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Side Stories: Human Chimera

2019-12-11 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: someone is putting cowboy hats on pigeons in Las Vegas, a man gets a bone marrow transplant that alters him unimaginably, and MORE.

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A there made he's Jackie, not a pirate and browse key here. Let me in a little secret. Seven and wizard and approves of the last podcast network or in LOS Angeles, this week wins December eleven debate for me lie podcast show for you at the region theatre. It's this week December. Eleven come on out and join us may made, Nobody was able to dismiss the last on the left side stories. Animalism started doors to Vienna Alembic for the show that a slimmed down some of this spring you'll jack, coffee, o slammer down baby manna- makes me shit in a way that is inspiring. I love it.
Man. I love story. I dont want to cover in depth in the chauvinism, naked man and method ran through logs. Did you know that I think is enough, but sprinkle Jack AVI makes me feel like. Maybe I could do that, like maybe could just remove all my clothes and just like and rip through a bunch of plaster and prize of families are sitting down to dinner. Is ludicrous? Did a little but first you got who's got block Martha, oh my mom festivals, and then I saw pulling the, but here I thought of my Craig logos. I've put him out like a coffee, fuelled felonious Kool aid man, I love it to cite stories. Everyone. I bent guess all sure your eye My bank saw your question every day. Look in the mirror and say like what does it mean to be banned castle? Now I dont Henrys aroused years with me as well. When I look in the mirror- and I would say, hey your hundreds of rescue, what does it mean to you? It means number one of them.
In the age of the women who sars bravest soldiers of the polish legions, aha, Personally, I am down to one other civilization and I playing Poland and save five, I'm doing a domination victory type and I'm down to one last civilization that will soon followed to my knife. Wrong. I understand that eventually we will see they will begin to call me not. Unlike in Dune Messiah, there was going to call me Henry the knife, the most feared yet respected, because the science that I have built their respect for science, I ve the mighty civilization, is so we'll work, our for workers, science, you doing bombs bomb science, So what I want my when I get myself in the mirror. I view the brave crew. Yet fair leader of the wing it who Sars, what you should start thinking about. What are you project into the life right right. Of course, in the context of six five well I mean I you feel, like you are a leader.
Do seem, like you know, maybe the next extension of Kim Jong once he dies of gout relate did illness something to do with nor you carry around. Are. You would actually do exactly what he's doing, because the body of a leader of the Kim dynasty, if I was in charge of North Korea, I. I could philippic you ever seen. A house like one illustrate how slippers like one s house for Borceos, we'll sure I would do it with a dictatorship, make it the roller coaster cap, all over the world get people to search show up. Just simply from our I'd go for culture, victory five words I would do if I was gonna, go dictatorship in North Korea. I got culture, victory, make it a destination for people to come, open
if everything make legalise all drugs get odd, but honestly, but of a change that the social nature of the entire country, I would make a more liberal and make it more open and accepting of people I'd open up the coffers of the rich everyone else, except remind of course, and you're gonna, do that you're gonna do this with roller coaster, how many with rollercoaster, but to add another. Eight year old reference I'd, add Danny. I use the dangerous way of being a dictator. Were you free all the slaves and everyone upon you with respect, but you also need a legion of unbeatable soldiers, my wing at whose arse we'll variants new mentioned wing id, so Jurists here, because I was thinking- is this person a hero? Is this person not a hero, but we having a pre extensive conversation about what's going on right now in LAS Vegas? I no not the crippling method. Diction, not the crippling gambling addiction, evidently there's a vigilante putting cowboy hats.
On pigeons and there's little cowboy hats, but the thing is, it is technically a crime. Evidently, in the a lot of pigeon advocacy groups who don't think it's cute, who don't? see them as little John Wayne. Agents who see them is victims in all this and I'm only conflict. It I'm really surprised that you decided to lead with this, but because also Papa John got divorced out of the house. I mean which is, I think that we have been so far correct. We ve of the story so far. I do. I do believe that we put our stamp on it and Papa John out there now he's he's, gonna be seen on hedge and we ve grown on tour this week and that had seen him around the Louisville area does definitely a he's a wild parties in the mix No he's got no harm. I don't know he's a wild card ever. Would you say if you looked extremely depressed
what'd, you he's not the lateral definition of a wild card. I think he's emotionally unhinged, dramatic and dramatically advertised with the ousting of the only thing he cared about, which was his pizza outfit. I everyone said: when they saw him, he just looked sad I'll. Tell you where there's a lot of people that have been colonel, they ve been harping on many depend they ve been roast me the attention and get a lot of like son. My dog photos on its Graham the official judge manner. You gotta take a look at their spare skipped biggest a wave of cultural way from your actually each through its huge with the youth. Ah disk me, bigtime forbear actually huge, but sometime you know I'm not up to arm, but a hundred eighty five pieces and sixty five years old. I am now, but at the same time, I'm about to take a to one million dates in three hundred beers. I'm gonna do there's I'm gonna. Do it all.
