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Side Stories: Foot Taco

2018-06-14 | 🔗

Ben and Henry and producer Travis are spittin' hot fire on this one. Topics include: Travis' run-in with a stalker, that taco foot meat guy, and a possible female serial killer. And they revisit Killdozer.

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There's no way into a game. Tourism is the last on the level of cannibalism, started, hey what's up everyone? How are you welcome desired stories? I am Ben, gives aware: Henry's abroad yeah the Andreasen browsing back in the California Sunshine away from the sunshine I will say. I will miss my crew that I was shooting this movie, where there are very fun. Jeremy gardeners, a very funny, this was a lot of fun. I'm covered in both vice Jerry, it's scary movie, though yeah yeah that's about excited, to sit and I'll. Tell you what he's Burg at ah not to offend any listeners there,
but it could use a do over why it's already wanted an Applebee's. It had the bloom on you now back. It did not have an out back to know it. I know it had had an Applebee's, it had a red lobster. I got away from a restaurant for wearing a purple shirt. They may not, because more honestly, I showed up it's like. I have my yellow short shorts on my purpose. It's button down the wow always do so much ass hairs out. You could like see most someone nipples. I wanted to a restaurant, the classic Polis, Italian yeah I walk in, and the woman's like. We don't have a table available and, like the restaurants, half It's like. I would abide by the bark ice above the bar and she's yon. Fortunately, you can't you get what you can sit there but another. What can I eagerly but she's inside it ruins the cycle of food. If you eat for the other customers- and I was like,
Are you know, I'm gonna eat like a lot food like I'll eat, a long road I'll drink a lot easier and bring about a few people here? If you want me to enter Europe, unfortunately, we're not gonna be able to serve you today and also There was a large, why am I on the door? They did say hairless only and you went in there trying to old trade and integrate that bill. With your beautiful Harry body, and they reject well say man. It's again. Maybe yes, certainly. I was dressed as a sexually ambition of ambiguous man That's how goes but guess what we spend the most are appetizers absent, Really they do. I bought a basketball. I bought a basketball. Today, basketball ban is back
the hard core. You never had a basketball pass, no as first one, but I also play basketball today for four minutes or we recorded, and then I went to the daily and I got myself modelled on I crash it open. I was like one of them guys in one of those commercials after a hard day, Workin out, they don't do those commercials anymore because it doesn't quencheth UR, suggests immediately drink booze after workin out the area. But none the less that is where I met basketball ban, is back meet me in Brooklyn. I am willing. Take on a couple of rich by the wise people. By the way when been holds, a basketball from afar looks like he's. Holding a Christmas ornament legal police. Have all my hands are so big, I think you're gonna be afraid, you're the court, because people going to shop truly like challenge the big men's Canon of Young in the Fucking Europe. We again, Europe Goon squad window I'll, just taken men out back and forth, whether all hang it on your arms.
Dry, yet it or other basketball welcome to man. Welcome to the new Ben I'm gettin in shape, I'm doing exercises aiming to do a lot of calf raises caraway. We who have taken the captain I to tell if we are to talk about the store where a dude bed, his foot to his friends, which I'd about it's gonna, wild then Travis as a crazy story to Henry that you haven't heard. Yet he told it on the last remembering excitement. That story is just absolutely crazy and for some reason this whole week speaking a fool. Cannibalism is the theme I don't know it's going out with folks they're. Getting we created in the kitchen and evidently that means they are feeding themselves or someone they murdered two others so far ass. We are just Antelope castle, its meat that can vote you're, hoping we actually vote like me, watching a little special on what was it. I dont know that the channel t I'll say the one about six hundred pound life going. They also have a show called on want.
Skin or needless flash, or something like that, and of course I have bunch of that you have a little bit of that now to only about whose Willa and I was hyper triggered the average Joe was what's the point of getting in shape. Your body looks, when you are there. No no kind of internal refilled two whole point is that it is about feeling and its being better. It's about a healthier life and then body when it comes down to its like they see, I win their cook. Women like women, don't care they don't I don't think that's today. I want to be able to where you was a shawl. They don't know that women, they tell you because these all that we have seen as I've never seen a sports illustrated body issue, ten tradition where there just like we got the former large ones now their small, no one's buying it we're not on the front page of men's health if they did a special into debated. A special edition of sport.
