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Side Stories: Day of Reckoning

2019-11-27 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Papa John's day of reckoning, a feces attack, a bodybuilding senior citizen strikes back, and MORE.

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Everybody. It's me your Willie wizard Jake and it's your bristling Bruce are old and Macneil, and we are so excited to announce page, seven and wizard and the bruise or live in LOS Angeles, California, Wednesday, Amber Eleventh twenty nineteen at the Regent theatre tickets are only twenty two dollar and where can they get em Jake type in your little web bar go to last park ass network dot, com, slash peace, seven lot, that's last part cast that worked dot com, slash peace, seven live well see their foes or else I cry. Yeah he'll cry. Was able to use the last on the left side, Snorri animal doors,
man. Undersea decide stretches of em. Don't I do see, though, side stretches you're, doing yeah open in the girl for some fuckin jam and some food So my broken wolves is weak man, absolutely so. Food horny at the beginning of wheat Sometimes I do that food haughty, I sit in a and I'm Eden one meal. And I know that I have specifically planned. Other big meal is common in. Feature wait. You know you are what you tell me who cheat on the meal that you're eating by fantasizing about another meal. Emotionally, cheating, not physically cheating but I said Anna and I do, and I think and I get kind of a twitter. I have a twitter and side of knowing that I'm gonna have some cause Jackie's, making some MAC and CHE from excited for We're gonna break in Turkey.
I'm watching videos and deeper into, and I might convince Jackie to try it yeah great, oh god, I'm just getting so fuckin big for it. Indeed, you are welcome, decide stores. Ever when I am been Kizil hanging out within reciprocity on this week's Abe, Lincoln TOP hat, I actually talked about factory farming and what's going on regarded a treatment of dog in this country. You did. An episode about dogs being grounded in food, for thanks give it. Though the dogs are rooted in like that's. All we ask for is a break from all this horse: shit, several days I don't know yes, it's there's genocide in Thanksgiving. Yes, I get it man, you know what the only thing I'm genocide and this will get Thursday sides mashed potato and staffing. Ok, Russell Sprouts, you know what could I'll put it this way? I am not liberating the Brussels Sprout Mill,
gonna catch some, unfortunately mere. Maybe that make doesn't make me a fuckin savior, but I can't the Saviour every day at a JD week, all right thanksgiving, the one day a year. You're allowed to be ignorant your ignorant and that's ok. I mean I say I invite everyone to native American. I see to dinner, the generals in horrify them no end. The way you could tells we gotta. Can you even say that its, but because there were and feathers, but nowadays because of a coach hell or culture, Russia. The culture has spread the indigenous person look into deep into into white women's lives, hipster, cultural appropriation is a very real thing and I must add. No. I also notice there's a big thing in New York with the hips or clothing, it's very specifically to New York. Look where they like to dress like a nineteen, twenties, painter or workmen there, that is rising people who have to work for a yes absolutely. I would say about the overalls. Look you.
Fantasizing somebody whose job is, I believe, farmers where overall, so they could do, because I think the proper and attack and corn is right, is by rubber DEC on it. Dear I dont know I dont know last Marcus o my son No, I really don't know, but I would assume there's something like that, but I agree with you: stop dressing like yours, these twenty painter, because we all know your teeth, Nineteen out of work unemployed. Person who is siphoning money from their parents come on the technically. I'm not out of money, whoever but those workmen's closed caused quite a bit of money. It's a lot of money to dress like you paint houses for a living and in New York City. To I mean I guess, but they may do make money, people paid houses. They do and there's nothing wrong with been a house painter. I was a house painter in college. I last One full summer turns out not very good at painting. And I dont like heights, That was so sorry for me to speak to you put on a happy man, if you think I'm not going to be with you on Thanksgiving
but I feel like I am, but We always make for painting houses. Did you just pay money? Your legs ass, a little girl driveway, you don't driveways, but speaking of Henry, did you see let's go, and I would possibly in the House Papa John Papa John is wet and struggle he is losing it. He is soak. I guarantee you, he has hoarding weapons. He is closed. A mass shootings when he said word so were referring to a puppet John himself. What is it real name, Papa John Schneider John Schneider, Schneider, Schneider Yom. He did a what he called its sort of like an exclusive personal revealing interview for what I believe is W D are bad news. In which he said a lot of stuff, that's Riddy, puzzling and the reason why we're covering this on
Side stories is because we, because, when I are both pretty certain pop John, is about to fuck and take it to the street. Yes, this is this is Pre Papa John Crime. This is Pre Papa John Crime because he is pissed up and the funny thing You won't be able to obviously see it, because this is audio. We're gonna play twenty five second clip here, but he is no longer the see your Papa giants and then why that is, but he still dresses like he is. Still, whereas the red shirt at the khakis. Does he won't? Let it go. Although the girl he he was fired, was like go from his own company, foreseeing racial slur on a recorded conference. A conference called all as people. He was rule plain. That's he said he was war height, but I want to talk about the nature of character on the show. I don't want to get you talk about in in reference to Papa Job, because I resent his role playing
I agree roleplaying stance because some of us, in his brow ski, have role played in the path. Let's get in to this conversation that he had and again this is He is on those abroad, Ghip Ghisizzle, detective radar, crime, crime watch pre cry much less of it over forty pizzas, less thirty days living currently in Portugal. We should be in jail, he has no, Peter experience has ever been in the pizza category. I would just say stay too their work will come. The record will be straight. Why not said wreckage straight down in what is it about the record? That's none to drain stated What does that even me, this clip comes from a twitter account at Bubba, Prague,
