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Side Stories: A Break From Reality

2019-08-21 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Epstein update, a competitive eating death, and an Edmonton man admits to a gruesome killing but says he's not criminally responsible.


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This is the lost to is on the left side. We survived Atlanta, early man. Barely we survive the Lantic City vibe. Only did we were on our Gallagher to tour, which involved three shows in two casinos and I think it's safe to say, MS, my little joke member little Joe Catering. Yes, I'm a gambler with a comedy problem. That's very scary, it's very scary, once you have mug like catch phrases for your gambling addiction. That's when it gets scary, 'cause, you're, normalizing it you're shifting it to the center. We know I'll, say you alright, you were I'm going to say gambling irresponsibly authenticity as a direct witness of it. You were
trying to show Marcus and either the ropes, which is a fun is a sighting in the first place 'cause. It was just a huge father with his two ghoul, like children walking through the casino. This is where we stop. We, I don't really good. We now we got here to tell us how much you black out seventeen blackouts he says you know it Marcus and I are like we, I go to the ice cream store daddy. You said we were going to go to the roller coaster. Three hours ago, daddy, daddy, I wanna hot dog, but Henry Weekend before we, the show full disclosure in Bethlehem, Pa that roulette. I had an iconic roulette run. I had a limited numbers on the board. I'd stacks of chips in front of me it's funny because of all all our fans are just big dudes. So just a bunch of big guys be like all right. Let's see what you got mad, I mean. Do you know we're not we're not Lee in order to cash, thirty. We weren't surrounded by supermodels, I like my beefy boys, and they were very encouraging. You had quite
a collection, here's to you, young man, city airing at you like you were Bobby, but MIA and his date were someone transfer your game plan because all say this or it's a lennix city. Yes, irresponsibly done yeah, I very, very drunk yeah. I know I lost three hundred dollars immediately right. I, but, though I will say Kissel somewhere in a haze, you walked over to another casino. We we laughed one location to go to a second location. What you're never supposed! I know I know we went to. We went to another place. You really really and you're trying to explain it to me. You're, like there Lowe's in lingerie to home at home, easy as pie switches, you got a game at you got to be smarter than. All right out of me, it's a little bit more, it's more stroke victim than hammered, but I'll take it. You don't know what it gets to win. It's just it's not about just sitting at the bar. It's you. You become a different type of person in front of casino. It's like your eyes.
Turn into little dice and you become somebody else, but I did watch you go click, click, click, click, click and just put money all over roulette table, and you just staring staring at it. Can five hundred dollars. There was but then you lost it all. Yes, of course he lost it all, but in the that run. You are always scary. It was like I'm cold, the numbers. I look for you for an hour. I couldn't find you all of a sudden you get over there in the way. You're talking you have your holding court. ' with all these sandwich boys trying to access to them. How old are you your use, use use, use well, and they don't have the money that you're wasting we just left getting paid. We went right me paid gig. You just want to play with your bagel feet or roulette table. People that are there to unveil,
You should know if they're, not they didn't just get paid, they have already been spending money and wide watching you lead a bad example. I wouldn't know. I wish I was fairly conservative. I did not wasted too much money, everyone, because I we were. We respect your money when it comes to Patrie on- but I will say that what what is the what's the secret before this, not a gambler podcaster, what's the secret, I stick with the black arts and a occasionally do a zero or double zero. But I have my structure and the game comes to Maine. You don't want to chase. You want the game to come to you, that's how you do it, everyone. This is side stories like in bend that ten ring you are, but it all seriousness. Thank you all. So much for coming out to the shows at AC, in Bethlehem, much fun in Port Chester, and I will say it was fun. Getting a chance to hang out with a bunch of the fans to on the casino floor has a funny set of circumstances to be there, because I'm not a real gambler, so don't take it seriously and a because it was getting a little mad because we don't take
seriously, which is still very funny. It still doesn't work, that's the problem with being comedians, if like, if I am getting aggravated, you're like Ben's getting mad, this is really fun. It's like this is not fun. We're trying to drive it up. We're trying to focus. There was one guy that we were playing with in Bethlehem. Who had one hundred dollars chip and he's like put it on black, my girl Frances. If I lose it, she's going to leave Maine and then just hit red, and it was like. Ok, you just so you're single. Now you have to go, but anyway Henry you know. What today is what it's not just any old day today is the 30th anniversary of Kyle while the Lyle Menendez brothers, killing their parents wow good. Of them. Isn't that crazy, dude, I'm sorry problems, I'm sorry, Lyle and Erik Kyle and Lyle just sounded better Lyle and Erik now. Do you think that they Do you think they celebrate mother's and Father's day in jail? I don't you think they go like gotcha man
Chad dead air. Whenever it comes up. I bet you that they probably get taunted every mother's and Father's day, just be like hey, you guys get a car today. Well, you did his children parents, I get it well, you know the that they actually just showed you that proactive about your problems. But actually I don't agree with what I just said. Well, I don't agree with the statements that Henry Zebrowski made very good You're doing so much better, that's why free sage has been pretty unoccupied occupied lately. I am not recuperated, though I'm just waiting in the Yes, ok time will come. The time will come again for me, I'm come again. You'll see I'm aware who you'll see but waiting to my 70s wait till your seventh wait until ten minutes from now but if you do want to feel old, Henry Lyle is now, fifty one years old, Eric is forty, eight, it's just there. But you know it's one of the things? Were there always be teenagers to me? You know
the two men there frozen in time. It's like Madonna Madonna will always be that bad that we were talking about the sex book. The Madonna put nine oh yeah, that era Madonna just burnt into my apps over the years of masturbating? I do love her music too. I still dance with, of course realize I can't do the complicated vogueing. I do some of that that that's very, very intense, oh yeah, it's a real workout there. It's like yoga, so there it is thirty years ago today. So if you don't know about that case, we actually covered at the Menendez Brothers case. So you go back in our archives and in give that a listen is a compelling interest in story, and they really I mean They almost got away with it, but just got away with it, but they just love that money, love showing off that money and that's how it done go, they were so excited not do they were so excited to be orphans.
