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Side Stories: Dan Aykroyd

2019-06-19 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry speak with Dan Aykroyd. Yes, that Dan Aykroyd. Of Nothing But Trouble & Ghostbusters fame. 

He shares his extensive knowledge of UFOs, his opinion on disclosure, his personal encounters with the paranormal, and so much more.

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Where do you come down under writes about that sounded. Irish all right failure. We are going to be we're gonna, be in you. I don't know how to say this either way twenty three June twenty. Third. We will be in Perth and June. Twenty seventh we're going to be in Sydney so get those tickets. We can't we just. Everyone we can't wait to see it in Perth, Z, s or feeder. Sid needs the and more theater, and we will be their contractual and we have to be so. We cannot wait. Everyone super extended for this trip, we'll see what Australia, yourselves, Nobody was able to dismiss the last on the left side story. Animal George could what's up everyone, how you doing Benjamin Grand Kizil here within reciprocity and beautiful, sunny LOS Angeles, we
do our normal intro, like it's suicide stories, but you know what it's not a normal sites or it's not a normal. Its doors today special side stories, Piper pay for it on the press is guaranteeing the sounds like to go, what we know and you know like doing being Noonday yeah, something like I don't think it sounds like to mice having a small series of orgasm orgy d I could be of today. We are honoured to have with us dad agro food. So visit the interview with dead at grade a interview- oh my god, thirty twenty set twenty five years and to make this a mother fucker is the ass. He knows this shit he week who give it a listen, if we weren't you ill, our idea is the interview with dead agro aid.
We are so honoured to have our guest with us. If we named is accolades, that would be the entire interview, so you know him. You love em. Mister, that growth is with us. Thank you so much man, gentlemen. I'm going to talk to you got you, so I wish I was in the room with you, sir. I dont want to sound threatening, but I do wish that I could. How can you like, I don't wanna, say I'm glad we're separated well, wait. Wait. We crack up at a bottle Icarus had I beg you, a nice, long, island, railroad, Barker, martini and now it's that would definitely got us off to the right on the right. You, my absolutely so, working touch on a series of things you mentioned Crystal ahead: vodka, unbelievable, if you haven't, had it, give it a try and we're gonna talk about eighty It's because you are king, kings right now, when it comes to the disclosure movement, that's appetite, but first we neighbour last year, the nothin but trouble tour. This movie bonded Marcus Henry and myself for life. It is a brilliant phil.
Mixing horror, Mc Cobb and Comedy you have. Some of the most iconic you have to puncture corps. Digital Underground, John Katy Tributaries, Demi, more and, of course yourself what the hell was that, like we he went into the studio cause. We pick some shows what was that like when you into the studio like. So I have an idea for film in their like what is it and then you lay out the story forgot there but trouble it was about fifty out, like Bob, I would say a fifteen minute, dutch shabby why with me and the studio bought it there, of that we made the movie. I brought it under budget, everybody had a great time and then, when we opened sure we opened against to massive female demographic oriented pictures in the marketplace? We opened against silence of the lambs with regards foster, sleeping what the enemy with Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts saw. Every girl friend sister Niece ACT and the country was telling guys uncle every every girl
was telling their boyfriends. We gotta go, see you out, silence, I'm sorry sleeping what the enemy so audience basically was completely absorbed, but by those issue, very strong female pictures and but he saw the picture when I first came out, but now I have young people coming up to me all the time saying that that that it's part of their there So now its partner vernacular. Aye aye, it's one of my favorite character, J and I'm glad you like it Are you guys you come to my care jointly rebel, we'll take good care of you. A boy I haven't seen the hot dog eating see this classic is wonderful and inspired me. You can buy now we'll get here. We're hair or dutch country airport here get you'll get a boat ass or we shall have a party for two weeks. You will I'll kick your ass for two weeks:
they'll be good. I love it so much. What was a b that bus or had reduce request? I have a question cause more so deeper into the pitch process. In what it's like to come to. A group of of name was faceless executives with a thing that you really love which, like the original pets, were ghosts smashers, where itself. Like it was an entire. You had an entire world built. There was a split up, a story Bible ahead of it and when they receive that document, always there were first response to shut like because the UK was very different than the final film it was, but a lot of other elements from the first movie were in the first draft of course, stay prompt all the equipment, the You know I was there was very much you know we set up. We set up that world. I had it set a little in the future, and I also kind of some enter dimensional stuff in there watch. Those wild rival said was I'd like to find that's gripped by the way. Now, whenever we
We gave our document, we never gave up to the executives. What we did was we pitch the story to them. They bought it on the basis of my involvement. Ivan right means Harold Famous really these were these world. You know we were click on all sixteen cylinders and our careers for comedy that and salvation send these guys can't go wrong, let's hire them and then there Then we submitted the script and weeks basically out approval of the Scripta Colombia Coca COLA, Colombia at the time of that they stay out of it creatively. They trusted us and let us do what we wanted. To do frank price. Was the executive guarantee? Let us he let us alone. Which was what was great the meat that is such a miracle in this industry to have Carte Blanche, to the degree where you can just say this is our vision. Go smashers obviously became goes by as far as I am sure audience put, that together, but my god that is just a testament to the comedic genius of you and your friends who it is remarkable that bad they trusted you to put this out together.
