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Side Stories: Fake Baby

2019-11-20 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a Louisiana man satisfies a diaper-changing fetish at his own peril, a moral hacker, and MORE.

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He wats up ever Wone Ben Kistle. Here with exciting news about last Potcast network partnering with Spota FIE. I want to clarify exactly what this partnership is. One hundred per cent of last Podcass network is still owned by Marcus, Henry and myself. None of the content that you have come to love will change every single show is still free. All you have to do is download the spot. Ify AP, also no pate n for any show will be effected. So if you love the Tyoung content that you're getting right now. Nothing will change whatsoever. This portership takes effect in two thousand and twenty plenty of time to go out there explore the spot, Fy Up and comfortable with new technology, what an exciting world. So this is just a nother chapter in the journey of the last pod cast no work and we are so thankful and Gratefl
to have you on board with us. I'm sure you all have a lot of questions so Marcus Henry and myself will be addressing those questions on the next last poct on the left episode. So thank you so much for your support. We love you and we will see you on the road in a city near you at some point soon, all Rihtfolk, joy, this episode and never forget, hail yourselves. Moam TE. No Blad which gave to is is e laws on mass on the Leven Hinm I sory youles when the cannibalism started. Ride o ordhein here is the mind: killer. Kistle, a ae. Your Ber that Det's important r remember Doone as been helping me croon, a sort of a not a trying time have ive been having you know, whatever mental storms and I
ort remember to let fear pass through you one when fear Pat through you turn around fear is gone. No one left, but you. How is dune? Let us called getting a divorce and living on a beach and becoming almost how is Doone, helping you cove a overcome fear, isn't the entire thing a post, Apo Calyptic. Thistopian held world. That technically is every one living breathing fear you could not be more ignorant, as ever, it is about the making of a God both outside it and in the ump, people are all sort of like nickel edge and the idea of like when does fake metaphysics e real at the idea of implanted rumor and in Imin. An all is consto become a real religion when but there's also real magic and g at underneath it git er the Arndya YE that even a God has problems not only a the only way that you are having this manifested itself. Manphests O
Orreality is Tryindg to convince people. I drink budlight lime that is the own think I've neally one letter. Yes, I know youh've won Isas Te Ion who Schilaly Correcthere was a lying about it. You did spend a ye a periad of time, trying o buch different fears and you did it eering round table and in one daynow someone will find the audio click cause. They know it aout there, o You say you think the Ordan Wark Sook to have our audience go mine round table of gentlemen preadhing, that's a good idea, you e saying what what helps yout your trying times, Quistle thinking about Puffin a you know what I just get through em. I don't know what I do well, I I just it's hard work is art ye you work. I know I know you have hitten the Waitsamaaa pounds as Brigetti Han Kari now brable honestly. I I mostly do to her a bi gat twelve ounces. It does
Twenty four ounces or sixteen onzes, depending on the size of the camp, welcome the side stories one. I am Ben hanging out with Henry Sobrowski stress for him, so three stress Ray Henry Zebrowski, but you knowit, I'm not free of knowledge about breast milk. My God thinks everyone who sent Ence an Eme against SI stories Opo to com, my God, learn so much about breast milk bosoms general, and I read the hrd of Swollen swung about thirty mes than it would wornt, because I was reading a Muszle magazine to term when my breast get rock hard. If now, like, I just em so my body, so confused em read it, and then I explain it to Natley and on the sake home, my whole body, twistin er around they. I don't have one of those like pregnant fetishes, like a gammine. To into that, I think it's. I me like go for it. You go girl here I mean
you, an a covery Hur. You wanted Coffera don't know if the ead is society you with a bunch of strange mence, come I don't gat it work like I don't know do it. It does not work that way. It does that visa, it's a womb, there's a womb, git so s up all round it. I D Ra, I can't speak to this I'd like No, I don't know itout hittin it it's either. I have ever teckt it's protected in a cocoon, but it's gettin, SP like a Fook in Polloc, painting, AE you the matter, Aget anyways, but is im I'mexplained with Billyes a ihed my down cerds get old Turne around about this and she's like because you're, a hopeless man, is p, whose penis is evil and you think making thinks he's like the breast milk. Breast mocoloth of us is Natu Anormal and in its not sexualcs it's goods. It's just how you feed the baby, and I like, but big rock hard bruss. Until my preanus get yes, of course, Woti I get about it. I've just seein in the terms
when I am aroused the penes gets rock hard, but then you're to say to Brestka Rock har Gesigal th camfull of milk, an I when I felt the gale on a LK, im Y Refrigerator and out like like this and she was like we have to have supper time. For I idance will yet cause Thot you're, putting nipples on the gallon of milk, its in you re Frige writer, your two per sent, this not held views about the views. I don't know if it is fusing stuff. I'm just happy that Natalie is treating you the same way that Ed Dean's mother treated him where she's like your penis as bad and that's nockin to lead you down a road, a dark, dark path of male and my madness might peanas Being bad is great for me as a husband, very good so I wented well ASD Thorin their Angrys eyess yevenermation. I've learned so much and aout. How? Because a woman who spread Diszle, but the story last week where we covered in well Axpite about a woman squirted, her breast milk, all over CR din, never own Ciga YO know er Itsomsi, it was fun, but they apparently I got one
suggestion as they think that that woman might have just been at the ful and had been drinken all day and then know you can't give the booze filled milk to the baby Nyour Breastket Allfull right to hit the allo on the thing and then bats milk kind o half to come out. Well, this is out this is from just we can read one of these females anyway. This was just called full boobies and it's from CA apple caller and she said, having full having breasts and gorge with Breasth. Is incredibly painful. I mare ha chick at the part he was just like. I got it unload the way oh ye have UN tadies to unload the truck after he was done driving to Minniap Sfrom with Yas AR like it. She must like it just Tthis. She says they become hard and heavy and began to liak Ah Henry I can see, yer downstairs be all wake it up. Now, I'm not even trying to be awake. I don't want it to be awake because of the DIS want to be like, oh sleepy, she
as it's not like having to pee it's more like having blueballs. I don't know how she knows. What having blueboss fields like could an assuming some one explained to her in great detail what she did to them and the Hain Worsons, as it initially is expelled. Did he hear this term of from these hemils? Let down? No let down that is oh when it doesn't feel like much of an thing, just not pain any more, that's it! So, if you ly good. I guess that's good! I don't exactly know what perfect or anything like that when it comes to this but thou but the term let down. I read many many times. And then there was another woman that rode in and she said, had so much breast milk she'd evn' Knowhat to do with Look just millions, member that, when Richard prior had all that money is a good waving do with it dear. So s kind of fun to why you know what this has been: a great breast milk,
