wee, wee wee. I'm gonna handlers, german, normal now again, here remember the empty ultra programme in this continent. Can I've got his wife, in Germany was wife. Yes, she was a wonderful photographer. We did we till we are some now we have about. I don't think we ve talked about Hitler's voice yet yet Hitler secret life, like a Hitler's private yeah it'll, do a whole episode about Hitler, cause he's fun. Yet a misunderstood I was rather silly thing about either we do know he was allotted documentation on him. Not enough on. You know
Adrian Brody, although this Jenny he'll girl, now think about it. If it was a different time, she could be, you know like Satan is Jim carry. You know she's just for twenty two faces quite have you put together characteristic, So no, oh you attribute. Suddenly I live, I mean I will see all of your faces. Do look like there's a burning in your rectum. So if you could just like that doesn't ion Coulter at working as a cash here at a grocery stores. If there's a burning in her right, a burning loiter like a darn rat ever younger hurt like a darn is going to be the big new personnel catchphrase entered Her therapists did say that this is a direct quote. This not real with her. She deserves seventeen academy awards everytime, you love me, you're, really lovely, I'm sure you're right me and had heard like a dog. You know mental summary breeds who, like she, has a Google alert for Academy awards for times of pops up when she saw that.
Why can they say that about me having dragon interregnum? Well, I'm sorry Merrill! You don't currently have a burning in your record. Why does that? Although just drop me to across and write me the elder? It? No, not you so it begins with Hitler. Then this is modern day satanist activity. Now, let's say you know, Satan or Lord and Master has been here since the very beginning, the light bringer that the giver of the secret knowledge as the snow If you reverse old thing, snakes, just hang it out in the garden of Eden, see into naked people, not fuckin, How do I get these people to start pocket? He was the hitch. Yeah right is a good wingman yeah and because, in their natures, help them fuck, because he knows it's like there's a party in your pants.
You don't need to spend all day, avoiding the apple tree. You know we could just fuck each other in their young, but let's say his message was perverted later on their there's, a lot of belief. You know Hitler did have a pretty keen obsession with the occult oh yeah, I'm good jobs. I understand I mean it's easy easy to get into your under a lot of stress sure you know you ve started a multinational war, you know and you little do. People know the Nazis actually had Google. They read the view is the permanent unity you womb, lout g, L yeah. Do you go to Google, yes and what it was a Jew, strapped you're too bored. I would tell em anything that we want a lot of information about these issues.
We could go. Go. Tell me how many also courts interests. I maybe there's part Dana, I'm not sure you know you can. I was fourteen. Ok, Google! Well, what is true will begin us along tat me. So there's a lot of belief that Hitler may be a part of it, as we see again a current train of thought and that that what the new world order is or satanist sickness organisations more reptilian it's what they want is is to lower the human population in order make us easier to control and also that lowering the population that murder the said, murder and sexual rituals involved in it will help create the magic needed in order to open the.
Order to let Satan's armies and to create chaos over the entire galaxy because it gets bids bigger within just us we're going over the military way. If you are part of a new world order, you would you would be happy with the with the gay move in with the gay cause which estimate works better. Yet what you need that men Marian men, the things you know it's like I'm the old mare this chair, you know next thing, you know I'm kissing about the end of yours, liberal movement and they're not happy with serenity of their own. That is a problem there, so liberal that each one chaos everywhere they want men. Panza shirts, gloves issue, as we did last year, gloves issues that can keep you warm and what your feet doing, but there's a lot of people so that you know again. You know that magic is the magic rituals heavily powered by sea by sexuality and violence. Because the spilling of blood, the shooting of blood, as if the shooting of the arc of a line of seamen the how he is well get into that later. Yes, and he did it
