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Episode 90: The Pleiadians and the Battle for Humanity

2015-02-16 | 🔗

I's an alien extravaganza as we explore the different sides of the conflict raging on earth between the malevolent forces of the Grays/Reptilians and the light beings known as the Pleiadians!

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the level. An abortion started
Dear friends, close your eyes dear, like people of Gaia smile, inwardly, moving into the inner world of light and infinite space which exists within open, your hearts now, dear ones, by activating the crystalline prisoner tube, which flows through our twelve shockwaves, spinning your Prada tube upwards into the great central sun and downwards into the great mothers core crystal visualize gold in a white light flowing in from above and below activating your one heart centres. You feel this golden white light, the love
hard centres, the love of source energy from above and Gaia, energy from allow activating your one hearts connecting you with the one heart consciousness of all others on planet earth. Now acknowledging that the one hearted awakened only in those who are too in divine service do Gaia and her human tribe plea eighty and councils of light direct you invisible position which brings your chosen reality for earth into fruition. Together, we heal the second. Third, fourth dimensions of your reality. Now, visualize your beautiful blue green planet, spinning in front of you. As you poor, love, her silver hats tooth, My name is lar lack and I come from play their most,
Jill Arlac. Welcome to the last podcast on the left. Everybody that's Marcus Parks, I'm Ben Kizil, with a straight from Hell, Aerial Castro. Oh no The day will come when there were no come. What determines your you'll go muslim with them, and I tell you to pollute the Douglas Toyota report The doubly demon known you know that I know do that if you do the bullet. Harry Harry S, Truman, Miller, L right now, goddamn wednesdays turned out a big, but an amazing night last night was aerial. Castro hung himself in his Cleveland. You never got my letter, they never got. I'm sure there are very nice letters entering flowery language being Oh, I love you. I love you would you did with your dogs? Will you think we're going with long wings like big big in parentheses, over everything right? He loves that he loves to write. He loves and right.
Reed, do you know that he wrote seven songs for the loot? I do not know that one was called out. He tied me to the pole with a dog like, oh, that we always was. Oh thank you aerial for putting up a poster Pocahontas. It's my favorite filled the air with all the items dog food around in the bows. That's wonderful! Well, yesterday was a busy day for researchers. Passivity liver, one, Hong Kong and I'm sorry? I forgot the thing about Bulgarians. We're gonna be talking a lot about our friends. They D, the light energy, brings the guidance of human consciousness and to the next level of evolution, the the group of benevolent. Let's say: entities from the police, eighty star, that's ripely aliens and data, for it mostly nonsense and by the way, not to be confused with the belligerents who live just beyond the plea star,
right, classic Colombians Dominicans used in areas that have been in the email to there was a really great I've. Never like I've never filled my head with so much knowledge should only made dumber prisoner, it's very bizarre to explain to people how you, if we had a conversation right now, we conversation we're about to have. We would have had a smarter conversation Monday. So, let's go get who, as you know, we would have an smart. Let's go to the introduction of the big fat yellow fit. Is the police in depleting struggle against reptilian in our in our never ending quest to be brought to the six dimension. Even imagine what the sixth dimension is like, I'm only barely grasping with the third dimension is we clearly cannot understand when they talk about the dimension of my death. Perception is bad. Really try to sit down on a chair, and I miss their wants? Lengthy
things. I I do every single day I do, but my wallet nurseries are well there. Just as you are well alcoholism. That's fine! That's what you call the bank when you're drunk Z was volume gives you you watch out popsicles skills through matters, that's fine, motor blankets and salute. You started the very getting over. Your thing that we have come to know is the military industrial extraterrestrial complex, absolutely the to re or actually the people that are in the universe that are here to either help or hurt us. They can be put on two different sizes were with the military, industrial extraterrestrial, complex and those that are working against it. Mostly. What we find out is the reason why did they are two camps is because basically the galactic,
So we're taught we're going to do the thing to you that they did to us, which we're gonna say things that are as sound as if they are fact, even though, in fact that they are probably not fact brought went on a most likely, not energy, you didn't know it. The image you see was: it is a complex to interest currently controlling most information concerning the extra terrestrial presence and dominate government institutions around, but not at all, think about. Financial interests, the mass media and is also responsible for systemic global problems. These guys are not in our inner best Andrews, not in our best, our enemies, but most a porno came
You I mean I get the wifi we use. It gives us. The porno then allows us that I'd really just came from that. So that's good. Ok, so we have any military extra terrestrial complex to think for pornography a well, I think. So technically you could say that maybe that's a part of what is using to subjugate us to keep us placated. So we don't fucking, do the research that we do here alone, pockets and we don't try to lift the veil over of what's really going on in a government, but you you figured it out because knowing tat you three minutes to common and you're right back at the recent, their ideas and I would say in relation to the inner it one of the good species is responsible for the internet. Ok, I did.
