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2019-05-30 | 🔗
Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a burglar cleans an apartment, more UFO disclosure talk, crossbow murder update, and MORE.   TRIPLE L.
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Everybody hold in here. Oh hey, I'm Jake, and I just wanted to take a quick second to talk about this live show we got going on in Brooklyn and June. Are you talking about the life podcast event of the season? Oh my god. Yes, I'm talking about the live podcast of the season, of course, insights or maybe like last podcast on the left live, but you know what I mean, but this is its own thing wizard and the bruiser page, seven. On one stage. It's going to be incredible at the Bell House on June ninth at Sunday June, ninth at the Bell House doors are at seven. The show is at seven hundred and thirty. You can get tickets on line for just twenty five dollars. We're going to have merch we're going to have signed posters were going to be hanging out after the show come party with us
Don't party with Jackie she's a violent press, see you there guys this is the lost. This is on the left side. Yeah me in a dream last night that we were recording. I episode. Last podcast. I don't know why I'm dreaming that is never late worst, when your dreams or just your job, yes, isn't the worst I honestly I like spending time with the boys, but you know yeah definitely like right back to work because we add accidental day off yesterday, so it was like, I felt insane anyway having an accidental off, because I was like what did I what am I missing right now, but in the middle of doing We were doing the show- and I said something on the show and Marcus Stored- sees it
If you are like whoa whoa Marcus anything well and he went to school I like what I was like is it made, and I say something disgusting and he starts choking up this like fucking like pink like little guy, like nude like what, pat, like you remember, it's pat you pit Pat! Is it from mister? bro no password for sale, not pat, oh ok, it's pat, but it's cold like pit pat over something that was like a spokes thing. There was a sexless formula, spoke that thing Mr Show, and it slid out of his mouth, we will either laughing the whole time while we're doing also it does feel good to let you through she's great podcast did this is a great podcast you well, if there's anyone out there that knows how to interpret dreams. Please email us. At aside
is l, P, o t, L at G mail, dot com, all right. Never what this inside stores all your bad hanging out with my boy Henry is always we. That way to be hanging out with you all this weekend in a van over Seattle, Portland and if you are in Vancouver, get those tickets still a few available, and it's just going to be an absolute hood, so get those tickets and We will see everyone there we're in the we're in a good part of Cooper. This time too, they call it Cooper. I don't know, if they call it Couver, it seems a little bit. I mean I kinda, like Coover, I'm Cooper, Cooper, Thomas sounds good. Yeah football player for Thomas sounds like a cool guy with the saxophone yeah. No, I don't think they do call it that, because they're not as like their names are like they have different nicknames kind of like over the in the UK, where they kind of had like a ebony Dibley to things. I'm not really certain
I've heard of letter names were like it's like why? Oh yeah it has to have some kind of answer. We literally are right of honestly coop sounds pretty cool, so we can now wait to see everybody there, Tuesday night. It's going to be very exciting, I also want to say it was when you know what I did this weekend Henry I do know what you did this week and he went to LAS Vegas and I found out that uhm mean and that is tough for me to handle yeah, but it was a lot of fun. I'm gonna die there. Man, I think, Do you, ok, so seriously LAS Vegas scene in LAS Vegas? Yes, I love it. I love it, but the highs and lows of LAS Vegas are simply incredible, so It's all people have the best time of their life. The people watching was incredible and
I saw people having the lowest moment in their existence, and the saddest thing I saw three o'clock in the morning am an openly weeping. At a slot machine? Definitely like a weeping like he just lost a family member and the saddest part of all it was a twenty five, send slot machine? So I don't know what happened. I think I said I'm going to let it ride at Layton, ride it rolled away from him and he prob. Really just a license so there are two Pock, fifty yen could the book fifty flip three, oh, my god, do so get it through. Roulette table all Oliver ride. Buddy So now I'm feeling it now here with Deborah, says the amount of time Did you just hear a slap on a table followed by fuc fuc like it? oh my god. It was incredible, but it was just a pleasure trip. We also have some big news.
Coming up here we're going to be starting to wrestling podcast, because people are like starter wrestling podcasts and that's when I was down I was down there to watch a e all or double. Nothing. It was awesome Henry so yeah it was a big old quotation marks business trip and you you met. You met your new co host, which we will reveal soon and you guys saw some some and it was like a business trip that happened last like four days. At one point, I literally, Marcus and Henry- and I was like does like. Going to Vancouver, which is on the West Coast, like maybe I should stay in Vegas 'cause. They were also. You should come home right now. Look at honestly. You should actually get in a plane in New York City right now, because your credit fuckin' die there in Vegas I feel like it is still the one place I've ever been to that it is just the people watching is vacation enough.