Also gratuitous aid in our class there's a filet went to school with you took a picture of seamen coming I this cock just right after he jacked up, I went to the exhibit and he did get in a and a fully it was never our just like you definitely came, and then you took a picture. Has everyone's drinking milk, yet clearly, it is a good pornography, we're now, I suppose so there was no face that it with the seamen was hidden. You just hitting the floor, so a compound yeah come about, and so we have blood streaming like seamen, but they they began. A macroeconomic outcome cover weird we hand where the actual truth began was: nineteen, thirty nine. They created this program called Lebanon's born right. In the end, the solely true they created a programme which was to use extramarital affairs, basically single women that were in Germany that were big tinted, wide hips perfectly blonde. Women only mean that they would light up to be fought by SS off
there is the biggest strongest f S officers like your grandfather. Indeed, I they were trying to make perfect children or, in part of it, not perfect grandchildren oh, no, no! No! No! Not far from the tree. You are the same time. Give you blue eyes blonde hair. You be an amazing fourth, we would a nice Yoda moment there far from the tree. You are far from the tree, and so that is where we're that began, I guess innocently enough. They would give metal. So women made big, strong german children, and this was, of course you know in or in order to further the Nazi regime, and then there's also believes that these are these women north sorted. There were being used in unholy, like ceremonies with SS officers harmony in order to create Satan baby
How many women do you think were involved in this programme? Hundreds of thousands hundreds, if that's the truth, that is true. Well in nineteen thirty, nine membership stood at eight thousand of which, through thirty five hundred, were s s leaders. Yes, so they were the thirty five hundred dude two. Fifty four fifty five hundred men today being an ass, ok, everybody, thirty, five hundred women and fifty five hundred. Was. It was eight thousand women, Nay fifty five hundred women, thirty five hundred men- oh yes, sprang in a like us, yours, you haven't thoroughly ass, like forty state borders April, a super state Right, that's what we did. We had our own gonorrhea, no longer so the so they would so we're that's worth started and eventually like the like. Ah, we keep making tiny babies were not making strong enough baby, so they would go and look for big, strong blonde blue eyed babies in Poland, in Austria like wherever they could find them, they would go through and they would still these babies put them into these programmes. Were they
start beginning what was the very big that the beginnings of the empty on training, which was you know using psychological and physical torture? in order to create fractured personalities that they then use for their own means. Now this is this idea were at some point. Hitler was so obsessed with, with this idea of bringing Satan to the world that all of this white went underground, they shut down the programme had kept going and an opera play operation paperclip happen. Nineteen fifties. After we are, we spanked the run the inauguration very valid the empty alter project. Yes, we brought them all Rachel Paperclip is bringing the Nazis to America to do science, for I knew you could say that this means that, like all the other things like for this is that I find this really interesting, because
you see the same story in three different conspiracy theories right. You have the reptilian agenda, which uses this theory as well that this this this idea of creating strains of of of dna that are super. Where are your blood? Was superior bloodlines right, also, MP, Ultra, which is real, so the witch came from nazi science. It's entirely real living idea that the De Satan S organizations are using the same exact training techniques that M K, alter was doing also somehow aligned with Reptilian. So it's like it's either It's all real or like it's all fake and there's no way to show you how to live like insane, ass, crazy, so some list empty, alter and the rip Gillian agenda, all intertwine into ones, would have been a bizarre dna. It is rather like they just don't know who to call the villain, and I
stand. What you want to call people wearing black and shaved, heads in black o, tease and Centigrams one say their evil and not groovy, and that just because you're fuckin nerd work over the government run gonna mean you can't understand, he's cool, you know say Miss Hale he's out there zigzagging around it- always is needed here. Why don't you just drive the bad guy from the major and I don't want you look anything like you there, but it's true that enjoy equal powers on the subway today with Henry and Altea. He get. Some funny looks from girls Jenny no might have twenty two faces, but whenever a girl see and where they have one face and its discussed more, I don't understand why I'm so acute you or you will be measured by a girl like you got big, big, sufficient. Just let me so common, I'm sick, and yet we do in the train. No, no You do not get a seat on the train dense. Do I get ever be off the train? I just find it very so did so. This is where