ornera that in the fellything that you almost forty old men who dwelt nowhere near having children, don't want children, don't have children, not a do plan and having children on having us talk about it, I'm I'm certain Heis really a. I guess. It's enjoyable for some of the pregnar women and listened to us and I'm again, EMS and I'm sorry, I'm sarry everyone hag him im yists, I'm! So sorry, you know what never a poll s for Learning Henry, because they Ordoing. We are learning. We are an also another correction from Fluckingthe last Weekside stories where Ben Khiszle happened to say the words Marcus Parks and Carolina are having a bay which is a mistake. They just want have a baby, so stat mess, Carolina, saying CO, Gradge, Tionce in Heaven, a babe for the love of God stop doing an s, a mistake and we made a mistakea Metours Es Antrtail Usthet, the adults ware Investable on marges. Look you Wes, like so Ben D judgement unsides TUR, is less because I man. You know we do prerecord, so much content and its
as im. Usually I get it out an I canna like that. Whatever is it so when wed s me get a lot of messages. Do you have any idea whith those messages might be abelicke ab how good, as I carge know her with the Mads or Ahager. I help how beautiful's Yers Helse's got a Funnys new set up on a you Tup. No Kissle, you Dum, drunk essel. It's up! It's congratulations for being pregnant, oh and it I literally was id telling when she was prett easy. I listened to the episode and you Disentence mark, and Carolina are having a baby and hat was. I know, how's the most likely too they're most likely to the Gik. I don't oget it, but Dit's not happen Aget, as I happenet no has it been terminated, nafter. He not yo at it. Now, there's noti, not Ther, dey, RI, Duk Der GU, my do't Dorhe would say that Kou Zedo did they don't even know. We don't even know what that means. Would even hape any other focking, but what a flying to have a baby we means, but of course they're fulking they're newly married there Avet Goo
if you want gon anythe anywhere, I don't know I know as if you wanted to have it audible interpretation of what it sounds like to dig your l even deeper, with earth the Converficisan Henry ND I just had I'm felt sorry. I don't know what we've done. I'm Sorr everyone. O KEN Hu SA ployted Enithology that we have to do every more. I'm sorry, every I'm sorry to everyone every morning, I, er Comsus or another guy you needs is a am sorry. This comes from NOLA Dat CAM on New Orleans Mano. His handicap, to obtain home health care for sexual purposes. Pleasing not by an hour or more and totally of Argos and Math Ledge anew Orlung's man who told the neskators he enjoyed being treated as an infant pretended to have mental and physical disabilities in order to obtain baby sitter, who unwittingly changed his diaper on Vral occasion o their course of more than a year speak at a breatspeedn. This is a little bit ridiculous here. This guy, I mean tho
is not ye a you just do that. It's te of the deeper deeper hisn what what, Goin on did what has happened, Speople who meet you need Abot, whiped, he's the people really absepeople, just or Complic then, but you only haul you, Benjamin the Ange. People are complicet, I know but Hennry. He's in New Orleans you're telling me you can't throw a rock and find some one with a baby, Fetished Norl another all hammered ufp a grenade, he somehow leuis C Kae a baby fenish at somebody in a mean he'd to present them and surprise them with a baby thah. His name is Rotlidge s, the fourth. He told him Mesger that, he had suffered severe childhood trama and being cared for like a baby, brought him back to a time and place where he was at peace, so good yi the sell hely that they come. I do think it's bad because, according to Records DAS, whose nickname is Rory you
the urban sitter apt to hire a local college student to care for a non existent eighteen year old brother named Cory, Daas told the twenty old woman that Corey needed someone to handle him with tough toddler gloves distantly could hald on a second I've gone to those I had to go, get whaows. The babies are rustrdever. When my friend was prartging away back in the day, little Gitcart, I never saw the Tuft Ddler Glove section. Ah, my co, it's it's for a not actually for a child Thad swore Ann Dresses, a top Ock. Ah, a dis Idasposing as Cory said Tex matches telling the woman he would require potty training, the changing of his depy and childs bucer carcy car seat. The woman baby sat the man she thought was Corey least ten times during which he changed his soiled diaper. He would become visibly aroused and suck on a baby's pacifier during the change. Oh, my goodness, tha woman never met his.
Reported older brother who paid her through an apple online payment app they put that on their apple health. I mean honestly, thank you apple wallet, that's exactly what people are using your product for, but the baby became to the babesaiter became suspicious of the day is try to use the Ben Moap id. I Knowhere Cour. She looked at the prof, the AP and she potted she, the sitter spotted a transaction between Daiis and a second man. She the second man's lists of face, but friends and spotted or profile there under the name of Worideas, and she said that that profile depicted the man. She leave to be Kory. Can you a match o God is a Sodier ryl ench. He imagined because he's in full character. I don't know how this happened, but he's in there going like mini me, o be chained, Te Rery, ee TA he's not in full churacteries like the baby from Whofrim Broger rabbit you smokin his hour he's got hisself on Usin venmo. What toddler uses Venbo? No. They said that they found him Aget ago between. They said that he was mentally handicapped and he
couldn't control his own body and so she'd go in. There say how he's in there, but I'n all this kind of worked out. Galada Yadiariadazener, but she walk, in Could she was a part of Healthcare association. She goes in she's a full grown man going like me me in the Puddin Danay who lay Mide so much Puddin, o dye of Methinks. It's my hear. Babe Stoganov, I knot you dislike Thes Followrs go Kory, I don't know. I know Whaty sume like I' just making of a character a at sirs. She goes here to H, full to clean up his four Duld dump, oh and when she pulled it off them, his ISIS is and he's given. I got blink like he's erlike thank ya. All It is a good Poty. I meant Y, I mean so this. I makes I don't care. I watched real sects. There's a lot of baby fettishes out their lot of big dipers happen, and I an dre whatever you want do what What a fock it is. Wodo, it's gotto be more, This person, it's to be more debait and switch. I meak ase Thou. This has got
sexual fenish to extreme crime and of the sexual nature if the confession thought yea this woman, I It seems like sly being charged with now he got charged with sexual assault and they also found crystal math in a clear glass pipe in his home which seems to be a little bit of the motivation. Maybe Ye Cousd, not even that confidence boast, maybe he's from South Dakota. Did he see the New south to Kota? Add campaign ye were on math tit's, like that's the Proble, but I fray, were Ther like wer. Try to solve the problem. No, or Jus letti me a now. We know We know ye that Brook's Wheelin had a very funny dod as wee that he said he's like I boughte his shirt and Cluckina Deboin Spencers and two thousand three which Ckan Allairs, through Accommularbyt Everyfondy Commetion, but these a my god sexual battering human trafficing as what has been ordered with, nor was what he's been good, is what he's being accused of.
