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Side Stories: Good Karma

2019-05-23 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: KFC covers up the truth, Dan Aykroyd, UFO fan letters, and MORE.


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This is the lost. This is on the left side, yeah man, every once in a lot of Chernobyl. What happened there? Is it good? Is the show good? It is eight arm, it's a what to Whoopsie, What do you mean happen over there? A lot of people up in Soviet Union, then Airways they tried to protect the rest of the world. Oh no failure. Thank you. It seems to be and a lot of innocent people died, but man, radioactive fuckin' poisoning, is legit yeah bro. It sounds absolutely horrifying and I think your teeth don't you're everything just slowly.
Pulls your nails fall out. You just die slowly. I want to be the first killed in the blast. Because you better, but you gotta be to go. That is the only like normal weight because the rest of you just turn into soup, breaks down your cellular forms? So you just started weeping or inserts falling apart, and they said the worst part. Is reading to this afterwards. The worst part is that you get the surface burn, as soon as you first get the lethal dose of radiation poisoning and then your body normalizes right today. So there's like a day where you think that maybe you're like okay, like maybe you will be, like you, sort of feel fine. Okay, then your organs just start falling apart from the inside. They see your bone marrow dies. Camaro dies your veins inside
Body split open? That's not just be call me bag of blood to the point where they can't even give you anything for the pain right blood that would need to take. Do you have the veins to take the drug to where you would like it he's at the sprinkle you with it is now that's where your blood is your blood you're not gonna, hold up your own blood yeah, it's never good. When you're medication, the same way that you put little sugar little little sugar cylinders on ice cream? Was things called? What are you talking? Sugar cylinders, yeah and I know also. I don't know it also like James harden in that state farm, commercial, you, a shadow on the wall and so everyone will know the exact position you are in right before the bomb explodes,
and the problem is exploding, which is very in so nice. They took their fucking cute little commercial should try to teach people in about radioactive activity, what it does to the human body where, as a matter of fact, it's actually very serious and if you want sure Noble was a lot of people crying. This is where you're drawing the lie to you. Also, the one thing my one thing about this year, noble show that I will get like. I might push it. I will give it is that it has way too many people altruistic Lee Being, like said, no, no, Don't touch him there radioactive I'm always turns to the nurse being like. Well, you, not touching them, so I can touch them until they go up there in, like they're, always wiping the gunk off of these people and we're like staffed. It don't touch, it we definitely like this, the Cox Gonna kill. You don't have to cook. Well, that should be the name. Your first comedy special, don't touch the gunk. It will be. What's that hey? What's up everyone, how you doing this inside stories, I am Benjamin I Kissel Bgk, along with
every time, is Sobrowski Htz, which is due to horse. I got I want to get more monogram things oh yeah. I got a monogrammed bathrobe from way back in the day and it does make you feel like King Ralph number that just good The movie, you just feel so their monogram free, just like if any it's mine now. If so, Where is it it's officially imposter reading go to jail, at which I think I think that should happen, and that should be a legal precedent. I was working with Marty on now will for Wall Street. You, member Marty, you ever Marty. Well, now you can see now the name Marty is associate you associated with that horrible robot. So your job Martin Scorsese, which, by the way his job, can never be taken by a robot unless, of course it is one day and it's all a possible ease, get older yeah. I So eventually I mean the eye does fade, but he all closer monogrammed, really like recently. He has an ms belt. Is it built this? Has MS
little. Ms on his jeans. He wears nothing but Armani Denham denim. Maybe it's just a maybe Just a reminder of a horrible diagnosis he got from the doctor. It's his initials sclerosis. Yeah yeah, yeah, it's initial dictators and directors. It's dictators and directors that demand everything be monogrammed, because they're power, hungry maniacs good fun. To do. I I want. I want to get it for myself, so you gotta make sure you know your identity, but Martin, but says he also did a thing. I did eighty with him he didn't want to, like. The adr studio was like only like three or four blocks from his home. Do you want to leave so we did it from his home and from within? his house. I saw the little bit of his living room. He wears gold, satin, pajamas, it's always nice to go to bed feeling like you're, a werthers original. Absolutely of alright? Well, we got some funds. Twelve no fun is not the right.
Interesting stores, and we also like a lot of really cool email, said, did two side stories: L P, o t, L at G mail, dot com, so keep those come in and we'll read a few more a few of those in feels a little bit later on in the apple, also just a small note when it comes to shooting the emails, no need to. First of all, thank so much for all the love like How much is it saying how many people send this 90s nice emails, nice notes, which will always take all relegation, but when you, when you send an email to be read, we're going to read him. So just put a little paragraph. So we can cool. So we can really chunk it out, yeah just so our brains can be like. Oh, I digested that relatively fast and now we can share it with the world. So thank you all so much for emailing. So we'll get to a couple of of listener emails in just a little bit but ' Let's start with our first story here I want to do a rebuttal against my rebuttal. That's right. We have a rebuttal ii, nearly forgot! Ok now this is this has been so
being that Henry? I know you've been stewing on all week. I want to thank you. One that we saw in Kansas, City, Denver and SALT Lake City was incredible. The one so you can't wait for Vancouver. Hey away? We you gotta, get these tickets. Please come out in Vancouver what's close to Seattle, but just if you're in the Vancouver area come and see us hang out with us, we cannot wait to see you. This will give you a little kiss if you come to Vancouver if you buy, if you, this is a guaranteed. If you to get a VPN ticket, this is true: Ben Kissel will kiss each person that gets a vip ticket to the Vancouver show you're literally pimping out the tallest person on the But you're doing that to me, I'm here to listen. It's a vip ticket, yes, but for three hundred dollars he'll go around the world and I mean you could default package You can just to double down.
