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Side Stories: Joe Bob Briggs

2019-03-28 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry chat with the incomparable JOE BOB BRIGGS.

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Hey, what's up everyone, how you doing Ben Kissel here, I want to tell you about a benefit. Show that we're doing for our friend Jay's in science. He had a horrible accident and is currently fighting his about off to recover, so benefit, shows they're going to be in LOS Angeles and New York City Monday April first. That of course, is April fools day in honor of the very punny funny goofy, signs and wash ten DC there is going to be a and if it show on when Tuesday April? Third, if you want all of the details, just look in the description of today's side stories. Episodes and you'll find who's performing, obviously Jackie's going to perform I'm performing with Holden Mcneely here in New York City, Ed Larson, going to be there the whole last podcast family will be
waiting for Jason signs the best we know how, through using humor on both coasts of this fine country of ours. So please, if you have those softap check out those shows it's not just going to be some boring. Oh, my god sappy event is going to be full of laughs, full of joy and, quite frankly, it'll, be nice to spend another evening with our lpn families. Alright. Everyone come on out support, Jason signs, support a friend of ours and don't forget hale yourselves. This is the lost. This is on the left side yeah. So only him in to run all over all Yang, like annual wanted, hasn't changed very nice or
Doesn't change the whole thing or a bad thing right now go to on all exactly the same. Make it. It's not I think getting better or or you come up to god- and here you are exhausted, yeah hey! What's up everyone this inside stories, I am Benjamin Grant Kissel the B, g K and then, of course, we had reserve browse ski who, after this tour, I had a chance to sleep on a Sunday evening at Henry Zebrowski has not so he is what one would call in the clouds Mentale I am destroyed, but I've had a couple of fun things happen to me so I went through. We do our show in Pittsburgh Holy this whole like this. To that whole tour was so much God, damn fine, so much fun in Pittsburgh. Man. I cannot stress this enough. It this is the I don't want to plug it 'cause, I don't want to ruin it, but it is the unsung
coolest city in America and I'm not leaving in hyperbolic it's so for the good fun, it's ridiculous, but all the Cincinnati, Cleveland and Nashville are beautiful. We had a wonderful time? We had a sad, not sad. You have a sad night. Cincinnati was having this at night. Not for us, so people were crying in the street. I don't know why people are crying in the street Cincinnati or what's going on, but we got plenty drunk at that. I think it's technically a Taraba bar, but it was great like O'Malley's in the alley yeah. That was that I think we've to discuss this, but at what point we just walk into this bar that a a fan, a wonderful thank you for the but she was just bawling like she's like it's so good to see you, but don't I don't even know why they were that the hold the door just a lot of hot drama. Going on inside there's a lot of drama going on in the streets of sense, but now you're in Toronto and you're doing press for your pretty face is going to Hell, went straight for Pittsburgh to Chicago. Did you see two? to problem, because we're pushing
everything is going to Hell which opens up season. Four starts again on adult swim on. May. Third, I'm saying this even against my will It is now so ingrained into my mouth muscles that I'm just saying it, but we are, we went to Chicago and then I went to Toronto and I did press all day for and so what they do. They're like one of the big things in the middle of the day we're doing. Canadian morning television, the morning news, and they all said Henry please. I first of all you need. You need to control yourself and also quartey talking about preach when they all started with it. They all started with a warning like Henry. We need you to keep it to talking about the makeup and the costumes. Ok, that's it and I was like trying to control. Sounds like it sounds like they are for good reason. Understand why they want to do it, but at the same time you paying for me to do fuckin' thing
I am going there I'm gonna, be I got to be too real to be cast again. That's what I have to be. I know your methodology, and so I'm answering pretty normal questions and finally, I get I'm getting very upset with me 'cause? I said at some point which I'm certain is going to be cut out where there was skimming they always deep in everyone of them. Ask the same question of like what's two naughty a raunchy to be on this show and I don't know this Toronto radio host- they want you to go there by saying. What's two naughty, what had to be cut out of your pretty face is going to hell and then you answer to their question- is that correct got too. They asked me to do it, and so, I think, was a funny peccadillo about network like Bullsheet with stuff. Like you can pee on a man's face, but the p can't be yellow, and you can share, you can share in a man's mouth you can't ship can hit my lips. She can go
splat against the wall. You could see pile of shit. I was saying poop, but I'm saying poop, I know it's morning, television it up. Then you did this week. I was clean. I thought it was clean, but it can't be bread. And also the shape can't come out of a butt, so he can't see it but and worth. It was minutes of silence, right they were horrified Everyone was like I don't I just go like watt. Like I explained, where all the cameras on me, it's not live so there it cut it out. I imagine I don't know what they're going to do it afterwards, like we said to keep it to the costumes Do they have there, because guess what we really do cut out their ship that we, we obviously is much worse than that
of course, it's also devil costumes. It is, but it is bizarre that you can't show the Brown poops, of course, because that's technically much healthier than a green one or orange one. What colors were your shape at the end of this trip there's. None of us. None of us share I'm still having problems 'cause, I'm still on the road. I don't even the audience does not need to hear about post tour Duke I'll. Tell you that much of a little bit, they're out of this episode actually coming up fairly quickly. In this episode we are going to speak with job. Briggs he? Oh, my God vision, Legend Joe Bob's drive in theater, trivision. He also was a correspondent on the daily show for two years and he wrote the books. Joe Bob goes to the drive in and Joe Bob goes back to. The drive in so we are going to interview him coming up here in the very near future. We're doing a long form interview with him. Yes, he is, it's just such a delight to talk to him and his norm.
