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2020-01-15 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: the mother of missing Idaho children thinks she's a reincarnated god, a crystal meth masturbation brawl, and MORE.

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And was able to use the last on the left side story. Animal George could then be sixty yet obese you sound sexy castle, yeah, that's what it is. Sexy yeah you so sex, you sound like a man dressed up as Nick Naughty. Tell people that bad huh Nick Naughty or tell edible eager. I was confused. Those do you do why my head Gary Beauty and Mcnulty Olive Oil, the exact same piece, a pie? I love this, them kiss. Oh yeah honestly I'd love to see him kiss just to see just what it's like to see. Two human cigarette bought this make out with each other. Would you actually very easy thing to do if you live in Saint Louis or you live in
Cincinnati these beautiful cities where I we love them of Saint Louis and adding but there's a lot of people that they there's an ashtray. Look in no city smother focus their good their jobs. You got a very exciting ride out I'll give you work in the industry, that's life, my father, my other loves his cigarettes more than he loves is why, for children is mostly cigarettes, and unlike his wife and children, cigarettes won't, kill em all everyone this inside stories. I am Ben hanging out with Henry Zeebrugge Henry. I don't know what because my voice, it's gone, I think you're being punished by fortune to your home. For what reason you ve ever done. It's all catching up right now. I have given nothing but joy. Through my words, humor e mails people say: oh, I love round table of gentlemen. They'll tell me in the area. People have top hat of fund. An interesting idea agree. Maybe they just agree sometimes, and they show they say. Oh my god, how did you
create two unbolt The police accessible part, gas and hardly, dare I say it- is all about how much do you weigh it? How much do you want it? It's can You be fat enough to one enough very bad. I do, but I do believe you gotta start fat. I morning do you not like? I know, you're, not. Its other, your weird with food but you're different with food. You don't have the same kind of attachment to food that I have No, you have logically, my problem is by the way I am currently doing pretty. Well when it comes to sober January, really are not getting lose in all of January, which is amazing. Obviously God has come to me with her terrible throats. I solemnly STI Boucher his asshole but nonetheless enemies. Adrian, you know lips could all cigarettes. Will we want to put a password on your part of origin
you're ruining these filters, but you don't know what happened sober January, the voices gone, maybe Go home that has been power in me for all of these years. Don't delegation on don't start at because This is how it always begins to be like why you got to get back on vodka during the day, but that's actually the last that I'm taking from silver January, but you don't have like food cravings I e in the aid like I don't eat, and then I eat a whole bunch of food told him they noted. So it's not good binge eating and but I dont purge I dont purge unless l usually approach will happen because I don't like. I know it's not good. It is a new should not do it. We need to take our source. Not there is a lot of. This is not a thing they be taken lightly disappear. Will they have like this? This is the path, but I'll say this is a problem with deeds.
And court of quoting disorders is that we are not told to recognise them because we were taught to do them a lot of times in sports. No, it's just called making wait. If you have to review to be down to one hundred and sixty five by Saturday, well I'm sorry! You eddie it's time for you to do some virgin, but, as I could be care, be careful out there, but that was I that's my problem. I do a whole bunch of your whole budget for once, but Henry you are you're savant you're, somebody yea from almost nerves, Ismail, eyeing? Sometimes wills, apple. Wake with a fantasy of what I'm gonna eat that day. Really vicious pregnant woman in bed and this morning. So we reporting earlier this week and we normally would, while I'm in Atlanta yeah we're according because I'm about to be at Natalie, grandmothers, House and Natalie. Grandma? I know what happens to grandma's, but they get grandma internet every.
One of my grandma internet. It's like my parents. Internet, went to shit for some reason tat. It adjourn sixty five technically, it's called perfect freedom. Let that is it. Then like people get older slaughter need the on the internet. What does she gonna look for? They knew knobs. Are you know what you actually? what I'm reverse they dont needed if they do not know, but I did so we're doing this early because here, but this morning I woke up now the obviously. This is never at your crime related or less. By guess related, sometimes you all my need for pancakes so TAT S. My needs for pancakes become so pathological. I wake up first loans, Peking. Some pancakes like? I imagine Papa John does with rickety yeah, of course, when were restored? Gunners dirt? Do all my guns, Evan arrive by example,
love that rigour, shooter guy, what a funny guy was reserved whose journals over that of absolutely brilliant real up by the I went and got a bunch of pancakes this morning, but there's nothing. I love because I'm already researching for next week's episode, because its fairly thick right- and so I was sitting. I just does anyone Also the same experience I do of sitting and reading the worse things, the world at acute diner, but just at the booth nil, more than your endured, so excited been up. Nea had doing like super sweet, zero, nice. I got my peak on Y gotta, pick pancakes, its grits cheese grits. I got bacon in eggs all one go while introducing Corvo Mall up into a big like Splash kind of Edam, all all of the items that what sort of them all kind of MILAN tunneling you're a prisoner and they want they want to give you food, but they don't want you to enjoy it.