No and there's not a lot of people that are that excited to be orphans right, just Richie, rich and Heathcliff, the only ones that are really really benefited from being orphans. We can quickly update you on the Jeffrey teen mystery. That is unfolding into absolutely nothing so far. We will just quickly do this because we don't want to do another dedicated episode the story until something concrete really comes out because which I don't know if it ever will but what we know now is right AB scenes bone his neck on his autopsy review to be broken, which technically means it is. Slightly more statistically likely that he was strangled then uh, they did. But then the actual official cause of death came out as a suffocation. So we who's playing
here we don't know it's just a little bit more likely that he was strangled. But technically, if you also just botched the job of hanging himself, he could have done the same thing. He literally could have jumped off his bed and it hung suspended. We have no fucking clue. Perhaps you don't know 'cause that footage hasn't come out we don't and as we predicted so we have. We have that information and, of course, that water that that is being muddied every single day, and I do want to comment when it comes to the theory, those are now being so mainstream split and web course. When we get into politics, we'll talk more about this case on able gets top out. Yes, but I doubt check out the coverage and Abe Lincoln's top hat as this rolls forward, because kids are going to do
work on the straight up. Just what is the information that is coming in and the political ramifications, because that's where the story right of headed to, but that is watching people spend it for political reasons exactly, and so that's something we do have to be careful with, because if you once the government starts beating the conspiracy theories, they're just doing that, so they can continue to get away with that, it's much better if the spotlight is off of them and too much larger. I notions or concepts like the Menotti, so they're hiding in plain sight. It's still the same, and when the president and his crew start sound like Alex Jones. That's on purpose, that is on purpose, they are today, are using this storyline for their own benefit, for whatever Bevin, if it is, if it is just political confusion or there too, or what has become known, it was a when the President says that somebody else did something, it means that he did it right now, that's why? Yes, but I don't want to say the. I also think that he's. I don't think that he had anything necessarily do with that. I just think that he definitely benefits from it. On July, Maxwell
now immediately after we put out, our episode was discovered living live with a long time, boyfriend for three years in a mansion by a in Manchester by the sea are in Boston right, so she had. She had. So was there, so they did locate her then so that mister is over. But then pictures emerged later week of July in Maxwell at an in and out burger in LOS Angeles. Her first of all, just. The idea of seeing Julie Maxwell at an in and out is really funny 'cause. We don't think that she be the type of person to really eat fast food burger, I don't know if she's ever seen, one just like. I think she like, so these burgers are prepared yes, Chilean. Yes, it's a big, it's a big gap. What is this bit? Is it like a cold feet? It's just like to compete. Well, it is sort of like that. But it's a hamburger. If I could match I'm going to call the police, but is she really good? She is hiding, she doesn't. Ketchup is but they're now saying that those pictures might have been stay,
but Henry honestly, I'm gonna give her. Well, I'm not going to give her any credit. I mean she's, no she's, the woman behind she's, the woman, the woman I'm getting all the children for Jeffrey Epstein to rape, but she troll the ci a pretty hard core in that photo shoot because she was reading a book called the mysterious lives and deaths of CIA agents, which is just a straight up like hey guys. I'm watching you too, and I know how he died. They are straight up playing this like a television show Maybe she is also doing she is playing her part, but we believe it was staged by her lawyer No, that's true, because it came out in the daily mail which would just trying to do there in a gotcha competition within the New York Post, yeah post, but those pictures out so now we have no clue what's real and what's not real and Congratulations US government, you did it, you did it again. I will say our prediction was correct. At last week's episode, though, Miss Maxwell is certainly now that,
with a spare if I am her, I am not happy that Epstein is out of the way, because now people want action. They want someone to be prosecuted obviously they're going to go after Epstein's. The state there's going to be some money coming in as there should be. They should all get everything that should all be split up sold and they should get some cash, but I think Maxwell is currently gotta be sweating quite a bit. We also learned just a little bit more about this really weird it is a Saint James Island, a k, a the set from mid summer. It is what really the whole mid summer. It is a beautiful piece of property, oh mine, is because we watch some of that drone footage. You know, but I think people have been talking a little bit about this. Is that there's a drone origin of channel on Youtube. I forgot what it's called. Let me look. This up, What is the exciting name of the drone channel on Youtube drone? I think it's rusty, Shackleford Ono Rusty Clifford, that's a that's a that's from king of the hill! That's the dude! That's the name of the
but that's the name of his you tube channel, yes, yeah, the guy had it been on it for a long time. He's a conspiracy. Theory, page odd, odd, you too, but this drone footage man Henry. So let's talk but this one area, because I do think this is interesting. You got the you got that disgusting. Looking blue White stripe Box. Right and it is MSU's like it's a little MSU's room. Yes, the room. Interestingly enough, my understanding is it only locks from the outside which is or and used to have a gold dome on top until the blew it off. So people referring to it as a temple or something like that, and it is like super creepy. It does seem again like one of the housing locations in the movie midsummer, but we did. They said there was a bunch of beds in there and things like that. I'm assuming it's the quarters where everyone would sleep now perhaps uh? It was where he kept some of his in the victims from some of the people that were working. The events we don't know and then there's this empty field