O. I don't ny. You put the term also at his an charges. Edure this poor girl, twenty years old. Obviously a good person known when Y Ar Old, I ever hung out with her like I'm going to skip the party. I've got go, take care of people who defecate in there dipers and ther're knowodes she's, a good Perse, Nans she's, a good or Erth shouldn't be facilit, Cent her there, the Compa that was like you know: hey. We found one youdo you want to go out this person. If they of a mental handicap, they need to be daking care of shouldn't. They bat him a little bit we go over the. How said he Spillek, let me see and MO like what who's your favorite sports team him it ens. If he says, like you, know the mem KY brewers, you beg Oqe, WOT's Baze will tell all ye he's Watchin Fut, yet he's obviously following like the overrunders like he's, got some kind of sportspedding book. Yet this way I haf he goes like I like Te Bize Cream Man, then you know. Oh, we got leaven this guy's diaper right. I just feel a I means she got totally set up here and
where's it. I sed up there. In ten times it had really one on E Imes, because also, I think mental Hando Cappery has many a gradients right and there are people that are like may be it's some about not nable to maybe they're Souper Smart, an Ak Cun play any piano song. If you play. If you play that a Pianostong and Hak a play right back an Knowi all this a genius who sought Lord clean his own dump, you mean, but it does Nhat Woatd that make him we're just makes emssentially centrally Gibson for man without a face, but he can't wipe his own dump rang that e me that them Yu Tid, nor could Om Stephen Hawkings. I mean you know he. He needn't hot wipe his own Dumput said Faggin as Ye Ar Amentitn Bookplase hour. No, you cannot say that word now. It's mentally! I don't know what handicapped nat. What's the proper term metally headicaps
at it. Still, I'm sorry to everybody, so this guy, I guess when he goes to prison, cause he probable and is to be impresed I he at least Eads. Ah, he needs like a E ye say this: he needs a ree. Do he nees the whole thing, but just because you can't wipe your own butt, that's bedest Nother do with your brain. Your brain could be norry. I functionan it's physical. Yet what have you have any arms? I guess you I mean I you can use like Usto, a stomp or something I think they do something like that. Like don't Peto, they have a mechanism for people with ' Larm Sward Ther's come like a stand with toll of paper at the end of it the vigages rubbed their, but on I get's what they used to do in the roman Cosiums, or do they have? I guess they have hooks? I don't. I think they I'm sorry to whatever it is whatever it is. This man He doesn't need a nurse. He needs a corrections off Sir HO in there and take care of business may 'll find to Selli as a baby benished. If you got a baby, bed
war. It just has to be web sites that you can go to Ik Kinnecke id with some one who wants to be Mommy, yor daddy, I suppose in you'll fine love. Unfortunately, I assume that a part of the fetish is the surprise. As the mean baby like it's, that edge of it were which is why he's doing this or he could ha done it or if youd ENT to some kind of Stell or Adlatte Stella Addler acting work, where he really could have got understood the baby poor to him or found a desperate person to be with That would I'll be with you and with your baby, fetish WH, my technical, your Sally would need to have a nanny fetish. Ah wether as to be something going on there. That is consentual all right. Wock I's got ta go to jail whut. How much time is you looking at? They didn't say they, don't
ay, but it say it should be a pretty good amount of time because ye, I think it Tlin rod that I wan't irle it's like six months at the long time. That's it Hocte, Pn Uing. I think am I to touch one of her things duke that I do not have to have you if I leaned ou puffin, if I found out puffin was a to take Hea. I think I was own Pook I saw him go one day. Hokur, like I cannot believe the level of mistrust the abuse I would the only reason I pick up his prope ansi'd cheer him for is because I he can't physically. Do I put up. I found out he's walked n two legs. You come home early for one thing and you find puffin like up on two legs at the stove, yet make Yill Hamburg or help her. But what popin you could a over me this old time. Oh my god, he and then Natalia show up to the the thirty five year old dwarf. I tell you
though, if Liin it up touching somebody's duke. If I was a nurse and I showed up- and I was wipe and you knew got hard and it didn't turn out that you were an amente. I tell you what You can say that Mental Handican, I'm sorry to everyone there w, but I would do ase, I Ben guilty of fuck and murder, because I would flip out. Yet Iony ear, not a nurse ye, not a nurse His work are the hardest working human beings as that live. I agree. And we've said Adly Wamsonurs, I o Shada shut ot to lov the people Natley's mom's hospital thet. All work and listen to the show was got on. Guid's. Keep you an nibd, the hard work out there, keeping people off yen, whether gon a love, your recent assessment a a O'N somethins Arreay everywhere you go now you're, getting it no nurses or they are doing the work. That is so needed and they're taking care of the parents that children throw away o there'e, not a lot of Throm away pas there
dead ons to keep em one. No tre parents are very good. I mean they COA hand me they added prince That's a toss of air am no grey, whether youre a fan, Eor the show daybreak or you love lording Hus, revive an a teen filled post apocalyptic world Yurkan and need to subscribe to this new neplicks spotcast. If it's called the only pot CAS left and its Netlicks's first fictional Potcast Daybreak, the only part asland isthat the world of daybreak its. Written by show runner, Erin, Colette and Stars Tessa netting. Kyle Sherman Camilla Ba Porna and Jerrad Goldstain meet your the a b club there, a group of kids survived the apocalypse by using their skills to Rigg cameras and spy on warring tribe, all over Glendale and now making a show about it. Well, gly their own personal drama and tried stay alive as mute in pods, gouollies and mysterious new tribes Tri to kill their vibe meet members of the LARP
Sdoughnut hose stempunks and more in their tribe spot light segment and by the way, this pot Gast US full of spoilers make sure you watch the whole show on Netflix before pressing play on the bogast. You might just find out what happens after the end of daybreak season, one so go, out. The only podcast left is Abel. Now Onspotify, Ther HAM, Yo Grey you'll have Hove on here. A little bit look took MIT hackers, you, I can I always fantasized about being a hacker but I realized I I lotd Youvnt, be so smart. You can't get your fingers. Your fingers are too big to a the keys specifically enough fast enough to hack into the mainframe. Oh, my god, I know I was. I was trying to treatment. Documentary, hail yourself, America and I put it on Twitter and I didn't hit dub. W W W w e dot hel o Americad com, and then everyone made fun of me