That the allegory and when the military, industrial extraterrestrial contact complex from here on out known as the Emmy. I see him began and nineteen fifty four with Dwight Eisenhower, who had a first contact meeting with the short grey ass Iraq. There was just very unhealthy now I would like to speak with a bald old man. Nine year? You ve got many but gun he's got you own. This rise in areas of short graze, you're looking to tackle, has led them in you. These drinks Scotch
We have scotch from nineteen Galaxy that some good scotch with a first meeting was not successful, because the extraterrestrials they came in invade demanded that we disarmed all of our nukes that we would have some sort of technology exchange. We would disarm all of our nukes every single world power. They said. No. Of course we can do that they can act with a second offer. We eventually signed a treaty that sue the aliens were not interfere in our affairs, and we would not enough. You're in theirs. We would keep their presence a secret. There will be a limited technology exodus and demolish cargo. Pretend we already know for a fact that that was if the grace did sign that contract about, and they said they would metal on our Ferris a prob, MRS that already broke the galactic committees. Rule of engaging with us all whatsoever in the problem is also that we knew from the very fucking store. Missouri ain't gonna fuckin contracts that it was a lie
But we all now know that the Galactic Committee is only it's only a committee of three hundred and seventy seven race. Is there not a political pub governing party there merely a bunch of fuck? It gets talk it above fear, but when it comes down to it, we cannot hear the social contract. So we're going to set up for the Galactic Committee did how what what are the universe. Then I mean, I think, is typical: U S brow going back on their word right. Sure. Let's leave like they signed a treaty. They said that they would be allowed to abduct a certain amount of human software that one they weren't. We have teen wipe your way. How we would like to be brought to the king of biogas. Is this: sure. If the king of organs and round it happened, tat they weren't there are not allowed to harmony the humans, they have to return them to accept where they found them. We have plenty of required to report their findings to the american government.
However, after a real cool period in the fifties, what is known as the space brother phase people will be taken at a spacecraft may be shown a real good time and their lack of documents. Yeah, that's all it was who just pick up yokels on the street. I guess I think so. I'll change, though in the sixties, Barium Barney Hill If any authority hill generally are two names, a desk, you are destined to be abducted. But you are Betty and Barney interracial couple resources. Quite there was a part of their whether there was a rash of interracial couples that were then also up picked up by ill. It during yelling abductions and also tortured, like they were tortured, were basically didn't like me like putting The purposes while he watched and he's just like now, I know I was on your taking your three men and porn over all of you for getting the just all sliding together the area, my aerial Castro, who Porno called ten years,
I remember one, and that is when the shore grace officially broke their treaty with us and stop beginnings, technology and essentially said fuck you Oh buddy come on now because it is because, in the end there getting what they want their getting there they're they're trying to ITALY, the gray specifically they have their hyper programme, the trying to make human gray hybrids in order so that they can go to basketball games, they can go to baseball games and they would have zombie, that's an alien right right! That's what you're talking about the tall graze their otherwise congresses, their boss, yea at the tall thin? Why utterly? Which we last heard about from the canadian Defence Minister, who talked about the erases that are in contact with the governments of the world they tall thin whites are the bosses of the shore grace the shore grace our or be class here wing inbox, yet they can be controlled telepathic fully by the tall thin. One of the guys it took Whitley Strieber I've been reading, communion, alot, recent
