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Side Stories: Chick-fil-Assault

2019-08-28 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Chicken sandwich stabbing, dark web castration, Free Meek Mill, and MORE.

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Nobody was gave to misuse the last on the left side of Europe to be a guy's modern off. You noticed me a little bit of a difference in the audio quality today up we are because today is a special day, really yeah. Ok, why cause my father? Who is going to be fine? be home in my and papas earlier, but all these walls or memories the cheers, memories of I'm sitting in Jackie's childhood room RI, and you can just hear in the walls you can hear when I remember hearing outside the door right because our rooms right next to each other on
are going up and I can hear Jackie going like old legalese. Will you be by She was evidently no She had a lifesaver cuthah, legalese levelling out Alaska, you kiss me she's gonna torture, you and she finds out. You just told that story to the world you think in Helices F Course- jacket. Of course Saleyou. You believe, really shes. Just like me Knowing you jack, it's gonna murder, you hey! What's up every who could well could decide stories. I bet we have Henry. Out in his beautiful I'm looking at the pillows, everything is a version of a weird colored, green and brown. Really kick ass calendar in the
ground? You are unwilling to have its country cabin your live in the dream, Henrietta Brownie. Do you feel like a child? Again, all I'd try to do is trading area. Try to get the pure joy, the sea of being a boy, the listless ecstasy of my two hundred and eighty on body consuming Alfredo sauce three o'clock in the morning with Jackie, because Jack on used to have our second dinners will late at night. Jackie use your work really hard in school like so. She was also on water, adder, all I'll find out later. Yes, she was a real Jesse Span, o from save Bosnia. Wearily was very excited, so cited. So scared, of course, She is leading straight as didnt she, but she worked really hard. I learned that you have to be good at the test and then you get a reputation of
in a class clown rio a lot of passes. Ah, yes, I did a similar thing. Then says we hack the system. Jackie was good at school, but the reason with the okay, but the thing is, I was bad at school that caused my mom to put a microscope on my life because she equated bad grades, with doing drugs experimenting with fraternizing with boys on women. Oh my god. You really viewed me as quite a sex pipe Ellie. You know how and sixteen year old Henrietta Browsing, oh yeah, you're mine was concerned that you're gonna knock a young girl up and have a child out of wedlock. I do the my father thought, I was gay until I brought my first girlfriend home and then he was super excited. They did know how much lick I was making in this childhood man. I dont know where I think ityou, might have some revisionist history going on the ners right history. Yeah. Is that it
the only line was licking your own palms. You can jerk off rough there, whatever I dont owe have over what else? Is he supposed to aitutaki Good, it's school to. They didn't deeply pry into her life, so she got to gives Roger did I used to have state we used to have like second dinners at night, where we just like oh yeah time and get out that me love. We like covered extra cheese and put it in the toaster, oven and then watch iron chef, because at the time of school iron. All love ya know that was a great competition, great companies. They have so much fine man I used. That was the fun time just like its nor for now that food, while I was sober yeah, no, I believe that yeah. I know you definitely had an addiction. The cheese and meat loaf and also with a kind of funny, I'm not course. You grew up. This whole place. This morning, I woke up to a fun conversation with my mom, which, like just so
We have the cremation already paid. For me, well then I already don't have to worry about that. You have to pay for a case gets cuz, we don't want when we want to be burned and your mom can do whatever you want with a rashes Henry Thomas. Whatever you want, I was like. Oh you want me to fucking I'm like your Osborne, that's what it's like. I information really is a strange habit that we as yet on coal was molested. We saw it, we don't know, but it's just you. It's just a rumor that makes sense, We got it from the its all just in fiction. Yeah, absolutely tails the bit cruel fairy tales about our lives about our history. No, your mom is a lot of time on her hands and she has to do something she has to think about some things. I think that they live in in life. But you know they only go to two restaurants, so you go spice it up a little bit
which is the greek restaurant because they make it so. Oh I hate when you go to the greek plates and cover in all of us, I was like mom, it's a great place, on a greek food restaurant with cutting many olives for on the Agora spit Amal PO po po. I mean none of it good and they go to that They go to the outback to. Cut out back here in Lord you dont have to even sit in the restaurant took. The best part is that you goto the window, you go to the pick up window real. You have to pay all that extra money on trinkets halter money, given it tones that is making money on top of money and thats actually a good segue and into a little tail here. We don't have the most intense stories this week, we believe me covering a lot of up yet we ve been covering a lot of em where we have a couple of your emails or listener