Well, now that's what we call it off on my menu all right. My working girls will speak at a double downs. This rebuttal have k F C in the cross hairs. We've got a little rebuttal to make a against KFC's rebuttal about our story. Ok, so last week are here of the week right with a young man, from who went to a south african KFC who pretended being official. Yes from KFC officials, whatever the headquarters he showed up, Lan limo. I need flash your badge and he go in and get free chicken right now. It has been said that it is a hoax. It's right said but I want I wanna really really talk about it for a hot second, okay, because story, the story comes out it was. It was originally reported by a news, call daily, active Kenya. Okay, May 13th, the twenty seven year old college shooting from Durband had tricked KFC. Restaurants into giving him food. He would allegedly pull up to the
try to limit scene right, slash, car designating him from the head office and ask the sample food for quality control. Now the outlet of also claim that the stew had been arrested, but not before, but eventually but like, but many people on Twitter and us called him a legend. This guy was talking hero. Oh you, KFC South Africa SA issued a tweet saying, which is very at your like their like cute little response, which is It would be legendary if only it were true what they said right, KFC, South Africa. The official tweet was fake is as good as this story gets as legendary as it would be. We can confirm that this is false. We haven't kept the secrets or stress to be secret for this long, only to be duped by a student Winky face hello. I think what we're seeing here? Okay, it's classic
shop behavior, really little in this situation are acting as if you're on their side, and you wish it were true, you cave c, which is they were true, be right. All, wouldn't that be quote. Unquote, epic, a s now with the kids say it wouldn't that be lit Bible, oh yeah, I can see there, they got the forty five year old man, there dressing a little teen shirt with his luck in little, maybe shorts. On acting like a little girl. I know what he's trying to do is trying to fucking, say social media cortical officers. Did you go to Fucka boot camp any social media officer. This sort of AFC South Africa well so very interested in I think I think, lying. I think, they're in a cover up. Easy it is to Sinuate yourself into the back offices of the KFC. I want to look like a kfc that each KFC I know where it is just like the Fuckin' Pentagon right, tell you what I don't think so 'cause I could show
open a colonel Sanders outfit and at least get one thousand one hundred and fifty. Chefs and customers at a restaurant to sit on my knee and take pictures with me or anybody realize I'm just some kind of southern pervert right. Well, they might think you're, Darrell Hammond Who was the kernel for little while so you know, I know, maybe for the better radio, I should say point counterpoint, but I'm just going to do. This I agree wholeheartedly with Henry. I think they came. Realize they have a huge security breach embarrassing it's a big time blemish. This is like when that or the blemish. It's it's a blemish. It's like when that one dude ran into the White House and security in the secret service was just like. What do you think KFC realize, there's a massive blind spot in hiding their secrets and the is now out. If you want to do KFC employees, just as easy as flashing a lanyard having confidence going back to where they're making the sandwiches
in asking for a taste test right now, we now we got a shift so now what so, you have to even go as far as to get a full degree for KFC Chicken School and I don't know if it's even have that they prob We do actually I'm going to look that up. I know if we have a listener. I want to find a listener. Who has the moral strength to go KFC Chicken School. They they go to their wing university. I don't want you go to the system. I want you to come out the other end and be our mole and find out number one. What's that secret recipe, all right, because now the games on Kay absolutely the only games on, because you all you're so you're worried about your precious recipe being stolen. You you're like a sieve and we're like a bunch of what's big Getty. It's gonna slide in there we're setting our army. Well, it's an army case wet spaghetti. Stick! Isn't that the whole point I have
anyway, the only thing that I was able to fight on KFC when it comes to KFC university. This is really a discuss. Did story. I am just going, headline. Kfc offers college tuition money for a baby that was named Colonel Sanders. So this poor kid has to go through life, then Colonel Sanders. Maybe we should have more affordable education in this country, so we don't have to prostitute our child's still be like I'm going to name my child Wendy Wendy Thomas will. How are you so dedicated to KFC? I don't wish you would give your child the neighborhood Laurel Sanders and again I'm going imagine the history of the real colonel Sanders might have been a might problematic. I think that's the term oh yeah. I know he likes the Robert E Lee Statue in South Carolina because of his
remaster riding eats heritage body all about celebrating how they lost know. What I, of course, that we always build monuments to the losers that so It works of all right. Well, there you go are rebuttal against leave, bought a rebuttal by KFC. I don't trust him one bit that's why Henry will always be a Popeyes guy, I'm Popeyes guy. I know it I know it. I still will eat KFC, though very brave alright, bye. Let's I'm! I am a horror for chicken. I know what you I know now. I know what you're up to ok will check it. Do you want it this story about this college, professor speaking of education? Yes, is a cool story. This is like that so that headline here is one of the strangest cases a dead professor, a hot tub? a suicide baffle please. So Evidently it was the
dawn hours of Sunday morning. They pulled up to this long driveway that led to a cabin surrounded by pines. This was in Milledgeville millage, it's m. I l l e d g e b. I L L Eve Military Phil, Milledgeville Milledgeville very bizarre. Ok, so something was wrong. You capture, like something's, crazy here, three folks, a beloved university Georgia, entomology, Professor, a retired psycho. Just turned yoga studio owner, which I love that turn in life to be like I'm, a psychologists, you know what Let's go to yoga route. I think. That's honestly, that is you go straight to small business owner and, if you really like yoga, I mean I would either hot ticket. I was doing yoga. I could see how you get into it as a lifestyle. 'cause, it's fun. It makes you feel stretchy, absolutely a car salesman, so this is straight out of a Tarantino movie, a professor, a yoga studio owner and a car salesman. All get together
but of course the car salesman recently quit his job. They were gathered near a swimming pool. All three of them were nude have a little fun. The professor, Maureen Shockley. She was forty three was dead and the two men were apparently trying to revive. Cpr, so the console on the scene. I was gonna statement. I love this cop statement. Yes and instead I see the if they state they seek to make it better try to resuscitate a naked woman. So if you're a cop you're, like I'm gonna, put my detective cap on now, I love this I love this quote. Not I don't know how to explain this to people who not in our business, but when we first arrived at the crime scene. There was just something about it. That was not right. Was it the no clothes and then resuscitate NG, a woman who was dead and it was just sort of a bizarre, different kind of cake I see so we could it, though, when you think when you didn't think it could get even stranger. The cops were waiting to interview this guy.