and I got to say it is- I can see why that man is shattered, because there was a thing they kept like. It's all, really, weird the it there's. Only one perseverance we do. Who is a plea? Adrian Chandler, Peggy, Peggy. What's your name Peggy Day, regular, hey Agnor, aim for she. You know she took another up Chileans and graze when she picked them up on her reverse speech technology. We'll talk about we're gonna, listen to some reverse speech: technology, oh yeah, but it's all just reptilian go like I'm. An agent pussy emanate your personal and then so when a widely stryver took it up into their tv. You, a foe, uses Fuckin horrible chapter about how, like these stick him ass, Deep Optus, fuckin knuckles in honor. Unlike up oh, like this moving grey thing that, like basically rocks and back and forth, contained in the libyan machines, yeah yeah yeah, those king, those kinked outcome issues ass it machine
That is what it didn't work for him. He didn't do anything, did the reptilian woman would come under the little grey would come up to me like he set his heart. Is you can get you get hard? Gonna get your heart, Like you, I died because they would keep at it because it would also was interesting as they have always ask me like. What can we do to make you stop screaming apparently the whole time you just don't most terrifying fact that is that the shore graze could communicate. Telepathic, rightly so, is hearing these voices inside his ned the whole time again and jerked of off its own bat. Well That seems to be their sovereign member tween that woman and got a little bit target the tall grace. Yes, their goal is to have been eventually make human alien hybrids that in some of them, have already been integrated into our society, their views
property in there not to be trusted. This is not the first time that the grace of done this to a society DNA Arroyo, China, Kane think about it, the usual Mary about it all right the book. Later we'll get you will neither scientists, guy you're, fucking nostalgia, bubble, nerds bill nigh alone. He's never done anything wrong. The days on the other side is not on. The other side is with us and by the way the grace come from or Ryan. Yes, just You know about you and all your own personal modification. That's. Why does a part of that union? You know? Maybe they were also hear helping us build the pyramids and lighted pyramids rural built along the line of I Ryan for them to find again Bolivar, and though I am another theory that it just doesn't seem to really work with this whole and the short answer from data and wrecked vertical reticule invader, Reticulated Tactical, particularly like that they interact and alive and, of course, the next up that the bosses of
The graze everyone's favorite until they lived here and nearly a hundred. The point is this- is what those two different kinds of reptilian there's indigenous reptilian and Draco Reptilian, which they consider themselves only natural Terence. They believe that they are the only ones who actually lived on earth, the name that the earth belongs to them. They could do whatever it is. We want with it there about sixty nine feet, tall greens Daily, scan muscular bodies. Some are seen with hindsight wings and even hidden genitalia. Why we, I mean that's what I do whenever I sat down talk. It always talk, that's my strategy where they never know what's come in, and then I swear, I do a hammock swing likes to call it Papa balls item I bought and people like well your manner and we like wink. Sorry,
well. That is just how you make money on the weekends. Isn't really indigenous reptilian they treat is more like a somewhat like livestock. That's great yeah, they foster they fought. They go between. Fostering are furthermore It was easy human meet yeah. They also every once in a while will take a few day in John Long. Why not? But as a cattle ranch yourself Mark, as you know, livestock its treaty relatively well God bad at all. Let mean if you know I mean you therefore wide open range, yeah biggest all right, yeah they get their salt legs and their molasses.
Actually does Hungary. It doesn't sound like how everybody lives, Montana regret in the bosses of the indigenous Reptilian, the master race, the Draco Reptilian, from alpha draconian amuse. You guys it did. They stayed there gigantic dragon. Fourteen twenty two feet tall weighing up to eighteen hundred pound, and these guys are not too fond of us run. What did I find anybody that they are? One of the original intelligent races, and so they say that, like there, they ve been around for fuck and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years. I believe that this chunk of the galaxy belongs to them. They left a bunch of the better left, a bunch, a reptile babies, yourn earthly good for us to have it for them to have it. So they consider their property and they are. They are very much so beyond us death and their contradicts ragged Albanians in the in their Draco Reptilian not get along with no definitely not movements.
