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Episode 77: Japanese War Crimes

2015-02-16 | 🔗

In one of our more disturbing episodes, we delve into what are arguably Japan's worst among many war crimes: The Rape of Nanking and Unit 731.

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There's no place to escape. To this is the last time ptsb. That's what I have right now, you're trying to keep the door Henry Zebrowski, my nuts like they went twelve with old iron MIKE I was on it. I was on a six and a half foot Clydesdale named Tinker Bell, so I am to my balls for an hour and a half. Did you get hurt at all
Did I get home to get hard? No, of course not. No, of course, not I'm not one of those guys who gets hard when you smash his balls. Alright, welcome to the show that's markets. I've been sitting to my left is a man who gets hard when you smash his balls. It's the mobo man and reason browser well. I wrote a horse to the studio, oh yeah? Well, you know better get them. Doggies bag Those stable is that it is that what you use your cowboy technically technically as you've written a horse before at any time. How did the nuts feel after a nice horse ride? It's not the not so much is the assets like dangerous. Yes, I think I was on the biggest horse they had, which is named Tinkerbell and isn't that fun and then the one thing is that when your horse riding in New York, you have to go through Fuckin' Brooklyn, like you were literally I'm on a six and a half a clydesdale in Brooklyn and
one through we're going through the roundabout at and and whatever is Fort Hamilton over there and like we're going through and like cars should be at us and you're. Just like this is. This is the most dangerous thing I think you're living like Woody Harrelson in urban Cowboy, William, so you're, just around Karzai horse yeah, just bounced him there boo. I did they don't look as your walking. It's like. It's like, of course, is walking over like crack. Sidewalk yeah. It was slipping and sliding all over the place, and it's an it's itchy they're like oh it's itchy today and I was like I'm itchy today, alright, but I'm not seven three thousand pounds carry in Maine. Did people treat you as a liberator rolling through the streets, but still I felt like I was. I was the true symbol of like everything that is wrong with America: the wild beautiful animal. This amazing free stallion, we fucking just strapped a fucking other cage too, and they plop a two hundred
Twenty pound fat american in the back of it, goodbye Batman, had on sunglasses and uh and, of course, going through prospect park. Everyone is looking good, like pointing at the thing that got a bit everybody's taking pictures. I'm not a celebrity. I like what you said yesterday was like. In the same day, I Django unchained with Jamie Foxx, was riding the horse, wow ones on a horse, believe that that, because I don't work with a sad day for that horse, so how was work today? Horse husband, fat man, Yes, we don't talk after fat man days. He gets very upset and very sad, and then we were going with art with it. With my girlfriends and a six year old, nephew and he's just like
your plump economic, comma goddamnit falling into respect wellspring of atrocities Holy Lord. We have some lined up for you. This today may well be the most serious subject, I've ever researched for this week. So we are. We started on just war atrocities, but we narrowed it down to the Japanese. So I don't want to be racist. Ok, I don't think it's appropriate to do, but when we were on the train like talking about it, I looked over and saw an asian guy listening Analysis like IDC wanted, yes right, so where to begin, obviously we're going to get to a thing called. You know. Seven hundred and thirty one. What do we want to start with here Marcus because the blood- let's go let's go back to the way way back. Let's go back to the way back machine get on in their strapping, your fat seats and it's enough to some hors. I mean if you really want to talk about why the Japanese were so fucking.