We've been doing these interviews for Patreon, but we're like Joe Bob Briggs is too big of a deal for us and for our community to like we wanted in front center, we want you guys to hear what he has to say, and I mean he's still sharp and as funny as ever he's great and if you want this is also just a little bit of like one of these you guys sound like when the interview someone this is going to be a great sample for you, a great indication of how a show like that goes. So if you want more of those interviews, feel free to give a dollar atrion five dollars, one thousand dollars or one million dollars and will take over six flags, we're taking you to six flags, you to six flags, and then you could listen to the oh, my goodness. We must have fifteen to twenty interviews on there at this point in there absolutely wonderful with great great guests. First, I just want to read a couple of fund. Stories we can do a few here. This one is one of the personal favorites of mine and I'm not sure if
I'm not sure how old Henry is 'cause. This sounds like what is going to happen to Henry Zebrowski as soon as he is shoved into a retirement community by whatever, children he has. I am, do you know I'm thirty, four. I know you have some time. Ten more years, an elderly couple sued for blasting iron maiden too loud in elderly couple, You live in a quiet retirement community in Stockholm, Sweden, which, by the way we will be in stock home his report, only been sued for blasting iron eating too loud. The couple you, english heavy metal bands music to take revenge on a new couple that moved into their neighborhood other neighbors say the issue started October when the new neighbors arrived in their sex life was too loud, apparently the new would go at it quote all night. Just a reminder: this is a retirement community, so What is going to number one kudos to both of these couples, where it's like you're you're, paying and then the other couples like we know what to do we're going to
go out of here. The best way to win in this scenario is to go over there and straight up, say nice. This is so the couple they are there. Eighty one years old in seventy one years, they say old in the article, but I'm going to say young, because they're still rise old. They are Well, they were not happy with the with the sounds of sex, so they started blasting the music and it got so bad these were called and had to force their entrance to the house will avoiding to shoot. Strangers was playing which I will say hell, yeah, that's good. If your eyes are being busted down by cops, the Sauga Ford afraid to shoot strangers displayed- might actually be good because maybe they'll be like that's right, we are afraid to shoot strangers. Will let the couple live. I think again always revert to. If you want to people's attention. You want to get him to leave you alone, if you're, in the middle of a fight- and you wanted to
top. A real way is to just start jerking off and then the fight stops. If you want them to get the you just did, a like yeah yeah, I like the did she went all your your healing if you can mimic the exact noises that makes the other person and then eventually, every time they try to have sex and they make the noise is they're going to think of the old couple, just listening and rubbing each other. That is one way to do it. So that's just a little tail coming Stockholm, Sweden, and we will see you all very would also you might like this one shoppers ports seen a ghost roaming. The aisles of the Massachusetts Grocery Store, the name of the grocery store, is a market basket of yeah. That is, it yeah really is market basket. I had never heard of that before market basket. I don't know it's in Massachusetts, learn um, so apparently, people are seeing. Several people have reported seeing a young woman between the ages of seventeen and thirty, which is quite an age gap,
I would say: don't it is hundred and thirty with lights. Dark, hair and blue eyes in out of fashion clothing. Wandering the aisles of market basket on main street one shopper according to patch dot com is familiar with her as she to visit her home when she lived near the store. This is into the one shopper. She says the rumors are true. It makes this market basket a lot more interesting It just sounds like hipsters that that's how they all dress. They old, timey old, timy clothes, so I know the woman goes out, say I saw her and looked away to see if anyone else saw her, and I would when I look back she was God. That's so funny I just want to always cut through the Ghostbusters buster scene of getter. That was your plan right gathered so our customers are not believers they're asking. What are you smoking, which is, of course, a
instrument, wanna marijuana. Doesn't that make you see ghost as a matter of fact marijuana? Probably I would make you run frantically and forget. You ever saw anything paranormal because it's too or fight to Khan to comprehend it that I'm not the man. I think that I legitimately would not be. I think I would more ready to accept it yeah it could be, it could be as well. What are you smoking? It could go either way that's the power of marijuana. Even employees of this place are divided a woman who has worked in the grocery store for four years. She says, don't want a law if totally serious she's, but she does say she believes the store is definitely haunted, although admits the overnight shifts makes makes his imagination run wild after working alone for ten hours great. So Henry you are currently exhausted. If you see a ghost right now, sadly we're all going to have to take it to our Dick Group in our minds and be like. Was he just tired, it's quite possible, I tell you what I am getting those trails you
little things in the corners of my eyes. Ok, you desperately need to I'll sleep you're holding in your hotel room in Toronto. I see the bed right behind you just jump. In there when we're done, recording and do not get out until five minutes before you have to be so. Will. Also. I thought that weed was legal in Canada right. So I right now I just bought some. I went to a store and I bought some you afterwards, people telling me being like- now, while you're all we days is only mail order. You got to order it online, so there's no way you can get it yet. So I was like what Lou I have a lot of it. What did you buy? That gets weed. The last night? Why would it only be mail order? It's Canada, man. I love the canadian people. But sometimes you hear our canadian law and you're just like what. Why does that even mean? What does it mean to mail order, I'm going to catalog,
that? What I'm doing so those are just a couple of my favorite little fun. Light hearted stories that were submitted by the listener. So thank you all so much for submitted again, it's a side stories, L P, o t, L at G mail, dot com, we live view, and we love the stories. Thank you. So we do it not a lot honestly in and we we are I'll, be going through more mail next week. We're gonna have a third. This week we have one more episode of the deep dive last podcast and left, and then we're going to have Marcus again in two weeks. Yes cannot wait this pod, it is brought to you by devil may cry five in over the top action. Filled game rated M more mature now available on Xbox one ever. To just slice and dice some demons? Well, looking hella nice! This is the same for you. It features three demon hunters each with unique play. Styles, but don't just take our word
for it. Cool calls it in elegant symphony, we have obliteration dualshock, this call. It one hell of a good time and game rant. Calls devil, may cry the perfect action game so come on a kick. Some demon with devil may cry five and remember: games play best on Xbox one, and now it is time for a freaking. Fantastic interview with Mister Joe Bob Briggs. Are you ready to do this? Mister Zebrowski? You ready to do this interview. I wanna talk to him. Ok, we wanna talk to him okay, make sure you mean him. I want to see you a I want to see you at home. I want to go and I want to smell his bathroom. I don't think that's what we should be telling them. I'm going to smell you back, your mister Break, don't worry, I'm good, for it will make sure you to the whole interview to hear of Henry asked that question, because I hope that he doesn't