We will now I welcome you. Were there is some there is some. I guess a recent development between the pleads in the Drake Reptilian apparently Draco Reptilian are on the run. I mean Whatever everybody says, this is like the war on terror spit in their way. You want to large lack it's over now. Worse, active energy rays are convincing the draconian that fighting is wrong. That's right, while the draconian red people gonna fuckin, doesn't yeah, but the proteins we do and say tanning they're using the elite to do say. Ten, a fuckin like magic rituals and all the play of Zeus get a bunch of forty five year old, fat, woman and other dementias eight over budget crystal. That's it we're not to eat we're, not beaten them up with the palladium do seem do
get themselves so that they are a bit of a poor, pussy breed sensitive and yet so you guys have now, because you have also heard us talk about the reptilian before I end and the various cast of like this is our cast a villains. This is the world of aliens as we know what we did we get to the top tier of the villains raw? Yes, yes, it I'll knock. Yes, the star gate, Alien, yes, a huge target the ones that are possibly known as the niffelheim back. Humanoid creatures, who came here and taught us how to do so. And although it so that they were some of the ones who seated us, who were some the first careers of humanity, they are the managers of everything. These are the people that watch over. All of this Surely they come, they seed a planet and then they see what happens yes there and their very indifferent Alex streamline differ. That's all they could it's all about it. If it works urbanism work, they don't care whether or not we live or die, which I know
like I appreciate it. I dont tried on me that's right around the libertarian when it comes to nobody really a libertarian, that's right, I'm a tea party annually on the browser. I can't I can't even fight them can't fight them, you may be, but the so that Very so there it these. Are they hierarchies of industrial and glass? Yet again, means from serious, be serious, be yeah the Syrians they give us cool, show that will the serious from serious be they are a cousin to the reptilian, their reptilian aquatic type, speed these now I have a trailer park coming over for Christmas, all the time, trailer homes that either I would argue their possessors of blank slate technology or vs IE, which is a form of time travel that enables the rewriting history at what are called intervention points. I e the fall of the Soviet Union, the create
NASA when Ben Shit that bet over a Dave's how ladder up. That's by our answer we get to New York. I Tol Grass, though we do want to spend more time on the internet in Indonesia's indigenous Reptilian, What's going on, early has built Syria and knocking I. This is the way we ve caught. The way we ve chasms villains is because the fact that they were involved- thus in any way shape or form or than there. There are some unilaterally programmes. Yes, but there are some that are good and I'm not a bad like anything, but the ideas. These are people who are directly involved with our military and are using the military in order to control us right. This is the end w. Oh then, the mediocre out and the media and the blanks yeah gonna my having to say what I'm gonna say. You don't have to say- and I am just saying like these aliens are tripping over their head curls to take over this fuckin head girl, thrilling areas
rigging hit unless it is sometimes tempting when reading this, to replace the word reptilian, where without you with her without either wandered through the railway, Hungary's, oh, it's so there's so much of that there needs to be created by whites. It seems so now. There is a whole other side to this argument, which is a group of humanoid aliens that come from a nine different plans that have nothing to do with the military doctrine. Extra terrestrial complex that are hopefully just trying to help us or in order are just indifferent to us and the one thing that so the thing about these creatures, but we ve discovered it or researchers that they can only speak to us by Channel through us because they don't want to show up in forms like they think that these are all the creatures we have just discussed here. We're gonna just these. These all have actual form Stanley,
the ins and others. Have Google will take through all the specific types rampant, but the the these groups? Normally they have to channel their way through us and a lot of times. They leave you to videos that doesn't have to be their moment. I remain mode of communication and it with one went out I'll just set up sort of like what did the first like the most coherence conflict. They talked about what the Bulgarians is, the fact that the earth that a part of what goes on there if, while this mission, military industrial action trust your accomplice going on the earth is located amongst a series of very well placed wormholes. They bonds of different races can get to hear what they say is. Basically what happened a long time ago was that day the palladium tried to intercept there were telling and take over of earth, because basically earth was created as a gigantic sort of storage space for bunch of different animal life.
And vegetable. It just seems like a truck stop. You know just seems again those things in the outer the highway Lik Reptilian travelling through the universe and like what's get some hard easy. I always say that land it has that thing called apples new. I want a big cow right now pay over on earth. We as humans, the lot lizards of the galaxy. Basically, there was a gigantic fight in the sky over with the verse rip Chileans first of the pleadings or some other one of these various forms of this race owns. Where the about how Gov EDA wrote about the fighting going on the sky right and those like a hug him, a hug ovida, let him be a tackle bell any time now we really can I get the bog EDA dubbing around and we laugh at the store extra cheese, and so I basically thee reptilian one they have earned, and now they are using their positive energy to try to win us back, and so that's why
