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Side Stories: Hybrid Armies & Little Green Men

2018-09-19 | 🔗

Have another heapin' helpin' of Side Stories with Ben and Henry. This week: checking back in on Joe Exotic, the border patrol serial killer, an intense ROTC speech, and one prisoner's macabre arts & crafts project.


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there's no way into a game tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started at this moment of vulnerable oh really were to do that again we're going to do again only talk about what it means to be vulnerable really ok sure i gotcha let all over my new ufo did see that and i commented on your instagram let's now draw glad here i am not worship was duty ok it's not
it was not well that's better no yeah can you imagine leaving the bathroom with feasible share your hands like what kind of monster regular even though there are several people then did that jokers heard pack you know where i got a call chocolate quota which ought luxuriance grandpas but then it's like you honestly thought me a man thirty four years old i have a fiance sure the life i have all the things that i would leave a room with small duple do although i am i thought you might be reading it in the bathroom i think that's where you do a lot of reading that's where a lot of people do a lot of reading this totally normal but i would be wiping after i'm done reading i would wipe and then sit and shit well i don't know what you're doing there this size stories everyone i have been guess all that's the the man who is currently under a lot a kind of an investigation what is this much in here you have a book you have all enthusiast the browser you know i do the thing where i just you know you got pick up the book and you
as well as you will be like oil sick look at this but instead then you like flick off a little piece of it and put on your tongue and stuff they go other way travis morningstar will also try made every now and again if you hear a third voice that's it that's me all right i don't remember you i've told this story multiple times on round table of gentlemen go back and listen to those old episodes if you want to hear us much more intoxicated and far younger filled out my ac teeth cousin in wisconsin you do the oecd nothing s eighty and i have nothing but chocolate doughnuts for breakfast and i was eating during the exam they sound they found it to be a little bit offensive to the seriousness of the exam and i turn to them with a bunch of prince had chocolate doughnuts mere all over it and the one who just like i dont know if this is gonna go through the scanner but it did through the scanner and i got into a state school so thank
god you must let me that such a scary huge mentally handicapped settle history like who is this cartel them up words like can secretly read together which is very good you always hide in plain sight o absolutely aisles i've been having a mystery happening this bunch updates we're gonna do today we have we have a budget theirs knew what about job cover joe exotic is like the jelly of the month club version of a human he just keeps on giving it's crazy but rather the goals that we ve got in this week a joe exotic alone there's somebody gets was there is around him as well i know very fun loving spatial here of gloves attitude by eve also maybe a murderer and you also i don't love him because he may be abuse many tigers but will get as it seems like that but my neighborhood seven walkin around right when gonna walk in the dog at night her now listen i've been seeing straight up this is not a bit this is not a bit
portals of what can only be described as slime ruler various spots in my neighborhood did keep showing up the one looks like a couple spots look like straight like it's a high strangest men it looks like fucking of me we throw up words got like mix vegetables in it and it's like orange and like i read while i walk wendy so i ve been also prepping for the next episode some already in kind of a high strangest mood dish it's been happening like two weeks and then straight up a puddle of few shaw gel right like a the secret of the eyes i mean do you think it's just an overall like it's up it's a side effect of massive massive pollution is that possibly also leaves boycott is dog will reading it might be wendy pooh in the book is either way it could be worse
the revolution happening where people like fuck this i like queuing my food i was i've been slam it into the ground but i'm saying the dogs are all fascinated by all of the neighbours and i are onto the conspiracy we're all talking we're all trying to investigate find out who is doing right if it's a who or of the shit's coming out of the ground which is bad because then all of a sudden we're in a weird gospel to produce an area where there is a river of slime and people's angels withdrawing we already know there s so you can write it instead of a book club you started a slime gang we're on the slime gang and i'm present and of the slime gang whatever they don't know that i have claimed do you have to name your area of hollywood they'd have to rename it nil bog which has goblin our words and then you could start your own draws to movie which again is actually about goblins so there be exciting this may or may not be a gigantic integrated marketing scheme for pitch such as what you're talking about emotional we find out for sure that mystery remains very tantalizing and you'd want to maybe pay money to hear about it
