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2018-11-14 | 🔗

Bizarre UFOs over Irish airspace. The shocking death of a wrestler who broke kayfabe. And a master who demands his subs have balls enhanced with silicon. Now that's what I call Side Stories™.

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Pay their bank is earlier for last by gas network. I want to tell you but my show Abe Lincoln stop at from were the nine years markets, and I have strived to present you with the most accurate and honest political podcast out there in these turbulent times its orange pension to unite the country with impassioned debate that reaches out to the rational Americans, hoof their voices more muffled every day, every week, I use my political science background play experience running for office, along with my lifelong passion, to stand up for the downtrodden the wrongfully accused in invisible man and woman to bring you news. Like you haven't heard before, let's face it, traditional news has failed us. We promised to always tell you the truth, the best we see it and I personally guaranteed not be swayed by hyper partisanship, but be guided by backs to listen, search, able and stop at on any part guess platform or go to last podcast, never dot com
and find it under shows pale yourselves. Everyone now playing a game to misuse the last on the left. Thing is, is that I not? I can fix California, Mary, oh yeah, how you do it there straight up a hates everywhere. It's fuckin, Nora, and not like a cool he's, not like old Cheech Chong. What they were was going to open. A lot will happen. To LOS Angeles here, because it because of the horrible fires, but you know Do men get bunch of mirrors Gazelle DUMBO government ah acted energy weapons. This is coming from the fucking skies in order to make the leading liberal elite afraid of placing their vague asian from their vacation homes, green oyster
on vacation you like this is just so intense already just like being on vacation need like a vacation from my vacation visa homes that are being affected. Not really Ok, when businesses I'd stories, I have been using reserve brows deal. Also, your drive is more. Star, occasionally pipe it in here. I do want to say that yes, our heart at least wildfire in history and the? U S, government is microwave and I don't think it's the. U S government if anything, it smokers, as we talked about before the show cigarette butts a lot of forest fires. That's why proposed to day bringing smoking back tomorrow, Does this same smokers out of the malls there go into the streets. Flick in cigarette butts everywhere were pushing them to the forests. It is that is a social stigma, is, I mean, allow them to smoke. But you know we should do. Maybe people sure we're bigs or like plastic bubble
from their waste, all we're out of you want to smoke and any good smoke inside of it, and you keep other people from we spoke, and then you get extra extra nicotine I dont know of plastic would be best, the best fabric. For that, because it seems like it might mean, and in those people would have a really hard sort of life for the rest of their existence but in all seriousness this power in this fire in California, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and obvious, We then the celebrities get quite a bit of coverage like such as Miley Cyrus and also Neil Young, his Malibu home, has burned down, but they're really they're gonna, fine, we'll Psmith. We we have the meals? We cannot make new young more sad right now. Can have another suicide note. Absolutely not, but our hearts or with the hundred of thousands of people where they can afford to go to another house at its just absolutely devastating. So if you want to give a little help, you can go to does
Astor at Cow fund that see a l, fond dot org or give her a give him a ring at two one. Three four one: three four one: three zero and does donate some cash because the people out in California, where Henry resides that is be nice. You saw some of that put it and it is completely and utterly brutal. So our hearts are with you and wish you never the best and, hopefully, and get any worse than this, but it doesn't seem like its ending anytime soon, so really like the attack, the thing that I wasn't serious in the beginning, you were, I know, I know already abolished- also or ip. Stanley Stanley is at ninety five years old. Gone too soon. I think I was honestly. I don't think you why so beautiful she was so beautiful. I can't believe we lose an aged global. I was with you use all this monster. What I saw that news that was devastated gibe. Obviously, I think that he did wonderful
what happens when you got married and somehow your world, I'm very I'm very sensitive. We saw three stray dogs over by a Joshua tree last night. I almost took all of em. Ok, I didn't want him because I couldn t bear it was very does. But the problem is our aid Stanley, beer spread. Yes, it was. What does it was? I saw him once I must walk into him ass. He too IE to in Chicago. I walked chest bumped into embryos, wasn't paying attention and he's a very, very frail. I think problem his nurse boarded. You allowed me went to sleep and I have no idea what air out there. A lot of tunes and newspapers where Stanley is in Heaven, and you know I don't necessarily subscribe to the idea of Heaven. But it's Firstly, then we're alive Stanley spent his entire life creating false idols. So
is he going to Heaven? Oh my god, all right Stanley, creators of heroes that helped a lot of kids who are feeling depressed you or get involved in this, and you know what, if Spiderman can overcome if Peter Parker can overcome, he had superpowers here. Evaluating despite or he was a normal person. He also wanted to care for his odd areas. Mary Jane ever gonna love him. He had a lot of real life areas did love of it. Then they got divorced. Civic comic books, you have what ever, but they loved, and it was a hard to find that you know it is certainly to it. He asked created a lot of content like he did. He didn't taking quite a bit of credit for the city creations that we're done under his employ, but he I entertain it will not be the same If it wasn't for Stanley ACT as you need barkers man in it, but you need people to shift those units all right, everyone! Well, let's get back in here, Joe exotic. Let's start talking about zoo keeper, Joel gotta keep back in the news. Of course, you will remember him. He had a murder for higher blood and he was also run for governor those things. Can you can do both of those things at the same time, back in the
As for all the wrong reasons, former Oklahoma do keeper uncared for governor already accused in the murder for higher blood, has been indicted on nineteen nuke out of using him using him of killing, I yours and selling Tiger, Cubs Federal grand jury, unsealed, the charges Wednesday. I guess the fifty five year old, Joseph molded passage. Shoes also noticed Joe exotic, which of course, you just You're no names, Joe Exotic, if you're alive, they must actually Maldonado passage. Exotic is a hell of a lot easier to say and, dare I say, it's kind of fun for the one is very funny Zadig was indicted in September for allegedly trying to hire someone to kill the operator afforded based animals. Weary Caroline, can see of tempers big cat rescue claimed Shoe is targeted. He pleaded not guilty, but now The new charges accused him of course
