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Episode157: Nazis and the Occult Part 1 - Severe and Annoying

2015-02-17 | 🔗

It's part one of our coverage of the occult roots of the Nazi party, from the seemingly harmless teachings of Madame Helena Blavatsky to the nefarious Thule Society and beyond.

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I one if you haven't yet be sure to go to pod surveyed dot com, to take a quick survey to help us get some advertisers and help us keep this podcast free. That's pod survey, dot, com, slash last really helps out a lot we she had every single one. You there's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started Can I just stood off number one that Hitler just wasn't any fun like true, truly not any fun.
My question is: is it at some point in the middle of the rally when a holding the flags and everyone's margins watts give shape? There's no one turned to someone else, and someone like, I think that maybe we're the bad guy. I think we're the bad bad guys march this. Well, though, I don't guys leaks certain when I look at when I look at the real that the Americans, their land and a million guards Hitler, I found one up very good I'll go. That's my bread story of your go Yossi! Oh for use your chocolate, you, your reward for Jews sniffing around the adults, Mogadishu, that's martyrs, Marta Bed Kizil. Today's episodes great it we're to studying the big, a cold connections of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party ass, their occult origins. I know there's a lot of you know.
who'd, spooky damage it connected to be a cop origins nazis, swedish hookey spooky dumb. Should we know like do you know what I've got the stuff? You know like a possible reptilian influence them talking with you, a foe and suffer got, but actually in Rio the real cold beginnings of the Nazi Party are so,
who terrifying and so real and chilling that its vets enough one need only easily conspiracies I'd. One could almost describe them as hooky spooky dumb. She s a lot of stuff. Yes, there is a very real basis for the Nazi party. As far as occultism goes some of this stuff here, we're gonna go and put a little bit of a caveat on the oh. You know like this. Have some of this may be true, but I wouldn't go right, netbook report about it yeah during this, inter american history, clad in a ride. I would like, with the less pod, guys guys that Hitler could Levin data at any given Wednesday, but has actually entirely true say it for that
up a solid usual, you can take, this podcast is gospel. Dolly add that the topic believe it or not a little sensitive, and the other thing to know is that we are not going to necessary break new ground the Nazi world, because in all other people have covered him. But again I just wanna just reiterated again. They were not they're, not gonna, guys that funny cool guys nor well well dressed Hugo boss, wasn't Hugo the dress. Does it why I gotta say they looked they had any another thing or the Nazis. Ok, we! Yes, How much bad should they did, but link about that
good things they gave us such as the W Bob Gal. I dont like yeah, it's a terrible carbon. It's cute, like Edna girl, I had a crush on in college, drove wanted. I loved it than I was really kill. The veto view bug is amazing technology and it proves that the Germans knew how to get a lot of people into what looked like a small space. Exotic was my head. I am selling, I didn't we weren't leeway in there what I'm sitting down because a guess they did the same sort of like illusion it at our wits when that made the tiny shower that it like fifty people in my own. Now we have to have a morning moment and all right, and that was very sad and that was awful. I don't like libraries, Germans got rid of those, so that's good books. I don't read them Burnham. So that's another good thing that the Nazis did were the suits
Shorty fuckin time. Looking just about mean, I watch an old documentary by the Nazis and I'm like we're all those cool, Williamsburg, Hipsters Joanna and forward two. I had a bit of a time research on this one cause I would, I would go down certain roads on the internet will. First of all, I was gonna bet you gotta Bristow tiptoe around. No wonder I wish that you could put something on your computer or your Google searches, gurgle searches that
What's the inner say? No, that is just like doing research. I definitely without any. We like the peat towns and filter ass, the pedophile pillows doing research a little boys wieners were a book. I was writing. It's called a little boys wieners. Oh, oh, oh, how I loved associate it's an under the convict able book. That's where I suck a busy. I did find like there were a lot of holes that I went down where I would be following a Nazi called hole in it would side sounded just for absolutely fuckin, fascinating and then I'd find out. It was a campaign for a tabletop role. Roleplaying that happened. Three separate islanders, tabletop role playing games involving Nazis policy, the Hulu yeah call, it always called delta. Green knows you're just gonna straight up see the Nazi Party is, is the the absolute Dorcas side of nerd, dumb run ramp? Ah learn in Turkey are near pieces, a shit party pooper there stood a party pooper and they are. They are the guys that, like will go like news on high school. That would bring our homework to a party. It's like all they want to eat, got everybody together. They got him in uniform, got him flags. It was like a risk gay really. Well, that's why Dylan and that we would bring up the Columbine all time. That's where those nerds loved him so much to build trench, coats and wearing I make up and what not I swear, I'm of weak. We gave him what they were looking for until one say, fuck the Nazis, we gotta might not pants. Yes, we did and the nerves the nerds attract more nerds, because I had a book that I was extremely excited about called the spear of destiny. It was called the spear of destiny and I was reading it and it was fantastic and it was all based. Rather fact, this guy Steiner was a friend of Hitler's in the
learn it in its eyes, like it's, a real loose thing. Nicole, like a Hitler's friend, he had many friends. He had a cop people. Why you're here do not say? Oh, you ve got a stupid mustache like trying not to say that blurred that allowed or like step on issue, I mean, as far as jokes go a guarantee Hitler got. The most laughed out of anybody in Germany was drawn up up up up. Given that such an amazing premise, not hacking, is all unless we tackle these rights about. Is it to react? When you go into an elevator and you you always, someone else ended. So, let's just say that Hitler tell me that one again without have women drivers, as our guys drive all yes, then women they did Isaac car it's off. Let's we put on make up some areas. It is academic, gets his rule. I have to measure your nose, but I laughed at this: guy's died was supposed to have known. Hitler was supposed to have gone over to England to be Winston Churchill's right. Man right hand. Man is bars, the occult workings of Hitler's mine, but I did a bit of research on the guy that wrote the that wrote. This