well of course of course people would love to hear money to hear about it and i would actually pay you five dollars per time i heard the story when it comes to these slime pits be very careful with wendy dogs like to jump in all puddles they don't care what's in there and let's not forget what happened with bebop and rock study of the team anti teenage ninja turtles she already kind of looks like bebop bebop or steady i can't think of them want exactly that she looks like she might just turning always eager they'll be nice though did so much more wendy be more when it is a lot more when you put than wendy would be a really bad bad day and then he would have gone and it would shoot at random turtles i guess it would be loyal to me sure speaking goblins do we want to talk about mandate for a second mandy israel we're going to talk about it for the sake of the promised kizil hasn't seen it which is fuel is all already like an inner betrayal a part of it
but i got lack of understanding of me because mandy is me was near the film is it in the movie theatres right now you know you know why it is so how do i do limit on the machine a video machine michael quickly click it i'm going to avoid there the voice subscription my favor i love doing voice search cousin you go like schindler's less to lecture bigelow and then it pops up in its funded airy knew it all fake title tried to think that their loads the other probably wouldn't pop up there and thank god because that would be here here a film that might be at hand there might hear got long that might be the name of the jerry louis french film that was under wraps it i believe still is for ever and ever and ever because of its incense of content let's patent laws wolden his vault of irony a copy of it apparently over with no it's
honestly i would like to talk about mandy in further dapplemere for kisses see it but i will say my friends my friends shane morton unkindly land for that did do all that make up for your previous going to hell and casper kelly that rights and creates you're pretty face cornhill hell wrote and directed the entire shudder goblins which usually surprise delight in cheddar goblin is by its eye my energy person so this working sire this is the spoiler that you just give now and then it seems like a bit of a spoiler i had another was gonna be cheddar goblins i was just in wisconsin and i saw a quite a few cheddar goblins were watching the pack attack versus the kids which ended in a tie which was actually cannonade because my friends are contained in pakistan so it was nice to have like we both last normal first of all duty being races of wisconsin because i believe cheddar goblin is slower and why they wear cheese on their heads they love it winchester
then came on the screen i audibly gasped still light full it is just the best film nick cage and all the fuck stops that men can act whoop i will have an active act may whenever he wants to get our times re does it when he turns it on there is nobody better but it's really strange when he turns it off i almost like the movies better there is nothing nothing greater than i phoned in movie by nicholas cage he just me me laugh all tat we amanda way or she perform i did get in a cage that's how i take absolutely all right we'll let me do this quick update your and joe exotic and now you did not even bring this up the first time we spoke about him but evidently a tragic turn of events his twenty three year old husband travis the nata which is joe exotics actual last name is well he took his lansdale host we does that here it had suicide at the three but now there are out there is a lot of speculation and weather
be true or not but given the nature of joe exotics character and his love of guns and his love of being a little bit let's say over the top with his antics that he may have had something to do with the death of husband whoop but we don't know that look as a travis i will say tat if you are either you have the name travis you are a victim and yes you are going to be demise travis walton was a mass of victim in terms of being raped by aliens like this is a day they get picked up all time i'm sorry travis at your people are like this at least i'm not a trevor though this year with an idea congrats reverend around very good they have a lot of they have a lot of khakis and boat choose who doesn't love to be on a boat wearing cat travers will shouldn't trevor should never be left alone with your nephew you remain a trap this needs the many nephews in order to be defended by the neighbourhood children the suicide
took place in winwood oklahoma which is a fun fun name for a place and it happened at twelve thirty he and deputies responded to a night one one called report and a man had shot himself in the head in the business office at joe exotics park twelve thirty which i will say it joe exotic is going to be sort of speculators speculation at twelve thirty in the afternoon he can't be that drunk at at that time right i feel like a p did do it it would be like two a m after a lot of bali now i know what you're no girls i don't know i don't know i we say there is pa it's fifty five because sometimes in the morning that's what i'm the most mad
yes maybe like something just piles often human will cause what do we know about joe exotic he loved his guns he did he was very often brandishing them here a little bit of a film spectre white yeah or around him he attempted i will he threatened to murder a woman oh that's why we're that's why we talked about him in the first place you wanted to murderer woman who ran another animal sanctuary because she criticized him for how poorly he ran his animal sexuality so then to prove a great animal every is he to hire someone to kill that woman try to murder this right and so they are part of it is that's that's very intense on so i feel like he's got a lot of the character it may be there may be got the wrong maybe the buggy boyfriend pick take them off we know you see in jail yet we see at least been picked up i don't believe is currently in jail i think he's still awaiting trial and we will have the trial of the century we will keep you updated on the train of job exotic twenty three