emails that we're going to read with this story. This I think, we've all been here. So a woman accused this woman was accused of attacking a pregnant driver and the. Why did she attack her because the pregnant driver cut her off in a chick fil, a drive thru, and you know it's definitely not right to say, someone. You should never attack them, especially if I am not it, but so are going to cut in front of Honduras. I mean you people who are hungry, you know that theyre hungry and you know, theyre angry, because theyre in line added check fully. You are just tempting the devil. If you do something egregious such as cut in line when in a through. So you gotta know what risk you're taken to get that chick follow faster. There's a part of me that actually wonders cause. This is a recent story right. Yes, This is a recent one. This is from August twenty. Seventh, I think that there is a renewed pressure now on chick fillet right because of the pop eyes, chicken
same, which puffle I know now. A lot of people are saying for those that dont know there was a twitter feud, because that's where our president's fight and that's where fast food restaurants, fight with each other as well with Popeyes and Chickfila, but some you're saying that's a big marketing plan, a big ploy by papa and Chicken yes kisses. Why? Yes, it could all body a lark, their lack of marked knows now: it's not like it's marketing marketing. Here, there's a big difference there there is, authorities in Delaware. They charge this nineteen year old woman with assault and reckless endangerment for allegedly hacking, the pregnant woman a the Delaware State Police, confirms the charges against Jana Blank, which include a single count. Menacing. So she won't be on a this bitch to get pregnant. No, all right. I know
we are going to have to show you almost maybe agreements so that you may be able to do something bad and that's not right, because she, is eating for two. Your little baby in the womb in Europe. Mom, who loves you enough to get you chick filet before you can even breathe outside of Abendroth southern mother traversal mother, but you not all say so. Youve been reading all this news pitches said which run out of chicken, oh god, by his running out of chicken. So you are getting a thought in your head. These motherfuckers are short less than us on chick and so and you are doing it on purpose. Oh yeah, limiting supply on purpose so that you get all revved up and you miss out on that check. Mostand you get thirsty for youve got to show him. We gotta get it right here. Maybe check Fillette but a run of its own and now they're. Seeing okay pop is fucking this, but he cannot right. This is bigger than fucking you. This is bigger than me
youre looking at the bottom line and theyre like okay, we get to remote fucking about your line and uproar. Sweet ass. Chart check right right or will do is order less. We normally have it so when they show up looking for that chicken in this that there were, they want to come back even harder for yeah valet might be no not saying they are, but im going to see the way people fuck with supplying demand. Sure look at the FED yeah. Just look at the fan, if theyre doing that level they're be doing on the smaller levels, so what are doing is maybe going to go on a short shrift here, ye hear a chicken trying to bump up the demand. So this bitch understands I gotta go. I got a fucking take out this woman to take probably four sandwiches? He could his eating for two absolutely and then you know, maybe the husband or the boyfriend and or whoever Gunnar pregnant he's, probably honorary as well so he's comes, you can be our initial inseminated to she's right, bring, she can be. Bringing ten cheaply seem. She's told,
I love the I love Ben Stein, Love Ben Stein. You supply makes your nail in it so Blake, the operator of a vehicle. That's the woman who attacked this other chick Blake was the up, of a vehicle. This is according to the police. Blake was the operator of all that was waiting in the drive through lane when another vehicle operated by a twenty one year old female attempted to pull in front of her the police say: blink, accelerated abruptly and blocked the vehicle from moving forward. She then exited her vehicle and confronted the other driver dont, with people when they are hungry, I mean they all say. Everyone always says were about the three meals, a from a revolution basically you don't have people fed? You got a bunch of angry, in our hands and they will stab and murder potentially kill someone you know just to get that sweet chicken. Well think about the water will, but I think youre right. Maybe it is a chicken war coming up right now, they're trying to make
maybe were part of an artificial chicken war that we have been placed into in order to distract us for the fact The earth is dying. This is whats happening, theyre, trying to take focus away from the Epstein right. That's what all this is all about: Epstein, owing real, ok, but the this again pregnant woman was one cut the other person off. Yes, a pregnant woman. Well, that's the thing, that's what happened, and she said no, that ain't going to happen, so she blocked her and was like I'm sorry, buddy you're, not going in here. First, I will save Ms Blake, the man who stabbed the other woman. She did as Ble time that she could have spent getting her sandwich, she got arrested and no word in the article. If she did end up, a chicken sandwich? I'm assuming the police? We did not allow her to go through with her order, but I don't know I don't know. Obviously this.
Is about something else. You think so. I think this is all about a chicken sandwich. It might be because it again, I think, you're correct, because I was recently I foods pay problem on my site, five game, because im playing the Zulus and a friend do domination victory and had a whole problem with supply lines. A working on and work on, will I have You know I have a similar supply story when it comes to division. Two, I'm working I'm getting my you know the true sons, their messing with my supply lines, its very difficult to keep up, because they are extremely aggressive, so but the differences. Those are video games and this woman would she I brought it into the real world. She had a casion and she brought it in to reality again playing for keeps. I reme it reminds me of the chapel show sketches one of the best series. They went keepin it real goes wrong. I Yes, I do tell he was try very funny. Ok, I want to read this story.
