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Episode 94: Creepypasta 5: Babybum

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Halloween month kicks off with a collection of more of our favorite Creepypasta!

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on the cannibalism started on the day star wars. Intro I'm just gave address, go Marcus. I wasn't sure everybody that's Marcus Parks, I'm and TAT s all. I have no idea who demanded, I sure, hope I don't slip, would submit groaning and full s. First in your Sabre sounds like you, You want a fall in the white same Winkie Winkie. Now I don't know it's interesting. Mr Henry
browser. You fooled you once again. It's interesting that you mention pasta every single time. You think you think I'm somebody else everything but now I am not at all. I'm visit encyclopedia of dumb accents bad sentences through yet brilliant. Of course you mentioned past, and today we are discussing some impostor related, not homophobic. Marilla pastor. Definitely not that now we are discussing creepy path. Yes, yes, where it begins or countdown to Halloween. This play some screw spooky music scares, mysterious music It's gotta scaring me I just wish I had an organ of my apartment, so I could just terrorize over one then come out and get my seamless delivery to see me like tat and then come up me like. Yes, I got for beef. Burritos but you ve really interesting. Three silverware I was I wanted. I ordered trend used with the other night and I wanted to get the three silver
I take pride. It ain't, never get rid of me one set of silver. You always get the two which is kind of normal. You don't talk about yours easily to general sounds or whatever might be, some spare ribs you get. The two sets I wanted to go for the triple set of silver, where they illegal we too says silverware, but three, so So let's I got you, back to how scary this is gonna build. As I mean it's scary is imagining year, nine five, nine point, ten foot square that you JAMA dirty mattress and that you lay in Are you gonna my bedroom near discussing my bedroom? Yes, yes, yes, I like are like Marty for black serial killer so that's how I have duly I interested, but this begins or countdown to Halloween we're all hell later this month, where we're overdoing slowly loosening the locks on the caged that evil angel MIKE. I am Michael
put Satan in two thousand years ago, we're gonna, Papa, open right or to cover you can play a double lecture guitar, while you're tits fall off, that's great, because that's what he does. Bring back at eighty rock n roll Satan. I say that's why we will be so many Satan on Halloween. Now did again. We also remind you for next week we are looking for listeners stories and we ve got a couple of great ones and thank you for everyone who submitted. So if a heap sending on we want to be able to pick a bunch and we're going to try to figure out how to we record everybody, we're gonna put it we're gonna, Skype, everybody. I could imagine most of us here to listen to this and also work on this- have sort of a grave digger schedule right right, Razzle, we're gonna, try and do it till we get adjusted. So we can get all of your nocturnal energy and much like the Martin from human Centipede too can work any overnight. Right and well. Why don't you started solve with the first creepy and, what's that
Since all of your ghost stories to cave company, radio, Gmail, Dotcom, ok, select set the scene I trust that you are listening to this signal in a dark room or some sort of fluorescent lit office. You're driving, keep your eyes open, no keep on the road where you are. What I want you to do before We begin these stories, take off your shirt No, no, no, not just saying I if we known by this. In helps. Ok, I don't care what your mom said. I don't care what your girlfriend says. Take off your shirt, kick off them moccasins roll up a long, thick, alligator, hoof, fuckin spark to your dome. All right get your crystals jangling open up the window, just in case some moments, a slight I've been there and caress you some serves circulars
you just you believe in Oliver listeners are native American because it seems that you're describing I think we got the last nine billion My native Americans are listening thing. Is my favorite broadcasters love broadcast on legs? Wholly you still tribute to our ancient people is not dishonor my people and, of course, native Americans than the most about spirits. We respect your people, so let's now open a big. Creaky dusty book there cat I'm just a minor sentences and is making a sound skate right. We're trying to entertain people, yes, and I will begin the first tale of them I was on summer break. This is not me by the way, now
when those it's not you it wasn't me. You always do work that entire week at the school merriment about I was working at borders. Yes, I was on summer break since had gotten a fair amount of cash from tutoring overlap. Semester right, cited again. Not me, no one ever. Let me Tudor them either. To go visit, some friends in p, where I grew up, I was hanging out with Heather, and she had her friend mega over Megan was scared of pretty much everything from go. Sit clowns you! Now these these women can be the damage. Or if she would have floorboard Kraken and though- and I should be pleased that so we decided to play a little prank on her God. How I wish I could take it back. He's bullshit. We agree to go visit on old, abandoned house on the outskirts of town mighty. Was go around dusk but Meccans condition which had only
Oh, we went in the middle of the day as if that would make much difference so beforehand. I got a hold of an old buddy of mine from great school. He used to being a tory us with pranks. He was eager to be in on. It it was bank, see who is really really a lady pranks or artists turned out of a very nice career. The plan was that he dressed up like a corpse make up at all. Need hide me abandoned house alone and one of the rooms until we got there parking far away so that MEG in didn't see his car upon entering. Then, of course, he pop out scared. The shit out of second, we got to the house of a two p m and all This plant man, this house was disgusting. There was Mould the walls and ceilings and the stench man. The stench of death was here, do not reverence my bedroom. Thank you. It wasn't like Ben Kisses bedrooms where that right it did right about that.