Exactly there were geniuses. You know Harold Animal House. A Billy, Caddy Shack, Stripes Ivan the director of a visa stripes movie under it, was just yet all kind of a great cod. Limits of all our of all our gifts, and now it's the thirtyth anniversary of the thing they're, making another movie, Jason right meant. Ivan son Rota wrote a film that is real. Touching really heartfelt scary, exciting and our so we wasted, that, somehow you also got to sort of Trojan horse. Your actual belief, and the paranormal two are popular culture at that time now I would at the time, did people know like when you- and you said that you had this entire back I have already being invested in paranormal studies, while what people did not know? No one, no one plasma you're anybody in the paranormal research new, but after our movie came out now it all couple: a billion people know what active blossom is
oh yeah solely due to our movie really, and that now you look at all of the confluence of stuff. That's on television! Now, every county as it goes funding society hello, there came a day. Do excellent shows about hot it places. I I love their salaries all about. I think it comes from ghostbusters and people researching and get going there really is a real world, a research here. I dont think that people knew about my background yeah, but I did go and Johnny Carson Show with Spirit photo of my great grandfather. The original ghostbuster end up and show the world that, but I think that was before we made them We we ve got. You know. We ve got a lot of research that back back it up american society for psychical research, the the work that was being at Edinburgh University now even now, there's a paranormal course you can take their. But now I loaded people who know what actual ass it was before we give our now. Everybody knows what it is: absolutely changing: culture change in people's minds and opening up their perspective, which is what you have done, your entire career. Just
Lastly, and then we'll get into the paranormal the aliens just last week, going back to nothing but trouble you work. John Candy is is an idol of mine. I've loved him. Ever since I was a child Chris Farley John Candy. What was that like? Working with with your ends in that capacity of each case, and John Caddy were great friends and colleagues of mine, and they saw this vision. This regional vision that I'd written and they invested in it and they said Dan. You know we support you, there's some great funny. Stopping here will make won't will will make the sap will will will join you in this. Because we have faith in you and your vision, and so I had to complete support for my actors. Candy and I go back to second city when we joined second sitting right, he was a cleaner salesman and I was a mailman land, so good back that far than shabby, and I go back ass, Adele and spies like us, so it was right. You know it was a great debt while they made spies. I guess yacht was before
that, and so we trust each other and in all we were just like brothers. It was. It was a wonderful experience and I they put them through that I made the candy school then do a wedding dress. I put a stop to them. He complained every minute of it, but the performance of solid and so to me more and she rose you so good? She was great and he's kind of a filmmaker herself, of course use a filmmaker as an actress right and she did great. She gave me great suggestions and and and ideas for of shots and answered Do this hearing you, shall she really brought her knowledge of film to the two Tucker suggestions. She was smart, real smart, so that is, that is just one of the best: films of all. We are just so accelerated. Just talk about I've, gotta say it brought us all together. Honestly, I think our unarmed trumpeted the bit I want ask you straight up again do wouldn't now. That dear, is what we have been cut. A lot on side stories, soft disclosure happening in the world of you, apology where it seems
They are slowly leaking out real footage for stray from the Pentagon, with the help of, I guess, Tom Delongs new company to the Stars Academy how do you? How are you feeling about like what's happening right? Are we do think we're getting the straight shit from the Pentagon, or this new, like a new cloud cover, like our Is this disclosure that happening right now or is this a new game that they're playing well wrapped Blumenthal is a very credible reporter at the New York Times and he leaned Cooper, who wrote the book about pilots, generals and law enforcement come forth with their stories that she wrote a great book about clean up, credible, accredited credential people who see these things and add witness the above witness them: their their work is amazing. They had an article- I think was two weeks ago on the main section of the New York Times for reads: the car, Just show these Navy EVA sixteen. If a teen footage on CNN and on the cover of this week of the magazine, there's a cartoon of
the UN's waving at it ass, aching pilot, says taking ufos seriously. Are we are, we are in the first stages of a doctor, bastard and Doktor Greer would wonder, would say, as the You know the last kick off the midnight where disclosure becomes a full. All the more so that others a great series it Bob's Mackinson Jack, rapidly produce over there at his joy. I think it's history channel of the blue book or project. Blue book, I'm sure you got you watching a lot. Yeah yeah has at high neck. You know he goes. I'm gonna lie about this, I might say swamp gas and birds and seagulls. Why? Because, if we don't take on funding away, if we say stop, let's keep giving them these explanations. So we, have jobs- and we can really find out what's going on here and that's why in I'm Heinrich denied it sob and the people were investigating denied it. But there are credible the government has had an interesting this going way way back so and they are they ve had project sign project, grudge project, blue book. You had the ruffled report
you had the twinning letter somehow got up very so you ve had a you. Ve had an interest in gum mention here that you are not interested in the ice from the United States AIR force for this stuff, but now there are twenty there. Finally, getting closer to really admitting that these are a craft. That have performances which humankind, despite cannot manufacture, will didn't. I I have a question as far as the timing, because it does seem like now the Navy is put in new rule regarding how you can get you oppose sightings up a chain of command you're, not just chastised and cake tat of the militarily you're some sort of loony tune. Why do you think seen such a unbelievable, robust amount of information coming out about UFO right now. Is there anything in your opinion, as far as where we are as a culture, a country is a world. Are we ready for this?
