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Side Stories: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Cute

2019-05-08 | 🔗
Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: the new Ted Bundy movie, a cannibal child, a hero dog, AND MORE.   TRIPLE L.  
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this is the lost this is on the left side there it is clarion laughed in body i'm like i'm like a big pink seal yeah yeah i think aren't seals no seals are gray ok well you think that's my seals here we go huh look at that and they they must you know sometimes you get the question like a man after in years of doing the show guys do you run out of content and then henry recent just right off of that ball we done with your says you know what no
today i'm in a i'm a seal today i'm a seal today i was moving again i'm gonna keep dropping this because it's fun to do because i'm rereading prometheus rising by robert anton wilson and he said a really good way to sort of get back to analyzing the true animal nature of humankind sure go to the zoo he actually the way he does recommend it he says smoke it up go to the zoo in the book in the book pro yes rising he says smoke a doobie and go to the oak smoke weed if that's what you will do ok if that's what you like and he said go watch nature documentaries go to the zoo and see how animals behave see how you can then compare that to how but that's like comparing that's like trying to analyze how humans behave by going to solitary confinement going to death row and being like huh this what people do when they're sad and locked up
away from their family you bring up a very good point because it's true that is a good way to see on adulterated humankind helpers we have all these helpers i got my my google maps oh my god my i got my issues with the air cushions in a 'cause you're so athletic look at me helps me jump jump yes hope you take these tools away from me what kind of what kind of ape am i then what kind of ape would i be able to kind of apes could i fight and beat eggs so i go to watch the seals on the tv of course in order to a z will find it very depressing it is it is watch it home and seals they got made man they got the food right in front of him and said it is all around the roll over under seal wives i don't instincts tell him to give it all right
well then there's chasin pelicans well they have quite a life this is online stores that you feel energetic the single dumbest thing that's ever happened to this is side stories i am benjamin grant kissel reporting live from npr studios we have sealed boy henry zebrowski because he watched him are not a man you're a seal so that's why to the blade honestly of seals learn how to use knives were all done the holy stabbing at castle on the skype screen with my screwdriver no i know know why all of a sudden we started recording in and the family the past maybe four or five episodes you've decided to collect just hold screwdriver butt but clench it is if there's a invasion and this is
the only line of defense that you have by your bed this is a thing i learned from marcus i'm going to put this on market really marcus for years when he was producing the show whether it was being round table or when it was doing last podcast you always had very is nigh mostly knives yeah just around because it's fun because you're talking right i can thrust and for somebody also you never know when somebody is going to fucking come behind my back is to the door in the studio which actually think i need to change you need to put this all around so i could be looking at the door and put little porthole all the sound walls here's a at the door just case anybody tries to come at me and assassinate me well i don't think you're really on the i don't think you're a kennedy so maybe maybe someone might be upset with you but i don't think it's going to lead them to assassinate it you although you never know but you are starting the window which is probably safer to be
at the window because if it is an invasion they're coming through that way not coming through the front door because they probably assume your polish and your armed they can you are assumed correct yes correct i i wonder about the it about these types of things because think about how powerful it would be a smarter i wonder two four what right so you know why did henry mention seals well we do want to do this just a small update because on episode by the way speaking of these as well i don't out with a lot of babies and i'll tell i'll talk about my minneapolis experience throughout the episode but this too many babies when i'm surrounded by many babies i get very very concerned because i feel like it makes my sperm thicker it could x my sperms jump higher well you have to be nice you have to sort of speaking like a higher voice like maybe like how you doing baby with wendy yeah well it's very similar i speak i speak
babies the exact same way i speak to pop as a matter of fact i attributed like the movie look who's talking i attributed puffins voice so all of the human babies as well because i just think anything can't speak sounds super cute yeah but you but you're not a character actor like me no no i don't character actor you'd come up with the voice thing a my name is tommy that's one baby's name another baby's going that i could no i'm going to ban it see kerr correcting well i don't want to make them you know racist archetypes of an italian but yeah that's not a race but i mean if you have been in italy we could see the delta where it comes from it is very true so anyway we talked about that russian whale last week the episode and it turns out that we then we mention the us using dolphins to go find mine stuff it evidently henry you'll be happy to know the dolphins don't find them find by simply exploding the mine
this makes me sad why i say that i'm not disappointed by that i'm not no i'm not i'm disappointed by that i'm not sad and i'm not not said much i'm saying that the elements metal way to send the dolphins at the mines no the dolphin should live there doing america's work their soldiers they all deserve little purple hearts although i think we're talking about to die aren't they know soldiers are meant to go kill and then come back alive and get hugs from people on the board walk i don't know anyway do navy marine mammal program and m is a program administered by the us navy which studies military use of marie animals and they have used the bottlenose dolphin dolphin and a series of other kinds of dolphins sea lions as well henry you'll be happy the california sea lion they're trained animals form tasks such as ship in harbor protection mine detection and clearance and equipment recovery program is based in san diego the animals are housed in trained and