Level? I actually think Papa jobs might be the one put in the cowboy hats on the pigeon. Now he ain't got that kind of far reach. I think but John is now because what is what is the first thing that gets in the way of you and your reckoning. We all know are usually us US, Maria as merchandise, Wife is us: my wife is. A pesky option please, just on my revenge against society. Once a wife starts to see her husband, licking guns, looking at knives in the knife drawer, like once, you start naming all the weapons in your house like this. Is We only Leonardo Nerd Land now of the city's under structure you like to know where the subway we're all that you have subway maps, but not like what you do for a customer, but like literally like the people that run the subways that you're looking at blueprints of the subways when you're talkin about of war access. If you talk to me like, if you're buying
of Red Sharpish and making a lot of red circles on said map with arrows and like names that your ex out, slowly as you look at them and think of it, can a more firmly alone mosque I mean. Obviously we have now Grimes makes an incredible how lapenotiere right, because you currently related you're gonna, be a reproach. You bet She is a human cigarette large earlier work menial on a been talking a lot about. What's a good way to get me a sound weapon, little make people should their parents my real able doing with this new, so poor, Papa Jaws. These do support Barbara Johns Pizza coming out, and I tell you what I'm person of I've had a hundred eighty five pieces. My sixty seventy years- and I know for a very good. Quality is dropping. So I want to do the serb virgins is poverty towards fully I wouldn't do in Moscow with joint plain, I understand that Papa John aids mistakes. I think we all agree with that, but I do. He is correct. When it comes to Papa Johns PETE,
quality going downhill. I have stopped jobs I went. I had for Papa John experiences in a row back to back to back to bed Can I was like this is about an hour ago because those was in the house, and I was like. Maybe it was just a fluke. Maybe was a fluke but by the fourth tunnels like no something happened. They went cheap on some Papa was the safeguard. He was the stop gap. They skimp done. Jeez, the sauce, even the garlic isn't the same so thickly correct when my heart, but the pizza going audio. I do believe that shit. We need to have they need you install and inspire a certain amount of fear in their staff, good food to be good. I really do believe that. That's why chefs a lot of times, a very scary, right now, a moral battalion, tight fear, a goro, neuron type, fear words like you get criticized to the point where you cry when you leave and then the next day you don't make the same mistake again, don't make the same mistake, but it's all about
Your Bobby's licked argue grabs. Get your puts you grabbed by the battalion. You pointed out. We see you punishment of fakes, you take those crocs, you see those crocs items big sweaty daily and he pushed down This is the only way you can end up because of the grip of the crops. But if you are proper chef, they will be so frayed make the soup too hot they'll. Be so afraid to cook that salmon too, improper technology. So, yes, I understand why Papa Johns reckoning used to be contained in more of a more vision for the company, but other pajamas. Out of the house but she's but to take, take, take take That money there. Somebody like he's worth what is Papa worth. Do you think, look it up. Let's take Look I'm going to guess audio job now, I'm only type news name, only John alright. They know where they were talking of you're in the car right now play along, I'm going to say he is worth eighty million, that's what I'm they eighty, that's it! That's it eight hundred million
although the girl excited ya, think that Papa Johns Wreck, my son, I massive tidal wave like that with, Eight hundred million army not easy normal doings build on air of he's only civilian there. He is going to be such a dangerous person out there and he keeps saying he's acting like use keys, pointing to the joke and internal law people serb, Governor Galler Jews. Our children word here are: do it like he's trying to act like it's funny, and if you follow him on its grim, you notice he's put in some of the means up that people are going up like you or molesting normalizing, trying to lean in. Who normalizing him and he's gonna get in so deep in american hearts and and he's going to betray us with a knife in the back. I know this for a fact: he killed Jeffrey Epstein Do you think he is and he is deeply involved? I want to see I want to see his ties to the trumps. I want to see the documents I want to see where his his ties are new Ukraine. I want to see
where the money is being kept in the various islands and he must have, he must have. A saint Papa, John I'd somewhere. Honestly, I think the only thing he wants to do is make pizza he doesn't want to have sex with children. I think he just what I think Pizza is so truly Is it a bum, if you don't see it as it, Jennifer Lawrence, going, got emperor dune and he's like we're too far: broader pewter people, soul what saying stuff like that, where it is about making a pizza, but could tolls calling us ingredients, I could totally see him going Pinhead from Hell Razor to just having Toto made of human flesh that does then given to some we're DJ somewhere at some music venue can see literally badly frightened you right and right now, if you're in we will area right you're in Louisville, and you know of the EU
You see Papa John Number, one farm a couple coffee and say get on its good side, get on his good side. First of all, because we need an aging on the inside. If your show- and you see level of urine level- and you see Papa John out there- I want you to be an impasse it or what you get on the good side you gotta get in, you gotta find out whatever look winter. He stay in right now, because his wife, what I'm saying the eight hundred million buddy you know he stated our share them he's at our shared fancy mad but I mean, obviously, we ve already probably dedicated and our total in the last three weeks talking about Papa John. So I think that now if we can get some insider information that we really great if you're abuse For bus de woman. I mean to say that his he's probably run if your between the ages of thirty five and forty five honestly, I bet you is like solid cougar. Characterized truly believe it is not about the sex? If you know, I know just just show hours without fresh mozzarella. You show
with some great blaze, Hungary a base or anything like that real Hazel and it doesn't matter if you're a burly boy, Henry now you're a beautiful busty gal, wonderful listeners castle. I do believe that if it's gonna help of her body, but when I was probably could have thought about it, sought about you, it is getting on the inside gain. Is trust practice The thing when you close hologram real bad, but I wasn't I believe I believe you John, and then you press, the you press. The breasts closely his chest and he sees like reassures gonna Ruby, the one that serve me like that's all Yes, it is kind of like that's on now. I am little bit. I just feel like when it comes to the wife. I don't know the inner workings of their marriage seem, like judge manner, is a bit of a prickly fellow, what yeah he's going to hire. Yes, you got Beria puts
the highest fast food pizza standards. Anyone can demand, but it seems, like his wife is balanced the hard times and I'm sure yeah? It is historic, Bobcat Goethe, we from scrooged when in the afternoon he loses the job. Called life. She leave loses all of his money. He Katy would get the belittled, sweet, Pitre grip, you try to get them. Let me show you squash, while the car, the warehouses at with this, is where this is why it's really bad. This is why Time or we could send. We can weapon eyes. Are bustier listeners out to go and speak to Papa John try to soothe him. Try understand him a little bit, but also to find out if he's got, documents about we're satellites are in the sky. Yes. That is therefore very glad that big thing, but we find out if you, if he gets anywhere close, you any sort of power plant water disorganisation plant do
I do tell us immediately. We have to call the f b- I, oh my god, honey, I'm pouring all that I got this tap water heerd, it's nothin, but garlic, butter, papa. He finally did it old and wave, but that's what he calls it it's as I presently the golden wave of get. You will die of diabetes, one toll at a time. Thank you pop. Let's, just out all right, let's go pop all alone. We're gonna leave him alone, but yes, give em a hog. If you see him in Louisville, he is sad right now, but and but this is not about your sympathy- understand that when you get close to the centre of the eye of that hurricane right, you too will either become complicit. Or a victim. So no that no there would be no. It would be wrong and at your, your, your standards in your principles might be compromised by his charm. It's big beekeepers, we'll talk about. It are hillside about seven car of his that he just loves and cement