Illustrated called the producers, the date, our models, homes and a man and a day the women on those covered with a bunch of oil. If it's, my body has also been stretched out like Plato and laughing Taffy Bohemia and I've never had any one sort of mock me for my ex extremely stretched out nipples or anything here right. I don't. I don't take my shirt off at the beach, which I think is even more uncomfortable that, but it is one that I have pictures that I did want to put up, because I didn't want you to be upset with them with you in the ocean. In I know, thank you. You know you did openly mocked me in front of a series of people who close friends and family, but that people you can mark other friends in front of the best. You know I mean, I don't think I've always been assured boy, and I even have sure I don't even have short, because that even like want to get into the water readily humanitarian ants in Brooklyn. For me. So I looked like the incredible hulk. If you never really got ain't, never really smart
become a scientist either use took to try and take a shit notion of their resort. I did not. Yes, you didn't even I'll cut on the rocks are already told this here, you dream for all right. All right! You look. No, that's the ocean, crow on the other side of the rock was next to that area. Only restaurant with all the Italians just staring at me all my day word even look in my direction. There were horrified the American B it's amazing own visible. Do you think you're yeah You know I had a when you're way up and you immediately start slam and rosy say that, You just become the invisible personal data, then evidently did sharp and photographs. I was gonna, be on your right. We swim in the areas that you know, desert for humans, just where my I almost died, you made a big announced, really I'm or take a shit knees right did not make a bigger now really that is also too small and see. This is how people
our thinking to drink but light lime, its visionary run. All these got the true or doing revision is history on your I ll do it as I remember your Bernard, my email, yours you you What is Europe me and adding your had all the time no adequate Hamleys ever Europe tells me Eddie and then what So I now bore the brunt of eddies It is now over many times and probably vice versa, but I know you do that for a fatty and occasionally Alden eddies got different things and he's got skin tags eddied it's like a big gallons or whatever is the cheapest be around, and he because oars while he's awake, those that have ass but you can get any on your our you're, an interesting adventure. I am out there on national television, defending our caused to general rides on a daily willingly burials, as we all know, and I wish they paid you, man, That would be nice well, what were it's an investment into the future and I do love doing it. So, let's go
see Travis. You were crazy, striving we're trapped, as is normal. You tell the story of our free people who don't know me among the on last rail know your end. You know my Your name is teddy that I have taken the basically my role on the shows to sort of trot out my list of traumas to my life. I've studied amount so leather night, I was in bed with my girlfriend nine. We are woken up by the sound of collateral, in Dore slamming in our buildings hallway and so the sound of a snarling dog, and we did we get allowed pounding at the door, and it's my girlfriends ex boyfriend, while black out drunk good screaming through the door telling me that I'm worthless that the cheese cheated on me with him and like the whole time, the dog is like this. There is a worrying Arlene pit. Bull named creepy earlier this year is out of the door. Luckily was it his dog, it's his dog, it was their duty, but so he he's
somehow got into the building, but I did not get it at our door and so he's pounding and yelling, and so I am like having to talk To this guy right and he's really throw in some kind of truths out their yea com, you, you know short piece a share, and you know he like kind. He like found out everything bout me you like investigated my life. I've never met this person roar, and so he decidedly find you what we're at her apartment so where she lives might be termed a move, so he's screaming to share in it's going on for hours like, and we if we call the police, they shoot the people get out. That's the that's! The big rub in right now, the police. So I love you, save the people by the way I people's just don't purple job would be a pebble. His job is to death rattle me like it s a grab me by my neck and you know for a fact: people's wake up and I don't want a snarl. There, really slob, no they're, very sweet.