the auto correct by twitter, because they thought I was talking of wrestling instead, o plug in my work that but I try so hard on. I have you looked at gettin, flak keyboards, bigger letters on em like they do, for people who have only knobs not yet I've get a wait. Iun till the dog Bates takes fingers yeabody could get government keyboardmen, but no hacker. My mind when I hear the term hackers I just think of Angelina Jolie Deh always and then Ni Smiller from the Nette sure an the blind, guy, you're, think the sneakers that wet sneakers. Oh Wis, that that's robber, Redford, huh, Phineas Fisher. He offers a thousand dollar bounty to hack banks and oil companies. This is an article it's coming in from vice. This is their therboard thing very are excited he's a vigilante.
Are known for his hits on surveillance companies he's launching a new kind of bug, bounty to reward hacked this, who do public interest hacks and leaks this guy's dead Peneas Fisher. I think that's the lease known as because no parents we actually named their child phineas fish her because, you don't know, people are bored, that's true, so he Wishd to manifesto on Friday and how exciting it is to live in a world where you can publish a manifesto in your underwear well wearing black socks, mustard over your shirt. You can be like the Super Villainuoe n a bee on line, will looking like the soup, nerde you are in real life. I love the world, get you way manifesters are written. Manifessors are never written. I am me honestly, but on the opposite, I got to have this more Satenoss principle to do something truly evil. When I finally decide to let the whole world know about my pain, what I will do is, phantom of the opera mask I'll, have a cloak and
and use that to write it out with a quill. I think presentation is incredibly important year, but if you read it with the quill, you just gotta be written on your televisions or your computer Sgreen. Now a got of Michael's about Michaels Yebut. How are you going to get one quill, a you gen. A right up mill ye go to ride. You got get this now. I've ot got me at Veerox, full constume, ful costume. I go to Kenkos and I just run the manifesto. The old schoolway and people Bei, like I ye, make copies your manifesto ye S Yetthim hurry up Ase. They got to take a photocopy of but Bhut, that's a legal. I can gos now that sexual assault o k here it is so the post in the manifesto by Phineas Fisher. He says I Ito, give I a hundred thousand dollars in what he called the Hactivest bug: hunting Programme,
idea is to pay other hackers who carry out politically motivated acts against companies. That would lead to disclosure of documents in the public interest and the hacker said he will pay everyone in crypto currency such as big Woien, or Monero, which sounds extremely fun, is an example of get the hacker mentioned mine. And live stock companies in South America is really spy Rbender an Essol group and oil company Haliburton this one of those things where I know what ONG. I know you're not sitinly, like stealing all this private information, but can you imagine if we got the actual brains, the actual content in sight of the brains of the people in Haliber, Goode Vium, the beauty of the intidect. For me as what I was was canapped specially when the the first uprising of anonymous or that there would be kind of more of this, this kind of will,
you are promised in the movies of the nineteen nineties, thise massive movements of hackers doing all the kind of ship. Obviously it's difficult because it is people will in the line of this efflict? Unfortunately, like Haliburton, there still temps an I'ny admins that are not necessarily the evil people that are involved with Alibert Ney, just got the biggest hab have a job and in a unfortunately, if you don't have a steady source of income because of bebecause of the way our country works, capitalistic, Capitalis Exystem, your fogging gon be thoughked. If you money coming in so you take whatever jobs available and we've been taught from very early age need to be Sup Eor thankful for what I havea work. You can get, no matter how crooked and fucked up at is, but that being said I don't be Dadas fairly, need their lives ruined but same time. Buggin e, don't dein a letc hes Pluckin, Fr
man tinnerts a gigantic crazy ocean of Bolshen who knows with Canap. Well, it's getting cracked down ono a regular bas as Phineas Fisher wrote this in the manifesto he says. Hacking to obtain in league documents with public interest is one of the best ways for hackers to use abilities to benefit society. He goes out to say, I'm not trying to make anyone rich, I'm just trying to provide enough fund so that hackers could make a decent living doing a job and then am assuming they could buy mountain, do and think of my snickers. I don't know what hackers reall do with their lives, they could also be felt very handsome people He'Ve been pushing back. I think hackers are kind of doing like what Jack from Twitter cunnadoes and there actually get more into fitness in order to obliterate the ST stereotype that hackers look like me now ye mean Ti Thiny I'll Leither get out there. Think of gettin jacked and theyre eat Helth yer, because tiy know for a fact. I x
then, probably you know they indulge Choted Gadd, you do have to stay awake and it is buried got out a she unnize, it's very clear, so most bugbodied Programes Ar by companies to encourage security researched to how to find bugs in their software cuz. That's what's going to end up happening here. Perhaps a lot of these hackers end up actually improving the security of the places that they hacked and then the hackers got to go around like superviruses the way that they're like new. Yes, you try a Fiel me with your vaxines. I don't think Apoleon's Tom Point, o I'm back biddy you as govern. Times will hire people that Aina hack them like? when they got a jail, they hire them and then they use them for the business they helping go help us a cure. All of our bullshit help. You make sure that people like you can't get it. I mean. I don't know because it's it's just one of those. How do you apply morality and end laws to what is essentially free flowing the