just, looks like it could only be used for mass murder. I have no idea. It's like. We kind of need ever be hemion. Have style party. Maybe, like you know, honestly so much fun and there. I'm tossed football around there. Their whistler like The nerf footballs that be so much fun you get down there. You got a couple of fifteen year olds or whenever you lose it in the woods, that's going to be so much fun. Oh yeah, buddies hanging out there, like you got a little boat there, beautiful lagoon. You could see how a man love his privacy, he look at this, it's about location, location, location, what but incredible vacation spot I mean now. I hope final somebody honest like an e on Musk Maura, Tyler Perry can on this island really really flip it or somebody Rodney Dangerfield's. In it, because that's what I'm really hoping for right turn it into a function. Cruise
location blasted out, it all over it, but I slides on it invite people from Pittsburgh, St Paul, all in our people, go down there and flop around all covered zinc and ninety spf and just throwing beer cans everywhere. All honestly. Yes, we have to reclaim that land in the name of fun and in the name of Celebration party yeah, just the idea of former Governor Bill Richardson and Alan Dershowitz tossing the football around nothing, nothing more athletic than those two clouds of so it was just a bunch of people bent over and they were trying to fit the footballs inside of it was horrible. I'm sure it was disgusted, obviously that island again needs to be sold. Fully to someone who will must woo definitely will do something much better than Jeff, so we will from now on this story.
For us is going to be over until we see more but for further coverage. Please go do Abe, Lincoln's top hat, because that's where it's gone, but then we're going to be all right. Let's move on to some man this week, I don't know what happened, but it's another week full of madness and mayhem in the world who would it it's like it never stops. I want to do this. First or when do the story, but this Edmonton man? Ok, let's do that alright, so the story about an Edmonton man admits to some killing says he's not criminally responsible. This is reported by the global NEWS so proud by Fletcher. Can't silver Kush Wall has a to stabbing his ex girlfriend a hundred and one time mutilating her body. Now a judge must decide whether he was Emily responsible Edmonton man was convicted. Monday of the second degree, murder of thirty eight year old, Nadine scowl on August 24th, two thousand and fifteen, and an offering an indignity to her body. The agreed statement of facts read at
Paul's trial Monday said the pair had dated for three years, but we're no law. ' together early, one and Cosh Wall came discounts building and walked into her sweet. He stabbed her to death, leaving a scene that senior homicide investigator Bill Clark described at the time as one of the most horrific of his long career. All right well kept stabbing her even after she died using multiple knives from her kitchen. Now you were saying several ten it's in the building at one hundred and four ST and one hundred and six avenue heard a woman screaming one said that she yelled he's going to kill me help me he's going to kill me. And she did it three times and he did probably is That's that's the thing about this story and he's going to get into the gruesome crime scene here in a second because it is indeed gruesome, but This is also a story, and I'm not blaming the tenants here, but you have to have a little bit of just like we live in a community and if you hear your neighbors say he's going to kill me he's going to kill me three times. Maybe just pick up the phone, call, nine hundred and eleven just in case
always better. Safe than sorry is pop it into the citizen at the since you weren't sure. If you get this, it is an app you could pop it in there and is blasted out. You can do totally anonymously if you have to sure. So it seems as if the neighbors didn't do this woman, any favors. The man was sort of known, in the area is being a little bit a loop, a little crazy. He said that he had p t s d along for, It's a mild hood. Yes, it's came from his past in South Sudan, as a boy where he'd saw a lot of violence and a lot of he saw a lot of up psychologist. Leslie block examine coach wall at the request of the defense. He determined, kush walls. Mental conditions have rendered him incapable of appreciating his actions, show signs of paranoia and delusions now she's he's no longer connected with reality. Yes, now what we 'cause 'cause, he said he's coming across in a dead end state. He said This is a man who cannot sleep at night. He cannot sleep at night. 'cause he still sees the militia coming are
is home and taking people, and you can hear the screams still and he sees next morning the destruction brought on by these militia and how the carnage has been ever present. Very, very intense right, 'cause he's saying they're saying and it according to block that he Is it the malicious came and killed his girlfriend right? So I don't know about all that hence the obviously suffering from something he suffering from PTSD. Yes, he does PTSD and obviously growing up in south sudan- will give somebody PTSD and then of course, does not allow you or give you the credence to go out and stabs one hundred plus times and leave. Crime scene, the way that he did so. The question is this happened, two thousand fifteen. Why has it taken so long to get this man to trial? And of course that is because we are one about his mental incompetence and one of the reasons people say he's a little on the crazy side is because of the crime scene he left behind and Henry. I know you have the details on that, and now this is
the Edmonton journal. Okay, in an agreed statement of facts, read into the record. By crown prosecutor, Lori Tray hand, court heard scout heart he's in uterus, we move energy. Your were mutilated. Her heart was found into a wall with the night of the need a letter, eight written in her blood MIKE this. This is for reals he trash or tire apartment with her blood. It is very, very intense. Any idea what the h stood for is that it is there any like. I have no idea was he attempting to what Ma'Am is hoping it? It's not a. I really hope this is not some hidden promotion for adult swim. Something like that. I mean that why I wrote it yeah, that's where I'd be really really standard that New Brad Pitt movie sure, not where he's the astronaut. What is this one? It's it's called ad Astra