Way. I like to make it a one, big mash up. If my good you Follow we're gonna odors on Instagram Henry he's. A professional wrestler he's a big chubby boy. He is very funny he's from Wisconsin. Do you love him and he nothing but food videos on his instagram I think you'd get pretty horny for it. I love watching big like eyes- and I love watching big, like muscle guys on the internet. Where are you absolutely love it so compelling under a wire like it? I again, I'm not getting hard. Amid ignorant, I would say it. I would fucking say it absolutely right. If I did get hard for work, but I didn't every time Henry gets an erection. You'll know he's screams about it. He brags about four years ago, like an obscene shadow, you never when it's gonna come back or not in the big thing about that. Honestly. Is that when you get to the you get the boner, sometimes you just gotta use it. You have to Is it when you got and otherwise it's gone forever? It is
other waste. I don't and other fuckin ways. I have to clarify one thing as well. Obviously we have the horrible Bush wires happening in Australia that still had ever we on last week's episode. I talked about how the pandas were burning. I didn't mean pandas medical Wallace, we all kind understood. I think we all know that dont pandas inquires hold the exact same spot of your brain when it comes to wild animals that you also think could be really good. Friends of yours recent Irene. We know that pandas are related to raccoons and add to all laws have clytia, yet they all got the clap because their foot it's their their bare wild free, no condoms- this must be very nice. Will it's mom and I am sure there is actually a pan diversion of the film eyes wide shut Colombia. It's quite a radically. I honestly think it's in the EP seen files. I got some good responses again. Take these with the grain of salt, but oh I'm been kind of tossing money at at the various things for thee
part of the australian Bush fires now that are sold We do, though, in Irish we're not the only gas taking the support of the fires me like yeah gay. I sign of what your hey. I said about hey and I said a budget gasoline we're teeth liar. Controversial stance, but we are team fire fire. Has rights as well by there's one called Dub Debbie, w DOT Wildlife Victoria org dot a you. That's that's got. Apparently there is doing for they are the block for the animals in the specifically in Melbourne Victoria. But I would also say they say something: some people have been saying: the Australian Red Cross, but I know the American Red Cross is fairly controversial about whether they will get their fuckin money are not yet I'm not sure about that, and then I've got a lot. People tell me to talk to people like locally make. Look up, like literally, do hashtag australian Bush there's get through the first wave of new ginger's and then, when you get
the fire parts of it find people that are genuinely on the ground, local, lized, and they are looking for direct donations for help the way to do it. Dm us. A picture of a house on fire and be like I'm right here and give I know where to send our money precisely because as men as Henry more mentioned the Americans. The cross is extremely fraudulent. It reminds me of mother African Teresa. We brought reply which is aimed at all. We know you only last week next week, Henry I'm taking the lead do not do is a segment. I will do not focus As you know, I am a woman. You know that line woman I. Why is it that I could hit her with a nerve gun tire up with a budget cords and bugging shooter with their guns until sheets told me, she stop believing got twenty there's more patient. I don't remember that is also moving Europe by the was another man who sent a picture. Did you see the man who said a picture of his
chest the top of his his pushchairs and he said that he would send ten dollars to Australia. If we members of last podcast left Travis included so Congrats Travis unless we sent him pictures of our genitalia flat or hard so actually very generous for ten dollars. He thinks that all three of our shores. Owners are worth ten dollars. Combined, Denzil monies, Forty dollar picture and also That's not enough. Do you really? that European a picture penises or forty bucks, a picture My penis worth one million dollars It's yours very few pictures of it out there now I know. It's like a fucking mother Teresa, in a genuinely good thing is very few pictures of very rare she loved to kill the poor. She thought it was the ports responsibly, ready to die for Christ. She is crazy the only time ever agree with her, let's
a look at this in the blood of the poor. I love the pole Good clarification, I love them already. So let me I want to talk about this first story that I got. It is from EAST, Idaho, news, dot com, this the person right in its twenty six degrees, their light rain, something it sucks Why are you see these poor called people? I'm sorry everybody intermediary aggressive today, I'm kind on over end sleep, I'm about to fall asleep. I have two browser pancakes slowly working their way through my fucking, lower and estimate you do thou yourself. I did yes, and I should have known that. It's not responsive me responsible manner for. I know it's also a very strange thing to crave in the middle of the night, but why? I don't know just never think about pancakes. Pancakes are never on my mind, but we can get to the crime story. We should get to that I'm story bipolar piglike. Only just like we don't we're. Not here don't shut up with a pancake, our like that's my day, job
That's my job, that's my, but I got a pancake, but our aim to reuse court documents, mother of missing Rex, Burke, children believe Cheesy reincarnated, God chosen for Christ. Second, coming he aches this came from last week. I believe this is done by and by Adam her bets Katy s you but is not living as his day bell case. I don't over the differences. What saving up there members from Louisiana flown into meet with the Rex Bird Police, Department and FBI to discuss the disappearance of Joshua, J J Valeo, entirely Ryan, seventeen, seven in seventeen respectively, K, Woodcock and her husband, Larry Woodcock, or the biological grandparents of J J, a little boy,
who has been missing said September, along with his sister, oh good, highly Ryan's father Joseph Ryan died in twenty eighteen of a heart attack. Police said that the children's mother, lorry valor and her new husband Chad Day Bell do not report the children missing instead choosing to flee from Idaho and refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Now. This is a very convoluted story that I am going to try to break down right now, so Lorry Valla was married to Kay Would Cox brother, Charles Valla, okay, so they would talks are now in town, looking for their kids to the Re Woodcock laws, their kids know woodcock their knees, their nephew and niece. Ok, lorry value it just Charles Valla was one of a member was a was a member of the k would cut, was Kay Woodcock problem or a hook it her previous us so enjoy eleventh lorry values. Brother
Alex Cock. So this is the mom. Is brother, shot and killed her husband, Charles ILO in Chamois, Arizona, there's, ok, hawks totally at the time that the shooting was in self defense. The case is still under investigation. Alex Cox later died in December, twelfth and Gilbert Arizona, Investigators are not releasing any information about the circumstances surrounding his death due to an ongoing investigation, so like suicide, so, but, according to the court document, Charles Vallum, was trying to divorce. Laurie Value because of their newfound religious beliefs. Months before she died, Charles, fellow had serious concerns about the kids well being the following is excerpt from court documents filed by Charles Valorously? Turning on February fifteenth twenty nineteen buckle up: ok, mother, Laurie value from heads now be known, as mother has recently become infatuated at times obsessed about
near death, experiences and spiritual visions. Mother has told Father Charles vow did she is sealed eternally married to the ancient book of Mormon Profit Moreau. Only and that she is on numerous lives on numerous planets prior to this current life. Mother. All so believes that she was married to James, the just and past life and also lived as Mary lunch in the eighteen hundreds who was Joseph Psmith Juniors natural grandmother, isn't there exciting life. It very exciting. It's almost like she's, making it up good, be mother, also informed father that she Trans, she is a translated being which is an quotes. Who cannot taste death, who was sent by God to lead the hundred and forty four thousand into the millennium. I will say it is difficult to bring up and couple therapy that you are the one of the chosen Y understand it is difficult approach but speak to your partner. One time Warner. Guyana gate. How awkward is that when you're with your part?