in combat zones like the vietnam war and the iraq war so thank you service dolphins and sea lions not an easy task not something easy to do i see how you're willing to butter up the dolphins but not robots because your bill when you but what happens if dolphins involved to come at us anyway the door things are going to evolve to come at us and if that happens it's going to be millions of years from now and we're all going to be gone and there's not going we're not going to have an offspring so it's true it's true no i mean when do you four will have to deal with the coming onslaught of these ones i clone wendy yeah they did all the code on the pick things up that soldier drop and then the protect the chips by essentially i mean it sounds like they're still just like get it they get exploded by torpedoes instead of the ship they might i don't think it's a i think it is a thankless job i don't think it's a safe job for these dolphins but nonetheless i think the dolphin is dolphin war is really cool and i'm happy that we
some dolphins on our side fighting the good fight i fight i think there should be more r rated animal only movies and i'm not just talking about like actually exact scenes in it no no sex scenes but a movie that it's like versus verses yeah the first dollfie with thumbs like you send a movie after the nuclear apocalypse that destroys all like sentiant humankind right but then you have a race of like apes that are slowly gaining consciousness like they're coming online to reform eight the new human race alright you got dolphins that are also now be cause of the the like the reigning down of some kind of like protein matters or some kind of into the ocean from the mass of a station there are their world is allowed to grow exponentially underneath the water so
their brains they get smarter and smarter so eventually dolphins are actually sort of as smart as chimps in this and they can communicate to each other and then there's a fucking war between the two hundred or like verse dolphin figures out how they can create these sort of like water filled scuba things that they could share the land right right yeah well absolutely nothing in about maybe fifty years from now new york will be entirely underwater like the city of atlantis and the doll they're going to say hey cool while we gained a city but what they don't realize is that means you got a ride the trains they got to go to work they got together with trains he's going to work they going to be driving the trends you gotta make time in the trends in the rails and then what's the l train shutdown going to be like then exactly on dolphin crime all the dolphins are like translate to like let the tunnels flood we can swim i never me and then the problems are gonna get a lot of push back from a lot
dolphin social justice warriors say dolphins walk now so we're walking here we're walking up so i do like that you attributed the brooklyn accent to the dolphins no doubt will be residing in the borough of brooklyn and i'm sure the the dolphins were queens will sound like the folks of queens do as well but the negative on the movies though i have another idea of movies that i want to say in a podcast out loud before because i know something so you don't think someone is going to steal this idea are you sure you is this idea so primo that you don't want to there it is that possible no i put it out there all right our fans because look at how the fight the the response and the the support i received over the tragedy of losing out the role of doctor robotnik did jim carrey has no one you you didn't even know you didn't one audition for you ok
even get a chance to read that is the problem i was just i literally was just as close to getting the role as you did it i wish you weren't born to do it you weren't born to do it donation for it because they would so let me they were afraid of opening those do so basically they got jim carrey to do it jim crary sure yes he might be some internationally famous comedic mastermind it might be in the middle of a renaissance right now sure whatever yeah is he bored with the body that was built to fill those shape trousers no he is skinny man and they're trying to erase fat people what sort of what i might i'll trying to a race that mike and molly is a very successful show it's been off the air for the whole i don't actually know what i don't all mike in addition recently the guy played mike and an audition and i'm you'll pretty grumpy all
the story of chewbacca okay resumes your the way we have to all right peter mayhew no no no no it all you know you rest in peace you may you see on the other side tall man yes could be newcastle know he's seven foot three i could that's why i didn't get chewbacca i haven't gotten sasquatch the only rules that hollywood would theoretically little man of my girth and size play are still taken by taking a normal sized people other good you are you kessel you've never read the dune books but i would definitely put you in a big warm costume with just your head sticking out to play god emperor of dune well i do like that i'm a god emperor that is cool other than that it sounds like the treatment you're going to get a hold of me neely from wizard in the bruiser because you don't like him so every time you ever cast him you may can where a lot of prosthetics something
and the role is always like your the toilet paper boy and that he has to be covered in true human duke you to keep it authentic and then he says to you in that he thinks you for that this is why i was born to be an executive producer very little responsibility but you can pull fun triggers you were going to say respect for your actors but okay no actors i respect all actors look how much i respect myself uh god ok listen chewbacca laurie line it's whole story you could seize or destroy story no english what are you console so what should we talk but are there so that are there subtitles no so then how are we supposed to understand what the hell is going on to the power of storytelling sometimes you don't need
words you do i tell a story no you all know my definition you need yes images can tell a story but for the most part you do need words to also tell well because that's kind of the whole speak thing this is why people are afraid of my words just like the brave warrior nick dipaolo people are so afraid of my truth versus like you because the idea that you could have in his mom right it starts with an them together like as kids training war maybe he loses his dad and i'm sure it does is like blake he's dad like falls off a tree i think over the game i could i think we'll keys work in a try but not really certain but you know takes place on that planet and he loses his dad and then chewbacca has to come forward and be the new warrior of his maybe they all come and get like raped by a bunch of ewoks and that's why sorry i don't know that i don't know i mean there might be a deleted scene there i wouldn't be surprised i mean they would kind of