the beginning of the intervention of these benevolent creatures started. So the reptilian one as they want us to like them. No, no! No! No! The rub tillier ends are just gonna use us until we're done so, whose using the positive energy because you suddenly relating ok a lady in using the Poznan, what Bleriot among other species, many different stages, but such as the Libyans, Lorenzo Implant, Lire and also a lot of these species are completely interconnected, because the plea aliens were originally from lira. They were colonists from the planet lire there was a big civil war on lira of destroying the entire planet couldn't decide which hair relax. All of these people are ninety one tall blonde creatures, which is then you could say jitney say that may be. Jesus was one, which is why we have all those great. Jews of white Jesus- and that's just yes at these behave anything to do with the EU
but will inherit raises no? No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! You wouldn't white man. Let me get you dont get right right forth. The lie runs. They first came the earth. Twenty two, million years ago they saw they said We really want much of this, but then they came back three hundred and eighty nine thousand years ago, and several million Libyans and visions which you know that their vote gins, Zagat, vagrants from land as vague they, both Ask me right what happens in vain? days around Gaza, the in the amazing OC rifts in Vegas, beautiful daughter, gambling's, legal, and so they came back. They came back and they start intermingling with humans, and I I actually spoke earlier, the anarchy or not enough when the liberals and the vague ins are the Netherlands, the ones that were intermingled with the
the people there ain't idle me I am part niffelheim- is that what it was it niffelheim massive obey your so big. Yet because of a massive beast person, I look at you is sort of like you know, you were a monkey that just sort of got like alibi our police, your monkey, that's also a possibility, and then there's the nordic regalians, who it is said, or the original ancestors of the shore grace the shore grace for once the tall blondes, really when one. Ah, what abbe Is that you haven't you much fun? I guess once again big tits and response, once again, I cannot up once again it was a he'd. There was a huge war on wriggle and there is, of course, another civil war. The grace camp came in and it is most likely to survive and regularly nor
dicks were incorporated into a planet why genetic hybridization programmed by short grace from a star system such as data, ridiculous, who would covertly infiltrated and undermine Ruggles prior to and during the great war, unravel the short grace most likely succeeded in genetically engineering the tall graze using genetic material. From the nordic? fibres who are too weak to resist the gray hybridization agenda, also known as the phantom menace. The author of the author of this piece is using the world's most likely a little The most worrying is research around into what is mom says: why mean Iceman Fuzzy, just saying ass, right right now, but eyes you let the boy what the boy civil war will neither be FED is, however, a mermaid, and it sounds far that there's a lot of bad things going on
are some species that are fighting back, such as the Prague yawns who they are regalians who fled the war and then, after the graves of course, destroyed rival they try to come after the Procureur who defeated them, liberated the world from the gray influence, and it is said that the programmes are currently quote. How when it comes to dealing with great yet the land- and I guess we'll, do it for love a country up. You don't much like us. The ability of the closest to us, Merrick, meanwhile, will one day and support is also. Information has been critical leaked by a man who has spent a long time doing black up could legged indifferent covert operations. A man named Clifford. What's his name, Clifford stand some my family and sick. He in one of these guys really check out this article specifically that produces a breakdown of all these racist. It's very interesting the people that he speaks with her
high level, former black ops, guys at all say that they met these people is in these sad and rooms, like literally just looks like Fuckin star wars. You like walk in and just like. We were alone. Right, just like which one likes cash use. They act like there's a there was talk about a maintenance guide, the glittering like how do you feed everyone when one person's eaten strips of like barely fried raw beef, and then everyone else's fault, over the cash use and they like it's, my eggs. I asked them like no Sancho eggs. These are not next. Next are the answer maidens, who are the head of the Andromeda in council, and that is the council's turn: a hundred thirty nine different star system and what then there was a part of the collecting yeah committee
I forget the other all night or day this council's those committees and what their most recent kerfuffle is that three hundred fifty seven years from now in the future. There is some sort of catastrophic event and they have traced this back this event back to Mars than Backdoor moon and then back to earth, which is why I urge is of such great and Britain's right now yet and all started when Willie Templeton earned his moors pop tarred on his way to school. That's too bad those mighty, so why which could distort the good man, would only with port wait before I wish it well. We should have aborted cod is pain, us off. That's not a proper review.