it could be for that made, which I think is a little controversial. I know it's hard to get. I have all these days because they're gonna cut through the noise right right, but what else is a lot? I would hope that I wish it was a marketing ploys of this woman was still alive, so he really had a. What do you think you know, because we have a mild expertise and crazy. Ask people it sounds a little. It sounds a little richer to Chasey to Maine, or what does it mean when you go after? What do you think it's so personal to go after the internal or and specifically the ovaries, and then he also heard Girls were mutilated. So this is some being that this man there's a He targeted. This part of this woman's body once you boy he wanted. Obviously he felt a great deal of rage whether or not he knew what he was doing. I don't know when it comes to better chase or chase is the basically the tale of very intense odd
very intense mental illnesses have run amok like he can with no treatment and know. What's not, no help whatsoever and complete and total loss. Of communication with reality right when it comes to something like this type of murder, is that he wanted to desecrate the body it's more just about did. He understand his actions were wrong at the time. Did he know what he was doing was because the amount of time spent doing the action, because it's about rage right right after your stabbing a body multiple times, and then you start to wonder: is this person mentally ill and and not in control of his actions? Or is he doing it to say? I think he's crazy right that does that make you then extra crazy, like if you you can say like. Can you like, I did it show people would think I'm nuts and then I would get off on people
saying I'm too crazy the to commit the crime right, I'm not mentally fit for trial, but then people would then got a what, if it's, the exact then shows you are not mentally fit to do anything absolutely also It's about the behavior around the murder as well. A neighbor told investigators that pair had issues he'd encountered 'cause wall trying to enter Scouse apartment that day before or her death he'd been seen yelling at her apartment and mashing, and all the buildings buzzers and around one thousand two hundred am on August 24th, another of scouts neighbors heard thumping coming from her apartment you been spotted on transit cameras walking from his apartment towards cows around that time around or one am scows. Neighbor across the hall awoke to a strange man standing by her bed. The man ran out when she attacked him with an umbrella, penguin style, but the neighbor did not call police. Nor did she call when she heard a scream from scouts apartment, nor when she put your ear to the door of scouts, sweet and heard moaning, I think the police,
would have like to know what was going on. In that case, I will will will try to keep you updated. The judge has not yet ruled on the competency of this man, it's possible that he goes to the loony Bin forever or a psychiatric ward, and want to be disrespectful? It's like it's place, a mental hospital or it's possible- The judge says: hey, you know what this was obviously premeditated. It was so violet was so brutal. You have to stand trial for the murder of this, woman face incarceration so either way he is off the streets, which is good. Good obvious man is extremely extremely dangerous, is very dangerous, but adds very, very intense. You just gotta, be careful and again you just never let him back in no absolutely so this actually, when they start screaming, we know 'cause, I under
and I know when I'm in a highly agitated state. Well, I find myself screaming at a structure when on our side of the building and yelling, and that's when it's time for like but now locally, I I you know: Natalie is there to scoop me up all right. Somebody maybe there's a fan that sees me, have you See me screaming at a building outside just be like hey man, doing alright given give all check yeah and then you, even I and I'll, go into a I'll go to one of those places for mental exhaustion. Gallagher Allison Malibu Passages, Malibu, you'll you'll, fit right in there with all the celebrities of all right, will move it onto a sad story, but technically among less disgusting story doesn't involve murder. This is unfortunate. This is about competitive eating competition and Goes out to this man. A man dies after competing in an amateur taco. Eating contest during grizzlies game.
I don't want to say well, this is what we talked about. This is where I always scare me to do our own self styled taco contest and I almost died. I know prosecuted almost died you're. It is a dangerous food, so dangerous food to eat quickly, you need to do it with and relaxed atmosphere, sure some guitars playing a couple of beers and you get. Throw relax. Yeah. Really sad, so just be careful, but he was so he did go out technically a winner. His name was Dana Andrew Hutchinson. He loves sports and he loved having fun He said that he had not eaten all day. He was ready to do it ready to go in there and win and he was actually speaking with people and he told one man. His name was Eric Schmidt. This is according to air. But he said he said he was going to you're a taco eating contest and has not been eating all day to make himself the winner missed Mcwilliams say when watching the event. It was on a job.
Coach. He says he was winning. I mean he was hungry. You could tell my son. I were standing there like. Oh there's. A guy and he was winning because he was starving, but then unfortunately he took off. We took one more bite. He began to choke and the just so they they cut the titan tron they come, they cut the jumbotron footage he collapsed. Emts went up to try to help him, but unfortunately he died at the hospital about thirty minutes later and he leaves behind two teenage children just be a very sad is so so so so he had be careful in your eating competitions, because you know, if I win, but also pros or pro this for reason the White talks about just what the kind of woody does to her body. The amount of difficulty that's, because also she throws it all right up to it all comes out of another bag of that's difficult.