Certainly if you go on his instagram, he has a full. What is like four paragraphs he's like you might not the story of my colleague or no big deal. I just say this: it is to get out there. Just you just know for a fact that he he is the chaos wizard and now we are. He is very dangerous, but Henry. Why doesn't he just start another It's a restaurant here either do another one called like jobs pizza. So so when Ozzy Mandy assumes thrown from from the or the height of civilization, new thinking he went on. I made some new other series of franchise civilizations you can he made one standing work that we are supposed to look upon in despair. Seeing the previous power of the his massive civilization and help with just as the winds of sand is turned into rubble. But what if this is a big? What if
five years down. The road papa is back in control of Papa Johns. The pizza is back on ass. I dont think any of this is happening, he's getting back. Well, they do have to fix their pizza. That's all I know anyway. I started talking about this damp cowboy hat pigeon I want to talk about pigeons I want to know is this up. That's some fit issued to disagree with the whole. This. The whole episode agents in LAS Vegas wearing cowboy adds it's amazing. How did partner of a pigeon what's wrong, are you said he pigeon people, the pigeon represent lives our dense three cats, ok on the pigeons, so is it because there being staple to their heads, we don't know how this is the controversy? No one knows how the hats are stain on the pigeons they glue stapled, we don't know they have little bands, there's this woman, her name is Maria Human. Now, what does she do? Henry? What are you? What do you think she does
ok sure she say she harvests. Breast milk for Belarus could for bill recollect the mill on Belarus Clinton's house she would have breast milk cheese. No, they don't have retinal. She works at lofty hopes and love hopes as a local animal. Your animal rescue and pigeon advocacy group did you cocaine. Certain advocacy group We need one, I think they're livin tough lives. I guess so, and this is what she said she said at first. I was oh, my god. It's a cute, and then I was wait a minute. How did they get those hats on there and the abbot Is he group lofty hopes? There are slow It is a pigeon, positive movement it is nice. Honestly, it is nice. The identity of the person who is putting the cowboy hats on the pigeons remain. Unknown, but this is the case. Hillman had did they glue them on? What does that mean? Also? Is it something that is going to impede their flight or a tree
predators and I'm just going to say this, a cowboy hat doesn't attract predators. A couple had detracts predators. That's why the cowboys wear them. I ha. I just want to know whether or not is it fucking with their eating habits or their meaning abbots, and because, if not down, go on a limb here and say it's technically just art. I think it's a horrible and that's why already any or its fashion it is our duty as an advocate for pigeons? Do you want- Didn t look less impressive when their hanging out with the birds but Just I don't know I already know doesn't feel inadequate, sometimes hang out with an eagle even with a chicken sure I do and now they can feel it John Travolta in urban cowboy they can walk into they can go to the slot machines Paul those last out get. Although money sit down the poker tabled it where there was one or two pigeons need right. So I agree with the group, but sometimes also pitches need cover from the sun. That's what guy
that's what cowboy hats provide. So this was, Why do you my here of the weak, but that I read the article and then there seems to be a lot of blow back the need for more jobs This is just a crime story has evidently it is technically illegal to put cowboy hats on regions which, ideally, although I've you're gonna? king honestly, if you're gonna arrest the man for putting hats on pigeons, I say we gonna arrest for Saki. We can't we gonna arrest gold chain combined, not that I don't even know who runs out, but I'm say no. We can arrest these people I on over the US trying to make people will be more presentable. I would love to see dolce Gabon whoever they are. Yes, it would be fun to see them purport and just have to say one hour in a prison What I only know they would, they would die differently. Equality. There would die the there too there to special there to special for that castle. I enjoy special fancy. Fashion is an important, and as oh, my god, what was the name of the skinny guy who look like in the IT old timing Nazi there, dial one, the one they die
the fact that guy with the big some glasses and in the gloves year, the guy that looks like he just like marble things to children, his name is Curlew show, but none, but none too fashion designers, Some glasses with sound, Ices Bernard GEO is that I do not think it's not it's. Frank abusers amid the Ripper Van Ripper VON Hockin, Hopkins Knocker, and look at it he's got this old, bitch horses, coral logger for sugar, feel we're anyway daddy, I, the cowboy hats on the pages, but before we get does a more stuff because there are some really creepy ass stories. This week, speaking of creepy stories, net this week. We are going to dedicate the entire episode too, mere there over the holidays. So if you have any horrible holiday details that you would like to tell us poor. Holiday stories, email sides.
He's LP audio at Gmail, Thou come and I will read some those on the air. Ok, so got so. Fucking, passionate about Papa Johns and pulled in your web of pigeons ever got a bunch of fucking IDA budget, the info you should know we had a spread at the beginning of today's episode. Number one is going to become out. Hopefully before the show comes out. The rigid theatre, LOS Angeles, wasn't in the browser page seven or live a pm. Is Wednesday December love and come out and say they they we need your support, come out and see these motherfuckers number two next week Last by gas and left is about to release our entire twenty twenty touring inverse chunk of it. Next week's if you want to write, it gets us here shows it be great if you want to get em for Christmas, Don T get em. We are doing. Twenty cities in a month and we're gonna, be out there, plugins top fog, hat style.
You're on the rout April is gonna be a wild time for us. We may have a big old to our boss. We don't quite know yet. But yes, we, can't wait to see you all over the boat or we're going. We fill me in this years live show in New Orleans this week. And so rice, dear it'll, be a total it'll be Friday next year, total different, show it'll be book tour based. So, hardly serial killer completely. Circulars works that we're really really excited too will be guenaud HAWK and a book safe. For you see all work we put into the book and uninformed today. This number three, if you're no show where, if I guess, in it now gives us we're costume because we're gonna have a book. Cameras and all that stuff and we want more crowd shut. This year than we had last year and it will be a lot of fun, so we can wait to see you all in a new Orleans and then Saturday you can find a stumbling, somewhere around
at some point, Henry will be dragging me s surprisingly good. He is doing. I think it's is low policy stance. Where I live the ground, it's just a cup is got sled, you aren't too big, let yeah and municipal things. On top of the news you for something useful ass. If, help us out of the house whose numbers are going to have a house. No Papa Papa, getting divorced. You still that Non Commerce but she's gonna be re four hundred million dollars, yet it just for being fed up jasper, sucking Papa Johns cock. Eight years ago, a tie us that's it! Ladys I regard This is a story that I'm very very excited about this is I've been really do because I've been watching healthier season to quite a bad? Yes, really getting deeper into do forty in two more novelists activity, ah, sir,
The really fun story out of Chicago the oh, here airport trucker report seven feet tall person with wings near, oh here, international airport. This comes from the singular forty and dot com by Toby's, Wayland. And well never read of UFO Clearing House received a report recently from a man who said he was standing outside of a cargo dock at oh here, international Airport, in Chicago when he spotted seven foot tall person with wings just outside of offence by the parking lot deciding reportedly took place at approximately six thirty p m. On November twenty six. According to the report, I was out there port picking up a load, a new pattern. I would, we backed into a dock and I was standing away from the truck smoking a cigarette while they loaded my truck. I always looking towards the runways in the directions of the tunnel, as that is when I noticed something that look like a large bird standing just outside of the fence by the
king lot. It was not hard to miss because to ST lamps were nearby. You look like a person with wings that were stretched out in flapping. It was walking away from the fence toward the open field and then began to flap its we and disappeared. Endeavour was able to speak with the witness of reform, Is it a sizeable Henry that this was the ghost of care spinning the man who played big bird who died this week. Now we know is in our view browse the email address these not guilty of any Grimes right now he's been, he is. You are just your brain Elinor was, well here is another thing also know carols He was just big bird he's just a word. I learnt that I love big bird. I watch the club a big bird sing in this uneasy being greener, Jim and his funeral a lot about how sad that is they medium for can get in a costume for the funeral. I could have said they are. If you like, it, had to be a gig.
