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Side Stories: Grandpa Died Twice

2018-09-26 | 🔗

The REAL Ben and Henry are back, and the clones that were trying to replace them have been put down.

This week:

- A final Sunspot Observatory recap

- Stabbing etiquette in an Uber pool

- Dead guy grows fig out of his tummy


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Hello, this is Henry's eyebrows key and we ve got new alive shows. Last pod gas on the left was looking to go on the road for a little bit of fun, but you know we found neither but trouble it funny joke November, so with the Majestic theatre, Dallas, Texas, November eighth, Paramount Theatre, Austin, Texas and November knife Hennerberg Centre in Oklahoma City Oklahoma were common to Oklahoma. It's gotta be so which one we got precept links up on the patriarch, when we saw followed poverty would deem this trip. The doctors gonna be like you're good. Need to go to the hospital because you're salts around and unhealthy level came you see you fuckers, Hale Satan and enjoy the show language gave to. This is the last time on the level
there was more slime in my neighborhood. What do you mean? There was people trying to tell me that it wasn't even I finally got a picture of solving the problem of the pink slime. Someone sent me a message about dogma: old, slime, dog vomit mould her and it was. Would have similar to that. In terms of it was a few way color, but then it sort of burned to the ground and sort of like a brown scorch, how many dogs have to be vomiting on your street on a regular basis in order for it to create enough slime to bubble through your sewers. This what I'm saying is a little longer does vomit, I think, there's a big original model in this time. I'm in a hold up this picture to the
camera. Ok, and you tell me what you think this shit is already will be ordered like throw up. Ok, what you're doing that? Let me say this is I'd stories. Welcome to the shoulder when I am Ben Kizil, Edwards eyebrows you over there, you might hear a third voice. That's producer, Travis Moore S are yes, and I promise you he is he's an adult alright, look at the picture of the slide. It is like Harry beauties toilet. I do not know what's going on there, it is it's not pink, it's a definitely a dark brown. It's an ambulance is an orange. This is closer to an orange and the other. There has been several of these now. This is next to a wine. Bottles of this could be shred up Y know, market all eyes there. There has been puddles all over the neighbourhood, dislike gang has had nothing good, yet to report Royal really seemed to enjoy how often I asked them about information on it. Well, he goes it's pretty much. They come and see me high, Andrea. I do I'm like did you find you slime right and they see are now getting weary of me when its being like what
What fine? The only person is vigilant, this fucking neighbourhood, about the slime I'm starting to get a shot. I wanna get a shovel rapporteur shovel in my car, which is true that if I see it when I'm a round a misguided for digging up and thrown into this were great again, sick of it being on the street again. This is a little bit Zimmermann ash you're here with a little dangerous, your messing with fire here, just those who tells us yes, very good. You sound true detective. What a world weary police chief, who is gonna, get to the bottom of this. It is obvious we need the hearty boys to solve this Unita. Ragtag group of friends that are loosely that lived. You know relatively close, together. Maybe one's going through a divorce. Maybe one doesn't like your father cause he's a whether man they need, together and they need to figure out. What's going on with the slime, this I'm lookin or just keep putting these other. Happily married couples: let's go down. These fucking loopholes, these fuckin down these weird fuckin holes with me because their day wanna see. What's on the other side of quick note, if there's some weird fuckin going on, I believe
you buddy and I'm sure at some point, when you continue to update us here on side stories, you will get to the bottom up where the slime is coming from- and I can only hope you live to- tell the tale- all I know, is that if it wasn't affecting my dog, because my dog finds slime at night and she likes to look at the edges of it- and I don't know the half of time because the mill dark- and I can't see him so I got to drag her. So that's a certain fuck with my family. Yes, I will doing this. You wanna fuck with my family it in if we are doing dog taught corner my dog puffin is trailing his inner Youtube STAR and he's just eating a lot of cigarette butts, apparently area and he's like that. Guy who ate glass and I think he ended up die, but he had a lot of followers on you too. He got but puffin is also she's from fuckin prison. He is
win, win windy, licks, the puddle of slime, the young puddle does when these eyes turned black and like a kind of beyond the black rainbow kind of thing is now she hasn't gotten bigger she's, not not turning into Bebop Iraq's Eddie. Like we talk about the last time, I wish that I reckon I suggest that you tasted yourself and get to know him. No one is like true homicide attack like what you see white powder on the fucking table. Yo users- not cocaine. They dont go up and lick the blood it's off. State of the union bodies were where we got here, it's like homicide. Corn Stephen a very good or will we have a bunch of fun stores to get to you today next week, we're gonna do a store, on the chinese spy program or it's it's basically social credit programme. We're gonna do a deep given that next week, but this week we got a bunch of far more. I guess my one story than that and we also have an update, on Henry's Alien story well