Subconscious like the internet is just a giant amorphous thing that is growing and changing like the ocean like all the Itis it is all, and it's just our thoughts that kind of Omethyng nutating it and more, How do you say what's way, do right and what's wrong on a thing? That's just all of our brains, uploaded unto one fucking tube alms of Phineas Fisher he's one of the most influential and well known activist since the days of anonymous and a lull's SEC in two thousand fourteen, the hacker stole in rnal data from the british german german sir lands Vender Gam, a corp which makes the trobersial spy, wheare thin Fisher, which we were talking, Abouti believe when a facial recognition. A year later, Phineas Fisher came back and broke into the. S of the hacking team. I he spanish police union turkeys were n party of two thousand sixty it's Ims like yes, I know
necessarily Quot unquote right, but it seems like he does a moral code, which I think is someth that at Oiana Sange Type lost, I think, we'd as Juliana's ant. Where became a puppet of the Russians, it all kind of fell apart, because ye, He everyone will always end up having a boss. You know one Emmy, I feel to say I feel assiminating with Edward Snowton. If Edward Snowdon was not in Russia being protected right now, I would love the in ton that he would be digging up on the Kremlin, but you can't no, I want to know. I want to know what it but Edward's nactually. He came out. He said he checked to see if a dissier had any documents about alienst. Ah, but I do believe the Reath and why that that is true. If that is, if the AR. I am still not sure where I met with idea of like covert
organizations, housing, actual physical aliens like nuts and Bolt's crafts and shall I got but again, I believe all that suff would be Outso, yer private companies. I think There is daros folds within folds that would be outside of main dome of the c, a a so that as Sech Vicia, has plausible deniability matter what folds within old sounds like your describing our bodies on a don't finish. It daties a year, H, Ma Phineas, Bish YER, sought to say I think han'k get a hackee is a powerful tool and hactivism has only been used to afraction of its potential and a little investment can help to develop that the in years of activism, are yet to come. So there you go, I just want a hacker to break into. Th nfor him and send me some of that Papa Shoulken, Saynd Wuch is to my house for Fray yep. I agree I agree but hy
Fisher says he RA says Quoat. I robbed a bank and gave the money away. Computer hacking is a powerful tool to fight economic inequality. A so yep anyway, it's quite interesting. What's going on there, you can read this article, you can finish it up and a you know Steve. He finishes up with sort of sand. Theg financial lit or oppressors, not victims, hacking that a leat in returning the tiniest fraction of the wealth that they've Stolean doesn't make. The victims. He finishes by saying is Ciber crime. It is also activism its motor by a desire for social change, I'm not personally profited or benefiting from it so Dhis sky. Despite TE, this week's herer of the week is a little be Goofy York, as you know, that's how I like to do it, but sky in his own mind, is also a hero, and if he can stay true to his original intention, ay yah. I think it's good to these wealthy as institutions on their toes and let him know where watching my feeling,
neutral. I do believe that we are headed towards a syfi future again, as in all of these weird things that are just pushing us towards the. If the futuremn, this is the kindest of a wee, been reading M like Sincelike Nocrash and yes I's the kindest stuff that you've been reading about. This is the kind of stuff I've been screaming about. This is who you see you're more com, the thing is when you're reading your dunes. Now I do think you are more prepared just with the amount of nerve content, you consumed your entire life. You know what it is. I'm more come bl with the chaos that is coming. I feel I'm just more comfortable with the idea of entertaining these ideas. And letting them kind of go in and out of my mind and not letting them not necessarily casting judgment immediately upon and more so looking at an understanding that the flow of will change all things. Time is the great equalizm, but isn't that thank you, bumper sticker
isn't, is it theeriat? Co exist. Co exist, it's always Texact, same white, woman thay, would, just as to co, exist said they on, but isn't that isn't that the Scery part Thoug you're yer ye'r, the frog, your you been heating up your own pot, you're, already getin used to this. I'm got a I hear the story about the du who shot down the drone. I think it Wyoming AUS the dew who operate it was try to spying his daughters in the back yard. He shut it down with a shot gun. That's different! Do not take that Furou thats again, but it's about case by cans. U raight, yes, its a ad to photograph little girls in a back yard with Ther drone. Absolutely! Is it wrong to you? tdhrones to scare a bunch of industry. Professionals has sent TOT of Lefera various projects in the know, that is activism, but that is active. Asm and I'm getting to he vender of it, but I think we need to be more a comfortable with graves that you were so Weir desperate for absolutes. That's what this betrays as idea that we' need some Hrami
concrete reality. When, actually, it's all well Ra Ip and it's AL more wiggly, because the inner ET is showing more more of what is real and what is sake. I do not know all the Dee Roongs coming out were get up to reel the keep our heads on a swivel at of society and decide what is real an what is important for end our various families and social meorks, no I think a lot of people are going to be getting whiplash with all the vland they'll be Doin, but YE swell man, and this is important. You know it is a good exercise for that is get one of those rare proceed at a gym. They got be like that that by sea Fball Yeamme. While I has een it, I Boh plays Fords ha you'll be going to the gym, not sixteen months ha ha. I have been in a Jim a thousand times more than you. I have had I've been taking. I've had e bat sixteen months, an TE use that I'm Goitn a get in shape. Sixteen months, you're, not
Yes, I've seen the ball ha you punt the ideao. It felt like a flat plank on the top of it and you could n on I and get your little sabilized muscles. Gon nanlie has this spring board in this house that she uses all time and she lities that it looks like a Mario brothers, like jeering board, that you jump on yostand gone it and she's like this is exercising Elsick. What how and she's like to stand on it and you try to balance on it. Al think, Exa TAN Nord she's, like note, earn, or your strengthening all your stabilizing muscles and that's what's important because e manyt lot abilizing muscles in twenty twenty. Well, it sounds like you are just a few more brainsails away from Werin a Diper and Ademin. He might. I will be I will not lie about it. No ETA, I'm WA, I oughtly able to wipe and I I will go over me like no, that is, I I saw him when we had the last shot of Jamieson that he will ever have his light when his eyes crossed and never uncrossed o happen all of us there.