on the internet. I can't speak to Elsie posts, but we this is where this clip was lifted from number one. Breaking this doubt we have coverts every single serial killer, every major serial killer. Now we're onto people like had goerck. He is eating food, many pizzas in thirty days for me, this year, all your enough for berserker mode. He is doing think about how scary this is right. Your boss this fired. This is like you're ready, let's say you work for I don't know Zika aren't what sit go there a station. I always wanted to do that. You work for sit, go the gas station Europe. Boss says the inward to everybody at work fired here. Now is arriving at the gas station forty times within thirty four of in thirty days to tell the tale to the gas. Owing to see it's, I don't know, that's the exact analogy, but it's the boss, keep shown up your like, could help, but notice that all your jerky is completely
dinner's spiders inhabited by poor, could put departure. He keeps because he says he's doing quality control on Papa Johns, since the helm was taken from that. That's so it reminds me a little bit of the first Rambo movie, we're yeah. He Vietnam did not leave him and Papa is just he is not gotten than that he's The girl from from wanes world words like we broke up three months ago. Did you just half stop eating all of our food. Will he keep showed up one. Can you imagine the delivery driver go to this point, I imagine same route, you're, seeing him quite often oh yeah. I know it's Papa Johns because he's got a shirt on that says. Papa John, you know it's him. Definitely you have to deliver the Saint Peter to Papa John who s the door so,
can wait a while a silken went in this interview. He is literally, we looks like he just did the ice bucket challenge yes, he is sucked, but it's not like were so. Thank you. So much for deliberate, so Toby eager me that extra girl, a quarter and therefore glass or yeah, yeah always in their papa. Can I correct you is actually he's, not we're an issue. This is Papa Johns. It says Jeff baseball. Though he is not in the company anymore, but he is wearing the competent collars because he believes well read like all of us. Think that might be as new name is joy. That might be one he orders under. Is Japan's boy like there's no way to catch me now to chiefs pieces, for on Schneider actually or the nervous Jeff Baseball Please, I'm an anonymous citizen living in this Peter should match
yeah I mean I obviously couldn't Zella. This is the pop Johns Compound, which is a J J. All pizza colored, you're right here than some of the other rollover, bores their son. My word, you mustn't flung gun on good terms, unwritten back in two billion per year and I'm gonna be sluggard pizzas, with all my favorite races. The choice is my favorite I'm trying to reverse it. Come on pop a job Henry says he is wet and he is weapons. Also, don't I think he's covered in a sheen of vaseline sheen that he is wearing and now his mask his face. Looks like he's wearing a mask because he had so much plastic surgery and then the kind of gross around it. It is really astonishing. That's a third sick people, Weybridge stuff on the floor that do you know what I mean.
Labour money on the table. When I get that girl at border, I know words recuperating factors it has towards the human skirt and what squire swaller myself! So I'm an absolute with delectable depressed by and I get that moist realness to my skin that only those healthy bores thereof- I mean you know he does look like an italian ten. He's got you he does is covered in car like butter, and I would like that sweet face. It is but debts He goes out he's even forty pizza synthetically pace. Berserker getting his galleries units cheese doing is proteins is on a treadmill eating pizza. Like sitting rewarding, argues through the dirt the grid would dirt and every day, with the work of written comments. Have you think, if some point that he probably we'll have a piece of pizza that actually does hit is quality?
local, and then he weeks out, like smashing the mirrors and his home, this may not cutting costs should be imputed journal, Overwarm report growth, Breach Guantanamo brain. Should ethics put aside themselves like I didn't training, school apsidal, absolutely is his mindset right now, a day of reckoning this company a day of rest. Is coming. I can't I just went win or you when have you ever said that, like a day of reckoning, is coming The primary officer to every single match quantity that has ever happened in the world. I am not going to, I say I haven't said it like real drunk alone in a hotel Mumbai myself before it like a big ahead inadvertently said looking out onto some city. Just Dave reckoning is coming for each one of you, but I do they just to make self feel better. I arrive or say it to a reporter, no, especially once the route order does know that you are in distress you or angry. You bore the former ceo you,
did start this entire company. You pop a. I understand for him he's just like. No without me, there is no Papa jobs. I think he's going to go. Thought could be mash in its country, mass balmy of package are not going to be some, whether underground stuff, it's gonna, get crazy and everyone is gonna know it's him. He is like us, supervillain use, one of those guys who seems to be like? I think, especially if you're in this area, like imagine it's like he shows up everywhere. It's like the manager is from and Papa Johns is after grocery store. Any just happened to see: there's Papa John Full Papa Johns up and I'll fuckin chefs that, at the various fatuous going like good quality, control of rituals, turn sea or for poor for proper, drawn usage spin like sir please leave me alone, will not worth less than org comfortable subcontractors. What a cruel and earn a want to sleep with complete skipper, do you have any garlic put her on you. I mean they always do say true