Mark, Henn Del he was the former psychologist. No, so this is insane so he's waiting to be interviewed. Yes for calling Dell is winning the interviewed even waiting to be interviewed, interviewed. It's got the the yoga studio, so yeah should technically be like chill merchell super like doing your downward dog. He was not chill ended up committing suicide immediately. Cops, could interview him. So now we have two bodies. This is like. Obviously, it's not comical all, but It's sort of reading, like like four rooms. He does feel like a call. If you like, a corn brothers, move, if you're going for this movie yeah it does, it will be, but they were like the one that wasn't even the guy. They were really looking at right. We're looking at Marcus Lillard the other guy who was dating Shockley, but he has admitted sing a role in her death, but now he's facing murder charges. Ok, so, though, sixty nine year old own, the home in Central Georgia, where the professor was found dead officials as
that his suicide is not an indication of guilt. Instead, they pointed market as Henry said, to Marcus Lily who was forty one. So I got to this this sixteen nine year old who owns this? Who owns the house and owns the yoga studio? He sang in I'm pretty young cats, forty one and forty three. He must be a pretty hip to I mean honestly he's it sounds like he's very much own shape this. Is it this is very. This is a very confusing case. 'cause they called basically make. Big, show saying that they believed that the professor that Merion Shockley drowned, but when they arrived they found that she was suffering from a head wound and they believe that she had been dead for much longer than what they had posited. I'm, assuming that we had some drugs at play here. The name of this yoga studio was good karma. Interestingly enough, and so the woman who passed away the professor,
We ran an educational summer program, affectionately known as bug camp and her family wrote. That in obituary. Apparently she was deeply passionate about insects and all these kinds of things, and she would treat for students in campers to Chex Mix and featured ' posted meal, worms or rice Crispy treats made with freeze dried crickets. So my thing here is She knows how to survive. She's an outdoorsy type person. This must have been like a full on assault. But you'll see this that we don't really know what's happening here so apparently Lillard who identified himself as Shockley's boyfriend. He said that he had gone out to the woods for about fifteen minutes to gather firewood when he returned. He said he had found her passed out in the hot tub. Now, according to an incident report he claimed that he had pulled her out of the tub fell down while he was carrying her and he said that's how got the head injury because he slipped in the Tylan flicking smacked her head against the ground,
behind all the other guy. He seemed cooperate the story claiming that he had been swimming at the far end of the pool, while Lillard was busy gathering firewood as soon as his friend Is it. The Shockley was unresponsive which she maybe could have known, but we don't know anything hey brother and then they tried to perform CPR on her. They said that she was still breathing faintly. They had chosen await forty five minutes before calling for help, but the deputy say did the firewood story doesn't make any sense, because rained heavily that day, there was no chance sodden, twigs and branches on the forest floor would have been capable of catching. Spark interesting. They also say that professor was bleeding heavily from the head. Injury and EMT got the sense that she had been dead for longer than they had been told to deputies. Something seemed odd about the the two men who had been friends for several several years were behaving so yeah, the hot tubs. He doesn't really seem to make a lot of sense. That there's a bunch of this is really interesting. There's a bunch of weird shape.