this social networking sort of address, credit report which were gonna, get Next, we get a harrowing integrated, literally legitimately Blackmoor Kyoto. We figured out before we talked about it. We wanted actually know what we were talking about organ. Do some research never stop does before I know I don't know why. Changing now about observatory. So last week, which has now happened you a couple times. I mean it's a day of the week we choose to release right Smith. The final scoop on the closing Sun Spot Observatory ended, it is in fact it seems to be child pornography. Ok I'll hold out a second, so all of this stuff, raided this entire building. They forced all of the people out of the building they quarantine. In the building and you're telling me it's, because someone was channeling their inner, Peter Townsend and looking up child pornography, I mean it is technically funny
It's not funny, not finally night, so they were coming back it they. What the wood, the chief observer, found a laptop open in the morning full of job or just lying now like, which is, I mean honestly, we're gonna use an ignorant, incognito window, I close and every window, no matter what I'm looking at. What I If the house at I'd say for a child, born its military. Give different sneakers right. Various alien fucking rabbit hole Was I'm in an sneakers? Yes, absolutely different kind of recipes for that wonderful, polar soup, that's called porch Jes, some people say hi, but then beer from some other region. So with solar up to what happened. He so they left this computer open open porn and billing who's your last night there's a girl. No no Jane Here comes in, like o J
nurse here all night and general. Does this fuckin bit apparently where he walked in and he said I seem to be missing, some computer supply Summa Cleaning, some cleaning materials we're here in this office, but we do know you talk him a janitor. Basically pretty spent the rest of the day tearing things apart being like people look at noon here tonight, there's some kind of security level by you. Tell you all of these cameras in due course, and you know it they show, and you know what this shows is that people coming near steel or not internet at night, and I dont know who is due. We know why I don't know who is doing Eventually they realize who is here. I just feel bad for every hard working, good janitor there would be. If they lived in our neighbourhood. There would be out there right now mopping up that slime, because the stories. They damage they have. They hang a cloud over,
all janitors, even the prestigious wonderful ones, will again to not to maybe but again over the line, a janitor, but I was fortunately true. I dont want a malign generous, I believe, the general in general is a sacred job. We trust you with our toilets. Yes They are the greatest civil servants in the nation. The janitors, I've immense amount of respect for them ninety seven percent of them are guilty of sex crimes? That's not shadow! I dont want logic. That is untrue, that its I wouldn't ninety three percent three, but just less then than the catholic church Well, I don't know man, I do now there always are. Our duty smells note. Will, unfortunately, what comes I do, though, is that its or straight out of a page of the? U S, government defence too. Dixon had also smear people, child porn, so there the problem- is that it also makes all my fucking conspiracy in theory, bells rang. They didn't
just blade at all on this janitor. But unfortunately it probably is the genders all right. He probably did kind of in a haze of I understand like I am the Lee. Reasonable I am all day and if the other before I come sure sure I feel like somewhere in there and that cloud of your horrible perversion right. You just if the laptop out yet just you seem need, but afterwards they, you know it's a common joke. There's a lot of scandal comedians talking about this kind of humor. After your mind, is very cleared. You would think the dinner. You only knows how to do claim. Why we hit the x is the easiest clean up job? He would have all night you literally had to do was at least Cologne, the laptop at least, but apparently so one day when they threatened to fire him. I actually don't know the whole thing as I was reading this too Natalie choose like, so they didn't call the police yeah zealously, they sort of they threatened to fire him. They didn't
in this? Isn't a favourable offence. Survey apparently just fired him, and then he came back threading threatening to execute everyone at the Post office in the serve a toy which has made them shut it down. So it wasn't the fact His bed was looking to child board, obviously horrible, that we were to die, but it was the fact that he gave back its threatened to shoot everybody up in the office building. That's why cleared everybody out. It seems to be it's a combo K. Well, that makes a little bit more sets to be now. Ok, it's all coming together, key cohesion because he caused quite a stir. You observe rhetorical lower than there was just there should have been. The intention been focused on aliens or solar flares, but instead it was, some form of Mailros Place drama that was happening in their let's put a, but let's put a pit in there what's the final statement coming from the Sun spot observatory. Well, final comment. Here is something along the lines of well. We are open
for business again and we got tours of ale by September. Twenty ninth vacant bring your whole family. Not german. Family by not being superseded your grandparents they're gonna be the safest people in America. You know everything x to every single person coming into interview, therefore the gender job to replace the old genders. Like me, I you know what I love all women like other hand. I want to suck on a woman's tidies like it's a bunch of spaghetti. Mr Evans. Thank you. So much for being here of your energy yeah love clean, a toilet, so much dream. You are hired, sir higher right. Well, let's move, I did this story. This involves an goober driver and honestly I We can all kind of relate to her her name his Geneva Daniel Brown, and was arrested after she allegedly stabbed to overpower passengers after someone threw up in her car now