look worse e technically, but we're not puppet job right. I think to get at that level of pizza success, you have to be a sociopath I don't know me now you ve just taken away the all. I think silly veto, his sociopath e, I think he's on the loose. Only person that I can really point towards whose another pizza magnates is Herman came Herman Kane is that of the last man His stature to make meet you, I guess he was vaguely almost president. That's pizza money. You mean he's another pizza, Lord, but here so imagine you still in charge godfathers data that still Herman came. I think that her Ok, no kind understands it knows it Papa Johns Number, one Papa John, is bring and shit upon the pizza industry as all. Unfortunately, he is doing he's doing bad shit and yet further embarrassing himself, and I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised the sea. Herman came Fuckin
suicide. Papa John Relay suicide em. You think so. I could see, The pop up, John, it's gonna, do a systematic, terrorist affront on every single Papa Johns that exists or Herman Kane is gonna. Steam him inside of his own home, but you'll? Do it? embarrassing like they found him with a fuckin vacuum tomb up his asshole to get some kind of weird suckin they possess all poodles guts and that that could happen. It is possible that Papa killed Epstein, we don't know, we don't know one Epstein. We don't know what I would give to find that out to be true yeah I could everything I could everything and become a, I would become a traveling troubadour, just sing and folks that Israel, because that would just make I mean like wooed- that's just the best thing that ever let never existed, but just like what? What is it? What even the purpose I'll just sing the story from town to town so that everyone knows What did how much it inspired me? All you
It is a soap box in a story of Papa Johns, killing Jeffrey Epstein. You heard of your foot first folks on side story if that does turn out to be the case. But if you, get a chance Herman Kane list. Into him on Youtube singing. Imagine there's no pizza, it's this the greatest of all, there's no pizza It's not easy retrial, honestly ever Tommo, do a crime or salt asleep, Logan data and I saw by Herman Kane Herbert k- did imagine there's no people? Yes, it was incredible. I saw em over at that, what we are doing fox news- and I went up to him and I was like that song make we smile, he looked at me very confused, like I was making fun of him in a kind of was, but I also was very authentic. When I am very sad, I play imagine, there's no pizza. He does a great up some if you're sad this thanksgiving, because you don't let your family listen to that.
Before you listen to the poppy meal, episode of Fuckin Thanksgiving equipped. Let's, why are you have just as a producer give J? I didn't even think about it because I don't believe in celebrating all of these the so called holidays. This is happening. It's getting sadder. It's out, I'm going to try to make you feel better by, I will admit so. There was a minute do this little paper begin to another story, Ben Castle. For a brief moment Spock gets them up now that he hasn't been right before sure, but I'm gonna go In say officially I apologize while I apologise to you, while bankers All fur yelling at you and saying that you are incorrect about saying I don't think you're ready for this jelly in fact, from jail, but from beyond say: let's go I said you are correct
now this is amazing, when I thought was happening, was I thought that you said that beyond Say: was what jail all men, which is why I was so concerned for your mental. Well, being and wondering if you had had ingested quite a bit of carbon dioxide from whatever choking your self, while your master painting will carbon your house, I don't think, is that bad. You want carbon monoxide, that's the bad one I dont know, but anyway So I think you Henry, I appreciate. I accept your apology and and now we can see if we can get to the other three thousand reasons to apologize. We can do that over the years. Never ok great, I thought that was uncomfortable number. Do that again, was accidentally correct about pop culture from nineteen ninety seven, which is something I shouldn't even now. It does not matter. If I know this information Have we free thou, J and a rod? Our beautiful couple and my friend served a rod,
bar recently, and she said he was very quiet and very nice. Oh right. So what do you want? An inspiring story? If you put that ITALY grandmother I? What do you want to talk about? First year, Henry other than Papa jobs, potentially bit a serial killer. We have a couple of fucked up stories that pop up in the news. One. Was this story that I'll just say this is again, you know happy thanksgiving. I hope you guys around what Family, your friends in an already your aid, is share some things that you learn from this week. Like this story, they came for Burke's, regional NEWS, W Fm Z, tv about a man who killed a couple with a hammer and he set himself on fire. Your skill, all the Dogs and cats allows this is really brutal stuff. So it was a baby. Comes roadside yeah the murder suicide. It's from Redding Pennsylvania, Bertie County couple died inside their home after being hit multiple times with a hammer by a third person who then died after setting himself on fire inside a nearby garage. According to Pennsylvania,
stay police who revealed new details in the case during a news conference streamed live Joanne De Luca Sixty three and I read sixty were found dead late Saturday afternoon inside their home at nine three one Chestnut Street in Union township. If you want to go, look at it, I don't see what it looks like, I suppose so, but so one of the victims was found dead on the floor and the other one was found in their reclining. And I guess he's wearing your we object to the head, but that the one in the required that reminds me of Rob Zombies Halloween do you know where we're baby. My oh, my ass duck tapes is very abusive. Father cuts us throw I was trying to see hollow into this works. I watched the robs Ami remake hollowing because again more about Kizil and I are essentially robs zombie apologists. We love him. I love Let's say I love him, but I couldn't I always do anyway. This is taken away from the story, so what they just said was the man
and even die from the flames chew. He he covered himself in some form of flammable substance and he looks like he died of smoking coition. But why did do this, but no one seems to really know Also, I think it was one of those. This is probably the beginning of one of those snickers commercials. He was hungry, it could It turns out the whole time it was Joe Petri Dish, would the police. They say one of our veteran investigator said it was the worst crime scene he's ever see inside the house decided according to lieutenant Brennan, he said the dogs- and this is again because two dogs and two cats were killed. He said the dogs had their throats slip and the cats were stopped pleased that they had no record of being had no record of having been dispatched to those for problems in the past. So it just like this is bad careful with your friends and your family this weekend on Thanksgiving. You never know when an aunt or an uncle, it's gonna snap and