like a story arc where chewbacca fully shaves his body he's often mainstream america he's just trying to live a good corporate life he's like and they're like aren't you a wookie bug i know they sound like and then it seems like i guess not he kind of looks like a wiki like a book but he's fully hairless and then he gets a phone call back from the family saying that they are under attack by the e walks he he grows his hair and reclaims heritage is head of the wookie people or i think it's an animal that i think is a great like movie yeah 'cause then you could do sort of like the star trek understand undiscovered country by fair with the search for spock we could have like a time machine thing going on where he gets he deals with like you have an older sort of timeline where he ends up in model america you know who that also could obviously this sounds like a better to cumberbatch bash it could you don't 'cause he's got that horrible british adams apple in the oil
yeah his weak chin is fucking tiny weird little eyeballs well he's very talented ben benedict cumberbatch but that's how talented you have to be you have to be so talented to get over your weasel eyes yet that you have a comment in your name yeah that's how talented he is yeah benedict cumberbatch it does sound like benedict cumber back it does sound like a brunch it sounds like something you order off a menu that sounds like breakfast restaurant yes that comes with unlimited mimosas seems like all have the cumberbatch please the benedict cumberbatch but you have to drink the shot glass full of com in order to get the bottomless mimosas well i mean it's good i love a prank restaurant cheaper than pain i don't know why they i mean they wouldn't be turning a profit but i guess like chef would be laughing
few slee like he's a sesame street character or something so i but he did you see the ted bundy movie the new ted bundy movie i would feel like we should maybe talk about it briefly because so many people ask us what our opinion is yeah let's do it just back just back briefly when it comes to the whales you know what though henry at was controversial there were some groups that said they don't want the animals be to be part of the military and they only want the animals to be used in non combat roles such as mine detection and the maybe i said we have a lot of oversight and we're we're we can share the animals are treated with dignity respect so will say anyway they volunteered they didn't they can't even live there are some up they say i'll do it with you ever get into i don't know alright the ted bundy movie out on netflix it's called extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile directed by joe can i just say this right away
the name what do you think about the name just start with that because i was like isn't it isn't it a bit much oh yeah why not why not just like the bundy movie or like tad because it could it could have just been ted from the content of the movie definitely it definitely could have just been tent now it says right play ted bundy played by zac efron and i want to say one of the best role his career he is fantastic he does do a really good job it is a really good job he transforms himself really well he does he to have some opportunities to show ranges of the emotions of ted bundy i think that the one thing that bakharev rounded the one new thing this movie brought to the conversation about ted bundy is i think it truly showcased what the word glib means when comes to psychopaths and like ted bundy where zac efron does that thing where he is everybody's favorite
guy and he automatically and the thing that obnoxious fuckboys do which is he assumes as well that he is everybody's favorite guy right so he does a really good job of showcasing those emotions what do i think about the title of the movie for a movie called extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile it is a it is heavily missing wicked evil vile things yeah well that was my only issue with and we would love to speak with the director or anyone involved so loosely yeah you know so this is not to not to dis on it why so whatever obviously they kind of went with a different they went with a different sort of track your the interesting thing is it was it was more of a romance so the and that's where it's very the woman that played his lover there first of all she looks very like she's beauty well she looks a little bit like a joni mitchell remember joni mitchell coyote very famous sushi it's just gorgeous but the weird thing was half of the movie
this woman pining over bundy and at no point did they mention that ted bundy had sex with severed heads of win like why not and that was my only issue was like don't make him so q because if you or ign in to the store you really would come away with being like maybe he was innocent it was not i promise you that it is a i do believe that the movie has a specific it has a specific aim in mind which is joe berlinger is a documentarian he made the you the document com that ted bundy conversation if that thing that just come out and yeah he made paradise lost yes he has a keen eye on on a true crime and how to betrayed and he did leave the stories i he was he was trying to tell a story from a different perspective but it was i believe he was trying to tell the story of what if we did know nothing and
only heard from other sources about what ted bundy did and you're a you or someone maybe love this person and you are hearing all of this in for crazy information that does not sound like the man that you knew but right didn't miss only the man that she knew i mean i think that could be like woman easley it was it was heavily massage yes was this was sort of the kobe a kobe beef oh yeah of ted bundy like slower in the ted bundy lore i loved the friend who is also from that great show at least season one of westworld the best friend of ted bundy's love interest she was great and she was wonderful yeah acting really was good but yeah you're right iliac the performances are great great great and then no laws meant haley joel osment is just put into the chubby bearded man's worst position in the world of just being the
who massages the woman whose whose ex boyfriend is ted bundy yes the status friends opening ever captured on i don't have the word know that term is now like obviously problematic people enjoy it everywhere but it's just true it's just like the dude it just shows up to rub the foot of the woman oh yeah pining over dead bundy yes it's the term that henry was floating around there or sort of skirting around i think his cock that seems kind of like it was in the character description for poor haley joel osment you know i'm not going to malign anybody i would love to speak with that with him as well and technically he did do a great job but the entire time i'm watching it i'm like man i would rather or just have really busy like it was it's not but it is like just has a man to just watch you have to watch yourself on screen
