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Episode 82: Secret Societies

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The world of secret societies is revealed, from the Bilderberg Group to the Tri-Lateral Commision and ending in the place where all the elite go to play: Bohemian Grove.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time sure thing, George, I was just going to go ahead and say that nine hundred and eleven was a black mass. Are we recording Marcus yeah? Oh my god. People just heard that welcome to the show everybody had called council of Foreign relations. Could this covered up immediately? It's last podcast on the left. I am Ben with me is always we have Marcus Parks that is Mark I am Ben Castle and then with I usually say you. First so this whole thing got screwed up. Yeah there's got to my left. Come get your hot dog
These slinging hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dog salesman, Henrys, yeah, the hot dogs. How long you been hot dog salesman for Henry plug it in seven minutes, seven, full minutes just just just started: have you sold any yet? No, no! You don't 'cause, it's just imaginary! You know! I don't have any you don't have any hard now in Boston is open over this whole. That's what this whole funking podcast today is about. Stop hiding hiding behind illusions? It's hiding behind characters like normal the real meat. That's used to browse hide yourself. Take us Cortana the closet and put him on a bed and put the lights on bedroom and see the secrets that are on top of the bed. This is what happens when we record Layton, Marcus and Henry have had a full day of research, a full day of pantless research. Today, that's correct secrets are out: the window were exposing a little thing we like to call secret societies, he spooky but soc they're going.
Today Henry. It tell one at a time one at a time the only way to take down a secret society. One night I will. I will verify that I was naked in that picture. I posted on Facebook. You know your work, there's a picture on the facebook page markets, posted posted of him and the research center for last podcast and then Henry also posted a picture of of his? I would answer and you're naked leg was in it. What is wrong with your foot? so that it was just a bad shot of the foot. It's just your father shut up. It was just a picture of your foot. Two hours playing basketball right, Henry walked into the studio today limping and I was like what did you do? Play basketball and I said yes, two hours for two whole hours. I can't believe basketball players do it for how long of the games six hours. So about six hours, I'm not really sure. No, so when you
in basketball today. What? Let's I just heard my groin muscle, okay, and did you make some way up city? Make some shots. I did it. Okay, good Jackie, told me: it took you like thirty five minutes to make a single so exactly. Then you could make. Why did make one against goods busted? That's right! That's framing. The information is the name of the game, its correct. I secrets set the shadow. That's right arguments outdoor service into the streets out of the shadows. Let's get the first one out of the shadows here, Henry which one do you want to discuss? start us off. Okay, so I I I some real readings. We got some fun stuff. Today, but also I kind of got deep it's been so you naked when you started researchers. You just slowly, peel off your clothes. How I do my raise go! That's how I research! You start. Load and then peel away is what Beethoven did. I don't know.
Beethoven would too he did everything naked. No, no he's been arrested, history that in a in a porn Beethoven? No! You don't read that you just that in your brain skull and in your words just it so I search. Would basically I wanted to research, current secret societies and how they're affecting our public life in twenty thirteen how they refused to now, because now we have like 'cause we're going to a lot of stuff. You know, of course, it started with no way way back machine with the bavarian Illuminati Berry in Illuminati, which was you know in Germany, in the 1600s, and even before that, when the Reptilians first combined with human blood in order to create the superstring that formed the Super secret, groups like the gala lands and the and the original, the Hittite we know. I know I know I know
what I wanted to start from eight is is true, documented secret society that are going on in society today and so the first one I want to cover real quick is the Bilderberg group. There was a forcible at the Bilderberg group is meeting as we speak this evening. They already met two months ago. Okay, yeah there Did you a meeting about once every two years? What it is? It's a super c group meeting of Jewels Juno, it's reptile, that's even worse Henry! No! No! This is it is various european dignitaries and tight the ministry animated, like you know, Steve Jobs, would go when he was like up. You know of this. Right right and that people go all to, and then you pretty you know, you're Jennings went once okay like they go and they they they go in the
meet in the super secret locations and they have these what they call open discussions. Now, specifically, like you, really give Peter Jennings a lot of credit there by the news anchor Peter. Would you know, because I was the one that stuck out on main Jennings land of all the people can't believe they got that news man from the tv but we're talking about when im born when we're going to talk about Bahamian Grove a little bit more Harry Shearer went to Bahamian Grove here who the guy? now. This is spinal Tap Dan Oh here is sheer yeah yeah we'll get into the roster bohemian Grove later. Ok apologize! So, let's get into the Bilderberg group, so security there's three central real groups that operate behind the shadows that are not just the CIA in the NSA. First of all, and it's a go fund yourself. I'm just gonna put it out there. I got the bomb people popping. I got that popped up again poppy. He pop this is public record, so it didn't work. That's really something to drones. Have hovered overhead as we speak, so it's a build. A burger
The council on foreign relations in this trilateral Trilateral Commission right, which are all the the The reason why they are considered secret societies is 'cause, there's no direct roster of all who's involved. There's a lot of like you know. I knew who is there, but you don't know who is in all of the meetings in rugged trailer overall call, there's no there's a real cold in the notes of the meeting, because the whole point of these meetings is that they have. This thing called Open, ended discussion, which is nobody, writes anything down in the meeting, so it encourages free Working, so I actually quite enjoy that I seen it yet because they're saying you know like that's, but that's where they could finally get off their chest, because I know one going to get these monkey people to build new, again we're going to take any say that yeah yeah, You know Peter Jennings brought it brought a flip camera on his Iphone and try to whip that out of one of these meetings, who may Tell me a joke. We can say anything we want here, don't you know Peter, but thanks so much for coming. I gotta tell ya, I don't like arrested development
whoa that on record somebody get that I record he's going to be blacklisted in the industry. I don't like no you're, not Peter! You don't have it all. So if I had, if I asked you to Bilderberg Group Council on foreign relations and the third one Trilateral Commission, yes, what's the major difference between these three alright, so the Bilderberg group is essentially dealing with it. It deals with European Union not and things and and corresponding with European Union stuff, corresponding to like NATO agreements, okay to step with America and what day and what we as a realtor given that came out now. Normally what people say is like it's just a friendly discussion like people get together, so old friends can falcon chancellors can slap each other on the back and thinking you know bottle will be there and then really bono's. You dick needs is like right right, you know, that's pretty cool, that's Howie's sounds yeah I've heard you too. Generally, they talk about like gigantic issues that all these countries to deal with issues. Yes, Bilderberg Group deals with like they