I didn't know: where did you know that they say we need a sarcasm fought right? I think I did that. Ok, so I was like we went to the basement first, but of course we couldn't get mega halfway down stairs. At the bottom, rural these animal corpses like something had set up a layer there and held a feast, there's more of the walls on there too and I could swear there, was a face and a mould grinning, as if staring hungrily at the pile of cat corpses nearest it. We could hear not in my current upon casket last August on the left, anyway, Megan one believe, but we insist that we had a check out the upstairs first and we'd go. We plenty of daylight reassured her, and so she came most of it.
You didn't want to wait outside alone, we techie room ass, we walked upstairs and God there was a lot of them. Those were the fourth through my look, then that I saw my friend standing there staring at the door and printed I pretended to see nothing and continue on a whole when I heard Megan screen behind me and she bolted out of the House Heather and I stood there for a moment laughing as it should go catch up whether make sure she's ok. I agree, of course, and decided to use the time of distraction to talk to my friend, but when I look back into the room he and there I passed the room and when mega scream I turn back towards it and, as I watch you run out of the hall down stairs, so I would have noticed some leaving, as the room only has one door. This naturally perplexed me, so I called him on my phone, but it just kept bringing until it once was voicemail. I hung up and called him again that's about and I heard off the distance a strange melody I, all the sound while holding the photo my ear and led me to the very end of the upstairs hallway
in the last room and immediately held my breath. The moulding completely covered all the walls him. What looked like veins extended through the floor? reaching out from all sides and middle were lay an oblong pool of freshly spilled blood. Around the pool and all sides were torn bloody clothes and in the middle, the pool blood lay a cell phone open and ringing. I didn't have to look to know it was my number showing on the display a close. Phone in the melody stopped? never told anyone what happened. I dare not even Heather a barely been thought about until now to think what happened in that house before we got He was the worst thing is I don't know if blood damage
is anything like water damage. But I don't think that's an schreider thickets. The item I got worse and rapid you're taking don't you analyze, nor yet so where'd you find it a pool of blood. You say, oh well, I mean I can check this trip in the back, as if you know it's so good, but we can't get. You knew what my friend I gathered. So have you any idea what even thought of it until now so was friend died horribly any day even reported to the police. You wanna talk about it, but his own phone yet things all thought of the damage that it was far, but that is horrifying. I just heard my phone died last only the other day, I am, I screamed broke. It was a worse two days of my life. I have three days without my phone. Very I mean my Grandpa data cancer, but sure that's fell the worst two days of my life might my grandfather. He used to work a lot with specialists and he died because of especially cause lung cancer, but always was that when he was lining the walls of Dachau. No, this is my North Dakota Grandfather, not mine.
A very long full of life OPA who died at the peak age, yeah. I heard they sits up about how they they knew it was lunchtime when they heard the laughter coming from the watch tower. Yes, that's. Ok! Well, there's someone said something about Jus dust being secret time. Long lasting! I have been asked, and it's gonna run episode up where you guys you're saying things about me. I don't like per hour and others do with really quick when this one's called birth marks I'll, do all the really quick ones pictures of bends disgusting birth, my have a couple of them, Oh that was well yeah. I was going to Dave, of course, from Poohpooh gates. He sent me a picture recently, apparently that evening he chose to drawn with a sharp, yet large penis on my back and I wanted to share with the world, but then there was the first time ever seen. My back and a lot of birth marks anyway, he's Essen,
report. That is, that it really is divine love, strips Wisconsin, Lozano Noodles Romanoff that back a yours see anything covering up museums, gotta evidence against a tree. Like a bare coffee, pasta. Men of spooky heavy is dominant minors book is the guys this up I don't know, that's a good one. I do you read this one's that ok. This is, birth marks, and I just says I here just Rainier, o n by way before we go any further. We have to thank listener patent meat or for sending us all of the yes, This is also a treasure trove of his stinky is Nokias, creepy, pasta and that. That is what is slapping your ears right yeah, he said, is for emails full of Greece, creepy pasta. So thank you. So very yes, yes, a whole bunch of pictures of his balls with pumpkins