Just a different stories from back and forth of all the different again, it's the highs and lows. If so much good drama, it's a lot. Have good drama. We are really excited for this to podcast. We don't really know you don't really know. What's going to be, we don't know what it's going to be just yet, but I know that it's it's rathlin. Yes, it's going to be called kind of fun the LP in wrestling podcast, and I think we're going to focus because my co host- has a lot of insight onto a incoming wrestlers there's so much going on with New Japan A ew, so I think we're going. Focus on the world of professional wrestling in a much larger scope than just the w. WY. We well, of course, we'll talk about that. We because it's also kind of fun, but it's going to be a lot of fun. So anyway, Okay manner, be it better be a better but you're, I'm gonna get up. I'm gonna put the put the strap to you My back in Vegas. I happen to be had to happen to be in New Orleans. I paid a woman
Klay what happened. What happened was that was there alone in New Orleans, and I ended up with a group of bachelors and a bachelor party is like that. Ninety man on this I was sitting there alone drinking, so they absorb into their party and then they just paid this way in the street. Many many dollar bills to whip me and I didn't realize I was in a black out anyways. I woke up in the morning covered well, it was great and I had to shoot a movie medical story before, but it's great baby castle. Can you hear yeah mean wow wow, wow wow? Oh my gosh, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum yum. Is that it's not a UFO, because ufos don't make noise. This story exploded. Shirako from the desert. Yesterday from the New York Times this low. Here is coming. Yes, it might be Softap disclosure, so it's kind of, like If you invited me over to your house- and I was wearing a fake set of muscles underneath my shirt on the beginning of our date, but then I was like you know, Jillian
really cool, yeah you're, really cool too. I got. Babies took enough time over the gym. Do you go out on a date with me Henry, that's Julia talking there. Ok, yes, yeah julianne! Mister! I got something I tell you well, like you. I think I think you like me yeah. What is it Henry? Is it just you prayed that you're going to have to eat too much protein in my presence? but keep your muscles all cut. No, this is asoft disclosure, Jillian, I pull off the muscles that he sees my body and then she stuck just stuck because it's to find a man in your mid 30s. Well, I I don't know if I don't know if that's true seeing her like there was many many available men out there. But yes, yes, but this also. Closure is here so I say: Softap disclosure, because the Pentagon still is not come out and said we know.
These are. We have an alien craft in our one of our hangers Eisenhower, still alive, he's getting blown by a great. We don't have any of that. We do we have that evidence. Yet yet ok, but we have a new article done by the same trio that wrote the original Ical December. Twenty seventeen revealing the existence of a program called a tip which stands for advanced aerospace, threat, identification program and revealed the video of what would became known as the white TIC tac video, which shows a. I think, looking like up like a John it sugar, cylinder castle. Flying through the sky and a bunch of pilots going to focus that, but who article done by the same trio of reporters, Hellene, Cooper, Ralph, blue Menthol and Leslie Kean has fur the revelations of why the Us Navy has decided to revamp its in. Fire system for.
String sightings with the government, and it's it is just so we are fucking hear here we are in it. We are in the middle of it. Now, obviously there are some people who are going to be skeptical. As always, I'm I'm you know you got to put in your skeptics cap of walking shoe June ahead, not know it's bulletproof skeptics, I'm sorry, you guys shouldn't threaten violence. You can't get through that, but it does seem interesting. Some people are speculating that this is all Tom, Delong, former Blink one hundred and eighty two singer, and what would the guitar player or something like that? I don't want people do but they're, saying Tom. How long is setting all of this up in order to promote His new show- and I I'm just gonna say: I think that is a fun idea. It's a fun idea to think that discovery channels, rollout, would include a fold front page. After the New York Times. I wish, if all the other basic cable channels had that, like adult swim
really yeah, because you know how we 'cause with this year for season for your pretty face is going to Hell. We had Pope Francis come out and call me gay which I thought was really really nice of him to come out, and you know he's he's. He's rose, to me. It's fun that I'd love to be gay. No, Oh, absolutely. I wish you was correct. How dropbox this is on board. What do you have to forget to give that guy in order to do promo, for your pretty face is going to help? Let's say I have a hard drive of pictures. Blackmail. Yeah, alright and there's a lot of check mails in those pictures, no interest now. What we have here with this story is a it is basically testimony from a lieutenant by the name of Ryan Graves. Oh yeah. However, thing called a super hornet guru which looks cool yeah, or plug in love all this shitman. Yes, This dude! He was in the Navy for ten years and he's