this symposium this year was all about food supply and they were all talk about you know, did the certain area. It's it's kind of weird. The Monsanto thing, Sir, was good but sure getting flown into this idea of making GMO based foods in order to feed. You know million two million two million people course. Got the Monsanto thing, that's where they they're making vegetables that don't need water and things like this to us all. The way, they're selling information in after absolutely the way they're selling it is that you know we will be able to go anywhere. This is food they'll grow on in any service in any climate and stuff, but with your but they're, not saying is that what they're doing that is making the environment addicted to growing food? that way, and then therefore, because the the patents on the food, the only food that could be grown, can be owned by the Monsanto call right exactly and then they're the only ones making money in it. Former. If you don't have the months under the seats, are out of business and it's illegal for you to form it will go free for so what the what these guys all to
think about it. They have a sort of open discussion about you know either food food versus population. Water supply or the idea of like destabilizing countries, and it would like to stabilizing countries like in Thai. Economies so they're using this as sort of a up a weapon who would buy a logical of all weapons he'll sit around and talk about things that they they they all talk about like ideas, but then what goes up beyond like behind the curtain is the fact that their lobby- in various chancellors and political people to all align their countries towards can sure certain end result happens. That's the sinister side that may or may not exist in middle earth. The one thing that is written in a ink and been put out there is an example of what the Bilderberg group does. A thing called the Dc Dc after strategic trends program from two thousand seven to twenty. Thirty! x, okay, the CDC strategic Trends program is what I was reading today. I got him. I had
much more fun than you did. You know I got stuck in the series know so the, but what this basically states with what it is? It's a contractid, a private military organization in the UK to create this document saying like what's going to happen to the earth from two thousand and seven to two thousand and thirty six, both like Climate, wise population, wise, like a politics, wise and stuff, and they got this think tank together and they wrote this entire document and basically they're starting. Take down the things that it's already predicted like a predicted flash mobs, which is what was going on in the arab spring like that kind of stuff and base. Really. What it's saying is what You can run out foods going to run out. Who controlled the water or the ones that are going to rule the planet. Those are in charge of the food or the ones that are going to the planet, and then we need to know. Is you know I need to lose people ascent.
See what it says. We need to lose people which is, as we know, as we've covered my times, the Nws Ultimate goal, which is the reduced population in order to make things easier technically for everybody, but really it just makes it easy. For the drones to see everyone, which is why Alex Jones believes the It's making its all gay now he's got. The government is making us gay through juice box. Well, thank God. I wanted to know why give me to wear a little mermaid. Half t shirt roller skates, just looking singing on dancing. Let's see Henry without a fruit box from here on out everywhere. We go. It's just interesting like what do you think they call him fruit boxes only like fun, I'm sorry soapboxes 'cause, I'm clean! Yes! Yes, I think that the people a year with the arab spring. They use a flash mob to like you know, if forced to Marcus in here, it's just like a spike Jones, video yeah, it's just too late effort make fun of the friends theme song. Writing no we're wrong! Yeah
We should be. The Washington had have an actual flash we're letting it get to this point, we're we're giving it to them, and so there was but then I'm just going to do it. So that's just one example of what the Bilderberg group does Monsanto look into it read about it. Alex Jones is obsessed with it. We're going to talk, What about him? Do you want to lose your girlfriends in less than four hours look into it, Henderson Broski, dad learning day camp but you'll be in the know. Hello day camp in Addison and support group, just sort turned into the side tacos at three hundred o'clock. I put on pants to talk to delivery man in order to get my tacos. When I got back in the thing I ate my tacos with no clothes on while reading my second document interested the Trilateral Commission, The trilateral commission is a is a. A combination of its Us British japanese forces coming together to all kind of like again talk about the world
together, we're going to talk about what's going on the world, and so they talked about the European Union. It was they when they was made in nineteen seventy five the Trilateral Commission is again. Is there a very super shady just sort of think tank that the government was using? What they wanted to do they wanted. They wanted to talk a bunch of people, basically say to them: hey, Kels, democracy is going to be like in ten years sure, and so they go ahead? They wrote this thing called the crisis of democracy. When did they write classes? hi, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five when you ask about what's going to happen with democracy and they turned that in crisis. Right yeah, I was just not great like what about the good Times Democracy parade yeah, it was cancelled. Otherwise, say
what about the democracy, hot dog, grill and lemonade competition. Patents deny that's my kind of democracy, nothing but hot dog, grills and lemonade artists, but they wrote this document which again I read about fifty pages of it's one hundred and sixty pages deep, read it read it again, getting your fucking heads. Alright, want to be alone allow Henry I've been waiting all day for his information, we're going to get to the fun we well. This is the best stuff. Along to the Trilateral Commission, wrote the crisis of democracy with crisis incredible to come ice is a democracy all right. Let's take a breather, let's just take one, I'm sorry, I think my bargain, my son and brother, he has literally broken in the machine. Parts are flying off of him, as we may. Still you talk it broke. Is that what a second there's
steam coming out of my pants is bizarre. He's o'clock work boy. It is one hundred and seventeen degrees now I believe it was just hit with a lug nut. Lug nuts are flying up before the crisis of democracy would have basically says. Is we have too much democracy? What they're discovering is when they during the student Lucien's the student could like all all it does, is no longer the machines all that stuff yeah. This is what all had happened in the nineteen sixties. They were like well, it's destabilizing the government's authority over the country. It's it's good for democracy. It shows how much, accuracy. We have because everyone's freely exercising it, but the problem is, is that John Adams even said that is an old democracies die. You know. The whole point is: is that as soon as you get you know, look at a Montessori school you all these kids like
papers, a circles. These kids are going to be signed. A Montessori schools are the worst they're on a story c or we're liberal idiot parents send their kids in the kids, create the correct kid. You were on the answers checks in there like that, because you think you, for this great Jeremiah, shows a lot of promise bases covered in permanent. Your might just have got it yeah, exactly that's where the indigo children go exactly it's indigo children, yeah academy. It's all so the worst human beings of the face of the planet with and so basically there's so much democracy, it's all going to fall apart. So in order to do this, we have to what engenders Accuracy is a wide perspective. It's a lot of information. It's having auto education, it's looking around and being like it's being able to empathize with a bunch of people, and it makes decisions a lot harder and a lot of one,