in five tigers in October, two thousand seventeen and offering to sell cubs in violation of the endangered species act he's in trouble. I just don't understand. All of this is like in so now this real. He definitely is abusing these tigers any cell. In these cops will you killed five want to sell the Cubs, which I don't know why you can't keep him alive and then also sell the Cubs. But that's what happened here so Joe exotic. I mean you seem like a man of the people during his campaign at year. End of rights, but also irony, was disputed that he wasn't even singing and that video I heard was possible that he was not thinking that video. But if he'd, who, as we about who would be the secret voice behind Joe Exotic, how sad as that person's life? Now I was going to say I think it was MR exotic Chris gains. Crazy, but that you can hardly anywhere bets Garth, no one outside to different people. You really think about it. If you really really think about it, as you can imagine than Garth books, own family wonders when Chris Gains will come home and they sit near
because they remember there was appeared time. The nineties when Chris Games Chris Games was around. He was daddy. There eating pizza, Agnes. There haven't mallow Mars for dinner. Because there is no doesn't give a f Chris Gay, I don't know if that's actually true Garth Brooks didn't given F Chris gains was like his sad Gough counterparts. I dont think that they got to eat pizza roles for breakfast. I think they got like We really sad, like I don't know, maybe Carro toast, but not good. Other kind of those is good for you. I will say this got daddy's they all day. Care about you not getting too much sun. Redress Alzheimer Europe. Can do whatever you can eat whatever, as long as it's on commemorative Halloween plates? all of the hollowing decoration, still up like this like right or give a lot of two of which are the last week where we allow people to celebrate Christmas forever? These are people they can sell, Red Halloween forever. Essentially, the dress up their kids like Frankenstein, five or six times a week, not so bad
of his family, was one of the more loving families in Cinema histories Dorothy, they could work. Funny, though, that that Garth Brooks you Finally, when someone does an altar ego, their alter you go unlike what what is beyond say? Doesn't she call ourselves such a fierce, so she's, I'd, say in the board room and then she hit the stage and see and she saw she appears. Garth Brooks? Is the crazier part of the Fourth Brooks Grids gains connection. He which is so weird that he was like this Garth Brooks character I am getting a little out of had I e to tone it down start cover in my with my hair ears, a shadow entity and then there's the sun entity Right Green Chris gains the shadow entity extra Bert. It's the accurately really comes under. The questions who is the real Garth Brooks is Chris gains whose true early brooding sensual, so and right wondering lies within the shadows: oars Garth Brooks the sun, the men of all people, the man
bout town, the mayor of the guitar, I think that I have heard him to call themselves that really has these, ass, these differences on, but when it comes to Joe Exotic who is the real Joe exotic. We ve been covered, this guy off like fuckin two months and so well, we know for a fact. He attempted to put a hit out on somebody which we still yes he's kind of an illegal, ray area we reviewed and when they did, he definitely did put their heads. Out, he attempted to do. Have they had finished yes, but then decent sort of semi accused of them of his husband, yes, that's true right, the murder of his husband, that it also but accused of that cow is his campaign going. I think the campaign He is dead. Now I mean campaign is also bad yeah. They there that's been murders were so he made the jump from being a politician. Gesture a he's live in the dream, he's doing that's what beta wants
right here. He really I've been. Hopefully beta doesn't have the criminal record. Now I've only being stored, use of depression is just kill it Annabelle Cubs, but yeah. Be Joe exotic, of a life. That's gonna be a really full tombstone. It's gotta be all tombstone what, but when he dies of the mean honestly he's got, you could see the smoker he's gonna get throw cancer so that caskets can be very light. It could be yes, it could be and again you're struggling with smoking tried the jewel. That's it was no rule, just got shut down drew. Down, because you take an older, various flavors out of the stores and thereby actually being told to back off of social media advertisement, because it is obvious firstly for children. Ah, yes, well, that's the major problem. I have a couple of friends who didn't smoke and I just started smoking de cigarettes which, as you know, this is how big tobacco gets here always find another way to are to me ties their product in this? Yet you will not getting Miller
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dot, com, slash side stories to get twenty five percent of the price of your modeling kit, candid co, dot com, slash side stories now this was I'm It is all over. The news given bastard with it blasted with my fucking chin and eyelids are just covered in this story. Is a you have always been seen over Ireland and it is making some he because just showed up at the Washington Post. That's all you know this shit, I guess, is for real as it gets all the way over. Here and yes, they sort of pedantically covered the ufos seen as well, which is, of course they have too, because why not take a shot at the vulnerable, but pilot saw a very bright, ufos shrieking over Ireland. If it wasn't aliens what was it this is run. The Washington Post sickly, where they said that embrasure recent British here pilot was operating flight, be eighty nine for from Montreal on Friday when she contacted the nearest air traffic controller tower to enquire whether there were any military exercises over the Atlantic Ocean to which he had not been of law
According to the irish example, controllers, told her that the skies were clear. She politely set them straight. She said that she crew so too bright light streaking through the arid phenomenal speeds? Twice this Of sound, it came up lift inside rapidly viewer to the north. We saw a great lakes region. Disappeared at a very high swede, we'll just wondering the pilot said a core to the newspaper and audio over the interaction posted on the internet which we're gonna play for you right now, all right. Let's do this now, if you are confused by what your hearing you're just like, It is really difficult to understand the accents because there you know we hear Irish, but we don't like me: Finally, when the Irish you're talking to us, they try to be like as clear as possible, knowing that there's a small dialect difference, but it's the irish work, so they get all What I will say about this, but its very interesting. What I love about this kind of self is- and I think we ve we ve been shown. Footage like this in our lives Show- is that I love hearing Eric.
