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Side Stories: Blast From The Past

2019-10-16 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: "Gorno", a Dutch family "waiting for the end of time", and MUCH MORE.


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Hey, what's up everyone, how you doing Benjamin Kizzle here, letting you know we are going to be in Florida October 18th. We will be in Tampa Florida October. 18th we will be in Miami if you're in Miami and see the show we're gonna have a great deal it's gonna be a lot of fun. Look at our beautiful beach bonds and, of course, Toper twentieth. We will be Orlando. We cannot wait to see you all in Florida. We don't know when we're going to be back, so please come to one show steer, I say, come to all three shows. We can't wait their pale yourselves nobly into a game. Tourism is the last on the left side stories, animal doors down,
dog eat dog. Indeed. In the eighteen, oh baby down Lana really what you don't know where shooting A short film with Matthew Servitto, who plays Satan on your pretty face, is going to hell and by short term of course, means everyone is of five or six That's me, that's if that's. If I was the dean of your college, Let me audition Marquette University, Marquette was for the rich, kids and Doyle, and I'm sorry to to try to even in an ideal that you'd be upper class, but now I'm down I'm in a minute, Lana and man. I love it. I tell you, it's been awhile, Lena still got it. I saw an active drug dealer really.
Shuffle on drug deal in the hotel that we're staying at dude. It was just like an open. It was seven. P, DOT M and a dude a woman? The only way I can describe it is that she had wacky knees. Up to a man who was in just boxer briefs and he opened up his hotel room hand her a pack she handed him. Money literally went like a I hate. She ran back to the car scuttled back in the car, and then he I mean I mean it is- was so nice. He looked at me and he said she's, counting his money. He looks in the face and goes hey man how you doing He was incredibly friend, like I didn't just witness. So I shouldn't see a man that's Atlanta, to beautiful place full of brotherly love no longer Monica. It is now Atlanta's
healthiest home of the horseshit eaters yeah. It is now that's a good job at the Eagles fats right of work of decide stories. I am bed hang out with Henry Dunbar. Husky who was out there his eighty four, the people at our people making film I am an artist or as survival likes to say, because our love em Luvumba death, when an actor comes a writer director, which is why I don't. I don't need that level of control. That's why have survive survive. Allows me control and MIKE ruminant micromanage. An entire society would yes scratch the edge of being a director, absolutely survey dough Is that, like a shot list innovation, because keep saying would play in jazz here. Without ever about as one group? That is exactly what I want. My director to be saved
in just so there's no rules is that what you're saying no rules just right is out back. We ve, turn to the film set in the outback, but you know we're just making it up as we go, but I am What is a facsimile I am. I am playing a special effects. Horror make up Okay and I am dressed exactly like Shane Morton, who is the native designer for your pretty face is going to Hell, so it's a fun inside joke for the Atlanta film community were having a good time. Salute in, of course, Shane Morton. You might recognize his work if you saw the hit film Mandy, he is the key later, the does I know the God behind the puppet that is shattered, goblin. I got my children and eventually one, but we all day long All we do is we're in his workshop, so click the whole place. Wherein would he asked yes, this room called the spare parts room.
In this workshop out the middle like Rule Georgia, and is you go it's just all nothing, but this embodied like TAT, an open mouths and all the stuff he left his strange life, perhaps like they're, so many of his like cause his muse. It's like he works with his coworker has his girlfriend of many years, who is very talented actress who does a lot of stuff again, the our community of Atlanta, but there's so many of her disembodied head It's a round this spare parts room right. Imagine what it would be like what what does that, what it does? What does it do to the human mind illogical. Your lover right, you at like you mold and cast your lover's body in many different ways and then all you do is hack it up. Will you know very interesting. I guess
like to see sort of what they used to do on a room raiders when they would take the backlight into the teenagers room and they would put it over there. Then there would be like that's a lot of come. I You want to see a black light. I want to see at all The heads the severed heads up his your girlfriend, together for a long time, I'm just going to say basically common law. Wife at this point If there is any semen, on their, then I do think we have. A conversation, and we have to This has now transcended art into dark fantasy into potential murder We'll Shane does a lot of you worked a little bit in the Gore no community. What's war, no Gore know. Is it the time it was we use. We weigh more like kind of bee level. Its whole report, its horror porn, and so when you and you would start with a bunch of naked chicks like he showed me video of this one time he did issue where it was too nuns. It was it
like a solemn, be cannibal none and a normal none that was tied down and they had this like this tits out, like zombie nun come in and literally eat her vagina and he cried. Did a mold of a vagina over her vagina and then not him. Aunt was like licking it in like pulling off with her teeth and, does, which I think that's interesting. He definitely use. May he made a bunch of workable sex toy, so he separates, so I don't care he fucks the stuff he uses for work. He will, though, I don't think he fucks his own. I don't think he get tired of paint. Do you think that do you think he knew? We were gonna talk about him for the first ten minutes of this episode. Now in such graphic details, specifically of when it comes to Gordo Gordon is highly interesting when he's trying to back out of it, because it's becoming a little too realistic
