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Episode 75: The Afterlife

2015-02-16 | 🔗

A new documentary about the afterlife inspires the boys to dig deep into the world of near death experiences, particularly the people who went to hell instead of heaven.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started Dream last night that my and were split open for my middle finger down to the bottom, my palm and all meat was slide nothin, but I wasn't bleeding, and then I looked back they were fine? What's that mean, that may be. I mean you cut your radishes window. I cut my radishes. What am I am? I a french chef way, Ratatouille Sidney nickel in the kitchen know about tat. Now old rat Chris Patten, Oswald,
women, something that we were. I learned that Facebook and Twitter, the Heaven and hell, is in real, but Patent Oswald does not like women referred it rendering oh yeah, that's markers, I'm Ben and then to my left. We got this young fellow he's fresh she's in a fund mood and vps. He knew a browser feast. I like the pace of real liver. I, like the days of real teeth good, may make we can carry on penalties. Ask: that's dies. I, like beggars greek law, really taken. I gotta go, I gotta go. I gotta get this superb layer of espresso. What am I says? No more. I couldn't be Papa Papa properly online, but by the gale and fancy fees. Do you think you eaten a week? Oh my god. I mean the government as we know for a fact. A lot of things I mean we know about the pink LU, LU, Pink, do you know we shall Mcnugget, yet we know about corn fodder. Did they jam into the?
or axes of our cows and really make them large, yeah yeah right like that they use, does not understand. I've noticed that different markets is the best cow impression of the radio. Gay everyone's always said that about it and I didn't believe it until right now. Cannons amazing that you do a chicken one he's done to check it out like it's. I don't grow up with chickens. I grew up a cow. That's a chicken or like balls, could talk with your balls excelling waving in the win just settle again: Ets hemorrhoids rightly
just get the today's topic. I personally love this one. We're talking about the afterlife Heaven and hell: is it real now do whatever you want this world, as this is the only opportunity you have to live on? We sat down. We watch it. Amazing new documentary on Syphon channel that just came out like glass. We called the life after death project, which was a you know. I love me. Some ghost is, of course you know. I love a things that go in greedy greatly. Nay- and I saw a bit about this unfortunate someone had posted this especial was grown up, and then I listen to Paul David's, who is the director and of the documentary anyone's coast and very highly interesting stuff, because this is one of the one of the most illuminating documents we watched button. Our vote together. That was nice. There is funding a nice afternoon together alone time together what we also
because I don't have a full couch. You just have a love seat, so it's like our butts touch, whereas watching it, and when I say we just slowly slowly got closer and closer as the couch got more and more exhausted from holding our weight and what we are days went down. It was a sin: coal, yours like adopts things like spoken lying like filled my leg becoming indistinguishable from your leg right at the outset, because their skin just kind of slides over does not happen with women.
I don't know, I'm not sure I ve never been with one experience that I'll, let you know, but ok, we're watching and documentary on life after death power just sit right there in Heaven will already, and I mean if there was a how I didn't know it, because I was sit there with my best friend. That's right. So let's go to the beginning of this documentary. A fella named Ackerman. There is even a very famous horror movie, memorabilia collector name for she Ackerman thing it probably the coolest Gaia Volta I mean either cool mean coolest, Slash, loneliest yeah got me like live, didn't, do it like a world of you know just monster heads I mean yet his best friend, confidant advice, sir, and give her a GMO Gmo me. What just say was: is madly in love with MR. He had ever like alert. She's got a big gay lurch whenever they would come to him in the documentary. You'd, be him to go and, like you know, hurry and I, when I washed his feet, I love the plea for smile. They're gone
I don't know, I don't know what the acts at once was a good impression. Note like a bull, cut or think he's hawaiian Hawaii, and I always imaginative some sort of weird bastard, some sort of accept between Irish Japanese, so you're saying the Hawaiian actually did more like this, the Oahu wouldn't allow us they without housing, Michigan and programmes. So little Ackerman, whose like huge, is a major iconic, whore fellow major collector, he is a famous atheists he's a baby you, you know, you specifically say you know they gotta believe in any of the things that I love, I don't like he thought is safe. I was a beautiful dream that men had. You know that that is about like our best possible future yeah and he he was a very famous. He run a thing called famous monsters magazine. I know that a lot of people, I God Chris Brown, from a call puppets who listens to the podcast- is probably a massive fan of forestry. Ackerman
This is a guy he's very important to the whole community, and he said you know I don't believe in gauss. You know and joked famously to pull David's while the he was alive and he knew each other saying like ok, if there's a heaven, and if I go once I'm partying with everybody wants some damn. You know. Little Sammy Davis Jr set my laughing a finger bang on the verge of not anymore. None of your Ackerman disgusting Andrew. He won't be easy and combine he'll, say hello and everyone does like. Euro area. You know, because that's where the those are one thing. What I hate the way scientists described people with a sense of humor, then I'm time anyone discover music. You know he was here. Prevalent with a joke. You know a huge uses, a vague all ye had quite of E. Could quite a banal, humor about- and there is a great Oprah, Winfried Roque joke. As a matter of fact, wherever that Oprah joke that he told I forget how it covers, but I'm going to make a new function of the
I've really feel glaring oak ram and I'm going to college phantom of the all of that sort. It was sort of a situation like if you would play basketball against Kim Jong who, like every shot, that's great, you that's great shot. People were very easy with my audience. They were just happy to see the nine year old man yet out there, and he was also known as forty envy after monster Levy, Ackerman sternly also lit he. What an all of his address slips up. Outta Karla Foreign YA, like boring our Law- female- oh yes, yes, so he Basically, you know again, he proposed the idea of an after heavily populated, papoose and so they were making a memorial after he died and sadly he died at the age of ninety two. You wanted to be honoured years old, but I mean sometimes you win.