Four controller say they are the ones here and it's not just fuckin Tammy from Bob. Dogs, creaking right. I have some fuckin like full on like for these are legit. These people watch this guy's, twenty FAO, seven, it's gotta be exhausted. There's nothing showing our. Neither primary are secondary. Movements are found alongside it is it in an old, so bright light, a very nice to see them so lightly from this growth is not with us today: Now you see here with you happens here in this next bit of footage. Is that We have another pilot calling in saying that we saw the bright lights as well. You know that highlights
just to clarify their at the end. She was saying it wasn't on a collision course. So this alien wasn't this you. If I wasn't trying to take em out wishes as LA mayors and along she said the same thing, she saw it coming and veered up at Mach two which were they believe looked around Mach two, which is double the speed of sound Are you going on again? Haven't you brought by October? Throwing away is readily something has happened again, your whole another kind of which is to be possible, where we were happy thought it was currently it's like an awesome did this is What I love about this is that
just like in Europe, which seems to be more of the temperament over there. Is it they more directly will investigate these so the hour. I, the Irish Aviation Authority, jump right engineering investigate under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process, which is very interesting injure. Would you tell me the the thing that points towards pilot jack what you what they say in this article as well, is it there were two anymore in this same exact trajectory as if they were prepared with you trying to say one of these air practice aircraft experts told the irish examiner than the lights, possibly we're meteorites entering earth at a low angle, the high? We were the result of acceleration caused by or its gravity there will be all right. Lights were probably result of friction as a celestial bodies. Pierce Earth's atmosphere like a cock into an ass, the Mai
No idea. I again are you gonna put that your official move on report is that you're going to describe the ip member number two seven zero, three five renewed every once have I'm filling up. The report sets out. Ok, but it part of that is that it's, I don't where they said, is the veering it's the shit of come into the galaxy and then the two them Poland up. They pulled up and out. They moved so in the end, its causing enough. If you ve got these people, they see this shit all the time They rightly clean air bound bodies. They know what would flies or an arrow phenomenon they be, they have it in their brains, the job there look at like like. I know that prince from drive and the highways enough between this, a skunk all mangled skunks, guts and guns. You can tell us that there is more guts and a dog absolutely while, depending on the size of a skunk, I guess so yeah. So it appeared to be multiple objects, following in the same trajectory that doesn't
to align itself very well with some of the theories but it's not a UFO according to Harvard astronomer, Jonathan Mcdowell. This interview, What happened on twitter when this dude patch go Brian. I What irish people have irish names that I feel like that? That's good like ever things right with the world, Patrick Overwrite, Patrick, Brian tweeted out does he says no, it of any satellites re entering that this could have been Is this cheers because he's Irish have end and you have to end every tweet, a tweet with cheered s and Jonathan Mcdowell says nothing, sir, is related that I know of that's all overt astronomer. Ladies and gentlemen, tellin me he's wrong. Well, then, you ever Institution does grey matter, you wanna go scream at Harvard. That sounds like fun. I'll come with you, but porno do go to a lot of big school. I'm a lot of that thick school mixture, brain big and when your brains you can always extra lobes Fairfax, yes, absolutely, but Mcdowell himself has pointed out
the past or are literally thousands of objects weapon around earth which we hear that the time? And that's like a five year that just a little, with scary. All these objects are just out. There is just a matter of time until one of one of them just Things are a little bit and then God knows what have you dip in Utah True existential dread witches. Is it if you really those floodgates to open if you allow the existential existential dread french doors to put into your mind you're fucked, because we are. Are truly, it is spending on Iraq thing. It is the flat earth people saying they are fucking that so scared of De Albany Earth is wildly cork. Screwing through the sky, like a candle and judge, Are you crazy? I love is a roller coaster go on honestly. The money goes to be could see them on a roller coaster, though just totally then select yes, just as I expect an apparently. So apparently there are four.