Throat really difficult here, call gullet. I will, hey this one statements pretty funny where he said from Schmidt, he was when I mean he was hungry. You could tell, my son and I were standing there like over here, there's a guy and he was and because he was starving I know which is just the that Tina want. That's a booking! It's a lesson for life That is one when you got to be hungry for that. When you do, you do, but you also got to be careful, apparently, the rest of the weekend's talk, taco, rock throw down events did go on, but they do the cancel some of the competitive eating events. So there you go. I don't know what, if I'm not sure These were hard or soft tacos, I'm going to assume they were hard tacos and I Just say: go with the soft taco route, I think you're much less likely to choke, but you got to be careful and that's just a little story there. That's a that's a story of warning, a story of woe, but also a story of winning. He did go out
top. So you are you're a good man and it's on you know what happened to you. It's just yeah. I did it with the store just to be close to home, because I'm currently for knowing competitive eating competitions, white castle burgers spicy chicken wings obviously the tacos- and and some others along the way. So you know this is just how you're going to go. This is very possible, You know what that's why you pick it really. You have to really pick it very carefully which food you want to go in and what level because I think, if you're going to die during taco you're going to die during an eating, competition gets all the only with proper way to do it July. Fourth, Coney Island hot dog eating competition. So you go down as a true american, yet she only way to properly schedule your death, I love it or if we could get on Sean Evans, hot ones, we Tweeting about this, I don't who are famous enough to get on it. You know I think I used to be, but but now we used to be
the level where is appropriate, but I don't know if we can get on, but I'm thinking ready, yeah bro. So if you no Sean hit him up for us, because only I don't do that I'll. Do that in a gosh darn minute. I would love to check that and if and see, if I can't beat stone Cold, Steve Austin, who was a total on everyone? That's just a stopped competitive eating story, Steve Austin episode was really good. Yeah dude, stone cold is of the balanced, all right cool. So this story is about a South Indiana Ma'Am. Evidently, ok. His name is Joseph Oberhansley he's thirty eight. He was charged with murder, burglary, abuse of a corpse and rape in two thousand and four After forty six year old Tammy Joe Blanton was found dead. What makes this case even more brutal is that evidently he ate parts of her brain and parts of her body, so this man truly is a cannibal. So, of course the
Kitchen is kind of sticking with our story previously. Is this man competent enough to stay trial again was he hungry? Was it Those words is like. Maybe we just so wrapped up in how hungry you? What, after you deserve it or is it like a snickers commercial? Is that if you're, not you when you're hungry, is that what you're saying this is like a like a angry yeah yeah? This is where you be have what does but dick up there. My dick on this Yes is his lawyers say he's got debilitating the very serious mental health issues he's got. You know he's a as MS bit. Behavior is extremely strange again, and we'll see he been convicted and spent twelve years in toss state prison after killing the mother of his child. So this is not the first time that he it's committed extremely violent acts show. This is bizarre that he was even out about that story, but this story, this murder happened, took place on September 11th, two thousand and fourteen around three hundred o'clock in the morning blend
cold pleased to report that overhands Lee was trying to break into her home police arrived, he agreed to leave officers left her home when she didn't arrive at work. The next morning, CO workers called the cops I found. They said they found a knife in his pocket and it was covered in his ex girlfriend Erin blood when the cops finally got this guy and tracked him down. He abs, her in the head neck and body, then he cut her open with an electric saw and remove part of her brain and ate it raw than cooked an eight another section. He cut out her heart and eight hundred that too, along with a part of a lung. So Another one of those piper weird seems like maybe a schizophrenic break or something it's either a break. Get my you know what always gets me is when the planning gets that intense right. I don't know why
that's ever like. That's always a question, please, if you are, but it's either, do you work for a for a psychological friends ex you work with like with people they? I have done this type of gruesome murder. Please email us. Side stories. L p o dot com to help with this. This conversation because I really want to know if, if an intricate destruction of a body do something like this, it takes time right effort. We have to go and get the tools of the thing about how your doing it. Does that make you more mentally ill or less mentally ill? Legally, Does that make you know more cognizant of what it is that you do that you're doing right where you sit and you think about it or is something that protracted a uh? that mean that you sat and you've been like thinking about it for awhile yours. It also like. I don't really know where is it half if it's fucking
half of one slash two another one of those sucking like gray areas where we really don't understand the human mind. It does seem premeditated, of course, showing up there little bit and then again with this very I guess you wanted her to be part of him, or I mean we can't do a deep dive into the psychology of this person were not psychologists, but my god there was something very personal there. They do, about cannibals, alright, the game is really it's all about incorporating the victim into you permanently right to Jeffrey, Palmer openly said that that's why he did it, but that he was also the loneliest of the lonely serial killers right like yeah. Definitely the heartbreaker zero Kelly, so I don't really now. It sounds sort of like a mixture than of a process or product right. The process killer, someone who loves the process of killing Prada killer, who just someone who wants the so someone who is it maybe a necrophiliac not necessary. It's not they don't miss really want to murder, but they want the product, and so
