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Side Stories: Boomer Secrets

2019-07-31 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Tom Delonge finds some weird metal, a man discovers something terrible in his mother's freezer, and MORE.


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nobody was able to use the last on the left side story animal george could then we're gonna go awry guarded too were recorded how much have you been recording travis dream you know oh god what did i say oh god oh god i'm going to say it finally happened me what happened to you and it happens you to guess all what i got lazo fever liz o fever what else lesser whose lives algae singer who i don't i no idea who she is she sings songs about jews about jews yeah she is another song about looking good and bad she trusted up she feels good she super positive natalie really likes jackie really likes her now i'm into it at a feelin free ok
it's a hacker summer between you and hold them at nearly from wizard and the browser heaslip taylor swift and now you'll have lived so you know what i have to ask where the cowboys god listen because i am still in love with the woman who think that i love political polly call and i was the first part time a member being like a boy and i thought that you really sexy but she had armed here it was like i took in ireland i made me feel more european absolutely would like lazo she is a messenger positivity she's a full grown woman she's not a nazi really liked taylor swift is i sing taylor swift is not a nazionale come you think she's not a pariah of the hinterland i don't know well while you just hate taylor swift now i have to now i have to defend her always put me in these positions alright business i'd stories ever what are your bed and we have had read here and beautiful
since nice you're in beautiful new york with us i'm in fine new york yes it is ass day if finally happened to me i felt so sad not just as a fever but i was at the gym humble brag very humble bright i have to keep my fucking blood pressure down i know that's why that's why i do what i do yes this body but you see before you that is covering i'm wearing definitely back in your group because i'm wearing my work out weird swim shorts yes in the studio i can see your full form basically within those tight tight shorts at your where i'm compressed you are come private compression is hiding the this soft body you see five days in the duma weak look at that it's almost like to have this body it's almost like don't even bother worked out is the three enjoy your life do not enjoy yourself the problem as i do the thing where i'm like best porters elliptical many minutes today so i could definitely you'd three burgers tonight of course that's all problem get back up down uptown with speed didn't booths based it will get to some
crime stories you in a minute but you know what i'm doing baby carrots i'm gone baby care crazy because fine just like you know i like my nibblers i like the crunch of a chip but i can't be taken in all the fat and i cant do the fat free alene anymore not making this report your asshole yeah it's gets pretty brutal down there so i'm doing baby carrots and i've gone through three bags a day and i'm losing weight you have a horses diet more here it's why not what would happen to me so i was at the yen and i felt the rumble on four seconds i was like earthquake the big ones common as the big get to the door raves which is also not resource it if you're not supposed to go to the door front all alive what everything we ve ever known about any sort of work we prevention is alive was again under tabled but needless to say a table i finally became an inch lino because he was to train
impasse jim visitors in majority is in new york so is enough fascinating so you're a true angeleno is that what they call people from los angeles sir are you sure about i would say a true engine lino but i'm definite league are not a pedophile angel in oh that's great will then you're doubling a true angelina i'm in the top ten percent yeah we'll very very good we got a bunch of keys you stories to get you henry your people are in the news that your boy tom delong yet anyone about this story because this stuff is like kind of crazy you know is it all nonsense it could be but they are sitting selves up here if this doesn't turn out to be what it is their sudden themselves up or a bit of a slight down it's always been like that milk tom delong made an announcement on his instagram an act to the stars academy also mean the same announcement that they have a piece of what they're calling madame metal a matter madam you look up the exact terminology that they use it's a little piece it looks like slate like it is the un has weird ridge
on it yeah i don't like her like a lays kind of delays potato chips yeah maybe it is metal mehta metal and like the metal is thinking about other metal i have no idea what mehta thick allowing it to madame materials they get their hands on it and i believe that it might not be earth based they have malta according to a common from to start as academy we currently have mould material samples being analyze by contracted looked laboratories and have plans to extend the scope of this study it sends you do w w dot to the stars academy dot com for it where it says lincoln bio for offering cirque mueller and when you look at the
offering circular chose a you could be a part of the two stars academy easy thirty jeez that's all it day that's great you can be a member of to the stars academy why wouldn't you be so this whole thing this is their biggest fine right well if it is a big of true there is many rumours for many years that robert big allow had a cash right of material somewhere in a warehouse that he is kept super supersecret and it may be that switch hand to whoever is the private owner of skin walker ranch now that around and but seems like this is i don't know if it's i'm not gonna put my money on it without vote according to steal justice current c o o of to the stars academy the structure and composition these materials are not from any known existing military or commercial applications he's knew the former head of advanced systems at lockheed martin