Sometimes you die or bodies made our gummy cranes. Your ninety two years old anything can kill you. You know you don't know how bad those jokes If your ninety two right now let go yet all because in the end, you're. Just your taken up all the corn feed. That's our ordinary yeah. I've heard that about old people in their sucking up, our pink go suck it up the Pink MIT, how the food, my cat, food, infuse, hot dogs who, sadly there are a lot of ninety two year old people, eaten fancy feast right now. No ideas for cats, no idea, I should say Rancey Dona lies, nay, I believe they did already applaud all this step for these gaps where the avian about so basically these when they were making the memorial to enforce Ackerman to canadian filmmakers went and they were like playfully their nerves. They went up to his grave and they were like now
they're like oh yeah. I therefore your home for you when they get back to the hotel and basically they are going to write about how likely visit his grave and when they go to write in a capture too, like the two, the login securely into their blog. It's his Ackerman Linda captures Ackerman drilling okay, any day, refresh it again and again and keep Ackerman Ackerman, and then you just like what is going on Here- think foreshadowing to lose for jack dead and then the computer put combined behind him. Would you really call me documentary? It went straight to the room and I mean their nerves, and so there like me, wherein our exact same position. The day with I was here a diamond was over. There is a wide variety of your arrival here, and so they like cut over and apparently the other computer fired up into a pop up window was like some weird orange circle, going like again, no
which is that's what it was then am I got now. I was gonna, make a joke: they computer just turnovers, it boil phantom of the opera sacraments in the computer. These make it bad jokes, other guy. This is great stuff so anyway, but this kind of a funny thing, so they see the Ackerman thing, of course. So that was why don't forget the name Kizil, also power Oh and I took a picture of it I'll put on the thing in terms of synchronicity in that as part of what the there is a scientist tier named. What's as far as they were, sharing a bunch of different like pop ups, you have been to think the two m you don't get to a page or whatever on carriers and when,
captures the kiss of one of the catches was characteristics or of an idea. Absolute habit of Gore is evidence about. So this this doctor does Doktor Jean Swartz comes on an airport of one of his major like outlining a theories, as are proof of the afterlife in one of those is synchronous cities in use em through this story of channeling forestry, Ackerman ghost there is a it's crazy that this sort of things that happen are very strange, like well Paul David's in search of Pull David's document, refill maker who unaided for that story from these Canadians, and he was like ok whatever you know, but this is the guy use only done like lots of ever controversial stuff, and so the last good, the less the special he did was all on a you know. Jesus after he was team? Is a lot there's a lot of story saying by how there was a long time period. Miss between that when they ve lost year, nail them to the tree, and I was when he was an India being with the mahars.