no you're having lunch all of a sudden, it's like how do I bring up? The fact one of the chosen one and it's just so we are that, like they didn't make the cut. How do you broke Subject: it's not easy. You know what you you view the husband you eat pussy, because now stay you stay close to the godhead outta pussy stay in a pocket. That's how you don't get shot by the gods. Brother Will your mother believes that she is saving spiritual, relic revelations and visions to help her gather and prepare those children to live in the new Jerusalem after the great war as prophecied in the book revelations interested So this is. This. Is lorry value that you're talking about right? Yes, yes, on January, twenty, ninth too, Nineteen, during a phone conversation between the parties and after their physical separation mother, inform Father that she was a guy she was God assigned to carry out the work of the hundred and forty four thousand cry second coming in July,
I twenty twenty, which is common up Lothar, got into her way of her mission. She murder, him. The next day, father was on a business trip in Houston enduring another phone conversation she kept referring to Father as Nick Nadir Nick inside a father's name. She kept calling them next night. Father asked who next trot, who nix Nighter was right and mother told him that Nick was fathers, real name because Nick had killed? father and taken his identity, Walesa, Hella beep, it's very good, hell of a way to get out of a speedy and ticket. It's it's gonna take a while for the officer to understand why he pulled over the wrong person. But how did I address? My name? Is Nick Schneider Schneider, like the pretzel Lou revaluing Day, Bell Dino kept them together for so long Henry, but its assent. They keeps us together. They ran a podcast together. It was, it was called preparing people it's a podcast was small multi media company, that's it it's not
they called or even a group to join and distance itself from the couples blue in advertisements. Lectures about guess, videos as ready people for the second coming of Christ. Look at that up right now and send me those links. I have to see that fuckin right now. I'm so excited I do not know that. That's wonderful, go podcast, bring people So this is her where this is her with the new husband right, The new us been who has since disappeared and the kids have been gone some September. So mother proceeded too. Your father, who was the original father dear. If they go to the father of these two kids, ok, that she would kill him upon his return home and had an angel layer to help her dispose of the body. She also mention that she could not trust father and that she would not only kill him put, would destroying him by name Doing so is the angel Maroni. I I
I don't know you know Mary Maroney Murray's busy he's busy. Ok, I gotta. He can't be they're doing all this dated a fuckin, worse right, so hurt so now he hurt stat man system can go to court tool box or tea in the chain, around would routinely talk to her brother about whether it's possible to somehow overcome his wife's new beliefs and save the marriage. This is my main with Mormonism at the same story is the missing woman, Susan Powell, that their main concern is, but Can you make your marriage work, though yeah threatening to kill you and says you can't trust you and your real name's Nick Schneider? But don't you do it? You guys could talk it out and it's like now may get divorce. Just fuckin leave wave but he was already said than done. No Henry easy. I know I know who likes to pack packing the word so stressful and so stressful. So it is it's just wild there's. So now he obvious.
Comes home. First of all, if you ve, you are away on a business trip. If Natalie called me right now and said baby you, that I'm God ominous you, but I have to tell you this. Your real name is learn craft, nor, I believe her I'm learn. Grafter yells like I'll play the character of learn rapporteur means that we can still make love to each other and have a happy. I'm not gonna, learn crofter doesn't make love, he makes yeah. I do I'll do whatever I gotta do. Learn for, after all, do that that sex move where the worthy women's like she's, hang it! If the couch in Europe a hunt you breach like it's like doggie style, but upside down, like she's, underneath your date will know how watch the tv. Then I checked LISA the perfect wages but tv, but you have to watch an upside down the line, but what I would say, is if you receive in all these of you see if someone, if you're away in a business trip someone telling they're, gonna fuckin, kill you and you return take a couple of days Oh, how long stay where
for that office conferences made. It took up, let your days and that hotel, maybe it s my Lord unreal, a similar margarita Villa stated in Florida have fun. Do you remember that they really, I so tell we said at nor Lando. They we think that it is near result. You stay Disease Disney resort. It just state are complex days, like maybe some steam outlooks do. All kind of Bush will be, you know, do get something be stopped as being as matter or maybe Maroni will tell her that she is wrong. You never know we and you never know do with Jack Nicholson, told Kobe Bryant to do when he was given a device to a nineteen year old, Kobe Bryant on the basketball court he Gillis You lose my voice been as bad as it is. I think I do a pretty good Jack Nicholson. What JAG Nicholls. That's my Jack Nicholson it's good, so Charles Valo, he obviously he filed for divorce. This was pretty crazy. He also accused lower of threatening to kill him if he got her in her way. This has accordingly,
Kay Woodcock. She says this is about this- is about Charles. She says he was here, they concerned about it for a national state Mademoiselle European Visa. Would it be too highly concerned? Yes, he was highly concerned about her emotional state. Mental state and the fact that she had made threats about him, oh yeah dominated it all culminated into that called that Korea did so you do so if you're in a relationship, though all of a sudden one day your spouse comes they truly. You have changed. Call it a report, a rebirth, being reborn being born again. This can be other. Spiritual think or someone just comes from dressed in all mega gear and you're like what happened. We were just by normal jurists day, Fuckin Lee, clean is breaking world. That's the cleanest breakin world because they are not. They are emotionally anymore. You good problem, we'll get them syrup and sign paperwork me like this
Maroni wants you to sign this ya. He actually came to me in a dream. Last night he said that he wants you to sign this inhabits divorces like moron. I really knows what he's talking about and social sign it and they don't. You know then you're done you're out, but so Chad Day Bell, ok her new husband, his wife former wife Tammy Table died. Today teach died within two, ex prior to his marriage with lorry thou no check day Bell- has killed his wife They don't know yet they think that she'd they say they believe that she died from natural causes, but their body is now been exude so that it can do a proper autopsy, inefficient spoken say I mean minute: whales isn't getting strangle to death, the natural cause. You know, and so apparently too. Mediaeval had called nine when one in the days prior to death. She said you reported a man pointing a paintball, Gunnar induces, so you gotta look at this. Is your pop number one
We all pull number out here they have in the end of the article is anybody is either seen J, J, Valor or tightly Ryan call two zero. Eight, three, five. Nine. Three thousand or one eight hundred the lost, which is a very intense phone number and they went thousands collar, will be signed up for free to the publishing Clearing House, which is back poem, The winner in house, is back. I had my understanding is bill, bring you that money right to you, I won't door. They will I, but this is this, One of those stories that I feel like this can come on. I'm going to listen to this podcast that they did, but each I don't it's a two percent colt, a two percent removed. Can it be a two percent called? we got just remove locked up friendship. I dont know man Finally, I wonder because, in a way a marriage is kind of like a little business right. It's it's a the thing like getting. Writing Mary did in and you are creating.