spoke what would you do these guys i mean they can't be purchased of course can we can of course by lockheed martin they were like any when you go to any trial and they have these experts that are either accept expert witnesses for the visa ban certain occasion yet they are paid of course this guy is paid we have no clue what their with any of this is really not because our keeping it real close to the chest and every single thing that i'm click to look for further relation just takes me to more options for buying stocks to the stars so is this just keep cool ass if you f o basins which tried to get your money is that what's happening here i don't know what we're looking at it again huge if true there happens to be actual material i think they do not understand what they see on another note it claims associated with these assets can be validated and substantiated then
can initiate work to transition them from being a technology to commercial and military capability very cool so this bobby big allow let's call him bobby been albania's angola it makes him some more fun i can see the jacket the big you know those guys the big collars that go on it down the nineteen seventy john travolta that look roberts always go is be got two of your older because bobby is really good name for somebody that like you don't know how he makes his money no i'll be there really good net with four especially with an older boy because of the boy bobby is like a shot like you could toss them a nickel and who go buy you a gala milk and even if you don't ask for a gallon amelia he'll come back what they does he stole from the growth of our animals caught six dollars absolutely there too expensive now in lesser ganem lobby is an older man is a human trafficking routes where they could be could be superstar moves are like robert near you always want to be sure we're demure could then he is the official name they say and offers in other words but then if you know em income by you
call him bob isn't that amazing no we would love to talk to robert robber deniro i dont know about what but i'm sure that would be a good time so big him review my performance and dirty grandpa that would be cool but it's so at the same so this do this bigelow guy he's appease one of these multi billion years right so he is ass did all of his time at all of his money into like proving that this stuff is real if this comes back to just be like you got just scrape that of a pickup truck it is obviously simply aluminum more steal this could just this would undermine the entire thing that alongside to do this in a payment thing you know it's weird is that the disease has time and time again the has happened multiple times we that many different people of clay i mean especially in the big foot worlds oh yeah how many people have said they ve had a big foot corpse or yahoo evidence or bigfoot scan the whole so much big big foot scat it is like ridiculous it's like what am i gonna do with all this tat his guy i guess analyze
that's the guy licking bright idea but the so who knows they are definitely putting a lot themselves supporting only themselves to say that this did not come from the planet earth and we going to find out what's true or not i mean there's a lot of people to let it has a lot of controversy round the to the stars academy especially within the world of you they cause it seems very so like a pay to place an aerial rival when i don't think that many members of your father you don't understand that is most the life is a paid a place basically all of it yes basically all unfortunately the wade seems to work as that the people with them but this is what the concept of how america i guess it was most work run people lot of money would then foot filter down into people that can you can actually use church services for and their expertise and that may be it helps did not have a part as an effort of the government constantly with their eyeballs on you
followed you been there's an agenda about hiding information or releasing it and they ve been playing the slow game for a long time so i dont know partially me i like the idea of private industry getting until you have followed of gore huh that's with good to cash dollars is what's gonna allow these people to take care to tat in seven han dialogue trip to the sites that i need to go like they gonna pay for gas monotony who gave him at least a sandwich that's cost money alterable sandwiches maybe a roller dog from seven eleven maybe a roller to cuba the really fancy that's why my thing is if i hired a league of you a foul just a research project i get em start in fact you could do it you could do it pretty cheap to get a lee about you you could do it for a thousand bucks didn't get five four thousand i think i can get three for a thousand second i'm sure you got and that i want to start a fat so that you can we freedom one meal a day right
and then they can live off their store resource absolutely that's all i lost all my way before that's what i'm trying to lose my weight again baby carrots that's the way to go it's like having a team of huskies it really is so when you see those big foot hunters or you for while you u apologists you follow us out there in the field by i'm a lunch by am lunch you see him out there covered in potential all sas watcher alien duty it's definitely just bear crap but just no they paid a lot of money paid a lot of money to be there and then you can you know what it's good not to be rich also because of the very least they dont have to do this and that we can spend eu policies is a calling it is at the core including those means human sacrifice a lotta your life doing it but you i mean who knows obvious
we were going to see how this pans out if if it ends up being real terms long going to be a heralded hero not along the likes of johnny apple see he would be but if he is wrong you gets workers right back to be employed we need a job that's the thing he actually is going to be fine and maybe me this is just the long been like you know what let's just put it let's put opinion it and just say we did it and then this wall fall apart and i can go back to sing in adam song is the crowd openly wiess i think he's pudding black yes miss him put in all on black and let your right that's what i do when i go to the casinos when i play my roulette black that's it black an odd and that's what i do uncle ban when you can restore reach about because you know itself eventually cabinet which was the game it may do lose everything you know what body