My guru, like smoke, untie sticks and right and psychedelic music exact, while dresses a train conductor. Another big document or has the Bible. I would really have biological, accurate breakdown of sergeant peppers, yeah yeah, and so they Basically, here's a storyteller, sharp and so Oh he staying in a hotel while travelling for business, and he has an agenda that again. I think I don't particularly understand he has an agenda that he printed off of his computer. This is something that older people do unity. I say I dont know why these incredible easier to have the papers in your head, because the papers, the gang, I never elated, by ghosts and that's what happened in this situation is. Are we going to take a shower? Probably the only shower that man was to take all. Will he specifically nailed Danny sick? I went in. I took a shower
You ordered a large job. It wasn't that they do a quick cutaway just goes bathrooms. You see him coming out just like duty. He was gone for an indeterminate high letters that specify what was spent, but then you'll through an there there is like and then and then I went down to the any in casino. When I gambled, I lost a hundred bucks. So that's the kind of money. This guy's boy persistency launched two hundred bucks. I gotta go like penny slots, the eggs now and he lost a hundred or so he was therefore a couple hours will I'm Dedbroke right, that's what I'm doing so. He gets out of the Basle we get to the bathroom comes up any finds that on the sheet of paper, one line is really weird lease like ours. After a printed it One line is wet and smears on the paper minutes, and it is a thing that he's rode on their called speak to Joe a Modi who is like some random. I think a book you're, the only one who it is that Mugabe's you re like Germany.
Somebody doesn't even matter to me please. I would say that, like that regions like your avoiding Joam, because when you look at the more screenshots of your agenda, Joe motives like all over oh yeah, he's important Eu Descent speak to Joe emotive about all the money that I owe me back. My son just like I always doing ransom negotiations with Germany, and so he takes it defined in cities like ok, is really weird. He starts like taking it to various scientists who look at it. Don't know how it's been change. They really. It was interesting that, because he scientists these are real experts, they didn't know what the ink was made out of they couldn't they couldn't place it and they did nitrates were found in the ink that was over it. This is a they found silver nitrates in that I haven't been used imprinting since eighteen hundred relics stuff, that's very GDP or weird stuff. I also one guns all these synchronous. These been they had
several mediums come in and these when these are these the top mediums like in the world and one was they Mcloughlin Winkler. She's from Israel, I'm not really sure what the name was Bonnac May I she's, going on she's a clear, yes I also she wouldn't there and she was just they didn't, tell her anything huge nail and shit. What I do appreciate with this specific documentary and his crew peoples that it was run by Gary Schwartz, who is a fucking accredited like a maniac like repugnant, like one of the head of Quantum mechanics for Harvard.
This guy. Who is like a real, not just a I mean he's got a lotta rings on now, jerk. You know, because now that he is in charge of this, I forgot what his actual society. He is in charge of this programme that specifically studies the afterlife, and he is straight up like believes it right. He thinks it's real and because he has for like his four parameters for why he thinks go surreal which, as you know, there's physical phenomena like what happened with the paper like an end than theirs. Grenette cities and Signa, like one of the ones, was like a couple friends we're having dinner with Paul davits Paul davits comes over to a friend like friends house. Her dinner, he brings a specific bottle of wine. Use goes advises, nice bottle. One guy goes like where the fuck did you get this bottle of wine you just like. Oh I got it. You know I just went to bed mile
from a mile and new. They got it needs us like. Well. Not only is this like an incredibly rare vintage of wine, but it's a rare vintage of wine in the year two thousand for which is Europe got married. I serve this wine at my wedding right because we love it so much and we had ten people at our wedding. And one of those ten people was Force Ackerman suicide. Every eye was like. We have incense, they think you don't like it. It's not dead prove, but it's like a thing that is like what they get just. Why would it connect back? and there are so many stories like that and then the next one was the idea of mediums picking up on his address. Specifically these hypersensitive once at a mean, and they knew they were like. Forty five year olds, zoo or fully engorged? At this point, I may already have totally onboard I'm at the back up. You know,
Do you remember the old gipsy woman that we went to and in the west for or in the east village? I believe it really. Her was different. She had I she had. I tumors you're ducks for inflamed. She had I tumors in. We could see your game room. A couple of kids from the last one was is sort of technological, like research that he believes it proves it entirely when he has as this machine and what he's been working on for years and years and await a properly measure like ghosts activity is an actual ghost machine. He has a ghost machine which is a. It is a machine that detects photons inside of a box. That's inside of a box. That's inside, of a inside of a box and in Russia ideas to create like perfect darkness and perfect, not activity in the space of this photon thing was and what he does now,
I mean it's strange men. He sits in a room in ass, ghosts, questions and then watches the things go, pay lip, and this like photon, show openness. Totally d park like space at school and so its leg, and then he saw believing you speaking with Force Ackerman, and the thing was, which was really crazy. Is all these mediums and all these people have had no communication about this man? Also, the same thing, you know he's very funny: he is he he's having fun with you like this whole thing is fun for him. He showing up he eagerly. He loves you played he's, figured it out like, He wants you to know that he's communicating with you and he wants you to know that he he's there there's an afterlife he's living in something and the people that moved into his after after he died. Of course that I don't have one.