According to passenger Daniel Millard, who was using the ride, share with two other female passengers, it was just an average right until Brown allegedly got offended by something one of the writer said rather than one of them getting six. So what happened here is when you storing initial use, they all she shouldn't be stabbing passengers. That's not a good thing to do, and we think we can all agree with that. And then you read what going on with these two girls in the back seat. They were so unbelievably obnoxious. They did these. I think they got picked up. It was after midnight, they were amorous and they were like Skinnes home keys. This home, take us home immediately and then she tat enough and she stabbed the woman, but she did not step man, because I guess he was smart and quiet, and now I mean do you know where I would address Poland update, got someone vomiting your car and yelling at you. They they did the classic thing worthless, you're taken a wrong. Turn and they counter they contradict contradict the you know, Google,
ups or whatever wonder woman said I paid for a hundred per cent of the ride. So I want a hundred percent of the drive. This will get a driver to stab you they're still drivers. After all, that's you man, I we have to be careful who we push. In society, I think, there's a lot of people that believe that nothing will happen to them. When I see the way people drive out there or its leg in Atlanta, they'll shoot you in a faint, oh yeah. If you drive bad did you get out of your car to like a cavern on the road. We're gonna go we're gonna fuck. It each other into roadway, Johnny Right, altercation people, yet people fuckin have guns. You fuckin, kill people flipped out. But he wants of leaders. Now I shall ever backing Sab me because, the customer and it cost Mozilla, always right, but guess what sometimes a customer gets stabbed to death absolute costly customers will push in somebody. It's gotta
life and its decided that data want to be a bit. I want to have a customer to service provider relationship issue to be fair as well. If you're Neuber driver very dangerous job, you gotta have a nice foregone if that's allowed in Europe in yours, so, of course, they're gonna be arm in grand theft, auto. If you get five stars, they send a tank and helicopters after you and if you get below two stores for your liberating they stab you that just how except that's what happens so no, no one did die. To clarify that now him know that good, good I'd, yeah. Ok, this is a copy. Do the guy he just as the uber driver showed up, we all get in everything is fine. And dandy. I don't particularly love the phrases everything it's fine and dandy, but nonetheless that's what he said. He said why we are like we're: we're like we're going home, great witches, We are called these people seem very Lystra, we're like we're going home and then he says she went down.
Another wrong road and amber said just get us where we are. Going plays and the driver got it ended by that can stop the car my door Millard said Anne round allegedly made an abrupt, stop and yelled. What did you say to me Amber said just get us home, please and then Amber said. We paid one hundred percent of the ride. For so we pay for one hundred percent of the ride, so we want to one hundred percent of derived slim raising get, and she said she doesn't need this. She gets out of the vehicle, ampere is still demanding. Please take a storehouse police tickets to how the woman word. The women are obviously heavily intoxicated, of course, the air passengers that we're hammered, and one begin. Divided in the car at that point and that's why and Brown attempted to kick the writers out, but one didn't oblige. She allegedly pulled out an exact, don't I've and stabbed the woman multi. Times you gotta get out of the uber. This is I am saying this is her. Our markets Hey it's entirely reasonable, but we'll say like
she asked you to get out of the car out of the car. You just get the fuck out of your car. It's not you or car, knowing its this person's car. If someone was in my car- and I was I believe, and then they didn't do it did the and she would increase hopefully not leading to violence. Can we not only do they not do it? What did your buddies justice Harlem in the back of the car you're like. I would urge that we are so that she didn't bob it until she stopped the car and then request did they get out of the car and then she started vomiting. I would the two Yosemite say to you that would leave the grand I've got that Perker Bric, a Brac will argue that old called to me. He had time to load dance. I would be very dangerous person if this happened. Yes, I completely agree zone. I sympathise you can see her smash and through Lookin for that fuckin, exact or knife. So I know I've got some caught her mother, Fucker, rightness, motherfucker, I heard so like your mother like why driving,
the doing a lot more, a scramble, scrambles grub on an awful lot of currently tyranny. Tell me the wheel. We won't Pakistan of its stamp world guilty of occasionally being bad passengers in a Neuber car, but I'll tell you when the driver says get out it's time for you to go. Brown was later arrested after being found in a port car at a gas station. She remains in custody. No one He knows how long she's gonna be there. Goober did not immediately respond to people's rehearsed whites industry packing up we're already weren't ready by that it is David Uptight obtained by the Augusta chronicle. Uber said what the police reported is appalling and not tolerated on the upper app. The driver no longer has access to the EP and we will work with long. Oarsmen to assist with their investigate, So I she's sounds like a great Ober driver to me, I will say Casey Entity in bold and a lot of people, sure
feel it. This is a direct line of the Casey Entity, line of thought and we're like what are you gonna do about it like its jet? that is also its also inexact dough knife is such a brute because you get slashed not really stab in a brutal. Like it, you can see the skin separating like it's a hell. Razor or something it's not a good thing It stabbed what she also. Probably as for the ox cord right after that, too, how I could show my music. I always tell the mover driver to listen to whatever the fuck. It is it he wants. You were. She wants to listen to it. Well, because I don't want to take their air of joy away from them. You know fold closure. We were coming back. We all Henry was in town this past week end on Friday evening. He Natalie were able to Common Henry tried on his suit for the wedding and it sounds like it fit. Well, it's nice.