and who would have thought that a guiding Fuckin Trevor, Ravens Croft would be unreliable. Have I received in police? He kept his first name, maybe but Trevor. When pressed, he said that he was a student underneath this Steiner guy and its cider was writing this book when he died in the sphere of destiny. Just catch people up is what they believe. Disease is a powerful, a talus men that Hitler had, which was a spear that was used to cut the side of Jesus Christ. We're gonna go into further detail with at the hour, gonna go into further detail with it, but this guide, Ravens craft was oppressed in an interview when some of Stein family member said
never heard of Trevor Ravens Croft. I never heard of this guy. I dont know no Huey bed studied with my husband for how long absolutely not no! No now- and you will remember the house, it is negative AIDS, rebel, ravens growth. That he's got like a velvet voting today on a number DORA. Will you join my gilded world of Warcraft who have called it gladiatorial gladiatorial? You remember ravens craftily over me to ravens crop you'll. Remember your remember, because it will give you a beau single red rose. Did you meet him by the graveyard at the crossroads of midnight? Ooh, that's great! It's like the bachelor, but you dont want to actually Mary will. It turns out that this Steiner guy not only was not Hitler's close friend who had only seen him once at a hotel in nineteen forty, but Trevor Ravens crop never knew Steiner in when pressed in the interview he said. Well, I do kind, you know what I've been talking to and through a media and that's kind of like how I am really close friends without sharply yea and seeing if I saw him once in a restaurant venom, I've been talking to the faucet, addressing it as its AL sharply. Well, that's nice! I'm sure the foster doesn't appreciate the negative, as you say so now, let's get a little start going back and in seen some of the key, these kooky palkee, fuck and eggs that the Nazi Party came from and start with
One of our favorite songs, one of your favorite songs, mine, mine, ruined, dies,
I can t see you open your grandmother together. I went to organise Henry you, your father's name, IP officer who was arrested. Only this job made him race, air. It is regal the fly ass. I could see the flags or would it be so pretty if it wasn't so evil all you just want the colors and eyes. I don't know it just a butcher, so shining I always gotta, be witnessing to Richard VON right now. This was the fuckin pop beats. Did Hitler did like did is why didn't beat box Dancin to back a? No writing. Twenty. Oh yeah! We'll get more into Hitler's love of Bognor in how Lardner one of
The best composers and operators in the history of men help to inspire the Nazi party. Now the Nazi belief system an annual gap, let's call it Guatemala girl. It's an amalgam Jim Jump Journalism jumbo jumble. It was based mostly in teutonic, misology ancient german mythology, but it also brought in other things such
Tibetans believes that brought in certain Atlantean believes and their entire goal was to create a new religion, a religion of blood they called and they call it the original religion of blood because basically kind of spurred office, several different beginnings, Eddie. You know you have the Atlantic the idea that the teutonic people came from Atlanta. What are these teutonic people look like if I was? If one wants to show up right now, I think I'm sitting next to me. You'd have already had this kind of soggy looking body. Obviously no, no, no, you would be. You would be forced to be working in some sort of factory. You wouldn't be killed, but you definitely use your strength, but your half beast. I blood would probably be used. A blip boxes. Tat you away from the camp below could do so much more with have beast type blood now, you'd be a part of the auction triumphant. Yes, silence sounds kind of fun, and so the areas that there were the religion of blood basically came from, but keeping that blood pure, that pure white blood, blonde hair, blue eye up to light brown pale complexion and at the very beginning on you will would go into deeper detail. But you know we came from the Atlanteans. We did not me, I'm all right. I guide your grandfather's fuckin shoelaces tickle, oh my grandfather's back in the middle and pulp, and given the day I should have aroused he's found a way to get out of it, like you find a way to get the subway by ludicrous barley, rushed on the radio. Do a lot of very exact. Do man my ancestors were fighting and world or one. I had two great great grandfathers fight.
in the great war against colleagues we got his Ryan Apparent, but the Atlantic, or a group of space white people that came that we're like ninety tall blonde as the sun and super psychic bigger job like a hundred feet and they go. They said over time. The The muddling of their race cord and quote is what is the reason why white people are no longer site, so they look like Dirk November. Yes, yeah yeah. Actually, it's a very good way of button. So let's talk about the mood of Germany was sour. It was very sour in eighteen, ninety three and the eight let's go back down to the eighteen nineties at the beginning of the second german Reich. This would be the Germany that was led by Keyser Wilhelm, and this is also a Germany. There was coming out of the aristocracy from land owning aristocrats into the industrial revolution. Now, when the
Israel Revolution came all of a sudden. All these Hoy Tory aristocrats, who were able to keep the peasants down right now had all their power taken away from their caused by it he's just real yeah, because this city's became like slums. It used to be that only the fancy people went to the cities, but now it's like deters Vonder bills. Dark fuckin, dildo company, that used to be maiden is tiny folk in the hut in corks, lock and now get as being made in a three in the middle of Berlin and so rival are moving to the cities now to follow the developments that we follow their jobs or there's always ebbs flows with like white flight, and now I remember when I first made my your first a dildo, mindless. Oh, it was nine feet long and it was made from a failed yoke tree. Oh if I so coarse, but I the grip of my sweet Mercosur sweet joining it.