travis maldonado the husband of jogged exotic you pronounced dead at the scene by m urgency officials and authorities say the cause of death is the fatal gunshot wound to the head the manner of death remains to be done firm and which i don't really understand what that means the share of says employees routinely carried firearms during their part duties at a forty five caliber was recovered at the scene and security footage is being reviewed so if you did did do this once you just feed him once you go full but we would like the movie hannibal once you feed him to the animals well i think here the way he knows it that's a mistreatment of the animal while he's been doing a lot of other miss trading of the tiger i feel that its way more i'm impulsive i think that one he's mistreating is tigers it's like away we are dealing with these tigers in your kind of dumb and you also have some weird fervent love of tigers so you kind of life
leo abuse them in his way well he was wont bid seemed like it was pretty heavily armed with a good idea so i think he shot him an ad and then he's just like all but i i think we're just like fuck you fuck you fuck you bet revenue do you get your immediately regret what you ve got yeah that's exactly the noise that would mean that would be made if the mom from bob's burger accidentally murdered bob this was an interesting little thing that they chose to put in this article it is not known maldonado was a licensed licensed for her carrier either in armed security capacity or as an open carry licensee so that's also it's a crime that is also a crime of used if he doesn't have the licence to hold the guy here you can't arrest his dead body now you think and also i will say this is i mean this is one claim that's now being tied to him he has a lot of suspicious shit i've also
i had a listener shrimp tell me they have some insider information that the lovely song do we weight of his last sweden was not even sung by him there is can't you tell me how way whether or not it is boys how sad would it be to be the person who things that song and then doesn't it for it i mean are theirs this is not like milly vanilla where the folks who actually saying that song got more money and less malign that merely vanilla who the hell would you it was travis and obviously he was silenced forever maybe for a secret if you ever seen the phantom on the upper yes i know anything of the vast majority of course he's nothing at the opera this mandate if there's any body that can be entranced by jo exotic even as a man of planes men who is his neighbour whose face was destroyed in iraq right he's got a snow permanent skull face like make bullets either for whole first chunk of his meat was removed his over just eyeballs open skull knows big clatter in teeth is tongues
slipping out of his fortune skeleton mouthful time although both to do they may do different town bigger wreck can't we say may resort to re demeaning but the georgia songs were great that's all i'm saying but joe exotic pathetic but when you start singing comes here did you get a beautiful voice and joe exotics like i'm a freak out range parson alma mine would differ ideas about society raw help you you horrible phantom man and then all of a sudden he's because he's like i got the face the move units you got the voice to move units ok all right well i don't know it's possible i suppose it is possible and if that person did lose his face in iraq thank you for you service and what a beautiful voice you have this entirely meda person that henry just created that lie could
also be allied maybe it wasn't ever done in iraq me was burned off by a town knew he was molesting all the children of the town and then he fabricated another story because i would even but that outside of joe exotic as well well let's hope somebody with no evidence whatsoever this is not only think about what about mine with no face he told them here we go face icy yeah just wait up a story about losing his face at nine eleven or something but it really he lost his face you an angry town searching for revenge ok that's possible this is according to a facebook posed by a fellow that i'm not going to name although he did put it on facebook so technically it's public but wait to go to you crazy here he calls this pure karma joey lotta gideon busted for this murder for higher he says he produced a reality show with this asshole for you ago and ended up walking away when he found out what a criminal he was and you know you have to be a really bad person if you're bad in the reality show business because everyone and that business is pretty horrible joe
zadok as you went by rennie small roadside zoo he was abusive to the animals and worse to the poor people working for him he says he finally ended production of the million dollar chateau looking at the picture of this guy i dont know if this was a million dollar reality show but that is what it is after he burned tv studio inside the zoo to the ground out of anger zone for pigs ethnic maybe he calls a crazy gay cowboy ass he called it joe shot gun several times inside the do just inside the zoo justice scare me killed older ten years to make room for new baby comes of course as even suspected in these supposed suicide of his of his husband joe was fifty five at the time so the reality show fell apart when joe exotic burned down to me recording studio right there in his own park i have just outlined pack in amsterdam we know what it is badgered especially i