Stand now. It's important that the whole thing. I know it's an honor, I'm just re! That's absolutely! I don't mean to be now everything I'm sorry everywhere you go yegg. Keep on saying that I do. I just thought what he said the way, the them the man who saw this object? He who saw this humanoid said he who work for the airline, ok and he most, who spoke spanish but the way that he described him is it it looked like a Demonian or a dwindle. Which is a Damone demon, sounds like that of an age day. Is a goblin and was solid black. The witness eddies nothing that look like eyes and he soon the creature might have had its back turned to him. He stated that at walked with a gate like a bird and then it was flat its wings as a walk towards that large field that was by the runways and disappeared into the night felt he said. He'd quickly did the sign of the cross
ass, the virgin Mary for projection he put out his cigarette and quickly walk back to his truck when asked him why he did that he stated that he felt a presence. That was evil. I was convinced that he had seen the demon when he asked elaborate on this statement. The witness refused to talk about it, any more for fear of it coming back, which I think is very interesting does my eye and was famous, is being or harbinger of doom. Injury state over its also always people who fly regularly like Henry, and I extremely horrified, if I find out my playing, gets taken down because of some demon I'm gonna be real mad honesty spray great for the brant, but there is Several other sightings had have been reported in the same area of a giant flying humanoid. I love flying humanoid. Suddenly it's one of those very mysterious things in the world of cryptic that is just really about she can up reality and again, when you see these things and can watch again, then again want season,
who have held. That is a if you are a true student of the occult you'll get why this show is the way it is. It is a full on example, of how have you wanna tackle a this kind of paranormal activity? This, though you do it It's a cry, its everything, its ufos, it's the paranormal, it ceremonial magic, it's all shit wrapped in a one and what this shit is doing. As imagine that there is, if it's not a direct intelligence, but there's something that is on top of our dimension. That is legitimately poke anew and forehead in your third? I saying you pay attention to me and it mostly about like kind of like a, but if cone you're at the point of it is not necessarily to get proof, it is these seeking of the knowledge and asking the question. So it's about the journey, not the destination. I think era this brand, as you make either did it's over the friends you make along the way right
right. So here we go, it did so. This is the big several other sightings at this same humanoid have been seen, including and October thirtieth, citing of a large wing at human Odin Partridge. There was a knock toper twenty ninth report of a wing it humanoid, accompanied. Several other beings and on October name, Tina, citing of a giant size, bat outside of the Edward Hotel in Rosemont and in October, First, there was signing of a tall creature with bright red eyes and large wings near though here airport, which is so this should have been fuckin pop and off its whole. Or a fine is already significance to have been by an airport? Maybe they can use. The wind flow. Was the planes to a golf cart. I've kind of Tokyo, drifted I'll bet, if I saw a ah if I saw humanoid just like making love to a plain like you thought I visited a girlfriend that advocated here would be caught acute till a drink, all the oral as it performs colonel in a kind of linger had, I will speak out of sight of Aeroplanes Henry. I think you'll find this story interest in swaddling.
Doyle, which I love that aim sweaty Rooney Doyle. I think that's how its pronounced shoe. We're in a hail Satan shirt- I she was wearing it ironically and shoot you border. What I want to say was American airlines and evidently this vision of forty nine year old, Jake from Key West, evidently the, lying crew and American Airlines was so offended. They floor stirred up the sweat shirt on over it I just feel like I don't want it. This is one of those areas, even though I'm not a Satanist, but if I did, I quickly where Hale Satan, Jerkin someone forced me to put on a shirt. I would actually take a sand only them. We have to get to a show or something, but I would take a stand, would like be like no, absolutely not that's completely insane didn't want to go through the house. Also she just put on her boyfriend sweatshop. But you sometimes I I will say this and I'm shamed admitted. Sometimes you wonder, is the fight too much. I am. I gonna do to the same their pain, the people, the algae, BT, community,
you do. It's real debt relief for the best. I dont know what really relays yea. I didn't know it so close baby that I hope that I have to hide you. I am when I go to the airport yeah. But I don't. I don't want to get pulled aside for extra questioning, because I noticed that every time aware enabled t shirt. I was pulled to decide where something vaguely oh that's gum fashion, forward will fuel you that my I'd your overall greeting your teeth. The anger in your crown your eyes just the way you first your brow and sort of modern under your breath and walked some Heinz Natalie says I project a lotta. I project a lotta energy right angry energy. So maybe it's that not too sure. It says nothing but with to tease trouble I think it might be more of your personality, but this woman, American Airlines has sense apologized. She says it's an ironic
sure, that's what she told Buzz Feed news People usually lab at it or they give me a thumbs up because they understood and the meaning behind it. Nonetheless, this America Airlines grew. They were not in that, and I'm just gonna, tell them mind your own Danby where my euro and beers lack that's the whole point of that he's got it from the t s tea. Would you specifically non? They don't believe in a real Satan and they are. It is completely a political organization, but they emit, but you know American Airlines has since apologized all they did. They said sword, but you know when it comes to you know I got a little political, oh my politics when it comes to the take two men, ten commandments, beating the courtrooms or outside it courtrooms. I am such an advocate. Put a big bafflement up there. If you want to give you, play this game. Then you gonna represent. Never one put a Buddha gotta play. They haven't. I don't care if you wanna have religious documents in the end, A court house you gotta have a
for everyone, otherwise just don't have it at all, because the ten commandments, let's be honest, not exactly applicable to the court of law. I mean Some say that some of the laws are specifically adopted for the law like girl murder, but this others, like be jealousy Europe. There are neighbours oxen who gives a shit, don't covering all neighbours. Wifey. Have you seen porn hub undecided neighbours? Husband is a cook in the corner. That's all you want Judah vulgar. Why do you want a boy I say: you're gonna want Jesus on a fuckin church. I look at Jesus Onager. I can put a big naked woman with Fucking, a crucifix upper was the honoured and walk or all night you're bored. That's gotta, be my right. That's my right! Well, that's my right! I gotta see Europe. I get to see your blue eye. Jesus screaming nailed to oppose me. Why can we my shirt- that's got to lizard woman,
sixty nine each other, with a figure of butter roses up their assholes come on. It's probably you, probably what is the difference? What is art them? Like? The guy you paid honor twenty Grand for the stupid banana. I came to the wall and then another performance orders came in and ate. It said, that's our two sorry fuckers right, oh my god, That was so crazy. Yes, Henry, I would fight for your right to be horribly horribly. Pensive even in front of children in an airport. They will be more offensive than what I saw children- and you see this all the time. If you travel wearing hats and I'm not make it a political statement here. You goes enabling that's how bad for that, their ass, no children and run it nor actual during for yes, no children should ever loved the president. I just don't believe it's right, no kids should ever I never let the bridge we trust the present. You never shows us any present now. None of I don't know anyone The idea is that, like how much more violence has been done in the name of Jesus Christ than in?