small video, due to a polished, Hugh, usually used that you put it in women at a smooth like an old school Hansel. Sharp energy source is so smooth, However, change the way you do it in my world come back, come back. I will say out of all the products of the Germans have created. I would not trust them in the dildo game and I were sensitive enough. They were not looking to make orgasms no, no, no dreams thou, yes, so that is why the aristocracy was not happy and this time, as far as the lower classes, when there was an influx of slavic people at this time, because Austria was not part of the germanic peoples at this time it was part of the Austro hungarian Empire so income, the slavic people
and with that the hatred of the darker racists and the slavic people- and this is very important. Slavic people were heavily backed by the Catholic Church, making the catholic Church something that the blonde hair blue eyes germanic people came to hate Lookin for a third
Where does the other one of the only things that the Nazi Party did right was basically cancelling Christmas. They cancelled Christmas Brian. They got rid of the Jesus element of Christmas and made a festival. Lights were people just gave presence and fuckin got drunk and they brought back to some resources, a parade, say protracted Christmas. Then they get rid of the baby Jesus. I will see slavic it. It's a tough people to really get behind name. They have of David rough name, a rich history. There are also the folk lore you got stone. Soup came from large got along came from that the zone superficially up for a couple of months. So what came from this period in time, especially from the peasants, was something called Lebanon's reform, which was
return to nature very hippy, dippy type stuff. They were vegetarians, they believed in community living there. It was very much a return to nature type of movement, which is just like the exact opposite. I mean like the Nazis words, but what comes out of this guy? The way that this is a full thirty
Forty years before the Nazi Party even began easily, they were on the right track. Germany was on the right track to be like we're. Gonna fuckin, we're gonna, be cool and modern, unlike have like big cities, filled with all different cultures. Where am I like? In a free love have a good time and it just like they let the fuckin d, let em when they let the bad guys when they let the hippies, when no they didn't there. Give he's got stuff like they do not like I've been here he's got the reason why we're starting so far back in the reason. Why were given you guys this background information, because, in my opinion, this the occult roots of the Nazi Party, it's the only thing that makes Nazi Germany makes sense, because any she would cause honesty. When you were, though, when I was researching and when I was watching videos that we were sending back and forth the thing since a chill up my spine, because when you watch the the Nuremberg rallies from afar- and you want leave the philosophy, go from this esoteric backwards, occult stuff to actual practice,
you see the madness that was happy, It was a group, the fucking die of delirium yeah that made people do what they did right now and so these people the the lower that people in the lower class. They started to form cults, essentially based around astrology based around nature and the aristocracy they to form secret societies based around the writings of various mystics at the time, the most influential of which was Madame Helena Boulevard Scouts, you real Cathy Bait, Lebowski yeah level, goodwill about she was like you know. I think that literally the term broad was
on this boy, she seems like a strong woman. She was a russian philosopher and cultures and she is doubtless a research in Publishing Institute called the theosophical society. She defined the osity as the archaic Vista religions, the esoteric doctrine, once every ancient country having claims to thrive in the danish cells excited one of the main purposes of the city. Oesophagus society was to form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, cased color, which is the exact opposite of what she had an updated. Yet, a little bit ironic, there were blood ski she really. She gets a bad rob for being the. I think what
God scares like you know how we wouldn't have nickel back. If we didn't have Nirvana Sure Boulevard Skis like neuron, I don't know, but in some of this stuff is straight up race right. This is the problem with all a cold teachings as soon as you get too like it's, the beginnings always really call you ll see in a time we get to the seventh race. It's always white people coming to save the day right. It is always in a way that you like, but that's that's, killing body. Is it necessary to me? I think even the day right was a sort of a Stephen King sort of issue with a lot of the occult they just don't know how to end the book. Yes, you know, and so they don't like. All of them. Are we going to do and then and wash your MILAN like make. I'm sleeping the whole time- and I am not even talking as my item make em by the Jews were bad. You know somebody exactly animals. I needed a work on that third act or add Reimer zone. Eighty and eighty eight she goes to Tibet and she's
and under ground under a tube ancient tibetan Temple, to see a sacred texts called the secret doctrine which describes the hidden elect the great. Why brother, you know what I always like a boss, but all of these documents that are we say, the how white people are like super, like you know, Super superior Norway's, supersecret and no one else can see those like no other India. did he of the room, but you can see it, but I'll tell you exactly what I saw was a lotta out of Kate Hudson's going too well. Norman Isn t the golden plates, although its key secrets are the key to all religions and all occult. Since right, she claimed constant telepathic communication with these hidden masters, who would reveal to heard the occult history of the human rights they reveal to her seven races, five of them right here. You ve got the Astral race, which is the highest forges. We started from yeah, that's where we started from then you ve got the high.
arboreal race who they were a lost race from a vanished caught, which is kind of what Plato and Aristotle talk about. How like there was a land of giants. Amazingly your bid, their actual bill. I await a sort of say it is that basically, we showed up as a bunch of spirit energy through remember that giant the giant jewish star on Mars. Then everyone filtered through gap by all the souls and they all got shot on earth that we're all started. Algonkin Mario world they gonna tetrahedron. I forget what it's called as the three dimensional jewish star that that was used. Our data SAR David Use as a hyper dimensional travelling device and they all shot to earth and then came. They came in this actual foreman and they solidified into the hyperborean race. They developed atomic power and blew up their own continent early Nokia than we did it with. That is Mario Galaxy. Yet I that's exactly what they do and Mario galaxies all coming together than theirs look D, Luxuriance known terrible: they inner bread with animals and eventually disappeared. I said yeah, but then they all seeing over then also just they flip at two being like they aren't. They started having sex with people who didn't have blonde hair gap.
Then there were the Atlanteans, the Atlanteans, of course, psychics power by mysterious energy source killed by flood. We did all episode on land is that you can go, listen to and then finally, there was what she called the race of Hope, the Arians. So nor those guys, I don't know any and also dangerous diseases, also through her writings, is where it really sorry coming up to the first use of the germanic. version of the swastika Sir
having which was this. This symbol, which is supposed to be the pin up it, was like a symbol of power, was a symbol of victory, a symbol of victory of our overall and she said that Arians, you Bishop, connected to Saint assembled to each one of these races and she connected the swastika air. So they just cooperative because that's the thing about the swastika, aided existed far before the Nazis and in all of this all your hard argument to make it a party. You don't mean re ornamental guy doesn't really all that bad. I mean technically the guitar existed to, but then Jimi Hendrix really brought us a light. I will get a lot of the so called beliefs of the occult origins of the swastika. On our second episode of the swastika, there is a lot behind now. It's a fascinating symbol, but Madame provides also a rough thing to say at a context, but it within about guess it's fine it it within the body as it is a fascinating, simple, Madame Lebowski. She inspired a guy named Guido VON lit now glean alone. Leslie also invented the leather jacket or another mental life Peter and he wishes. Hang it outside a mall chop. Flip a coin little my ebbs combustible. My ebbs call this call this the scenario:
course he does sound like you must look like the situation for that's what I mean hadn't, I'm doing is. I know they are now on that right before the situation, there was the scenario that there was the there was never an app written every until Quito Vandalism came around invented. The first ab strain german nationalist, ultra Nationalist Guido VON List. I he cherry pick from Madame Duval Skis, leave some Madame Levice Keys teachings, and he makes the theosophical doctrine on the evolution of humanity and on the route raises. The Arians want not, and he combine that with nationalist. Can fascist ideas I e the Germans. Are the areas raises, because what were medical of odds gay actually says that she said that the area races they Orange originated in Persia.
They originated somewhere else by Guido VON lest looked at Madame Duval he's like. Actually it's not it's. Alright, alright, there's our laval ski alive during the time Guido was alive, or did he take her teens after she lay I ain't a she was dead, yet he wasn't. She wrote that NATO and Eightys and Guido came by what now what was this nineteen tat genuine? This was like laid eighty underage early night, so she wasn't there no friend her. You know I do not mean that we should kill all the people who don't have blunder now, but all that always she that, because it goes back into the other philosophies, the other ideas they talk of the Sumerians talk about it is that why people just showed up in the Middle EAST, the that's where they say is a white people showed up and they came from space arrive. I nodded utters alive. You look at people in the Middle EAST, there's a lot of very white looking individuals there, especially in IRAN, in places like good ones right now what you crimes they say and then so, greedy of unless he created a philosophy, called areas suffering, and he also was very inspired by Darwin.