we will see what happens a lot of people who I don't say a lot of things. It will appear. To everyone who works in Toronto. Radio was hoping that you didn't want to that. You didn't say any stuff, although I will say once again as an interviewer, you queue up. A question expect the question to he answered. So, if you don't ask me, questions Don't don't ask me questions? I know I'm already Enjoy this interview with Joe Bob Briggs I literally my liver has aged so hard in the last week, because you're just on the road, I'm sure you understand just traveling the especially on the conventional route, like you just it's just different hotel bar after different hotel bar yeah. Well, I do the cons and I do the I have a will. I am a one: man show that I do, and and and and a lot of city, so yeah, I'm on the road a lot. The thing about Toronto is they've got Cronenberg and they've got some real
bad stuff from the 80s, but they this think their call. You know where they'll talk to you about canadian horror like it's a thing: these movies. I don't know whether they're, canadian or american or whatever, and but they can. Things always know which movies were actually filmed in Canada, which movies have canadian directors in which movies have canadian actors and to me yeah they're, all just the same, but I will always do this thing about what you could canadian horror is probably the same percentage of canadian horror movies as there are percentage of stadiums in North America, so right right. They are so excited and so particular about claiming their legacy. 'cause. They hate be swallowed by America absolutely! Well! I come from the home. My home state is Wisconsin. Any celebrity that comes from Wisconsin. That is the first thing that people will say as a matter of fact, little known fact,
because she has said kind of denounced. My home state Halle Berry originally from Wisconsin, but you would know if you listen to her, you have to talk to him. Johnson I do is like technically Catwoman was ours. Well, indeed, is definitely yours I tell ya. We could even we got dumber, we got dean, we Chris Farley, so Wisconsin has a pretty good track record of entertainers. That's right! Bob? Are you excited to be talking to two other two more like fat, bodied, ugly men? Does this excite you? Well that's a great thing about podcasting. Yes, I love it so Joe a job, and I gotta ask you first, because obviously you are the king, the king of B movies, it's a special niche, a b movie like a re at later. There has to be something about it that it can't be so bad. You can't watch it, but it can't be too good at the Oscar
would even consider looking at it as a mainstream film. What is what makes the perfect be? well. First of all, I don't like the column B movies that column exploitation movies, and that's because you know back in the 80s. Somebody came out with uh call king of the bees and uh. One of the guys in the book was Roger Corman and I and I saw Roger right after the book came out and I said Roger. What do you think about ' being called one of the kings of the bees, and he said I don't really like that. I said why he says It implies that there isn't a movie in a bee movie and My movies aren't as good as the eight movies. I said: what do you think being called the king of exploitation, and he said I love that it's because you know the
The movies that we call exploitation. Films are genre, films, they're, not necessarily worse than the Hollywood films. The and they often times, are much better right movie like Hell raiser. He is, in my opinion, better than I big budget movie like you know, like uh the exorcist three That is, for that is for certain, except for the I do love the continuation of the preacher. Well yeah? I mean it. It has its moment an it's. That's the one with George C Scott. I think it is yes, I think so yeah well yeah. It does have its its features, but but for all that money, you know they. They did more with with no money when they made. You know hell raiser, so uh, but I think but it used to be easy to tell, because these movies would only play the drive inns in the grind houses. You know. But today, when everything is released on, you know various
The digital media, all it's basically the one. Is that are considered beneath contempt by the remaining mainstream critics out there, of which there are a few. I want to beat up Leonard Maltin. Let's take a look. If you saw him, would you like want to throw down a punch him in the street like these kind of like the fancy Dancy movie review people like or would you, but I mean he really he should be on that list. I mean uhm, you know over the years there was- I was supposed. I was supposed to have a there- was a critic at the New York Times named Maslin, who called a lot of these movies, especially horror, movies uh. She called it. You know hardcore porn, for your violence and really thought that they should view. Viewed they shouldn't be celebrated and I was supposed to have a debate with her back in the 80s.
But she backed out, but anyway the that was the feeling for many many years now right when films, like shape of water, are winning the Oscar. Yeah it's a monster movie Wednesday Wednesday Academy award Obviously, tastes have changed changed a bit and when it makes six hundred million dollars or whatever the main you know, then Obviously you know we're in a little bit of a different world now and that's an interesting point when it comes to the sort of the need to be despised when it comes to the whole, genre now being more mainstream to, despite the fact they still had, Oscars. Had the audacity to call get out a comedy anyone who said that and I'm not even being like hyperbolic, they should be shot. I'm, because that is a horror movie. Do you think that there
is a danger with the mainstreaming of horror, films 'cause, don't you sort of need those more stuffy people to make? It seem cool? Well, what you need! What you need is maverick film makers who will go against the against the grain of the culture. I mean you need. You need people who will do the incredibly politically incorrect movie. I mean it it's it's like location. Film producers are like the professional wrestling business. They pick out things that will re annoy a segment of the public and they, emphasize that in their movies right right. So it's it's different things at different times, but but but yeah we don't have enough of those guys who are who are hustling a buck. You know uh the a lot of the film school kids. They worship these exploitation movies of the 80s you know, and so they make really
bad ripoffs of exploitation from the 80s right, because they they seem to get the pacing wrong. That's how I always view it is especially with the new one where they kind of emphasize on the very very slow pace of the old film. So I feel like they think that they're making Omage is to grind house movies. By Essentia Lee, making what ends up being boring movies I mean. Where is you know right right, just write something new to write, something that scares you today. I think the last director that I can remember that made a movie in res very, very recent memory that truly scared the hell out of me and I felt it keep watching it was Lars VON Trier is the House that Jack built, because that played on certain tropes, like killing children, that was really really intense yeah. You probably had to have to go that far these days to to really shock the pub I think there's a movie: we have an on shutter called death gay,
the in Canada, if you, if you saw the old movie from the eighties trick or treat yeah yeah the idea of being what it, what if you're ever Tipper Gore's in I remember Tipper Gore, Tipper Gore gave the biggest gift of all time sort of going back to that previous comment of like having people despise about to make its cold water per Gore was the greatest marketing tool of all time for rap music yeah and for just hardcore music in general, so she then she was claiming that you know rap music caused. You know, rape and violence and all these bad things, and so for the premise so the trick or treat, is what if everything she says is true and you and you play the play the record backwards and the devil appears, and it turns everybody into uh you know demons and rapists and everything, and so there were there were actually three or four movies of that type. So comes, this movie deathgasm and two thousand and fifteen.
