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Side Stories: Bruce McArthur

2018-05-09 | 🔗

Ben joins Henry in LA for a brief recap of the facts surrounding the arrest of Bruce McArthur, AKA The Potted Plant Killer.

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There's no place to escape is on is cannibalism started All little did they say I make I hope. So I don't remember. I have to make plans for it here in the White House, so my way melanija would be present how 'bout be good Nis CU. Everyone is they didn't what to use it why am I so afraid? Why am I here because
doing a wonderful job on Base B B, best made by a three welcome to the side stories ever? What are your bed Gisele with Henry Zebrowski, both of us according alive right here, in LOS Angeles might, but Gary now he's making more children that would be com killers of many- I don't know Maloney is going to do that any longer. You don't think she's not going to have more kids. I think she might be done. You mean, I think, a one and done maybe yeah. I think you're good with you think that she can possibly keep her hands off a trump you can read about like that. Can't possibly disappoint just were pulled down. Those being honestly, I only trouser his and just ride that little thumb print. I love. I love bread, pudding and, theoretically, that's basically the food form of Donald Trump, so yeah I it it just depends on whatever mood you're in Baghdad. What the bite,
leading say everybody send my lan, the a back where she come from? We can't have that we need here she's saving the country, someone please let I understand that's what you want to have happen, but for the good of the people think that she's holding things together, I think she's. The only good thing happened. I don't know if she could be held responsible for a single thing. I think that he said somewhere just like music, frightened silence, picking out shoes, she's out she's, taking on cyber bullying, so her husband, yeah, if the biggest rifle I was speaking of Bali's. We got a bunch of stuff to get to today, number one I do have to say full disclosure. It was our body seen as bachelor, this past weekend and my brain speaking of bread pudding is that I am it's garbage well, it does something with your serotonin levels, so you feel like worse than death what's nice about doing acid recently is that you are then since stopped being on acid
can always feel grateful for not being on acid. Any is what happened to me. I didn't realize and someone was like stick out your tongue and apparently, when you do that in a way, it's not like here's, the here's, a vegetable. Now, here's a nice little care it. Now, it's always going to be a drug that you don't realize you take and had him on this one: I mean around and we were watching. People do do it as well and and then you just sit there in the bathroom and then you realize the wall is like your next. It's like the best tv show you've ever seen, and then you just I say, hi. Anchor down there for a little while you hungered in there. We thought you died. It was three hundred o'clock in the morning we're going to do a little bit of it. Game update we have. Some new information came in about the e area rapist an all of it is nebulous, and so this is why it's hard time. What does nebulous mean you hear that word? Sometimes it's Mermaids underwear, that's what you'd call
armed with the yeah with the original night stalker I mean yeah, there hasn't been not nothing's been two rushing it other than the guy stands. What's his name he's not speaking to anyone he's real grim about it is I want to give anybody the benefit of the doubt of any sort of information, so this is why we don't normally cover current events on last podcast, because there's, conclusion will move slow once you once the guy gets arrested them, then you got to go through the trial process. So we'll have a lot more when the process actually happens. If he doesn't just plea out, and just takes, easy road, I hope, there's a big long trial, yeah. There definitely will- and I imagine I'm in my estimation he's going to be close to uh K where you going so proud of his workload, so it if you haven't seen Btk on the stand. Folks, let me tell you this: it is one of the most uh things of all time is such an he's? Does a meticulous on emotional recount of every single one of his crime? Is he says stuff like you know,
like your mother's age. Right now, when I killed her- and it's like what do you want me to do my supposed to relate to you what is happening this day of you know you are disguised either say nothing and give no one any sort of satisfaction or he'll spill his guts, so everybody worships what a fucking evil genius he is and we'll see how that plays out. Hopefully there's not too many. I will say you know he doesn't have like the Bundy look. So I don't think they'll be that fan club that oftentimes surrounds people who are even just mildly attractive. No, no! No! No! No! No! I don't think so. I don't think he's going to have any sort of sexual mystique going down the line because he's got that he's gotta go. Earth space yeah seventy two year old, Golfer Spiegel, like just a flat, is flat and we all now know about the micro penises. I'm also certain does make him like the happiest? No,
no. You know I mean, because that seems to be the first convention. You spend all this time being a devious piece of shit and you think that you're wreaking havoc across the whole world and the main thing people know about you- is that you have a micro, penises right, yeah, it's the first thing. They know well In a strange way, usually, I would say: that's gossip, let's not even talk about it, but in this case it's kind of, that's the case. I supported of the case at some point. A police officer had to put him in another room where they and sound, and they had to be like and then small is it and then they have to class buy it as 'cause micro. If I'm not mistaken, I so rarely am that's a medical term. I believe Michael had to call because it's just like no that's just a tiny one. That's it might grow a micro is, if you take your pants off images. Verne Troyer's head that September. All right didn't realize that he purposely drank himself to death. Do you purpose