Erin area lasting and very less. We stayed up until around four thirty in the morning the market place, and I did do exactly what you just said to the Euro drivers cutaneous, I'm unable to hate to suck. I, like a channel my little inner big Lebowski, thus going to fuck and Eagles man, but unlike kick me The car, like that driver did in thankfully did not stab Mr Lebowski. He just change the channel to one other station, but then the song that he changed it to actually liked worse, but there's a clear change, your back and then he never touched it again. But technically that was my fault. It is less rigid attitude in the first place you all asked, and if the man in turn around and said to you get out of my car. You ve been like it. It's like
never was in Emma person because it drunk or I get- I actually become more pliable, like I'm, not an unreasonable person like you can pretty role. May I, like I turn I get the bubbles out, I'm unreasonable, but a fund unreasonable, Ray I'm very W c fields where you can get kind of rule me out of here in the worrisome introduce falsely back in their right over there jurists. Did I didn't realize you see yourself as a w c fields kind of drugs, but that it makes a lot of sense, what I mean. How would you view me as a drunk, I don't know like gum. Oh I just its kind of what it's it's fun, it's an it it's sort of like if earnest ten we never wrote, yeah. You know just how much heard like yeah yeah, guys. Duff. I think of you is Jim: carries fire marshal character from in living color fire marshal bull? they didn't get much. They are now he doesn't. He doesn't mess around with fire
the problem we gotta watch Travis goes, would Travis around us when we're drunk he's also brings all fuckin, Eagle, eyed new members, every detail yeah where we were in Omaha and you guys are really wasted, but I was in any obviously and then just kept list. We need the same rage against the machine song over and over again and another hotel ass. You please stop playing music because there are children, asleep, moreover, that apparently that Hilton hotel we ve had that happen to us couple of times, you remember, I forgot what we're illicit duty was wailing Jennings someone came and asked us to stop a mere like we're just two a polish senators cover up a picture that is God's gun in trouble in hotels, but the thing is you leave it? They know it's. Forty eight hours tops where they have to deal with us so that their they're nice also quick uptake remember to see Bandy kissable. Only I Andy Mandy of
the New Nicholas Cage Film, it is for nominal a you had. I see a check it out. I can't stop thinking about I'm starting to change dot, Org petition to get she's a source rex replaced with the chatter goblin, so he's a source, rack, Socrates, or an order have acted suck. My dick general goblins, a great great great character and Casper Kelly said a really funny thing because he didn't into for three lest about chatter goblin cause when they are asked to put together the commercial, and he said I wanted to create it. Are, there was so much the opposite of the Twix Bunny. That was he God all them. Cheese, because the whole thing is that in the plot a lot of the charter- goblin Commercial- is at the shutter goblin It's all the makin cheese before the kids can get to it and then, when they ask him or he farm altered, Freddy's is well kid. Remember. Currently, the kids were just spoken screamin, because that shade does who was operated the puppet
like, went to the kids benign YA, like MAC and change like what why this blockage operated with majority jeez we're like three hours, and there were still like, like a kid. At least regional level That's why you're supposed to hurl up the MAC and she's? Not the back of an over I'm supposed to put it in a ball, so everyone can enjoy it s, a traitor, goblins, an amazing little seed and in the movie Mandy. If you haven't had a chance, you go out there and watch it. You will love it. It is a roller those two right and I gotta say apparently Nick cage to you ago was offered to play the cult leader. They offer to play? It be that role he said now we want to be the hero and thankfully he held out long enough. So he could be the hero, he's the best actor that we
have I agree. I could just get Nick cage against any Redmain and physical fight and watch him dragged at skinny. Fucking long mouth bass face be to sit back and National gets walls. Breakin is tiny legs. Oh, oh, he was greatest Stephen hawking. He was wonderful. I will say if you, if you like, Mandy, should check out pen Cosmo Doses first movie beyond the black Rambo, it is low pretty righteous. It is like, if Dennis from its always sunny played the leader of an email to programme, will have its. Also, very I will say at once, a little style over substance? Oh, but if your weapon fuckin bombs and your locked in you will love, but their certain move. This it can other movie, that's very similar to that called enter the void. Yes, that is like that. Have you seen enter the void yeah that meets various interests, all trippy shit, just for like two hours. I think I've heard it. That's all. I remember it's pretty sweet because it like