look, you want to go in and he likes you two more like he wanted to be more fun in Campi, where the guy's there are listening to their customers. The customers like to really be dead. Do you want the girl to really be dead? I know, but trying to sell You something legal aid not really sure if this is acting up. This is Redfly Porno, but as long as no one is really getting hurt, everybody all I've met a lot of the girls involved. There they're all happened there all alive. Go you I've seen and it's not like check in their beds to see their entire Well good. You can't start a conversation like that. You don't want to do that, The scene from RE animator, actress. Barbara Compton Crampton Prompt Crampton, Barbara Crampton,
now she was very upset by the scene and re animator when the severed had did exist, Who would Henry mentioned? The nun did to that other woman come along ass. She was very, upset about it. She stormed out of the movie premier, but now she's, in Sri Lanka, Cheese, a horror goddess and you know I think she has a good career in front of her and behind her, dare I say, she's beautiful woman and she's it incredible performer and help cement. It's about being down to cloud, there. It is now well road, but I'm U saint chain. Wharton is really good work and seen some of his legit sex toys that made about we are positive. Blood for shades work is Well, I hit us upside stores. L P, o t, L, a Gmail dotcom. I've never heard of Gore, no before
and as long as everyone is safe, hey, you know what to do what you want to do. I really don't care, get it out. Man get it out. People are getting your potholes gay people like pain, rather's mouths, and it's all this fucker. Erica. You go out there and you express yourself. Sex workers have the possibility to fucking save our world, I love of workers, if you're out there they take. This is a message. You have operate unity if you're with some of these imports. People, if you're there and you're sucking on Jeff Bezos toes right before, He blows it. You be like hey, give ten dollars towards I'm a change their holes, because what you do is is that you can make, you can make them do whatever they want the moments before they come. Absolutely will speaking of is a little bit old, but I did just want to Can it because, for some reason it just sometimes very small amounts of justice in this world in walking member? That you'd from the last profits. Do, unfortunately, yes, yes, this
Scottie men, he had sex with a baby. He and his girlfriend em in truly fucking to evil he's gotta get. He is true. Evil disgusting man, but he just go. Sentenced to ten more months in prison, he's there for twenty nine years, but I'm going to think that he should probably just stay there forever, but he got ten more months. He was smuggling a mobile phone in his butthole, and you know this- is not one of those like real. NICE New small, like This is design more s like you have to Poland in TAT room at you know it's like click. Click click legally gets a size of a small dinner plate, but you just imagine in walk you're in prison what he and for we had sight of the baby let's just how do we begin the abuse. Norway's knows anything about whole could fit a watermelon that phone was Jane rolling around inside of his gaping butthole, much like Yahtzee dice. There's a lot of room in there and I
also I'm just glad it wasn't a baby. Thank thank God. Thank God way? I know we have some rock and roll metal fans out their last profit story. You haven't heard about a check it out when I got to go into detail, but it is what it is. Sexual assault within the prison, because that is a very true thing and that's not fair. That's not good. What is he talking about? I'm paying my taxes. I would be. Such a succulent little man in there. Going around with my phone attitude that they just can't wait to Ric Actually, I think that you would lead in hey, hey, hey, hey, tell me your steak. Get your flower, don't you want to see? What's in my pocket,
Yes indeed, I just spent about ten hours, it's what it sit, sit where her. It's better than what I thought it was. I thought it would be a full rotisserie chicken. The workers may call me the colonel? but also it just watch tat ours of lock up national geographic. Would you do kind of still sad to me. Remember when they used to cover like African Safaris actual geographic is just like humans. In prison. This sort of weird it's a whole hope it like this topic- and I like I, don't like this study these humans, like they are animals it as do, but it is badly needed in its fascinating subculture. Yes, indeed, rush out the pan man, it's gonna get all your present questions answered. You talked about how site
They were when any money went and deserve a couple days and jealous of some one guy was very, very funny really I was any money and therefore I dont know with some. Story. I gotta find the episode they were talking about the celebrity that they were hanging out with in jail and use exciting autographs forget who the hell it was all the night not have been any money, but I gotta find out who was our ip I'm a little so again, hollowing countdown you doing thirty one for thirty one, shouted some more movies that I watch this week. That arrive good economic. Only. I only doing the negative ones, someone do the pause, I have one or two born as well say: TAT. A panic is a lot of fun. Oh here, it's really good with Rebecca, remain she's fantastic in it Arden Myrin fucking potassium in it did you get some of the Satanism stuff wonky, but I don't blame them, but they did a lot of good work with the demons. Otherwise, the outside of its pretty pretty great in the movie haunt
as a really fun premise. Also. My lot is what I watched Henry huh. It's a franchise film people. Criticized it is at all: that's not what the main character should look like the new child's play him Wasn't it new channels by yeah? I thought it was such a fun revamp. I dont want spoil anything here, but the reason that I will say could have moved away from the spiritual aspect of it. They moved away from there's a soul of a serial killer inside of a dull, but they revamped it. It's more technological based, and I thought it was actually wonder, and, in the main actress there from oh, my god, checks and regulations, part parks. Restoration Parks and rec. Restoration them under its own bandit. Throw like into mourning anybody ever an accountant, smoking store, Juno replies, Aubrey Plaza, did a wonder.