From New Zealand it's the same idea thirty years later, and so I'm like what is New Zealand just especially slow they're, just finding out that this type of genre subgenre exists, I don't know it's like. It's really well made, but it's sort of because it's bad. It's done such an old idea that people, it doesn't really. You know, mister that well anymore it like a movie, okay, um you? Don't really you don't really full engage with the movie because you're thinking, you know what are they doing this in twenty fifteen because everybody wants their whack at it. I really got to do the do you think that, like well now we can tell it our way, but it's like well they've done it many many times yeah and then you know the same thing with you know. If you have a lot of money, you can do a remake. You can pick pick a media,
cult movie from The 70s or 80s and remake it well, exactly like they did with Maniac in a series of other films that have been come out more recently, I've been yes with remaking the man with two heads. I think that that's got like a good there's a pocket there about. Always wanted David cross an was play snipes. I would watch that it's all good, it's most like horror is becoming like a you know. Broadway What do they do on Broadway? the same, they do the same ten musicals over and over and over again only they do they do. Gypsy they do. The muse big man- they do you know, and so we have. We have these stories now these horrors is that are considered classic You know it's a hell, raiser being one of 'em, how many hell raiser there been a who new one is rough has been a long enough has been around long enough to the point where we got a fat pinhead
uh, which is crazy. I feel represented yes, I know. If so, where do you draw the line between you know? Maj and just as straight up copy and paste like because images are great. Like I love when people give winks to the the genre and you know just sort an appreciative nod to the people, the forefathers of poor, but then It's just a straight up steel, where to draw the line between O maj and just mimicry. Well, I think there's got to be something reimagined about the original story. Otherwise, what's the point it's just going to suck and when they first started remaking when they, when, when the big budget era of remakes started with, when would they call it like the year two thousand two thousand and two something like that yeah. I think the actually, I think, the first one
was the taxes chainsaw massacre, oh yeah, when they made it all pretty yeah, they did the Texas Chainsaw massacre. Then they did. The hills have eyes the hills have eyes. Remake was pretty good, I mean 'cause, the original hills have eyes with shot on sixteen millimeter, and so it's kind of you know grainy and and weird and maybe that helps that maybe it hurts it. I don't know, but the hills have eyes remake, even though who is made by a french dude which which, which burns me up and this way I feel the same way about how many times we've had a british play Charles Manson in two different things. Recently. And it's driving me up the wall. Charles Manson is ours yeah absolutely anyway, when they're giving those first ones. I thought they were well done they were. They were, I mean I'll, never like a remake of the this is chainsaw massacre. Is my favorite movie of all time, so I'll never really like it, but I didn't think it was
anything wrong with it right it was. It was competent, it was you know they they did their homework and then then then, at some point they just became all you know cheap and cheesy and quick and dirty, and you had people make three making stuff like the legend of boggy creek, there's movies, you just been remake stuff, just re release the old one in the theaters 'cause. I want the theater experience of going to see the original Texas Chainsaw massacre that we so freaking, Badasso, yeah and you're. Seeing a lot of a lot of that's happening, a lot of times, uh I'll be asked to come and introduce a movie. And I'll say how many people in the audience has already seen the movie and it'll. Be. Ninety percent, but there's a real desire to like watch movies with other people in a theater Yes, if it's thirty five millimeter film yeah, because that
experiences you know being lost uh. As you know, Netflix believes that the future is one person with one device. When I see people watching movies on their phone. I'm like what it will do you enjoy anything. Do you also just like, is it the only natty light. Is that all the only thing that you drink? How do you feel about the new like festival, kind of ran, horror film, because so now it seems, like they kind of said, every year at the horror movies that we're going to get there some remake there is normal need some form of either either either a sequel or something schlocky kind of pushed to the wayside, but then now we're getting like, we had it with her, set Terry. We had it with to Syria these kind of these new, like Festival, loving, like high art, horror movies that then get paraded around and get a lot of attention and I enjoy them, but it seems, like
We're losing some of the fun in the process yeah. They do sort of telegraph which ones were supposed to like right, yeah yeah. I I think that uhm Fortunately, you know the only people, get noticed, are the ones that do have some some bucks right, it shouldn't be that way, because the technology for making movies has become so cheap. That I thought we would have like you know one hundred horror movies a year, because you know how many people would be how to make one in an you know, even if just like five out of the hundred or good it would be, it would be an improvement, but It hasn't really worked out that way, because I I go to these festivals, where the guys with the twenty thousand dollars, horror, film or the thirty five thousand dollars, horror, film and they suck
and then they'll say you know they have a panel afterwards and say. Well, you know we didn't have enough money to do this, and I say you know guys nothing involved The flaws in this movie have anything to do with money Production values are great. You know script, it's the acting, it's the you know. Well, we live in Lawrence KS. We don't have any. You know. We don't have professional actors here in there a university in Lawrence KS. Don't they have a drama department in Lawrence KS. You know it's like right. Yes, you do. You have actors there don't say that I feel like people truly forget those resources. I think they forget that, like Bruce Campbell was his was friend, like that was SAM, Raimi's friend, where there was a guy that they knew. That was super fun. Everybody that all of my favorite stories of the filmmaking groups that came out of was like literally like a bunch of school kids that are like
1k. One of them ended up being in all the plays and the other one end up getting a camcorder when he was twelve years old. And just started, shooting everything and it kind of they learned tell a story over time about what they liked were now it seems like people are on which I think it is important to copy, but I wonder- losing a little bit of that inspiration and, of course, Henry's friend to be Joe, Francis from the girls gone wild series and Migraine What is an example filmmaker it started with. Might it's April? 15Th is coming in hot, but tax credit karma taxes here for you, because they make doing your taxes fast, easy and free credit. Karma tax is a premium on line tax product that is always free for everyone, for both and federal taxes. Some free services, don't include things like mortgage