Just then they got out. They got a hammer, but if someone's not holding a nail standing by a piece of wood, more is going into your head. But big thing is: is that because of the holiday, instead of immediately shooting them with their in the head in case of the entire families, armed at dinner, I'd say: give overshot wrestling into the ground and get the hammer away from him and then ask him hey. What are you thinking for regular. Sometimes when I am incredibly upset, it's really really important to remember what are you grateful for I'm grateful for that? You pay me the ground. Took this hammer for me because I was gonna do some. I was gonna regret number one. I'm also thankful for I love bar stool sports. There's your uncle rise in the just remember what you're thankful for this year and then maybe if you really feel like you for free I would urge you had a dream that your plane, Wakeham old. With your entire family. We then, with a hammer, just fuckin lock up the amorous or two Well, here is Enthralment Lake. Do me,
hammer turn it see like they don't have the identity of the perpetrator fully figured out yet, but it's seems like its most likely De Lukas Adult Son who lived with the couple You'll know someone barents out there not victim blaming whatsoever, but at some point other. Did you kids out you gotta? Kick your keys out of a house. Didn't you maybe shows scary like because we have talked about this in the past, like people that are like but the I am Adams mother, when all they came out of and of the idea of like bureau, with your child, who you love, and you're desperately trying to take care of you, elderly in your living with this person, who maybe I eventually and you don't understand, maybe just why yet but you're becoming afraid of your son, Roger you do about that. When he just go down there with a candle obscene hours. It is careless, Splore Bob like what he's doing that and a kitchen like what are you doing,
how do you do about you gotta call? Oh Papa Johnny Bialik. Can my son B c o again because haven't him around the house is scary as hell? as we are about a so scary. Bit like this is the type of people, a puppet John, it's gonna, fuckin pull together like up like that penguins army. It really realise these other type of people. A puppet John, is going to single outwards. You remember, roamer terms will serve you received from those feelings were late night, a late night out or a late night. Just thinking about how you want to kill everybody here with a hammer, yes Papa, yes, come join. My armageddon come and join the tidal wave. It's gonna wash roll over this world. I could see the Papa Hold springing up any time now, that's the day of reckoning is coming. That was straight up Keen Phoenix in Joker. That was a sentence Every supervillain has ended at some point. It is society yet my Goya, well speaking of disgusting,
things to talk about with your family. We also have a situation going on in Toronto right now, which we are going to actually be in very very soon, and you know what this story is getting so excited to be there. My God, so please investigate in three separate incidents where a man dumped buckets of liquefied fecal matter on just random people. This is like one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a long time. They are dying. Real attacks. We have taken in the last week. Maybe this man has been eating too much Papa John, I dont know, but he dumped a bucket of liquefied fecal matter on three people and then he just sprinted away, I guess all empty from the fact that his duty no longer inside of his body. The man is described as a black man.
In his thirties. He is a medium build he's wearing a yellow, hard have ablution gloves he report we left behind his Orange Home Depot bucket Where did you get more gloves, he's wearing gloves because, he's holding phases he does stay at it's disgusting. That's incredible, He's observer. Glove teachers premeditation. He news. It get all over his head. It is this dusted, so this is pocket. This is a thought virus gone wild because similar. They thought virus out there be concerned thanksgiving, There are also many opportunities to get an entire family with a bucket of shit man, you got so horny rate we glitzy, were made horny by this by this idea right at the idea of eggs. Black and our whole family. You with your liquid shoes right. Can you imagine see it man?
and pop through their function, but all the new kids little Garee just turn a nice sweaters on you, ve been do nothin, but drink and cool orders and eaten indian food just fill in pockets with your words of diarrhoea new green casing, this family- I do you know they ve changes this year. Maria got married. They got a kid on the way eyes, Scott gotta forgiven. He got a promotion at work. Oh, you know Cousin Benjamin. Got a deal with Spotify he's doing or their ripe, their ripe for catastrophe ray and just so Forgive gotta, make you so ordered just roll up on that day. They think we're in a pauper Johns uniform if you want to every man and then just everybody in one go. Oh, my LUCA Duty Gallagher Concert that's not good. On November twenty second, this dude he dumped a bucket. Feces over the head of a man who was
didn't inside the Roberts Library at the University of Toronto? so unloaded. Feces woman there I want us like eyes: go it after readers, so I think we're say people did not know what was in the bucket and tell the Oder set in, and then this is a quote. You- don't know what you're their orders that I know this is a quote from an eye. Witness he says, could smell hit like two minutes later, and it was a real fast smells goes on to say it's something like if you were working at a construction site. You know one of those mobile bathrooms and you just went in there like a very concentrated feces like smell, who know, I'm almost say it again, a boy and no victim glimpse her. You don't think that they should spell the comet you're. In a library. You only know library. There need deep in book five of doing you're. Talking about your controversial aliens ideas, you, you are so focused on this book.