From Newsweek who order man arrested after botched home, castration on man, he met via Dark web eunuch, better site, okay, ice this was by Jason Murdoch. I'm not going to be me. What happend? With that, the budget people are getting four plagiarism and make sure you tell people who wrote these things, people work hard knees, article, absolutely seventy four year the four D man was arrested on Monday, following a botched castration, attempt on an individual, he met via dark web, better sit police say according to jail, inmate records, Gary Van RISC of the Ser, was detained by officers from the Highlands County Sheriffs Office on Monday and charged with practicing medicine without a license that are really what the charge of charges really that Fortunately we were, we were try, try to get them on when Akon,
but it is not enough. Official crime deputies arrived at the man's Mans road residence shortly before midnight Sunday after a nine n. One hang up call the door answered by Van Swick, who told them he had castrated demand. Fifty three the man was found. But in the home, bleeding heavily from the growing close by a pink container contain. His testicles deputy, say the room had been set up like a surgical center, complete with medical equipment and pain killers. A camera had also been set up to record the procedure, but it was, immediately clear if it was filming its a prank, one hits like the practical jokers really. I love you in practical joke there's check out there shall we might actually be on their crews. Next year, Sal and Joe or just wonderful people, we, like the sure, you remind emigres, they invited us an era of its because they were drunk or have you tell them? We want to be on that a practical joke now that the best thing with salad, Joe because the real deal it's just like us and so on, conversation we have is like yeah we got
the cruise were just like hammered off a bodiless, just wonderful, but I have a question here: So what is this whole fantasy? Because we heard about this before old, castration thing the men in the dark web. The guy was, is in having his balls removed from his body by a man who is not a doctor. If you look at the Mans mug shot, he looks like someone that you would cross the street, If you saw him walking towards you, he edsall this, just a scary dude, just a guy who is the baseball, goes into his yard. It's his baseball. On Santa Claus, but with the w S it is. This man is very, very scary looking. So why is why do this? Why why? Why would you do this? You know which we is this is fairly common. There were Lotus penis is something that people find very interesting. I don't know why.
Nowhere I mean its. So downthey just sit in the befor the groin. He had to have like a thought. Words like shouldnt, have done that like that, oh that was not angry wish. I didn't ruin that guy. I It was Billy that guy man, ITALY made that guy was nice. I wish you woulda done it to be putting rightaway, so I try your getting to do it. I gave him the knife who but Van Rick, told police he. Come to the same procedure on the man a week prior, but it was delayed. He claimed to have castrated a man a few years ago, which is, I guess you get it back. You want to do it again I get a hotel that had similar results but was not reported to law enforcement at the time deputies noted no, this is according to Buzzfeed, but whats. The other possible result. There is no other.
Sole result of this man think that something else was going to happen. There's just no receipt there's no going back Once the penis is gone, your ultimate pleasure has happened right. So then it's over, but according to Buzzfeed this is where it gets im going to say the details get unfortunate. The initial procedure had to be pushed back a week because the man had ejaculated Wil Van risk, attempted to sanitize spent the last time He has sanitizer, which is true to sanitize it, and the guy fought just came as parents Scott. I sold the sheriff's office. Public information offs are men. He must have a silk cited to deal with this issue: the media outlets. He was unsure if the patient's testicles have been re attached when he reached Hospital remains, it is stable. Consistent, you say stable, I mean physically yeah
see my Vigo Z, a therapist or something the sheriffs louder than fourteen hundred courted spurts office, and you know what our an inventory of even want that meaning heeded. Even know if hed won his testicles reattached real as they ask for them to be cut off. I have guess that is true. I would have to go and do this all over again. So, basically, on Facebook, the sheriff's department was like it was a pretty routine stop but most of them, but then they go on to say, but most of them don't make the cut when it comes to, a memorable. This one will definitely hang around in the memory for a while, I know there's speaking in poser, because they close it out west. This one is a little, let's just say sensitive, you could even say it's kind of so the sheriff. At having a good time, because I guess the only crime that they could charge him with is you are not a doctor, so
doc billion. So that's, it is consensual, it seems Be that the reason why they called nine one one was because he was bleeding controllably yeah and despite the fantasy or maybe even because of the fantasy hes, not a doc right. So this is really not much he can do so. I imagine maybe this is the first time he says he. Years ago, so maybe he ha. You know he what to expect- or maybe he didn't maybe before he just cut the actual penis off and not balls, that poor made at whatever Laquinta in that he did his first surgery at just opening up the doors I mean. No, I feel bad made. I always leave a tip because You know what I'd have plenty. I leave a tip of cash, not not my whatever your previous my God, you just walk up you open the and then all you see yours or something covered in blood and perhaps a pair of testicles on