someone recommended me like they're, like get, is fucked up as possible a watch it. So I sat ADAS Annex a drink or age. The joint and I drew it was like sickened, socket non scotch while watching it is very axing I mean parted. I know one has to tell you to get like really messed up and watch the movie. Just assume that he's going to folks. We can't have energy, be like oh now, it's a challenge. You're already gonna. Do you get fucked up the walk? the joy luck, club or I'm trying to like makes it upwards like. We want to see white boy Rick yesterday and I, like we smoked a little bit but I think this is not really. I dont need to eat a pile of edible, before watching there now and then the movie was fine, ok, all right, we'll do another new story here Henry. Do you want to take this one, or should I do I want to do, though, the one with the the fellow who is just bound he was murdered two years ago, and they just bound him because there was a seed in this Tommy and it grew into a tree. So
there's a murdered man's body was found after a tree unusual for the area grew from seed in his stomach missing and who was murdered more than forty years ago has been found after a seed from a fig in his stomach grew into a tree. That sounds like a fucking folklore really I like a Nancy. What this story is like a throwback. I know he was. He was killed forty years ago, but it seems like it could have happened during biblical times. The man's name is hum at her. Goon and I'm sure mispronouncing that and he added killed in the conflict between the Greek Cypriots, the Greek Cypriots and the turkish Cypriots in nineteen seventy four and his body remained undiscovered for years. I think this is like this is a pretty cool or human lives is of grave. So great, great. You could ask for O Cypriot So from Cyprus, ok, cool. I thought it was a type, a robot is it I would like that. I don't I don't know man, I just don't know anything incredibly dead man has it taken too
cable to others in both an amendment killed by dynamite, there was thrown out after them Falk, yet the dynamite so blue a hole in the side of the cave, allowing light to flood into the dark and interior, which in turn allowed the fig tree to grow from the man's body. That's fucking, metal, dirty or Serbia out, one of them figs, of course, I won't embodies the eggs. I want me, that's the thing, so we grew a fig tree. Grew out of this man. Is that correct us? NATO there actually figs on this tree that you could nipple on acts, I think it's actually introduced a bill, see there's some of these that I think that are actually probably pretty like thick the problem: pretty big because the you naughty actually grows, because if you are, if you our bodies and bury them out in a field in our shit, to our should make shit growth things like really big, I was watching this sum is one show called them
raising interiors Netflix in order to shut out all the noise in my brain and are part of what they did is they had eighth, a garden completely worked on their share Like you, I thought it was a howling and completely with sustainable within this family, but it was that it was a house in a giant greenhouse wail, of what they use their Duke water to grow their vegetables and do want or made plants or big real and tomatoes were really big in thick and ripe? I don't know how goes from shit water to big tomatoes, right now and I just killed a cactus, so I'm not really sure how to grow in power. This goes to early hour. Shit does a lot of funds. I understand. That's nature. That's natural and it's wonderful and healthy. For me, it would still kind of Crete me out a little bit if I knew that it was my dung, my crew, that has been used to make the carrot that I, while an overly that many cares. But if I did it a carrot, I just don't, but what's that
prince, if its horse or somebody else or cow cow, patty or commoner, I don't Ojo, It's gonna we're debate. If it was Alexander De Doritos shit garden I'd be fine with it it's yours right, I'm not gonna have anything from it lay even if the big most like succulent lookin zucchini in a world, I'm isaak- and I have it because I know it goes in your body, just the world's most, toxic strawberries, the ones are like like somehow alcohol content in these strawberries, thou the incredible we honestly you take all you shit right and you grow this up and then all the better, or just a half old trapper up up up up up because beef jerky in the world, so this balance it really is. This: fellas Mr, his sister was she's eighty seven years old. Her name is mere near here near and she said we had to learn what I've been looking at me or near here here now. Yes, it's a mere near here. Can you tell
so, we see is that we used to live in a village with a population of four thousand half greek half Turkish in nineteen. Seventy four the disturbance began, my brother, a mat joined. Turkish Resistance Organization, also known as T m t on June tenth, the Greeks took him away from years they searched for his body. I just did not realise that the Greeks in the Turkish were fighting and nineteen seventy four, unlike what seems to be again just a very old, It seems like old times to me. Ok, the tree was spotted now that this figure is spot. In two thousand and eleven by your researcher, who was curious as to how the tree had ended up in a cave and especially an email, this area that we were there now usually found, so it's cool that they were able to find this guy and a total of one hundred and twenty two earlier. There was one thousand two hundred and twenty two excavations. They ve been carried and the island so far and their amazement fount of about twenty six percent