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you can rest easy, knowing the people you love are taken care of confusing terms and piles and paper work, not Includeng. Our listeners can get started by going to Pito's life, dot, come slash side stories and clicking on check by price again get a fully personalized. Guok going to Etho's life dot come slash side stories. One more time make sure of his Etho's life Dac HAM, flashed side stories, so they know we censyure W Wham, no clay and I' been watching the story, but the women with a woman witht, two thousand five hundredper, nalidies in Australia. Poe. Look this up into sixty minutes, Australia Ar Special that was about a woman that she, oh my She was so brutally assaulted by her own father from the age of two throught, her entire trave that her brain split ARBA she split herself into
thousand five hundred different personality, o with which he's now been fully ah she's, Ley, diagnoses, Wouth, dissociate of identity disorder. It's crazy because watch this shit and, like all the cops kind to say the same thing, she filled Oup this binder of the list of crimes. She am going to law school through ntoownes. She went to law school pass, the bar in order to help get her father. Finally, arrested for these crimes, and now he's He'Sin Prit Oh my ennaush, because of the abuse she entered, having like photographic memory. I all of this Horbuche, and all the Kinde said the same thing: whither like AU, an aw where I felt bout, an multiple person, at least but Ain wend ye what she went through YE like AU. I somebody's got at. Do tought me a brine's got, do something to fix it, and so she goes through these characters which he plays out like. I endi end this, because you can really just
ome a different person, her eyes, cuht a flutter, and then she become his little girl that she becomes a t ajer to because of it's really really Entactlet or of jealous. Is the right word Richard Hay, n Kis? I I only in your isolated world of actor that you're at Ismind is I'd. Sa E, Hevery ha ha ha ha Richard Haines. That was her Y guess, is Dill technically her father, but indeed he is no a man Nordad at all he's seventy four years old. He got sentenced to forty five hers in jail? She was the only to testify at the trial, but evidently not really because out of her came sick different personalities, and she roked out, if she was raped and tortured and used everything I jus terrible man discussed Hin. It's it is just like Idon'Ty Vol want to say it there's like stuff where she literally had have a permanent colossomy back because of all the the horrible Abusil Tohell. It's bit. It's not good. It is not good and Theiim Hle like quit? Two guites quit the police horse,
listening to her story. Oh theyre, just gold to ache it ye. There were layin one on a it was so bad She says my dad's abuse was calculated in T was planned, it was deliberate and he enjoyed every minute of it. Ah, here I was Baddeed Ye Y heard me beg him to stop heard me cry. He saw pain and terror is inflicting upon. Me saw blood and physical damage caused them the next day he chose to do it all again. This man think onestly thin God. She got justice, but I really hope she can try to work just get it down. Ten. If she can die only five hundred personel hies dout, o ten will be like all right, an an that's just. That's just me. Oh good, you know what that it's. It's a lot man, but it's one of those where I've never really. I've done some research into d, I d and try to figure out like you don't like Whersanss it is. I am mmensely complex. Ah it's
it's a thing that they are still cut. Even wrappin, heir minds are unaitibly. It's the terms of the medical communiti es how to diagnose it, hum that Iserhaps the othyss and it would check out story. That's very interested an if you have any insight on that. This is dapflyn, one that we can go to the expert Sidea let us know side stories, Lp Hotel, a gmail dot com. Is this something that is common when it comes to extreme childhood drama. When it comes to extreme abuse, do people's r refraction fro or their own brain. So she sayed here that the person that he would abuse she shourd a bot, a different character for that moment in time. Oh Yed LI had one and she ad once that like moved her nose because, apparently, her dad smelled so bad like he was just kind of like he just let himself like he didn't shower release, and so a personality would come through her nose and take this I away, and then she had personalities that would you grow up to take over her. S and take away the sounds of all of the things happening to a
very birtle stuff. Yes, this is what she told B B c. She said she suffered every mine, dad's abuse and when he abused me his daughter Jenny, he was actually abusing the symphony. That was the name of the I Gos Persidelineihe created a main personality that ye are my God, what a God's, very intense men, it's very, very interesting, and obviously it's also the highly controversial wos of many people Feeld many different things about the even the concept of de IDE. So I k of you, r psychologist cause we love here and from AR actual, like Metical Commutias, who alisted to her shell, that can bike illuminate us even more so about these. They platy. We love, I love riing, but this is endlessly fascinated fascinating and sad and she used said this. As she said, hello, I'm symphony Jenny. This is I cur when she would go into or call on. Ah, this other personal she said hello, I'm Sympony Jenny's got it into a pickle I'll. Come tell you all about this. If you don't mind, she said in a rapid
First Simpthys voices higher her tone brighter more girlish and breathless. We talked for fifteen minutes in her microscopic recollection of decades old events around daddy's nastiness is doubt in thats according to this article here. So this is us quote from symphony. What I did was. I took verything, I thought was precious about me. Everything, important and lovely and Hiad Ed daddy so that when he abused me he wasn't abusing a thinking. Human being that Simplny sat cry when she was on the stanza that is oh here ye Hav'N a divery hear of those word like I know so will as Tuk as a plike go, I dids one o those we're get heavy with it. If you want it, Sir yes, and I have heard whatever to Anthat created, or I guess I he faced the hundred and sixty seven charges because he sold of sabiuse a death sentence, but good liht seems to me like you'd got a gotten even if he im he's teverly night be
five years doesing as you enough for someone on like this. Is unreal. Nigh he'll get his injeil as well Zl do on. Do I here of the week? Shall we do here of the wake ye ol cable, this yer, of the week. First of all, this song comes in from steep a Shaka, a KA, a skulk, the hulking a sinis as one offais er, oh oh Aful Weooh, e laugh Awayou way, you has away Rau an bore, there it is hero er, Biaskulk Man, Ma'Amme's, get sweat, he wus back amother with sex. There would dance well know what you geta JA, ause. I was thinking about sex ane. You have NI sexs of them
I did not know no. So this makes your of the week is a dude named Cody Bonder Chuck, who doesn't love Cody, Bonder Ju I mean I don't know it. Maybe his family doesn't love him, but we like him. I don't know, I don't know ay, he worked, I he is from Alberda in Kanna and he worked a Donalds, you were to be dunels for two and a half years, and this is what he admitted to untwitter. He said quote. I worked to me dunnals for two and half years, and I put eleven nuggets in almost every piece of ten in almost every ten piece Y maid Telern. You fired for this, not not a Mc Nolds I never worked to. Mcdonald's have only consume their food and it's nice to have the stants from the kitchen when I'm there. I worked to Gobell and yes, I was spired because Thiy AE. Eryou fired because of the a crime very similar to this. It's not a crime. To be a hero Henry, but I got igga would do the double pump of sour cream. I would do more cheese I would just stucp.