Call job. You know what dude it's another those moments where I realize we are a gene. She plays a mother. Should you like she used to be an oligarchy high school students and now she's a mob of elegance, oh, my god. You should see me at these auditions playing fathers, Addition to play fathers- and it's like I could barely raise my dog I can't raise a child. I don't look like it. I tried it like a pretty idea of interacting with a child and was like hi hello, hello, like a like their hands like gets a business man will we Some sort of anywhere we got some stories today are very very excited. Halloween is on us. Yes, it is yes, it is until we have some very, very exciting stuff. We start with this one. Will you got this one? This is. This is fun. This content was quite a bit, so I was excited to go
this. One is absolutely insane reminds me of this film blast from the past. Storing, of course, the great Britain Frazier did. I saw a recent someone showed a there was a rest, or rather the that they saw a headshot of Brendan Fraser Sign and said thanks for the meal, I was in the forty Rhode Island, living in a basement for damn near a decade, preparing The end of the world siblings, ages, eighteen to twenty five, which that is what do they call that irish twins on top of irish twins on top of irish twins. Is a no condom, sextuplet absolutely so they were living with a man in farmhouse basement for nine years, no contact with the outside world whatsoever, and then finally, one of the dudes was a. Go to leave. He escaped in the middle of the night.
Into a bar, and now is the first thing he did the youngest up child, the first thing he did his head. He got to a bar and got himself a beer Yes, he did so well. Many multiple outlets have reported that the man was the father of the children. This is accorded due mayor, Roger De Groot, he said during the press conference that he was not related. If a sibling, so these kids were there with a man who was just a farmer, and so he escaped the property, the eldest sibling, Daddy's. Twenty five years old now went to the Hague Pub in a ruler, router world. Learn to he didn't just order up here. He ordered five billion at Saint drank of heated guess. I didn't know who did a whole gives leaders ordered by being like. I don't need the gaps in time in between, though I we, why bother at the figures,
So at this point he didn't even run into the barbie like we did have worse stuck in a bar, we better for it. What year? Is it who's? The president? He just sat there it is built and that's when the bar owner Chris Western Beak, Finally, just had a small conversation with them. You know what I can understand right, you're part of this horrific set of circumstances. We don't really know a lot of the details of the story right. There were being held there by manning yourself, be who was a handy man Omni found the five over the kids after the elderly, after the oldest oldest of them, was found at the bar when and he had long hair, a dirty beard, war, old clothes and looks confused. Letty goes the fibers might have been the five beers sob our own or Chris, vest or beak describe how a man and ordered five years and in
the first thing. He said it was a success and I had to chat with him and he reveal tee how drawn away needed help then, because the police So you have been held against your well right, Ryan ears. You finally somehow gets you we don't know we how they were held against their well. Just now, I can see how you're, like I've, been trapped with these kids and this handy man you're, safe and God knows how he kept me in this room bills of honestly. Even for me to speak about this running some beers, like I need do slide some emotional lubricant on to me before. I can even explain what the fuck happened to me like. I can't imagine earlier that dealt with aerial Castro had to deal with immediately afterwards. No Michael Vick just went to the rapporteur, So I believe they were brought onstage forget the wrapper, the problem on state, but they had fun and I think that's great, but the strange thing is the fifty eight year old man that had these people. I dont think that they were kept
against their will. I think they really believed that the world had ended, because apparently he had suffered a stroke, because when the cops again, and there were like YO dude. What's going on, they look behind the living room, cupboard in that's where they found a fifty year old man fifty eight year old man lying in bed after he had suffered. Stroke would seem to be a few years ago, so yeah, maybe they firmly just believed that the world had ended which has got to be kind of trippy, then to come out into the world. It's sort of like your reborn holy shit, I ain't it's gotta be interesting. I wonder why hope we get this whole story yeah. I wonder what it was that made the oldest son like finally leave because you are trapped in your trapped in your father's sick man, it's like the movie frailty where you're like Europe, but this isn't even this is even though their father. This is just again a ripple. I wouldn't know other met this guy. They said they don't they're, not
we sure, with the fucking relationship, as they know, did the other kids. They think that the mother might have died. A long time ago, but it seems like they just kept this line of bullshit going for forever, like it could a star with the mom and he could have been raised with this shit. We don't know how old the sun is either and Mayor Mayor Degroot says: he's never seen anything like it thank God, because can you imagine if he was just like where we had a similar situation, but for five months back silver owed under by third underpin ledges. All you may wonder these stay families day analyse honest. In the end they don't have to deal with all the worship of the outside world, but you might have to be blow and father, and you might have been told that you need to re. Make the human race with your sisters, maybe We don't know it doesn't seem as if it is play Josef Fritzl case who, by the way, is