Where do they get puts finances are involved? All the Scottish Asher charging of two peoples lives. So I think that two people in a way can form a little cold, especially if people are dying because of it. I think that in a way it's like the smallest most intimate cult of all. Gonna need of them feedback loop between two people, spur each other on guy. Firstly, they must be filled with sexual intensity. I really do believe there's a part of that. We are doing this corn woman sexual intensity that can kind of zip through your body, because you have to be fucking to make more kids suppose so it's very amish, but I think you need a third member of a cold, though, as you need a cock, every colt has to help. Character. Otherwise it's not. Both at all. You know your powerful. If you have no one beneath you, they killed him. This is Uk Woodcock. She says we knew
was murder. We knew Charles as death. Wasn't a justifiable homicide. It was like they set him up general much like the woodcuts they are put on the detective cabs. So this is going to be solved. A lot of the issues here. This is how you know it's a call with their involved in is that they said preparing a people is part of a media company that speakers at a variety of topics not affiliated with any specific religion color. My media owners, Michael and Nancy James, wrote in the company's website, and it's not a group, and it's not so cold or something people join, but as educational lecture events that can be attended. Her watch on video right what do I do have a chokes? They do have a church, spokesman, Erica Hence has ironic de LA declined to comment was theoretically his entire job. What he's supposed to be talking, there's this spokesman,
I so Julie ROW, a self describe visionary and energy worker who says she has been long friends with data with the energy workers. My my mom's working with adult, try to make her cheat honor with it gets my father no. No one is making your mother cheat and your father. Oh yes, with no, your mom is just talking to other adults and you are crazy. She keeps other keep operator. Motorcycle rides a boat rights, Your mother live a little. I want or two I want. Ok uploaded, a video, so she up The video on a website defending I'm in claiming his innocence and the children's disappearances and the death of his previous wife that this is she is defend Day Bell: the zoo, Julie, Chad, day bells energy worker has come out of the woodwork, but you just defend Chad Day well, very well without uses energy worker we're not talking like con Edison. No, this is a much more loose interpretation of energy, she's, our malign nor go now so she said
David repeatedly told her. That here vision of Tommy's death like he was planning it row clay, to have the same vision. Might she helped? when I heard murder. No, it's visions Henry. It's now will United plan its abuse, just if you're making yourself have a vision of the planet. So, according to duly my angel, tell me that day bail is being passed. We accuse that this species death of his wife- I have talked to him his Spirit and she said Jack got nothin to do it also clear them. Firstly, I wonder if she is she the greatest witness to have incurred for your defence or these our worst witness. Ever I don't mind having a witness, its wearing a seat through shirt and a wig right. I dont mind that, but they have to be fuckin on the money and a better have a lotta receipts. So, two days before Thanksgiving offices wordy very concerned about the children
going missing. They checked on lorry in Chad. Right because calls a worry family. Member sure, of course, investigator said the couple claimed J J and tie Lee were visiting relatives in Arizona, so the two minors had laughed and were sitting relatives in Arizona on Thanksgiving, you know how kids are they dont want to go to Disneyland, didn't one element, places that might be fantastical hours words, children. They want the Arizona will want to go to ITALY is lost in the energy where you can still get lost in the desert and be eaten by birds know they want to be frightened at the airport, not understood. How to get through security, then love what they look over, What no help kids hate help and see what they did
covered this lie immediately, that, like me, they had to go and check it out. I guess investigators virtues order home the next day. If you or the beards aren't look in your investigators, isn't the excuse me, like my kids? Look to Arizona, isn't all kind of hair interesting. Is that we aren't you not good parents, then you're the parents? right you didn't take them, they just laughed. They took a bus so next day they came in disguise when they discover that all that was why the came in some. For some reason, lorry in Chad had left town get out of here. So now they are gone. They are on the run we dont over these two kids are, I am deputy search the day bills on they remove forty three items, including cell phones, computers, medication. An journals- and I can only imagine the medication needs to me. Taken by those people. I imagine the insanity that those journal contain and the porno on the computers, must be ultimately fascinated. I never saw anything like some of the day. Some documentary for J, saw about Mormon women in our missionary work and
the way they reach out that some of those Mormon girls that mean just important drill, em to be doing that. Work that whatever happens that when the EU, doing things here by last podcast on the left. The Mormons series was heavily researched extremely I in depth it an invite old educational and the problem the reason why we got into it was because, when we started looking at Mormon born no longer started, it mark is started with Mormon born and then Europe is already have to cover all of Mormonism because closed it. To a series of girls, and I don't like the fact that I eyes glued to the same fuckin shit that market sloops, but at the same time I mean like You know if, if the dick comes, I mean I'm pretty scooping as when the come goes back into your penis. It's very I try to do it. I try to do it. It's kind of fun, I'm like each issue You are discussed
right. So that story. We will keep you up to date on, what's going on there hopefully and bind those Children die hope they have their dead. Though right No, I want to say that. But I know it's not the eyes. Are there not eight or not? What did nothing good now, nothing to go about it right. Well, I got nothing good, you know is also not covered backers that can be found as Neil per I'm a rush he died. He died. Yes, but again it I'd. He answer that wasn't! There's no I'd. Tell you raised there, I'm looking up to you neo per truck in. I hope you got the most fuck rock and is drum rig in a whole world. You can Finally, Gulf full three sixty without having to be strapped to your story, so good ups, do you fucking Neil Pert, now hope you're fuckin kicking Beethoven off the yeah, no and plain drums on the piano up, an avid well that does