They did say that was interesting. Was that, like you know it a university that whose teachers were chosen by the student population? What does that? It makes the most democratic university sure but does not make the best universities just like it does make the best parents when the when the child tells the parents what to do exactly? Does it so well, but but but what? If they said that we need to limit our education, we need to stratify it into the exactly what they. What we have now, which is you know, classrooms made, but with buzzers like the idea of like each period, being delineated, shuffling people from class to class you break people down, you make an edge we'll system, that's essentially a prison, since it is indeed an order to get people used to being subjugated so that they are then easily. Let the I said,
is every fucking day when I was thirteen years old as a freshman in high school, and I just got suspended for it, but it's the absolute truth. That's the whole thing in this whole idea. It's like, I didn't understand, understand the science project and then the teachers like well you're, forty five minute. Stop, so I guess you're an idiot. It's like what Dr Phil or doctor drew does with celebrity rehab yeah. Well, I'm sorry! The season is seven weeks. And everyone just like I need to stay. I still love her. Oh well. We're wrapping up the lights in the sound stuff is going to go back to the red paint over time right now for the grip, so we're just going to have to scoot yet just get aunt. I think we did a good job today. He killed. My baby, I use it would be an roughfort and sons well over it. It's uh! Now these guys are union and you know about to hit golden hour and frankly yeah we can be doing it with a budget just a very so so that was the second Trilateral Commission of schools, yes, but okay, but
It was interesting that you said before, though they were saying that education would, if people were highly educated, democracy could work. No they're saying the This is that the problems with any government is there being too much too much too much knowledge, because too much democracy means that everyone's running all over the place, able to make crazy decisions and you'll you'll. I won't be able to you- won't have your fun little pulling programs that won't be able to tell you how each looking districts going to vote you won't be able to tell like you, won't be able to have us like a bunch of cheap Sty, dear God, dam funk, plants, so I don't know how sheeps are kept. I guess there tide to offense, they could be, but that's what it's forwards, to keep us good and fat happy and believe me, when I am a tacos, I was really happy, so the government could have just They did. Your home, like a whole slide, should have been coming out there so long as there were like there's tacos in the showers you know to be like in concentration camps would be like. Were you got Al Pastore yeah. So basically I mean you know some people just need
yeah because we really only knew whatever yeah yeah. I mean that's sort of the same people asking to do nine internet videos. That day sure you know, if you could just give me tacos yeah how much money in tacos have you. May with all your internet, video, even anything at least nineteen dollars, it today. Thank you! So not so bad, I'm alright yeah! So a democracy works when the public is ignorant. Yes, that's what we learn just much easier to run the country and that's where a lot more reason. Why I'm even bringing these things up is because I just it exists I go. I know that it's you could extrapolated to any extreme. You could say that this is the n. W was planning a user and selling a crazy person. The building blocks are there and they're right in front of the face. It's a government every this is a government up. You know it's right now, strategy this is yeah. This is a this is There is never research. Yeah rice is a democracy to losing to intelligence, worry talk about without getting unit. Seven thirty one everything hurts like you, the the government will go ahead and and do we
horrible things to get information in order to get to continue their fucking warm. They will do it yeah alright, so we cover two or three. Then we got account and then just the council Foreign Affairs called Council for relations. You know Dick Cheney made a speech them like right or Denny's are flocking evil piece of Shannon somebody. But again this was just more of a we're going to hear from him yeah I can't yeah, but this is a more effective way to life, would have fun and he's like the penguin. He really is I think he hates penguins. You know that oh yeah, of course, yeah do you, member when he was in the wheelchair, need that big, wide brimmed white hat on he the door that was my favorite fashion choice. Many shoveling right in the face anytime smile in someone dies. He's a bond villain, everytime dictated dictated dies. Every time he smiled somebody when he was in the wheelchair was a dead cat underneath him
it's amazing. I like the smell- yes, let's just hope for rim, so real, quick Council of Foreign relations. What this is. This is a think tank to help America deal with talking to other countries. 'cause, we don't know how to write, and the main thing that they did is. Essentially they framed how we deliver the information of JFK's assassination out to the world that was and where they started from and now you know, Donald filled with them was a member of it and get can a was a member of it all the most evil players, the last ten years, Robert and there's a large they re out there. The Rumsfeld was the reason the JFK got assassinated in the first place him and him in the H, W Bush was it yeah age
Bush was a member I recently talked about because of the CIA and what they all did. Yeah in Prescott Bush, the Great Grand Father of the evil clan. He stole Geronimo's skull for skull and bones, so Prescott, that's who's. Coming up next, my favorite fuckin' crew of Fuckin' animal house, knuckleheads, red skull and bones, of course, is sort of bastardized over the years with some shity movies and believe it's called skull and bones every piece of material. I read about skull and bones today featured as pictured in the nineteen ninety movie, the skull So no who is the star of that from it was from varsity now. What was I couldn't? Give a and rats Athens for the guy. What I feel there's something yeah he's got if he was a mighty ducks, Joshua Jackson, not sure what Jackson his career is going. Everyone just like as pictured in scope, since I don't do that. Guy's totally this in your research, but skull and bones super
great society in Yale for all of the grooviest leaders of America, the old started there in college and they it's the only thing mysterious about skull and bones is the fact that so many of the dudes they were in skull and bones turned into president, and leaders. The industry in like, like Edit Tate, editor editing Magnates Henry the guy me Ty Time magazine and all that stuff came from skull and bones what some of the ceremonies in skull and skull and bones. So one of the ceremonies is that one of them would apparently you can't hear too much about that. None of them will say anything
really interesting is a look up, John Kerry talking about skull and bones. Okay, John Kerry went to skull and bones if he was in school about, and he did an interview where they ask him directly about skull bones. Is that gonna yeah yeah? I know it is it's a secret. You know, but you know that please very willing to David likes the idea of the illusion of choice. I mean the two thousand and four election. We have Bush and Kerry running against each other with the I yeah insane. No and there's somehow different. I mean these are both members of this page from their preferred, then yeah exactly know they're like they are disgusting, sorry the way, ladies? I just have to say this, Marcus lost his shirt by lost him and he took it off because he's sweating profusely, which was fine because mark, This body is hideous, but then Henry saw with Marcus dead and chose to follow suit. Yeah, now I'm surrounded by two shirtless men and Dare I say this is what they look.