still alive the people that live forever and if you want to know more about Fritz will I believe we covered him in a last podcast episode, breeze only a little bit about there's a couple episodes go inside. Sorry too. We are a wee it somewhere and therefore we didn't do it and in depth, and we do it someday, prefer summers and Marcus get so upset about all the daddy making love to baby cuz. Making love, isn't the right term for and also Mormonism series after party after the final one part six, which, by the way again thanks so much for the unbelievable response of the Mormonism Series. That is one of I just did the awesome to hear the response. Thank y'all so much more jobs. I was walking back home. I mean I'm so depressed. Why don't you? only this right, so the choice it was this all the child abuse we just covered for three hours that I tasted areas like. I think I figured out why I was sad he's like yeah brow. Yet is
it was interesting ways. We don't even show some of the steps which could suggest for time. We Israel S, God. If you look up the morn Jeff Sex there's a whole section, because it's we played a little bit of it. But there's a whole section where he's just like, Oh, the Lord, how much you love me and in going like amen, amen, he's making love to his wife's. Like he's making love, and making love, not the right term, I think I'd rather watch Gordo on its borders. Two consenting adults. Yes or no is fantasy. It's fantasy good as our right well Henry. I would make it a real life stuff here you got some stuff. I want to talk about this. Just real, quick, ok, because again,
putting it on your radar of shit to watch because Natalie always good. It kind of like cultivating interesting, true crime stories that yeah comes obsessed with them and send them to me- and this is I end up falling to a little bit of a whole love, and this is really one. You should also do your own research, because it's very very interesting. Isn't. It is disappearance of Susan Cox, Powell. This happened, two thousand nine. She was a woman that went missing from West valleys the? U talk, she was a mother of two. There was married to a medium Joshua Powell, who was never charge. Ocarina became a very famous case around Begley when it came out, but this is Chin generally connected to the elder s church, because obviously These people are Mormon, which is why a fuckin happens like us, but Joshua Powell was a total sociopath that essentially
took the him in there to young sons. They had two young sons are worth seven and five, ok and how it works. Is so Susan Cox Power goes missing in December nine three overnight he tells everybody that dead. She just laughed. She just left in the night. She left her seven and five year old and laughed and that's why you no like it's all her fault and they were living with their his father, Stephen Powell, and they all kind of operated all this shit saying that Josh was innocent. Babo block. Will you gotta find out? Is the father will end the sun in her report of this. She was on an unwilling member of a sexual triangle where the father was. Sexually obsessed with his daughter in law, filming her collecting her underwear for toenail
her like you're, like a fucking her with clean that her ears, he filmed himself constantly like he had this this whole, like library of Film, where he was filming her with her knowing filming himself showering and dancing wearing her underwear, love songs to her. He didn't confessed his love to her because in one video he said I had the most erotic moment today? Don't want to Dick moment in her life, the most erotic, MA in my life sues ends. Feet were tired from working and I offer to give her a massage. Oh, my So we sat and massage his daughter in law's feet in the living room in front of Joshua and Josh Whole time is, like I married good day, nay dad. Oh my she is getting. He is becoming more and more
use of over the years, he's a charge sociopath so general, who has been cooked by his own dad lighthouse, yes, and he kind of like set, and the Father like and she is trying to get the fuck out right and she is now, would you then find out over? I'm on the surface. Of course, there, this very happy LDS family and Susan was very devout Mormon. That was trying to get her cuz Josh stop going to the church like as they were developing in their relationship, so he stopped being a part of the church, Coca she'd nuisance, but the step that he decided to cling to. All the the husband's the head of the household, and you are supposed to do what I tell you to do it. When I tell you no matter what and she listened because she was a devout Mormon basic being like, I can't get divorced so she started
the abuse- was ramping up and becoming more and more US districts and the father was becoming credibly sexually excited openly in front of don't daughter in law showing her out hard that he would be. She would make him. He then confessed his love to her in a car and it keeps rotating because he was trying to destroy it. Marriage so long as like illogical, think, look it up. Dateline has an incredible episode about it and Ladies go missing. Channel oxygen They also have a really good documentary on it. So long story short, I'm going to spoil a spoiler spoiler alert, spoiler, alert missing for months they're trying to register dead right because I mean she's, just fucking gone, they interview the sun. The interview chart,
Powell, Hurricane oldest son, being like what happened mommy and daddy, like Daddy said, did he took her on a camping trip where we go to look for our gemstones, which, as they used to go GEO hunting the mountains of you talk and mommy? Just never came back like thing is: Grant Gounod Zain ever came, the Eba have killed him. Don't know these details, so the parents of Susan Cox Powell know that all of this shit is coming out and then they it is fuck. So they file for custody of the kids. So they go. They get custody of the kids. They win They win custody in court, may decide to give him a visitation day, even though, like they shouldn't have so Josh and the two kids under supervised help from a someone from Cps Cps delivers the kids to Josh