Just when Europe, they sense aggression from their own or to than thereon on full alert and their radio, snap and shit. So what have been I? no idea who this person is it just somebody telling me about myself all the terrible things about me. It's kind of fun, almost it's like gets like Twitter, come to life. It's late, like my brain, is on the other side of the door, telling all of my personal and work stress in it, anxieties is so then he's he's burning me with all this shit and then there was a pause and then he murmurs murmured the door. I know they call you it is the best story. I have heard it so long. It move over John Malaysia. We have as Morningstar my own courage and guided Teddy's. Would then we call this mom?
the Indians. We called his mom, and that was the most depressing part of those like. This is like a twenty six year old, canadian, canadian Canadian in that's why they just feel so dispossessed any also. I know I'm not I'm not the one who's name. I hear you're says a feeder gainer fetish. Ever I don't you're going back to what we were talking about previously. If you do got the gate or thing you can, never you can't reverse it. I mean that's kind of what last stream, like our first year of doing less room with me, you're funny flood prone areas, areas I stop culture and because I really happy- and they had something so amazing himself, ass, honestly, my six, our home life, that is, the that is the right not to be like parties, but is the elephant in the room on every my six pound life episode. I mean it's mostly Peter Gainer relations, it because a dude certainly I'll pump up your gas. If you give me some cool aid like Ireland or so small, the ones that are their washing their feet, unlike put nor PAN for them and like put them in the luggage corner, to get him to the airport, throw like on
in thirty five pounds Molly had yet we ve had this government, before Daylight Albion wrapped up in it long live it. You didn't get murdered, Travis! Well, not yeah, yeah, another day, no man, but you know those seem like you like. You, angered the wrong Spirit somewhere with the bullet com. And now the man with the dollar to do how long, where they together before this happened, three years all eyes: they broke up they were separated like six months than she met, met me and I think that trigger that I am as I don't know, I could see that though, because he's hanging around there's always like this idea of like she's, can come back around us get away ass, it dear like texting a little bit most it because you sort of afraid of em and so like it's her kind of Keep him from doing that, while she is alone, but now that, while you're here it's year, the buffer and now you gotta, learn how to fight look
I might have Z S fingers. Did you like it like I'm ready to done libretto go well, I am assuming enery granted. He did teased he's too. Like he was taxing sixty times a night. One of the text was him threatening to cut his own hands off. Wow interesting, he's, really not thinking about well, you know I gotta say for all those guys for everyone be like she's, come back like AIDS me boarding could even keep a girlfriend technically ease the coolest man of all rebellion, males get Anthony Bore Dame would probably be named the coolest Mandela. He was number one, he was number one coolest man alive and if he can keep a girlfriend, that's how it is, and so it's like honestly that dude gonna come to realisation. He's gonna feel real sheepish about this baby Rwanda NEA and there has been a lot of conspiracies about Anthony Bourdain. I don't want to entertain the he was killed by Hilary Roddam Clinton. Meanwhile, she the easiest election of the history of elections. In this hundred, but somehow she has the ability to kill
before she doesn't have the cloud anymore, I'm a guest. Secondly, Sheikh and she's got the money until I get a private dude that should go to those old black lionize by. I think that they do it like that. I want you to pull Koumongoe assassinate, Anthony Boarding, dagger matters did but Henry you're telling me that Anthony ordain, because he was heart, broke their it's like That'S- not a reason it like. I was so sad when you told me that I hope that's not true. I heard a little bit of a rumour that may be him in Asia. Argento had split up and that that was the trigger, but most it just shows what depressed does is an illness is in decreases your inhibition towards, like decreases your impulse control and a lot of rose, that it makes the idea of the bee jumping off the edge or more easier pill to swallow by you. Do they re way more rash because you're sick?
your view avenue it's like gets not just glum and said he was already battling with depression and then right. Regular things make you extra vulnerable, of us do. While I hope I hoped that was at the anyway. That's a sad story. It's out of your eyes story aside Stories of funds story like about the one had the man who fetters Do as I say. Yes, I was. I got deeper into more than he Meyer other fuckers. I found that he had all the kill those or did I kill those I went to. He has hours of tape worryingly describes? Yes, you it's like, he did and recorded journal that I listened to and I would try to isolate clips from it It's so boring Then I don't even know if you like. I was listening to a fallen asleep. I was really expected along or fireworks. I was expecting a lot more like being supermodel the most metal thing he said, which is that sometime sponsible people driven to do on reasonable thanks.