actually here, he's here, quoted, saying these things would be out there all day. Keeping an aircraft in the air requires significant amount of nrg with speeds we observe twelve hours in the air is eleven longer than we'd expect. There's a couple. Good sources on this that I are useless. I was listening to podcasts by German Korabl, who directed the Skinwalker Ranch documentary that we covered when we did Skinwalker Ranch is here with a man by the name of David forever. Who was the one who saw the name, it's Tick tac toe. You will prevent. That was the pilot. They tracked that UFO okay and he set up up it's what they're seeing is all day long, crazies flights. He's like. Did you spend enough time on? The sea is like, essentially, I mean besides just see it. She, God knows what you I mean. You know drinking sorry to wine. I don't know what their make and the basis of a submarine, but I don't know I guess Do you? There is definitely one guy, though whoever was just like hey Rodney. Could you just
suck it again. It just walk around just perhaps a little bit. I don't. What happens? I toured one submarine summary when I was in Sanford, just go with Brooke, and there's not a lot of room to roam around there, so I don't know what he's done. It makes you horny and that's what happened my father and shot me out. I was one of his fermented seeds in the back at him that made this is monkey you see before you up, but he is saying so basically you're, seeing should all day long like so there's a part of where you're trying to figure out a way to normalize what that how it is that they are seeing in a figure out a way to to to talk to their superiors about it, because right Freberg says that, with that white TIC tac do when they saw it. The first thing I tried to do was it tried to jam their signal and he said
That is if there is officially an attack against the. U S, government really heavy. If you were paying eighty craft, but you don't identify and it does not bring give you a call back you're supposed to go. You have to scramble. I did to fly it and essentially quote quote: help it land one way or another, like you're supposed to guide it to a near airport, to figure out with what's going on or you're supposed to blow it out of the sky. So this thing they tractor for a little while tempted you're a jam, the radar and then flew away, but back to Lieutenant Ryan Graves. He was saying and honest of parking, a story that is absolutely compelling. He said that he almost hit one of these things well, on a test run. He said. The pilot in his wing man we're flying in tandem about one hundred feet apart over the Atlantic E of Virginia Beach when something flew between them and the only way that he could describe it was that it looked like a sphere in casing
cube. This thing crazy and he said again it stops turns on a dime and what seems to be the term. But a lot of the got these guys seem to say is that speed doesn't kill you stopping, does really cool thing. Is that this? It's not the like, you can go as fast as you want I could do anything your body besides the G Forces rights when you stop, especially if you stop fucking cold or your gut secret ' bladder. Alright, I just wanted to you. I just want to caution everyone out there. Maybe you are on a cocaine. Bender right now do not Henry this is about this is about traveling. This is not about the drug. Because I know for a fact day, two of a cocaine. Jim I'm sure someone's like Henry said we just go, and they are correct, though, at the same time, in the same way. Now, of course,
are some people who are skeptical, so just senior astrophysicist, Lien Golub he was quoted in the I'm saying there's so many other possibilities, like maybe bugs in the code which kind of scary to think the Navy has like a bunch of bugs being like, there's a ship over there, but there isn't, because they are all heavily armed things that I would have said they would get that right. You see my hand what to do in and she was just being at strong Are you see, straws and, of course, draws kill turtle, so don't grass, but those stress leave that Ross. Are I hate this I know bug is always like that that could be some bugs in the code. For imaging or display systems, use like atmospheric effects and reflections near and then he also says neurological overload for multiple inputs during high speed right so sure he's explanation. Isn't flying go crazy. That there's
at and the machines kind of go crazy, too 'cause you're flying at high speed. But the thing is this happening all the time and it's different when you can lock onto it with your targeting mechanisms that there they're locking onto these things and then they're following them and then shoot like this, where Ryan Gray is seeing it with his own fucking eyeballs. I want to say, because we actually have a good letter from a marine that I want to cover real, quick, that's an immediate that it really dispels exactly what we're talking about. Also, I asked the question on last podcast on the left, which branch of the Terry Drinks, the most it turns out. It is the Marines, but technically That is the Navy and I'm just going to put this out there. Is it possible these naval. Pilots are hammered. Possible. I think it would be difficult, but I do appreciate them get loose before flight, because it's a little difficult, but there's a lot of pressure. I don't it's got to be. It's got to be difficult to fly jet. My So imagine having a couple under the belt it allows you really have some fun
well absolutely, and of course, if you're, you know out there to perform a mission that mate rely it may end up in the with the death of 10s of people. Maybe you want to be a little hammered for it. Well, we gotta bunch of like the neighbors, the biggest drunks number agent biggest trunks, but What I believe is from a letter from a lady named by goes by the initial K. Who is aid? answer in Hawaii who says it's definitely the Navy. Alright, there it is. We can trust her. I trust her up. This letter from the Marines, I think kind of spells out a little bit more of the problems with being a pilot and trying to talk about the fact that you almost hit a sphere in Kasinga Q. So according to an I've, seen Ufos in flight. The first was a white cylinder while out at sea I saw it for maybe fifteen seconds hovering above the surface, then it dove in the water without a splash.
