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Side Stories: Cannibal Corpse Rapture

2019-01-02 | 🔗

New year, new you. But in 2019, try to be like anyone other than the subjects of today's episode: fans shower Nikolas Cruz with love, a hunter mistakenly takes aim at what he thinks is a famous cryptid, and the guitarist from Cannibal Corpse gets ready for the rapture. 


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Hey! What's up everyone, the boys from last podcast in the left, ear telling you about our new special. We filled it in Chicago and it was absolutely a wonderful experience and you can buy it now for six dollars and sixty six cents. If you just go to lastpodcastlive dot com. Said: buddy help hail him in the year of twenty nineteen watch. Other watchers, our bodies, jiggle upon the stage, hopefully laugh with delight yeah, This is a recording of one of our live performances, so, if you've never seen, this live, you've always wanted to this, is your opportunity. Everybody can see is live now and next year we will have a whole new show, so you will not be seeing the what you see on this live show again. That's it. Your way
watching something that will never happen again. Yeah. Thank you all so much for your support this past year. Twenty eighteen was absolutely incredible and we are excited to bring you a new show in two thousand and nineteen again last podcast live dot com. That's last podcast live dot com go out there by for six dollars and sixty six cents and don't forget, hail yourselves hail Satan again.
This is the lost. This is on the left side, yeah man, oh man, a new year's day in day yeah I mean we may be pre. Recording this maybe and so, and we might be- I don't know well it's over. I mean to be fair to podcast. It's always pre recorded. You know. Yes, it's not we're not in your living room, your car, we're not your closet, we're not talking you in anyway, no don't know what your underwear smells like. I don't know, but I will say I am thankful that the sky opened up in our Lord returned last night. All The fan full well know full size, and now I get to wash Jesus Dirty beat feet.
Oh yeah all day, not Zhirkov with one, and then I'm cleaning them sudsy match, to the other hand, alright. Well, I don't know if Jesus needs you to be ejaculated while you wash his feet, I don't think that's part of the deal, but you know what We will be happy with a good scrub, regardless this fucking eager sickle pc wants me to wash his feet. I'm gonna come all doing it, that's how he get okay. This is side stories. Everyone all your bed gets all had risen Browse Q Travis morning. Star will also be speaking somewhere around he's a route yeah it we got Batman, twenty nine, it's going to be completely different, sure yeah, absolutely completely different I think it's going to be way different than any year. That's ever come before definitely different than the last two. I don't think, to lose any celebrities this year. I don't think any natural disasters are going to happen all right, we're going to have an easy call year. Here, well, I I think you're being sarcastic, and that is just fine. I hope you all had a
a new year's eve. I hope you all had a great holiday season and we excited to be back with you in two thousand and nineteen, and we're going to have a great year together, no matter what happens, away the ride together my quest and you are you now still like. I'm in the mentality on four Certainly I'm in the grandfather mentality that every in a while, like it'll pop into my head being like it's going to be twenty soon that will be here when I was a boy that was the future, but now it's no! No! I I totally agree. I feel as if I'm a grand father technology is advanced so fast in such a here of time. I think all of us have sort of age dinner, I mean if you grew up in like one thousand eight hundred and thirty to eighteen. Sixty, nothing really changed Nothing really changed, and now we have to deal with these iphones with cars that are driving themselves. I mean also your job before
you didn't just like rent an apartment in eighteen, thirty to eighteen. Sixty you had to go, find land and build a house, so things were more difficult, obviously, in a hole- and I really feel like. I know that you are very weary of some, of the oncoming technological editing a roadie year, they're gonna. I know, but I know that you're worried about them, but I feel like once they start sucking your day. You're gonna start, Changing your mind, I think you're going to turn that frown upside down. Wait till you get that first perfect. Skype low job when you set up settings to the machine of whatever you need, how you needed to be licked like how you need to know before the ferocity, the noises it must make. You Maybe like ok, It cannot be a perfect sexual experience, because I like human beings,
You know so I immediately going down ninety percentage points. You'll have two silicone bags on an what I imagined it sort of like a microphone stand hanging above it, so you can grip onto them. While it's sucking you ok, I will I'm are yeah, but I would recommend, I think, especially with the first gen. Is blindfolds or some kind of like night mask so you're, not seeing it sure sure. Well, it's sounds like a bad sort of a sexist polka song, wait. Til Boston Dynamics gets their hands on some some sex doll. I am never going to have sex with any man. Austin dynamics makes all right. Well, I will so the mine too, and I really I've never used a fleshlight really go well. We know that if you use a flashlight is mark I mean I believe it's still an active duty. I don't think he'll retire tire service. Yet is it retired it? Ok? Yes, it did not make it to the pension, because if you miss one