Darwin was definitely Army will get more into him. When we talk about eugenics, they flipped all electoral every. Then we like these guys. They flip everything they twist everything and he believed that world, where one was proof that democracy was destroying the world cowboy, especially because we took off. We took out the fucking Keyser, unlike that, was what he wrote. All of his stuff was based on the dead, the lunch sky. There was another guy, the damage as a year, but it was the same thing of like there were like all, but now we were one we're gonna win war war, one and Germany's getting unite all world Bala. While we got this thing, I saw it in a psychic vision and make a funding that are asked and into a media and they fucking, and it was all wrong. You feel like the wind back in time. We could just talk to Guido vine less than he really just be preparing for his fight against M bison wider character. There was just totally rejected he set out of world war, one the german millennium or began. He said. Let the german people realise their strengths and they should not be men. But God,
Oh, and he was very inspirational, frontline soldiers and world war, one they used to pass or on a lot of his writings in the front lines of world war. One goes as our or has also again will tub. I mean we will probably bring them next episode, but talking about the swastika, he started there that his philosophy sort of getting people on the front lines like what they would do, as they would wear a little swastika talisman. It became a good luck symbol. Yes already now again. This is again. This is thirty years before the Nazi Party, and so that that that it
a long time coming this holler run very much a long time coming list also believed in the arm and shoved, which is a society of ancient priest rulers. They preserve the occult knowledge of Erin ancestors, but Christianity forced on the Tunisians drove the arm and shoved into hiding, and these procedures to sound, like you do in Islamic, like a fortnight Korea, really I got budget tomatoes that far honey wrote. The windows were driving through the Tutsis, territorial guys. Don't start, we have a paper now that we have a pepper mill, its appropriately cloud due to cloud gone from Mount proven. Its dialogue, open located at do doubt, take went out of jail, dough and will take. The German is coming out of seriously because they smell of thoughts about their air dancing up unbelievable these traditions and symbols. How ever but two of the
instead of two tonnes they were preserved by the Ross, a crucial ends, the Knights Templar and the free Mason me after them. Around again, is it the Freemasons work were technically a christian establishment, the well that's. What happens that later? The Nazis would destroy all Masonic lodges, saying that they were controlled by the Jew, which is the floating lava because they weren't at all. But anybody there was anything religious. They just called a Jew. So any sort of a call, that's what the Nazi right in Chile did. Is there any sort of a car? society or belief that wasn't specifically in completely in line with the Nazi call Believe was destroyed an organization when did they starts God, eradicating them the masons and getting rid of their powers in the thirties that that was after thirty, three after healer took power, a girl or whatsoever is after world, where one law after world, ok yea along after and then this guy read on my list. He
was inspired our he inspired. This guy named York, who owns VON leaving, spells good name yeah man. He was a former monk and founder of a magazine called Us Star, no didn't but didn't Rocky beat him and Rocky for, I think so yeah. I guess it was able to meet him, but I mean I think I was cheating little butter and star was death. It was the biggest influence on Hitler's racial beliefs, because a star was widely circulated in Vienna, while Hitler was living as a dirty little artist living importing houses barely able to feed and end Hitler. I went scrambling around looking for all the back issues of a star and what a star was about was at Hand Germany and go back to what sort of like its empire dazed and needs to be an order and and power and and and basically like militarized. Any ideas that like right here, is up there,
pure magic bloodline. That meant that Germany was opposed to inherit the world Dan learn loved, also clearly centre folds of all the boots. It was a huge open up, an end of only Denmark, the hood boot and boot political base. It was just a very pro german magazine. There has been circulating on TAT, very anti jewish, yes, very anti semitic that that is what that is mostly the. They comes to because they become the scapegoat because they say, like you know what you're gonna like a lot of these philosophy said that is because the Atlanta and started having sex with bead would jewish people and at certain muddling our abilities, and so they didn't it in that, because I saw going deeper trying to figure out. Why was the Jew? Why was the jewish race chose him? I was jewish religion chosen to be so maligned and again they were just let it just literally out a habit. yeah- I just might really. Everybody else did before,
and then there is even a word for blame and Jews. It's called Paul grounds, but there are successful in the in society up to this point, the jewish people and they were essentially persecuted, the rebel. Have you know that there were coming as this is and all that is going to history. I think the biggest programme before that would have been the spanish inquisition and before that it probably would have been the black plague as far as to use get blamed for things, but in european society in german and austrian society. At this point, the Jews are doing great yeah. I guess dummy there was the whole thing up, but you I don't know why it started with the Jews, but what are used? happened back and way back in the old Bible days. You know they would get kicked out and they will just have to go through every trash. That's the only thing they could use and they would refurbish everything they would go to mark and resell. People are things they threw away, so they were
naturally like in business. No, it's also banned from being in a lot of manufacturing type of jobs and being a lot of trades, and things like that. So that's how the jewish people came to be in two sorts things like finance, nay. Clearly, Nazi Party came out of a good of but hurt assholes added kind, a chip on their shoulders that, like a basically make made, everything happened in it just watching what had like it's like give. Gamer gate got a bit sponsored by a fucking army. I still don't know a gamer caters, I'm not trying to get into a so. Actually lunch claimed that Hitler visited him in nineteen o nine, looking for back issues and Hitler Door, Yasser ADI lying back windows into solitude, delivering kept on going up to amend and try to talk to about things leaving I alone, it learn, inhaler later claimed in mind, comp that these years in Austria, where the most vital years of his life and that he learned everything that he needed to know to lead the Nazi Party during these years. Oh it could, you would spread the magazines around his men's boarding house as yet and again it is this there is this