happening us. It was so apart when, when this satanic, like panic again one man. When I was going on in America, it was at the same time that there were there, but there was the recovery period after Mp. Ultra had ended. Also. I would say if you really look at it in the night late nineteen Seventys, when the subsidy happening was when Mp Alter was shut down officially secretly. So the hang over from that like from the psycho driving that was in vain maiden, Canada, like in and the fact that they used mixed symbols. So what I would like. What's your name calling o Brien when calling o Brien was talking about when she was raped by the government like she was taken by the government, and you said that she was there with. You know, Gerald Ford you know abroad. The George Straight and other another country. Singer was there they were all their raping her young and its because they D
this imagery and our minds so who's to say these people who said that they were part of childhoods like programmes or make satanic super soldiers. What, if they were being used by the government, their identity. They were in their debts worthy the physical torture that turn into psycho sexual torture. By autosuggestion, inorganic choke, I fear, was nineteen, thirty nine Hitler had what was that called leavings, boldly believers, and then we have to have only nineteen fifty, which is totally real, and there are nineteen seventy to start with the secretarial abuse. Yes, and it's like you just turn into one thing and the next thing seriously: it's something he's going on whatever the fuck it is. I mean it's got nothing to do with, because Satan doesn't want or people, he doesn't believe in rape. Nobody believes in protecting each other's territory. Well, then, how do you like the burden in journey hills rectum? Will she sat on a call? Why she's, what I do and set on electrocuted brush yeah that'll by well Here- is an early in my red, William Caille took place
in two dissociation theory, which he always big, really big enough to say tat a ritual abuse cases would dissociation theory is: is that it's something that its protein it suddenly Freud came up with, whereby someone's current mental state can be traced? to a memory from childhood that was so terrible and as so terrible and so awful that the person blacked out completely wet and repressed memory, I'd exactly repressed memory, that campaign reject, remember one no don't come back them back, amalgam back forgotten again our right, and so something: shovel cramp has noticed Simpsons approach, it was the dumbest mean it's it's fuckin stupid. I mean it's a it doesn't work.
It's not real. I dont think that the report on everything even in Vienna is real. It's so easily manipulated by people, as we said before, that I'm looking for money yet also like these therapists are desperate for money, because our government just can't give doctors money to run clinics Jago, they need some sort of fucking political reason. So it's like in order to do that, you create the incentive for people to lie in order to create security for themselves exactly what that what these therapist what Freud did himself is that he started thinking that women were like what hysteria with Sarah. He starting. Ok, it's because of these past memory, so he would badger these women for nine hours a day. He told the collie that he was quote almost horse from pressuring them, but he completely gave up because the story start the more. He would pressure them. The more bizarre. The stories would be its being tortured in Iraq as what was going on in these people view push them hard hard enough. There they're gonna, whatever it is that that you want to hear a goose,
all Bactrian Germany's next? What he was doing? It cannot just be like us. Get that you do desire them yeah, like till it, but it's it's very Interesting when it comes us like the satanic idea, just people were just looking for a symbol to latch onto, and I think government also knows this, and this is why, like people who research ufos are constantly ridiculed, as in this idea, will widen we. We are using them to train them. A spice like we are, but in order to make sure nobody ever fuckin, believes him we'll have her fucking corporeal dress up in a fuckin black cloak and, like put a think, like literally, will have to address up and go, and unlike administer these like the lsd to this, to this little girl, ruler, diffraction their personality, and that she'll think she saw this crazy shit and afterward? She would like, I was tortured by sickness and mobility are more on. You don't think. That's not true.