meaning of it, things done yeah. Of course it is but that's what's fun about a robot. Is that if you build Enough Lake CO actually correctly meat parts which I'm certain we'll get to be able to spin those bnha. I got to make that kind of meets up. You will you can come come into like a meat like sack. Could technology digested you have not paid attention to any of my news stories about robots, these you're gonna put shorts private parts, something your most sensitive bits into the control full of an ai machine they're going to lend you thought the movie teeth was bad, where the woman, teeth in her shake up a couple of fingers, and if you can, I would imagine this is how we would really magic. This is going out of his arms worse than that, the castle, what it's not just, a vacuum: you're not sticking and dick taking anything that's going to suck- and this is true You'Re- going to stick your dick in anything that it's going to move instead around it right We only only it's gonna be one of those horrible back massagers that only cause more pain. You take
but also I don't even trust you- I don't trust your hands. I barely trust my own. Well, I have very soft hands. It's almost like I've never met today in my life. Ok, here we go. Let's do a story. Story is near and dear to my heart. I do have a connect. ' in with the Sasquatch with the Bigfoot. I feel I'm well you'd see in a I'm going to say don't give into these people. I don't know everybody wants to say that you are Sasquatch. Is your big, your big numbering fuqing, eight beast, you're, not you're a man castle. No, I know. As a matter of fact, we had the woman who interviewed us in Chicago. She just message me regarding my beard on Instagram saying how does a gross of First, I'm going to Sasquatch blood. I got a fast growing beard, I'm not as hairy as you are Henry, but when it comes to facial hair, I can really get that shooting out pretty quick. So this happened in Montana, shots fired at a Montana man mistaken for Bigfoot,
possibly how I'm going to die so I'm on a Montana man in bizarre brush with death over the weekend when he caught the attention of a trigger happy hunter, I'm going to say a trigger happy camper in murder, who thought it was indeed a bigfoot unnamed named Helena Resident or Orlando resident, reportedly the police yesterday to alert them to the strange incident which happened. While he was getting ready to do some target shooting on this. What about two Sundays ago much data surprise the man said his afternoon. A fun took a frightening turn when he only realized that he was being shot at and quickly ducked for cover? Now this guy I'm just going to say he is not follow. Hunters safety, not following huntress you need to wear an orange sash with her, of course, ash. It's really good to wear like a sparkly dress when you're out
Because the sequence will pick up all the light you know I mean, because then you look like a genie out in the forest, but I'd like But this guy is that he didn't even bother to report the shooting that day he waited till the next day. Because he said he didn't think it was a big enough deal. Well, that's my data because if you do want to press any charges as well, he just wanted maybe cops to go out and find hunters and give them a server a stern lecture about love, my dad, so this dude, so the ball through flight all around him? He emerged from his hiding place and managed to speak to the dude who was shooting at him. It was not Dick cheney- oh my god, vice lords are making a funny movie but Dick Cheney. So he talked to the dude who shot at him According to the shooter, he opened fire because quote, he thought he was a bigfoot,
and that would be a Sasquatch later said. He came to this conclusion in large part due to the fact that the man was not wearing any orange as Henry alluded to apparently the lack of protective gear and the man's I peddle nature, which is very bizarre yeah. He was walking on two feet: yeah Bigfoot, exactly that was enough. 'cause like I wasn't wearing orange, and he walked on two feet. That was enough to convince the the hunter that he was going to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot a big but, but I'm going to say this, and I want your thoughts on it. What is that about human nature. Let's see, I got a a big and no immediately the students, like bitter, kill it, why you gotta shoot epically Throw up some steaks, give him some old trapper Jerky, try doing is the big, but maybe he likes Corona. I side with you and it's mostly because there's a but there is a mass of debate within the big foot community because they taught this is all this is a hot topic in the world of people. Believe there are camp,
I believe that you kill the bigfoot in order to study it for science and there are camps that believe. The whole point is to observe the bigfoot we can learn about it and then we stepped away from it and it's you and the F two fronts of it right right, as you have one on one side, the hunter dot pro hunting side says this is a pop, civil dangerous animal. We also need to figure it out. How is it dangerous? Is there one report of a bigfoot killing there's been a lot of reports of Bigfoot, I'm going to say, forced sex like that, but mostly those are written down. Yes, yes, these are great in their perceived to be more like fantasy. So there's that part of it? I mostly just think it's men kind of exerting a sort of precook rage about big foot, do you, I mean sure, almost being like they want to kill the big foot just because they know just how fake the big foot is and how much more it could better real pleasure their own. Why and what we don't know think about it, I think about