Thing, you know you gotta Santa Claus, but they hear Brigham gifts. Spray the first thing, the person, you wonder as being Pacific, you sit there and you smell We're like somebody is forded. No way bit fumes. You're, not coming off this bucket a duty. I dont know that, with the witness says, the dude poured everything out of what looked to be a twenty leader bucket that, like a lot that is like how is my horse and still alive is laughed crap. Twenty leaders archer dead. If I was the mayor of Toronto, I'd up security, I totally I think there should be more police presence on the streets of Toronto. Sure and then maybe we're looking at, or is this a backdoor way to create martial law bigger You knew about it a little bit different, but we talked about this. Better, just re they just renewed Patriot ACT. Guess
Word starts. This is clear, is weird, starts more feces attacks on streets, because that's a good subtle way of getting people scared and wanting the police, because who'd is not would not be offended about gettin sprayed with all bucket of some most persons like which at all or maybe he's got a job. I do got a home. He definitely hates libraries. That's all. I know because then the other attack was two days later. He struck at York, universe, He's got library around five pm. He entered the library with a bucket important five pieces at an unsuspecting man's at table before ran away at some point: don't they have a security guard? We can do its job security guards. Let me see you receive. Let me maturity that everything in steel is that at some point is that there are secure these libraries what's in the bucket they're, just chicken library card Surat, Fuckin packing wrapped would shit, and if
the nine year old woman, that's chicken library cards, the thing you really good of secret service yourself between your you got like maybe gotta knitting class to go to. I got time to get fuckin liquid shit. All over this nice Christmas sweater. I got that I'm trying to impress me knitting group with you. Gotta take the bullet. You gotta take the pupil. In this case. Your security, your front lines, you, the last line of defence, to protect the great people at the library trying to read from was like dung legit I'd rather get shot or knifed. I would, I would be more likely to jump in front of a person with a gun or a knife than a wood with somebody with a get up liquid shit, you're a real time thing very thick big about this, go to the hospital odd times. If you can't like Duke, hopefully will not die baby get stabs, times. You could stand it. I mean it's off. It's awful big stitched up. You get some of that shit in your mouth
no one knows the weapon eyes this shit with yet either because we could have happened tied a sea? Could I won't even old, asked him yet Somethin in that's a big thing, you're saying with even bought craze is more hepatitis is going around. I've heard this myth that that their spreading around so this is waiting to the Toronto place. I don't know, I feel, like bullets really hurt and you could problem, I have to say I don't know but Toronto, please spokesmen Victor Kwanzaa Suspect. I didn't say anything during the attacks and this is a quote- he said it was a dump and run glance at the victims are obvious. Lee disgusted. He also said the police can't I'd advice on how to protect oneself from begin who victim of hope related exited. So guy were literally like you know what society This, in this case your you're, gonna, let you gonna handle is I'll, say as that chief of police Toronto. I didn't it's really a partner for every. By did he get some tactical umbrellas
That's how really main way every already a lotta figure out a way tat. I found yourself I'd get yourself our aid court. Do. It is crazy literally? This is the did. The cop continues, there's absolutely nothing we could ever say to someone who was trying to go about their everyday business to prevent something like sperm is happening there? literally so canadian. This is a good idea in America would be like mobile. We got a new job, we're gonna poop force got a whole year deadline for answers on. This is our duty to and yet we locate value added to run out just like, nor that above our pay great. Do you remember that entire town was fucking grip with fear by the two seventeen year olds? I do I do but I feel like a week, but at least the seventeen year olds. The capture like all we can do something about this, but they are just straight up like no game over here he found way to destroy all of our communities by poop diamonds
going to say this. As our canadian listeners, you guys need to go out there and defend solves against these booby bandits. I know that the police, the police, have let you down so whether you gotta do is start see, guy walking with a bucket dummy- ST. Ah, you oughta give it our time, especially if these wherein gloves absolutely are. Not only does it look like a construction worker if he doesn't look if he does They have like a tool bell on If he's just free will, and especially gauze here- comes the Duke, these graven that you gotta get this guy you gotta be Euro. What have you got to be a hero and without we need a lead, its moment from abroad. Each citizen of Tehran with a united flight? Ninety three moment this is: according to police chief Mark Saunders, he set their serious offences. He says If you can identify the person, please call us, but then he says tell them. We suggest avoiding Airbus libraries.
Just go to go. What like there's been due to the response is: don't go to them libraries libraries are now forbidden. You know what they should do You know what's real way to do. This is to put some of those what's that drug that you could take. It makes you not any more heroin na. I think we have zero. It's got stuff, there's like ants diarrhoea medication, ok, yeah You know, like I M, in a wholesome bread of upper a loaf of bread, You got a modem among you think. I think this is a really good time for the pity. If, if the these various pharmaceutical, companies want to step up and show that maybe maybe we should Ask them again weapon eyes, modem in Canada. I got modem spray like something put it in the water.
So is this: what is this like? Glass, where we have a man who can obviously should command, and we need to find a man who is not shot like five years? It has taken, I don't know that good work, That word antithesis. I then will see us is the beginning. It is the beginning of a new unbreakable This is, I don't know what the hell is going to happen in Toronto. I can't wait to go. Cannot whereby those tickets to our trust, We might be sold out almost certain. I think I think it might be sold out and don't go to them. I worry beforehand because you're gonna come to our show covered in Turkey. If this is Amazon, you think this is, Amazon inspired crime. This is other one, maybe Amazon's, due in the crime. Get martial law, although to be fair with, can eight ninety, just where I live in ITALY, they ve nine eleven happened in Canada like well. We just won't have buildings anymore, like they hunted The, U S is like Patriot, ACT survey or working through the constitution. Cato there's like no you're, not gonna wanna have a building
our societies barely exhilarating above seven feet is really who are vulnerable to be used by terrorists, so we're going back to Andrew Ground or eleven and not saw nobody sleep now lying on the ground. I love it. I have this one another fucked up story. They came out again happy thanksgiving, missing pregnant Mansfield woman found dead in parent homicide. This is by W H. I owe television in ah by breaking new staff and date, no I'll the body of a missing Mansfield woman was found Monday in an abandoned home on West Stuart Street. A few days after her boyfriend was found shot the death in a different house on the same block. So this very mysterious, but obviously some details will come out about the story. The body was a twenty year old, Kyler, hating Dayton Police, Lieutenant Jason's at Jason Hall set a date Satan's death is being investigated, a homicide we it's over the other I consider the boyfriend was found missing earlier in the month alone. The girl girlfriend killed the boyfriend, no clue, she's pregnant now
It seems like right now, your person, interest than the case. Thirty year old, Larry, Dwayne Rogers was arrested early Saturday morning on unrelated gun charges and is being held among Summary County jail. Oh so we don't know anything about the details of this issue. The highly mysterious to have two different body separate two different abandoned homes, that is great you so will have to do a follow up on that. After the thing giving holiday and figure out if this guy was the one that did it. I suppose you I guess so it's up. Phone for after Thanksgiving gaps for after Thanksgiving Dumper after Thanksgiving Absolutely citys, extorted a market include your personal information in this because cause it's gonna be brutal for you. So what I M just going, You say, if you know anything, email ass, I lost sweet cocktail vega on eleven, sixteen and completely heartbroken and desperately trying to locate her, would it be possible for you to ask people to keep an eye out for her?