deferred like they go to his house. He pushed the cps dude out of the house. He grabs the kids, pull them in the house, lock the door and blows up the house killing him and the two kids in the Fucking House, so he's dead and Stefan their went to jail for guess what public child war and went to Father for top when they found here I'd have a heart attack, which is how all of this shit's common out so watch this dateline special distinct. In Writing- RO, my god. So every is dead. Now in the story, entire family wiped out Oh, my god, all right, we'll injecting level years, and it's just end again. It's connected Mormonism dashing rich, very anytime, society is built upon secrets indeed he could or something that aren't like we have to Joyce Dream on wednesdays, don't let it when, though it's all
Father, wants to fuck daughter in law or I wish it wasn't, kill the kids or whatever. I don't know why secrets become naughty seeds you know, you don't want to have fun secret, you, it's fun, surprise birthday party those are, in any event, if you have a dog, you can throw surprise birthday party for a dog because they're always surprise gag. They don't know they're, not conscious, like we are known to fund secret like castle. I brought you surprised sandwich. Thank you, but you know what comes with the naughty seed, though Should I put cam on it. I'm sorry kisling well literate. Let's do really quick real estate news, because you know. We always cover real estate, because that's how you make it any it's really getting into it. Worship Do it it's real estate in stocks? That's how you grow your wealth. I've seen at least fifteen in videos now, so I'm getting pretty good at this stuff. You know what I do I want to get more serious about my money. You know rated a balloon vote suits. Will the question
Tal over. So you can. You can currently for a measly four hundred and fifty nine thousand dollars its Bethel home know they tore that down, but it is the property you can live on the property that serial killer. John Wayne, Gacy murder. Thirty three boys So it's still there. The property is still there. They could tear down the property what're you gonna do excavated or somethin. I mean cages blow it up. I am certain that it's good property and you know that you can really do allow with it yep and currently the house, that is on that property, the three bedroom to bathroom house in the Chicago burnt to two thousand five hundred square feet and the law Self is just under nine thousand square feet. It's going again for almost a million dollars its marketed, as quote a beautiful brick home with an updated kitchen that overlooks a huge back yard and they have already apparently fucking updated
so it's not its it. So it is our view that is actually, if you get the new picture, the house today it has been pretty it's nice, it's landscaped very how far outside of downtown Chicago like how far like our way from main city Chicago Let's see your I'm not finding that information, but it's nine thousand dollars a three bedroom. Two bath bedroom two bath, and I got to say talking about making money with real estate the woman who bought this house. She bought Landon nineteen, eighty six, four, thirty thousand: alors and she built the house for her retiring parents because she wanted them to be audited before that and now she's, let been add, she's flipped it read that manage that's over four hundred thousand dollar in interests, straight up, win in mind,
play dude man. You know what I think will be fun now, what you, I would be fun thing to do, cuz you know because of true crime and know how pervasive become in all four again life. You re me, I believe it's because come out there, there's just some guys going to buy this shit and you just wear that pogo cost. Everyday in front of the house just like waving at the kids. Good luck goes back. Arcades photos back like that's. This is the time to do to turn it to it all to you turn it to the Strip Club from Beetlejuice absolutely. So if you want to reach out to Prello Realty, they are the ones who are repping the cellar Robert Picarello Robert Picarello is who you going to want to talk to for Prello, Realty, Realty and Could live in a home that is upon the ground that that saw thirty, three kids, murdered. So that's a little
when a vice, although it seems like your by in high now technically by low like the chicken nineteen eighty six gear, and you know it is to my promise that go like the winter yeah. I know I mean Chicago is a beautiful place, but my God, those winters, are brutal. I like the winter time, but otherwise it's a great investment, yeah yeah. Who knows I mean you are right, though, at this point With the serial killer trend, I mean ride the wave as long as it can cause it's gonna crested in followed, like at some point we're gonna wake up the country's book. Why do we talk about me? for five years? Can we just get back to like our no like some like what what's Martha Stewart do in shooting cool actual? He is being cool g always has she's like an Ex god. I know that's why I love her launches special, the world's tallest man, Igor World's tallest man, Igor
forget his last name, Igor, is dangerously tall. Is eight feet is getting bigger Yet it is harming and funny is then I watch a video with him and it's like put into the earth, because my Bruce curbing round, like you saying some weird things, my husband get no like quickly crooked cigarettes grown on his skin, so that the bones can grow some like that, because boy to ground Skids that grows up bet. It's gotta be got very big head. I mean we're big, but his whole thing is that he believes that God is punishing them Why not touching? No just go get the surgery he can get a surgery to stop growing God made me. This rule is giant the movie, my giant, SIRI, I'm he's in a lot of pain. Will they say that the vein, the human vein system? It can't go eight feet.