the dresser I mean that's a rough day for a maid. Will it tell you what? If I was doing this, I don't want to go to a fancy hotel because normally they're better to cover him your secrets, not like what? Where do we go to Saint Paul, where the media we have to book? But that places a high place was that the higher place in seeing a high play? You know I'm going to die of plaice and sole go to that play we're here, we're not sure Norka leave fuck itself, they are, but the Bayard saying that this is what dear you know, one of those chains or protocol police were a nicer hotel, even the Caesars in Atlantic City. What that's a good place to cut a guy's dick off? You want I think that the cars would think even a nice hotel in this case, if they find a pair of testicles in a jelly jar on the dresser, I think they would call the co I'm just gonna air that out it could be a good luck. Charm. It could be passed down I know I would so my parents, without the guy who was at the very end, the variant
lifestyle, where my father decided is a fund joke to get his eggs. Fuckin gives eggs pickled, so I could have I mean I don't know what he's going to do with his weird old Navy ideas. They could come back at a no we're, not old Navy the store, but did the? U DOT S navy right right, of course, he's not the majorly. What what's the name of the black dude from major league? balls, and they always did that thing with the balls and then he would always run. I think it's just me is that major league, our God, that one until I think our money and great anyway, all right so if youre going to have a fetish, if its all consensual, you do you, but just just do it with a doctor, if thats that you really want to do jsanders stand because you can again, you can only do with the one I I dont get it, but that's you know what I
It looks ass if her hands, because in the end, this is by the other thing, if the fantasy so fora, but the guy. I think I just came one time right, yeah you fuck and trying to get his dick all clean. I guess- and so he shoots at one time- a man is ready to go with me. Forty five minutes later so right would need redo it. Unless you just understand me, you know what you could actually just blow me yeah. No with this really works. What do this next week or you can then in the search box the movie Helen Hunt, the sessions where every single time you go and yeah you're, making a big deal about him, cut your penis off and how much you want it really in the end, you just want a doctor to jerk there, it is that's just it. That's a perfect compromise, maybe put a rubber band around the balls. You get the insatiable, go numb and then you can prevent you can pretend im just going to say this, like Sikeston. You consume as soon as you
come you're thinking, clearly again sure you got to get it get it out, get it out of the system, because then you can go back to normal and really decide. Do I want to do this. Is this my dream. Drew I really want to be on the softball team, does unisex, softball teacher or do I just think, I'm gonna get closer to Mary Lou well, have a little fun with it. Well, speaking of little Lund. This story. I just want to talk about briefly, because he's just this man is the gift that on giving hes got about another. Maybe it seconds of fame left but well take, Oh, you want to tell this story is, I feel like this story. I guess you can do it, but I don't want to give him to me. No, we're not gonna, give him too much more attention, but if you want to find the New York posed Chris per as he wrote this article and there's a video of the piglets- freaking out, and he just got
stand. You know the cop said that theyre sick of his nonsense. He was cursing at the police. They took them down, they arrested him, they put all over his body, and evidently this is something that's fairly common with the police when they just I want to humiliate someone. They put the ankles sales on and Father day. Tell me my father told me: was this like? If you really want a easy, a comma guy down put him in anklets. Yes, he's like if a guy is freaking out You do the hands and say: hey we're. Gonna hog tie you ride, you want that and there too busy Bengal bossing on your fuckin pagan fucked. You, because we owe you is making a big deal because unfortunately was going for human tornado. That's cause, that's the short man's last resort is scorched or will this is? The thing
the day, the only comparisons here that we have is you know Henry is much taller. Henry is a gigantic man. Compared to this little left, the fuckin shit out a bank or you could teach you dominate Bengal boss, but the thing is: when you're a little person this? Why I dont mess with little people? I don't mess with anyone, because you never but I say one eight eight, goes- I see, I'm being nice to you- goes crazy in a fight because that's the only resort so Bengal boss is really just doing what the only thing you can do: TAT Mania devil, but at the end of the day, yours going to lose, but he did take the tiny person strategy or just go crazy and see if you can't poke an eye out it's like in dog too hard for shit in the house. Yeah, it's just a dog and I an moments going to do it. Sometimes all animal doesn't really know Megabus is the fucking animal. He only knows the rules of the jungle he's. Try
make a big deal, but my father told me again he's like you put the guy and anklets if he still screaming, but we didn't do to be attached to handcuffs to the anklets fully hogtie you are you really can't move if you're still screaming? you, a big burlap sack, which is true a barely attack. They have a sack that they just put in. If you, ten. It was really really septic and hes, like we try not to hit her. I dont want that. You dont, like blood on my foot, like literally. This is when he said its like so is a lot of energy for Pingu down and you hit them. It's like you could use some a couple times, which is what he called shoot them in the face. Given a place. We may see pepper spray. Ok do pepper spray, because that those back in the day when they were really doing the tailors right right. So he's like we do. Have the beat you too mission, which we dont want to know so