When they're doing research. Here it looks like it's going to keep my not yet movie shirt. He blocked the fan, it's very hot and it's a sweaty shirt. Ok, with my suit anyway, so this is a good episode. Thank you for listening yeah, I'm so happy that we have listeners, love us and understand us if you really want to feel we're going through go into your shower right now. Go into your bathroom turned the shower on hot sit on the toilet, turn off all air conditioning and you'll just sweat, profusely yeah, it's a little. I guess get used to it game. Seventy five pounds take a walk in my shoes right right. You know, okay, so that yeah, let's go to some creepy things of the skull and bones that's going on, so they would do it tomorrow. Only the only thing these guys keep really big tight about They don't talk about this come up in a presidential debate, because every time they do it, they laugh off. Watch it look up. All the shins, responding to questions about skull and bones every single time, because they always laugh about the like yeah. I know I was in it. Then they all over the they don't even mention.
Did you jump right over it? I got John Kerry talking about right here, Wednesday. Let's play it most members of skull and bones a secret society of yell. What does that tell us? not much cuz, it's a secret. Secret handshake. Is there a secret code? I wish there were something secret. I could manifest three hundred and twenty two secret number either all kinds of secrets them, but one thing is not a secret. I disagree with this presidents direction that he's taking the country. We can do a better job than I intend to do it. What a jacket he just jumps yeah so tell us a secret, the skull and bones? Oh well, it's a secret right, so he said One thing: that's not a secret! Is that I disagree. Who is president or no. I definitely need to speak with George Bush, but I know it's like. I have never seen a dodge like that. Was a ludicrous
What does it neo in the matrix, dodging all the bullets? Just I mean the man almost broke his back to, even so. If it did nothing club, then why don't you just say something about it? You see something if it means, but apparently the traditional skull and bones The is said: if anybody brings it up, you're supposed to walk out of the room, yeah not even supposed to hang around them. But this idea, though it do you think that this is all just a big practical joke. I mean: do you think that the this is just pull in one for other people, because nothing actually happened here is the idea that I think I think it's a it's a happy medium between the two. I think that there is a lot of dumb funk, shenanigans, 'cause, there's like drinking and I'll talk about some of the stuff that happens right. So one of the ceremonies is that one of them will dress up as what they do in one of the hazing rituals is wondrous up as a pope. One dresses up as a Don Quixote type character? He said the one with the bassist voice dresses up as Don Quixote and then one dresses up. It's it's the pope and Wondrous up is that
I think we're going to be Henry you're, definitely the devil but Marcus, and I both have fairly basically voices. That is, I think, you're at the Don Quijote donkey. Ok, we got a lot of. Ladies, no. I mean you know, I mean you think of John One and that's the difference all right? Let's move on this, so I better part of the year, the Pope market, I love being the puppet who I wanted. Yeah I'd love to dress up as the Pope just shit in a bucket with people it got stinky hacked on kinky, hot dogs. Religion. Ninety three degrees Henry turns retarded. Well, let me tell you what Jesus is Savior dot com has to say about this column, but please, let's here and that's Jesus Jesus is Savior dot com photo. Is it yourself Freemasonry Skull bones also clear she, the Council of thirteen Judaism,
Mormons another other major occult and religious groups all have one thing in common, and that is the evils of Zion That's all! No biggie, no dairy, not always like that anti semitic. Twist everything Well, it's there is we've been one jewish member of the skull and bones. It was what it was a famous athlete in Yale, the always sure to have one of the top athletes. Okay, we tried have like popular dudes and then big party years. It's hardly the fifteen that they choose every year out of the senior class, the only jewish guy the ever had was a jewish athlete. A basketball player was white. Of course we have had we. One black black guy, I want to say, but normally
protestant. They are mailed the they just start allowing women in there because John Kerry, thank God. He went out there and he he may have you know he stuck a leg out for their little mind to John Kerry. Thank you, John, but they basically, they just flog each other and beat each other and the and the most famous thing that they do is a thing called c b or Canoe: Buell bless where the old list, the blade down in a tomb, and they it's basically a coffin that they have okay and that they rattle off their entire sexual history. This is right in this is now used by a black man. That's what they say so that you can never go again, which almost like come on. You really what it. What has spoken to pray like George W, but I guess raped a bunch of people, mostly yeah, but I mean yeah Then again, I don't even give John Kerry that much credit You know, I don't think here at any point, I kick. Your Brian yeah, he definitely Cathy O'Brien was made for it
Cathy O'Brien Favorite at tool of MK ultra well, we'll get to Cathy O'Brien in just seconds. Yes, So this is a, but I think that they're somewhere between two, I think that they do a lot of pot, because that's what we talk about all the things of the Illuminati with you know with Satanism, it's big ritualism, that's up that you know they say is empty and bullshit they say all with this is we're. Havin fun were put on costumes sure, but there is something to the when consciousness that releases a specific kind of energy. When you perform this ritual, definitely it is a. It is a thing that you're doing to change the energy of the room and they obviously have some kind of pull, because all their dudes become president right, so its they're doing something's happening yet whether be a rolodex or somebody in the devil, it was a large rolodex or the act or that's like what stating a level road is looking in the rolodex right. Just like all yeah Georgie makes great pizza, he could run Spain there we go. I made a phone call you're right in Spain, but the election.
Is it for six months. You've already won, so don't worry about it. No, that's that's connects back to the Bilderberg group to where they say you know. Obama went to the builder he hung out, for he hung out for a week and has had some cocktails and had some me Jan's liquor like flag and the duty, Hey. Can you know blacks, babies in Germany? Well, that's the change That's good. That's great, I think it'll be. I will go I think, he's evil I've gone through. I think I've got a full run. I think he's the Illuminati pretty soon. The TIGERS, Rice David. It was right, he's a lizard, he one. It's not even funny to say he's again Henry doesn't have a shirt and I'll. Tell you what he bounces around by. I can see burritos. While you discredit him Ben, are you a shell? Do you, like Rock Obama, being amazing, photo agent? No, no! No! Don't don't turn on main, yes Shirtless near Fuckin'
hominem arguments attack in the person Tackett, my body side to add my voice is filled with the music of troops. I am I'd like to evil the egg on your face when the fuckin' shoot out of a bomber jacket. He spits poison alive. Everybody had flocking lizard come Africa Jurassic Park Karen. I think, if you go into any size offices just about your eggs and nests and fuqing sunlamps 'cause Lizard King Jack it just said 'cause, he really is a terrible person, an awful human being, but now we don't want no, I'm flesh and blood human beings 'cause I'm sitting in this room sweating, so miserable yeah you're, not here Brock Obama's up there cool as a cucumber shoplifted scan I mean he has. He has arrested more people for espionage than any president combined, not before him. So that's got a Nobel Peace Prize. Yeah he's gonna have to give.