They do all of whose Vulcan Dick I wouldn't want you Dick had that is cleared out. Everything that was in a thousand years is cute. I mining industries, holster lasting, like MIC Mansion and adjust his head with a funny. I d already yeah, you know hey how doktor, yet the care, Bela Lugosi WAR and plan nine, promoting our views on that there was a weird synchronicity is at the ring that he belonged to him to Bello ago. They he got from Bela Lugosi when he filmed lives like dragons, of whose Dracula versus Frankenstein I think he had it, and then they sold to a two state. These states sold it to another person who sold it to a guy who were in Europe soldier guy work for upon trap. That ponder, like the some weird antiquity, store that integrity store turn out to be a boy. Talk from the directors house any go on I and use like boom. There's the thing that force Ackerman WAR, it's crazy. I would
The document really just follow that ring. That sounds very excited rang out of it, but it just about an asshole but re. But that's. Why, this in any way they are granted the hell out of these actors, which was which is great. Yes, she was like you know, take tenant Jesus, I'm any attacks, we're coming you pop song. You know, and then I went into the get. You now get a couple glasses of wine and then, when I came back out, if all my music teacher spread everywhere and that's what he said, that he would do all the time to it, he would take people shit and spread it everywhere, like young, like this, ghost would just throw of stuff all around and the knees the knees their knees. Ah, yes, ah I see her So you don't have any idea what is now nine two year old goals. More cleft big actual healing situation there I bid then there's a lot of stories about, and so now, just from there
one just break into the way. I like more stories of people who have been to the afterlife and back who ve seen some near death experiences. I think that I think that we found Cypriots what can pursue areas assuming that's gotta, not Scott. The mister comment is actually in Heaven. We have. We assume that that is hard to these people and Heaven is real, so the army It was something like it. I mean there is constant stories, we'll talk about them before you. Now there things like the bardo. You hear a lot about this idea. It's it's in every single culture that, when you die a part of what your living life is supposed to be is mentally training yourself that the obstacle course that is the abhorrent into the afterlife. What has really make sense? Why has the biggest away? But I think there is a lot of stories about, like you know things to overcome this also was reading, but the cupola recently in the cabal
Really I'd with their nine circles is very interesting, apparently wherein the last. When the mahars mouth I know you illiteracy and would have about the wrong. I noted ears, they, but the use of color alive that woman, it's very simple none. I just I just made a written out in just letter. Soil right, just write it down and letters and tell me how to say the letters I'll be fine. You know when things get in assembles, you don't think I just look at korean items like it's nine for nine nine nine is as numbers Joe. You someone. You know men, I understand Well, let's get into our first, or do we want to do annual Angelica, Zahm, Broncho, sure and Joe chasm Parana was shown the kingdoms of Heaven and hell Now the return of Christ. This is Irving
Testimony translated in English, cooked love so much my favorite. She saw many many people down any celebrity, let's find out who she saw down there. Let's and people run almost everyone that were there in the phrase were towards that plays way. Rain. And when I love the eel now they would you, Let me look because at a distance they could see that the law was here. They say how God said within the time you silly hell even would begin to have I loved and saw how the flames would multiply. I could see how the norms would multiply them is the way it was that it was not one but was over, which it multiplied the flames and tormented the people or the demons were laugh is a worse shipping, a dollar, because this is your team to plunder. You have. The worship people are ever Edward from agreements would say.
I said Lord was this. He said this is the price of that person has not received, and the Lord took me to a place where there some man that was well known like back then when, like me in a framework tending church and living in them alive and in the work with that, and I would think that all of them that would die we're gonna have in that area written there were there at the services will go to Heaven, but I was very very wrongly, the Pope, John Paul II, the second died. My friends and causes would tell me they show that he has got him in anyways. I would say that the Pope has died rest in peace not rejoice with the lower and the angels. An angel from Heaven. I believe our Asian outlined to myself about days and then all of a sudden I was young man, there will always be informers it in those flames in size, bays and
Lord showed me this phase and it was jobs are relatively minor. As these you right here, raising the implemented for network and in and then Why you see you and displays if he was pretty lady Georgian and he said TAT because no porn either idolater, no money governor liar, would inherit my key hell. Yeah, it's hot dogs targeted whose there's another celebrity in Hell. Yes, move on. Em famous, like I should say, Michael Jackson, no one ever said at a world level, and this person was very sad said. Turning up for many people never knew this, but this is true because he had Mesa telling packs and he had made deals with Satan.