Weird phenomenon: it's like Hitler's is annoying right. A viewer fucker another area at all doesn't bulgarian at all, really brownian of any hanging on these magazines and then it's like all of a sudden. I bet people are sick, so fucking sickened its Adolf Hitler is everywhere and then all of a sudden he's in charge and look what the fuck is like bitter nerd, who says like everyone who ever gave me the splash splash of this toilet fought over night was an immense body room both it can't you plans in any you talk or you are going to the camps. Are no you ve, never give me a veggie again. Video I mean all you haven't. Do is consistently tell people that you are right and eventually they're going to come around. I'm sure somebody there's somebody in this country right now does believe the whoppers, the best hamburger in the world. I am sure of it had better, but it can be removed. You tell me you tell me you, bird than the king, a God Damn burgers. I admit I argue with that. You know. Does the burger king himself was chosen by God abroad lineage during the king beers Audrey, I e to King a whopper
and, as you know, it was, but I do use HANS ketchup and cause it's cheaper. both for John Kerry, though Don T love he actually got fucked over by Hitler after Hitler came into power because when Austria got annexed by Nazi Germany, nineteen thirty eight once thought he had a fuckin made, because this Hitler guy had mills evaluations, loved his readings, espousing his ideas all over the place. But as soon as Hitler took over he banned all
issues of a star of from my wanted, all the credit for all the credit, absolutely and after the war once you now. Finally, after Hitler was depose, he got a little mouthy. He said the Hitler not only stole but corrupted hit at his idea, and he also accused him of being quote. Inferior racial still gets where that can in a concentration camp. That's why he waited until after the war to saying your w w to lunch, got a little revenge, yeah yeah yeah. I know it's good. Looking may I he got like that survivors guilt and will say that not the best at throwin singers out there is on the inferior. I mean to be honest. T already, did you fucked up goes in nineteen o forty publishing Fuckin Theo's ology through the ozone ology yet, and this could be the ozone ology could be said to be the Nazi Party religion has actually. I was just. There was like Theo Huxtable type yeah. You got to take your jewels and eager to day give pleasing you got the car. Please will you know, that's always black and telling us that we should hate all black, but I believe its area races got the superior knowledge you see, Lord, so by God they came from Mars. Is it is almost always the level it because at this point, whites, ten whites and empale whites didn't like each other now, so it is only on the exact same. Is here I don't let it hasn't. He ate afghan, and now you could argue who is having a worse pr year up to say the gap mention the government of the of those who period raised deserve to have all the gold world killed ruthlessly manner. That level had. He didn't want to kill the Jews he just wanted to ship a mile off domestic are, but the problem is a magic ask any literally uselessly. They will be literally pick bananas and sent him to us goes germ people of bananas, Madagascar, is a fund, plays lemurs or talking. Elephants are hanging out with rhinos I've seen a movie, and I know the documentary unwashed Madagascar, Yuppie also advocated for the stair elation of the sick and the lower will races as well as forced labour for castrated channels and of course he believed in the gotten. Mention is eight off cause be mentioned, and he said that the Atlantic split between the pure areas and beast.
Fish races. He said decline of the dramatic people came from beast reality with low races, as Henry said earlier, by breeding with their inferiors, the Arians deluded their blood and lost all of their psychic ability. Air was growing, very religious. My parents used always discuss sterilization in eugenics and how that was the beginning of birth control and how this is where it all star OZ, where you know basically, what happened with birth control was, like people, sure the sterilised themselves and the government no longer had to do it because technology advanced, but I mean where it all comes from. That's like shied up wrong, though right, but not really mean that science is actually very similar. You know it's. Obviously it's wrong the ads. They say that the proposal is a renewed me laugh going into the statement, but when I started watchings again missed all this shit, this shit It's not you! It's real stupid. All things bonkers. You know it's a total garbage. They managed to do it.
He managed to take it from this whack Adieu philosophy and made it Ryanair. Oh, I was thinking about stating if Jeffrey Dahmer had an army. Jeffrey Dahmer had a fucking panel of Admirals and advisers, but it's that idea of like you can like, if you think, about a biblical, stateless turtle nuttier later on the line. But if you start believing- and we can make a bunch of fuck zombies out of these Jews having instead of making the concentration camps to be like how far of a leap as it from gassing them, then it is to like Durrell in holes in their heads and trying to fuck em in a field as Bt K would be better. Yes, I think we d, like he's totally to Saint just like well, but if you could just give me some cheese, yeah dialogue has a problem. You can really be a leader now he's aid. If the it is hard of heart pseudo, you did I just I just want to have. I just want to have a good sandwich lip launch. He was also the lunch. He was also the one they came up with. The idea for breeding camps using Arians stock and
called the women and the breeding camps called him brood mother and they loved it. Was this a reward for somebody like? Oh, I dunno my homework to do I'm going to the fuck can only a later I got to stick my dickens the whole, and I hope that I have the blindest child and then I get to chocolate, and then I got to go to university. Why then ratio biology? I had it just love a camp for everything, her man vision. Everything was way, organise everything at a fucking roll call right and once you of course, huge nerd to him, the knights of the round table in the legend of Holy GRAIL, more very, very real. Yet this guy, he believed that the search for the Holy GRAIL was, in fact the search for racial purity and in nineteen o seven. He founded the order of the new Templars, and this movement was supposed to further the racial self confidence by doing pedigree and racial research beauty,
contests and the founding of racist future shied sides in under developed parts of the earth and the rituals are they performed world based on monastic teachings, but they also used lances own songs, prayers in readings that he wrote and sell. A green songs are really does. Is this the this? This style is: what's gonna go one later to be used to pick the S s, staff, the S, s are heavily pedigree. Oh yeah, all the prospective marriages in this society were racially vetted and huge Kurdish, saying Parliament's will no longer decide our fates and their place will be the wise priest kings of the secret order. You looked so this is all isn't like nineteen o seven. This is all you know, so he was a very famous person this once guy in hearing circles, I mean he AMOS, like how Henry's famous allies, but tell me every ivy, Org Alonso you'd have like three thousand twitter followers, one damn it to make it one day I'll be able to sell a tv show from now I'll do guess: spots and people's houses being a priest gang white. They are awry right, ok, so, let's catch up with our man, Hitler our it so Hitler not succumb to my birthday party. I have sent seventy invitation about. Do you not know that our sleeping? He is very important in deciding how much pancake I do debate. It is a very important thing. What year we go into were gone way, bag into, let's say him about fifteen years old, we're going like fucking bitch, so his beliefs, expanded threat, is encounters with various mystics occult is throughout the years, but it all began with one young boys power fantasies involving medieval times, an opera. While he supposedly had visions of his destiny. Look as the saviour of his people, starting at the age of fifteen over I grew older. I would we oughta. Do you guys? I was there. What are you talking about these camps? More cultural, please! I don't have a second helping, and yet I ve got you my own back right. So basically you used to do it. For my so August, Cuba Zack said in his memoirs young Hitler, the story of our friendship that actual book, those by which he said he conjured up. He conjured up and grandiose uninspiring pictures his own future and that of his people. He was talking of a mandate which, one day he would receive from the people to lead them from servitude to the heights of freedom,