'cause. If there wasn't even that is, there was also there was already a large pile of firewood near the pool and so the deputies they separated the dudes. They put lowered the porch car, so he's waiting winning the front porch. They went to go interview, Lillard and they heard a shotgun blast from inside the house yep. So the deputies knocked on the this is front door and called out for handled just then he heard shotgun blast go off inside the house and that's when he found handle dead of a self inflicted gunshot to the head. According to the family. They say we view. This is a terrible incident. We are very sorry for his family officials, don't believe, that handle played any role in Shockley's death, the after Banner Herald reported quote. This is pure speculation on my part, but maybe he was embarrassed that this happened at his house. Is that possible
Then he would just be this. This story is really really crazy maybe he was just like so wracked with guilt. So was he racked with guilt because somebody died as house or was he racked with guilt because he murdered someone and realized he was about to go? Take the fall for it. I bet he's got like a normal situation here for this man to off himself. I think that he might have done it in, but I think I'm Barris minutes actually huge deal. I think that he, you realize what was going to happen here. Maybe he did know the truth. Aha, it seems that there could have been some sort of horrible. Accident? They don't know, what's happened, I don't know if there was even murder because they all knew each other right. Lillard Heindl had been friends for three or four years and Shockley and Lillard were dating for only a couple months now, two hours before Heindl call
nine hundred and eleven, so they waited for two hours right. Ok, Lillard had been texting and calling friends asking. How do you get somebody back to life okay, but you also allegedly queried his friends about whether they knew CPR and beg for help. Okay, yeah, we'll say Henry. If you send me a text how to get somebody back to life, I'm just going to say you You got to model a bunch of stuff, whatever you have in your house, together and see if that works, and if not buddy you got to there. You got a right, I mean got a to leave. I think that's pretty much number one like I don't I'm looking I said help you cover up a crime, but I def just say like stop texting me, that is the first big. It's called leaving a bit of an e paper trail, so you're doing a paper trail here right up, please stop It is always so funny that people like Casey Anthony if they would have just looked at the right, fricking account. What was it
Firefly account. I believe that she was in a matter she got off with it. So don't matter it does whatever she did was correct, but she definitely search the exact things you wanted to do to her poor child. So obituary in the retired psychologist. That's the man who committed suicide. He used to count he used. They say he helped countless people with their quote private demons and he would actually go and be a therapist at George's prisons and later his private clinical Practice said quote: the loss of a friend on his watch was a burden too great to bear. So he said this friend died on my watch. I have got commit suicide. I don't know that just seems like uh seems like a lot, a permanent solution to a temporary problem, although in this case I do understand we're dealing with some pretty heavy stuff here, but how really bizarre bizarre story and of course Henry mentioned the body the woman was dead, two hours. They lied and said. Forty five minutes. Do you think you just lie because you're so over your head.
So in shock that you're, like I better make it seem as good as possible because it's pretty bad it looks pretty bad at this point. I think that obviously my opinion when you panic, there's a part of you for a hot second that says this isn't real, This is all going to be. Okay, it's like never seen He really really really get hurt. I remember when Alexi our friend accidentally fell down the stairs, and it's like this thing where you watch it's just slow motion is in your like they're, also good mode thing being like O'Shea. Is this a person going to be really really hurt like that pause? you ever like you've ever really got hurt, and then you look but right before it like there's that feeling of being like maybe I'm cool Maybe I'm ok, any like? Oh, no, I'm like jacked up right, I'm like I'm like locked up. I think that there is that hover point where your like? Maybe this is maybe she'll be cool. You can go like wake up, wake up, you know and then it doesn't happen and then you think hey we're all smart
If we can figure our way out around this, this was some sort of accident. Sure see that's what we'll do, because I don't think that it's straight up just like Baxter, had an sounds like she, the other dude paying attention and was in the pool like the guy was like the other guy was doing something. Maybe they made, they could have just been having sex with each other, and everyone was like they didn't want to talk about it and maybe you think, fell and hit her head and fell in the well. I don't know it is extremely possible. Obviously they were all nude, so I mean you could definitely go skinny dipping as well, but maybe they were bring in a little bit having a good time, and maybe which is why the professor felt so much embarrassment I or the therapist. Rather I don't know either. The sheriff said it's the strangest case. They've ever worked and yeah what a crazy crazy story. Indeed, and if you ever been involved as Henry was talking about, if you've ever been involved in a car accident, That is your first real you get hit and then you just kind of pat your body and then you're just like okay, what what's happening like I'm, not dead?