say instead of saying cup as you did accidentally say comes i did i really great and used hitherto hiker governments do these guys it comes up when i know i feel they all people give recurring problem spotted striped tiger had come right well that's not going into male vitality pills here which i learned that already exist sumptuary alex jones is selling that exact product right now absolutely i will so joe joe exotic is historic go back to i also want to watch the dock he was an old lui documentary illusion we wrote binary series i know i want you to echo lui through wrote yeah he's a growl usually don't like one document areas put themselves in it but when he does it i dont mind at because other something about it my fine kind of charismatic like him better than nick bloomfield because nick room puts himself in this scenario away that's very of noxious year we throw is natural a very aloof and but he knows exactly and i think he's cute and find these british isn't british yes yeah ok
my scientology movie well worth a well worth of you if you haven't seen it yet what story do we want a new can we needed you haven't been on aliens your henry we do that i want to first covered there's an update talk him that will there's not much known ok kind of that this is one of those strings of stories we could follow on the border patrol yeah has confessed to the murder of three women want david or tea i believe it was for women i believe ass he could it is for women originally he said three there's another person that was found they are now really pretty they're pretty certain that there are more bodies omitted to a bunch of shit he try to commit suicide by copper using spouts essentially what happened was here can a sex worker and they were driving along the road he flipped out she sort of bringing up like you know anything you like one of my friends was missing whereas it was it was for sex workers in the which area of the
country is this laredo laredo yeah guess andy basically she was like you know a bunch of my friends have been gone missing and i'm really concern about them and he freaked out here try to kill her she got away founded trooper there was filling up his kids film is car is a gas station they went look for him at his house he wasn't there he disappeared he killed too more women right night and then came back try to it's suicide by copper using this phone like poured out it's gone right and fall for it somehow of all the time they do this right and they just fuckin picked him up they arrested at many confess and into their saying the last thing that he said they don't really know anything about motive he did it sort of execution style which is very sad that he and he said that he did a out of disrespect for
workers an e g hated their kind the man's name was one david ortiz and the story that henry referenced with the woman that was a white pickup truck they were driving along is henry said and evidently it got so strange and so tense she said jerry he reacted so strangely she later today the authorities that the situation had grown so tense that she vomited in the front yard before they left for a gas station the woman's bar and the women's mind lingered melissa she wanted to keep talking about her that's when he produced a gun and he grabbed a hold of her shirt and thankfully she was able to jump out of the truck talk about really this is this reminds me not in thus already to some degree i guess but a toy box killer the woman who is able to escape their how horrifying is that when you are one in along the highway in the middle of nowhere and just thank god somebody found her and believed her story and were able to this dude ways
similar to a robert hands it where airs obviates it's a hatred towards women they like to its guns because it is a painless way for them to kill somebody it's a coward swear to kill somebody really vast right and he was very you're in tax law and order do yeah i now of course now it's all the speculation everybody's surrounding it with all of you bullshit about ah well then out these screen the people the work for the border patrol will it that's not really what this is about like is really not much screening you can do when somebody just horrible asshole than chooses the cowardly way we'll kill people will it also he was a ten year veteran of the of the border patrol climbing up the ranks there and for my understanding these four murders happened pretty fast back to back to back to back he wasn't working for a long time there were no of warning signs is my own standing in the web we don't know yet we don't know there's we don't know yes there
i'm telling you sure of martin cooler he wasted he he really makes any words varies and reconsider this man to be a serial killer who was praying one victim after other so you know it's a good thing i guess the technology of our time they were able to bust this guy before who knows how many he would have killed i'm sure if you once you break that are your down i suppose you just keep on going with it won't go into pop oh stop it really fucked and swore the things you gay into a inside your own ahead in becomes easier each time you do it and this guy was talking about caught so fuckin frightening just get that idea of drive along the road and seeing the will come screaming out of the fuckin brought my way i learned coverlet like it's very the beginning of fuckin horror movie bed disabling apples robert answer you up and then of course if you're in the car it's also if a conundrum caused you dont know if it's a trap and if someone's then going to go and kill you or something so it it's a lot of it too