Well, I was working for a sixteen hour days at sea, so I just figured. I was seeing ship okay, the second 'cause. While I was doing training in the mountain ranges between San, Diego and LOS Angelus. Flying straight when one of my pilots noticed a big boomerang, slash triangle, all black shaped object appearing to fly in the opposite direction. At us we figured it was just an air force jet or something without lights, and that air traffic control had fuckedup. We change our course to avoid hitting it, but as we came abreast of it, we realized it wasn't flying, but hovering and rotating to keep oriented at us. It was a great night and we had night vision goggles on, otherwise we wouldn't have seen it cuz. It had no lights, but essentially what he says he's like. I never talk about it because it's like you either let it ruin your life and your military career. Or you don't. I think, the same type of person who is willing to put the time and effort into flying through the military. Is it willing to throw all that away over the stigma that
so with Ufos, the world's coolest job, that I work regular fourteen hour days? You can't just give it up, because you saw something and it's ultimately inconsequential to you walk through, and I, like this term, you give his lesser sentence with Tom Cruise given up smash and Kelly. Guinness and playing shirtless volleyball, because he saw something weird for fifteen seconds once or twice in his career. I don't think so, of course, it's top gun on a cruise would have, though I love it and top on going to say this- and this is maybe you know this is going to be a classic controversial. Little comment here, hot shot, hot shots. I'd rather watch hot shots. That, of course, can you dislike controversial ruling for here for sight stories for side stories. That's Canon for Maine yeah, I feel top top hotshots is much better in top gun. Top gun is top guns. If you like, steamy dudes, though,
a top gun is the most straight looking movie. That really is just to see men with tight buns. Oh yes, well in Val Kilmer, of course he was. He was a main character there in top gun. At my buddy got to meet him, he actually signed? I think one of the first copies of willow for him, which was pretty awesome but Val Kilmer he's got the thing in the throat because he had throat cancer and now I know I was like man yeah like that, would just you know- I mean it's. It's a new thing, that's cool new thing: it's fine yeah, it's not bad, so we hope the valves doing already looks okay. I get this. You know, that's why I've We said this into one, my celebrities dead. I want them fat because, when they're fat there, be in their healthy, like big, old chunky, Val Kilmer It seemed like he was just living his best life and now he's all thin and gaunt did one good picture of him that I think was meme the hell out of it, which is that Val Kilmer. Looking back and smiling
You can find it it's pretty good. It's good to look up fat Val Kilmer smiling, and it really is it's nice to see you we were also talking to it, and I forget his name. Maybe if Travis can man. If you remember his name to lead singer from the cure. Robert Smith, Robert Smith, Robert Smith, is a man that he is really comfortable yeah what he looks like now. I love it. I love it. We should all we all need to aspire. Honest Jack Nicholson, eating the sandwich on a yacht with no shirt on, and we could do it right. It's Robin sexy bodies covered in Fuckin' mayonnaise on multiple power move by plucking love. It Dick Ulous anyway I'll go back. This story, which is so just to stick close it out. Ok, closer out out, we are They are really in the golden age of Ufos right now, a jacqueville I also had when he was recently on coast to coast. So I hope you do not care. So I'm not going to have tried impressing with us. But I press, if you do remember, remember
One thing I've said about Jack Filet Jack Bullet yeah, Jack Foley was the guy. Wasn't he the one where he taught you how to workout with just a chair you older. You can actually do you can actually work. Your tries and I've got. It was jump through the tubes in the internet, I'm going to get into that office but shot filet was the one he's the proponent that Ufos a psychic. This psychic display he's my favorite one of all of 'em yeah, no he's a proponent that it's a psychic display. Z look, allow easy you are but he's said recently, he was like one cool thing he said, but I thought it was very interesting. We said like because we were talking about. Why does the air force Nazism Ufos has the navy and it seems that navy is a lot more opportunities to just be observant and also the Us Navy has a three hundred and sixty degree Purview where you're seeing in the ocean you're seeing up when you're flying in a plane, I don't know
I don't like it or not, but this is what he's saying- and I said that made sense to me. Also. We had a lot of people whose who recently said that we are giving a lot of credence to the? U S, military saying that they're good at observing things, people saying well, have you ever actually been a member of military? Obviously not so. I don't really now with a lot of people are saying, you're giving them too much credit. But I'd like to give our boys some credit at our lady's a little bit of people protecting our country. A little credit for those people sure project in the country, not against domestic or foreign threats, but against extraterrestrial threats. Honestly, that would be really fun, unless the calls coming from inside the house. Many other things that we are creating. I still have a super theory. I have a. I have an overarching fury, but you The focus of military that I'm saving for our Rendlesham part, two episodes that I'm like working on how to verbalize. All right? I will stick with what we are that big again we're in the middle of something that is like. This is like our our culture change that and we obviously