I think this is also a it's a display of the sad state of cryptid knowledge. Actually in Portland me Maine the museum, Cryptozoology is going under currently because they're experiencing the low Ste Admission they've ever had in their history. It's very sad because I thought thing cryptids are on the way up, but no problems it interesting. Cryptids are on the way up without paying for content on cryptids, it's on its way down the cryptozoology museum. If there's more interest in in big foot or cryptids in general, you think they would be a side effect that they would see an increase in business in an increase in revenue here currently seeking help to fund the museum. Well, honestly, bad, I think I might reach out. We should help them yeah. First of all, I would love to. I mean, I think, that those museums- you know you get just the right amount of a you, got your vape way, you go into a museum like that. We actually had a fun time. I believe it was in Portland Portland, one of those oddity museums. It was just in the back of a store. It's super
but it is so so much yeah. It reminds me expand your mind: it's fun to see examples of cryptic, but I actually wonder I feel like people might protest too much. About how much they love cryptids. If they don't want to go out, they don't want to support them. We have found, you know like it's. Sometimes the crypt episodes are not as popular no way, but there's been a pro side of not hunting the big one of this is the side that I'm on, because if you have, if you have a big foot, if you can get a big foot uh. Now, how do you know the issue here? Is I suppose, how do you get it alive? How do you after a bigfoot of life, this is a part of the are we have to be correct, but what is the ascent? nature of the bigfoot. Is it in fact a primate right? We don't know. Is it a primate? Is an actual physical creature or, as many I do believe is that it's some for
ascended, some form of highly elevated right, special creature. It's some kind of it's been anointed. Yes, it is it's special and it may act Actually some kind of your orders at a time traveler into some kind of interdimensional. Being that we don't know, I've also learned from it. If we could figure out how to bridge the communication gap, I've also heard some theories. It's like a missing link, type character. That would explain evolution further. All I know is so maybe a dark gun. Maybe you got a dart gun, maybe a dart gun, I'm not sure if we have a cartoon There are rules, I don't know if like sandwiches or a series of other yogi the bear type treats, but maybe go with that. Again. All I know is that if you're going to start feeding it expected to keep showing up,
You have to then be afraid of again, because if your wife's out there hanging out the laundry well I enjoy just so happens to see the expansive gate at the big foot. Now big his hands are in court, do its feet and I'm certain how massive This is going to is hanging out. It's going to be like a bears. You know angler and no woman wants. I mean not every woman there, a lady there's, a lid for every pot yes, I'm sure there are some women. Henry has read the erotica written by women I have sir there's a lot about this one for every soup. Well extremely Sometimes you really just gotta get a big old spoon to scrape at the bottom. That suit absolute think about how much how much pro bigfoot or like gentle bigfoot imagery, out there versus anti bigfoots, all pro bigfoot.
Is it I mean the last one I saw was Harry and the Hendersons, but you know like I grew up in the Pacific NW and a lot of the museums in little shops and stuff that had bigfoot stuff. There always be like overturned car or a smashed dumpster to sort of say, like Bigfoot was here and now It's fun, though, it's fun to see that is because the overturned car was. It belonged to a well known, pedophile in town, interesting justice, as law enforcement. Finally, caught up to him and realized he indeed was committing all these a horrible crimes. He just he beat law enforcement because it really, cool trans am and then Bigfoot said. No sir you're going to stop terrorizing, the children of this town, I'm going to say watch all over your ass. Can you imagine how? on the show would be called big foot pedal file hunter and you have to like the same thing where you do have to catch a predator, and you took the whole thing where you have the baby girl call
the guy and he shows up to have sex of the child at all. So it's just like a big. What comes out rips his arms? We just I want to see that show we just have to teach big put to say the sentence. Do you want me cookies? cookies. Well, wait a second you ii, you sound pretty! her up for a twelve year old boy, I will speak speaking of twelve year old boys. Perhaps you love this bad when you were twelve years old, as of course I did this, story is all of or it's about a member of the band cannibal. Corpse honestly how appropriate I love this. I I feel like in uh of our lives it's important to shoot for an arc, absolutely
Well, I mean like: where do you see? Do you see yourself like maybe out in the hills of Wyoming or the Carolinas in joining joining yourself? I could move in on brandy. I think I'm going to do something like ok. Now, let's take politics out of this. I want a mix of Hunter S, Thompson and TED Nugent. I don't think I want to start, but I don't trust myself yet with extreme firearms, but I think It's a sober up and I'm fifty eight and I do need to do something to feel any kind of rush, because I'm ready rush any rush. 'cause, I'm constantly going to say I remember when I could in the Times Henry had to drag me through the snow in Philly I was real. Do you know that I love to do I'm going to or a solid mix of Jeff Goldbloom Alan Moore and, unfortunately, after my year. It's protesting it's starting to turn into I'm sure to become a pro guy, Fieri