a lot of faith in humanity to some degree to stop and help somebody out specifically nowadays wherever one is just so cautious in constantly on edge regarding strangers very scary i think about all i remember the why member like well this is were of an innocent story i was in new york probably one of the first times i was the first like year couple months i was in new york and blind man came up to and it was like can you help me find the f train elphick absolutely i'm your bad man i'm here to help you good and i went and i helped him with it did again on the train is with me music could you help me find the exit to get out was like sure yeah this before it help of outside of the translation of cities like where seventy fourth street i'm sick you know it's ten blocks self is can you help
there exists a point just be like how'd you even get here right right we hide you even get the address workers stuff like like us its external level were taken at the street corners like those cars one horrible noise is a city right rightly did you just get dropped off here like i don't know what happened right you're helping this dude provoke a forty five minutes so this is the problem with helping people it is this can never once you give an inch they're going to take a mile is that what you're dazed its depth knows there our honestly that sell it sounds a little crass but there are times in you i've done the exact same thing we're just little we will take you fifteen to twenty minutes there's a woman that come that i live with you i cannot live with but she's in my hotel cop or she's apartment complex and she's great she's on the sixth floor yessir with groceries coming up you gotta help are all says units are you gonna want takes fifteen minutes twenty minutes of your already running late but you just have to do because that's what we do we help out his body be
was we basel again i told this story on less dream but when i was like ten and living in kansas and a trailer park this bloody woman came screaming out of the out of the forest running down our street and my mom was on our porch delivers like two in the morning and she starts me for help and asking and being on doors nobody would come to their door because of course it's a screaming bloody woman but my mom was smoking a blunt and drinking answer she said of course i'll take you to the plan for super relax so my mom ground my myself and my sister we jump in the car and with them sitting next to this bloody screaming woman who is like saw being heavily on me and we pull out of the the trailer park and a black truck with its high pie beams on search chasing us in a guy with a gun is shooting at try to shoot out our tyres travis in my mom it's like fuckin grandcourt mose all the way to the police station and gets the the woman the police station apparently it was a love try
though gone awry sounds like you did great but just goes to show you not all heroes are sober really has reacted with it out with that i'm way more often i'm way more likely to put myself in harm's way if i've been smoking weed because i'm more fucking open to the universe sure i'm a little bit more willing to be easy we're easy cover about it we're just me mine regular prettier pretty i'm pretty upsetting as a person ass of all held is a sageness i do believe as you say my stances you need to take care of your tribe and your and your territory so for me within ten blocks of my home that is my turn two well i owe you do big lisa i do believe george zimmermann said the exact same thing before an incident that has tarnished our country for ever since it occurred i would do it at the opposite
oh i would do the opposite i'd kill the bad guys alley wont let me have a gun i too i'm i'm stuck with only having my whip yes women captain this weekend for my friends bachelor party we'd be begun and i must say that even that amount of power did time to go to my had a little bit because it was strangely fun it's really and i remember the one time or another story of helping a bloody person i was living with eddie in a fucking horrible apartment we were living like a total punk slum house and art are roommate pale and was a very good good you'd come like intense punk guy like he was a shepherd hooters where eddie work to uneven i use good the fact is that iraq to be an intense punk guy you have two mutually waters as a shroud hours it was ok yeah they must pay and actually i do remember his real name we call them pale in which was a demon from fucking paradise lost ok now we call himself and i will governmental i've been to we drink all thy like normal and i got up who
henry wake up to four thirty in the morning away i'm sure i'll be very intoxicated sure and he's look move can homewards burst and he had how will i will pay ladder daddy pale and hold back of his towel was soaked in black girl good humoured zero and so i had to take him to the emergency room and got blood shit blood all over my humble launcher and why and i had to take it the man i was rough i wise you gotta take european if you if you work in marketing and you know if you work at home day or honda make commercial make that an ad because that's a great sales pitch for that car unreal it is yet another quick uptake of arrest were backed aliens presentable the mystery of the new mexico solar observatory is now it seems to be over the mist maybe you don't know what that means quite yet ok you're only their seeing their opening it back up the sun spot solar observatory it's near
new mexico sacramento peak has been closed for ten days because of what they are saying is a criminal investigation ok aura has been cooperating with an ongoing law enforcement investigation of criminal activity that occurred at sacramental peak or representatives wrote in his statement sunday during time we became concerned the suspect in the investigation potentially pose a threat to the safety of local staff and rest and i say this reason or a temporarily vacated the facility and see science activities at this location i love the term science activities yes but up but up its interest it's another technically statement it means nothing but it does fee he'd sort of israel lottery farmers about whether or not they had discovered the technology ending solar flare right off please cross my fingers or the there is a possible theory that chinese dissidents had set up a low ban with low wifi sort of point this is kind of like like