Actually, I work out his insides theirs and there's plenty more envied hard, not little. There are a lot more good ones in bad ones, Can we still there's like perseverance and vigorous, nay ones are less effective egg through very much left to figures, because here keep talking to forty five rural white. There's the minds from Planet Duma who just judgmental pricks there like humans, do not deserve have the planet that they have either call on whom idea fuck, you might the Alps in torrents, who provide sanctuary in a bit of us patient home. Yet here I want it, isn't gonna Fuckin Spar centre in the galaxy we're going. You look very welcome to interim Six guns jammed with serious from serious aid. They are the original builders of our grid. The lay lies things like that: will they helped evidently also expanded down or crystalline form stuff like that, because they are? The crystalline form is what gives Europe its
we're recovery via where decisions have you need a refresher you ever Middle EAST in some others they aren't turns who are here. You know inner us into a new age of spirituality, blah blah blah. There are said to be the ones that are the originators of crop circles, the ass in and finally, we have the create. Now the planes are the get. These guys are just. There are helpful if a little, if the little most mouth I will. Most mouth, that's a thing. Is it too? I e we sat there sensitive and sad. We wouldn't do the whole episode just by the palladium right and then we shall be doing the research, and it is just these people they are. I have, I have a theory. I am I'm certain ever theory that if you can speak with aliens your order
Eddie like three bags in a fuckin barrel and nuts, they already nice luxuriant crazy, and so what this experience and does too, I think colonels you There is a one way or another hurdles, curdle view. I think that you would use because a bit the pleading shows up you just got done. Governor tv intend fork of youth and you dont want. The government are now that you ve been like VCR during copies a wheel, a fortune. Once and for all the great showed you know you say you still got your reach your you don't hear that a twenty thirteen rockin beam a pink light. As you know, forehead, and it just like. I am the Mediterranean. God knows what do you do, then in Israel, If it's real, what do you do? Then? I got you, then you just like technically you're, getting your life together right, helping them go then you're like no. No. I have to put on my crystalline gray, robe and I have to go stand at the corner, Fuckin Hollywood in vine, Anita tell everybody. How do you know that the planet
here to help us, and I will say that this is a very distinct allay phenomenon. Of course you go looking for answers. Much like that. I was at Peggy Kane, who were figured out the river, voice working with our with her it. So now again, we were saying pleadings have to use humans as channels in order to speak with us in no way someone described it David. I actually described the palladium working through us if it's like a scientist working with radioactive material with like putting this clubs in the box, and we put that thing in the Gulf and then they have to work us through growth. Gloves doesn't really fit? Ok, but I'm! still not exactly sure why they can't you show up, but apparently the sooner they have to do so. I guess we're just going to have to deal with it. I'm not gonna, say it's not because our room and what they say about Peggy in the other than David Eggs research. There hasn't been a huge amount of evidence, a huge amount of supporting evidence to back up the fact that a reptilian inner dimensional extraterrestrial race is behind the global conspiracy
that is an cell peggy came in her memory of the research was released, the reverse wreath. It seems to act as a kind of truth, serum for these reptilian overlords that are feeding us both shit day in day out. This is basic, so I was running for your like when they kept seeing rivers speech technology. Also, what are they even talk him up and then I finally forget what her what she does she does. Is she watches the speech of let's say: famous Rapture, named Parag Obama right. They watches his speech right and then she asked questions at the television. Then she takes his speech and she reverses it when she flips it and then she gets her answers. This is like a how every wife gets. Her aunt gets her answer from her husband. It's very interesting. Do you wanna hear some examples? This is from Obama's victory speech. She says Brok Obama's torn in his reversals.
He has continued to play the game doubting the meetings that took place with the alliance on Mars. His doubt feeds the doubts of others who were with him. I suspect that not one of them has voiced anything of those meetings, at the risk of being seen as unstable or completely crazy uses, also, which is really interesting. As there is now a new strain of people. Talking about the Brok, Obama has realised that he's a puppet of the Reptilian is doing everything you can to fight their control law? There is more of a palladium type villa now. No he's just a Chicago dream. She'll tension When do you sign Chicago politician will play what he says: first, unemployed, the reverse Ok, that's on fine! I really do have on shore when you're servers, What is and skip the day we went up. Yeah she's got a lot of deep analyzing go
yeah yeah yeah. I wanna hear another example. Maybe I wanted your mind, your multiple Eurogroup, that's great alike. I doubt of course I remember I was inspired, feel safe, while I damn you like, Peggy Kate, is part of a sum Furthermore, these are fascinated Arap forward. Part aren't it with our fine Anna man than I did now, but now it is not for us, it was very easy for us You have faith, dont, tell that's interesting again. There's a war going forward. Brothers were already set, the fucking, lines, meaning lighters. Terry, that's real brothers! Not, u deeply, and then reverse you'll keep your friends in doubt.
Man. You know it was easier to understand when I read the words that went along with the sound ass out, any of them when you just year the audio. What is her job like? I wonder what she double visit was she actually goes on speeches all the time they are these people. The one thing that is very fun is how how well these people do financially right, especially Chris in days you want to learn or the next with Christine Day, I guess there's an evil day. I just listen to her to her on an episode of Kosovo's Christine day. The funny thing about the of the interview that she gave on her website every ten minutes.