The next side stories she's lost somewhere in Brookhaven Georgia. She is applied cocktail with a yellow head and she also mostly gray and white body she's a little grey stripe above her right. I and the dark stripe on her beak she, offering a five hundred dollar cash reward for her return. So if you have any any information on this human hillside sorrows opiates yield a gmail com. Please. I know that there will be bits sent to us If you really do have information off his loss bear it. I feel like we could help this. Your ruling on her way to listen, her on nine one, one parent alert dot com. I didn't know that existed but go watch is Ventura law from the master and then go find. Cockadoodle yet look again as penises the urine its vega we, as in vagina e g grow.
As in Gregg in a letter, Ay Vega, you didn't do Anything with the ear the aid Oh, I don't ever do that her interested. Well, let's just talk briefly. Not about real animals but about the police state that we live in cops, in Massachusetts, com now have from Boston dynamics. The creators of the end of the world they have a dog like robot are calling that spot, but it's not spot its not a real doc. It's a demon creature and their use in this robot, and it is terrifying. Its raising questions, silver liberty advocates the States Bomb Squad spot on loan from the Wolfman based Boston Dynamics for three months, starting in August until November. And the documents do not reveal a lot of details about the dogs, exact use, but sire similar documents. You see the documents That is a mobile remote observation device to ride. Troopers
images of suspicious devices or potentially hazardous sit situations. This is according to state pleesmen. Spokesperson, David Procope Theo. Says: robot technology is a valuable tool for law enforcement because of its ability to provide such, regional awareness of potentially dangerous environments. A war against the machines has begun. As I have been saying for a long time and Henry when you're putting cuffs when you're getting back get by one of these take robot dogs, very real robot dogs, change your tune about your lover. These robot overlords ghetto. It's really difficult right, because, as a citizen of the AIDS, as a citizen of the United States and as a person, I am concerned about enforcement using robots but as a cypher nerd? I look at this in I get so rage and hard. I get so Oh I mind me, my knees start jumping because it is no crash that is come.
That isn't reprobation offers not fun in real life is so there is so much fun idea wise it. So it's so cool idea wise, because it's starting to happen all the books rose. Reading, about our happen for real, and I M makes you so excited that I that's my problem. I am one of those I get that I'm a part of the process one. But if I am half cyborg, I will begin not truly understand where they come from on there and is well you're. Half sigh pork, you're, never gonna be have cyborg ever had read. That's like all the people be like. I think we got a protect, the billionaires you never know when gonna, be a billionaire you're, never going to be a half cyborg, that's gonna be like Jeff Pesos is they're. Gonna do it. You must Are you gonna? Do it I'm comfortable with the distance of thinking? Both sites of understanding in one way is very bad for humanity, but also on the other side, it's Fuckin rock and roll tubular.
In did that not gimme that she wants to see that fog in dog dance around, because cool ass cyber dog be fucking all about it in my home as my pet, you, let me know if you wait until it sexually assaults. Wendy goal is to get the dog if you can get one on your own and retrofitted, so that you have the same tools against the government. I think that's now important if we we are talking about straight up, robot control back. Where working do a whole new world of debate where it's like what if it gets, what, if we Private citizens could also have access to some of these these robots and there is more private, companies to allow us at home to purchase a guard dog robot that we can use to defend against the police states robots. Well, I don't know if we can for that at this point- and I dont know how they're gonna, let us have em
we'll see. I am certain that there will be private companies that will see the need for this and begin to create affordable attack, robots and you can use in your home. Much like you just got right that that so far off. No, I don't think that's it. The power of this robot is a three hundred and sixty degree low, light camera and in arm I do remember dogs, having an arm like that, like I used to open doors of stuff, what about building your own doc yeah- and this is According to this, according to the company, they say it. This dog not intended to physically harm or intimidate people. Its very existence is indeed intimidating and then they said one of our early evolution process with customers is making sure on the same page for the usage of the robot, so up front, we're very clear our customers, that we don't want the robot been used in a way that can physically harm someone, because with that there was a means. Do you please don't let it they said it
All we do is create things that our people that is like in our genetic code, I'm just saying it should be equal if they can but we should also be able to have them as people so it is get on your part of a private robotics company explore. Tell us inside stories, L P, o t Imelda com, how you and go about making these tat rob it's also acquire both by the human population. We ivy able to go. Their use, these robots against. So for me, as long as I also have army, a robot dogs and again ever zoo, the robot dog lose robot dogs. Outta Edward escalating it yet escalate net, because its go in one way on the other side, so we have to compete on the other side. We gotta do gotta go these roman dogs. They help attack the other Orthodox mutual assured dog destruction. It ain't right, but this will not be the first that a dog has actually already killed someone member the sniper in now course granted. Person was going crazy, but in two thousand sixteen this produce killed the five cops they used to
robot armed with explosives to explode em. So it's already happening. Then, let's look no further than our driving car. You also really now this bucket sweet, it's not good, it's not good. I know It's not that it's also great. It's not good bullets all phone hell, you ever a strange idea of what fun ideas why the areas where I am more, I am More- can amendment this conspiracy. This is just happening, their gladiator their common for our rights There- and I know- but we have to get That'S- why we got a race to make sure we can acquire these robots. But nor do I like a cyber truck. I the Eland Mosque, cyber truck, which first reason, it looks. He did not do it isolated no, I've gotta go to roll out knows that a good role. I know you did we thought a car from original, Playstation fear put out, twisted metal? I no do, but you can make it twisted metal but every day to a subtle by scare people on the road. Would you cyber truck and put your not job?