hotspot ok or they were siphoning information because the aura station was really close to one of the outskirts of white sands which we know is one of our covert ops centres of our country where we do a lot of new die air well a g in all kind of bullshit it's where the aliens are is it possible that we have a sort of pizza gate situation obviously when a man brought a gun into comet pizza because he believed it was a petty file ring is possible you f o or off our enthusiast wanted to get to the truth and threatened that entire staff and the entire anyone who was in the building with a firearm too then get to the truth sort of like the movie canadian bacon this is slander some slanders what you're doing all of this is slander i don't know if i say no who said i think it may have come from the post office if there's somebody you go and ham normally proposed are re while business that interested big there was set me by a listener it's a little bit
old but it plays in two alien so i had to immediately share it with henriette thank you like this this is this is a speech army of staff general mark milly he gave a speech on april twenty first in two thousand sixteen there were set breaking the one hundredth anniversary of the hour t c program at norwich university he went off the rails with his speech a little bit which has a lot of you have all enthusiasts had there currently has them still really enthusiastic even more they work is naturally they are already enthusiasts i see enthusiasm to cynthia enthusiastic enthusiastic that's a lot enthusiasm i know what that grammar is i know what that feeling since that you're already vibrating you're vibrating some hard you're making a noise re understand that i'm excited ass how i felt when the eight tipp stuff came out so do we want to play this clause
when you want to comment on as we want to combat desperately ok nineteen forty five was complex the world of twenty sixteen is intensely complex and i can tell you that from person experience and i know that many others who can tell you it is well and you will gradually be in that world to be leading the soldiers sailors airman in the marines in that world you'll be dealing with terrorists thereby dealing with hybrid arm you'll be dealing with little green men be dealing with tribes you'll be dealing with national leaders and local leaders you'll be dealing with politics and economics and you're media direct fire and indirect fire somebody has the fuckin got to say but i do want to point out this is the all rotc isn't pretty intend speech even without the little green men component of it it's a lot like i didn't really is the euro dc did that much i thought it was more like too
get out of the month you get away from your family you have a couple of beers and your boys well what it seems to be it's more of a a little bit of an inspiring slash exaggeration where they're saying the people your rotc will grow up ah member i soon of society which i do i mean i don't know i didn't i could not happen now let's see i can't you eddie she has a discipline i watch the movie stripes and i was like this is an intense movie this is like a lot of training in these dudes are doing and most of the time they were just havin fun that's the back jack the guy gave you early most of that movie was improvised thriller gamer right a fucking script that movie that's so does they trusted them they were amazing to but i i mean could let slip alive bit of information there we don't know the other thing this lead people to think about this quite often lose out if there was a hybrid programme there was some
insider knowledge that would be good if we face with some form of physical attack or approach by an alien enter see the people of georgia to see the people of the future of our military should be aware of it right but i dont know and i see this is working very confused i think what's happening is that our u s government has been actively surging ufos they don't know what it is because it is not fully physical is both to it is mental and physical right and i would they are trying to do is now that the at any point there ready to pull that trigger to face amelia invasion in order to swaying martial law in order to fucking do we they can't put creative decay turn us into food for each other we create the and w well there is there there are possibilities one last point i trust the w over what we have well technically i think
and w i was still in existence that it began with harbour why her bush i believe he was the one who called for the new world order to come to you to come information which is probably in hindsight not the greatest verbiage president to use because it has a sort of taken off in the conspiracy world but you a billion years given the world he was giving a tipp of the cap right to the powers that be that love to hide in plain sight will end as we saw with the phoenix lights rightly they came out and said they and they did we created the fiasco the recreated with flares you know henry mentions martial law but it kid has happened in the recent history with the boston marathon bombing obviously we gotta find the shore knobs brothers they were on the loose they needed to find him but that city was on locked down and that was where you really got to see an example of the government when they want when they can for good reason more