Spending. Time with you maybe have so much more understanding of your plate, of what your people go through or what nightmare people go through and it's a nightmare uproar like all the other added societal benefits. The absolute everyone. You know the grass is always greener, chicks of all over the world. See egos hawk like he can't feel the tip. And maybe he's can constant pain and maybe he's a walking carnival exhibition. But at the same time, because of the sheer curiosity. He can pull strange. No. I don't at some point you no girl sitting like a big man that, but they of Jason Mama they're, not thinking George Muresan and Igor We are still have feet
do. I still have ankles because it might as well just be gone because it's giant animal or have suffered a lot every suffered, a lot like to put the small haven't: Lugosi I'll, have not know the story of the small, and this is why David verses Goliath, I've always been team Goliath. I don't. I don't care of no, because the Goliath did want to fight you just like hardware, I'm here for the beer, and there are no go to the front lines you gonna fight for a single model might define, unlike my beer, and then they pushed into the front, and then what does little? to Hamas idle day. Hey. Do he brought a weapon to a fish, live to a fierce white bear our times. You are born with a set of circumstances, and sometimes fate is gonna. Put you where you supposed to be, unfortunately, right.
Fate does exist, whatever the chaos swirling. That does these these these rivers of time and in the hope that we are on my friend, sometimes whatever time boat urine takes you are you gonna go how light. I don't know now. You're dumber rivers have time. I spent a lot weed in your last night. I'm just saying Goliath, unfortunately, or fortunately was the right man for the job by the hands of a small man whose job it was to society to kill him. That was the equivalent the first in cell mash shooter? No, he yet he did. He writes. Highly controversial. Good city, males wives, nobody wives here what is social? I don't David Twelve years ago I was a little slingshot that was top grades.
Goliath. I understand you fighting for Goliath, perspective I feel that there are a lot of arguments here, aligning perspective. It was ever one new battle was sore and- and a shield, and that was that are going on. It's all about some two again, a w w. No that's true show me. God knows the packers got very lucky: beating the lions cuz the refs help that a little bit, but I'm glad I know and me and Greg. We went out to see the game in the first thing you said to me is: can I sit on your lap, and I say only if I can call you my wife and we watch packer game the entire time we had sex of the week hero of the week. Okay, is actually a sweet story so other than so a man passed away in Ireland and that very, very sad, but was it happens every day
his name was, Bradley and there's a picture of him areas. Drinking wine, heavyset guy looks like he's a boisterous cattle looks like, Jaime Voice, father from Tommy Boy, Denny gas. So let me guess how he died. Fi heart attacks at once, most likely, but he was a guy, and so as they were Loring him into the grave debate. Pipes are plan and then all of US Son Henry. Perhaps you can do this in in an irish accent, all of a sudden from it sighed the casket rings out hello hello, look at all. Let me out had all this be out. It's pretty. Pretty funny. It's a very AL rocker story, very Elmer, very willing the remedies are, but then he goes on to say where the fuck am I let me out of it fucking, dark, daddy says, is that the priest I can hear I'm in the box
very funny very, very funny. He did a really good job Bradley Voice launched into a song he crooned. Just called to say goodbye and he said, and to leave the mourners, not not crying but laughing, and indeed the mourners did laugh his mother laughed He died before his mother, even though he was like sixty- and I guess he's like one of those strong one hundred and ten year old irish women and you know what he is just Twitter got wind of it, which is that's huge. It got one point: five million, retweets or in whatever bunch who gives a shit but either way I hope that I always had it you're a dream that I would do the thing that if I gave you come to my funeral, I I would just prop up my body.