Major meteor showers that are currently active. That's according to american media or society a the people By all this lacks and all of the you call those catchy hack is not acting of khakis up, let's put a little but a boy of the blame others of the bump of the coffee market on best buy honestly of green because that is there the Lahti Khakis me informal than the best buy yes, so they say this. This could be tour its which are known to produce bright fire. Falls short in the sky or it's a? U S. Fao, which are by mean by definition, is, are you of what we're talking about a steady light? It's not like a flare it's a steady like that comes in hovers, subsided, airplane wish for their talk about, and what zip zip up? That's a meteor. I love it not. Europe is an official exclamation point on new this endless and worry because I am sick of it. I'm sorry, being an old Europe. Is your honestly Henry the
alien researcher is the least maligned right now, when they ve ever bow put it does. People are starting to take it a little bit more serious. Let me read just a segment from the Washington Post thing. That is, that makes me fuckin really mad or eight to confuse person on the radio without someone typically associated with dodgy reports of extra terrestrial interaction that there were no claims that large I'd green men crossed the cosmos to turn livestock inside out or to detailed breathless tails. Cold metal tables and undignified early improves and then they also use or social. We pudding archer, we put our tinfoil hats are now. I forgive me. I ain't so triggers. Right, so some very sentence it I thou. I love well there. Is that a lot of reports coming about? You are foes he in the recent years. So who knows how your your real close to get an objected, keep on sleep and face down bought up in there?
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all right. Let's move on now this story. Somebody said this to me on Instagram, and I didn't really heard about this before it's a bit of an older story. This pass Monday twenty years since the death of Bruce Brody now who the heck was Browser Brody, you might ask, don't was the professional wrestler. He was six What a two hundred and eighty pounds, which makes me sad, because I actually way more than him, and I am only sensible ass ever he was a true inventor of the broad in style and its wild man. Character. Help later groundwork for would later become heart. Core, resolute, so Guy is really a godfather of like easy down. You and things like that, although this do I sold all across the: U S, including W W F, Few story was, he was literally huge in Japan and that's where he the dominant Tatum, with fell hard hit? Her Stan Hansen? Why is this story interesting new? Well, it turns out. He was
doing this. He was working a match with Lex Luger way back in the day, halfway through the match he stopped working and what that means you just stop selling, which then that you basically just don't react when the person hits you don't worry, I'm like that's really powerful. Oh my god, you just gotta. And they're, like an old, so sudden, no selling lugers of that now operates and refusing to cooperate with Luger order referee. So something was going on now July, sixteenth eighteen. Eighty eight Bruton Prodi was set to compete in the Porter Rico for Thee, W W C, a promotion by poor owned by permit Porter rican Legend and W W I have to say W W. We are mostly W W S Hall of Fame are Carlos Coelho. So Brody arrived at the stadium and what happened, was a lot of attention. Was going on in the locker room and he was Brodie was sittin along this alongside this dude Jose Gonzalez, and what
happened was this: is in two Dutch until he says I have always been able to you'll tension in the dressing room and boy. I felt it heavy that that. He also says, but I couldn't place it. I didn't know where the tent it was coming from them. And tell left a dressing room, and when we, when he returned to five minutes later, Brody had been set in the stomach from the accounts all the other browsers, Gonzalez Ass Brodie to come into the shower stalls to talk business, which that is that's not ways to target. Has anyone ever going to act without when the euro. We got a lot of important business to talk about. That's, never again, idea. No, so it was common, but apparently that's commonplace though I dont know why I've never really heard that come into the showers to talk business. That seems very, I don't even want to go down that road of what that could lead to theirs now inciting get somebody vulnerable because really is about negotiation right at the end of that, you want to go with his dick out in his back to see you.
Be right behind me going like whispering as any whip whispering in his ear slit your lips touches ear, love guess so well. According to this, article is commonplace to talk business, shower stalls and apparently still its, which is quite interesting, just got gods the parking Lot notable car anyway, but in the shower stall. Instead of talking business, they got into a scuffle and Gonzalez Paul a large knife that he had a actually concealed under a towel. Thank God, because I was wondering where's he keeping this law. Life, never mind the man purse. You don't apply yikes, so he pulled out this massive knife and then he stay the Brodie Brodie stumbled of the stall in a state of shock, tried to walk out do the stadium, but Savio mega. Who you'll know is a former professional rattler stopped him bro, laid down and waited for help. Atlas once was? Oh, my god, this is actually Tony Alice who once held the W W. Take tales with the rocks dad Rocky
witness the whole incident, and this is what he said. He said when Brodie was lying on the floor, bleeding the guys we're just go over there matches like nothing, had happened. Brodie lead on the or for about forty five minutes, because it was the beginning because it was the getting the shop and the ambulance couldn't get through the crowd of people they couldn't lift the dirty to get him on the ambulance, so they said, can any of you guys help every wrestler and that dressing room, including american wrestlers turn, back when the police asked what happened. We won in the dressing room said they didn't see. Nothin ATLAS described how he began to lift Brodie here. Smiled at Alice said don't drop me brother, but is in trees were grave. Atlas Recruit recalled that Brodie had two agents cuts to his belly. His liver was cut Two plus is intestines, were cut in plus he's intestines were cut into an Brody died from massive internal hemorrhaging and blood law. So everyone in this that everyone knew what happened. Can they were