as you like you pour fuckit bass stop doing this skellige allows would stop doing this stop playing this part you don't need to play this park man no and that did bring me out of the movie a little bit but i am happy he's still working what about the great cameo by james hetfield james had field also played a cop once again once again play the officer and then of course there was another performance by sheldon and i know this may i don't know the man i know that's an actor i'm sure he's a nice guy but any time i see him i just stream sheldon and it text me out of the movie thing yeah no that's my mom 'cause my calls him shelton she likes it and she thank you henry thomas have you seen the new ted bundy movie sheldon fanning that was a big like for her she was but for me it's like walking walking shoulder i just like i can't break my braid out from i really it's just more of a it really just
shows you the power of the big bang theory is all it is technically just did two well in one roll but it's a curse and a blessing it is hard because you get you get the what every actor dreams for us then ending job like i think that is actually like a it's a beautiful thing for an actor to get an eight part that resonates we humankind but yeah half of humankind in makes them want to take a screwdriver and start attacking over drivers yeah not your fault you just don't work correctly i look at me i have people hate me delete my performance they do no idea taskbar fits i'm glad you're safe i guess off yeah thank you but i also do think about it i did this movie to again it was made by documentarian i think quite a bit if it was him that reshooting things that he had for the job to work on as well yeah so it felt a little bit kind of like the man on the moon but you don't get a
people that are going to consume any and all serial killer content you might as well watch it it's it's better than the carl is there a movie starring james woods yes and well yeah it's better than that maybe it's easy it's honestly not you mentioned nicked apollo who is evidently you know what he's doing henry he's go yeah he said it he say and stuff on it james james woods nick depalo have to get together for the worst buddy comedy movies of all time it won't be in anywhere except for maybe like cr like conservative tv or whatever but i mean they'll just blame you know political correctness for that but could be the next ford fairlane of our time movie technically that is them that is the movie drags across country that is that is that what that is what is interesting though with the director being the director of paradise lost paradise lossed they show some you sick images of the
aldrin obviously the murder scene so i was acting when i heard that he was doing it i was expecting a little bit more blood and that's in really just not because i'm not because i'm like oh yeah let me see it because that's the story that's like patrol sorry this is my problem right this is the thing with fictionalized any of these stories right where in my brain cuz the boy inside of me is like ok kill kill kill he like a guy that like my horror movie side been in the real my my rational brain comes in and says being like these are real victims well i don't the the the of the out master of the of these real victims i don't need to see this and then that's a problem when you're making a movie about it were on some level if it was just about a fictional zero killer the first thing i would be say i but i would be screaming is no kills but the thing is this is what we talk about and this is why and last podcast on the left we go there
gory details because then that doesn't make ted bundy still cute we think it was scary about the movie is the fact that we have such a cornucopia of knowledge man's crime so you can watch it and be like man this is it's spooky in my own brain 'cause i know what he's done but i think they made him look if you are just a novice in true crime they made ted bundy look a little bit too cutesy or and i forget the guy who played the judge john malkovich he did a job as well it's just the whole thing was just but you know that was that was at true as you recall from the ted bundy tapes where the judge literally was like it would have been an honor to work with you if you are a lawyer what a waste all your talent so the judge was kind of suck it adds da little bit so that isn't totally inaccurate but i will say at least this movie positive as the villain my natalie and i like we're like we like watching the beginning of different like movie cycles like we watch will level the watch franchises from top to bottom so we ended
watching psycho psycho two in psycho three if you want psycho two go to mix norman bates hero of the story they basically say like feel bad deposit like feel bad for norman bates he could control his his inner impulses and then blames the head of the victims it's basically the mother of one of the sister of the his first victim and psycho so who's in the original psycho she plays like this woman gone mad trying to get norman bates to go back did you help with the whole thing is that he's been released from a mental institution and he gets to go right back to the motel like he doesn't have to through a halfway house he doesn't have to do her work release program he's literally just like here you go right back to the senior crimes and he's just like russia but i don't do anymore crimes and the cops are like us to mister bates alright see you soon just to get in your car and drive off
to be fair if you do live in a hotel it is kind of like living in a halfway house and it also is kind of like work release all wrapped up into one so may the hotel is the only place that he that he got a gun is got to clean the room she's got a change the soap he's got to make sure there is hand lotion and by lotion in every room because go in there and immediately start doing horrible things to their own body using said lotion so you know maybe that was it they kind of jigsaw did a little bit they made him a hero which is kind of if i'm not supposed to be using this lotion or jerk off from a supposed to be using it for i think your sport i well i don't i don't know i think you're supposed to i don't have any under fumed do people just cover the whole bodies with the actual body lotion i think you would break out in hives but you could i suppose theoretically yeah why not i guess so thick well let's do it is a little bit so that's just little bit ted i mean check out the ted bundy movie on netflix why not if you know anyone if you know the direct anything