Back so we've discussed this many times. It's got a Nobel Peace Prize got it. You know 'cause we're and gave it to his low key the master of triggering Loki in the Avengers. Of course, the Thor character, all right, okay, Alex, yeah, yeah, sure, alright, Ar Rahman video. I don't know All I the end days. Every night is taco night. All right. So, let's move on what wonderful stuff to skull bones to suit you wanted did cover with their favorite of summer camp experiences a me me in growth. Yes, every summer, all of the world's elite. Dates goes
yeah, but now everybody is under now comma to them even grow with Maine. Oh yeah, sunny Northern California, but should they love that song by the way, but they think the beach boys are just a little edgy every single time, they're cutting us smile into a dead girls face sure yeah play that song again Obama about thousand of them. Descend upon a place. Called bohemian Grove Bohemian Grove The sun sets are cool and the beer is hot I really kind of wish it was opposite. We're making a pie. Come around to the owl statue. If you want to kiss John Kerry, yeah, I'm over here yeah. Oh, no! There's nobody want to kiss me or everybody hop on Carrie we're the hop on game. I'm sure John. Nobody wants to play only sixty nine. I can't Sixty nine. Do we have to continue to invite John Kerry here, because no ones touch in our past. Like twelve mean
come on. Ladies, don't you want to ride the long nose he's really cheap. Since you lost the presidency. Well, first I'm going to tell you what the main stream says Lame, Lamestream! That's what it's from a above great book that I have called cults, conspiracies good societies, oh by this guy, also Arthur Goldwag, but this guy is this. Guy is kind of a party pooper scooper parties, kind of a party pooper, but he still gives some real great detail. How do you say the party pooper, because he's going to see you go wags over everything? Is gold wagon over there? Gold Wagar Jesus yeah he's a guy who showed up just being like. Oh, this is youngling. I only like Miller high life, pepper Jack Cheese, go wag, he's going pepper. Jeez. I like cheddar cheese well every summer. Of course, one of the big points of it is for all these people to get together to speak off the record. They have little speeches to
each other out by the river, so much freaking, evil stuff just get a recorder, yeah alot somebody writing something down and they've been doing this since one thousand eight hundred and eighty another thing that they've been doing. Since one thousand eight hundred and eighty is they have a little play that they put on for, I love the place we bought him grab, they put on a play with it and they meet once a year. It's in a lab. Musical of Ladies of hundred, and in fact one thousand eight hundred and ninety six George Hw Bush and Clint Eastwood played a pair of Lakeside Frogs Clint Eastwood in George W Bush makes me sick together well, here's here's the plot of the play. How do I get an audition yeah. This is like well, how do I get in there just want to roll right on it. If they want to see someone do a play, you got Chop, but is here's. The plot of the play care is a cruel taskmaster that the club members have
led to the pastoral precincts that the grove to escape hoping to replace his tyrannical regime with an easier going way of life. The pageant reaches its climax when cares Fg is incinerated in a fire kindled by the lamp of fellowship, but not before arch enemy of ease and beauty marks, its tormentors from his beer said she'd Geekvape nerd alert alert here is his tatian fools fools. Full. I am Lord real. When will he learn that be? He cannot slay year, year. G burn me in this grow. This is so boring. Lifting your sooners outs of triumph to the stall you sit around like what are we to make the next atom bomb guys? How much I want to go home and rugs do you have to do, but it is worth while win again. You turn your feet towards the market place. Am I'm not waiting for you as
of old fools fools. Dream you conquer care, but this is the favorite part about coming up. Is observers have characterized the ceremony is quote hokey and quaint love it. This is yes, you could just aching to start murdering the boys. When do we murder the voice and it years ago of situations where it's like if you're like a black american- and you hear this information and you've. It's all you're like why. Why doesn't the government relate now, because this is what they do. This is there how they party in order to spin orchestra, performs daily gourmet. Food served course in many of the guests. Cabins are equipped with pianos. Of course, they are that's wonderful talking it just this is my favorite part of it away said. Long time, member Richard Nixon who's telegram to the bohemian club after he won his second White House term. It said anybody can be
president of the United States, but very few- can never have any hope of becoming president of the bohemian club. Why? Because it's? devil himself. Yes, because then we don't die, but it doesn't say in that is that they burn the human effigy of Karina Gigantic Owl statue named after the ancient pagan God Moloch, whose God of the night yeah. What's what's what's care care? the in person at the idea of splits care, equals responsibility. That's what they're talking they're talking about running from the God of CARE, running from the God of responsibility in order to and using fellowship using above, In a white dude sitting in a forest fuckin', a bunch of boy prostitutes, well I'll tell you what that away from it. It has. A lot of Obama was at that meeting 'cause. He definitely runs from quite a bit of responsibility. He really took a liking to that care. Burning. That's for damn sure! Well. Nixon was captured in an unguarded moment on his oval office tapes describing the scene at bohemian Grove, as quote the most faggi
Damn thing you could imagine hahahaha Nixon still my favorite president. You know out of all the reptiles that have all the evil be. He does say somebody you don't think. I think he was human though dishes back semi, transparent, reptilian right I mean. Let's do this. Let's do this said to this. I know it's. You know just a okay. So if the bohemian grove so Bohemian Grove and we've had some heroes, try to infiltrate bohemian grove, we've have had heroes, infiltrate bohemian grove, but before I get to the biggest year over, Okay, I want to talk about another man named Richard Mccaslin. Richard Mccaslin in which our athletes he wasn't marine in one time, stuntman at New Musmate Park, which looking bigger, we don't get the heroes. We want yes, heroes. We deserve he donned, a commando style uniform with the name Phantom Patriot, stitched on it armed himself. Armed him,
open assault with an assault rifle that nerdy a sword, a cardboard piece of paper that just says will work for food, a pistol across several styrofoam balls. He called his flame orbs. Indeed, you master flame or plus, more flame or just walk faster honey just walked faster. Is he following us? I've put you in an enchantment of entanglement. You can't move forward square, so in less I spent the guessing circle, we're going to start running now, flame orb guys we can't play the game and, let's you follow the rules, He also had a fireworks launcher and he broke into bohemian grove. Determined. Kill any perpetrators of human sacrifice that he could find Fortunately it was the middle of winter and noble Is there so he said the buildings on fire and received an eleven year prison sentence? I live in years, so it's so bad for our sins. I can