used to help this guy for forty five minutes, as you just lay there like bubble in blood out an obvious they died, but the performer it started, so they couldn't get the ambulance there. That's a creepy, weird stories, that's. Why is it like this? I don't know. I have no idea what Brodie did to piss everybody up, maybe the no selling of Lex, a girl, and this is how they repaid. Am. I have no clue? Is it right now, there's a serious risks very serious because no make. If you make a mistake, you can kill somebody, but I wonder what they do. They believe that such a in intense a disrespect that they would like They let you die. I you know that people take things very seriously. I've seen twitter but if it's like with something like it like, I know that the ha that's all Locked you'd have Johnny die in front of you. Guess so, and Antonia Alice was there I mean and everyone Savio Vega. This is it. This is a story. Twenty nine years old, that's never really been saw that I dont think that this dude gotten
at each, I can't find the follow up. So ok, here we go my hands and also at the time right could. This is what we want is murdered. This is what I was so so is the follow up on Gonzalez. The duties stabbed him incredibly now's walked away and continued to wrestle until two thousand and six mantle could Mental exclaimed the police work taking his story seriously right from the start and thought it was just another crazy wrestling angle. Thought that readily Nagel we're somebody actually dies by being stabbed it at some blamed of logic. This system, while others accused the porter, weaken wrestling community of covering up the truth. And intimidating wetness witnesses to protect one of their own mantle, was supposed to testify trial, but suspiciously didn't hear from the court until after the trial was finished. This according to him, he said I knew the verdict of the trial before even got my subpoena to appear with some MRS seeming to observe a code of silence and others
Fourthly, too: scared to testify against Gonzalez. He was acquitted on the grounds of self defence. So he just resolutely Two thousand and six shape that's crazy idea. I wonder if there's too, I mean cosmetic The time wrestling is now re blown up right It's kind of also know dipping back down really. Is that true wealth, kind of had its a renaissance like three years ago, and now it's kind of meddling. Well, it's because been bought everything, but so like Coty roads and like ring of honor there's other new Japan pro wrestling they're they're coming up as the W W we because their product is kind of going down a little bit but there, but its other pockets or pop up that are due in pretty well, but a part of it is in that spirit the time like what twenty years ago right you're almost thirty years ago, yet wrestling was not popular and I imagine. Because now we sort of understand which is truly fucked up about our society at something like that kind of we would actually ramp up interest in sport, where people will be like what the fuck is.
Went on in here, and so we because we're also naturally horny envoy aristocrat. We want to see what's fucking weird about wrestling, so we want to get it, but it's time what are? They were pretty certain than if he can out, saying at even for someone was murdered in the locker that it would sink what was happening. Probably out on it, but wrestlings really It really was always popular, especially in places like Porter Rico and here in this like the early ninetys what they got some might that moment? What does that? What's too, nine years ago, from that's good, worse old. I can't I don't want to think about. I remember when I watch wrestling like an early two, thousands of the kid every time there was a man I see somebody bleed is that at all still happening yeah you didn't they don't cut themselves as much as they used to. That was always really fun when they did that, but why why don't they do the bleeding anymore? I don't know because wanted to make it a p d product is his wife ran for Senate, then they're trying to be like it's classy venturing. That's like it's not supposed to be as possible pressure wrestling body
wait. So now, if you do see, blood is most likely- l, oh, it's always real blood, but its most likely cause via by a real hit now they do cutting yet real. Could they would cut their forehead right here? It is with the low razor they would keep it in their there like their band whenever their pants well yeah. They put it under a little piece of tape and then that they take the tape often and they put themselves a bunch white where we're blades and therefore and so it doesn't actually it bleeds a lot, but it doesn't cause that much actual damage. You just want to hit a vain up there and that that me that's what happened was stone, cold and bread art in that match. I clear manner and then food, but Bridge Austin didn't quit. He passed out from the blood, but so in that match it made they made all the difference, because without the blood, It just want of looked is awesome weekends idea, blood makes it superfluous. That's what that's like black metal understood, oh yeah, They understand the thee. We like the visual of the intensity. So this is a story very fucked up story that is, first of all,
that's horrible budget over here. There's about this in baseball is called kill their families, not baseball rat, more football football. Pillar, family, Yasser Arafat, re career. He just got out of prison and former Carolina Panthers. I think he did. Nineteen years is rife and she was pregnant than the kid was born in the whole thing gets rice, the I don't think you'll be plain anytime soon that no aid loudly number one and then with that yeah, but he really. What's it, you know what a good sport for him Gulf big, get almost behind all those hours alone, so this is This is a story about of em a man now. This is a very twisty tourney story. This is one of those words like it's. Obviously it is very sensationalist take up top, but as soon as you kill the top layer back, there's a bunch of weird reared, ass, an obvious that I also have a lot of questions of listeners the mother of an australian man who died after injecting his scrotum with silicone is more of an
inflammation Fetish, confronted his american bondage Master in an episode of the show called the project. It is very, very compelling footage that I found on the website of the Toronto son. If you look it up, and so this young man, Jack Chapman, he died of what was called the silicone embolism, where he was forced to buy, apparently, which was a a he had. A master pop relationship with the main named Dillon four tappin who is Lee was D belonged to him. The contract there was up out of. Is known on Instagram as noodles in beef. If you look up half have noodles in beef. There's a lot of get in there and basically Dylan of Good fun. So I know you're not like this is the very ironic, but is its case. I've just isn't so Jack. Was Chapman You know, Minnesota's opportune tank pops up on pop. Take ok Masters was noodles and beef Dillon