law certainly is is something they have the capability of doing so who now just yet that's where much people like idea that you'd be in florida and you think honestly that you're you're friggin what's this puts europe but your little secure you gaol sure is gonna beat up its didn't beat the mac warriors now we're gonna be paeonies backwards navarra their comfort foggy shit did they would come for your house that's why we gotta go underground or cycle bans we can figure out how to join together and this is not even a bit right we can figure out a joined together psychically spiritually we'll be able to be the the hammering boot of the
government that comes that is job that is the thing that jim carries riddler did in batman forever so here is exactly what he did with taliban henry's plain into hiding a bunker and do don t you think you're going to fuck it could get me madame already gone i would i agree with most of that travis but not dm two you'd be doing de indeed have you would actually be really enjoy in his life he and some of our friends that he likes to play that wonder for creative game with i'm ok we want to do can i do this one story about this in may in florida how i like this story okay so this story is pretty brutal a florida inmate brutally killed and mutilated by a fellow in made an inmate at affordable and who had literally murdered his cell may also he didn't just kill em he also guy out of his eyes in short of a gene twist he wore one of the good eyes ears as a makeshift necklace and he wore this around the jail for like two long before the june guards finally and understood what happened the
pack was believed to happen thursday morning if this was at columbia correctional institution and with sources telling this paper that the killer who has not yet been identified left his victims i was in a cup with the attack with the intention of later eating words increasing them using to turn his eyeballs into prune oh i guess at o brick southerners carefully if you are in if you are in prison by the way i'm not gonna sit here and lie if i was in prison i would immediately be like where is the proof of what we have in fact when i want to do to get the protocol and have your like what is it this brought like what's the parental this one is really good then i'm an invasion can we just out very quickly become approving osama yeah oh you have to be i really honestly i would love to taste it will just what is it mad dog twenty twenty it has to be relaunched alexander every kind of fun rose like this is good wine what it's made for that you'd like guinea conakry
he's got it in the competence of the sea throws they're gonna make up of the mai corners well it is the inmates that was murdered he was a fifty eight year old his name was larry mark and he was serving a life sentence for murder that he committed in nineteen any one so he had actually been in there for quite a while and you would think you know i get it man just having a roommate in a spacious to badger more three bedroom is hard roommate haven't they sell may with a laugh about it but really think about what a night that is the snoring just watching them go to the bathroom constantly likely there are also a murderer homeward crime wrote both if you imagine you're not really great with strangers to begin with and now you ve happened but this immediate me to wear your avatar it's very very intense i'm not gonna do well in jail i ever go i can't go but the thing see you get mad
absolutely so this is according to a statement from the correctional facility they set their working with our partners at the floor department of law enforcement to investigate this debt and ensure that everyone responsible is held a cow the ball to the fullest extent of the law flautist floor to correct officers have it and then this is how the kind of baden excuse year florida correction officers have an extremely difficult job and we ask in that's a lot of them despite the staffing challenges that exists at all the two issues i would say the one thing that you could try to do is make sure the cell mates aren't gouging each other's eyes out the fact that it could make a coup laid out of somebody's retina yeah you know when the eyeballs you're about to get gouged out you'll hear this from cell which looking at nothing sick feel like you look at me for something now almost look over there you happen to walk a happy weapon a walk across my frame a site yeah yeah oh yeah ok
the bulk of this book explode o mine you hear fuckin spoon you go in you grab because i was going to publicize out because i feel that this would lead to a budget copycat grimes sure sure i watch a lot of those prison shows and obviously prison is extra prison violence is extremely common but if somebody asked see what you're looking at and you're gonna sell do you get you borders are like three walls and then i bet little window i mean there's not a lot of options so a tree pretty easy to figure it out a good way to cut tension in a prison cells and set him saying what do you look at say penny for your thoughts cause that's really do lead with kindness right with lead curiosity instead of immediately threatening raw using people be curious about people ask questions and when you asked question listen because that is how you get
no people and then we're talkin up building bridges instead of building walls but i agree and i get get to know your cell mates like why do they call him white power bill like what is light or behind i don't know if that's the best best advice i think you want to know them very very little because if you turn it they turn out to be a pedophile you have to buy prison code kill them and now you can open your in there for like you're stickers untidy you were on probation there like you know you gotta address sneakers tied on probation because you got fifteen parking takes any didn't pay him then net now you have to go murderer pedophile and then you're in there for life for me what would i be be in ah ah jail probably for practice