written in the movie, stay tuned. If you get sucked into the reality its awaking nightmare, it's already happening already slide net I know he already have up. It We can. How do we stop it? I do this I brought you know what we need to do: support those in pockets. Follow Duke s is what's happening. This is why certain happened. It's starting to come from the ground up. You know what it is. I want I loved the fun parts of the Far future dust opium and don't like the knot fun parts. There are fun parts all of them on cars, all the form tech that fund that's the best part but hearts I buy three removes also total recall, also hit on three boobs in this. Is that possible? I don't know, but maybe God I'm sure, you're absolutely right, all right, let's do euro this year of the weak she's. Actually you know this isn't so much ingest. She really is a bad ass.
You made a good choice. This actual like a choice. She is a Europe. Yes, she is she's an eighty year old. She works out constantly she's very, very buff amount made a horrible decision by breaking into our apartment. She is the world natural, powerless and federations lifter of the year in two thousand. Fourteen, again two years old. She messed up. This. Dude, so she was just hang out. She was getting ready for bed on a Thursday night when a man less than half a rage rang the doorbell, the dude said he, been shot, so she grabbed her phone down on nine when one Murphy old, w h e c, I'm giving them address and guess what happens boom. He break into my house and he's in the living room souci. So she reached for a tv tray and started whale and on his behind the added the intruder, grabbed a table and fell backwards and Murphy a bottle of champagne. Space Murphy had forgotten about the police. Better on the other end of the line, but authorities I've shortly after and took the man into the hospital Murphy.
Nobody is being last year that her three day a week work over Tina Rochesters. Why am CIA included bench pressing Daedalus and strict curls and association beat the hell out of this guy and I think she is the hero of the Way egg she really dishonor once and she took a good picture with all the cops could there all like this lady was a fucking, bad You beat the shit out of his due to Gardner for games, or else was pretty great. Lee Murphy. You are this week's hero of the week. Two years old. Keep at it keep on crushing I'm just very proud. I just love that this guy's got and I'm going to jail and books a hunch, because the call home invasion- and I got my aspect by ninety two year- old woman- she just spoken ripped it up. I love I love her all right, Willie Murphy, you are this week's hero of the week. Here we go some listener letters is comes from B. As I was listening to episode, sexual liaison with the alien. I was immediately taken aback about the here
after around the penis. I was surprised to hear this because I am a nurse and had a patient who came in with the same thing. He was admitted to the hospital for cardiac reasons, this patient, a hare tied in a not just under the head of his penis there your had cause and also reform all the way around his penis and caused a whole underneath deep enough to see into, his urethra, which we found out by placing a Foley catheter and could see the catheter through the whole hope no one. Could understand how this happened. Now I wonder, was it aliens but the reality is that this man was a registered sex offender had many mental illnesses and we found many more airs tied during his stay. So it's If you say you them himself. Okay, there not if not always alien says that we're we're learning today does not always, but sometimes it something worse and mass than that.
Here we go. This is a really interesting story. My haunted house killed my father. Sawdust start this off I'd, just like to say a quick Hale Jeff. As my dad was the doping mother, Fucker earnestly Hale yourself, Jeff, ok, so for the past two years or so, there's been insane paranormal activity. In hindsight, all the activity seemed focused around my dad one night, a bottle Barbecue sauce was flung from the counter in the kitchen accepted, flew in such a way that at last be perfect dollop of sauce in a dish regarding for before going across the room and all over the floor, my dad the only one in a catch him he got and scratched and multiple occasions, a beer Kay flew six feet into the air and flew across the room. Yeah, my mother, a both present. He saw his face. On a statue wet. We had morph and move and look at him. She important. No, that's a token haunted mentioned. My father was not stoner nor the type to have vivid hallucinations. Finally, they impose unless you're the most recent and strange vultures
have been circling around our house, quite of it. Some had even gotten. Four trash unusual for vultures and less than a week. Go a light. Fixture in your laundry room fell and hid him in the head, and the final act was his death. My father, have any higher conditions. He wasn't in the best shaped by any means, but he was pretty healthy and sure Frida Ghek freak accidents happen, but my father specifically said he felt something was targeting targeting him and something in this house killed him. He was going up the stairs and he just fell. He wasn't drunk and the EU he's believe it was a heart attack. I'm sure two summits out that apparent, but my house was evil and it killed my father there, horses in this world. We cannot see or understand, but they are real and some of them are pure evil be save out there and hug your loved ones close, whereas I agree be careful of thanksgiving men, we got, we pool monsters out there. We got demons merits out their robots robots, oh my god. Now this came from our listener.