special mission, which would one be entrusted to him, and this is what is now known as the secret secret picture, your future picture, it think about it and Hitler's studied all this. These nordic and teutonic mythology. Folklore stories and he warship Waldner, Vainer we want more Europe. The touched Bognor, though I am oblong you, you will not be the talented one pair. I I'm ok with technical, as I just like this. We put my broad area, so Hitler work should vulgar as the Supreme Profit of the german people vulgar. Is the guy you're like right of the valkyrie? He did the ring the character Parsifal. However, was the most important one. The Hitler Bognor did Parseval from a medieval legend in which propose the area in Christ, figure. Hitler's said out a parsifal, I may
a religion, awaited the tools. If you went to bargainers House in a really nerdy fucking field trip, you mentioned this house, unlike Hitler, like begged, to be, let interval gunners like room as we ve Yes, we ve got to know about Hitler. Is that like, if you really want something he can be real annoying until he gets? You just gets that's right, so they like let him into bargainers bedroom and he was went there and he wept and that's when he had his vision of being that the ruler of Germany, yeah yeah. This is like. If someone made a religion are firefly. Yes, the level of the Iliad Devoted yeah. What's that movie with that show with the The girl, with their there are debating about her hair occurs, felicity is a hell of a show. So in Parsifal Richard nor a key identified, the holy spear, this spear of destiny two items that appear in the medieval in Parsifal, a bleeding
spear in the castle of the GRAIL and the spear that is wounded. The Fisher King operas plot concerns the consequences of the spears loss by the knights of the GRAIL and its recovery by Parsifal, and having decided that the blood on the spear was that of the wounded Savior. Nor has the blood manifest itself in self in the spear rat. than on the spearhead. As far as Sit Henry said earlier, the spear of destiny was supposedly the spear that the roman soldier, pierced in Christ side in a moment of mercy and supposedly the powers of the sphere of destiny rival. Those of the Holy GRAIL, though Jonas Associated with it says that whoever claims it in its secrets
the destiny of the world in his hands for good or evil, but losing it would bring immediate Daniel you that's what I that's. What I pretend is happening over to my play with a view, Rubik's q, yet say their Rubik's, Cuba, the end of it or something I solve, and I can't get all the colors right. You know you can just die. You can just heated up and take off the yes TAT s. What we are doing here, it's hard where the other day. The other thing is that you're. So maybe this criticism. Geyser it just the same let's get. There was interesting, though, that you mentioned the merciful stabbing of Jesus Alot of people assume that the person is just right. I heard him more, no is just so he could suffocate faster egg. I thought they were doing it to check if he was dead to see what was done like a piece of pork by work, you never know. What do you do? You have any way it was jewish. How many days that maybe he's a turk pork is the close thingy human me and this thought she'd by softness. You could tell of its medium Ursela morgue, who fuckin
Read it in there and you have to be careful, make sure to cook your pork oil roadwork. So the spear of destiny actually does have a long, varied military history Charlemagne the great carried through forty seven battles, but he supposedly died immediately after dropping the relic into a string. That's out real thou right am I be who knows so that over that's the proof that will use today, I dislike balance at eight supposedly Napoleon sought the spear and its powers, but it was smuggled to Vienna. Out of his
Napoleon, was also afraid of cats. Yeah there's a lot of things are out of his reach, very nobby, very nobby hands and the spear itself was captain what was called the treasure House in Vienna and it was sounds like a trip cloth treasure house after it's also a very like obvious place, to hide everything- that's important he get like. Why did you call it like marthas rumours, monsignor, went to a big woven outside we knock. You want a common air, because I'm show em up pussy you to love and aiming to place. It is going to call it the things you should want to steal. We're gonna put everything important in there and its great will make it all glass YAP, northward door, knobs at every door. At any rate, it gives you miss one, no locks, because we trust people, while Hitler did take the spear when the annex jar it. This is the funny thing about the spear. What are the weird things about the Spirit? Because there is a lot of this mystical stuff surrounding it, but it is historical fact that, when Hitler annexed Austria one of the first things he did, we go
the Treasure House in Vienna and take this Beer and take it back to Nuremberg, which was said to be the spiritual centre of Nazi dirt. Yeah, witches were awaiting, a law is rallies there and there are hold in there with did, did like literally hundreds of hundreds of swastikas all fucking in viewing the power of victory in the famous rally at Nuremberg. That was a film by reef and strong rhymes triumph of the will over thirty six thousand swastikas represented in the triumph of the will, kill, discover you in here that statement, alot yeah, that is the Nazi magical sentence. As this idea of a triumph of the well, we will use our will to oppress others, and it's it's really great free the taking over countries or get return Adele S being because they fight today, our day, I'm sure they're, only our ally, you return and why you return, and you really gotta, have a Hitler ask
determination, dry, your sixty all better. I am of the wheel, L, L being as one of the words that there was a guy named nuclear he was there any a very respectable man he's written two books about the Spirit destiny. I he said that he was contacted by a former you, both sub mariner in the pseudonym captive by the pseudonym Captain Bill him bam hot. He claims that the spear those currently on display in Vienna is a fake forbearance. Heart said that the real spear was sit by Hitler to Antarctica with other
see traveller. They were working on their disk ships in order because they ve been working with the gray several times trading technology back and forth. You remember in Antarctica. They had these supersecret. That's he base were only the widest of the white and the biggest breasted women went because they were making brooding brooding circles there, and when I was for when Germany is his summer home- oh, I, u is gonna, be after they won the war there he was, can go, Diane, Arta and then it is cold is quick. Holding areas in summer and summer miles don't hold, though he loves the coal allies and the other one is and then did the true castle he did have is in and is in a good two hours, north of LOS Angeles on the beaches of California wires. A half made nazi temple that fucking Arbed, give all of the fucking sympathisers over here in Amerika were building for Hitler. Oh Jesus, oh yeah, solely, really see a gigantic swastika carved into a mountain weight.