have been trained very well by the governor, the media, to not care about we've said Anne, even just his terms even like when we were talking with this? marine. This letter saying that how you're seeing thing that is of no consequence. You are why wouldn't let it ruin your career, which I totally understand for that of course, for the rest of us. This is like an opportunity if we want to sit and think about how reality is not as simple we'd like it to be alright there, it is, will keep you updated on all things: Uf related. Ok, well, here's a story that I really wanted to cover almost as much as Henry wanted it to cover wanted to cover ufos this is out of Washington, a man uh. Then allegedly hiding drugs in his butt accidentally shoots himself in the testicles. So A man who shot himself in the testicles was found to be hiding, not cocaine or Chris,
methamphetamine or fentanyl. It was marijuana. Where is this that he felt the need to be to do a small goal weed in his bottle? My understanding is this is in Washington, but I'm also a hundred percent sure Washington has legal wheat yeah. So all I need to it's me and decided to do this and it was Cameron Jeffrey Wilson. He was carrying a gun in his front pocket in wash in state when the firearm accidentally discharged the bullet, pierced, Wilson's, testicles and then went into his thigh upon arriving at the hospital. A doctor was operating with a gunshot wound when a balloon of I wanna slipped out of Wilson's, but I think he just wanted to keep it there. I don't know police arrived at the hospital and searched. Since car, where they also found a bag of meth.
I think that you should hate the map in your butt and you can leave the weed. Eater car had something to do with it. Making me like the method, something to do with the fact that he felt that he had to have his guys at all. I feel bad for this guy in some way it's he's having a rough go. So yes, the man's trouble, Did not end there. Wilson, Also, a convicted felon was being processed in the Chalon Chalet Chelan County jail. He was strip search and another balloon of Meryl I came out of his pleaded not guilty to felony You have a firearm and unlock possession of Matthew, he also pleaded not guilty to possession of a cold of a controlled substance in a correctional facility. So there you go, that's kind of an interesting thing. There um good for him man, I mean so, he's in jail now, yeah
she is- and I do want to say the editors note at the end of this I'm on Fox Ktvu, the editors know is this story initially reported the man accidentally shot himself in the penis. He actually accidentally shot himself in the testicles, and that is truth in journalism. That is truth in journalism or the fourth estate is still strong. In this country, the war on journalism. Take it out this local fox, affiliate, so anyway, I Cameron, Jeffrey Wilson. You know Besta luck! Buddy, I mean I guess my this again I mean he's uh I mean I mean he he might be fucked. He probably yes. Yes, I am, it is the methamphetamine that is the much higher much higher crime.
It's really is truly it it's sad. You know, r v and because math from what I've read about math is that it's not like the it's not like the the the the the the people talk about it in the movies or the well commercials like it's not just like playing heavy metal, guitar till four o'clock, or I mean it is but it can just for five days, I'm like stealing your grandma's house and, like stealing your pancreas medication and boil it down and selling on the street. Whatever that beats, doesn't she look ok, yeah, yeah yeah! She happy scramble you get got. You could got grandma, all right, well, she's, a very nice woman and, of course, when you are on crystal meth- I've never done it, but when you do jam out on playing guitar whatever until three hundred am you think you're rocking, anyone who's sobers just like do steering like like the worst now,
solo slow no no, no, no way out no good. They said that he I'm good at math makes you feel super con. It's more like a I've got together. I've got this buddy. I've got this. It's like. You become an Instagram inspirational post you come live, laugh love when you do methamphetamine, but it just doesn't last it takes more and more for to do it and then eventually, again yeah you're picking you're eating the scabs off your own face and your living underneath a freeway yeah No! Well anyway, congratulations by the way to anyone. This is kind of a strange thing to segue here, but we have a lot of people who have gone through recovery and congratulations to all and I'm sure, honestly, Henry's description of what that drug is is not entice anyone to do it, so I think I we don't have ok, making people do crystal methamphetamine,
I really do we got. We actually receive a lot of email people who say that they are baby have been going through recovery and I'm sorry that we can't be examples of a sober lifestyle, but are you I am happy see that we are here to entertain you when you're, not feeling so hot, and of course I mean at some point will join you we're all getting old, we're going to be told play yeah It's going to be happening. Every one of us is going. There is going to be a thing that you're going to be told not to do it's obviously the bils yeah. I think that mine is going to be I'm going to have to go to some exhaustion or meditation camp like I have to go to I have to go to like a stress fighters university. I should listen to our own ads and get that com dot com. You should yeah you looking at it, and it's like it is fine with the problem is a lot of it's being like you are calm. Can you feel how com