get a hold of us and we would love to speak with him i'm all right well let's go to a new story here i know henry's got a couple of tales he wants to tell but i'm going to start with this one 'cause you know what i did this weekend henry but i hung out with children and children are fun i watched my all of my friends from college of kids i was around five kids all day there's a bunch of adults there right yeah oh yeah buddy it was all adults yes he didn't just give you kids do not like hang out with for the day while you just sent me like we're going to play a fun game goods it's called bring uncle ben a bud light you're learning how to be a father no no but that's what my dad used to do i did have about four or five but lights by like a pie but let's like not really start i'm i'm starting to get these kids i think something there was a time when my dad used to have poker games at the house and then he would have me go before my dad quit drinking and they're very two times he ever hung out my own home i'm when he at the bar i would go and i would get the bugs i would get bud light
all his friends and i go and i'd get all the bugs out and i'd give everybody one like as a little later and then one time i came out then on my hand and i did a little dance on this through they're all laugh but instead i remember my dad being like just like it may there if that was the only time i ever felt this bride until now that i'm putting in a pool and in the in the house yeah well i mean honestly if you do want your kid to grow up to be an actor train to be a waiter
i say because believe it or not ninety percent of being an actor is waiting tables hey what's up everyone how you doing this is ben guess all this is hand raised eyebrows ski we are copied to salt lake city on may nineteenth we're going to be the tracklist performance centers so please come on out if you haven't gotten your tickets yet get those tickets they are going fast we cannot wait to be in salt lake city and hang out with you all once again again that is may nineteenth at the atlas theater and we are also coming to vancouver bc come on out vancouver we can't wait to see your fucking face is thursday may 30th at eight hundred pm at the queen elizabeth theatre coming out and see our new show we're back in one slash two baby back in there who queen elizabeth theatre i didn't realize we were going to be in the in the presence of royalty yeah can't wait to be inside are alright everyone we can't wait to see you in salt lake city and
over hell hail yourself loose all right so this is just i'll tell your out of canada and by the way we are we're going to you vancouver our boys up north please enjoy about goldberg work up our guys and gals up there so get those tickets we can't wait to see all you so let's go this from the toronto sun crazy story alleged cannibal girl she's only twelve years old she tell classmates what brain this tastes like a purported twelve year old cannibal who join the feast of human flesh and this is where this news article kind of loses me a little bit with her twenty two year old quote boyfriend i'm going to say with a twenty two year old pedophile because it is twelve years old and he is twenty two i don't think you can call that boyfriend no i don't think so either she shocked fellow students by talking about what brains took lie it
taste like her name is valeria she is a russian cannibal the pedophile cannibal who groomed her his name is arcady zebra of he died and earlier this year before facing justice for cannibalism and raping a twelve year old victim now furious parents are demanding valerie valerie be booted from cool after she allegedly quote told classmates how she cooked and ate human flesh oh yeah body parts i don't know with so she alright so let me get this straight so she participated in an event with her her cap her captor not sure sure and so he murdered and cannibalized a woman and they sat and then she joined in on the family style dinner of the body it seems that
ok so the girl according to cops she was an active participant in the murders and cannibalism is she even confessed to cops that she quote cooked the heart of one of their victims she had legend lee told them the taste was quote too sweet but the brains turned to be much more tasty what of a trial in prison she was sent to an orphanage this is one parent that had that'll fix are yeah i don't like you know what's a place where someone who's been abused and who's eating brain should go what about that abuse factory down the street we call an orphanage here in mother russia so according to one of the parents of another child she says no one would have known her identity but for the fact that after a month at this school with our children she started telling them details of what happened she told them about the taste of human brains which also makes me wonder you got a twelve year old i understand she's innocent in many ways in all their she's still just a baby but if you are
send a twelve year old who has a taste for human flesh into another elementary school don't you think i might just shoot an email out to the parents just be like yo if your if your friend if you're if it starts hanging out with valeria she could be very nice we don't know but she does have a small history of eating human brains like don't you think a parent would want to know that before the next big sleepover i never want to dampen the imagination of a child o on some level if it were not to be true it could be the next and rice she can be whatever she wants actually participate in a murder and cannibalism act then technically that's just short fiction and she should be lauded for it yes it might be a bit rude it might be a bit inappropriate for class which is how i was always treated when i would say something inappropriate class or write something little too disgusting for class i i remember
had the show i show me where we used to do these big writing prompts and look in as a little kid are a part of it did you be graded upon about how descriptive you could be right right i i hold the class of this story was true and it was a story where i rubbed lotion all over my grandmother's back and feet and so i wrote this long story about like just hold on a slippery the motion was you could talk about anything yeah you could have about anything like and this is a story about how in fifth grade i made about basketball shot that sent us into the playoffs if i was some kind of loser but i was very i was much more uh again wild imagination filled with inspiration i go out there i got it was fun and i ended up getting a
a high score but then i had to have a meeting with my parents about the content of what i was writing about because they they said that all of the like well it was very script if was very that's rosie and so i talked about how course the lumps on my grandmother's body work and i'm like and how old like she give me a little quarter and i don't think it was real or i don't think it was real but i remember you writing this whole long thing and they had to admit they were put in the scene they were there davis sol me squish the ointment over my hands and turn her sandpaper reskin until the slick back of a whale he felt that they saw that with me is about transporting you so if a child can somehow we've this tale about the idea of like eating human brain meat and