Monsieur those ain't you for those as well. Of course, those on those are my personal. The jungle Splendid yeah, I'm gonna, put today be pasta. Some. We dealers been like why don't have all these leaped over aids? That fact idol of rather weak? you must not researching this week. This is birth marks and you know some people have birth marks. Will those marks were made when they tried to steal from your parents and replace you with one of your replicas? If you have mark. That means they failed. If you know anyone that doesn't have one, I wouldn't try Well, I wouldn't trust them. So if you know drew their living thing, that's a hassling idea. Yeah halfway when the state would take human children and bring them to the outside world, and then they come back and be alike. I draw pictures of my feet. Nine. Take pictures of my elbow scabs in cigarette And then you don't trust him now you can't
the trust and health are at this. One is called gateway of the mind through alike. Nineteen, eighty three, a team of deeply pious scientists, conducted a radical experiment in an undisguised undisclosed facility. The scientists at theorize, the humor, without access to any senses or ways to perceive stimuli would be able to perceive the presence of God. They believed that the five senses clouded our awareness of eternity and without them a human could actually establish contact with God by thought. An elderly man who claimed to have nothing to left to live for was the only test subject to volunteer to perch. Of all his senses, the scientists performed a complex operation in which every sensory nerve connection to the brain with surgically severed. Although the test subject retain full muscular function, he could not see here, taste smell or feel it must be so relaxing ass, my right with no possible way to communicate with, or even since the outside world. He was
long with his thoughts. Scientist monitored him as he spoke allowed about his state of mind and jumbled slurred sentences that he couldn't even here after four days now claimed to be hearing hushed, unintelligible voices in his head, assuming it was an onset of psychosis. The scientists paid little attention to the man's concerns two days later. The man cried that he could hear is dead, wife speaking with him and even more he could communicate back. The scientists were entreat we're not convinced until the subjects started. Naming you'd nl today of the sign all gas. Not now now came she hears smell. Chases speak other stuff Forgive me an orchestra me didn't monotony minorities, men, don't say that original. You may just gettin a shit bay anatomy. Let Mozart Heaven right! Now! You bastard
he repeated personal information to the scientists that only their dead spouses and parents would have known. At this point, a sizeable portion of scientists left the study after a week of conversing with the deceased. Through his thoughts, the subject became distressed, saying the voices were overwhelming and every waking moment his consciousness was bombarded by hundreds of voices that refused to leave him alone. He frequently throughout. Against the wall, trying to elicit a pain response. He begged the scientists for sedative, so he could escape the voices by sleeping this tactic work for three days until he started having severe night terrors. The subjects repeatedly subject repeatedly said that he could see and hear the ceased in his dreams. Only a day later, the subject began to scream and Claude is non functional eyes, hoping the sense something in the physical world. The hysterical subject now said the voices of the dead were deafening and hostile speaking of hell, the end of the world. At one point he yelled. No,
no forgiveness for five hours straight. He continually begged to be killed, but the scientists were convinced that he was close to establishing contact with God or school. So the math is adding up. We got a lotta beguile item clause, eyes outer science. After another day. The subject could no longer form coherent sentences seemingly mad. He started a bite off chunks of flesh from his arm. The scientists rushed into the test chamber and restrain him to a table, so he could not kill himself after a few hours are being tied down. The subject halted is struggling st screaming. He stared blankly at the ceiling is teardrops, silently streaked across his face for two weeks, the subject had to be manually re hydrated, due to the constant crying. Eventually he turned his head and despite the blindness, made focused eye contact with scientists for the first time in the study he whispered. I spoke
with God, and he has abandon us rock and roll rain when Shannon Kevorkian so much for ending the lives of people whose you know swore. I want any more like a seizure say that, oh god, your time to think ok, you don't have to. I you're done, I guess yeah, guess your tanks on empty compared to these scientists and that those doctors that kept that Terry Chevaux in many like her alive there, the monsters agent of all gonna prison, oh yeah, but she was having a great time just since she was seen with you no more more so was she was having a great time. That's why the greatest conceal gone like when she was gone like like I'm having a party in here, I'm having a party, don't stop the party. I would or that, yes, she looked. We have a great time. Lotta hallucinogens Kyra. This horrifying store the other day about a man who had been in a coma for twenty five years and they found out that he was conscious the entire Jesus Christ. That is my worst nightmare.