you are meanwhile, let's just listen to it like cleaning my sniper rifle and that's not how it's must be done. You should be cleaning your armory know, while listening to com dot com. No, that's the Yes, I Whitman may have been calm as well. I do super computing if you just checked how fucking in a pocket, he was he would skew is all the way there, but he had a brain tumor. Yes, and there was a Actually that is true when it comes to snipers. I had a terry by all that I think we covered that honor spree killers episodes like six years ago, I'm pretty sure we actually have a spree killer here story in a second, but that is true. You do have to really calm your slow, your heart. I I don't know how they can do it 'cause I would be quite nervous and then you can then you're, then you're able to hit the target. I feel, like you got to be a type of person. Yeah the type person be a sniper rifle guy, be a sniper
got. We gotta newspapers, please send it's emails about your function. Most premium kills would kind of sweet, but obviously that's also, but it's a lot. Listeners, but sometimes they don't like to brag about their kills had re, because they'd made maybe didn't get into the military did just do that. No! But this is I'm farming. And our listeners for the best stories and for me I sat and watched all three John Wicks on so You want their way through that I went to see John Wick and manage once we get a fuckin' suit man. I want to get a suit and because Counter Reeves also knows how to hold the gun to keep the elbows and it's like he's sweet target killer in that movie man. I just watched the first John Wick for the first time after I did write one of their church, the whole the whole revenge, the minute they just. I don't what this is a spoiler, but I think the movie is eight years old, but they killed. Is log in the Japanese murdered a bunch of security guards. Yeah, like you just came into my or and start shooting it up, I'm not even a bad guy.
Dogs. I have a dog and he's just like pop pop pop, and that is, The whole movie of revenge is Doug and I love it. I mean I like the best quick. I felt the same way well, I sat watching it with Wendy and when he was like next me- and I remember just like- oh sorry- guys getting hurt me in like Wendy. If anybody ever hurts, you Father'S- is going to do the same thing he's going on systematically destroy every single one of them in every one that they are connected to yeah. She just looked at me and she knew do all you think so. Well, as you do great Yeah, that's why I'm going to get there 'cause? I got my crossbow in once. I could get us a solid crossbow sponsorship for the podcast, so we can get a discount because there are two grand a piece, and that says that I have to. We need to have more area you're going to have the crossbow yeah. I think a backyard. Some land might be good, so you could shoot it as opposed to just attack slime, that's in your neighborhood with a crossbow.
This is really I mean I could this neighborhood watch phase you're going through could end in total destruction. It's going to end, it's supposed to end, unfortunately, no matter what that is the truth, but I want to do update you have to do it. I was completely correct. The crossbow murders were a part of a cult activity. The turns out, there's a there's, not a lot of information out about yeah well, let's go through a little bit. Can we remind the audience what happened with this crossbow murder? So it was three total people that died right and it was a five life five total all people in a hotel room. All two died of Crossbow bow. To the head and chest and one with a self inflicted crossbow, bolt murder and then too, that's right in the I'm a one of the women, because it was a man named Porsche w fifty three holding and women in care Stanny, they were both impaled with arrows lying on a bed and the woman
Farina see that was accompanying them was found on the floor of the room and she had she not herself in the chest with a crossbow ok, very intense and then infer arenas apartment. They found two other people dead, which they are not sure how they died. Yet that has not been released, but apparently it turns out torsed Truly was a ringleader, so quorum of COLT Cult leader and that they said that when he arrived his toe on the way that said, apparently the person that was the who worked at the hotel they were staying at 'cause. They did it. They did these hours at a lovely little air BB when he arrived apparently uh
bring to Alexander Krueger Zava, almost submissive. This is the two women with Torsten. Okay, I had the impression, since they are hardly allowed to talk to me. His horn was so harsh, strikingly harsh, not severe. You talk to anyone, it was a short, imperative sentences, I'm so all the shade is now kind of rolling out and then rolling. Phone very fondly says that in the meantime, we're going to need a podcast about these books. Makes me wanna shoot myself in the head with a crossbow, alright rolling stone coming back. Aren't they all right? Well, there So a little update on the crossbow story. Let's I mean there's really. Nothing else. It just seems to be was all within porcelains medieval weapon shop, because we were so that we had at evils weapon shop, which is also, if you see the pictures of the inside of it, it's pretty pretty wonderful. It is it's just like
best crossbows put on the walls, a couple of rosicrucian style like flags when the Rosicrucian across on them and then several lady mannequins with blood splattered all over them, I to weird twelve year old I guess, let's see yeah this year, two women. He was a master of women I don't know. I don't think I like women to be free. I want my wedding day for that. I won the much better and make their choices yeah. I think that's the way to go by the way at some point We should do a little nexium update because the stories Now from that trial are really disgusting, Keith Rineer. Does you know I don't I'm just going to say? Maybe you didn't have the best interest of the people in mind. I know I know so what we have next we're going to call him like this, we're going to vaguely celebrate this person. I don't know if we should. No, I'm not sure. Yet we We usually do hero of the week and that person really truly is a hero this week we're going it problematic hero.