make any sense, but you know guns. Moon is up there and have an rock in every Saturday night, at heavens, whatever their. If there was a make believe cafe up there, I love of the Sea Keith Moon Annual Pert played drums, though just four hours all at each other, all drawn band. I think I could take just the right amount of wheat edibles and enjoy a ban. That is just five drum sets and ever It's gonna sing at some point. Gonna get but could be I enough for a lotta wolf. We can of masturbation and murder this guide crystal story is insane Crystal: Meth man can crystal meth it. Doesn't there you down it! Normally these areas vires up to its name right, people, love Crystal Meth, aiding absolutely love it. We really do because it gives you certain powers. You feel like a superhero. Yes, your also now a phelan because you ve done something horrible, but that amount of, if you could just harnessed or that one the one minute rush at the peak of the math experience run before
goes down hill and then all of a sudden you're in a bank in your taking to dampen you're asking for Europe for your for your sucker. Like we don't give succour to people who are not people people who know what are these exact suck on your own deck and the Middle bank For you know it is about math. Is that it gives you a lot of confidence is gonna. Go stamp on commercials were chose like a woman like right no horse and play in tat. Yes and grown grocery shop and but with math, you could do all of it at once one game time and you could be leading from parts of your body. I just that South Bark episode where carbon got his period because he had aplenty sets or have the things that are the greater good. So this dude his name is Andrew. I believe it's fry its F r E. Why could be framed Andrew fry he was high on Crystal Meth, he was met Mr Bathing and that's when a boy two cops went over and were like you Brad, you can't really publicly masturbate and drew fry had a different opinion. He ended up five. In all fifteen officers before the final
took him into custody and stopped play before they finally took him into custody, but the your time he was. Why do not these officers? He was also fighting of his own penis views man debating well fighting in fifteen gobs. That is crystal meth. I realize that you could get saw aroused on crystal Meth. Generally was one of those almost like cocaine and whiskeys were made. European, is got be like clocked out for the weekend, know dude and crystal meth mixing. Warner than ever a watch. One of these videos I I've seen. Would there was a visit, this old man? It was talk about I'll kiss like you, don't don't people need Viagrow or something people don't want to do that, but sometimes you got to lose. You hit that rock you hit that rock What happened is your dick itself, it so big. So for so long, So where did commie chippy addicted, so sensitive union out of pocket touch you just let look at it a touch you the let
We also what video where'd you find that video look up. Meth, hard odds know what I mean it up here: I dont want to show the internet all right So I see it all you or a man who has seen it all. I see it so far, I later reportedly told authorities that he took methamphetamine and couldn't remember the absurd incident arrested for indecency theft of services and, of course, resisting arrest. Yes, Third, the sad part really is. He was also taste so this I had a hell of a day. Is a debt a big long there. But can you imagine being so high that you don't remember jerking off in fighting fifteen police officers? I feel like no matter how fucked up I have ever been in my life. I just You like, I would remember, like somebody do you remember me my frontal brain and milk, or what, happened last night amid at some point would be like I thought fit.
Officers. While I was masturbating, you know what it is that I don't think it's up to. You directly forgot that I think you like wake up and you're energy yourself you're all folk, and this should be an oh yeah, you rare and not your clothes where and set the dignity the police Department gave you, and while you were in your methods, you were at a form of contrasts and easy. You were making decisions at the time. It like a rock solid me were super excited about it. Are you to show these cops did. Not only could you physically beat them, but you could also come round is a huge embarrassment to them. The fact we could hold them off long enough so that he can come. Oh, my god. Officer smorgasbord just you can see that that come just hitting his badge, and he has now looking just be like. Why did I choose his profession with around Madeleine here? Just know for a fact that if you call on a police officer, you're gonna be gettin, you're, gonna
my there really gonna, they're gonna, put you through the ringer. If at all possible, this guy you wake up and then so I think you got a lotta hints as to what happened. You're like I'm going activity. Yesterday I remember I went and got a smooth e picked up, some blue for my boy. These spider there. I saw six hours a golden girls, but now I'm in here- and so I feel like you peace and altogether, once you get up a helpful nudge from the police, describe all your actions, then include the full picture comes absent. Will? Hopefully, you can kind of a figure that out there, so there you go folk speaker on crystal Meth. I would just say: gotta stay away from it and general even you have to drive long distances, just take the the occur. Speed is all you need, honestly with the iron Daniel Unviable, trying to get coffee, but myths out the way no green tea. I don't do this
and I copy thing. I've had some friends you when I die coffee, I don't know, I think, I'm an estate with coffee I like coffee, I just love it. I just like coffee in the debate you, what I'm doing Whenever we go over to Europe, they sailed. You want some breakfast. He there ain't no caffeine in that there's burial ethnically, but it's not like it's, not our good caffeine I'll. Do much caffeine as that weapons grade Kathy I need to know, I need to be I was myself for something I did in fourth grade. That's what I know it's a great cup see when you finish it and then you're, like God, damn why but I am properly little bit we're gonna do hero of the week before that. I am a little bit later. The game you're Henry, but I'm a little. To the game finally watched, don't fuck with cats, it very good, raining Nata. If you haven't seen that out there, it's the first episode. Socks to watch because it buck.