We have is pain and many. His woman, too, is apparently she started having her visions after a twenty one day fast. They wouldn't have date the or a port of some fucking, weird sect of Christianity, that they were like work, I mean I honestly I am next to one of these, like I guess it's like a spanish like pentecostal service. Oh sure, chiseling answers. It's really very strange may meet with you know I mean I'm so that the devil shirts on I'm standing outside osiers but thrown cigarette butts in their only on. We're like one of our job factory area they walked in the soil is why I'm gettin problems from a right, but I do think that they get near its very weird. Yet, through these We really do they think that John Ball. They think that he's a centre and they think that, like Yale, so there there This section warned her great grandmothers in Hell,
I never gave her daughter Erlich something some like. We are dumb thing. Would you like? There's a story, and there was another guy. I forget his name that was on the same website, testimonies of Heaven and Hell Diane witches. A lot of fun is also. I must not forget about another famous singer that that young and saw in Hell, Selina yeah, the woman was shot in the head by our manager, gives us an how she's another area that we just saw the two biggest people than ever exist in latin culture. At about Michael Jack, I'll call eyes, I enter airs nine vagary sailor contacts and airlines and passively these hate and because it gets them their fame,
fucking. I was smoke that online so stone right. Just I watched about forty five minutes so that our losing our in twenty minutes of putting an end. This, isn't this a translation this, but the little girl was speaking in Spanish and what you here is a transit who I think, has put in her own spin on what are you? It's not a he it's not as she either it's a ye, because he also does the mother and the new lecture you listen to him. Pitches voice up for the daughter, like he's it's the same guy doing he's a proud he's a showman. What's the torture, the Pope John Paul, is going through a minister pineapple in the butter. What's I like to think I was worms it we got, our roads are eating or ice. Ok, she said the same thing that each one of them had a patch of metal in them that was unaffected by the worms. Ok, I didn't like it out. Worms were Crawley Their budget demons were raped, her grandmother and that warmth will again nor face and ass. He had just just like me: don't you
Why are we gonna shower these things? Why does Joe were these: why does God choose a thirteen year old girl? Why is there a wider God make a hell in the first place at? Why is there s this this? something that I figured out, not really figured out, but something that I have heard from people giving their testimonies would Jesus tells them is their God did not create hell for centre scar created hell. To hold Satan. It doesn't make any sense as it is and his followers. However, he likes it what ails Satan loves, but people would not repent for their since I just It would not repent so Sarnoff ending sinners to hell so heating, the aid for them there was another. It was doesn't happen to be convened. Filling a lot of these arguments about not repenting, there's a lot of forgiveness stuff in her. That's why they're great great grandmother was down there and that's why this other fellow Daniel Hutch, all your money, people have you buy
yeah? When he's from Africa, Nigeria? He was an actual pastor. He died. He went to hell because you can't forgive us for life before she died. But if you listen Boil story is stories like come to me, I won't say what she deign to ban me. She of Famagusta, me, so I spoke to my Porta I put in art. I put out an aus he like put, in a tiny, tiny check to monitoring how just and you say that you come up and she knock on the door. She not gonna door, and I see no say good morning. I know Sycamore Betsy come up next day, not going to do, and I no single morning I know said good morning. She offend me what she say. Offend me, a great like? What did she kept her habit of doing a shack yet to tell your wife. You got to see, though I just I'm gonna, put that one up on Facebook
just to see the reenactment of his accident. Could he got into a car accident and the african actors? They got to Activision him guy like a I mean, an exit Dane and an early zig, please mantle die, please don't die and since, like learned, I'm dying and her name is some. His wife's name is sir, is is niggah, exert his wife's name, ok thing as it about its yes, it is here that today view lets. You can listen to it, unacceptable that there should be a neighbor began. Ass of old thing of all. Is the bull made interesting question? It's your hope. I get it Yet all, and then, when, when this nigger woman came to speak with me, I reacted there. It's what's happened to God. I'm gonna die
a good time, less that so we ve dilated entire Pitre ice. Oh you don't have to say that we all know that just always assumed every time we see so we ve dabbled in healthcare. We can we talk about Heaven for a second I've got Wanna. Do one more story about how these do yes, one more. This is. This is from a woman named Mary Baxter. She wrote a book called testimonies of Heaven of this. This is a great one. She's hilarious tv is fantastic and nineteen, seventy six for a period of forty days, Jesus took Mary backs are too how and Heaven where she describes their experience to what sinners without Christ would feel she describes. How quote instantly. My soul was taken out of my body. I went with Jesus about in my room and into the sky. It was ass though I had died in my body. Was behind on the bed, while my spirit was going with Jesus up through the top of the house