this case. It seems as if it's a little bit of both because it seems as if obviously had the intention of cannibalism, but then he seem to relish in the moments of this were absolutely the it because that's it's all the afterwards right in right out of that, like playing with the body, it's having then control right right, right, yeah, right, where it is now, it is my play thing is my toy. This is very, very scary and you gotta be careful. You date out there be careful, listen if you're friends with someone or like co workers. Listen when they're like this It is really dangerous weather, be a boyfriend or a girlfriend. There's a lot of kooky people there, so just because I really want to put him in the category cookie people yeah really is to see if you are really cookie, quirky guy yeah, you know, like you, know, yeah like go home. What was the name? Woody Allen's love in all of his movies. The woman
always was in everyone of his movies is love interest. Oh and Diane. Keaton, yes, of real Diane Keaton, like your real Diane, Keaton we're in a suit, and it's like. Oh that's, kooky, that's fun, actually want to cover this story. Really quick, not the blob story or a story. Let me cover this story. The daily mail? So it's a rag, but it's fun. Ok, police find Mama, fied human remains in Ucl, Was it in a shrine to an unknown deity at the home of a New Jersey man who is a cute? list of sexually assaulting a thirteen year old girl, New Jersey, police, discovered mummified human remains an an altar to an unknown deity, and he so the man who has been accused of sexually assaulting a thirteen year old girl, Robert Frank Williams, fifty three of Newark. Is arrested on Friday following reports. They abused the child over several months, the Essex County Press as officers of the abuse began night, twenty eighteen, but eighteen, but now they have not confirmed entity of the remains and it's unclear if the remains are from an adult or a child, it was a mummified human in a bin in his closet
literally my storage bin. It show pictures from his facebook page. I love the fact that we're in an age to wear like getting imagine just like having followed Jeffrey Dahmer, when he was right. He did crimes are out like what it would see his daily life, what it was like. Yes, unfucking social media and in this daily mail article and you can find it. The headline is: please find mummified human remains in the closet and a shrine, and then you guys can go from there. I'm sure that will come up, but you can see the picture. Of this shrine and it it really extremely interesting this area intricate? This guy also would put captions on all the pictures. So this is a caption that he had one on one of the photos that showed a bunch of dirt stuffed in tight, stuffed two sandwich bags here, I'll read it read this. This is his quote on social media I'll collect dirts.
Mens and women's tombs, catholic and jewish cemeteries, as well as all required dirt stribild pots. If you need specific dirts, then I can collect any amount needed, it's all very strangely spaced out, strangely spelled the it's got. A it's a pretty much a general did general. Do looking I'd say an altar. I mean it seems pretty cool it. Several pictures of him with a crown on the picture, I'm in full top hat with what can only be described as food on like yeah accessories, lot of skulls, letter, beads or red cape. Obviously, some specific thing that he is working towards this photo just shows a bunch of tombstones in the shapes across is, and he says, the user some. Tombstones I acquired and also for sale and any That is all right, Pentagram old, on the way to candles. But this is like very you. This is a very perfunctory there's, not even a pentagram. It's a jewish star, this this room
find me a little bit of us covering the early life of Joseph Smith, of course, in our Mormonism series, and thanks so much for such a wonderful response. It's been so sweet about that series because it which I know mental. Because this is one of those deep dive, mind in a series that we've embarked on. So the encouragement is wonderful, but Joseph Smith in the grave robbing it seems. Is he just try to sell this on Etsy it does. He think that you can just go steal stuff from graves and be like a flip. It see what I do is I go to the people. Do it all the I'm still the fucking. The ghoul market. And it is, it is flourishing right because of people like us, because we are like that. We collect these odd bits. So people like him technically he's a businessman up until molesting. When you do the molest, then you shift businessman who, I guess technically view of a billion dollars. You become.
More important, I don't know if you have less than a billion dollars to become a criminal. But he is not coming up to the human remains, but he could have just dug it up from a fucking grave. I get honest, she very much could have this man day Man who is, without a doubt, a risk Two is society probably needs to be bars Ok, that's just that little story. You never know who the hell you're living next to not to be or not to make. You scared, but I'm just going to say, have a barbecue. Just you know in check little time once a month, but like its neighbor barbeque and have some How comes over you know what you working it. If you say what working on the guys like beginning known to an entire world of necromancy and power, not chill you I'll show you some dirt's. Even if you need specific dirts, I can get it. How much of it is. It takes an ear like hot dog.