we drink yourself to death. I mean you just drink yourself to death and we are doing that, but we're doing at the low and slow way two and play place out over forty five years- S guy Fieri, when he does a tour of. I don't know our bodies, because now he shrunk himself down, he does a diners drive ins and dives like liver of alcoholics version. He will be very happy with slowing all right, slow and low process. The ribs chicken livers on casters everywhere on any other, maybe up to we could talk about it. I mean, like honestly, I don't think we're to be talking about in cells again for a while. Now one of them killed another one and it's out in the command manifesto they've had enough attend. Yeah they've had enough what I think is interesting about how you see all of these newspapers. Now I mean, of course, all these legitimate sources quote: unquote legitimate sources of news all coming out being like the bizarre world of the no man. You look well, it's well known. It's been known quantity on the internet for years. So long would anger, Bates be so much about these cases when they do the breaking news and they just have to.
Twenty four hours with content, but we don't know anything. No, so they'll be like with that. With that maniac do she in Toronto to be like no reviews of terrorist, no idea, what's going on with them, he seems to be a relatively nice guy, hates all women, and then they just he's right through his Rahman before driving to his crime, did Robin have anything to do with a purposeful, auto vehicular manslaughter. Let's take it to Dave Dave. What do you think and then it's gonna be talk about Rahman and got to get in the house a rom? Absolutely no. It really makes me mad. I think that that's one thing about work. We live on the internet, specially us. It's like this generation of people, a group of people that we spent our a whole formative years watching beheadings by chainsaw on either Liveleak or penises shredded on rotten dot com from back to run was really the first one. We were just talking about this with some buddies rotten when that thing came out on the internet. It was like I will say on a serious level when it came to the Iraq war, they broke. Some really like it very depressing.
Brutal graphic photos of what the war was like, because over here it was like everything is going great, look at the beautiful missiles. I remember they have played the first Rock war happened and it was like they showed the videos of them. You want missile, shooting, shooting back and forth in night vision. They never show when they land, though that's really that's the game, but part of what's going rotten, dot com did sort of it hold up being like it's kind of what happened during the newspaper coverage of the Vietnam WAR and the way they would show actual bodies and stuff. So you could see the effects of war an it was shown on the internet. You gotta see it because if you don't see it, then you can't form an opinion and you I have to know how discussed you need this, but I hate the sort of I don't know what the term is. I think it's uh the condescension of newspapers show up on this like internet world of information and they're like it wasn't,
until we discovered it els, weren't, real and told New York Times discovered it that you read read it all of the old, with the the aggregation of information happens on the internet. That four Chan is this, like nebulous, were old of crack dealers and spies when it's really just eleven year olds right they yeah they live in their own little world. They live in their own little bubbles and they've. Sort of the whole thing is theoretically thinking that are more intelligent than everybody. In order to do that, they can't talk to anybody else, because then they'll realize that everyone else is either smarter or even of equal intelligence, because, theoretically all of us can know anything at any time because we're. But the support of what they didn't. I mean it's, the aborted dream of the internet right
the internet was supposed to be like. Oh you can. You can learn anything on. You will learn how to make pesto, and then I also learn how to make Miasole Fuckin' two times its size using a pine cone, and I'm thinking that the earth isn't flat then like. How am I even walking on? How am I walking on love? It's not like I'm like come on. It's been some kind of all I would be falling over, but that's what they get. The obviously they have to did it and they said the internet is a child's toy and it's been literally broke news like we've found in cells, we've discovered in cells and it's like meanwhile, we've been ahead of the cave paintings. Yes, of course, we have always been ahead of the game. Just like you, our listeners, because I know you were all probably more advanced than Maine when it comes to internet searching for when you're an inter would come to people out there I mean do you can even send even message to us and tell us what, if you still do, this is because, like now that when I'm in my thirties, I can't spend that amount of time on four Chan and it's a lot for the brain. It's kind of devastating I can't see like
blossoms, no, no even write the term to no no, no Google search, because none of it's good. When I used to just be jokes back in the day, but like you gotta check out purple waffle was a purple waffle. I lose blew off or what what's that and then you look at and then they laugh at. You were like that was discussed. You member Lemon party that was gonna, be having will resume the woman, your wife, but so we have some new news today that I guess we'll start talking. Well, it's not new news. It's new old news, but I'm, if not. To dive deep into it, but we wanted to talk about the crimes and arrest of Bruce Macarthur Right New Toronto serial killer. That very pleasant. Looking a couple of rough for Toronto. Local news, uh! I mean Toronto had actually happy story. 'cause he's got sick, I mean he was. He was doing his reign of terror for what seems like, possibly since one thousand nine hundred and seventy five he was Bruce. Macarthur was born in nineteen.