Su that this is before this prey cheluppa. No, I remember on the juing came out my but to just jam it. This is just a grilled stuff burrito. I know how to make a girl stop Rita. I would just jack these things so full of food, and then this owner, the owner of the Taco Bell. He tried to pleads Guvvfrom, Texas. U, as overhead, we have a bunch of overhead like we have a lot of products, yet they ha to FY the food Dafte pipis like planfers, about of food o there good to serve at a cert of mole, yet they were gain mad and preorder yetcause. There was a kisaliver tome you to a shift like You'R messin up like a whole bunch of stuff, because you're taken too much from everything and the you know so, where actually you IL lose Directioy to losing us money when you may, Rido it's costing us more than it cost to buy it, and I was like NA yeah I mean so again I do understand that you I mean I do Lieve that he is doing good ISS, not the sort of I went most say Robin
ask it is type caper. Om Badere are ve it as well. There is a litlle Macdonalds D. They at the ham, burglar, so I'll get it. So no. I actually think that it's giod man cause when you get the heand that TAN and you can always go- one more always my God, of course, no there's something about just getting anything for Frey, even when you buy something off of television and it's a total piece of shade. You know like when I got my bug: assault. That's b: U G, a salt, its Abes SALT Gun that you shoot bugs with and it's useless totally com. It's only modest, but you know when I got for free when I bought this bug. Assault gun another bug, assault, thats your Mak et he se help and in the first it's useless. It is a piece of Garben Pror Tholse like PIN get two of em some take a eh thatis it just thick to the make any sets. Why would you need too it? Because then you can walk round your apartment with doubles, double barrels scare, your dog, a little bit Codi
jo you're e certin a pophim will I would never shoot a puffin with it its o ye notesign me with the duped you belt and I wild you. You got it, that's why I got two of em, so we Coan have wars. Maybe that's all the way out the rack as apparently they love salt and then MI. My apartment was covered in it for so long, but rats gone. So pony ha ha Coli B. Get us just Yere is Popiny eatin, a salt, no puffing does not eat no puff ind eats like so Lookit up the soul, no he's so full he's goodhy a talk Abell the other day. It was great um Codybunder Juck. Thank you for what you do. I wish you were still working a MAC, Donald Ecause. I would stop I and paid you a visit althougho fair. I did have a chicken nuggets recently because big was Anubis eat something a little bit crazy again. This is my unhealthy year. Next, Germany getten Burgatchik, but I'm, but I don't know what happened to them. They don't led the you had one recently why a chicken nugget a chicken meat,
yet. Men are awful, they're, really really bad they're reallyearlly bad it'. Just Huck Kan sin. You it's weird! I remember asting like something when I was a kid, I mean. I don't know if this, because I think little kids palates, are different. You're an adult now and you had actual chicken it's jist goop poured into a Wi Oit. It's not it's not good! Now, not good a know I honestly Tuckle Bell holds up. You know what Tocko Bell dozzled up. I had a whapper le Thate was not bat, bat ye. I mean if I'm Goin Rger Kat em an I graved SAM, which not Ye. I get a jig of the oly problem with the chicken sandwich is always slathered with the mail nebody at though No, I do like it Thow LI to Flockit my Edgersal party. There is also heroes, Workin, a burger king, and they bring this Acul up in the way they rubbed that mail on their simple, clean, oh very NIU, all right. Do we want to to do you have any females that you would like to read from any Liisria? Let let me read some of these emales we all want. According to so this is from I reallya
come from our a lexir recording an police? Is there sponsible return, Melesua Band, Lecks SOM, I am violend crime Detective in Florida. I can shed some light and the elect to issue for you. The Elexti device records twenty four seven. It's always an open Chan as though you wowe how weys have discussions in the house and get Amazon suggestions and face book suggestions for items and things you have been discussing so rs covering their accordings to Thea Searchr Junit, a search warrant signed by a judge, which means you ne probable, cause to believe thet ce was in the area of the crime and active at the time that the crime occurred. You allso need to be Pacific about the time frame of the incident, the crime and have a very ROW Time frame time window for the warrant, as you're only entitled to the time frame surrounding the crime o. It's tremely hard to get the wark here in Florida. At the level of proof, you need to prove that the device was actually on and operating at the time of the incident. I after learning this move the devices for my home. I had three and could one of my grand gits room for them to dance against music. I hope I
som light oness for you again. It is only applicable in Florida, but I'm sure the level. Proof, is the same across E us. I Infd. We also have one from a woman who works in development. She Henry. You are absolutely correct. On the last latter on the last relaxed fin episode, Elexa is indeed always on. She says I think it's real bad. Your phone basically always listening as well, when comes to SIRI, so you're walking around with a bug in your pocket like Richard Fricken Nixon to go ahead and frigan subscribe, Yourt of Dascribe, Jo Us on Spotify phone. I are DU and said Yalin AUT. My reverend of thanks ran of recording thanks. I love it, but she does say a little tip in this Emil. She says a a little tip from a Paranoi Teky she's, as log into your gugal account go to manage account, go Tod in personalization on the left then check your web in app activity. There's a check box, including Dio and voice recordins you shoul,
onjecg that but Yes, oh on Tex Savvee that I don't even know how to do that, we'll would thro will guide you Throughot Grey, here's, the Tis Ear's a disgusting story. I heard this from my body ork as a fire fire outside of dalus a few weeks ago. His co worker's first day in the job, was the responder for this one. This he was paralyzed from the waist down from a previous injury. Last night was her wedding and she gets super drunk her new Hus thispassed out, while attempting him to get from her wheel. Chair to the bed, falls and breaks her leg and her ankle bone is sticking out. Whatever paralyzed can't feel it and she ends up. Passing out on the floor. She wake. To the sound of a dog vomit. Oh no, her dog had found the exposed bone and, through the night, managed to eat her entire fucking foot wa, he rode up to the dog vomiting up her foot. What d I do for a living.