Tearable. I also think that, because there was also the post war relationship, we had with the Japanese really affected how the entire world looks at like what actually happened during world war. Two, they got big numbers in the Nazis. This? Is a hills go yeah? Well, I was like really going into it. I because I sort of had a clue because it's like I had seen clips for men behind the sun and then I said to watch men behind the sun and I had to shut it off I literally couldn't get through it. I watched I've seen real human death right on the internet, and I could not watch it check out men behind the sun, literally Henry's, a brow ski the Henry's around give that puts himself to sleep by dreaming of Satan is parties that involve anal penetration. This is what puts his eyes to rest. Could not make it through more than forty five, but yes yeah. It's 'cause, yes, Satanic Party, to me it's like a Cinderella's ball, but I'm looking for a shoe. You know that
where that's how I feel look up before going to bed? No, it's not yet. Let's, let's get into sum of all right. Let's go through some of the highlights, some of the Jose Conseco bits. Let me get home runs well here is a body count? Ok, Japan. It's anywhere from three million, ten million ten million- and I gotta know that number down six million Chinese Indonesians Koreans Filipinos, Andino Chinese, and I did I did a lot of research. It on three alls policy kill will Bernal lewd all that's what there was in China? They totally did. They were there like. We made us promise They didn't sign the Geneva Convention, like in nineteen, twenty nine. They were like. We promise, though, to be to be nice, you will be we'll, he wrote a big promise and then they did it. When it went to China, though there were like throw the promise out right, we're
getname we're getting I'm going well because they saw anyone who wasn't japanese as subhuman all western races, especially the Chinese So it was absolutely sub human, and I notice I sunk a lot of research that the dogs can't really care for the Nazis. That's what they thought about them now, the Nazis and the japanese restraint bedfellows. They had a mutual respect for each other in Hitler? And here he told the emperor of Japan were friends they liked each other, of course yeah yeah we do it direct is watching bugging. You know I love Lucy, to think I love but she's. Oh, it's, Tuesday, 'cause I'll. I accidentally called chocolates- and this is all you know- What to do is it to
Any word easy in chinese people anywhere. Really, maybe we should she be given to she. She knows that we're eating that's great, I knew they were. Definitely one is responsible for just three hundred thousand deaths on its own. That is one building yeah that's one building and I found out why there's such discrepancy in how many deaths they actually think they are because I found in just case after case after There are so many bodies in these ditches and in these holes that they just don't know they have to guess it's like well, how big is the human body? How much does a body way How deep is that hole and they have to do body math, it's like when you
Joshua Name of Obala out Paul Abdul out yeah. This is my question. Is when you're recovering right now? This is just world war two. This is the from the second sino, japanese war up until world war, two, which was what that was like that late, thirties right, the late thirties, but the second sound Japanese were goes right into world war. Two stopped. Let me tell you about the straw string gorge massacre? is the single largest massacre of chinese troops. It occured along the banks of the Yangtze River in December. Eighteen Yangtze River. What happens there? Japanese soldiers. Such nice. Japanese soldiers took most of the morning tying up all the p o W's hands together it's hard and and so that's a long job. You can just get a temp in there to do it. No, you can't have a bad job. Bad they'll make it last longer. Oh well. I gotta make this less overtime, especially when there are fifty eight thousand of them uh.
Yeah Roger got their type. Fifty eight thousand hands together. D8000 Omaha to get these expense report says this is, I guess it works, alright them in human blood, yeah the fate worse than death, and then it it wind dusk, came they divided them into four columns, open fire unable to escape the p o W's could only scream and thrashing desperation. It took an hour for the sounds of death to stop and even longer for the Japanese to Bay and that each individual p, o w and then they'll dump him in the river. See there so so thorough, apparently with the with with the with with, would do with the Jews that they would. You should have an insult just dump. Whatever yeah state. They were in into the ditch yeah and then later at great customer service that you you've grown to expect from these people are not very lazy. But you know it's just so nice. Did you see it's got, there's a tradition for him. Can I get a bayonet over here? I'm
very slowly. Please get bayoneted over here city. No, you then in another incident, at a typing gate, the japanese troops gathered one hundred chinese soldiers together, bloom up with landmines, mines doused with gas set him on fire and then those that left were left alive after Kilbane. Where was John Rambo love bayonets. I mean there just bayonets. Swords, they're living the rednecks dream. The rednecks would love a group of people to get to do this too. Yes, indeed, and possibly the worst thing, as far as just general warfare that the and he's dead was the rape of Nanking. Alright, let's get the rape thing they just like you know when you, when it's called the rape of Nanking. It's like, I feel like if you could come like a certain trust set up to be, like you know the.
Gentle hug. Your gonna, like this slow dance, then came I've heard about this rape of Nanking, and I really don't know that much about it. They raise it all in and king they went, they just went in rate. They raped. Is that so it's not a clever name. What also our they're really just rated Tire Terry Literal there is a lot of this- is also with the comfort, women and stuff like that. It's not just right. It's also murder as well. It was a six week period in nineteen thirty seven during the second sino japanese war, three hundred thousand people were killed. In this thing So they went to a town of three hundred thousand people. They looked at it like we're going to rape it. Yet here's rape in this step. Here's what happened is the Japanese had started the second sino japanese r, sound the japanese war against China because they were essentially being decks. They just want to Japan's, or they just want to China's resources, so the figure will just go in there kill everyone and in fact war wasn't even declared at this point, because if Jabbo Japan were to declare war on,
finer than the United States would have stopped given steel to him, because we had a new rowdy ads are good at that yeah. So we make so many good weapons were the best strongest bayonets like they don't think. I could see the general selling that forget bayonets to the japanese being like you'll can break thousand rib cages, this that ribcage Are you noticing sending through the different russian It said that over frozen rubber ones. Yes, there are hard when they feel that, but since they fell out there very very soft either way we're making tons of money over here. This is the funniest thing about the replay of Nanking. That's ever existed. Yeah I mean it's, I would say it's inappropriate are bigger. Story is different than the mainstream media. So is rough August. Thirty, seven Japan invaded Shanghai, the Japanese.