i think actually capture the fact that it tastes like bone marrow which is what i imagined it tastes like some kind of fat kind of like rich fat taste congealed fat yeah good for her or she's just the daughter of forgetting did anthony bourdain well i don't think she is the daughter of anthony bourdain r p always love anthony bourdain she does seem someone who helped murder multiple people and then eat them granted again she is twelve years old is this true though do we know if she actually did help murder it seems like it's true it seems like it's true another mother at the school said now my child is afraid of talking to this girl at school i understand why that would be the case she sounds like she may have the same personality as the young girl from the film hereditary terry creepy sort of ominous and that's the thing when you hang out with kids you look into the
of a child and you can tell like there is an evil component like i know it's like wow the future is wide open look at this but there's also a component like they don't know if you're if they don't even care if you're alive or dead they don't even know what either of those concepts are so they like children also look like they could stab you at anytime if they don't get exactly what they want exactly when they need it because they're learning part of what they all of a sudden you know you know on some level right they are they are very mobile you can teach your child to be a professional killer like in the leone the profession like you can do it absolutely child on that wavelength which is why children are so absolutely frightening yes absolutely but to that point the orphanage director and talk only antonia and i won't even pretend to pronounce her last name it's a lot of teasing the nesses ambis called about valley area in absolute normal child
no deviations however russian investigator committee officials told the newspaper the young girl took art in this massacre so there go there it is kind of twelve you know she's twelve she's got a lot of time to change and maybe at some point this will just make her like golf princess of russia and he will be like the next pussy riot and everyone would be like this chick is super dope and if you are going to eat and kill people and you don't spend the rest of your life in prison you gotta be below the age of twelve like that's just the only time you could ever do that in life so technically i guess if you're going to do it she did it at the right time you can grow out of it you can grow out of the lasting effects yeah or you become a solidified with it and you're super into it or you become a gourmet and you become a chef because you start to fall in love with the flavor pallet of oregon
could be could be none the less the girl went through a lot of god i can't even imagine there that that twenty two year old smoke i didn't see how he died in prison was going to two years old so i don't know maybe he got his kicked and they just bludgeoned him to death the way that they killed jeffrey dahmer really have no idea but i think that's that is the true criminal in the story is this dude this story i think it's interesting that i i did not realize it was connected to scientology but it is porn on a cruise ship in saint lucia bic the measles infection health officials healthy fish on the caribbean island of st lucia i think maybe st lucia hello with lou i like lucia better than saint lucia i might be saint lucia there could be i like both castle whatever sure however it's pronounced it's just fine with me i'm sure tank warranty
cruise ship and crew ships are already just floating diarrhea clouds that's all a bathroom it is a it is a bathroom on the see it does have beds in a buffet but it's really strange is dookie that's right keep drinking you see you forget yeah they discovered a case of measles on board please confirm the case tuesday morning said marlene james st lucy's chief medical officer the vessel was locked down later that day an attempt to stymie any potential spread of the higher we contagious disease is sickening people in united states at a record pace hold anti vaccination misinformation no is this leave the ship frederick james said in a statement because of it's got potential infection not just from the confirm measles case but from other persons who may be on the board at the time we thought it prudent make a decision not to allow anyone to disembark stuck on the ship this is i talked about this a little bit on abe lincoln stop as well it's like it seems
if there is a you got hardcore you know religious cultist types of that aren't anti backs or our anti back there's they got hippy dippy types in like your neck of the woods los angeles i wonder if scientology they must have a large contingency of people obviously there are it's modern medicine in a lot of ways there again psychology against therapy there must be a large contingent of scientologists or anti vax and if you have not been vaccinated please god just go to walgreens or something just get vaccinated we don't need have the mumps coming back here i say you know what if you don't get vaccinated and i guess that you just get what you deserve no but then they beat us they can fix it but no i know but it could still it's it's it's better if no one else has meals measles i don't know why we're coming out with the nineteen but epidemics again
because there is clear because they have some point in our recent years we are dangerously close to progress in the old school suicidal impulse of of human race kick back for some reason which is why we're at where we're at right now very good well that's the you know what don't need to know need to rebel against modern medicine and because we're not still stone in which is not health officials which i think is interesting so they brought the baby had to basically quarantine this boat is it nobody can get off at but he specifically were not identifying what this boat was and they finally one of the coast guard told let that the vessel is which is flicking the diamond of sea org the four hundred and forty foot boat owned by the church of scientology we obviously scientology is no one's responding to requests for comment but free wins to them is a very