Do you hate me? I actually don't remember if you eat meat or not, and then noted noted yes, ok, so let's do hero of the week and and the hero of this week you know, what's so fun, it's so fun when it's an animal week, quite frankly, I'm not gonna say
that my feelings were hurt, but I was tagged quite a bit in a photo that went viral from the Iowa state, fair, involving a Warthog and is Bruce anyways about one thousand two hundred pounds and he was shown chugging a bud light lime at the Iowa State Fair. You were tags in this fucking picture so many times in a way that I can only the only way I can describe it as a factory so this Dabrowski camp another little during the lies you have spread and sewed into society is just unreal this is how misinformation think this is just a joke this is in reality home misinformation, spreads. I don't drink, bud, light lime, but now it's easy made it back in the day did you did and you brag about it? I don't know one day. We will find that audio and it will be it will be presented. I do not think so, but
I you to I like you well, but your body slammed at Bud light live down, and Was super cute. Well, do it it so good Brutus, I'm not sure if you on or we didn't win. I'm not even really sure how a pig wins or loses a pig competition, I'm not sure who goes to them, but the word Iowa. At this same time- and now I really regret not having one more day in DES Moines, where we could have just gone and be like yeah, Brutus, woo, I would be fun to buy. Him will be funded by our men and all of that is have them around, and then I mean honestly, we would just eat yeah, maybe at some point when he got too old. Although I do love pick these up. I've said it before: I'm not like house: okay, chickens, okay, but pigs, their friends with dogs, and if I got a pig I know I mean I would give up pork. If I could. I didn't you know when I do try, but then I found out it's in everything. I mean I just like pork
so I don't eat it all time. You know, what's always kind of disappointing honestly, a pork chop at a restaurant It's always a little bit disappointing and you know what a little underwhelming nowhere else. You know what else I don't like is pork Jerky. It's not good for the Georgian like pork Jerky, you know what I do like. Oh cured, pork I'll take any any second of the week. I also like the way I make pork chops 'cause. I sometimes do it. My own mom's way, though, is that right you get that country style ribs Right- and this is like I like it's- it is sort of gross, but it works you dick a mixture a sweet and sour sauce with a mix. Either, like you get some form of Thai chili, sauce that Red chili, sauce or suraci, or something that you like. You mix it in with sour, whoa, put the mix it all together in with country style ribs, and you bake that for an hour. If I hour and a half four twenty right or twenty five, oh sweet and salty
there you go you've learned a lot of things on this. On this episode, that's going to shorten your life, you learn how to play roulette and learn how to make. Do your rib barbecue? There are certain recipes that my mom just had and I don't know where it came from, but she did it with the duck sauce. Oh sure. So actually I've never heard that. I'm all everyone yeah. I Suppose I have some, you want to assume listener great. Let's do it so number one comes from J. Ok, I've been working backwards, movie episodes. In a one point, Henry had talked about the documentary, a dangerous son. I worked a residential treatment facility for a few years, working with adolescents with behavioral issues for the most part, these kids had an imbalance that caused him to have little to no control over their impulses and emotions or lived through a trauma that changed the way they interact with. Others, but every now and then you'd come across one. That was purely a psychopath. I've seen some while
watch it on my seven years at the facility, but one that sticks with me the most it was an incident with the kid that I will call Jared Jared was violent and impulsive he had no remorse someone would attack people with no provocation. He would have times break into fits of laughter that was followed by ramblings of his desire to kill people set fire to animals or destroy. World around him. One day, Jerrod went off on. One of his aggressive outbursts and began stabbing himself in the neck and chest with a broken piece of plastic. I spent the remainder of the evening within arms, reach of him several times having to fend off an attack or place him into seclusion room to prevent him from attacking other residents at one point near the end of my shift. The sudden calm came over him and he began to describe to me an idea that he had he wanted to kill a dog. Off its legs and head. Then he wanted to kill a person and remove are arms, legs and head then so the dogs appendages on to the hue.
His body. That's creative, a kind yeah, he's kinda, created. Ok after telling me about this, Jerrod had no more outbursts for the evening and my shift ended with no further incident the next afternoon. My arrive for my shift Gerald is no longer at the I was informed that during the morning will outside for recreation, he climbed over the fence and eloped from the facility. I was later informed from the police. When he was were, much worse than he had made his way to a nearby highway and was hitchhiking. He was picked up by an older woman per her report. Once here it got into her car. He did not speak a word to her. You only sat in the passenger seat turned towards her and stared. Her while laughing to himself without looking away for several my oh, my god. I will not answer any questions that she asked. She eventually pulled into a gas, patient and said he she was going to get them some candy an called the nice. Oh my god that is horrifying, thank God that woman still full I'm.