beautiful artistic representation of two women in love with each other. Maybe you either sixty nine in right now, the Barroso there s also, however, they can also be buried. They could be very positive about with each other? So you mean to tell me this representation of love and your views. Um lascivious pornography. Which is actually just a celebration of the power of the clearest, is actually very forward and very thoughtful, and children should now, if two women want to pretend devices and have sex with each other and then have a picture of that be put on a t shirt? You know what this man and of course it is ironic- it also happened on American airlines. They usually on the front of freedom, when they re like as yet blue. They should have they should. Of consensual, no pants flights really are American airlines, no pants flights, it's a burger buffeted
Oh you today for everyone for all members for all classes that are flying this right is a welcome to dig out lines, would you be You can buy tickets for right and you know it. It's covered up front: hey, listen, everybody's dicks! I'll put. These are out there on seats will load on fates if you're pussy, as you might need to go to the doktor, but are right. Well, there you go. I come Henry. We will find a consensus. I understand, Willie we did. However, I want to talk about the story that we talk about the serious story, really quick, because you brought to my attention: before we started recorded, this story is frickin. Crazy, apparently, Dna is changing when it comes to bone marrow transplants listened to, story, arts. This comes from the New York Times. Oh, so a high profile, high profile and dna tests says you're younger man who lives five thousand miles away after a bone. Marrow trends
when a man with leukemia found that his donors dna travel to unexpected parts of his body, interesting I'm lab is now studying the case on this has done. This is an article written by Heather Murphy, three months after his bone marrow. And plant Chris Long of Reno Nevada learn that the dna in his blood had changed. It had been replaced by the DNA. Of his donor, a german man he had exchanged just a handful of messages with he'd be encouraged, should test his blood by a colleague at the sheriff's office where he worked. He had an inkling. This might happen the goal of the procedure after all week, blood use reply, by healthy blood and with it. The dna contains, four years after his lifesaving procedure, which I didn't even know and even known, I didn't know that either it's like a totally yeah, it's not Mr Longs blood that was affected swabs of his lips and cheeks Pain, his dna, but also that- his donor, even more surprising to MR long and other colleagues that the crime lab
The dna in his seamen belong to his tone. So holder he's not even making his own babies that anyone making on babies anymore, it is true, is kiss com is turning into another dude, I'm german man. So next thing you know is acting like Edward Norton in american history, extra slew saluting the Nazi flag, with no idea he's doing. It is just like face stop inside of a toilet, underneath a people's Europe. Would diary it's not my fault, it's the inside of you solve their desire to me. Just told me to do this, and so that's what he says he's becoming a kind mirror. Is it really so ethnical term for the rare person with two sets of dna? This is something that is very, very interesting. They say they are Currently, it also happens with organ donor transplants, and you begin to take unlike it's kind of an urban myth, but also vaguely right. I guess it. I'd am much certain for them, not certain, but I believe it is sort of substantiated by some real research that you are starting used to take on
personality traits of the person that you got the organs ride, taste by the single movies. Like idle hands truly is it also reminds me of eighty nine Batman: were Joker falls to the vat Nicholson Vote into the vat need becomes the Joker. This is sort of how you could create a supervillain when you're doing the donations. Do they like do person? quality tests on the people that are giving you deliver giving you the kidneys like they do associate no sociopaths because its ITALY that are simple, you could get the dna of a Jeanne serial killer. Maybe they were put on death row in their way. Ok, I still want to donate something and it's like Fuckin Chuckie man. It is like you, kid? You could get the soul of a serial killer implanted into your body and then, if you do Kay you get away with murder, I dont know I d idea. I wonder if you can,
for is very difficult because you're just trying to find your you're dying right You need to find a match and that's the first yeah right, first priorities gettin the match, but you find out, oh yeah, so he might have been this pizza magnates. That was forced out by his than his own board of directors, racial slurs at a meeting and always divorce, and now he slow but you're trying to give? As many people here bone marrow as possible because at first he thought it sounded delicious. But then you realize you can control people's minds of means, live in support of what it says on this, from a paper to day a reckoning at an alliance. Does that, but you can't know So who knows? If it starts truly change your personality that this work, because they know that they say that's a really that's several ways- people have been accurate, of HIV Slash AIDS is very hence bone marrow transplants were literally transplant all of your fucking blood, and they give you knew,
They give you new blood makers financially, it does ask the question or does beg the question. What are we? What are we If we can be changed so that easily with with a sort of a liver from somewhere else, and if you Wanna. Take this will attack when we first the prepare the audience newborn. What? If these there's a lot of people to talk about the idea that our personalities are direct consciousness are piped. They are in a cloud and we are like operating mechanisms. We are tennis for essentially things that are fully free floating the sky. What, if there's something it's inside of our dna? Again, I'm not writing a book, so I don't forget now would have something inside of our dna, that sort of like the might of Florence in the fuckin is that a reference star wars are worse. They got, I think, called mighty Florence, but the idea
that you there's something like almost stuff in your dna that allows Europe that kind of his like little hinge points like little attachments can live with have at the end of your neurons. Would these I kind of wasting things attached for these various personalities for these things, and then maybe you becomes sort of like a bigger antenna? first somebody else's impersonality. When you get your dna replaced, its hey you What buddy I support that I'm just stoned enough to entertain the idea in the concept, though it It is endlessly fascinating and it will be interesting when some point this will be. The defence of someone who just shoot the mall had just been like it wasn't. I'd never would do this, but I got my pinky replaced. By summer. My might trigger finger. I ate iconic. Often saw accident and I had a dick when put on turns out. There was of Dylan Roof so We agree that it is like idle hands. It anyway
story. I just had no idea that could even happened so interesting as of now like to say as a society, I'd like everybody to of will have far less retook if you have any expertise in theirs. Failed, please email! Us! We got some really good responses about what the hell all it means that there be the difference between manslaughter, is basically it's like the concept of Europe first degree. Premeditated murder. As a plan you do it then there's voluntary manslaughter, which is like essentially just didn't mean to do it. You will see that in speaking of murder, we could talk briefly about this story. It's there was a saudi national killed. Three people, I'm sure you heard about there's a made pretty big national news. It was at the naval airs, in pencil, call up death. Mohammed Alto. Army Alsthom Elgin, Rami, Elgin Roddy Mohammed else from Roddy and everyone's like what the hell happened. Why will you go crazy? Evidently,