I actually don't really know what it just wasn't: spirited away. Yeah, it was imo Lock, the great protector didn't come and turn him into a gigantic sack of balls. Well, I hope and I hope you got higher back at his stunt you. Gotta know if you're trying to sneak up on bahamian grove. The first thing, to do is listen for the Calliope music that they always have. A wicked carousel in the center became engrossed that step number one, and if you were to read the literature right, you would have known that and they're always in underwear, so it can't be that cold. You know they're always naked or they're and they're just wearing yacht pants and shoes. Yeah, of course, so are stuntmen. He was inspired okay by the man who's, not afraid to tell the truth. You mean you're talking about the tip of the spear with this you talking about the lion of true, oh my I'm talking. The last true american Patriot, John Claude Van Damme, Alex
Alex Jones show he's our Luke Skywalker. Indeed, he is we're all his father, the libertarian Luke Skywalker. It's a libertarian, I say he's somewhere between Luke Skywalker in Chewbacca. Yes, he's got the mind of Chewbacca in the body of a human you're very attractive. Who getting turned out over here. So I know that this was my first introduction Alex Jones. I first knew about Alex Jones through the Bahamian grossed available. Hemion grove stuff and how big of a joke it was because he brought the camera in there. He got footage of the owl, the owl money, but let's Listen to some of the documentary about Bohemia the Alex Jones Dead now this is. Is this is part of a documentary talking about how the ice machine doesn't work in the hotel? There is a whole lot of documentary and most of its him sitting in his hotel room shipping, like I said, for a eight months. Eight
I called- and I called and asked- and I will also say, is I'm not on on the tv yeah. Well, the original, or so it's a conspiracy. It two hours long and Youtube user was kind enough to edit it down to I would say we do link as he say, to remove the boring, so I've also been bahamian Grove, but he also sells three air conditioning units over Craig's list. This is a lot of that. It's a lot of him him Craigslist feelings, talk about negotiations with it also trying to get to be mean girl them say no, no, no him going back to health yeah using technology that you know Really. You need to tell me this is the only major american city that doesn't have a subway, I'm looking. Five dollar five dollars, footlong I've got a thirty five dollars food budget for the week. Well Alex what kind of foot long do you like to get a like? A meatball, too
Well, I did too, and I never I never heard of that. So you must be at least seven full at the bahamian Grove you do. Why is that 'cause? It's thanks to the well, I believe, Probably what people want to know. So it's like probably the most discussed in sandwich I have ever heard of in my entire life. So our guy here and you to be edited all the boring parts out and the it if it is. It is worse in second floor, it's nine minutes and forty five seconds, but we're going to play some of the hits so so yeah, let's get into this, that's our activities have been engaged in going back to one thousand eight hundred and seventy three and are not some new simple wham of the trendy's on the West Coast, presidents from Howard, Taft too Word Hoover were on the membership roster. Not to mention later famous more general Dwight D, Eisenhower later to become President the Ross for the baby club reads like a who's who of the elite, but
photo taken inside the grove One thousand nine hundred and sixty three There you'll see Ronald Reagan and sitting two people over from him later to become president. Richard Milhous Nixon Bush Senior, documented member and then of there there's his son now? last four generations of bushes of also attended the skull and bones society at Yale, well known to be steeped in the occult. Well, that does give you an idea of web bohemian Grove is all about yeah. It's definitely yeah. It's the Mickey Mouse Club of all the most evil white men in the world and, like most members of the Mickey Mouse Club, these people get drunk with power, trying drugs and become as absolutely insane indeed will. Now. This is an interview with the man who used to work at Bohemian Grove now
clean up clean all the floors and on new analytic. Every time I went and I took out, I took him up to the cabins and I've got to say jam everywhere. Was there a lot of come on the floor? No, no. It smells strawberry, rhubarb grape jam. Really. Mostly they give some kind of breakfast Did you just mop the people as they were eating. Breakfast here's a man who was like a five grow. I used to work there used to yeah? Now you work at Camp Meeker? No, I don't work Oh you live there did you ever watch the cremation of care? No
What do you do it? I just I just worked there, but I mean you never saw March around the red robes. No, no, I really. I don't go on just politely walks away from him and Alex is of course, is to scary, how scared he was. He was terrified of you. Give us real information We know for a fact: we got a guy right there, who's got. All of. He's seen the ropes he smelled the Saturn. Why isn't the only the fattest and ugliest people of our society love to do the bum rush? Medium, Michael Moore, got it because he scared 'cause. You could scare somebody really easy. Alex Jones live very scary. Garish man yeah, I'm not telling them anything yeah, I will be there. Michael Moore looks like Krang. He does. He looks like he's just got little fleshy barbs on the side of him, going like young people bit about the american worker. Wouldn't you miracle worker, maybe it's not fair to them
Michael MIKE how's, your home, going in Michigan how's your mansion. I don't know why we didn't get past the stove really great to hear MIKE. Thank you so much dank any fruit or candy. You know what you're irrelevant now in american politics and we're just going to have you leave I made we never invited you here. A little more everybody Michael continue with the documentary showing themselves as even written about in the gossip along with the San Francisco chronicle. Riding that a man on his own often gets invited back to the camp by gay bohemians. Even one hundred year old animals have admitted the homosexual activities after saving the sheriff's department MIKE and I traveled high into the hills, to wait until dark and the beginning of the cremation of care ceremony. Ok, that's what I want to know. We got into a hot air balloon this, so I could see what the trees look like What would we have discovered is
We ran out of hot air. We don't do well with less oxygen Yes, good came loose from the balloon sending balloon up into the stratosphere. I blame my tuna and meatball sub, doing more of a George Nori impression, but that's fine. There some talking about the cremation of care, he's that this time. There's a program apparently for the cremation of care course looking at first off, I wanted to draw your attention to the program that was given out to the spectators or the viewers. I guess call them novices of a human body burning in the flames. In fact, I've shown it to people experts in anatomy to actual doctors, and they say that the Anna local size is that of a baby or small child notice. How large the cranium is in comparison to the poor. So that is the rips. Stan. Ladies and gentleman, this is from the program itself, given