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where else credit karma taxes, the smart, easy and one hundred percent free way to do your taxes go to credit, karma dot, com, slash tax and file for free today, that's credit, karma dot, com, slash tax credit, karma dot com slash tax. I mean I could sit and talk God. This is I mean I'm just I'm shaking. I'm am vibrate You don't want to see, I'm so excited. I could talk to you about movies all day, but I want to ask obviously you got here if you I watched all of I love watch all the new drive ins on shutter. You're a great man. They are great. Last man, I have a car. I want a couple questions about the process of that show. First of all, Congrats love. The new pickup can't wait to see the new show on shutter its I'm more, I'm already in an hour Garella there is already in right. My question is the one of the two thousand and eleven like when the last showing monstervision ended, were you just kind of like
waiting for another show to show up like was it good thing, revenge. Eventually, somebody will calm like with someone will come. Were you actively pitching a show or you're just like? Were you ready to be done yeah, I'm I'm originally a writer and so on right. I just went back to my writing career. You know, I figured a tv is over I'll, go back to writing for magazines. Of course, it wasn't as easy as I thought, because you know they What about they forget about you and you have to go and find your old, editor friends and get jobs, I just went back to write. I wrote a couple of books and I wrote a lot of magazine articles and I I did some other, some other writing and then about once a year. Somebody come to me either a producer or a network and kiss some cases. So you want to do a new show and I would say sure
and then I would hear from them again. No, they just wanted to. They just wanted it's. What a great business we just want to make sure that he wants it and then we're not going to give it to a very was that went on for you know, so eighteen years, and so these guys came to me in the fall of twenty seven in two guys, one of 'em, today. Job was editing for MTV. And the other guy his day, job was uhm producing for trauma. And- and they said, hey, show a picture show with you and I ' I said sure- and I figured okay. We had lunch. That's over another dream down about a month later. They show up with the shutter executive and we have lunch and, and he says, yeah Let's do the show and so started actually was originally going to be a fifty
four hour marathon we're going to do like remember the old Jerry Lewis telethon our horse, Jerry would get more and more ragged. It was all those weird steroids and he started pumping out here and become who would become weirdly sentimental and so you were watching it partly to see how psychotic Jerry would get, and so I said, let's do one of those. You know right hand. And so then they came back to us and said. Well, we don't have the money for that. We've only got like five dollars, you like perfect, I'm your man, we've planned. This big thing and there were like. Well, we don't have money for that gears five dollars, and so actually the producers- and I work work, we're thinking about. Well, maybe we should just you know, put this on hold for awhile and walk away, and then the crew and I'll. Never forget this uh, the the crew says, will work for free
We wanted to work on. This will work for free lottery, most of them, and I said well, I got to do it now. And so and so um. We we! got that first, twenty four hour marathon. You know that reality show ink master. Of course, ink master is shot. In an abandoned factory in a bad part of Newark New Jersey? ink master had an extra room or you took over there extra room in route kind of recreated. The the old monstervision set 'cause. That was. The thing I'm saying these producers or what kind of sure you want to do this? They must service under monsters. I'm like this that show twenty years old. He said no, what we gonna do monsters. I'm saying you can't repeat tv, you can't do the same thing you did twenty years ago it like you know you can't do the Dick Vandyke Show today.
It would be terrifying. He looks like a skeleton. Is nothing but teeth now now that's what we want! We want to do that. We want to do monsters, and so I was like ok. What about this yeah we want it to be exactly like it was so we kind of exactly the same, show Anne. I didn't really know what we had and then uh, you guys, probably know, probably it it cause this sensation, mostly not because of the quality of the show because Well because the we took down the servers. You know the the the the the the everything we broke that we we we broke shudder that night. Well, you know I will say there is something about just feeling you know in this world not to get all like, Everything is gone. Crazy technology came on at a so fast everyone's, like spinning, spinning, spinning like
on the Gravitron. There is something about just putting a flag in the past and just bringing it to the present I think there was something about seeing Joe Bob Ricks presenting films that makes everyone feel like. Ok, we can get through. All of this, Joe Bob is still with us, we're still rocking and roll dude. There's just nothing, there's nothing old about the simplicity of the show. No, that is always forever fresh. It's new in the camera, I'm already on board with the movie. You showed me a couple of things I had never seen actually never thought they were trained their guns. I thought it was like. Ok, the ones I saw was like this is the hotel yeah. This is a perfect excuse to rewatch all the fantastic we're going to go. This whole thing we're going to we're going to vamp. This whole thing me and my wife sat and it's like got popcorn. Well, let's see anything that would I mean the the the the director of the show, your name on it's in Jennings, and he and he I said,
I said you know: Monster vision was on a commercial station and so you know We can't really reproduce it and he says oh yeah weekend we're going to interrupt the movie and I said: do you have commercials no commercials, but we're going to have commercial breaks. So I said: ok, Did not gonna really piss people off? he's like well, they can watch the the uninterrupted movie elsewhere on the network, and I said: okay, well, you know we'll do it, and so we did that an people like that they like You need to movie with a friend. You know exactly do that's when I, when I refilled filled my bowl I literally would be that's when I was by would go. You will be talking in the background. I pour my drink exactly as you ordered and just and back it's really good absolute job. You mention You mentioned how you you began as a writer sort of transitioned into television personality television personality and for those that have not read Joe Bob goes to the and Joe Bob goes back to the drive in you must your writing is
William, your satire is absolutely brilliant. Was there anything? Is there anything that you wanted people to? from your writing, whether it be sociological, political that was sort of loste because of the Lord John Russell. Some folks would just say: yeah, that's really smart commentary on modern society, but it's under the guise of a Texas Chainsaw massacre, review or something about you know the movie evil ad or something like that was there anything You're writing that you felt wasn't fully appreciated. I felt like It was not fully appreciated. Rednecks is dismiss anything a redneck says you know like the last minority group that can be, that can be absolutely vilified at anything. You know it's like. I think it was Lenny, Bruce said. If the
spoke with a southern accent. Nobody would believe anything. He said co producer, Marcus Parks is from Rochester Texas and he talks about it quite bad about? How like you, then, when we visited Texas they're like don't you make fun of our shed here, like you and it's like there's a whole culture here, it's a huge safety, is the state of Texas for the for the Texas for the redneck personality type, but I I actually have to because I was sort of an unapologetic redneck um everything I it was easy to dismiss, later it was, you know, is somewhere is saying. Hey this guy actually made a good point here. You know, but now I probably can't be a good point because he's a redneck so it was always but but- that way. There was also kind of the fun of it. Can I ask you a shock jockey?