which is a little bit easier to put Nsac uh, and then you can scream all you want Libary Hill YA. So basically they put you the back, so you can scream. No, I see all right. Well, it's a good thing. Cell phone cameras were and your father was working the beat because I looking at this one. I will say they were taming. One of quote: taming New York in nineteen seventies of nineteen eighties. It was also here was, it is a lie. There so there you go. We won't mention him again, but I just thought that was interesting because he did he I utilize the Henry B strategy of if in a fight you just go crazy and then the cops utilizing, Henry suppress key senior shrouded of really good way to com. A grown man down is to embarrass him in front of a giant group of people make us that
really. What they did was deeply deeply embarrassed is fucking out yes, absolutely with a bit of which he was already doing himself yeah. Is an embarrassing person and he to go away and he keeps showing up at all these things I think not serious Xm contract. Well So what we had one of the best pilots in Syria's radio History- and they said no, but thank God. Thank God that conversation we have where were they legitimately said, because he thought it was too good, like oh yeah thats. Why you're not giving us a that was it. They said it was too sincere because we were doing comedy central, serious radio. I dont even know if this exist and they said that sincere and I suppose we should have done you know, I don't know something We were fairly sarcastic. I thought it was so as well, but you never know I want it by the way. Just speaking of that, it was good that they said no, because now we get to have our own company and we get to be with all of you. If you want to be inspired Henry. You have
have to listen to from friends the tall one from friends, the girl, You want her name pave in a commencement speech and it was curious by your own fried guest, but it was, variants still was on at a he was booked friend Henry she was told. No, no, no so many times, and then yes, she did find herself a multi millionaire intermit. Twenty was yes twenty eight April to France, yes, but nonetheless it was inspiring. So I recommended thank you that want to see a correct. I someone sent me a really good, UFO video firm, ready alien sovereignty, which is fun, and it's a flying saucer on the UK. This is posted by somebody man. This is just fucking crazy. This is a nice size object that is just a disk, its cool, its good food. Oh, I will say, nay, and I spent about twenty five minutes staring at a weird thing
sky last night. Really we were hammered nowhat. Did you see I mean. Obviously I feel like there's a lot of reports in Florida about Ufos and things like that glittering pretty hard and we saw something not too long ago. In December twenty four th of twenty sixteen, we saw a red object. That was very, very interesting, but I don't know could have been chinese Acer, as people were doing that all time. So I dont say me- I am way more, even though I seem to be table per. Should it come to these new stories. I also don't. I need some pretty heavy. Testicles in a jar evidence. I need it right that I really want to see it see it. Okay, if I'm going to talk about it officially, okay, so but this video that you were that was sent to you if you want to look it up it's in front of Uk July, tenth, two thousand and nineteen take a look at this video. Let go search for
If you want to be on that website, search for it- and it is very intense- things on or aliens all right, im pulling it up. Here so flying saucer? On my flight to the Uk July, ten TH, two thousand nineteen search that out are aliens and yeah man, that's extremely trippy, its looking at it, I'm looking at it right now, it's sort of its very it's like again, people need to day. Still when filming these things, it's difficult its, not a plea so he's on an airline. So we know that there is It's really scared its looks as if it's kind of like a cloud or something, but it's not I like it. It looks like a paper. It looks like one of those plastic bags blown in the wind like an american beauty, very power It's like a it's like a solid litte, its very cool, I think very
using. Oh, I also I'm going to posts in those episodes of wheat week. I think was probably two months ago. I have, I finally got permission to post the ring video of that female ghost on the twitter account awesome and we have another kick ass. Ghost video from the man we met at Comiccon, which we should have find that somewhere in the mix yeah, we would that very cool so check out that hot UFO footage this is why its a little scary to look out the window when flying in an airplane, because you never know what you're see and the twilight one really did ruin that for me. Just thinking about the little green men hanging out on the wings ready to pounce and thing on the way some building away. I do we wish that you feel like pilots have stops like pointing out like landmarks anymore. What are you gonna, pilots? More often back in the day, is further leaves yeoman. If you
Take a look at your left window. Youll see the bearing strength like they dont. Do that as my no, they dont do that. The pilots are only there to deliver relatively bad news and and so time is Milly, okay news, but its never orientation comes on you know. What tell you you're at that for its either at it. But if you're not of Europe, the plane is not moving and the pilot comes onto means that you're about to be told you are not going to leave today. No definitely not I dont really we like- and it said I don't know what happened to me. I used to when people were more spicy, but no know you see those videos sometimes have like a steward being like one sings all of the announcements this steward, spotty jokes, but I don't really need it us kind of want to sit on the reason. The fun I'm losing the fun. Our travels are just becoming mundane to be or your in an the work becomes like a bus, and a I want to hear is a funny bus driver. No it
I want to hear it every once in a while a flight tenant super Funny- and I appreciate its better than being mad. It is if theyre, bad theyre going to kill one of us they're going to just open the door and let us all die in there, because theyre going to take this as their moment to put revenge on very customer thats wrong, the yeah. I try to be nice very, not so important. I am very nice. Do you tip your flight attendant? No, you should be tipping more Is that right at the cash the casino lose up enough to do it. I didnt think that that was even a thing. Don't touch him. No, I don't know if you put it excuse us realise that everyone's video up poor some sugar on me. I understand I would just give them twenty bucks, but I didn't think that that is that something I should be doing. No everybody! If anybody via