and understanding will not say the name right, though Guy Fiete I will not. I will not give him the italian lilt, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is not anyone against their consent, absolutely not. He is amazing, and you can't sneak up on 'cause he's got his uh sunglasses on the back of his head on the back of his head he's. He's definitely say from tigers abs. So back your cannibal corps, guitarist had fifty shotguns ten semi automatic rifles and twenty handguns at his rental home. Before his arrest, new Lira this court documents show that Cannibal Corpse, guitarist, Patrick Pat Short for Patrick. O'Brien? He made strange phone call to his parents. The day of his arrest warning about the quote: unquote, rapture and telling them quote unquote aliens have landed O'Brien in was arrested on December tenth on charges of aggravated assault, a law enforcement officer and burglary of an occupied dwelling with assault deputies say he
burglarize, a house and charged at a deputy with a nice right, so Ryan, a yes, but all Brian allegedly broke into a N Florida home in December tenth and shouted at the rapture is coming, but pushing a woman to the ground here? towards responding, do but do it with a knife and according to the Tampa Bay Times. Fire Marshall's found a large cache of weapons at his home yep now the thing. Is he has so many guns? Those are expensive, Besides physical readable, Corp space, kids money, I'm just going to say maybe by the House first and then you can start hoarding all the guns I kind of said the horde in a rental. That's all I'm saying yes, I think so I think you should you should own some land before you have over two guns. Absolutely so this dude O'Brien, Paddle Brian, he said, fired his own house afterwards. He said explosives to his house. Well is very deeply involved when it seems to be the prepper communities. He seems to be one of the worst peppers of all time. 'cause he burnt down his own home, which I don't
think is in the rulebook. Evidently, get out of Elon Musk Holiday guide. He had a flame or in his house a Miller? style, flamethrower, so, which is, by the way, just one of those back. Things in this country? Part of me loves, of course, a part of me hates when it comes to mass tragedies that we're going to get to Nicholas. Who's, that horrendous story a little bit later on here in the episode of course, the parkland shooter. But if you can just go into a store and be like, I am the guitarist for Cannibal corpse. And I would like to purchase five, your greatest, a r fifteens and a flame thrower. You think that that would be like what was that band again, I feel like if I was the owner of a gun shop who could also sell a flame thrower? I would probably already know cannibal corpse and I would be like my budget for real young, like that, would be that's a problem that it's two metal to not be excited? That's very
True so 'cause I will say the new 'cause, a real. Have you seen the lawn musk fire flame, thrower, Sockets Pussey yeah, it's pussey! Well, it's not good. It can definitely. As we saw on a video that I played on last room on the left. It's very easy for Christmas trees. I know those are not out of those are now. Out of your homes, but it can definitely it up some shrubbery. That's for sure I mean honestly, you can use it to flambe. A blue lady. If you want some that you can caramelized some sugar with it, but a real military grade flame floor. That's how you call some K. That's very well! I mean I'm into this. I'm going to all that part of it. So as Henry said, this dude paddle and he had a knife. He's like the end is near everybody and they're like yeah for you and he got I'm going say extremely lucky, and this is like people. I want to say. Oh, this is about race. I think this is about rockstar privilege. Now I do
all if the officers that he was in Cannibal corpse, but I think they look at them and they his fingers and they're like that dude. Can probably shred we better take it easy on him, because when you're at a deputy with a knife. In your right hand, which is I believe he is right handed the fact they didn't shoot him in the head is incredible. The fact I just tased him is a testament to then being a little bit more laid back than they are another try and I think they're trying and him screaming be like all these guys, understanding that that is Pat O'Brien from Cannibal corpse. It seems to be. He was known in the area. I think these depth, I knew who he was. Okay, he seems to have been pretty heavily advertised as a man that was of waiting for the end times. Well, I will say this above the number one first
The rapture isn't real is never actually described in the Bible. That's the one thing: I've been learning recently watching documentaries about the rapture. He was parade my modern day in the gel called right. Local purposes yeah, but you don't need to warn people that the rapture is coming, because if it was real, it would just happen. It would just and people would just disappear, but I understand that the first rapture is supposed to be that's That's the first sign of the kick off to the times of tribulation, which we just learn from our episode for the book of revelation. So we that he is kind of prepping himself for the end times he's got. The fight is out his way: seven years of tribulation, but I've like he, doesn't understand that he really could have flipped this into some sort of cold situation for himself. He really position himself in a way where this I've have been very advantageous to him and to
to their new leg, because they're joining Slayer on the north american leg of their farewell tour, that's right! Cannibal will be able to watch them live. They will be on stage at course Slayer will be headlining. This about I would love to go, so this by the way, I think of a slayer. Well, tour everyone that we knew it children are now elderly man and they goodbye, which is quite sad, but no but I did iron maiden. Dude. I remain Ferrell toward this year. Two, oh, my they're, also going away good Lord. I have a question, though now he had. What did we say about twenty guns in this house. I would assume they'll see No, he weighs more than that. He had fifty shotgun