Cool. Am I okay? I don't know like pausing and waiting, because it's 'cause its trauma you even if you are doing the crime and they talk about even serial killers- talk about the idea that in many ways rumors are also traveling around there with their own PTSD, from what they've done like you, you do it in. There is a point in time where you kind of sit there as a non reality window. I think, and then it slowly begins to seep in what you've done unless you've jazz your pants. And once you once you've, given yourself squirt you're, probably I mean that's when you're the I think it's pretty clear, normally yeah. Of course I mean that's why Jeffrey Dahmer, who we cover great there's a great chapter in our book coming out in February, can not wait for you guys to read this book by the way pre order. Now, if you get a chance, As per your. I don't think they can. I think that they can. I don't know. Well, you know what check, if you
and if you can pre order pre order. Now, if you can't wait until you can preorder it Jeff number. Of course. He had a two drink to to silence the demons, because you would constantly Coppin has he was a product killer. He didn't really like to kill. He just wanted the bodies and that's a conundrum That is the pickle in a bit of a pickle and that's why he had to black out get blackout drunk kill and also had to continue to be blackout drunk to forget that he killed So then I just drink to relax. I just drink. Sit and watch your noble and then we have a nice time. Good right. Now, in the middle of like a real like, we have a really exciting episode coming up this week on last podcast earning can't. Wait you guys to hear it but doing a lot of research late into the night and so
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My friend is what she calls a sexual vampire. Yes, she does feed off the energy of people, but only of those is that she is doing sexual acts with drains the energy of a consenting man and commerce understand their truest emotions becoming full off of it and not need it for at least two days afterwards, because no feeling of hunger, no energy, a lot. No, I love it. I love. I know I am not be dirty, I'm not having it you're, not! No! I never not. You know she said she was earned by a man in New York. After an intense sexual looks, and someone she was bitten on the neck and received visions. Afterwards. She felt a difference in presents for people specifically their psychic energy and hungered, to get that
search from men. Oh also after this quote, unquote turning should begin to have night terrors and which an incubus or ghost would haunt her at night. This include the often poured feeling of having someone sitting on their chest, but also the feeling that she was having sex with its own entity and then it felt good but horrifying, because if it's other worldliness, she also told me so she had had sex. The man would be visibly exhausted in week Becaus of the draining, and it seemed spiritually controlled by her anyway, no matter how ridiculous the men would do directly after sex. It was asked by her. Do you do anything now? This is not something she glows about honestly, she hasn't spoken about it in years, because she thinks it's a little crazy for even having these experiences. Scares her and she can't find any reason will excuse for why the strange occurrences have happened and should probably be ANG, if she knew, I told you guys,
is it listen to murder podcast, so we're safe? Ok, well, thank God because I don't need to have my essence drained you do the I honestly I mean I get real tired, of course, so you know I go. I said I don't go right to sleep, I'm a cuddler and I like to do a lot of postgame wrap up sure yeah. How was your checklist yeah? Of course? That's great! That's great! I'm happy! It's that's better than that's better! triple d or but those experiences, but I could just patch it being that dude, it's so hard 'cause. You know you just hooked up. You thought it be cold. Next thing you know you have with the psychic vampire. Now. Your dress is a check in on the freeway. You click on. What I do I don't want. It is I've done a lot of weird things. Derives I've committed to a lot of things during sex. You mean like in a moment of sex, you could ask a man or a woman like for them. As far as I would say, I will speak for men as it once the isn't inside whatever the whole is at the time. You could really ask a lot.
Sure and get it like yeah? You could get it right, then that's how yeah. That's what we need to send well that sex workers at the government to respond to drain essence. I have on these pieces of shit to their feeling. There are a number of sex workers already engaged in acts with members of the government, but indeed probably know some of our largest secret. That's what happened with the general picture. That woman is writing a book on him. He ended up having an affair with her. And then he just told her all the top secret information you started shame Yes, the man. What do you do? You can keep all that a secret. You know I can you know how do you see it get certain you're sitting there and you're like you got all these bombs, you got to drop its gonna seal the deal. If you don't keep it a secret. That's why I don't work for the Pentagon. Well, it's a I! I don't either we we're too chatty Cathy easier. All right. Well, I think also thank you. So much of
for sharing that story of the sexual Vampyr and that actually brings another story to light where it's like I'll briefly mention this, because there's a lot to unpack in here, somebody introduced me the concept of a limbo, sexual or limbo, queer, which is uh I guess it it simply. I found this from someone sent. The I thread from a twitter account I don't even want to name a twitter account if it's from a real two hundred twitter account don't want anybody to take. This sideways. I just am deeply interested in this. Okay, Limbaugh's sexual or limbo? Queer is a sexual and romantic spiritual attraction towards dead people there's a apparently a lot of wide variety of diversity, and apparently they get really really upset. If you call them and f grow, feel yak, ok seems very harmful and it's a toxic accusation invalidates and it hurts them, but they so the sexual, so the the
I suppose emotional expression, yes, but the sexual pleasure does come from the undead or the day, This is a further clarifying statement. I should explain that not all people attracted to dead people are necrophiliacs acts and they're, not just corpses and it's discriminatory to assume. Limbo, sexual wants to engage in sex with a dead body or one are ashes to, and spirits and ghosts, and we love the spirits of those who have passed on rubbing the cremated ashes of your loved one that you had not known in their life is a great way to connect with piece of them when they're so far away. All right, ok! Well, there's! No! No! It's a lot! There's a lot of these more than that Andrew left plays, who is an example of a limb sexual. Sadly, her love for the dead she murder self, so that she could