In the wake room like before you go to the thing, and you just say just baby doll like hi hello. Welcome to my funeral like it like me, my automated hand waving. I would love that His wife said you got him good, Papa Bear us all a laugh just when we needed it. So there you go. That's a year of the we don't, I think, that's actually very nice. It is nice. I honestly think it's really nice. Uplifting story in this is when we're closest to Ellen this is our moment to Ellen, except we don't hobnob with war criminals, Dake take heart, dig out Everyone has so many odd text, We do. We have a major common Andy. Haven't you males this week, because I know we got a bunch of emails to get too, and these next few shows. Yes, I am
someone once I want to go through them. The got too so the verses like this of all the little bit of a factoid that I wanted to talk about when we were doing the Mormons Mormonism Series, we'd so much bullshit to go through that. I just forgot to mention it, and I someone sent an e about it's all wanted to read it to you. This comes M J. I grow very mormon discussions on long boring days as missionaries would often turn to discussions of what they call deep doctrine, that Mormons call it when they pulled tiny bits of Mormon Lore and apply it to the mysteries of the universe. Did Jesus died for the sins of every living being on every planet in the universe, or is he just Saviour of this planet. We're dinosaurs around in the garden of Eden. Bala, who is big foot, was the figure Amedisys story want to tell you the following stories related in the book called the miracle of forgiveness, a book written by the prophet and president of the Mormon Church from nineteen. Seventy to nineteen. Seventy two, the Mormon Bigfoot, but the
Tori, Orange and AIDS in Life services a Wilson's book life of David W patent? Can I just ask what happened? this controversial president for nineteen. Seventy two nineteen set, They do. We didn't get a full term. What I mean how fast it he came in Maybe it was him constantly rambling, about Bigfoot, where they're like you got to go dude. He just died. A fucking old man rod just one of these fucking pieces of shit that all look like. The fucking. What's his name, the villain at the end of raiders lost Ark in relation to the subject of the visit of K to Brother David W Patten and the state. Tennessee about what you wrote to me. I will say that, according to the best of my recollection, it was in the month of September, one thousand eight hundred and thirty five. It was in the evening twilight when Brother Patton Road up to my father's house, alighted from his
I came into the house. The family immediately observed that his countenance was quite changed. My mother, having first noticed his changed, apparent, said proper path and all you said you reply that he was not, but he had just me- with a very remarkable half an inch who had represented himself has being Kate who murdered his brother, able he went on the circumstances as near as I can recall in the following passage as I riding along the road. In my mule I suddenly noticed a very strange personage walking beside me His head was about with my shoulders. As I even sided myself. He won't know clothing but was covered with air, It is good, was very dark eyes, can you apply that he had no hoe and he was a what the US and travel to and fro. He said he was a
a miserable creature and he had to stay sought death. Turning his sojourn upon the earth and that he could not die this mission was to destroy the souls of men about the time he expressed himself, that's rebuke to in the name of raw Jesus Christ, my virtue of the holy priesthood and commanded him to go out and he immediately departed of my sight when he left me, I found myself know your house. There was much conversation about circumstances between brother pattern and my family, which I don't recall what the above is its opposites, his statement to us at the time that it is to the best my recollection, but I think it is correct, but it may possibly have been in spring of eighteen, thirty six, but I feel quite positive that the former ages right, hoping the above will be satisfactory to you and answers your purposes. I am with the kindest regards as your friend and brother, Jo Smoot, stories like these are always taken at face value within the church. The Mormons have read the story, they believe
I have actually now this Henry speaking this is. I did my own separate research briefly folk in ITALY, in its true, they believe, came from the old story of cane enable is a huge man that forever wonders the earth covered. Her hair wanderer. Through the forests and byways of America. Kane is idea that would Kane is big foot that sound like you not just you, but every how late it is ever heard. This story is told me: the big foot sightings we're not chance, encounters with an elusive prehistoric ape but narrow messes with came the most evil human to ever live curse to wander the earth forever. Oh my goodness, but that started Bigfoot is a very nice cryptic. It's only peaceful if it wanted to rip support. We ve in the game. Rampage now would be like that in Manhattan. Right now, I've seen I've seen some video of Bigfoot reefs read some stuff of big foot beings, sexual aggressive there you have, because you are
your big foot, I dont use your sexy, creepy pasta, my lore item and try to there's a long mail, but I'm interested truncates this, because it's fuckin really good. Ok, so young, so this young person had travelled to Chicago and was looking for friends, jumpers and went and they tried to join a volunteer group it worked out, so they end up getting on a train to go home owners. The story tat I get on the train, Redline North, on a Sunday getting on attacks and in the train is fucking empty is unusual, sir people who seem to be for the north bound Redline didn't get on. I figured me idling for something else under the warmer heat thing inside the station I get on. I want to go home, I stops go some teenagers get on and then a group of
something there on the train to just got up, and they just laughed writings as usual, very strange, but then a man who they said. Could he to be twenty three or fifty three entered the train, dressed in black suit and hat walked across my field. A vision to take the sea on the other side of the train, hit a bow his head in order to enter the train very very tall man. He had need choose pants that were all too short for him need white socks that we're staying brown on one of the legs. I looked and I immediately started to profusely cold sweat. He sat down in the furthest seat to the door next to the call conductor button across the aisle, where I was seated in the same type of seat, the ones over handicap, elderly and high traffic errors. I felt an immense pressure in the back of my neck and I could feel over Mention is on me, even though he was staring ahead. I was looking. Scrolling, led sign, scroll