she can semi automatic rifles and twenty and all right around your baby. That is the rabbit many ways, good Lord, what a fun basement to be in wells, don't for maybe happened because he was like the ups guy was coming to drop off a package. You went to the bathroom, he came out in the package, which is there without him signing for it and he's like because I knew how interested in pure my ups driver one baby delivered him another gun, but I gotta question so he's got a lot of ammunition in the house. Without a doubt, this dude isn't just having guns for props. This seems like a serious guy. You, like the house ablaze now, this. Just go up like a microwave popcorn bag. Just do bullets start flying. Three in the heat. It's seems like the most dangerous house. I have ever heard catch on fire because that just start going at it, wouldn't when they basically, explode all of the bullets I am not
I want to say this explicitly. I am not a forensics expert or not okay, but I think the fire would not be able to get hot enough. I think because I I will let you know for a fact I think well dear at bed gets low, one. Can fire take bullets or can fire make, but Let's go up. I've seen cartoons where it happens, and certainly it's been happening or it has happened in films. If you had a Christmas tree, maybe maybe maybe maybe, but I will say always in stories and ideas and comments aside stories, L p o t l at G email, dot com, because I love the influx of emails. We got about other people with incidents. Since your story about the smooth move, tea break 'cause, I wasn't alone, I felt like you.
It was the living I was living in the song. You are not alone by Michael Jackson, holidays, not everyone, I'm not the only more on who's like smooth moves out right, okay and to make a little deeper to the story, so they thought that he was, hallucinating because when the cops had him chained up, They said somebody was after he kept saying that someone's after me, man and also would smoking after me. Dude turned out. It is first appearance. They put him in a suicide, an anti suicide vest, which is a thing change your your hands up to your chest and down your feet to wouldn't do anything and it apparently he not on drugs, because they said that he'd have to pass a drug test, he was being allowed to post bay? Ok and it turns out he was claim and they got him out. Man, So this is super. It's scary here then, when it's scarier that he's sober, then, if you,
it's on drugs. It reminds me of the Miami zombie case where that dude get went. An eight, the homeless man's face Everyone said he had to be on Crockett deal or some different hallucinogen and it turns out the toxicology report came he was also sober. So it's it's straight when the brain just brakes and go crazy legitimately. Not trying to malign you Travis, but the sober community is very frightening. You know, because they're always on the edge goes on the edge about popping off. You know I went skydiving, it's why I watched the sopranos over and over again to get him, but my brain is trying alright, so the wife of Cannibal Corpse, drummer, Paul Mazurkiewicz started a crowdfunding campaign. She wrote pets stand up guy, true to his friends, family and band also had to,
don't have insurance and ilost everything that he owns in the fire that he started. I don't know you love, and the fan reaction in the comments to this article is pretty pretty great, and one is one of my favorite would be like oh NOLA people waiting for corpse to make, visual statement on this, but I bet they won't. I bet they can the higher road here decide to say nothing indirectly did they should support for him view the crowd phone again be able to start about drummers wife, but that's it put up and it's all oh good man, I love it, though. That's great give him a little bit of money. He doesn't have insurance and when you burn your own, when you burn your own house down with a military style flamethrower, you should get a break. Could get a little bit of a break. Also, this comment: Fuchie paddock, is she going? She making speakers bleed see here's the problem with America ever was attacked. Men like this are the ones who will be Checking for protection, so don't judge
everyone based on being peanut, help. Look with these country's headed help. I'm paranoid, my damn self it takes. You know ship brother, but he broke into somebody's house. Without his old. It doesn't really this guide is to be on the frontline of the war against it. A Thora terrion regime but Huda. Honestly, I will say I would much rather have him on my side, yes and not on my side, absolutely night, that way. I support him absolute, absolutely selfishness all well This story is well a little bit more lighthearted. Although I guess in the last story, no one got hurt. A man is accused. This is in Ginia in Northern Virginia Amanda, of rubbing produce on his butt a northern Virginia grocery store A was arrested at a northern Virginia grocery store, after allegedly dropping his pants and Robbie.
Produce nice way, you already good one and make your your fruits ripen. If you make it smell rapid straight out of some like, I don't even know that the name of this grocery store to be is just comical. It was he was rubbing his, but I'm produce at giant food grocery everything is bigger. I don't know I've never heard of giant food grocery in my life, but he was arrested after a witness reported seeing a man picking fruit off of the shelf. I would assume large fruit rubbing it out. His butt and then put in the fruit bat. The name of the dude is Michael Dwayne Johnson not to be confused with the rock the rock. He said not to be confused with the Rockies twenty seven and you look at it relatively put together guys a handsome dude.