The week, so this dude he is a he so this man says an intruder broke into his house now. But usually happens- they steal stuff- maybe hurt you this dude, evidently just I mean to the man's house and left so uh an area man came home from work with his son to find something amiss. He thought that maybe they had been robbed, but upon further inspection he discovered that nothing was missing and his home sparkling clean, pretty crazy, Nate Roman lives in a single family home. In my or Massachusetts Roman told CNN. He left work in the morning on May 15th and came home from picking up his son to find the door. Is unlocked. This is a quote. He says my son said dad dad at the door is unlocked, which I have done every blue moon and didn't think about and didn't think anything about it. But when we walked in immediately there vibe that something was wrong in the house. He really. Is that someone may have been in the home because they do
or he normally keeps open. Firmly shut room and then stairs to check the rest of the house he's. Over his son's room, which was a wreck when they left in the morning was neat as a pin. He found to his room in the same pristine condition. The rugs were vacuumed everything was neat and put away so Naturally, he immediately called place. What do you think about this? Because it is kind of funny that that, like The home invader went in there and was like I'm not going to steal from these people. Look how many they are. The obviously need some help. It is highly problematic. I would say it's close to gang stalking in a way. I don't know what this is in my mind first thing that keys up May and it's not just because it's early in the morning- and it is because I view this- they vaguely sexual- act, you think so! Yes, because it
is coming to someone's home, it's taking total control of their home without them, knowing it it's coming in and- and who is Btk like yourself as superior to these people, cleaning their home and then leaving so no signs of burglary. Nothing, no signs of burglary, there's no suspects. This is according to Roman again the man whose house was cleaned. No crime happened. Thing, was missing or damaged, so the police have very little to Also the dude security system was not set, so cameras would be actively When the alarm goes off, so they didn't get any pic. Because of the intruder, the time stamp on the or sensors indicated that whoever was in their house stayed there for about ninety minutes. See actually is. Who creates a part of me that is that to me is insanely frightening. I think that's! The part that kind of makes
my skin crawl, the most really because most 'cause I was watching. I love those where I watched a burglar talk about hit like a professional, yes, actually yeah. I talk about his like his strategies and like how you can avoid having your home burgled and he basically said you're. The goal he's like my goal is to be in there for three minutes. Is that right, I any time longer than that? I'm is like I'm trying to come in I'm trying to get the I'm trying to leave, and it's really the people who linger right. Imagine what's going to this person's head they're walking through your house how's their imagining sitting and watching television with you and your family are looking get all your pictures they're. Looking through your kitchen they're. Looking at all that, looking through your trash you're, looking to your bathroom, you know going to suck there's something about this, so
personally by right. Past just were robbing you well honestly, it's vaguely it's frightening. But again I hate to clean this last this last detail, might prove your point. There's been a sexual thing in this is certainly the creepiest part of all of this again he was for ninety minutes. How long does it take to clean a bedroom? You know, maybe thirty minutes, bedrooms sixty minutes. Will he also spent time on king roses out of toilet paper, and he left those in the bathroom. The detail that made him realize that was probably the work of a professional. His theory is that a cleaning service, came to the wrong address, but his kitchen was untouched, which makes him second guess his just Is that what ausubel? I think that is completely impossible? I don't think so. I absolutely Absolutely not. I don't know when it comes. If it's vague
I guess you could be so. Scared of your bosses are so scared of people that would hire you to come over to their house like I could see well. I guess maybe you would like your clean anyway, even though nobody was there to let you in and you didn't, have keys and it's obviously not address, and they work ready for anybody to be home right, like there's like a text or something in, like hey, we're going to be in this house like? Are you home like we're about to start? There's like something like that? I don't know. Well. I will say that the trying to make themselves not scream the own this house is taking everything in stride. He said he's moving past the ordeal, but he did keep a toilet. Paper rose as a souvenir that you fucking creep, don't wrong with you. That's why I'm saying problematic here of the week, because no like everyone is just like, It's kind of interesting incident so