ready for a long time. I think the public is is is accepting it by what's a hike at least more than half people believe in their these grafter created by a non human intelligences, John up one voice the joint Army and Navy publication from the nineteen. Forty specifically says you know you must report these things not to the public, but you baby, report them to your superior. So for a long time pilots have been alerted to future report these things and I believe that the third pressure. Now, more people have cell phones, cameras, more people are calling and when their sightings to airports, bases in police stations, and so you ve got tremendous public pressure due to find out what's going on every president who comes into office while the first questions they asked according to Bill Clinton, What is the outcome? They tell us what's going on here, as is really something happening in, of course not they don't tell the president now on those nothing there, and I don't know, I think it's because
it is like performers like we are in their blabber mass of every night air like don't tell them, but jumper Maybe it's gonna be tromp is going to have to deal with the issue publicly and say you know we had an event that happened here. Did you ever enough? Seven thousand people sought and get out we're going have to deal with it like that on against it in Russia. They add two different ships come down to different creatures. Seven irony beside the russian government launched an investigation, and this was in the nineteen nineteen seventy eight. So I think but future. I think what we might see as one of these species and Lord he'll Norton, the AIR Force defence in our action, Six secretary he was, and the british cabinet he's dead, there's twenty three different types of ships that he knows of that he's seen and heard spoken of in his research and briefing papers, every twenty three different species, so one
these species. I don't think all of my relationship with us and may well should not, because we're poison were terrible. Look at us look what we do to each other. We were a murderous bunch. We really are we already above vengeful apes, really really awful. Human kindness is not yet ardor assembly gaming, the Madeira elements I keep Richards, maybe but the rest of its line up by name but about the rest of it still you know, so why would these species want to come down here where we are ruining our planet? killing each other, but I think one of the species may want to make the bridge and what you could see is official contact made the government deciding everybody it is going to find out. They ve got to see it in a very public landing, we'll take place, hopefully, where one of these ships will come to in a baseball diamond and a big city and we'll be there to welcome them, not like their ears.
Still where we fired at them, but welcome with music with food, with a first of all, with dance with ATO telepathic, a body of tell a perfectly trained defence workers who can understand and feel what their feeling and also That's better them, love that we are capable of on this planet. Absolutely that's a concert. I would love to go to that view, their several concepts in there that I think, are really really interesting. Do they know that Paul healthier has come on. He said that he has received actual contact easily spoken with actual entities. That said straight up, like you, do a good job witches I've of I'm desperate for validation. I wish they would do that for me, but I, These bodies are very credible when she's a minister, we was minister of defence. My dad was working for the first true doll and my dad was a privy council officer in that government. It was a colleague beside bar all hell and work of Eu Canadian Transportation
relevant agency and so Paul's very, very credible. I hadn't heard that he that he had add contract will have to follow up on that. We lost a great man, of course, just recently Staten Friedman yes, the beautiful beautiful south coast of zero additive crystal had vodka to stand Friedman What a wonderful warm humorous intelligent! Yet I just want a great people in the field and a great guy, too and boy he was able to hold as ground when ETA, intellectual man? He is he just slapped sceptics down with the facts we spoke to him not too long ago, which is very sad. We could, but he talked us who is essentially being like I'm just about to retire I'm really we were so excited for him, but then I was like I don't know. If you have followed GIS actually ever get to retire. No, and I don't think that he fully did because I believe he passed in an airport re out his way, either to or from a lecture by what, what a great guy love him graveyard very dearly and then by the options, what we launched a couple years ago, few years
of course, the great abduction researcher and John MAC was killed in a very mysterious accident. John Macro wrote write a book about abduction. You know he was a Harvard Guide Wrist, who are who had to look into this, could so many people were reporting these events in a very credible way. He wrote to books, abduction and then transformation. He stepped up a curb in England and a drunk drivers clipped him and killed him on that day. In England, three other jobs, MAX were killed in traffic accidents. We really your trip Maybe this is then we can bridge is back because then you also believed that you were approached by people. You called and in Black Boone, you were filming your interviews, serious recital I wasn't approached what happened was we were interviewing battered and Greer that day, and this was our Disclosure episode and we done big foot and other things and and joy and George to cool ass. There was carried to the gods. The alien guy love him,