i've lost everything yet i'm double in tripoli my money but i listened in normal donald talk about his gambling addiction idly and he said the same thing he here which is the sick this thing i've ever heard what he said but it felt liberating to go completely broke he said he went completely broke twice in real life you went completely broke from gambling really yeah well don't do that you want to keep your money you want in bulgaria has talked about it like it was skydiving almost incredible thing that ever happened to him and to change its priorities and it did all this should be like this the lesson i know it is not unless you do not want to go completely broke of course norm he's got a hit career that he can go back and take his money out of and because you know i'll pay for nor go watched i'll go watch the mcdonald live obviously i would most assuredly pay for nor yet i would to i wouldn't make i would keep him like as a link when those like artist patrons totally before
i would love it so henry this story i dont know why this made me think of you which is this this one is about that dude found this foetus in his mouth for he is ready to hear about the story are discussed and i didn't do it i did not do it why doesn't remind you of me i don't know it just seems like something you would just be like look like that is a feed as we know of my problem is that i put things in the freezer who i put things in the freezer nine just forget and they just become artifacts and give that's absolutely that's what happened here so the headline of this story this is covered other saint louis this is the headline i want more answers man finds frozen baby it moms freezer in south saint louis this is something that as happened women oftentimes will keep not often times but
i know some people oh yeah we what do i know women we three when they always freezer miscarriages reminded of it but it is not its sub dad on top they don't somebody else whose mother did something kind of similar so this do this is his name is his name is adam smith this is what he said he said i'm thirty seven and it's been in my freezer for thirty seven years and i was always told it was a wet a cake top civil based equally his sword you'd civil carouse was just barely praise are also good freezer one further point that must be a kenmore that's got to be more and more that anymore so this do basically was moving out all of his mother's stuff she was diagnosed with cancer best away and then he's shuffle through all of the freezer stop which by the way he says to see if he should keep or throw away anything i don't like your what just throw it away like what did your mom possibly
oh i'll keep the chicken tenors my capital a cake from my thirtieth do you know it's a cake i know it's a cave in the shape of feed us is a no no no no no no my mom cheap she bread all her children to full good good oh yes he's like i was there are thirty seven years my entire life it was there and then it says here this article is dire life was yet this is the all this is just such a crazy paragraphs oh here's that his its it says his curiosity took over smith thought there could be that wedding cake top or even some cash in the box but what he saw was the last thing he expected smith said it turns out it was a bit i told you told us the pros a baby was wrapped in pink police this story is just like maybe it's better than he found it after other passed so we didn't have to have the conversation with our what the fuck is this man like me you know what i ok he's thirty seven years old yet he is actively look into it
parents house for cash right well bimbo one end again also gonna keep some of the food what is what's this that is sitting a world i've been there right when you're look dear parents house on what you could still perceive you could sell i'm ever going to my parents drawers lookin for pills which is i founded that how i found the fact that my father use the same condoms and my mother there was the same brand of common and continent he bought for me in high school to teach me about safe without up that's how these lessons you'll earn you go through in your parents house you don't look into secret errands house because they keep weird secrets that are boomer secret i'll never forget what i found my mother because there was this ethical still exist but like that that turkey the chicken cutlets the die eventually since call up several times in the last couple weeks what its wild because that very soft and its part to play with and my mom did catch me playing with that i think i've already told the story you know that was like you like this is evil that's an aids but so you go and you look for
you're looking for whatever cereal downward and what if you were kind of ghoul would be exe being a baby no go over like hopefully you list one has my sister who die also again duplicate for cash like this is gonna be fortunate yet yet it's gotta be a man i sure we'd omitting to everybody buddy razor i don't know i guess you can keep coins in there guess so but you don't need to keep him fresh but this story is like it the stories we discussed it so when you do mr smith he said this is a quote of like how did this baby look he said it still had skin hair and everything it will it still have skin hair and everything it was mummified and he said after that i freaked out put it in a box and called the police right away he used to try to talk to his mom about this thing right in here my master several times and she always it was a no no conversation origin blew me off my mom always
he's been selective about things my mom has always been secretive about things in her life and their thinking this baby was anywhere from forty six to forty seven years old baby inner freezer for almost half a said three were let me what this is like again i don't know people this is just a reminder you never like all that the nice grandma over there she's really sweet maker and then she opens up her freezer every night and kisses yeah i knew you wouldn't run away do each day cheap miami for keep us that put a military uniform article cities memorial remember our falling so you would have been such a beautiful soldier my i think you were there
i need your lives oh my god but levied just anything did you eat out of that freezer sets in has been covered ever date a miscarriage does much like the dude we talked about last week where who if froze to death in the freezer selling or find anything that it was taken out of that freezer its really really close to a corpse said i'm just going to say that doesn't make it more edible tomorrow what does it also again how many times it comes upon this show straight up stop is it really so this dude now i gotta give smith's them credit here he says i more confused and angry as i just want to find closure i want to find answers in this is this the last paragraph it says despite the disturbing covering smith said he still well he still needs help to pay for it