There is some evidence to back up the claim that he was super passed with a nickname that was given to him in April that Nick was porn stash. I guess you were so offended by that date. He decided that he stewed on it, for what is that spied months, just sat there, but like all porn stash, I dont know what What can we ports dash? I don't watch porn and then he shot and killed. Three people laughing. He continued to say This is according to the story, the dude that gave him the nickname porn stash was a fella named James Dean hey he was a teacher and in the complaint Belgium, Ronnie wrote the day was asking about ten students around the room if they had any questions before dismissal, when he turned to some Roddy Day Leslie asked him addressed him. Rather as porn stash
laughing he continued to ask. What have you not seen a porn before Elsie Ronnie, reportedly wrote in the complaint after I did not respond. He just let this Jack, go obviously the nickname. We know what the nickname is the times quoted. Belgium Rania saying I was period. I was furious. I was infuriated as to why you would say that in front of the class, so I guess man talk about skin this guy, actually guys gonna be carefully, doesn't nickname. Only gave Travis, nickname, tidies you're not a selectively delivering them. If they did no you up again and again and again always followed the fear You follow the fear you have to follow where you're mine goes yet the USA myself, you gotta, worry about your ideas. I love the you're even remotely closed, tried to backtrack on how rob as we would have, it was worrying tidies. It was words,
This came out of my mouth. He doesn't have large breast no, he is a. He is a very thin is thin and an end and masculine no, you listen. You have an Eric Hartman, like devil. That is sometimes inside of the corner of your brain and that's the nickname that you wanted to go with, but I don't need you, but I'm saying we're lucky the Travis is as good on the inside and you can fly and bring his day of reckoning Two are not well there's a lot of days in the year. You never know when it's gonna happen. That's all I'm very cautious, very, very cautious, so you keep Travis at arm's length as it survive. You know honoured event. We sailed tell him. You're scared. Now it's important always a small fear of all of your employees and working partners. Gonna give rise up against you, you never let you learn, that's what you learn and children of doing you never know. This is according to
I am busy he's the presidency, the Delaware Resource Group of Oklahoma. That's right, the president of aware resource group Oklahoma, don't ever made known as basic as regarding the incident he's an appropriate, Personal action was taken regarding the incident in question. Corrective action was taken. The matter was closed back in April, and we have no further comment, but this is why you know we talk about the roast culture that we live in with common and you know we're not big word up again to the roasting world, but This is why it is very important to listen to Jeff Ross, every now and again, to listen to Most kommeni you got a build up, a thicker skin. You have to you, I'm gonna shoot up report a Pensacola, prison and this man have any idea the nickname he's gonna get in. It's not gonna, be as nice as ports dash. I mean here I get the same on. He might just get the same one and then ultimately realms you with a nickname matter out of her, while eventually some
Both reports dashing jail. You, like you, know what I confess I do about this. Ash ironies of realism like I might have been wrong yeah. I might jump the gun courting quote with my anger about this Nick. I guess it was. It was a massive compliment. Bert Reynolds was the creator of the poor and stash you're saying you got a huge cock. That's all there saying you being a bunch of people, that's it. I don't understand the offence, but nonetheless, tragedy again at a naval stew, asian here in Pensacola Florida you advocate flood their guys. You care I'm here near they. Here's a green mail that I got to explaining more the voluntary verses involuntary. Could this came from an attorney in Utah. Ok, Henry of did say, Henry was kind of spot on which a nice voluntary manslaughter is the killing in the heat of passion, was a result of quoting quote adequate provocation. Novices in the United States so dear, but the case remarkable last week was in Europe's arose with Alice. I, the provocation has to be one
would arouse sudden and intense passion in the mind of an ordinary person. The classic example seems to be cast your spouse in bed with someone else there. Also not have insufficient time between the provocation in the killing for the passions of a reason, person. Sick, too cool. She can't kill your wife two weeks after you caught her in bed with someone else right can't guys. Finally, The killer must not have in fact cooled off between the provocation and killing. You can just pretend add your wife. She done you when you really don't care, because a spark has gone, and then you killer for their life insurance using your faking or as an excuse, odyssey again use gave someone an idea, ie and voluntary. And slaughter. On the other hand, is the killing of criminal negligence in also be called me. Demeanor manslaughter, kill someone while committing a misdemeanor or certain fennel felonies is accidentally killing. Someone will do something stupid, awhile, commit some other low level. Events interesting, I say, leave in you, but do your girlfriend or your wife having sex with another man, just be like our finnish. Just finish it up in front of me
it'll be happier vanish, but now you have to finish just do it in front of me out. Ok, let's just say so: I also got an email from a barrister, Ogata Practice in England we made with the unfortunately roasted thing: how do you trust a lawyer and a wig, and they said yes, I have of our Wigan again. So I'm sorry again, you know which ever mad. I'm sorry to everyone. I'm sort. Ever in twenty years. When Wales we abolished tearing involuntary manslaughter voluntary manslaughter is broken down as follows: diminished responsibility, abnormality of the mind loss of control not to be confused, with a fit of rage and example of loss of control would be domestic abuse victim who finally snaps or a suicide pact involvement. Mass slaughter has broken down into unlawful act, constructive manslaughter, most commonly a fight Wes hits they had a threat, pumpkin dies, probably the worst. And problem. The UK was MIC Feat of bought who killed sixty
house fire he's also to win back capacity. You may wish to rule. Can dream on an episode and girls negligence, a doctor whose poor treatment results in a debt. A patient at a person who sells drugs to another who dies, taking them how they hurried you gotta get costs to be back if it burns all the children alive, but in the case of Bennet VON there I believe he was initially convicted of wilful homicide, which was later reduced on appeal to gross negligence. Wilful homicide appears to be defined as a person intention We behaving in such a way that causes their death of another person punishable by at least five years approach presented that I feel it gross. Negligence should be like shooting up a shooting up a school while picking your nose or something you know you gotta be doing something had a nasty heaven. Toto was aiming like everyone else. When the law I mean something else there now. I know that I am making a joke,