They were going in for an easy kill. They would just tear down all these fuckers and be done with it, but the fighting was fucking brutally and herb. Hand to hand combat, but they got it. They took down Shanghai yeah, I would say six fighting was probably very cinematic and beautiful though I've yeah, demo link jumping up and standing on like tree branches and, like you know, like bouncing off their soul, I like that, just like, like yeah coming aliens and stuff? That would be great prettiest, boo. I could say see that anime. That's good, that I am a fan. Anime yeah, that's! Okay! I I know you are so after the he's lost the battle of Shanghai. They fell back to Nanking all of the like the government officials, the elite troops of that, like they all fell back, which is like guys big fancy, hats on Linda gently, there guys name of elite troop. It's because he's got like a gold rim.
Like fedora on nobody knows: hands well yeah I've ever wars exhausted. I know I almost got blood in my pretty is stored, very upsetting, and so course they fell back to share. They fell by two nine king and the Chinese again decided like well, we can't have all of our lead troops dying. Here is a very it's a very symbolic thing to have the elite troops alive right so that more they funcking they took most so much uncircumcised like they do so much stuff like that, where it's like the one thing I'll. Just some sorry, it's like, after the after everything was said and done, they went to Emperor Hirohito like to basically be like well. We know all this schitz what were the only thing that we need to keep people from being prosecuted for war crimes as we needed? This thing called. I believe it's click go day coup. I forget what the name the actual terms and took a bit. Will go with Jake, hey and that what it is is a formal apology in which one puts his head on the
or like the bow down so low that their heads on the floor and that's a show, true apology, and he wouldn't, and so they all got church with war crimes, but that would only have to do that's all you can do is already before that's how seriously they take apology. You know how like, when you had a girlfriend. You just say: I'm sorry like it was the third word out of your mouth, always yeah yeah. Everyone is five times a morning yeah, in fact, if a japanese or the Japanese, People who surrender they took pows to be sub human again because to render in japanese military culture is the worst thing that you can do, because you could damn forever. You get dams in the afterlife. Just to end with that, and in fact they would win. Japanese soldiers were japanese, pows were returned to Japan during World WAR. Two those mutherfuckers were sent to units. Yes, we are dealing with the unit, seven hundred and thirty one yeah yeah sure, like once you hear the things that just be like no, so most
the name. King's defenses were gone yeah and in a press release to foreign reporters, the Chinese like now, I'm with the lady yeah, the Chinese announced the city would not surrender it would fight to the death and they gathered hundred thousand soldiers, most of them completely on trade, of course formers to the vent and to prevent civilians from fleeing the city, the chinese boxed in their own people. I love it. He ordered troops to guard the port. The defense force blocks so strong. This story, boats, burnt nearby villages with scorched earth out inside of Nanking and, of course, once the japanese guy, there. It all fell apart. Just fellow members number is for people to fight like a human factor, so we still have a long battle like you was a battle, not right. I mean it wasn't really a battle. It was more like a rate. It was a a rape and pillage March to name king and in fact, things got so bad once the Japanese got there, the Chinese so
measures were murdering other chinese people to get their civilian clothes. So they just said they would be immediately murdered by the Japanese, because there was these two Japanese. Officer. This is what's going to happen when America finally falls apart, we're gonna be killing, is Mcdonald's employees because there's only one thing: yeah yeah, the only one who know how to use the front later there was a killing contest that started on the March two: nine. Can you gotta replace officers? You know you got ahead, you you got to have that day, go by quick. Yes, the contest was a race between two offers to see which of them could kill a hundred people for first, using only a sword, so yeah in fact you're talking about a fucking game. It was covered like a sport, sing event in newspapers in Japan really with daily updates things. So seriously I mean you're, just such good competitors. That's the thing it's an exciting event. You know I would definitely put who won We know the winner
not know the winner Johnny this I skewer one I run with my sword like a cartoon you're. The best once they capture the city of Nanking, Emperor Hirohito, put a member of the imperial family in charge, this guy Prince Asaka Yasuhito, and they put him out because they said that his attitude was quote, not good, not good, not good, so he got in trouble for having a bad attitude role. There is, you would not have made it. If you were, if you were working for the japanese government, would be all smiles, no, not looking like hell wrong, easy to mention testing put it out of here. It's cream long, yeah,
so this guy goes in and he allegedly issued an order to kill all captives healing He says that he didn't issue that order that somebody is the order in his name and somebody else. It yeah something like that. I have to get out of the carnage started. He gave no orders whatsoever to stop it. He's like well horses out of the barn who's, keep going Do you think you said that all text is saying? No, I think it's a business like which erase spears from the bear I don't know alright well just continue on killing. Then, sir. I have no idea what you just said. So there were a lot of westerners that were in that were in Nanking. At the time I get out of Nanking. That's my first objective, always number one is like if I'm in Nanking every on my way out of here boots out of it yeah I've got. This is eyewitness testimony from Reverend James M. Mccallum hide your kids hide. You