You also then get the sickness thing, also, fires up the most ignorant portion of the of the country like a whole countries like those of the odd God. Damn argue not new is the dabble you know like, and so you can have the most the Damas part of America are the ones that are most against it, so it's like or believe in it so says, like only dumb people believe in it and she's crazy for saying so we can do every one death and airs. Here's that that the first, the first case in which satanic ritual abuse really came to the forefront in Amerika, was the mic. Martin preschool case. Which in fact nobody was ever in fact mean it's different from other satanic or to abuse cases that came after because most the time afterwards, they resulted in convictions. Mc Martin debt didn't have any convictions whatsoever, but it started with a woman called Judy Johnson mentally always mentally ill Bible. Beater, ok, yeah
Oh, she became obsessed in nineteen. Eighty four became obsessed with her sons, anus lovely aim is something I can. I can tell you that I will yeah. I'm gonna see the little kid running around like to see it. I do feel like that's one place where in this in religious zealots can really get along their love of the anus. They always seem to be talking about a touching on putting burning in its autumn running so this woman started four eggs inspecting her sons anus daily every day, and on the morning of August eleventh. But what are you looking for signs of abuse for too late to wink at by? But it is it? Is abuse. Yet ladders, looking like a mirror, would have been the sign of the abuse because you're looking at your boys and yes, yes, she examined Matthew before he left for the Mc Martin pre School any look normal, but when he wrote
home that afternoon was shaped. Like Abraham, Lincoln, said Ben saying all hungarian thing it was read, it was read again, but this He had also been having diarrhea and from what people say. He had chronic problems with hygiene. I mean, but also read. I don't know I think, they're red but who are right? What did Judy figure out and so Judy started? Looking more and boots are becoming up, she leave TAT bonnet, like they did like what they do and hotel room doors, highschool field trips, so cheese becoming ring is broken. When you come back, I'm going to know some satanic ritual abuse is going on. Will she started becoming obsessed with the employees at Mcmartin preschool because she thought for some reason like she was? and later on. She was completely discredited because peace but she was deadly like clinically ill, but by the time I found that out, the ball was already Rowan on every player
so she went with this guy this poor, poor mother fucker. His name is re Bucky and re Bucky sound here? Who's gonna have all the money. That's how about no Ray Bucky had no money and he was a beach bomb used as some surfer Ducas Martin happening. California use just some beach bomb surfer dude any like to wear baggy shorts along, oh yeah of course, went on. Naturally also didn't like tour underwear. She's a thing is, you were due to day care Riah he work. This is the problem. Is that you need to. You must wait underwear today can go out there. Looking like John HAM, have you seen John Hams penal, mad verity ridiculous business, not weigh seven votes, a very entertaining, but its very essence Venus. So one day one of his balls fellow yeah, fell out
how does that crossed his legs? And one of his balls fell out underneath in the classroom in the classroom and one of the little kids went up and touched it, good, that's it. They say I'm especially when you little googly eyes either side of you have. No it I mean. Have you any owes drawn on your kid? You have no idea what balls are you ve never really seen a Harry's hanging sack before. If you do see that I mean it's, your first internet grab at punch little back a little bit absolutely and so Judy, along with her bible, thumping and her mental illness, and now, with this new testicle allegation, he started, pumpkin her son for information, constantly as more lively and what are they doing and what do they do? What are they doing? What are they doing? I mean hours and hours a day and she wouldn't
the cat alone. Intel key gave us some information. Of course I didn't want it's the same exact, it's like if you keep pressuring for information, you're gonna get exactly what you're looking for, which is what they want. Everybody wants, their biggest spheres confirmed. Because, when you have your when you're more on and you your biggest spheres, confirmed again, it's like you want of desperately believe that their sub mills go. Don't you read because got God knows your kid. Just can't I go to day camp, he gig, honestly, you kid can just touch a sack of balls and we find what what are you doing? you're? Really we reply it. You know. Just like I was pushed down. My locker room in one day came out pushed down. They took off right how right Everyone old sat around the old laughed to help tauntingly penis one we're not nine rhino it wouldn't not applying. Today. We can now you're totally normal. It wouldn't bizarre if you had a large penis omega right, a big honking dick ever be like
man you're great airing. They wouldn't be funny you for that as well. I mean either way. They call me spaghetti pants, spaghetti bids. Why is that long? Thin? Ro Teeny patents is to give all you people out there somewhere an idea of how this questioning, when I have a transcript from one of them, Martin from one of the big Martin interviews with the child is between a police officer and trial. I'm going to be playing the role of the police officer and Henry is going to be playing. The role of the child will add. It will end this. No one will ever know well set up. This is going back to a more current event. I just watch the interview with a prosecutor for that Amanda knock situation and that's exactly what he did. There are tons of evidence that said she didn't do
and he found a few evidence that the Meda look like her. So people do this all the time you are a paragon. Did she put the fork in your but yes or no leading question? I think I am come on. If you just answer that you can go, I hate, you know you don't yes, I did You love me, and I can tell, is that all she did you. What did she do to your highness Did you do to your Heidi? Then you can go that's adult labour to other way, I forgot tat what Kelly did your highness and then you can go? If you tell what she did. Your highness we'll. Let you go no, please weird kidnappers, ok out Ok tell me now what did Kelly due to your highness charter? Remember what did he put in your highness, the fork. That's real
yeah, that's how they Yad Vashem, likely me, that's how they did it and then it went from their from just putting forks and behind these two other allegations, this is just some of the things can explain to me. Maybe how do you stick a fork into hiding? the point again, I mean I read that you want you to go lie, namely amendment no one to put no one right. Why ok? But do we have any indication of why they thought a fork was in the honey? It's these things just key building one upon another like here, some of the alligator here's some things that duty Johnson said her son Matthew, told her Matthew. Feels that he left away international in an airplane and flew to palm springs. That's a big thing. Kids being flown in aeroplanes and boats by the way they are flown in aeroplanes. During that time there at the day care select six hours I wish there was my dick here, though, to citizens amazing Matthew. To the armory. The goat man was there. It was a ritual type atmosphere at the church. Peggy Peggy was one of the other Mc Martin.