not to the establishment lackeys witnessing the sinister activities. This is what I'm going to say. These are mistake probably something going on there right there, I'm going on. Do you Alex Jones hurts the cause it's figuring out is to figure out. What's going on and and and bohemian girl, I think he's got, I think the love him I thank you for being here mean girls, favorite comedians, I agree, and they just watch him that much just watch your images will like. I think, an example on how he's doing it is my last podcast on the left, listeners and listeners to a program that we're gonna be doing tomorrow at ten o'clock on Syria. Today today will be go ten ten o'clock today on Sirius right yeah. They they listen to us for the God, damn truth and we need to certify dean all of these insane Alex Jones I'll, never know, but the same time like, I guess it's not or what it's a part of the scene yeah you have been added him he's a friend he's a guy in there. He pier. You know, for all the shity talks about David Icke, though
it's hard to make it alone set yeah, because I, like David Icke, now I would argue, I would argue- and I will argue that Dave like has more rational points and Alex Jones on any. Given I mean he's just actually I mean no, no, you don't know. But he's still like it's still sixty foot lizards, but it's it's something. You know at least he says a lot of stuff Alex Jones is just looking at pamphlets- things like We have shown this to several experts in anatomy, which is dude looks like a guy looking at a Tity magazine in the gas station. It's like what do they look like to do so. Would you consider yourself an expert on anatomy? It's like yeah, look at a heck of a lot of tests on a magazine, so that's great! Well, then you definitely want the human body would say this looks like a baby think it is. It is not a like a baby. Definitely. I will now, let's delve in to the really dark secrets of bohemian Grove, yeah mine,
This is from Cathy O'Brien, who we briefly mentioned Mk Ultra episode, because she is a victim of MK ultra and project 'cause you got brought out to the she got brought out. There is another. There was uh. I was reading about another Mk Ultra, oh there's Project Camelot, which is going on right now, which is another disclosure agree. Disclosure program are people putting together trying to get people to come out and talk about their experiences with them. Hey ultra programming and there there's been revealed but Project ISIS using interdimensional travel between the Rockefellers in the other dimension and the Rockefellers. Here they figured out how to make someone live forever. Ahu sees it, you try to explain, that to me one day- and
Do you ever get it ironed out? I'm gonna say: is that all the points don't come together? It's like a connected draw, drawing that says it supposed to make a dog, and it just makes like a big bunch of lines. That's right connect the dots between quick. Let's do the reminder on this monarch. Situation because the precursor to M K Ultra okay. It is too it's what the program is called the flipped into a bunch of different names, and that was one of them. It will say cooler than projects a loosely, but but my project monarch was used because they use the butterfly image. I mean part of it coincides with the you know, kind of pulled up, caterpillar turning into butterfly or not, and then they would use the butterfly image in their hypnosis. Okay, okay. Well, that that makes a lot of sense. Now that what I'm about to say, I know about this stuff. What about to talk about this
makes sense in from the caterpillar to the butterfly, because sometimes they burn the fucking caterpillars. That's not good. How could it ever because I would be so bad in a first date now I really feel. Like I said once you saw I was listening. You were telling me about a date. You went on and you when you brought Satanism into uh, she was. She did not want to hear about sexually runs of the runs of baby clothes supporter we'll have you registered with the gal. I I I do she's a wonderful woman and she's very attractive, but you want runs it. A baby store, close clothing store, and I I didn't realize that that meant she probably didn't want to hear all about the tenants of my blooper, my bad. You know I understand exactly, which is weird noise when I walked by the store I'll. Let go in all like make eye contact with her and she was like The ground, like pulls the curtains down, yeah, no she's terrified of all of us, of course, of course, so should be what Cathy O'Brien said:
is the Mk Ultra sex slaves were routinely brought into bohemian grove every year. That snap in posting snap it was the what, if the cpap it puts you what now, what snap snap snap look to board slapping together the whole I see and we know that there is human sacrifice going on at bohemian grove? How do we know this? We know Just not listen Alex Jones yes, no lino know the. I see we now know this: okay yeah. We know this now, I'm just ' working for the government. So just get a sound effect that just disinfo agent is really just sitting for wage, and she says that the what goes on there includes tannic rituals, shorter child sacrifices and blood drinking and the other sack
buy flood tasting sure, let's get with an it's, it's classy they spit it out. Do you think somebody's upset there, like? just a taste, and I only got like three ounces of water really want couple of gallons, but you know it's over there. The other. Sacrifices included, slaves of advancing age or with failed programming, So if a program is they are probably altra yeah. I know I remember this time yeah because she talked about how they would bring them up and said they they would does soccer for the L. Yes yeah. She also talked about the different rooms that they have and bohemian grove. Okay. They have what's called the dark room, and is it it's actually very bright. It's a funny thing! Yeah the leather room, the necro clear, uhm. Well, that's just obvious: they get a cold in anything they get it. They could have called it. Yeah. The John DOE Rheumatic called Reative names right. Then there was one called this one's creative. It was called the under
ground lounge, but it was spelled u dot, n dot, dir ground. The UN your ground. You enter ground, I just that one? I don't know it's a stretch. You know that sounds like a bar in Williamsburg yeah. I'm sure that it is but they have like. The ball in gourmet hot dogs and some bocce ball and overpriced beer. All right, and this she goes on to say that while she was a child, she was raped, abused and tortured, while a book being grove. She was tortured and raped by Pierre Trudeau. I mean yeah for of Canada. She was raped by Gerald Ford while he this president and she, but she did say one thing about his amazing coleslaw yeah. I mean you need to tell me you're going to get raped all this time and not get some of his delicious radish coleslaw Gerald Ford was one of the Punchiest most clumsy president. We've ever had don't know if he could raise he pulled off the bed.