there's funeral and then click to a go find me page great i'll let you know if you dont want just put her in the freezer what are you just give her what she's always wanted i have no idea with just such a funny likes to which we like oh yeah by the way if you want to help the funeral it's like now why do i want to help with your mother she's like i don't know this moment the only thing i know about her he's did she kept a foetus enterpriser for almost two years on it just shows you do not want her memory were important to her i guess so and that's what that's what this is about any sometimes you get in a pack right this way but i think it is better than it was like a go find me for his like sketch about likely a film issued about like this is the economy i would have taken me emma was a real petrified up nearly about great cool coups catch this man what about picking me elmo just that elmo that needs a lot of bengals then another failure but maybe
that saving lives maybe maybe it is like this woman you know for a fact oh she's a little crazy because she would just like pointer refrigerator be like my job there might be no man you're child is not indifferent my child the man seemed to think this tub of i can't believe it's not butter a surcharge what is wrong it is one that i want to talk of legal and updating the to those by the way we did not have the information we were trying to be compassionate and that's what we get by giving people the benefit of the doubt your kids are neo nazis gives out again at all right i know for a fact that they were not gonna be like this most innocent boeing or on face of the planet i say quite expecting edward now from a forum what was the name of that american his american history ex know these guys are near to losers the now alone in the woods and apparently are absolutely trapped
ok so according to an often of the new york times after killing three people and burning a camera and british columbia the two teenagers headed east the police say ok in the road ran out and one of canada most isolated places linked by road on the edge of the hudson bay lowlands and manitoba heavily armed officers with dogs drones helicopters in an army vehicle shooting hunting for the two suspects in push swamp and forest and basically what they're saying as this is one of the worst oldest areas of the world are high and recent helicopter footage showing as they went to go look for them they just fell two polar bears the most dangerous like one of the more interim land animals they hung humans for sport i would mess with them so maybe what we have to do is deputized the polar bears and we like yo you go get em why are these these are just two i understand their dangerous eighteen nineteen years old but they're not predator why did they come up they came at them with
all guns boys able because the all of bc shut down right now there people sayings like i can't sleep you never know when these teenagers are cut then i hit that is the difference between canada in america because an american is less it is just like someone just starts linking their god may justly senior older i have guns according to alan miguel ski the father of irish miguel sky he going he believes it there and commit suicide in a video of him this cry and on a stoop she says he wants is hurt and you're gonna go in a blaze of glory and we're talking about how the these boys are now in some swarm of suicide and somehow of just beautiful oh young boy exploring each other romp deepen the fur where i imagine their huddled together in an empty log final just for warmth generally kissing each other's eyelids for warp and holding each other knowing that even if the whole world
explodes what they did last night when the polar bear was never known get him return like they weren't inside of each other which is again a beautiful and wonderful music it must be so dangerous unless expected but apparently so irish mc caskey was found with several pictures of nazi paraffin area a he'd turkey had a very i do know is that was called like it was a good life there was called blood wounds gurgurk was this blood and whereas as blood and and and and valor her somebody sure those again and i ve next to a nazi flag but accordingly alan's rogalski say not some kind of neo nazi he just collected knotty paraphernalia because he thought it was cool i think that's what makes you a neo nazi unless you are an active historian who as a museum and you know is not posing with the nazi familiar next to a swastika you not difference has put also the guy
that are in the b nazi reenactment parts of the war were two reactors are also not the most popular no definitely not i'm not gonna victor are knocking at the the father the victim in his own right but i gotta say ok you're the data this kid you didn't see this coming like now we're gonna be you have to know that your kid is gonna do something dangerous he's pose you with all weapons is a neo nazi i'd just watch day another who sent children of rachel i believe it was called my killer child it was an hbo documentary was like my dangerous sunday might have been called but these days these parents we don't really know the inner lives of your child unless you're completely up their assholes you're eighteen years old in years old use not a lot of you can do to control it i bid the dude is beside himself and i actually wonder cause it first yes cause i'm that is my reaction to write word mightily where were the hours drinking but they're like ok just let him do like but if i had a bunch of guns and a bunch of nazi paraphernalia i think we would have had accomplished
my mom was a big brother nothing was no information i thought that i could be kept secret could be kept secret for very long but also i didn't really care about hiding ejaculate goal second life that she had for my mother but that was different because she was it's cool my eyes one and get me i didn't get aids because i was bad do in all of the work i gotta taking tests but i was bad and being a student what's a hard paria god of the stuff on the hours and hours of work that homework and stop it is amazing i was a good rate french violet but you go in my almost be grown asked my teachers what was up through all my thoughts in drawers she went through all that shit oh my god my mom used to take it to the next level and this is why i know for a fact my parents would have been like no you can't be doing all this nazi stuff my brother has porno and he hid it be and a bush and my alarm by hall the principal and over the p system they said eric kizil report to the office