question when you were writing profoundly erotic, would be a thing that like did you have to like jerk off first and then get your thoughts. Clear like. Is it one of those where you literally had to get the demons out and then you can write well, no, because, oddly enough, that that was a book about movies that were a it is or or banned because of the sex in the movies and remarkably, None of the sex is very good in any of those movies. They were banned right, so now that was. That was an easy call, You mention sex, which of course you refer to is already barking. Where did which makes it it really? Just some strange, strange, strange streams. Where did you come up with the idea of calling sex aardvark in well, when I see I was first writing these review
is for a mainstream newspaper and there was a whole host of things. You couldn't talk about and you couldn't say and so I started inventing nonsense. Words from that were pretty pretty uh. She in context what they meant, and so I ended up with my own vocabulary now when I got to when I got to Kimchi. We had a very strict standards and practices thing. You know a big list of stuff, you couldn't say and and so I I instituted the same principle where I would just you know invented nonsense. Word for whatever I wanted to say and then my nonsense. Words started showing up on the on the forbidden words, you can't say on tv you can't ever win when I, when I started out of London, and I would be
answered for this that or the other, they would always say job you can't offend. You know, I understand it's funny, but it's offensive to the older people. You know And then now that I'm one of the older people come along. So you can't say that, because it's offensive to the younger people right, What the fuck, yeah. I know it is difficult. You know what both of those are lies. We have found with our show or not as easily offended as studio executives want to portray them. As folks really do. I have a stronger palette that a lot of people, I do a little thing for beginning of my show about safe spaces and trigger warnings and make it clear that
There will be no se spaces in the opening of the trigger point yeah. I know a lot of in the. U a lot of people in the younger generation hate. All of that stuff, so you're doing you're doing a good job. That's why they love you, but that's the beauty of the shutter show what- and this is in a bit of because you can just let it fly. That was like on the She was like at the end of one Natalie, my wife and I were watching me like man. He gets that Gus go without a net like he gets a just. He could say what where the hell he wants to say we have a question, process when you go through like when you are going to do the movie. Do you do any pre writing? because their stuff, that you know you're going to say- or do you surprise yourself all the time? No, I kind of know what I'm going to say because you know I'm on so so many fucking minutes. In the I mean we interrupt the movie like five times and I'm on. Before the movie, I'm going after the movie um. Now, thank God you know, there's a lot of information on most of these films uh. When I first
started doing this? We had films. Were there was zero information. You know that was no internet, and so We don't know where. Sometimes we don't know what country the film was made in you know we look up the. After we can find any reference to where you came from or who, because you know well, I think you can gauge that by how much young boy a full frontal nudity. There is because there's a lot that sweet and that's for sure we love it. Actually, if there's a lot, that's David Dakota! I'll tell you. I want to tell you my also my story eventually, but how I saw David Cronenberg's butt hole in a doctors office. I accidentally walk just tell him now. I just in two I was in a Hollywood, DR shooting a series in Canada in Toronto, and they said hey all you can go right in there. You can go right back into the it right into the examination, room, they're ready for you and I open up the door and let it sit
hi, I'm Henry Zebrowski, and as I opened the door, I saw a man bent over the table, an older man bent over the table. While the doctor was looking at his rim, looking looking at it like like in front of it and he turned Look at me and it was David Cronenberg, I just was like I'll, never One of his movies ice is done. How could you respect him You know what is fun whole looks like to do so. Joke was so. Would you you will trust riff like you, don't have a teleprompter like do you you just you go! No one, notes, I have no soul. Ok great! I know where we're starting where we're going yeah. Okay, because I am as a person if all time- and I wonder like when do like you're so fucking- sharp- that I was like Do you state that shark like how do you stay so in the pocket, what we're doing as if they were not going to stop once we start not gonna, stop it creates tension, especially
especially if we have gas are the guests hate it Actually, some of the more accomplished actors, don't like that at all there there like? What No we're not gonna stop well, you know this. Is it yeah the one time we can do one time and that's it? Well, that makes a few you true professional but were you know at real public movie? Acting is five minutes at a go for the most part You literally have to memorize your six lines that are cedar ever do, and then you get that one of a scene and then you can move on. The acting is easy: it's the at the whole press, if it and that six lines a day yeah exactly we are talking to Joe Bob-
briggs? You have got to check out his show on shutter again Joe Bob's drive in theater just to talk true Legend monster Vision, Joe. I got a question when it comes to surround the ins and horror movies. We were kind of going back to that Netflix conversation for a going back to what Henry was talking about with folks. Watching me, who is on their phone um drive in movie experience I felt like that was so crucial. 'cause, we kind of missed out on that. Our generation, I'm thirty, seven Henry's at thirty, four or thirty five. Our generation didn't really have that drive in movie experience they played three movies in a row and maybe one of the time is good or maybe half of one of them is good. What do you think about the setting for the John, or or just the surrounding setting of the driving experience. Do you think that that was crucial for the John Rhe,
Well, it was. It was crucial, not not for the not for the reason that you know you were watching a movie outside in a car, but that those dry ends were owned by into independent owners, mom mom and pop pop and so there was this great demand force movie, is there were outside the studio system, 'cause a lot of times the drive ins they couldn't afford this, the big studio movies or the studios were content. This is the drive. Ins didn't want their movies playing there and so so the drive inns in the grind houses are heavily dependent on guys like Roger Corman, Insanlar cough and the great indie producers of the fifty. Sixty 70s uhm an 80s uhm and then then, what replaced it was the video store.