And that's scary right. It seems like a human centipede type thing. It seems, like you know, he's crazy we. I guess if you were Tom Savini and you were putting together a horror film and if we lived in an alternate universe where you could create a mandala like that, I'm stealing this idea, yeah, I mean horror Movie out of it, but ok. Well, I'm here see that he is where he is yeah. Alright, I got this one coming in from H. This entitled hail yourselves, you sighted, they say, Ever since I saw a UFO when I was a child, I've kept my eyes to the Today I was driving up to pick up my best friend from the airport, keeping myself alert, because of how shity nor folk drivers can be. Oh, oh drivers. All of a sudden, I see something that can only be explained as a, Line Grain of rice moving in a way that a plane or a jet would not move. It was moving at a steady pace at a semi, quick speed and didn't get any bigger, as I drove closer
Now, since I'm currently in the Us Navy, I've- in her plenty of military aircraft, and this UFO was not, and there was no noise I was overwhelmed by the feeling that this is not something that was man made. Unfortunately, it disappeared over the trees because I could not get any other photo. Or any photo at all. So what is this Henry, this sort of flying grain of rice, it sort of remind me of the of the UFO. That was seen over the USS Nimitz, which we also cover. Yes, one of the videos of the same type of object that we cover on a live show. And I yes name of that large- what looked to be kind of an asteroid that that was going through that was going through or is it forget it to get a very, very long name as it a new way way, something that something like that. Yes, very interesting, I don't know I feel like there are many types of these types of craft, and I don't know why it, I got another one. I know this
the videos that have sunset if they had these videos that I've seen multiple ones, there were interesting, but they might flares something that solid! It's all about, if it I'm gonna say if it zigzags. It's weird I need specifically, you moves in a way that planes do not move right is very, very important and in a way that flair flare does not move now. Do we have anymore details? I do this with a little bit thicker, but I love because it comes from an actual microbiologist. This comes from p, who we actually met. I believe, after a Kansas City show like several years ago, which very nice and so glad that she should stay in contact. Also our military known to research, select agents both for the purpose of infecting populations, an for countering such threats to our own population. Typically, biological weapons cause acute potentially fatal infection with a low dose of micro. That can be transmitted via air assault. A good example is Coxiella Burnetii write right a cause,
a causative agent of Q fever that can cause infection with ten ten microbes delivered via aerosol it can be. It can be debilitating but it's usually not lethal. The cover investigated the weaponization of Coxiella and many other infectious agents as bioweapons. A better example is backless and fridays ache. Achei, anthrax, Q, metal, roofs around. I don't! I don't know this microbe form spores that spread quit widely in easily and cause a severe acute disease. That is debilitating and put ventually lethal. It is immune successfully in recent times in the infants, the infamous attack on our government. In two thousand, Lyme disease caused by Borrelia Bergdorf up 'cause. It go back to us talking bout, weaponize text right right right does not fit the profile of a typical biological weapon, as it causes chronic symptoms that develop very slowly. The early symptoms mostly consist of periodic joint pain and it can progress to severe systems after two more severe symptoms after many years. Thus, in cold
logical terms. It is difficult to identify how be Bergedorf he would be a useful by go and I'm absolutely slaughtering these latin names have no clue why they are extremely difficult. No clue, no clue it does hardly anything in the short term and it's not rapidly or easily transmitted. So I was at first skeptical when I heard about these weapon. I sticks. However, our government has excel man with many things in the name of defense. Not all of them are good ideas. After a bit of light researching ift, The newbies claims that have been made by others, namely Michael Carroll's, account of weaponize ticks and lab two hundred and fifty seven, the disturbing story of the government secret germ laboratory it totally it's totally feasible and it seems likely the Bareilly, which is one of the microbes being evaluated as a biological weapon and during Training is a microbiologist. We heard lots of stories of stunning missteps and lax practices, and I got to experience one first hand.
And, with all the precautions and safety training there are still horrific accidents. The lab I joined at University of Chicago had quite a history. One man died of plague and one student contracted the flesh eating infection on her face, I'd be happy to give more details from the story here. If you guys are interested, we are absolutely Absolutely interesting always came back to the seventies and apparently she said girl. Remember that in the seventies people were still mouth pipetting urine back then try using pistol using their mouth to pick, fuqing transfer, Pesta, different tubes so a lot of mistakes were made and and one last quick one hour, loans, quick one. This is called how Ben Kissel ruined, ruin my sex life our I've been mean. The email you for awhile a couple months ago, my boyfriend and I were in bed watching tv, like we usually do when I get off work flipping between the travel channel in adults when when things are getting pretty steamy after a while, we heard the
way. Why tv, in the background, is an awful terrible idea. I'm on top my boyfriends to finish it looks me dead in my eye: inches not now Ben I'm utterly confused So I turn around and it's Kissel talk about aliens and if you decide to well, obviously, between your pretty face is going to hell and the talk it had a real good. So I understand we pray. They were in a lot of people. Sex lives just going to say turn up. Turn turn it on HBO, where it's all sexy, come watch game of thrones you know get in the mood so you gotta listen to Sunday yeah Portishead that is only if you're going to cut each other while you're having sex all right. Well, is we we tried, we tried to do our best. Sometimes we save lives, and sometimes we ruin sex. You know it happens, follow her. I guess you don't yeah
shoot it in her big boy yeah. I guess he talked about seventeen right everyone well. Thank you also. Much for listening. We cannot wait to see our european friends. This tour is going to be so much fun. I am like fantasizing, I'm thirteen days away from going into a Dublin pub getting my jam. Get that get this straight out of the call sheet. My friend they're going to have her for couple of years, so we are going to be my friend we're gonna get our asses kicked be careful not to be very polite. Very I'm not going to you know Glasgow. I think we can survive Dublin what it means to survive glass going to dislike these places. You just gotta, drink and told you so making as much sense as they don't make us that you gotta get on the same level. Everyone, a love, your life, love, love, love your life, love your life. Like you, just slipped,
fill a Guinness. It will hurt. The frothy told me to Our party is get on top of your, yet it's there or you. Gotta live live like you're about to get on a plane for seven hours of Europe, and you gotta get a little pillow for your butt hole yeah. Since you're so make sure you're listening to yourself and then just laugh about how we're just a bunch of meat just bunch of bones inside of it jangling around, and sometimes you get your pina suck. Sometimes you get your your vagina pleasured but other times you gotta do it for yourself, and I think that's important all the time to remember do not get the pleasure you need you gotta go get it so I'm a life you're requesting people masturbate while laughing vigorously yes, okay, wonderful! Thank you all so much for listening and never for get to help yourself. Megustalations hand. Me Oh, very nice. Thank you
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