Drilled, a child under the arms armpits atmosphere, was that a magic arts ray the ball. Man flew in the air, Peggy Babs and Betty were all dressed as witches. The person who buried Matthew is Miss Betty. A lot of kids talk about being fair life. Yeah bags went in, went with him on a train with an older girl where he was hurt by men in suits. Peggy gave Matthew and Anima staples were put him Matthews ears, his nipples. In his time. Perhaps put scissors it, as I always did, also sounds very much like people's like Org, ambering, alien abductions as well, to the same feeling she chopped up Adam Matthew was her by a lion. An elephant played a goat climbed up high and higher and higher than a bad man threw down the stairs lots of candles were there. They were all black re pricked, his right pointer finger, put it in the goats anus
old, grandma play the piano, I won't origin is a baby said. With chopped off in the brains were burned, yeah Peg, atta scissors and the church and she cut Matthews Hair Matthew had to drink the baby's blood and re wanted Matthew spit. This happen from nine a m to or thirty pm, yes, absolutely energy and on all these cases never a single shred of acts will ever know you'll get my feeling is that their dealing with kids gadget you're dealing with kids, your bidding kids, a fragile, fragile, like imaginations as it is. It's like you do, you could do it. You could say anything took it agree with you Believe me, I d always so. Kids on president on the present Kids were normal before the interviews like because when what as more kid started coming forward parent started, getting scared and they start asking their children. These questions in the chamber. I know nothing, nothing happened. Everything is fine,
but they get bad eyeing, and yet they think they're just tonight, because this is no shit here was the rule. This was the role that all these. Esther Data's had at this time is that if they said nothing happened. Then something had happened. It's very Salem which draw yeah very much. So then it's the same thing will bull. Then we have there are. There is some proof, though, of all this like. While the sounds ridiculous. If we're really look at this, there's some pizza people out there, there's so brave enough to fight for the truth. One of them is a purse, Oh here of mine in us here at last. Podcasting level is don't Y all year, I don't speak for all of us that every by Allah, Angola, not really rusty's Dar shattered, aren't we start now out there on the Fuckin frontlines bitingly satanist for a long time in accordance with his arm. Now this is the truth. He's been work.
As a he worked as a chaplain for the actual higher police, whatever the bureau for for a long period of time where his job was to go when identifying say tanning markers of say, ten crimes? That was his That was a job, so you go winnings like using new peace prize. Allow these guys, don't you know we're pedigree and looks like they don't know what a satanic wheel of justice looks like you're all this stuff. These, like I said, but all the symbols on lockdown that are all really difficult. Route of flight website shouted the darkness dot net and by his new book the black awakening the doctors dot net unreadable on red. Can we read some, the press release from his new book. But the black awakening sure, ok, lack away It is a term told to me by a highly trained military sigh warrior. It is about the plot to bring mass. Chaos to the USA and other nations. It is all about Break down society and unleash a new order, thus globalism at shadow that
W W w dot share the darkness start net. You can hear about and click the links to gain deeper insight into this. National and go down to the readers, quotes readers clouds, the government, let's this guy, get away with that reader. A review from a reader. This book is off I'm already on chapter eighteen, when I was waiting for the book to come out and going through the course I was was thinking that is all would be almost a repeat of information I must say this book was a thousand times beyond my expectation. The anything is that actually Russ Discharge posing, as I remember, because we feed your team on the demon, hundreds episodes, while he writes Zone Bio he does, which is between like Rusty's Darya. I too, like I've, been I've been a fighter for the angels power of role. As long as I can remember, web Rusty star was a rock and roll or from the nineteen sixty performing all sort of golden age, but
Satanism gains among is back in meat hand, but he is here, he's gonna, even organic had he was on Kosovo's Philly really just get into it with the georgian array and and- and he said that yes, but what am I to save the numbers that he was about the same. He said this, the numbers are about to say, or they may seem crazy to you, music, but the amount of cases- and I hear a year about about trying to break people out of their say tanning training- sure we're lookin at close to ten point five million victims of say tanning training a year, which means it is. I can you look at it so ten point, five million victims. That means we're lookin at at least sixty to seventy millions and millions activated, satanic, cold members in America trying to bring about the black awakening and now we're talking heap. He does make a distinction between like Anton live. Is like Satanism. These, I can understand,