Shall we do much of this video gassed I'd know I am only eight Ruin Norton, oh yeah, he was not a nice night, but that three Port series LUCA make Nata. He is a character in the people that found him those internet nerds. I love them so much. They are very enthusiastic. They are in sleuthing They were so far on the way they would dissect all the pictures and enters the door not from where tell me something I will approve it and help they did. They do actually help but the because nobody listened to us know. It's very and all Luke. My God is a very interesting cat. We should probably doing episode on at some point in the reason of bringing up. Henry is because I do have one question remember when they're talking Lucas, mother and LUCA he's telling her all about his work, and I want to ask- and we all this situation reminds me so much of interconnections. Mother She is so. Sadly,
We are the devil. She created a horrible person and yes, she just can't address that. But there is a and in the footage of the first murder of the cap. At the very end of the footage? Do you remember that Henry yes, there we have the second hand there's that career, but they never explain who will end. That is now so I don't know, maybe someone can email side stories, LP ideology, male gmail, dot com, if you have it information on who the hills, and that is because someone else was in the room when he first killed those cats there's a lot is, should go on, but then Luke Magnano. Even now you just he did another interview with himself on line. I ask that we find is played on the show he did another interview. He said it was an interview with a robot voice, but it was him did anything from jail, saying that he was a part of some massive conspiracy that there's other people involved and that he was making these snuff films for the. U S government, that's what the whole line that he felt his mother. You should watch a documentary, SIRI owner interesting. The only concerned
Syria by and for twenty twenty hindsight, twenty twenty LUCA may not a kill Jeffrey Epstein. May I I don't know I'm still with the papa on that one, I'm still watching still waiting for the pop on what he finally doesn't reveals his reckoning and I'm telling you what we either with it or get rolled over by its absence. Really- and there is more information coming out about the Epstein situation. Regarding the the footage, the aftermath after this way I dont believe it deleted so deleted it may delay. This is just getting to be so so that stupid man, so bad man. I know what I don't know, what even approach it anymore, I'm so lost Henry, and I will keep you updated on the Epstein thing. We'll do is we'll talk about it and we'll do that more in length cuz. We talked about of the date for the day after and then a whole bunch
information come out, so we will do everything to sell contradictory, that it so difficult to really peace an altogether and obviously, now all the case there close also godly, for I believe it was the fourth acute serve Kevin Spacey also died. That's another thing we really have to talk about. I don't know, what's maybe really is I don't This therefore he's out any Illuminati because he made the double was videos. You talked about that enabling and stop at support that show. Please listen to it. Thank you. He made the dumb Christmas videos he's getting scarier, another fourth accusers dead. He I don't know He has even the luckiest rapist to ever live easy or he is what you only used a killer. I guess, or our president literally somehow got away with all of this shit he's times are mysteriously dying, and I really wonder I: why do I wonder if he has a hand in it?
I know that we have someone framework we have watched. One friend, rest in peace, K, K be January. Twenty second this year, I think about Kevin though the one year death we say anniversary. Death of animal. I anniversary year is very, very sad, but we know one and that's died. How do you magically somehow her for people within one year that just so happened to accuse you of rape just dead As you all know. Why is it seems like a so. This is a coincidence, but don't you think, that should be. It is not hush the news. The weird did his real weird? It's almost like, there's a gigantic cobalt. Can runs all medium we have one friend on the inside in LA inside of their and hopefully he can. Let us see They do, I'm all right, we'll let
talk about hero of the way we talk about gamers all the time and in sometimes it's very negative because they swat each other and they send horrible people people's homes, who killed. I like gamers eating. It's a fun activity to do, I'm get into it. So the parents of a teenager he suffered a seizure while trodden online. They thanked is and who called emergency services from five thousand miles away, aided chow. He was talking to an american game from his bedroom. Oh and his friend, the twenty year old, Dejah Thoris from Texas alerted, please in the UK, the first aliens Parents knew of the emergency was when police and an ambulance appeared at their front door. The Liverpool, ECHO reported Carolinas. Jackson then rushed upstairs to find their son extreme. We disoriented, MRS Jackson, The eight said we were at home watching tv and eighty was upstairs in his room. The next thing
we noticed was to please cars outside with flashing lights. Now, usually, you're like what is my children been doing, what might have been illegally and yes horrible like? Why are you here? I assume they were and in the area for another reason, and then they ran up to the front door. This are there unresponsive mail. At the address we said we hadn't called anyone and they said they call. From America. I immediately went to check on aid in and found him extremely disoriented and then a seizure Jackson added. We are extremely grateful for what they did and shocked that we could be downstairs and not know anything. That was happily and so here of the week is deal the third area from Texas. Thank you so much five thousand miles away savings, person who was having a seizure unbeknownst to his parents. I also the story of the tortoise that single handedly is saving the tourist popular, the poorest population, the Galapagos Islands. By being one of them,
warning is totally on record words spoken, so much that are replaced the entire species only I'll incredibly, yet here levied or a number of other great store. I didn't see that one I am, it is eminently Google horny tortoise, go up see that's what I do know. What are we really comes up? Ok, hurry Georgia's Galapagos globular, those toward us Oh let's see here, I'm not find anything about the horny, that's the key word. Poverty is the operable were? Oh, I see I put in Hornby That's! The problem has been that we already know that saves entire species. We have sex or this wasn't. This is the kind of old school story, it's a bit all from two thousand sixteen hours that's God, dammit and though you know what we want to do
side stories, so we get a lot of work that we do our to do all right. I got some really good letter writer. You know the name of the tortoise, what Diego sexy Diego. That order. That is this. Are you ok? I have the more interesting letters we ve ever had and the show and one of the one of the grossest single things I've ever read. Oh let's go through this, so this comes from IE I works and aerospace engineer focusing on counter drone measures last week, Ben panicked about, domestic terror, ideas about nerd, strapping grenades, drones or a swarm attack, idea or darling. Give the ideas are you pointed out, we are aiming to Spired Zizi lay. I love it. I am happy that you do it's not the. I think the idea has also been created, I'm a mirror of society, and if you don't want to look at it will, then maybe you need to change the world were living in urban well, this gap and planet on