Under is a yeae of tear that I gets a tout of a firefighter. Oh my I turns my stomach God, You know how Happi behad the Dogsth, Orman that has friend, but if that is the appeal of a bone, YO You know the dog is like a Nats Whyhe Thankful Wen Dhe's got a little mouth to catch. You undance, ah, my goodness I'm Einer Thanother quit it's not the cuoise d about buying cemetery plots Andback yor burials. That was our interesting funeral directors, Slashan Balmer for Kansas City Kansas, had just listened to the relax fit finder's episode I may have some sight and how purchasing cemetery plots work. It wasn't far off to say that buying, plot, is like a lease, essentially the person or group of people who own a cemetery also own all of the land and within that property dedicated to grave spaces. When person buys a cemetery plot. They pay a one o. They pay a one time fee to a cemetery to use that plot for their
member, although the Propertiesn is deeded to them. The De is more or less just proof that the cemetery has been paid by the owner for its use. We actually get a lot of shit at work from people who come and upset Thet decorations are removed. In some case I can see why, however, I can also say that trying to mow around ten thousand graves and thrown as many as we have meticulously, because all of them are arated is virtually impossible to do. If we want to keep the Metery looking like anything other than a sea of graves. We do, except that we do Ete in store rule and Holidays Ike Memorial Day and veterans Day, but generally rs and other decorations Arn'T in a vaze. They get tossed lot of times. We call the family on Ber people on back yards. You can do that as long 's. The city you live in doesn't have an ordinance against it and my small town growing up it was it tely uncommon for people to be buried on a designated plot of their farm land. As long as it was out the city Limiths O. I make also grave prizes, are insane
TE vary insin I meanyy. If you' got a farm, land HO got a couple hundred acres, fifty acres, but ye that makes that makes a little bit more sense. Very interestedg I very verinteresting flung an I till it's what I have for this time. Ye Ligh is love. Learning I love Hearnen from you olself. I can co Hon, you Guis, when experts actually send us the answers to the Stubid question that we have in the shout, but he ADA wonderful and I love people that work in the Lserve, a sexur asector because they have some and say my boy will, who was a barkt under Giny Dennis he's also a fire fighter, and he was telling me e was an Mp T, the safest people in like I like a dangerous area like a housing project that is extremely violent. Safe as people are Mormons the wound, the more in the walk after midnight because they are just and chinese. Very drivers, because he told me one time he showed up and a Chinese TEL
Drever had been of a bike. Yottoe delivery person had been beaten up and robbed, and the community then found the person that did it and it was not good for them because the chinese restaurants all get together, and if that happens, they don't get you. Who delivered for a month. What are Ther, Lin, Neling, Electher's, two safe people at all times: chinese delivery, drivers and Morment so ask the Noton a Lossup as yeragtives If I found out that someone might build and beat up the dude that De Re's, my Talko Bel for Uberates and Ho Hov Tockle do Eter, don't know in Enver and anywhere. I would if I would be fary over for you, that is a sick. That is a sacred o gagrimin, I need that you we have to keep. This fell like again need they need to be treated more properly. They need to make more money. Gree, I'm doing id. Do twenty two per cent Thit's? What I'd Bett hat I do with the tip sat good honest the idea twenty two percent to but of course, do put ever you can because I'l gon to do it as a long way all does
all right ever one will think you all so much for listening and we are so excited to see you in Northampton in Buffalo and Ortland may Andh cannot wait to go and see. Wall in the Pacific. Note other Pacific wordis. I the northeast, Amusyer. Since a pacific northwest goes Thik in Portland, but this is in the doller, where he has gotin to sit all roun an Neway or on an annoying ant. Yes, indeed, Cer I I ought to go DOW nows Alp pi. All Bout Dan, all down SOM Dobs God- is bout Alfl I am not always they at all time and made that's your Jen Al Candy Imbresh. That's very. No! No! That's my good. The guy from Fuckin dead, pet cemetery. Sometimes door was all. Very good I'll read ever one: we will see you on the road. I live, live
La Alli be E. Spoi lit a word. Yes, Meann do get up and go to work I all it if it's all livin is laugh, laugh ligh, because you're work and you know for a fact that you know you're choosing to not make these people victims of your violence and tet him. Remember theri, you're shoosing, choosing to not hurt anybody and they should thinking you they should be thanking you every single day, as we said every day we say sorry world of general. What am I ve ever that they need to be thinking everything in plenary single employees? We think that a regular basis and you a love. If you got a love, love your family for up five minutes a day. You had Meanit just make curely n this yor. U know to everyone, make sure Y love, your family for five minutes, and just remember again that you love your family for five minutes. My family's graight, I love my wife and I love Wendy.
That's differ, my holly whats a really. You want to talk about Yrif it t you wanted to get you wanted to that. You do Dou, Cal, mother every day and say you love her for five minutes, ADA Oa Cumaninim all right. Over HO, he'll fell so much MER, Lisly's ery. For ever there we go hail yourselves, hailfit, Megus, Delasions, hell me, God, damn it. Some one's got to some one's got to someone's, got and its can't just be me all the time. Oh no! No you show made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our add sponsors, you can support a shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to
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