not all knows, and then I adjudged interviewed Basta Greer and I believe I was about to interview Bassett and my phone rang. I Weiwei four cigarette actually and my phone rang, and it was Britney spears of all people calling needed. You come and tell me what you come and help me work on us and now this is why it's just a tabloid worthy story, because I'm on the phone with Britney spears, as this happens, I take a dragon cigarette I'd. I'd change hands to put the fund they all sure Brittany I'd like a lot, but I turned I looked down. Forty second street on the other side of the street is a grub black crowned VIC, with two guys
really tall guy standing there. Now they weren't in black, they were wearing like Denham, shirts and Denham Pats, and they were really tall with black hair and they were looking right at me and I knew I, of course I'm looking for the plate. I'm gone one, you know, I'm not an idiot. I look and I you know, that's: that's a police car. What I look- and I can't see the plaintiffs almost like its pixelate and it was right across the street, so then I turned back to say well, Brittany, Wendy and I got turn back again within a second I looked back and that image of those two guys in that car was gone. They didn't go past, meaning that if they can you turn they were gone. I go back inside after reading to do ass an hour and Willie we're about to tell bobwhites my producer what just happen and he comes up to me as, as our shows been cancelled, and they want to out of here within the next forty five minutes or knock interviewed Oscar we're not to interview Bassett, where we're done
And I was answered, but nowhere spling nation at all, not just just roughly cancelled now, Saint just done, Donna may bury laid all they buried at night. I have some of them. I think I own some of them, but they just that was it pull the plug on? It does seem to be the day between, because I am very interested in the concept of the the psychic side of the story or we could. We did a three pursued series on men and black honours, our show in a part of what we were going through this. If I love the haunting ideas of connecting these men and black too you a phenomenon to folk lore and these trips stir entities that men in black or sort of these these kind of bridges between what we used to call ferries and trolls
and goblins and the hidden people and are now on our lexicon? These are other various species of aliens and do you caught into any of that? The idea of what psychic links or kind of Jacques Delay when he talks about how the phenomenon, maybe almost fifty percent psychic like we are, we bring them about. We make them I'm here. Almost we help them materialise. Well, a lot in what you got. What you just said. Only a couple of points believed that a lot of the blind man in black and their technology are just basically straight up military. My lab military lab investigators. I believe some of them are alien and come here because basis they can change and aiding. They can change into a rabbit if they want to around in your living room. You know, Any lies I mean so they can pull more, for they can change it, everything they can cloak themselves. I swear I saw before groundwork and two guys vanish within a second
I ve got like to talk technology. I believe that that that's happening the attractiveness of the planet earth is is it is, it is, is indisputable, it's the most beautiful sphere in the multiple. Nowhere else do get lakes and rivers and trees and mountains, and cities and culture and our it's very attractive and most of these species are coming here as tourists, and that's it straight up and simple cruising through to take a look, this sport model its being seen now, it looks like us, re about the size of an automobile, it's completely gray and has a stinger at the back and completely uptake. Of course, there's no windows in it, but it's being seem more frequently, you can see that it's for two people to occupants. And you can just imagine at being parked in a garage and its near planet nears ADA, ridiculous. I'm a couple decided to go. Friday night cruising zipping over there. Will watch Manhattan for a few minutes and that's not gonna start kind of wonderful by
fairies, trawls, men and Black- definitely folklore figures. Now very very strong ones, but always linked. Seemingly like two interviews with the with the people who are witnesses and sometimes warnings, are heaven, and sometimes they just walk away and don't do anything. I think its a bit mix. That's so interesting with the tourist idea and of course, we always have in this country for the longest time, the idea of an alien invasion we're going way back to war of the worlds, the radio play the people were like. I this is serious and there were riots in the streets and it'll come quietly. It'll come you things. With hybrid, which is already happening. I think you know they ve there's some cross breeding, that's been going on for the last couple hundred years and Hopefully they will bring the batch of human qualities to the four more mindfulness, more populous and antecede psychic element of all of this.
He is now in many of the these craft are to be controlled, that day, that there be controlled there being controlled mentally that the operators merely thinks where he wants to go or he she wants to go for it wants to go and the ships respond with navigation power gravity bending a photon control or that they do that from the mind of the operator, which I am still talk about yourself, driving a car, that's all right! Never my day, I let me get in the car and I won't touch editing than just let my part of my I'm DR at while the other half does the does the accounting, and why don't you? You made a good point in unplugged in ufos when you say that, because I that there is obviously there's a lot of talk about whether or not there is reverse engineer technology from craft ufos from you have aircraft that the government is sort of sir. Only leaking to the private sector, but basically said them.