Fifty one key armed spent his childhood. I love this report with his sister and parents in a sturdy. Looking bungle, I get the feeling the author of this for the. What is this? The national post like wants to write about homes, I the one I was like. Oh no you're on the true crime watch is like I will squeeze in the line sturdy looking bungalow, which was also Henry's, nickname in high school. I think it's a well maybe a bat yeah off that is how many times can be started like a bomb. What is this anyway? That's not what we're here to talk about, but it's he so he was reasonably. I'm also Canada's got a thing with small houses. Yes, he this Canada, their cabins on there obsessed with their cabins everybody's working for the weekend or to get back to the cabin boy. Not so to me, when I hear bungalow, I know la renter's term for bungalow does that is a shed behind a house that you rent or one thousand five hundred dollars a month. So why is it sturdy? Looking
most the time it is Ashanti looking to looking so this is he's rested. Let's just do this, so he was arrested in January, now he's been charged officially with eight counts of first degree, murder and most of the slayings of a war of men who vanished from the city's gave village, so they call it gave Elige would rounds like a fun place, it's very on the nose. It's like you know. You could have gone with like you. Normally it's called like evil or like or I've sneakers up poopy bill would be accurate. I think that's where, like people like you and I would live but yeah, it's humorous, shaft town, there's many different places, only some kind of fun name, but they just went straight for quality. It's called it the gay village village, so you can never be surprised right, 'cause. He only eats and praises. I tell you: what are you gotta have always plan my birthday myself. Absolutely so because of that, a lot of folks speculate that
It was sort of my bag guns, be by guns, don't investigate too much. Well, it kind of falls into that. We're seeing that now yeah. We don't really know what happened. We know that it was. It started off with the that, a bunch of missing what seems to be either or either middle eastern man between the mostly middle eastern men that were it, went missing from this town. I'm almost at times like what it seems like we're just coming out at the Toronto. Please, for the most part use the If you serve, they must have left town, which is so. They also did with Robert picked, and they said there could be girls, as left town was just like their jobs. You know what I'm just love the police department be like. What's the ease s dancer for us, not the most plausible let's say they left out. We have come to the conclusion that it is in fact slender man so h of he spoke. It goes from people as young, as seven two is old as fifty nine, so that's a pretty
large range. There is also a type of victim that we don't see quite a bit of full grown man, a full grown man's hard to do so, how it kind of went. It seemed is that well Bruce was married without with a husband, yet you yet what yet a wife and he had kids up into the early nineties and you live with them and essentially he was doing pretty well. He was a sock salesman for awhile until he talks sales Ba, which is also the show he called himself on his grinder side. I sales. Now he has the Hood co wow. I use your name was a silver Fox Toronto on the website man jam. I would choose to check that out my problem with the term man. Gm is it. It seems to be like what I behind on the seat after I get up after the show. You know I was thinking you were going to go there, hoping you weren't, but then you did, and I was a guy. I agree with my assessment of hoping you didn't is headed tractive to man the ideal man jam, because I don't think I would know you don't want to eat. I, like I love women, but I would necessarily go to a website called soup.