Yeah baby, the entire time they finally looked into his brainwaves. They hoped something up to his brain where he could communicate with the outside world. And he was finally he able to tell them like that. He reached almost upon catch. Read it, So he reached the point of Zen knows the lady I didn't hated so mother met. He said the fur ten years were a living. How I had your here: ok, ok, ten years eventually started going just having these inner lives. There were just been and now he says TAT. He feet. He said that he felt like he had a second birth. Well, you know it's only started to communicate with the wood with that just remind me of- and I thought about this- you know like during the shy balanced Chivo things. I've done a lot of people in vegetative states. It is sort of a second life. You know you can create an entire, different reality. We had a place into the idea either, but what s really layer you could be a superhero yeah man must be great. I would you
Pretending really like this really hot dude line in a hospital bed, all the nurses pamper and may they haven't you like a sexy lady, like talking to like big, powerful heads of state and like below him for sea. Lets. You want to be like a Monica Wincey elder what secret she, god I'd, be a fire fire and, I were So then we live your life right now. You just go right over there. I like this next piece of creepy pasta, because it it's reminds me of what tat of a union mass, collective, unconsciousness science. It's called just be careful out there. Many classic horror icon such as Geiger Zena, morphs, silent hills, pyramid head, another disturbing creatures, share common characteristics, pale skin, dark, sunken eyes, elongated faces
sharp teeth and the like. These images, inspire horror and revulsion and many and with good reason. The characteristics characteristic shared by these faces are imprinted in the human mind, many things frightened humans, instinctively the fear, is natural and does not need to be reinforced in order to terrify the fears or species wide stemming from dark times in the past, when lightning could meet the burning of your tree home because of thunder could really approaching gallops of a stampede predators could hide in darkness, and heights could make poor footing lethal for the monkey people. The question you have to ask yourself is this: what happened? Deepen the hidden errors before history began that could affect the entire human race so evenly as they give the entire species? A deep instincts:
Oh and lasting fear of pale beans with dark sunken eyes, razor sharp teeth along gated faces its Holden Mc Neely. If I live in the realm of just be careful there, that's it, That's it very scarier. Why I mean I? Do you really believe that data that are part of the belief that you know we ve had a aliens are so that's what the Greece did inspire stories of angels and demons from a long time ago and godson and Denis, and what at that time to it all went to see the nation of Islam. What's the name of our globe, Yahoo Brianna, perhaps at ties into that is. While I wonder I mean
It sounds like white white folks with razor sharp teeth. It doesnt, as it is definitely sound like you know, like Sir Lord launch, a mirror went like collecting primitive feet now, not able have only been around for six thousand years, and this goes way far back into the human collective and we ve only been around for six thousand years. Yet that's when you, Cuban Venice, where we're regiment, were regular visa or we grant scheme of things, but I really do believe that there are certain things that are just instinctively scary, besides just a resemblance to hold civic Neely. You know that in it I think, a lot of it. I d there is something to it, describes a crystal meth at it very soon. I'd, rather sharp teeth, white math, that's meant as a method of air. If I've ever seen one all right this little guy, it's called roulette during your day. There are probably a half a dozen moments where you can't see if only for a split second Alec blinking. Of course, that's far too quick
just never happen. Imams who says you dont blank onto aware. Hyper aware. Henrietta brows do just that moment when you are taken if your shirt or, if wipe your face with a talented, says that brief instant, where your plunged into darkness every time this occurs your plane, roulette game unbeknownst to you, of course, every time that happens, there's something waiting eagerly to pull you into that darkness that only happens if you lose of course, one day you might open your eyes to find that you're, not where you were before there solved missing persons cases every week, those people they they lost they'll ass. You know, I mean we have thousands of undocumented disappearances, every look. What they talk about a new there's, a concept in legal terms, is called missing. Missing them. Sing missing, which is people that we have. As you know, within our missing yeah. They they see the big thing that that happens with children in homeless families and which is like people that are never even like
legally recorded that go missing, but if their missing missing and then I'm missing we'll take it. Maybe they never existed right, but there, but there is, the gaps in the numbers of how many people are born and hospitals every year and how many people are actually like overhead mitya legality. As this isn't some- and am you know, there's a lot too that like there's two, we did hold episode about the disappearances and national forest. It happens every every day people go missing, leave. There was still story. We talk about their commonly related to unifil phenomenon, people talking about like befriends, going missing like a while you're hanging out with them and then they're gone, and you never see them again. Oh also turned the term. You known colleges in the matrix gap right right, also begun, yeah, that's a real blessing. That's what I say some of my friends. We start to go missing interviews that is evidence interested
I got one for you, so you're with your honey in your making out when the phone rings you answer it in the voice is what are you doing with my daughter? You tell your girl and she say my phone. Is there my daddy's dead? There was a triple always love. It is never gets all I gotta know who was phone. What, if that's, what the girl who was phone? who was for actually said my phone is dead instead of my dad is that while we lost all credibility at air, the out everyone's gonna know about it or to be laughed off, the show so malaria and other one yap, sherry tourist trap. Ratura like tourist room in rural was gone said there is an old abandoned park built in the nineteen twenties and served as
towns gathering place for everyone. That is until a newly developed train and tunnel for tots Ride was installed in nineteen thirty two, it was an innocent looking child. This train with one main mechanized head car, with three small trolleys, pull behind it and when, some weeks before going into a small child size tunnel. But this is where the story gets weird. There were nerve, numerous cases of child deaths a year, all of them happening after child rode on that train system and when it stopped before the king. Interesting, some kids, what missing and that short tunnel about ten feet and others when comatose after leaving one upon exiting, was found to be dead. Her trust us covered about look like small, bloody handprints.