very special place for scientologists okay they believe that boarding the ship is one of the most significant spiritual accomplishments of their lifetime how you could see they have a score of it it's a recordable cruise they are you know you do tor it's very very interesting did he may have the call it a distraction free environment for ministering the highest level of spiritual can sling available in the scientology religion it's absolutely impeccable it is incomparable but any it's a distraction free environment you're in the middle of the ocean every time any break in to me i would be like you know we're also in the all of the ocean right now this thing could go down at any time that's an ultimate distraction the fear of drowning i don't think that i could actually really focus or meditate to intensely without the fear of possible drowning like the titanic of minus no i've having a wonderful love affair this is the speaker this your anxiety speaking some people
in the middle of the ocean they find nothing but tranquility not me as well i went for a chair in it because i just got i feel like the oceans lying to us your surf this is calm but what about underneath whatever it's all full of plastic you just have a bunch of old computer screens down there are just a partial water bottles it's disgusting so the idea that you on this boat and it's supposed to be the most beautiful spiritual experience in the world and then according to one of the scientology leaders john carmichael is that it's very because scientology does not have official rules regarding vaccinations scientologists they're pretty independent people search john so i will say they tend to do a little more research perhaps only effective various medical procedures or whatever they make their own decisions but those decisions that the church tries to influence in any way way to say
get how that is impossible you cannot be a member of a cult even scientology which is a large cult still occult and then still be an independent thing or an independent person is totally counter intuitive it's like when you see the biker gangs that are just called like the low the wolves obviously with no understanding of what the word loan means i don't think he ignoring i don't think i don't think that they are the most free thinking people the scientologist but anyway so you don't get it man they're quite freer than you you've how are they free relative the ocean my god will measles have sickened more than seven hundred people in twenty two states and evidently in in california as it was mentioned in a hundreds of moviegoers the showing of avengers end game also broke out in their work close to measles because just one
woman was infectious so that's kind of in a name it was really brave for marvel fox disney i don't know what the conglomerate of the company that owns it anymore they then also gave up vaccinations for the cure they first gave everybody measles and then they cured them of the measles keep them hooked into the brands got to see the next move you got me you came to see avengers then game you got measles funny now you got come see for four because we got the cure for measles yeah apps totally in will also introduce you to our and polio which will be really great keep them coming back get him some kind of interior only what is that some kind of fat italian guy hello man they said we lost it but then there you go you found it once again i'm never lose it because i'll never fucking give it up there it is like the like the infinity stone very good thank you give you seen you seen i avengers up those
talk about a i have not watched and gave yeah i like the marvel films i like the marble ones i think they're fun speaking of rose let's hit the hero of the week music recordings of number stations we talked about animals a lot today henry member when you started the show being a seal that was it i push ok you also kind of sound like a dog and that brings us to hero of the week a hero rescue pop
credited with saving three children from being abducted in the middle of the night a sylvania family as credit in there recently adopted four year old rescue dog his name is edgar with help me in more than alleged child abduction attempt at their home tom lambert did about forty years old said that edgar he is a treeing walker coonhound recently frightened a man police believe to be in his twenties a do named thomas dewald away from their home in the middle of the night dewald was accused of abducting another now three days earlier before allegedly stole seen her in a wooden trunk it is great mother's house before the girl escaped this guy wanted to kidnap three children as someone again who just hung out with five children if you're a kidnapper you are way way over your head with three children you think you're saying the worst form of the movie adventures
babysitting sitting napping about your children and selling them to the c pedophile doctor fearing may be i mean but what do you like this guy's on he's twenty years old he obviously doesn't have parental instincts and i know you just one probably hurt these children and kill them it just seems like yeah i don't think it is i don't yeah i don't think he's taken them to car battle over and everybody picking up and taking him to fugging kennywood making out he is taking them to system klay murder them but if you look a walking coonhound you look st jean tree in the wall coonhound these dogs to beautiful dog beautiful doll yeah gorgeous gorgeous dog so with his growl howl that's what lambert said again that's the father here it was growl howl that that bothered the intruder he said it was obvious he was really upset and as soon as i got him to quit barking i hear sounds of someone going down the stairs that is honestly this is that's the that's the
the nightmare right someone's in your house you hear the sounds of someone going down the stairs you got to grab your are you going to grab your screwdriver you gotta grab anything you can to protect yourself lambert said he went stairs to check on the noise on april 28th when he discovered that the kitchen no indoor had been open he told that he immediately ran back upstairs to check on his three young daughters who were asleep in their beds the dog started barking and woke up the whole owner and scared away to walled that dog potentially saved the little girl's life so edgar you are this weeks here of the week what i want a dog heroes i love animal heroes man but i feel like why i'm trying i that's why i keep my whip in the room now yeah i am way but i'm not even talking because i we don't like pain in our in our bedroom but i like to have in the way it doesn't somebody comes in there's a question question question i all around and i like precise whipper but if you're within ten feet on me i can hurt you with it yeah absolutely