just then took me to help oh Jesus Switcher, rule of a little girl swine. Down version of the Oprah. She describes as well as being shaped. The human body lying in the center of the earth? The body is lying on her back, This reminds me of just real quick. You know like the details. The kids talked about when near remembering, like Thea, satanic ritual blossom, really interesting about how all these thoughts are very similar. They arm like in terms of the way they described things as being very the Ets, child like and and dumb sounding Jesus said, as I have a body of believers, so hell has a body of sin and death with many chambers of torment nice envisage. She saw, I love this. She describes throw
lights and ugly snake slithering about oh, she hated the Sabbath my eye. She was at ninety of any too in the meat backing. This tragedy favorite there was a preacher who is about six feet. Tall, This skeleton was a dirty greatest color like a tombstone parts of his clothing, still hung on him. She says I wondered why the fuck had left these torn and tattered clothes and did not burn them up. Burning flesh was hanging from him and his skull seem to be in flames. A terrible odor comes from him. She continue since, like allurements me fella in it, she continues as we left that night. I saw a group of demons coming up to occur, Often they were about three feet. I dressed in black clothes with black hoods over there such as from favor, now taken yes, tormenting a soul in my fetnah. This is my favorite, the funds. Oh the s held on sending Jesus, told me there
the place in Hell called the Fun centre, which is a roman gladiator pet, and in this roman gladiator pit Satan watches upon agent and he's a lot like you know. The same. Do remember that Old Movie Legion, allegedly they legislate, handling answers all everything that she has just to just watch the bunch of horror movies, and these are fucked up nightmare of course, it laddie ate her as well as she loves Russell Corolla and what she says. What happens in the fun centre is that people who led good people astray in Heaven are tormented by the people that they themselves deadly, destroy. What I also love is that makes they make this case of Satan a lot of times, and he thinks that it such honestly just like the- U S, government, where they would take up our good person. They said they won examples at first, I was a pastor where they took its good person. Satan Cinema, bunch demons attempt him.
I got him, go and get intended, get attempted and then just kill. It say Gaza same thing like what we did with the boss in May, think about it. I think about it about this though, and maybe you'll have to measures, is sore. These people that are torturing the tormentors that the below were tortured on earth and tormented by these people without tormenting these folks, is that their heaven she D, Jesus did not specify. I just feel like its rhetoric of Syria's say I mean I know I agree, I agree, should love it down there right thanks, William and Pope John Paul and Celine. I mean that's the thing if you wanted good concert. Guy, how Michael Selina Selina Michael Jackson, but you got it but do here last DNA Hitler, paler and Pope John Paul pockets lean. Right and they're laughing where the hell, by years, an example of Jesus being an asshole one night. He brought her to hell and said you must experience health fully. Why
and though she said I looked at my often saw the holes were beginning to appear all over my remaining flesh. I began to turn a dirty great. Color and gray flesh fell off me. There were high. In my sides. My legs my hand, then I started getting hot shot. Doctors is more. I cried out I am now forever but, as you say, when you're in health, wherever that is a direct quote by the now I'm in Hell for ever and then and then Jesus stopped it like that. So that's what else like go tell the p. Bob. I mean he's a silly hymning argument that Castro character are very similar. It sounds like you, torture and torture. Somebody then finally give them a sweet release and then there you're in love with Jesus Jesus, just hurt you terribly
add. What are you talking about? Astro, the fellow kept yeah I mean like the kit there they fall fell for Jesus older women. Then will the women of that? I am sure that there were religious now retarded because it had no way a god could exist. That would allow them what I'm saying active and rape for ten years. Where are you? Fidel, oh god, what I'm saying is concerned with man sleep with a well known ass though you torture, somebody, then you stop torture in them, and then they love you because you stop torture in them, even though no Stockholm Syndrome visa yeah yeah, that's what Christianity is yet. Finally, finally, after all this time and how he finally bring sir to Heaven, that's nice- and he says the says, behold the power and might Majesty of God. Let me show you the place he has created for the children all at once. There was a large planet looming before,
for her a planet as large as earth. Almost all the Mormons were right interesting. The Lord explains what happens to aborted babies. Then I would have nice opener figures just what was on her mind. Yet I'm not fervour take the scissors rather ordered they have come out. We have an on board baby to think well. Elvers would turn them into Cole slaw that some nibble down my angels go down and bring the children to me when they die. I have a place where they can grow, learn and be loved. I give them whole. Bodies and restore whatever parts. There miss cities in that a better than being alive, so much better right so where the really make an approach. I don't have an already and you have a glorified body. He says I give them glorified body. Yeah, look at our bodies will examine cake batteries, shot no budget dirty pants reported babies are currently Dwight hung like a look like I have