half or taken effort happen and that he so so poor take from a suggest, so it can change or pop pop tank is oh by contrast by noodles and be less noodles and be now. If he really, I'm Bob take subtle. Recorded as balls from what it seems to be. If you look at pictures of pop tank, who had to legally according forced to buy his master Dylan half her tappin. Two changes need to tank Heathcliff Chap Chapman Fidgety Heath Cliff is well. He was worse to buy his master, to adhere to a contract that he had set up. Where one of these things is that all will belong to master all physical accommodations up said, pops must mean two vice of with satisfaction by the master
sister, all my contract, very, very intense contract where he made here, was if you look at pictures of Dylan, half or tappin, and you see his pop group its I've huge do within the bare community, Dylan Africa also was a little bit of an actor, and he was in a web series about bears, there's also very, very intense and severe and in what he wanted. His his pups to have was very, very, very big boy. Walls, ok and you'd? Also, for then, how why why out to look like him? Ok, but now, if you are there, pops so by definition they shouldn't have really large balls right. So there's as you did, their vision was It was his way. How do you get? Ok? How did you get five guy get look pictures of these guys. I mean these guys learn, learn their not that it matters, because we talk professional wrestlers gettin abused all the time, but they their big doubts their value
big, do. Did he made them bigger, hardly a forty five of them to be the his pops. I will say this This is kind of what I want to ask our listeners. Those of us that are very are actually in sub. Dom relationships know that there is a part of this. I guess that is very. I mean from what I've read this very nor from what I've read, I'm not doing I don't know who you are. I just I'm trying to understand that it is up. It can be a part of life. The people do this. Sure, and so he had is a part of his. They get sexually turned on and they like being a part of this, would he called me: Polly amorous family, family, so they all want to deserve the master equally. But the problem is its of them. Why looks like pop tank went and got his balls filled up way way. Too much too Dylan Half or taken. If you watch the horrible video of Jack, Chapman's, mother and him have a confrontation and its
brutal because he just died and Dylan have taken didn't tell him didn't tell them that he was in the house. Hospitals and also and fucking noodles and beef his thing who is ill and have deepened noodles and be for saying I, ever asked to make his balls that big, a happy you always did you ever see. I don't know why I references movie more than any one, probably in the country, desperate living the job. Waters movie. I watch very formal, formidable age of growing up because in car lot is on the cover, and I thought there was something saucy about that. But there's a scene in desperate living again, if you haven't seen a check it out, it's one of its one of John Waters, more disturbing films, but it's kind of fun. There's a scene where a woman is she's, a lesbian relationship and the, but the woman isn't a lesbian, and so she said, just wish. You had a peanuts and then the woman goes and has a surgery done together, a big penis and then she comes back and then the Ladys like I did really want you to get a big bills, and then she
subpoenas off with a pair of scissors, so anyway, it's kind of like that, it's kind of like that This story is it's about it. The relationship and I do and that you can be in a subdued relationship that does not lend go move in abuse the whole point is to create a system. What I've read, write this was a half way back door. You have to be able to get out. You have to be able to say at some point: Hey hey, hey. I love being your doggie, although your feet all day long but certain I feel, like my wants and needs are not being honoured, certainly feel that I am in danger, and the problem is that the it looked like Jack Chapman, truly, fell in love with Dylan have to happen, and he ran around like radically random all the way to the end and then unfortunately, tragically died, but a part of his that must be that the getting off of signing the contract. All of these steps making like spicy- and it shows us- and these Lee normal relationships are. We have is like we
Yes, we're missing out all the thrills of involving a lawyer, involved a lawyer and my relationship and I'll tell you what it did spun, but it's that is that that's the port, that's the most unsettle for sure. Well, maybe we haven't met our own noodles and beef. Yet also this is this is what makes this guy even worse. There is really nothing that can make the guy worse. Although again, this guy get did inject balls with silicone. He went to the doktor. He did that, although I would, even I would ask that question is second. If you know that answer, did he go to a doctor aegis do this himself, but before pup tank died, he left two hundred thousand dollars in inheritance did he in inheritance, too, I'm just no longer oodles noodles and bathe. Yes, the guy took two hundred thousand bucks from the guy before, all this even happened. So this guy is really horrible. Sky. You I mean, I give you the what what is it Prince twin this guy in a court later, I dont know I
Will I dont this is the third part of it where you could see people he was obsessed with making all of the men in his community. Look just like M and wise men who fell in love with this personality sore. I don't know if it's ache, I dont know if it's even consent anymore If you're in this Tom Sub Relationship O point, is it sexually you are agreeing to this arrangement and you will be the master. You will be aware: to be mastered by another did so the problem is that Are you do within that grey area between? Like he's telling me do shit, you not post, you don't want to do or you know it's gonna kill you and all of a sudden you're stuck in it. I don't I didn't I dont know very, very sad story of and abusive relationship, but it's got big swinging, not knots in it success. There were swear. You have the nerve you just with silicone, but you see the pictures of is not now actually miss that no, where did you see the picture is a pleasant thoughts. They look like
you stole brioche is from the grocery store, but his mom was so heartbroken because you sit and watch at noon. The truth is like one. My son went to America because he was us. I believe he is I really do. Has a trillion and issue. Like when my somewhat to America, he was normal over there. She describe him. Is he wasted joy, It saves soil and leaned back of every room, gene in war That's how she described him. Put very diary weird, I didn't marry ominous, but then very, very sad because she was like he went looking normal and then he just started getting fuckin jack. We that chain with the falcon chain link the chain link around him with the big forker. What's it called? What's they the the channel lock, I see interesting well, according to this article, they do call it a cult, fetish scene, and it was said or how to spearheaded again by noodles in beef.