your girlfriend? She committed suicide, so she could date, the ghost she was dating all right. Well, don't commit suicide for sexual purposes or for any purpose. Is there folks interesting? You never know. People are unique beans to say this is a straight up says that Phil Spector Look to freshly dead flesh. Well, that's a and it led to him abusing his wife and killing a woman in his home No that was a wig. Yes, I think figured out that way because he's no longer allowed to wear the wicked prison and he looks like the tall dude from from rocky. Or picture show he looks like the judges like it's it's like strings of air. If he strings of hair, Active all this not attractive actionable. They have their own set of pronouns as well. They call themselves, hi your died or dead, or dead cell or little limber, home and there's a bunch of there's a lot of rules here. It seems like it. You know,
so, what's going to happen there a lot of people just I love ghost yeah. Of course everyone loves ghosts. I can't wait to be a ghost. It's really exciting, I'm sure alright! Well sticking in the world supernatural. I have one email here, I just want to read a blurb this man he was in the Navy for nine years. Thank you for everything you did. God knows with that and yours was like, but he's like, I finally feel feel comfortable come about to break up with here with the military, but to get back and just be as a bill, so I'm going to tell you guys this little story. So he said, I got a lot of strange memories and he says they feel kind of like a blurry dream, but this he swears. He said this really happened. He says we used to. I have a lot of distance every couple of weeks and stay for a few. Is to do exercises that was around two hundred and fifty miles from the shore of a whole. You it's eight eight you are who who hello, hello, no that's good. That is so it's in Hawaii Ohsu, that's Oahu, Oahu, oh very fun, so they used to travel two hundred and fifty miles of,
sure of oahu- all I remember from these instances is that I outside, admiring the clear skies in the stars, reflections off the water while listening to the way. Honestly, that sounds extremely nice. Does this wonderful, so nice, something I used to love Then he says I remember seeing a massive black square in the distance that I never would have seen if it hadn't blocked out a large portion of the stars and horizon. That's all I remember I don't know how you reacted to it or what I did after it's real weird, like a complete blank spot. In my mind, the bit I can remember, is pretty fuzzy to I'm pretty sure this happened at least half a dozen times. So this is not the first black trying kind of like you black. The black cube set, is really common, isn't it well,
There's been many sightings of a giant black cube well received other emails about a black cube. There was also the popular story, but a black cube UFO over El Paso in twenty fifteen an online entity. This is a secure team. Ten, they basically said a about a couple. One hundred people at one hundred pm in the afternoon saw a giant jet black cube in the sky They things got very windy in the center of some swirling clouds became this black cube. This is the man said. Photo. A massive cube, shaped UFO appeared now. I am personally at a loss for words according to one person, because this thing is bugging my blow and it looks like it no I know it is another fucking dimension. Is it probes didn't hear from her until there's Galaxy crazy. It's a Wendy's hamburger, Patty, it's the world,
largest Wendy's hamburger Patty in the sky. They did it, so they could fit more sandwiches on the grill. That's amazing! That's right! I don't know. Actually, it also it's because they don't expand. They don't shrink when you put the holes in I better, but the deer move went ahead and they believe that the UFO footage what they have which I've looking at right here. They believe that it is computer generated and that it is fake, but that's that actually angers, one witness at least who says all I can say is: if it's I was there I saw this thing with my own two eyes. I personally took a sure I have it. I hope that my doing is to give you can confirm that this did happen. No one is gonna. Tell me different, not sure I'm. Not gonna. Do it catch me outside no way do either with you well very very interesting there's that one I want to read some more to you want to read some more letters. Sure we have my period. We can do that
let's do hero of the week because it also has something to do with. Aliens. Are you just thank you so much for the response this week on summer UFO letters or is another UFO letters from eight for Maine so see. Sent this letter, This is I'm going to read this letter heard your call for military UFO stories and I thought I'd share mine I've stationed at. Date air base in Qatar from twenty fifteen to twenty. Sixteen, I used already munitions bombs, missiles and ammo in the edge of the base to dawn on glee. That is the scariest thing to guard, because if they do blow it up, it's going to be a lot. There's going to be. A lot of bullets, fly it on December 25th, two thousand and fifteen, that Bass had a huge rain storm and I did twelve hour gate shift that freaked me out after finishing dinner? I notice to humming sound outside my shack. I didn't think anything of it, but it just kept going until I stepped out of my gate:
back. I was pretty familiar with all the aircraft of the base and the noises they made right, a look around for the aircraft, making the noise and couldn't see one that is until the rain went to a drizzle and the clouds part of the little bit from I could see there were three blue flights above in a triangle. Pattern with little or white lights in between the weird part for me, is that the hovering shape didn't match. Any helicopter I knew and the sound was different. While I waited listening to the humming, it seemed to have an added low screeching for five minutes, and then I put into my commands, whoever as soon as I can. The radio it hopped backwards and fell at a ninety degree, angle towards the ground. I told my command happened and what I saw everything was shot away. The is this wasn't the first time that this had been bred, that this has been brought up, people have seen this before. All that was done was that an additional gate guard was assigned just do that to freak out to people that's great,
wow that is so creepy? Thank you. So much for standing disclosures, common brown disclosure is coming and people in the military. I think they are on the front lines, man in the middle, Jerry. They know, what's going on up there, the guy is Lord knows. They also know what spacecrafts the this has I'm sure. They also know what other nations have as far as space. Crafts or as far as aircrafts, so they know what normal lights are supposed to look like. So I think those sources are extremely reliable for recent military witnesses are my favorite witnesses there is. Might these are the people that I truly do understand? There's a lot of these guys specially pilots, their jobs order, observe this. What they do, aid the? What They are the ones that are on online seen these things all the so they're they're selling, Marcus and I have a broad theory about military in the UFO and Ufos that we're going to be talking about this week. When we do this weeks episode where we are there,