Or during the Vhs revolution. Certainly in the 80s, where They just wanted. They just wanted as many titles as they could get so for guys, hustler's, like you know, Fred Olen Ray Jim Wynorski, these directores, we're very active in the 80s what year? That means I can just like make a cheap. Not on video movie food. You know. Fifty Sixty thousand dollars and it'll just go straight to the video store. So yeah I mean I'm down for that, and so they just churning these things out? Um and and some of the some of our most beloved cult films come from that listener where union. You know you you. Up with the idea for the movie on Monday, you shot it on Tuesday. You got in the video store on Wednesday, the urgency it's 'cause you literally had a spit out the movie you had
you had it inside and you had to. I have no money. I call up my friend This is a business I say we're gonna shoot this in six days. You know uh show up in Glendale on on on Tuesday n they would. You know rough out a script and and make the movie and so that kind of you know old, west feeling I don't know why. We don't have that today, because the technology got so cheap, those guys were working with thirty five millimeter millimeter film. I think it's a mental, I think we're frigging hypnotized to believe we're helpless. I thought that there's a part of it, which is the reason why? Because I know
when I was first describing to my agent, and we talked about all time when we were doing the podcast right, because a podcast as thou this business, where anybody can do it, you can get like a zoom and a microphone and you got a podcast. Do you reckon do you can now you pump it out? You have garage band and there for so long. The been the been kind of pushing against it essential right because they can't figure out how to make money off of it. Well, yeah we went against the week. We win against the studio system in it in its own way, and so the I feel like it's almost that there's kind of prevailing sense of helplessness with this idea that you just can't go and make a movie when in fact you can just get up and make a got damn movie. If you want to very very easilly I think what happens is is the guy who are making. You know extreme. Cheap movies. The movies are under produced, they don't they don't go some school they don't learn the classic moves it. The
college of shooting on thirty five millimeter film is. You know you got to get the shot. You got to get the shot 'cause. Film is too expensive, and so, when you work with digital media. You can shoot the thirty times. Thirty, you. I didn't shoot the scene thirty times. You should know how to shoot the scene before you shoot. The scene and I think that's what made something like a Texas. So a massacres so much fun, because, oh, my god, I'm Marcus is favorite care Henry the guy who lights the the the photo on fire, the guy with the scar hitchhiker. What the hell is his name again led Neil, yes, his character. I just felt like came across this organic. I guess it's because what you were saying where it doesn't really seem like he's acting, some people could say that's bad acting, but I think that was just a great performance on his part to look like a deranged, hitchhiker
yeah. He actually told me that he had a cousin who was mentally ill. He copied some of this stuff that his cousin did. Yeah? Can I ask, what's over your face, modern movies? What's what have you seen recently that excites you? Like get two or you too busy prepping for the show like do you get to go out to movie theaters or people like? What do you think Joe as you're trying to watch it. Well, I'm I'm not I'm not as up on a recent movies. I should be. I I actually just did my show at south by southwest and everybody was thinking about us, an uh, but it was you know, festival. People are not real people, you know Examples are not real people right, so I would say- uh. What is it about and they would say? Oh it's about perfect it is it good this
good, I'm not sure what I saw, but it's so good. You know and and so, and so I don't know I haven't seen it yet. So I don't know if it's, if it's, if it's great or awful, but I actually think Jordan Peele is Jordan. Peele is doing some good stuff for the job or a because he's bringing. I think he is taking it to another audience, And- and I have no problem with what he's doing I'm either get out Was- was really really good, but going sort of on that question but sort of the inverse of it. What was it was very film growing up. Did you really love these ground grindhouse films when you were growing up or did it what came? First, the job of uh waiting for them or the love for them. Well, I always liked movies, but I would say I discovered a haitian movies when I was you know, well into my twenties because they seemed forbidden,
and- and that was the ad campaign CN campaigns made him feel like something you should be watching. So I had to see him. You know there is there sex or violence, it was always sex or violence. There was some kind of like a stream that you you could. Get in the mainstream movies. What about the idea? You know going back to that kind of concept of your of your body. Mister Neal there when it comes to just having unattractive people on screen. I think you know you may should rednecks being one of the more maligned groups, and I do agree with that. There is a great documentary on that as a matter of fact, but when it comes to ugly people, they are not on screen, as a matter of fact who played Aileen Wuornos. What was your name? Charlize Theron Charlize, the she got an Oscar for just looking like a normal person and they're, like I can't believe she dared mess up her face like that. Oh no and alive sure would who I actually really like he's big for our genre, and I have no problem with azure would but the fact that a lot
yeah wood played maniac. I don't think he should have cast himself in that 'cause he go and you watch the original maniac, the guy who played that character. I am fully convinced it was a documentary because I was like that guy is so freaking creepy. What about just getting ugly people in front of the camera? How much do you think that makes it controversial, but to put put a I an ugly person on camera because you don't see ugly people on camera anymore and when a celebrity, who looks beautiful, dresses up as ugly, they get nominated for an Oscar. I was sort of they also get nominated for an Oscar if they play a mentally retarded person that's it all! I'm saying it's! What I'm banking on Joe! This is I'm trying to get that's the kind of role I want. I want to be a simple farm boy that look that learns the power of love. I don't think you can judge it all in thing by the Oscars, but I think that that is one of the areas where the horror John Rhe, when it comes to the mentally disabled. When it comes to people who truly