So it's just a picture. It's just that it's not a picture of his accounting license. Now! Yes, now I gotta ask the question, though, because of what he's charged with how bad add or rough is his butt because who is charged with quote destruction of property. Exposure. I don't know if rubbing your butt on fruit is necessarily destruction of property. That's it's a little bit. Cannibal corpse burning, phone home down, that's a little destruction of property. This is just rubbing your butt and a mango. It didn't destroy, with the damn thing, wash it off and resell it. I don't know 'cause, they need said they had a room. Did they had to destroy two pal, of fruit. Yes, the because they're afraid of contamination, which is insane the jars. First of all, the giant Stewart had to destroy paper ballots in fear of contamination. But you know man. This is the thing, but I gotta say this about fruit at the grocery store. If
you think this guy rubbing his body is the worst thing ever. I have seen people sneeze I have seen kids lick and grope. I have seen that disgusting things happened in the produce section, you got a wash your vegetables. Watch your fruit, that's all I'm gonna say wash it up wash. I don't you're free to begin what I have seen Paul as a matter of fact, my girlfriend just do it. She was hilarious. When a sheep, we were at whole foods, she grabs the loaf of bread and maybe she's going to kill me for telling the story. She grabs a loaf of bread, slice seems it into her face, enjoy those to smell it and then put it but then she's like that's normal, and I saw another person immediate. Do the same thing every if it on the bread store on it. It's disgusting, I don't trust any mail, not wrapped. You can't smell it. Alright, get a remember, washer fruit, which is always
honestly should always be watching your hands too, but you can wash your hands. You will see people at these grocery stores. They don't let dogs in they should because they're cleaner than the folks that walk through those Dang isles. Well, I'm saying it, but I have local rap, but this stuff and they look like you know they look like the the hands of the call bandit from home alone of the wet bandits. You know what it is You would think I was writing a story when I was on the subway, and I saw a man with pink eye and then grab ahold of the subway pull author. That always haunts me. Oh yeah, you just just take care
don't be like we're not in a garden of Eden. Focalin to fuqing burst your bubble, we're not here in the lease Ian fields. No, they came. This is a key foods in the middle of New York City or LOS Angeles. Yeah is not going to be clean. I still vomited in my mouth when I think about grabbing the subway pole, which I did do that had a lot of saliva in a full Lewis on it, and I want to move out of New York City every time that happens. It really takes off ten years of me living in this city. You know what also makes me very upset just with the news reporter here. And then will never ask a question because no one ever liquid, because we're never on the scene for these things, did he just rub the fruit? on his but technically. If it's just on your cheek right, it's not that it is bad it's bad, but it's not that bad,
it's, not it's just as bad as your hands, picking up honestly Allison so fully covered in shape. Yes, I certainly don't think we're here a bit on his asshole. Well, how would you even get? Let's say your? gravity orange. How would you even be able to 'cause you one hand is obviously holding the orange. The second one would have to peel open the cheek and then you would have to Intel's wrote it how far is bigger your fucking flats period, you gotta, be really have to pull it over to Africa Cabinet Door to get in there. Henry you don't have a butt. Your butt hole is on the chair right now. That is not normal, but you could still no, did you didn't dare to get up close your be all it's not like a six inch deep process about where you're opening up a seal. Maybe it was a strawberry. You could do yeah, but apple, I'm a bigger, cancel it alignment open trouble, I'm directly over your home right now what's the management charge again Indy
or destruction of property is probably going to do more jail time than the guitarist for cannibal corpse people also both most fruit, got spiels. Yes, oh honestly, this kind of changes the story a little bit just to kind of put a little button on this Johnson again, that's the man who rub the fruit on his butt was with another person at the grocery store. Who was it charged. So I think we the situation. Where is guys will do sometimes trying to get a laugh from a friend. He went there may It was one of these that maybe it was a little bit of a dare or you know when you do a middle of like a thing where you, your, the kind of in the middle of a fight with your significant other kind of goes too far or you doing stuff in like
so you think I don't like fucking limes, nothing. I put Alonso someone up. I fucking asked you did, but you know because they showed it's obviously a fight about something else, and so now you are in the middle of a ranting fight where your pants are down here. Rubbing booking live in France, but it's more like our masculine point. That makes no sense at all study. Just like you know, screenshot, like you may be wondering how do I get my self. This sounds like a great deleted scene from veggie tales, that happened, Well, let's move out here now this next story- one out of slate. I I think that I can speak for both of us a kind of well. I don't know if it pisses me off this this. This is be off. I would say it deeply saddens me about the state of humankind. Yes, so this one well, we'll discuss this? It crazy girls, girls. I think the girls they're actually sort of maligning teenage girls, which
course are participated in this. But if you read a lot of different stories about the story, we're about to talk about middle aged men or also sending letters to the park school shooter this month. Stir this creep Nicholas, cruise he's been getting eight assload of fan mail and this is just one of those stories that it fascinates Maine that this man is a celebrity in minds of thousands of some people and, of course, some middle aged man. I will still couldn't We blame Facebook, because this came out of a fan page of facebook. Now I'm not saying that it's you know people have to be to make the thing. So obviously it's the people's fault, but just like the fact that, like Facebook sort of subconsciously encourage, is this kind of behavior, because it's these to believe the day. Are a subgroup or they are a fan group. The start there's a part of the all include.