For waiting for Hitler, so when you get his fucking great prudence servant waiting for Hitler like the dough, so let's get to World WAR one now, and what, when world war. One begins the people of Europe for the most part, balkan love it because it really creates a sense of militant nationalism and a lot of these different countries, because at this time Europe is very fragmented theirs. But you know so many wars going on back and forth. Every wants a country their own, especially german, Germany wants to break Austria and Germany back together to bring it
a whole because known imagination, theres many German, its German born Austrians, people, our native Germans and live in Austria. That debt feel that they are being rejected by the slovak government and so that this chip on the shoulder, but an hour, seems war one. It was this huge call to arms, we're gonna fuckin. Do this German! You got a huge army way organise you got the fuckin. The Kaiser ease look, go within a status of gray, and then they got their asses hand to him and all carved up and then that fuckin, the bitterness is what made them more were to happen. Plugin Hitler and his Vulcan Cry baby Antics, Europe, what Hitler looking to buy self to Germany he goes and unless in the bavarian army, he spends forty five months fighting in thirty six major battles, he gets the iron cross twice and there is some debate as to what Hitler actually did yet say that he was in extremely brave message, runner that they called the Austrian
and they also say again he was aloof. There was not a funny guy, like you. Was it like a joke and guiding and out he was always appear. They always obtain the right, but when he would, sometimes about his racial beliefs in the trenches there were some people who listened there were, because the only genuinely where some people were Saint fuckin right on, because people had already been here in this line of thought for about fifteen years. Yet it already been blaming the bad luck of the german people on the jewish people, and he was just kind of reiterating at an he's, got all these fuckin all stalwart magazines and Morgan, backed away so the war to have something to read out there the Germans lose. The conspiracy theories began. They say the capital established in the bag but, most importantly, the Jews stabbed us in the back. That was big, that that was the big phrase. Gonna run Germany, the time stab in the back, the Kaiser who thought to be the supreme example of aristocratic blood of area blood. He falls. Germany goes democratic. All of these
a cold societies. They can't believe, what's going on the whole place, the Weimar Republic happens. All of this like crazy, should like now. Germany goes from being the germanic ideal, which is total organised, like fuckin, empirical crazy shit to being a total chaotic mass, and out of this comes the thing they deem the fucking birth nest of the Nazi Party, which is the they secret occult society known ass, the fool society, the fool is imperfect, storm extort real somebody like Hilary goes because of all of this do this bitter is looking to the occult now they're looking to like errors or Matlin use magical. Its use, this kind of thing ritual and the civil society is eggs- is that if you had it on every level politically, it works out. You have a victim which is the german people in their eyes, you have the the aggressors which is the Jews than you have the religious people. Who can look to these? You know, look. Do these writings and teaching it's a perfect political storm to get Heller Napoleon absolutely in the full society they were,
good society. There was an offshoot of the german order. They were the Berlin Lodge of the job, in order for comes from the word foully, which is the name for. Legendary area and homeland. They said the truly initiated could establish contact with the area in beings the beings of thoroughly by means of magic, mystical rituals. The masters are ancient, allegedly will be able to endow the initiated with sue. Natural strengthened energy and with the help of these energies, the goal of the initiated was to create a race of Superman of Aerial stock. Who it is, terminate all in
fear your ran it's. This was written by Alan more. It would be a great comic, yeah storage, very engaging especially to a young disenfranchise german ute comic book nerds run a mighty rugged falcon be indeed was real. They think it's real happening and am, though cookie the cookie do. Side of this story is the ideal also is at there was a german chancellor in June in China there was doing a sort of visiting thing there and that we talked about this with the pleadings episode and a couple of things about this will the green society he met with a group of monks in China who believed that they were both racist monks in China. Now, ok, while making two months in China just sounds: racist Mokanna monks in China, down like a response and enclave is amongst the nine other Diana and China, and so they went and Dave
a group of monks who believe they speak to a panel of dragon. Soon quota quote manageable, reptilian that told them about the coming of the area and race and that they need to do whatever they can to help them, and basically, they sent all of this information from this Chancellor who went to the civil society and The great gave them all this stuff and that this is just direct on tap from Fuckin David Ike smuggling to go on his friend up. These people were serious about their area in many areas x ray. I dont think I need to have that caviar did, but I think we know that as serious. They were about this and how fuckin precise they were about it. In order to be a member of the thoughts society, you had to date, your area linen area lineage back to the thirty years war which ended in sixteen fifty you do. You have to prove that you pure areas from
steam fifty Intel nighttime, then they would also measure your head deceive. Your head was the property eyes like legitimately, and you didn't have any longer. I just had a bad doktor at birth and set it on my dad. You couldn't even be ugly, you unless you are Hitler, unless you are Hitler had one way to survive. His own policy was dry. You no later than one member of the civil society. He decided to extend its influence into the lower classes in he founded a discussion group eventually evolved into the daughter, our biter party, which means german firstly, and they would just hang out and talk about, should and then the german Army sit Hitler and to be a spy yeah them because he thought it was like delivery thought. It was a sort of like liberal group, because the Collar Workers party, they felt their own pocket but bullshit, but Hitler goes in their origins is all sectors every. By the way I figure Hitler in a French made outfit.
If so does see and hear what use all of these books vice you has appeared, so you need to get rid of your cannot take and what was her took up. The Jews on Saudi have never been awaited, although there was out of ITALY this in it said that the full society, the people who created the german workers party, have been searching for a german Messiah who would unite Germany after the humiliating to feed. I dont want to step on any tools, but it seems to me maybe I mean- I don't know will. There be german workers party had a lot of cultures in its group that were very influential. The Hitler and is a call believes the first one was Dietrich Eckhardt. He was the one,
the publisher and editor in chief of an anti semitic journal with Journal, which he called implying German, which is actually written in very complex german measures very happy. He was also committed a contest and a master of MAGIC and as and initiate we're talking about David Copperfield, David Copperfield. Here he expresses anticipation, end of the german Messiah and appoint he wrote months before you first met Hitler in the palm at cart refers to the great one. The name was one and whom all consents, but no one saw, but I just don't really understand to all these people met Hitler in their immediate lay like this is the fuckin Bobby veneer of the head of the Nazi Party or the Ivy Bundy Harry first time. Bed he spoke. He went to the you went to the meeting for the very first. I'm just gonna hung in the back, and then somebody that was speaking mention something about Bavaria about her.