medicine without a license because i've been doing the patch adams things they go in and like the right aren't there are people here who did what he was saying i would go and just pretend to be doktor where lab coat i do the funny thing where they took him how rob william is what any visited christopher reefs are owed you hear that store in ireland and he was joking and indeed laughter the first time that such a nice store it's a sad story with crystal resided thought about them forever he's always remember me is always be has actually investment olga shipments and suck my dick they really can now there thinking about michael be jordan to be superman and there are three people who are upset i'm like now every super who tat are all fake you no one else is aerial flying so we don't worry always go back to work mad thereby pursue what's my superman big it's great and where no one say anything but a british person plain for controls manson or jim care
a plane the villain in sonic the headshot i'm saying soup documentary black i want an activity i will not let it be anything like only georgians are far better actor than those other two guys plain superman they would be fucking blessed to have play superman as far as on it can be peter dink lige all the way up to all the way up to george marathon of course in favour or from a my giant medicines i'm gonna shredded say i'm sorry he's too fuckin ugly siblings but he felt enhance what are you did you just gave just when a whole died photo and how anyone can be superman hanging out in one of the most in what a centre whom who was a centre you may be a that's over them your fortunately there is a look you do have to look you have to it's like games bought it yours elbow great respect a great replacement for our daniel crusher cause he's handsome rice swamp is a veneer superman gonna look like us
super super super super super handsome every man right that's what it has to make what every man in someone's seven put seven who also had a pretty good three point shot he looks like learn to leave em all see that eyes is that's the sizes of hollywood no one talks about by the way i walk into audition than they laugh and they laugh at me and that's why is that i've been chosen to only have my voice heard because now we can look at my body the truth no i haven't i knew i wanted to be an actor i wanted to be precise early but you're you're the one with the body of chris barley and i am i'm the one with the body of michael jordan but it michael jordan ever worked out yet but you get all the attention from you can only unwanted attention of people wondering why you are playing basketball football yeah is never loved ugly men do still have the option to play bizarre oh who don't have severely who does speak like he has a head injury you know who else would have been a great superman mister bruce campbell bruce campbell
superman nicholas cage also would have integrate superman would have been a fantastic superheated about and costume changes sport yes the did though did those costume tests and it was a bit sexual crimes that are set out to find within ireland more erotic suit me but it's like that meant that when you have to have a strong chain it's the one half do ass is strong s chain wonder woman you have to have put products sure i've seen ali all i watch them to be fair they all have to have a pretty strong buttocks you have to ones gotta be per day any more stores or even want to wrap it up they arrive for now more updates ex week we have a much more stories we ve got a bunch ports saw coming it you are these next for weeks please send them to us here last podcast network a gmail dot com since any ideas for stories like those people have in sending me think what's puts the people have been sending me stories twitter and instruments
the promise you get lost your because we're in a weird space right now i get many messages so i dont really i don't catch them all so so to the email so that we can actually properly go through them and document that yes and thank you for all the sides doors suggestions they have been a great the side a story suggestions have been a wonderful all right so yes thank you so much for listening thanks for giving tour patria and we love you very much without you none of this would have been possible and yes social media bank as a one doktor fantaisie henry loves you on twitter and case law on twitter kind of dialogue in which it is only now that live in laughin unloving what about that my my think like if your adding a g you're being a little uptight really i think the only really way to do it is no jeez what do you like livin laugh and oh loving
no jeeves because jeez what are we this fuckin work is now i live in life and love entered office at the office some plot and death stating in lyon riots i'm do rather office so what am i realize i wanna be live in laughin and love and that's why yeah i see what you're saying there there was a male guy when i worked in that office for about half a year before i got entirely too sick of it and the male men always would say the guy who drop the letters he would say oh i'm living but it seemed he was dying so you were really lucky you are not his first fucking victim no because he was kind of debts that's it maybe idea you don't know what these guys are going around islands pop off your nose and about these be nice to everyone you meet the euro is going to make a new their first victim absolute steve bush emmy in happy gilmore taught us that he was a billy madison stew
bush about a call back in april shabby it really matters the daughters but by god a pale yourselves everyone well think look installations thank you travis relieve your hard work
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