Yes, you know he doesn't agree with it, because everybody is burners all over the place. Germany can deal with that, but he does say there is an ancient form of Satanism which was tied to the euro. General- and this is also true- the original reptilian group that approach the Nazis about creating a super race back in the nineteen thirties oconnor black flame, which is that we know what Alister Crowley served. What the since the beginning of time, the black flame is been the the the accident, the symbol of old Satan and that it goes back to the poem from the beginning when GMT yes, and so he he's been fighting against. You can get out of this house for a long time and when he says that when he was originally made chaplain for the acronym higher police, which is like he blesses them before they go out. He said he's experiences. Alot know a lot of the things he talks about its multiple soon meet these people, that are there. It's multiples. Runners assassins know the names of these like various people, which again
very similar to the empire training programme, but the children also known as chosen ones, the children that are chosen bread for this, this standing in satanic colts. He was their swords, Forget acrid Ohio, the chosen one. Are we talking about Lebron James, All right, I'm just say, he's a super he's a super creature. You know every you know. If you can, like human beings ever existed from Akron, he Emily possible. If you call on a phone and didn't speak an interest rate at the door, you know that he is right. For intervening the ESA and also I'd, say this, has its roots in Lebanon's born with the Nazis. I'm not sure I would therefore make an end of the programme I dont know times of change. Is that a racial slur yeah? Therefore, I urge every means black in german allies
It's very bad, it's a bad turn, but the idea go see. He says that he was up. He was with a police officer. They were driving like you got. He got just got done being like doing his orientation with the acronym police he's in the car, Dr Abnormal, and also the police captain turns to him. We see with, with all the light gone from his eyes like a robot. Many go, see him and says we know why you're here. Do you know why you're here, like. Why am I here so We want to see how much you know. Russ does dark, so we know that how we can destroy, like all other random, got me all this up, and he said that he had the personnel he broke down in. What they do is that they do these prayer circles when someone snapping into a multiple personality based around them and bring in a group, and they pray on him,
I don't feel bad anymore, and so they said, experience had bunch at times a friend of his who was up a police officer, his wife, five foot. One sits said that she was a part of the satanic programme. She took five men to wrestle her to the ground because once you got the trigger call- literally teaser. That's says that there's a phone call on a landline. She picked it up drops a phone just like it horrible be us somewhat. They have like trigger words slander, someone's, like he's ball yet another mediating unitedness like every single day till they know, that's why he is absolutely certain that it's all connected back to Nazi Germany, because everyone these these multiples, as he says, has some sort of german multiple. I feel a lot of people break out in a German
screaming? And german, and I mean that's frightening enough. Oh you never want to your screamin endure, but basically it's it's. This sort of muddled idea that they not only their their nazis but their sickness, and they are working for the government but are also working against it government so well we're about. There is All these are recent, so dismal we're talking like ninety nine desires like fucking, operate in today, ok, so is it still concern because we had that what was at least born Mp Ultra satanic ritual abuse? What is it now it's so it s all right I'll. Still there an army that twenty two personalities I mean that's recent, get that's pretty recent. Add another live or someone got yet. Some like that end FBI. If you're talking about both places, the FBI and the nineteen eighties. Let me see, I think it was nineteen, eighty, five and Quantico they had a conference about satanic ritual abuse and they said that they got a hold
of some minutes from an international Satanist Convention held in Mexico, and the participants when the man I'm platform had mostly complaining about the bad buffeted food. Unless I remember my integra expected made, the participants formulated a master plan to come could the world by infill trading day care centres and corrupting America's preschoolers. Now the thing is about the minutes is that nobody actually saw Any original copies of these is just some dude who was right. Behind this also tenant ritual abuse they use it was their ears. They I found. I'm gonna have to show you, but they felicity like they say, as a temp. Isn't like this it's like the same working working level. Europe means that when I was a temp- and I use it just like they would give me like financial record, so I do like me- no expense things out. I just blow everything out and say I did so. God knows the hundreds of thousands of dollars, thousands and thousands of dollars. I flushed on the toilet.