I just said that even by a dog, yeah actually this guy would have been a Youtube star in this generation yeah. We need to auto tune this once you read it. I know not where to end. Never have I heard or read such brutality. Rape, rape, rape, we estimate at least one thousand cases of night and many by day in case of resistance, or anything that seems like disapprove, whose documentaries, bayonet stab or a bullet people are hysterical. Women are being married off every morning afternoon and evening, the whole japanese army seems to be free to go and come as it pleases and do whatever it pleases. There are. A lot of this is
That's yeah yeah. We can't do anything about it, because I'm just sitting here preaching the good words of Jesus Christ. I mean I ask God to stop it, but I can't believe you know I I'm he's busy making stars in aliens. Sons were forced rate mothers. There was a lot of forced incest, dot fathers were forced, raped, Are you seeing their porn? Can you measure what it's like in war yeah, one pregnant woman was gang raped by japanese soldiers and gave birth only a few hours later. Monks who declared a what a life of celibacy were also forced to rape women? How do you look at your mother after you're forced to rape yeah? That's just going to be awkward from there on out. You know this is what I'm going to say. You know in a world where Satan would let this happen. It just makes you think that maybe Satan doesn't exist at all isn't that sad? Here's another eyewitness testimony this one's bad, this one specific! They were all bad yeah
This is bad yeah, the other one had one of the other guy just mention how thousand women were he raped every night, but then it just didn't count them during the day calculator at many many during the day, at least one thousand, but I mean I I couldn't tell, because I was learning how to make guacamole yeah. I learned this new guacamole. So how were the people over there in Nanking intriguing hungry for guacamole On December thirteenth. I know you being right there by a son, but could I pretended use? You could sell guacamole? No! No! For now we're told it's a modeler okay under 13th about thirty soldiers came to a chinese house at number. I've seen Lucu in the southeastern part of Nanking and demanded entrance. The door was open by the landlord Mohammed named HA. They killed
Mediate Lee with a revolver and also MRS Ha, who know before them after Haas death, big begging them not to kill anyone else was a ha ha ha ha death. It was a. I don't even I think, that's I think. That's it for you. I think literally like if there is an afterlife like you're done. Did I not official not up in my head on the ground right now, I'll apologize right now? Alright, I just put my head in the ground: everything's fine MRS ha ask them why they killed her husband and they shot her wishes. I think don't ask never ask right. Mrs aside was dragged out from under a table in the guest hall where she tried to hide with her one year old, baby after being stripped and by one or more men. She was bayoneted in the chest uh and then had a bottle thrust into her vagina. The baby was killed with a bayonet. Some soldiers then went into the next room, baby yeah, you can yeah,
now I will go, there is out there. We just wanted to just live in a world where you have to they used to cut the children open. Okay, thank you all right great, thank God. But this also haha it's cold or hot pack, it alright Jesus, it's a hot pocket it was red. Hot blooded term originated from the first Jim Gaffigan. The mad king, John Gavin, get is talking about a different kind of hot pockets: okay, okay, okay, we got the unit, seven hundred and thirty one really get there soon and some soldiers then went to the next room where misses size, parents, age, seventy, six and seventy four and her two daughters age. Sixteen and fourteen they were about to rape, the girls. When the grandmother tried to protect him, the soldiers killed her with a revolver, the grand Father grasp the body of his wife and was killed. The two girls who then stripped the elder being raped by two to three men and a younger by three. The older girl was stabbed after
and a cane was rammed in her vagina. Why? Why do it why the younger girl was bayoneted also, but was spared the horrible treatment that had been muted out to her sister and mother? The soldiers then bayonetted, another sister of between seven hundred and eight hundred, who was also in the room, the last murders in the house. Where has two children aged four and two, the older was bayoneted and the younger split down move ahead with a sword. Well, they just like they were just doing that they were doing the old John Balushi thing. With the with the kid there was visual John Belushi Fitbit with the samurai chef ha. Yes, yes and pregnant women were not spared, of course not well at this point. Why would even entertain? the idea that anyone's getting yeah. I think they just got it just got a trend going. They got an overall and here's here's another testimony from Tang Jun Sean, but
The last person in the first row is a pregnant woman. The soldier thought he might as well raper before killing her yeah, so he pulled her out of the group to a spot about ten meters away, as he was trying to rape her. The woman resisted fiercely the soldier abruptly stabbed her in the belly with the band that she gave a final scream as her intestines spilled out. The soldier then stabbed the fetus with that some bill go Ford, clearly visible and tossed it aside. Well, there you go, I mean for a line to birth. I was glad that he didn't do that. Like really deep apology, you know, like a light, cold he's crying out way. I'm really I'm give This is I'm so upset after reading like reading about this last night, it's just it's so fun bad all right so that in fact the Chinese had a specific trumpet sound that win the Japanese heard it it meant, kill