It had been found in about twenty six percent of those, the patient, so it seems like they killed a lot of people and put the ball in the caves, and this one just and to have a victory grow out. I'm gonna go. I want them. Thanks Of course, That's the way. It is a cool way to live forever. If you eat a seed and then your buried just below ground, and then you can become tree, and then everyone has to imports of your body and stop. I think, there's something really sort of its. Reincarnation. I would like to come back as a tree. We may get every elegant Emmy did that we do that for My grandfather and man, the tree, died, so it like it was a really nice tree, but then I guess my my parents plan it is all wrong who sideways and then we did some pressure against the walk. My family's huh,
my mom and Dad House is right up against the wall of my high school. Ok and those fuckin pieces vitiate at the high school you're, like figure, mad about they wanted to cut the first. We're like you need to cut down your grandfather's tree because it was leaning over the wall to air side, usually in someone's, does grandfathers tree. They mean tree in your grandfather's yard, but this was your actual grandfather in the target. It was really ok so they were like in ye could gave eight feet in animals like we're gonna. Do you want to start this fuckin war that you wanted to see how bridegroom we all can get pushes. Huskies into, corner when there's no way to turn around. What's going to happen when you get his eyebrows Guiana corner right, you're, like a bug you're like the neighbour that also means to grab dog MR pubs, you're, like Mr Bob's, at a quarter. I love this year. I have like Mr Rubs, but then on. It just died on its own
so now so they have to tell you how much they charge to full can take it down so much, but fifteen hundred bucks it's a hell of a lot of money to take on a dead tree. Yeah they charge you. While you will get to me. Naturally, I am sure it still looming and that's it one of those we'll get to its payments, I'm sure! That's what they're saying won't know. That's the they're just waiting to do it because the it's still my grandfather's tree, so you know We want to deal with it relishing taking down it's still. There gets done. In its sustained enough. So we died twice the S interest, I think that its boundaries. That means, I think spirit is unhelpful. Now I think that without as additives, as was a key
Mortal then my eyes and in Europe now again a part of the voyage. I mean I don't know Mammy. I dont picture a ghost rider having these a brow, ski body. I think that that whole franchise would be much funny or if it did have as a rule, ski body forego strider, but it's well. Your grandfather is now a demon working in Hell for the devil, chubby strider politically looking a credible dislike, not being able to its like the best part man, parochial. They go in, they always become pan and so you can make yourself feel good by ordering I'm steamed beheld cousin you're like taken some of the fat out of a right, but then you have to put it through the flames to get it into your skull, face that crispy bottom couldn't sushi. Though We're just gonna said. It always becomes cooked already students story on beyond. This was a kind of a crazy story. Did you see this one Henry? So what is this and so beyond today's ex drummer. She is
held a restraining order, alleging extreme witchcraft, Kimberly tunnels in Kimberly Thomson reportedly claims that she suffered from beyond say is magic spells of sexual molestation and then I'd, say, murdered my pet kitten Kimberly. Thomson says Bianca Kimball Kimberly, tops and filed for a civil harassment, restraining order against beyond, say and court records viewed by pitchfork confirm, according to the arguments obtained by the blast Thompson alleges that The answer is practising extreme witchcraft and magic spell of fuel molestation do harasser the only I dont know what a mess expel of sexual molestation issues, not saying that beyond say sexually didn they do her she's in the spells R, r r doing that which I dont firmly Anderson but maybe you can enlighten me a little bit on that and their harassing your and among other allegations again, she said
she murdered her pet kitten and that, of course, very sad. I mean it's bay. It If, if bays could emerge your kid- and I know how many- how many people on Instagram right now be like me, skill. My didn't look, I got back to be big. Yeah, but I don't know if she did that in reality. I dont think that she killed this woman's How would be also? Why is this woman? This is. Dont say like going to her apartment. Do you need a ride straining order, a dense beyond, say? I think the idea is quite busy. I think she's got a lot of security. I don't think she's really stalking alot of people, because they really want to rush of people in the bushes around her, my active Restraining order against opportunity has worked so far has not approached me and Tralee approach. We were so that has been working. That's it should do to that. Would Steven Spielberg also didn't you, unlike arms,
nearly all the big directors, because I can't be molested any more right right, I'm not I'm not allowing it. I don't care how many parts it'll give me and how fame and power winking going reversal I saw tick, culture, sucks, Lex, Command, Steven Spielberg. You got that snap and bought pussy. Mind you well, oh there. I think that maybe it's possible that they had some kind of like fun. Sexual pre show thing no. No, I don't know. Maybe she likes walkin around nude mean again. This is all