mother says she found your staff did say no it was all penthouse forum and did you know that he was gay because i think now they probably would have publicly humiliated him they give women who knows know though what their thoughts were but my god this bother i mean what's the other did the their duties dad is just like guy he's a jerk off i never liked him like where's the other duties that the other do dad they he is not really come out for comment he said that they ve been barricaded within their own home by press when i say that their son was a kind considerate and caring young man if i were to obviously this is full back see homes detective right i imagine that brian miguel ski is the driving force and that cam was kind of like go along the get along with his body than ended up like kind of what we saw with dylan and eric from cholera always seems to be an aggressor and then somebody who was peered up with them that sort of like
about the data we up a squire yeah i wouldn't want to good goebbels men for for the knots reference without their day are now out in the middle of isolated canada are there we know more about high they do they may have they are stolen toyota found your column was also left burning provide investors with a clear their whereabouts so they had already on the hearth do then we really go it it's like home alone with the wet bandits why do you have to burn all of the course it's going to be a pretty big indicators that you're the one who started if all of the cars at you steal you bird but they are they are legitimately i think they're just sit in the fucking just alone what he's doing you're just gonna walk out one of these days with their hands up super hungary had just been can i get a protein bar i really dont care they have to be
they're so it over their heads right now they lowlands have large areas of peat floating on water that can give way easily walkers could fall through ponds and streams from anyone trying to cross on foot the black spruce trees dominate may not be large but they have unusually dense needles linking them i deal for hiding but disorienting for anybody crossing through the bush i mean if this wasn't the case of people who committed triple homicide allegedly triple homicide this just frodo in some ways this is just a fun journey they could have just gone to the woods and done this without murdering all those people and makes some more fund be gave you're also violent i'm certain it does i tabled with these it also the insects according mister shaw chuck thereon full force throughout their like crazy or the insects are on full force red alert for insects to straighten thing that they could die in the bush but just because they are so there are lying in the bog that it could swallow there remain
the final message from arms objective was why the hell did they come here what you do it's islanders animals it's completely impassable and just their dinner i do love that homicide detective is just the they have a visitor law you dont so what game here strip alarmist we are sure to go find out they came here i gotta tell ya it's been a busy summer ah a horse god knows while last week we have those or a scar not why not and thou art you know the oscar myra dog van ness abolish near come through some time with the next six to eight months water how citing time in that part of canada a hot dog ban out here i law because we don't believe in a waste nor the resources of avenue for dollar out their agenda van whether banks or on a hot dog undecided aid but if talk to one of the hard girl we talk to one of the hot dog boys and narrow because is never a woman no it's always a man but you'll get it
the scout you will get discount and let's be honest you're being a hot dog bein the oscar meyer wiener hot dog driver is extremely difficult years possibly bilingual and you got a set everything up you can cause but all these tv screens placed by then you'll be you host this whole thing english and fat guy yeah you're supposed to do both hello welcome the show and power while broken from a problem that is how it supposed to go it's really difficult to become the oscar reader got i'd better me i would like to say i would like to imagine of you are driving the bee in actual caught on shape them bastard or ship from the oscar meyer wiener family but you should be very responsible we start but would jackie because jackie's the hot dog ambassador of is new jersey montclair i really don't know but if she wanted she needs again her truckers licence she turkey needs to get are truckers lights and it's a good father she doesn't know how to write a bike so maybe get a bike and then get into a car
you shouldn't even drive a car i so maybe maybe start small i wanna get around from all do that's great work on the balance mean yours a browser you guys are short were built for driving you have built for driving you don't you can't knock you guys over so suddenly understand how you guys didn't learn how right a bike bavaria whimsie as soon as they are we often give me all right down this august nineteen a theatre near you melissa mccarthy tiffany had asia and elizabeth moss star in the kitchen the kitchen is a female driven ma movie that defies all stereotypes and doesn't pull any punches if you love edgy dramas mobsters in movies set nineteen seventy is new york city you need do the kitchen when a trail of thanks to husband's wind up in prison in the nineteen seventy is their wives take over their organization and become hills kitchens most powerful mobsters the
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graham influence or and really i've been in the news quite a bit and i feel like it's one of his blood in the water scenarios these stories pop up kind of in waves right absolutely so be careful this is like a people to people public service announcement be very care for on social media so this is an issue lawrence or eat contrary kara glenn nova very good my best she was found god she was gone stabbed and stuffed into a suitcase this is just about girl there's a picture of her she's going to do in the duck pasting she has eighty five thousand instagram followers and no knows you did this yet but you had we started a new relationship and had planned a holiday trip to the netherlands to celebrate her birthday that was gonna be on july thirtieth her parents grew extremely concerned when they shoot when they tried to contact her and she was like not answering so they contact your landlord and requested access to her apartment that's where they found the