Currently his panic is already a reality with all of spheres almost spot on there have already been multiple instances of drought swarms of around a dozen homemade drones attacking a russian air base in Syria, drones usually as attacks were, are bigger than the kind you'd get for Christmas, but, as you can see in one of the links there, basically a motor attack just some hobby, electronics and Foam Board held together would take. This was also an attempt to assassinate the President of Venezuela in twenty eighteen, using explosives strapped to commercially available drones, comes to strapping a grenade to a drone. It is already a common tactic to take drones. You get Christmas. Like idea, I phantom attach a metal tube to it, a grenade inside and wire a drop mechanism to drop the grenade over the target. Recently, this tactic back heard when an icy spiders drone ran low on battery automatically return home. The pilot and blue himself, I say it's very similar happen to me. I've been plain division to again, which we
have been staying up until eight o clock in the morning, and I, A drone situation that exploded above my head- and I realized I was this- has created vessel- is they very real poses a real, ok, defending sick kids only as a major area of our Indian, also a major concern since most event, systems, dont scaled down drowns for one. They are so small that it can be difficult to detect them from background noise. Additionally, if their detected beacon ever erratic movement making them hard to hit, unlike say, a mortar, which is small but follows a calculable trajectory, Finally, it also a numbers game. Some current missile tat can detect and take out a drone but using a million dollar ammunition to take out a thousand dollar toy bought at best buy. I hope, scare you guys you much. Do don't you're actually exciting me. I think that's what can also my love all this gas. I mean whither, what's happening now, but there's an interesting developments out there on the counter drone world, like lasers and net guns, and hopefully Calm bend down soon, but I don't want it
calm down, I say fuck and everyone should be vaguely scared a body. I ain't scared, I'm ready to go, get you're. You know I have my my salt gun that have been taken out the flies with, and maybe gonna get a net gun to take out these damn drones. I am team. Anti drone. I always will be there just use for people. No one's everyone's Oh you can use it to film your next big movie. You can use it artistic reasons. There If you are tested minds in this world, it's just going to be used to other look at your own sister or your neighbor sister nude, while showering or maybe the girl is going look at her fourteen year old friend, that's a male and you. Nine times out of ten you'll be masturbated it it's not like at all. Time and again. I think everybody should be free to do if they want for Deirdre. If you saw when we talk about the entry you're, the first one, if you saw droning your backyard, that do not belong to you you I could. I know what you're gonna throw them. Coffee CUP added you the tv at it, but that's like and fair game body. How it is spent, love and war. That's out of
you haven't, you automatically shows its approved. What are those three or more love and war at war. So listen book this one book everyday of The word out war so listen to this one, it everyday the war effort is or every each man is a war. That's from do I look at this. Comes from a listen to this story. This is fucking wild, ok, two things you should know. I have a secret security clearance and I worked and attacked cooperation centre. The majority of my Iraq deployment two things. I know was it ours and I have never seen anything like it. I was deployed two thousand two thousand two thousand nine in South eastern part of Iraq. My job was to oversee, of operations and communicate with units in our area of operation at the brigade level. I remember that it was late at night twelve hour shift every day from night until morning, now, in this type of cooperation centre or to your see as I will refer to it, we could sometime see what you ay these in the area could see on a screen which it
with ease up a million unmanned Erika vehicle is one of the things that they call a drone in the mill. Has and you can listen to Henry mention you abies. When we release this year's live, show special it'll be coming out. Sometimes if the editor do, a whole series of things really lie. Henry's alien segment is owed its back its back. So on this time it was pretty quite no attack surrounded. Things were going smoothly, IDA running less at all times of the events of the past. Twenty four hours would sometimes contain things like small arms, fire, indirect fire, but nothing much tat day, and I was thinking So are you able to pick something up in the distance most of us there weren't paying too much attention to time. Slowly, the? U Av closes the distance. I won't go into. Details have wished of you a b. We had gone at the time, but it could fly overhead target, you're toenail and then put it bomb on it? It was in the end and quick to as it closed and we saw it was a flying craft of some sort. The fuck was exactly was I thought, as it became clear words.
Talking with you, I ve a bed and started to get a few different angles on it. It didn't seem huge medium. The size of a uav or human wing flies the wondering really stood out to us and I will never forget it. I had a vertical find of dorsal wing at the top of it, but no horizontal wings book or something like that. We're all kind of watching We're disbelief. Air force has been called army and called navies been called it isn't hours the Romanians, the British, the Canadians, the Australians, are right. The army allies it isn't bears. Although there's a big notices getting ever so closer bang it bank tarred left. It was such a fast, an abrupt acceleration, therefore skies jaws dropped and said ass, a possible our UAV gave chase. But so slow. We have incredible tech, and
wavy was top of the line. It struggled so hard even get the right direction. That's a crazy! Acceleration of this thing was again how, with no horizontal wings, we eventually close the gap again almost felt it was letting us it should. Not feel as if we were chasing like a predators. We were used to being more like. It was toying with us like you. Would it I'll by running a little ahead, so they would give chase again close enough to get a clear picture than banked. Again, I don't remember ways. It was go on, but it was sporadic and it did seem to have a clear goal of I remembered correctly, though it did seem to have a propulsion from the rear. This went on until a bank and then just kept going. It left one of the most leading innovations in you Eddie, you av tech. Absolute dust that from seeing it to leaving it last June, thunder and out the major and charge, along with the other higher ups, really had no idea what to call it, let alone what to do about it. I asked the major what you write it up as as the event he said. Well, I guess we just put down you a foul so
I did daring omens who any of us who witnessed will you have all we're all pretty speechless? None of us really talked about a much because it would just be pure speculation plus. Surely. Someone in the infinite was of the. U S military had to know what it was, as you can imagine being Are we being in a war or thoughts turned quickly to other events, and we forgot about it? I can totally forget, though I can't totally forget, though, because it was so insane it wasn't hours. It was something else, Will it, of course, where the military military feels them in military theatre in the in the theatre of war, as a group place for extra terrestrial her for you, a b b, because there's so much stuff going too far There were others guys all new technology like we release new tech every year everyone in the Middle EAST is like who? What are they? kill us with this year and will we gave our drones a smile, but that's very cool, very, very cool. Now I'm gonna coming to read this. I don't know I'm gonna wait