So there it is well known. We have and will keep you followed. What will follow up on that story to see what goes I would notice and beef? I tell you, but though noodles and beef sounds delicious. I love Stroganoff man, oh it's my life. I didn't see you how we'd formal that it in I could see how it got people locked in to the coal, because you kind of expecting too much egg neutrals and Sofie saucy beef all over Oh of course, natural in front of my mom spasm interfere annealed meals. My mom makes oh it's. What is it about a roast beef and all the good brown gravy makes and when they saw so pressure cooker, my my foot, I do love eavesdropping at its most really had its a funny name is a fine and when you get it out of a funny name. Even when you're nearing forty eight GDP being struggle of all right, so this is the worst person of the week. In my opinion, a Florida principal, allegedly stole nine hundred dollars from a nine year old student who had
mental disabilities. A photo elementary school principle was arrested after allegedly stealing nine hundred bucks from this student. That's according to police. On October twenty seconds, an unidentified nine year old student brought twenty one hundred dollars to his classroom from home. Why? I feel that No, no it get you. So if you know is a little bit he's got some challenges. So perhaps you just as much cash well that we'll find out soon administrators count the money and placed it in the desk of Principle, Edward John Abernathy forth for safe keeping, so this guy just got to one hundred bucks in his desk using ok yeah put it here. Everything will be fine the following day. We're, daffy, allegedly told his staff. He would take care the situation today of course, three days later. The students pay realize their child had taken the money to school and the boys mother went to Abner Abernathy office to get it back on the web
I tore car. She realized. Nine hundred bucks was missing. So that's pretty standard. I'm lookin this up. The principle can take a solid forty, three percent of any cash. That's it that's off the top. That's it is, downright principle can do, is get yeah he's a hooker. So after staff administrate after staff administrators confirmed the discrepancy, the mother file, please police report the following day law enforcement interviewed Abernathy, who allegedly change this story about the money several times at one point, the police report alleges Abernathy, that he moved the money from his desk to a shelf at suggested. A stew might have stolen from their leaders. What happens when you're moving money from death to the shell. That's like a big gap no, what's gonna happen and what I've seen speak, but it was going to happen, and this is a big book He said the shelf which was about speed high would be difficult for an hour Andrew schoolteacher student to reach Abernathy agreed with place and said that would be a bit of a reach. He was a rest.
Thursday and charged with one count of grand theft of less than five thousand bucks, but he paused, bail. This guy is the principal equivalent of Chris. Farley's character and Billy Madison when you watch the images when it meets all the bag, damages like who the hell would eat fifty bag. Sandwiches, a guide this Abernathy say worse person, other wake, I'm gonna call right now. Mr principle, man has a bit of drug problem going to go right. Now that he's got a drug problem, I'm going to call that he's got either a gambling problem. There's something is coming back because just to take nine, dollars because, first of all, I didn't know the nine hundred dollars is missing out of twenty one hundred dollars. I would only three percent of the money. It's not a hundred dollars had not throw minute, Yonah mean it's all of it could be honest you should just took all of it, and just said there was a fire like you could just made it. I'm sure nine
You're dollar seems to me a guy like me to take his people could, of course be able to have so yeah. You know rubbed his nose like in arriving at his lips and shit like that. He's got a fucking prop. Ok, I could totally see that I could see a coke problem in this guy's life right now, but I just from the said. I don't know where the kid got, the twenty one hundred bucks- maybe maybe it is a very wealthy family that he's gonna leave money around or whatever it and yet the lens bank robbers. Twenty one hundred dollars in cash just allowed- I'm not quite sure, but you ve got a regionally this nine year old, kid alone, that's what I said anyway. Child care guitar terrible lesson, never trust fuckin authority, but did you learn and our way? But you know what it comes down to that's when you fuck, you know I'd tell you what I would never give my fucking to give more money to a police officer touch my fucking twenty one hundred dollars, that's strapped to my fortune, wegg, o absolutely so Edward John Abernathy, not good. My man come on
if they come on nine hundred dollars back he's gotta go by a bunch of fun. Stuff allows states by anymore, but I'm sure fun stuff. That's the kind of crime that I wish you we'd go back to life. Will expand kings, another kind of crime that he can be tied to a post and a man with the big old timey judges. Wig comes out and fuckin head somewhat, the plank a bunch of time to me like are we barest, but I think that would be pretty sweet. Also. I want a quickly ducas readily we're gonna, give the wrap this up sewed up, but I want to quickly go over the church of Satan's a comments about These satanic Temple recently sued own adventures of Sabrina over the use over their design of their bafflement Statue Oak out. The obviously they didn T say: tenant temples are very serious group of people that they are more of the political arm of the Satanism Movement and they are very, very upset. Could they feel
their bafflement statue was co, opted by Netflix, but the church of Saint decided come out, but will we kind of feel, like we ve said this private yourselves and seems to be a little metal yeah exact to slew somebody over. You know what about you know. You know it reminded me of when Lars sued Napster, yes why do they all right? Thank you lars. We have it. Thank you are defending the little man, but you you're actually care. I would definitely put the tea. Tea in the law is all wreck world of the paranormal and they are called like. I write aid. They are the large all work of that world, but the it's interesting because there obviously fight back and forth, but the church of Saint made a very point and pointed Ah rebuttal? Oh, yes, he's action. They wanted to come out and say: ok, something because remember there. Also this is come. I am just without comment putting this out there, because they know both sides heads the c o s in the ten t fight quite a bit, because people do not like the legacy of aunt em away so ago,
the OECD about, but they do our there. We're gonna get some angry comments from both sides automatically to be upset about this, because every day by day, They are more in common than not uncommon, and I would, I would think, o Catarrhal, ok up region Lee. They satanic Temple was filed a lawsuit against Netflix over depiction of the symbolic deity bafflement in their series, chilling adventures of Sabrina as a signal the number of people seem to be confusing this with us. We would like to clarify the tea, t as a political activists group that has nothing to do. With us, nor with the religion of Satanism, which we found it over fifty years ago. Do the church of Satan has not file the suit against Netflix. Nor do we have a problem with their Sabrina show, which we previously discussed. Ok, Netflix built their own bathroom at sculpture, for their show, which obviously references the t s t version, but also reference.