Their plugging the book, owing to its only fifty four dollars, the palladium just they just want you to have it. It's like we're not even charge Christine Day runs and Energy workshop called frequencies of brilliance, which is, if you could pull it up, just to read the description of what it is, because I dont know what it is frequencies are. Brilliance is a powerful multi, dimensional energy work that supports us in connecting more fully with our divine uniqueness because allows us to let go of limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviors that have created. Pension pain and illness in our lives idea. Just start one of these classes, good, you, don't you decide what the big they were Christine Day is that she sadly was diagnosed with Lupus at a younger age. Thirty one and she variants an experience with the pleadings and has yet to ever see
a single symptom of lupus since that day, twenty five years real or twenty five years Lupus Free Press fragile trying to do a werewolf in twenty five years was their noses perhaps always said. I think that this is great she's a journeyman it she said, but basically she's, making quantity, money embracing and we're talking about the fact that she definitely making a lot of money do, and what do we want to lay some of her lap? A sort of Kosovo's plays an erratum. Let's hear it probably twelve months ago, I might very strong connection to them and they asked supporting in this crystalline stuck to patent there. All right now is to support us in in integrating the crystalline structure to the cells of the body. They have very much working hand in hand with the clear audience and they are very much indeed.
Connected with that mammalian time. She proceeds ramble like that for an hour, and I think that, as far as these rules were part of Africa to bring up the essentially with these people are old and mainly colder ascended masters and believe that is not people who did there there's a lot, as should the guitar jammed into this, and now we're gonna cover one specifically who worships an entity called the kasza. But a lot of these people saw like a d attached. Both alien in Jesus Terminology to all of these things are, even though I was so surprised with Jesus fascination with most people, yes, and so as to energy, got a pretty good theory on Oh Jesus there, my ideas again, so you already have crazy. You see an entity show up and, if like to me and I'll, make sense of its all real, because basically, what she's a Senate matters, which is both a visibly assented masters, are either people that ever see received initiation ceremony that have now become spiritually enlightened to the next dimension or they are possible. Genetic lay,
two like like? We are former pylians in a reincarnated state. Writing that an the initiation ceremonies like when you finally book the room at the Hilton, Actually, you can only play the frequencies. A brilliant workshop lay down the five hundred dollars for the weekend and young and in your your now descended Master Oak, and so a lot of these people when they receive these transmissions is that to me that if the deferring reactions or all the actually a stronger, a stronger tip off, may be real right. If it's real. Of course, the people were to see these aliens like and like maybe be open to didn't, have to be open to it and maybe a lot of times pleadings even seek out. I know for a fact that these people are going to get. This information are very fragile there very fragile people. You have an entity that so overwhelming and shows up it's like Christine Day she's, making a lot of money.
Fourteen day, it changed rural life and cheese and talked about that intervention is like, and ever since I had my relation with the police audience, they I've had family leave me. I've had friends leave me, but that I've had others drawn to me like a move to flame right, you don't you think so itself. I got to let me that he ruined our lives and they didn't ruin her live and move. But that's the one thing we do discuss it's a little bit out there and all these things you steers may or may not be true, but there definitely true to these people Obviously the facts. There lies in very true, but then some people see, if you're, if your lexicon, your brain, is all gonna me Jesus imagery, if you're gonna see things as like hesitate, that's what the difference between angels and demons and aliens are just really depends on what your frame references, if you look at it, Z. Hamburgers. I see me I just like, and things in between me and hamburgers, Larry's, one or the other. That's all life is, does get to the end goal, but it's like the people of you're gonna see Jesus when entering shows up the matter.