I could see your stumbling upon that one maybe but go back up here. I want to read this planters line and less you were holding on to yeah. This was the interesting thing. Human remains belonging to at least seven of these folks. His victims had been found in answers a lease side home link to Mccarthy's work as a landscapers. So evidently he was working as a landscaper as well. Hey Bruce, would you doing out there on the field there's like? I am plant do trees. He is fight. Bruce is a funny guy in the funny guy come to find out. He's actually just extremely honest, yes very, very honest, so that was kind of how he got that what the nickname was the potted plant killer for a little while just silly, which is silly but the hell. First of all like how big are the place we come up, can you put in how much person could fit into a potted plant. He put a whole forty, nine year old dude in there when he would use, he would chop them up and then, when he was planting out these huge planners like these have b blood, big houses, and so he was doing like
fairly advanced lawn care for people and then, as he was as he was planned, the things he literally would go like back to his truck right his hands in the feet and all the things that he caught up in a probably in a big tarp threw him in the bottom of the play. And dug it up and apparently one hand fuqing surface, so you really there yeah and all of a sudden hand pops up out of the dirt you're like is that just Christ, there better dig him out, and then you get out there and his fuckin' just more body parts yeah. Well, it might have a similar complexion to what Jesus Christ had their yes. Thank you Kessel. Yes, absolutely that is crazy. So this and that's was that what started the cops We better start sniffing around these potted plants, because if you find one hand, I'm is gonna, say odd, there's a much higher chance. You find six more looking for too. He There's, obviously we're going to be covering this as more things come out, but what it seems to be was that in December of twenty and seventeen there was this
and serial killer in gay village- and he was actually put- is one of he was on a suspect list for a little bit of time, and would it happens here so because the case is unfolding. There's a lot of stuff with the cops have an answer to why they finally decided that he was the specific suspect a there are there's still evidence is coming out. A part of what they had to do was identify all these men and kind. Of course it all together. So eventually they were trying to There was going to be a serial killer in the December two thousand and seventeen, and then they came out and said no there's no serial killer because they didn't want to have to deal with the baggage of what opens when you say you have a serial killer, because then all the fads have to come out of the woodwork and do all this right as an extra much of nerds, like people like us, come to solve the crime for them, and then we just end up sort of like Salem Witchcraft in like everyone we see like you did it. You do,
Prove me wrong. Yes, so want to go back to that. One part here where it talks about these murders took place. I didn't quite realize it was seventy five to seventy eight. They, that was the majority of the murders. These are all new murders. These newer new discovery. Yes, these discoveries are new, with their trying to figure out is whether or not they can attach cold cases from the from seventy five to eighty six to him, because what their social number could go much higher much higher. Well, if it's true 'cause, it's But if he's killed, seven people in the last like couple years since two thousand and twelve right and then he must he must have ill before unless something snapped in him later in life right in two thousand one, he was arrested for beating up a male sex worker with a pipe when he turned himself in, and he said I'm did no. I don't know why I did this. I don't know what came over me, so they don't know whether or not that was a part of it. He was a. He was a
good standings him, but he was a part of the bdsm community in Toronto. Here this place called Zippers cell block. I think it's going to a similar place now. Yeah the first cell block. Yes, and he was known as Santa because you look like Santa and part of his gig was. Is that I wonder what some of the gifts were, that he was passed out in the rupee sheets? Acoma coal? Instead, please deal with all this all this come. I can't regift it alright. So you almost you want. I guess just from my perspective, I would want him to just be guilty of all these crimes. Just so we closure in just I just don't like the idea of multiple serial killers, just gonna roll around. What's really scary part of that is I mean. Okay again, I think we talked about last time how we were wondering if, if constant surveillance is what's going to allow the serial killer disappear, but maybe a dozen maybe just depends on how deep go and how we need. I think that one thing that IRAN's did show was it