all chinese- I don't know, I don't know, then you found out about the the hold ditch thing is: there were a thousand thousands were led away in mass executed in a hole called the ten thousand corpses. Ditch and since you didn't care, yeah yeah in the estimate that they have it's anywhere from four thousand to twenty thousand, it's like. Go into an old timy candy store and there's a bunch of jelly beans in a jar, and if you guess how many jelly beans are in that jar, do you get a free, can you guess all the number, the the amount of corpses already? Did you get the knack Chan, the dead, yet you're right, you get to be king of neck. Finally, the reason why people think this happened I mean if we did have It did happen whether there's a lot of revisionist to say, didn't. There's a link there to nationalist movement in Japan is so strong that it's a and their religion, part of it of the a part of the government. There
ok and they're. Trying to there's so many. It's not gonna text you choose to seven hundred and thirty one was shut down, one of the head doctors of unit, seven hundred and thirty one became the head of the sensor. Bureau, believes the Ministry of Text books like the like that, like literally day, got to re, write the text book. Yes, okay, so the but the people that weren't killed in Nanking. You could argue that people that were killed got off lucky because the other I mean a lot of people were killed after the horrible things I mean everybody there was there was ten teen deaths, yeah, so there's ten million of in in that area. It wasn't in that suddenly, even counting what happened in Japan, when we showed up yeah, we showed up, I mean got good yeah, The thing is, is that I mean we gotten real good. So again, this is like when it comes down to it. Just like I mean.
What's really sad, is it's more like I mean they didn't technically know about all those other stuff when we did the thing that we did, but then God that we did the thing that we did. I don't know what you're talking about, but I went to school in Wisconsin is not in our textbooks. Yes, I remember that I still think that they're beautiful people and I love their culture, but they're. Just such horror murderers and we we didn't everyone. Every culture has its own We got the native Americans because the native many times have you seen a feather headdress Tammy. I read about. I read up on some native american massacres. In one time we killed one hundred and fifty men, women and children- are because one of 'em Sola horse, absolutely I'm not put their heads, aren't there would stick her hand up their head and make little bit to look at me like I'm so deep running, bear and they're like make him sucking Dick, so Jeff Dunham started all right, but let's get back,
the Japanese yeah. I got a w's they're brought to let's go unit, seven thirty! Let's go, then you really get a thirty one. Okay, so you think you've avoided death. You get called off your hold off to a camp. Everything is going terrible early but you're alive, and then you have you visit. You go to. Hell, which is a unit seven thirty, no unit, seven, thirty one is arguably it's like cut it's it's it's like give Josef Mengele is workstation was like a blown up into a thing that size at Disney World yeah. I mean it's like a day. You put their top minds in to this program unit. Seven hundred and thirty one that was for the testing and perfection of biological warfare, matter of fact from the research that was done at this facility. All of the scientists involved were granted immunity because America took their research from them. Like same thing, we happened to operation paper, clip we took all of the most devious minds of this century and we employ them. Yeah we employed worker,
and and really unit. Seven hundred and thirty one did a lot for the advancement of biological biological war. Let's discuss but also, but then in weird pharmaceutical ways as well. But like let's go, I guess we could talk about where it was in charge of I got a guy named. It wasn't shadowy, so yeah who was in charge of it. Who was just you know following orders, he was given some to and if you've seen the film and behind the sun. That's what this mean that the entire movie's based upon this- and I what I said before it's like we'll talk about some of the more specific tortures, but yeah, let's just let's just do that before yeah yeah, officially known as the epidemic prevention and Water purification department. That's the thing. We also made a water for purification like a system so that we have worked really well yeah. Everything is, is Britta to thank for Maybe if you literally maybe Brit, could be the Vulcan slightly. I get fresh crisp clean. What
ten million people. Only ten million people had to die for it. Yeah yeah, I love the future, oh absolutely well, they did definitely they had some things in common with mango. I wouldn't be surprised if this that you show character and mangling got together at some point, to compare. No yeah had biscuits together, yeah Russell at Disney cartoons, of course, and just a bizarre experiments that they by Larson they they cut the hands off of a of a subject and then switch to hands on the arms and then soda. Back on the only issue, because in the end, it's already a little? If any, that the results of what they would do is like a lot of times, it's like they will. Basically, they were. Working on animals for a long time until finally, they were like well, we will get a lot more effective results if we start using humans, and so they started bringing in chinese pows bad but you're bored humans.