Firstly, it sounds he. It sounds a good guy that would trap you in a congress at your neighbor who would proud you and are really detailed. Long boring conversation about like his problems with the landlord is the holes the whole time in these videos. Is he putting together the killed? Those are OECD able you're like me, I, like you, hear shit like that of it and also stuff like he, but it's mostly him. Railing against the local politics and sub, but there's a documentary disposed to be coming out the end of this year about him, which they finally did where they got witnesses together, because most people got the reactions are Marvin. He Myra that, like he's a funny guy, he's a jocular guys always out their mobile phone, make bets run around like no unexpected this, but at the same time on right. Other biotic hearing em It sounds a user real fuck. You pay the yes, and that sounds like that. It will be a special of your driven to bill.
The killed those are over a year and a half. I does everyone like. No one looks at the actions of the nice person in the Piggly. Wiggly know, I'd be very kind around the produce and the peanuts, but like all they build killed those are, or are they collect in dozens of within six bodies. Somehow I think we should look at activities sometimes do yes. I think you should the gaff. You could look at their debit card activity and see what's happening. You learn a lot more about the inner life of the man, because the man was also building. Those are while sharing a workshop with another company, so there and you just like Mornin Gigi, knowing what's that too, steel shell. All that seem to be fitting for that bulldoze over there's nothin jocular guy, Georgiana, money, guy and so, but also shit like he had a wife themselves, in there he had a sin. Although you and in using a remote crane, had you put it over him and willed himself into it from the inside to do so.
Definitely going to commit suicide and it hurts and shit on it. But if you watch that footage of men he cut through those buildings like butter and I want to raise a bad, but I want to do for good will be that he could have been world's best snowplow our he could have like save the time and said, while the kids will be upset because they would have to go to school. But here, though he could have done something to turn the killed those are on their shitty parents. I mean that's possible he's, so he was like bad guy from the Ninja Argo Lego Movie, which had just watch today, yes, trysdale bearing the welcome the Lego movies are good. I was going to say I will watch was eventually I gotta get Marie up my animals now that I'm back in town, but I Have any legal marijuana, Liese, Burg Florida. I got some, maybe not illegal, a marijuana, but it was pretty good. They were mine. All your back and take as I like. Fuckin stems and seeds dirty baggers, really night. Of course they all really hooked me up,
I had a good time in a hotel room, but a part of the thing about being supervision, is that in the end, a kind of makes you super boring? I guess I guess so. Could you can't tell anyone what you're up to you really can't tell anyone? You can expose your personality, which is theoretically the the thing that makes you interested because its of Monmouth maniacal media, gay you got under would make you supercool talk about the kill, those your buzzing bill right also probably ended day. Imagine having that photo for your tenure, though the killed those are. I believe we are on the right in front of the killed those. If we found out, he was hanging out with with grave digger last huge monster truck. If you was in that world till dodgers like clean it up, reactor killed, those are, and it could be really go into. Tragedy is killed. Those are being friends with grave digger. He just need it like a double dare for adults, amusement type thing that allows you to have a huge automobile that could murder. If you put him in a demolition derby, he would have been no look Braun dammit.