corn dogs, there, that this work is. Can you throw up one more behold, pleased there really enjoyed when he said that the oh? That's right, I pictured angels practising a mirror like I'm gonna get my behold right now, not quite this and use our aiming at screaming too much now whispered, I am going to say that I think you're right fit sucking on a couple of lozenges and come back in three thousand years. We have a tournament. There is another wonderful account of having this is written. It's a christian book written by Mr Todd, Burpo Yes, doctor opponent believe Son Coltan, Burma up and what thanking contrary is
above all, because I believe there is added value comparable online by us. They may be proud of Burma. Europe, Europe, our son, got their attack like it. Ok, you're, coming back This was a number one New York Times better. It's called It is for real, a little boy is astounding story of his trip to have it in back. Ferko got nothing to root out like that was gonna have a hard enough time anyway, in life with the last name, propose outweighs the weirdo went ahead and how those also Lincoln Gallagher. We talk about in angels the end as they come with me to school, like she was right, fucking nuts ports and also Bobby four hundred gated Frederick. Did they told her God told us there we're gonna killer on the twenty thin, and I went to my mother- and I said, oh mother you're, going to kill me in the twenty first day and they they laughed an island,
and everyone common egg. Why are you laughing? You are going to be dying and I was ignored. All I get to go see the Lord and they're all laughing unwieldy after that, I gave up my writings away like a sixteen year old girl. I've just got taken there and she's like the mother. Telling all the relatives of the lords kill her and we do not know all. I I don't like of significant about like these people live in. A house people like all these people, you go to school, they could be working to sweetly next. You're right now they could be like Megan Coffee. Gonna see a giant centurion angel in front of wings like Sue S very soon, it will be with you, but I've gotta make us a spread of how to deal with you right out the shit out of me. It's terrifying or go back to about their earlier coltan, that sea as the during the months after emergency surgery. He began describing events and people that seemed impossible for him to have seen are met.
Examples include you know that means Ritalin boom. You got the hd examples include his miscarried sister. Oh, he saw his miscarried sister cause. His mother was crying in the living room. Every time you walked in and was told him all about some ass. Having to EU cotton, but a little farther Barbara was well nearest neighbor. Forty Berber has to go so well with the overall bow, only sound of our name. Burma Party Beth, verbose a grave already Teresa Burma. Yes, of course, Teresa after mother Teresa Purple after burps at forty, The great great grandfather came over here. You gotta do the Ladys, like you, ve got to choose a last name. You just AEGIS Europe, whereby I wanna buy. What I got. I promised myself. I want to go to Europe. I should again
dogs with everyday Miss Julia, which is God doesn't onto this PAN euro shouts, I'm so damn awful He also said that he met his great grandfather who had died. Thirty years before coltan was born. He also met extra biblical. He got hit by a train by rate, but an aged woman. All burble men died before the nineteen sixty another classic bar pout them. Who made you made an extra biblical wave. Your party repression. I think I can hear a purple come in you personally Jesus writing a rainbow colored horse wishes. They fed buckets. Combine Elton John, the damn thing your mother toys are going to that girl that God miscarried. That was Jesus is lap, while the angel sing songs to him very nice. Jamie MAC where
you come back scheme and cool Jesus, this is amazing. I love it verbose gatherers and also deserve this book was ghost written by the same guy, who wrote going Rogue surveillance book, yeah, so it is a whole it all back home again already. I grew by idiots verbal and what I have noticed in a lot of my research of near death. Experiences among Christians and specifically among the fuckin bachelet. Crazy ones is that there is a whole group of Christians who are anti near death experience and they say there it completely against it because You say that the testimonies that the neared MD people get ridiculous and we do not real completely contradict what the Bible says that in fact one of the I was the buyer got our says: no bird bow she'll path, not all the woman that that I marry Baxter. I found out about Hearst
from a reason is truth, ministries, dot, com, yeah cause? They went through unjust, Rebs Europe rubbed her, no one that only about one star review, one that is unwanted our end, one of the main reasons they gave. You know I'm Jesus, never ever except for once, which was just a birth announcement, never gave the power prophecy to a woman one day, I mean. I do the gay that I really want to be a proper says. You gotta be man, I mean that's too