broad theory. That I think is interesting is that you want to hear another UFO story: let's do one more Let's do here the week. I've got story for I was in the Navy. I was deployed an aircraft carrier even the Arabian Gulf, duty on the bridge one night, my job many times to be the liaison between lookouts radar operator and the watch off on the bridge. This particular night I had lookout, tell me he saw something on the horizon, but he could only see it with the night vision goggles on so he said I didn't know what it was, but it look like a rectangular craft with lights across it hovering above the water. I looked at the radar and it have anything at its location. I went to tell the watch officer and he knowledge the report, but given its distance, it wasn't important the lookout and I were more and I got when I start Getting- really excited with this chance, Is this my chance to see UFO right? I had someone take over the radio because they absolutely had to see this. For myself. I ran up to the lookout and looked at the night vision, goggles and sure enough. There it was
I don't horizon just hovering So what do you wanna follow? My god? Why was no one asked? Why was known as excited as I was? I went back right in soon after the lookout phone me Bridgeport look out so that thing just dropped into water. It's gone. That is your. That is awesome. Maybe I should have signed up for the military. Oh, no! I would be dead many many years ago. If I would put up military, I would have signed up in the year two thousand and then employees who are rock few years later, it would have been like So what do you eat here in that it would have just been a series of different bullets? Barraging me in my body in my brain, so very good. I'm awesome alright
let's do hero over, though we're stations hello. This is not just the here that we know this one: a generation of a Jennifer Okay does Busters dad Aykroyd. Of course we love dad Aykroyd with. All of I honestly Dan Aykroyd is just one of my favorite people, and he it's leaning in he says Alien. These are here not just here. They want to have sex with human women. Ok, so the ghostbuster stars convinced aliens are already here. They want to have sex with human women. The actor says he has personally
he has personally seen for ufos and that most extraterrestrials who pop by earth are quote just tourists coming to look at our beautiful planet. How does star is concerned that some aliens want to harm people and use them, as quote lab rats and Dan is convinced that sixty percent of us already know This is true, so did Aykroyd, not just a ghost buster. He's also an alien hunter and he believes there are four different Alien races that have already reached earth we're just here to put some sunscreen on their little alien noses and go to the beach like John Candy Indiana, in the summer rental others are here too Susan abuse are women, so the proof going on here. This is what he told a local newspaper. He says the proof is going to start.
Dribbling out. The aliens are in interested in your over your femininity, your reproductive parts and your dna. He also says they would love to draw blood and fluid and would love to impregnate a woman and produce a hybrid baby. This is what they are up to yeah. But so nice I mean that's just it's standard hybrid, that's in favor, hybrid theory. Yes, believe that's happening, is a lot of people are talking about it. I am actually. I am actually voicing a doing aeration for a documentary about hybrids, ok, alien human hybrid. That will be coming up pretty soon that I can't wait to tell people about. I think it's very very interesting. I think that the Dan Aykroyd he knows it because he's been in the entertainment. How many of these hybrids are we meeting every other supermodel yeah every other supermodel. Is it a hybrid why there so skinny skinny and they got their big cheekbones and they got your bones and that's why I could literally, I could
all the arms and legs off a bottle. This is my hand. I don't, I don't, recommend it: I'm not trying to attack these models so Dan Aykroyd on the frontline. Kids of alien disclosure watched I've ever watched in Aykroyd unplug them ufos. No, oh, I actually you nut. Is it on you should just do it? It's fuckin', of course I will on Netflix for many years. I don't know if it go on Netflix. It is great, it's just an accurate it's where he he it's where he said. He was doing. An in interviews is like a late night show for Sci FI and that he was shut down by the minute
back really. He was getting too far that that's what he said. I think he was canceled, but I think you will leave. Thank you. Studio executives do dress like the man in black, so yeah, the l, this old lamps and all the red, the red and the lipstick spread up to the top, always right yeah. So when we think about Dan Aykroyd Henry actually said you that story be like he's just live, it is best life. Are you? Are you gonna would like carbon copy? What he has done now in his last thirty years of life, or do you want to kind of do something a little bit different, because he I will give him credit on this. He he is never wavered and he is never even accepted the criticism he doesn't give a crap. Why would he I mean he's great? That's why the I would love Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd. I would love to just sit down and just hear them talk about this. I don't know So if they enjoy each other anymore, but I do think they might, they might still joke around 'cause. I get cord seems like such a funny guy. We gotta get ahold of him,
it's going to be a way to figure out a way to to have contact with Dan Aykroyd? I think I think we could do it. He is he's the we'll deal like you really does believe in it. And yes, it would. I like my career to be like his yes, but you have to make ghostbusters first all right, but the problem is is that he he made his money and now he's doing exactly want to say that what time the long yeah ridicule Tom to long but dont long is just live in his best white. What Do the thing that he always wanted to. Do I mean for a well now he's put his money where his mouth is Dan Aykroyd. Is Yes, and then that's why everybody rose some, don't they they call all my friggin goober all right like they. They do also, because he's he's ball actively believe that aliens and and they ridicule him, so the ci, a secret plan to to use their their. You did two of all of their mocking to destroy the flow of truth is working, isn't it it is in many ways, although it does seem like the truth is getting out there, some CALL Dan Aykroyd a goober,