Bees and have taken overtaken the sport? Legit may come across restore getting older television. All of a sudden. You got a deal, I mean well did inside they killed. Those are so every add, derives be a picture of the killed. Those him run are not far. You gotta go call go to Paris because when they put it through the gun, Turks, I really it's? It's really help provided to smile at my breath. Managua knows all right, because we have to do something. Ok, it's obviously does it is one thing about the guy who that is put to his buddies. His runner, you, his red it user it was incredibly shiny. Sharp Eddie did I read it in June, two thousand, sixteen that he lost his leg or lost his foot. He was biking and he was going down. This road lost his book has crashed. Who is what would happen? It just broke so bad that they had a cut off the phone with guys what was shattered, so they just do it. Just amputations gave up the doktor. Literally he went to show is put to the doctrine they like. We give up,
Well we're gonna Leubronn this entire surgery. Various ask my request. Thank you it! So it's a just get it. I didn't think that you could take your seat. Foot home. You can barely get your teeth from the dentist. These de, I did not know that you could do that. I actually think its irresponsible. I think the fact that the doctor even just said we're gonna, have to cut it off instead of trying to save it also was probably at risk. Its work as it sounds like some kind of express version of being a doctor, Maybe you didn't go to the right, maybe went to let go of wedding chapel in Vegas, emotional Elvis style, Doktor little, it's gonna help come off hall. Thank you, Doctor Elvis. My real name's Ryan Murphy noticed. This reminds me that you know we're all going to Phoenix at the end of the month. Last pockets live. Apparently there, Creole lab in Phoenix, that is now official in any capacity if you sign over, if you, if you sign the waiver, they will find you at the right of your life and so
your head off and put it into a cry of changing. How are you that's what I'm doing put even nonofficial cradle chamber? You just take the referred, take the freezer like we put it all, we do eleven got like how do you have a non official cry of chamber? Woolsack? Not it doesn't have like the Nintendo seal of approval or anything it's just skies and white lab coats that got together and the like. Let's freeze heads honestly if it did have the logo seal of approval. I would also be like this is not good. I don't worry. I don't like this, but I already there would those cry of therapy rooms you go where they freeze you to make. You feel better and heal your skin a shit. You also need a licence for that engenders speed. Fucking I wager yeah. I could go known where I did it and Austin how what did I do for you? It hurt a lot. What's the point you I had theirs gonna, do and asked for you just get I'd. Ask I don't drink. So I was like I guess, I'll get frostbite, yeah yeah you can it's barbecue and frost!
those are the only two other things you can dates, really not a place for non drinkers. I get. It is a good place for drinkers. I'm not sure if it's good for anyone actually but we're gonna, be there in early August. Remember outweigh rock we got here. I am Do I remember how it yeah? That was one of our it's really hard to gauge work where our drunk as cities where, but I remember, Austin Middle well. I remember that because I remember you sound like uncle purse behind this bush and you stood Argos and then you pass through the Bush out. I'm sorry, I'm trying Lila onto the parking lot. I am political commentator then gets, or can you stop load up myself bottle, I'm also good Fred anyway, three weeks later, this do July death two thousand and sixteen he invited his buddies over and he fed them his egg or his foot in veto. Tacos credibly, shiny, sharp said unread it. It tastes like buff Oh, but you we're it super beefy and ask.