What is your name like its tea room, Goin, Jesus Jimmy and everyone's like no, no fucking alien, I'm in here you ok, Sure yes, I'm yours, I'm gonna, see ended in any reason, was an alien just go and put that out there tat he was yet but write that down with it in your life journal. Let's see, let's hear a little bit from a kasza anymore now moon has been is a is a? U two personality that has managed to channel this thing called the mother a Kasza, so he calls himself mother Kasza. I dont know what that is. This website is specifically like it mentions, play aliens and Jesus and gods love and they sell workshops as well. So the one that we're goin for right now is the heavy breathing. When yes aren't friendly, approves the radiant rose Academy incorporated,
presenting that's what they're already in Rows academy is well nothin, scary about that incorporated. Ah, yes, I'm serious, remember along they got a lawyer involve LLC, they hadn't go to a building and right all that daily area, so there's a meditation type there someone left her oxygen mask a microphone, and might we all take a deep breath as I welcome your awareness back into the outer room, may the blessings of life find within each of you an open door,
to express the abundance of life. For God bless you do your hearts. I am a cash. I see him giving that aims in each while cutting someone's hair and a really fancy hair salon that I, what do you mumble and bake them out another? The first is that I have not seen for it goes on like this for an hour and a half, I listen to this material for fuck in two days, I listen to a before. We even because Marcus showed me the whole a breakdown, because that was all I put up a link on the Facebook group page. There was a breakdown of all the alien racism marker showed me that it was linked to an even longer article. I finally were that last night, like three clock morning, all the rational, but this stuff, Listen to its two days. I will say a few more positive that I will so say that I am just generally confused sure would have been the bathtub gins stoned, Billy, that's great and back again
don't get course. I was ripped. It's perfect yeah yeah it's a nice boys and men is calm and soothing. You know Lord rifles to take some notes from this guy. Why fuckers? These are relatively symbolism very similar, but this guy has his shit on top of what our own railways on Lord rails and drug and this mother Fucker spoke go over the country, yeah Lord. Why else only want to sit around not doing anything? Well, just like your line up with the fucking pull gaieties, Lord rail figure out where your bread is buttered, maybe you're talking to the wrong people. I don't know. I mean I, like Lord Rail, slightly better Gimme caused a fuckin tornado for cried just think. He's got a better website the oak. This guy's got a great website, it's a kasza and soon a kasza online dot com. Yes, that the one yes, a lovely art, very good, very indian.
Loved a culture and soon resurrection raise over Delphi, I'm just so good. There's Whitefield, Palma, sky Lookin out for us. That is important. You know well, there's a bunch of other things that we could discuss with this topic, but I feel for right now we ve we Toto? Was you like to say I feel like? If we even try to go deeper into this topic, we we could do a whole another podcast yeah. We definitely good, because let me we get that we didn't even touch on majestic twelve or anything like that. Or even go any space alien technologies. One small thing: there was a comment on a cautious web page. This is by a cautious in response to one of his followers. He says too Other we're birthing the newer yeah. That's. How did we get the other thing to you as we also to get into the dulcet dull, dull, say papers or the they don't say air base? Were there seven floors of aliens in humans working together, like literally
like they have to like they have a reptilian zone bathroom. Because they all shit in like a trough, unlike the so humans can go in there and there it was weird hierarchy system between everybody use, like literally like jockeying for water fountain or going to London grin other millions, bathroom dolce as one who is a deep underground military base, also known as a dumb. Ah, it's called a doormat is true, said so nice and let me We didn't even get to mag door, I x seven, seven, seven that is Alexander. What's the odds, Edward Alexander heard Alexander, who now lives in South Amerika who used to live in, I believe Norway means when Norway, hello, Norway fan he was things out by the Court of war crimes committed, but now he is safe and South America good delivering his message. Words like Edward Alexander, as you know, he is a current member of the Illuminati, an alien like seven generation, so he knows what he saw
Indeed, do your own research on you, but Edward Alexander also teaches classes in South Amerika. You could take us workshop, go down. There take Iowa Moscow with him and he will lead you through Spirit bath for how mother, from couple grand I'm pretty certain three grants and will, if you do get, I was glad of it. Maybe I watched a great to interview with him over Skype, with like his like daughter, the background, the really like covered pots and pans, comic, daddy, daddy just go on like new notes threw down. I don't even want to do that. You're, the guardian, heard your lovin naughty has only their big ass. Is that near second musketoon? I make it so it's so I can do it. Do you know not you! Only a small problem. There's a gigantic took only underlines on top of the luminous data. We do not know about that's great. You will have to get a new target
our work. Is that will do we want to end on more played in meditation the ones you finish, that opposition done? Yet? No, apparently, not as you pour your love into the core crystal ask her to send her powerful light. The second dimensional realm of inner earth visualize her blasting healing light through the crystal and mineral kingdoms. Ever the electromagnetic Julio, racking our flows and into the precious soil of your planet, visualize the inner now relax your hands on your lap grip, your balls, no, no, that's not in there, and that is not in their take your shirt off and roll up a bit, that all right, everybody looked installations every while gay male cited, then of course Hale yourselves. What I am.
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