depends on you on the gaping need of the killers for attention for attention. Medic got b t k caught up again, yes, because dependent humble. If you want to claim your crimes only seen what the end. I think that he did your honor, I don't think, did no. I think you just want to be a miserable old man. I think that he are you think it will see that he is pleased with the fact that he went for so many years without being caught. I think he views himself as superior to mankind, much like Dennis Rader, who is like I'm smarter than everybody else, and I'm gonna show them how much smarter I am that everybody else right wrote what he aren't. They never are, though, isn't that interest? No they're, not there was a call, because you have to be a moron to kill somebody, because you just you do, will do they'll, do what's best to show everybody that you're wrong by creating a podcast that ends up paying your bills. Well, don't you I'm looking further, it burst Macarthur's face and only see the Santa go. Yeah he's a Santa yeah he's cute as a per, but what he would do, apparently so there things are coming out is that he had to be
He we would bdsm streak okay and that he will like one guy was talking about how he would tie him up in these prone position for the up back, but his hands behind his back face down to the carpet. That that's how they were the insinuating, that's how they found some victims back in the nineteen seventies, which is why they think that he may be connected. They also somehow when they were looking for the identity of one of the victims. That's interesting and just do that point. It's like people we're good at tying ropes. It's like boy scout boy scouts, no, no yes clubs years ago, have amount with you. What his speed is a great guy to have around up with them. Also he's loves punishment, so much
He will do all the hard climb. You'll be like a sherpa type. Will take all these get all the way out there. There's a lot of stuff to cover on this, so yeah you, two thousand and one so basically would also turned out- is that he may be taking a bunch of pictures. He had a couple other lovers that said that he was into was looking for submissive men and part of what happens in the bdsm community is up of it is that, in order to have a healthy, bdsm community, you of all have to have a lot of trust. The part is, you have to trust this person is not gonna. Show that a death when my hands are tied to Medicaid and again, not maligning any kind of can't know, consensual, Kingsley, wonderful stuff, have a lot of fun with your life, but obviously this man did not agreed to the to the contract. What what happened was in the way they ended up getting the finally the
to him under surveillance and they watched a young man go into his apartment? And finally, there, like we've, had it now for this, you need and can anyone in there they found the dude completely trust up, but he had yet to have done anything to women and they arrested him the good they do hi. What I hoped it would do that first, I wish I'd like to think they or their life, or he was like contact me, yeah, Let me let me stay like this, who knows, but there's still think if, even if you are, if even if he does that at this point I say we gotta untie you, sir, we I just I don't want to I'm not again. You know you got it, but just got to do this right now, trying to think This comes from the last bit of information from the Toronto star. All this kind of came out as a sensually a month ago. He was also this author, constant at this whole of everything that they yadda yadda over called project. Houston, It was in November two thousand and twelve Toronto police assembled a task force called Project Houston. A search for three missing men from the gay village was created
trying to police at one time believed on Scott Garage not brought to mom. Already being one of the victims of personal Carter may have met with foul play three years after he disappeared. This stem from a tip about an online cannibalism, rang playing a role in his death kind of go into that cannibal cop case that we had there in New York City, where the guy was on those forms, and it does get like pretty it gets pretty roast. Yeah. They could definitely like to see if they're pretty they talk, it's barbecue, it's barbecue but then this person is it do. That is the argument, so the idea of life so now, do. You beat the the situation is going to all of the different places where he used to do landscaping. Ok, they're going to have to go it's something like thirty different properties, realty. And dig up all these places and they're having problems with the the people that are
billing is releasing being like. Don't come. Look on my my land. I don't want you to come and do they should know level we have to and yeah did you go did couple. This place is just looking for bodies. They were just trying to have a nice long yep. They you know, so you could maybe spend it into something like a resort sort of macabre hotel, yeah yeah. I would say the vast majority of people aren't thrilled with the idea of of just kind of plan foot. All on grass and right beneath them is just a rotting corpse. I mean, I guess not, do you want to find out if that is the case, or do you just want it yet do you but that information or not that's kind, of the key question. Is it weird to say that I don't but now the obvious, obviously not for me. It's probably a weird to say I don't really care. I imagine I would live on haunted ground anyway. I feel like this is where we live in LOS Angeles and New York, we're Klay surrounded by dead by men, man, it's just going to depend on what it is if it's like a bunch,