howdy that's where they found the suitcase containing her body in hallway they called the ambulance they still don't know who did this but she globally posted herself on instagram her follow her followers likened her appearance to the film star audrey hepburn so this is just a sheer very beautiful absolutely gorgeous and if we look at the instagram photo their henry she does look like audrey hepburn she does look like audrey hepburn so strange and so will i think people become obsessed with someone from afar we actually receive day email about this not too long ago that was very very interesting it's a syndrome that has been around they say since the nineteen fifty is called paris social interaction ok about this a little bit i'm not really certain it coined by doll horton and richard wool and acting fifty six and refers to a kind of a psychological relationship experienced by an audience in their mediated counters within performers in the mass media particularly its has on tell us but i now think those is back when they were reform formulating and now moves
but i think very easily towards the internet o abacha lulli because thing about this kind of shit right is at least tv and movies there's kind of an elevated different yes between who that person is in you and you can follow a chris pratt underwear and the thing about what the internet then does is that i think subtly psychologically is that it takes these people in them right in league with your friends you know every day levels the playing field yo ekaterina is in your instagram he'd just like your for other normal friends right any the celebrities as you begin to grow a one sir did a very deep relationship with this person and then now we're seeing this concept of orbiters and yet the bees because of the speed of social media and the constant refresh of content any influx of by different peoples voices in all these countries i think lamps up got attachment absolutely and people you know we'd we do as well
post personal things need to relate to people in and obviously we have a product to give them which is all of our podcast and live shows and things like that if you or in instagram influence are you really are giving yourself in this isn't you know this is but you are giving a port of yourself to the world you look at the cardiff since they have made their bed and that's why it's like every facet of their life is something that people think that they have or should have access to so used are blurred that line and ass we talked about it four weeks ago with them or of the other instagram what was her name bianca devon see conditions as we talked about bianca devils these people really have this strong relationship in their mind you're also then you will the wonders of this shit they also like gives me the fucking ah makes the hairs in the back
next it up and then as i'm reading about the this despair social interaction concept is that they have been using this technique they have been using the youth the paris social interaction as raged gauge success in social media and web traffic so it's does get to appoint almost being like are the companies rise sake of driving eyeballs the advertisers embedded in these various posts a good point or they truly beginning to drive us insane by using these take me using the quick hit endorphins of likes and one hundred were like we are locked in this concept which we believe is a a speaking like an actual relationship right somebody that exists on the internet which is an higher persona that person that you're seeing on the internet maybe a sec that is real but it is
italy curated and its complete is put therefore absolutely ship and we see you know sometimes we get sent that mean words the girl staring at the poster of her three friends and its own meal is near the last back ass now anyone with a normal brain is like they understand that's like it's great you know that's fine but once you start going just need one crazy person one person who is a little bit sick and it seems like this is it knew the stocking and murdering of women this is also you know this others there's not it's not a coincidence of course we're talking about this in the context of men killing women but now we're lookin out i just wonder but it's interesting about how the thing that seems to be what might be so of killing the human race from the outside the kind of what the if we can get past the speed bump of what social media doing to us like me i will have a chance to have all but what they are doing now is putting us in at each other on purpose like your generating these bolivia because they want to be addicted to the ep they don't care about the relationships that are happening
salute it within the app they just want you on the app and never leaving the when i when i got off of twitter there when i just to either that it really was a good unshackled then and now i can go back and get my toe in but i really was like in that oh yes and it was super real it was hyper intense and they want you to be absolutely want you to be at that point they want you to be compulsively tracking so and but that with a dozen for ninety nine percent of the population that normally leads to you know yeah you will the buying mord things retired what anew and you will just like a watch the continent is there and it is completely harmless or for the one percent that become sort of weapon ized by this right is did i mean i feel like we're gonna hit a lot more of these circumstances lobbies murders and the and fucked up weird online community speed offers no real life gatorade true crayon cats and they want to see more more about it and maybe this comes down to self policing i dont think this can be legislated out as a matter of fact and to talk about this unable and can stop at this week with travis there's a