Some killed themselves, my scratching at their throats and fully a blood out. One of them even killed another child before hangar herself with razor wire at the families. Well, that's a great thing to hang yourself with. The best thing is with the park was closed in towns. Popularity is a tourist town plummeted, also the name of it. It was hold ball, sack was Scots and a guy named born. Again recently, a team of scientists were sent out to the park, the tape to video camera, to the train and put a new internal with it, of course, because they work for free this government, the perverse sending on its way to the tracks. When the train left the tunnel was empty, except for the camera. The last ten seconds were nothing but static, safer, the sound of children laughing there were love and they're all arrive, better off loved it. So much
again, why don't save them they're having a good time? I mean I guess there goes you're, always on a wonderful child's right. That's not the worst place for a kid to go near now. If I could die on the zipper, thou would become a fun yeah. A very good you open. Then there's still laugh about the clown in Heaven. Sort of like with gaze you, but I think they are that may really did that thou wilt some in today's these make up became like the ultimate warriors make up half way through match words. You can like sweat off of space than you really get to see what a hideous monastery what'd you did. You ever read about the one like one of the survivors. I've got away from him, their talk, my how like, basically, he came over these fifteen their work and their bike hanging out in his living room legacies are given, beers and their signal of an earlier drinking together on cases like wait. Right here goes in the room is totally true. Goes newsroom comes back out, full clown, regaling,
rain and he should go look. What can we do that other like making this laughter grab SAM right? Does the magic rope trick the wheels? I talk about like put event right. I'm inserts common lights, the magic rope, the magic rope trip was a board with a within the. Basically I ate a he This thing was a loop of rope through a board that had a sort of twisting with the term mechanism and on the mechanism on the back of it, and he put a minute these are good. The magic trick will grow right and so take him fighting in fighting and what happened was that he was sitting and there are like laughing and joking and then Gacy kept poking em in the chest calmly, camphor can take it. Can't take it and these it's like, never stop! It's alright, stop. It runs like a hop UK. If we can take a joke, you can take a job. We certainly skirt like he basically be. That is a key, just saw stage. Engage c and live to say it but you
here, John Wayne, Gacy demonstrating the row Sir Galahad check it out. He was simply discussing nothin general catches, scented humor, Julie, The term necklace tell others too long. I didn't needed if he's actually wanted a funny or clowns that I can think of them. I had a roadmap with and carry on my back and avoid further with my communion What what kind of a night do you use women, not when I type in the ices depending on what I'm using right down to the IRA, learn from boys, thousands of tourniquet not forget it too. I took at that time and again together, but in order to demonstrated here I took the road realisable here, you put it around trying to do this.