The reason why it is not fully being broadcast and fully being shown is because we are, we can already overwhelm most other armed forces with just our normal technology, and they don't need to play the card of hears us turning into a turning a physical craft into a liquid here, as I think that can turn on I need a green angle because it would be too much and once well. You know I mean the government would like to get their hands on this technology, and maybe they already have but haven't mass produce at mass produce at what the black triangles or interesting get all because they look like they could be early manufactured, but their performance does another.
SAM Moronto. The researcher out of Illinois talks about the keenly park cases where they that these things would park over the neighborhood for a few minutes and people having barbecues would look up and see these things hovering above them slow, moving, no sound and then what they would just vanish in. Also, I don't know- maybe is an earthly military body, that's creating them, but I don't hang out and somehow I doubt- and I think we have performance like that capability like that, we know about it. You know they do their job there. Just the Boston Erastus draw to get this. Thirty five to work and also I we just watch them with the ground, all those Boeing planes they can figure. They can't figure out those planes how figure gigantic silent pyramid structure is flying through the sky. That's figured out a way. I think we know how it works. They ve got some kind of own official fusion.
Fusion, something like that. That's producing power there, bending lighter turning, as you say, of raw material and allied narrow, they're doing just with technologies that they ve been able to develop bath. Real resources wherever they come from, and that given give us, A million years, maybe maybe we're there, but I think its resilience sounds like it's a million years in advance, maybe not Maybe it's only ten thousand because work come and ordered the two years we ve come from the Wright brothers taking off at Kitty, HAWK
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counselor some operations equipment problem of data they later a whole plain load for the kids to take them to DC for their school trip. Mind of corporate heart that we were not really. What are you going to save the planet by the way we'll get back applying in a minute? I will talk avian and amended, but if you stop, if you fly from, Boston to London, its that's. Your you're gonna eat up three square miles of ice cap in Greenland. That's gonna that flight ticket will cost that if we stop lying tomorrow. If we stopped eating meat tomorrow, we stop driving cars tomorrow, we're still not going to solve and reverse planet our climate illogical? change until corporations and governments get one hundred percent behind this and invest their money there time their resources focus their energy and their hearts into it. They have to get fully behind it. If they don't we twelve years left before and if you're really,
state, mobile in Florida, you'd better be interested in this. You better start putting resources in because half your programme. But be underwater aviation. You wanted to make a point there. I've I love. You know I I've flown in many great plains: I've basketball, the DC. Can emulator down the runway. I've been in identity at five fighter plane. I ve been a be twenty five. Barrel role in a liar. Twenty four over amounts, Saint Helen set off in a our few weeks after exploded. I do love it. I dont enjoy loving. I don't love lying idle joy, but I like right and the technology and the culture of fantastic no because I pretty much blame, I blame air travel the hemorrhoids I've received an I ll, never forget them I'll! Never forgive! I cannot tell you how many friends of mine have hemorrhoids. It is ridiculous. What is going on in our mid thirties bodies, you ve gotta, make friends with the store to the stewardess and going to hang with them in the back. We can stand up the value of nuts and beer afternoon. They love to talk because they have nothing to do and between meals, exam
that's actually where I was going with that question. We run a delta flight and others a stewardess named jewel. She turned out to be sure, is an older woman, be sixty five, seventy years old and she turned out to be a listener, but she came up to markets and I add she's had that she had actually encountered a humanoid on the plane. She said that you could see his eyes even when his eyes were closed. She also said she saw multiple ufos this guy, she was really nay adamant and and completely trust worthy enough, and so I just my question is: are some people more available? Are some people more? are aware or more awakened to see, You oppose it in humanoids and and all these court of, paranormal things because it
such a psychic event. It seems, I think it's, but I think that that that its board they seem to these additives seem to contact wired, to contacting like the Minister of Defence or the president or high government entities. No, they go after ordinary innocent people, and I think my innocence is part of because this innocent meanwhile accept what we're trying to do here. Betty and Barney Hill These is what you get just up up up a couple driving home and vague and they were chosen for one of the greatest encounters in history. You because you had out credible witness, aren't you awake for most of it by battle but ready wise, you see and then John MAX Book, all the people that were there. I went to the Fifth Avenue medical
society building a New York City for a lecture with John MAC with my wife a few years ago, and I was with a couple of friends of world abductees and they were about three hundred or five hundred people errand. He asked how many object abductees in three hundred but their hands up and they were from different parts of life. This one woman said I was this wealthy Massachusetts socialite all I wanna get cared was named Marcus in shopping in the next rolls Royce eyes and then one afternoon was sitting by my poor and a little orb came down and a creature came out and he spoke with me for half an hour and told me: I could change this planet and she's one of the leading environmental resource. People in the world right now, there was a guy there with one arm, and he said I was in a sailboat. They stay with us. There was a stock trader Odin watched, I dont think you lost the arm and the encounter, but he said I was in my sailboat on Long Island and this blue orb came down in these being.