your piece senator that wants to stop the addiction of of websites so his big idea and we won't get is too much details you gotta aware you gotta wear clamp under neck you gotta work let but his big idea is to get rid of auto play and it's like it's not lighten up will take its or the video they just started out as a year ago it and it's like no you freakin more i tell ya how many times i sit alone and hotel room and i just watch one video of two boys jumping on a trampoline just sends me another and another and another and another and next thing i know it's three days later annulled trumpets president is it that sub they so this is gonna be more of a cultural thing and maybe maybe it's like time to self please and if you see people acting like total creeps and post on these into i dont even know what did you call em out i just wanted to muzzle paris social interactions are not the you're not completely like bad
rights actually kind of it just kind of how our brains work the neutral so about like her we make sure as people that are content providers like people that do these kinds of things were entering special the indian internet right tell people like you need to take care you're so yeah you must do it we are can't save you we can't do it like you can create their worthing alot of people kind of crete this feedback loop where they ass they like equally if you end up being like liking the mention of all of these people in a kind of poisons your own in rural now and also we have this we have a new wrong there's a new layer of fat on celebrity the fact that these celebrity fan as professional wrestling van who sits front row of all the w w matter and he is now king fan and you know so now he is a celebrity amongst fans were being a ban it just continues to be rich effective celebrity just continues going on and now he's an influenza is well it's a whole
it is normal that entertaining ourselves a death death it's a great that is a great book gap also and citizens to be doing anything i want to congratulate the people i'm not sure i want to make these people here of the weak that's do here of the week really quick
oh by the way that new here where the weeks on then by mackey thank you could work yeah it's also so this in europe the weak and i don't even know their names but it is whoever was brave enough to
to a giant supermarket it is just called giant supermarket it is a normal says supermarket and they put ice cream cones those really classic eyes was it online or is it a giant eagle i think it's just if supermarket i'm pretty sure they put ice cream cones still in the box all around marty and then marty was like i dont know how to deal with all this i don't know why marty sounds like puffin i dont know none the less you are the hero of the weak for standing up against the tyranny that marty has made us confront every single time we go to the supermarket and i will say this new fun pastime watching role let's try to figure out life i had seen i think you're certainly falling in love with robots there when i just percival b i see be comforted by the fact that they are this easy to start for
now i am i still get in my holes of boston dynamics videos alone is so scary anyway but we could talk about that for ever and ever i still have not seen a majority though in real life and i know we will in the mid west when we go that every night tell you end but we have some day it's coming up in the midwest long ago you can't wait but we also have what we got an email i want to read this email because i love this may i tell you might think that this is boring but i love this kind of shit because think about it a little bit last week about my reality blip and i love filled gay dick pig idea we socks was gonna shit about i would add offers a new war view into reality come from me i was telling my wife about henry's reality blip story from the last episode and she urged me to tell my story suharto's arrived this was last october november and
during a period when we had a few other weirded creepy things happen or home over three to four week period on one incident we heard a crash and our kitchen around midnight after we went to bed at eleven wish we walked out and a pen we washed after dinner and set by the kitchen sink was on the floor on the other side of the coin in ireland fifteen feet from the sank where my wife doesn't like to talk about that one my reality live story revolves much like henry's around a piece of jewellery specifically my wedding ring i woke up one morning was not in its normal place by my sink i spent fifteen minutes looking for it and had to go to work and ass my wife to look that day by that evening it still had not turned up i tore that bathroom apart to including taking report the drain and pipes to make sure it hadn't gone down while i was worried sick and who's driving me crazy that i couldn't find it search searched the drawers the cabinets moved everything in there that was not nail down but no luck it was missing for four days
and every day i just lost more hope that i would find it the fifth day i get up in the morning took my usual shower and when i picked up my deodorant i ring was sitting underneath it i little we just sat my deodorant down walk into the bedroom to get my wife and said you gotta see shit when i showed her where was she just stared at me like i was possessed and said no way you were messing with me if fruitless both out i've attached a couple pictures and shows that his deodorant just barely covers it asia the it's like wobbly on top of it sitting on a sitting on top of it he said it was literally plane as day middle of the counter i was a hundred percent convinced that my wife was messing with me but she swears this day but she also searched for it and could not find it
trysdale will thank you so much for the story and i got a lot also messages about the line disease spread the idea what attics i'm reading the book currently and again it's not really about the fact that they purposely released ticks with limes line perchance there was an axe mental release of some of these things and we were his inaccessible making areas is it scarier though that is just going to be like but look up is gonna be all accidental it's just gonna be a goofy janitor that's like the comic relief of every horror movie i went and i i researched a little bit about high security disease centres we argue research on some of these things with a gold gain functionality basically where they take old like the old fucking diseases that there were like trapped and ice in shit in my deceived they can bring him back to life i want you of course but d it's this whole we're dear