Yeah, you do your room class in training and that's when you didn't every fucking time years recommended. Ok, then you think if they could get in here in person alternative. I thought I told you. I ever learn precisely the kind of not found on the ropes wrapped around the necks of the victims found under the house. Summer deal. So basically you just grew the yeah. Then he laughed aloud. Allow land of annoying need. Fuckin starts Avenant, yeah, sorry pointed, gets rock hard, and will you is already rock our lifetimes even make them blow him or he blow them before. I'm not sure if I talked about this be on a previous programme, but I think about it. Sometimes the idea that he did you children's parties in their parents. You hired him and I must have it really awkward when they found Now. Imagine what I brought it me mountain Mass murder and Carter's wise. You make them as wife, oh yeah, he was an electron Alex in order tat. I think, will discuss this,
For I, just a again, this is an example of just a true monster, and this was the same interviewed that he said that like when they put me in the same class. As a man seen in Bundy. It makes me sick to my stomach, I'm not like them. I don't use politely worse because the varies TED Bundy I candy and Mister Mansion, proposing guitar and he was a greater vaccination and ended sort of a totally robins of circulars. Now I just again say: there's probably one in your neighborhood: that's rights will be therefore, this hollow. We literally, we just had someone broke children, but it was an attempted rape over in metropolitan inhabitants like it made me sort closer my doors and then it would. I had recently we're looking up we're we're looking stories the other day and went away. That's how you that's! Why that's how you closing your where's. Yet there was a woman, yeah yeah. I know the Yemen in your morbidly obese. What I do is I leave Katy out in the living room. I leave
We run along home and I I you know like I but dresser vacancy long giraffe and I stand the net eroding. I called the honey pot. Yeah, come on down the honeypot rapists. I put a rape sign out, I bet come come, be rape and right when you come in here and I've spring on, unlike spider, man right I was I was looking for stories of the day someone can buzzing in on me, and I was like that. No, Malta is a body. Voting time and I would go Hello would like hit the buzzing like talk and in some way to go I believe not now no no drug attic! No, don't you know, I'm not I'm not getting access. Now. Sorry, I'm gonna store no option. We realise that we'd like to read a story sure you have been. You got one right. I could read this other little shore, one here all right, I don't know the name of it is because I think it's just
old ringing, the arraying. You know their ringing sound that you will need other remain sound that you will perceive when you are in a very quiet area. Some people, citizen, auditory, allusion, Brunt, brought about you ve got a stroke generally committees, I lost it. I lost the words the now you got him back. I think I did a little niece rock bad as really bad, not want to live anymore. A just sit in a chair, has been most strokes, app and not a lot of times when you're scream and at a taxi driver letters
I lived in waits yeah is that when I lived and waits anyway going back to the story here, it's either rigid sound that happens when it's real, quite area, simple, Satan, auditory allusion brought about the ears inability to detect frequencies below the threshold of the human senses. This is completely wrong. That ringing covers up something else altogether. If you are quick patient and maybe a little lucky Google, you will be able to hear past the rain. What you will hear our voices whispering to each other. They will silence themselves quickly, but with practice you will become more adapter catching and interrupting and interpret in what they are saying. You will hear that you will hear things of the past. The present and the future. However, you must be careful because there is no such thing as a voice without a body, weird yanza, weird positioning as the voice of the areas that I guess yeah, I guess
somebody I haven't even now scant whispering, retinue rear so flail your arms around any tat. My first line into why library I always grab and twist yeah grab and twist. Do they do the rope trick yet John Rock n roll. Yes, yes, it's another brilliant! If God had the courage to future too, that's why Osborne deserves to be imprisoned Will this next one is this was requested by patent medicine is all the corral all this creepy pasta too. This is for you, mother and Father get little tired from building communism, so they want to go to Moscow to buy vodka every fuckin time they come,
thrusting babysitter when baby sit arrives. Children already asleep in beds baby said they're just sit around and make sure everything good with children later that night babysitter gets bored and goes to read marks, but you can't read downstairs because there's no electricity, so she calls parents and asked if she can get candles to read marks in their room. Of course the parents say it ok, but baby sit. There is one final Rico She asked if she could cover up linen statue outside the bedroom window with blanket or cloth, because it makes me nervous Phone line is silent for a moment and father who say take chill and get out of house. We will call militia, we do not have linen statue militia
all three of house occupants dead, because KGB kill them for trying to cover linen statue, then militia s parents for not having linen statue. Such is life in my life, on Mars, beautiful literature that communism creates earlier, my god, that's its irregular brothers care. Bizarre right that it really is not going to try to read about four seconds of this before we want to stop reading I didn't want to take this one on our left, this one for you. This is a continuation from a creepy pasta from the last episode that we covered creepy past is. This is literally. This is worse. This is the worst thing. I've ever read my entire life. By attaching rope so the rings and the ends of the hooks long steel handles which are poking out of the toddlers bleeding control between her gorgeous young legs. And by pulling on one each we were able to pull. All Ngos, little uterus right now, through her vagina flop, thunder the work,
French, together with our follow, be in tubes and all the me several muscle old issue, which also minutes before held it insider, lovely, sexy body holding it. Wrap in with her blood over Inga S face you told her. This is almost the last thing you ever see. A pretty little child prostitute saying will be the inside of your sexy mouth baby pudding doubter tried in chess word, slid, honour, bottling, writhing, infant girl body until it all slop now bench again use good, a teaspoon from the instrument. Rack did I back to work inside? a pretty child. You use the spoon Do you guys, then yeah The other was well- and this is of Course America. Before rovers, this is why don't we just some errors, were also surgeon right right, yes, so