Little fat. So isn't that interesting? I guess if you're gonna serve your body parts to France advocates it's his body number one and number two. For here is the best thing best option. I guess you know why I say it's a really good option, especially for something like the foot. Is that, like a beta when you make a bet on me, is that there is very little meat to it, so you have the horrible them, it's all the head meat, so it's all the cheap parts and like all this up that holds your eyeballs together and not the face muscles and shit like that. So something like a foot which isn't that much meat to it, cut it into strips, it's good. Would you do you want to cook it at a high temperature quickly? Because you can't just ignored we'll get really Chile for himself its chewy? That mean there's probably overdone, but I also don't No, why differences? I dont know if it's like pork view each person, if you can get sick, why no I'd is we invited his ex girlfriend over which spirited, very serious others, and I guess
U S, there's no federal laws that outright ban. Globalism, but in Idaho you can go to prison if you eat human flesh. But I didn't realize in the: U S: I guess, if you you're yourself too, yours, and they are away, they are eating parts of your body, that's legal- I don't, I think so. I think why wouldn't it be? I think that makes Gub a very big. I think up in here Did you do with your own body right eight, the idea- and it doesn't make it tell me- I can't serve my body, de my friends, that also consented? I definitely what to do something like that? Ya'll would be fucking signing contracts that you were fine with it. Oh I mean get going back to our earlier conversation. We got so much port cracklin like skin if they just, went to our bodies Siena. His brother is a plastic surgeon and I want to get my body contour surgery and deter, tell him about that and at the wedding in ITALY he told me you had better I'm totally down to do it, bring me
cheese elsewhere, then I feel a little bit more hesitant because I don't necessarily want my doctor, referring to my body as as the cheese, but he was also blackout drunk. That was actually very, very funny. I'm twelve, due to the house, it was like the real world, but I was actually out like the real world. Like someone like yours, I didn't get limits it there. Yet technically, it was more tit meet them and then because of our bodies, another. What I want to talk about another bugged, God story, evolving cannibalism is this story of Kelly Cochrane, which is, I was working see here, it seems like one of the first genuine female serial killers Henry by the way you mention her last name, just a really quick aside. We mentioned her last name on our last episode. If you take it out of context and talk about what might mean when it comes to the male genitalia hawk ring yes, our friend Preston. I he scented a test to my girlfriend brook, and he said that. How they work in your using them all wrong. We're not remember what abacha I dont know he's sitting
Didn't use you're, not using a right. So that's why it's hurting you and things like that. So you should have a conversation with him. It's maybe I got it small I just don't want to talk about it, but anyway that go on. I really are so. What we have here is Kelly Cochrane is a woman that essentially was she shot. Her lover move. She was a part of a shooting of her lover, Chris Regan, who is it new vanish in thirty four is essentially what she was married and had a dude either sleep with her and her husband at the time, a man, but that went by the name of moral hazard Earl have dinner was Mister Cochrane I basically, but they were, they were together the unseemly they were doing quite a bit of drugs together she started media, but a guy named Chris Regan who was like he had a really.