want the test because they are sky, bartenders have the time but also sky security officers. Yet so you just give him a little. Give him a fiver, then a all right home hes like a friendly, older, like man, you don't mean you can put in his pocket. Ok, all right in your gonna express gearing yeah. You just put sliding the palm be like this is is a cool thing to do and its a cool thing to say this. For you and your family yeah. I like that and we had my favorite stewardess was a woman who told us me and Marcus all about a humanoid that she had that she had encountered on the plane made me feel slight be concerned. Because, as my last podcast on last podcast head on, I love this story. I think it's great, but also the cool humanoids. When I take the last podcast hat off, I'm like
youre in charge of the fucking rat, your the theres a crash. You are the third in command when it comes you about two pilots and then its like you and I know, anyway. Well, we will get to. More letters here in a moment I just want to do. Hero of the week
role desaturation hero of the week this week is a man. Whos been struggling with some trans, Anne was a teenager and they havebeen and
him his entire rap career? But now he is finally free. Rapper meek mill has had all charges dropped against him. He in two thousand and seven authorities charged him with assault drug and gun possession. He was nineteen ever since miles been in and out of both courts and the penal system. Even amid allegations of police corruption lodged against the arrest officer so make your of the week to gradually Hinson having all of your charges dropped and it just you know, and person is a robber he's, a very successful, rapper. He, like his Lang City, do. Can I just say what song said he did well you eat, and you know youre trying to put me on the spot, with all that he did in one did. He did meek mills and farm and fleet she did a young. To any one of his songs. I make
I'm strong, but I'm straddle babbling about L Barbara last year, this more of an old country, music fan, but I too, but I still appreciate art with you and I I you know, I'm with you, I ll these I love men, getting all of our fans are cooler than us and theyre just like. Why do we listen to these old Grandpas tried I told we got that old yeah. We just don't listen to hip hop, but we should, because that's the only thing people listen to well it just. I like this dory because it reminds you redemption is possible and the legal system totally corrupt. Over meek and I just believe that he is gone now, he's off to bigger and better things, and I hope he does not. Have to go back to jail. Another one. Songs is theres one COL Memel and in the rabbits and
really brought r just saying southern garage, the channel twenty one. A serious man or old man I dont know already. Let me find Travis was a meatball son. Travis is cool, going bad with in their big, come back together after they had a few that beef great in using one of their hooks. Travis do I know the song, I mean the hook to do Take mill song is not really like a hookie rapper. That's the point. I thought the hook. The hook is the best part, The blues traveler said it was, to wide. Variety of this covers Asia. Anyway, we will gradually agency, who are here or of the weak. Despite the fact tat, he took no computer music laboratory. I'm happy he's worried. I love a mile, I think, is a wonderful men's body. All right, let's Tutsi listen email. Okay, let me read this first one now this the story that,
man, listeners are better at our history than we are. I want you tell me, because I believe we have heard a story about a cat with a baby face. Before. Yes, I'm so ready certain we've heard a listener story about this. So if you remember, tell me because this is true- and we have heard this before. I think this baby face cat is up real. Here we go this room J. In Michigan I was leaving my parents house going down there quarter mile driveway when I saw a cat ten feet in front of my car right off the bat under the cat. Look weird, but it didn't think anything of it. I rolled down my window to call it over and eventually I tried getting out of my car to see if I could check it out before it ran into the woods and disappeared. The whole time that I saw the cat. I just couldn't take my eyes off them. My brain was trying to process what I was seeing. I guess it's fur. Was he
very strange color, but I couldn't put my finger on what was about it or anything for that matter until it left my site as soon as a ran away, though, everything about it hit me like a ton of bricks. Its fur was the color of a typical white person head will the very had had very pointed ears and a very stiff body, only describable as an imperial snobby cat o. The look on his face was comparable to you saw something horrendous happening in the distance and you were squinting to see with the disgusted look on your face eyes wide open, but the most terrifying part of the face was the Immaculate cheekbone Senate, and it looked as though it looked like a handsome squidward from from Spongebob was a cat
You mean a picture of the picture of it. What made it worse when I was thinking about it after I got my car and remember a listener and posited tailing a several event with the baby face cat right good. I had to take a second to compose myself before I started driving after this revelation. It was one of the just things that has ever happened to me? I just wanted to share all rights, very interested- and the answer has been. The question has but answered. We didnt cover that, in a listener, pasta very good. The old baby face cat horrified stuff this one comes in from HR. The subject is Edgewood LSD, monkeys and my grandpa. You know it get so many subjects just like that. Every day they really like it. It's amazing baetis the best part of our lives. I will say with that story: do you think it was just a Bg actor from the cats movie? It really could be that.