i mean a whip is a great weapon to have by the bed i mean i just saw an infomercial a couple of days ago for the shotgun thing like a shotgun holder that you can literally put in like between your box spring in your bed and it your shot from kids three well i think you're just gonna end up shooting your kid as they enter your room to try to cuddle with you because they had a bad dream but none the less i don't have kids you got to protect yourself get a dog get a dog a dog because when he'd just you didn't do anything to wake up sometimes will not try to get as letter would get like make our walk out like we have to go like letter out for a second yep and as not too bad it's cute and i never i think she's here to kill us no never wow was i mean show i was will say is save the life this is according again to the daddy said without without edgar jan only who knows whether our daughters would be here right now our family was one hundred percent rescued by our dog that we rescued
so that's a good reminder get out there go to the shelters many many potential hero dogs await the castle of their own and they will seriously they're great seriously there anyway also it's we were talking about this a little bit before we were recording there's so much to small aug yes looks dogs are little fucking terrors they when the change when you will to do this she uses queasy scream that she can light out are you know are you very scary it seems to come out of no where it just to come out of nowhere with these with these little guys but they are the best i think a trainer i can lift her up like a javelin and throw her out of that would sweet big cool that was like the last the think intruder sees is just wendy like a little spike dog cash to attached to its neck as he runs and
around in circles as he slowly bleeds out from his veins dope cool all carrard carotid artery that's what you want to get when you got to have when he sniffling armories or something and then she'll know won't know where to go i don't know i could put a knife on her head yeah that's a good idea i'll be alright well right do we have to do we have anything else or we i think that i think that's bad it is a couple i want to say i received like we always do receive incredible letter yes from the fans of what people listen i got a couple one was eighty eight the what i do like about these tell letters letter that i'm never allowed to read the information that's put into the letters right because it's secret and i'm not allowed to reveal the name of the people who wrote the content but i had at least three emails from people that work for the u s navy on night watch that have done very
levels of position u dot navy and each one of them said if you ask anyone one of us who's in any sort of night work on a the ship or anywhere we are with anywhere i would like on a base and he's got stuff we all seen yeah it's all it's all seen stuff there so excite about the change in policy of the us navy i received i love stuff like this i received a postcard that just said look up us u s navy patent u s one zero one thousand four hundred and two to be two and when i looked it up and there's a lot of people don't know whether or not this is patent rolling or not but it is a us patent that was made that is a craft using an inertial mass reduction device comprises of an inner resonant cavity all i resonant cavity and mike even matters essentially if you read this patent it is a fear
medical design to the back engineering of a cool technology seen ufo it is i love this kind of scene you have more of this information i think if there's anybody from the us navy that wants to actually go on the record with the story i would love to talk about it on the show because you guys seem to have a lot of these stories absolutely porcelain objects in the sky ds but we are in the middle of fuckin' disclosure dude and i'm just i'm talking rock hard for it yes indeed well in about a rock hard stories like plan g two with a strong hand me that still there's a hard clay you're like a hard clay hard which i think is great man i'm like a hard penis hard k well yes is do and let us know if you have those stories hey and i would love to interview you on our patrie on interview series if you not had a chance to give to our a page please do i think it's just
five dollars a month level last week and i had a chance to interview john douglas you might know from that famous show called the mine hunters he's also a a time over author really fascinating guys so hopefully you can and boy that are in the military or just yeah i mean i think focusing bill people in the military here is probably the way to go let us know if you do want to come on for our do an interview series if you do have some stories to tell we would love to hear your stories because you guys are on the front lines of the full information war so that's really all other brave ones yeah okay yeah i guess that's how it is man live everyday man live live everyday like you're gonna get free cookies at the mall you you live
it is not like minor do whatever the it is you want to because okay i'm hours back to it can be whatever you want cranes live like you're excited for something okay once right tried egg tried it back pretty get it up this week for life man mom live love love your you know it's important to give love to the people that do the everyday eight things for you that you forget about your mailman mailman or mail woman do you like the fact that they deliver your mail give him a give him a joint or give us a gas come of the well i can't i don't think either of those would be particularly that they would desire but give him a flower if if you're a woman that's wandered in from the highway i don't know i don't know i don't give a gift to these people they pay your borough
easter that you see every day error the guy selling you your whole all meet every day give them give them all done but given the kiss again what about money just give me twenty the store to red box somebody will have money but you know we all got lips of his poor people who lost their lips that cancer and then you are laughing screaming skull and then i don't know what to say you didn't give him a hug give mom my hug i give these people and laugh laugh once 'cause sometimes you have to tell me i don't know if i've said this part time you gotta fake it you do how you feel it sometimes you gotta go you gotta go before the first real laugh comes it is mildly cikot to do that but yes mild what else it's mildly psychotic to do it's mildly psychotic to try
to make your life better but you got to be canceled sometime i know god to be mildly psychotic i'd make it in this life you see all i'm gesturing to do with the screwdriver i do i actually do it is scary and i'm happy or an entire country away for me okay everyone thank you all so much for listening we love you check out a blink then stop at this thursday i think this will probably come out on friday but i got ken bone on and we're going to talk about their experience with bill market sweet did you just fucking throw a water balloon at him or you know he's coming on thursday videotape it but yeah yeah absolutely i'm alright everyone thank you so much for listening hail yourselves among goose they show
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