deep into my fantasies, about all the dancers and all them walk and renewed in, like that? That's what they do not like slap at and tick Lynch other way each other before going on stage, which we know is not how most performers norm up. It's not shall related in Portuguese. It is not what it ours import these. They are warm enough free, it's a physical feet and I have to say dance for hours. I dont think they just tickle. Each other we feel, like you, anybody saw our pre show warm up and saw that we, like play that game right for a penal Eminem and you try to catch between your dick in your balls. They saw that they they wouldn't first, what is happening here, but simply that we be like this is how connected and show each other we got each other's back on state will. Obviously we don't do that, but I would be very impressed if I could daddy No, I dont know I wasn't even remotely close to possible your balls. Sticky, as it is right to be fully graphic, but I feel like because
through a period of it, I'm just at my balls. They stick depends on the day, I guess and where you got me that depends on the day in the climate as well. We're gonna be in Austin soon. So, if you're good to try it. Try at their records, viewed which work show that talks about a request for a temporary restraining order denied by LOS Angeles superior court on September nineteen, and there is thirdly, a restraining order, hearing scheduled for October eleven, so it seems like the court's, aren't really by in the fact that beyond say a stocking. This woman, with with set magic. I guess I'll tell you what the Bay have come search a few if any sort of security measures some sort of deep sorcery than they are doing for the proper reason they all the way. Hashtag may lives, love Bay goaded. I'm fine, I'm sorry you're a part of her apocalyptic message to the universe. I love it and it's just a little side, no Kimberly Thompson again, the ex drummer for beyond, say she also play drums. Fred Artisans Band and
Fred arms had let this ban for the late night with set my this programme, so she was the drummer on the late with South Myers Programme, pretty good career. Or for a drummer that I've never heard of until she soon for of restraining order against beyond sent fantasy and tease actually more of the creek from what I've heard. I don't know all right. Well, supporting the blind items. I say see: that's the thing outside of paid seven. I still will read the blind items, but there is a precedent for this, because remember, Azalea banks posted some videos of her practicing brouhaha witches spanish witchcraft, ok, where she was mutilating chickens and her closet. Really and in dealing with this at all. No, I don't I we now know who azalea banks is because I won't be answer by she's a musician. These images, the area, but she she had all these very error. These pictures of blood
stained walls in her closet, where she would kill chickens in a closet as a form of witchcraft, and here he is unrepentant which is cool. Will now. Just like you have my share why'd, you do it, The closet know exactly what you do it to its aid sacred space. Ok, interesting! I we'll, say: there's a lot of people like sacrificing the chicken. How can you do that? But then we need so many chickens, country I mean, I guess, if you're going to use it for spiritual reasons, so I imagine this is areas if there's any body that would be using cause that creates what we called very strong magic did when you I a residual like I'm sorry castle. Just so part of this would like Now, if I come to fire residual technically, it's effective, but it's not as effective as the old ways, so this apart it where the in Rosaria style like, if you really want to get something done. Broad spilled is really the
lady get it done. I was a part of what happened with the story of them M Brando movie Apocalypse now known. Polyps. Now the island of doktor morale. There's a documentary about the making ray and in order to secure the success of that home and voted for him getting to the director of the movie went sort of insane daddy paid. He paid a warlord He paid a showman to do a full on blood ritual for six yes, but the problem is that if you dont, do it specifically enough you're going to create a lot of can problems report. I think that the biggest problem is, if you don't have a script or you know, actors that really want to be there or give a shit about what they're doing. That's all I'm gonna make it difficult movie to become successful, I think so I guess it brought in all of that has come into places. Well right, you can't just cages come out of nowhere right. Magic is supposed to be for the the increase
of achievable reality, but bay, sorting, fuckin she's, like a coup, drooping threat. If she just a little bit of magic with it, I'm certain that will really boost your fuckin numbers. She cabbage easy enough all tat much more. Could she get booster numbers anymore, she's, not all over the world? Probably the galaxy, even maybe she wants me the president may have to see a lot more blood. Anybody that wants to be president has to preside over at least three toddlers. Getting your fuckin dome split saw the senators need it's fuckin head. Oh my brain. I don't remember that class in political science, but perhaps I skip that day. I dont up. You didn't get the NFL what's em. If I got my am I I just have my bachelors yeah, you gonna get the hey, that's final, the cripple secrets. I don't want to go back to school, there's a new, a dark eyed Netflix
It's doing this whole inside the Freemasons, because then the three hundredth anniversary of the main temple in london- and it is very interesting that doing an unprecedented, transparent, look inside of the Vigo inside of the two, Paul. They show you all that stop resist bunch, goofy old men with aprons medallions on almost hopeless to go on any it's a bit of a life. We have a bit of a, however, bear the yoke and almost like our I'd, sure, that's you watch it it's more more like locale fun in Sweden goofy. It is indeed right, evil in fucking and cryptic unchecked, and then you really well this. I won't let us in on what the meetings are right. Hearing what they're saying we're yeah there are meeting I swear to God, man. The meetings are like well. I think that we should switch to paper Dixie CUPS. We have to think about its last August. For our environment, like communities or german day, the horrible like and no more using to ply. I would add masturbation level six