That's a horror movie right. The cats movie its market. It is really too. I have a whole Sacco mushrooms waiting for. I literally gonna take mushrooms and go. I can't wait to hear the truth about man. It might not be a great experience, but it'll be an experience so anyway age. Our rights, I recently went back and release into episodes on Edgewood, so that I could ask my dad about it. He served in the army, Chemical, Chemical Corp and visited there. Often I myself have been there multiple occasions hi, so the episodes gave me extra creeps since I've actually set foot on the base. Interestingly enough, my dad grew up about an hour for it would in the Sixtys and Seventys. So when I asked him about LSD and drug tested on soldiers there, he laughed and said he thought all the rumours slash conspiracy slashed tale this were true much to my surprise, he said he couldn't confirm human test. You know because he specifically knew that they, but he said,
specifically knew that they tested on animals. My grandpa was a Maryland state trooper. During that time, and apparently one day he came home with a crazy story and the whole family took to be a that, took it to be a Jew apparently a chimp was so high on LSD. It escaped from the testing in the is and was riding around the base going wild as we yeah as you could expect chimp on LSD to do weirdly the Mps, all the state troopers instead of handling it themselves, and my grandpa was the one who shot the chip down from a tree with the shotgun made said, said: the whole family laughed it off and didnt believe the story, but about thirty is later. My dad happened to meet an old military scientist who was stationed at Edgewood, who confirmed the story word for wow. There you go see. Grandpa stories are the best known
and the canary impose stories technical. You have to pretend to not hear them and you have to go I wanna needed no basis, for example its isn't working for Willie Wonka, it's open right. We got one more. Ok, no, no! I gotta! Let me go to cover this number one. What I got was I got a couple updates from last week. I got it many responses about the idea. If someone is crazier, if they prepare the prepare for murder, even if its heinous, ok more so than they do it spontaneously and it seems, be. The main answer is, it depends great which is great. So it's not so we don't have an answer. We don't hate there's a couple ones who say all right. So one was it's like a guy MC wrote who is a licensed clinical psychologist whose worked at a number of forensic
patient hospital. He said theres a lot of stuff where I have a lot of time. Confidence means do they understand what they did was wrong at the time of the crime and are they able to work with an attorney because sometimes their people that they dealing with individual individual thinks the the attorneys out to get them, especially if they are like, especially if there are another race or ethnicity where was working. He saw that quite a bit where various people wouldn't trust the attorney even just social bullshit or the inside, and that fucks with the idea of their component or not, but then also, Sometimes they are just straight up too sick to work in the court system that they cant understand it right. Okay, interest diet, some folks do things because they are very ill. Sometimes people do things because they do not have a conscience or empathy which is different. Nature nurture go into it as well. Those traumatic brain injuries will depend on the person as to whether they knew what they were doing, the purpose of the behavior and
accompanying emotions cognition to the incident. Some folks are not blessed with a high intellect others are easily led astray by external influences. Therapy can help bring to light certain reasons why folks do stuff which feeling inferior or unworthy or in loved. Such emotions when, coupled with anger and a perfect storm of opportunity, can lead to impulsive deadly co two quences I do evaluations for the court on teenagers to see whether they are risk for future violence. I cannot make a definitive answer other than at this time. They appear to be a high risk based on Bobby, ok insult again. It's me, case by case, but I think it's really interesting to see that there are two things there were legally it's about the crime and its also literally. Can they go to the court proud Of course, teenagers their brains are not fully developed yet and it yeah thats, why its really difficult and horrible when they charged them as
doubts and give them life sentences and throw them away when I believe they can be rehabilitated. Also, another quick uptake from tee till we ve covered the guy. That creature did did the a ritual listing murder with the d with the shrine of the ritualistic murder, with a shrine and according to tea, we had a couple of people who wanted to clarify the do believe. The altar looks like it was one for the spirit of excellence, Lego up Papa Legba and the african traditional religions. Okay, so it is quite possible for pc. It is very common for someone who's graveyard Dirt church four different spells works in these religions. The mummified remains. Do not surprise me either as it accepted among the ARS you. Human remains in your work, but again this what everybody says: that you can believe in whatever you want to believe, but it does not involve molesting, but how well child molester, though yeah
which is really solitary, makes it all bad all right, this is one on to one last side. This is from e the other day. I was listening to the second episode on the hillside, strength things episode, two twenty six there was mention of a completely solidified towel in pair of underwear, made concrete from months of come being found under canners bed. Hopefully, hopefully you guys know which one of the two killers talking talking about, because it's all I can recall to his name Now this reminds me of a com cosiness of a come. Story, I've heard will nook now what if with nine. This one operator working overnight shifts- and he told me this crazy story. The US they were frescos in a town that we literally call in just to have somebody to run in a particular one of these to call in, and talk about a local news, lady that he was obsessed with, despite knowing that she was a lesbian. Not only was open about it on the station, but she also kind of had a bunch look.