related area where it's kind of no rules land where people are trying to figure out how do we have to set up proper parameters and even within these high security like centres there's oversight hundred accidental releases that will happen of ancient flues it all eggs excite it's gonna be like the mummy its gothic dissolving he's just gonna happen because someone showed up to work hung over slipped on literally a grape and then smashes vile worth of the full of the baltic plague and we're all gonna die because of it other good wiggly story this comes from tee my parents separated when i was nine and by the time i was thirteen i'd move from norfolk east anglia to south east no didn't know i would visit my dad who still lived in norfolk every summer i didn't have a bedroom at my dad's yeah his was is a bit shit i
sleep on an airbag lemmings i'll come out if their best your dad can deals guard via new single father i don't know a couple sounds like a lot of us that everything was there was a rough the summer at the forum the living room was a pair of glass patio doors have looked into the garden easily visible from urban one summer came with me so i gave up the urban would sleep on the sofa from the sofa a partition wall obscured my you of the patio doors we were chatting late at night as a pair of teenage girls are prone to do i want my friend suddenly froze she was visibly scared shaking with wide eyes i asked her what was wrong and she stammered ass if she was hard to if it was hard to speak bright light very bright light o moments later she was i couldn't explain which he had seen or why it had scared her to be honest i wrote it off is bullshit this wasn't it another visit a couple of years later i was probably run fifteen and stayed up late watching tv i finally set
down for the night and was laying on my back awake but with my eyes closed despite the fact my eyes were closed i got the sense that a bright light had been switched on annoyed assuming that someone had turned the light on to come down stairs i open my eyes repair to shoot this role woody teenager looks at the culprit ah however the light was coming from the stairs were the fitting above me but from the patio doors still in bed i look down past my feet towards the door and saw a large round ball a proxy half a metre cross of intensely bright light suspended around six feet from the ground it lit the whole room and i was filled with intense and overwhelming heart pounding throat closing panic i threw the do they overnight i held my breath and lay very still moments later the feeling it vanished and i could tell the room had darkened i'd tentatively put my head out of today in look towards the patio doors nothing i get to sleep at night she's
i was wide awake and i was physical and i am physically moved was not a dream or if it was not sleep paralysis that she was saying right here cool very very interesting you know i love orbs of course you know i love you i know you love orbs and give us enemy orbs worries becomes a very interesting because they think that is i think it might be fucking energy beings all once we go post by our biological this can be a lot of meaning thanks i love it all right every one thank you all so much for listening this week and i am sure that everyone is getting ready to hear henry's triple l but before we get that just when i taken here if they want just what say thanks to everyone who came out we
we thank everyone we think everyone i'm on where we as we have all double times billion oh you no one else a italy it's never enough it's near eyes away you guys come and supporters of the live shows that some of the at its muso sweet it's early really awesome i think you got so much for coming out yes all of this shows that we have done this last year have been i mean honesty this is the most fun i've had onto oh it's amazing and you know work we're doing more stuff here obviously check out the new wrestling podcast kind of fun we have a great interview with rick knox he's a very es referee it'll be really exciting and also august alive after our show august tenth in milwaukee if you want to hang out with just me i'm gonna be showing my documentary hale yourself america that's gonna be in the walking so get some tickets for that i think i have the link i'm an issue to linger on my twitter can a lot of fun it's gonna be a lot of fun and it's just so fund to have more to have more stuff to show and to share so live every day like its new york
he had ninety seven outside and does it matter if your grouse remember it does it matter if your gross because you want is grows ever loan way i love that europe thighs are covered with a group of your own biology that you your personal stoop is stealing your thighs together because i dont trust people whose thighs don't touch no you gotta have a dog shoe gotta be able to allah to loaves see look come on you i m looking at lower than it tighter than they were only this will either have big legs you boys are tiny legs older bell year and hasn't changed known archibald bellies others big i'm just i'm good willie exactly the same just about like a tiny bit smaller just at this moment nobody has not changed at all and it's not infuriating gonna laugh no
go to the gym so often but you won't make the changes it fully requires to get the principles of the dead then it matters to other people to see because you know what comes out of its rubbing physically stronger support the fact that right i can lifted make love to my beautiful wife it's about that we of course we want drills oh really i why did you a thing where i have no sounds strange but i like it or not we don't do this all the time we ve done of both ways ok now lies likes you like she's unconscious raw and the gold to see if there's fire i can get her out of the bed and into the living room to throw her in the fire normal but it is a but you just barge the living room this is what we need right by your i'm not going to i kid my neighbors don't know me well enough for me to come out of it
apartment building with not on my arms we're just practicing sir it's price droll just stories you guys are doing drills yugoslavia firearms your appointment by the judges just doing safety drills ok big chelsea does it with me to its fun itself a great deal i'm alright everywhere thank you so much for listening hale yoursel second mug delays we say father oh yeah i hope this to canadian boys are kisses hard to night air or die before this cop shoot you and your or they get eaten by a bare she was your point then i guess that's so romantic was made possible by listeners like you thanks to our add sponsors you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows the one you just listen to go to last part network doc
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