should child murder. I think that might be traumatized. It would be pretty try it. I said I don't know what I don't 'cause and a fire with a house filled with nuns, that's kind of hot, that's kind of crazy kind of fun. I would do that. I would be into like where president field guide all the stores, not no, I see one of the testing all just died in the tub. Was President Harrison He got all sex because he's an idiot, Grover Cleveland. I don't know what happened. I think again, most of them just died like on the golf course next to a train or in the top. I don't know why that's what they do. Yeah I mean I say: let him die, a little fun with your life. Let him do so. I guess, with this case we're going to continue to follow it, the more that they go an excavate. Show bodies hoping that this list ends at eight, but it looks like they have a bunch of old
cases they wanted time to. I don't know what they have the dna from the seventies. You know that might be a little bit tricky to get. I mean I don't know it depends on what on what the canadian police were doing at the time, because a lot of that again it's another sort of example. Of this is that the front zipper cell block. I know I mean I got the american flight. They got the canadian flag, the got the pride flag it from the outside. It says: welcome world. That's as far as places of the term cellblock in them that looks fairly. Welcoming yeah I need his nickname must not be as a boy he what yeah I when he was a little kid you moved yeah his. They must not be a little early. What does that imply? I don't know how what what kind
personality, trait or physical feature. Would you have to have to be called sloppy? I'm a big old droopy. I guess I don't know what all the boys are doing. All that I don't think he would earn that Nick. They I don't know what it is. It just seems like again when you read about his his past be theirs. I mean everyone says the same thing is that we didn't. We would never imagine that Bruce murdered everybody. He was the fun guy, he would go and he would buy gifts for everybody. Take people I t ET was very Gore Gary, as he was friends only so it's different than the original livestock or everyone's like he was an s. Yes, this guy was actually living to that living up to that trope that I think it's way too calm. By the way that it's just neighbour next door is a serial killer. I think that's rare. I think it is rare, I think a lot of times. It's also depends on the level of it seems Maybe you could have snapped labor later in life, and it also depends on how much he gets off on acting like a nice guy when he knows for a fact, he's got a chain of a bunch of dudes and beat him to death yeah. I guess that's the. What do you call
at the old Yang Yang there do you want he's, were three bedroom apartment with him in his body, and his son also live there, and he would just leave out these collages that he would make of pictures of east indian men with erections needs love to run. His son found him. He was a whole whole whole yeah, yeah, that's a that's a little bit of my life and then the wind and currently work we're going to find it was a one of the victims was get a fight by releasing a picture that the police would not reveal where the picture came from and it seems to be a part of what may have connected Bruce Macarthur to all of these crimes is that I think that he took a bunch of pictures of victims. That is your your Dahmer type that what they did and, of course, going back not to beat to death the term Bt K, the guy beauty K, but yeah a lot of times. It's with the pictures, especially if it's to go back into you for sexual pleasure. These dudes were big. Do yes, I mean again going back to what you were saying. It is rare to get like grown
Do not also wonder why he murdered someone some he just had sex with. There was a bunch the he just. There were several people who said that they had straight up either normal sex Morris, normal Bdsm sex with him without it getting too intense. But then a couple other people who came forward and said I had some sex with him and I got really very intense and he was like choking me and smashed my head against the wall. I wonder if it was an accident. The first I mean we learn, which I'm a Gacy right is the Murder was an accident and then, once you pop it and then Well, he did just now it's just like no, my working mostly as well. I mean honestly, that is the big hurdle right, because you killed one person you're going to jail for life. You kill a people you're going to jail for, like only so much you can get um, so who knows but yeah alright. Well, we'll keep on following this story. The more that we know we definitely are. I am very interested in only just because this is I mean in the end of the week consul and talk about our going to be more big hitters like in our
Expands like are we going to see more serial murder? You know it does. It seems to be happening. This is an example of it. You mentioned technology and surveillance were extremely surveil It's a please stay, ladies and gentlemen, and I let people know when we were pulled over by the LAPD randomly it. Also when you didn't realize you were on acid, that was the thing to that part of that I did. That was the man yeah. I I wish I woulda known, because I because I kept on saying, like all night was like man, I feel like I'm I didn't take any acid and then morning our friend, who was there was like I said that same thing again. I didn't take any he's like dude you took like yeah. Yeah. You definitely would like, given a bunch, but anyway back to the surveillance thing we're seeing, or perhaps we're seeing more spree kills because you can't serial killing along.