Bavaria needs to go off and do their own thing by Hitler comes in, and does this impromptu speech about how Germany, Austria. Bavaria. Everything should be united, how we were able to have one single living room we all get to Gaza Ryan. I do we finally have dinner. I guess we'll sit, we were bombed, subscribes. Everyone have a good time and place on board gates. I love that idea, but it'll be watch it. Basically, he came out with the whole party line, legality spit out the ninety hearty line and they're all like holy shit, yet his soul society guys like this, is exactly who were important in fact, the source full society they assigned another- I guess spiritualist magician type to Hitler to develop
speaking abilities, because he had a natural speaking ability? He knew how to captivate people, but he did have a very learned teacher teach them how to rate. When I wonder what was Del close doing back that our vampire I well. We all know that Dell closes the secret teacher of all of these people who act at court on quotes sandy hook, court on quote the Boston Marathon. These quote on quote tragedies that these quotas quote survivors or court on quote crying at Del clothes. Is the man behind the entire movement, yes
However, there is another thing to Isn t it it's, the EU was a theatre teacher was assigned to him in a theater. Didn't you ever seen those pictures of him practicing yeah, it's a pretty amazing. That's pretty amazing! It's very hell area- and this is so common not to get all top Haiti, but repairing just signed up the number one, the theatre teacher in the country to help him with his debates. This evil politicians have done for up he's gonna lose yes, because a you at the end of the day. Yes, as I only dimly go like all like big frowning pages, with a guy like that fucking flower, like like at all times sad clown, redeeming, sat back than larger, theatrical work than had too, because it is too they didn't have talked easier exactly eckart. Probably he exert more influence over Hitler. Personally, probably more than any other person in the it's? U, partly in fat party. In fact, the Hitler ended mine comes with the words and I volunteered
recognize among Nancy Heroes that man who, as one of the best by words and by thoughts and finally, by Deeds- Derek It is life to the awakening of his of our nation Dietrich at caught his theatre teacher. I also longer than I love the card lay dying. He wrote
follow Hitler evil. That's what it is I who have constitute. I have initiated human twas, a secret door opened his centres, invasion and given hymns of means to communicate with the powers, do not mourn for me, I shall have influence, is burning, all doesn't just die. The eagle these theatre teacher, who want to jump in palm oil car, was at the theatre to each other that every guy close body, the magician he may rightly radiating whether all hanging around the fuckin donut. All donors is all fucked up ahead. Adona total something you don't the best part about Adona told us that attacked and I'm not in the mood for random. It said that that line right there was evidence that Eckart put Hitler and a communication with dark forces that may have indeed possessed the future fear and he's talking about the two songwriters, the wrote, the powerful song fireworks and also teenage dream men. I love those Katy Paris evil behind Katy invite those are now have an, and there were a couple other guys to. There was Rosenberg Alfred Rosenberg use inspired by the protocols of the elders of Zion and introduced to Hitler, which is a fake pamphlet that was written by the russian government. Nearly nineteen hundreds of basically said the jewish people were the problem again ended. They found out that they thought it was real. It was a real scientific thing saying the jewish people were inferior to white people, but it was thick, of course, squirrel think it off had its effect than those Carl House offer. Who is really big and labour reform, or he was a bigger believer in Layman's Rome, which is belief that the east belonged to the job
and people living around the living room. Yeah, that's why that's a pretty much why Hitler started with Poland I they started to move east throughout all those countries because they believe they also. The big thing was that they could go into Poland because they can walk backwards until they were leaving us that if we go and after four p m will be drunk grant them, probably the biggest one, the one that a lot of used but probably heard of Rudolf Hesse. He was Hitler. Second, in command. From nineteen thirty three until nineteen, forty one and In this party, Hitler found a group that share the same opinions that he had been reading about not start talking to other world where one of vets about four years within months Hitler was the head of propaganda. Within a year, the d, a p, had swelled from seven members to three thousand and the de AP had a new name. The national socialism stitch, though each I turn party a knot.
my party and I got to say there was not a phone party not of an unwritten, ignore these guys looked upon their all pretty much dick men. They all hook. The old looked me Jesus Christ. Just wait until we get the Heinrich Himmler and the next time you want to talk about the ultimate fucking evil or use the fuckin guy. He was the concentration camp, Fuckin architect, death, but he was all you. Nobody was before that a chicken farmer with stomach problems maneuvers that Heinrich, Heinrich Himmler have high oil timelines Rennie
in backward still nearly up that is funny so I'll, come back and next episode, we're gonna we're gonna get straight into eugenics. We're gonna gives gonna get pretty hairy the negative, loyally Harry we're gonna, get into the S s, we're gonna, get Heinrich him or some other wacky, a call hygiene that the Nazis try during World war, one none of end of towards wacky or high Jackie. I ll, just in terms of you know like whack year than what we do: yeah gay at much whack hear them what we did while awesome. What a great episode super informative, an amazing that starting from eighteen ninety all the way up, I don't think I need to remind you again. You know what we still Falcon gotta killed it lurked in ITALY, there dead, they're, all dead
while accepting the one that they just found out was over and in Argentina, daily they'll. Ninety eight Syria is even greater z. Never not it's been. That's! U average murdered I'm slip through the cracks yeah. He murdered a lot of people in Syria TAT. We never go and never cod mangle either Well, you never get all we can do in than there was all those nazis that we broadly shared operation Atalanta war. We re enter its done, so that was good. I mean technically Russia in that regard. The geology use data, we didn't know. Yes, I'm suffocating them. We got you don't think about. Don't forget about Pearl Harbor bombing idea. I am I mean we don't really get Germany, air, Roger Japan through the we are sending a message, though we got, we got our villains felt like father was in ITALY. I was just slamming down PETE's. My great uncle was in the ten death march, so think of the idea. That's not the march! You want to be in no no known, I like the months at a large when you say we're going to the death march. What does that mean, as it sounds
can it be alive? Marched in my body is getting I've march. Doesn't like me alive march. Over the second chance alone. We're gonna have the mirrors and then we're gonna go watch Rocky three death march. It is for you all right everybody. Let's do a hail yourselves, Hale, Satan, algae, Hale, Satan Fain would have done some mothers cause, God didn't do fuck up. Stop the nazi. Who here surely did not. You know the spear of destiny. It said indecent, comics lower, but the reason why Superman in green lantern and bad man. The reason why I couldn't involve ourselves in world war. Two was because Hitler held the spear of destiny took all accept, not remain after all, Maketh and A year ago, at the t, shirts, of course, cave company rio dot com, slash last podcast on the left is where you get your last
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for the group, because you know the more success we get. There's gonna be some people saying. Why would you make jokes about such serious subjects and then we need these ever pieces of evidence to prove their worth billions going Maria Paper by what yeah they're dead they did it go. Fuck me think if you just gotta go Fernanda just really sucks, and I guess you know we're losing some of our edginess edgy enough for some people, but those people can perhaps about everything is fine, but if Europe will listen, go also Koper, everyone's poem for you, Buddy Satan, again Ale may now dodgy soon, and yet I guess that's it read reviews on Itunes shows like the one, just listen to go to cave, comedy, radio, dot, com.
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