we here on side stories with last podcast on the left? Call him hero of the week my entire life, stopped him he's a guy. I fight. I just find him inspirational. He still loves her a full life he's, a wonderful guy he's got a good. You know, like he's looking I mean he's looking. Okay, he is he's actually sixty six years old. He eight in relatively good shape, and you know what's interesting. I'm happy he's so young I just read that sixty six, I actually for some reason, thought you would be in the midst This is I don't know why I thought he'd be older too yeah. That actually does make me feel better, because we got a lease. The Sol we got a solid ten years. Are you can actually do stuff? We got ten years left for them and then that in the deal began his decline, we or maybe he'll run for president, because it seems like seventy six is the new two thousand and seventy six is two hundred and thirty. Six,
I'm so ready for office. I guess if there was a way for me to never vote for somebody over the age of sixty five. I would if, if just one of these old people would just stop stop running for president just stuck I don't want. I can't I can't I hate it. I hate watching these old dad's age discrimination. Mr I'm sorry, discrimination, you're too old Bernie Sanders skin is falling off this fucking skull. His skin is just splitting. You can't be president if you're falling down the shower you stand up. You gotta get the grippy things on the shower floor, get some handlebars in there, you'll be alright. So that's how it president should have happy hour, I don't know, that's not true. I honestly believe that they're strong they're strong people that have any after could do that, I think I'll be fine. That's what I'm talking about talking about like you're, just so old, where you do the thing where, like Orange, deuces two spicy year did you shouldn't be president. You should also maybe see
having a stroke because I don't know. I can't have orange juice because the acid content yeah yeah- I I reset it either. It really does my Tom's All right. Are we too old? Yes, we are too with don't we're we're not Now we always reminds me we're not old, yet man to speak. Is your thirty seven. It's about you sucking. Yeah, just because you're you're kind of older- and here we you know- and you got like you got a lot of like We got a lot of rings inside of us like a tree, yeah yeah yeah. I was thirty, seven rings each one, just like! Oh, if you could just for those wings- you get truck. So we don't bike for this. I give you one of our layers by Fred when I was growing up Jerry. He was always like when I and I make sure you screw, by Jay. From my, if you smoke, dance will read it. I was like yeah bro. We're going to do were as in long hits, but thankfully he didn't die. He's still alive is very to a wonderful person. So that's much better all right. Well, I think that's basically this week
side stories. What do you think Henry I'm having hum yeah, hell yeah as wonderful as we love spending time with my friends. Yes, and we lost some time with you and as we had such a good again man, what a good tour I'm. So I love being on tour. Oh it's so fun! It's really the best Marcus. Finally, let us get pepperoni pizza in the green room, it's so nice. He let us get us because they were lovers stomach. It bothers her stomach and then he has to have it- has a Snickers cousin stickers that he could have for himself. That gives him his enerji know he's got his water, he needs his water and then he has his one cider and he's you go ahead? You forgot the key the five hour energy drink literally Mark is eat the Snickers five hour energy drink, a cider beer. Who is gary- and we were talking about this stream this week about how he doesn't eat but he doesn't eat. I know he like it's not
an anorexic think. No, no, he only eats half a sandwich. He's like. Oh. This is a lot of food being like QR. You eat like you're, the If we what's your name like Naomi Campbell, yeah, yeah. I don't look like Naomi Campbell. No, he doesn't look like Naomi Campbell, no, not at all, although he's in fine trip from what I understand His blood is good. I hope he knows some sun. Yes, he needs vitamin D. Insert your own joke there, but the doctor did literally say he needs to get outside more because we keep him chained up to the desk, but because he was chained up to a desk for almost two years. Our book will be out in February. Can that wait for you to read it also Vancouver, as we set up top. Please come out there are there some tickets available come out. We, wait to hang out in Vancouver with you or super excited, get those it's and we will see you very very soon and I can't wait man. I remember man
you're a live this life, you doing that some people are not going to be into what you do all right and you would you got it So it's good yeah live knowing that. Sometimes people are not going to be a fan if everyone's into what you do. What is then you're, just Mcdonald's you, some just some funk in mass mass today. Turned out, like you know, some corporate, you're you're you're right corporate Sheldon, you got a lot of what makes some people hate you, because that's the thing that makes you you yeah. How would that ball mark all right? I need a laugh for the people that dislike what you do What you do you laugh because they have absolutely no power. They are small. You are huge, absolutely and also, if you do give to our page run number one. Thank you. So much number two What we have a great interview this week Henry and I had a chance to interview the director of Hail Satan. He penny lane, penny lane, so knowledgeable
cool to see like the reading a she did was what a great talk with her and it's also good great documentary. Yes, absolutely so check out the documentary, and if you get five bucks a month to our page, check out the interview and thank you all so much and again, with the page re you get first dibs on all of the tickets that will know inevitably be going on sale and you can see us at the live show We cannot wait again: Casey Denver, SALT Lake City, it was so great to see all of you literally one of the best city tours we've ever done. All three were just the crowds. So sweet everyone was so cool. There is just so beautiful SALT Lake City is gorgeous. I wish they would legalize it, because will. I is it great city to just go like smoke and look at the mountains and and then, of course, Casey. We had that wonderful barbecue from Joes. And it was just it was a delight God. It was good. It did make the show a little bit of a struggle
we were a little. I had meat sweats. I legitimately was sweating on stage not because of the hot lights, because it was the meat Yes, you know that it was. It was bad for our bodies, but otherwise, it was a great trip excited about Vancouver, Seattle When we have such I like Portland such like another home, we from home, we can't see our for all right. We got. We got friends up in that she went to see if I can ask in Seattle as well. So thank you all for coming out. We can't wait to see your wall and don't forget to hail yourselves, hail Satan, Mug, Usta, triple l, baby, triple l, baby, don't yeah well this show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last.
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