Does it. It was the most beautiful leading I've ever had and I'm waiting every night of my life, I'm waiting for them to come back and I got up I said of all of you here that have been taken. Who wants to go again? Who would love to be taken again? Who would like now that encounter can only only half of them put their hands up that offer them. It was not a pleasant experience. I wanted how could you by the two of you could you are personally we close with Doktor Greer and his big our, I ask you that, do you guys know each other, you guys hang out. No, not really I mean I'm a bad. I wanted him on my show what I've I've always talk them up on his work as great job, where I met him. A complex yeah, but in the world? Are you apology? There seems to be a like now obvious cutters, constant inviting right There's a lot of drama in the world of ecology and we'd seems too. One of the main fights, especially against somebody like Doktor Stephen Greer, This concept of he is like the aliens are here to help us. This is going
They are here to help us and theirs people saying that this information saying that what if this is all some other alai would have are prepping us and it'll, be like independence Day and here waiting and we do throw the Big Party at the baseball, stadium in a calm and were dancing were showing them that guy fairy he's like barbecue in full I like getting just explode the baseball stadium like what happens doesnt mobile childhood them. That's Arthur Clocks Book childhood child agenda, wonderful story: they come down, they look like gobbles with leather wings, but their benevolent and iter, you know they want to harvest, doesn't Edith. I believe I believe that that that I believe there's some that are benevolent and really do want to find out more about us more about themselves. Want gentle interaction, and then there are just some straight up means who are taking people away
and not returning them end up doing it all in and dropping them and from great Heights Todd sees, you know, Todd sees you know that case. No, I dont know that. Then you better to look it up. The sheriffs won't even talk about it. You he was picked up in front of us rather than really rudely dropped into a tree, and he is he was so mangled was rice. There you go see that's a bad one, lovely yeah, that's not the way They want to be treated and that's not the way we treat them either. Do you believe in David Ike's storyline? I do believe in any that the idea of the reptilian- and grace and all these people kind of in a fight over our earth that our earth is sort of like a coveted piece of territory. There were kind of animal of a fight of four. I think there are on the right path. There's one fear a star who says that really that thee
the society or the beautiful nordic types that are, you know benevolent, and they Actually the reptilian in the nordic types have at a meeting and the nordic types of said. You go down there and you harbours the earth. People like cattle, we're gonna fight you, we only knowledge, you have got technology, we may both die in this, but we're not going to let you go down and rape the planet earth, because you you you, you know, you think that that there's delicacies there to be here not all will fight you. So that's an interesting theory there that they do. Besides, it's a stalemate, the and all that they can't went to get the nordic types. The society and a society know they cap when it gets the resilience, but both are willing to kind of other stand often, and but the resilience of cheated on the arrangement they're coming here and there grabbing us all the time. That's that's! That's the fairy now You know for me, I'm a writer, ok, I'm a screenwriter and I'm an entertainer all of this
support entertaining yes, yes, that's the primary reason I'm under what got it all entertaining Sonny. Whether any of it is really true or real or not, but I believe the objects are real that I believe they're not manufactured here. I've seen four of them that I believe were not earth earthly menu of earthly manufacture, I don't know what you are. I don't know, what's real, I don't know. What's real and I don't know what's not real, but I noticed we entertaining. I was in Martha's vineyard with my wife and two friends that I stepped out for a leak at three in the morning on the balcony at my house and your mark. And I looked up in the sky, and I saw two glowing discs in all the travelling from labour the far right horizon and then rising and doing a fast zigzag pattern across the sky? I mean we called everybody, we all came out and watch them and they flying echelon formation, winked wing. They were doing at least twenty thousand miles an hour there. Probably
hundred thousand feet up, because the Concord makes if a right turn above martyrs vineyards, seven thousand feet the planes Turner and, of course I can see that, but the naked eye, I knew proximate Height hundred thousand feet up be when you go from horizon to arise in the fast as fast as they did in about a minute. You know, they're going pretty fast allows the first one. Second one. I was that my farm got it out. I have my police bike out for a ride and I was going into town and I saw the little red dot coin going across the power lines, the big hydro lines at the next farm over and I thought that's a helicopter. You know they they do service delight, They checked him to make sure they ve been blown down, but I'm thinking they usually don't do that work at night. So I watched a thing and it comes and just stops and then makes them Daniel turn right for me, so I turn on the wigwam on my police bike another. But those of take down like that. I have drawn a motto, my bright's, and this thing
right over me and it stops about seven hundred feet up. No, sir, but my mind ass, to explain it at my gentle copyrights, Alec my mind keeps going it's a helicopter. Its Alec up then a light on me and I think I see is it they're to people where their frames the problem. Is there a router? It's just, it's gotta be helicopter, and then just switch, is the light off and then just coasted right all over me across the next field, sideways silently with the little blinking readily. Now that was not a helicopter. I couldn't hear it. You can hear how copyright three thousand upright, of course, And then the areas one- this is a cool when I was in Montreal at the Queen, Elizabeth Photo and we were selling patrol and the killer and Newfoundland made zero. Crystal had vodka, we were falling. We want a tour. We just want a bunch of awards for the vodka and not for the clean taste. We were celebrating that we risk sitting in a hotel rooms with
friend, and we were actually watching the spiders at the twenty third floor of the hotel go up and down they have these little webs going up and down you see like they were just like Riyos. It was real funding. There were going up and down there about Canada. On the twenty third floor, the building we thought we was what we were watching and then we look out right and we see out right into Saint Catherine Street. At that level. I see what can only be described as a huge air mattress, a hundred fifty feet long. Fifty feet wide with these bulbs underneath gray square moving. Slowly, no sound, no lights, it was a grey overcast day, just kind of almost blending in and I'm thinking where the strings. Where the strings, it's a balloon, it's a parade! There were no parade, I'm think Afghans street that day in Montreal, and we watch this thing stop right outside our window about thirty feet outside our window.