This is not a sign of some too much worse and Hopefully it is just uh, maybe some find crystal meth who cleaned his house so well. I said you know what I've got: the gift of cleaning inside If I could do this again again, alright, so that is this week's problematic hero. Of the wig. Let's see here. So we gotta rapper up. I again thanks, for everyone that I saw there in Vegas this weekend can not wait. Vancouver verse. Seattle Portland come out and hang out with us. We get so lonely on the road, and so it's going to get so nervous, so cold, so lonely cash out covered. Please wash me feet, come coming to me a and Vancouver v. If you have the vip ticket, this is gonna
Yes, he's an evil, I'm going to do that. Is I'm not going to blow by he's going to he's going to kiss you little back your ears and tell you how smart. You look, why are you doing that stuff? No, but this is what they paid for it, so that people paid for uh huh and I want to remind people and I'm going to put another post about this- we're a relaxed fit last podcast on the left this week. Instead of rental ship part two. I just want to put a woman to put this out there full transparency. This is it we're going to try not to drop he's relaxed fits in the middle of series anymore. Like we don't we don't really want to do that, but, unfortunately, because of the timing of the ending of the book we need this time for Marcus is brain to finish the book were literally finishing. We are there and edit almost yes. So we are these relax fit. Episodes are purposefully, positioned in the schedule yeah Marcus can, but once this is done.
We will not be dropping a relaxed fit in the middle of this year is ever again yeah. That's a part of our because we don't like ruining the timing and also I don't like you having to wait for the conclusion of Randall SAM and I can't wait to talk about it, because I have a lot of bullshit that I have We can talk about this this year, 'cause. This is when it really gets silly. Yes, awesome! Ok, yes, absolutely guys- and you know so everything you know you know s were just I did the best we possibly can and As Henry said this book it were in the Third trimester were nine yeah, and it's just. It's got to be delivered at some point in the very near future. So and you're gonna love it honestly. The book is so good. Marcus found a way to make me read a book because to read every single chapter, and you agree that made me, but it truly is a phenomenal and so you guys are just going to absolutely love it and it says in depth, as you would hope, because I had my book idea.
That would my book idea was the fronts and butts of serial killers. Here we have pictures of infants pictures and then we would make it works yeah, but maybe that's our next book, the fronts and butts of serial killers, but alright, everyone. So thank you. So much for your support. We will keep on truckin in you do as well. All right, I think you have to say your triple l thing at this point. Otherwise we're not gonna be able to end the show went on to do sometime. You know, I'm gonna say there is a triple all: live it love it love, it laugh, it live. It love it! Well, it is it's a quad. It's a six top with L. I think six toppled l today wow, my guess what it might. There, a toner levels are so shot with my trip to LAS Vegas, I needed that little sucks sextuplet triple. So topless sucks going on Addams family. The Oxford Selfridge that'll that'll hold a fridge full when you have sex with your own family to make family to make another its soul. Do we ever cover Joseph?
right. So if we cover he did along I'm going to log dungeons episode, which nasty, no, we still haven't one day will do a full, I'm going to say deep dive No, no, that what's that did well anyway, you can just do a wiki deep dive on fritzel and you'll you'll feel gross alright, everyone hail yourselves, hail Satan, Lego star ledger, needs help he oh there. It is one on the road this weekend get hopefully there are still alive. Hey everybody Amber Nelson on Mobile Arsenal. We are the hosts of the brighter side of cynics, looking optimism, a podcast here on the last podcast network. We take all the crappy things in life and we flip upside and we tell you why they're, ok, we have a game called Hoopa, Goo Goo. Yes, it's rapid fire.
We do an episode of it. Every once in awhile will give you a quick example right now, exactly what it is, they just say something bad and you tell us why it's ok put down the pan put down the pants. I'm almost say you get a nice breeze in there. I'm a big man. I tend to sweat a lot and I could use a little cool down. I said: Butt Hole, new cleavage, that's right and you get new pants. You see that's three right off the top of your, but everything is not as bad as you think it is. You gotta go out there and you're going to make every day around listen to live music, do whatever it is. That makes you happy take care of yourself. We love you baby, the brighter side, so is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to the last podcast network com,
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