Not exist. They call them logs more room because the term Arruda is say it is it's. I would say one of the most evil concepts I've ever heard on the face of the planet. I'd say it's it's it's more easy then the Nazis 'cause the Nazis at least called them Jewishly the Nazis at least said. Like you didn't like it, he said. I think they called him a people I mean. Maybe it's more evil Becaus. They knew they were people and what they did to them. But the chap is the way they work as they are they're very compartmentalized. They can look They can be like they're, very much so believe that, like we're here, we're helping the country we're moving this forward, we're going to win the war, we're going to use biological weapons to win the war and what they did was they call these people logs and they would go to each other between things would be like how many logs did you cut today I mean it's like caught I caught five logs today, which was the term
or by the way they thought it was funny yes, so that was like logs. That was a joke because they told local people that it was about unit. Seven hundred and thirty one was a lumber mill right, which that's why they called, and it was, I mean they did have some laps over there. There's no doubt about well, of course, yeah 'cause everyone sitting around there be like dude man, but we have one guy. He was like oh no, I don't want it. I don't remember, they would do. Is they they would give these people diseases and they would they would weaponize it Aziz and figure out different ways to give it to them. It's like anthrax and smallpox and like very highly infectious diseases, and they were if the disease take hold and then they would just slice him open with no anesthesia they wouldn't I'm down, and they said that you could hear for miles that people screaming like I'm, not dead yet like don't.
Cut me, don't call me, I'm not dead yet, and they would come because they believe that the anesthesia would affect how the disease was working right. So they would just cut him open and read through like look to their guts and see where the sea, where the biological weapon has a rapidly Mahdi. An organ by organ, they said one person's organs were swelling bleeding and disintegrating before them. Not good and then yeah. Oh, this works well yes, but soysauce on and they would do vivisections on people constantly men, women, children, seventy percent chinese, and then there are the men behind the sun. There is a scene in which a vivisection is being done to a young boy in there was a rumor that it was he actually, you are. A human body was used, which is a very vivid scene, and then there was another scene where the FED a cat to a room filled with rats in the rats, just kill this cat. They said well, they definitely happen the FED, a real cat to these rats, but he said the drug, the cat.
Its head before doing it? So don't even know, but it's still just like a guy is the drug. Let's calm down, yeah all right. What should happen tells them to win this kind of stuff. You could see what's a vivisection, this section is a cut it's. It is a fancy term for taking a knife and cutting someone's belly up, okay, yeah and so so it's you know, you know dissect a frog, a that's! That's visible, but literally like the most chilling part of the movie men behind the sun. Is that like after the cat scene and then there's also very true when they did the pressure chambers, they would put people in pressure chambers and increase the pressure just see when they pop You know just to see when it that's the thing. What are you learning about? Yes, people would pop, and this is the research that we took from them, because it was an literally. I was watching a documentary assigned just being like you not because he just can't get that kind of research information here in the states. It's like yeah. I know, because we're not
there was openly monsters. There was a very interesting Youtube clip that Henry sent all of us and it's twenty minutes long and one of the guys who was at seven hundred and thirty one came to apologize, but there was which is also just like blows. My mind that that's what they're like this means alot they're coming to apologize and it's like you should be getting fuckin' body. You should be getting something: there's no money but there's another character in this documentary who was living like a king drinking beer Kobe Beef, no remorse, no will power. What would you do it again is again. I do it again in a heartbeat was like his glory days. Did you watch that was able to this guy's a monster he with the it looks like it's did not see for more secure. Did it's like if you saw Himmler hanging out at can leave you know getting fondue at the melting pot and him just going like. I love this down. You know like just smiling and laughing with a girl since last another torture scene that I have no idea what medical thing this was I supposed to solve. There's a woman. She
or is that these are all true. These are things that happen. Yeah womans, tide up, she's outside I think, would be very Freezing temperatures ten hours. Yes, ten hours outside a man just continually throws cold water hands. Icicles forming, knocks out the icicles does that for ten hours they bring her in. So dipper hands into a slightly warmer temperature, lift up your hands and then the doctor just pulls her hands right off. Her bones skins for minecraft? Oh look: it's pink evening, groves yeah, it just gives you just get reverse glove and he just tears her hands her. Yeah supporters said afterwards. It's like third, listen to all of us, just like a yeah, because it I bet you ten beers, it's you couldn't do you can't get to live specimens for the end of the day, all well of its female specimens. You know that your computer will be able to do it. I feel like laughing and super japanese he's like there's a good bunch of like little boys in order, so I think we just want to do this