I believe you have already when it went ahead, whereas about or in a bar back into a golden handouts and flyers and I've just walk round Clothing Army innately yeah and they also sitting Quantico that among the Satanist once every twenty eight years of human sacrifice to the devil, What's a and here's, what will you have the last human sacrifice to me now? Is it coming up soon? The other one I don't know, but the FBI conference also taught its participants questions to ask children, ritual abuse cases and instructive prosecutors and what was virtually a tenant of the economical cut throat Reagan, eight, nineteen eighties, that people who lack high powered jobs and large salaries were failures and even morally defective. This is the main message conveyed as it and Ford readers that, while satanist men and women generally were intelligent.
They were also quote working class under achievers, whose interest in the occult reflected their mediocre lifestyles, which included the fact that they worked for minimum wage caring for other people's children. Do you the FBI, thinks we lead mediocre lifestyle or we will hire here for people's Gary Goddamn. Had three tacos. Didn't you tell me one of the rooms still smells like your tongue. Let's bring well, I think, o another thing: that market is just a funny little black limit, Martin kids. They were all being, of course, lavished with praise the entire time they were rewarded. With visits from Mister T, cast upon key Brewster amazed. That is true. Mr tea came about Fucking ELF, get out there now alpha very, very expensive. Fidel fees manage and alcohol and then once Mister T in Punchy, Brewster were come and there were
Other kids are like no eyes radios right, do and apparently like yeah fuck, you, you re, Peters, the USA directives you wanna meet Mister T autonomy, mister t I've been raped, so if they were like really sexually abused in the Sixtys and Seventys, and that in all these kids in the eighties really I was sexually abused. It sort of like being a nerd in the Eightys and Ninetys, and now the two thousands everyone's inert every little socket about to say: oh yeah, you, like comic books and self secure comics, are great. I used to get a lot of pussy yet used to knock Amy. Eighty any pointing out. We ve had a lot of equally, not speak to me because of the things I like. That makes you a nerd or your diddle denominator. Tee is hanging out with you. Yet when I was little I was crying, I was crying. I was alone yes, actually ever be permanently with like a wedge between me and people, yes, very, very sad, but you have all the friends so have we have this and similar experience? Chris hard. So if you were in the mink, Martin School- and you were a petty file, I guess be a good, oh, my god. It's like hiding lane site right.
Those- and there are done member dozens of cases than about me- I'm not having endured sexual. You know, misconduct happens all the time in these go over to my one. Kid was actually being sexually abused from what my research to me from what my research told me a lot of it. I watched a video but private christian propaganda. Video put out ninety ninety four in which a guys at his proof, first satanic, which will be like we're hard evidence that these things happen, and is proof, was just the convictions. Yes He had no hard evidence so and so ever and what from what I was looking at the cases they he kept bringing up because he brought up at least tenor like about ten cases throughout all of his speech and what it looks like some of these were not all look like. Some of them were just your run of the mill molestation cases and because of what was going on.