Job, but basically he could everything he's. Essentially I gotta girlfriend movement, a you tie and I'm change of my life and Germans like ok, Chris, whatever she was like come on my house for sex tonight, and he is like me boy show your husband roused me. I just have to interrupt the judge. You you're, the strangest. Prosecutor. I've ever heard my likely Gaban fun because I get bored. They know Certainly, if so, what happened is he come over? There has been shot. I say again and they had a fair one this body now originally she said that they were like going, income to Phoenix, get him in the cradle lab. Now is eighty. They were going to chop up an errand. Made their way to the top of their item in the swamp. Noise, but it seemed like what they were saying. Is that maybe a be they carbon
the servant barbecued to their France. Now, how much of a maybe are weak ties it a maybe you're, just like It may be all because she's talking about it from jail, because then she went on to murder her own husband, John D, she knew when use positive was the bodies. That was the original story, because she then murdered her own husband by giving him a lethal dose of heroin volume was not now chief pinched his nose and then he was just at. She said that she did it because of in retribution for him, murdering murdering her lover, but it seems like the two of them were in Cahoots, murdering a lover, and then she played him out by killing him, and then everything fell apart for her because they went looking for him. Is it wrong to, what's the master plan, let's see she doesn't get caught, they were young at the end, there will do not. There was not a lot of planning. There were really zips out by our eye and eyes. Improbable aims. Don't work out,
some noise nose, like you end up with a really weird ending and no one wants to talk about those weird middling nights. Did you see it there but now you know. I obviously a lot of improv sets do end with just en masse I've seen countless sketches or improved? but just then with like, I guess, we're gonna kill each other, commit suicide or yes, absolutely and says what she did That is what she did, but jail now, since then she saying that she may be either murdered from nine to twenty one other people, and they are right Yes, she has been saying in jail that She is a part of this. Did she they port of issued a lot more crimes, as doctors can be coming out very soon, cold dead north? That I think that is We want a very, very interesting. I want to see it on. I D Channel Sigunos can be very much like in a world of very serious and very over the top. But there's The people who try to sub put together the story, but we may have a pretty good serial killer on our hands. Is she a but she was addicted to? I cannot imagine
a heroine attics bein a serial killer, because requires an immense amount of strength. Energy will or patients, I guess maybe their patients. You sound like your praising. The cereal cover now praising serial killer, something that's what this has to happen in order do it? It is only just be yeah. You can't be out here like Kirk Cobain, or e g, Alan, who well Jim Jones, probably a heroine till he was- I don't know but like feel ants, from from panties he's just a heavy drinker gangs and heroin to biology. We drink, I can do it yet, but I know that we have a drink or soon all time, Dennis Nelson Jeffrey Dahmer into gonna help some lower their innovations, and sometimes you can get drunk strong where you do about you dumb shit where you wake up and severe pain in the morning. Because of what you did the night before you go. So there we go interesting story, so we're gonna have to follow that. One then right it is it possible she's just trying to get free lunches
the jail seller in prison maker seems make herself seem a tougher than she is so that we know are able for sure re s you definitely killed. There was involved with one murder and then killed her husband. She serving the enzyme for that but alive, Yes, it's true of talk about this. Quite a bit, people will sometimes trumped up their crimes in jail in order to earn more respect in the jailhouse, because in the end like well, that's your home now so modest. I'll just be as the top a heap there, because if not yet footwear like you get your wig split. Because the thing you show up a neutron you, sometimes they pull your fuckin Wolf card man. You show up your time lot of mass about your credit on the streets. They gonna pull your papers net doesn't check out. There can fuck. This puts red brown. I have Let me that's what happens, beacon cannibals with Jeffrey Dahmer. Evidently, in prison. He totally leaned in any would like bark at peace. And like all e g in the leg he would like tell people, he was a cannibal and he would put signs outside of his prison cell until inevitably, there were torn down, but it differently
gave him, but of course the prison guard was complicit in in dollars death. They cannot. Let it happen again. I think it was it was. I have about barbell that was being used. A hopeful hold a door open. Wasn't me out. They got him good, mostly just how it goes into a will. Also, learning about Biggie in Tupac right now is a it's quite a we're conceal the disinterest. That was put into the investigation. Are crimes neuroses we're just saying like while these these guys we're gonna, kill each other anyway, Jaso ITALY, they like did our job for them. Where did you seem to me like the detectives in the big, Super case make mark firm and, from the OJ case, look like a super cop. What they're just alma saying let hype a guy we're you're learning. As that, there was quite a bit of that activity happening in the I pity- and I D have to apparently since kind of cool, it up a little bit nominal. Just say that for certain, because I reside in LOS Angeles, yeah. I really don't want to be joined by them. Do not you can't? Even?
Look at moves in driving away. Look what happened to Vincent Van Gogh line January Vince somebody Nor have they got him. They got him the same way that they could have gotten us had our goober driver, but extremely intoxicated after our wonderful korean barbie. Nobody is only that shows that a world of men, show that we were right finally draw then he could. A throne in and out burger drive through that I don't know, maybe you can go through a drive through. I guess drink it and drive it array unless you're any money. Lord and your drive inside sheets, a jet Ella, is the only place I've seen a drunk over passenger fight, Neuber driver by the way outside the echo plaques that really allay show yeah. This guy pulled the upper driver out of the car outside of the echo plexus. One of he was at the show, No, he was working in their work in their people. The driver any said, mother fucker, I bet you have thirty.
Percent body fat and starting a share in crisis, and then I got away and then I got into an goober truck and drove away goober and always is amazing. You have to be very brave person to be overrun. L I did too. Here it's very variant, aisles we're at alleys and it's the closest you get too like living in the seventies radius, because sometimes you just get into the back of a Pinto Andrea, our agenda, but I, like the character, Nothing is worse and allay when you get into a number and the person is a failed actor that the only time that Goober has horrible for me, when the guy asked me I was with Brook we going to the museum, the L, a county museum and because I swear to you Think about Donald Trump, where I got you know it is what it is. You know where I got some impressions and it was ten men doing impression. Alyosha was was worse than they have done. Trot was actually everybody you eyebrow man, that's the hustle come alive.