Huge, huge big gray square thing with bulbs and then it just turned and just drifted out over the Saint Lawrence, However, we ran out into the hall and watched it go in the hall window We would want that. What's that up just what I was one will have another person there and what is that? What's that? because you re honestly, how do you go back to normal? This is why never seen one. I've always were like I started. I wanted to start working for move on. I started to I've, got their training annual. Its argument like what the skies more and I do seriously sit, and I want to skies. I mean obviously, a little bit of herbal supplement helps me Ireland, that's what yeah, that's Louis! How do you go back to just like because back to show business? That's a property back to auditioning and making work when you're just mean like, but the what about our our skies are filled with things. We can explain why,
from experience before with my other two sightings, and also I've been working in all over. Years just doing my own way search and having the relationship with new fund as their servers, while quote on Quota Hollywood consultant. In other words, If you're doing a film or a television show about a certain aspect of it. I can connect you with new fund and the right organization, for your research. I kind of to me it wasn't rising and I'd heard about. You know, ships that move slowly and We were just really excited. What's nice now's the Navy pilots can come forward. People in the military can come forward. They can talk about it and not be and not be chastised forests and- and that's that's, really import. That's a big step. To the full disclosure absolute. Thank you so much for being on the show. Just like one or two more questions, I ride away a lot. What you love to smoke, a greeny with a grey.
Oh my mind they are hogs, lay at some Paul. I hope there are like South Rogan. Oh yeah did, I hope. So. I am interested to hear when you first really guardian to alienate you follow gee. You follow G are you sort? I I know was that what was that reaction. Initially from your friends, were they like Yarborough you're off you ve gone a little, do wonky for us, or were they will to listen, and if it is the latter How have you seen that sort of chain? now as the except in seems to grow. While my mother's, I want a nineteen, forty, seven and she and and and and boy talk about a credible witness. She was the executive secretary for Hurricane AIR, raft fuselage production with the Ministry of Supply and services for the Canadian Ministry of Defence in World WAR two, so she could read
plain shark from the bottom. I know the difference between a Lancaster and be seventeen or spitfire unabashed fishermen. Was the training she had to go through cause you work for the aircraft fuselage production, so he was well sparks spark street in Ottawa. Nineteen, forty seven, she looked up and she saw she said it looked like a Christmas tree bulb like an all rob, was glowing red and green and white, and as if someone was hanging a huge Christmas tree, Urban, the air above Spock Street, and she said it was big and it was winking and then it just took right off at every and and after that she always had stop around the house about it. She had the look magazine cover with Elizabeth Taylor on it, which had the story, a Barney and Betty Hill. In it she had cover with Marilyn Monroe, honoured of Light magazine, but talked about flying saucers, so she had this interest always that she kind of you know, and you don't want when, when anything would come up. The nineteen fifty two
The year I was born allied ever asked her about it. I'm sure she track what was going on in Washington DC and all whether you ask them that was the biggest year proceedings we ve had in decades. Ninety fifty two so she was aware of it and- and you know so many people, I would friends, I would doktor relatives I would talk to people. You know people of school allow what say you know my dad. I want my mom someone or I am so. I wonder I saw something so I think if you canvassed around, if you took five people and they went out five people, you're you're, gonna, you're gonna go and get it yet citing we what do you think? Maybe the mockery has been more of a marketing decision, if you actually go and talk to people face to face there, like he added same here uncle saw something. I saw something whatever has just been sort of FED into are near as a country that you better think of these people,
was you know, quacks, as opposed to reasonable folks, back order, a largely our in some quarters, of course, on a sceptical quarters and in some quarters people who are never going to believe in a dead end. Even if one shaped our hand, they wouldn't believe what they think it was a rather special, a factor mass hallucination will it doesn't it wasn't that their goal, the goal of hiding, knew disclosing the idea, It was too originally to ridicule, That would seem to be a government mandate to say that we will discredit these people, so that no one can go. Even if you come forward, essentially ruins your life. They did that and they did that because of the Brookings institution reporter. In fifty eight and other psychological studies that said postulated that if you told people about such a higher power, there would be no longer respect for the authorities that are established up there, the local carbon, the B exact? Nor you say our talk that way by the president The soldier, the national guardsman, the ambulance driver,