major flaw they have without matches higher than I could take it apart in a lot of different within right, for the generally really is actually really is. That was their bigot. That was the one thing they kept harping on over and over. There is something to some of these experiences. I really think that their aid there is shared. I mean that there are a lot of things get shared throughout more more. We see the fact that you know our long term memory is not held in sight of our brains. We access it by sums in some sort of cloud formation, you're starting to see that that is a real there's. Something else of the human body, it does move with something it could possibly We hold our personal information into it. We don't know yeah, you know, but I think I just don't know. I think our brain puts on a show ass. You go and do a thing honestly. I think your body just go through a bunch of trauma there like wildfire
to make you feel amazing cause you're about to die gag satellite suit me into this. Can we mean Attaka salad with all the meat meat out a bunch of boobs? That's gonna be a heaven help for you by the way that's haven't met. I did have an ok Yahoo answers to ask, and I, as some people what happens when you die. Oh, yes, I can't wait to hear what DOT Yahoo answers responds where they tend to be run. Mosen says when you die, chemical electrical charge of your brain die, so nothing after it and I think that's the best answer now get me definite. Will it's true, though, a lotta drug annexed when they go through you like Odeon, Heroin and stuff a lot of drug addicts just they? They experience nothing because the brains all genome dripped full of liquid, all the serotonin. All those things are already gone lie in a very interesting mushroom experience. Speaking within other worldly entity, oh yeah yeah absolutely and was help, and I spoke with the big labelling. You did I get yet he said he came to me in a form that in which that he thought would not upset me in a week in a form that I could understand
he was a burrito Benjamin. I don't know if you are aware of this. Henry has a bit of a wait issue. That's where we make fun of em So very much all time Don't I'm gonna die early, though you're? Not no you're, not you're, never gonna, chest pain yesterday. Why? Because I'm stress out, why are you stress? We got the lads large, that's true, yeah! That's very true! It's very true on irish girl told me when I called the government. People will have to bury me because I don't have any family call first after life. Yes, I mean that is definitely what will happen when she dies yeah. It was called being an irish family being a single alone woman living in a bog. Bad one. What should I tell a ten year old daughter about what happens when you die, because your grandfather's dying gift card there are so many people that are like you know what tell her the truth.
Tat. A book is never lied. Your children, they will always remember instead be honest, but age appropriate go to John. Levin eleven thirteen feller with Jesus said about death. He compared to sleep ass. She grows or you can go to Ecclesiasticism nine, five and ten, which goes into detail about condition handed us is torn asunder by thousands of oaks go and named hot dog meat from the brain is turned into a burrito was able to sell their seems like it. S really happens after you die in the big wheel. It's your call. Barker has to say that a lot of pins are involved and one more thing someone asked do you want to see what happens after you die. It was written by some sad bastard. I really want to see what happens when I die. I want to die, now my life is miserable. Why should I stay alive? My life is miserable, there's no need for me to stay alive.
Excited to see what happens after I die. I want to see it right now. I deserve it as much as I've wholesaler and there on the earlier and user banana said, and that's all tabs. You need it made all your head out your ass and give me my Berger and prize you're a loser. Only when you choose to be one Yahoo answer of ever greater Zizi ITALY a fifty year old black do what they can. Approach has been like men. We knew needed. Who is now out of date recently gives a pull units boogie instead cloud use boogie. Oh my god that burn down a black man is right is right. I like it. I can't believe that I met banana just the right time. This is ladies night Ellen Rights Rights, whether what a great great great comfort
you guys are just sit back and enjoy the view? Yes, indeed so Hale said, and everybody give me, the new view lies. Of course we can now I would love to adjust to call ourselves the new view, but do the thing that that Ronald Reagan mask where their MAX headroom guy thing, legal, meaning. I interrupted the broadcasts aside a while ago, but I love do it like a magic. It's like hopping energies, us sitting boiler room would enable just being like welcome to the view you'd like us, dislike, cut off a duty, fake, fetus what we are going out of it, different show. I like it, though scream and everyone meet our guest readily Cooper. My good So what does show all about oh you'll, see you'll, find a very, very soon could open his ball, see this Katy.
Periodic balls. It sweeps we let's do it. Thank you, Much more listening to the programme would boost relations relations I may be, and of course killing yourself pale sacred is well first, because if not, Were you? Gonna go to have fun centering allocated funds in the other funds. We're gonna go to the funds in an old you people, be torturing us because, where leading you astray.
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