Maybe not gotta, do what a paddick did. I miss Vegas, so we'll see what happens or the pulse nightclub will see with that, but I also then I'll- maybe we're also in another, even weirder cycle where people would do serial killers just to be will do serial murder just to get the a10. Being assertive just too happy podcast based upon their life. How many jokes I've seen alone will saying like yeah, I kill people just to be, This part goes to the left me like well. What, if that slowly becomes not ironic and starts becoming real? I think. Let's not do that last number one, but I don't know yeah, I just oh another, weird talk very difficult. Another weird factoid is at Todd's. Todd is the name of Bruce Macarthur son in Toronto, and he was recently arrested for I he's obsessed with doing obscene phone calls to random numbers that he
pulling up women from the phone book and being like when I eat your fucking sheet. I want to shoot in my mouth and talking about like eating their shift and drinking their past in like an Falkingham, but it's like you have a cell phone most likely. You can't do that again like try to his patients. Ok, so turn from the pay phone old school got to keep it old school back in the day. Cuz! That's how it is. That's how you get the real pleasure of it. Is you get to be in a booth? You get to smell the past and now you're smelling piston you're. Your thinking about past call somebody and ask about their past and she's like stab at, but she could also maybe beyond the bathroom when she answer the phone and then you know it because maybe here, a little bit. You know what I'm just going to say: you're over thinking that alright. Well, we will keep you up to date, Bruce Macarthur it thank God. He is off the streets and caught I mean it's been a lot of a lot of captures. We don't know what we'll next week, but I'm sure I am sure the world shall provide. I say again
we've been getting people sending stuff to assist speak about? I will start going through that information. We would love. To hear what you're interested in hearing about because sings a slide under the radar to do some more conspiracy, theory stuff as well. I was trying to read into Q and do you know Q. One goes all the way down to the believe that the Democrats have access to an ai. That is who, trying to subvert all of it like it goes down that the a I war is very real. We could cover that many I wore. I welcome that. Welcome them and we just and I just released it on meaning that bonus top that episode with the space force, Donald Trump Diane. Here it is it's so ridiculous, but it's you know it's branch of the government space, Spaceforce type thing? It's been talked about for many years.
Hey. I was not given it a bit, but have a name before no just extra dumb when he says it, because, yes, we literally that were big in space, we're big inspected ones. That even mean it means nothing. I think they're not allowed to own anything. I think. Do we own the moon? I think there's like an agreement that no one can own the moon, including pizza hut, because member back in the day with me, so it's like we're the projected advertised on the moon and then there was a universal consensus that so we don't want to cheapen the movie Askar. Not yet not yet no, but it will be happy so yeah, the a I stuff man, that's that's the next level. You know it will be a job you adjuster for them. I don't give a shiny, it's just going to give him a shot man. The problem is, if we do just probe and then with the US laws. Things illegal. So what we were talking to speak you're rested, but I thought it was kind of cool that we had friends that were talking about how a I can also branch into a weird world where you can make them hyper the game and
for intelligent. They can access anything they want with their cpu or whatever. It is the computer part of it, but they are supposed to. Only do many like menial tasks like you have something that is essentially human robot, that has access to all the knowledge that is available, but is just a roomba yeah That's fine all right! Well, actually, you know what that's a very good potential topic for next week, so I like that yeah. Let us know what you wanna talk about. Henry loves you on Twitter and Dodger Fan, tasty Instagram yep been Gisele, Instagram been KIDS Bank is a one on Instagram and cancel on Twitter, an if you have any suggestions or questions on leave the complaints to read it I'd say your pages actually fairly nice. I don't know. I just everyone is a depressed. There was just a study that said forty five percent people under twenty five or are too
uh, contemplating suicide in a regular basis, and it's like I totally get it. Let's just be nicer, but part of our acid conversation that I really started seeping down my head is that cause the internet of our subconscious and a forty five percent of us are going at forty. Five percent of the of humankind are depressed: Essentia Lee we're making the internet to press. Yes, that's a good point, we're doing it on purpose. It is so if you have something to say, email us at the last podcast Networkgmail dot com and again it's so good. I didn't even say it 'cause. It is here in the studio with with me here in Lhr yeah did I
that we were in LOS angeles- oh well, yeah. If we get a live show at the Echoplex tonight. She and I farted right on your pocket. Yes, you did. This is kind of nice to be in the same room yeah that was kind of exciting, hail, Satan Lll. Is that what we said the last time I live, live and learn. I prefer, if it doesn't stick it doesn't have to ok, hail yourselves. Everyone see you from it.
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