no way wait I'll hold on. I want to know that you're Yahkuk step aside. I wanted The who landed in my back yard silently got out turn my tree black, you know open big black eyes, but we language, I didn't understand and then took up faster than an sixty. Sixteen ever ever did from my swimming right. That's what I wanted Do not you not absolutely nothing we are not of rewards up the president, the soldier. Now we talk to the alien and if you have three hundred million a year I'm saying. Let me talk to the early and you're in trouble. Absolutely will. Thank you. So much man that we really appreciate you taken so much time to talk to us it or a gun and now- by this week, magazine June, Fourteenth a cartoon on the cover, their Ralph Blumenthal in Helsinki we're working at the New York Times are really treat this seriously for reads a courier last week on on on his on his shirt
showing this footage. So you know credible. Reporters are gonna step forward and I hope the day and the baseball diamond, and it turns out to be benevolent. I really do I do to handle nightly. Otherwise it's it's clover feel place had to the bunker. Yeah did and honestly. That's why my wife and I are really interested in getting a bunker. Just Jamie honestly, just we're styles and we like being underground, and I, I think that it would. It would be fun, but also to be practical, setting aside any kind of intervention on this planet from alien forces. What is in the air today I mean, I hope you put good filter. Shot up, who knows: what's gonna fall out of the air when Chernobyl blew up to. Years later. The state of Oregon Sue. The ukrainian government, because how's were dying in Oregon from the same was the topic signature radiation that blew up out of Chernobyl. I mean who now What's going to happen? The sky in Angola
I'm gonna get a container from a container ship. Those boxes in your bury them they're there. Can't we have slightly by will try to make it nice the goals for us to hold. I gotta go now to make a mutation spot and you should have on the bar lit up a bottle of crystal have zero out of vodka. We won the products while model that we were metal, the metal in them and in Moscow we want that? We want a metal in Russia they know about, but you wonder, I know you want and reward from. We gas got to you. That's crazy one case dollar four hundred beverages- it's so queen it makes a great martini makes a great. Can rain screwdriver. There's no additives in a bar shops love it because there's no turbines no synthetic lipids, Gluck life life swordless, serene No sugars? Yes, we must work on the planet and that's what you should have in Europe absolutely had I'm drinking from now on, a writer gentlemen, take care.
All right there, while allowing everyone did accrued. Let me just say I'm going over to your dream. Come true. I wouldn't like we really could be over this I would like I'm so like. Should we ask em like arm, but what lying July, high dude? DR shoes honestly beg use oh much dad accrued. Thank you. Do his public this for setting all of that up. That was just credible and I gotta say that man he was every anyway I'm just over the moon. I get that all of our legends and a man who is a legend of our he Stani remain. So when I love is it he still so plug. Then he know exactly what he's talking about he's been doing all the modern reading, the country you fall just too. We need to look up to date, accurate is he here all grow over the entire field. You got
Not only do we did we get to ask him about soul man. We get there, We did even get as about Tommy boy. We do that it does it matter because he actually knows the truth. I think it's very you're saying I mean, gets a problem when I listen to him talk and more and more its being like? Well, maybe these nuts and bolts Ufos guys gonna fuckin something to talk about, because you Obviously you know you know, because your new reading and you're talking to these guys twenty three species of aliens. I love it well, that was Just that was incredible. Thank you all so much for listening to special Side stories and dumb yeah. I mean, I don't know it's nice when you meet. People that a ban in your life forever unbeknownst to them and they turn out to be as wonderful as Dan Great just was with us and honestly we have had great experiences with with the vast bass Batman.
Many of the people we vitalized, so that just goes to show your being a good person. You can also be there successful and I think Dan Accurate showed what a great guy you absolutely what a legend. Absolutely I'm all right! Everyone! Well! Thank you so much for listening. Do you want to do. I think we have to tell them to triple. I only have to do it. Yeah. You got to live your life like you're, about to speak to Dan Aykroyd and they have Abbott out of sight in society you at all times right. You're, gonna love your life like you're, about to speak today, inaccurate and he's gonna he's gonna affirm that you're not the only third man of the same body that is interested in the same things and you can't silk is his wife's beautiful, I'm sure. Of course we did this. Thing, I'm live the same dream journal same dream Have you got a laugh like like you hemorrhoids finally absorbs or Beckett That would at least I'm out I'm back, I'm back in the public sector. It would be very bizarre. You're, just strangely maniacal laughing on the street near like what's so funny and then you might have
its or back, I think, that's decide that you may no longer have a whole new or no you get. I live. Finally I mean I wear a rubber law where something to protect myself, but yet I find them right all right. Ok, what the hell you're so he'll take my goose Listen to me hey an especial Hale ACT Roy. We hope he is around for a long long time s her was made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our add sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows. The one you just listen to go to. Last podcast network
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