Sickness of anybody's allowed to like anything that kind of spills into a psychotic point where they almost believe. Like there's one statement of one girl be like, I reserve the right to love, you Nicholas, where they act as if it's an expression of their first in the right in many ways it is in many ways. Yes, you, of course you get send these things, but also there's no. It seems to be kind of a check unto what exact really it is the work stress. I have a question now what you do because I know Mark is used to have pictures of TED Bundy in a binder when he was growing up a little cry did the same thing yeah, you know. True. Crime phenomenon is one thing, but I got a question when you walk into your teenage daughters, room. Now, when I was growing up, they had backstreet boys and Nsync, and maybe ninety degrees, which is a really nice temperature. As a matter of fact, they're all Forty five years are all forty five. Now what I'm thirty seven so that makes about you, know reasonable sets. But when you walk in
your teenage daughters room and it's nothing but pictures of parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz. You dont this next time does not matter I'm it's say, though, he's not even close to handsome he's, not even handle he's hideously unattractive. What do you do when your daughter is in love with Amy how shooter? How do you glider to God a boarding school So if you wanna get back her into a van and you send her upstate me like you'll come back or normal. No, I probably at this point. So we just we will have asked for it because of the nature of our careers, but there's a difference between being fascinated by true crime and mailing love, letters to a serial murderer. Look at this face Facebook post this the tenor of this, Everyone? I want you, all the know that Nicholas knows about us and he had the biggest smile on his. So he was told that we all support him he's not receiving mail yet, but it's all being kept safe red.
For when he's allowed to read it all he's. Okay, keep the letter coming because he can't wait to finally get them I'll. This man murdered seventeen kids please. This is absolutely crazy and I'm I forgot, of course, TED Bundy was one of the first. Serial killers to really get a lot of female attention, specifically because he was one of or handsome serial killers, because otherwise they all just kind like sloth from the Goonies, they were called Bundy files, and they began said in a bag. In bags of mail to TED Bundy. Of course, serial rapist murderer human being on the face of the planet to ever exist and now Nicholas Crew. I guess he's getting the Bundy file treatment. Well, you know what it is I mean people are always going to be in love with bad boys in a way, but this is kind of a part of India, but this is different, but I mean this is very different. But it's I understand in many ways. I understand that, because people have been in love with these kinds of figures for real
long time it goes back. Even though old West, like kind of the people talking about the old gunfighters and all that kind of support there will always be. Kind of enclaves. This right? So it's just very we're just in a world where we can see all of it. Now that you should be very personal, it's weird, how it's flip to the public exploration of it. I can almost understand being a little strange and wanting to reach out to somebody else that you think is strange and could quote on quote understand you put so you send a private letter to this person, and then you get a response. So that's where the bunny files, how to make with the sense and the people where the person is no longer reachable make sense. But now Something like this. Where you go publicly group together. Praise this person right. So it's very it's our sense of community. I guess community. If you watch his videos, the videos he put up, before he shot up this school, obviously totally horrific. He is
such a jackass He sounds horrible. He sound Like such a little he's like I'm going to be, I'm going to discover I'm going to be famous and it's like, I don't get the sexual attraction, one woman wrote- or girl, she's eighteen years old this. This is what she She says I'm eighteen years old, I'm a senior in high school. When I saw your picture on the television. Something attracted me to you, the letter, mail from taxes and tucked inside an envelope covered with a hearts and happy faces The letter says your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on face, make you so handsome you got to describe herself as white with brown eyes, she says, quote: I'm really skinny and have four c sized breasts. She, no letter with three preschool rated jokes about gummy bears and peanut butter. This it might need to be. You know in in in special classes
not that there's anything wrong with that, but it does not seem like these people are one hundred percent and then there's another card. It was a card with a picture of a monkey hanging from a tree and it just says simply: hang in there hey, you know all that's nice, it's weird right. It is a part of the another letter here that says something along the lines of. I know that, maybe you need something to talk. You know like hey Nick. This is now hate mail. Nor is it a fan letter. I can only imagine what went through your mind that day, but I'm guessing you've had time to rethink your actions. I hope so. You left a big time, and I bet you know that I just want to know that at least one person out here who doesn't want to kill you you're in a tough spot Nick, and that is something I because I've been there myself, you killed seventeen people did they know that you thought about it and about it. You know so need someone something I can mail to you ask if you need to talk I'll, listen well, they are paid his commissary, which is, of course, all of the food that you can get all the bonus food, it's expensive. They are in prison. They jack up the prices a little bit so they're paying for his food really taking