Laugh. This is also where you she was raped by Ronnie Reagan, Ronald Reagan. Yet she said that that happened raped by Dick Cheney many times that have the most brutal fashion. Okay, I mean he rapes, somebody yep he shot a man and a chain is a zero. And they also pulled in slaves, to play the most dangerous game. Yeah they released ice tea into the forest. They would let them too they would allow them to escape, and then that's when the huh but I'm surviving the game. Barack Obama riding a white horse with a fucking net gun. Now, there's like I'm going to get a real old one, dick they're, just like you get you knives. Buy a unworkable dick. What would you say about Maine Weather Man just go out there and be one of us be one of us. I've heard from him saying three hunters that prefer
the with guns, George Bush, Dick Cheney and bill well, Clinton him to Bill Clinton Bill Clinton's in all these who did call Poon guns. You know then tell me: one person didn't have Amasis Warren Buffett, Second of what's his name from Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett Buffett. No Jimmy Buffett, Expendable Union Grove he's there he's playing the football meeting you a list of musicians who have done that Diego you got no money. Jimmy Buffett girls in the ring Miller of no. I refuse to believe that Steve Miller's been there. These are facts, devote the Joker. There probably Bob Weir of the grateful dead. That's fine! I make sense. Yeah yeah he's. Definitely going there and Mickey Hart, of course, the Mickey Hart
I don't know, but they added that like that was like, and sometimes even Mickey Hart Show. So you don't make these guys aren't so powerful. He was really shity group of musicians right. He was in the grateful dead and he was also in the Mickey Hart Band. I do that about him. I knew that until this whole, let you spoon think the rat is own. A sterile. You know what matter that think you're taking entirely too many drugs, but I thought I'd love with you doing Kathy also says that when they were caught they were brutally raped and sometimes killed sure sure If you you can, it is public place at times, ok, so you can do reviews on the internet about you can yell mean, but you can. Can you help me and grab Washington Grove? I wasn't raped once and I ran through the woods for hours. I didn't see one Bush or I didn't see. I didn't see him. I was
Mickey Hart will be there doing something like same thing with like going to Hollywood. Like I went to, I went to planet Hollywood, I did not see Bruce Willis. I did not see John Claude Van, I'm not just tell you. My mozzarella sticks were software and there were over prized well, I'm going to give you two news from people who know the truth. Ok and two reviews from fuckin' shells: oh ok and all these really would you say, shells like that. Disinfo agent won't bring a little true, and so you can uh on these Google plus reviews you can give ratings for appeal. Cities in service? Ok, so this for restaurant. I guess I don't yeah, probably applied first, the first guy, is name Samuel, Thompson, appeal port. There are no facilities poor. Fair services, port affair. Wow what are the services? The rape
he just got violently raped he's like what kind of service is. I want to see one from Prescott Bush, excellent, great great news. What I love the boy horse, although I will say one of them, was or to fair, and then that boys dead, oh yeah, that's Bobby Toothless, Bobby Bobby we're yeah who's in that band hears it Samuel, Thompson has to say, you worship nature? Why massacre dark skin people's and plan to remove ninety percent of nature humans, the nature God you worship is not the true nature spirit, the higher speed it created. Her will destroy you and hold you to the account the way Other spirit that was not is not and will not be, will lead you into oblivion, where you're headed to have fun. While you can, you have plenty of time to suffer the results of your foolish choices. He is and he is the axe- that's already laid to the root of the trees, not the true tree, the living trees of nature, but the false trees,
anti nature. The Bush is and such like hillbilly bushwackers. Now there were things that make you feel better that I also gave you a thumbs down on your web series. So I'm sorry, I do want to say other chicken and waffle brunch was pretty taste pretty fantastic and I couldn't believe the delightful blue unlimited syrup as well, this one's from John DOE. He knows not What is the absolutely came through yourself out there and just be another fucking caterpillar for the grinding machine? I agree. Fuckin' Anna say If you work there- and this is a country club, why is it one of the only places in the United States not on the map- I own private property, but some- Now I can get on here and see everything on my land, but here it's all grey will not stand for the higher power we, the are anonymous and we stand together. The Lord is the only higher power and we are after every piece of every priest, of the thirteen praise, Jesus and keep it out. Your hills
no hail Satan Jesus, that's the problem is that they all sound like morons. Absolute idiots input, hail, Satan, Jesus and now from the shells, atmosphere, excellent, all the cool, excellent service, excellent who's he trying to in full I mean he had a great time there? Apparently- and this is in all caps- The Hemion Grove is the most incredible credible place. I've ever been, the people are audible. Dedicate, to the prosperity of the United States, the environment and the world. Unfortunately, most Americans do not have access to this exclusive club. May the force with the leaders of the bohemian club, join me in thanking all of them for the dedication and hard work towards peace, prosperity and the future of the human race
Godspeed peace on earth is Mk Ultra building. Yelp reviewer. Is that what happened? Is that what it's all about? A good idea series Review is Yola's mexican restaurant using Mk Ultra now to like you know, people brag about the burritos God, that's so funny. That would be such a great idea for them. Just turn it on just being like what we need guys were looking into. Yes, we're reaping tons of boys in order to make a portal to get Satan back on earth, but is that how do we look on social media think about how many like so we get a face but right and he here's a one last one from just a Google user, Google user he said. He will use Google overall excellent. Oh goodness, yeah good time, he says, worked there for many years: no devil, worship, no sacrifices, no gay or
she's, just older gentleman camping on a retreat and playing Donna, Domino's, playwrights, music, acting great food, great job people make up stupid thing. Because they are draft dodgers and welfare recipient was it for these people have a meaningful, we'll be eating rice for breakfast lunch and dinner, delivered in concentration camps there. The reason the pre world is alive and well, and Americans have freedom. Usa is great. On top USA, USA, USA try the chicken and waffles brunch as well until unlimited syrup wow. I want you to go. Well, that's great! Ok, if you know everybody likes something, you know you have to like something Well, we're all at over an hour here so well. We got a chance to yeah we gotta get out here. I have what I have for us at the very end. I have the song that they sing
I can see why they like like the grow, it does he'll say Everybody else hail, Satan I'll gain The bonds of our leaders in owners do not be a slave to the NSA Pets, friend Magoo Stellations as well read those things I talked about join the club of never having This again indian of course hail yourselves. Everyone hail yourselves. Who solutions? Don't forget nice one thousand PM, Sirius Radio, raw dog channel. Ninety nine will put the number on the facebook page for you guys to call in so many of course, hail yourselves.
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