for Japan there was just like you know them they're, not human and they're like haha. It is true. Most of these kids are still like the guy that came to apologize to these to the group of Chinese that he viciously murdered. He was thirteen years old at the time when he was one this woman. Get our hands removed and yeah what you people going to pressure cookers. Yes, you're thirteen years old, I was just you know, really getting. Into us playing magic play in magic. You know getting into Batman things like that, and this man was just learning how what it takes to make a person hit their intestines like it thanks all the answers, kind, all kinds the other experiment. Subjects were deprived of food and water to determine how long it took them to starve to death of that snow. They were experiment upon to determine the relationship between temperature burns and human survival. They were placed in so centrifuges and spun to death. How cool would it have been, though, if as a human race like none of this stuff,
killed us yeah. If you could just sit in a pressure cooker, just one dude just did it forever and he just like harness the power and he came out and just like just open. The doors are not being an x man yeah. That would have been doing better. If that was real, yeah x men would I mean, I think that if we there were x when they could have stopped, I mean she knows, that's what that's magneto story right. He was a jewish yeah, its concentration camp. He got so angry. I guess you want to control magnets magnetic thing. This thing, uh! No, there's none of that! There's no help for humankind. No we're just spinning tored the grave yes, we are we're doing it to ourselves. Also and no wonder they. Aliens keep looking and avoiding us. I mean when you're injecting humans with animal blood and that in the water just to see what happens they don't like it turns out. I'm going to like every one of these pieces of researchers ends with that sentence. They didn't like they didn't like it, then love it or n. None survived, none sounds like I feel like it's a thing again, it's just like what? What good is it if none of them survive?
This is one of them. They just remove the stomach and then attach the esophagus to the intestines. Can't they just wanted justice just to see think again, not game operations. You know they're just laughing about it. Your good looks funny. Do you guys are really weird? people are projects like me, photo shopping, naked like how I do Photoshop dumb shyt on the computer. They tide people to Thanks just threw grenades at him, shot him with flamethrowers to see what would happen like how long does it take to burn alive with the flamethrower? So how far away do you have a few minutes very good yeah Comodo. Do it again that's just not all that they did just for John yeah full stop yeah, that's just goofball stuff. I think the real goal of unit seven thirty one was, of course the biological or biological warfare was pretty fucking insidious and they killed up to three hundred thousand Chinese using the the using what they did. Four hundred thousand
for example, numbers at this point you know like here- it's just you know like Shane. New Dahmer yeah, you didn't do fuckall. You know you didn't do anything. If you want to work for them, they would have called you a pussy yeah. It would have been not for that long. Maybe I mean. Maybe we would have this game. That's a problem. He would have retired to a lovely karere living in the living in the foothills of Mount Fuji like Glenn, showing fine, Kobe Beef. He would have been more scientist in Japan, Palmer was a little scientist who was a little doctor in his own right. You know he just didn't: have any training, that's the sad thing he would've had training and well if he wouldn't have been such a horrible, holly, would have stayed in college and in the army, which she was fine in both yeah. Until I got drunk staying Those guys are staying. Call if you want to be a mass murder. If you want to be a serial killer, stay in college get a job with the government work in the military.
You can kill, whoever you want to kill, yeah the Japanese, a really big into the plague. Okay, they bred to plague fleas where they would enter right. They would, in fact that, is with the plate and then they would put them in close spaces, and then these fleas would breed, and then they shove the fleas into ceramic bombs and they would drop the ceramic bombs over markets in China. So when the ceramic bombs exploded, the plague fleas went everywhere and it makes me the chinese civilians, lot of major heart on the blue bonnet play the Japanese anyway major heart, and they remind me of the scene and wicker man, but the Nicolas cage version. Well, not I am, I am sick,
Well, you know everyone listening who's working at your office, job and you're having a rough day and your boss is an asshole and you can't get that Excel spreadsheet to open up properly. Just remember we're doing better. They also, they also get poisoned candy to children and that's fine. That's straight up comedy They also do that weird thing where they were like attach a dollar bill to a fishing line, and they were just like pull you down the street. They really I gotcha. We also got some great practical jokes, and then they did the gum that turns your mouth black instead of die. The way we use it. There was filled with rats blood, sure all jokes started off, really serious, yeah yeah, and then they took out their swords and shot him and chop their tongue attribute their tongues out of their mouths. Authorize a gosh yeah, oh my, and that's where the fake dookie came from as well. Real dookie from the people shooting themselves after they were murdered. The anthrax, typhoid, dysentery, cholera. They also injected people with gonorrhea and syphilis, and then