The time people were just tack and on the same tanning thing to the end of it, I get them to meeting the two like for people to pay attention to the actual real case exactly ETA. Just people assume that if you were molesting kids in the nineteen eighties, you were also satanist. Now, I'm telling you I write to bring it up, and it's very simple that prosecutor Noumenon OX case things there
Saying this thing with her to relay did did that there is a big like sexual thing in the reuse, like blood to cut with knives and all this shit he made all does it just mention makes the president I attend exactly so it's that is interested. I I also this is a minimal fluffy do here right, but I also believe there has been recent studies that show this in the end. This is this is true, as at their they're, starting to believe what we're came from was a sort of rejected studies from operation, STAR Gait, which was the remote viewing programme that the government put up in order to teach our spies had a possibly psychically look at russian spies brains using like various, like techniques he's thinking to vodka. How did you know about it, but this is because I believe that their they're, starting to believe that long term memory is that housed physically in our brain, that its access in a sort of
cloud around us and then that that its literally what we ve always done, what car, young and other people have described as the collective unconsciousness it I'm a believer in. I am too because I think it's real. I think that it's like an actual thing. It's like it's not like some concepts and spiritual concept. The physical concept, your brain stores, information in the in the air around your head and I think that what happened with Em K, Ultra is so real and it's very real, and it was in so horrible that I think that it stuck in the collective of cotton conscious on. I think that kids, who are more receptive to any all sorts of psychic phenomenon, including like techniques, is like the ghost visuals. Oh yeah, alien abduction
stories. I think that kids can link up to it as well as why think they know the more arcane weird like them when they, when they really, but it sounds like they ve, been abused when it has its like the it's like. They know it instinctively, and I think that there is something to it. I think that there there is something to how the government fuck with an entire generations heads and how that reverberates, death and like it makes other people it affects other people that your kids just feeling have been molested. If they haven't been molested now, maybe yikes, I don't. I was so lonely for so long as a child who would have been nice if we get a party that I cloud years only wants you for something I mean the more that I read about this this entire chapter in human history? I really Dont think people know how damaging the ninety, Eddie, satanic panic was to this country as a whole in so many different ways like kids made media terrified of. Like my fellow
Marilyn's in a way it I've never been before it plays itself out in the real world situations like the Ark over the the Arkansas three. Those three balloon wetter West meant that the West has three. I was really boys. You, loved metal, music and drawn Penta Grams in Heaven lit candles and doing ceremonies because, as an amazingly fun thing to do, we used to do it now All the time you get off early and help may now be talked a girl's, yeah sort of talk to girls. Doing like like go shit. It was ass, yet I love you. They live on the ever. We love set down the well remember three. Just now released they weren't here, and it was all because they fucking you never hang out with that. We set up before never hang out with a retard. I always get you in trouble absolute, especially when you ask him for when you want and when you lookin for a confession: yeah they'll do anything. They love to be agreeable, and you know that really. That is true and that's why the kids were such reliable, like that's, why they were so forthcoming with this shit, because its due to a couple of different things, it's
to what's called social desirability and secondary again that social desirability. These kids, why to be love. They want to be a part of something. So they'll tell these adults whatever they want to hear and the secondary gain. Fuckin mister t Oh yeah, founded Mister T, but you get to me as during the eighteen. Purser's there now ass, a whole bunch of different things that I didn't think overseeing replay boy spread now, yes we're in years on this area, so lays moon, fry yeah, and there was, and what do the, what this? I would actually do these kids, that it would be this like cause and effect type thing where the kids would be fine. They would start to put all this awful shit into their heads, and then one of them became obsessed with death, funerals and cemeteries and began playing games in which she was pregnant and re Bucky would slaughter her babies like should be pregnant, give birth
then re Bucky would kill it another one had dreams about you guys skeletons in dismember bodies. He stopped sleeping in it. That would only sleep in a cardboard box and another one was racked with fear that the devil lived in a jar and his house and was trying to control them all. These kids were fine before This shit out of the question started: oh yeah and any one filled their heads with scarlet. Yet then they further has the garbage, and then the parent see this behaviour as proof that they were abused in the first place rapidly was mass ritual ized. There was mass ritual ice torture in other parts of it did happen, so it did happen where they will win Kay ultra within impaled would entail. Yes, it did happen. So it's not impress schools unless you really do believe that they serve when they were little kids and the Lebanese born Graham, is still going on empty ultra still going on and we got the Aurora killer is.
Is doing the same. Sit in sandy hook, he's doing it also they could take our guns away at the end of your can happen and then Obama, the reptilian attack overlord riot. I'm gonna write everybody her, that's Borgias. I've got good good ran through on your side. I think you know, which is effective, x ray dodgy soon ale same eat. Some pop how about that bomb. My wild game, I'll Hale Satan hail yourselves. Everybody wants ideas.
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