A. It was obvious, but he's a literacy. As you will see one night. The cops were actually dispatched to his house because he, either been abusing the nine hundred one phone line so much or made a pointed threat towards news, lady, the cops apparently radio into the dispatch, the write down details of a visit, so they were talking about the of the houses they enter first. They noticed it was very much like all orders house with trash and dirt everywhere. Second, as the cops approached the chair- the sky was sitting and only tidy whites. They know they noticed a large cake pan, no thirteen filled with white liquid, after questioning the mole informed officers that this was in fact, his semen, many weeks elected as a gift for his beloved Now is disgusted, so they arrested him. A lot of thought goes into that. No,
It goes into. That is, its thoughtless is double start, was they could do come at a pan and given as a gift, go to home I can pick a car. Stateyou. You have to be at the grocery store and look at the cake pans and be like per its just the amount. I come, I that I want to send to my beloved. I have a and he just got the cake pan out of his own frickin pantry and its I hope, hes in its like ward somewhere, because that that is scary. I hope that, is somewhere relaxing yes, I hope you somewhere, I mean yes, it relaxing behind bars. That would be best all right. Everyone will you so much for listening to this. We have you no lives in order not to work until you do your page. You made that gigantic embroidery about four of us,
which you gave to us in Bethlem is unbelievable. This is incredible, so much work and you didn't have to come on now. You and I want to thank this bakery come on thursday- didn't I don T need Slack MAR. She did not think you so much for that. I also want to thank the woman who made the blankets for us This is comforted out, but I sleep with it now and its the most cozy blanket I have ever had in my entire life. Its HAL yourselves on it and it's got a John there and Abigal Pentagram and its just really fun, and I just love it. So thank you so much for that gift and we'll see everyone very soon in Europe. I can't like we make plans at the the year, and that is like a, but you know, never get a pen and then it does a so this Sunday we will be embarking. A journey to the motherland of beer,
blonde O Sammy's beer, Dublin is not, is the be all right you got get us that's another. There is going to table a year thing happened in there, but when whisky until what I want to say is guys were going to Dublin, were going to Manchester we're going to bristle. Tell us where we should go. You because Dublin is an interesting city, because obviously I mean bars now I want. Itbut James were point is where to go So I dont want any fancy. I want the best pub food. Yes, I want because I mean I feel like the first couple: these here we might make responsible decisions. We have to make sure so we have a tour to do that you- and I have them to remember- we have Show- is yes and we must be capable of doing that. We will be as always, it'll be great. The shows will be wonderful and we're thinking about touring. The Guinness factory, so if anyone works at the Guinness battery or maybe the FAO,
DR of Guinness is a big listener. Perhaps they want to give us a lifetime free amount of gettis, because it aside all Mittal made a big because we want to go to the Guinness factory to go. Look at how it's made, but I know it is, could meet me kiss. Are going to be be science like yeah. This is great, but were going to get my beer yep and then theyre going to be. The tall man from german descent, the short man from Polish descent, they were the worst two customers weve ever had, but they will be the best. A. We want his beer. We just want this sweet Guinness right out of the tap will listen, I love I'm so laugh Europe. Every day I laugh like your Kizil up to his nipples and a big warm that of Guinness fresh guineas, lad linen it like it's, a like a big brown bath wash and is our pets in it. Like he's of a lunatic, pants character. Yeah, laugh and full of bubbles. The shower cap on love
love, love, love that frothy head weasel. I want to think about it. I do now already in above so much of that fun for a. The Good NEWS, so just sliding on our guts like a but you bubble bad for your liver. I love it and then you got us. Live live yeah, that's the third one is Lib: did you hear get triple Elaine I did live in the moment. Yeah, that's what I was doing. I was in the present, which I forgot, the third l of triple l. It was in the present enjoying sitting in my sister's childhood room. Imagining her. Imagine the boys that she wanted to kiss that we're off of homosexual out. That's adds that eyes as you too, not anymore. I guess I dont know who know at the same time, she liked the delicate man and sitting were
the fantasies of going horse horseback to behind or Lando Bloom holding onto his tiny feminine thighs. Just on adventure after adventure going away leaned out, I know you're taking me, for we provide me why these like yeah Yes, my sweet sister, I mean girlfriend yeah. She is gonna kill Alright, everyone. Thank you all. So much for less natinal, yourselves, yourselves, think Magus deletions hel me! Please! Yes, uh yeah. I got the shirts good good on you, buddy you're. No, you're allowed to do that, because, when you're here, your literally family, this show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support our. Those by supporting them for more shows. The one you just listened to go to last podcast network done
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