everyday people like you and I they were able to say, hey you can you can be a star? You can be an actor. We don't have to have this milquetoast version of what we think humanity is supposed to look like, and I don't think the John or gets enough credit really for me. Unbelievable Billy, liberal and open minded about putting people who aren't regularly on camera on camera yeah, I would say the best. Example of that is a sling blade, Billy Bob Thornton uh that made him a star and Billy Bob Thornton wouldn't be a star in anybody's universe. If, if he made that one movie right but yeah, that's that's uh,
yeah. I guess it wasn't. A question was more of me screaming into the microphone: make you're just yelling out you're, literally just yelling, at two people on the phone talking to a legend in your and your best friend, but I I do think that that's an important thing that the horror movie jogger has provided us. Can I ask you gonna, ask a dumb, but the mother got Chris Farley We ask from the SNL sketch of what we talked Mccartney like question. What was spinel like it? Did you ever meet him? I never I never met Joe, but I met all his friends, so they they used to be this character, actor these character actors that would meet once a week at a restaurant on Melrose Avenue in occasionally invite me to their spaghetti dinners, and it was on the tough guys tough guys in in Hollywood and they loved Joe Spinell, and when, when Joseph said, when Joe Spinell died, they made this go spinel highlight tape that they just loved and they and they
give it to everybody of all Joe Els greatest moments in film. And so I never met the man himself, but I know that he was just the idolized by his fellow character actors. Nice yeah. He seemed like a wild one. Did I also love, the last horror show he's great in it. Yeah and if your remember he was the dispatcher in taxi driver. Like two scenes with the b steals. The scenes is great, he's great, very nice. Well, I guess you know just to do I mean I have like one more question which is basically just move. The recommendations do you have anything at razor? Is there any other questions that we have for the engine that is Joe Bob briggs- I mean I could talk like this for hours with you, Joe But I am not a beautiful woman, I'm there's no reason. I would waste your time
We literally are w w e tag team coming in at a combined weight of five hundred and sixty nine pounds. Yes, I don't think that MR breaks these to be spending all of his day with us so Joe. Just finally, for my for my my final little question is what do you recommend? What should the kids go if they want to get into the great John or the exploitation of Ohm's exploitation, films? Where do you start on this journey? Because it is There is a large catalog and it can be kind of overwhelming we're like what movie. Should I click on? First? What movie should we click on first to go down the road I would have to say you know, because I talked to so many of the fans that the fans consider center of our 'cause this way. The young fans consider the 80s the golden age of horror. Ok, yeah, the older fans. Consider the thirty the Gulf WAR.
Universal monsters, you know they, like you know older guy I tell you know I there's nothing ever like the universal monsters you know, and but, but I think The beginning of modern horror is night living dead in one thousand, nine hundred and sixty seven there had been. You know up until now. In sixty seven. They had been like four zombie movies in all of film history. You know four or five. And then George Romero makes night of living dead and within about and then, and then SAM Raimi makes the evil dead a few years later and then we have like and suddenly we have four hundred zombie movies right, sir, so I would go back to the basics and watch watch that one you know for people
we just you know. All they know about zombies is is, is walking dead, right and brains. This is great dude. We. I can't wait for the new series. We got so March 29th at nine pm. Who are car shows coming out tomorrow, so you'll we're going to well pump it. So you IBM, and it goes live at nine hundred pm. It goes at nine p pm this Friday night, nine Eastern six Pacific, and yeah it's going to be. Double features every week I will be there. Thank you so much again, Joe Bob Briggs, a true legend in or Film John Rhe. Thank you so much for being with us in speaking with us today. We really appreciate it thanks. Aside from York way. Alright, Where was the famous legend, Joe Bob Briggs? I thought that interview was freaking, fantastic I didn't realize we have to go all the way back to the 1930s to watch the
Og, horror, films and I have fully admit I don't think I've seen one of them there's a couple of really fucking. Good ones there's coffin Joe. That's really great. The I'd, love Dracula and Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein are fuckin' perfect. So what happened with coffin Joe? Did he work, the mines and it was a whooping cough or a series of different kinds of ailments. Was it cancelled? Asthma, cancel, don't anyone ever tell you, you lost it, because you still got it beautiful, the number one, you can't lose what you do got it my right. It is just perfect, perfect quotes. From you. My friend perfect seriously, perfect Oh, my god, you gotta just live man. I know that you got live, let's just leave it at that. He gotta live you gotta laugh because who fucking cares if you're frowning right now, Buddy
really they don't, even if they should. Even if you got a technical problem and you wish people, someone would read reach out and help your frown and a lot of times they fuckin' they don't no you gotta love. You gotta love that tongue first, you I mean. Do because the penus gives you early of alright everyone. Thank you all so much for listening and again such a wonderful time on tour. We can't wait to see everybody out there and we are excited for this year's tour you can find it might. You can find it in my instagram, I got a little insta post on. There have been good, so one you can find it on our website. Come on out, don't forget we're in Vancouver stock, home and Berlin, so get those tickets because they are going to be going at a good moderate pace not too fast. Too slow? We don't want to give the tickets a heart attack, but I can not wait to his calm to Europe. Cannot wait, can't wait. We always okay, so many DM's from people being like. Hey, I'm sorry, we were late to get the tickets. Can you please look good as on a couple I
we don't have that power. So please, Lord just get the as soon as you hear they go on sale just be, like click, click, click and then just do it be. Because I don't want to see, I don't want anyone to be disappointed. Okay, everyone. Thank you all, so much for listening? Hail, yourselves, hail, Satan, Magoo Stellations. Let me please, if you would, we shall talk to you soon your face, is going to Hell. If I know what's coming out, may third midnight we're doing it. Let's go. May third midnight talk to you. Also This show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen
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