right. Well, let's do something: that's no laughing matter. Let's do euro up in a way. Ok, this week's Europe, the weak, Iep technically didn't do anything in. Quite honestly, I could have chosen a different story, but it's gonna be Daniel. In both of these are forty. Four year old, he picked a massive potato snack from Morrison Store, and you know what he found a six inch crisp. He bought the one o one What's the name of the currency over there, yet in in Europe, Europe, the euro. We, however, dont one euro bag for lunch, petty around midmorning. They decided to Tuckett, he opened it up and then he open but the bag. He said I pulled it out and kept go. It was a lot longer than I thought it was gonna be
in that interested in Korea. Really usually growing. So it's tat of a visa the big pretended to its representative. What about this? makes Amira Bobo. He found it, so you just say that it's so instead of saying I think one of those that some people choose their fate and some people have their fate thrust upon them. Nice. What about you? You're, not often you dont, choose to be a hero. The hero life chooses you, he says He went to get a tape measure. It was six. Inches long. He goes on to say I was quite happy. It was the biggest script. Happy. It was the biggest groups I have ever seen. As everybody wants to find a big crisp. Don't they So there That is also a matter of thick advocates. I just want to say that nothing has changed in society this could hear the fluent steady. This could affect the brakes about Daniel said colleagues flock
to his desk to marvel at the FAO. That's what he's that he's dead some more trusted at all, but a quick, but I quickly, I locked away just in case somebody crushed. It So that's what makes him a hero Henry found, founded it crisp and he saved it and I don't think he's gonna eat He says he thinks he's. Gonna put it on display in a display case here I'm not saying it's the biggest ever, but you never know. I had a little look and I could see anything bigger isn't that nice, it's like you know what honestly it is really nice. Every second they really do it. It is bigger than your lectures knew. He says, I'm not even sure I bought them, he said I was drawn to them that I swear to. God is not that. Is not o awaited goes, however, straight up not away again goes that this is not here that this is not a call to will. This is not chosen
Campbells like heroes initiation. You don't I again, I'm gonna immediately backtrack and say it might be eroded What else happens there? Well, it really does, but now, unfortunately, it's not the biggest Crispin the world, although I believe all excited about it, because cried Henriette hold on its the biggest natural in in its the biggest natural in nature, found crisp. The largest crisp is twenty: four: five inches by fourteen inches, but it was create. Specifically for the? U S based food engineers and now t. Ninety one lloyd, you can't let you declared ethically, they don't fit in the box. No, it's illegal, Exactly so, I actually did. This is the biggest found in nature crisp ever recorded, which is why Daniel Higginbotham
you're here of the week here in charge of the segment. Oh I get it. I am with you. I see your way, you rationalize it's very excited. They think that very is. I did. I think that it is fine. Thank you. Thank you. I have now been read. Some viewer, may all right, yeah see anything by less airmail. Ok,. This comes from a around Wednesday. Sixteen, I lived an old house with my cap by the name of duchess she's, a lovely creature, and I love her very much My room was on the second floor of the house near staircase I woke up or on three or four a m to the sound of her distress mowing coming from the hallway kind frantic now haven't heard our make before than urged me to get up and check up on her when I opened the door to my room. She was pacing the hallway with spooked. Look on her face, I didn't
The lights on came to comfort, her the top of the staircase. When I p down the steps leading down to the first floor. I noticed how exceptionally dark the space around the staircase was like the Bacchus back compared to everything around me. I got an uncomfortable feeling, so I picked up my cat. Carried in my room, so she could sleep with me. I left the door slightly ajar, so she could if she wanted to, but I made her by made up by put bad ass, she made a spot for herself all while her eyes gaze, while her her eyes. Guy is rarely left the door. She said my bed uneasy with their fur standing on end, but you faced with a crack at their will on the bed with her, I noticed something pack of their will on the bed with her, I noticed something strange. It looked as though the blackness of the stick case has followed us into the room. For this eyes of a small like a dark cloud centre five to six inches from the ground. Besides the door
kept staring at the blackness. It seemed as the reality was distorting in that one spot turned to explain, but it's like in the darkness. I had she formed inside of it, and I could make out a shape of two heads moving separately from each other and then I could see to body see they look like two bald pointy eared goblin, like things with large eyes, and they were. Huddled together by the door and then started to move and were slowly creeping into my room, it wasn't like I couldn't see them totally physically manifest, but was like an outline of three dimensional forms of two. Thanked bodies that I could feel would be we're living things, which is a strange experience to convey with words it's not the first cause of its, not the first of its kind in my life, they started making. Way closer to my bed, and I can see that they were fixated on my cat. I did like the via these things were given off, they felt hostile and I started to get freaked out. So I too, we believe out loud in a panic. I learned I heard that words, powered by intent, can be powerful to these kinds of situation, but this
to completely ignore me and I can still see them advancing forward moving closer to my bed, my cat. Steering why'd. I did the same direction. Looking super spooked and I started to get nervous. I didn't know you guys have ever to endure Aurora fields before he heard of this technique, but I was too, but my mother, who is pretty heavy into energy healing when I was growing up, the technique involved closing around in visualizing that you are blowing up a protective sphere around your body using your energy field. Technically, it's called calling a circle of you. Use ritualistic magic. I close my eyes. Cosette barrier mentally around myself, then visualize it around my cat as well. I kept for maybe a minute until they opened my eyes received a weird goblin things were still there. I looked around and select the fog had left in the corner where they were at, was no longer dark and spooky, and there was nothing there anymore. I'm guessing acts in about five minutes. She seemed to have calm down and curled. A little kitty. Resought proceeded all asleep no need it was a pretty. Anyone who experience, but it was one that I will member for along
However, following season two of healthier you'll see why I read that in specifically the idea of goblins being obsessed with your pets. Oh my goodness, all right, it's very interesting. I have an email here as well Henry I'm not sure if you were gonna read this one. It comes in from IE eight p. Its entitled aims. So tell me: it's, just Google Anus hotel. It's like an air being be shaped like an anus, not servants legit, but I feel like it's up your alley, so there we got. Thank you so much really. Thank you. A real and honesty. Thank you. Thank you so this is in response to a story we told them allowing over. I said that if I said I know, and I'm not known to be wrong a lot is that around the money, I'm on the money, most of the time, is this? What are known, as someone is told yours, there's something that you're sort of saying. I know that Absolutely not! You know what you could say. Something to yourself and