the time again and again just so. I could keep this man in my peripheral vision. Okay, comes up from underground and there's a bunch of sunlight suddenly in this is when I realized that his clothes were pinned together with shining silver pins like what a Taylor would do. His clothes were really reflective and the two long tails of his jacket, weren't lined the cuffs of his pants, were, are welcomed, but it look like they are in reasonably thin. Nonsuit material. Like someone took a windbreaker, and made a soup from it out of my peripheral vision, I also saw that while he was also very tall, he had these thick choose on the sole with two to three times. The thickness of the creeper shoe was like a platform shoe I could move. I was deeply uneasy, and I was feeling is something was compelling me to look at this guy he's weird look at sure, but I wouldn't know is that taken out my without taking up my phone either because I had this
idea that my head, that was not my normal thought. It was I kept thinking of my phone is my technology, which is a phrase I do not use. The man started mumbling in a breathy tone and tapping his face with the flat of his paw, or least that's what I'm like he was doing. I cut my eyes to the time and realize only minutes have passed, but I was soaked with sweat through to my jacket. I couldn't get off the train because the last stops I would have had to cross in front of him, and I was not about that life. I cut my eyes back and I look at his shoes. I saw a milky green wire with a dark center coming out of the tip of his bone of his ankle and going into a welt on was leg. Was its rays quarter bit of skin? There was a dark blackish collar. My stop finally came and as I jump locked eyes and eminent to look at anything, but I tell them out the doors I gotta look at his face. He had a big wide fat face with tiny features that were grouped very close
together. He was taking the majority of the seat and is closed and fit him right at all. He had black sheep, hair. Look like a party city wig attached to his hat he was slapping his mouth and set time realize he had no lips. He just had this kind of like Ben O ring Rhine that was painted bright red around the center dash in front of him. He's stop mumbling and bared his teeth at me, showing all of his clenched teeth and gums like a monkey at the zoo in the facsimile of a smile with his lips pulled all the way back raised both his hands palms out and with that me They said they were in the middle of listening to an Dharmata black episode. Interests as they were going to like this was a man in black she saw Amanda and honestly, it's right on there unless he's dressed for fucking Halloween or on way to a film shoot. That's a man, a black man,
stir in black. It sounds to me very scary, awesome again we want, you're, more scary tales from you. Stories. Lpotl, gmail dot com. That is where you can send. Those emails, please do stories like that, are exactly what we're looking for. Maybe he did just have to rush. Fast after he was new tailored what store Excuse me load Earl. You tell they weren't tolerant, he's gotta get. Some of those plastic wax lip. The parents thought that kids liked in the 50S He needs some fellers, absolutely of all everyone. Thank you all so much for listening. This week's aside. Store any feel it they'll man in every week it gets closer hollowing software can excited. I have a question:
do. We know anybody that works for universal, for Halloween, horror nights. I have some questions about the sets of Halloween horror. Nights of anybody has an information. Please send it to stories, Lpotl at Gmail, dot, com very, very It will be headed there myself this year, can't wait. His many advances, boss is robs. Zombies, Robbie has a exhibit there this year, right, yes and Blu Ray for three from Hell should be waiting for me at my home right now. I can't wait to sit absolute lay. You gonna non blu ray her, yet no cases of dvd player I'm starting to go back to Blu Ray. Trysdale, ok, because it should be released on line right leg. It is yet. I don't think it is, and I know I think it's too, I might just be fiscal meeting. Goodness, all right I have to plug in my dvd player. Haven't done that in a while. I remember the quality. Remember school. It's worth it
Man live your life. Like You are a skeleton going to the skin store or a man with no lips going to the lip store and you You got a coupon, have you live in our life. Man you're live in that group, our life body. That's what I do. Men no laugh at the fact that yeah, I don't got lips who gives a shit lick my teeth? You want to love me, you can't handle me at the. I don't have lips and you don't deserve me at the massage your feet until you sleep like you're, my suppose young daughter in law alright. If anybody laughs It allows man, is you got, laugh, they say you're laughing. I ever have feel good right. You got it I've. No one. There we got fuckin fifteen days to parlor. We hollow mean hollow ring. Hollow ring, so fuck excited
question Henry, and this is for the audience as well nightmare before Christmas, Holloway movie Christmas movie crisis movie, really that's my hot, take really they Holloway movie, just because I can see it Kay interesting, why However, one never forget you feelin down the dumps. You know what just wake up you just gotta. God? It's not gonna! We got you get up get up with the feet, but the put one foot in front of the other we ought to talk. We use it because we all sometimes Warfield out of a dump stowing every day, every day, As a matter of fact, I think that just a future I was talking to me has told me that he said you know you
are allowed to be happy because I am, I am. I know it's a concert shrug, but at the same time, if you think about it, is the constitutional for us and technically we're living a thirteen year old then yeah, it's a struggle for everybody together to get up there, and you can do your shit and also, I guess it s really good park as we get rich Nick give up with Nick Turner. Nick Batter, honourable friends absolutely go, take a look. Podcast, it's honestly very, very funny near there to the funniest dudes in the best get rich catarata. He is one of the most creative comedians I've ever seen his rage is filled with humor. And I think that's great megustalations. Me if you're in a bunker you're what just stay there. At this point,
I would say if you're in there you can find to stay there again. You know you do the bunker and out as an urban, be use that money get yourself a department dude Leslie. I would love to go just a week of like preppers life. I would love to go. Prep for a week Natalie and I are full on bunker life. We can't wait one day, love, it You show was made possible by listeners like you, thanks to our add sponsors, you can support our those by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast networked outcome.
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