Saw this story on, read it and then contacted the red it let the user to see if we could read it on the show- and I am going to read on the show- and he said to be ok with the US. So this came from a ask reddit thread about some of the old mysteries of the internet, some similar government conspiracy sounding stuff happen to me years ago. I started european business, Circa, two thousand nine right around the time of the arab uprisings and before they VP and business market, was as popular as it is now. Most providers would deploying p p teepee in open VP in, but I deployed SS teepee, which works over poor for four three uses: regular HTTP S and work with the wood built in windows. Vps client, you understand, as I understood every single thing you just said yeah needs to say. In the span of about three months, I had massive sign up from China, the Middle EAST and north african countries. I never made an effort to hide my. Kennedy and Random business out of my house one day the proverbial
and in black showed up black suit sunglasses, black, suburban and so on. Only they had the olive covered, the olive color skin, of someone who is of middle eastern or north african descent. They asked me by name asked if I ran X Y see Vps service identified themselves. Diplomatic representatives from an embassy in DC and politely, asked me They could come in and ask me some questions I was young men, so I said sure Callanan, although meeting didn't want, very long. They started asking, If I understood what was happening with the arab spring, they recruit. They reference Egypt specifically and asked if I would block users from certain countries being able to connect to my service if they requested. When I said no, not without a court order, they became today didn't ask who else was involved in helping me with the business event? Sorry, Making my mom my sister's, my daughter, who did live with me and several of my close france- it was scary, moment of my life, and I was sitting there alternating between panic and disbelief. I told him that none of these people involved and they said okay. Well, why do you think about what the best thing for you to do is and will be back in touch
I spoke some friends and a security world and all of them said to just shut down, even if they didn't do something criminal, probably just sue me in a bankruptcy, So after starting a bbn bids and in three months after having countries of customers, I refunded my customers for any new services and shut my doors literally overnight. I never heard from them nor got a visit for them eastern men of black ever again very interesting, very scary, oh right, very, very interesting man that's it. That's what I also want to say thank you to all of the people, the Senate, information about the associate of identity disorder. We got so much interesting information and is going to help us fuel further episode that we have in the works and it's really really fucked. Thank you so much for the information I love professionals emails about this kind of supper. We can really learn about the Guess all- and I are all you know- we're a work in progress what that would also war, a war that we are in progress, we always love learning more and more and more and more and more f until we die
who tell we're dead. Yes, thank you for those a lot of those emails that we got about dead were extra, the personal, and so thank you for sharing your story was with us and if we were of the passively, intellectually, to really do a deep dive into the call condition that it is. We would do so, but We would not. We don't think we do much of a service right now. So thank you very much for that and again, if you want to eat plus side stories. Lp hotel at Gmail outcome that side stories, Lp O T, L at Gmail D, come. Let us know what stories you wanna hear, let us know what heroes of the week he got and yet whenever book details you want to share with us, but it was up to her. Dear God, Erin live every day like asked costs four dollars and you got five would laugh at last. How much more laugh. Regular workers coming
act like you know. Your own personal reckoning is coming and that you're going to go out there and you're going to equalize every single person. That's ever wronged you in this life, and I sure you put that intention out there. You will start following your enemies, one by one by one who knew how to love watching this surprised, look on each one of your enemies as they see. Finally, finally, the knife that was in your boot is unsheathed, and it is deep inside of their art may know, then, that you have been patient enough to wait. And wait till the proper moment they were their most vulnerable men. You laid waste to them in their futures. Well don't happening as you do that, but you should live, laugh in love. I think that that's good boats, Has anyone ever thanksgiving others? hammers hammers. No turkey pockets, not you not in America, no not happening of all right. Everyone seriously have a great thanksgiving and we will be back next week. This we do now have no
Despite this, we are no less this week we're going dark than ever. Stone Dark, except for crystal's the fucking incredibly depressing show about turning dogs into food. It isn't in line at work, is going dark for one week because we're just we're going to have a week with our families and do this shit will be back next week. FIFA Consort line up the who can't wait to get back to last spot and got bunch new stuff line upper December yet, and the research has already begun for episode. Four hundred carry now we're going to be incredibly thick. Mind blowing. Indeed, thanks for but when you came out to Portland Domain Junior North, Hampton, not Northampton and, of course, to for love. Thank you so much. We had a great weekend in the northeast and everyone was just incredibly sweet, so think also much all boys in the way. I got a lot of fun, Northampton Gatt Timmy shouted the Sarah give shouted to stagger six x x Nigel, so nice makes it absolutely and then, of course we all
a great time in Buffalo, where Henriette I went bar hopping and we saw a total of four people and we were of them at everybody, no body was out we would all Gabor crawl like we went to like four bars and we see anybody and there was that That was the Irishman, the Irishman network, What's it to go and there was terrible, but everybody else's great love, Lindsey, really, nice, it's a! We have very good. I don't know why they were beat, but wherever we were too were too weird. Look ginger's you. I guess what what should we expect? The world has involved that much yeah yeah all right everyone, Hale yourselves parasite. A goose relations boy again there and support Papa job now, don't support package on pop a bad person or support dominoes, you're all right.
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