before I do believe we should stop using thralls, because I, have any of you see those pictures of the turtles and that's they do all right. Well, let's do you, our final story, Henry S, okay, to know this: you might recognize him from the hit film. Forty years old virgin or from the Television shows Nypd, blue and sky his name is Shelly MILAN and our own work. Shelly Malea. I believe, and I he was sentenced to twelve years to life in two thousand and ten. He just got out of prison after always serbian eight years. I guess he did great. I guess it was very well behaved in prison. Maybe he put on bits maybe, but I was it hits and they and they took a lot of time off his sentence, but but each time that he could also this right. Even true for me from being Wolf Wall Street. I got
glass as one time from an up tom interest. This thing, I think, if you can get out of this an area so how's jail. Kindly literally on budgets was twelve years to life. You got a year either, eight years he got his life hard core crime, but our group crime, but that would not about that. If it gets you respect in jail, and then you also- but you better tell oh these stories about Like Steve Corral using does it all. I hope that we can organise Sortes Nager orders, it's! An egg would give you some prison club, but you really think you are imprisoned and there are like about to do something horrible to you and less You tell us the story, and you say: oh this one time I met a comedian named Steve Corral. How is that help you survive prison. This thing called edging. Well. You just build yourself up to a froth, because there will you do if you want to go to let a guy foggy. So, as is about to stick it in your being all riled up from hearing about Steve Corral OWN and that you can say, I also work add Abner
film game in two thousand and then de bes Gonna have to calm things about it as their his goodness. I thought you were talking about sticking a knife in him because we should not make jokes about those things. Is a great documentary survive in prison by the way? If you get it, you see it. Tray holes in it. It's pretty don't go to prison, don't go man, that's I think, as I'm trying to skip press- you know what you mean one Henry I dont know if a lot of the people have a choice anyway, it back, but you were little members, Shelty Multi Man just just quickly though, he did eight years out of his twelve years to live said it's the only thing is he stabbed him, then girlfriend hurt him. His kindred, be twenty three times I'm gonna, say eight years she's? She was just on good morning, America. She says she doesn't feel safe. I dont know of eight years was and you know me, I'm very sympathetic, very pro prison reform, but twenty three times I can't even like that's exercise, that's a lie,
of work, I couldn't even stab mistake twenty three times and I'm gonna eat it. You real mad I guess that's what I'm saying is you gotta be really very upset. I feel like it. He would probably have to show quite a bit of change. Right, let's go to see has probably need to go to there be new Bonci shit. Where are you? purringly, Sir near now then a stab anybody again no as we learn you can't trust actors. The actors he's acting like he's reform If this whole thing goes awry, there's gonna, be it's gonna be riots in the straits. While you wait idea because it will happen. Is that you'll end up being where he's gonna be back at a movie immediately, it's possible, I suppose, of our Everyone will thank you so much for for listening to this week, side stories and thanks for sending us a lot of the links to the stories that we discuss today, you can always de Emmy on Instagram at bank is the one I get a lot of em, so I just tried a thumb through whenever I can. So. Thank you also
for that. I do too. To the email to be life. I guess I work or gmail com, though be great, send two can also tweeted our accounts at LP on the left that Instagram an alleged shape, the sentence ideas restores, we love it and it can remember, ran like I'm leavin now, which is great life is good. I'm laugh and in love in M, live in all its stubborn, but if you're like a lot times, if you're just laughin and live in, that means you ve got hopelessly insane. I mean I I you know I love in there and you are just laughing all day that we're. It sounds more like a cruel, primitive bark. I guess it's good, because you're gettin out sure you would have want to do and you could be walking fix. Practicing for his new role in the Joker, which I gotta say I've, I think kind of look cool he'll deal peacekeeping good enough. Of Walking Phoenix Matter walking Phoenix he's. My he's did so
Good. Oh you're, not really here a blow. Yes, you not only earlier on and are really ere. You were not there and I'm not here when I was great applicants, although I dont know if we know that the title by yes, there was a great movie, go I've. I've just recovered my fucking mother regarding my fought every week. It's bad I hail yourselves, everyone Hale Saying Mug installations and me I mean there. Thank you mean That is that he is that a chatter goblin I don't no
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