for this guy. A lot of the pictures include shots of cleavage another pic hours of a skimpy of a gallon of skimpy, bikini eating a popsicle and a tight shot of her backside as she bent over another girl sent photos with hello, Kitty, Snapchat filters- I just you know it's raining. This is one of those. This is one of those. That's I'm going to call it a head. Scratcher yeah it's a head scratcher, scratches in this adoration of someone like Nicholas Cruz, it's just like a rejection of the status quo. It's you were doing, the interview with Dr Laycock raising kid in a state like in under, say in as and they become Christian. Sometimes, like yes, Z, the big boogeyman of our modern age is the school shooter and his early is the cycle path that pops off and I think in the Maybe it was more of a Bundy like the serial killer thing I think this is an icon of just rejection of the
it's close yeah and, of course I think his age had a lot to do with that Stephen paddock. Of course the LAS Vegas shooter had he lived. I don't think he would have gotten too much fan mail, but but that's the truth right, that's a part of is it because he is a relatively young man that looks sort of like. Have you look at pictures of Justin Bieber right now he looks like a fucking gutter rat, and I mean that's the look. That's like the look that they want. You likely they like that kind of scrubby people like a bad boy, Is it from the other side of the tracks? Yeah I mean so people are into it. There's a they're. So it's interesting. Where they think they are rejecting. Open, quote Normie society, but actually they're fitting right in right in right into the that that fifteen percent of human He has to exist because it always has right, and so they are all. I do you just kind of keep that mean unicycle going. A bad boy. J James Dean, little fast,
Maybe you had a little bit of alcohol in his system. Well, driving a little fast shore, ok, sure seventeen people, that's just a Duche bag according to public defender. Howard Finkelstein uh. That reminds me of of ACE Ventura Finkle, Last time I look at that. Little football. So there's a pile. There's piles of letters. This is according again to public defender, Howard Finkelstein. He says in my forty years as a public defender. I've never seen this many letters to a defendant. Everyone now and then gets a few, but nothing like this again and not all of the letters are from women. One card with a cat on the front of it is from a new York, man, sporting, a bushy, gray, mustache Ian enclosed photos of himself be the wheel of his white, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two Nissan portable so yeah it is. I'm just going to say this.
A little bit over brag when it comes to Nicholas Cruz, getting the mail which he currently does not get. He is not allowed to receive it yet, but he will at some point I'm going to say this dude in New York, who is sporting, a bushy, gray mustache and who has the picture of himself in a nineteen. Ninety two Nissan convertible he's going to be thrown in the trash. Yes It's a media tly. This guy I don't want to send him a picture just of my asshole and make him open it up with a mango in it like a good shopper. This is great two thousand and nineteen certain great, absolutely wonderful, fascinating stuff here and of course anyway. I just- I think it's also good conversation to have the absolute of these boxers. It's good check in yes, all you know and just think about where we at how big? the fan. Are we of this? Now these people so guys
by our special yeah live we're going to put we're going. Do a commercial we'll get tell you! The address is going to go up there yeah, all of it. We worked very hard on it and I hope you enjoy it. And finally, the first story two thousand and nineteen in Carmen is a Texas man is dead. After police said he tried to break into a donation, Bin officials. The body was found at a shopping center station. This is before Christmas. Set a woman walking her dog found him and called police officers believed the man was trying to get inside the donation bin when he got stuck the weight of his body then pulled down the lever and he suffocated so don't steal from donation bins. And uh be the opposite of that guy. They don't be a fucking asshats and steel, verbal donation bin that sometimes you die in there. That's my new year's resolution, give more steel less that she all of our new year's resolution still less absolutely alright everyone.
Thank you all so much for listening. We cannot wait to spend it. Two thousand and nineteen with you were going to have a lot of fun. Hail yourselves, Let's say ten, and if you have any stories you wanted to talk about it, we finally This information people sent us a the time. People send us stories all the time and it's wonderful email, its side stories, L P, o t, L at G, email, dot, com, all rights good still is tell me hey what's up everyone, the boys from last podcast in the left, ear, telling you about our new special. We filled it in Chicago and it was absolutely a wonderful experience and you can buy it now for six dollars and sixty six cents. If you just go to lastpodcastlive dot com,
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