it came up along with a link. John Optic, nerve and muscle tissue now long enough, unfortunately, to pass eyeballs amazed like and shove them up Jain. I wanted to put her eyeballs endures, but I will see what I was doing inside were about the same time. I think that's gonna, now, there's no way. I usually they see what I was going to take a little sunglasses men, like all somebody's to cool for school bout, balance of power. By midnight, she's we're in someone's yeah yeah. She must be really pools baby items I was cutting the lining of her Tommy vile and the Romans reliance meal. Our spoke in her feces, mostly intercom lips, butter slippers. Are you gonna trails off from there? I may know what goes on. There is a lot more yeah, a lot more stuff well
No, what we got it more. These will do in the future. Will dabble back in the old boy or learner there at the inn, one of them Pulsar still beating heart out of her chest and then they fucker in the bud. Yeah? Oh all, right, Do you not regularly posted That is the case. We fictional story now that's illegal, less legal, ok, cool I was wrong about Jack I'll. Do it I mean I don't know I just got. Em is going to play with my curly suit, all for about an hour society that joke actually oily real good thing. We got you that dull to get those urges out, I'm masher and I'm Asher She always comes back, twenty one. You layer down, arise, closer, choose asleep, but then, when you piggy back up right, but like she's, much to awake, yeah, terrified, even companies as that The man is overlooking yeah, it's been creepy, but I'm not sure if it's because of the
the great stories you just your overall ranting about your life, yeah yeah, that's a part of that. You bring it all this article too bad. We get to the end of that story, though, because we didn't get to the word baby boom yeah, that's just the cutest part of it yeah baby bomb baby boom. Baby by eight too far. We could use the child's baby boom for sex. There was much so they were referred. Were you know, vagina I would like to say the word I'll call it a cowboy Vienna, a bunk cabuc, a bunk yeah, China or think, above all, that they followed a sea word, which is the very inappropriate. But I only collar but the baby bomb. I find the whole thing responsible. But you imagine somebody submitted this decision This was on Fourchan, ok, knock anointed English. You know,
teacher saw there's like a sawhorse didn't have always get a look over. I take a red Penta. This s, for certain is that this is something that is doubly Henry. You brought this up at the last podcast live. Show the people who write this stuff your neighbors, oh yeah, I'll decency, that's part about these types of things. That would you got an. You gotta know? Is it. Every time. You read a story like this on the internet. It was by somebody. You know it work for a definite thing. Are you? Doesn't lunch with everybody. The guy who is just hang around by the copier and you go in there needs is a slaughter, is actually extremely busy up and work in. My ass do when she still work you mean like other bad they. Let me in here right watching us A better begone do nevertheless bagel, I'm just gonna get on yeah I've and touching it better! I remember you
I noticed it was gonna, Wet Serbia. The board meeting Day, So let me go to those men running with so weird, today, a run on divert money died. Five years manic man, his poor, mad spooky, creepy pasta. Do you have in the store, to tell you. I think I am fresh out you're, a rational and last one yet do skeletons. Gonna financing. I like this one.
Would you say legitimately creepy yeah closer. That thing has been there for almost a week, the figure in the window. It looks featureless only skin on a human frame and its pressing itself against the glass. Somehow I don't know how it got there and I dont know how to get rid of it. Calls himself then castle unexplained interested bodies about you seems like a earliest you're making them about me at first. I thought it was a prank, a doll or a mannequin. Some jerks put their to scare me realize I walked out of my house to pull it away, that it wasn't there and shrill shrugged off making it someone and head men. While I was walking
but my door, but when I went back in and looked out the same window and it was looking in staring at me, I walked around my house yelling for whoever it was to come out, but no one was there. The thing is hairless and naked. Didn't look like it Molly had eyes or even a face it all, but its head is turned towards me. When I entered the room when I sit on my computer, I can feel its faceless hatred Boring and of my neck, but when I turn around its innocently turned it in a different direction. Finally, on Thursday I try to open a window, but it's doc? I think the things hands or keeping down, but I got a good look at its face. Its eyes and mouth are behind the skin. Pushing and outward stared at me smiling Of course, I screamed the pulled back
this and a smash it into the glass determined once and for all to get rid of the glaring monster. I know I'm strong enough. The glass should have cracked, but it didn't shuddered at my hand, but it didn't break and smiled just got wider and wider and wider until I thought head would break in half and raise its own hand ambassador window with its palm? It was walking me, but I saw the faintest crap again you appear where deadhead backed away no way did I want that smile on the same room with me, so I got a roller duct tape. I sort of coverage window. I couldn't look directly at it. I nearly shit my pants, just no one was watching me, but I couldn't help it. It took a quick glance of the skin covered faces small peak, and it was angry that grin was now a gaping frown, full of teeth. The skin is ripped away from its mouth and I can see down its Kaepernick's throat a menacing rumble started to fill the house and
Caroline Crack began to spread like splintering ice. I pulled down the doktor, The rumble stop the splits skin healed over it and began to smile again. Now it's night, the noise. Has he started it again. There no sounds no rumble, no crackling glass, everything's quiet. Now I feel it's claws gripping the back of my chair. I can hear its skin stretching as a smile watching me type area faces skin covered. I yes, yet as a demon broke through your window call demon pay, window you I may make mainly, where does colony just call to make itself feel better and then another we can do to help you always but the baggage erewhile too late see a body that be forty five dollars, not bad Gruner bare feet, the demon about things, the apprehension of the demon album.