the the Williams Berg you want to do that. Oh yeah and the Unite states, our entire alibi. I mean we had we had these. We know exactly what they did. We chose to. Let them go there are alibi was that we feared that all of this biological warfare, there we get out we get to the Russians. It was cold. It was more cold, worse, yet right, To call you from your yeah, we just we. What were we has a name to buy because they've got to do it themselves. I wanted they didn't work. All you know what we can. We can use a good. We could take advantage of these. This fascist go, it's horrible medical history like we could do you xenical torture. Now we just took then we just let them all. I don't know why we can just take the information and then just like in prison or murder. All these people who are psycho pass. We we like held up,
end of the bargain interesting fact. The only people who actually prosecuted these unit, seven hundred and thirty one people, the Russians, yeah. Nobody know prosecuted that nobody like they were. They were these guys they prosecuted, because there were some russian prisoners of war there, and there were. I mean there weren't a lot, but there was a amount of Americans who died it units I would be thrilled. If I wish, I could listen to their words like disk. I was basically I was already one story, but there was one troop of Americans that, like basically the commander got cut off from the group and like LOS him, and he was like alone in the woods and he got discovered by these guys, like literally it was like he was hanging out in the Saudis soldier, come out I thought they were just like normal, like soldier, so he likes surrendered to them. They took him straight to unit seven, one it just says, no way: yeah a not great yeah. Anyone who surrendered there was, I think I read that if you were a
german pows, you had a four percent chance of dying and if you were a japanese pows at thirty percent, yeah, messing messing around you. They got a media. Every pow's to sub lesson here is don't get lost in the woods. You know stick with your troop wiser and but you're, not seven hundred and thirty one yeah. I got it in your general this out as a growing trees. Guys don't go out there looking for stuff, like all like all, I'm gonna go fresh spring roll pick in the no? No! No! No! No! You need to stay out of the force of Japan. Gravel road all hold the rope at the same time, because there are guys in there or something to wars, happening yeah, Tillis quickly, good, like the other, with the visit time to baby. Let's go on a lighter note, but I really in researching a lot of this stuff. Is there a lot of people who See this stuff, others, like man, that'll, make a killer band name yeah. So let's go through some of these of these. Some of these bands that are involved that are about Jen, side that are named after Jeff? Yes here
is a song called release me from unit seven hundred and thirty one is going to sound. Like Sarah Mclachlan, I bet. Oh, oh wow. What are they saying? Not words? It's very derivative of cannibal course. How do you know they're? Also exactly the same thing, I'm going to pressure chamber was saying that alright, let's the other one, they listen to stuff. This is I know I mean it's not that wasn't that bad, I'm not! Next, we've got demise of the humanist bimaru to go to different songs, similar style. The guitarist is different. It's all in the guitars real wireless in the metals in the guitars and drums in the orchestration of these guys order coffee at Starbucks. Alright, that is Muruta Assetto wondered in iced. Vanilla will get extra shot latte,
that's our! Are you saying like that? I don't know either you can listeners of the show who who perform in bands like that? I really like I it's it's interesting. I will say this. I went through some funky when I went to the the monsters of metal concert or the masters of metal. It's a may. I saw testament, they work with metal. Musicians work their off. Yes, I understand I go intended. Metal musicians are the best musicians in the world directly to the really hard it's hard. It's uh enterprise blows in her classically trained, what's banging and they're doing some it doesn't matter. I think building is unit. Seven, three one next door, yeah Marcus, has an extra construction project going on or will be recorded in there very soon guys. This is the things like the actual feel like it's like. The Ariel Castro thing were just like little construction going. It's like a toy box killer
so sounds going to open up this door with brick wall their throats up next door, I don't know what the right market another one another one. This is a song about one of our subjects today, because my bank called blood tsunami and the song is the rape of Nanking. Let me get to oh, ok. Well, you know once you hear one huh, it's a lot of sound. It is a lot of sounds, is pretty fucking sweet man yeah? It is pretty sweet, actually yeah, I'm up to check out these blood Sonoma guys. I like this band, I'm still going to say we did have a battle of the bands like player. Leave that there is so much complaining about this type of. Like you know like I understand we keep the guys in Afghanistan from up all night. You know like we like lecture boredom. We don't we don't we. Nowhere near. Oh, it's not nearly done before in the past. No
one more, have one one more band: let's go for a band called Adolf Hitler. Bad dancing on a plaque for yeah. One of the you to comment: it's a crime against humanity. How catchy this song all right! Thank you! User goes six, four, nine, nine all right everybody! Well, I think we have to wrap up this episode. Yeah yeah, keep that any other hey guys, don't go, don't go rape in any towns. Right, don't go away for ten. Six. Don't do something over A6. They can be called a rape for the entire six weeks.
That's consolation right there's a month and I had too much too much Magoo's delay. I'll main tile guy and, of course, I'll yourselves over Hail Satan in base eight. Never let something like this ever happen again. Please come I'll pray to him nightly. To make sure remind me to tell you guys about the cats are sometimes you're like. Oh my.
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