Numerous public domain versions, differing details in the chest wings beard had, and so on, make it clear that the Netflix version is not an exact copy of it. He asked he version, rather, a situation of fair use of public domain and popular cultural imagery o got too to reiterate, while testing is known for childish. Pr stunt such as fake political, rallies, mailing com. Exit Congress and rubbing generals on gravestones to turn people gay after their deaths. These actions, not in any way representative of the eight political, individualistic and atheistic religion of Satanism. Please a tribute their actions to us right atheistic religion. Quite a conundrum there but ages I would like to raise its voice. Anyone on a religion, the lifestyle I always religion. We lead. You will talk about this again and again and we're become an upward, Goober Givest. I don't want to talk about the episode of companies like Boston. It we're we're enemy having this discussion on a very
soon, episode of last biogas and it's about it is a lifestyle, its position. It's like, I think it's. Actually it's a political body. You're such a true Satan I believe in God or our right. Well, I will say this. The only people that should be suing or even thinking about suing this Sabrina show is mullahs. Joan heart cause. Why even allows I leave our ass? This is this not Sabrina the teenage, which is totally different is it something else I dont know. I why I want to use the same name. I would never now he was watching it. I watched my five minutes of it. It's not for me. I can't handle there. I can't handle River Riverdale, it's not over me, none of its from a robber me and you guys should fall. Turn up, haunted on Netflix, haunted, ok, I'll cherry fuckin, good, very very, very good. I'm looking at the church of Satan's twitter account there most of what their tweeting is correcting people on the use of your
the very worried grievance, pretty dark, pretty metal, absolutely there, where functional, Jamie why don't we don't fuckin these data? They need a coconut smile, yeah yeah. I know I know you you're good, good cocaine, drink a beverage, no Coca COLA, Beverage Coca COLA, not cockade, although they used to put Cocaine Coca COLA, that's where its health, Coca COLA, let's go back, let's go back revert back. We get those new all cocoa. I wanted say we have anyway in southern California. Doing no new due to get to cheat eighty clothing, DR we're trying to get. Both I mean is mainly for men only because it's not mainly for many can be for anybody, but we're we focus on men the title, because actually there is not, as many male closed donated to chair he's a morsel vehicles which is interesting, but we were accepting clothes of all types at various locations and so the California, the hay
a gallery in Burbank Bigfoot LAO, in England Dale and I believe we have a couple other pop up so check out. If you got close and you're in that area, you one drop more fuckin, go job drop, mob, we're gonna, random and select to people to organise, Rennie, like one person to get two tickets to a the vip section for last by gas and left us again. If you want to help, with those horrible, California wildfires. This is a solid charity from my little bit of research disaster at Cal fund dot org or give my ring at two one. Three, four one: three for one three zero, because its devastating, what's going on out there, so give a little give a little? If you can I'm alright? Everyone will thank you so much for listening. We had a great time in DC in early two thousand: ok, see men, we I am still remain whenever weak, oh yeah, we're all set it as if it were he caught. We did well that a familiar like a health coach
when it's only on the road. We do these things. Somebody give us juices or something because we just drank, because there was a point where I think using the third day and warlike really, the only do this is you gotta keep drinking because you know or come now. Anyone in the original one Adela about matters, a smart, that's yap. Did you gotta, go all that on Monday on Monday, deal with it on Monday. I am dealing with it sucks future Henry's nigh happy. I'm I want to say thank you to the people gave me. Moldavian wine in DC, which is pretty good and also that Lambeth Beer, whoever gave that toss was eligible, yes, your lawyer numb rapidly. We got that in Dallas could be credible. Replacing the guerrillas I'm also lot ever. You want to please check out. Norville on demand its own area just type and control the want of annual right trivial on demand we got a bunch of things coming up so well I'll see you soon we'll get out there make sure. Yet you sit
you lie, and you sleep That's my message I love it through all right. Everyone thanks for listening, inhale yourselves triple l and Hale Satan a good relations and pay site stories. Listeners necessaries, brow ski. Ah, you may recognize me on the hosts of this pod gas, along with the other monster Ben Castle. I M here to tell about troll, build a new series brought to you created by me. Now the gene and scenic as Nobby. This shows about what happens when you take an internet troll and you walk his online behaviour slip into his real life and see. How does it ancient. Is he ready to join society? We ve made this point, with a lot of love on our own dime Marilla
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