like somebody else is saying to you? If you do it in a funny voice, Estralla less so the story where I said that it seemed that if you were to pee or pay, ants in a mugging situation that would make the mugger more likely to mug you. I disagreed with you, though you did and G. Degrees of meals. Well, I have to tell us about twelve years go is walking home from the bar pretty drunk alone late at night, and one point to my walk, a very low. Large teenage girl ran up to me, flashed a knife told me to give her my money, I'm a very petite woman about five. To end this girl had about a foot in a hundred pounds on me, so I knew I was in incredibly dangerous situation. My animal and sinks took over and what my animal instincts told me to do was fall to the ground screaming piss, my pants, I saw him louder than I had ever seen in my life in this The police soaked the front of my parents, my mother, He may get freaked out these jumper. I can ran away without taking anything. So I don't know
My pants and a scenario only work because I'm a woman, but it did were There you go and what great honestly perfect animal instinct sound. I got a lot of custom bids they're going to come out of that system, I guess you're right, I don't know. Little bit geiger, let all our as ones comes from Nate also illustrated say. Thank you. Everybody that sends us stories in the e mails and end. I love them. Love. Hearing your weird ass experiences is my favorite thing in the world, because this the idea pigs are good. To share on should happen stars and don't forget holiday. Horror stories for next week needs Asteroids Albumen original gmail near so Holler neurosis, Indy, ok, so this is one. This is just a week, did novelist comes from Nate. This event took place. While I was in high school growing up in paying out to solve
or the time and I was spending the night and friends place you're about food of a total in the house for the sleep over the night consisted more. Three US playing video games, watch a music videos and eaten fast food we're all hang it on the living room downstairs when most of the lights turned off the only light was coming from the tv than the occurrence happened? All of a sudden old downstairs, filled with a green light me and my friends were stunned. We could move as a light grew stronger, a thin white mist started, derives from the floor but miss never rose above six inches off the ground. I cannot exactly remember how I felt and that's it Rio, but I didn't have any fear, mostly just curiosity after a full minute. In this bizarre scenario as quickly as it is. This then started it, dissipated in the blink of an eye, after whatever had left my friends and I got up to check it out. We ran around the house and went outside to figure out the mysterious event that had just happened. I should also mention
This neighborhood was secluded and had no street lamps. On top of that, the living room was facing backward with the woods we spent the rest of the night being hardy boys trying to solve the mystery were really stretch and for an answer are The answer is that we suspected that the light of the moon and reflected off a box of cascade dish deterrent, which was concerned old and rethink ok odds where we are just trying to explain what happened for about a deck. It. I thought it was aliens because you know all green face and the association of the color green with aliens were I earlier, as well as a shudder to earlier. However, The reading up on paranormal events, I realized that goes apparitions can take on different forms from orbs to miss O C takes. It makes your brain expand. I now believe me my friends were experiencing a ghost, but still not entirely sure you just got down by the weird my friend, Ding Dong, by the weird great story. I love those tales of sleep over scary, because that does up. That does happen, and I like it when it
go said not just my uncle molested, all of us yeah yeah, they have those are always hard, because then we have to go to the police, the air, right anymore, emails, no, I'm really either way. That's it! That's for me all and thank you for your support. Thank you. Also much. We also want to thank everyone. They came out to see us in Tirana: income, numbers, Ohio and in Detroit special shot out to Austin in Detroit. We had a great time at the casino. Evidently we stated the bad casino, but because we stated the bad casino they also my favorite You know game which is just the drinking game war with you laid with money would you are literally just cause played that National Lampoons Vegas vacation. When they he loses all the money. Nobody should he casino talk about the opposite, because I made money and Austin made money, and so thank you so much in such a wonderful fan and as such a nice escort around Austin. Sexual escorted, the escort escort analysed
just thanks everyone in Toronto, thanks everyone at Columbus, we had a great time. Columbus is a beautiful little all american town, so we had agreed time it and we will be back in Detroit sooner than we went there. The first time we will be ours. We will be very soon again member bottles alive Joe decades. Within a week we gonna be they are we going we'll be on, but this week we will all be knowledge. We're gonna, be enormous, came to see you and also support page seven and wizard of the wizard and the browser, the regions either. In LOS Angeles. That is Wednesday, this Wednesday tomorrow tonight tonight it is tonight, so please go out there and support them You can look away from holding. You can just cover your eyes and listened, but just stare Jackal, don't look directly at hold and look at the women yeah. Just Oh Jack, you look at me. I want you to Jake, you can even look at J used during the brain is actually guys want old image
What you will do will take from you what he can. You will take your soul from you. He'll, take your hopes, your dreams Romeo. If, if he could he would he absorbs your energy, he said the last of the most epic psychic family. But that means that it will be a great shout so check. Let's get me a great show. I also say that Jackie they're all can we hang out after the show to say night so make sure you didn't go in there and by members is by M soup via soup by the pursued by Jake. Love some soup. Honestly, I could see Jake slam and soup in a bar. Love super bar. One make sure you like so live. You got live lived The end, twenty, twenty, no more murder, suicide, everybody on nominal, let's hauled off NOS twenty twenty because they been a roll over now like yours, miles, nope right,
murder. Suicide is yeah, it's gonna get account. If you do it now doesn't really gout for tonight to a nineteen year gets lost in a shovel love love your pets. Did I mean, have you got a pet love a pet, but look here today. I just sometimes I look upon Wendy in the sheer simple love that we have reach other. Sometimes I wonder, will it saved my life one day, is this. Is this meaning of my life to love this path? And you know what sometimes it is very nice. It is nice. And splendor remember. I saw this meme on Instagram. Yes, you, your pet, won't be alive for all of your life, but all of your pets. Life is with you tonight one hundred percent of their life, you're right you're right. You laugh laugh because if you're not laughin your shit you're, Hence I dont know what I said all right there.
As ever, what they call so much for listening have a wonderful way. Hail yourselves hillside, mug installations, whom you mean absolutely and see. If you see Papa again, we we need someone on the inside someone how to get in there. You have to influence his actions or you needed tell us, and we can tell the police absolutely issue I was made possible by listeners. Like you think, store, add sponsors. You can support our shows by supporting them for more shows the one you justly
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