let her so hopefully you continue to listen to the show afterwards. I don't know what this is about. This you tell me how you see how you react to this. Well, how So what you see is the grossest letter we ve ever received, and I don't know why it is in what war and what role as gory ordered analysing. Ok, besides that one of the dog to and on the perilous woman's foot that was wild, was that was insane and you know what dogs don't usually do that you want to be careful when you pass out new stupor. Ok, so this comes from em. I am answering it Korea from your last side stories about if it's ok to let your pet suck on your tongue. So my eye takes probably find. I read, you read your really comfortable yet always about your share. I said that cat, those very sweet but very mentally handicapped. She loves looking people and the hair, is in their arms and which has innocent cat antics. Its handicrafts, yes, handicapped. I sleep now
and one night I woke up to the oddest sensation right near my coochie. I woke up to find that the cat had gotten into my room under my covers headed grooms, all of my cubes with her tongue until they were all slipped out. I am shaved and a good while and while I had a full Bush pubic. My lady and around my ass on she'd got enormous all I freaked out, launched or off the bed and grants a shower I'll. Never free I've been woken up. This sounds of wet lapping, seeing or cross. I gazed fixated on how to use the next. They added cleanup Herr Ball there was probably full of my air have never been the same sense. I don't know why it's bad, I feel like it's actually will it gets. You know. A category words wants are just some about it's the waking up to it now disgusted. I this in our sides, doors, email and I just got it. I left it. I was when I thought of it. You know it is It's interesting! It's definitely disgusting and you never know what That's up to
why it is like don't bug with cats in the internet, but also you got a very wise at times a cat does need to be thrown across the room. Some data like yeah Bay. I get away Senor bodies. Discuss thing, I think it's great just some about it being up all your pubic air, the just kind of, but it gets a saint. I guess it away. It's like a lucky cat, no, its not working it's a good tat on a barber shop in a week, trims pubic carried its look it up all the floors because they dont want to clean it up with us, but the broom. It was a very lucky get this. Ghana idea, what it was up to it just now, watch your hair somewhere technically just love of every minute ruinous while visited great episode. Not what shape of you and I both look. We sound good. We feel good God, it's good man. God. I love God, you, God is good. I really really feel I feel so healthy. You know, technically I should I
you feel good and if you're out there and you're doing your sober dry January, do it. So rather you do a little dry. Generators hang in there as long as possible, but you know what I said Henry. If I do You want to get a beer, I'm gonna, let myself have a beer. Do one thing: you don't wanna you no one! I hit yourself with it with a spoon. I don't believe in and saying like that's wipes it before I'm, not to say that I quit smoking cigarettes, I'm not smoking cigarettes now, so never has it yeah like a thing, but I'm withholding for myself exactly because then your body is like I wanted. I won't it alone just very bizarre, because if only deserves it exactly I'm all right. I will take you all so much for listening. We are soup were excited to see you in April. We're gonna be hidden the road and I just gonna, be a wonderful wonderful time. So, if you're in LA back, this is that every single segment of every single show. We're doing is gonna be called last bought.
Ass talks de LA back, if you're in love it. This is a big deal for Marcus Mark is riding home to see this shop. If you don't show up to this show, it will be like an amateur brown who have never part A party in the no one com is one com, then Denmark is gonna spiral, spiral spiral, and then you know what he's moving back to Lubbock, but he thinks he's Jesus Christ. This time next thing. You know he's mayor of Lubbock you'll regret the day. You didn't come out to our life, shall write a really good, operated, technical, real, a good opportunity for markets and IRAN. I would go on to taken from him. No don't come, don't come too soon. See what happened? Silver, your precious slavic when markets is in charge when big Marcus roles back? Oh, my I guess gonna change last broadcast on the left, dot com check out website. You can see all of our lives dates there and we are so excited and we have all oh just finish, line in half of the amount of copies that we have to sign for the book. We are, I think, eight thousand deep each and
signature Henry. I have to say over time some I was my signatories divulges, but then a devolved, evolves, it just totally changed at what a lot of others it so funny. It's weird finance our site. Also, how do I, how do I write? It was like by Violet Box five. I think how do how do men right? totally forgot. I had to do actively folk messenger. It's gonna be yes, and so on are excited for the book to or every yes, and also subscribe on, Spotify fairy Fourteenth Goin exclusive. We can't wait to begin our work damp just fuckin roll on over to subscribe button. It's exactly the same as any other app. I have now gone exclusively to spot. If I do you still isn't about That's great. I love it and keep on support. Another shows your last by gas network Travis Morningstar and I are really taken some ace unable
then stop at. So please support that shows a poor wizard and the bridge or page seven. Eighty seven of the shows on the network, because a hopefully with. These next few years we can have all the shows how men, along and everything is joy ever show. Right now is going great, and I think while for your support and capital, but also the new schoeffer paints, have pop histories a lot of fun, yes in depth, look in different pop culture figures and also its really it they're a beard doing really good work. Applicant laugh and my ass off, listen to the other day, in kind of find the wrestling Pike S Katy? I sort of change the format we're gonna be given you wrestling news along with one story? That's in evergreen story. So this past episode we discussed Scott all a razor Ramon actually someone when he was a bargain you're at a bar. He shouted and around it. And it's very interesting. That's us good for him. I guess bathroom dated eight gave you know it. Through it to be filled in really down the guy kind of had come in you. Don't it's got all in all. I know what I like, you don't want. What have you name? Is that so
every year alive everyday leg, you are hung over lookin for pancakes in you're about to get em your soul you're, so among we'd, horny and you're about to slide near I'll, let you know I'll soften succulent. They are only now fill and how guilty you're gonna feel afterwards and you're gonna love it's. If I can get into it, got a laugh like you got a big fluffy stack up pancakes in front of you and even they get about him for weeks although we can honestly lobby eggs and I honestly have incredible pancakes. It was over at the oars This diner in Atlanta diner thumbs up diner lorries, Ok, I'll, take really good, laugh laughed like you just skip the whole family, seven that are patiently waiting, but because they, the time fucking Breeding eat narrow alone, but when you re in a restaurant alone, you get the sliding into sit up at the bar at the top anybody Europe to entertain these people. You could you do
however, the hell it is it you want sit in silence and eat. No one to eat like no one's watchin. Topped here talk to your service when you go it alone, I love. It is one of my favorite things to do my do all right: Thank you all. So much for listening, never forget. Hale, yourselves, healthy Auguste relations and get some tea castle. Get a bunch of tee. If you have enough, I'm a guidance would not the gossip kind, the gossip guide, what makes a fucking term the term castle. Only. Why is it he murmured? Will I stay in their turn thy. Stay on it over the there we ve ever done. If you have any suggestive last August, left are no less by what is it livestock is ill beauty. I want you to know back like cumulative. It will be like kiss like this and, if you say gargoyle come, I might just do that. You'll, take on Emerson? Why you got don't even play? I purse, but
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