Balls. I think it's Kennedy to have somebody watch any work. A demon really like this, but it makes me amplify my energy and when I got an audience you now Jack Nicholson and the giant had somebody looking over his shoulder of Shelly devolved upon a good goddamn wife. Maybe what again some fuckin words on page, oh yeah, what you're out today women's rights. Let me just go through it. We're gonna, do you mean lack honest, regular go explore the headman degree. Surely that is a really good solution have and on top of our name, you know we're gonna do what are they going me? Other One knows a really good one. Yes, I am so the window. It's really difficult to get scared anymore board up your windows. You know, I guess so much more scared about. What's going on out there dear dear, unlike episode, because I heard a weird disembodied voice out there, not anybody how you're that fuck yeah yeah
weird bows, really we're that's gonna be created that can I fucked up my focus for a little bit. I wonder who that is eminently cap em. I headed dream last night, good the way because of this? Then one of the good things about the show is that when I have things that I know that our nightmares I have them and in the middle of the dream. I look at things like. Oh that's, scary, you dont know when it does it doesnt effect, musical, that's a scary thing loved, but last I had a genuine nightmare that I was at my mom's they get my where I grew up in New York outside this house a net. I got this giant letter in the mail, this big to foot tall like letter like as big greeting card, and I opened it. On a pull out and written in childish, handwriting was from my grandparents house and the I open it up for when they were they
up in Westchester, and I opened up in it said I caught the exact wording. That's like we're! Not your grandparents were in their house. They should learn to lock their doors. Great that's great promise to a horror story, yet awesome ass, my brain. I had a dream, was nowhere mean Nikita. We re the paranormal detective agency, but we went too far with one of our investigations and got arrested ray, as you know, has go too far. I don't know, but I know it was. My fault cannot really mad at me every time I am, but not that night. She could be that mad at me, ass. She was still apparent normal investigating. We still apparently like she's eyes. She bought a ticket for Ireland. The right she's taken the right, but she was not. It was my fault that that we got caught. I think it had something to do with an archaeologist. Every time there nerds fitted monoplane again ever have an archaeologist me. Other was allotted object like a haunted bone showing what it was
Big haunted bone. Yet because you re not a pile of bones, owns hold up your city. Colleagues say her right outside my window risk earlier bone holding a stick of incense right now, as we record this biogas, yes kind of exciting. Yet it's got upon there's a bone right through the hole in it myself. Yes, this is If you want to work with you, wanna watch Marcus, open up a box of bones. I believe it's on the last pie cast page or I know the round table on the roads of the round table age. You can see me excitedly. Opening a box abounds, yes, which is very exciting. Well, this kicks off toper and we're gonna, have an amazing more account onto Halloween. This is my favorite fucking month. I wanna do it special, let's pray say in all its glory every single week as we can I'll say to Hell saved and don't forget at the very end of this month, the last pike s them. I've show is gonna, be happened here. The creek and captain under three Jackson have an you best. Believe we're going,
we doing a gigantic celebration toward dark. Lord and master, oh yeah, and you may see some favorite care, from the shown. Yes, see some popcorn. You may see some nomes They see all time, maybe some boobies from me and ride ripens I'll have Bresse yeah High demands light back in again. Send us your stories for next week thousand in the stores, and thank you for everyone who came onto our last lies podcast on the left: I've, Sherry, interactive, eighty very diagonally, adaptive the women in the front row in and the men as well. I know good looking man good linen men when the women were just absolutely but I'm gonna just now thing. Are you guys out there that's great, but if you're one of our new, no less attractive listeners, you noticed come on out as now you're, the Earl intimidate doesnt matter may deserve and you might find love. You know: fuck Okcupid, email, mucus, timing. I suppose someone who actually understand you
I'm just remember: you're, never more dangerous, as when you're with someone in your bed, life, never more dangerous. As when your sleep You trust her whole life, you someone just land next year and you dont know when there has been a snap and kill you that's right. That's alright! Hale saying Hail Satan long, your windows in your doors, gain. Will gain. Hale yourselves He'll Halloween hollow weariness calming my friend Helsing somehow, some you're scaring singular.
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