Do you think I'm or what looking for Henry make any harm opportunities brow how crash wraps, not using AIDS, I'm did going back to female Erica somebody was asking on the last podcast email has. Ever been a female serial killer that has done it spur sexual gratification with the one that the one that the murdered man with the pickaxe and she was saying that she was Have it your way IBM she's ever made. It was that Karla Faye Tucker, Carlo Fate, you're, the one that dead W refused apart and that's where she got off on seal killing. She had a little bit, but it's the problem is actually at this conversation with Bree Grants whose on this movie, I was working on we talk about. She asked me about female circulars, because that's what people do when I'm in the wild, and so we are talking about it and it is different because of the drive to murder for a late, is not the same, because then our need to calm, as men is much worse, and so, if murder
makes you calm, we're do it a lot more. I want to say a strange transition here, but speaking of people that are actors and actresses Daniela Panada, she is the star of drastic park. What's it called they than the fall in world falling kingdoms of eight hundred act allows every time a jungle I stared actual algae. She did interview in the Hollywood reporter and she mentioned Dust Henry and she said I am going to donate a big chunk of my next big check to there We are not talking about so unbelievably crushed in vague, I'm actually excited to see Jurassic Park because the I loved every single one of those movies, because dinosaurs people and then I'll just never complain about it fine with it. Our dinosaurs man. I, like Bulgaria, anything we're dinosaurs, anything, that's not a remake of a comedy. I will watch Alan Donnelly outwards understand. Although I just want to see Jurassic Park movie words. Only dinosaurs well, except for
our friends who are actors and actresses you star in those I'm just say. Yes, of course, I'm just saying I wanted to anymore more dinosaurs in films, be this centre parts of films. What that was the big after Roseanne was cancelled. A lot of votes were calling for the report of the dinosaurs, which was a great energy for the modern american family, oriented bait or the average man. I will see that in a fucking wagon on good men wearing a big floppy dinosaur tail, ah yeah dad and that no, I just thought it has in mind what is used the rosy and set engineered to go from there. I every thing every life periods? The John Goodman has gone through I've loved him more like when you talk about the cancellation of rosy just like you. I wasn't gonna win an army anyway. I found out about it. Just a reasonable man, like he's a good, reasonable, fucking actor. Who is a killer in every single thing that he does only does arise very excited to see whatever the fuck it as he does Naxa just releases, as do other cool stuff, and not here now
It is like tv cherry popped here. We have to deal with as my time but yeah awesome. Right. Well, those are a couple of one side stories and I don't know it's just to spend time with all of you hope we helped to get through your day. You help us get through our day. I, like commenting on the radio Henry. I do that I deactivated my twitter, I'm still like. I don't know how I feel about it, but you can find me on Instagram at Ben Kissel, one I'm going to try to just do Instagram and I'm going to comment and fly to comments, so I can intervene We do that, though. That way, I was just getting so annoyed with all the B that was going on with twitter. People are just very it's. It's Mary. It's not really. Them is the mainframe itself as the Jack guy that whole chick fillet thing that I had. Comment on across Amerika on each of them has to buy Karel, Castelo Learning. What is going on and wire rehashing this, but it was anyway
I can't imagine, with your shit, we're doing the political stuff MC kind of blow back than you get for every single microscopic thing that you say like I can't live. I was at that level or think I don't get that might change on twitter, but when I do it's pretty concentrated and the butt of some reason they shoot a right to the top. It's like the first thing So when I see in there's something about the way I don't know, I guess I just it's hard. I How much longer do twitter, but I feel like I have you because of our show, like I feel like I wanted to engage with our fans and to and fro the show I will be a part of the conversation, but it's just very toxic out there. I know it. No toxic and the new stores. All they do is amplify the worst parts of it, one, unlike oh my god, but so find me on. This is an experiment, so finely Instagram Ben guess. One comment, and I my dams are open and stuff too. I'm here, I'm just gonna try to just focus on that. But of course you can Henry on Twitter. Add Henry loves you and no doctor phantom
stay on Instagram Henry loves you onto an earth right, yeah, you fuckers year, Alexander, tell us who again sent us cognitive, send Assad interesting stories. You want to talk about inside stories again we're just have. Fun chats your man, ram, fun, fucking, chats, and maybe who eventually when we're, because it looks like we're gonna be making some we're gonna be having some form of streaming show. Just for our own network, so part of what we will. Actually do as I'd love to the things where we talk with fans, while speak to each other years. We got a bunch of funding a bunch of new fun things happen and so on. Never one Hale, yourselves Ale, Satan I'll, stop doing trip well, but it's. What about me saying now had Bingley doesn't stop it was it live? Laugh law because I was just. I follow my Corky grams and There's some new Corky pants say that exact same thing and I dont know if it's just. If I'm the That sees that image, maybe oil in order that sees that. I think that it's been directed to begin,
possible yet It's very bizarre all right. Everyone Mcgann relations, we don T talk to you about yeah.
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